December 2020 NEW Energy Template Code Complex

I’ve been very curious about what the incoming NEW December 2020 codes for 2021 and beyond would look and feel like.

In December of 2018, I first began clairvoyantly Seeing the incoming NEW Triality based frequency codes for 2019 as endless fields of beautiful pastel, iridescent and also darker gemstone colored triangle shapes and triangle patterns.

In December of 2019, I started Seeing the incoming NEW Triality frequency codes for 2020 and beyond as endless fields of brilliant, multifaceted Radiant Diamonds. These were and are not individual “diamonds” but a solid frequency field of exquisite different faceted Radiant Diamond facets. Many of these are triangle shaped like the previous years crystalline pastel Trinity codes, but they also contain other more complex shapes, facets and facet patterns.

Based on this it’s clear we’ve been living in and further embodying these NEW higher frequency Triality based codes which are energy, consciousness and physical reality templates and blueprints since December 2018. With the start of Phase 2 of the Ascension Process in January 2020, and everything that every one of us on Earth now have gone through all year, I have been very curious about what the December 2020 NEW Triality codes would look and feel like when they arrived and manifested in the physical.

Much to my surprise, what I’ve Seen so far before December 12, 2020 of the next stairstep level of Triality based codes have not been individual codes and code patterns like what arrived in December 2018 and December 2019 but a MASSIVE, intricate, stunningly beautiful entire template code complex that are beyond words, and vector images! Nevertheless I’m going to include some images here just to give you a sense and feel of what I’m talking about and how profoundly different and complete they are compared to what arrived in December 2018 and December 2019.


Say it with me everyone — stairsteps, energetic stairsteps always. We and Earth and everything else wouldn’t physically survive these massive, giant evolutionary upgrades and shifts otherwise.

Because what I’ve Seen of the December 2020 into 2021 next higher level Triality based code complex so far, it’s looking and feeling like a very large evolved being recently threw a MASSIVE, totally NEW and much more sophisticated and elaborate energy template “blanket” if you will over the entire physical Earth and all of us on it. It could be called the latest NEW Earth and NEW Humans energy template code complex.

This December 2020 massive planetary energy template complex “blanket” contains the 2018 Triality based crystalline pastel codes of December 2018, and the Radiant Diamond codes of December 2019. Based on this latest energy addition upgrade to the entire planet, I’d say that NEW Earth just became an energetic and physical reality in the first week of December 2020. And, if you’ve been feeling rather strange this month—more so than usual I mean—this is most likely why. We have an entire NEW higher frequency more elegant code template complex that’s just recently been laid on and embodied by ascending Earth.

All the other energy events, astrological sign changes, Solstice and planetary conjunctions that are and will be happening the rest of December 2020 could be thought of as brand NEW matching frequency dipping sauces 😉 that go along with this NEW planetary energy template code complex.

There’s much more to come so be flexible and willing to change even more than you have throughout Phase 2 2020 so far. We’ve just gotten started. Vibrationally, stay above the “crazies” because once the AIR energies of Aquarius become even more activated this month in this NEW template, more people will become even more mentally imbalanced and unstable than they’ve been. These are massive energy changes humanity has and will continue to undergo and not everyone will deal with all of them with grace, ease, honesty, sanity or stability.


December 14, 2020

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91 thoughts on “December 2020 NEW Energy Template Code Complex

  • I know several people that have had it and recovered. They certainly did not turn into zombies. They were very sick, hoever and I know one person (young) that is close to death. I intend to get vaccinated as soon as it is available. I have seen too much suffering.

    • Debbie & Kat & All,

      Welcome January 1, 2021. May the “Great f-ing Awakening” hurry the bleeding hell up! My gawd last night was like living in a warzone with bombs exploding directly over my house and guns being fired everywhere. Same pathetic low consciousness sheeple activities. *%^@!$#*

      So anyway… I shared this info in early 2020 in a comment, not an article, and I should have done so in an article. (I may repeat this info in the article I’m working on now.) I shared at the start of 2020 about how I’d caught another version of covid back in late 2005 or early 2006. This happened ONLY because an elderly neighbor with Alzheimer’s asked me to take him and his wife to the local hospital because he believed his heart was doing something abnormal. I should have sensed the setup in all this but I felt bad for the old guy so I took them. Problem with this was that at that time there was some “flu” going around that was really bad and the hospital ER was overflowing with lots of very sick people. I didn’t know any of this until I was there and then did my best to energetically protect myself from that “flu”. I sat in that contagion with the two of them for 4 hours. He waited for 12 hours before they even got him into the ER to be examined.

