The Slow Merging of Higher & Lower Selves in the Physical Body & Incarnate Self


There’s been periods throughout 2016 when I knew my physical body and DNA were rather dramatically evolving again. My first human thought usually is if any of these weird changes I’m feeling are age related, and no doubt some of them are, however most are added changes due to it being the third 9 energy year (2016) within the Ascension Process and Galactic Alignment.

heart icons 12I’ve been very aware of some of these changes because the way my physical body responds to certain things, usually emotional things, is wildly different from anything I’ve experienced in my life. The first time I felt this was early in my physical, biological Ascension Process around 2000. I was driving and my Mom said something funny and I laughed out loud. Nothing unusual about that except that I was instantly shocked by the dramatically increased amount of energy in me and my body when I laughed. To me it felt and sounded HUGE and I was surprised, confused and slightly embarrassed by such amplified force blasting out of me through my laughter. I’d never felt that before because it had never existed before and it was a really startling change.

After some time I realized that what I’d felt, and from my perspective heard, was a tremendous increase in the amount of energy I had within my physical body, and when I laughed it felt and sounded massive and unusually loud and powerful. It took some getting used to this sudden change in how much “voltage” I suddenly had running through me and my physical body back in the early days of the Ascension Process. Of course this Process has never stopped or ended since then, but continued and increased in the amount of Light Energy I (and you reading this) was consistently taking on and embodying as I energetically climbed these many evolutionary Ascension Stair-steps over the years and decades.

heart icons 12Decades ago my Mom told me the story about when I was a baby all she had to do was lay a blanket on the floor, put me in the middle of it, and I would not leave the blanket. After she told me this, I told her why I didn’t leave the blanket and it was because I was afraid to and would not crawl out into the “world” because I knew from infancy where I was and how unsafe life on 3D Earth really was. That’s a difficult burden to carry from infancy and not have it crush or break you in any way(s). The only other person I’ve read talk about being consciously aware of where they had incarnated is Inelia Benz, and she said she cried uncontrollably for days before their family doctor had to sedate her. My personality—plus my conscious memories of many Team Dark “monster” beings—has been to go into stealth mode so the “monsters” of this world and beyond hopefully wouldn’t notice or sense me down here, quietly immobile on my blankie! Scream and cry and make a lot of noise and commotion? Not me, I’d do everything I could to become invisible and literally fly under Team Dark’s (TD) radar as much as I could get away with for as long as I could. That is why I never left the blanket as an infant. Different story the older I got however because, like it or not, I was/am a ‘Volunteer’ and I had/have a job to do while incarnate here during this very important Ascension Process and evolutionary shift out from under those very “monsters”.

heart icons 12Another important life awareness and early memory I’ve had since age two or three years, was a time when my Mom and Dad were driving the three of us somewhere. Keep in mind that this was back in the early 1950s and baby carriers and car seats etc. didn’t exits. Because it evidently was a longer than usual drive we were taking, Mom had laid my crib mattress in the back seat of the car, covered it in blankets and surrounded it with protective pillow barricades for me. It was my own little travel “nest” in the back seat of their car.

At some point during this drive I felt a never before experienced emotion and physical body sensation that was powerful enough to cause a two-year-old to remember and recognize it for life. What I suddenly felt was an all-encompassing sense of safety, security, empowerment, peace, physical comfort, emotional comfort, spiritual comfort and HighHeart memory of and direct sensations of with Higher nonphysical HOME. It was blissful in those rare moments, those highly unusual feelings of being utterly safe, protected, nurtured, loved, LOVED, comfortable and consciously aware that I was a multidimensional being that existed simultaneously in higher and lower frequency dimensions and “realities” while being very young Denise incarnate in physicality, again.

I’m stressing how real this was on both emotional and physical levels because I, as Denise, had never felt safe, secure or comforted being reincarnate on physical 3D Earth now! The profound extremes between feeling like constant prey in the Dark physical Land of Evil Monsters, and, feeling that Divine Source had my back was a terrible, lovely, disturbing contrast, especially for a very young child. But, such are the lives, experiences and awareness of most Forerunners/Starseeds/Wayshowers/Higher Frequency Beings of Light in what’s been incomprehensibly negative and Dark for so very long.

universalheart5I’ve mentioned many times how very difficult life has been for me since early 2014, and 2015 wasn’t any improvement either but more about dealing with all the changes caused by my Mom’s sudden 2014 stroke and subsequent worsening dementia. Things, situations, places, people and ways of life have been winding up, winding down, imploding, exploding, falling away, disappearing and dying and all of it has been part of this Ascension Process. A few days ago I was reviewing the years from 2014 to now, the end of 2016, and it’s honestly been hard to grasp in its entirety. 2014 and 2015 were wild years of sudden and dramatic change and I know this isn’t remotely over yet. December 2015, the first energy “Wave” of that year began for me very differently from all previous Ascension Process years and decades. Last December 19, 2015 I suddenly felt like I had a seven foot-long spear going through my physical body at and through the upper chest area at the HighHeart. Needless to say it was amazingly painful as my HighHeart and surrounding area went through greater evolutionary changes.

I’ve often been able to clairvoyantly See the different evolutionary higher Light energies coming into this dimension and my physical body as lines of Light. Back in 1999 and the early 2000s, I could See these different lines of Light coming into my body and/or my head in very specific angles and degrees, somewhat like laser lines of evolutionary Light, that needed to enter the body and/or specific organs and chakra areas etc. in highly specific geometric angles. Some of these lines of Light would connect with another line of Light, usually at endocrine glands but not always, again in highly specific angles and directions etc. that were intentional, not random or accidental. I’m not very familiar with Chinese acupuncture and meridian lines in the human body etc., but what I’ve clairvoyantly Seen over the decades of these Ascension Process lines of Light entering my body and head have reminded me of a type of Divine geometric Light  “acupuncture” energies let’s call it, that further activates certain DNA to evolve, change and expand at specific times and so on. Said another way, these very high frequency evolutionary lines of Light enter us, our bodies and consciousness, our body “grid”, our consciousness “grid”, our emotional HighHeart “grid” so to speak, at specific angles and directions that are sixth dimensional (6D) and geometric.

So if you too have clairvoyantly Seen a line or lines of Light energies coming into your body and head at clearly defined angles and intersecting with other lines of Light, then you know that there’s a higher blueprint being followed and overlaid on and within us and we call it compressed evolution. If you can See it, it’s rather stunning in its perfection and clarity despite how often it makes us feel! Lead to Gold…

Since November 2016 I’ve had this same sensation of a seven foot-long spear (line of Light) going through my HighHeart, upper chest area of my physical body. My beloved cat partner entering his death process and suddenly dying last month didn’t make that any easier to endure and things have felt like unseen bombs have continuously gone off left and right, red and blue, light and dark ever since. Put quiet simply, it’s been really horrible in multiple ways for a long time now. Like I needed to even say that to the people reading this! 🙄

universalheart5Having said all that I need to quickly add that off and on since December 2015, I’ve very much felt this growing sensation in me and my physical body that clearly lets me know that tremendous evolutionary progress is being made in between the explosions and pains of our current lives. Like my experience as a two-year-old in my little “nest” in the backseat of my parents car, I have been clearly feeling that old familiar sensation of HOME now in me, in my physical body, right here, right now. This is, from my current perspective and level of awareness, the ongoing merging of my Higher Self with my Lower Self in Denise’s physical body and incarnational timeline during this Ascension Process. Hot damn kids, we’re doing it! 😀

So far to me this ongoing merging process feels like increasingly being at ease, at peace, empowered beyond belief, safe, comfortable, in love/LOVE with self and Self and Source because they are all One within me and my physical and energetic bodies and evolving consciousness. So too for you reading this but it probably feels a bit differently to you and that’s normal and to be expected.

But, if you’re also feeling a strong and constant growing inner sensation of being comfortable in your skin; of growing personal Sovereignty; of increasingly being out of range of TD and their influences; of not being able to relate to the old world or have any interest in it whatsoever other than to put it out of its misery once and for all, then you’re feeling the merging of your Higher & Lower Selves taking place IN you and your body and HighHeart. And yes it’s blissful, timeless, and yes it is crazy painful sometimes but who cares because it’s happening, for real! Higher HOME is here now—in the early stages—in many of us and it’s why there are those moments of timeless bliss and hanging with Source because Source and Self are merging and becoming One within each of us. Just imagine what reality will be like with hundreds of thousands or millions of Source-as-Self connected Sovereign human Light beings living and creating on 5D Earth.

universalheart5  All this sounds so wonderful, and it is, and yet this cusp-like, transitional between two worlds and levels of being, consciousness and reality really gets to be way too much sometimes. Off and on all year I’ve had more periods where I was so not of this world feeling and functioning that it was all I could do to go out into it and forage for groceries and toilet paper and have to actually physically speak to another human being! Off and on all year I’ve had times where I couldn’t string a sentence together well enough to communicate with a physical human. Typing is easier thank gawd but this is no way to have to exist, this half-in and half-out sort of business. This I AM Divine Source yet I still have to interact with repulsive unaware humans existing and functioning in old lower TD’s frequency range and are totally mind controlled and not to be trusted for a second. How long can this insanity and tension-filled gaping gap continue? Not long because I don’t want to do it for starters. Another big shift is close now thankfully because it’s impossible to be in bliss while driving your car or interacting with a cashier somewhere just like it’s nearly impossible to have to interact with unaware humans that honestly believe they’ve got it all figured out, are so clever and powerful and think you’re easy prey. Give me strength to be Neutral and unaffected by the silly shit in all its diverse forms…

There’s a lot going on now as we all knew there would be at the end of this third 9 energy year of completions. I’ve had to spend a lot of time almost every day laying down doing nothing and being very still while this merging continues. It will get easier but until it does, rest often, sleep whenever you need to no matter what time of day or night it is, eat what and when your body needs the fuel, be alone while this massive spiritual, energetic and physical evolution unfolds in you and your body, always move among the human zombies with Higher Awareness, and radiate your Light like crazy around the humans waking up and feeling their HighHearts birthing within them now. 2017 will be tons more of this for many more people so be ready for it and much more as best as you can. ❤


December 7, 2016

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The 2016 Zero Zone Portal


I intentionally didn’t talk about the strange energies I call the Zero Zone in my last article. There was plenty to talk about just with the second 9 yearlong energy cycle changing, shifting, evolving into the upcoming 1 energies via the start of 2017 (2+0+1+7 =1). The Zero Zone, which is the number 0 energies existing between the completion energies of 9 and the NEW beginning energies of 1, is so different from the 1 through 9 energies that I felt, especially now because this Zero Zone is completely different from all earlier ones, that it needed to be an article all by itself. The other reason is that this Zero Zone is one huge portal. This late 2016 Zero Zone portal is what I’ve been calling the Separation of Worlds & Timelines. So you see, this is a very NEW situation we’re in now and will be for the rest of 2016, and I strongly suspect things will get a bit “strange” from time to time as we hurtled through space-time-reality with the reality clutch-pedal depressed and not in any gear at all! How very exciting…

The last Ascension related Zero Zone period we experienced was nearly ten years ago if you can believe it (how time flies when you’re having fun!), during the last weeks of 2007’s (2+0+0+7 =9) 9 energy year, but at a much lower level than where we’re at today during the last half of 2016’s 9 energies. A decade ago, amazing.

