Tremendous 2017 Light Expansions

Embodying more certainly has felt like exactly that this year; getting even larger than you were before the February, March and especially April’s Inner Expansions! I can barely put to words how strange yet wonderful these early months of 2017 have been for me. I AM not the same person I was in January of this year, and, we’re just getting started with this level and phase of the ongoing Embodiment Process in 2017.

This has been intense and ongoing in this NEW, higher level way since February, but it’s been all of April that’s seriously pushed the evolutionary envelope for me, and no doubt many of you reading this. I find some of this level and phase of the ongoing Embodiment Process more difficult (for me) to express in words because it is so beyond words much of the time anymore.

Sometimes linear words are not enough for me and I long for higher 5D and above total telepathic freedom, ease, instant and accurate communications coupled with matching emotional energies and Higher Awareness that goes with 5D and higher communication exchanges. I’ve consciously remembered this more natural form of communication my whole life, so it’s been a real learning, make that an UN-learning experience for me to figure out how to communicate in linear written form like this, and while being mildly Dyslexic. Good news is that we’re rapidly evolving back to this higher level of instant telepathic and/or even better yet, direct and instant knowing communications with like-others. Ascending Individuals becoming increasingly able to intentionally communicate with other Individuals of the same frequency range, which is creating a larger Group of 5D and higher people able to communicate with each other without any physical, linear spoken or written words involved. More of HOME in each of us brings more of HOME to our NEW HOME here, now.

When I get feeling too limited by words—written or otherwise—I spend more time with visuals and emotions because there’s so much more in them. There’s the image, the emotions it causes in the viewer, the colors, shapes, angles, textures etc. I’ve needed more visuals and emotions than words in April which is why I’ve been MIA much of the month. Now by visuals I mean both physical images and nonphysical ones. We’re increasingly more consciously aware of our multi-dimensionality, which means we’re needing more than just linear words or physical images etc. We’re expanding beyond them, meaning many Forerunners (and when I use the term Forerunner I mean Grid-workers/Grid-holders, Gate-workers/Gate-keepers, Master Transmuters, Wayshowers, Embodiers etc.) are needing greater, larger, more creative ways to express ourselves, communicate with each other, live and be and continue Embodying and so on. Said another way, we’re all in a very NEW and different place, space, level and phase throughout 2017, and many Forerunners are doing our best to acclimate to these hour-by-hour changes we’re constantly going through and know a bit more during each step.

For me, every time there’s an extra intense Light Energy immersion happening, I have that rather unpleasant sensation of having suddenly gotten really HUGE throughout my entire physical body from the inside out. I suddenly feel like I’ve gotten massively HUGE on the physical level, and in some ways I do actually increase in physical size during these Stair-step phases, but this is caused from my Embodying more Light and Love Energies, Source, Divine Cosmic Mother/Mommy, my Higher Selves etc. into my physical body. And from that perspective it often feels rather uncomfortable for a while due to more internal expansiveness taking place because more higher frequency stuff just came on-board permanently. Out with more old lower and in with more NEW higher in other words and this Embodiment Process literally redecorates your insides from an energetic level, the  cellular, expands the DNA some more, and obviously re-configures the entire physical body. Because of all this, especially now that we’re coming out the Other Side of this 26,000-yearlong Galactic Alignment and multiple other related cycles, sometimes words just don’t do IT justice and we go quiet for a while to stare in amazement at Divinity working on our insides and outsides, our higher sides and lower sides and marvel and wonder over IT all.

No one ever told us that taking on increasing amounts of glorious Divinity would occasionally cause you to puff up like a blow fish, so much so that taking a deep breath is sometimes impossible. And while I’m at it, no one also ever told us that taking on increasing amounts of glorious Divinity would, at times, make you feel sick, wildly horny, irritable, homesick, frustrated, confused, not human, powerful, filled with Light and Love to the point that it feels like ones little physical body will explode from the greatness of IT all. Hence why this business is delivered in incremental Stair-steps such as what we’ve gone through since the 1980s, and much more so since 1999.

Let’s be entertained and educated by our own astonishing Individual evolutionary Embodiment Ascension Processes.

I’ve experienced getting larger because I’ve taken on more Light, and to do that, more internal space needed to be created first so, out with more of the old lower. I’ve also gained plenty of physical weight since all this started, lost some, gained some back, lost some again but no matter what else was going on, I’ve felt increasingly larger in all ways the more I Embody. To be expected as the physical “meat suit” is repeatedly Alchemically transformed by the very Process itself.