      Later that same night I became very sick. I’ve been sick many times but this “flu” that was another stain of covid was seriously bad. My lungs felt like they were on fire, body aches, fever, headache and the worst was that I could hardly inhale. It was extremely painful and severe and it damaged, changed my lungs. And this evidently was a less nasty strain of covid than COVID-19!

      Next part of this story happened right after my mom died in late June 2019. Because of that I had to go to the mortuary to do the paperwork etc. I had to go to that mortuary three times to complete all the legal stuff — one day in late June and two other days in the first week of July 2019. Every time I was at the mortuary I clairvoyantly Saw dozens and dozens of caskets stacked on top of each other lining every hallway and every room in the whole mortuary. So much so that there was barely any room to just walk around in the entire mortuary. While I’m Seeing and Feeling all this, there’s an employee in the room with me going over mom’s paperwork and I’m trying desperately to not look like I’m Seeing any of this! I’ve got to stop hiding these things and, now, honestly tell people that are present at the time what I’m Seeing/perceiving. Point is that back in June and July of 2019 I perceived that a “plague” was coming and that it was going to be really bad. By January 2020 it was becoming publicly known that COVID-19 was here and that it was deadly.

      If you honestly believe that this COVID-19 vaccination will help or protect you or whatever, then take it. Personally I don’t and won’t let anyone inject any unknown substance into my body for any reason. I heard on TV last night that some doctor got the vaccination and a few days later got COVID-19 anyway. I said this before and will repeat it. For some the vaccination will work while for other people it won’t. Some will get COVID-19 and survive and others won’t. Some will get it and survive but have lasting negative side effects from having gotten it, which will only put more stress on the entire medical, hospital and health insurance systems. Huge changes HAVE to happen and right now but the greed continues for as long as it/they can.

      There’s much more going on with all this than it’s a pandemic! Has anyone given thought to Big Medical/Big Pharma and what this pandemic is and will continue to do to that entire old patriarchal system financially and in all other ways as well? The dead can’t pay their expensive hospital bills nor can their surviving family members or mates etc. (After my mom died the hospital sent bill(s) for the uninsured amount of her hospitalization to me for over a year. I paid it in full three weeks after she died but it took that hospital over a year to get their billing shit straight.) Imagine how it is now due to this pandemic and how all of this will end up. Same with the economy or lack of it. Much more going on than what it looks and feels like at the moment. Be wise everyone and be willing to get yourself out of old Duality consciousness. ❤

      • Denise
        Thank you again for always being a spiritual voice of reason in all things….I won’t be taking the vaccine either. Hopefully ppl read and really hear your words here about what this all is and really about. No one is going to prevent this with a vaccine or masks if the Universe and your higher self plans for you to get it or die from it….

      • I’m with Denise on this one. I have no inclination to get vaccinated. For the 2nd half of 2013 and all of 2014 I removed myself from most of my old habits to figure out what was holding me back from leaving duality for good. I was vibrating so high for a while and came to some realizations about things. One thing was physical illness is directly connected to how you vibrate, your thoughts and emotions, and maybe even karma(either from your current life or past lives). I’m 100% confident that I’ll be safe from Covid-19 as long as I wear my mask when I go shopping and keep my distance from people. I rarely get sick although I had a bad cough earlier last year right before covid broke out. I agree with Denise that some people will get Covid-19 whether they take the vaccine or not. So I really don’t think the vaccine is necessary at all because if you’re not meant to get it then you won’t even if you don’t get the vaccine and if you’re meant to get it you will even if you do get the vaccine. That’s just my opinion, but if anyone wants to get it to feel safer then get it.

        Happy New Year everyone and Denise, I love how you say may the Great F’n Awakening hurry the bleeding hell up! Yeah, the fireworks woke my mom up last night and she couldn’t get back to sleep after that. I hope this time next year the world will be different. A lot of celebrities were so happy to say goodbye to 2020 and called last year a dumpster fire. I thought to myself they’re really gonna hate 2021 then. Imagine what they’ll call 2021 this time next year. I’m hoping some people will start to see the bigger picture that’s really happening though. Maybe some will start to awaken, but others will go nuts if they can’t release their egos. Anyway, let’s see how this year plays out.


        • Read something about how many of the health care professionals are refusing to take the COVID-19 vaccination(s). That says a lot.