I remember during December 2007, how strange things felt to me. I experienced multiple time anomalies, dimensional bleed-throughs, suddenly realizing I didn’t know where I was every moment, and very strongly felt like I wasn’t anywhere but in some weird neutral zone between spirals of beingness, reality and space-time. It was because I felt those year-end 2007 energies so strongly that I began using the term Zero Zone back then because that’s very much what it was; a void zone. If you remember experiencing anything rather strange and out of the ordinary (that was hilarious because what’s been “ordinary” for the past twenty-five-plus years?!) in late 2007, then you should be sensing how 2016’s Zero Zone portal will be unlike what we experienced a decade ago and the decade before that.


The zero 0 energies are—at least during this Ascension Process—a highlighted disengaged, out-of-time period of transition between the 9 of the past cycle and the beginnings of the 1 cycle at a slightly higher level. This time however at the end of Galactic Alignment, at the end of the Ascension Process as we’ve known it, at the end of the second 9 yearlong cycle of the past decade, as many Forerunners merge their Higher Selves with their incarnate physical Lower selves, this 2016 Zero Zone period which we’re already feeling is a portal where the Separation of Worlds becomes a living physical reality. This Zero Zone is like no others and it’s going to be wondrous even though it may feel a little strange occasionally and like you’re not sure where you are in The Process or “reality” (and it won’t matter one little bit either) as the old lower patriarchal past Earth world and reality falls away under the souls of our evolving feet. We’ve worked and waited a very long time for what’s just recently begun here in the physical dimension.

Aluna Joy recently received some information about this portal (see her FaceBook and website link under my article — A Massive Wave Of Cleansing Light Is Pouring In!) from her higher dimensional Light Team kinsfolk. Thank you for it Aluna Joy. ❤ One of the things they said that’s important for everyone to know is, ‘No creation of any kind that is out of alignment with natural law will be allowed to go through this portal.’ You realize that still is, unfortunately, a lot of people and beings. We did our best but it’s time to “graduate”, to be “harvested” and move on no matter what. Like I said, we’ve worked and waited a very long time to reach this point where those that have been and can evolve will, and those that are not ready or desirous to will exist in an environment that’s an energetic match with and for their current level of development and focus. Free Will and all remember? That’s what the Separation of Worlds & Timelines is; Divine Love and abundant Creativity providing both groups (All everywhere actually) with what each currently needs to continue evolving, learning and creating at this moment.

It’s okay and it will be okay for all everywhere so don’t get mentally or emotionally distracted over if someone is or is not going to make this current evolutionary shift change. There are no wrong choices, just more spiritual education. Live and let live as your HighHeart knows and is fine with everything and everyone no matter what.


For the past couple of weeks I’ve had some intense Ascension symptoms/side effects yet again. Some of them are old symptoms but they’ve felt different. With all these energies coming in now and this Zero Zone portal being felt by many Forerunners already, it’s to be expected that our physical bodies will be affected by them. Nothing new about this, just sharing that some of the Ascension related symptoms have been doozies lately!

Hot flashes that feel more like going into shock. Suddenly sweating from head to toe in that ugly cold, clammy sweat while feeling like you’re having a NDE—Near Death Experience. I suspect we are and that too is okay and no big deal after what we’ve been through since 1998ish. Just ride it out, fearlessly, with a wide open Heart.

Unusual NEW sensations in your body and awareness that is hard to describe. It feels to me like how my Lower self is occasionally impacted by more of my Higher Self taking up residence. My head spins momentarily, I don’t know where I am, I don’t care about anything or anyone, and even dying would be fine in those moments. Just ride it out too, fearlessly with Neutrality and profound Love of Source.

Inability to eat again or eat very little and still have it feel like poison inside your body. I went through this for years and years but it had eased up for the past two years or so but suddenly returned the moment even higher frequency Light Energies arrive. Discern what to eat, when and how much and even that doesn’t do the trick sometimes.

Acid re-flux from hell again. It goes with the food/eating business and I have to discern like crazy during intense energy amplifications like what we’re in now.

Sore, stiff spine again which means a lot more Light Energies are being absorbed, embodied and transmitted throughout our spines and skeletal structures. Self-care as much and as often as needed and stretch every day to help with the swelling and stiffness.

Head and Eye pains again and vision problems and/or dry, irritated eyes etc. Head pressures and pains because our Pineal and Pituitary glands are evolving dramatically now due to these latest energies. Be still and open and let Source redecorate your inner brain glands. 😉

Bowel problems again which always indicate, as does the NDE-like hot flashes from hell, that you are purging and a lot. Drink plenty of water to help with this if/when you experience it.

The world goes quiet and is no more. I’ve experienced this “symptom” repeatedly over these many Ascension years and I’ve always loved it when I’m in a space that everyone else isn’t, yet. They always catch up (Stair-steps) but it feels so peaceful and quiet when the noisy, insensitive world out there goes away for a few days or weeks. This will continue especially as we work our ways through these last months of 2016 and the Zero Zone portal gets closer. No fear, just float on through the Zero Zone portal and other time-space-reality anomalies you experience. It’s normal for what’s happening as we Separate, lift-off and go our way into the NEW.

Feeling, Seeing and Communicating with your Team Light crew and they with you in NEW ways. For the most part they’re unseen even to the clairvoyant of us but you can feel them near by all the time now. It’s great and indicates how far we’ve traveled during our Homeward bound journeys. Number 1 is your own Higher Self and Divine Source, second up is your latest Team Light crew. Know they are with you always even when you feel more isolated. We’re never “alone” and never have been.

Seeing more Numbers and Number Combinations again. Certain numbers have screamed at me once again, numbers like 333, 888, 999, 222, 555, 000 and so on. Pay attention to them and feel into them if you’re not certain about what’s being communicated by them. This is a language in itself and often feeling them works better than thinking about them.

6D Sirians and Sirius Energies and Codes aplenty. So far for me at least the Sirians aren’t telepathing much, but standing back and watching how I/you/we handle these NEW energies coming in during the 2016 Lion’s Gate period. The communications will evolve as we do.

As usual there’s more of these symptoms but I can’t think of them at the moment. After I’ve hit the publish button I will however because that’s just how it always goes! More info about the Zero Zone portal and multiple related topics as we move through these last Stair-step months of 2016. Stay in your open HighHeart and you’ll be more than fine. ❤


August 4, 2016

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Another Major Change Approaching


(Take note of the numbers, which numbers they are and the specific energies they emanate.)

Did you feel energies shift and improve on July 25th, the day before the start of 2016’s Lion’s Gate period? I sure did and was very glad to feel some winds of inspiration finally blow in after such a challenging year as 2016— a 9 energy year —has been. This recent gust of energetic change filling our Ascension sails anew is partially sourced from the third (3) energy wave of 2016 (9), which is connected to the September (9th month) Equinox but is being felt already. In addition to this third energy wave of 2016, there’s a larger major cycle we’re feeling already which is the completion of the second nine yearlong cycle and entrance into the third (3) nine yearlong cycle. You knew 2016 (9) had to wrap up in an extra big way and this combination of cycles is certainly doing the job.


FIRST 9 Yearlong Stair-step Cycle: 1999 to 2008

I’ve mentioned many times over the years how my physical, biological Ascension Process began at the start of February 1999, and how unimaginably difficult and painful it was for that first (1) 9 yearlong cycle. First Wave indeed, and it was the absolute worst because Pathpaving through personal and collective multiple dimensions worth of impacted Dark negativity—while under constant attack from those of the Dark negative—was not for the faint-of-heart but a job for Master Lightwarriors/Lightworkers focused wholly on a soul-driven Divine Mission.

SECOND 9 Yearlong Stair-step Cycle: 2008 to 2017

Like many of you, I suffered the ongoing Team Dark (TD) assaults that came throughout the second (2) 9 yearlong cycle. What little home equity I had (and millions of other people in the USA) was suddenly and permanently gone due to the 2008 Housing Market crash and Great Recession. The beat them hard and long Team Dark tactic was on in full-force in an ongoing attempt to not only stop, kill off, crush or break in any way possible the Lightwarriors/Lightworkers doing what all we were, but to destroy or at least derail humanity’s chances to naturally evolve out from under their longstanding global control. No, this Ascension business wouldn’t be easy or fast from the physical level perspective, and as we lost one hard-earned beloved thing after another we’d worked decades for, we incrementally gained greater self-empowerment, expanding consciousness, Higher Awareness and eventual freedom from the lower frequency range with its like-frequency inhabitants.


THIRD 9 Yearlong Stair-step Cycle: 2017 – 2026

I’ve said many times over the years how every time there’s another positive Ascension related Stair-step shift approaching, TD knows this and they do all they can to escalate physical, emotional, mental and energetic chaos, fear, violence, hate, confusion, hopelessness and trauma in humanity in an attempt to sidetrack and derail them from utilizing and benefiting from each incoming higher energy wave. I learned this from experiencing it repeatedly since 1999, and have written about when the negativity amplifies, it’s a clear sign that another really important positive energy shift/change is soon to manifest on Earth physically. The negativity always increases before one of these evolutionary energy shifts arrives. Have you watched any world and national TV news media lately? Exactly, and know that it’s going to get worse for a while because we’re in those potent overlap months of the second (2) 9 yearlong cycle ending and the beginning of the third (3) cycle of 9 energies.

This third cycle will be unlike the previous two 9 yearlong cycles for multiple reasons. The two earlier 9 yearlong cycles have brought us, evolved us to this third (3)—think triality, think unity, think HighHeart, think incarnate embodied Masters—shift Stair-step. Right now is TD’s last stand on Earth so they’re trying to grab as many humans as they can during their “end times”. Pay attention to where your attention is because TD is doing their utter best to get and keep you focused on their left hand so their right hand can grab you, your consciousness and life-force energies to use themselves and effectively remove you from the Ascension Process. Be aware of your mental and emotional location at all times now because we’ve entered another Ascension related transitional “hot spot”. This transition is completion of the second 9 yearlong cycle and entrance into the very different third 9 cycle at the end of 2016 and entrance into 2017; a 1 energy year of NEW beginnings but at NEW higher levels of being and reality beginning at the completion of Galactic Alignment. See how big this shift actually is? Feel how all-encompassing it is and will be? Sense how important it is? How critical? Do you sense your personal creative part in it?

December 1980 GE crossingDecember 1998 halfway across GEDecember 2016 Solstice sun GE

One of the many things that’s going to make this third—triality, not old lower duality—cycle of 9 is those Forerunners who have and are merging their Higher Self with their incarnate Lower self. Include that with all the endings and NEW beginnings taking place within the NEW in totally NEW ways and all the current global chaos and utter insanity makes more sense. Back in the late 1970s, I had repeated lucid dreams about this time we’re in now and how “Mad Max”-like they were in many ways. It’s been hard living these decades knowing that I, that you, that humanity must move through this last shift out of what’s been TD free-range Earth territory for thousands of years as all that ends and humanity evolves into something so much better it’s incomprehensible to everyone without awareness of higher dimensions and ways of being and existing.

