Phase 2 Ascension Process Acceleration Continues

The quote below is from, June 2, 2023, and is another indicator of the ongoing acceleration of the evolutionary Ascension Process. If you’re sensitive to all solar energy activity transmissions, then this is another indicator of why you’ve been feeling nearly continually energetically, physically, and sometimes emotionally beat to a pulp!

Some of these Phase 2 (January 2020 through…) solar energies don’t necessarily feel as strong as they did to us during the Phase 1 years of the Ascension Process (start of 1998 through the end of 2019), but the increasing numbers of them is what we’re adapting to now, which has been intense and at times downright exhausting on multiple levels. It’s all part of our ongoing vibrating higher and faster than we did last month, last year, last decade, the decade before that and so on. This is another indicator of the vibrational stairsteps acceleration of our evolution into greater NEW Human frequencies, states of consciousness and being. Much more to come of course so continued self-care to continue keeping up with all of the increasing evolutionary accelerations, solar and otherwise, is necessary.

Denise Le Fay

June 2, 2023

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MINOR GEOMAGNETIC STORM WATCH: NOAA forecasters say that minor G1-class geomagnetic storms are possible late on June 2nd when a stream of solar wind is expected to hit Earth’s magnetic field. The gaseous material is flowing from a pair of holes in the sun’s atmosphere. Aurora alerts: SMS Text

31 DAYS OF 100+ SUNSPOT NUMBER: Solar Cycle 25 just hit another milestone. Every day last month (31 days in a row), the sunspot number exceeded 100. Astronomer Senol Sanli of Bursa, Turkey, used data from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory to display all of May’s sunspots in a single image:

The last time this happened was in March 2014 when the sun also reeled off 31 consecutive days of 100+ sunspot number. That was near the maximum of Solar Cycle 24. Nine years later, Solar Cycle 25 is just getting started, and it is shaping up to be much stronger than its predecessor. Many months of “100+” may be in the offing. Solar flare alerts: SMS Text


On March 7, 2023, Saturn entered Pisces and will remain there until mid-February 2026. It may be helpful to read or reread my March 1, 2023 article below.

With Saturn’s March entrance into Pisces, I felt another acceleration of the Universal Ascension Process begin. Life and reality have again been ratcheted up faster and higher in frequency than it was before March 7, 2023. My life has been a secession of one external expensive thing after another and another breaking and needing to be replaced or repaired since March 7th. Internally, my physical body continues experiencing changes caused by the ascension acceleration that Saturn entering Pisces activated. Some of these looks and feels to me like my immune system is struggling with bottom-of-the-barrel purging of old negative DNA disconnections and body blockages, plus embodying another more complex, higher frequency Triality layer of NEW energy templates, codes and internal systems.

My body has been feeling and looking like it needs a lot of rest and recuperation because it’s been going through so much physical work and energy Work due to this latest ascension acceleration purging/embodying/evolving. Despite the additional self-created aches and pains I’ve caused myself from recent and continued landscaping with a lot of river rocks, I feel the entire internal energetic, physical and spiritual structures and systems being quickly evolved into higher NEW levels inside my physical body, and more.

Since March 7, 2023, I’ve been acutely aware of my entire physical body being Divinely energetically, physically and spiritually re-templated, re-patterned, reconfigured (evolved) for greater current and near future compatibility, comfort and creativity with the higher, more complex Triality Light frequencies energy template of ascending NEW Earth. As a First Everythinger Volunteer this began for me in October 2022 which I wrote about, but it was fully activated March 7, 2023, for all of humanity.

Saturn in Pisces now is the end of “Church”. Pluto in Aquarius now is the end of “State”. 

Saturn in Neptunian Pisces now is the start of you being able to safely and directly access and become more Divine Self you physically.

Pluto in Aquarius now is the start of you and I KNOWING much more about us, each other, non-human, non-physical Others, being Individually empowered, sovereign and self-governing from Triality and HighHeart frequencies, consciousness and being.

This Saturn in Pisces transit at these levels and frequencies are more NEW Codes for ascending NEW Humans and NEW Earth. Because Saturn has to do with holding physical reality and structures in place for humanity to incarnate into and live, learn and create within during Great Evolutionary Cycles, this transit of Saturn in Pisces from March 2023–February 2026 is exceedingly important and significant. Remember that the ruler of Pisces is Neptune.

This March 2023 through February 2026 Saturn in Pisces at these higher ascending NEW Human, NEW Earth levels transit needs to be understood as another expedited way that global humanity is currently being:

  1. Divinely liberated from ancient and current negative distortions and limitations done to their physical bodies, DNA, consciousness, spiritual energetic ability to directly connect with higher dimensions, realms, Beings, Light and LOVE.
  2. Divinely evolved into NEW energy templates imbuing individual NEW Humans with greater conscious spiritual unification with their Soul and higher levels of being and awareness etc.

Because I’m capable of clairvoyantly Seeing these things, I instantly Know claircognizantly what the images I’m Seeing mean. There are no linear words, no lag time instructions, definitions, messages or information involved. There is See it/Feel it/Know it in a split-second. And sometimes there’s just and only instant Know it.

Perceiving in this higher way allows one to See/Feel/Know a large quantity of higher Light information in a split-second. This will increasingly become the way more NEW Humans will directly, personally, individually perceive higher frequency Light information themselves. They will access it directly, which means a whole lot of old, tightly controlled reality is and will be changing drastically and rapidly! This is a profound improvement from the disempowerment and control that’s been accepted as the norm for thousands of years. Real “disclosure” is automatically coming because humans are currently being evolved to naturally withstand sustained conscious direct contact, interaction, and physical existence in and with higher frequencies and much that exist in them.

Saturn in Pisces during Phase 2 of the evolutionary Ascension Process is currently pushing humanity to Cease & Desist letting themselves continue being disempowered, controlled, owned and operated, and duped by negative people, governments and politicians, religions and religious leaders, aliens, entities and so on. Humanity has reached the March 2023 point in the evolutionary Ascension Process where Separation, Duality, Duality consciousness and reality, and any form, level or type of disempowerment is no longer allowed. NEW Humans of NEW Earth are empowered Individuals that take full personal responsibility for themselves and are energetically sovereign meaning entirely non-parasitic in all ways.

This is another reason why some of us who’ve been making this evolutionary CHANGEOVER shift for years already, typically feel exhausted and like we don’t have enough gas in our physical body tanks every day. We’ve been learning how to Work and exist with being increasingly energetically non-parasitic, meaning never taking energy from anyone or anything other than our Divine Source Soul Embodied Selves. Practice makes perfect First Everythingers so keep it up and know it gets easier the further into it you progress.

Saturn has to do with holding energy structures in place physically, and in this case in transiting Pisces it’s forcing the full removal of ancient and current distortions in humanity’s physical and energy bodies, consciousness, and ability to evolve spiritually with no religious middleman or woman controlling, disempowering, or directing them for their negative ego reasons.

Think of the many paranormal TV shows of the past twenty-five years. They’ve been slowly introducing humanity to all sorts of supernatural realities via weekly TV entertainment. Since the 1990s, more and more unaware and disbelieving “If I can’t see it, it doesn’t exist!” consciousness people have been learning about life after death, ghosts, hauntings, haunted people and places, etheric realities, positive and negative aliens, UFOs, alien abductions, demons, entities, cryptids, the 4D Astral of old, and other dimensional beings and aliens etc. that have been able to enter our frequency reality and affect humans, take physical Earth resources and more. These past few decades of paranormal, supernatural TV shows and movies have been slowly introducing the patriarchal unaware and hardcore disbelievers to expanded physical reality and its connection to and interaction with numerous multidimensional realities and inhabitants. One that I’ve been thoroughly enjoying watch unfold the past couple of years is the TV series, The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch. There’s much I could say but it’ll be more fun letting it run its course and see who learns from it, who doesn’t, and who gets played some more by certain humans and non-humans.

Some Side Effects from These Compressed Evolutionary Changes

There continue to be a wide variety of truly strange and weird but always educational supernatural anomalies from our being in this intense and constant “upgrading” of our physical and energy bodies, consciousness, heart, HighHeart, spiritual selves, physical, etheric and beyond lives and realities.

I’ve experienced this particular phenomenon multiple times over the past ten years but it’s always a shocker when it happens. A few nights ago I’d gone to bed around 11PM and while lying there relaxing in the dark I suddenly heard a loud smartphone ring once in my bedroom. This unusual sounding smartphone ring startled me because it was in my bedroom a few feet to my right and up in the air, and I live alone. This very physical sound that wasn’t physical but etheric, was followed by a rush of etheric shapes and beings moving quickly close to my head and body lying in bed. It was like I got bum-rushed by a cluster of etheric things and possibly one or two dead humans. If you can See, many sense it and intentionally come into your space to get your attention for a variety of reasons both pleasant and unpleasant, positive and negative.

A week or so before this I experienced, for the umpteenth time, some negative being intentionally induce one of those run for your life from a rampaging human murdering monster nightmare. Same old shit I’ve Worked my way through for most of my life, so I learned long ago to wake myself up and exit these negative dream creations. As I did this, I saw with my physical eyes a shadowy humanoid shaped non-physical something hovering four feet away from my head in the upper corner of my bedroom. I knew it was what had created this nightmare and was observing me asleep in it. Once I woke up and saw it hovering there, it disappeared, and the rest of the night was quiet and peaceful. I shared this only because I want you to know that these types of old negativity still sometimes try to suck whatever they can out of you energetically. No fear, no drama, just greater awareness and responsibility.

Earlier this month I lost time during the day to a degree I’ve never experienced before. I was physically in one room of my house doing something and next I became aware of being in another room seated and had absolutely no conscious awareness or memory of what happened between point A and point B and how much time had passed. Believe it or not, this unnerved me far more than an etheric non-human screwing with me in dreamland so I’d produce an emotional horror energy elixir it could feed off of.

This anomaly at this time showed me how used to being in control of my daily linear reality and physical actions I am, and that I should get much more comfortable with everything being more fluid, flexible, unstable (lower consciousness interpretation), free and creative (higher consciousness interpretation). In other words, be as psychologically prepared and emotionally unruffled as you can when reality suddenly glitches, skips, jumps, stretches out, or goes blank for however long it may. No fear, just greater CHANGEOVERS from us increasingly embodying and existing on ascending NEW Earth. Some have referred to this as different numbers of “days of darkness”. It’s not that, but how we may briefly perceive these massive shift changes into greater NEW Earth and greater NEW Human states.

Days or weeks of what feels like severe compressed areas in my spine, typically at and/or around the entire HighHeart areas of our physical spines. This side effect is fairly common every time our HighHearts are expanded some more yet it feels like they’re being painfully compressed. Also, the familiar HighHeart (center upper chest in front and/or upper back and spine areas in the back) sudden pounding, thumping, movements and pains. These HighHeart expansions feel like they radiate out in all directions from the center upper chest and/or center upper back spine areas and affect other muscles, ribs, shoulder joints and so on. When this happens there’s a lot of fairly quick energy, physical, electrical evolution happening in our bodies so it’s best to be physically still and as relaxed as possible and let the metamorphosis do more of what it must.