  • Hi all, wishing you all a much enlightened, peaceful and harmonious 2021.
    Just an observation, I’ve noticed that a few people in my hometown that have contracted covid-19 and survived it, have this very empty and strange look in their eyes. Their aura is different. Hard to explain, but it’s as if something within them has changed, maybe their DNA or similar. To me it felt like they’ve become zombies. I dread to think what will happen to people receiving the vaccines!

  • Not sure if this is on topic, but I was wondering if anyone else was feeling frustrated and angry, like at work or with relatives or when out and about. Ive been super irritable lately with a very low tolerance for what I guess I believe is or interpret as nonsense. It seems like I just dont have patience for stuff. Ive had a low tolerance for frustration most of my life but these last number of ascension years ive been angrier than Ive ever been in my life. Could be the lack of sleep, the constant billion volt energy flowing through me or just that Im completely spent and worn out from this whole thing. Quit my job because i was up to my ears in workload and wasnt getting the wage I requested that was an extremely low ask considering my ability and 20 years of experience but I have had about 13 jobs in the last 4 or 5 years because I just say to hell with it and quit. Idk, Where have all the goodtimes gone 😉 ?
    Just thought Id ask if anyone else was experiencing the same things?
    ps. sorry for rarely being mr. cheerful around here!


      “…I was wondering if anyone else was feeling frustrated and angry, like at work or with relatives or when out and about. Ive been super irritable lately with a very low tolerance for what I guess I believe is or interpret as nonsense.”

      Since birth Skoop, since birth. Seriously, and it’s more than my being a Capricorn! 😀 Many Volunteers, Starseeds etc. incarnate with this lack of desire and tolerance for idiotic human small talk, small consciousness, small life. We’re not here for shits & giggles, we’re here to do things that the humans know nothing about. For most Volunteers it’s repulsive, uncomfortable and a waste of time and energy to do those many “nonsense” sorts of things that humans thrive on.

      And yes, the more we embody the less willing we are to politely endure and silently suffer all aspects of low consciousness human nonsense. So the more of that constant billion volt energy that each of us embodies, the less and less we’re willing or able to have that crap around us at all and that’s a huge positive.

      I have another old article I wrote years ago at TRANSITIONS about rage and the AP which I’ll add a link here to.

      I remember being enraged for the first many years of my Ascension Process, so much so that at times I scared myself! I just wasn’t willing to suffer fools anymore and often thought of that story about Jesus supposedly losing his shit on the money changers in the market place I think it was. I understood what that meant when my own AP started and I had an unrelenting need to permanently obliterate all the negativity, greed, stupidity etc. in humanity on Earth.

      Bliss and/or all light and happy-happy never has been very important to me personally. Like I said, I know why I’m here and it’s not to be in bliss as often as I can or to be happy all the time. I’m here to get a job done — and celebrate it later. 😉 Thanks for sharing Scoop. ❤

      • Thank You for your reply Denise, I laughed quite hard as “I dont suffer fools gladly” is what Ive been saying for the last few days actually!
        I just have next to nothing in me that wants to be a part of the nonsense, greed, and general all out rediculousness that has been the last 4 years of these “workplaces”, never been soo done with it as I am now, money gets tight I find a job and really quickly Im right back in a dissatisfying or intolerable situation and eventually I just have had completely enough and take the broke month or two and go get something else, then repeat. Thanks for replying!

        Oh, and the article was spot on too, thanks for shedding some light and experience on the matter!

    • Ohhhh Yes! I call it “righteous anger”. I try to remember all that has been hidden will come to light/be uncovered (what I was told 25+ years ago) but, damn, I hadn’t realized we would be trudging in 1000 foot deep shit. Physically, I am 5 foot 2 inches tall so this has really been unpleasant. I have righteous anger over the intentional stupidity and ignorance and arrogance so many display. I try not to doubt, to stay out of the 3rd dimensional crap because I know it is not good for my vibration but sometimes it seeps in and it takes me 2-3 days to recover and get back to the higher vibration. Well, I could write more but I’ll just close with this – Denise, I am so thankful for the info you bring through and for this forum you provide. I know I would feel even more alone were this forum not available. Thank you

        • I love your interactions… Teresa, Denise, Skoop. So beautiful and helpful. Thank you ❤️💛❤️💛❤️💛❤️💛

      • Thank you Teresa, the 2-3 day thing I can totally relate to.
        Appreciate you responding
        Energys seem easier today, that was a rough 5 days, glad for a break

        • I guess I forgot to add that those latest energies were whoppers, that was one of those get through it minute ones, that was intense and Ive hurt all over for days now from it, im weak and brittle.
          Mustve been a gnarly download cuz that was honestly really intense and difficult, I couldnt find a drop of comfort much outside of sleep rough one
          Hope Everyone’s doing Alright!