During these last months and weeks of the second 9 yearlong cycle I’ve repeatedly asked for greater understanding about whatever it is that I personally need to do or feel or know now for the Greatest Good of All. The answer I’ve repeatedly gotten has been, ‘Realize what you are now, what you’ve become and how powerful you actually are because of it. Create anew Master Creator.’

I was expecting something like, stay in your HighHeart more, or, ignore the haters better, or, release the past more thoroughly etc. I wasn’t expecting to be reminded that I’m much more than I think of myself as, even after the things I’ve intentionally created and manifested physically for myself and others. Even after all that I still needed reminding from On High that I AM an incarnate human Creator Being and my abilities are much needed now along with all the other I AM incarnate human Creator Beings with their unique and highly valuable individual abilities and creativity. We Forerunners have hidden for so long that it’s taking some time for some to finally get comfortable living with their energy wings so to speak, wide open all the time now for all who can see/feel to see/feel and benefit from. This is another aspect of our NEW, and as I’ve been told repeatedly lately, it is very needed that we do exactly that now and why should be obvious.

The HighHeart knows because it always is I AM, whereas the mind thinks it must constantly think to figure and work things out. Old lower tools vs. NEW higher tools. Be brave and step into the NEW higher, larger and greater You more each day and don’t waste your time and energy using tiny old lower tools to understand this Process and change because they don’t work, I know because I’ve tried far too many times! 🙂

As the beautiful photo from Spain above shows, there are three (3) spiralling staircases instead of just one or even two. That photo symbolically represents how profoundly different this third (3) 9 cycle is because it will take place entirely within the dimensional frequency range of 5D and higher which is Unity, Triality, Neutrality, HighHeart and Spherical Consciousness. That plus so many of us exist within that level ourselves now as Masters, as incarnate Conscious Creators which wasn’t the case during the two previous cycles at lower levels. Again, this is all so NEW and different it’s hard to grasp but we’ll get there by always just being what we’ve evolved into. No thinking required.

An Astrological note: Pluto (evolution) entered Capricorn (3D physical reality) in January 2008. Pluto transits through Capricorn from January 2008 until November 20, 2024, where it finally and permanently enters Aquarius and remains there. Pluto moves direct and retrograde a few times between late degree Capricorn into early degree Aquarius and back again before November 2024, but it remains in Aquarius from November 2024 for the next twenty years or so.


August 1, 2016

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Continued Merging: High-Heart Orgasms

I’ve realized for a while now that since the Expiration Date of December 21, 2012, every one of the Forerunners needs to continue doing what we have all along, but now in even more individualized ways. Many of us have reached NEW levels within the Ascension Process and our increasingly NEW merging selves and consciousness in 2014 and 2015, and because of this, it’s time for more changes in how some of us communicate the Higher Awareness information—Light—that we perceive about the overall Ascension Process. For some these small/medium/large changes in us and our perceptions will be received by our readers in different ways, all depending on their current level within this same process. More Stair-steps in other words but what’s new about that?

I’ve said this before a few times since 2007 when I started writing at TRANSITIONS, but it needs repeating now. We’re all going through the Ascension Process and there are main stages, levels and phases etc. to it but it’s done in those Stair-steps. Within this format we occasionally reach different points where big and real changes take place individually instead of lots of those smaller Stair-steps. When this happens, the ongoing evolution is so dramatic in comparison to how we’d been up to that point, that it’s near impossible to continue in the same way one did before the latest transformation. The same is true with how I’ve perceived and expressed what I’ve perceived, learned, experienced, seen and so forth. As I continue growing, evolving, changing and “ascending”, so too of course does what I talk about and how I express it. You the reader will need to expand as well to deal with my inner changes, or, drop away because you can no longer relate to what I’m saying or to me individually. This is perfectly “normal” and representative of our continued evolutionary changes and unique individuality.

My first blog, TRANSITIONS was created in late 2007, and I wrote there because I absolutely HAD to. It was a pre-incarnational Soul Contract for me to write as much as I could as quickly as I could about the Ascension Process and related topics during what I’ve called the Phase One years. It was more important and pressing to me to do this than drawing my next breath, which is usually a sign it’s a Soul Contract you’re feeling the tremendous need to fulfill. The Ascension Light (higher information) that’s archived there will continue helping people coming up those Stair-Steps for a long time.

In late 2013, I knew I needed to create a second blog, HighHeartLife for the people who’ve been living the Ascension Process for a long time, and because of this have accessed their 5D High-Hearts and have been living there (Forerunners). Stair-step blogs you see.

Then 2014 and 2015 happened to me, and as should be expected I’ve changed some more thank gawd but because of this, I now need to slightly change the manner in which I write about the Ascension Process and related topics. This change I’m talking about is very NEW and I’m still spinning, in the best of ways because of it, but I felt I needed to explain why growing numbers of the Forerunners of the Forerunners who’ve written about the Ascension Process for many years are now or will be changing somewhat and becoming much more highly individualized with their/my/our spiritual Ascension communications. If this wasn’t happening within us, you should be highly suspicious. Big clue that one.

Some of my writings won’t sound, look or feel different to you at all, while other times you will sense and/or feel this latest change within me that I’m referring to, and guess what, that  is my NEW teaching for you. 😀 You see, the further away we “ascend” from the old 3D methods, consciousness, habits etc., the more fifth dimensional (5D) the communications, teachings, exchanges and so forth will be, and that means there will be less and less of the old familiar reality defining type teaching and communicating being done by me. When I know that some information needs to be communicated in a more linear, direct, straight forward reality defining way like we’re all much more used to, then I’ll write it that way and most likely publish it at TRANSITIONS. When I know I need to communicate information and energies from a nonlinear, less defined, High-Heart, spacious 5D sort of way, then that will continue here at HighHeartLife. However, I now need to create a NEW Category at HHL for my communications, experiences, teachings etc. that I’m calling HighHeart Center. This is the first article to be placed in this NEW class. (Please see them all in the sidebar listed under Categories.)

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High-Heart to High-Heart

Where to even start… I don’t know at this point because I’ve gone through so, so much since 2014, but finally some positive and amazing changes have/are taking place in 2015. As I continue with this we’re going to go way up and then way down and way up again and way down again which just seems to be the way of it now due to some of us existing within higher frequency and consciousness and far more still way down in the old lower frequency and consciousness. Every minute I live this myself in-body on Earth my Love, Respect, Gratitude and profound Admiration for all higher dimensional Beings that have endured our 3D human amnesia, stunning stupidity, unending fears, massive egos, profound selfishness, addicted violence, general insanity, ugly manipulations etc. and have never flinched over any of it, grows tremendously.

So yeah, 2014 wasn’t any walk in the park and 2015 hasn’t been easy by any stretch of the imagination either. Now the amplification happens continuously, hour by hour, day by day, month by month. The ups are way up and amazing, to the point that the high LOVE energies pouring into my High-Heart expands it to the point of blissful, High-Heart orgasmic joy, pain, Divine LOVE and ever-present quantum perfection. This ongoing merging process is beautiful, extraordinary, soul expanding, lower heart shattering, high-heart expanding, blissfully peaceful, perfectly immobile like a ballerina balanced on-point, crystalline and literally high-heart orgasmic.

This latest high-heart in-pouring has been Divine masculine/male and oh how I’ve personally needed that IN my body and Self in this current Denise form and manifestation. I’ve lived, we all have lived for so very long with demented masculine/male energies on Earth, so to finally have what’s normal merge with me/me with IT in my incarnate self in physicality now has been Divine high HOME returning at long last. I’d weep over this except I can’t because my high-heart only knows what’s normal and crying isn’t part of that at this higher level, only beaming is, only radiating is, only wanting every other soul to experience it too is. Nothing can stop the unrelenting Divine desire to help everyone to reach, feel and know God/Source/Divinity within themselves, again. Nothing…

High-Heart Lovemaking

When your High-Heart embodies some more of the greater, higher YOU in this physical version of you that’s “ascending”, it feels like heart sex, like heart lovemaking, like glorious heart hugs between you/YOU and the Divine and more. It feels like the most profound LOVE, Gratitude and Respect you can comprehend existing within your high-heart with other Divine aspects of both YOU/You/you and Source/God etc. This isn’t easy to communicate and I’d probably do better with pantomime at this point! 😆

What’s really humorous about this is that, as glorious as it is and it is glorious, there’s so much more to come! This is why we have to take these Stair-steps and grand leaps forward incrementally otherwise it would kill us and destroy our physical bodies. So even though I’m drooling giddily over all this luscious merged LOVE energies with this latest Divine masculine/male aspect in myself, I’m well aware that there’s so much more beyond this. Breath, smile, radiate the NEW you because this is just another level.

As has been said by many, the place to go now is your own High-Heart because that’s where the action is happening and will be for a very long time. So, get out of your head and into your High-Heart and get used to that feeling and space and what it feels like to perceive everything from that 5D vantage point. This is the NEW Center, the NEW HighHeart Center, not the old lower mind and intellect. Let your primary perspective and focal point and “home base” ascend/evolve up into your High-Heart and get familiar with it all.

Dying, Resurrection & the ongoing Separation of Worlds

Another aspect of this current phase that’s been really weird (weird isn’t a strong enough word for it!) has been the glaring and oftentimes painful and frustrating growing gap between those people who are not remaining in their physical bodies and working to evolve/ascend them but are physically dying in a variety of dramatic ways now. Right next to that are the people who are remaining in their physical bodies and continue working to continue evolving/ascending them, and the contrast between these groups of humans is blinding, shocking and hard to emotionally cope with sometimes.

On the one hand, I’ve been “dying” all year and slowly “resurrecting” within myself as this merging continues. On the other hand, many people are literally dying and exiting because they can no longer remain in this high frequency Light and LOVE (I’ll always write that word in capitals because I’m referring to a much higher frequency “LOVE” than the old lower “love”) and so they’re exiting their physical bodies very quickly, and as I said before, rather dramatically as well. (We have different deaths just as we have different lives and it’s all to gain more knowledge and hands on physical experiences. Look at everything now from your 5D perspective, not your old lower 3D perspective.)

Example: The other day I got a call from someone (no names or much detail here) informing me that someone in their early twenties blew their brains out about ten days ago. This horror happened a week or so after that persons forty-something husband was shot and killed by police for firing his gun (most likely in a drug induced rage). I don’t know all the gory details nor do I want to. Suffice it to say that I’ve known for over a decade that these two people (and many others) would not survive the Ascension Process and would either die young, or, stay in their bodies and descend to what’s been called ‘Planet B’.

