More Out With The Old & In With The NEW

So much has changed energetically since the December 21, 2018 Solstice it’s dizzying, and it’s still happening. Then more changed via the January 20, 2019 Lunar eclipse supermoon. These changes will only be followed by nearly constant changes throughout 2019 so, eyes and HighHearts wide open transmuters.

The night of the January 20, 2019 Lunar eclipse supermoon—which feels like it happened six months ago instead of only days ago—I checked it repeatedly throughout the evening and felt other humans reacting to it. It was visually beautiful and I was grateful for the clear night sky so I could watch the entire process unfold from the privacy of my backyard. What surprised me about it however was once it reached its peak, the energies changed dramatically and instantly. Another LARGE chunk of old lower negative things were suddenly gone the moment this eclipse peaked and I felt an explosive removal of the old alien negativity and instantaneous insertion of NEW energies and codes. Remember back in April 2017, how Saturn got hit by seven solar flares to energetically free it from old lower negative things? The January 20, 2019 Lunar eclipse had a similar energetic transformation, freeing the Moon of all past lower alien energies, negativity and distortions and has embodied the NEW energies.

This January 20, 2019 Lunar eclipse energy swap-out was blatant, intense and took a split-second. As I stood there watching and feeling this, I was simultaneously saddened in a nostalgic sort of way and ecstatic, surprised and not surprised at the speed of this, and empty and full too. Empty of the old and full of more NEW. Another strange sensation and knowing about the ongoing removal of old energies and distortions and what remained of them and their etheric structures.

There’s been a great acceleration of the removal of old lower energies and instantaneous insertion and embodiment of more NEW higher Light energies and codes etc. since mid-December 2018. This quickening will continue during 2019 so be prepared to feel, I repeat FEEL, not think but feel the old world and its energies and intentional and unintentional distortions suddenly disappearing energetically more and more and more. This process has been happening all along but it has greatly accelerated since 2017, because we and Earth are capable of much more far more quickly being removed and replaced and not be injured or destabilized by these big evolutionary shifts and Separation of Worlds processes.

As great as all that always is every time it happens the fact remains that many of we Forerunners, Blue Rays, Starseeds, Lightworkers, Embodiers, Transmuters, Gridworkers etc. have to physically go through these cosmic energy changes in our physical bodies. Not every Forerunner, Blue Ray, Starseed, Lightworker, Embodier, Gridworker etc. does however. This has always been a big confusion in the Ascension Community since the beginning.

Over ten years ago I wrote about this at TRANSITIONS and said that not everyone, meaning every Forerunner, Lightworker, Blue Ray, Starseed etc., was a framer in the Ascension Process construction crew. Nor were they all plumbers or electricians, stone masons or painters, concrete foundation layers or roofers. They all were and still are Ascension Process “construction crew members”—aka Volunteers—but they all, we all do NOT have the same specialties. One of my specialties is Transmuter, another is Lightworker, another Lightwarrior, another Gridworker etc.

Where I’m going with this is to say that not every Volunteer has the same abilities and specialties, which is why there are a lot of “construction crew members” that have not and will not experience personally transmuting old negative energies and all the physical body pains that goes with doing that. This is why there’s always been these huge discrepancies between all of us Volunteers; not everyone has the same capabilities and because of that they, we don’t all have identical Mission Work or jobs to do while incarnate on Earth in these bodies. The roofer isn’t better than the plumber and the plumber isn’t better than the painters and so on. Each is incredibly valuable because each has different abilities, specialties and jobs to do for All. There are far too many in the Ascension Community that do not know or understand this and look down on other Volunteer “crew members” because they are still experiencing physical body pains in 2019 and they are not.

My point is that due to the December 21, 2018 Solstice Earth core change that took place then and continues to today, and due to the January 20, 2019 Lunar eclipse, those Volunteer “crew members” that specialize in being able to transmute old negative energies and Embody and anchor the NEW energies in their physical bodies have been doing this again increasingly since mid-December 2018. The January 20, 2019 Lunar eclipse pushed this process to another level for those Volunteers that are Transmutors and Embodiers and anchor the NEW Light energies on, into and around Earth.

I’ve tried to get this article finished since the day after the Lunar eclipse, but earlier this month my physical body started to, once again, do this very painful thing it’s done off and on since the start of 2017. I’ll have one physical body part suddenly become very painful and not work or be able to be used normally such as an elbow joint, a shoulder joint, hip(s) joints, bones in one or both feet etc. and the next day another area will start hurting and the next day another area and so on for a couple of weeks. It eventually gets so bad and painful that I can barely walk or stand and put my weight on my feet, and this has been the case again for most of January 2019. I’m going into detail about this because I know that many of you reading this (not all but many) have been experiencing the same amplified cascade of body parts and areas suddenly and for no clear reason go super painful day after day all month.

The reasons for this amplified physical body pains that many of us have dealt with in January 2019, is due to the December 2018 Earth core energy change, and then the January 2019 Lunar eclipse that removed abundant old negative distortions placed in the Moon long ago by Team Dark. What happens to the Sun happens to and in our physical bodies. What happens to the Earth happens to and in our physical bodies. What happens to the Moon happens to and in our physical bodies and so on. Every time old negative energies and distortions are removed from any cosmic body, the same happens to our physical bodies because those old distortions were in our physical and energetic bodies too. So as we get excited over more old lower energies, distortions and their structures getting removed, many of us (but not all of us) also have had the same process take place in our physical bodies and it freakin’ hurts! I’m sure we experience this in our own unique ways too but pain is pain and transmuting dense negativity is transmuting dense negativity so do NOT feel bad for feeling bad. Why? Because you are the only ones who can do this type of Volunteer Transmuting and anchoring Work for All. Let the other Volunteers play on the beach or go to meetings and do their things, the things we can’t do but know that they’re able to do things like that because you and I are specialists at transmuting the old and Embodying more NEW. Plumbers, carpenters, roofers, framers, electricians and more are all needed to make the whole thing happen and get built.


January 25, 2019

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73 thoughts on “More Out With The Old & In With The NEW

  • Dear Denise,

    It’s amazing how you pop up in my awareness and when I check, you released an article, although I always think of you. We are becoming more telepathic, empathic and all sorts of ‘pathics’ huh? 🙂

    I love everything-ers, you are great in explaining things and creating a unique dictionary to speak of the unspeakable.

    October through December 2018 was so hellish that I wrote to you, sure that I was going to die. The difference you make in our lives just by having incarnated here is impossible to describe.

    I hope and wish all is well with you and your mom situation.

    I’ve been very drained rather than aching. It comes and goes. It feels like a new phase and process.
    When asleep, I am usually on missions or dealing with other timelines and they’re more vivid than ever.
    Time started to wobble for me. Time feels like its speeding up for me and I’ve been ‘losing’ two days at a time, sometimes. 🙂

    I’ve recently witnessed the lowest vibration Soul group leaving the planet during ‘dream time’. There were other Lightworker women there too. There was no judgment, feeling sorry for them or any of dense emotions of the old paradigm, just love and understanding while knowing that the time is really up. They had information and a long time to get on board. I’ve asked to see anything about what was happening to the dark as I had to battle them since I was conceived, and it finally manifested 2 or 3 years later.
    I didn’t want to see to feel vindicated or any of those paradigms, but most of my life I felt like being in a separated reality (a twilight zone hell) were so much attack and fear came my way while everyone around looked at me weird and lived their ‘normal’ lives.
    I wanted proof that the Heart-based people is fine and that things are getting better. I physically felt less tension because more darkness was purged.

    Love you and thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Blessings to everyone ★

    • “We are becoming more telepathic, empathic and all sorts of ‘pathics’ huh?”

