It’s Evolution Everyone

Time for more clarity and honesty about what’s going on, why and for how long. There’s lots of things that need to be said because, as usual, there’s great confusion, misunderstanding and plenty of completely incorrect information being spread by too many about what’s happening and why.

I’ve been calling Phase 2 of the Ascension Process that because it was intended to be big clue that things were about to change dramatically for everyone everywhere on a physical level once we reached January 2020. The second big clue was that the NEW codes — aka the NEW energy templates for NEW Earth and NEW Humanity — began arriving into the physical level in December 2018, with other NEW ones arriving later in December 2019. The third big clue was the one and only, the one and done Saturn Pluto Capricorn conjunction that happened on January 12, 2020 and permanently evolved physical reality on Earth that day. I know it doesn’t seem like it now but it will down the road. All this chaos, forced change, mass deaths, growing lack etc. is compressed evolution and the shift.

‘The United States of America is the greatest, most wealthy and powerful nation in the world.’ Here’s another sentence that honestly reflects that first great lie. ‘USA has the highest coronavirus death rate in the world.’ That second sentence I saw online a couple of days ago. This one also — ‘US marks highest number of deaths two days in a row.’

No one, not any ascension teacher/writer or Seer including myself Saw or fully perceived what’s happened since January 2020. The closest I came to clairvoyantly perceiving the COVID-19 pandemic was the three different times I had to go to the mortuary in June and July of 2019 because my mother died in late June. Every time I was physically at the mortuary — once in June, twice in July 2019 — I Saw dozens and dozens of caskets with dead bodies in them stacked up in the hallways and every room in the mortuary. It was overflowing with the dead. I was confused about what was soon going to happen that would suddenly cause so many people to die at the same time. The two times I went to the mortuary in July 2019, I again Saw numerous filled caskets everywhere they could store them but I also Saw what looked like parts of very old Europe during the Dark Ages superimposed over the mortuary. This confused me as well and I couldn’t interpret what it meant in July 2019 but I completely get it now in 2020. Now it’s terribly obvious. This aspect of what I clairvoyantly Saw in late June and July 2019 was showing me the horrendous plague in Europe long ago. Numerous caskets piled up everywhere in this current mortuary and time superimposed with very old and dark times of great plagues in Europe.

“The Black Death, also known as the Pestilence and the Plague,[a] was the most fatal pandemic recorded in human history, resulting in the deaths of up to 75-200 million people in Eurasia and North Africa,[7] peaking in Europe from 1347 to 1351. Plague, the disease caused by the bacterium Yersinia pestis, is believed to have been the cause; Y. pestis infection can cause septicaemic and pneumonic plagues but most commonly results in bubonic plague.[8] The Black Death was the second plague pandemic recorded, after the Plague of Justinian (542-546).[9] The plague created religious, social, and economic upheavals, with profound effects on the course of European history.” —

Most got December 21, 2012 wrong too. It wasn’t ‘Three Days of Darkness’ as some had predicted, it was what I called The Three Days Life Review. Global humanity was given a LIVING, not the normal when you’re dead Life Review but while you’re still alive Life Review, at any time during December 21, 22 and 23, 2012. This took place because everything energetically expired then from the previous Great Cycles, and because so many were remaining in their current physical bodies at that time, a LIVING while you were alive Life Review took place for everyone alive on Earth then.

After humanities Living Life Review happened during those incredibly rare and special three days and nights in December 2012, everyone entered the highly compressed, extremely hurried and constantly increasingly intense years of January 2013 through the end of December 2019. Those were our Living Life Review years everyone was given to Work on and complete whatever it was we each wanted and agreed to complete within ourselves, our lives, our families, our situations etc. during our December 2012 Life Review BEFORE Phase 2 of the Ascension Process started in January 2020.

First Everythinger Volunteers and ascension teachers/writers, if you haven’t figured out yet that Phase 2 of the Ascension Process is extremely different from Phase 1 of it (1998-1999 through the end of 2019), you very much need to and quickly. What you’ve been doing throughout Phase 1, and some people well before that, and have greatly loved doing is no longer needed in Phase 2 — other important things are. To accomplish that YOU have to let go of what you’ve been doing so you’re capable of evolving beyond that level, frequency and stage of your Volunteer Mission Work. It’s evolution everyone and it will plow right over you fellow Volunteer ascension teachers/writers if you refuse to change and grow. The Embodiment Process and those individuals living it are and will continue to energetically overwrite and override all others, even those with the best of intentions but resist growing into this NEW Phase 2 level of the going Ascension Process.

What are you unwilling to change within yourself, your actions and your old habits? What people and groups of people are unwilling to ever change their actions, habits, beliefs and focus? That would be the ones leaving ascending Earth now in a variety of ways. This Divine Cease and Desist Order includes every human alive now including every Volunteer, First Everythinger, Starseed, Embodier, Pathpaver, Lightworker. No one is exempt from this, no one. So Volunteers, you too must stop running around doing your old favorite things and get with Phase 2 as it currently exists and embody and/or Embody a whole lot more in and through your physical bodies, hearts, HighHearts and literally walk through this shift heartbeat by heartbeat within yourself, without cameras rolling or audiences applauding you. This is sacred and it will be lived and embodied and Embodied or you may suddenly find yourself exiting too. I’ve been trying to get this point across for many months but time has run out and now it’s live it fully in these NEW-to-us Phase 2 ways or risk some intense repercussions from not doing so.

How sovereign are you currently? The more energetically sovereign you become via the evolutionary Ascension Process and Embodiment Process, the less and less social interaction you want, need or desire or can even stomach. ‘Stay-at-home’ orders are nothing for individuals who are honestly becoming increasingly sovereign within themselves. Those mandatory ‘shelter in place’ orders due to the pandemic are Divine Cease and Desist Orders forcing everyone to slow down, stay at home, release your old mindless daily habitual actions much-loved or not, get familiar with what existing beyond linear time feels like to you and your body, consciousness and heart, and continue releasing the old lower everything because Phase 2 is embody the NEW everything and continue living the shift, and that’s going to take some linear time.

Things will not go back to old normal, not soon, not later, not ever. THIS is evolution everyone. It’s here and change will be constant for all of us for the rest of our lives no matter what age you are today reading this.

USA Red Republicans and Blue Democrats was old lower patriarchal Duality reality and consciousness and a lot of BS trickery on ‘we the people’ making them believe they really had a choice. Point is that’s now dying rapidly and the shift is moving to States and people of those States. This too is a process, a shift out of total patriarchal control into increasing sovereignty within States and peoples in those States across this country. I don’t know how other countries will do this but they will too in time. This is however only the first steps of exiting the old ways and bumbling around in these NEW one as we all slowly begin the profound process of reclaiming our true independence, power and sovereignty both as individuals and as groups. More and higher levels of fifth dimensional type of NEW centers, NEW States, NEW collections of matching consciousness people, abilities and NEW creations are coming out of all this current chaos, death, lack and forced isolation and global slow down in all ways. Did you honestly think that the world would shift instantly from the lowest of the darkest low up into shining crystal cities instantly?