For those of you reading this that aren’t familiar with this term, ‘Planet B’ is another physical Earth world for those people who are not yet done with negativity, dis-empowerment, violence, warring, parasitism, victim/victimizer consciousness and reality, not ready to or refusing to take personal responsibility for themselves and their thoughts, emotions, actions etc. Planet B exists now for all who still want, need or desire to live in a physical world where Team Dark and the negativity is even worse than it was before the Ascension Process began. Those people have this other Earth world to exist in to experience all they want or need to about the Dark and eventually choose the Light.

So there I AM, experiencing stupefying LOVE with the Divine masculine merging in me, my body, self and HighHeart Center (while trying to remember how to get to the toilet when needed) and in the next moment I’m hearing about young people I know (one since age 3) who’ve died suddenly and horribly. Again, the growing gap between these two levels of people, being, consciousness, reality and Earth worlds is becoming something else to witness. Getting to ones HighHeart is one thing, remaining there throughout the chaos and collapse is another thing altogether, but this too is part of our ongoing educations within the Ascension Process and 5D physicality. Like I said, way up and way down and all this can happen in half a HighHeart beat.

Diamond Aquarius

So if you too have been really sick this year and felt like you could physically die without half trying, know that this is part of the Process and that more is and has been going on than just you/me being really sick for far too long. And if you too have experienced increasing merging of some of the Greater within you and your body and being–which makes your HighHeart explode with real LOVE—then things are on track and heading for even greater embodiment of even more. All this and we haven’t reached November and the 11 energies yet! Don’t you just know that the Light Being Angelics (11’s) will be close at hand throughout November as we progress even more. I can feel their steady gaze upon me and all of us, which tells me we’re in for some more fabulous very soon. You ready for 11 and then 12 of December of 2015? It will complete in ways we haven’t imagined yet. 🙂 ❤

Denise Le Fay

October 28, 2015

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11/11: The Middle Stair-step of the last Three Months of 2014

10 11 & 12 3

(Artist unknown)

During October 2014, via Higher Awareness, I saw and experienced a stunningly complex and beautiful image/experience that I want to share with you before the November 11-11 portal arrives. I wanted to share it with you sooner but the Care Facility discharged my Mom on November 1st. so my home life has changed considerably yet again. More possibly about this situation in a related future article, but for now I wanted to share this vision experience with you and how it’s part of the unfolding energetic Stair-steps of 10-10 of October and 11-11 of November and 12-12 of December of 2014.

Oftentimes I See, perceive things like this and they’re simplified complex symbols for what I am and/or you are and/or humanity is or soon will be experiencing due to the Ascension Process. Other times they’re literally other dimensional experiences. This particular vision was another of these, but it was so huge and vast and there were hundreds of thousands of Angelic beings and highly evolved Galactic Starbeings and some Lightbeings too involved. It was a very “big deal” in other words, but every step and phase and layer we go through with the Ascension Process is! Let me describe what I Saw and experienced and you do your best to Feel it and discern what you can about it for yourself.

Everything I’m going to describe was not physical and dense but of a much higher dimension and filled with very high frequency Light Energies. We weren’t even in our physical bodies but our higher frequency Energy Bodies, and we were having a necessary and highly delicate exotic “procedure” done to each of us by the different Angelics, Galactic Starbeings and Lightbeings helping us and the overall Ascension Process with this particular phase. This was sort of like a very high dimensional, Light-filled Angelic “Mash Unit” for the Forerunners/Path Pavers at this time in late 2014.

The Higher Awareness vision started with myself and thousands of other Forerunners/Path Pavers lying comfortably on what looked somewhat like etheric hospital gurneys in long rows for as far as I could see. I viewed the vast space I was in and marveled at how many of us physically incarnate “Volunteer” Forerunners, and how many Angelics and very advanced Galactic Starbeings and some Lightbeings were all together there working very quickly and precisely to complete this latest and absolutely necessary phase during the completion of the physical months of 2014.

There were anywhere from two to five or six Angelics, Galactic Starbeings and maybe one Lightbeing working on each physically incarnate Forerunner laying on a gurney in this vast space. There was no talking as it simply isn’t necessary at this level of being; there was only quick, intense and highly focused “procedures” being done to each of us by them and we were quietly watching. It was a massive “production line” of sorts and was extremely impressive and unique.

The “procedure” that was being done to each of us was what looked to me like them carefully but quickly laying sections of about 5×6 inch very delicate living gold LIGHT mesh on the surface of our Energy Bodies. They used long light-filled tongs that looked like extra long chop sticks almost to quickly but carefully lay each piece, each section of the living gold Light mesh on each of us. They did this “procedure” over and over until they’d covered much of our Energy Bodies.

As usual I searched through hundreds of images, photos and vector images in hopes of finding anything remotely close to what the living gold Light mesh sections looked like. All I can do is try to find an image(s) that comes the closest to what I’ve seen and buy it to use in my article(s) to help convey the information visually as well to my readers.

gold mesh7 This vector image is pretty close to the gold color and mesh-like nature of these Light sections but it’s far too heavy and dense and has zero “life” or Light energies emanating from it so please just use it to get a sense of color and how small and delicate the patterning was in these living Light sections.

gold ribbon5 This photo has more “life” in it and shows a little better the delicacy and lightweight nature of the living gold Light mesh sections. Neither image or photo is 100% correct however but they’re close and they do help to give you an idea of what these things looked like. Now just image Angelics and Galactic Starbeings and a few Lightbeings using super long etheric “chop sticks” to delicately place every section of gold Light mesh on you. Yeah, something else indeed!

While I was having this “procedure” I looked around at the other Forerunners/Path Pavers having the same procedure to take it in and get an expanded sense of what all was happening and why. What I perceived about all of this was that it has to do with our Crystalline Light Bodies and last-minute tweaks and adjustments being done to them now by these great Beings to help us incarnate Forerunners more easily transition into them now, next month, next year or whenever each of us completes this amazing process. All this is directly connected to the yearlong 2014 12 Labors as I’ve called it in other articles (see link below) and the last three BIG 2014 Stair-steps or Leap Points of October, November and December and their 10-10, 11-11, and 12-12 portals in each of those final three months.

A 10/10 Like No Other

I got the sense that these living gold Light mesh pieces were another layer or aspect to our Light Bodies and our multidimensional DNA and they all are being aligned and readied for us to begin using them in this totally NEW way. The heavy-duty onslaught of recent X-class and M-class solar transmissions—flares, CMEs etc.—happening since September are very much part of this “procedure” the Forerunners are embodying, living and anchoring into this physical world and dimension. This “procedure” is intimately connected as well to 2014’s 11-11 energies and portal that many of us will move through in only a couple of days. It’s all connected and all working towards the same goal of compressed evolution and Shift into something totally NEW and vastly improved. But know too that as fabulous as all this is and sounds and looks, it’s just one more of many other “procedures” and processes and layers we’ve already gone through and that there’s more to come so don’t think for a moment that this is it and we’re done.

In the end this latest vision reminded me somewhat of those elaborate couture fashion shows where all the models are lined up behind the curtain for the last minute go-over by the designer to make sure every model is wearing their clothing correctly and will display them in the very best light possible. This is sort of what we’re going through now in preparation for our stepping out on the “cat walk” (NEW world stage) to model (embody, live and use) the designer’s (Divine Source) latest fashion statement (the NEW 5D unity blueprints etc.). Wear it well my fellow Forerunners, wear it well, and much gratitude and Love to all in the higher dimensions for helping prepare us to put on our NEW Light Bodies and continue doing The Work here in the physical for mass humanity today and far into the future. ❤


November 9, 2014

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Personal Update

heartangelcircle 4 My Mom was moved from the hospital (entered August 28th around 4:00 AM) to a care facility (intense physical rehab or bypass boot camp as I like to call it) September 3rd around 5:00 PM. She’s doing much better than those first five days at the hospital, which were questionable at best. We’re both much relieved to see her regaining some strength, not nearly choking to death due to the lung congestion, mental clarity returning, hallucinations decreasing, no infections and all the rest of it.

On the early morning she was taken to the hospital, after rushing around like a lunatic for a few hours, I finally got to the hospital (a place I’d never been to before in another city) to see her and talk with the surgeon before she went in for triple bypass surgery at noon. Once I got back home and sat down in hopes of calming down, I Saw two Lightbeing Angels flanking Mom’s right and left shoulders in her hospital bed. They looked exactly the same as the two Lightbeing Angels that assisted her and I a couple of years ago at the grocery store and getting across the parking lot and into the car and home. Remember the “magic bananas”? Here’s a link to that article if interested.

Each was positioned slightly behind her right and left shoulders facing forward or her feet. After about twenty minutes a third Lightbeing Angel appeared slightly elevated above the first two and directly behind the top of her head. Once that happened the two Light Angels that were at her sides rotated a quarter turn to face Mom and each other for twenty, thirty seconds, then they’d both simultaneously rotate back to their original position of facing forward or looking at Mom’s feet if you will. The third slightly elevated Light Angel at her head never moved or rotated. I got the sense from their actions that the three were creating, building a multidimensional protective energy barrier and space around Mom, her physical and energy bodies to help and protect her through the dangerous and lengthy surgery and recovery period.

I cannot tell you how instantaneously relieved I was Seeing that there were three of them instead of only two. In that second of Seeing three of them I knew those beautiful, amazing, steadfast Lightbeing Angelics were there to protect her energetically and create a safe higher space around Mom throughout her surgery. Seeing them told me they were there not to escort her through a physical death process, but to help keep her safe and protected during the surgery and for as long as needed after it because she was supposed to live a while longer, not die now. I sent as much Love and Gratitude as I could produce then to the three (trinity, triality, unified not dualized etc.) Light Angels for helping her, me, all of us and for my Seeing them so I’d know what was going on at higher levels with Mom and why and could share that information with all of you.

Briefly, these Lightbeing Angelics looked to me like brilliant, tall, fairly small diameter white-Light energy tubes with few facial details and no features below their waists, just brilliant white-Light. Viewing them from the heart up looked to me like there were very tall “wings” on their backs resembling lines of Light that went up, up, up to their Home dimension frequency range. What could be interpreted as angel “wings” looked to me like vertical Light lines they descended/ascended to enter/exit this, our frequency range in physicality. I saw this in 2012 too when the two Light Angelics helped Mom at the grocery store parking lot. Energetic Angelic Light elevators! 😉

They emanated no emotions whatsoever because they’re far beyond “emotions” as we currently think of them. They telepathed nothing to me because it wasn’t needed. They are Light Love Source and not much more is needed beyond that! You feel them, their intentions and energies and are forever changed because of it. These Beings are the same type I’ve Seen encircled above me since January 1, 2014 and are my and many of our NEW Crew or NEW Entourage as I called them when I wrote about this earlier this year.

480x334 Thank You cropped

And lastly, I want to Thank each and every one of you dear Light-filled, HighHeart souls who helped me, us, by making a HighHeart donation to help me financially during this period of unemployment and emotional physical upheaval. The money is and will be a profound help to me, however, everyone’s heartfelt Love and support has effected me even more so and for that grand and glorious 5D gift, there is nothing I can say but Thank You each from my 5D HighHeart to your 5D HighHeart and beyond.

