Some Not Considered Aspects of the Ascension & Embodiment Processes

How many Forerunners/Wayshowers/Embodiers knew that 2017 was going to be like this?! I didn’t. I did know it would be a continuation and ongoing amplification of how outrageous it’s been every year since 2013, with improvements unfolding constantly in each of us willing and able to continue progressing (releasing more density to Embody more Light) within the Ascension and Embodiment Process. But there were, are and no doubt will be more things I didn’t consider with everything that’s happening in 2017. Things both personal and collective. Things both of the Light and the Dark. Things far beyond them both and old lower Duality Consciousness.

There’s so much to talk about so I’m just going to do my best to not forget anything (but I will, I always do) and cover as many of these early 2017 difficulties, pains, insanity, evolutionary brilliance, other people not coping well with it all, Ascension & Embodiment Process side effects, becoming increasingly conscious of being a Multidimensional Being in a physical body and learning how to function from that NEW platform, the weirdness of living in a constant state of flux and change in linear time and quantum no time and/or in the Now Moment, and the slow-motion realization of how to exist physically in a fifth dimensional (5D) world and how to Consciously Create from this NEW level of being and current awareness. And naturally it all will be changed some more later today, tomorrow, the day after that and so on because this is “life” now; constant, moment to moment evolution into something so much better and more grand but not quite grasping it all yet. That statement is both spiritually and energetically stunning and bust-a-Buddha Belly-gut hilarious.

What Happens When More Team Dark Timelines & Stolen Systems Are Shutdown & Taken Back From Them?

Fast answer is, a whole lot more Light Energies can and do immediately come in which naturally pushes everyone into even greater Embodiment and ongoing evolutionary Ascension. See, there’s one of those not considered things I was talking about earlier. We Forerunners/Wayshowers/Embodiers get so involved in The Work we do in and through ourselves and our bodies for Self and ALL that we often don’t slow down long enough to consider what’s most likely going to happen next, and next, and next because of it and much more.

So we recently had seven Solar flares intentionally aimed directly at Saturn, Lord of Building & Maintaining Anything In Physicality, which was a Divine Cease and Desist Order to Team Dark (TD), preventing them from continuing to utilize that planet and its energies to further control and imprison any timeline(s) and beings in it/them. And it worked of course, which instantly caused some pretty large and far-reaching energetic repercussions throughout different worlds, timelines and dimensions. This next sentence is super important, and it’s taken me far too long to honestly and fully grasp this as a fact and reality inside my body and self/Self.

The Divine, cosmic, galactic, stellar, planetary, multidimensional battles, wars, fights, struggles, changes, successes, positive growth, highly compressed evolution, tremendous progress, ongoing expansions, ongoing integration and everything else that has been, is, and will be taking place up and out there in the higher dimensions and other worlds, other galaxies, universes, multiverses etc… also takes place inside each of our physical bodies, consciousness and individual incarnate selves, lives and physical reality.

Breath and re-read that sentence again please. Don’t do anything else but consider that fact, for yourself, in your body, in your life and reality now. As above, so below. We are the macro and the micro. Why? Because we’re Multidimensional Beings that are direct aspects, fragments of Divine Source dispersed everywhere simultaneously. Everything that’s taking place now via the evolutionary Ascension & Embodiment Process is happening “out there” and “in here” in each of us and our bodies and consciousness. We are all One, there is no separation from Divine Source. The “end times” are happening “out there” and “in here”, in each of us and our bodies and consciousness. We are the agents of evolutionary change, all the way down into every cell and nerve in our physical bodies.

Let’s continue with that last thought held high and proudly overhead like a great, glowing crown of empowered Beingness. ⭐

So if you/me/we are in all places and dimensions simultaneously, and we’ve reached that point within the evolutionary Ascension & Embodiment Process (AP) where we now HAVE to have that awareness in us consciously all the time, then things start to make a bit more sense. More sense as to why things physically hurt and ache in the ways they now do in 2017. Why things emotionally hurt and don’t hurt at all now like they do in 2017. Why things seem like they’re more important than anything has EVER been before and simultaneously, not important much at all really. Just know much more for the Neutral Observer HighHeart Self. Why things seem so freaking insane and wildly frustrating at times and simultaneously so profoundly perfect and expected for what’s happening everywhere now in 2017. Why things excite and inspire one moment, and in the next one you could care less one way or the other about much of anything. Why things are working and not working. Why things are falling apart and coming together in higher, NEW ways every minute of every day and night now in 2017. Why people are the most lovely, frustrating, evolving, blossoming, insane, distorted, monstrous pains in the ass/heart glorious Beings that you want to LOVE more than ever before, and/or you could care less because you know from Higher Awareness that all is in Perfect Divine Order right now, every moment even when it doesn’t feel or look like it.