Live this sacred shift, walk it in your inner being, physical body, heart and HighHeart. You and I are how the NEW Earth, NEW Humanity will manifest physically, we’re birthing it while looking like we’re locked at home. Running around the country and/or world won’t get the job done in Phase 2, sitting in place and embodying and Embodying the continuous in-flowing NEW energies, codes and DNA is.

The more our DNA evolves in Phase 2–and it is faster now than ever before–the more our old diets and foods we’ve always considered normal and “good for us” will dramatically change. Interesting how the old world foods are currently disappearing due to the pandemic and economic shutdown and old supply chains dwindle to almost nothing while simultaneously humanity’s DNA is evolving into something very NEW and different. These things and everything else talked about are connected.

I could easily feel that my physical body had changed yet again in January 2020. How about you? Can you feel your body no longer needing or craving some or most of the old foods and drinks that used to be your favorites? Just like all of us being forced to isolate to protect ourselves and others according to the unaware during this shift out of the old and into the NEW, since Phase 2 started human DNA is evolving while the old lower frequency foods, drinks and all other products are disappearing. Did you think that Divine Source & Co. would let humanity starve while living through this Phase 2 shift? Not hardly, our DNA is being evolved while the old disappears.

The unending lack of toilet paper is another story however. 😡

I saw this online the other day — ‘$700-per-meal restaurant now feeds the homeless.’ And THAT is why things will not be going back to old lowly normal ever. This is evolution everyone. Evolution from the Dark Ages of our current lives and past Ages up to the NEW in all ways. Walk this current Phase 2 shift within yourself and your physical body by yourself and Embody more and watch your, watch our sacred Inner unseen actions help manifest the NEW Earth and NEW Humanity externally.

Due to the very rare Ascension Process a lot more souls wanted to incarnate on physical Earth during Phase 1 of it. It’s such a rare special event Universally that when it rolls around it’s a very big deal and everyone and their cousins wants to be there to experience at least a part of it. I’ve known all my life that there were way too many people on Earth now and that it could not and would not continue like that because it’s such an overall burden on Earth and all of humanity and all other life here too. 

Because of this Earth has been insanely overpopulated throughout Phase 1. But now in Phase 2 there’s a lot of those souls that don’t want to live the Phase 2 events and energies and have to embody the NEW codes and templates etc. They only wanted to experience this compressed evolutionary Ascension Process up to when it got “real” for everyone, not real for just the Volunteer First Everythingers but for mass humanity too finally. Now that that’s begun, a lot of people needed, need a fast way out of their bodies and lives because they’d seen enough so to speak and wanted out asap. See how multi-layered the pandemic really is? 7.5 billion people on Earth and now many of them want out because they didn’t sign up for Phase 2. Between this and all those going elsewhere, the overall population of NEW Earth will be much less than what it has been and that’s a positive.

Have you noticed wild animals, birds and insects behaviors have changed somewhat this year? I’m talking more than the stunned wildlife that cannot believe the loud, self-absorbed, utterly disrespectful and violent humans haven’t been outside being the jerks they normally are. Those animals are enjoying the quiet and growing sanity the pandemic has forced humans into. They’ve been carefully looking around wondering where the human assholes have all gone. I for one can’t wait to watch them “party” instead of selfish humans. Besides that I mean, have you noticed that many of the birds and insects behaviors have changed in 2020? They know the evolutionary ascension shift is happening because the NEW codes are here and activated now. 

The mandatory pandemic ‘stay six feet apart’ rule is something I’ve longed for on Earth all my life. I’ve never appreciated some unaware parasite herd human crowding in around me getting in my space and energy. But such are the unaware and self-absorbed rude humans of old low frequency 3D Earth. Total herd mentality. Total herd behaviors. Total herd actions. Total “sheeple” humans. Isn’t it funny that one of the SARS-CoV-2 terms being used now is ‘herd immunity’. ‘Herd immunity or community immunity’ means you get the disease and over time build up an immune response to it naturally. 

This is exactly what we Volunteer First Everythingers of Phase 1 of the Ascension Process have been living all along. We embody the NEW Light, energies, energy waves, solar transmissions, solar pulsations, GC energy pulsation waves, NEW codes and templates etc. into our energy and physical bodies. Doing so gives us Ascension Flu symptoms, body aches, chills, pains in just about every place on and in your body and head and a lot of other side effect but we build up a response to it naturally. These evolutionary energy stair-steps have been happening to and in us first because we excel at doing this even though it’s often painful and miserable. I’m there again right now in fact. Living through compressed biological, physical, energetic and spiritual evolution hurts, and it takes time to inch our ways through this great Alchemical process.

I know many of you have thought about how similar the evolutionary Ascension Process symptoms and side effects are to the 2020 COVID-19 symptoms and side effects. If a medical professional examined me today he/she would be certain I was infected with this disease. I’m not even though I had a couple momentary doubts yesterday! Phase 2 NEW codes and energy levels are… searching for the right word… next level transformational and super intense!

Keep in HighHeart awareness what I’m going to say next is because we are in Phase 2 of the Ascension Process. It’s no longer ONLY the Volunteers, First Everythingers, Forerunners, Starseeds, Pathpavers, Lightworkers etc. living and embodying this now. Now all of humanity is existing within–notice I did not say living it but existing within it–the NEW much higher frequency, much more complex NEW ascension codes, templates, Light, energies and so forth. Light is Light but if you have not done any preparatory Inner Work to clear yourself, your consciousness, your CNS, your body and all else of the old lower stuff and junk, then you entered into Phase 2 with the NEW evolutionary ascension code templates (those Triality frequency triangle shaped crystalline pastel and gemstone colored codes and energies and the NEW higher frequency Diamond codes and energies) and to human bodies these NEW higher frequencies, Light and energies etc. are making them “sick” in different ways just like they did to us throughout Phase 1 at that level back then. 

This is again all about frequencies and whose embodied them, who hasn’t yet, whose currently begun doing so and are sick because of it, and who won’t embody them for personal reasons but will use them to instead die and exit their physical bodies. Remember all those billions of people that wanted to be on Earth during the Ascension Process but only for part of it, not all of it?

Down at lower levels of consciousness all this is perceived as a horrible and potentially deadly pandemic yet even that is needed because we’re entered Phase 2 and a whole lot of people want out. Some people around the world will become so sick they do die. Others will become very sick but recover with the NEW codes/templates “build up as a natural response to them.” In other words, those that get sick are embodying the NEW Phase 2 evolutionary ascension codes. They’ve “been infected” by compressed evolution. Those of us who’ve been through Phase 1 and done all we have are continuing to embody and/or Embody in this NEW higher level of Phase 2, which is also making most of us sick with symptoms and side effects too but in the ways we experience them. Do you see why the incremental energy stair-steps have been and still are so needed? This would kill us all otherwise because we’re shifting from such profound darkness, negativity, disempowerment, duality, human herd consciousness, life and reality to far beyond all that it’s nearly incomprehensible let alone physically doable. And yet that’s exactly what’s been unfolding in the physical for, going on now, twenty-two years. The rest of humanity just joined the Ascension Process in Phase 2 is all. We’ll continue at higher levels as we’ve always done both in our physical bodies and out of them. Right now however Working from, in and through our physical bodies is very important because humanity cannot do what they need to now at those levels without us doing what we’re capable of at the levels we are from our physical bodies.