      Very much so Marta as it’s a natural state of fifth dimensional (and above) residents and consciousness. And ❤ thank you Marta for your kind words and your ongoing Service to All. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Dearest Denise,
        Thank you, thank you, thank you.
        A true Leader as they are in the Higher Realms, INspiring us with your example and courage, spreading your unique Light and working so hard for All on the planet. Your Love is clear.
        Tears of gratitude. No words…
        Love you, Love you, Love you.

      • I’m sorry Denise, I commented through the reader for the first time and got the article wrong. I meant to reply to the latest article :/
        These Ascension symptoms have been making me very confused, can’t pay attention to details, sometimes don’t know how to climb down stairs, what I was about to do a few seconds later… 😀
        Sorry ❤ ❤ ❤

  • So that was weird. I just posted a comment on the article and got a “this comment cannot be posted” I have no idea why!

    I just wanted to say “WOW” .

    On the 20th I found out that a person to whom I’d rented a room in 2017 had been arrested on multiple bad actions that will put him in prison for the rest of his life. No need to outline what he did to make this happen, but more importantly that I was “informed” of it basically under the full eclipse moon. Amazing. I was long “done” with this person who only lived here a few months before my telling him to leave, but Earth was telling me it too is done with him.

    Then, 5 days later, my brother, with whom I’ve had a rocky relationship with over the past 40 years called to spew Angry White Man energy all over me… again. We’d settled a lot of stuff during his 2nd Saturn Return in November of 2016, but in the past 3 months things had gotten bad again. I’ve tried to explain to him (in terms he can understand!) why he’s having such a tough time… he won’t let go of the “old” religious training and political anchors he’s still clinging to … but that just makes me worse in his eyes. It is sad really, because I had believed up until recently that he had made an amazing transformation at 2nd Saturn Return and it is like he is relapsing. The upshot is that I had to tell him that since I would never be the person he wanted me to be, he needed to not call me anymore. Now even a few months ago (when this episode started) I would have dissolved into tears of anger and grief and even fear. Yesterday, all I could feel was relief and lightness… as if I’d laid down a burden I’d been dragging (your stairsteps! with the angel and ball and chain!!) I cannot make him come along with me. And I’ve let go of trying.

    Thanks for clarifying why and what just happened because I wondered why both these things happened right now.

    As always, much love to you and take care!

    • Deb,

      I published a new article possibly at the same time you were writing your Comment so that may have caused the weirdness.

      “…spew Angry White Man energy all over me… again.”

      Oh don’t we know it all too well. Yeah, many are not and won’t be coping well with not being the male elites on the planet anymore and being able to get away with murder, and worse. But, the point is that YOU realized all you did about YOU and made the necessary changes in YOU. I went through the same thing(s) with my sister and son for a decade in MYSELF but the Inner Work is so worth it. Good job you and very well done. ❤ ⭐

  • Hello first time posting here, thank you for your work Denise, I find it so interesting. So today at sunset (UK) I felt like all my teeth and jaw were aching but i knew it would pass – it has. This afternoon my ear ringing was louder than ever. Your book presented itself to me after i set the intention to find the book i needed in a book shop a couple of years ago Denise, and your info on ascension symptoms was the important factor. Lower back ache 5 years ago, acute foot pain which came and went roughly then too, and a strong feeling that i am grounding the energies into the planet and just holding the light. But i’m on much lower stair steps to you in other ways. Just wanting to pop by to say hello – and ask if the jaw/tooth thing (new to me) is something anyone has experience of? Feeling positive about what is to come, and thanking you all here for sharing so much with us all.

    • Hi carrie and welcome. ❤

      The teeth and jaw pains and aches is another common side effect many have. It sometimes feels like there's so much higher Light energies pouring down in from above ones head into the head and then on downward that the pressure from that is sometimes felt in the jaw, jaw joints, upper teeth and so on.

      The energies now are extra intense (January 28th) and today has been a very severe pain day so it's back to bed for me. Hang in there everyone. ❤

  • Thanks Denise as usual, how in the hell we have survived this without going totally bonkers is beyond me, but I felt the moon stuff exactly as you described, and something ghastly left me over the last week and a very complicated drama came full circle after 16 years of group work…… 🌿🎶🌹

  • Denise, I’m curious if you’ve ever gotten a sense of general job groupings by generations. I’m 38 and often feel like my AP/EP is different in certain respects from what you and others describe, although of course there are many similarities, too. I’m a transmuter but not a Transmuter. I definitely experience physical symptoms but not to the same degree of intensity or pain (my sincere gratitude for all of you doing the heaviest lifting on this). And I’m married and have three little kids, so I’m hardly ever alone (and crave it at times, to be honest). I’m still navigating and understanding my role in all this, but it feels more and more involved with being a conduit, bringing creations into form and connecting/interacting with people. Anyone else? It’s so wonderful to have a community space like this and get to hear about everyone’s individual journeys. Gratitude and love to all of you.

  • Hi Denise and All. I’ve been “feeling” a lot. All kinds of strange almost depressed and stuck. Lost. Done. Strange sensations in my solar plexus. And SILENCE. I’ve always had “knockings” in my walls. Whether Im praying and meditation or feeling frisky or just watching tv. And just today I realized Im not hearing anything anymore. At least not right now. I keep learning the range of my empathy. I was visiting a friend when out of nowhere intense fear rolled thru me. Later on when I came home I found one of my cats traumatized and realized I’d felt HER fear. To go on, I feel empty I think. Indifferent. Removed. And oddly helplesss. I remember now, a long long time ago when I had had an epiphany /healing I felt just empty. And I remember a book from back then by Melody Beattie called Codependent No More which had sparked intense inner healing in me, she had said that for people so used to drama all the time that peace feels…. Or to us it seems boring and quiet. Unfamiliar. Now Im probably doing her words an injustice at this late date by using my own interpretation, my own words. And if u have not read it, those that are accustom ( i.e like living with and alcohlic or team dark) to drama and trauma and giving your power and life away and need some helpful insites, I recommend it! So maybe that’s what Im experiencing now in some areas. Silence. Done. Empty. And then there are the same old ongoing self awareness responsibility and on going inner change and healing. Some inner shit is sheer habit!

    Its a lovely sunny 🌄 day. Gonna take my coffee and sit in some sunlight!

  • I’ve been having pain in my head, neck, and back (mostly head, though) for 5 days now. Had to take a day off from work. Your article was a wonderful and much-needed reminder that I am here to do this work. I often get bogged down and forget that. I just wish there was a respite from it because it’s been interfering with my job and is costing me both financially and personally.

  • Thank you Denise and all who posted here. I just wrote a bit about my journey but as I’ve never posted before couldn’t remember my password, lol, and lost it all. Anyway, sufficient to say thanks to all for sustaining me on this journey and helping me make sense of it all, even though most times it has been v. lonely and painful. It is great to know we have all played our part no matter how big or small, we are all on the one path. Still have aches and pains and sometimes doubts, but I feel liberated. ❤

  • Just prior to the 1/20/19 eclipse apex, I was working within the field and the phrase ” astral collapse”, “Timeline(s) collapse” kept resounding and rippling out. I perceived a swift, massive shattering and collapse of lunar distortions which was necessary, even when I question whether or not my intuitive perceptions are “real” or not. Distortions held within the masculine and feminine (and we consist of both) must be transmuted in order to allow New Light Codes to enter and restoration of Divine Balance.

