The Profound Intensity of Embodying More DIVINE MOMMY

I experienced further embodying of Divine Cosmic Mommy in late 2015, much more intensely and for longer periods in 2016, then every few weeks so far in 2017, amplifying everything that led up to this by light years (energy stair steps remember?), this has been and continues to be mind-blowing, earth-shaking, life-changing, reality-altering, body-expanding, take-no-prisoners type intense Divine Mommy embodiment stuff.

This isn’t just additional fragmented aspects of Divine Mommy, of Cosmic Mother-level divine light’, but IT in ITS undiluted, non-fragmented, unified natural entirety, and that will literally rock your world—and other parts too which we’ll get to—when embodying some more of IT into your physical body and therefore consciousness, life and reality. No, this is not about smaller, individualized aspects of the Divine Cosmic Mommy Energy such as what’s represented in a variety of aspects like the female asteroid archetypal energies, female Goddess archetypes, Mother Nature, Amazon Warrior Women, Wives of ancient gods of old, great beauties, Muses and feminine creators etc. No, this is Divine Cosmic Mother Feminine Light Energy returning and currently being embodied by the Forerunners and anchored back into consciousness, life and reality in the NEW Earth for NEW Humans. This is big, this is important, this is absolutely necessary, and at times IT simultaneously feels awesome, amazing, empowering, expanding, excruciating and like it may blow your physical heart out with ITS sheer magnitude and intensity, drive you mad sexually, cause you to promise immediate extinction to anyone and anything anywhere that continues negative patriarchal patterns, habits and beliefs that harm/wound/mutilate/rape/plunder/use/steal/or kill another human or other living thing.

Divine Mommy, Divine Cosmic Mother Feminine isn’t small in that warm and fuzzy sort of way. IT also isn’t all lovey-dovey and hugs n’ kisses either, and IT certainly is not an “enabler” or “co-dependent”. Divine Mommy as I’m calling this incomprehensible Energy at the moment, is returned because it’s time for IT to be re-integrated into humanity and human consciousness and life and reality finally. This Energy (and IT deserves to be capitalized) has for so long been exiled, removed, diminished and distorted to such a degree as to be completely impotent and basically meaningless. Mother, whore, virgin, witch, seductress, hag and young maid is about all the patriarchy allowed in of intentionally distorted and controlled Divine Mother archetypes throughout the global patriarchal rule, and because of this, most people are totally unfamiliar with how big, powerful and utterly unstoppable this Divine Cosmic Mother Feminine Energy actually is. We all are increasingly being re-introduced to IT via our ongoing individual Embodiment processes over these past few years, but in 2017, this aspect of the Ascension Process (AP) has reached this NEW level and it’s a blessing but sometimes way over-the-top type experience Embodying a bit more of IT. And that was a huge understatement, and you know it is if you’ve lived through this latest 2017 phase of Embodying some more of Divine Cosmic Mommy! Loved to near death; fried to near death; expanded to near death; pushed to near death, awakened to near death and it’s all been so great and terrible and wonderful and sexual and not sexual and not loving and not great and great and wonderful and …

Someone’s Got To Talk About This

I’ve briefly mentioned in previous articles about how I intentionally chose celibacy when it was time for me to, once again, “re-enter the Sacred Temple” at age 39 in 1991, to prepare for the start of the biological, physical-level Ascension Process in 1999. I chose to be celibate in 1991 because my time fooling around trying to be just a human ended with the start of my Uranus Opposition at that age. This was a Soul Contract so lose the furrowed brow and saddened heart. I was grateful I had those first 39 years to complete karma with others, experience a few things, have lots of sex, and grow myself in different ways. But, as I painfully discovered back in my sexually active years during the 1970s and 1980s, Team Dark (TD) took advantage of every romantic relationship and every sexual act no matter how much “love”, compassion, connection and devotion was involved. TD was always there stealing beautiful, loving sexual energy generated by myself and male partner(s). And/or they were intentionally manipulating myself, current partner, other people etc. to create negative energies from sexually active people so we’d all produce fear, jealousy, guilt, anger, sexual addictions, distrust, neediness, emotional imbalance and so on for them to energetically feed from. TD didn’t care what created the energy they stole from humans, just that they got it constantly, which meant they also endlessly manipulated people into producing low-frequency emotional energies any way they could. For me in the 70s and 80s it was a No Win situation with romantic/love/sexual relationships because TD ran the world back then; the Light hadn’t arrived, which meant it was a terribly dark and dangerous place making the love/romance/sex/love-making business painful in one way or another, dangerous and usually frustrating. The things I’ve clairvoyantly Seen and personally experienced in relation to this topic would turn your stomach, shock you and cause you to become celibate too. I’m talking about the bad old Dark days, today it’s a different story IF you and partner are both functioning at a much higher level of HighHeart being and awareness where TD cannot reach and therefore affect you in those old lower ways. Frequency, it’s all about different levels of frequency and where you’re at.