To be continued in Comments.


April 16, 2020

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60 thoughts on “It’s Evolution Everyone

  • Denise, one other share. I’ve been thinking about virus in regards to lungs and that some people according to doctors are immune to this. Last year I was sick four times with chest issues. I was twice on anabiotic’s. They thought I had whooping cough. Several kids were diagnosed with whooping cough too. All the kids were getting sick with chest issues. It was running rampant, but pretty much completely just the students. The teachers weren’t getting it. I got it though. I felt it was energy related. The weird breathing thing happened too. I can’t help to think in some weird way we were all being immunized for what was to come… I know that’s a little bit of a leap. But almost no young people have this virus. And how is it that that could be so and no one in the world is having a major discussion about that??? Maybe my ignorance, but aren’t kids the first to catch a virus? Especially in Italy, where families are so close. I look at the virus as definitely part of AP just because almost no children are sick… And because of the continuous chest problems of all last fall, winter and spring.

  • Has anyone else experienced any sorts of electrical type anomalies today, April 23, 2020? My internet, landline phone and cable TV were out all day today, and I’ve heard some other people in my area talking about their cell phones not behaving normally today as well.

    In Phase 2 it feels more important to pay attention to, discern and feel into any so-called anomalies we experience now. To me it’s felt very not here/not there transitional-like, which is to be expected with all that’s going on but this is much more than just that. Another reason to be present in the moment in the physical because it’s continuously changing and rapidly.

    April has been really difficult for me in a lot of ways but I can feel it easing up finally, which means I’ll soon be able to write about it from this latest level of perception.

    One more thing I wanted to mention. Do you Volunteers remember having short periods of suddenly not being able to get enough oxygen into your lungs? This Ascension Process symptom would always start suddenly and thankfully didn’t last long but it was like there wasn’t enough oxygen in the room you were in and it would cause you to jump up and run outside or to an open window or something. I remember writing about this many years ago and how this AP side effect would typically happen when we were in the process of another big stair-step up into NEW higher frequencies and levels. We’d adjust to those NEW higher levels and this AP symptom would subside.

    • Yes Denise so true and your right this use to happen years back to me. I would have to rush outside and preferably stand under street lamp or something lit up. I put it down to having a panic attack. Those feelings first started 30 odd years ago. I feel them coming on slightly now but seem to be able to deal with them better now.

    • Yes! I remember you writing about it being harder to breathe a few years ago. When the energy was super intense, it felt like I was a high altitude mountain climber and I would just hold onto your words that we were up leveling and it would get better.

      • TL,

        The reason I remembered that recently was because of something some doctor(s) on TV have been saying about what they’ve been seeing in their pandemic patients. One doctor said it looked to him like suddenly some of his patients were up on Mount Everest and their lungs were damaged because of it. Another doctor said the other day that he’s seen many patients who were presenting symptoms identical to “bends” that divers get if they coming back UP to the surface too quickly. The whole thing about higher altitudes, quickly rising, being in very high elevation suddenly and people’s lungs not coping will with that (COVID-19) is what reminded me about how I used to suddenly feel like all the oxygen was GONE where I was and it was a few moments of mild panic not being able to get enough “air” into my lungs. Rising too quickly? Very high elevation? Sudden changes in elevation etc. are all common with the Ascension Process but energetically, vibrationally, physically and biologically. The similarities to the AP interesting to say the least.

        Also I’ve often had short periods throughout Phase 1 of the AP where my lungs would suddenly hurt like when it’s hot and smoggy and you’ve exerted yourself outside in that. Occasional lung pains and occasional lack of oxygen throughout Phase 1 have been common ascension symptoms. ❤

    • Denise, my phone was doing weird things on various days this month, not today though. Today was electrifying. second half of it. I hit the sofa immediately, it’s strong and fast. When phone has been glitchy, it’s the most bizarre behavior, not like normal issues. Also, I went cycling 7 days ago and I was feeling so high and good and saw red colored energy, suddenly my earbuds electrocuted my left and right ear a little, zapped me! Lol happened only that moment when I met a little cloud of energy. AIR – I’ve been gasping multiple times past few days, today included. That happened a lot around January or December, too. I have experienced that symptom many times in the past. I haven’t keep track, I really should journal, about to start in fact. ❤️✨

      • I know you mean well Phyllis S. but… I am not and never have been — ESPECIALLY NOW in Phase 2 and my intensifying Embodiment Process — into relying on external products, people, drugs, foods, plants, ETs, sacred sites, quartz crystals, saviors etc. etc. for anything.

        I am a Sacred Site.

        This next part is directed at everyone, including Cali Flower, not only Phyllis S.

        I do not want to regret telling my truths and sharing my difficulties and sharing my progress publicly because certain people misunderstand what I’ve experienced and said. I don’t want to regret telling MY truths and experiences, even the more difficult and/or painful ones. PLEASE everyone understand that what works for you now does NOT work for everyone else because we are all at slightly different levels and stages and phases etc. of the Ascension Process and if living the Embodiment Process that too. So many people don’t yet understand what Phase 2 of the AP actually is for everyone but at all the different levels, stages and phases we’re each currently at.

        Everyone please understand that when I share about something unpleasant, miserable, difficult, painful, negative, positive, Divine, horrendous etc. that I have or currently am experiencing due to the ongoing AP and EP, I’m doing so with the hopes of helping others, and myself in explaining things. I do not need or want “fixes” or unrequested energies sent to me from other people to “help” me with ascension symptoms and/or EP intensities. I understand certain people’s reasons for doing this but honestly — and I do NOT mean to hurt anyone’s feelings or insult anyone for trying to “help” me (or anyone else) — but doing so only interferes with and briefly distracts me from what I’m already experiencing and embodying and Embodying. Same with most other people now in Phase 2. If you honestly want to “help”, then focus Working more on yourself and living your personal AP and EP if doing that also everyone. THAT is the best and highest “help” you can give me and everyone else. ❤ ❤ ❤

        • Hi Denise and everyone,

          I’ve experienced several bouts of not getting enough air into my lungs as well as sometimes severe sharp pains, years before this pandemic. I knew it was ascension symptoms.

          As far as tech glitches go, nothing here on my end in the east coast, but then I’m not on my phone/laptop enough to have noticed.

          Things are real quiet for me. There are moments of so much beauty as spring brings everything back to life. I’m embodying as much I possibly can and going inside of myself.

          I keep seeing in my mind’s eye the future; scenes of nature, people working the communal gardens, free energy, food replicators, flying cars, everywhere balanced with nature working symbiotically. It’s such joy while I’m in these moments but then I’m constantly (and rudely) reminded to tend to things of this matrix, the dying one. One foot in, one foot out.