I intend to soon write more about this and other personal mini revelations, plus the latest energy change, which felt like a blessed relief Hug from Home that came in September 3, 2014 around 7:00 PM my time PDT. When it arrived it felt like I’d survive now too so this latest energy is special, different in some ways from earlier ones.

heart icons 17 Thank You, Thank You, Thank You times Divine unified triality.

Gratitude Hugs to All,

Denise Le Fay

September 5, 2014

A 2014 Buddha Moon Gift

My May 2014 Buddha Moon gift is a free read of Chapter 8 from The Temple of Master Hotei: A Unique Past Life Memory. If you enjoy it, I hope you’ll consider buying the book so you can read all the other equally interesting chapters. Happy, prosperous and enlightening Buddha Moon everyone. ❤

Denise Le Fay

May 14, 2014



Jade One slowly wove his way through the trees and plants of the vast Outer Temple garden with the intent of energetically absorbing earth energies. By walking throughout the garden in this manner, he could magnetically collect the diverse energies that radiated from the ground, the abundant plant life, sunlight, and the water element. The rich earthiness of the garden always gave the boy a great sense of comfort and a very conscious connection with the earth. It was like swimming through water; one can feel the water washing away fatigue, cleansing energetically, balancing the different energy bodies and creating increased alignment and connectedness throughout the whole body and being. The healing greenery of the many garden plants and trees was deeply soothing, healing, and grounding in this way. The pure gemstone colors of the numerous flowers were invigorating, while the clear bubbling water of the fishpond and stream offered deep tranquility to body, heart, and mind.

As Jade One made his way through the garden grounds a particular group of flowers caught his attention and drew him in. They were vivid bright pink and white flower petals with pure clear yellow-gold centers. He paused for many minutes to absorb and enjoy their beauty and uniqueness. After a few moments, he made his way around to the back half of the gardens and continued appreciating the many different varieties of flowers there. Their richness of color and silken textures were perfect living works of art. The entire garden grounds were a living, breathing, pulsing visual poem.

Later that evening Jade One had an unusual dream concerning Master Hotei and a flower. In his dream, Hotei was seated on cushions inside his Temple before the huge dragon tapestry. Over his head was a large sphere of light. Inside the sphere of light was a single lotus flower. To Hotei’s left and far behind him was the same strange man of golden-white Light he had perceived during his first encounter inside the Inner Temple. The man was in the identical seated position as Master Hotei was, but was outdoors beneath a large tree. The unusual looking man wore a long garland of multicolored flowers around his neck. Jade One was awakened from this dream by the sound of his voice crying aloud—do not leave me here alone! He sat upright in the blackness with his heart pounding in his head. His solar plexus had gone hollow and he suddenly felt very much alone in those few moments in the night.

The next morning Jade One returned to the garden to enjoy the fragrances created by the sunlight weaving throughout the lush, living green beings. The boy let his eyes absorb the visual spectacle all about him while he inwardly reviewed his unusual and powerful dream. He was at a loss once again. He had not heard Hotei speak in his dream, and why the two men both had flowers was a mystery. Jade One decided it best to investigate all of the garden’s flowers again to see if he could scrape together more insights into this expanding mystery.

This time the boy methodically inspected every group of flowers within the entire garden. There were only two types that spoke to his heart—the same pink and white blossoms he had been drawn to the previous day, and the lotus blossoms floating in the fishpond. The boy stood entranced before the pink and white flowers, searching internally for any small hint or subtle insight. Abruptly he remembered he was to make a garland from the pink and white flowers but pick only one single lotus blossom. He was to take them to the Inner Temple as soon as he had completed creating the flower garland. Why he was supposed to do these things he did not know.

When he had finished stringing together the flower garland, a sudden deep and cutting sadness enveloped him as he sat holding the beautiful pink and white blossoms. Jade One felt as though the child within him had suddenly vanished altogether. He felt as though he had traveled too far to turn back again. He did not understand why the pink and white flower garland had prompted such an intense emotional sadness and pain in him, but they certainly had.

Heading back to the Inner Temple with his flower gifts cradled lovingly in his arms, Jade One now felt strangely disconnected from the entire unusual business. A sort of melancholy detachment had overtaken his heart. The boy did not even care if the flowers or time was an incorrect telepathic message from Master Hotei; he only knew he must give these two flower gifts to his teacher immediately.

As One Like Jade entered the Golden Temple, he saw Hotei seated upon his gold stool, apparently waiting on his arrival. The boy bowed, walked up to his teacher and silently placed the flower garland around his neck, then handed him the single lotus blossom. He bowed again, retreated to his emerald stool and seated himself before the great Master.

The two sat silent in the smoky, citrine colored haze of the Inner Temple staring at each other for quite a few minutes. Hotei’s gaze was more serious and pronounced than usual and he thoroughly inspected the boy internally and externally. Master Hotei sat motionless while the intensity of his focused energies felt as if he would soon relocate the entire Temple to another place and time. Jade One had never seen his teacher like this before, but then, he had never felt the way he did before either.

Master Hotei’s unusual behavior was due to Jade One’s easily perceived emotional state. The purity of childhood was gone from the boy because a part of him had died after his dream, and in its place was birthed an older, more somber stranger. This stranger felt things that the Jade One of yesterday had not. He held a most profound joy in his heart, yet simultaneously, an equally profound sense of sadness and longing for something just beyond his reach caused his heart to grieve and ache terribly. Jade One was aware however, that he was blessed for simply sensing and feeling that something he could not yet completely grasp or understand.

From his stool Master Hotei leaned forward and tenderly placed his palm on the boy’s chest over his heart and said, “Welcome home One Like Jade, welcome home.” The great Master then eased back on his stool and relaxed, his intense emanations immediately transforming back into his characteristic loving compassion again.

“Why do you bring me two objects child when I mentally asked you for only one?” Hotei asked lovingly with pleased tears in his eyes because he already knew the answer to his question.

“The single lotus flower is for you Master Hotei. The garland of flowers is for Him—the strange man of Light,” Jade One answered somberly.

“I see Little One,” Hotei replied as he lovingly stroked the smooth garland petals.

“This is very interesting Jade One. My mental instruction was for you to bring me a single lotus blossom from the pond. Now, tell me of your dream child,” he bid and lowered eyes.

Jade One related the entire dream experience dispassionately. When the boy had finished, Hotei with his chin in his palms, silently gazed off into the distance for quite a while; a distance not hampered in the least by the physical confines of the Temple walls, the gardens outside, or the great, high mountain it all sat on. Master Hotei had left and was elsewhere viewing multiple timelines and reading different probable realities, and so, the boy respectfully lowered his eyes to give his teacher privacy with his inner visions. Minutes later the great Master returned to his physical body and his patiently waiting student.

“Jade One, today is a very special day for you! Today you are to view one of the Masters. It is time. Come child, I will show you where He sits in preparation,” Hotei said with a renewed gleam in his eyes and delight in his voice.

The Master led the confused boy to a rather secluded section at the far back corner of the gardens. In all the years Jade One had spent within Hotei’s Temple walls, never had he seen or been told of any other Master residing there with them. Hotei carefully seated the boy under a large tree and had him prop himself against its massive trunk.

“You may view Him from here only Jade One. Any closer would be dangerous for you now. This is one of the Lords of Above—please do not forget that child. He is only in His body of Light for He is not of this physical realm,” Hotei stated intensely and sat down beside his increasingly intrigued student.

Hotei began to laugh, leaned forward cupping the boy’s face in his hands and lovingly placed his forehead against the child’s forehead. He held this position with the youth for a few moments as if he were making some form of energetic link between the two of them through their foreheads.

“Dearest One Like Jade, do not be a foolish child and indulge in this. Do not let this Master’s great energies overwhelm you. He is a Great One indeed, but nonetheless, please try to maintain some level of self-control and dignity child. If you indulge in this, it could harm you greatly Little One,” Hotei stuttered due to laughing so hard.

Jade One saw nothing humorous whatsoever about any of this. In fact, he was rather disappointed with Hotei’s uncontrollable laughter and attitude over one of the most important moments of his entire young life. He was after all, about to witness a phenomenon most men spend entire incarnations striving and struggling to attain. They would fast themselves to near death to become receptive enough to be able to perceive something or someone from the higher dimensions. They would smoke potent herbs to achieve an altered state of consciousness so they could, possibly, catch a glimpse of one of the Great Ones dancing the eternal universal dance of creation.

However, Jade One was suddenly having this profound experience handed to him by a hysterical round laughing man telling him to watch his self-control! At moments like this, Jade One questioned Master Hotei’s grasp on reality. He wondered if the Master realized to what extent most spiritual seekers would go to experience something as extraordinary as this; a great and rare event that Hotei obviously took for granted and even thought was humorous.

“If a man is not supposed to fall to his knees in divine respect and humbleness at the sight alone of one of the Great Ones, what then is the correct and proper human response? Anything less it would seem would be unthinkably disrespectful!” Jade One internally grumbled to himself as he observed Master Hotei laughing hysterically before him. He sat there with furrows of frustration etched across his young brow, watching Hotei laughing like a disrespectful and unaware common man.

The boy was snapped out of his internal dialog over his beliefs concerning the proper etiquette to use when dealing with Divine Entities by the roaring, bellowing, uncontrollable sounds of Hotei’s near hysterical laughter. The Master’s face was covered with tears of pure merriment. He was actually having trouble catching his breath and struggled not to choke.

“Oh Ja…Jade One. You will…indulge…to…the fullest extent!” Hotei roared uncontrollably, laughing so hard he nearly tipped over.

“I can see it all now! Well, it does not matter because I will be close at hand to rescue you from yourself before you can cause permanent damage.”

Master Hotei finally calmed down and became more serious but it was purely for the boy’s sake. He knew that if he did not behave and communicate in a very precise way at this moment, his eager young student would not pay attention to everything he was trying to prepare him for and teach him. Knowing this, Hotei transformed himself back into serious teacher guise again and became as somber and reverential sounding and looking as he could produce at that moment for his disciple.

“Child, let your mind be very still and watch the seemingly empty area beneath the large tree over there,” Hotei said and pointed towards a massive tree some thirty feet away from them. The boy’s eyes immediately darted over to the designated sacrosanct but physically empty area.

“Soon you will be able to see Him. Watch, listen, feel, remember, and learn what it is that you need to learn now from this experience Little One,” Master Hotei said with sparkling eyes and lovingly cupped the enthusiastic boy’s face in his hands. The Master’s face was still flushed from his intense laughter over his determined student, but Jade One was at least listening to him again.

At this point Master Hotei stood up and left the area. Jade One watched his teacher giggling his way down the gravel footpath back to his Inner Temple, leaving him alone with the great spiritual mystery that lay only a few feet before him. The boy could hardly contain himself. After Hotei had completely disappeared from sight, the boy anxiously returned his physical gaze back to the indicated area of rare, spiritual phenomenon. He breathed in deeply a few times to calm himself and then began to focus on the physically empty area beneath the huge tree Hotei had pointed out.

