Mid-2016 Overview

For some 2016 has been far more difficult and challenging than what 2014 and 2015 combined were, and that’s saying something! Since the completion of 2012, the energy Stair-steps have been something else have they not? And they’ve often not been anything like what we Forerunners thought or expected them to be either. The NEW very much is new to each of us because we’ve never done this before, anywhere, and that’s just perfect and wonderful even when it doesn’t feel that way sometimes. I think many of us have been and still are so deep within this phase of the Ascension Embodiment Process that we can’t as yet quite grasp just how much we’ve actually changed (evolved).

Because 2016 has been unusually difficult for me personally, I’ve spent some time and focus trying to figure out why. I could look at this from a strictly astrological viewpoint and understand the transits interacting with my natal planets and such, but this old beloved tool is taking place at higher, more complex Ascension Process levels too. I’ll always enjoy and appreciate astrological insights, but even that tool must be considered in NEW ways because we are evolving, and quickly.

I had to go deeper to find the Ascension Embodiment Process answers I was desirous of to help me better understand why I’ve had such a hard time of it this year. Even how I have accessed higher information (Light), Higher Awareness in this lifetime has drastically changed since 2012 because I am evolving beyond those old, well-familiar lower frequency tools too, all Forerunners are, hence why some of us are seemingly, I repeat seemingly floundering this year. We are however not floundering at all but individually transitioning into greater amounts of the NEW internally and externally. Having said all that, feeling increasingly depressed and isolated was not at all what I expected would happen to me in 2016, and I needed to understand why I’ve felt like this much of this year.

Let’s recap these three Stair-step Energy Waves to see what we can See and Know.

wavehearts2 First of these Stair-steps or Energy Waves began around December 19, 2015 and was like getting hit by a HighHeart Mack truck; wonderful, traumatic and unexpected.

wavehearts2 Second of these Stair-steps began around March 2016 and caused many Forerunners to go into deeper feelings of being more alone and isolated.

wavehearts2 Third of the 2016 Energy Waves Stair-steps will begin in September and no doubt be even more intense and potent throughout the last three months of 2016 to help prepare us for the start of even higher energies coming in throughout the three Light Waves of 2017.

Honestly look back over what all has happened to you, your life and consciousness just since December 2015. Like me, you’ll realize that you have changed considerably since then, not that we’re anywhere done with this yet however. Nonetheless, look at how you’ve changed in that short period and how it has made you feel. Like me, have you felt increasingly alone and isolated from the world and humanity? Have you felt more empowered despite feeling depressed at times? Despite feeling utterly disgusted with many humans lately and knowing with Higher Awareness the many reasons why? Do you feel yourself increasingly becoming more Sovereign’ with each Stair-step you traverse in 2016? Do you understand that (and this one took me some time to figure out) the feelings of growing isolation and being alone is actually you/me/we becoming increasingly Sovereign within ourselves individually?

It’s taken me a while to put two and two together because I’m still very much living this phase of the Embodiment Process and not done with it yet. ‘Is it soup yet?’  ‘Are we there yet?’  ‘Are we Home yet?’  Not quite yet but almost.

Becoming depressed was the absolute last thing I’d ever have thought I’d feel at this point in the Ascension Process and it confused me greatly. I haven’t worked this long and this hard to just reach “depression”!!! OMG, you’ve got to be kidding me! With some effort I finally began to understand that what was being interpreted by myself as “depression” and “aloneness” was in fact the early stages of Embodiment. It seemed a contradiction at first but the more I looked at the situation, the better I came to understand it was just a change in perspective (on everything) that was making me temporarily feel alone and depressed at times. It was NEW in the greatest, largest sense.