More physical eye and physical vision changes since March 2023. Once again seeing what looks like a white mist everywhere while you’re awake during the day and/or night. This side effect I discovered during Phase 1 of the Ascension Process, was one of many indicators that I and reality were in flux once again. It indicates for me that I’m in energy transition between the old lower what has been and the NEW higher what’s becoming. The white colored mist sometimes makes it difficult to physically see things clearly, but it’s often short-lived or ends once the latest energy stairsteps have been traversed.

More physical eye pains, infections, dryness, and visual inconsistencies. The ongoing evolution driving energy and DNA changes the Sun transmits is and has been received by us through our physical eyes (and tops of our heads and hearts) via the solar Light, solar flares, CMEs, storms, winds etc. Remember that much is energetically transmitted through the Sun to evolving humanity and Earth and all else, and those Light energies are changing, evolving our physical eyes and vision and our higher vision. I often physically see and clairvoyantly See things in the ultraviolet frequency range. I expect this and other things like being able to hear and feel infrasound will become more ascending NEW Human normal.

Because there’s zero separation between what we incarnate humans go through and embody and what ascending Earth goes through and embodies, Earth typically experiences increased earthquakes and volcanic eruptions at the same time we’re feeling extra sick and achy from another NEW template layer addition, Ascension Flu, greater physical Self Soul Embodiment, higher frequency Sun transmissions, and very potent astrological sign changes carrying brand NEW Codes we must quickly embody. It’s all the same business, Earth quaking and spewing or us quaking and spewing! HighHeart it all because of what it is.

Expect the strange, surreal, supernatural and ever-expanding Divine to increase the higher, faster and deeper we ascend into NEW Human, NEW Earth frequencies internally and externally. July could be extra interesting I sense.

Denise Le Fay

May 23, 2023

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Thieves in the Temple & 2023 Eclipses

As a universal ascension Volunteer, I also had a pre-incarnational Denise Soul Contract to write online about this current Ascension Process. That Soul Contract was to help other ascension Volunteers consciously remember they were ‘Volunteers’ and that was the reason they were experiencing both incredibly severe density transmutation and embodying pains, struggles, attacks and related multidimensional difficulties and phenomena beginning around 1998–2000.

I was Soul Contracted to write online primarily to more quickly (than writing and self-publishing physical paperback books) get ascension information to other incarnate Volunteers as I could while living the process and much more myself. Twenty-five years in, we know the Internet is anything but safe, honest, respectful or trustworthy because it draws a lot of corrupt negative egos looking to make money and/or become well-known worldwide with the click of a key on their PCs or Smart phones.

I did not Soul Contract to write online to unaware people’s negative egos that were not and still aren’t today anywhere near ready to be reading advanced information intended for ascension Volunteers, First Everythingers, Blue Rays, and Starseeds. This is one of many difficulties I’ve had to constantly contend with because I write online about the Ascension Process and related topics.

There have always been online thieves in the Sacred Temple(s), reading, stealing, using, rewording, and repurposing advanced ascension information never intended for them that they don’t understand but believe they do. Negative human egos and advanced evolutionary spiritual energy information—Light—and the Internet and Team Dark using human Portal People’s negative egos to attack Volunteer writers to interfere with their personal and the collective Ascension Process has been an ongoing problem.

There are battles in heaven and they play out down here in physicality too. Take the romantic and sexual overtones out of Prince’s great song, Thieves In The Temple, and read those lyrics as if written by an Angelic talking about this current Ascension Process and start of the Age of Aquarius/Leo and the song plays very differently.

“Love come quick

Love come in a hurry

There’s thieves in the temple tonight…”

There are no buttons on PC keyboards and Smart phones that read, Initiation level #1, #2, #3 that the neophyte must go through first before they’re remotely ready for higher levels of more complex, difficult and dangerous Scared Temple Mystery School information. None of that has existed with the current Ascension Process, just some of us Volunteers winging it solo online, openly sharing advanced high level, complex multidimensional information while doing our best with all the human and nonhuman negativity that that has caused many of us while living and embodying the Ascension Process.

In ancient times protective etheric Guardians were put in place to keep unaware and unprepared people and thieves out of Sacred sites, off Sacred lands, out of Mystery Schools, out of Sacred Temples. None of that has existed during this current evolutionary Universal Ascension Process of having the Sacred Temples and Mystery Schools be certain online web and blog sites!

One of the things that’s made this problem worse all these years has been people that create their own online web or blog sites to only quote many of the ascension authors writings to use to create a readership of their own. For the most part they don’t write themselves but use other ascension authors online Intellectual Property writings to have material for their web or blog sites. Try as you might to convince people that this is something else, it’s parasitism.

My personal pre-incarnational Soul Contract to write about this Universal evolutionary Ascension Process was to get as much accurate high-level information (Light) out as quickly as I was capable of about the Ascension Process while living it myself as a First Everythinger Volunteer. That was my Phase 1 Ascension Process Soul Contract which I fulfilled years ago. I’ve continued writing about the Ascension Process and related topics with the start of Phase 2 of it in January 2020, because physical reality made a sharp Divine Cease & Desist Order turn then, and it’s continued and escalated dramatically ever since. This will continue for the rest of our lives.

Because my personal Soul Contract to write about Phase 1 of the Ascension Process was fulfilled in December 2019, it then was time for me to change my Copyright Notice on my articles, close comments on HighHeartLife in early 2021, and finally, delete my first 2007 online ascension site TRANSITIONS in March 2023.

Open online Copyright sharing of Intellectual Property is over in Phase 2. Quoting, stealing, using, making money off from, and general parasitism of ascension authors writings is over. In Phase 2 of the Ascension Process, it’s time for each individual to internally live it instead of collect certain authors writings to fill their online sites with and only read about or debate over the evolutionary Ascension Process. Phase 2 is each individual living it now.

When you have certain sites continuing to quote your Phase 2 ascension writings, conveniently ignoring every Copyright Notice I’ve put on my articles, you then have some of those websites’ readers reading my articles that they are nowhere ready to be reading. You see how the first negative action of ignoring my Copyright Notices creates further negativity by placing my article(s) at websites where they shouldn’t be? (I’m being more polite and kind here than you could imagine.) This action has caused some of those unaware, unprepared, not ready for primetime website readers to go to the trouble of tracking down my public email address and writing me hate filled rants and insults about how badly I write, that I’ve misspelled a word, that I’m wrong, that I’m not fluffy, and on and on and fucking on. All this additional negativity because there’s not only thieves in the temple, but they and their readers aren’t ready to be reading what was stolen from my temple. I want people to find my writings if and when THEY are naturally drawn to them, not because someone stole them and put them on their lower frequency and consciousness sites. This is about energy and different levels and frequencies of it, which the temple thieves would know if they were what they claim themselves to be.

In March and April 2023, more massive and extremely important positive progress was made with the additional removal of huge portions of negative distortions and interferences. This March and April 2023 removal took place on multiple levels and locations in higher dimensions and in the physical. Some of us who’ve done ascension energy clearing Work throughout Phase 1, have been doing this latest Phase 2 level and stage of continuing removal of ancient and current negativity, distortions, interferences, parasitism, and blockages. I energetically participated in the March and April 2023 removing of more of these things from the physical level and some locations in higher dimensions.

As I mentioned in a previous article, Eclipses are times when some people decide to die and exit physical life and reality. Eclipses are times when more of the ancient and current negative distortions, actions, thefts, parasitism, interferences and general ascension energy drag garbage can be quickly removed and instantly replaced with NEW higher frequencies, Light energies, additional NEW template layers, additional NEW codes and so forth. Eclipses are times when certain energies are momentarily blocked, making it easier and faster to remove more negativity very quickly. These first half 2023 eclipses were utilized by some of us to do exactly that and resulted in removing tremendous amounts of old and current negativity and replacing it with more Triality-based NEW template layers. Much was permanently ended and removed in April 2023, and more will be throughout the rest of this year.

Those are just words until everyone actually has to embody it all, live it all, be it all in this latest NEW higher ascending NEW Human, NEW Earth level. We’ll do that and more between today’s May 5, 2023 Lunar eclipse at 14° Scorpio square Uranus at 18° Taurus and the final two 2023 eclipses in October. Know that the March and April 2023 difficulties, pains, confrontations, multidimensional battles, struggles, and expanding consciousness and being are more intense and complex Phase 2 levels of the Ascension Process. Also, of the ongoing ending and removal of negative lower frequency things and implementation of more NEW higher frequency things. We’ll surpass ourselves by the October eclipses, and then whatever November and December 2023 bring.

Use this and every year wisely, even when life and reality seem to go pear shaped for a while. Those moments are when really big, progressive changes are happening but seems to some of us in physicality like we’ve lost the thread. We haven’t, we’re just becoming more conscious of our personal multidimensionality, and of our becoming MUCH more integrated, Embodied you/You/YOU Divine incarnate physical body Self. More old lower out, more NEW higher in means you and your body, consciousness, life and reality will continue to change quickly and dramatically. You are becoming increasingly consciously aware that you are much more than only physical incarnate you, but also Higher Self You and Soul YOU. Those past separated layers of you existing and Working in different dimensions and forms are now increasingly and more consciously Working, functioning and existing together as ONE in physical incarnate you because separation time is also over. Learn to recognize when more of You and YOU is becoming present in physical incarnate you. Recognize the times, energies, experiences, feelings, sensations and awareness’s as expanding NEW Human Divine you/You/YOU Self is learning how to function in Phase 2 of the Ascension Process as this NEW being.

Denise Le Fay

May 5, 2023

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2023 Eclipses & Pluto Retrograde: Big Energy & Consciousness Changes

In my April 2, 2023 article, Additional NEW Template Layer Added, I talked about perceiving a vast deep BLUE colored energy template LAYER recently added to the Divine Mother Feminine template of ascending NEW Earth for NEW Humans. Since then, I’ve been curious about how some of this latest template layer addition would manifest individually and collectively. To me it’s felt strange lately, I mean more so than usual, kind of like how it often feels before a physical earthquake happens. There’s a steady buildup of energetic pressures that, if you’re sensitive, you very much feel in your physical body and nervous system. And it is not a pleasant feeling and makes you energetically anxious, edgy, uncomfortable and high-strung until the earthquake(s) physically releases that built-up pressure. The moment it does, that pent-up internal pressure you were living with is instantly dissipated, and you feel oh so much better.

This 2023 six-month Eclipses and Pluto Retrograde period may make some feel like there’s a lot of internal energetic “movement” going on within them. It’s not earthquakes, but energy templates and energy patterns getting jostled around, removed and replaced. How this feels to each of us will be slightly different, but I’m certain you will sense and feel another big chunk of old Duality reality being demolished, and additional NEW Triality reality put in place within us.