Within a few minutes, Jade One began to perceive blinding silver-white light radiating outward in all directions from under the huge tree’s leafy canopy. Within the center of the brilliant silver-white light was the transparent ethereal form of the peculiar looking man of Light he had clairvoyantly seen before.

Astonishingly, there under a huge elder tree in the far back corner of Master Hotei’s Temple gardens sat another Master; a magnificent nonphysical Light Being that appeared to be within deep ethereal meditation.

The great man of Light sat motionless with his eyes closed. He wore a long garland of flowers around his neck and his black hair was pulled up and twisted tightly on top of his head. He generated energies that sparked, popped, and literally radiated out with tiny explosions all around him. Jade One stared silently at this spectacular rare vision, carefully analyzing every inch of it and compared it to how he had observed this man of Light before.

The amount of pure, higher light energies that emanated from him was so great that it shown out in all directions from his Light body. Jade One watched as the ethereal form became more tangible, more seemingly dense and physical. This Master’s Light body was no less real than the boy’s physical body was.

Jade One desperately wanted to physically get up, walk over, and sit within the brilliant silver-white light energy field around the Master’s Light body. He quickly discovered however that it was nearly impossible to move any part of his physical body. After closely examining the great being of Light with his inner vision, Jade One desired to enter into its Light emanations and bask in the very energies that were Him.

“If I cannot move physically, then I will project myself into His field of Light and experience Him from that position,” Jade One decided.

Quickly and easily the boy intentionally redirected his consciousness out of his physical body and over into the silver-white light emanating from the great Being of Light. From this energetically intimate position, the boy intermingled with the etheric energy body of the nonphysical man of Light. For an unknown amount of time, Jade One deliberately merged his consciousness with the brilliant energy corona of the etheric Master’s Light body.

This astounding Light was very much like Master Hotei, and yet, slightly different at the same time. He was a man with a personality like any other, but He seemed to carry a great sense of responsibility that literally encompassed the planet. Not just a small patch of land in one particular country, or a few family members, or local fellow citizens; His family was all of humanity incarnate on earth.

His consciousness and heart streamed forth igniting tiny sparks within the hearts of many different peoples. He spoke to all, yet only a small number felt anything from Him. He was preparing a road, a great pathway of higher awareness and emotions that would be traveled by many, but in a different time.

As Jade One traveled deeper into the essence of Him, he began to understand and yet he did not. He saw some great Universal Plan preparing for Itself a massive roadway between the heavens and earth that would be traversed by great numbers of people at a later time. Yet, even now the complex building and preparations were being created, carefully crafted, and dedicatedly worked into place on multiple unseen levels and dimensions by thousands of nonphysical, higher dimensional beings.

Hundreds of thousands of souls were willingly being swept up into these higher energy currents to participate and experience this complex and far-reaching cosmic plan. They were preparing for themselves and others the numerous sequences of events that would enable them to walk this road, to follow this pathway later on physical earth in physical bodies.

Jade One perceived the numerous layers of plans in the form of vivid visions along with an inner knowingness. However, they escalated in speed and energetic intensity to such a degree that eventually Jade One felt himself losing his inner balance and sense of location and fall over onto his side. Whether the universe was speeding up and away from him, or, if he was falling from his lofty seat of inner visions the boy could not accurately discern. The tremendous energetic pressure, higher vibrations and speed of it all were quickly becoming unbearable and Jade One became unconscious from his abnormally high-level flight. Unwillingly he entered a rapid free-fall and wild, tumbling spin that he wondered he would even survive.

The boy fought off nausea unsuccessfully as he was catapulted through numerous layers of space and time. Wave after wave of both divine and human voices cried out in love, fear, pain, mystical bliss, and profound struggle until Jade One was completely lost amidst their songs of enlightenment, initiation, increasing density and polarization, confusion, suffering, and final dense amnesia.

“I fear I have gone mad and shall never find my way home to Master Hotei’s garden again!” Jade One screamed aloud, but his voice simply became one more of the millions of others that also cried out their own screams of ecstasy and terror.

Suddenly the boy felt a heavy, partially numb thud on his forehead that sent rippling waves of pain and further nausea throughout his body. A vague sensation of pressure in both his wrists and shoulders at least helped distract his attention away from his endlessly somersaulting stomach. His skull felt three times larger and heavier than normal and he thought the pressure of it alone might kill him.

Faintly and very far-off the boy began to hear the blessed familiar sounds of Master Hotei’s laughter. Interspersed between his laughter were words he could not understand. There was nothing more in the world, in fact the entire universe, that Jade One wanted to hear at that exact moment than Master Hotei’s precious, glorious laughter. He forced his mind to focus on nothing else but it.

“Master Hotei… I truly do love to hear you laughing,” the nauseated and imbalanced disciple whimpered. In the vast blackness he clearly heard Master Hotei laugh in response to his words, which assured him that they were at least somewhere in the same cosmic vicinity. The pain in his wrists and shoulders grew quickly however and traveled relentlessly down his backside.

“I think I have gone blind Master Hotei! I cannot see anything but blackness,” Jade One blubbered out loud, deeply hoping Hotei was still near enough to hear him. Roaring, uncontrollable laughter was the immediate reply.

“BLIND JADE ONE? ARE YOU SURE? TRY OPENING YOUR EYES CHILD!” Hotei screamed and coughed hysterically.

Because the boy’s eyes were already open, he labored further to bring his higher inner vision back down energetically into his physical eyes. Slowly he began to see the hazy, grayish-white outlines of familiar trees and plants within his beloved garden. He also realized that his body was physically moving. Jade One blinked frantically, trying to force full awareness back into his numb, over-sized feeling head and face. As he struggled, Master Hotei’s laughter thankfully grew louder, closer, and much clearer. Looking upward, the boy could finally physically see the beautifully blue sky cut into jagged sections by overhead tree branches. His body was still moving and his backside and arms were truly in pain now.

“HOTEI, I can see! Look at the sky—it is so beautifully blue today…” the boy gratefully complimented, his voice trailing off.

“Yes Little One, it is the same glorious color today as it was yesterday,” Hotei replied chuckling, “and I suspect it will be the same spectacular color tomorrow as well. The gods are good indeed are they not One Like Jade?”

The boy scanned the familiar garden greenery with deep, genuine gratitude and relief. Twisting around he clearly saw the ground moving painfully under his physical body. He glanced up quickly at his hands, only to finally be able to see Master Hotei dragging him by his wrists through the garden!

Hotei immediately stopped and bent down to help his now earthbound, earth connected student sit upright. The Master walked up to a group of rocks where he had previously placed a tray of hot tea and numerous sweet cookies. Hotei quickly brought his disorientated and battered student a cup of tea, which he drank slowly, smiling up weakly and gratefully at his beloved spiritual teacher and friend.

Suddenly Jade One remembered having been sick to his stomach and quickly inspected his clothing with acute embarrassment. Master Hotei laughed openly at the boy’s vanity, even at a moment such as this.

“Do not concern yourself Jade One, you got sick out there,” Hotei said giggling and pointed up at that beautiful blue sky they had been talking about earlier.

The warmth and aroma of the tea and sweet cookies helped to ground the boy’s finer etheric bodies and anchor them once again into his physical body. Hotei sat quietly, letting his disciple eat and drink his fill, knowing that it would greatly help him regain both his inner and outer equilibrium and physical, earthy connection again.

As usual, the boy had dozens of provocative questions for his teacher and could hardly wait to be physically able to voice them all. Hotei sensed this and waited patiently for the student’s barrage of inquiries. Finally, with the pain, nausea, spinning and disorientation a thing of the recent past, Jade One began his long list of questions.

“Master Hotei, why were you dragging me around the garden?” the boy asked with real confusion.

Hotei’s eyebrows rose quickly causing his eyes to grow large and round. After what seemed a brief moment of holding his breath, Hotei burst into another belly laugh that echoed gorgeously throughout the garden. The boy smiled weakly at his greatly amused teacher.

“Of all the profound blessings you have just experienced, your first question is why I was dragging you around? Oh Little One, you are wonderful indeed! Very well then,” Hotei said giggling and smiled at his still blurry and wobbly student.

“I had to move your physical body away from the vicinity of the Master’s Light body. You became unconscious from the intensity of His emanations because YOU moved much too close to Him! I warned you of this, but I also knew you would become snared by your deep curiosity and enter His higher frequency light energies anyway. Therefore, I had to drag your physical body to a safer distance away from His energy field.

“I could also see that you had traveled very far and knew it would be difficult for you to find your way back home; home here in my physical Temple gardens now I mean,” Hotei said grinning widely and winked at his befuddled student.

“By my moving your physical body across the ground, it became increasingly magnetized with earthly, physical energies. This—plus the physical pain it caused you—helped to give you something to focus on and grab a hold of emotionally and energetically; a painful physical target to aim at and eventually connect with once again,” Hotei said in a sudden serious tone.

“Why could I not see anything Master Hotei?” the boy asked as he refilled his teacup for the third time and grabbed yet another handful of cookies. Suddenly he was ravenous and needed to fill his stomach to help ground him better within his physical body. Jade One was immensely grateful that Master Hotei had food and drink there ready and available for him after his great and vast cosmic excursion.

“Your consciousness was functioning in two different realms, two different dimensions and levels of awareness at once. I confess that this was partly due to my actions here with your physical body. I was prematurely forcing your awareness back down into your physical body here. At the same time however, you still had a large portion of your awareness in a much higher dimension with the great Lords of Above.

“Different frequency energy realms overlap each other easily at certain areas, like borders between dimensions Jade One. This makes it difficult for a student to adjust, and then immediately readjust while traveling through those overlapping energetic dimensional areas. It takes some practice to become able to move through those powerful, transitional border areas and not become confused, disoriented or completely lost.

“The areas where two or more realms intersect create unique and powerful vortex points. Certain of these areas would appear to our logical minds and ego selves as places where lunatics and strange, wild creatures and beings inhabit. Your senses would perceive fragments from these multiple levels and, if you allowed your logical mind to attempt to decipher them, you would most likely become quite lost and confused yourself. A great many things are not to be dealt with, nor can they be understood by using the rational mind alone Little One. It is not a suitable tool for the job and can be very dangerous trying to do so,” Hotei said and winked at the boy.

Hotei stopped shortly to pour himself a cup of tea. He sipped it briefly and then returned to his explanations and further teachings.

“You could not see physically Jade One because you were still seeing with your faster and higher vibrating inner, mind’s eye vision. You were still functioning within a less dense, higher realm using the correct perceptive tools for it. At the same time however, enough of your consciousness had reentered your dense physical body—just enough to let you know that more of you was still elsewhere than down here with me!” Hotei said giggling while rolling his eyes in exaggerated, comical circles.

“I know of your great affinity with and love of the elements of this earthly garden Little One, so I both coaxed and directed you back into your physical body by charging it with the energies of the earthly physical realm.