Since birth in this incarnation I’ve felt alone because I have been alone on this physical planet and dimension and isolated from the normal higher frequencies of Home other than what I brought in with me at birth. I was a Volunteer Forerunner spy in a foreign land and deep undercover all my life so feeling alone and isolated isn’t new to me or any other Volunteer/Starseed/Forerunner/Pathpaver etc. Neither is feeling depressed from time to time, but during 2016, this has felt very different. It felt intensely personal, it was all me, all mine and I didn’t get it for almost half of this year. I now do which means it’s going to be vastly easier not to mention an even faster Process than it already is.

Those of us who Volunteered to incarnate in 3D to help with the Ascension Process in the physical typically came in with some shock and trauma because of how negative, Dark and evil the entire planet was. We adapted and adjusted as much as we could to survive being in physical 3D as a human while carrying more Light in us than would ever be allowed by Team Dark (TD). We acclimated as best we could and did what we came here to do. Now however this has all reversed (at the Expiration Date of December 2012) and we’ve been struggling—much like we did early on in these incarnations—to cast-off those old lower frequency, negative and Dark energies, habits, traits, consciousness and so on we accumulated while down here as we “ascend” both ourselves while in physical bodies and the entire planet and much more with us. I would think a bought or two of depression and feeling alone would be expected at some points within all this. 😉

Seriously, after this lifetime of living among the “walking dead” zombie parasites called mass humanity and normal reality on 3D Earth, many of us have been Embodying our Higher Source Self into these physical bodies and incarnate Selves which could not be any more opposite from the “walking dead” parasites and parasitic life and reality! This profoundly extreme opposite feels, at this point at least, like we’re alone in this Embodiment Process down here in physicality. You and I know we’re not and that Home and Family has always had our backs and yet, we’ve HAD to do this on our own down here, otherwise what’s been the point to all this?

I’m stressing this point because after leaving our natural state of and higher levels of individual Sovereignty, to be reconnecting with IT again down here in the physical finally feels unusual at best and depressing at worst at this point. We’ll get there however.

At one level it feels strange to us to individually be increasingly connecting with and Embodying our Higher Source Self. This naturally causes one to become increasingly ‘sovereign’ meaning absolutely no more parasitic actions, people, life, reality, actions etc. etc. We have IT all within us individually which means to us as we are now, we feel more “alone”, more “isolated” as anyone would after a lifetime of living on a completely parasitic world reality. We’re not feeding from the trough of others in any way or ways but have evolved to the level where we’re finally becoming Home again meaning we’re Self as Source Sovereign and need nothing else. To the old parts of us this mega shift feels like we’re more and more alone, even more different than we were before, and more isolated in some ways because of it. This will change with time and with us Embodying even more of our Greater Selves but for now it’s all rather weird and wonderful, and sometimes depressing because it’s hard to fit so much Divine Source into such little packages as these incarnate bodies and Selves.

Why So Many “Walking Dead” In My Life Now?

Another thing that’s repeatedly been in my life (and “new” old house) all of 2016 are numerous completely unaware and/or just starting to “wake up” people, all of them male.

Some of you may remember an article I wrote in January 2016 (if memory serves) where I talked about what I’d experienced via the First Stair-step Energy Wave around December 19, 2015. I had suddenly fallen in love and became LOVE for brief periods so IT wouldn’t destroy me, my body, psyche or central nervous system etc. It was all rather weird and unusual for me to suddenly be seeing males (again) as things I wanted to hang out with and more. Euw, what, no no no, I closed that sexual door at age 39 when called back to the Cosmic Ascension Monastery again. It was a far too easy portal for Team Dark to get at me through so I deliberately closed it then for that reason.

So when the first of these particular Waves began last December, no one was more surprised than me to be eyeballin’ certain younger-than-me males. Again, just because something is interpreted at first as such and such by us does not mean that’s what it really is. Don’t do anything sudden or stupid but keep going, pay attention and do your best to figure it out from a higher level of awareness.