On April 19, 2023, there’s a Total Solar (Sun) Eclipse happening at 29° Aries, (Fire) which is ruled by Mars. Two weeks later there’s a Lunar (Moon) Eclipse happening at 14° Scorpio, (Water) which is ruled by Pluto, but before Pluto’s discovery, was ruled by Mars.

On May 2, 2023, Pluto goes Retrograde at 0° Aquarius 21″ (minutes). Six months later Pluto goes Direct on October 12, 2023 at 27° Capricorn 53″. Pluto going Retrograde for half of this year is directly connected to all of the 2023 Solar and Lunar Eclipses. Also, when Pluto goes Direct motion on October 12th, it quickly reenters 0° Aquarius 0″ on November 20, 2023, and does NOT Retrograde back into Capricorn again. From November 20, 2023 forward, Pluto is in Aquarius for the next 20.2 years.

We are hurtling through mega evolutionary Ascension Process changes faster than ever before in 2023 because a tremendous amount of old Duality-based patriarchal reality is swiftly being removed and simultaneously replaced with higher NEW Triality-based energy template layers. The April into May, and October 2023 Solar / Lunar Eclipses, plus Pluto’s final months in Capricorn are all helping accomplish this rapidly for NEW Humans and NEW Earth.

Six months later on October 14, 2023, there’s a Solar (Sun) Eclipse at 21° Libra, (Air) which is ruled by Venus. Two weeks later there’s a Lunar (Moon) Eclipse at 5° Taurus, (Earth) which is ruled by Venus. 

Do you sense some important 2023 energy themes unfolding and coming into focus?

As I’ve said before, I don’t perceive astrology from the old lower pre-ascension frequency level of consciousness and reality. I perceive it from where I exist today, in this moment. Because of this, my astrological interpretations are and will continue to be Triality-based and somewhat different, less linear and separated. That said, I’m going to throw out some points about these 2023 Eclipses and Pluto going Retrograde and then Direct around the same time as these Eclipses.

To me the first standout Eclipse feature is highlighted Mars, the second standout Eclipse feature is highlighted Venus. 

The 29th Degree Energy

The April 19th Total Solar Eclipse happens at the 29th degree of Aries. Any planet, point, angle in the 29th° of any sign is called the Anaretic Degree. The last degree of every sign has a strong sense of urgency, finality, of big changes on the brink of happening, and symbolizes karmic completion related to that planet’s or point’s energy, which in this case is Mars at 29° Aries, and it’s a Total Solar Eclipse meaning EVERYONE will be experiencing Mars at 29° Aries energies.

This April 19, 2023, Total Solar Eclipse at 29° Aries is pushing every person to come to terms with the fact that they are not who they’ve believed themselves to be. I sense humanity is going to experience being pressured to evolve and expand (29th°) their personal sense of self and human identity (Aries). Are you Duality-based patriarchal preprogrammed herd sheeple people, or are you evolving into a Triality-based free HighHeart centered NEW Human? This Solar Eclipse will push us all to promptly broaden our sense of personal identity, free ourselves from pre-ascension patriarchal limitations, childish beliefs, disempowerment and separations and individually eclipse karmic completion and become an evolving, ascending NEW Human of NEW Earth.

It often happens that some people choose to die and exit physicality during Eclipses. Eclipses are energy points when there’s a type of momentary opening, a brief clear open space of energetic neutrality that’s easier than usual to exit a physical incarnation. Some people will take advantage of these 2023 Eclipses to do just that, die and leave physical life and reality. Be prepared for this possibility throughout these April into May and October 2023 Eclipses.

Some people will die and exit this world via these Eclipses, while those of us that remain will feel the evolutionary stress and strain of becoming much more of our greater, higher Selves in these physical bodies, identities and individual sense of self. Aries is individual self; opposite sign Libra is all Others.

    Back and forth old lower frequency Yin Yang Duality with the Sun and Moon / the Moon and Sun 2023 Eclipses and all of them taking place in Mars and Venus energies.

  • Solar Sun masculine, male
  • Lunar Moon feminine, female
  • Sun eclipsed
  • Moon eclipsed
  • Mars, masculine, male
  • Venus, feminine, female

When viewed like this it’s easy to see the pre-ascension Duality separation of Mars/Venus, male/female, masculine/feminine, Sun/Moon and how that’s influenced humans, human consciousness and physical reality. However, what’s taking place now is the permanent dismantling of the old Duality-based energy template we were born into. All of what’s been separated and dualized continues being torn down and replaced with a totally NEW higher frequency, greater integrated, unified Triality-based energy template we continue evolving into. These 2023 Eclipses and Pluto going Retrograde into Capricorn for the final time for six months between Eclipses—and them being distinctly Mars/Pluto and Venus highlighted—indicates that humanity will be undergoing greater removal of old patriarchal Duality male/female, masculine/feminine, Sun/Moon, Venus/Mars energetic separation and separation consciousness. Simultaneously humanity will individually and collectively be undergoing much greater integration of male/female, masculine/feminine, Sun/Moon, Venus/Mars energies and consciousness. Pluto Retrograde for six months back into late degree Capricorn is putting the final expiration touches on the dying global patriarchy and the profound separation that went with it. When Pluto goes Direct motion and reenters 0°Aquarius on November 20, 2023, after the two October Eclipses, you and I and much of unaware humanity will be magnificently more individually and collectively energetically integrated. When greater energetic integration takes place, it automatically produces more Triality consciousness and therefore reality.

Over the past few years, I repeatedly written about how the ascension Divine Mother Feminine is anything but goddess like, warm and fuzzy, plump and cuddly etc. SHE/IT is something new to humanity in that SHE/IT is greatly integrated and contains both Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. And vice versa. The less old separation there is, the more powerful everything naturally becomes. The greater the energetic CHANGEOVER into Triality-based Divine Mother Feminine NEW energy template of ascending NEW Humans and NEW Earth, the less negativity, insanity and chaos there is. The more integrated each person becomes energetically, frequency-wise, vibrationally, evolutionarily and so on, the less and less anyone would ever do anything to harm anyone or anything for any reason. These 2023 Mars/Pluto and Venus Eclipses and Pluto going Retrograde for the last time into late degree Capricorn are aspects of the latest NEW deep BLUE energy template layer.

Let your old habits and beliefs about all things male/female, masculine/feminine, Mars/Venus, the Sun/Moon, the four elements and all other old separations of our past freely go during the next six months. This is humanity’s current ascension agenda—more evolving out of past separations and patriarchy and into greater integrations individually and Triality reality and consciousness. Expect miracles, expect rapid miracles. ❤

Denise Le Fay

April 18, 2023

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Oops Dang

I had no intention of hitting the publish button on an already published article from TRANSITIONS dated, September 24, 2017, An Ascension Kundalini Process Story. My apologies but it’s been energetically, and at the moment energetically visually rather intense lately.

The moment I first got online this morning to write donation Thank You emails, I got hit by that energy anomaly of suddenly seeing a moving light pattern line in one eye that interferers with your physical vision.

At any rate between the solar energies of late, the occasional online computer light pattern interference strip seen for a while, the tremendous negative energies awash in this country now (and many others), my being busier than usual the past few weeks, I’m not surprised this accidental publishing just happened. Sorry about that everyone.

Reality is changing dramatically —I am not exaggerating or being overly dramatic about this—and because of this, one often needs to be EXTRA careful with pretty much all activities during intense, unstable and volatile times like these. I was going to get on a ladder to do some work today but after yesterday’s energy vertigo and body pains, and today’s online eye interference, I’m staying on terra firma (as best I can) until I know it’s safe. Truly, reality is changing dramatically now and fully in the physical level so keep this in heartmind Sensitives from here on out.

I want to mention that I recently deleted my first site TRANSITIONS (2007–2023). I exported many of my old articles from TRANSITIONS to HighHeartLife (2013), which is seen by their original publish dates. It was time for me to do this. It’s also time for everyone to know that my online copyright Intellectual Property is written by me for My writings are meant for my site only, not anyone else’s to use only to profit from themselves. Parasite time is over, including all that goes with it.

Be wise, honest, aware and safe. It’s going to continue being EXTRA energetically and physically unstable because everything is finally in full GO Mode on ascending NEW Earth. If and when needed, I suggest you re-read my recent article about Saturn entering Pisces and Pluto entering Aquarius. ❤

Denise Le Fay

April 8, 2023

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An Ascension Kundalini Process Story

“I’m in the middle of recovering from a rather traumatic experience that, I’m fairly certain was/has been a particularly extreme and unpleasant awakening experience, if my readings on the topic and intuition have been any indication. I don’t really have anyone I can feel comfortable talking to about what I experienced and am having a hard time convincing myself I didn’t somehow manage to break my mind or end up slowly going insane in some other manner.

My experience has been so far-reaching and also supremely bizarre at its extreme limits that I don’t even know how to properly do it justice. Right up until about February 2017 or so I was basically what one would call an open-minded atheist or perhaps an agnostic, I was open to many possibilities, but at that point my experiences and primary beliefs were very firmly ensconced in a standard material paradigm. However, things began to fall apart several months after I began some experiments in dietary alteration coupled with fasting protocols of increasing zeal and intensity.

I started personal experiments in fasting in early December of last year. These experiments followed and also built on what was previously a nearly two years process in progressively more robust dietary alterations that had initially been the result of me attempting to find a way to cure type 2 diabetes that I had been diagnosed with. I actually managed to eradicate the diabetes before I even started fasting, but I couldn’t resist the impulse to test the limits of the human body’s innate healing capabilities that are opened up during a sustained fasting state.

The results were absolutely incredible and caused me to start to re-evaluate my stance on just how ‘stupid’ various religious and spiritual traditions where about how they understood the world and the way the human body functioned. I noticed that many traditions appeared to sync periods of fasting and bodily purification to specific seasonal cycles and that these periods were often consistent across traditions, cultures and geographies, so, in a fit of inspiration I decided to try to ‘observe’ lent as an experiment to see what would happen if I mixed a hyper minimalist fruit/vegetable diet with fasting over the Lenten period. This is when things started to get weird. They didn’t get full off the rails weird at that point, but the initial shape was definitely starting to take form.

Once again, I’ll try to cliff’s notes the progression of things and what/why I took certain actions, but, basically, over the Lenten period and the following months my body, the way it reacted to stimuli and my perceptions of things started to change. I started to have these very intense ‘experiences’, visions, tingling sensations in my body, weird intuitive feelings I’d never had before. At one point, during an experiment in fasting without food or water, I had a series of utterly overpowering experiences that resulted in, among other things, large amounts of parasitic worms being ejected from my body. I had wounds open up and then heal more rapidly than wounds normally heal, strange small objects would be ejected from my skin, I’d get random periods of feeling strange electric tingling sensation course over areas of my body and waves of cold would hit specific subsections of my body accompanied by the hair in that specific region only standing right on end.

All these experiences should have been overwhelming, but it seemed obvious to me that I’d somehow stumbled onto some sort of profound healing mechanism and some sort of important and profound array of spiritual experiences that I didn’t understand, but hat also meant I could no longer pretend that there weren’t actually strange and wonderful powers at work in the world.