“Do you remember the first thing you said when you could finally see physically again child? You commented on how beautiful and blue the sky was! There is nothing lacking in wondrous spirituality right here in this physical, earthly realm my boy. Never forget that the real distance between the many great Lords of Above and us on Earth is due entirely on our awareness or closed hearts. Never forget this child,” Hotei said and smiled warmly at his attentive but exhausted student.

“You experienced something in which it felt to you as if a great physical distance had been traveled. Actually, you only traveled a fraction of an inch energetically inside your own awareness, heart and self. Always remember that, that which is without, is that which is within Little One.”

At this statement, Hotei exploded into a fit of rapturous laughter, which Jade One comfortably floated along on also. He understood why his teacher was laughing over that particular statement because he had just experienced a snippet of it himself. Because of his recent experience, the boy happily rode along on Master Hotei’s uplifting laughter and pure, higher heart joyfulness. After his laughter subsided, Hotei sat back and silently finished his tea. He suddenly seemed very far away, deep in thought over matters the boy could not fathom and was far too exhausted to try. Jade One sat quietly and utilized the time to organize his thoughts and the many remaining unanswered questions he had for his teacher.

Abruptly Master Hotei returned his gaze to the boy and his dilated pupils contracted and stabilized once again. Jade One had learned over the years that when the Master’s eyes did this it was due to his having been elsewhere himself and in communication with higher dimensional beings. His transition back to the physical dimension always caused his pupils to briefly and repeatedly expand and contract like that.

Hotei smiled a warm smile of appreciation at his awaiting student for his patience and silence. This silent smile was the boy’s cue that his bombardment of questions could begin again. The Master chuckled softly and shifted his body slightly to face the boy more directly.

“Do you recall believing that I was unimpressed and dispassionate because I supposedly took the man of Light for granted?” Hotei asked. Jade One squirmed uncomfortably and instantly lowered his head.

“You believed you were about to experience something so profound that you could not understand my complacency over it all. Yet, your first question was about your physical body, my actions with it, and of the beautiful blue sky. You still have not asked nor referred to anything you personally experienced that was of Him or the many other Beings you saw. Now who is taking Him for granted?” Hotei asked and lightly smacked the boy on the shoulder giggling at him.

“This is very good however Jade One for He, they, do not enjoy nor is He moved to a level of pristine exaltation when we fall to our knees in subservient homage to Him or any of them! Child, they rejoice when a soul encounters them for they long to interact with all of us. Preferably, to have a conscious working link between them and us at all times.

“Just think Little One how difficult and discouraging it is for them when finally that long-awaited link is made and all we can do in their presence is wallow devotionally at their feet! Wailing prayers of adoration at their awesomeness and prodigious wisdom does nothing for anyone! The precious link has finally been made, but then we tie their hands with our lowly emotional reactions and limited understandings. This is indeed terribly sad Little One. We separate ourselves from them due to our exaggerated false beliefs and misplaced respect. They do not desire deification—they want to assist us!

“You have now discovered Jade One, that one of the Great Lords resides a small portion of Himself in His Light body under one of the trees at a quiet back corner of my Temple garden. He has been here as long as I have been here, and that child, has been a very long time indeed!” Hotei said and raised his eyebrows in an exaggerated and mysterious gesture and laughed.

“Not one of the students that have passed through my Outer Temple gardens over these many years has ever sensed Him. That is why you perceiving and seeing Him during our telepathy training and again in your dream intrigued me so. When you brought me the garland of flowers, I knew it was time for you to see where He resides within the Temple gardens Jade One.

“There are reasons however why you sensed Him, why you dreamt of Him, and those answers lay deep within your heart Jade One. If you desire, you may further investigate this matter within your heart and soul child. I will not reveal it to you, because it is for you alone to discover,” Hotei said and bowed respectfully to his student. Jade One bowed in response and felt his heart uncontrollably flutter, jump, and thud hard in the very center of his chest. Something extraordinarily magnificent was unfolding, but the boy did not fully understand it all.

Master Hotei returned his attention to his now empty teacup and saw to its replenishing. The boy watched him silently, pondering over his next question. He waited until his teacher had half emptied his cup again before he spoke, assuming that was a politely sufficient amount of time between questions.

“Master Hotei, who is He? When will He come fully to Earth?” the boy asked with minor hesitation. He was actually slightly concerned of his teacher’s answer to this particular question.

“Little One, that is a difficult and complex question,” Hotei answered very seriously.

“He is one of the Lords of Above, of which there are many. It is however nearing the time for Him to descend completely into this physical dimension and Earth world. He is—with the assistance of so many other Beings—preparing Himself for this unique experience. I say unique because it is very challenging for any of the Higher Ones to function in this extremely dense physical realm. They have existed for so very long within their higher bodies of Light, and some beyond that, that to come back down into such extreme density requires meticulous planning by many nonphysical beings; great planning for not only Him, but for all of humanity and Earth as well.

“He will be called different names by different people. He will be accepted and loved by many, and also rejected, misunderstood and ignored by many more. He will be called the Bringer of Light, the Buddha, the Enlightened One.

“As you have now witnessed for yourself Jade One, there is still much work to be done by many before He can fully enter physicality. He is not ready for Earth and she is not ready for Him!” Hotei said and giggled like an excited child.

Suddenly Jade One thought his teacher looked like he was radiating a warm golden light around his entire body as he spoke about this other Master of Light existing in his Temple garden. Jade One had never noticed this golden light energy emanating from Master Hotei before and was greatly intrigued. He stared intently at his teacher and the surrounding golden light radiating off from him and wondered if it had always been there. When Hotei began speaking again, the boy had to shift more of his attention back to his teacher’s words and not the newly discovered golden light he emanated.

“All things Jade One, all, are first created in the higher, faster vibrating, unseen realms wherein their birth expands and expresses itself farther and farther outward energetically until it finally manifests a portion of itself here in this dense physical world and dimension.

“A small portion of His Light body and being is manifest and anchored here in my Temple garden for specific reasons. He also has another aspect of His Light body and being anchored at another place on Earth very far from our land Jade One.

By projecting a portion of His consciousness into this much more dense and slower vibrating physical realm in this manner, He is able to slowly build upon His different bodies while working on numerous higher, fast vibrating unseen levels and dimensions simultaneously with many other nonphysical Beings.”

With a deeply confused look on his face Jade One asked, “But why has He chosen to manifest much of His body of Light here in your Temple garden Master Hotei?”

“A large part of that answer lies within you Jade One. If you wish to look into the future, it is there awaiting your investigation,” Hotei responded mysteriously and waved his arms overhead indicating the vast space about them.

“After I have finished my earthly Work in this body, this location, and this time, I will spend a period without any physical form. After that, I choose to enter into the scope of consciousness that He will be manifesting while He exists within physical form on Earth. It will be from within that energetic point that I will exist and express a large portion of myself. You see Jade One, I choose to exist within the right big toe of the Buddha!” Master Hotei declared and burst into a glorious belly laugh that filled the entire garden with shimmering golden delight.

“This is only one small portion of what the future holds for me. As for yourself Jade One, you can look to see and sense how the future affects you here and now. Use this potent time to grow and learn about situations, possibilities, and different outcomes that would not ordinarily be available in this manner for this is another important time of change on Earth and for all humanity.”

Because the late afternoon sun was rapidly disappearing below the mountain range, Master Hotei got up, collected the teacups and tray, then turned back to his young disciple. The boy still sat on the ground looking up at his teacher with wide, confused eyes. It had been a very long, powerful, and enlightening day for all concerned.

“You have had a full and potent day Little One. Go now and rest well. We will continue tomorrow Dear One,” Hotei said and smiled lovingly at his student.

Master Hotei quietly headed back to his Temple and Jade One directly to his warm, awaiting bed. He was indeed far more exhausted than he had realized. Lying in bed that night Jade One concentrated upon the great Divine One, the Lord of Above he had energetically united his consciousness and being with earlier that day. Holding the powerful, beautiful, radiant image of the nonphysical man of Light in his inner vision, he mentally asked a question repeatedly from his highest, most pure heart.

“What am I to do Great One? Please show me, please help me to understand whatever it is that I now need to learn and know about all of this.” With his mental question circulating through his exhausted mind and body, Jade One finally drifted off into a dark, dreamless, restful place of protected sleep.

End of Chapter 8

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Like Etheric Tectonic Plate Thrust

I wanted to include a couple more things I didn’t mention in my 12-25-13 article 2013 Recap: Oh what a year it was! In it I briefly mentioned the latest vision message I’d had of seeing a single-file line of Reptilian beings being moved out in one direction while I (and many more of us) were/are simultaneously moving forward in the opposite direction. What I want to add about that are some of the physical and etheric repercussions of this monumental transition unfolding now and into 2014. When so much is on the move as it’s been since September 21, 2013, and especially during December 2013, multidimensional anomalies and phenomena become much more prevalent. If you’re sensitive you’ve been and still are seeing, hearing, feeling and being affected (in different ways) by this latest storm of movement, change and grand shifting of the old lower and the NEW higher and everything and everyone connected to them both.

Clairaudient Hearing

If you’re clariaudient you’ve most likely been hearing a lot of strange, non-physically created noises, racket, creaks, cracks, thumbs, rumblings, wailing, howling, screeching etc. all around you. Some of these nonphysical sounds are so unusual that they’re hard to describe or relate to. As an example, just an hour ago I and my Mom both clearly heard what sounded like a huge barge moving and rubbing against a dock or whatever it is that they do! I certainly don’t know but the sounds I heard sounded like a large metal object rubbing against something else. We live inland so there’s no ships, boats or barges anywhere near us, nonetheless, that’s what the sounds we both heard today at the same time sounded like to us. Etheric tectonic plates of worlds and energies rubbing, pressing, pushing against each other in opposite directions during this monumental shift? Probably.

Nonphysical sounds many of us have been/are hearing now are not all caused by something physical in 3D but are coming from a nonphysical level or dimension. They could be “residual” sounds of old physical 3D activities but I can usually discern that, and for the most part, these noises are not residual 3D physical sounds. They’re multidimensional energetic sounds being created from what I clairvoyantly saw a few days ago which was Reptilian beings and me/you/us moving in opposite directions due to the Separation of Worlds & Timelines and it all being greatly pressured and pushed along by the incoming NEW energies.

thrust plates 1

One can clairvoyantly see something, but, one can also clairaudiently hear the energetic etheric repercussions of what one saw. That’s what’s been happening and much more and those able to see, hear, feel, smell, sense and perceive these multidimensional movements and activities have lately been in what’s felt and sounded like etheric tectonic plates scraping, grinding against each other and generating more pressure in both directions as they continue pushing off in opposite directions.

This epic multidimensional Ascension Process event is naturally producing unusual racket, flying etheric debris, rubble, increased friction and pressure, confusion, tensions, and in some people amplified negativity and emotional/mental imbalance and violence. This aspect and side effect of this phase of the Ascension Process will get worse before it gets better for some people but it will eventually get better.