        • “im weak and brittle.”

          Do I know that weak and brittle sensation Skoop. Another one I really dislike is when it’s very low humidity, high temps, no clouds in the sky and unrelenting Sun/solar energies that cause the water/fluids in our cells to expand some more and makes us feel like we’re being electrocuted in every cell in our entire physical bodies! Yeah… that side effect is also extra difficult and uncomfortable.

          I hope to have a new article written and up sometime this week everyone. I’ve been waiting to get closer to January 1, 2021 before I commit myself in writing to say some of what I’ve been experiencing, Seeing and sensing in December 2020. Amazingly, it’s gotten more difficult in some ways for me to write about the AP in Phase 2 because it’s very different from Phase 1. Anyway, I’ll try to express what I’m capable of at the moment in relation to where we’re all at now as we’re about to enter 2021. ❤

  • Denise, I am very grateful for your return comments regarding my latest personal hell dilemma and for reminding me it is a test. Yes, sigh, I got so caught up, stressed and confused that I forgot everything is a test. Sometimes I truly wonder what was my Soul thinking when choosing my Life plan with this portal person family member, yet have also been grateful at times for the strength all those tests, painful, horrifying tests, has given me, and hopefully more courage now too, to more quickly see the test and move past it to the next higher stair step. The manipulation increased yesterday, not waiting for Monday, sigh, so thanks too for the “be ready for Monday” comments. I’ve also realized over the years that by this portal person family member manipulating me to be in hell with her was also so she could feed off my energies, so yes like a vampire, but I now know that feeding cannot happen when I keep myself wrapped in light and love and respect for myself. At this point, the increased Light and New Codes has not revealed this family member as a portal person to others, so part of the increasing manipulation tactics is now also coming from her friends, one of which told me yesterday “you just need to be sure you keep her happy.” I almost laughed in this friend’s face…as this family member has never done happy unless she’s surrounded by those she can manipulate. Thank you too for honesty, reminding us there is no way to help these people, or even empower them to open to light…I forgot that too, trying yesterday to suggest to this family member ways to empower herself…but stopped when I realized she wasn’t listening, just shaking her head and watching the TV behind me instead. So, I am going to keep on trucking in my personal body and energy field, find my high frequency lane, keep my eyes peeled for smokies lurking near the higher frequency exit ramps who want to pull me over to test my sanity and my purpose, and pull over to rest where it’s safe so I can fuel up with the highest Light-Love frequency I can access. Sounds like it’s still going to be a rough ride for awhile, especially for those of us who are highly sensitive and empathic. Thank you for trucking along with all of us, helping us recognize the speed traps, and where the new frequency lanes are being opened!

  • Hi Denise, hope your Bday was pleasant. Xmas this year has been somewhat calmer for me than most years. On the 16th, I’ve had a small breakthrough – family members that have been manipulated by the dark to attack me on all levels (brutal and very vulgar) , have been finally caught out for their lies, deception and cruel behaviour. Their friends and other family members are furious at them. It was as if they were all blinded and suddenly someone switched on the light. This has happened to a friend of mine too. I guess we have embodied so much of light that the portal people are being exposed….
    What actually happens to our family members that have been either possessed or manipulated by the Dark? A part of me feels sad that they have been used to hurt me and silly me really wants to help them… Talk about a softie at heart!

    • “What actually happens to our family members that have been either possessed or manipulated by the Dark?”

      Prepare yourself for my answer to this particular question Kat.

      The severe cases die. They cannot exist in this Light while being of a much lower frequency themselves in their body, heart, mind, actions etc. It’s impossible, and like vampires in the Light, they die. I know that was a silly example but…

      I’m talking about those people who’ve spent their entire lives in low frequency TD rates and negativity. I’m not talking about someone who was an asshole last Tuesday for whatever reason. I’m talking about people that have existed for the majority of their lives in great negativity for all sorts of reasons. My sister was one such person and she died at age 57 a couple of years ago.

      “It was as if they were all blinded and suddenly someone switched on the light. This has happened to a friend of mine too.”