April 18, 2017, I had a Higher Awareness vision and Saw a HUGE (about the size of our Sun), transparent, speed-of-light approaching round ball-shaped Energy headed towards Earth/Humanity. I’m not saying this transparent Energy ball is only for Earth and Humanity, that it’s coming straight towards us and nothing else because that’s not the case. It’s hitting, activating plenty of other systems and stars long before it reaches us and Earth. It is very positive and simply another of many different types of further evolutionary inducing, species propelling forms of very high level Energies streaking through the Milky Way galaxy, jump-starting all sorts of wonderful things, beings and possibilities.

When I Saw this transparent Energy ball-shaped thing, I perceived that it would be within range of influencing us and Earth starting now, the last week of April, and peaking in intensity in mid-May 2017, but lasting long past that date. Like I said, this is just one more of many different types of much higher frequency Light Energies now constantly coming in to further lift us up into the NEW higher even more. There’s many more of these sorts of evolutionary pushes coming so don’t misunderstand me and think that this one is the one and only and therefore fixate on it because it’s not.

It seems, at this moment at least, rather ridiculous to repeat the many strange side effects of all this that the Forerunners have been, are and will be going through. You know what they are for you now, and that’s all that is really important at this point. Just give yourself some credit where credit is due for being able and willing to be repeatedly turned inside out and back again, and each time with greater NEW gifts added. Some of what we’re going through now in 2017 is pretty mind-blowing stuff so don’t forget that while becoming something NEW and different. ❤  We’re in NEW territory which means much of what we’re experiencing is very new and NEW too. There’s times when I can’t really tell if I’m here or not here. Dead or alive. Individual or Divine, or more accurately, rapidly becoming both in an amazing Alchemical evolutionary Process that I Volunteered to come here to do, live, be and anchor. That’s all that matters at this point, that you are doing what you came here to do now. Be at peace with that. Be proud of that. Be that and the rest will naturally make more sense as you/me/we each continue living the nearly indescribable. Thank You for your part in all for All.

Denise Le Fay

April 23, 2017

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27 thoughts on “Tremendous 2017 Light Expansions

  • I’ll echo what I hear everyone always saying, “Thank you, Denise. We SO appreciate your voice”! Much Love.

  • Denise thank you. And for all the comments. I so get the 3pm thing . Everyday my stomach is so uncomfortable I could set the clock by it. And always from 3 onwards till bed. Been driving me crazy and it doesn’t seem to matter what I eat. In fact my body doesn’t feel like me any more. Have had to buy some clothes and I don’t know what to get anymore as everything feels like it hangs so weird. And is baggy yet I am always always hungry. I have been mega decorating at my house. Had to have repairs done to roof fence and door. It feels like I have had to reestablish my boundary and spring clean my physical space.

    Peace and love to you
    Magda xx

  • Denise,

    When I read in your last post about your vision of the transparent sphere, an idea came to my mind about Corey Goode and his experiences with the blue spheres and Blue Avians. He was talking about hundred and thousands blue spheres. In case you are interested in, you could find his website for more info.:)

    When I read about yours and the others comments experiences from the last 1-2 weeks, I see how much they are the same and yet, may be there are some differences in details. But it is not important.We all are on the same path…

    In short, I could say for my myself, that I am feeling all the time like an antenna. Feeling every minute, hour, day and night, the state of the Earth energy, increasing the Schumann resonance and solar storms.

    Every time, when energetic impact is coming, I always think “I won’t survive this time”, and yet, we all are still alive.:)

    Still alive!!!

    Probably increasing and holding high frequencies vibrations for all…..

    More and more it is difficult for me to use words for talk and write. May be the speed of processing of the information of our talking and writing centres in the brain, is too slow and it makes us feel uncomfortable…who knows…just an idea…

    Till the next energetic shift….hmmmmmmmmmmm…courage, peace, calmness and a lot of relax….

    • Anna & Petra & All,

      “When I read in your last post about your vision of the transparent sphere, an idea came to my mind about Corey Goode and his experiences with the blue spheres and Blue Avians. He was talking about hundred and thousands blue spheres. In case you are interested in, you could find his website for more info.:) “

      Ancient ET Bird beings by Denise Le Fay

      I want everyone to understand that in many cases I do not respond to certain information such as the quoted paragraph above because I do not agree with the author of said materials or information or claims etc. I don’t want to hurt people’s feelings and so I usually just don’t respond. There’s so much more going on with this person (Cory Goode) and some other people connected to him that’s starting to finally be revealed. Here’s my clue about him and them; discernment people, discernment! Things are NOT what they seem or claim to be. Buyer beware of where your consciousness is being intentionally directed or re-directed when you read anyone’s material and/or watch anyone’s videos. Disinformation and outright BS is abundant now and being directed towards younger people.