Let me lay this out for you this way because I think it’ll be easier for us all.


wavehearts2 First HighHeart Wave of this period began December 19, 2015 and for me had to do with falling in love with males while simultaneously being LOVE myself for short periods.

wavehearts2 Second HighHeart Wave Stair-step of March and April 2016 (this has been almost constant for me however and not only these two months) has for me been about repeatedly on a one-on-one basis dealing with different males that are totally unaware patriarchal “walking dead” parasitic zombies, and slowly “awakening” males with still very heavy overlays of old lower patriarchal negative everything. You wouldn’t believe some of the negativity I’ve experienced this year from these lower consciousness, female disrespecting, parasitic patriarchal males. (A couple of other males have been honest and equal with me which was beyond wonderful.) But mostly frustrating, heartbreaking, downright dangerous at times, absolutely unbelievable at other times, and all one big old lower world patriarchal “hot mess”.

wavehearts2 The third Stair-step Wave of September and the rest of the year will give me and everyone else the time and focus to find solutions/integration/resolution etc. beyond the two highly dualized one-two punches of #1 and #2 Waves. Wave #3 is when and where I can, you can, we all can work on and reach Triality, Neutrality, Unity with the particular issues—whatever they’ve been for each of us in 2016—before the year completes and we evolve into much higher energy Waves of 2017. This is how this Duality business has seemed to work post 2012; 1 and 2 yearly Waves or Stair-steps are typically fairly extreme opposites with #3 Wave being the point where we’re able to See, Know, integrate, resolve or Neutralize the wild extremes into One within ourselves.

But for now while in Wave #2, I’m still dealing with low consciousness males (all hot for Trump and eager to tell me all about it) and doing my best to discern when to open my mouth and when not to. Some of these people (Portal People) are just so easy for TD and/or negative energies etc. to work through to try to get at you/me/us so be aware and wise and in your HighHeart.

The other day I had an electrician here doing some work on the house and first he tried to puff himself up to intimidate me and when that and other tactics didn’t work, TD stepped in, took over and tried. That didn’t work either but good gawd, what a thing to experience only a foot away! This is always interesting to See and experience firsthand but enough already, so get this one figured out Denise before the fence guy and other handymen comes back in a few days. I can’t wait to get to September 2016 and work on these two old patriarchal extremes and move on.

Denise Le Fay

June 14, 2016


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30 thoughts on “Mid-2016 Overview

  • mikeymurdock – Yes sir, there has definitely been something in the air over the past couple of days. The thickness is palpable.

  • Hey Mikey I just went through this same thing myself. I was fed up! Had a nervous system overload. I’m at the point where I no longer want to hear the aches, pains and woes of society, my friends, my girlfriend or family. if you have nothing happy to share with me then I do not want to hear it. Sounds a bit harsh but, being an energy sensitive person in these now times, its about all I can handle. I no longer scroll through Facebook, I only visit the pages that I find uplifting. So hang in there. Find some time to just BE.