So, I’ve been in a No Sex Zone since age 39 by choice for said reasons. It was easy and felt grand not having to risk and/or sacrifice so much just to make love with a male I was involved with. Higher Awareness and Being always includes great changes and greater personal responsibilities.

But, with the return of some more Divine Mommy Energy every year since 2015, one of the many ways our physical bodies interprets and responds to IT is a whole-body and being sense of tremendously amplified “sexual” energy. IT is not “sexual” at all, IT is simply pure, undiluted Divine Cosmic Mother Feminine Light Energy that, when Embodied physically often feels like nearly unbearable sexual energies flowing through your entire body constantly. Ouch and super yum all at the same time… for weeks and months at a time. Not an exaggeration please understand. Soon we’ll be in this level of Divine Cosmic Mother Feminine Energy constantly because we’ll have Embodied it completely, and more importantly, adapted to IT so IT will no longer feel to us like anything other than greater Divine Light and LOVE.

I hope you realize that the only reason I’m sharing this particular information now is that I know there are some Forerunners out there suddenly feeling a nearly unbearable need to hump someone into divine ecstatic oblivion. This is why so just breath and realize that, as usual, you and your physical body and everything else will Embody a bit more, adapt, adjust, re-adjust a few times, finally get comfortable with the latest NEW Light Energies and then… it will all start-up again at an even higher level with an even greater quantity of Light Energy every time. 

The Amazon Warrior Woman

Another common side effect of our Embodying more of Divine Mommy now is that not only are we individually feeling an absolute intolerance for any and all old negative patriarchal period bullshit, abuses, female mutilations etc., but our Embodying more of IT also anchors IT into the grid-work structures of the NEW Earth, meaning the HighHeart grid that the rest of humanity will eventually be a part of too. Do you understand yet how you are currently a Creator Being via your personal Embodiment Ascension Process?

Divine Cosmic Mommy/Mother Light Energies are at this point, due to them needing to further breakdown the old negative patriarchal insanity, rather Amazon Warrior Woman-like, even for male Forerunners. Don’t fret over any of this as IT will level-out when IT no longer needs to put an end to all that’s been globally accepted mega negativity. We’re already seeing greater number of females and males rebelling against old patriarchal restrictions and negativity and this will only increase the more the Forerunners Embody more Divine Cosmic Mommy Light Energies in ourselves. We’re also seeing more of this NEW Divine Cosmic Mommy/Mother Light Energy returning now via new movies and TV shows with plenty of Amazon Warrior Woman types in them.

All you have to do is IT, and while doing IT, understand that your physical heart won’t burst from the sheer force and volume of IT, nor will you go crazy from IT feeling unbearably sexual when in your physical body during these early stages, nor will you go mad and run naked in the streets because you’re becoming a living, Embodied, physical Master of Light housing LOVE within yourself constantly. Yes it feels like you’ll be crushed, exploded, loved/Loved/LOVED unto death and well beyond by IT, but so what in any or all cases? I’m still alive after what all I’ve been through in just these first few months of 2017; I haven’t been jailed for molesting some male stranger; I’m still celibate but that might change due to these massive evolutionary improvements; I’m still Embodying; still ending old negative patriarchal timelines; getting the oil in my car changed; buying toilet paper; still marveling at the stars in the night sky, and falling in LOVE more and more every hour via the Embodiment Process. IT stings, IT burns, IT tears apart, IT re-unites, IT expands, IT permanently improves and changes each of us. Let IT and be grateful for what you’re experiencing and able to do, survive and anchor for future humans.