Up until that point, the experiences where weird and bizarre, but I could handle them alright, however, the magnitude of the experiences started to get stronger and stronger and a series of events resulted in me ending up spending 20 days in a psych ward. I can’t begin to describe what I experienced in that place, but the problem is a fair bit of what I experienced during the three days leading up to my confinement and the 20 days in the ward itself make more sense within the context of what people like you and other ascension writers have described than any other explanation I’ve been able to come up with. There was a period of several days where I was struggling to comprehend time because it had seemed to become nonlinear, and I no longer felt properly anchored in it. At certain periods, time around me seemed to slow down to an absolute crawl even while I appeared to be moving at normal speed. During this period, I could bruise or papercut myself quite easily by simply gently brushing into an object.

I was filled with a strange sensation that I was simultaneously being held by hostile forces and that some sort of incredibly benevolent entities were themselves present within the ward trying to assist me. Light and conductive surfaces in the ward appeared to exhibit unusual qualities, I kept being struck with the feeling that my physical body wasn’t quite ‘real’ and that instead I had another body that I couldn’t see that was the one that I really needed to be concerned about and that this body had qualities that I didn’t quite understand. For some reason, I developed a very strong aversion to plastic feeling that making skin contact with it somehow drained energy out of me in a way that was viscerally unpleasant.

Anyway, I’ve already gone on too long and probably taken up enough of your time, but I’m struggling to understand what exactly was going on, because I believe very firmly that some very real things that don’t fit into my old paradigm or any of the normal ones I’m familiar with were occurring, but I have no idea how to go about finding out what, exactly occurred and I can’t even begin to figure out how to find people I can safely talk to about this stuff.

I look at people like you talking about 3D and 5D consciousness, altered perceptions of time and ethereal entities that exist out of phase with the world most of us are used to and as recently as 3 months ago I would have laughed at how crazy it all sounded and now I’m left with the unsettling idea that either I’m crazy, or the world as I know it is a quite different place from the world as I knew it even two weeks before I was hospitalized. I have no idea how to adjust, adapt or properly account for this change in my understanding of reality the strain of trying to integrate it into my life feels like it’s burning me out. I’m afraid to go out into the world and interact with people or talk to my friends, because I no longer feel like I understand how the world works and I don’t know how to engage with them in a way that will seem natural or functional anymore. I used to absolutely adore science and exploring the world in that way and now, it’s like my entire framework for understanding has been toppled like a house of cards and I don’t know which way is up or how to reorient myself in a way that lets me actually live my life effectively.

I’m sorry for this long run-on two-part letter, but I hoped maybe you might be able to offer some sort of guidance or insight into my situation. As difficult as it is for me to accept, the framework people talking about vibrational energies and ascension processes put forward makes a ton more sense as a way of explaining the weird stuff I’ve experienced and seen manifest around me than a more conventional understanding of reality would allow for and so I’m left with little choice but to reach out to someone like you, who seems to know what they’re talking about and has made blog entries in the past that eerily match up to my own experiences over the past 5 months or so. This piece in particular was distressingly on point with my own experiences regarding a series of dreams/visions I had around the published time period that were overwhelming and inexplicable to me at the time.”

Thank you for your time,


My own sudden Ascension Kundalini Process activation began February 1999, and was equally as intense in its own ways as this womans, but mine was and continues to be slightly different because I’m a Forerunner, Wayshower, Embodier First Everything-er of the NEW Light and NEW higher frequency evolutionary Codes. 

Pain, fear, trauma, shock, confusion, self-doubt, negative beings, psychic attacks, higher expanded states of bliss and visions etc. are universal when experienced by humans; intense to the nearly incomprehensible extreme and entirely isolating in its outside the accepted reality box that old lower frequency human patriarchal consciousness, society, the Big Pharma medical machine and all other matching frequency realities and humans clings to as the one and only truth.

But such is the Dark Night of the Soul, and when a person is suddenly activated by the current evolutionary Ascension Process (AP) to evolve into much more than what they have been in all ways, it’s a harrowing and usually lengthy process that literally transforms every person that lives it. Physical, emotional, mental, energetic, cellular, spiritual, psychic and consciousness evolution from as low, extreme and negative a level of Duality and Duality consciousness and external reality and life on a prison planet that global humanity has existed in for thousands of years, up to what’s happening in 2017 and beyond, which is Humanities Global Dark Night of the Soul, is serious and difficult for everyone no matter which different energetic Stair-step (level and phase) each of us are currently at within this evolutionary process.

This is not a little bit of evolution, not a little bit of progress and change for people and the global human collective, but a massive unimaginable evolutionary leap from complete darkness and global negativity, duality, separation, dis-empowerment, corruption, distortions, lies about everything, weakness and sickness in all ways up to, humanity evolving from negativity, darkness and total separation in all ways up to Light and Unity in all ways individually and collectively. This great of an evolutionary leap as what humanity, Earth and beyond is currently experiencing requires equally large and dramatic individual and species-wide evolutionary changes, growth, repeated releasing of all old lower frequency patriarchal everything and constant evolutionary expanding into the NEW higher frequency Light and matching levels of consciousness, physical body, life and external reality.

And if that weren’t a big enough evolutionary leap, it’s happening in our current lifetimes, as in just one I mean! And it hurts physically, emotionally, mentally and in every other way one can think of. This is to be expected however when individuals—and now global humanity—experience living the Alchemical transformations personally. In late 2017, this living Alchemical Ascension Process is being experienced by global humanity, ready or not, believe in it or not. Earth too is shaking, quaking, erupting, flooding, burning and being torn apart repeatedly by hurricanes, tornadoes, storms and all types of elemental extremes. This is part of the Ascension Process as well because Earth/Gaia has ascended too and is still living this process. We’re all in this fully now and together.

I could talk on and on about the Ascension Process (AP) and the Embodiment Process (EP), which is what the Forerunners have been doing since the start of the AP decades ago. We Embody the NEW Light and Codes first in our physical bodies then anchor them into the physical dimension and ascending Earth world for humanity coming along behind us.

However, what’s most important for the people new to the evolutionary Ascension Process and information about it, is that they realize what it is and that it’s happening globally and not just to them like some weird, isolated case of craziness and extreme. People need to know that they’re not alone in all this, which is why Ascension teachers like me and certain others have written about, documented what we’ve been personally experiencing, learning, discovering and remembering about all of this online for over a decade. Just knowing that these painful and often terrifying physical, astral, etheric, paranormal, supernatural experiences are “normal” during compressed periods of evolution such as what’s happening now makes it easier to deal with. Just knowing too that the old lower frequency and consciousness patriarchal country/countries falling apart now in accelerated ways is due to the Ascension Process makes things a bit less stressful as well.

Evolving—mind you in one lifetime—from a carbon-based, ego-centered human with separated Duality consciousness and external reality and life to, a crystalline-based, HighHeart-centered human with Triality frequency, consciousness and growing external reality and life of Light that exist within a higher frequency and higher dimensional level of being, consciousness and external physical reality is nearly impossible to wrap one’s brain around. It gets easier the deeper into the AP one travels however but at first what most people experience, feel, think, dream, see, hear, smell, encounter is so bizarre, so incredible, supernatural and absolutely nightmarish at times while utterly blissful at other times that the whole business is often way too much. Too much until you read about another person’s experiences with the AP and/or the EP processes then the entire “craziness” and severity suddenly takes on a very different meaning. It doesn’t immediately remove all the ultra-weirdness and pains and pressures compressed evolution causes, but it does help a great deal to know that one is NOT alone in all this and that in fact it’s normal for what’s happening to humanity and the planet and beyond now.

When you honestly think about the bottom of the barrel darkness and negativity that humanity has existed in for thousands of years and that suddenly all that begins Alchemically transmuting all their accumulated dank old “Lead” into vastly higher frequency “Gold”, then much of the over-the-top personal experiences of transmutation people go through takes on a different intensity and overall heartfelt respect from the reader of such things. Is it any wonder that most people evolving now suddenly find themselves repeatedly purging their guts, hearts, minds, bodies, bowels and psyches out for months and/or years? Not really. This is one HUGE evolutionary shift we’re talking about and living.

Is it any wonder that some people suddenly experiencing the AP would look, act, sound, talk and behave like they never have before? Not really. I remember the first decade of my AP and how obvious it was to strangers that something was wrong with me” because I looked so strange, red-hot, toxic, angry, sick and borderline deranged at times, not to mention fighting for my physical life and soul at times as well. Those who go first (Forerunners) encounter the swift and automatic countermeasures from Team Dark — negative nonphysical beings, aliens, entities and Portal People physical humans that are puppets of the nonphysical, nonhuman aliens and beings etc.— in a long attempt to stop us, derail us, drive us mad or kill us.

At first all this is about clearing out all the accumulated density, negativity and separation etc. we’ve each collected on our lengthy travels through physical incarnations across time on Earth and elsewhere. As if that weren’t enough however, as the old lower everything is being removed from each of us in every way imaginable by evolutionary Light and much more, we also go through the equally painful and confusing process of Embodying the NEW higher frequency Light and NEW Light Codes. So first it’s out with the old lower stuff and very quickly after that, often simultaneously actually, it’s in with the NEW higher stuff so the whole AP becomes one big ongoing mashup of ugly negativity and density being purged while Divine NEW Light and other marvels and glorious freedom enters, and you just feel all beat-up and exhausted for a good long while. Again, this is normal so fear not and just keep living The Process as willingly as you’re capable of. Surrender to it in other words because it hurts less to do so and these processes can unfold within you more quickly when you stop resisting or fighting or being in fear and self-doubt over all that you and your body and central nervous system are going through.

Thanks again to D****** for allowing me to share her email with the rest of you. Light is information so the more Light we all share with one another the more consciousness is lifted higher and expanded, and everyone benefits from that. ❤

Denise Le Fay

September 24, 2017

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Additional NEW Template Layer Added

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In October 2022, I began clairvoyantly Seeing another layer of the NEW Divine Mother Feminine energy template for ascending NEW Earth and NEW Humans rapidly heading towards us. The way I perceived this second energy template layer late last year, was Seeing it far away and approaching us very fast. It came from On High, not from far out in physical space. It looks like a massive, deep BLUE energy layer that’s the latest addition to the NEW Divine Mother Feminine reality template.

In October 2022 I found myself dealing with some new physical body purging difficulties I wrote about (link below) and again in December 2022. This hasn’t stopped for me since 2022 and I know some of you have been going through this constantly too since late last year.

2022 Purge Work of Ancient Negative Divine Mother Distortions

The late 2022 approaching deep BLUE Divine Mother Feminine next template layer was first felt by some of us as another stage of multidimensional negativity distortions being cleared, transmuted, neutralized and replaced by this NEW template layer. Out with more of the old negativity and simultaneous embodiment and anchoring of another layer of NEW Humans NEW Earth energy template.