  • OMG, Mikey Murdock, are you inside my head today??? I feel EXACTLY the way you do and when you say you may not be long for this world, my similar (but not same) thought is if I’m not long for this world that’s just fine with me. I am sooooo pisssssed at what I refer to as the mental midgets surrounding me and populating the world in general that I can barely stand it. I keep wondering just how long it’s going to take them to realize that the most important thing is love, that we all need to be taking care of one another, taking care of Mother Earth and all the living things on her, not just other people. I keep wondering what it will take. Even the little stuff annoys me to no end – like meeting some people at a happy hour last evening and not really wanting to go because no one there is anywhere near on the same wavelength I am and it will just annoy the hell out of me. I’m just angry at everything – myself included and people and events I thought I had made peace with, and Laura Petrelli, I feel ya – I’m the only one I know with such a big mouth and the more frustrated I get the more vocal I get – right now, if anyone asked me how it felt to always be right , my response would be “GREAT!” What I really feel the urge for is to come face-to-face with some blatantly TD thing so I can kick the ever-loving crap out of it and then hang it’s skin from an overpass as a warning to the rest of them that we are NOT TO BE TRIFLED WITH – WE ARE LIGHT WARRIORS!!!!!! We ain’t no namby pamby fuzzy little lambs here – we are a completely new breed they have not seen in a long, long, long time, if ever at all. No, this absolutely IS NOT the love and light I know we are supposed to be manifesting, and I’m torqued out of shape about that too! I keep wondering when “The Event” is actually going to take place so we can get this freakin’ show on the road, and also (completely selfishly) because I can’t wait to see all the self-absorbed mental midgets running around like their butts are on fire when they finally realize it’s a new day. I’m trying to stay away from the news and checking out videos I think may lift my spirit and hopefully my vibration. It feels like this is going on forever! Noelle, thank you so much for your encouraging words to Mike and for the suggestion about Mastering Alchemy – I’m going to check that out, too. Denise, thank you as always for your insights and for providing a forum here for us to connect so we can see that we are NOT alone even though we certainly feel like it! Mikey, as Noelle said, hang in there! I’m trying to, although it certainly is challenging trying to stay zen with the complete sh*t storm we have swirling around on this planet at this point in time. I’ve asked my Angels and Guides to help me release all of this – they have agreed and I sure hope we’re successful because this is, to make an understatement, no fun at all. Not sure I’m looking forward to the next wave if it’s going to be anything like this! If nothing else, thank you again, Denise, for this forum, because even just being able to vent about all this to people who can relate and not look at me like I have 2 heads has been somewhat cathartic.

      • Thank you, Denise – something to hold on to, to pull out and re-examine when it all seems to get to be too much!

    • Szmarie

      I hope that you also feel better, i’m usually sooo much more grounded, and don’t usually over react to anything but this shift, these energies coming in now. It’s very NEW, very different, and on top of that everything is coming at me in every sense in my life. So many thing’s, and poor mother nature, is getting hit the worst. I’ve discerned, and a huge negative dumping has been released. more old stuff has been brought up, because of my past lives as various women, the roles i played i’m releasing issues with males from those times.

      I understand grounding, but right now letting it all out needs to take priority, which means verbally letting it go is what I need to do. I guess I need to work on being more ummm …
      graceful in my writing. heck I’ve sun on algol in my natal chart, so I’ve never learned to keep myself from speaking up. OH WELL – I’ve come this far, look at the positive outcome it has had so far.

      Thanks you for understanding what I’ve gone through, as you’ve no doubt experienced it yourself, as a gay man, dealing with men has been my life’s issue. Never dated one, thank goodness the divinity in me has given me the brains enough for the past 26 years to trust my instincts and have stayed away from all men. It just wouldn’t work out so great, i’d be in jail, they’d be waiting for me in the ether to return and take their vengeance on me no doubt.

      Thanks for the tips, i’ll need to re-balance when I’ve done letting go of the anger that resides, some of it is collective.

      Love & Hugs

      • Thanks, Mikey. I feel so much better after a good night’s sleep (and anger release assistance). It’s been awhile since I’ve had to deal with this kind of anger, at least 2 years ago, when I was still learning how to cope with the injustice, inaction and seemingly endless stupidity I saw all around me, especially here in the U.S. So I guess it’s just old, old stuff surfacing once again and hopefully this time I can let go of it for good so I can move on. I hope it works out that way for you as well. Take care, be well, and I wish you as much love and light as you can hold! Suzanne