          In other words, all things outside of myself is incredibly dull, insanely boring and I’m tired of it all going on endlessly.

          Anyhow I just wanted to check in with you Denise and everyone, hope all is well.

        • “In other words, all things outside of myself is incredibly dull, insanely boring and I’m tired of it all going on endlessly.”

          Me too Jain L., SOOOO very much so. However… 😀 … will try to explain about this big grin and more in my next article. I’m doing much better finally that I’m coming out the other side of the energies of April 2020 for those Embodying (capital E). ❤

        • Yes! Thank you for this clarity. ❤ I feel pulled to offer suggestions, but as you know, lately have been deleting my comments and leaving only an emoji of support.

  • I looked up the symptoms of radiation sickness/poisening and that is what i have been feeling so extreme lately, mostly in the late evening. It’s like being fried alive again. Have not had the ascension symptoms and embodiment be so brutal as they have been lately. I feel alot of joy too because i know there is a global awakening happening, on some level we have won, we are there, other 3d parts n peoples def. are not however. Thx Denise for the clarity and support you provide!

  • Denise, thanks for what you write and what you are.
    Pain comes and goes in old and new ways, this week was easier, last week harder. I think I’m working on this change phase mostly in dreams, because often it doesn’t feel they’re strictly mine. Adrienne mentioned pillars in her comment. That’s something that resonates with me, it came to my mind too. Pillars have to stand, though sometimes they feel like dancing.
    Some thoughts inspired by this article, it’s full of precious information about many subjects.
    Cease and desist: you’re so right, many of us reading had to start it years ago, each in their own way. Take shelter and stay away from the world frenzy and noise, find balance in silence and space on a quiet night. Some people are getting mad and restless about lockdown, more and more as time goes on (almost 2 months here in Italy). But it doesn’t seem that hard for some of us, we’re already used to our personally needed “stay away from that crap”. Though I’m longing for a free walk in a park, and I hate having to wait long time in a queue to buy what I need, this way of living feels more “mine” in many ways.
    Sovereignty as individuals and as groups: also here there’s something going on about matching in groups and areas. There’s tension, changing relationships inside the country, between central government and regions, and similar or different regions, and much more among nations in Europe. Love or hate are amplified not only among individuals, but groups of people too. What used to be diplomatically hidden, now shows up. You also wrote about a chic restaurant feeding homeless people. Similar things are happening here, and these kind of things sound like good signals. Many people say it’s only a kind of promotion, but among these caring choices there must be something true, and time will tell what is true. E.g. in this country the probably most desired cars brand changed some of its plants to build ventilators, the probably most popular fashion stylist to produce protective clothes for doctors, and many other examples.
    Earth overpopulation, and wild animals now finding new spaces for them, previously forbidden. I think this is one of the major imbalances on this planet, but in many years I found only a few people who could talk and think about this without being aggressive, frightened, or with any combination of destructive attitudes. Glad that you feel so much like a “sister” about this also.
    We’re building a response, answers to questions that were often unspoken. Different stair steps, voices, talents, places. Thanks to all of you in this community.

  • Hi Denise,
    Thank you for this article. As of earlier this morning, I hadn’t read it yet, but then felt led to search for it in my inbox . Now I know what is really happening to me. I have been feeling awful all morning. I have a raging headache, my face feels like it is on fire from the rash that developed out of nowhere yesterday and I am so nauseous I have chosen to stay in bed all day. I have felt many of these same symptoms again and again over the last several weeks, however, I instinctively knew it was not the virus.
    What really hit home for me in your article is that I thought there was something really wrong with me, because I have been truly enjoying the self isolation. It has felt so natural to me that I have very little desire to interact with pretty much anyone unless absolutely necessary.

    With much gratitude and love to you.

    • Ditto Tee M., today has been extreme with another wave that hit my heart, bad headache, nausea from the worse headache, joints, pains in bones in feet, and seeing an increase in the solar/me/you/each of us flashing and flickering with my eyes open and closed all day. ❤

    • Hi Tee, what i felt. some days amazing like i’m floating in the air. a few weeks ago i had incredible stabbing pain on the right side of my head, headaches as well for 2-3 days on and off. i had a feeling like thrombosis down my neck continually. shoulder pain. back pain. then felt amazing again. today as i was telling my husband something emotional i got squeezing pain in the chest throat pain, pain under may shoulder blades. i got scared and looked up the stuff said angina. I got heady. as i relaxed i said,it isn’t angina. this is what i believe, we are taking in so many energies of light going through this deep ascension. taking in the dross of others for the planet it’s creating all these physical symptoms. it’s a huge endeavor as a soul to take it all on. we are the ones that take in all the crap. tomorrow i will feel great. this is how it works for be. a back and forth thing. i know it. old stuff coming to the surface. feel better Tee. You will. with love and light, cindy Ps if u need anything please reach out. love cindy ps bless of of u who do the work on planet. love u Denise. without this information that u present many would be lost. thank u dear one.

  • Thank you, Denise, for your perception and relating lived experience, as you dig deep and express deep truths, which within our core we may know but shy away from. For those in Australia and NZ, I also wish to say aloud what has always been in my heart: Drop the ANZAC Day tributes, the going over and holding on to the past, and holding on to past pain and trauma. The anniversary date is upon us this week, yet again, but now I feel emboldened: NO MORE! No more glorification of war, and understand that both sides went to war. We are never going back to “Dawn Service” and hours of maudlin chest-beating! As we raise our frequency, the higher we go, the need to do these lowly things just lets go and drops away. No great heart-rending sob – while continuing to open our HH, the whole “Poor Us” thing just drops away without fanfare. Love to you all.

    • You know nothing about the Anzac purpose. No-one is gloryfying war. It is the opposite. People suffered horrifically and had the courage to carry on and live afterwards despite the trauma. WE WILL REMEMBER THEM. Tragedy bonded those who served so that they could survive. Stop bellyaching about all this ‘ascesion pain’. It is minimal to what others have endured. What a selfish and ignorant comment you have trashed. Oh and I bet this new age cult leader will crap all over this comment too. Take a good hard look preople. A cult with bullying and intolerance for any view other than that of the leader!

      • “Stop bellyaching about all this ‘ascesion pain’. It is minimal to what others have endured.”

        It’s hysterical that you can’t or refused to even spell the word ascension correctly aur. Because you obviously think so little of the Ascension Process and even less about me and those who’ve been living it, why do you bother reading what I write about it? Just needed to ‘bellyache’ about something you’re not living yourself?

        “Oh and I bet this new age cult leader will crap all over this comment too. Take a good hard look preople. A cult with bullying and intolerance for any view other than that of the leader!”

        No I’m not going to ‘crap all over your comment’ aur — you did that yourself. I am banning you however. Have a great day down under.