April 11, 2017

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24 thoughts on “The Profound Intensity of Embodying More DIVINE MOMMY

  • what should i write?I am amongst kundalini process for the last18 years with bizzare symptoms.unbelievable .My skin burnt as if burnt by some external force.I feel gravity.i feel restlessness.i hear sound in the centre of my headjust like buzzing sound of honey bee.I feel severe eletric currents in my body.I also feel presence of another around me.especially while i am in meditation mood.There r some pleasant moments.often i experience sensational fragrances even if am around dirty place.Science has no answers.surrender to it because it is sacred KUNDALINI (sanskrit word)energy most powerful energy of universe.scientists are doing research in several countries on it.

    • kuldeep kumar Bakshi,

      Here’s a link to my other blog TRANSITIONS, where I wrote something about this yesterday. You may find it interesting and helpful to read about another persons evolutionary Ascension Process which includes automatic Kundalini activation. You can also read about my Ascension Process and Kundalini activation that began physically for me in February 1999, under my ABOUT page there at the top.

      You can write a Comment(s) there too if interested under that article or any others.

  • Hi. I dont know. The one thing i relate to is crying for mom, I WANT MY MOM! Crying and bellowing from my heart as i went thru serious issues a couple of years back. I’d stop and ask myself if i was wanting my physical mom who died ovet 20 years ago. It didnt seem so.

    I am still in a process of realizing im not my thoughts and beliefs. Ive come a long way. Ptsd, and life long adrenal fight or flight response, causing me to suffer and over react each time im triggered makes this hard, but yet it sure is easy to discern that im caught up in fear beliefs and an autopilot reaction. I WANT MY MOM! I get so scared!

    Denise, these past few days it seems like The Crazy in me is amplified. Im learning to ride it out, but I’ve been thru such intensity its causing me to reach out here and inside me for solid reassurance and comfort.

    Its like when im aligned, WOW! And when I’m not, UH OH FEARS😔

    You’ve been quiet. Hope all is well. Thank you for sharing your inner solidness. 😙💚💙💗💖💟💞😙

    • Edith,

      Yes I’ve been quiet the past couple of weeks because I’ve needed and wanted to be. It’s part of the Return of Divine Cosmic Mommy/Mother Energies, plus it’s due to 2017 being the end of some of the Forerunners/Pathpavers old Mission Work and entrance into their very different NEW Service Work because Galactic Alignment is completing now and we’re coming out the “other side” of it. In other words, everything is changing and dramatically now in 2017 and beyond.

      I should talk more about this but you’re right Edith, everything is amplified in this high level of Light. Positive and negative, happy and sad, loving and hateful etc., everything is amplified beyond belief which, interestingly, forces those that are aware that we’re now existing within a fifth dimensional frequency range to take far more self-responsibility for our thoughts, our emotions, actions, words and the energies we emit constantly. Don’t beat yourself up over this, just be consciously aware of it so you can learn from it — from life in 5D frequency — and learn from what you’re thinking, feeling etc. and why and deal with whatever it is that continues coming up (out of habit, or because one hasn’t yet dealt with it) because the amplification of our old lower stuff is nearly unbearable at this level and this point within the Ascension and Embodiment Process.

      Honestly, for the majority of us these sorts of issues are simply lower old negative habits and/or programs running in us or trying to and NOT because we haven’t honestly dealt with them for many years or decades already. It’s so important of all of us to know, to realize that we are not the same people we were two months ago, last year, five years ago or ten years ago and because of that fact to fully release, step out of any remaining old negative habits/patterns/programs etc. There’s no more need to chew the hell out of these issues anymore because for most of us, we’ve already done that Inner Work, so all we need to do is stop old habits that persist at this point and take a NEW inventory of ourselves. ❤ Just stop yourself every time you find you're thinking old crap you don't want to focus on anymore; same with old emotions, actions etc. If you've dealt with them already, stop yourself every time they pop back up and redirect your mental and emotional focus on what you DO want to be focused on now. 🙂 ❤

      • Thank you! Thats what i tell myself, old habits, believing, thoughts and thinking, not real. Of course learning to b aware of higher inner guidance and trusting THAT. And choosing what to think and say. And learning to observe. I so appreciate your support! 😃💙💚💗💓

      • Dear Denise, thanks for all the precious support I find in your posts.
        I’ve been feeling that intense sexual energy too. SometImes it’s difficult to cope with it,
        (especially when it comes around when I’m at work), I already felt something similar about 2 years ago. I had not related it to mommy energy, but it feels right and also connected to (not being a mother in strict sense) a kind of “mother to every creature” sensation.