What Happens When Some More of Your Higher Self is Embodied in Your Physical Body & Current Level of Consciousness?

Fast answer is, you and your body become, every time this happens remember, the location where a whole bunch more of NEW to you/me/us stuff starts happening. Why? Because those NEW things used to take place in higher dimensions and were dealt with by other aspects of your/my/our Higher Selves and/or other higher beings that are “us” at those different levels. But, with each next-level phase of our Embodiment Process, a little more and a little more of our Higher Self takes up residence in our physical bodies and selves, consciousness and lives, which obviously changes everything dramatically. It also means that more and more of those things, those jobs, that Work etc. that took place in higher dimensions and was dealt with by higher aspects of ourselves up there, is now increasingly able to take place in us and our physical bodies and selves/Selves down here in this increasing 5D physical dimension. “Upper Management” is increasingly moving down into you/me/us which means there’s a lot we’re quickly having to learn or re-learn as we Embody more and more of IT.

Like many of you reading this I too have waited for my physical body to instantly and magically turn into a crystalline, shining, radiating beacon of higher dimensional Divine Light Energies, with diamond sprinkles on top. Instead of all that, I’ve still got senior aged Denise that’s overweight and continues to need to eat, sleep, shower and use the bathroom.  :/   Not very exalted is it? Not yet at least.

My point is that too many of us have believed that something other than what’s happening now was what was going to be happening now. We believed that we’d externally look like what we’ve gone through internally for two or more decades. God knows we deserve it after all we’ve been through with the AP, but so far, we’re still hauling around our tired, sore, oftentimes bloated to the extreme, swollen, nauseous, achy physical meat spacesuit, albeit with more and more of our Higher Self in it now too and probably shocked and complaining about how uncomfortable, restrictive, dense and stinky it is in there. I jest, or so I hope.

I’ve had lifelong conscious memories of my out-of-body sojourns in higher dimensions and what I’ve experienced and seen while there. It’s been amazing seeing some of the Beings I have in other dimensions and realities, and because of these lifelong Multi-D experiences, I think I can grasp a bit better about the Embodiment Process and how it feels to both sides, both aspects that are living this Process now.

How many of you have, during these many AP years, suddenly looked at something and not recognized it, not known what it was or was used for or what it’s called etc.? I remember one of the first times I experienced this back in the late 1990s. I saw some common everyday item and didn’t know what it was and I wondered why in the world that was. This has happened many times since then and I’ve come to realize that it was more than just the common Ascension Process side effect of our consciousness expanding repeatedly via the Rewiring Process and having temporary “brain fog” and “losing nouns” etc. I eventually understood that what I was experiencing was much like what’s been called ‘Soul Braiding’ or ‘Oversoul Merge’. I realized that the reason “I”, whoever that was at that time, had never seen the 3D physical object(s) in question and that’s why “I” didn’t know what they were, what they’re were used for what they were or called. In other words, this Embodiment Process has been at times over the past twenty years and counting, observed and felt from the point of view of that aspect that was incoming and not from the Denise aspect that’s already here. Two-way street, and sometimes we get to perceive and feel this Embodiment Process from one or the other or both directions, sides and points of awareness, which is really interesting when it happens to you/You.

The other side of this is from our incarnate physical side where things often feel uncomfortable, strange, alien, cause different types of pain both physically and emotionally etc. The same could be said however from the incoming aspect, and that it feels uncomfortable, strange, alien, causes different types of pain and temporary confusion etc. It takes a minimum of two to Tango, and both have their legitimate but very different points of perspective and awareness etc. Marriage takes some getting used to Embodiers, and we’ve barely begun the Honeymoon phase.