        P.S. I don’t even know what Anzac is. I suspect what MaPantha was saying is just like how all past wars/warring/mass murder etc. are perpetually reinforced in humanities hearts and minds decade after decade by those who want humans to remain in pain, fear, suffering and anger and never forget any of it. I wonder who would want that? Deal with your issues aur.

        • Dear Denise,

          My father was a prisoner of war. He ate his clothes to stay alive. I have lived in the shadow of his war experiences, long after his death at the beginning segment of my life, and the memories are as fresh today as they were originally, waking in the middle of the night to his dreams / screaming, as he relived what had happened to him. Peace is a choice, an action we can choose each time it crosses our mind. I do not require a parade, or a day like Veteran’s Day, to recall that my father was heroic, saving the lives of everyone in his crew, and that he dedicated his life after war to peace, truth telling, equality and to assisting others. The inherited pain and misery of suffering is so haltingly personal that I respect everyone’s opinions, especially those that differ from mine. When we cannot possibly understand we can always exercise respect.

          I am offended by violence, name calling, bullying, mean spirited attacks, and behavior that is meant to upset, hurt, and cause anguish. You can take care of yourself I know, on any adult playground, you can hold your own. But do you know what? I hate it when some fool attacks you ignorantly, blindly, and with malice. I know because you have written about it from time to time that you receive numerous attack emails, and once in awhile you allow one ‘in’ here. What those emails feel like to me, most recently from an individual known as ‘aur’, is like mud thrown into this / your space, tainting it, so much so that I don’t want to be here. Carefully, I read the comments, and gently hold them, like flower petals. Then a profoundly disturbed person unravels my thoughts, so much so that I am called to compassion and to mercy.

          You are a gifted woman, a selfless person who turns herself inside out for the betterment of this planet, and everything on it. You have my unlimited admiration, Denise. Happy Earth Day 2020.

          Love, as always, Cali

        • “What those emails feel like to me, most recently from an individual known as ‘aur’, is like mud thrown into this / your space, tainting it, so much so that I don’t want to be here.”

          Me neither Cali which is why I’ve always taken anyone’s negative attacks on me and HHL very seriously. I have and continue to Work very hard both here and back in the day when I wrote exclusively at TRANSITIONS, to keep both places free of those who do their best to cause the Light harm. If people don’t believe me that’s fine and not the issue, but I will bite back at the low consciousness people when they go out of their ways to come into my place and attack me in it.

          I received a comment a few days ago from someone who attacked me for not letting my readers know that the pandemic is fake and the only reason people are sick is due to 5G.

          The crazies will increasingly be running about wildly attacking those not like them now that EVERYONE is in Phase 2. We all need to be prepared for these types of greatly increased and amplified “instability” and lack of awareness in people not capable of embodying any of the NEW very high frequency codes, Light, energies etc. Phase 1 was different and mostly about the Volunteers/Forerunners etc. but Phase 2 is about EVERYONE. ❤

          One more thing Cali just for you and me because of what we went through only months ago at their hands — medical world karmic reality check now that their old patriarchal get away with anything party days are permanently over.

      • Not that anyone here needs anyone else to speak for them; because they don’t. This is all me saying to aur: FUCK OFF to you and team dark. You are clueless and don’t deserve a response. However, sometimes it is healthy for even the undeserving to receive a splendid, GO FUCK YOURSELF.

        • Exactly Cali. Beautifully stated. The dad I grew up with was in WWII. He was rock solid. He never complained or talked about the pain he went through. He was 50 years older than myself. He had great values as did his friends, our neighbors, his entire generation. I have these values. My dad would have been and maybe was an ascension warrior, even if he didn’t know it. He always had the same demeanor. He always helped before being asked. If he saw something needed done, he’d gladly take care of it immediately. He smiled and made other people smile. He did not need a parade or to re-live 9/11 “tribute” every year. No one needs this. To retraumatize people year after year, “in loving memory”… no one needs that. This absolutely is a team dark tool; make no mistake.

  • Dear Denise,

    Let me say thank you for all your work you’re doing for the community.You sound exhausted and I wonder if you want some help with that? Don’t publish it if you won’t. I’ll understand.
    The fall 2015 changed my entire lifestyle. The equinox I’ll never forget. For me my daily habits changed then and there.
    I didn’t know what came over me but slowly I realized I had to change everything I learned. So to make things short no more coffee, no more diary products, no more tomato’s, no more paprika’s, no more sugar and no more fruits, no more a whole lot of what the world is eating.What I eat is about 4 different kind of vegetables, rice(no more potatoes),oatmeal,garlic and onions . And everything has to be organic. No more chemicals, no more soaps, no more shampoo’s, no more detergents, no more man made herbs(in little bottles). My main ingredient became clear water, to clean, to drink and to wash myself and my clothes. So I wondered when this would happen to humanity. It seems we arrived.
    I would ask to please check if you have trouble breathing if so, get rid of all fabrics ( clothes, floor covering, shawls, sheets, blankets and so on) made of polyester, acrylic and polyamide. Get rid of cooking with gas for this makes very sick! I mean it. For headaches will improve when doing so, fatigues will improve as well, depressions will fade away, anxiety will leave you and so on. You will feel improvement of daily life, I did anyway. My joints hurt no more like the used to. For back pain I had to change trousers and had to be well aware what kind of underwear I used at the same time.Now I understand my body is extremely sensitive and I have to work with it (me). I know we have a lot of ascension symptoms and I have nearly all of them but also I had to clear the chemicals out of my system and have (for now) fewer symptoms. I had to learn to cook with other cookware as well, that was not easy. My mouth burned when I took the wrong cookware or food. I see a lot of people struggling to find a solution to their daily problems caused by ascension/evolution. I hope my story helps a bit.
    Thank you for reading and love to you.

    • bluerayfromghent,

      I know you mean well but…

      I don’t have the extra energy and strength at the moment to explain things to you and the others that need this information now because I’m in Phase 2 of the AP and EP and doing things in and through my physical body on a planetary scale BUT at this Phase 2 next level. I am a First Everythinger of the First Everythingers, always have been. I’m also a Sensitive (in all ways I mean) and other things and when I first started the AP in 1999, I instantly became a chemical sensitive. The skin on my face (cheekbones mostly) would bubble-up and blister red hot and painful right in front of employees in grocery stores, Target, Walmart, automotive repair shops etc. and simply because I walked from outside through the stores front doors and into the toxic store or shop. This was, for many years, vastly worse throughout the fall and winter months because all stores had their furnaces/heating on to warm them but all that did was make the toxic chemicals in everything in every store even worse. Entering any store during Phase 1 (for well over a decade) is all it took to instantly cause my body to go from already difficult ascension symptoms to toxic severe sickness that would take a few days for me to recover from once I got back home in the higher frequency energies I’d manifested in my home.

      I’ve been living and transmuting continuously since February 1999 because I’m hardwired to do so and at levels most people cannot comprehend nor survive and because of this I know a thing or two about it all. Phase 2 has changed it for me and everyone else now, and as we’ve been seeing, many people are dying because of it and many more will.