This is now a single energy happening, not a long drawn-out 1 – 2 Duality punch process as it often felt to many during Phase 1 of the evolutionary Ascension Process. We’re in Triality frequency now, and one of the many aspects of it for First Everythinger Volunteers is things present to and in us now as a single ONE event/happening/experience/process. One big hit-you-hard-at-first event that becomes easier the more we embody and/or Embody. Even my saying that in this linear, one word following another word form isn’t altogether correct.

(1) You know how you can feel things getting better inside you, your consciousness and your physical body? (2) You know how you feel things feeling worse inside you, your consciousness and your physical body? (3) You know how they now feel like ONE and the same thing while the transmuting, clearing, purging shift process is taking place? That fellow ascension co-workers is you functioning in and feeling Triality frequency instead of lower everything-is separated-from-everything-else Duality frequency, consciousness and reality. Don’t forget this because everything is going to increasingly be and feel like this—no longer separated and linear—but a single more complex Triality-based experience, life, reality and consciousness.

Have you seen the 2023 Oscar Best Picture movie Everything Everywhere All At Once, yet? When I saw it, my first surprised thought was how like my ascension Volunteer life reality it was in that SO MUCH was happening ALL AT ONCE from different dimensions, different timelines, alternate lives, past lives, worlds, consciousnesses and probabilities and this Denise version is the one doing the Pathpaving for it/them all. Can you relate ascension Volunteers, Starseeds, Lightworking, Embodying Energy Transmuters? We should all place a single plastic adhesive googly eye over our Pituitary Third Eye Seer foreheads!

I was surprised a complex movie like it was even made, however, when physical linear time has been continuously speeding up the past twenty-five years and global humanity has been living that, plus NEW world reality energy templates and additional layers are being added to ascending NEW Earth for NEW Humans, some individuals are going to sense these things at deep inner levels and attempt to creatively externalize them. There are important reasons why this particular movie won the 2023 Oscar Best Picture. Humanity needs to become conscious of the fact that they’re multidimensional beings and “reality” is far more complex, malleable, and creative than previously believed.

I’ve mentioned this before but it needs repeating. The NEW Divine Mother Feminine Triality-based energy template of ascending NEW Earth for NEW Humans will continue having additional NEW template layers added to it. The NEW Divine Mother Feminine energy template blueprint didn’t come in completely finished right from the start. The first massive energy foundation framework of it arrived in the physical in 2022. And as has always been the case with this compressed evolutionary Ascension Process, it unfolds bit-by-bit, layer-by-layer, embodiment chunk-by-embodiment chunk.

Even doing it in this safer incremental fashion, we still get hammered by nearly every energy addition, whether it comes from On High, from the Milky Way galactic center (GC), through our Sun, other Stars, galaxies, Angelic beings and so on. Because evolving rapidly as we are while remaining in our physical bodies is a very big and difficult deal, the Ascension Process HAS to unfold a little at a time, so we and our physical bodies survive it and Earth isn’t ripped apart by it either. And so, layer after layer after layer of more energy template layers will continue being added to the NEW Divine Mother Feminine energy template. So far, it’s been one a year, but I sense this will quicken if those of us Embodying and embodying first can cope with internal and external energies and realities changing even faster than they have been. We can and will because we’re functioning from, living within, existing and Working from Triality frequency. That was my version of a big hearts up about these NEW template layer additions this year. It may be only this deep BLUE one, but I keep sensing the strong possibility for another layer arriving at some point after July 2023. While I typed that I perceived, there may be two smaller template layers arriving in the months after July 2023. 

Some of the side effects from this deep BLUE template layer addition I’m experiencing have been a greater inner calm and fixedness, greater energy strength, greater energy empowerment, greater self-confidence because I’m more Embodied Soul ME now than I was prior. This latest early 2023 greater Embodiment unification is undeniable. If you’re living it yourself, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. As I’ve said over the years, this ongoing Embodiment Process some of us have chosen to undertake during this evolutionary Ascension Process not only dramatically changes us, but it quickens the Ascension Process as well. The less separation between physical you/Higher Self You/Soul YOU there is, the greater your personal unity Triality becomes and that profoundly changes and improves everything everywhere all at once. 

This latest deep BLUE template layer has also made it easier to embody, circulate, and consciously direct the NEW Light energies and codes within our physical and energy bodies, HighHearts and consciousness much faster. It’s astonishing to experience in and through my physical body and HighHeart Self, the building and physical level manifesting of ascending NEW Humans and NEW Earth.

I’ve always known that the more Team Dark negativity and distortions that’s removed during this Universal evolutionary Ascension Process, the easier and faster it would be having the next higher level of Divine Source energy templates automatically put in place throughout the dimensions and worlds. In other words, remove the past Evolutionary Cycle’s Duality monsters and we’re automatically evolved, ascended to the next higher Cycle. This is what’s happening in very accelerated ways since Phase 2 of the Ascension Process began in January 2020, and it will continue accelerating from here on out. Each additional NEW template layer added to the Divine Mother Feminine NEW energy template for ascending NEW Humans, NEW Earth accelerates both the end of the old lower everything and the implementation and manifestation of ascending NEW Earth.

Denise Le Fay

April 2, 2023

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Playing the Long Game

In my March 1, 2023 article I talked about Saturn entering Pisces and Pluto entering Aquarius this month. Here however, I want to talk exclusively about a deeper and much longer part of the current entrance of Pluto into Aquarius. As previously mentioned, transiting Pluto will be in Aquarius for the next 20.2 years, with no further retrogrades back into Capricorn from November 2024 through January 2044.

Transiting Pluto was in Cancer from 1914 through 1938.

Transiting Pluto was in Leo from 1939 through 1957.

Transiting Pluto was in Virgo from 1957 through 1972.

The Pluto in Leo generation are called ‘Baby Boomers’ because of all the sexual celebrating let’s call it that took place with the Pluto in Cancer WW2 (1939 to 1945) people. I was born December 23, 1951, making me a Baby Boomer and my natal Pluto is in Leo.

Evolving Humanity

“The longest Pluto transit of our lives will also be the most unusual. Nobody has lived through Pluto in Aquarius consciously, as it last happened in 1778, and Pluto was not discovered until 1930.”

Eric Francis Coppolino, Planet Waves, March 2023

This is true as humanity isn’t influenced by a planet until it’s time for them to evolve more, expand their consciousness, and start integrating the energies of a newly discovered planet. Such is the case with transiting Pluto in Aquarius starting March 24, 2023.

In the case of Pluto, humanity wasn’t conscious of Pluto and influenced by its energies until it was physically discovered in 1930. A planet’s discovery is the external physical clue that humanity will, from that point forward, begin becoming conscious of it, work towards integrating its energies and constantly living in its influences. And so, this transit of Pluto in Aquarius from 2023–2044 is a similar situation; it is an entirely NEW conscious energy influence on evolving, ascending global humanity.

What I find interesting about this from the evolutionary Ascension Process perspective is that humanity is going directly into these “new” energies of transiting Pluto in Aquarius from a higher evolutionary level than they would have in old pre-ascension times. As stated, humanity will be experiencing this Pluto in Aquarius transit as evolving NEW Humans, not as pre-ascension lower-level humans of our recent past. That alone is a substantially huge deal for every one of us individually and collectively as we evolve more, and our external physical reality rapidly changes because of it.

Transiting Pluto in Aquarius & the Volunteers with Natal Pluto in Leo

Leo & Aquarius Ages – from A Lightworker’s Mission: The Journey Through Polarity Resolution (2010), Denise Le Fay

As if that isn’t enough of an evolutionary mindblower for global humanity, I’m going to go one more step with this Pluto in Aquarius transit. I want to talk about something I’ve been perceiving for many ascension years that’s another layer to this 2023–2044 Pluto Aquarius transit. I want to cover its connection back to the beginning of the astrological AGE of Leo.

Leo/Aquarius, Aquarius/Leo are opposite astrological signs and Ages. This is important to keep in heartmind—an accurate keyword for ascending Leo (HighHeart) and Aquarius (high mind, higher consciousness)—as you read this.

One Precession through all of the astrological Ages takes just under 26,000 years. Half of the Precession is about 12,500+ years long. Each individual Age is just over 2,100+ years long. It’s believed by some that only the Ages of Leo and Aquarius take place in a section of space where one of numerous massive 7D Photon Bands of Light exist, while the rest of the Ages all take place outside of this (our) locations band in what’s called the ‘Galactic Night’.


The left image is the Milky Way galaxy, the right image represents the 7D Photon Bands of Light. In your mind’s eye, superimpose the Photon Bands of Light image over the one of the Milky Way galaxy and you’ll have a correct picture. The Photon Bands of 7D Light originate from the black hole Galactic Center of the Milky Way galaxy. They span the entire width of the Milky Way, but the entire galaxy is not constantly in one of these numerous Photon Bands of Light. Lengthy orbits move stars, suns and planets etc. into and out of one of them at different times. Some stars are continuously in one of these many Photon Bands of Light, such as Alcyon in the Pleiades cluster.

Accelerated Ascension: Life On The Cosmic Road

I believe this to be true based on my personal past life memories, one of which was at the very beginning of the Age of Leo about 13,000 years ago in ancient Egypt. Some 13,000 years later I write this in this life and time of ascension at the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. Some of you reading this were also deliberated incarnated in ancient Egypt and other important locations on the planet around 13,000 years ago. What goes around comes around and we’re very much “there” now.

What I just said was linear and based on the past old lower cycles prior to the current evolutionary Ascension Process. For those of us alive today and ready to utilize the present intense cleansing clean slating Aquarian Age 7D Photon Light, are evolving up and out of that lower cycle and on to higher NEW levels. Not everyone is currently ready to do this now however, so the old lower precessional cycle exists for them until they are ready to utilize the two astrological Ages of Leo and Aquarius when our solar system orbits into the Photon Band of Light again. The entire school isn’t obliterated because one graduating class leaves. The graduating class is harvested and evolves, ascends up and out of that frequency range and into a higher next level and state of being. Those that aren’t ready or willing to change and evolve now remain in the lower frequency of the precessional astrological Ages cycle until they are. Or maybe something totally different will take place this time…?

When the great call went out across the dimensions and cosmos for ‘Volunteers’ to incarnate to help with the approaching Universal Ascension Process—which I’ve had conscious memory of my volunteering for since the mid-1980s—many of us that volunteered to incarnate on physical Earth to help, did so through multiple lives, not just this current one. Many of these Volunteers had very deliberate and strategic past lives in different times on Earth in different countries to not only gain a quick grasp of physical human life at those energy levels, but also to do certain ascension energy Work in each of them to assist the version that’s incarnate now living the actual Ascension Process and Separation of Worlds shifts to ascending NEW Earth for NEW Humans. Every past life I have conscious memory of have all been to aid this Denise me incarnate now during the physical Ascension Process to bring up the rear, bring it HOME and anchor this massive evolutionary Universal undertaking as best as I can. Think of a relay race and each runner doing their part before handing off the baton to the next runner in their group. The ascension Volunteers are much the same, except non-linearly, and have had different past lives scattered all over physical Earth during different astrological Ages to help themselves and help those of us incarnate now.