Another aspect of this Higher/Lower Merging, Sacred Marriage, Embodiment Process that I’ve found to be totally unexpected is that sometimes I can no longer tell what’s physically “real” and what isn’t. Having been born clairvoyant and all the other clairs too, I’ve always known when I was Seeing anything that was non-physical. It was intense, dramatic and stood out like crazy and was instantly known to me to be a non-physical something or someone that I was Seeing. However, over these many AP years this lifelong ability has, along with most others, evolved into something NEW and vastly more complex as is to be expected. And, as usual, every time this happens I don’t get a NEW and Updated Instruction Manual with every incoming NEW ability. They just arrive and I’m left to figure out what’s happened, what’s changed and how things work now because of those changes.

For many years now when I clairvoyantly See something I oftentimes don’t instantly recognize, like I always could before the AP started, that what I’m Seeing is actually something non-physical. When I See it and it looks to me like something physical, I react to it as if it is physical. Question with this one is, why can’t a lifelong Clairvoyant all the sudden tell the difference between something physical and something non-physical?  Fast answer is, because those old borders between the physical dimension and the non-physical ones have been nearly nonexistent for twenty-plus years now. 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D and higher no longer have those same old discernable energetic borders that clearly outlined one dimension from another. Why? One big reason is that you/me/each of us is becoming increasingly consciously Multidimensional, meaning we’re functioning in more than just the physical dimension and rapidly becoming conscious of this fact, even when we don’t necessarily understand it or recognize it immediately! So much so that some of us are having to learn and/or re-learn what’s physical and what isn’t because it’s all looking and feeling like the same thing to us — “real” and solid etc. no matter where it and we are at the time we perceive it. Said another way, the old rules, systems, perceptions and abilities aren’t in-play anymore because we have, are and will continue to be evolving far beyond them. Because of this fact, things look and feel and act very differently than what many of us are used to in our incarnations up to these ongoing evolutionary changes internally and therefore externally as well. Expect the unexpected in your 5D self and abilities, perceptions, HighHeart Consciousness, and your HighHeart Consciously Created reality and life. Open more to it all and be dazzled by the growing extraordinary both in you and around you. ❤

Here’s another interesting AP (Ascension Process) and EP (Embodiment Process) change I’ve dealt with increasingly so over the past few years. Dreaming while wide awake and doing other things physically. No, I’m not talking about daydreaming or about imagining or envisioning, but about full-fledged, altered state of consciousness such as when we’re naturally deep asleep and dreaming, dreaming. I can be up, moving around doing physical things and simultaneously feel another part or aspect of “me” is dreaming just like when I’m asleep and dreaming. It took me a while to discern this one because I automatically assumed (bad thing to do while in the throes of mass evolution!), that I was just thinking about other things, not actually awake AND dreaming at the same time. But, that’s what it turned out to be, and this too is merely another aspect of our continuing evolution and some of our NEW, highly interesting super powers. 😉

The more you/me/we release our focus and memories etc. on the old lower frequency dense Duality patriarchal world and reality, the less you/me/we exist within it. It’s that simple and that difficult to master, but it’s what we’ve done all along. Release the old lower and continue to take on, take in, Embody more and more of the NEW higher and things will make more sense and get easier and much faster during this mega transition period. We’re more there than most of us realize or understand yet, so keep doing your Great Works and all else naturally falls into place and makes more sense as you better understand the NEW 5D rules. Much more is coming and soon and isn’t that just perfect and wonderful. ❤

Denise Le Fay

May 4, 2017

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22 thoughts on “Some Not Considered Aspects of the Ascension & Embodiment Processes

  • Denise, I am an Elder Forerunner, Blue Ray Starseed. You have helped me so much! It’s rare that I see in print something I don’t already know. You, however, have enlightened me. It’s so good to know another Forerunner who is “ out there” with me. You have helped me to put some of the pieces of the puzzle together for this AP process. I’ve been left to my own resources to figure it out, most of the time. You are so far ahead of me in your understanding, and I’m so glad that I can turn to you for greater awareness.
    I am integrating the beloved I Am Presence in this body. Or, you might call it a Soul Merge. Daily, I feel a burning sensation in my lower chakras. I call it Babtism by Fire. Sometimes I can feel bliss, other times, the burning and weird energy movement, perhaps rewiring, in my body. I get confused, can’t think of words, and things seem surreal. Have to be very careful driving. You mentioned so many things that I am experiencing. What a relief to hear you say it!
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I’ll stay tuned in…
    Love, Rose Elaine Messenger, Hawaii Lighthouse