  • Mikey

    Understandable what you are encountering for sure. Know that you are never ever alone and thank God for forums like this because we all being guided ‘away’ from the normalcy that was once our lives like having standard family’s jobs and relationships. All part of that programming that we are shedding. Who wants to be normal anyway?! Lol that said some things that have helped me and now are part of my every single day rituals for sanity and groundedness: for quite a while I could not watch the news but as I’ve been integrating into more of the real me I can now watch and not be affected bc I know that ALL is being and always will be Divinly orchestrated . So for me-no point worrying over putting needless energy into worry. That does not mean that we can’t still be compassionate loving Beings. If you can try to get out in nature every day or as often as possible. I walk daily with my one year old pooch on a set of trails minutes from home and it has been my absolute sactuary. Something about the trees and their roots. We all HAVE to stay grounded especially through the insanity of tough Ascension symptoms. I don’t know your home situation but can say that the more you are grounded and turning inward DAILY and DOING the hard work that will change everything in your home environment. You will rub off on others positively changing the energy within your walls. You can also sage or spray energetic essential oils to constantly clear any negative energy. Go for healing energy treatments if you feel to do so. Eat healthy and move away from the dense foods if you haven’t yet done so, lots and lots of water is what I keep getting from multiple sources for us forerunners. BREATHE-seriously concentrate on your breath and integrating more into ‘yourself’ as your breath flows through your body. Your inner wisdom WILL guide you-trust and listen to IT. Cut yourself some slack-your doing emence work here. You’ve got this. You can and will do it. Separate yourself from others as much as you need to so you can nurture all the aspects of who you are becoming right now. Trust trust trust. I wish you well. The Collective Whole wishes you well. Hugs

    • And after all that external stuff, get back IN your HighHeart Self-as-Source because that’s where it’s at now. 🙂

    • Judy & Denise

      Thanks for the high heart hug, and tips for personal grounding. No doubt i’ll need to ground myself as soon as I’ve let go of all the everything that I need to let go of. I had a nap for 3 hours and I feel much better already. I still need to let go of more.

      Light & Huge to you both

  • mikey,

    I received an email this morning from someone else talking about these same highly amplified Ascension related issues and emotions. I’ll try to get a short article done about this because it’s SO amplified now and the more sensitive each person becomes, the more difficult it is to not be beat to hell by what’s happening all around us constantly.

    And Noelle, I’m glad you shared about how your meditation group was displaying (and regurgitating) what the unaware masses always do; they mouth what they’ve heard on TV with little to no individual awareness about any of what they’re talking about. They are per-recorded messages — aka mass mind control like country-wide or planetary-wide negative thought forms! The unaware masses just continue doing what I recently called mental tail chasing; horizontal plane looping over and over and over again whatever they’ve seen and heard through mass media. No independent thought, no higher awareness, no let’s try something else because obviously, this same crap isn’t working!!! thought. Nothing, just the same old negativity humanity has been overlaid with. 2017 has its work cut out for it, not that that will be a problem at all. 😉

    Like Noelle said, hang in there Mikey. Some of this is the build up of energetic pressures before the June 20th Solstice, some of it is TD and so on. There’s multiple sources and reasons why we’re all having a hard time in 2016. Try to NOT take things personally and do your best to constantly remember that you are an aspect of Source/God/Divinity etc. and all this is actually spiritual evolutionary growing pains. ❤

    • Mikeymurdock,

      I know you were venting and being honest about how you are feeling. I just wanted to say thank you for the small laugh that burst from me when I read:

      “I’m also dealing with MALES all around me, who are full of their own crap, so much so they’re up to their ears In it. So arrogant, so controlling, demanding, yelling, ranting, being dicks,
      *****sometimes taking them out and wagging it around showing how big they are. Looks more like a pinky.*****
      I’m getting tired of them, the females can be just s egotistical”

      I needed that bit of a laugh. I do relate with what you are saying. I live next door (on both sides) to males of the kind you describe. Even the woman above me as well.

      I felt that I needed to jump in here and be openly honest: up to this point I’ve done pretty well at not reacting at all to any “news” or “event” as I’ve been able to see through most of it. The latest FF event however, brought up grief in me, even though I see it for what it is. I haven’t gotten lost in it, and I can’t seem to shake it. Doing my best not to feed it and yet I can’t shake it. And then today I woke up to find my favorite childhood author passed on (Lois Duncan) so that touched upon that raw grief.