      I’ve written about the NEW codes that arrived in December 2018 and then different ones in December 2019. This December 2020 article I talked about the latest NEW Energy Template Code Complex that arrived and was embodied by Earth this month. That NEW planetary and human species code complex has and will continue to affect unaware humanity which we’ll see and feel much more of throughout 2021. The NEW Light did get turned on this month Kat and it was massive and for the whole planet and all of humanity. The improvements won’t happen overnight but they will happen so much faster than they could before 2021.

      “A part of me feels sad that they have been used to hurt me and silly me really wants to help them…”

      You cannot help them, none of us can, plus it’s NOT our jobs to do so even if we could. It doesn’t work that way. This type of consciousness is old and intentionally distorted by TD Piscean Age Christin thinking. What’s the fastest way to prevent you, me, humanity from evolving and becoming self-empowered and aware? Convince us all that the good and right thing to do is sacrifice all that and focus on others. Classic TD tactic.

      The ONLY way you and me can help others is to keep embodying, evolving and growing ourselves because THAT is how the NEW higher everything is manifested on/in Earth from our “seeding” it through our selves and our bodies. This is true Pathpaving at its highest and purest. ❤ Do that to help the others now and in the future. ❤

      • Denise, Thank you for the informative and insightful response. I have sensed that Dark Agents will wither and die. As far as the less severe cases, I’m not sure if my thought process is correct on this but they would be left to fend for themselves and have to go through a tough ascension..
        I’m sorry that you had an experience in your family. A hard pill to swallow.
        “The improvements won’t happen overnight but they will happen so much faster than they could before 2021.”
        I’m sensing some more breakthroughs but have no clue to as what exactly will transpire. Thanks for mentioning this above confirmation. For now, I’m trying to keep neutral and in my high heart despite the adversities ie physical, attacks, financial etc etc.
        Hope 2021 will be a better year for us pathpavers. Love to all. ♥

    • Kat, just wanted to empathize with you. I have a narc family member who is constantly taken over by some dark entity. I am sort of stuck here for the moment until things shift and I can return home, but I’ve put on my battle gear to deal with this stuff. I also notice that their old tactics don’t work anymore, and that makes them really mad and then they sulk!

      Also, Denise — said narc was living on her own until I got here at the start of the pandemic and her health had dramatically declined since she moved out of my home. Narcs who are deprived of narc supply actually do get very sick, wither up and die. I expect that after I return home, she will slip back into self-neglect and die alone because she has treated everyone who ever cared about her so horribly that no one wants to be around her. It is very sad but I’ve spent much of my life “helping” her (because she groomed me to be codependent) and I don’t want to prop her up anymore.

  • Dear Denise,

    I could have sworn I was having a heart attack several weeks ago, but I have been through the chest pains so often during the last few years that I hoped it was just another expansive false alarm. It was.

    During the last few weeks my empathy antenna has become more sensitive, meaning that I can no longer shoo away picking up planetary anger, depression, or rage as they and other emotions rise. The ‘waves’ of receiving them, for lack of a better description, are just about incapacitating me. I attribute it to fear that some are facing, such as lack of food, shelter, employment, homelessness, death (as in Covid-19 death), and the usual outbreak of suicidal depression that hits between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. This season is quite different, and I have spent quite a few afternoons exhausted and sleeping, which allows me to recover some semblance of balance.

    My hair has continued to fall out. My scalp hurts. From one day to the next my right side becomes nearly frozen, which is extremely painful. Most of the time I am in a kind of nameless agony which I keep my fingers crossed will end soon.

    Happy, happy birthday Denise, and I hope you could squeeze out every last essence of contentment yesterday. As 2020 reaches closure, I hope you’ll keep us posted on the dazzling array of goodness raining down upon and through us. Best wishes for a peaceful and profoundly wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas 2020, wishing you a Silent Night, Holy Night,

    As always, Love, Cali

    • Cali F.,

      I can so relate to everything you said in your comment. The increased and continued increasing of my and all of our empathy and overall sensitivity to everything and everyone has been something I’ve continuously HAD to repeatedly readjust myself and life to over these ascension years. The second half of 2020 however it’s been stronger than ever before and I’ve needed to hermit even more than I have since all this began to keep up with these particular expanding abilities and sensitivities to other people. I went through more of this yesterday because it was my B-Day which often causes a family member (only two of them left at this point) to call or whatever. It was a whatever that happened yesterday. I keep deleting everything I write — I shouldn’t have brought it up. Point is there’s no going back or down vibrationally and when some ghost person from decades past shows up at your door it isn’t pleasant due to the glaring gap between them and yourself. It wasn’t pleasant decades ago and it’s even more so now.