What we’re living in and through now is bigger and more important than we can take in fully, can comprehend fully, and at times more than we can emotionally and/or physically cope with and that’s “normal”. We do the best we can as worlds and realities and the old physical and nonphysical patriarchal “bosses” (old cycle controllers/elite etc.) both seen and Unseen are energetically escorted elsewhere as we’re simultaneously escorted elsewhere too. Volatile times indeed but after the multidimensional dust settles, it’s gonna be grand! 😀

Clairvoyant Sight

At this point even people who’ve never been clairvoyant in their lives are beginning to occasionally see other dimensional things, critters, beings, watchers, energies, UFOs, ghosts, ETs, Angelics, demons and a wide-range of nonphysical lifeforms and objects. During huge energetic transitional thrust/shift times such as what September through December 2013 has been, more people clairvoyantly see (if only peripherally which is very common and normal) more of the inhabitants and energies etc. that exist in certain dimensions, and/or they see some of the current etheric debris field of change that’s exploding all around us. Or they clairaudiently hear the pandemonium caused by this major transition for days or weeks.

Becoming Empathic

One of the common catch phrases for many has been the ‘we are all One’ thing. That and ‘unity’ but what I’ve waited to observe was when more people would actually begin displaying empathic abilities themselves. It’s one thing to mouth well-known catch phrases like this, but it’s a totally different thing to actually, really, honestly live/embody them yourself!

It’s not so pleasant or easy being able to empathically feel other people, strangers in your body, heart and mind. Doing so requires knowing oneself and one’s own emotions and thoughts and thinking/feeling patterns etc. intimately well and 100% honestly to not become overwhelmed, lost or influenced from feeling other people’s thoughts, emotions and energies. That takes discipline, honesty, wisdom and real ability and indicates one is close to functioning within 5D High Heart consciousness or heartmind as I’ve also called it.

Empathy won’t happen in everyone overnight, but more and more people who’ve never before felt, sensed, or even been consciously aware of being affected by another person’s energies, thoughts and emotions will. Thankfully there are safeguards built-in with all these higher abilities; they have to be earned so that no one can harm another or psychically trespass etc. In other words, the lower traits in each of us must first be transmuted before one gains higher abilities. That protects all and removes the temptation to misuse or abuse higher awareness, higher consciousness senses and other abilities. But, more and more people will suddenly be feeling other people, animals, Earth, plants, water, air etc. in ways they never were able to before and that grand improvement will not only change them but also change reality very quickly and very wonderfully. It’s easy to harm/kill/mutilate/rape/war/attack/suppress people and animals when one cannot feel or relate to anyone or anything other than themselves and their beliefs and agendas. That of course is the antithesis of 5D High Heart consciousness and Unity.

Portals Manifesting

Another aspect of all this is that some of us are experiencing new small portals manifesting in unusual places. My Mom has one in her small bedroom that occasionally manifests some interesting bleed-throughs of other objects and people who I know are not from this timeline.

There’s another small portal in our living-room and just last night I saw two tall, small diameter Lightbeings standing there in the dark looking at me like watchers. My point is that while this powerful transition and separation Process is happening, more and more of us are and will be seeing, hearing and feeling more Beings, energies, sounds, other people’s energies, Team Dark, Team Light and so on. It’s simply part of the ongoing Ascension Process and since September 21, 2013 it’s taken off like crazy with more to come.

heartangelcircle 4

The other day I watched the movie Wrath of the Titans. Halfway through it I honestly thought that they, the “gods” of old and their battles and high drama has nothing on us and what all we’re living today. Think about it — what we’re doing now in these lives, bodies and hearts may become the NEW “myths”. Be proud my fellow Wanderers/Forerunners/Lightworkers/Light Warriors/Transmuters Extraordinaire, be very proud of what you’ve done and continue doing for All. And don’t forget to enjoy the shifting anomalies, phenomena, portals, light-shows, unusual beings and all the rest of it too. It’s right here, right now, and it’s us and how cool is that? 🙂


December 27, 2013

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Cut down to the Crystal Clear Core

4 comets

I’ve been pretty quiet since 9-21-13 only because I’ve been going through some rather difficult times of big inner change. No, my arms and legs haven’t fallen off and no, my house hasn’t burned down, and no my life looks like it did last week and last month and the month before that, but man-oh-man am I changing! Some of you will relate completely with this while others will come into it when they come into it.

I was waiting to write something after the Sun exits Scorpio and enters Sagittarius (on Nov. 21st), take a good look-see around and have an honest, deep-level feel and after that write about my findings. I might still do that, but for now I wanted to write a little something about what’s been going on–from my perspective–and talk a bit about how it’s been affecting me.

Over the past few years I’ve written articles at TRANSITIONS about what I’ve called The Princess and the Pea symptoms of feeling things, anything, all things like they’re amplified beyond belief. Like the Princess trying to sleep on top of twenty-five mattresses, she still can feel that little pea under the bottom mattress and to her it’s so pronounced that she can’t get comfortable or sleep.

As many of you know I’ve often used the term Stair-steps in an attempt to express that the Ascension Process is ongoing and has many layers, levels, stages and phases. I’ve also used this term to express that individuals go through those different Ascension Process layers and phases at different stages themselves so everyone is not experiencing the same exact things at the same exact times.

So when one is standing on Ascension Stair-step 264 lets call it for ease of communication and a helpful visual, what that person experiences, feels and perceives is what they’re capable of perceiving and transmuting/clearing at that Stair-step level at that moment. So when a person has a lot more letting go of and releasing old lower frequency stuff–whatever that is for each of us at the time–at symbolic energetic Stair-step level 264, that letting go of feels like it does at that level and each time we do this it feels very different because we’re changing, we’re clarifying, we’re lightening up a bit more every time it happens.

But as that person continues moving forward within the ongoing Ascension Process and travels up more energetic Stair-steps and reaches, lets say Stair-step 302, what they experience and feel at that level of having to let go of even more within themselves feels vastly more amplified, more intense, more severe and extreme than it did at lower Stair-steps. In other words, that Princess and the Pea business seems, from our evolving perspective, to get worse and worse not better and better! In fact it is getting better and better but to us it doesn’t feel like it because we’re still deeply within the Process and changing rapidly.The more one refines oneself energetically, it becomes that much less comfortable to hold ANY lower frequency stuff such as old beliefs, lower thoughts, emotions, fears etc. in us. So even though we continue to reduce the “peas” and/or the size of those “peas”, to us on the current higher level (higher Stair-step) it feels like that little pea has gotten larger not smaller! Seemingly ass-backwards I know, but this is only from our current perspectives.

I’ve been letting go of (transmuting and releasing) my personal stuff n’ junk pretty consistently since 1991 so you’d think I’d be an old pro at it by this point, and I am — many of us are. My point with this is that the farther up we go it seems from our perspective to be feeling worse when we have some old lower habitual thought, emotion, belief, expectation etc. Even though that pea under our many mattresses has been shrinking considerably due to the years or decades of Inner Work we’ve done already, from our current perspective, and especially since 9-21-13, any tiny pea(s) left within us now feels like an obnoxious huge boulder that causes us highly amplified physical and emotional pain and frustration. We repulse ourselves and we have to release and castoff whatever it is in us still that’s so offensive to us now standing in so much Light.

Walking up more and more of those Ascension Stair-step the more we enter into the amplifying Light and Divinity, and the more my wee shit and your wee shit (whatever it still is at this point) cannot go. Period. The pressure and pains and frustrations have grown to such an extreme for me since we crossed 9-21-13 that I’m constantly and easily seeing every little thing and limiting belief and old familiar BS habit etc. that I still have that’s causing me severely amplified physical, emotional, and mental pains and frustrations at this point.

I’ve been excruciatingly aware that something, or a number of somethings, have caused these severe amplification symptoms especially since 9-21-13, but what exactly it or they were I wasn’t clear on other than they’re natural side effects from the pulsing energy waves being transmitted from the Galactic Center (GC) of the Milky Way. Like that isn’t enough!… I’ve felt there’s been other triggers, other activators pushing each of us up more Ascension Stair-steps.

Like many of you I too have read about comet ISON and it reaching perihelion (closet to our Sun) on November 28, 2013. And, I too have read a few things by other people talking about what they believe comet ISON is and isn’t. Some believe comet ISON is a Galactic Federation Mother-ship disguised as a physical comet. Others believe comet ISON is Nibiru. Others believe it’s just a comet and nothing more.

Personally I don’t much care what comet ISON is or isn’t. It, whatever or whomever it is, is flying through our solar system and passing Earth and our Sun at a highly significant time and that is what’s important to me; that plus how it’s affecting me and the rest of humanity. Those are what’s important to me, not if it’s a GF craft or Nibiru or camouflaged ET space junk hurtling through space or whatever.

If we review how we’ve felt since 9-21-13 but do so standing on this higher energy Stair-step, you’ll notice that whatever your “pea” thing is within your life/consciousness/beliefs/habits etc. is, you should notice that it/they are being tremendously amplified by something or a group of somethings now and there are reasons for it. That is what should be on your heartmind, not if it’s Nibiru or ETs or whatever. Inner homework first, then you’ll automatically be able to interact with the positive ETs. 😉

I’ve had plenty of conscious and direct interactions with positive higher dimensional Beings and Lightbeings to know very well how tiny one instantly feels just being in their presence. It’s ridiculous because we Starseeds are them in dense human form as Ascension Process Volunteers. But, despite that, every time I’ve (in my Denise form I mean) been in the presence of other higher dimensionals, I feel very small, very dense, very stupid, and very stinky in comparison to Them. Just being honest. They don’t think that of me at all but being in the presence of so much higher frequency Light makes one’s density and other personal residual “peas” uncomfortably highlighted!

Now… how is that any different from say a comet that some people believe houses some GF members in some Mother-ship camouflaged to look like a physical comet? I don’t think it is any different at all, and from the way I’ve felt since 9-21-13, it feels very similar to how I’d feel in years past when higher dimensional Starbeings and/or Lightbeings would show up to interact with me in my house during the day while I was awake. I’d suddenly be In Love with Them (“swooning” is a normal reaction when in the energetic presence of positive higher dimensional nonphysical Beings) and I’d also feel like a stupid little twerp in Their presence, and I’d want to go Home, and–here comes the spiritual punch line to all this–I’d be motivated to do whatever it was I needed to do to reach those desires. Maybe, just maybe, comet ISON (and possibly other rare cosmic bodies) are NEW (to us) energetic triggers and merely other activators forcing us to continue evolving and changing rapidly now.

So again in my long-winded and seemingly weird roundabout way I’m trying to express that if you too have felt extra miserable since 9-21-13 and have had yourself shoved back into your face and awareness repeatedly trying to show you exactly what it is that you need to let go of now to make the pressures, pains and frustrations disintegrate… then I think comet ISON and the GC energies are doing exactly what they’re designed to do to help us, force us, up many more of those great Ascension Process Stair-steps and very quickly. You can however get all sidetracked and hung up or completely derailed over the packaging of the latest evolutionary Ascension trigger, or, you can look within and do whatever personal Inner Work that’s needed now which will help you reach NEW levels of freedom and personal wisdom.


November 20, 2013

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