    In addition to Saturn?Pluto conduction in early 2020, Uranu’s re-entry into Taurus in March 2019 is a crucial piece where we will witness/observe sudden, electrifying changes happening at the Earth plane level (physical matter)l. Denise, I am not sure if you can/will address in comments or future article – I feel another piece to the cosmic puzzle is Chiron entering Aries in mid February 2019.

  • Dear Denise & All,

    The other side of this are all those Light BEings who haven’t been dealing with excruciating pain/debilitating physical symptoms and feel that somehow they aren’t doing enough! Thanks, Denise for spelling out the differences.

    Although my physical ailments have been minor, I have felt great fatigue and the need to sleep A LOT, dizziness, spatial disorientation, floaty sensations, walking into things, etc. I had to transmute my own energy field. It helps to know that I did not come in with the role of transmuting all the density around me, instead acting as an anchor/bearer of Light.

    By holding more of this Light within ourselves, we stabilize the field to allow more of the lower density to fall away.

    I have nothing but the deepest gratitude for all those, like yourself, who have taken on more of a transmuting role. I don’t know how you have endured so much and for so long. I hope there’s relief and a real end in sight!

    Really glad to learn about the removal of distortions in the Moon at the lunar eclipse this month. Question: “every time old negative energies and distortions are removed from any cosmic body, the SAME happens to our physical bodies …” Would this apply to EVERYONE with a physical body on earth, whether or not they’ve worked to clear their fields? If so, I assume many people will start to feel lighter and happier without knowing why!

    Love to you & everyone here.

    • “Question: “every time old negative energies and distortions are removed from any cosmic body, the SAME happens to our physical bodies …” Would this apply to EVERYONE with a physical body on earth, whether or not they’ve worked to clear their fields? If so, I assume many people will start to feel lighter and happier without knowing why!”


      Yes, everyone benefits when these old negative distortions Team Dark aliens/beings deliberately inserted into as much of everything and everyone as they could, are cleared and permanently removed. The change from the old negative systems that were SO horrible and dark and anti-human and anti-female etc. to the ascended NEW is so extreme it’s hard to grasp.

      Like Saturn which held physical reality in form (before the Ascension Process), TD distorted Saturn to tweak physical reality to what they needed, and they did the same with the Moon because they’ve never been fond of the Divine Mother/Feminine and human females because of their creative abilities. So they distorted the Lunar energies too and turned it dark and caused pain and instability emotionally (Moon) and etherically and took control over human female cycles. The monthly bleeding business is not going to be around for much longer and I sense that the January Lunar eclipse removed that ancient distortion along with many others. In the ascended NEW, females will have more consciousness over their bodies and they and their male will consciously decide if and when they intentionally want to bring another soul into the NEW Earth. This will all be conscious — as in Conscious Creators — instead of the insanity it has been thanks to the distortions.

      Back to your question. Yes, and this is because the Forerunners, Embodiers, Transmuters etc. are the energetic Pathpavers who literally embody and/or Embody it all first and anchor it into the NEW for the rest of humanity. This is true Pathpaving; living it first and embodying it and anchoring it into the NEW physical Earth and systems etc. so it’s present for humanity evolving into it all. ❤

      Wanted to add that way back in the mid-1970s I had a lucid dream where I suddenly found myself underground in a vast tunnel system on, in the Moon. I instantly could sense that I was in a very negative place and that I should not be discovered wandering around in those Moon tunnels because I’d be attacked. Eventually some negative entities that lived and worked in these underground tunnels and areas in the Moon discovered me and came after me. That’s when I pulled my “astral ripcord” to bale out of the Astral and reenter my physical body before they got their claws into me. The 1970s and 1980s I had many lucid dreams like this to show me firsthand many of the things that existed and what was really going on on Earth and the Moon and certain other places. All of those lucid dream experiences back then were to help me remember the unseen players (Team Dark, nonhuman and human) well before the Ascension Process began.

      • Thanks, Denise. About the Moon “tunnels,” thank God you were able to get out of there before they got you. I read about the Moon being used by Team Dark for all kinds of negative things. I know there’s a lot of horror most of us have no clue about.

        Years ago, I had a vision of people’s energies being trapped in some kind of wall (related to war/ concentration camps) where their suffering was endlessly being predated upon – most likely disembodied Souls somewhere on the astral plane. I helped to release some of that with a purification ritual. xo

        • Thanks for sharing your vision/awareness about this Thelma. A few years ago I too Saw a massive, far as the eye could see, net intentionally placed in some part of the lower Astral. It looked like a huge fishing net set up in the vast areas of the Astral to catch and hold whatever etheric human things floated by. I Saw the etheric bodies of many, many humans stuck in these Astral nets and also just parts of human bodies too. A leg here, a torso there, a head over there, chunks of flesh that had been living physical humans on Earth. Many of these body parts stuck in the net were from physical wars on Earth where people had died. Team Dark set these nets to catch and use, even just parts of etheric humans to use energetically. The dark has been so much worse than most realize… but it’s all being dismantled now and these parts are being returned to their original owners to be UNIFIED now due to the Ascension Process.

        • I was reading through this part of the comment section and one question that has been on my mind for years now has been on the one hand I read about how nothing can happen to us if our higher selves do not agree to it…that the horrific things that do happen to us while here on earth and elsewhere happen because of a grand learning process. Then I think about TD and the unspeakable things that have been going on here on earth and elsewhere…and a part of me understands that okay, there is more than meets the eye and when we all come out of this and all has been forgiven and learnt we will look back on it and say never never again though with a knowingness that it was for a purpose. But on the very relative level and the level of a stomach ache is a stomach ache and it just feels plain terrible and horrible…all the suffering that has been suffered through and that is still ongoing…is all this truly agreed upon by our higher selves? How is it that TD has and has had such power to inflict such turmoil when source is all that is and part of who we are…I hope this is making sense? All I know is that there are many levels of understanding and what looks like despair and utter hopelessness on one level may be something of significance that needs to be experienced on a higher level.

          On a last note, I’ve had dreams where it has felt like a very close call of death and life immediacy where I return to my bed and think thank god I got out of there, what if I didn’t wake up? I used to think it was only a dream but the danger felt very real.

        • Blue Cliffs,

          If I may respond to your post, I would say we’ve learned very little at our Higher levels from all the suffering that has gone on far too long in this distorted realm. Given that the connection to our Divinity was tampered with (DNA manipulation), we never had a chance to live out what this Creation was originally meant to be. Instead, our repeatedly coming to this planet became soul entrapment so that parasitic beings could survive using our Light. All that is rapidly coming to an end. As far as I know, Creation is being rewritten so that this can never occur again.

        • Yes I’ve had to reconcile various facets in teachings I’ve come across often with very good information in certain areas explaining what I intuit as true and yet with bits and pieces in other areas that strike me as at best odd or a significant distortion of something I would define as against what experience would tell me albeit subconscious and not immediately verifiable. Take the Michael teachings for example…it explains a lot about old souls and reincarnation but seems to say that we humans have not experienced past lives as whales or other animals that are on another reincarnational trajectory. It also excludes or bypasses this aspect, what you said Thelma, of our involuntary process of reincarnating on earth over and over. I sometimes wonder of the age old question of questions…how much choice or free will do we even if highly conscious or spiritually aware actually have…?

  • What is with all the crazy sex dreams?! Is that part of the Ascension/Embodying process too?
    I am too “mature” (old!) to be having wet dreams……
    Am I just a solo weirdo or is anyone else having strange sexual dreams?

    Denise – thank you so much for your support and wisdom through this process. You are the only one I think would understand and actually respond to my curious symptoms.

    • “Denise – thank you so much for your support and wisdom through this process. You are the only one I think would understand and actually respond to my curious symptoms.”