      Thank you, Denise, for re-minding me that as we each grow more sensitive, we’re more open to the barrage of “stuff” out there… all the things and feelings people refuse to or just decide not to look at/face/deal with. I’m also finding when I am speaking and in my utmost truth, those around me really are changing (who are somewhat aware and open to change), and fast! It leaves me breathless with awe and gratitude… I feel like I am finally “knowing” how just Be-ing myself is having a powerful effect.

      Much Love

      • Dear Mikey,

        I just wanted to acknowledge and say a quick thank you for understanding my grief. I still have no clear understanding what it is, the connection I have with this author (and another who is still living). No words, I just know it goes deep, beyond words. Like I am connected with the person through the book they wrote. Trying not to be off topic either here (sorry Denise); there’s something about the world of Charmed, their house, their bonds that I connect with as well. I share that in common with you.

        I hope you are finding balance today within yourself. I am (and am not) still contending with grief, mine and others.

        Much Love

    • ‘…But do you ever get a strong pull towards taking a fork and jabbing it in a man’s balls?’


      😆 Oh good lord that was beyond great coming from a male! Dear friend, now imagine that you’re feeling and experiencing everything you are but, imagine you’re a female, an older female, which is code for you’ve endured horrendous patriarchal negativity for more decades than most people reading this! 😆

      I dealt with extreme rage for many years once my physical, biological Ascension Process started. I still occasionally get peeved over stupid shit but I’ve learned that it’s just not worth climbing in and rolling around in rage because I’ve evolved far enough (finally) that it’s impossible to house both the higher and the lower in me. It’s horrible, repulsive, heartbreaking and embarrassing when I did it once this year. That realization, from within one’s self, instantly does the trick however and you just won’t go there ever again.

      Feel what you are Mikey but know too that it has its risks if you wallow around in it for too long. Like attracts like and all that. Feel it, consciously know it, use it to better yourself and then Neutralize it all energetically by not feeling anything about it one way or the other. Higher Awareness is always energetically Neutral. Now move on to the next whatever that presents. ❤

  • To: Mikey Murdock. Hang in there! I KNOW exactly how you are feeling. I went to my weekly meditation class yesterday and in the discussion part at the end they ALL talked about Orlando. So even in a circle of “meditators” I was surrounded by their comments and rage and “people are nasty”. One lady was even crying! I just sat there and contained myself. I have a huge gut feeling this was indeed a FF event. You are fine within your OWN sphere. Everything else “out there” is Shakespeare’s theater. I will hold a good thought you will not remain in your depression for long. You may want to consider taking a look and a site called Mastering Alchemy. It has lots of free webcasts and videos for you to explore if you desire. AS Denise always says you are not alone! Hugs. Noelle

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  • I have found my self with a big mouth that’s not necessarily a good thing. I cannot be dishonest so I have to catch my self before I talk. Example. I met a great woman in a drug store and we had a great conversation and I was so happy to stand there for an hour to talk to her,,,, Then she wrote down her fone number for me and asked if we could be friends and to call her, Instead of saying thank you and maybe I will some day , I blurted out with out thinking first, How I hate to talk on the fone,.. She was a little hurt. And a friend down stairs in my apt building had just moved out and bought a new home. I ran into her at a store and she invited me over. I told her again with out thinking . I probably wont come. (who says that ) I’m not a good friend. The look in her eye was shocking. And mine was kinda too that I could blurt out something like that. My sister asked me the other day ” how does it feel to know everything ” when she is annoyed at me because I just blurt out factual information when we have conversations. Cant keep my mouth shut.. No discernment all. and last but not least ,, A Run-in with three patriarchal assholes, and I did not handle it very well. But I’m very aware now thanks to you Denise..