      * Hair falling out, yep, still, with periods where it slows or stops for a while only to begin again later. How much of this is natural aging and how much is ascension caused? Probably both.

      * Sore scalp, huge yes as I’ve had this AP symptom for years. So much NEW energy/Light/codes etc. enter our bodies from above our physical heads that it literally causes our scalps and skull to feel sore, bruised, bumpy and tender most of the time. I’ve wondered if this is another reason why some of us experience hair loss. Probably.

      * Right side or left side of the body hurting like all hell for months on end is also something I’ve experienced numerous times throughout the AP. This year it’s been mostly my right side with the right shoulder being the focal point since February 2020. Most of this is due to old lower Duality frequency of our past and us HAVING to integrate the right/left sides and masculine side/feminine side energies of our bodies from Duality to Triality unified, whole, ONE etc., but also clear out all old negativity (ours, others, TD etheric alien stuff) from both sides of them too.

      * Sleeping more because you simply HAVE to! I’ve often told myself that I’m going to nap my way to full Embodiment and NEW Earth! My need to sleep during the daytime — typically one or two hourlong naps — has steadily increased every year for the past four years. When the incoming NEW energies/Light/codes etc. are super potent and must be embodied immediately, my physical body often starts hurting so badly that it quickly and thankfully puts me to sleep, which is really saying I leave my physical body during really severe periods because it makes the entire embodying process easier, faster, less traumatic and less painful if you can imaging that! So sleep, nap, rest all you need Cali and everyone because it helps each of us to embody the latest NEW incoming energies/Lights/codes etc. faster and a bit easier.

      * Heart pounding, thumbing, expanding pains that radiate out the front and back of your body and sometimes this embodying lasts for hours. Sometimes the HighHeart expanding to embody more NEW is less intense than other times. This is another one of those times when it’s good if you can fall asleep when another round of HighHeart expansion and embodying is taking place. It’s just easier on your physical body overall but, sometimes you cannot fall asleep and need to be fully “present” while it’s happening. I too have often wondered during the really severe HighHeart expansion and embodiment phases if it might destroy my physical body and/or physical heart — it’s that painful and potent sometimes. But it’s about energies and our HighHeart and its continued expansion to embody more and more and not about our physical heart even though it certainly feels like it when it’s happening! Gads!

      What a lot of Work to get up and out of hell huh everyone?! 😆 Thanks Cali F. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Once again, thank you so much for sharing Denise and everyone. I’ve had such huge “juju” anxiety today. I can feel it’s empath stuff and a response to so much energy coming in. I do not like how it wants to land on anything it can find though to “freak out” about as I really do not have anything directly effecting my life that is too horrible outside of semi-lockdown in LA and I’d rather be a hermit right now anyway so it’s fine. But these levels of generalized anxiety are so tricky. I try to just watch it and almost laugh like oh now we’re going to freak out about this or that minor thing okay…but it’s so stressful. My body gets so tense in a strange way almost as though it’s resisting the energy coming in. Also, my relationship to time and time passing it’s off the charts strange. Nothing seems linear at all anymore. I appreciate you all for sharing your experiences and also sounding grounded/sane. Godspeed!!

        • Jessica B,

          Thanks for sharing this as it’s only going to increase in 2021 for those who easily FEEL other people’s stuff and junk.

          As the old patriarchal world and its systems continue falling apart and fast even with a new president and more with the start of 2021, the unaware people and those still functioning from old Duality consciousness will become even more fearful, angry, imbalanced etc. UNLESS they’re able to embody the NEW Triality codes, energies, Light etc. If they can do that they’ll come around in all ways but if they cannot or don’t want to then they’ll be exiting one way or another in even greater numbers than what’s been happening. And that is going to “test” the sensitives and empaths like never before. This situation is directly related to what Penny M shared in her comment and my reply to her. (Articles coming about this and other related 2021 issues for the Volunteers.)