      Oh you know it’s true Diana! 😆 I’m glad you feel safe here to be this honest with us all. ❤

      Diana & Everyone,

      I wrote about how I too suddenly started experiencing sexual energies firing back up in late 2015, after my being intentionally celibate since 1991. I have no desire to be sexually active again at this age and condition but nonetheless those energies were suddenly back in 2015 and I was shocked. By mid-2016 I wanted a heavily muscled, long-haired, leather-clad Viking to play with and chew on. 😐 No one was more surprised about all this than me so I went within to find some answers to why I was feeling like this at this age and stage of the Ascension and Embodiment Process.

      What I perceived about this increase in sexual energies and drive had to do with us increasingly physically embodying more energies/Light, and, energetically Embodying more Divine Mother/Feminine and Divine Father/Masculine energies into our selves and our physical bodies. In other words, we've been in an ongoing process of incrementally embodying and Embodying more and more Light Energies in their more natural UNIFIED states. And, to many people this aspect of the Ascension Process of taking in greater and higher frequency Light energies and Divine Mother/Feminine and Divine Father/Masculine into themselves at this physical level is reacted to as greatly increased "sexual" energy. It isn't "sexual" at all, it's just a whole lot of much higher Light energies that we're not used to having in our bodies. Going HOME has some really strange side effects and reactions when being done from a physical body! 😆

      I don't have sexual dreams but I often wake up after daytime naps of more Embodying (since 2015) and feel very "sexually" charged. I just let that newly added energy settle in and I get used to it and it becomes my NEW normal. It doesn't last long as feeling sexual but gets absorbed, Embodied and feathered in to me as I continue becoming more. This is one aspect of Embodiment and it's fascinating from the human physical body perspective. So no guilt, no suppression attempts, no embarrassment, no nothin' but look at me becoming more and more of Source right in my physical body! 🙂

    • Hi Diana, it could be because of hormonal changes caused by the energies affecting the female reproductive organs. Just a thought. 🙂

  • Dear Denise and all
    I am not surprised you found it hard to write this latest report the intense energies we have been downloading have been so extreme it has shaken the body to its core. I had thought all those years of clinical symptoms were over to experience a resurgence of such pain mainly in the bones.

    When I first got on this spiritual path over 20 years ago I was told I am here to do ‘nitty gritty’ work. At the time I was clueless and had no idea about much of anything but over the years have slowly realised as you have so eloquently written we all have our own path to follow and transmuting is part of our path. Also embodying the divine/source energy physically along with anchoring the light. No mean task. I wish everybody inner peace even if we are challenged to the core by the intense work we do. Love to all. Maureen

  • I had been feeling so much better the last few months so I was blindsided by January. I was sick the entire month and homebound. I had a deep dark depression that I have not felt since the orange menace was elected. All my aches and pains reactivated as well. I was mostly in bed and felt like I was being made to be still and transmute like crazy! Finally feeling a bit better but exhausted and shaky. Ugh.

  • Thank you yet again Denise for your wisdom and insight, without your posts I would not understand why I have so many painful times. Like Hope, I am tired of people asking why I’m always in pain.” Why don’t you go to the Doctor and get help” said almost in frustration to me. If I tried to explain they wouldn’t understand so now I prefer not to say anything. I find it very difficult to integrate with people so I am rather a hermit, apart from my partner who is my saviour. You have made me understand why we are doing this which is why I’m still here, without your explanations I would go MAD. I hope we will see better times soon as it,s been a long haul.
    I thank you again Denise and send you love and everyone else who are participating.


  • Dearest Denise, transmutators etc etc. I just read the comments after I posted earlier. I resonate with them all. Just openly talking about this is helping to transmutate the energy of ‘victim hood’, especially when exhausted and in pain, where we sometimes fall prey to allowing others to define who we are, or the need to validate ourselves by others oppinions of us. By knowing who we are, what we do in service to the light, our self worth and knowing we are not alone, negative comments projected onto us can no longer affect us.
    So I choose to honour my battle scars, my weary pain body and love that which I am while at the same time loving and honouring the service of others, whatever form it takes. I am not here to impress anyone, just do my job as best I can even if at times I am brought to my knees. I agree we are all pieces of a puzzle in the Divine plan. Love the construction workers analogy….. one day we will look back in awe at everyones accomplishments while celebrating, doing a jig etc with no pain or debilitations lol. Looking forward to seeing you all at the top of the mountain, our current destination before proceeding on the next journey of ongoing ascension, on the return trip back to source. Wherever or whatever that may be. Sending you all lots and lots of love💜💓💕💖💗💞💟

  • Hi Denise and ALL,

    Like most of you, I am from the first wave of the transmuters after the WWII, I am 72.

    The same endless pains here and tiredness, almost have the sense it is a chronic fatigue, but going to keep myself calm, patient and neutral.

    From a very long time, I have had the inner sense and Knowing, that I already have had experienced this “Shift” and lately met a confirmation in a Kryon’s latest article about evolution. I smiled and said to myself ”WOW, YES…that is”!!!…still think about it….

    I would like to quote part of it, just to help to all and warm their hearts in these difficult for all of us times. It seems we all are started to actually remember our forgotten skills and missions and that we really have had experienced this “Shift”.

    “Remember, Old soul, you’re not just an old soul, you’re an extremely old soul. We gave a message some time ago that was titled, “How old are you?” It places your soul on other planets like the earth, going through shifts like the one you have now, only at different times way in the past.

    Many of you are awakening to this attribute right now and are remembering what’s coming and having feelings that you might have experienced it before. This esoteric remembrance is starting to temper your fear, which is often caused by what you see happening with humanity today. Change is sometimes fearful. But you are becoming more comfortable because at some level you remember where it might go. You have participated in “The Shift” before.

    The future is completely dependent upon free choice. That’s you, now, here on Earth. How fast the change happens is up to you and how fast consciousness moves is the same. You have free choice to stay in the dark or go into the light. You have free choice for slow or fast change. So if I said it would take 50 years or 100 years, I would be wrong. Faster or slower depends totally upon you and the Humans on this planet. There will be some surprises, and the surprises in technology will be surprises because nobody ever considered them due to what you haven’t seen yet. Your expectations are all tempered by your past, and now they can’t be.”

  • Hi Denise and All Here,

    Saying thank you simply does not do justice to this provoking and stimulating post. The comments are so beautiful and beneficial for me to read and integrate, as well. Since the December 2018 solstice, my body (trunk, mostly) has broken out in an itchy rash that recedes and returns without any predictability that I can yet discern, and my bowels have also been doing a number (an unexplainable amount of “movements” without having eaten, and lots of gas)! Sorry for the detail…In any event, this all’s been feeling that I’m being morphed and transmuted from the inside, as if I’m being put through some sort of accelerated purification. I also get these bothersome blood blisters on the fingers of both of my hands that make it difficult to do things like tying shoelaces, washing things by hand, etc. None of this is comfortable. I’m also experiencing a deep collapse in my relationship with anything that is of the 3D world that existed yesterday. Literally, every day upon arising I say to myself that absolutely EVERYTHING was of the energy of YESTERDAY that I held and carried within all my aspects. I’m fascinated with all this, considering that I have to engage the 3D medical community and all of its travails every day, what with my ongoing caregiving responsibilities. Every day feels intensely NEW and full of possibility…for what, I don’t fully know…but it feels as if I’m living so that I can discover how much LOVE there is for me to access on any given day. That’s what I’m here for right now…how much LOVE can I connect to?? I apologize for going on so long. Thank you Denise and all for this space and this community. It is the only forum I participate in and in which I have shared anything about my personal AP/EP journey. Much LOVE to all of you…