      I’ve written articles many years ago at TRANSITIONS about my personal memories of what I call the Ancient Bird Beings (ETs), and I included an illustration of one of them in my book A Lightworker’s Mission (2010), and I’ve included it here in this Comment. I’ve remembered ancient past life interactions with both these Bird Beings and also the Ancient Lion or Feline Beings (ETs) and have written about it and had illustrations done of them both based on my personal memories of interacting with them. I’ve also had current life interactions with other positive (and negative) ET beings in a variety of forms; some so bizarre you wouldn’t immediately think they were “alive” or “beings” or “ETs” at all but they were.

      I’ve also seen large and small sized blue orbs and other colored ones too for decades, and much more. The movements and changes and comings and goings of us on Earth and numerous other ET beings and other Lightbeings/Angelics and such has been and still is abundant and profound and so much more complex and multi-layered than most people are aware of, myself included.

      My point with all this is, once again, that everyone MUST learn to discern for themselves what they read, watch in videos etc. because the bullshit, lies, distortions, disinformation, attempt at fame and fortune and guru status is epic with some people and because of this everyone needs to really, seriously be aware of what and who is directing your consciousness and awareness through beliefs.

      I just watched about five minutes or so (that’s all I could stomach) of a recent video by “one of Cory’s kids” about ascension symptoms that was completely wrong, completely incorrect and clearly reveals just how profoundly UNAWARE that person and material actually is. Disinformation is a terrible thing. It’s disheartening after all the decades of hard work I and other Forerunners/Wayshowers/Pathpavers have done to have certain people not be able to tell for themselves that what they’re reading and watching in some videos is NOT what they claim it is.

      This increase and acceleration of deliberate disinformation by certain people is becoming more and more obvious in 2017, so pay attention and discern everything and everyone, please. ❤

  • Gosh Denise I’ve just noticed the spelling mistake I made in your name, that’s absolutely the very last word I would use around you, I was so busy being a bad tempered old bag this morning I didn’t even check my writing properly, sorrrrrreeeeeee, maybe I will get my wish now and lighten up, love you, thanks for letting me get that one out! Linda xxx

  • For all of this year though I am happier than I ever been, its a struggle to stay that way when your hurting so bad. I have muscle twitches all over my body like they are getting ready to in a full blown cramp like in the legs. But its everywhere. Cramps in my back , Charlie horses in places I have never had. Its probably electrical adjustments. numbing pins and needles and My neck is severely out of whack. My upper chest is bloated sometimes. Last week I woke up had breakfast and went right back to bed for three days . I did not fight it, I just new what was happening. That never happened to me before. Do you walk on an angel? I do , and bang my self on the furniture or wall. I see from reading here I’m not the only one..(thank you ) And I also feel the energies hit my body a day or two before they reach earth. I AM SO GLAD FOR YOU DENISE THAT YOU WRITE THIS POSTS , YOU HONESTLY SAVE MY LIFE. I would be in and out of the hospital if I didn’t really know what’s going on physically , that’s how bad it is for me, even though I intend it to go smoothly and easily , Its doesn’t. I’m so happy to know and be reminded often , its the ascension energies and I am not dying or sick. I love you so much.

  • Denise,

    Plenty love light and appretiatetion I am currently going through all things Forerunner… There has been moments going through this transformation or butterfly effect 🦋 That I thought I really needed to call 911 Even though I can’t stand the whole fake medical business! Then I’ll just close my eyes and wake up feeling better but in those moments that our cosmic energies flow through and around me it is life or death changing for sure 😂 I’ve recently started feeling like this is my afterlife while closing out my past life timeline completely and co creating my new life book ! Well we are still breathing walking and talking kinda! Light really works is all I can sum it up to and that we have done and will do going forward. This is an Aww experience though I may be winded Team Light has won at oneness. Light showers to All!💪🏽💫1ness

  • Thanks again, Dense, I have to say this I SO wish I could get through all this without being so damned grumpy with myself, felt like a large pig literally this morning on the bed, and used to get this feeling a lot as a child (not pig but huge) and I was crying deeply for my dear old dad the other day and he went walkabouts in 1984! My gut is it’s usual unhappy self too, but I can see my “work” coming full circle since this part of the journey started in earnest in 2001, so I do have a remote sense of hope coming up from somewhere deep within too and it’s a long time since I felt that as I have just been desperate about the physical symptoms for years now, so hope and love to you too, and respect!