          “But these levels of generalized anxiety are so tricky. I try to just watch it and almost laugh like oh now we’re going to freak out about this or that minor thing okay…”

          Yep, the media continues to do it’s best to steer human consciousness into more and new fears. Because of the global changes that are happening due to the shift, the Separation, the NEW codes, the NEW planetary and human species energy template code complex I talked about, the unaware are just going to be scared and angry for a while and we sensitives and empaths HAVE to learn to be both energetically and emotionally Neutral over all these things and changes. That gets much easier the more you embody. More articles and comment conversations about these NEW 2021 levels and educations for all of us. ❤

      • Denise, missed the timing to say happy bday before your day, and from what you wrote about family, and “what a lot of work to get up out of hell huh everyone?!” for years sure is familiar for so many of us. Like you have written many times, just when things are going to get better, the dark casts a new net to drag you back down. When Phase 2 of the Ascension process began and Covid-19 isolation to help everyone stop and re-value the truths in their life, I was thankful to be able to say “no, not going to come see you, no you can’t come see me either” to a family member who has been a manipulative, angry, verbally abusive portal person my entire life, and I do mean since the day I was born. The months of forced isolation were soul searching, painful, and uplifting to where in November I was feeling there would soon be such an energy frequency difference that I would finally be separated from this family member…then bam, I was dragged back to hell. Every week in December was a hospitalization for this family member, and OMG the last place I wanted to be subjected to was a freaking hospital. The second hospitalization ended with “I need you to stay with me until I get back on my feet” and hell got even deeper. I took a stand, saying would only stay one night as this family member worked hard to manipulate me. The third hospitalization will end this coming Monday, but I have realized that, damn, I am the one who let myself be manipulated into dragging myself to hell…again…right where this family member wants me to be so she’s not alone there. I guess what I know about myself as a very sensitive and empathic person is that sensitivity has been increasing too, and it can drag me to hell in an instant…but I have to keep believing that I am stronger than hell, I am stronger than this family member, and I refuse to stay in hell anymore… I am the only one who can get me in or out, and I will be choosing out until I find my high frequency exit lane! So thank you for your honesty and sharing this Ascension journey with me, and all of us who meet here, so that we keep strong in our HighHeart!

        • “The months of forced isolation were soul searching, painful, and uplifting to where in November I was feeling there would soon be such an energy frequency difference that I would finally be separated from this family member…then bam, I was dragged back to hell. Every week in December was a hospitalization for this family member, and OMG the last place I wanted to be subjected to was a freaking hospital.”

          Thanks for sharing this Penny M as it’s classic ascension stairsteps upward via latest embodying and then the “test” happens and does its best to pull us right back down into the old lower parasitic insanity yet again. And while we’re being “tested” we’re discovering whatever it is that’s still in us, our lives, our beliefs etc. that WE need to deal with in ourselves to continue embodying more and more and more. This “test” aspect also shows each of us our current strengths and weaknesses and how well or not we each can maintain the higher NEW energies we’ve embodied. When we’ve proven that to ourselves via these sorts of classic spiritual ascension “tests”, we’re then capable of moving up another energy stairstep and embody some more higher energies/Light/codes etc.

          1) Embody some more and move up some more vibrationally
          2) Experience someone or something trying to derail you and pull you back down energetically, vibrationally
          3) See it, understand it, make personal adjustments where needed and get back in the AP saddle again and keep going
          4) Never feel guilt or anything for leaving people behind who are absolutely not ready or desirous of evolving now

          “The second hospitalization ended with “I need you to stay with me until I get back on my feet” and hell got even deeper.

          And there’s the bait, the guilt bait, the attempted ‘Smash & Grab’ portal person manipulation maneuver.

          “…but I have realized that, damn, I am the one who let myself be manipulated into dragging myself to hell…again…right where this family member wants me to be so she’s not alone there.”

          Penny, nothing else matters but you realizing that. THAT was the “test”. You had a ‘revelation’, or what I call a Higher Awareness about yourself, about her, and about how parasitic negativity works and how it works through portal people especially on those living the AP and/or EP. Beyond valuable and because of all this you will move up the next energy stairstep or steps when they arrive. When each of us proves to ourselves and others that we are where we are and what we are, we continue embodying more and higher and so on. This is a safeguard so that people do not move ahead to higher levels if they cannot maintain what they’ve embodied so far. This is how NEW Earth and you and me and each of us will not ever have anything or anyone that’s not of the same high vibratory rate and frequency exist within that higher NEW Earth and space etc. Even ourselves. Very well done you. ❤ ⭐ Be prepared for Monday and whatever BS it/they/her may throw at you.