    • OMG Raymond Boeri, I know you, I know and feel you like we’re ancient buddies (probably are), but I didn’t recognize you, your energy signature when I first read your Comment yesterday! Amazing as that matches what you said in it, that you’re changing dramatically. You are, so much so that your energy signature has changed and is much brighter, lighter and bigger than it was two weeks ago. How wonderful for you and for me to experience this via you. ❤

      No apologies necessary for excessive poop purging here. We've all been doing it off and on for many years. It goes with times when great amounts of old lower energy is being transmuted, removed and replaced by higher frequency NEW Light energies. All that old stuff in us gets literally expelled. Someone here said last year that she wished she had stock in toilet paper! 😆 Yeah, we've all been there and done that plenty of times. Pooping our ways to heaven, who could have anticipated that one?! 🙄

      I didn't know you were involve with the toxic medical community. Because of that you as an Embodier and Transmuter must keep yourself energetically clean every evening from whatever you may have energetically walked through in your job. Very low places they are. That sounded like Yoda. Anyway you get what I’m saying and why so purge and clear yourself energetically as often as you need to. It got hard for me to even take my mom to the Lab for blood work for this reason.

      A couple of decades ago Barbara Marciniak who channels a small group of Pleiadians shared this from them. “Light is information, LOVE is creativity.”

      • Denise, in terms of how much external help we need when it comes to the medical community. As my parents age and grandparents pass away I’ve been thinking on this a lot…I know it is individual largely but where do we draw the line in terms of not using pharmaceutical medicine, surgery, doing physicals, getting pap smears, etc. when they are seen by and large as the chief routes of getting better, healing, or sustaining health otherwise. This is one of the murkiest and darkest areas I’ve had to think through and navigate in my life personally even in seemingly mild and “ordinary” things like going to the dentist, going for annual doctor check-ups, getting flu shots, etc. all of which are heavily promoted and policed in our western society and much of which I’ve personally evaded given that feel very uneasy about having another person much less an entire system and industry have power over my body and health. I love looking into alternative health, herbs, and methods of healing that yet are still external but seem to be less invasive and less ‘dense” than allopathic medicine. I understand you’ve said time and again that it is an internal thing, that we heal ourselves in terms of the spiritual and our minds presiding over the physical…that the ascension process is about becoming sovereign – thank you for that guidance!

  • My deapest gratitude for sharing this. Yes it freakin hurts! Makes it worth while knowing the huge job for the light we are doing transmutating energies and so much more. Knowing we are not the only ones experiencing this helps to raise our spirits. Thank you dearly to the team of Master Transmutaters for your loving service💖 I honour you all beyond words xo

  • Dearest Denise, All,

    My physical body usually registers energetic events two or three days prior and after, like you or some others here. I found that I could sail through more easily from one strong energetic surge to the next. When I opened what I called as a post-resurrection chapter ie., when I began my foray back into the ‘old yet new worlds,” I expected that energetic surges would ease or would cease altogether to physically tell on me.

    Today (Jan 26 AM, phil time) is the first time since a week ago that I feel not unwell – still a little doozy but am managing now to feel excited to get on with my day. What a blessing to have a respite from all that nausea, sense of great weight about/within me, fever, knee/hip/joint pains etc. etc. It must have been, as you Denise and others affirm, real heavy cleansing/clearing taking place around the jan 21 eclipse. Even the weather in my part of the country was all stormy and downcast in past days, Mother Nature apparently joining in the physical cleansing/clearing/transmuting. Since this morning, the SUN has been out in its full splendor. There is joy and lightness in the air. Hallelujah.

    This last lunar eclipse was indeed something — major upgrades/major clearings on varied levels. Twice or thrice my body registered what felt like phase transitions one after the other. One moment there was this steady/solid-y kind of feeling; next moment one was being engulfed by a fluid-y sensation; next were air-y sensations (akin to what one felt during ascension test runs experienced from 2011 hence.). All these occurred/were felt as SEQUENCES this time unlike previous times I had one or two of said sensations. I smiled over the thought that it was like GOD/ONE/SPIRIT was reminding me/us/all, “Hey, keep on and keep faith. Feel/See what beautiful progression many in the human collective/creation are making Now,” thanks to You/Us/ All.”

    (If you don’t mind, Denise I want to share this last point. I will understand if you delete this paragraph should you think it to be out of sync or out of place here. I am serving as relayer/transmitter in this portion.) — I have had two car accidents brought to my attention the first time in mid-October and the second transpired a week ago, both occurring on dates when I was in my home province and not in Manila where I had been doing some work.. What was quite out of usual was that both accidents created a ‘domino-like” effect on other vehicles behind so in both accidents the casualties and the damage were greater than were there only the two vehicles involved. I couldn’t shrug off my strong intuitive sense that the accidents occurring when and where they did were not coincidences. They were brought to my attention so I would not miss the symbolism/representation of “dominos falling, dominos falling” This was how I was told (several times) that events would occur related to humanity’s (physical/organic) ascension and to old systems/old structures’s being dissolved (ie transmuted/transformed). A month or two ago there was this vision of an overbearing Big B ‘net’ being scrambled (into malfunctioning I assumed); and recent Upstairs discussions about how decisions/choices (on energetic and other critical events) are to be pushed up. And that it is volitional, ie. it is Up to the deciding/choosing of Beings concerned (and They know who They are) to do their respective parts in setting into motion what needs to happen as a sequence of events occuring in a domino-like fashion. Also the idea of ‘disruptors” kept popping into one’s mind. All of these seem to be related/connected somehow. Perhaps the pushing forward that have been a subject of heated exchanges Upstairs is unfolding now? There is this sense that the heavy-handed onslaughts of clearing/transmutations/upgrading that took place around the recent lunar eclipse was also to be some sort of a signal for those with eyes to see, ears to hear, and hearts to know. “Our goal always is to ensure the most number of people have a fair chance to choose to rise and join this ascent, this shift in consciousness, in this round.” Perfect timing thus is of essence.

    Thanks so much Denise. It is soul-enriching and comforting to feel and be a part of this beautiful community of High Hearts whose coming together you made possible. Namaste and Much Love to You, to All!

    • eleanor,

      I intentionally used the word cascading in this article and almost used domino cascading because that is exactly what is happening. I also intentionally stressed the point that the Lunar eclipse energetic change happened in a split-second. The eclipse took hours but once it reached its peak, the old negative energies and etheric distortion structures etc. were removed and replaced with NEW energies in a split-second.

      Yes the “disruptors” have been doing their Work too all along to accelerate the whole patriarchal world structures collapsing. We’ll see this play out at an accelerated speed all year along with those cascading domino collapses of the old. Saturn and Pluto moving towards conjunction in Capricorn all year will easily undo everything that’s distorted and negative in the old world. This will happen so much faster than what most think or expect and it’s up to us to hold the higher space and energies in our bodies and HighHearts because we’re Pathpaving this too.

      Everyone remember that Uranus went into Taurus — money, possessions, what people and society value and find valuable etc. — last year for a few months and then retrograded back into Aries. It went direct motion recently and will re-enter Taurus March 7, 2019, which is the equivalent of about 20 minutes! The government shutdown and all those people not getting paid for so long has caused a big shift in their consciousness and beliefs which is also part of all this. Cascading dominos indeed and all year and into 2020. And at some point in all this the very real physical level Separation of Worlds will happen. This will be another repeated discussion at HighHeartLife this year.