    • Rose Elaine,

      I’m so glad you found your way to HighHeartLife, we connect with what we need at the perfect time. ❤

      There's also older articles (from 2007 up to today) about the Ascension Process (AP) and its many strange symptoms/side effects, positive and negative other-dimensional encounters with nonphysical beings due to living the AP now plus other related topics if interested at my other site TRANSITIONS Again, welcome to the Cosmic Evolutionary Party! 😀

  • Hi Denise,

    Did ever happen to you that suddenly your head starts to sting? Last Tuesday or Wednesday my right part of head/brain started to sting like someone trough a stone and hit me. The last several days this got worse, stings are moving into my right all day and at night pressure and the fear that I will die, haha. Also I can clearly hear in the middle of my forehead like I broke an egg. I’m just breath in, breath out in this situation trying not to step in fear’s whole. I’m thinking to see a doctor, a part of me is sad because I know we have all the powers inside us and I am still looking for help outside me. 😦

    Love and gratitude,

  • Dear Denise
    Could you please explain about severe acidity and heartburn linked to ascension symptoms? Do you also feel the same? Normally what you feel physically at a particular time, I also feel the same at that time. I am being aweful with severe acidity and heart burn since the onset of March 2017 specially at night time. I am taking antacids to get relief but it just gives temporary relief but If I dont take antacids, the condition persists. I am gulping glass after glass of water to quench the fire in my throat and abdomen. Do you have any soothing suggestion for these two symptoms.
    Thank You

    • “Could you please explain about severe acidity and heartburn linked to ascension symptoms? Do you also feel the same?”

      Hansa & Brit,

      Oh lord yes, I’ve had (at times) severe acid re-flux and this side effect is typically connected to ongoing changes and/or expansions etc. to the HighHeart area. I’ll even have periods where my esophagus will spasm in that HighHeart area, usually when I’m eating or drinking something and not relaxed and slowed down. No more eating on the run!

      The evolutionary changes we’ve been going through, and still are in this area causes these and related side effects. Honestly, I’ve not found anything that stops this particular side effect/symptom other than intentionally slowing myself down mentally, energetically etc. and relaxing as deeply as I’m able and from this state, just let the HighHeart energies flow as they need to, minus all the hurried and pressured old lower stuff we often get caught up in. We cannot get away with anything anymore and need to learn to let our bodies (and everything else) evolve, change, improve into more and more NEW expanded and higher frequencies.

      I just remembered an old “remedy” a Chiropractor told me a very long time ago. I’ve not used it since the AP started so I don’t know if it will work now or not, but I’ll share it anyway. He said to put about a quarter teaspoon of Cream of Tarter (link with photo), in about a quarter cup of room temperature water and drink it. Back then it worked for me, but like I said, I haven’t tried it lately because I’d forgotten about it until this moment.

      The other thing is just to be careful of what you eat that might exacerbate this situation, and certainly don’t eat heavy food/drink etc. late in the evening before bedtime.

      And Brit, I go through periods of coughing up lung gunk, and/or diarrhea, lower body, joints/bones, lower spine and hip pains almost every time I’m purging. And, we’ve just recently — February, March and epic butt-kicking April 2017 — been through massive purging due to BOTH embodying more higher Light Energies AND ending some more old negative timelines connected to Team Dark/patriarchal global stuff. Every time more old lower negativity is dead-ended (those timelines permanently ended), most of us feel those cutoffs and changes etc. VERY intensely in ourselves and our physical bodies and it’s just a rough period of more intense purging while simultaneously embodying more higher Light energies.