In this particular case, some of the Volunteers deliberately had past lives in ancient Egypt and other advanced places on Earth around the beginning of the Age of Leo, 13,000 years ago. Some of those Volunteers are incarnate now and have been living, transmuting, purging, clearing, embodying higher energies, Embodying Soul, and Working with Light energies since the Ascension Process started physically on Earth around 1998–1999. Many of them are currently elder Volunteers, WW2 Baby Boomers (1939–1945) born with their natal Pluto’s in Leo (1939–1957).

What I’ve perceived for years has to do with these now senior Volunteers with natal Pluto in Leo and the entrance of transiting Pluto into Aquarius on March 24, 2023. This is no accident or coincidence but a deliberate astrological energy connection we made from Soul level before we incarnated as ascension Volunteers. Many, not all of course but many of the Volunteer elder seniors now in our 60s, 70s, and 80s with natal Pluto in Leo have been Playing the Long Game, Playing the Long Ascension Game from the point in the 26,000-yearlong precession cycle when Earth entered the Photon Band of Light 13,000 years ago at the start of the Age of Leo. From Soul level we made certain to incarnate at the beginning of the Age of Leo 13,000 years ago, and we made certain to incarnate at the beginning of the Age of Aquarius 13,000 years later when the Sun, Earth and rest of our solar system started inching deeper and further into the Photon Band of Light.

[This time at the start of the Age of Aquarius, Earth entered our area’s single Photon Band of Light on Spring Equinox 1987. Harmonic Convergence happened August 1987. Since December 2012 Solstice, Earth has been in the Photon Band of 7D Light continuously. We continue orbiting further into it. This is why the Sun has changed color from yellow-gold to silvery-white.]

Some of the now elder ascension Volunteers intentionally incarnated when Pluto was in Leo (1939–1957) to have that specific energy template natally in their physical bodies, hearts, HighHearts and consciousness to further aid them in Playing the Ascension Long Game, especially when Pluto enters Aquarius March 24, 2023, for the first time consciously in humanity. None of this is by chance but deliberate, highly complex, Soul-level pre-incarnational ascension Volunteer considerations so we’d have what we needed energetically astrologically in each incarnation in the different astrological Ages during the past 26,000-yearlong cycle. And dear fellow senior Volunteers, you thought Retirement Time was close at hand! You certainly can if you want of course, but a great number of us will opt to complete our complex involvements in Playing the Long Ascension Game in our current, and now elderly lives.

Pluto excels at taking each of us—willingly or otherwise—repeatedly down into the “Underworld” of our subconscious. At first, it’s terrifying, but with repeated trips it becomes easier and less traumatic until eventually you find it an exciting challenge to go on another Plutonian deep dive into darkness to excavate, retrieve, clear, transmute and transcend whatever it is. Said slightly differently, Pluto is how each of us have been cleaning out, clearing, transmuting and transcending our personal Underworld subconscious basements of our plentiful stuff (wounds, fears, issues etc.) we’ve tried to ignore all our lives and/or lifetimes throughout this past 26,000-year cycle. It was Pluto that had certain ascension Volunteers cleaning incomprehensibly filthy public bathrooms in dreamtime for years. It was Pluto that had certain other ascension Volunteers going back in time across 26,000 years’ worth of dark human history to transmute the evil, violence, wars, rapes, tortures and murders done by humans to humans for Ages and Ages. It’s been Pluto pushing the ascension Volunteers to see, feel, deal with, heal, transmute and transcend the darkness done throughout the lengthy ‘Galactic Night’ astrological Ages that humanity did to humanity and Earth, and that Team Dark did to humanity and Earth. It’s been Pluto, Lord of the Underworld that’s reinforced those ascension Volunteers capable of doing that awful ascension energy Work to repeatedly go into the residual 26,000-yearlong Dark of 3D physical and 4D astral filth, energetic obscenities, historic crime scenes, global human suffering and etheric entrapments to do ascension LIGHTWORK.

When your natal Pluto is in Leo, which ruled the physical heart in the past lower level but now rules the ascended HighHeart, it’s a bit easier to do such profoundly horrible energy transmuting LIGHTWORK for humanity. Natal Pluto in Leo in ascending, Embodied Soul infused, individually crystal-clear Volunteers provides the HighHeart abilities and psychological strength and endurance to do prolonged negative energy Work and not have it destroy or break you in any way.

We’ve come from Duality frequency, consciousness and external physical reality for far longer than just the past 26,000 precessional years. In Duality reality, ascension Volunteers have needed to energetically Work in a whole hell of a lot of negativity to break it up and incrementally transmute and transcend it. This we’ve done throughout Phase 1 of the Ascension Process (1998 through December 2019). Now in Phase 2, we’re no longer in Duality frequency but healed, integrated and transcended Triality frequency and consciousness. The past Universal Duality-based Team Dark archonic battles have been between Dark and Light, between Service to Self and Service to Others, between ascending and descending people and worlds, between negative nonhumans and certain humans. It’s reached the final Separation of Worlds point now and Pluto continues leading the way along with Saturn in Pisces as of March 7, 2023.

To me, Pluto entering Aquarius now is the absolute cutoff point between those who currently are willing to change and utilize these amazing evolutionary Light energies and those who aren’t. There is no either/or with Pluto, it’s total destruction and total renewal, especially now that we’ve evolved to Triality frequency and ascending NEW Earth for NEW Humans.

What may seem to be at odds with what I just said is everything that’s coming for the USA, and rest of the world too. As we already know, there’s a lot of diehard patriarchal Piscean Age crazies that want to continue ruling the world and everyone on it. I’ve already talked about how Saturn in Pisces is the end of Piscean Age patriarchal and Team Dark “Church”, and how Pluto in Aquarius is the end of “State”. These diehards won’t surrender to evolution no matter what, so there’s some ascension years of seriously heavy-duty Plutonian Aquarian and Saturnian Piscean reality steamrolling that’s just begun via these two planets’ sign changes in March 2023. Personally, I don’t care about this after all I’ve already been through as a Lightworker Volunteer, a now elder Volunteer. It’s going to get uglier than it has been for a long time already, but that’s because the Separation of Worlds—the ascending one from the descending one—will unfold quickly now that Saturn’s in Pisces and Pluto’s in Aquarius. For those Volunteers who’ve been on Humanity Shit Detail Work throughout Phase 1 of the Ascension Process, this year and the next couple have absolutely nothing on any of you! Stay in your HighHearts and let the Triality-based Plutonian Aquarian and Saturnian Piscean evolutionary reality steamrolling do what they now will. For those elder Volunteers with natal Pluto in Leo, this is when and where you, me, we do the Work of completing our 26,000 and/or 13,000-yearlong personal ascension Long Game contracts in these elder bodies. Our natal Pluto’s in Leo help our Volunteer HighHearts stabilize ascending humanity coming into conscious contact with transiting Pluto in Aquarius and be evolved into NEW Humans of NEW Earth.

If you know some about the old lowly negative possibilities of Pluto in Aquarius, then you know there’s been a strong push to create heartless, mindless, permanently soul disconnected, AI type tech humans during the Age of Aquarius. It’s Team Dark’s Aquarian Age goal to finally be able to completely disconnect humanity from their Source-given Divinity. Nevertheless, that won’t happen to, in, or through humans currently in the process of becoming ascending NEW Humans of NEW Earth. Clean your personal Plutonian Underworld basement to become energetically transparent (free and clear) so you can embody higher, faster, greater frequency Light and currently ascend to a NEW higher level of existence. Or not and go around the 26,000-yearlong cycle again or multiple times. There are some—I’m going to call them “etheric triage rehab facilities”—for people that need greater help with damages incurred during their life/lives lived in the extreme darkness and negativity of the past 26,000-yearlong cycle. Like after wars on physical Earth, there are physical triage centers that help people with their physical and psychological wounds. The same is true etherically, especially so at the end of lengthy cycles like the 26,000-yearlong one and others we’ve gone through in these ascension lives. Many people dying now will spend some etheric time in one or another of these etheric triage rehab centers to receive help with the severe traumas and damages they’ve incurred from the negativity of this past precessional and galactic cycles.

The other aspect of all this is about the elder Volunteers with natal Pluto in Leo who’ve been Playing the Long Ascension Game during the entire past 26,000 years and/or during half of it starting at the Age of Leo 13,000 years ago. Either way (and there are more options to this than I’ve gone into here), you’ve been Playing the Ascension Long Game and now find yourselves at the end of your ascension Volunteer Soul contract as Saturn and Pluto change signs at this point in the Universal Ascension Process. For many of us elders, this 20.2-yearlong Pluto in Aquarius transit will be our final years in these ascension Volunteer lives. Complete your mission with a grand HighHeart flare. Do not misunderstand or underestimate your Individual importance in the Pluto Leo ⇔ Pluto Aquarius ascension energies, Ages, past/present lives and timings. Sit and beam Plutonian Leonine HighHeart LOVELight elder Volunteers for ascending humanity now having to consciously embody and live from the NEW Human frequency of NEW Earth that transiting Pluto in Aquarius and Saturn in Pisces are putting in place.

Also, the potential exists for some elder Volunteers with natal Pluto in Leo to, at some point in these next 20.2 years of transiting Pluto in Aquarius and our experiencing transiting Pluto Opposition natal Pluto for the first and only time, transcend and intentionally dematerialize their physical body. Some of us have done this at some point or points in the past 26,000-year cycle in incarnate human male bodies, and some of us are desirous of completing this level for ourselves by doing the same now in our incarnate human female bodies. You shouldn’t need me to fill in the blanks with this one as it’s fairly obvious. That said, keep in HeartMind that it is a potential, a personal choice and not mandatory.

Besides the fact that we Boomers with natal Pluto in Leo are now elders and beyond exhausted from living the Ascension Long Game, many of us will at some point in these 20.2 Pluto in Aquarius transit years be dying. I can already feel the energetic pull to “retire” but I’m going to physically hang in here for as long as I sense I’m needed to assist with the evolutionary Ascension Process. I want to complete my personal Playing the Ascension Long Game Volunteer Soul contract, not that the heavens would explode if I deviated from that. Besides just our physical ages, more of us elder natal Pluto in Leo Volunteers will be dying and exiting during this Pluto in Aquarius transit. How we die and how we exist is up to us as we’re still Working on a larger, longer playing field. Something to keep in HighHeartMind from here on out.

Ascended Aquarian Uranian High Mind, High Consciousness is permanently integrated with the ascended Leo Sun HighHeart. This makes for an evolved NEW Human that functions and perceives from their Individual HighHeart Center and Higher Consciousness and Awareness.