  • For me, My body expands at the solar and core area and its super uncomfortable, then, i get a fever. I get chills inside of myself, and I am observing all this from Self Sight, and i take my temp, sure enough, 99.8 to normal temp …is 97.6…no fail…Now…i get this fever and i feel crappy, then within minutes, the fever is gone, and within an hour my body seems to deflat. I have lost 14 pounds in 2 weeks, yet every day i get nausous and puffy and then fever/no fever…its madening…
    The process has indeed elevated, and just like Barb said above, she feels taller…i do too…and i happened to catch a glance of an energy picture i have in my bedroom just yesterday and it seemed like it was tilted backwards…well…THAT wall is there…right where its hanging…yet, it truly was like the wall was not there. I get HEIGHTENING sensations and lots of motion sickness sort of…lol….This is indeed a very physical year so far….Thanks Denise for this spot on sharing💗

    • soulspeak & All,

      My core or the good old Buddha Belly business gets a lot more severe and feels like I’m expanding internally from the core gut area in a 365 degree spread. It then becomes a whole body sensation and action so I swell everywhere which isn’t much fun but whatever…

      I’ve always gotten the chills when the Sun was transmitting higher Light Energies, and/or when the magnet fields fluctuate and change. I’ve always run a bit hot too and that’s usually because we’re capable of housing more energy in our physical bodies than most people. But, solar transmissions and magnet changes have me in chills instantly.

      If only I’d deflate in an hour! That reminded me of something I’ve never remembered to mention in any article, ever. Whatever AP symptoms/side effects I’m having at the time, they always become more severe from around 3:00 PM until the Sun goes down. Part of this is just fatigue after being up all day, and, part of it is old negative crap connected to old negative programs around the 3:00 PM christian beliefs etc.

      Many years ago I wrote a bit about the sensation and visual perception of seemingly being taller all of the sudden at TRANSITIONS. Back then whenever I’d enter an altered, expanded state of consciousness it would look to me like I was viewing the room I was in at the time from about three feet above my physical head. I hadn’t gotten taller of course, but was half out of my body and perceiving reality from that vantage point. Our physical bodies no longer hold us, keep us contained like they used to, and as one continues expanding via the Ascension and Embodiment Process, our point of perception changes, many times and in many different ways. Along with this also comes changes to the current “reality” we’re seeing and hearing etc. Floors disappear beneath our feet, our own voices sound tinny and distant, we are no longer contained in our skulls and looking out of our physical eyes because WE have expanded a bit more which causes everything we’re perceiving to change too. This will only get more interesting 😉 the more we expand/evolve/Embody/Ascend.

      Another aspect of all this is the one where you dare not turn too fast or you may end up tipping over and/or crashing into walls or doors etc. Not turning too fast and even not turning your head too fast becomes something that we all do because we know we’ll go flying if we’re not careful! And as you said, all this business causes “morning sickness” — nausea because we’re not “anchored” in those old lower ways and we’re constantly moving higher and higher and expanding more and more.

      Thanks for your great Comment soulspeak. ❤

      • Dearest Denise,

        I hope this is not too terribly off topic. I’ve recently (or maybe a month ago? who can keep track or care about “time” anymore!) had this experience, especially while driving (!!!). I “feel” like I’m not seeing (with my physical eyes) the “true” reality, and that if I just give it a nudge, I will be able to really see things how they truly are. It is as if the windshield of my car is a movie screen, and if I pluck it back with little effort that I will see the man behind the curtain so to speak. And then I think it’s probably not the greatest idea to test this out while I’m driving even if I have different levels of awareness in the moment. I’m not that comfortable doing that kind of multi-tasking yet 😀

        I definitely have been feeling larger than my physical body. I half expect there to be about 30 pounds packed on me somewhere, until I really look and realize it’s nothing but the usual “beginning old age droop” programming. And I’ve definitely been banging into walls, clipping my elbow on the mirror cabinet in the bathroom. I always say to myself afterwards, “Cut it out, you can’t go walking through walls yet”.