      • Denise….Thank you for the response….I so get what you were saying here! And though I spent all of Phase One getting my ass handed to me physically..year after year….I felt like things had leveled out and was finally getting some freedom from that. It was relief, hope, joy and maybe arrogance that Phase Two was going to be easier. Well this Phase Two is again kicking my ass physically like NEVER before. I’m thank for all the training from Phase One or I think I would just tap out. And thankful for what you know and share. It keeps me from losing my mind at times. On a side note: I Live in Santa Cruz CA. We can see the bay from our house and yesterday was MAGICAL….there were so many whales! I’ve never seen so many whales in the bay…tons were breeching and endless spouts…there must have been tons of pods! They felt so happy and free. And also helping to anchor these new energies on the planet with us. I needed that validation. That this is worth it and it is working!

        • “Well this Phase Two is again kicking my ass physically like NEVER before. I’m thank for all the training from Phase One or I think I would just tap out.”

          Agreed Tracy P., Phase 2 right from the start in January 2020 has felt tremendously increased from what it felt like (in my body) throughout Phase 1. There have been days and hours in days in April 2020 where the body pains etc. where so much worse than Phase 1 that I had a serious talk with “upstairs” and told them that I didn’t know how long I could go through a third decade of this in my late 60s into my 70s while the world falls apart so the NEW can replace it all. Like you I seriously have considered ‘tapping out’ as you so accurately put it.

          I had to go to the grocery store this morning everyone and while doing so I discovered what’s probably going to kill us all. Having to wear face masks!!! OMG, today was the first time I’ve worn one out in public and it was my own little respiratory sauna and made me feel crappy. However, once I got home I really got hit by another potent energy wave which caused a bad headache all day, joint pains, heart pounding and pains while at complete rest, and amplified solar/me flashing with my eyes open and closed. It’s been an intense day on multiple levels!

          Congrats on seeing the whale pods from your house. How great is that! Like I said a few days back, the animals know the shift is happening and their behaviors are changing because of it. That plus humanity is much more quiet and unseen which they all enjoy very much if those humans are unaware that is. ❤

  • “How sovereign are you currently? The more energetically sovereign you become via the evolutionary Ascension Process and Embodiment Process, the less and less social interaction you want, need or desire or can even stomach.”

    Thank you for this. And this,

    “Can you feel your body no longer needing or craving some or most of the old foods and drinks that used to be your favorites?”

    And for the part about animals reclaiming all the spaces we’ve hogged from them, and every person and nations reclaiming sovereignty and “teachers” who go here and there to meditate and talk of “healing” the earth and themselves and us(!) and well, basically everything in this superb article.

    I’m not in physical pain and I truly wish you and others wouldn’t have to feel SUCH pain as well. I can’t imagine doing this while feeling crushing debilitating aches all over. I hope and know you’ll come out of this fine but still, my heart feels for you, Denise. Hang in there, and thank you for all that you’ve done.

    HHHugs ❤️💕

    • “I’m not in physical pain and I truly wish you and others wouldn’t have to feel SUCH pain as well. I can’t imagine doing this while feeling crushing debilitating aches all over. I hope and know you’ll come out of this fine but still, my heart feels for you, Denise.”

      Thanks for that Jain Lee. ❤

      Between your Comment and bluerayfromghent's, and something someone else said recently on her FB page, I'm going write more about these issues because we are now all in Phase 2 and that has changed everything. I keep censoring myself… Gawd I’ve been angry lately (which I’ll explain in that article) about the profound lack of higher awareness by so many in the Ascension Community plus some of the so-called ascension “teachers/writers”. Their focus has been and still is in Phase 2 ENTIRELY EXTERNAL.

      Back to my quite empowered place where I continue the Work on myself and all else I’m capable of, which is considerable. I cannot wait for others to figure this out about themselves too because THAT is the “help” I need now in Phase 2 — it’s the help everyone needs.

      • Hi Denise,

        This defining article…along with your responses to the caring Comments from Jain Lee and bluerayfromghent…feel like I’ve received an inoculation of personal truth serum…an absolutely unfiltered “antidote.”

        Contrary, perhaps, to the majority experience of social “isolation,” I feel that I’ve been granted a great gift of “additional moments” to discard any remaining notion that anything outside of me contains the answer to anything inside of me. I AM the Answer(s)…AND the questions. Some years ago, my self-talk led me to the following inner investigation: “So Raymond, you spend 24 hours a day every day with yourself, and you’re STILL dissatisfied?” This query was instrumental in beginning my inward journey to myself…which eventually evolved into acknowledging that I had entered into a personal AP/EP journey. It is an ongoing journey, and I continue to so enjoy discovering the mystery that I feel myself to be. There continue to be so many avenues to explore…and like I have written previously, your resilience and commitment to return over and over again to your “empowered place” in spite of all you have gone through at every level on our behalf…has been inspirational way way beyond my ability to find words for it. Thank you, as always, for your leadership and your ability to “clear the path” for all of us who do our best to keep up with you!

        As always, Denise, much HHL Love/LOVE to you and all here for everything that I learn from all of you…in very grateful appreciation.

  • Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your knowledge and guidance. I am an extremely sensitive Clair-everything light worker. Being a professional psychic and light worker for many years, I’ve been affected by so many of the major shifts that have been going on over the last 20 years. But, nothing like the last two! Ever since July of 2018 I had a major shift in my own energy, and physical symptoms occurred in me that forced me to make major changes in my personal life- that have lead me to face and conquer things that opened doors to life changing evolutions. I also had visions of being inside of a house and only being able to look out at the world through the windows. I could see the bluest sky outside and the greenest trees and wildlife buzzing all around- but yet I could not go outside – only gaze outside through the window. And this vision reoccurred to me hundreds of times from Jan 2018-Dec 2019. However in Dec of 2019 my physical symptoms ( anxiety, vibrating throat chakra and fluttering, heart palpitations) revved up and added additional symptoms of night sweats, panic attacks in the night, shortness of breath, fatigue and dizziness. I was actually forced to quit my job because of these things and that evolved into me spending Dec 2019 Jan & Feb 2020 in self isolation… YEP!
    I was experiencing what everyone was about to be participating in!!! So of course when Covid-19 hit the planet… I was flooded with emotion because my bizzare symptoms and my experience the months before had been validated! Thank you for further validating what I’ve and many of us have been experiencing. 🥰

  • Spot on.. Thank you Denise! Phase 2 has felt like a cosmic rodeo ride to me.. all of these ‘transitional’ systems popping up and turning on as quickly as the old systems are going off line.. warp speed in both worlds for a minute, then the New One accelerates while the old one moves like molasses’s.. it’s something of a mind ‘bender’ for sure! .. and as to 7+ Billion humans getting a nearly SIMULTANEOUS Activation’ (no matter it’s frequency) has felt like 220 in the bath tub to my MIND..
    y cousin (electrical engineer brainiac) and I have been laughing (mostly) about feeling like our physical bodies are being used like capacitors.. conduits.. channels .. (all the ‘C’ words 😄haha) for this HIGH WATTAGE LIGHT entering at a crazy fast rate .. it looks like we are ‘filtering’ (🕶) the Light while our ‘minds’ are ‘essential employees’ at some massive ‘switchboard’ .. the way you saw the morgues, I see ‘switchboards’ where ‘next phase connections’ are happening .. again, it’s all based on ‘matched energetic frequencies, spin rates etc. but I’m here to tell ya it’s busy AF at this ‘switchboard’ .. I concur with Denise, it’s time to really step up your Light game and keep on resurrecting from 👉🏽❤️👈🏽.. many thanks to all y’all holding steady 💪🏽💙🌎

    • Anne, that was so awesome to read and so funny!! I love the switchboard imagery! Maybe also why my brain’s going berserk in dreams. There’s so much mass transit going on, it’s like grand communication central station! Peace to you, thank you for sharing!