        Dear Edith, I relate to what you write ’cause I called my mother (passed many years ago) for help some days ago, and I don’t often do. Also recently I realized that a traumatic experience, though I think I’m mentally and psychologically over it, left kind of an adrenalin over reaction.
        Hugs 💕

  • Been prompted to get my ass on here and share this with you???


    I don’t quite know why but baby I do what I’m told!! (Lol…)

    An over abundance of light, angels and ever increasing beams of light shooting out of my heart all over the world trashing everything.

    Lots of sexy in me too but it feels full body rather than genital focused.

    Everything accelerating to mad levels globally.

    Please…God, I’ve had enough of this stupid world set up I’m waiting for the golden age timeline so I can actually flourish and help ppl and all that funky cool shit!!


    • Jamie,

      As you can see I removed the link you were “told to share here at HHL and with me”. You may not know why you were “told” to do that, but I do. I won’t waste time or energy on him because it’s pointless. Discernment.

      “…Lots of sexy in me too but it feels full body rather than genital focused.”

      If you re-read my article you’ll discover that I never said this Energy was exclusively focused in my or anyone else’s crotch, but that it was and still is and will continue doing so for a very long time, in people’s entire body with the HighHeart taking in the most of this Energy.

      And lastly, you can continue “…waiting for the golden age timeline so you can actually flourish and help ppl and all that funky cool shit!!” or, you can focus on doing it now yourself, IN yourself, because that is how the AP really works.

  • hi guys, anyone else have the buddha belly bloating thing? Last couple days my belly is so bloated but I can’t release it or anything, I’m a skinny 33 year old guy with a huge bloated belly. I hope it goes away soon, i work in a healthfood store and this just doesn’t look healthy haha. I figure its an ascension symptom. Lovez

    • ianofthesmith,

      I had the Buddha Belly business from the first moment I began this physical Ascension Process and it’s lasted almost the entire time (1999). It reduced a bit a year or so ago, but it’s back in 2017. I don’t like this particular energetic side effect either, and it doesn’t matter what one eats or doesn’t eat or stops eating and fasts for days etc. because it’s not caused by food, but by us Embodying more Light Energy. Now it looks (and feels) to us and other people that don’t know about all this, like there’s something “wrong”, something “unhealthy”, something “undisciplined” with those of us walking around with our huge, hard bellies. 🙄 But this is about embodying more and more Light Energy into our physical bodies and NOT about food or drink etc.

      We’ve all got to realize that the Ascension Process (AP) causes our physical bodies to drop energetic density — old 3D stuff such as lower emotions, karma, fears, traumas etc. — which causes us to greatly expand energetically, which to us feels horrible. 😆 Funny that but true. We’re used to feeling like dense little packages with clearly defined “boarders” around us but the AP demolishes all that by evolving us step by step, layer by layer which literally creates more open space inside of our Selves, our physical bodies all the way down to making more space in each cell to Embody more Light Energies. So, all this is about losing more old lower frequency 3D Density and Duality so we’re able to take on, Embody and house increasing amounts of 5D and higher frequency Light Energies, HighHeart or Unity consciousness, not to mention our Higher Selves! This is about density, physical weight, lower frequencies etc., AND about creating more inner space or more mass inside us so greater amounts of Light can take up residence.

      After all that’s been going on for me with this in 2017 so far, I again feel HUGE like I’ve gained a lot more physical weight but I haven’t; I’ve created more space inside me and my physical body to Embody more Divine Cosmic Mommy/Mother Energies, more Light, more of my Higher Self etc. This Embodiment Process typically feels like I’m terribly “inflamed” everywhere internally, horribly swollen, bloated in the whole gut/belly area, puffed up all over my entire body, and generally not in a pleasant mood about it all! And I don’t look so great either and I am swollen and inflamed. The pressure feels very uncomfortable to me every time this happens, but, I finally understand what’s happening and how it feels and looks for a while, which isn’t always very pleasant but such is compressed evolution. It’s not easy or always comfortable making more internal space for more of the Divine to come in and permanently reside!