        Much Love to You and your Mom,

        • Thank you for the description of driving in your car! It is the same thing with me. I get in the car , turn on the classical music station….and everything “out there” is happening around me. I can fell me moving ONLY because the pictures out there are changing as I drive. Weird but I kind of really enjoy it now.

      • It never stops amazing my mental comprehension..after more than 20 years of this process, the physical symptoms, I considered momentary.. each increases as we are able to house more light. The Ascension process indeed is so many layers that seem to upstep at different intervals…like you said, the seeming to be taller…NOW for me, is easily seen from my Soul sight..I am experiencing immense awareness of looking from Self with such immense energy of observation. I reveal to myself so much information with each experience, and then THAT in itself catapults me now into a dimension of energy that brings the most profound knowing of my active creating. I am ultra aware of RESPONSES. Each response I make to an experience or an observation, instantly starts the creating motion. This seems to me “motion sickness” indeed!! I totally relate to not turning our sight too fast, not moving too fast, or turning around too fast…I have found myself in some highly hilarious moments!!! Thank you so much for your kind response and all that you share. It is difficult to say the least for me to form words…where, I am a writer in my soul, and the flow of the written words always has opened portals of the understanding, yet since last September…there is what I say..talking in tongues is easier than human words!!!
        Love to you and may your blessings be abundantly flowing this day and each day…as we all bring our desires into form…even if we are a bit clumsy…maybe all that, is what we need to allow at this time…simple flailing ourselves face first on the couch while laughing loudly at our own spectacle of Ascending!!!Namaste’

        • Dear Noelle,

          You are most welcome. And I thank you in return. Your words further remind me of what else I experience in the car. It is almost exactly the same, except I don’t feel as if “I” am moving. Rather I feel like I am still and everything else around me moves, giving me the “experience” that I’m actually moving. Streets and cars, people and trees, I have the impression that all of it is just a movie playing on a screen and I’m just watching it. Very strange sensation. Again though, I thank you for your words and it feels nice to know I’m not alone in this strange sensation 🙂

          Much Love,

        • Chrysalis & Noelle,

          These NEW to us sensations and higher perceptions is what this contrast feels and looks like to the old lower 3D ego “us” and the increasing Embodied 5D US. To have both of these very different sensations and perspectives is, as you both have said, strange feeling to be sure, but know that this is just the early stages of the Embodiment Process. These amazing perspectives will only grow and become much more complex and interesting, and easy to deal with as well. ❤ ❤

      • Thank you for this Denise! I always feel so tired and ready for bed again at 3 pm every day and couldn’t really understand why. I also feel the “morning sickness” and it is not very fun at all. My body feels like it has gone through the ringer this year and I can’t believe I am still alive. I always look forward to your articles, they always help me understand this process so much more. There is no one I can talk to about this process, well I try but they don’t seem to understand. So thank you again, I am grateful for you.

        • Jen,
          And I am grateful to all of you, my readers and Ascension Process co-workers, as I have no one else to talk to either about these processes. That’s changing now finally but I’ve been very isolated just like everyone else has been since the AP started over two decades ago.

          As everyone knows by now, February, March and April 2017 have been EPIC in how much more Light and Embodiment has taken place during this time. I’ve only felt that calm, easier acclimation phase of all this since yesterday, April 25th so we’ve really gotten a lot accomplished during these first few months of 2017. Much more is coming of course. But, in between all this evolutionary Work I’ve had plenty of physical house work to do too but when I’ve got the energy, I’ll try to get more written about all this. ❤

  • Absolutely beyond profound! EVERTHING you’ve shared here is right ON!
    Thank you/us/we! Wee doggies!
    Onwards and Upwards!!
    ❤️ Annette

  • Thank you, Denise, for this excellent post of the current energy. I’m sensing that what we may be experiencing is the gentler side of Divine Cosmic Mother. The ‘sound and the fury’ have been so intense in the last few weeks, but in the last couple of days, I feel more at peace, secure, all is well kind of thing, which, for me, shows itself as a disconnect from everything that might be going on ‘out there’ in 3D. And yes, me, too, getting those hits of being ‘larger than life.’ In my case I feel tall, really, really, tall, so that it seems that I’m looking down at the pictures on my walls, as opposed to seeing them at their eye-level height. I like the feeling very much, and am glad to know that it’s expanding LIGHT. I’ll for sure take the gentle side for NOW. I’m intrigued by your Energy Ball and agree that its travel through time and space is not just for Earth, but for the All. Love, B.

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