  • Giving up habits. Thank God for new codes. I’m “being asked” to give up ALL of them, close-to-me habits big and small, comfort for past lonely life and phase 1. Like you said, containment is not an issue. I was contained most my life, until now. I am sorry for their suffering, but it is amazing to move around world with NO people outside. I’ve loved the peace inside, too. All humanity bullcrap is contained and fairly impalpable. On a psychic level, it has been grand central station, though! Energies fast, new Galactics, new Guides, busy Heaven, new architecture in dreams…exhausting, impossible to make out WHAT is happening. Forget remembering one. All is ONLY Faith now. A bitch, moment to moment training, perpetual self-correction, good. I slip back, try to use mind, figure out, doubt, extract answer, only to be moved right back …to Faith, our Back to the Future now. 😉

    “Things will not go back to old normal, not soon, not later, not ever.”

    Ok… My answer is YES. Yes, yes, again Yes.

    OH MY GOSH THANK YOU for writing. I almost checked yesterday and thought, “No come on she’s written a ton give her a break you have to wait!…” Lol Haven’t read anything either, yet just NEEDED to say THANK YOU first… (two nights NO sleep and no problem really and wow, color and light coming off me/in the room today, daggone..) Can one just give up sleep? Be so much easier.. 😛

    • It is amazing moving around out in the world with little to no others around.
      This reason… why I was at the park yesterday in broad daylight!! 🙃 Lol
      💕 Thank you for your comment Marcy

  • Dear Denise,
    What a great timely post, thank you!
    I sense that those opting out through CV 19 are also taking advantage of the breaking of the Karmic Wheel, so they are no longer tied to reincarnating again and again in this 3D hell hole, and are free to leave to a level that suits their frequency. Such a relief and CV 19 is a quick way out. I’ve seen photos and videos of people collapsing in the streets, seemingly unaware they are even sick.
    Lots of vitamin C, D. A. B, Zinc , and stay in 5D!
    Love and Light to you Denise and First Everythingers,

  • Denise, you are bursting at the seams!
    Words flow from the heart of your deep knowing and deep love in torrents.
    Isn’t it something!

    “Do not cling to the shore… swim to the middle of the river, see who is with you, and celebrate!”
    Giving self permission to experience the best cycle of this life so far, even while millions are not – it took some inner work, years back. Ah! the quiet behind bird-song, the peace, the naturalness of nature all around.
    I’d never realized how the world pressed on me despite few worldly commitments. I am outside, with Sun and growing things, and, at seventy four, having the best sleeps of my entire adult life. Needing very little food – getting it direct! As a fellow commentator said, no more appetite for (junky) foods.

    Possible I got C-virus six weeks ago following visit of a close friend living in NYC, as well as attending a wake for a man who ‘died suddenly of pneumonia’ – the stuff had not yet hit the fan. I got “weird-sick” for three days – insides aching, extreme – I mean extreme – exhaustion. This was two Full Moons ago.
    One night of mysterious fever (no cold or flu) which I literally sweated out for ten hours in bed. Then it was over, left me weak but fine.

    As the alert guardian of my inner state, and aware of how receptive it can be, screen time and the media are scant to none. I live in the desert with like-minded friends not far, a sane and creative community. Everyone has started to grow food!

    Love and gratitude to all here, and to you, Denise – with thoughts of bodily relief for you as the dams burst.

  • Hi Denise!
    Just wanted to say I LOVE YOU💓💕! Your articles have really helped me navigate this process for several years now. I could comment endlessly about the content of your article and how it resonates with me. I have been in training for this isolation for years now living alone in a very old farmhouse high up in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. The place is built on top of huge deposits of white quartz so the vibrational level is amazing. I have lived in this place since the summer of 1998. The Universe brought me here.

    What I wanted to share is something very positive I have been involved in for the last month or so. About a year ago, I was guided to start what turned out to be an internal suns meditation sequence that evolved during the year. Last month, I became aware of what that was all about. Some Lightworkers, myself included, have been building what I call Light Pillars. These pillars link the core of Gaia to the emerging energetic foundational platform for the 5d Crystal cities. These pillars also spin out the sacred geometric light forms that create this energetic foundation or platform for the 5d New Earth. I have been privileged to see these pillars completed this month along with the platform. I have also been shown how the crystal cities are evolving daily as those of us maintaining these pillars continue to feed emerging energies from Gaia’s core crystal that are used to continue to create and awaken the Crystal cities that will eventually replace the Old Earth. It has been amazing to witness, and I feel so blessed to be a part of this. Seeing this has really helped me keep my focus off the mundane crap that is spinning all around us and on the manifestation of this beautiful new world. I am sharing this for those who may be having a hard time seeing the silver, gold, platinum and diamond lining to the current global crisis. All is not what it seems. What is happening behind the scenes at higher levels is breathtaking.

    I also wanted to add that my flowers, shrubs and trees have never had the massive numbers of blooms they have this year. It is just glorious. And,this year, not one, but a kingfisher couple just arrived at my pond…..I understand that they symbolize Prosperity, Peace and Love… a double whammy of this this year.

    So yes, I am with you….this is the beginning of the Shift we have all been so focused on and waiting for and we are the ones creating the New Earth at higher energetic levels to be manifested gradually as our energies bring the Crystal cities into manifestation!!! We just need to KEEP GOING!!!!

    Thank you for all you do!!

    Much Love, Light and Peace 💓🎆🙏,

  • Denise, THANK YOU!!! Yes, I’m yelling it as loud as I can. No other words for now, none needed. This post goes straight into my being. Breathing deeply, taking it all in, and moving on! THANK YOU!!!

  • You have explained my experience of thinking I want off this planet, after being contacted by ‘beings’ and doing ‘my mission ‘ between 2006 and 2010 , my doubts crept in , I wanted out of ‘my mission’ I went from knowing who I am and feeling such bliss to believing I had been deceived by demonic angelic feeling fallen angels, I fell into despair, finally after eight years of feeling lost and afraid I returned to my Catholic Church, that lasted a year or so! It is only this last two months I am starting to pick myself up again, I am starting to read things like this again. So at 66 I may not leave the planet, I may stick around, I don’t know, with these energies hitting me since 2006 it has been hard both physically and spiritually. But as you say I too have hope now that the virus has changed things, but I do believe we will go through hard times, some of us may indeed not want to go through it! What I have learnt though is I no longer trust any being, be them physical or spiritual, no longer think I know anything either ! All we can do is let others know we have the same confused feelings as they do, that they are not alone.