  • Hi Denise

    I’m a forerunner myself…. I met my twinflame in 2010 and got full kundalini activation… in September 2015 I started to physically vibrate… December 2015 too me through a lot of changes that in January 01/01/16 I made some life changing decisions… I’ve gone through some deep residual purging in my base chakra in March 2016 and for the last couple of weeks my 12 chakra system has been activated… My thymus in full swing as with the new solar plexus and the back of the head… gifts are in full swing… so going with the flow of things… helping others where I can and anchoring that healing energy where ever I can and need…. Love & Light Sonia

  • Do you ever worry about your safety?? The rage can escalate quickly over the merest thing.. Just saying from experience..

  • So glad to hear I have not worked all these years as a light worker, helping so many people, and feeling like the rug has pulled out from under me , I am so very bewildered at this, to be feeling isolated, did not expect this, as Denise is saying .Having tsunami dreams makes scene now, energy waves blasting me over and over , and floundering is a perfect fit , the other day I heard my high self say it is lonely at the top… seeing signs along the way helps me to know I am on the right path ,555 is everywhere – meaning great change is( coming,) doves are all around , cooing all day long , telling me to keep my peace. I just go off instinct at this point , trust, faith,Belief in my self and the power within will get me to where we are going. It is a strange life.. as a star seed .

  • Oh wow. The truly strange combo of depression/isolation/empowerment this year. And. How. My while family has felt like we’re walking ghosts this year. Quite literally not being seen and/or heard while going about our business/interacting with people. Repeatedly getting left off of key emails (definitely not on purpose – the folk involved are always be shocked and apologetic that we didn’t get the message). Repeatedly being ill or otherwise unexpectedly away/unable to participate on the one day that some key event happens with people we work/school/neighbor/are family with. More than one event/holiday get-together where almost all the people who would normally come get deathly sick at the last minute, so have to cancel on us (again, these are not fake outs, we’re talking people needing to go to hospital). Really a bit scary when driving and people aren’t seeing you (and not because they’re on the phone or something)! To top it off, someone filed fake fed and state tax returns in my dh’s name this year, so we quite literally had that part of our 3D lives completely usurped.

    But, as you say, a simultaneous sense of increased empowerment. Lots of those continuing little coincidences showing you that you manage to show up at the right places at the right times to do the right things for other people just when they need you. So damned odd as a combo, though, with the feelings of isolation, so it’s very, very, reassuring to hear it explained and confirmed from an energetic standpoint!

  • Thank you, Denise, yet again for a higher perspective reminder! I too am seeing these patterns. Particularly around the patriarchy’s issues.

    Yesterday I went shopping and was profiled (read: followed around and stared at from 5-6 feet away for a prolonged period by the security guard, who seemed convinced I was going to steal something. Friendly, cheerful former English teachers must give off a dangerous vibe, LOL!). This in itself is not all that unusual – as a moderately butch looking woman, I have to put up with that crap a lot over the years. It did annoy me that this young man in his 20’s had the poor taste to choose the day after the Orlando nightclub shooting to harass me, but the really interesting thing was what happened to him when I initially walked in the door and encountered him.

    I at first asked him politely for directions to a certain section, and he told me nicely – but then his face literally morphed; I not just sensed but actually witnessed something twisted and dark come into him. It was like watching one of the Smiths in the movie “The Matrix”. Literally. He got really distressed, with literal ripples running through his body; his head shook and his face twisted. He became immediately agitated. About a minute later he followed me and started the obnoxious profiling behavior (which is really designed to drive one out of the store). Clearly he was invaded and used as a portal person to try to enforce patriarchal dominance.

    He wasn’t just thinking how he hates queers. I’ve seen haters hate before, but the clearly visible Smith-style face morph, which seemed to shake through him, and energy ripples, well it was all blatantly obvious this was not the same. Guess it did not expect me to be looking at that moment. Seeing it for what it was allowed me to have an unusually clear insight into what was actually happening. Wow. And I thought “The Matrix” was just a symbolic movie.

    In thinking about the polarity wave actions, I can’t help thinking about the patriarchal patterns of violence and fear-induction which seem to have backfired by creating an opposite reactionary wave on TD; most recently the mass murder at the Pulse in Orlando, which I deeply suspect was a result of patriarchal patterns and TD influence.