Denise Le Fay

March 15, 2023

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Saturn & Pluto Change Signs March 2023

There are some extremely important astrological sign changes—astrological energy templates—happening in March 2023 I want to talk about from the Ascension Process NEW Earth NEW Human level. Please keep that in heartmind as you read this. We no longer exist in the old lower Duality frequencies so astrology in general needs to be understood from this higher octave of growing human consciousness and existence. Astrology is changing because humanity is evolving. And believe me, Saturn entering PISCES and Pluto entering AQUARIUS in March 2023, at this high frequency level and Phase 2 of the evolutionary Ascension Process, will prompt global humanity to come to terms with this fact one way or another.

•December 21, 2022 Jupiter entered 0°Aries on the Winter Solstice initiating the start of a new higher frequency 12-yearlong cycle around the zodiac.

•March 7, 2023 Saturn enters Pisces

•March 20, 2023 Sun enters 0°Aries Vernal Equinox

•March 21, 2023 New Moon at 0°Aries 50′

•March 24, 2023 Pluto enters Aquarius

•March 26, 2023 Mars enters Cancer

It is the Saturn and Pluto sign change transits I’m primarily focused on. And I’m focusing on them for the same reason I focused on the January 2020 Saturn Pluto Capricorn Conjunction that kicked off Phase 2 of the Ascension Process, activated the Divine Cease & Desist Order that’s still in effect, and everything else that began unfolding in January 2020. In 2023, it continues to be Saturn and Pluto working together to eradicate the lower frequency patriarchal everything and bring about the higher NEW energy templates and cycles for ascending NEW Humans and NEW Earth.

The Saturn in Pisces transit will end old global patriarchal “Church” and the Pluto in Aquarius transit will end old global patriarchal “State”. 

March 2023 two heavyweight planets change signs. The first is Saturn into Pisces on March 7, 2023. The second is Pluto into Aquarius two weeks later. Saturn does NOT retrograde back into Aquarius but remains in Pisces from March 7, 2023 through February 2026. It takes Saturn 2½–3 years to transit one zodiacal sign. Because Saturn doesn’t retrograde back into Aquarius early in this sign change, the energy influences of Saturn in Pisces—in the higher NEW Human, NEW Earth energy template and matching frequencies and codes—will hit hard right from the start. This is good, very good despite the challenging reality side effects it will cause globally.

My first sense about transiting Saturn in Pisces for these next 2½–3 ascension years was — here comes the long-awaited end of the profound negativity done globally throughout the 2,100+ yearlong astrological Age of Pisces. This is going to hurt some much more than others. This is what you get when you believe your God is the only true God but don’t have the conscious wherewithal and spiritual maturity to discern if that’s even true or who your “God” actually is plus believe you have carte blanche to terrorize, control, murder, subject and force others around the world to accept your religious zealotry for 2,100-plus years.

The Patriarchal Duality Fish are dead, long live the free Triality Waves.

From March 2023–February 2026, transiting Saturn in Pisces demands each of us take full personal responsibility (Saturn) for our personal spirituality (Pisces). The Christian get out of jail free card of the past Piscean Age no longer exists, it never did, which humanity will now coldly discover. People can no longer “sin”, lie, steal, cheat, rape, war, kill, brutalize, suppress and abuse females, vandalize etc. then go to church and have religious patriarchal males absolve you of your responsibility. This negativity has made it disastrously easy for people to not learn and grow but continue doing what they have or worse throughout their lives. Sounds exactly like what “God” would want humans to do, right?

A person has to learn to honestly deal with physical reality Saturn energies and repeatedly face the varied responsibilities it brings each of us. Once a person has honestly accomplished that, they gain much more conscious and direct energetic access to the “outer planets” beyond physical reality Saturn — Chiron, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto. The “outer planets” frequencies carry higher levels of consciousness, awareness, conscious access to other realities and dimensions and to have interactions and experiences with them. Now, who and what would want humanity to be prevented from accessing higher levels of consciousness, personal empowerment, higher frequency energies and abilities? It sure isn’t “God”, but Team Dark who’ve duped humanity into believing they were God and gods. Now go to church, get on your Capricorn Saturnian knees and be absolved of your responsibilities, of Saturn and your personal ability to access the outer planets frequencies and levels and much more. I’ll go one more step with this and ask you, which of the planets in our solar system was intentionally inverted and portrayed as satanic during the Age of Pisces? It was Saturn.

Transiting Saturn in Pisces from March 2023 through February 2026 will permanently end the past 2,100+years of deliberate inversion distortions done to humanity and human consciousness throughout the Age of Pisces via the main three patriarchal world religions. The human religious contortions from this evolutionary change will be something to witness, as will the transit of Pluto in Aquarius.

Piscean Age main world religions and global governments, political and dictatorship controls over humanity have expired. These two planets’ transits in Pisces and Aquarius, in these higher frequencies, will rapidly remove the old thoroughly corrupted patriarchal Piscean Age Neptune and opposite sign Virgo the Virgin consciousness and systems globally. Remember in January 2020 when Saturn and Pluto made that single Conjunction in Capricorn? Look at what all has happened and changed since that Saturn Pluto Capricorn conjunction! Saturn and Pluto changing signs in March 2023 are a higher-level continuation of this rapid evolutionary Ascension Process and global clean slating of the past Age of Pisces Neptune and all that went with it over the past 2,100+ years.

NEW Divine Father Masculine & the Capricorn Saturn Pluto Conjunction

From Capricorn Lead to Diamonds

2022 & 2023: The Final Years of Pluto in Capricorn

Transiting Saturn in Pisces will force humanity to become consciously aware that they can no longer use Neptune—ruler of the sign Pisces and the Age of Pisces—to “escape” through drink, drugs, religious inversions, religious zealotry, emotional body manipulations, delusions, deceptions, self-deception, spiritual delusions of grandeur, power over others delusions of grandeur, energy and financial parasitism, patriarchal elitism, the horrors of global negativity and greed done to other humans and females, animals, Earth’s water and air and its surface and underground.

From Piscean Age Big Pharma pharmaceuticals to opposite sign Virgo the Virgin foods and grains, Big Oil and all else who’ve greedily used and abused, controlled and become incomprehensibly wealthy and powerful during the Age of Pisces Neptune energies will now experience the end of those systems and control over global humanity. Religious, spiritual, new age, ascension and disclosure frauds, cons and self-deluded individuals with delusions of spiritual grandeur will no longer be able to dupe evolving humanity. The three-yearlong Saturn in Pisces transit will reveal these people, one after another, for all to finally realize they are not what they’ve claimed and/or believed themselves to be. Understand, this is more about you than them so learn, discern and grow through this extremely important transit.

Some negative patriarchal people have known that it won’t be the Age of Pisces forever (many others don’t know this) and because they’ve known, have been sinking their greedy controlling claws into the new Age of Aquarius Uranus energies for the past many decades. Things like Big Media, Big Tech, Big Communications, creators of mental body control devices like virtual realities, AI, Big Medical Tech transhumanism factories, negative internet, social media, virtual violence gaming and more. Same old negativity and greed, just in the hurried process of changing external Age costumes these past 50-some years to utilize the incoming new astrological Age energy changes. However, what most of them don’t know is that this Age change from Neptunian Pisces to Uranian Aquarius is taking place at a higher frequency and level, which means they and their old tactics won’t pan out or last as they did in the old lower frequencies and consciousness of our all to recent pasts.

The time of giving all your personal power, abilities, consciousness, emotional needs, blindly accepting force-fed patriarchal reality definitions, your ability to directly commune with Source/God/Mother God/Father God/Nature over to other people, governments, religions, political and religious leaders, systems and ETs unknowingly or knowingly is over. The evolving NEW Humans of NEW Earth are like kids who’ve just turned 21 and are having to learn how to be an adult, an adult in Earth society and an adult in Universal society.

All the things that humanity has refused to take personal responsibility (Saturn) for in themselves for whatever the reasons throughout the Age of Pisces now have to. Saturn in Pisces and Pluto in Aquarius starting in March 2023, are going to seriously and continuously pressure every human alive to rapidly mature into ascending NEW Human “young adulthood” to become vibrationally compatible with and capable of existence on ascending NEW Earth. This includes always being personally responsible, honestly aware of Self and all others, energetically sovereign, Duality and negative ego transcended, energetically embodied, empowered in evolved ways, and aware that Self is an individuated aspect of Divine Source and existing as such. Own it because you now must, we all now must because it’s the next evolutionary step for evolving, ascending humans.

There are plenty of other personal things about transiting Saturn in Pisces and there are many excellent astrologers and sites to get more personal information about this transit. But as I said at the top, I’m talking about the Saturn in Pisces and Pluto in Aquarius transits from the Ascension Process and evolving NEW Human, NEW Earth perspective.

The second heavyweight energy template pattern sign change is Pluto entering Aquarius March 24, 2023. Unlike Saturn that moves through one zodiacal sign in 2½–3 years’ time, Pluto takes approximately 20.2 years in one zodiacal sign. 284+ years around the zodiacal wheel. Twenty years in one sign is a whole generation of incarnating souls born with Pluto in the same sign, same energies, in this case, Aquarius. More personally for those of us here already, we’re looking at life for the next 20.2 years with transiting Pluto in Aquarius. In my case and many of the other ascension elders, we’ll most likely spend the rest of our lives with transiting Pluto in Aquarius.

As mentioned above, transiting Saturn in Pisces does NOT retrograde back into Aquarius but remains in Pisces from March 7th. This is not the case with Pluto however as it DOES retrograde back into Capricorn for months in 2023 and 2024. It isn’t until November 19, 2024, that Pluto remains in Aquarius through 2044. (The next USA presidential election happens November 5, 2024, is sworn in on January 20, 2024, the day the Sun enters Aquarius.)

The approaching Pluto in Aquarius energies have already been causing humanity to excavate, externalize and express long suppressed Plutonian Underworld (subconscious) feelings and issues and finally give voice to them in this higher Light. These feelings and issues have always been there, it’s now time for humanity to consciously purge them and feel heal deal and most importantly, release them.

For many years I’ve stressed how humanity is currently evolving out of mind control unthinking groupthink up to self-empowered, individually responsible, energetically sovereign, consciously and directly energetically connected with Source and Soul in their current physical bodies, HighHearts and consciousness. I’ve repeatedly stressed this because many believe the Uranian Age of Aquarius is about a higher groupthink Group situation when it is not. Yes, there’s a NEW club, the NEW Humans of NEW Earth frequency club, but entry into it requires each Individual be a specific elevated internal frequency rate and opposite sign Leo Sun HighHeart level to enter and exist on ascending NEW Earth. In the past pre-ascension times, anyone could join some group/tribe/clan/pack/gang and be absorbed into it and parasited by it. NEW Humans however must be self-responsible, high frequency Individuals for the NEW Aquarian Age Group to work at its highest and most pure. When each Individual is whole and “ONE” themselves, the Group becomes something else entirely. This is what the ascended high frequency Age of Aquarius Uranus / Leo Sun is all about.

Pluto in Aquarius for the next 20.2 years is about global humanity learning how to be leaderless, self-governing, self-regulating, empowered NEW Humans on an ascending high frequency planet I’ve been calling NEW Earth. Pluto in Aquarius is the end of anti-human humans’ controls over humanity.