    Please say more of what you want/need to say about all that is going on, what is to come and what we must do… you may be the only one who will.

    I have heard people saying, “I cannot wait until things are back to normal”. I’m like, it’s not happening that way, ever. When I read your message today, I was at a park. I was midway through your article when a van parked a few spots away from me. The man exited the vehicle… the back of his shirt read: FINISHER. My first thought… I have to post this here!! 😉 Seeing the word FINISHER was meaningful and timely for me.
    I was surprised this happened while reading your post, but then not surprised. 🙂 THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

    Love, Ana

    • “Please say more of what you want/need to say about all that is going on, what is to come and what we must do… you may be the only one who will.”

      Thank you for that Ana and I will. ❤ ❤ ❤

      Ana & All,

      I've been so incredibly physically weak again that it's been hard for me do much of anything the past few days. Just walking from my house to the curb to get my mail out of the mailbox was almost too much! It's been this way all of April and I know it's due to the tremendous changes taking place in our bodies, our DNA, our lives and external world. My body has experienced this many times throughout Phase 1 but I'm older and Phase 2 is vastly higher frequency and we're in the slow crawl shift on the physical level from the old Earth to the NEW with all sorts of greed and related madness about to explode. The greed monster people and other's that can't cope with much of anything will guarantee that the whole planet goes through multiple waves of infections through the populations. It’s going to be like this the rest of 2020 and into 2021 so make whatever adjustments you and yours need now and adapt as best as you can. And while doing that continue living in your HighHeart because it’s what’s going to keep you healthy, sane, empowered and aware at higher levels.

      • Dear Denise,

        Checking in with you to let you know I am virtually sending you ever ounce I have to spare of whatever I can, anticipating your needs; you have never asked for anything, and I confess, beginning with your mother’s decline, I have made it a point to ‘blast’ you on a regular basis, with the introduction receiving anything from me is your choice. I can’t fly over, drive over, or walk over, but I can and do hit my send button. Ask, and you shall receive.

        Thank you for confirming my sense that we’re in this for the long haul. I trust myself, and that’s why I am where I live now, but I want you to know that your progressively important words are never lost on me. Ever. They are studied, heeded, and met with a fountain of gratitude.

        Love, as always, and full speed ahead, Cali

      • This article is incredible, Denise. I can’t even imagine the energy it took to write it, as you know my struggle with words…too many thoughts at once and just an endless ramble for me. Thank you. The grocery today was energetically the most depleting I’ve ever experienced. I knew I was there at the right time, much like Ana (I think?) seeing the shirt with FINISHER on the back, I saw someone I know in line that is always a joy to see and I heard a song that is a vivid connection between me and a dear crossed over friend, which I of course sang along to. I always did love a musical and always wished people would do that more often in real life. Thanks again for all you do. It is such a comfort to have this community. Big hug.

      • You’re welcome Denise ❤️ It was nice stopping at the park for a few minutes the other day… even though I was inside the car with the windows up, the blue sky was an uplifter. I haven’t been out for a few weeks. It was great seeing a clear sky, puffy clouds, geese and trees again.

        If I could find toilet paper here, I’d send you some! Why is this a thing… the hoarding of the toilet paper?

        Everyone have a pleasant weekend! 🌼🌸🍀🌻💖

  • Dear Denise,

    Thank you for letting it rip!

    Everything you wrote makes perfect sense to me. Yes, I do understand.

    Body wise it is as if I am turning into a teenager. Today I walked around my house in my underwear, which is like a bathing suit. Suddenly puffiness and bigness has dissolved into a somewhat ripped physique, which I don’t question, and accept. I have no symptoms except my hair continues to come out. I have not experienced any shortages or suffering due to Cor Vid – 19; I came here for peace and solitude, so I am blissfully happy away from noise, panic, confusion, hysteria, which also means the sudden tech morphing of ‘Zoom’ situations I find humorous.

    Often I reflect on what you have previously written regarding death in Phase II, and like always I am immensely grateful to you and for you.

    This week there have been days of 75 mph winds, a tornado watch, torrential rains, and today snow flurries with severe freezing below 30 predicted, all right in the middle of a lushly colorful Spring. Several days ago an adolescent deer came to my window, crying, which sounds like a donkey braying. It nestled into a yew bush, and I hovered nearby, for hours in my Upper Meadow doing gardening chores, trying to determine what if anything I could do. There was no mother or herd nearby, ever. Finally, I had to come indoors, and the next morning I found it dead; due to game laws here I had to call it in so it could be retrieved. The adolescent deer could not continue to live, and it was apparent it had to exit, which I had to face / accept. I was glad the deer felt safe enough to come to me, and leave life on my property, which I think of as a sacred place.

    I have no appetite at all and have to remind myself to do something with the vegetables and fruit I have in great quantities. My letting go of everything happened many, many years ago because I felt no meaningful connections; what I created had meaning for me, which has always been enough to sustain me. I stopped all expectations, which amounted to tremendous freedom., and still does.

    It must have been daunting and perplexing to encounter stacked caskets. I saw a hallway on TV in a hospital in Ancona, Italy, where I have worked, with caskets placed one on top of another, and the family members of the deceased unable to hold a regular funeral. Again, I found your words, previously published, consoling, for them, and for me.

    Love, as always, Cali Flower

  • … change will be constant for all of us for the rest of our lives no matter what age you are today reading this.

    Yes; being a fixed sign myself I’m supposed to be uncomfortable with change, however; life has taught me to leave that resistance way back down the road a long time ago. – Earlier today I learned that my third grandchild will be born in October, – talk about perpetual change! – On Monday our national cabin-prohibition will be lifted; and I really can’t wait to see in what way the wild nature and animals will receive me then. – What an exiting time to live in. – Thanks again Denise, much love to Everyone, stay safe now.

    • I’ve been waiting for you to “let it rip” and so you have. Thank you as this one is yet another labor of love. Deep labor. It is a very serious assignment to continue our work so others can do theirs. I feel US as one huge moving chorus.

    • Just a quick follow-up on the recent cabin-visit; the way in which we were received by the wild nature and animals can be described as FRIENDLY! One of the bumble-bees even wanted to move in with us; but we tough-loved it out the window (smile). Even the odd wasp was calm and friendly, and the seasonal flowers were everywhere! – However; it seemed on the third day that we overstayed our welcome; with increasing windgusts from the north, cabin-neighbours firing up a roaring garden engine, etc. etc. – Over here in Norway we have a saying : “Foerste dag en gjest, andre dag en byrde, tredje dag en pest!” which is directly translated to : “First day a guest, second day a burden, third day a plague!” – What a peculiar time to be living in. – Thanks again Denise, much love to Everyone, stay safe now.

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