      We’ve just started another period of incoming Light Energies for May, so self-care everybody and nap, sleep, rest, be motionless etc. as much as you need now. 2017 is no joke as BIG changes have been and will continue to unfold every minute of this entire year everyone. We’re all having to take better care of ourselves and our bodies because of these major changes. ❤ ❤

  • The dissociation thing is quite unnerving, if it wasn’t for this article I might think I was going crazy, I seem to fall away from conscious awareness of my reality at times, like it’s not real, a little scary. Also the dreaming while awake is weird, in just seconds a whole hour it seems of experiencing something in a dream state will have gone by, in just seconds while I’m on my way to work or cooking dinner or something. My head feels funny, pressure, surreal, intense. Any tips Denise on how to cope? Also guidance has all but gone, any explanations? thankyou for this article and your wisdom/experience.

    • ianofthesmith,

      Yes, good old familiar “Guidance” has been long gone for me too for a couple of years now. What I’ve learned about this one is that, as we individually evolve more and more, our “Guidance” crews — whatever and whoever they have been — change, repeated, as should be expected by us all at this point within the AP. Heck, soon we will be our “Guidance” because we’ll have evolved far enough, taken on enough Light and LOVE so as to be fully Sovereign individuals.

      Let me ask you and anyone else reading this. Have you found yourself being “Guidance”, being a nonphysical “Guide” to someone or a couple of other people etherically? I’m talking about nonphysically, not counseling or teaching a physical friend or person. For many years I’ve been one of many different “Guides” to some well-known movie star types. Many of us Forerunners have had these “jobs” too for decades and this will continue most likely as we continue evolving. I ask this as another way to show you and others about how much this whole business about our own “Guidance” has and will change and why. Many of us are becoming the NEW “Guides” to other humans in other timelines and/or other levels of the AP.

      My head feels “funny” most all the time anymore and I’ve just excepted that as the way it is for now. I just do my best when in the car however! 😮 Seriously, all of these things, these side effects have to do with us becoming increasingly consciously aware of our being Multidimensional Beings existing and functioning in multiple dimensions and timelines etc. simultaneously, AND, not dropping the ball because of it. That is in very simplified terms, what “Christ/Crystal etc.” Consciousness is; being conscious of one’s multidimensionality and working, existing, functioning within them all and working increasingly together in this capacity consciously. It’s okay to get momentarily lost in space 😉 because of all this! We all do it and will for a good long while I suspect until we better Master this biggie. ❤

      • Yes Denise I have, I call it remote work and it freaked me out at first but I sort of got used to it, it was around the work I was doing with groups through my business on my website (travel specialist groups connected through their passions).. I also became very ill at the same time so that took precedence and I could only watch it all and now I am finally getting back “on my feet” and “owning my own guts” so to speak so I am learning to understand it somehow/ish/a bit/sort of, delete as appropriate. that’s why I am so grateful that you put this into words when I can only keep up with it and wonder I will actually live through it!, hugs Linda

  • In Silence
    by Thomas Merton

    Be still.
    Listen to the stones of the wall.
    Be silent, they try
    to speak your

    to the living walls.

    Who are you?
    are you? Whose
    silence are you?

    Who (be quiet)
    are you (as these stones
    are quiet). Do not
    think of what you are
    still less of
    what you may one day be.

    be what you are (but who?)
    be the unthinkable one
    you do not know.

    O be still, while
    you are still alive,
    and all things live around you

    speaking (I do not hear)
    to your own being,
    speaking by the unknown
    that is in you and in themselves.

    “I will try, like them
    to be my own silence:
    and this is difficult. The whole
    world is secretly on fire. The stones
    burn, even the stones they burn me.
    How can a man be still or
    listen to all things burning?
    How can he dare to sit with them
    when all their silence is on fire?”


    Thomas Merton
    US (1915 – 1968)

    Thomas Merton was a Catholic monk and mystic who, perhaps more than anyone else in the 20th century, is associated with opening up a dialog between the spiritual traditions of East and West. He himself studied many Eastern spiritual practices deeply, from Zen meditation to Hindu yogic philosophy.

    He is best known today for his essays on the spiritual life, especially his first book, The Seven Storey Mountain. He was also a gifted poet.