    The young man who shot all those folks at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando seems to have been struggling with his own homosexual tendencies, and the narrow-minded religious patriarchy bs of his father made him unable to accept that in himself (so instead he beat his wife until she left him). His determination to please God and his father, his suppressed rage and suppressed sexual energy, and his likely unconscious jealousy of those who were brave enough to accept and embrace their sexuality regardless of consequences – I suspect those little consequences of patriarchal oppression combined with a little TD mental prodding (if not a full-on Smith-style takeover) led to the unconscionable violence.

    But look at the beautiful polarity that then emerged in reaction, the Immense wave of loving response from around the world! Over 3 million dollars has already been donated to the medical bills fund for victims, candlelight vigils are being held in cities and towns worldwide, and Muslims are holding prayer gatherings and praying for the victims. 30 years ago killing homosexuals elicited scarcely a comment from anybody in the heterosexual community. Such a lot of change in such a short time. I truly think it is due to the event waves (related to each of the major wave stages you discussed) and most of all, of course, to the overall degree of incoming Light.

    The tsunami of Love cannot be stopped now. The more horrors TD perpetrates through people, the bigger the counterwaves of Love, the more millions of people in the streets saying, No More: We Stand Together United in Love. What a time to be alive!

  • Dear Denise, Again, you relate so very well! I’ve been pulling back (or away) fro some time now while trying to keep friends unsuspecting! They would never understand my explanation, anyway! I remind myself this is all an illusion in 3d. I don’t get involved in the Shakespeare theater going on outside. That can get difficult as news stories spread fear and are everywhere….even flashing on my computer as I try to get to my trusted sites. Again, thank you for your beautiful fortitude and sharing with many of us. I am not alone. Hugs!

  • I really appreciate reading your perspective on the incoming energies and how they are affecting us. Your posts are always illuminating.

  • I’m finding that I can really relate to your posts, Denise. Since I’ve found your blog, I am repeatedly seeing my experiences synchronized with what you are addressing, both for yourself and for the world at large. This post has been no different.

    Absolutely, this year, I am finding myself far more socially isolated, yet empowered just the same. I keep hearing a call from my spirit to keep plowing. The slogfest continues. It is relentless. It is a mountain climb that feels in one sense as though it will never end…yet there has been progress that is undeniable. Results! It is visible now and that is very encouraging. I’m sure others can relate. If you can’t, I get the sense that this means that you are one extraordinarily brave individual…and you will, absolutely, have your due, in due time. You are earning for yourself something enormous.

    I find it amazing that in spite of the continuation of the energetic slogfest….that we are all still here. We’re still doing this. Still alive, still learning, climbing, integrating, falling down, getting up, on it goes. I get the sense more and more that this ascension process is boiling down to a test of our overall endurance. Mind, body, spirit. And despite the apparent isolation, we have the internet, and connections through forums such as this. It helps a lot.

    Even so, the disconnect to what is going on at large is palpable, as Denise mentions in moving through waves 1 and 2. Surrounded by the walking dead? Here’s a quote from the show that I think speaks a loud volume to the times that are coming, and why it is absolutely integral to be as prepared as we can within ourselves for this, seeing as the quote is from an episode titled “Last Day on Earth”:

    “You can breathe. You can blink. You can cry. Hell, they’re all gonna be doing that.”

    Dig deep!!!

  • Appreciate so much this current info of why and what we are feeling. It’s all about feeling-moving into this era of experiencing and acting on what we are feeling as we are more tuned in. I now know I’ve been experiencing Ascension for a long time but this year has been a doosy. And so on point Denise the way you describe it-weird and wonderful. You feel so out of sorts Bc of depression and isolation yet at the same time it FEELS oh so right. And omg the other symptoms-a rash out of no where which you had previously described so well. WOW it is quite the ride but knowing why gives all the meaning I need and tells me I AM almost HOME.

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