      • That’s what I’m seeing too Denise – the transiting Uranus arriving in Taurus, then its retrograde back into Aries, and now its moving back into Taurus very soon, has given the masses a new perspective on what their values are. You are the only one who has pointed that out that I’ve seen (read). I’m so grateful to you for making sense of all this otherwise un-explainable misery people in the USA have experienced recently. It’s working; this dismantling of the patriarchy and all the old 3D values that are a product of it. It is gratifying to see the ascension process working on the unconscious level, painful and frightening though it is for many. I’m so grateful to you and all who come here to share their experiences and observations. How unbearable and frightening it would be for most of us if we didn’t have you and the HighHeartLife home base to turn to for comfort and strength. Bless you.

        • Barb Koehler,

          Because the old patriarchal world has expired fully and has zero energies left anymore to sustain it and all the humans and non-humans that thrived in it, even the worst of them like the Orange Menace or as I recently heard Spike Lee call him Agent Orange, 😆 too great isn’t it? — even these idiots are being used by the Light to quicken the removal of everything of the old lower world AND shock the masses into being open to great positive changes. Changes like money no longer being needed in our NEW ascended Earth world. For a lot of these people some personal suffering is exactly what shocks them into even being open to such radical evolution, so Agent Orange & Co. are doing far more than they realize to speed up the collapse of old patriarchal Earth and prepare humanity to accept big, massive changes.

          When Team Dark owned the old Earth world and humanity, people like Agent Orange & Co. would be their powerhouse puppets in that world. Now however with zero energy supporting that old world and those people and beings, they are being used by the Light to quicken the end of all that negativity. He who claimed he was going to “drain the swamp” when he became president is doing exactly that despite his best efforts! Love the shoe being on the other foot finally. 😉 ❤ hugs Barb K.

  • Thank you Denise
    Such an important article that explains and reminds us of the specialists that some are.
    I have been doing my major work in two major parts 2007-2010 and 2017 to who knows how long.
    Because I got completely well after stage 1 with a great deal of assistance being mostly acupuncture/kinesiology/diet, I assumed everyone doing this work where doing the same thing and it depended on how diligently they worked and the assistance they could received. Lacking information and experience with such matters I fell into that trap.
    However, this time is even more challenging and different. While the assistance I receive reduces symptoms and will make the process shorter, I basically have to hang on tight for the ride and wait it out. Things that worked last time are not working now. Great AP/EP training though.
    The lack of respect and compassion from one close family member is another test occurring at the present time and we must part ways. That would have been a severe blow at one time but not anymore.
    Keep up the good work everyone and great respect from me for the various roles and responsibilities each have.

  • “Not every Forerunner, Blue Ray, Starseed, Lightworker, Embodier, Gridworker etc. does however. This has always been a big confusion in the Ascension Community since the beginning”

    I would like to ask the question of what is their function while we are in the trenches? I cant imagine any of us who were born before 1987 not needing to do the transmuting on ourselves if not on behalf of others and feeling the effects in our bodies.. It seems sort of like a cop out to me, we struggle to even function while others are all love and light. I had a reading from a healer once who lived in a nice home, traveled the country to give seminars, and had written several books etc. When I told him about my many years of struggle physically, financially, emotionally etc he said I was experiencing this because I was resisting the light.. I almost bought that one for a moment. Thanks for mentioning about feet. I wondered why my feet are so sore sometimes I cant walk on them and then after massaging them they are so much better the next day. This and sore right elbow that gets better with exercise. Never doubt Denise what profound help you are to all of us. I have doubted myself so many times until I read your and a few others messages and I say yes I am not alone in continuing the great work.

    • “When I told him about my many years of struggle physically, financially, emotionally etc he said I was experiencing this because I was resisting the light.. I almost bought that one for a moment.”

      This is another one of those moments when, as the great and powerful being of Light that I AM desperately wants to scream, motherfuckers!!! 😡

      OMG Richard, what a pile of dark lies these pretend, false light people have spread far and wide and how many real Lightworkers they’ve harmed or come so close to derailing. This goes with my previous Comment about these types of people and BS.

      Thank you Richard. ❤

    • Hi Richard, That was a really good question/comment! I had the same reaction as Denise, outrage and disgust at the way that person deliberately tried to make you feel a failure. How wrong they and that was/were. We are all different regarding the work that we came here to do, and because of that we all came equipped with the bodies and spiritual tools we needed to fulfil our individual missions. Transmuters were born with bodies that could process the incoming energies through our bodies more efficiently and at very high frequencies we act as very high voltage conductors and transmitters that can act as a two way battery releasing old lower frequencies safely but also conducting the higher newer energies at the same time. We all do this but the transmuters can do this to a very high level that others couldn’t cope with and as a side effect of that is physical pain in our bodies It feels very acutely this process. That’s why we are all on different stairs steps because our consciousness levels, emotional levels, knowledge levels and physical bodies and abilities are all different. But as a whole we are creating a balance until very gradually things equalise and become more stable for all. You are doing at great work and service for humanity and this planet and don’t let anyone discourage you!

      Thank you Denise for another very informative and encouraging article. We are growing as a community here and it is a comforting and heart-warming place to talk and share our feelings, hopes and experiences. Many blessings and much love to you all from Megan 🙂

  • Dear Denise and all major transformers,

    I am humbled by all the pain and work you do…oh so much…
    I have all the ascension aches and pains that you have had,
    but not to the same degree. My journey has been major fear ,extreme anxiety and lack of trust.

    I don’t know what I am here for……. but I have had 2 major visions.
    They both seem to be at the time when the earth divides. An energy comes down on the earth…crushing actually.. you can’t breathe. I know then to drop into the heart and breathe thru that centre. In the second vision I am with people and children that are scared and I shown them…without words….by looking into their eyes,turning their heads to the right,,touching my heart and showing them how to breathe ( like going into a sull).. it seems to last for awhile and then guiding them thru a vortex.

    I am beginning to deal with the anxiety… just lower back pain a few other things. I am so thankful that all of you are here…maybe if I had all that pain, I wouldn’t have made it!
    Thank you, thank you all and much love

  • Dear Denise and All Here,

    Thank you for this confirmation, Denise. This release from the Moon is epic and I so thank you for telling us of your experience. All my life I’ve known about the pain coming from the Moon, (think extraordinarily painful, down on my knees, bleeding through my clothes periods, which I thought then was ‘normal’), but today, oh, the release. I need to tell you a story that happened just after I read your post today. There is a park across the street from my apartment and for the past couple of years I’ve been watching people of all ages come and go to walk their dogs or run races or play games and generally do their exercising. Today a lady my age… very late 60’s… was out with her dog, and a young man, I’d say in his mid-twenties, approached her and bowed to her and obviously asked if he could throw the ball she had for her dog. He threw the ball a few times and every time the dog brought the ball back to the lady, and she gave it to the young man to throw. Before long, it was obvious that the elder lady and the younger man and the dog were so in synch, it was natural. They walked together to the end of the park and the lady and the young man hugged each other… and I feel sure they have never met before… while the dog bounced along all rather pleased with the situation. And I burst into tears and cried and cried because it’s been so long since I’ve seen and felt such honoring from a young man to an elderly lady. Darn, I’m gonna cry again! And if this is the NEW, I’ll take it. Such relief, release, and it could be that I needed to see this encounter personally so that I could breathe again without having to blow my nose! Much love, thank you, B.