  • Denise
    Thank you. I have been really living the battle for consciousness at my local level . It’s amazing how TD just still try to take you down. Overall it feels like they are on the last gasp and are done but there are still personal things to work through that seem to involve battling with them. I used to “see” things but now it’s like the “whole”of me “sees” the things. Maybe we have moved from just using one room in the house to the whole house. I will be glad when the final battles are done. I still do not really understand why it has to be the way it is. But I accept that is how it is for now. And i am still here many battles and tests later. I just wish the human interaction thing was a little easier.
    Love and light to you and all who comment – you keep me sane xxx

  • This year really has been something so far.

    I’ve been dealing with it well emotionally but physically my poor back has been through the ringer and I’ve had a lot of time off work/off the computer because of it.

    However after about a 30 year struggle to get a proper diagnosis for all my pain patterns it looks like there is a light at the end of the tunnel and we might know what it is at last.

    I was at the physio yesterday and as I was waiting for my appointment and I noticed my body getting nervous. It happens sometimes because we have been disappointed so many times by test results showing up nothing to explain all the chronic pain I have. It was like it was afraid of going back to square one again for the millionth time.

    I just focused on my breath, observed and accepted it, and I told my body ‘I love you’ and ‘I respect what you are trying to tell me’ and ‘even if no-one else understands you I promise to do the best I can to look after you’. I then just tried to keep an open mind and not expect any partial outcome.

    As a result I ended up having my first (unplanned) treatment of acupuncture and I had the best night sleep I’ve had in 12-15 years because I didn’t have to turn every couple of hours due to pain! I wasn’t stiff and sore in the morning like normal and my hip pain had gone (a side affect of some of the back pain). I realise it is just one day after just one treatment, so I’m not going to assume anything for the long term, but the result so far surprised me so much I cried (in a good way).

    So between having an idea of what the problem is at last and feeling pain relief was the best birthday present I could have asked for/given myself (my birthday is on May 6th).

    I can’t help feeling that the timing of all this plays into the whole ascension process of old pains being released (the fear of no-one understanding/accepting my pain and being ignored) as well as shedding light onto the root of the problem to being with.

    I also have experienced some of the other things you mentioned above over the years, partially the ‘zoning out’ process where suddenly you don’t know what you are looking at/doing etc. That happens to me a lot.

    Thanks Denise for your eloquent words they brought me great comfort today. Keep on shining!


  • My Ascension adjustments are off the charts this year. I had horrendous nerve adjustments and pain in my legs and arms and neck . And the muscle cramps were debilitating. That went away after two weeks, Now I have vertigo so bad I could vomit. I wish I had something spectacular happen to me like what Denise talks about. Something real and magical and profound I could notice and use and recognize. Then the Pains would be so worth it.

    • Laura,

      It’s coming and is a natural byproduct of having lived all this. Hang in there, and know that most of us have had a really painful time of it so far in 2017 too, myself included. Every time higher frequency Light arrives means more profound evolutionary changes in each of us, and that often is physically painful. Self-care, release more, open more, rest and be empowered by The Process. ❤

  • That was super, thank you, Denise, all the info provided helps so much to make sense of some of the weird and wonderful things happening ‘in here’ and ‘out there’. Just this morning I was in a store I’ve been in dozens of times, but when I went to browse for something I needed, holy crap, different world. Where was I, why was I there, who was I, what were these ‘things’ I was looking at (books in 3D), and my poor old heart started pounding like crazy, anxious dizziness took over so I had to hold onto a shelf trying not to show my distress, and I thought, wow, incredible AP symptoms, but no thanks, not now, not here, breathe in-breathe out. And then I realized, it’s a NEW bit of ME checking things out! But I wasn’t sure what to do next, so I calmed myself as best I could and dog-tracked home to ‘sanctuary’. I’ll do better next time. 😉 Love, B.

    • Barbara & All,

      This is exactly how we Master different aspects of this Process; trial and error until it’s just DO IT and BE IT and move on to the next NEW thing we’ve got to re-learn and Master. And this is happening super fast now. ❤

  • As usual you describe my experience perfectly, I can only add that you deserve all the donations we can manage for the trojan work you do, with thanks and much love, Linda

    • Thank You so much, Denise !
      I have the same , heartburn, acid thing. Had it since January, or longer. And just had a week of coughing a lot , coughing up phlegm,especially nightime. I suppose it is a lot of cleansing ?

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