      So the key is to better understand the differences between physical weight and density vs. greater mass and space so more Embodiment can take place within each of us. ❤

      • Denise,

        I completely agree with your words and thank you.

        I am feeling my belly/gut the same horrible swollen, bloated, from many years.

        Sometimes I have the sense, that this Buddha Belly is growing and growing like I am getting pregnant. 🙂

        I would like to add, that my Buddha Belly is not uniformly distributed like a football ball.

        In the area of the diaphragm, on the right side, it is a bit more swollen.

        I remember, I have read somewhere, more than 20 years ago, that in the AP and our inner expanding, the diaphragm will get out from the chest.

        Nobody knows how our inner organs are transforming, but the sense is really not very pleasant and comfortable….indeed, even confused.

  • Thank you, Denise, for this so appropriate article, as I can agree with everything you’ve expressed in it, from the absurdity of this Elder Forerunner (senior citizen in 3D parlance) being so overcome with sexual arousal, and what a surprise that was, that I gave a wee bit of thought to heading to the nearest pub on the chance of a one-night stand…. yikes…. to a raging patriarchal defiance so huge that if a male came near me to help me cross the street, I might have smacked him so that he might not have gotten up for a while. Divine Mother Tough Love, or just as you say, Denise, Divine Mommy letting Her presence be known…. and I say Bring Her On, though I will be keeping my head down and my heart up as we go through this latest Celestial Integration. And there I was patting myself on the back that “I still had it at my age”, sexual arousal, that is! Sheesh. Love, B.

  • Denise, you’ve done it again. You’ve hit the spiritual nerve on the head. I love when multiple spiritual writers, speakers, including me reach a common ground of current experiences and circumstances that explain our lives, clearly, concretely and practically. Years ago and even at times currently I will here whoo whoo spiritual explanations that leave me with emptiness and to just figure it out on my own. You connect the dots, make it real and make me laugh. Even as a male forerunner I completely got what you said. Love you…….

  • Timely piece Denise. One does look forward to the sexual / Creative energies, portending the birth of a Wise New Earth Order very soon. Your piece is also congruent with the philosophy of Sri Aurobindo -The Mother, epitomized by the mandala -Temple of the Mother or Matri Mandir – at Auroville, India, a town ‘created’ incidentally for this express purpose from wasteland. Thanks and best wishes.

  • Thank you Denise. Sometimes I think you must feel that it’s all too hard to put into words, there’s just so much coming at us. Still, you manage it. I’m reminded of a poem I wrote sometime back in the 1990’s, when I could still do such things. I called it Mother and Child, and two lines have special significance – “You take all that I give you, as if it is your right. Now the end is almost here, you’ll realise my might.”

    Much love

  • The light body activations over the last year have Before that been relegated to the control mechanisms of big budget sci fi. It’s all real – I have felt and am feeling every sign posting word you utter. Sandra’s meditations are Etheric rocket launchers! – bless you sister Denise … from the wild crystal skies of Western Australia – our lacework in the non physical is utterly protective luminous beyond powerful and growing – meet you there again and again xxxxx


  • I call this exquisite energy (so far, no words really suffice) The Mother of All Creation. This Mother is quite simply the backdrop to All of Creation. She says, ‘Beloved creation of mine, you are born of the Womb of All Creation, and I am your Mother’

    In my communications with Mother over the past couple or so years, I have learned to trust and to integrate her energy, and also learned that other deities (as you so rightly list above, Denise) are simply aspects of those feminine principles offered at various levels and dimensions according to the understanding of the recipient of the energy. When you are completely and truly ready to Let Go… and I mean, LET GO, the Mother and you become a seamless team of Pure Divine Love…

    I have attempted to express this on my website:

    I love your work, Denise. I love what Sandra does. And I have learned that I AM the light of the world. So are you… xoxoxox

    Blessings, dear one… Jay (North Wales, UK) xxxxxxx

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