    • It IS the NEW Barbara and this wonderful example of it you shared — thank you — is just the very beginning of it. Your story made me tear up too because as I’ve said before, we all, female and male are starved for Divine Father/Masculine and Divine Mother/Feminine to be embodied by both sexed humans and manifest on Earth. And, this is just the beginning of Divine Mother/Feminine returning to humanity, human consciousness and heart and external reality. Just the start… And most all of us, especially all of us females that have lived more decades in the old negative patriarchal world, very much need to see these types of displays of the NEW in males and females too. He bowed, OMG. ❤ ⭐ ❤

    • brought tears to my eyes and twanged my heart strings …… Barbara, what a wonderful sight to witness, no wonder you feel emotional, thank you for sharing. Made me realise how numb I have become to the lack of respect and honour that occurs between people on a daily basis. This has really ‘moved me’, something is happening in my heart, can’t find words …… maybe I will come back when I’m clearer on what it is 💖

      • I read Barbara’s comment this morning whilst still in bed, I am back very late evening (uk time) having had the day to evaluate the feelings I experienced reading about the young man bowing to the elder lady. I hope I can find the words to do justice to the feeling …. I connected to a fleeting feeling in my heart that was a distant memory (heart memory). It felt like complete safety, trust, respect and honoring – one being to another. This heart expanding was accompanied by a deep sadness because I have not experienced this feeling with anyone in this lifetime, hence the tears whilst reading. I felt deprived, yet uplifted that the elder lady experienced this, and Barbara gave us the gift of sharing what she saw.

        • Thank you, Hope, and yes, that is exactly what I felt, “complete safety, trust, respect and honoring… one being to another.” Nor have I experienced this feeling with anyone in this lifetime, but the recognition of same and the tears tell me that we’re very close. Much love, B.

    • Barbara, thank you for sharing this moving experience…and to Denise, Hope and yourself for the heartfelt follow-up comments. As a 66-year-old male going through the AP/EP journey and reading this, I feel moved to write this and make amends (if at all possible) for any inconsiderateness and dishonoring I may have ever displayed – now or in the past – in my relationships with any woman, younger or older, throughout my life. There may be no greater detractor to deep relating than the feelings of “irrelevance to the world” that often arise in older adults of both sexes as they engage with younger generations, and in our society generally in its quest for “youthful beauty,” anything/everything new and its tendency to discard the heartwisdom gained through maturity versus “factual” accumulation. Stories like this, along with other factors surrounding them, inspire me to continue investigating my own relationships with women contemporaries, and to examine where I still may behave dishonoringly or dismissively in any way. I wish I had been that young man who bowed to the older lady and hugged each other upon parting. I will certainly be carrying with me the warm feelings that this image has generated for me.

  • Hi Denise,

    It’s been intense here. 6 months ago while we were on vacation, our cat accidentally flooded our house. It took 11 weeks of emotionally painful clean up while living in another space and trying to help my 3 kids with all the painful emotions and questions of why. January 15 we had a house fire in the middle of the night related to our dishwasher. Fortunately, my husband was awakened by what I believe was the consciousness of our home. No smoke alarms went off, but he awoke which is quite unusual for him. I had just done MAJOR transmuting work earlier that night. We all made it out safely, but we are displaced again, just prior to the eclipse.

    Decidedly, I doubled down on my transmuting work and made deliberate efforts to complete my meditations despite the chaos of being displaced. I’ve noticed the headaches, painful joints, pain when moving my body position and the ease with which dark emotions try to overshadow me. It’s been a major mental battle to stay in positive space, but I’m still trying. I’m not giving up. The heaviness hasn’t yet eased for me and still comes in waves. But I am encouraged by the love and support of my family and friends that I don’t see consciously participating in embodiment and ascension, but that are still rising in love to meet me and serve me in my time of need.

    I’ve been focusing on allowing others to help, even when I could go without. I remind myself to not rob others of the joy of service when I really can use the help to keep from over functioning. When I over function, it’s so hard to keep in good spirits. My energy all around dips.

    All this to say, I feel it. I’m choosing not to imagine any team dark attacks, but imagine an amazing opportunity to watch as my community comes together to demonstrate their love, which so often I send, instead of allowing myself to receive. I’m feeling the shift.

    • “I remind myself to not rob others of the joy of service when I really can use the help to keep from over functioning.”

      Perfect Lisa and very well done. ❤

      The cat flooded the house? OMG. I've seen videos of dogs accidentally turning on the burners in the kitchen trying to get to some food but a cat accidentally flooding the house! And thank goodness your husband was "listening" and woke up to the fire. Fire and Water — a lot of transmuting going on it sounds like. Our HighHearts are with you and yours, including the cat, as you all work though these traumas.

  • Such a relief to know I am not alone in feeling these crazy cascading pains! I have been “ill” for so long. It’s nice to get some validation. Wishing I could be out there hiking up and down mountains, but glad to be reminded I’m doing my part right here.

  • Yes! Every time I read your posts I cry inwardly with relief; that someone totally gets it, and you have the ability to put such complex feels nags into words so beautifully. Yep re hips, knees and ankles, they seem to rotate in excruciating pain. 😂
    All your descriptions of your feelings about the eclipse stirred something within my soul, feelings that I couldn’t name, so thank you. After the eclipse, on 21st UK time, I got a severe vomitting ‘bug’. Purged a lifetime of icky density! On the Tuesday 22nd, I was lying in bed and heard a fluttering noise: there was a tiny brown bird that was in my bedroom! It landed at the end of my bed and was very calm, then flew out of the window, bumping its little head on the way out. The window was only open a tiny crack. I thought I must be delerious as I felt so ill, but it left a little poo so I knew it was real!
    Looking up the meaning of a bird flying in your house, they all said imminent death, so was mildly freaked out for a while, but calmed myself and realised it was symbolic. Out with the old! Thank you so much Denise, you always make me feel better. love to you 💖🌈⭐️🦄😇🌎 xxx

    • Charzi,

      Thanks for your kind words but I just re-read this article and am frustrated by how badly I did it. Oftentimes I’m able to go into more details in Comments like this because of the interaction with all of you. This article I knew I HAD to get published the same week as this January 20th Lunar eclipse so the connections and side effects would be recognized. Usually the next energy event is upon us so quickly, and because I’m suffering from the last event I don’t get it written up in time before we’re dealing with the next one!

      What I didn’t go into any detail about in this article was about what was removed from the Moon at its eclipse peak, which is a lot thanks to ancient Team Dark activities to the Moon, physically underground on the Moon, in humanity on Earth, and very much so in female humans. More improvements should now be increasingly noticed in females in regards to their cycles and the pains etc. of them. There’s so, so much alien negativity and human patriarchal negativity that was permanently removed from the Moon on this eclipse which everyone, female and male should be noticing in their physical bodies, Emotional bodies and etheric bodies as well. This is another really important reality changing improvement for all of humanity, the Moon and Earth and beyond. ❤

      And yes, we and our physical bodies have been and still are purging these ancient negative Team Dark and human patriarchal distortions done to our bodies and psyches. You can feel these distortions being removed, purged from joints, guts, bowels, stomachs, reproductive organs, hearts and minds.

      Amazingly wonderful bird experience Charzi, thanks for sharing it with us all. ❤ ❤ ❤ The birds know. 😉

      • This is amazing. It was heavily cloudy and snowing the night of the lunar eclipse here where I am, but the next night the clouds were thinning and I got a glimpse of the moon that literally took my breath away. I’m a longtime moongazer, but I have never seen the moon look like that! It was so pure, so bright, so white! It was dazzling. That one glimpse settled into me like a confirmation. I just KNEW. Nothing specific, lol, but I knew it and felt changed by the knowing.

        After nearly ten years of intense perimenopause, I’ll be more than glad to be free of some of those particular distortions!