As humanity quickly learns to take back their personal powers, responsibilities and consciousness, they’ll repeatedly find themselves directly facing their Plutonian Underworld stuff and junk they’ve long stored away in their subconscious basements. Humanity is going to be doing prodigious amounts of Plutonian deep sea diving expeditions into their subconscious basements to face fears and other unpleasant personal Dorian Gray type negativity they’ve avoided all their lives, usually because of certain religious beliefs, general fears, weaknesses and tenacious negative ego determined to keep its power and control no matter what.

The mandatory reasons for this rapid compressed global human maturing is because each person now has to excavate their Pluto subconscious basements to get themselves honestly free and clear. This is deep, direct ego transcending Pluto Work, and starting March 2023 when Pluto first enters Aquarius, global humanity will begin this mandatory process to continue evolving and become energetically, psychologically and emotionally capable of such vibrationally elevated existence on ascending NEW Earth.

To be leaderless, self-governing, self-regulating, empowered, ego transcended and honestly free and clear NEW Human Individuals, all residual dark subconscious Pluto stuff and junk in each of us must be removed by each of us. Not by someone you’ve paid and/or plan on paying to do energy work in you for you. Those expensive “new age” circumvent sidestep attempts don’t work with the evolutionary Ascension Process. What does work is you doing The Work on, in and through yourself, your body, your subconscious Pluto basement and everywhere else that must be cleared by you and you alone.

Just like you couldn’t buy your way into old Piscean Age heaven, neither can you pay someone to do Aquarian Age ascension energy work on you to reach NEW Human frequency.
To become a NEW Human you have to do the internal Work yourself because it is Energetically Alchemical and how you are actually transformed from a lower slower frequency to a higher faster one. That absolutely cannot be purchased. That absolutely cannot be done to you by someone else. It must be lived.

“We the people” will become something completely different and profoundly better during these 20.2 Pluto in Aquarius transit years worldwide. As good as that is, understand that this shift, this CHANGEOVER, this “event”—and it certainly is an event—won’t always be safe or comfortable a lot of the time. It hasn’t been for the past decade already. Many don’t want what’s happening and what’s coming to ever happen, but it will despite all of their efforts.

I went outside February 17, 2023, while the X-2 solar flare was frying everything some more and saw human aircraft laying more chemtrails directly overhead. I laughed out loud at the 2023 sight of this longstanding patriarchal tactic of trying to deflect and shunt what the Sun is and has been transmitting energetically to evolve humanity and Earth by manually chemically scent marking the skies with patriarchal anti-evolution sunscreen. And the past patriarchal human attempts to control and direct the physical weather has also been ended recently.

With Saturn transiting Pisces and Pluto transiting Aquarius starting March 2023, the negative old Duality reality planetary elite Team Dark shitshow comes to a permanent end on ascending NEW Earth. This is what we’ve been Working towards for so long, and now that it’s here, we have to live through it.

I know it’s more popular to forecast happiness and bliss but there’s more ascension Work to be done. The ascension Volunteers didn’t volunteer to incarnate now so we could live in physical earthly bliss. We volunteered to incarnate on Earth now to do the heavy lifting to help humanity and all life on Earth break out of the Team Dark control inversions and distortions; evolve out of low limiting Duality into higher Triality frequency; help humanity through the energy template change shift out of the Age of Pisces Neptune and its opposite Virgo sign energies into the Age of Aquarius Uranus and its opposite Leo Sun sign energies; evolve vibrationally high enough to enter a higher dimensional frequency range, plus CHANGEOVER to the next higher level of the Great Cosmic Evolutionary Spiral.

With Saturn (physical reality structure, responsibility, discipline, realism, maturity) and Pluto (birth, life, death, transformation, evolution, renewal, upheaval, ego death) entering the signs they are in days, bliss and happiness will for the most part, be found within each of us and not so much out there in the radical severity of these profound evolutionary reality changes. This is one more reason why we need to do greater daily self-care, be alone when you need, be in Nature when needed, if you can’t get out to Nature then do your best to create Nature in your home and yard no matter its size. Buy some plants, pot some plants, get a hammock or patio lounger, an indoor and/or outdoor water fountain, put out a birdbath, birdseed, get a windchime etc. Make your current residence, property and space look, sound and feel how you want and need it to now to help you remain in as much calm Nature comfort and peace as you can during these extreme shift years.

For the most part we Volunteers are used to creating our personal transition cubbyhole spaces to be our protective higher frequency sanctuaries, our private little renewal shrine nooks out of ascending necessity, and we’ve gotten really good at doing this for ourselves during these Ascension Process years. However, we’ve reached the point in the evolutionary Ascension Process where the rest of humanity has fully entered it PHYSICALLY. We’re familiar with and very good at changing entire reality energy pattern templates, jumping timelines, moving forward and back in time repeatedly to energetically Work on this period of compressed evolution. Mass humanity isn’t so good at change, even small change, yet everyone is now in epic ongoing planet-wide physical reality and consciousness change across the board. Pluto in Aquarius for the next 20.2 years will evolve global humanity worldwide to become self-empowered, self-governing, self-regulating, self-directed and leaderless. Yes, leaderless. Absolutely every evolutionary change that ascending humanity is now having to live through is not just a little bit of change, but a complete 180° change, plus massive evolutionary frequency increases from how it has been and that puts a tremendous amount of stress and strain on people, their consciousness, bodies, CNS, psyche and all else.

I want to stress how huge and reality-altering these two particular upcoming astrological sign changes and transits are. Again, think back to January 2020 —the start of Phase 2 of the Ascension Process— when the Saturn Pluto Capricorn conjunction happened and review how much and how quickly all of our lives and realities were changed by that single astrological aspect. Saturn entering Pisces and Pluto entering Aquarius in March 2023 will make their January 2020 Capricorn conjunction seem small in comparison! I could not be more serious about this. It’s going to get even more wild and radical for a few years as global humanity goes through this mega shift change internally and externally, physically and energetically. We Volunteers, First Everythingers, Angelic NEW Humans are the physical level energetic counterweights to this evolutionary global upheaval.

Those of us knowledgeable about the Ascension Process because we’ve been living it for over two decades already, will continue to do our HighHeart parts to make this global transition as gentle and stable for all as possible. There are many nonphysical Others that will continue helping us do exactly this for all life on Earth. The Volunteers have cleaned, cleared, purged and embodied nonstop since 1998–1999, but now we’re needed to energetically help unaware ascending humanity cope with these profound continuous and rapid global reality and consciousness changes. I’m not saying you need to say or teach anything, unless asked by someone to do so, or do anything physically for humanity. I’m saying your embodied physical presence as a high frequency Volunteer NEW Human does much to get this transition accomplished with less fear and trauma to humans and all life on Earth. You’re needed to help this epic frequency relocation resettlement of people currently willing to change and grow to the higher NEW, by being Triality-based, embodied, HighHeart-based, free and clear you/You/YOU. Your high frequency, HighHeart, embodied physical presence helps stabilize much in this next huge phase of the evolutionary Ascension Process. Don’t feel or think that your invisibility and silence means you’re not doing anything helpful. You absolutely are. You’re holding the higher NEW Earth and all that goes with it in your physical body, Embodied Soul and Self as a physical Angelic NEW Human for the rest of humanity.

Denise Le Fay

March 1, 2023

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2023 X-2 Solar Flare Side Effects

As I’m sure most of you are aware, on February 17, 2023, an X-2.2 solar flare hit us and “radiation from the flare ionized the top of Earth’s atmosphere…”. And that is exactly what it felt like it did to the top of my head as well. I’m certain many of you can relate.

The familiar physical side effects of the bigger solar flares, winds, CMEs and so on making your body feel like it was hit by a truck causing most of your body to feel stiff, sore, bruised and swollen for days afterwards. Another common symptom is what these solar energies do to assist in accelerating our evolutionary Ascension Process and physical body “upgrades” are seriously potent headaches, head pains and pressures all around the skull and inside the head. Often the eyes are also affected, “upgraded” too because we’re literally having our heads and brains and brain glands—Pineal, Pituitary, Hypothalamus—Rewired a bit more.

You may remember that back in October 2022, I suddenly started experiencing something new which were tiny watery-like pimples on my forehead mainly, but down into my temples and sides of my face as well. Then again in December 2022, on my birthday I was forced to go to a local Urgent Care because this side effect had gotten infected and was very painful. I wrote about both of these things already but wanted to add to this because I’ve received some recent emails about people experiencing skin problems they’ve never had before.

On February 17, 2023, while the X-2 solar flare was doing what it’s supposed to, I had the typical crushing headache and inner head pains and pressures, very loud high-pitched inner ear squealing sounds, eye pains and all day saw flashes of white Light inside my house and also coming out of my body too. The next day the hit by a truck body pains and stiffness manifested and even my ribs were bruised and sore. And the skin on my face had those tiny watery-like pimples on it again. It didn’t the day before. I hadn’t had them since December when two of them became infected. Point is that since around October of 2022, the Sun has been helping us rapidly purge very old negative distortions and limitations etc. done to our bodies, brains and DNA long ago. This is good but miserable energy Work we’re doing in and through our bodies, still. I suspect it will be like this much of 2023.

For me this is mainly how this very old negative etheric and physical sludge let’s all it, is purging from my physical body and head with the help of what the Sun is doing. You may experience this process a bit differently, however. Some have told me their skin has suddenly been dry, flaky, irritated and uncomfortable. Others have said how their eyes have been hurting, dry, irritated, blurry, sore and bruised feeling. Whether it’s your skin, eyes, head, skull, ears, the skin in your ears, your spine, joints or HighHeart thumping and expanding in the center of your upper chest, it’s all caused by the current solar Light transmissions helping us purge out more and more and more of the ancient distortions and dark sludge both etheric and physical. We couldn’t survive doing this energy Work all at once so, as has always been the case with both our embodying more of the NEW higher Light energies and our purging out more of the ancient density and negative distortions, we do Energy Work bit-by-bit until the job is complete. Much of 2023 will continue to be this for those of us capable of doing this intense level of energy Work and purging in and through our physical bodies.

And so, plenty of deliberate self-care, rest, sleep when you can, eat what you sense you need at the time, isolate to get through the Work more quickly, keep any skin wounds or irritations clean or disinfected to prevent a sudden mandatory trip to Urgent Care!, and love/LOVE yourself for being able to do this Work for self and future humanity. Let your HighHeart expand and hold more Source and Home in it. That’s what I try to do during the really severe days of this type of energy Work; I totally surrender to it and let the Divine spiritual physical energy Alchemy take place within me. I’m NOT selling this, but physical pain can sometimes get you to very elevated, rarified, spiritual levels if you’re able to utilize it to get there. Again, I am NOT selling this or suggesting you do it, only stating that it can happen, sometimes, when you stop struggling and surrender during those extra intense and painful energy Work periods we repeatedly go through.

Be well and take extra good care of your body and HighHeart while more Source and Home gets embodied and more ancient gunk gets purged.

Denise Le Fay

February 20, 2023

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