        • Wow! That totally makes sense about the female cycles too… How interesting!
          I’ve really struggled with mine, especially the last four or five years, to the point where I’ve been severely anaemic and just going to work, being a mum etc has been such a struggle at that time of the month. My doctor wanted to put me on hormonal medication to help, to which I said: “Hell, no!”. I ‘know’ that is what gave me breast cancer three years ago (which felt like a deliberate TD attack). I’ve been so worried that they will suggest a hysterectomy, to which I will also refuse: I will not let them take my creative power centre, no matter how severe the bleeding is. Bless you Kimdenise re perimenopause….I think my perimenopause started two cycles ago, which was around the solstice time. Didn’t even make the connection until you wrote about the cycles Denise! Thanks again. Love and blessings to you all 💖⭐️🌈

      • All of this moon healing talk is AMAZING! Of course I was amazed, too, by the sight, but I personally didn’t consciously realize what Denise and some of you have described. Chiming in here to share my specific experience this week in my cycle. In high school, it was so bad, I would miss up to a week of school and be throwing up, etc. It’s been much better since I became a mom, which I’ve heard is fairly common. I don’t formally track my cycle but tend to know generally where I’m at judging by mood. I instinctively know when I need to use progesterone cream during the second half of my cycle and it’s been so helpful with PMS, heaviness, etc. This last cycle I kept checking in with my body and never felt like I needed it. In fact, I was shocked when my period arrived yesterday 1/24 because I was feeling SO happy and light and good in my body! Which is NOT how I tend to feel physically right before. I’m sorry if this is an overshare, but it feels like an important illustration of the changes. Thank you all for helping me to appreciate and understand this connection. I love Mama Moon so very much and my young daughters wave at her and blow her kisses, and it makes me elated to know she is free.

  • Denise, thank you for writing about this subject – there is nothing more frustrating than someone asking why I am still ill after all these years, and why have I not been able to heal myself !

    Since finding your material and the comments section quite a few years ago, I found solace reading about both your’s and others similar journeys and symptoms, your website gave me much courage to keep putting one foot in front of the other (sometimes it was one knee in front of the other). I really changed my perception of what was happening to me based on the information I read here and on transitions.

    Here you are presenting a bigger, broader view of why some of us have not ‘got better’, or ‘recovered’ from these strange symptoms, right now I am feeling my way into your words, as they are stirring something in me. I long for the day when tiredness is a distant memory, and movement comes easy, and I know there has been a higher purpose for this painful struggle, I just hope that it eases up for us soon. You have given me comfort tonight, during another very uncomfortable phase, and for that I thank you sincerely, 💞

    • Hope & All,

      I’d love to go into how furious I’ve gotten many times from reading something written by someone who should know better about this but obviously doesn’t. It’s such a profound insult and lack of greater Higher Awareness when someone (I’m intentionally being vague and not naming names) writes that if a person is experiencing physical pains it’s due to their ego etc. In many cases this is true but there’s this HUGE Group of Ascension Volunteers/Starseeds/First Everythingers that still experience very severe physical pains due to the fact that they’re continuing to energetically clear out ancient human and nonhuman created negativity in a number of places — Earth, the human collective across time, multiple timelines, different planets in our solar system, the Moon in this latest case, the entire lower 4D Astral and on and on and on. Just because they don’t do this and haven’t experienced transmuting anything other than their own personal stuff doesn’t mean that’s how it is for all Volunteers. Many of us are Master Transmuters and there simply aren’t other Volunteers that are capable of transmuting other levels of density/negativity/alien and patriarchal horrors etc. They’re capable of doing their own but not much more than that and this is why many of us “haven’t been able to “heal” ourselves yet”. We’re busily healing Earth, the Moon, the solar system, the Astral, other timelines and worlds. What’s important is that you/me/we know what we are and what we’re Masters at in this Ascension and Embodiment Process. ❤ gratitude hugs for your ongoing Service Hope, and everyone else doing this Work. ❤

      • I’m so grateful for all the same reasons that others have mentioned here. I have judged myself SO freakin harshly about this one & all that does is make me feel worse physically, emotionally and in all ways. Nothing good ever comes out of it and while I know that I still fall into the trap & do it! And sometimes when I come across other peoples writing I have to pull myself out of the spiral that it can lead me down when I wonder why the fuck I’m not “out there, doing more and ‘shining my light’ all healed and shining brightly” I’ve felt so small & incompetent sometimes. So thankyou big time Denise, truly, you wrote exactly what I, for one, needed to hear! And I’m kinda glad the article was short because my brain is so foggy I can’t concentrate, another bloody annoyance!

        • “And sometimes when I come across other peoples writing I have to pull myself out of the spiral that it can lead me down when I wonder why the fuck I’m not “out there, doing more and ‘shining my light’ all healed and shining brightly” I’ve felt so small & incompetent sometimes.”

          Thanks for your honesty rema, it helps others so much when we’re honest about these things.

          There’s still so much old lower Earth world crap n’ shit in (my opinion) too many people within the Ascension Community. What I mean by this is all the “glamor shot” photos of people within the Ascension Community who either are trying to look and come across as attractive, beautiful, sexy etc. or come across as ethereal, as extraterrestrial, as not of Earth etc. There are people who try to sound otherworldly when they talk and it all is, to me, so damned repulsive and old lower world egoic. Like these people need to put on some hard-sell to the others in the Ascension Community that they don’t shit anymore because they’re so elevated. Kinda not the whole fucking point to the entire Ascension Process isn’t it? Sorry for the language.

          You know what personal photos of Ascension Teachers would impress me? Ones that showed their personal scars and exhaustion, strength and power, their battle scars and their Angle Wings all while NOT trying to look like anything other than what they really are because good gawd almighty that is more than enough!

          We all sometimes get envious of those without any or much at all ascension dirt, scars and trauma on them, but if we’re honest with ourselves, we’d choose to stand beside the other Volunteers like ourselves that have great Light and great battle wounds from transmuting so much for All. Rest up everyone as this is going to be one heck of a year in all ways.

        • Yes, I second Denise. I’ve always found certain wrinkles beautiful – particularly crows feet…I call them joy lines, the ones that span out up and down from the eyes. As the years go by, I’m finding how beautiful older women are in themselves and sometimes when I’ve seen younger pictures of themselves. I’ve thought this too about my grandmothers. There is an undeniable depth and humility that comes through when a person has been through a lot, learned many lessons, and this seems to come through also for younger folk who are old souls or look it by the way they carry themselves or just the way they are. I will be often reminded of how the media defines what is beautiful – beautiful as in young and “sexy”, flawless and wrinkle-free among other signifiers and come to understand how that definitions is missing out on so much of what could be beautiful…what has substance, is real, and unpretentious.

        • kimdenise, that’s a great idea! That love button would be worn out in short order LOL!

  • Hi Denise

    Thank you for putting it so well. Recently I have been thinking why am I still here and not shining in some fabulous beauty spot. I know why but it would be nice sometimes to feel sand beneath your feet and not look at the worn faces in your own run down community.
    For me I have had much facial and eye pain. And a replaying of old emotional pains and situations. A chance to have them begin to play out but have a different ending because I am not the same person I was even 6 months ago. It is really intense but when over leaves real peace. Discernment comes to mind. Learning to feel my way instead of think. To live in a 3D reality, not just a thought process. By 3D I mean everything plumped up and vibrant around me, like a pop up book
    Love and light
    Magda 💐💐

  • Thank you for this article. a segment from my post on 1/20/19: This is a powerful eclipse highly empathic and work in a supermarket, today we were very crowded between 11-3 and my body was wracked with pain during those hours. by 3:30 pm the crowds were gone and within 15 minutes the pain in my body began to ease away…talk about transmuting…i cried all the way home. and i’m clearing my own/ancestral stuff.

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