        • Penny M, what a horrible person you’re dealing with.
          Call it as it is. Tell her she is manipulating you. Tell her that you recognise that it has always been her behaviour. Tell her she must be a miserable person because she has driven everyone else away and you are now leaving because your job was to point it out to her and then you’ll feel your own well-earned freedom! There, when you have said it, it’s out in the open, she has no where to hide and you run for the door!!
          These ppl use our good natures against us so stopping them is our escape. All the best with it.

          Belated Happy Birthday wishes, Denise. <3<3<3

      • Thank you Denise and Cali for typing that out so I can just say YES. OMG. Body hurts, hurts, hurts and hurts.

        Merry Christmas every one. Denise, I hope you had a wonderful birthday, even with everything going on. 😘

      • Dear Denise,

        Gads! How I love ‘Gads’! I always smile when you write it!

        Thank you for your long, detailed response, and I wanted to add, to the general conversation, that the amped up anger I have to contend with is unlike at any other time in my life. I have thought about my reactions quite a bit because I can no longer tolerate certain people and situations any longer, no matter if it is a betrayal coming out at Christmas time or misplaced anger coming at me, that has nothing to do with me.

        Growing up I was lucky enough to have parents and teachers who respected my sensitivities and sheltered me from having to be around hateful, jealous humans; I always felt different from everyone else, and I could never understand how humans could be so terrible, ghastly and awful. I still feel that way. However, I now know that I cannot be like them, ever. I have never wanted to be like ‘them’ I could never conform to whatever the current and stupid trend was, or is.

        I am not ‘neutral’, although I strive to be. It is almost as if I can see the roiling hatred directed at me, and watch the hateful little rat minds churning. I have other reactions that fit in the anger / no tolerance category which I’ve always had, but now everything feels magnified.

        I will not tolerate lies, I have never been able to ignore lies directed to hurt me, but now I am an assertiveness poster child, fighting back, on every single issue. When I say I won’t tolerate something I mean what I say, and I do whatever I can to safely express that sentiment in any way I can. I can no longer stuff it down and gag on it.

        I don’t want to become a rage-aholic, and a slave to unpleasant emotions, but I cannot ignore everything and suck it up, either. When people across the road are telling lies under oath in front of a judge and making death threats against me, which the District Attorney is now assessing, I am on the alert to all the hateful activities happening near by. I don’t like feeling this way, but the amped up anger is very NOW, I am not expecting anyone to ‘save’ me (except myself), and my reactions are more heightened now than in the past.

        I cannot be in the Hateful Human group. In fact, I am not hateful at all, but I do react in anger, and I do refuse to tolerate anyone spewing roiling hatred in my direction. If anyone else in The High Heart Universe is going through anything like I have described rest assured you are not alone,

        but say, “Gads!” to yourself now and then to crack a smile!

        Love, as always, Cali

  • Happy New year (birthday) to you. Wishing you a New Earth, New Life and much happiness. You so deserve it. Thank you for being our guiding light for all these years.

  • You are very welcome. I had a dream last night that a giant lady came out of the sun, she then came to the earth and made her way to a big city. Once there she pushed on one of the skyscrapers and as it fell it hit the building beside it beginning a domino like chain reaction that circled the whole globe. I thought that you would find it amusing. Best wishes. AeM

  • Happy birthday Miss Denise! I hope that your day tomorrow is filled with wonder and delight. Lots of love to you. AeM

      • Happy Birthday Denise! Is it today the 23rd or was it yesterday the 22nd? I think you mentioned before it was the 23rd, right? Anyway, it’s the same day as my sister. Have a great day and Merry Christmas too!


        • Thanks so much Robert L, I appreciate it. Yep another year older today (23rd). Tell your sister Happy B-Day from me too. And Happy X-Mas to you and yours Robert. ❤

        • Thanks for that, I am indeed having an easy-breezy, very lofty kinda December. I know you are too, I can feel it from you! I mean despite the light blast aches and pains, the aftermath of peace and calm.

          You are in a rare rose, gold and white atmosphere, I see it emanating around you with my ‘eye.’

          You are very much loved by Divine Mother and by us ✨❤️

  • Hi Denise and Everyone..I love when there are comments here as really helps the process and connection.So much transformation and change and just before solstice I had to look at some very heavy and unpleasant energies in people close to me and let them leave my story.Like my eyes were opened to things I could not see before.Easier to see the part I created and leave the other person to their own story they create.It feels good on so many levels now as my deep pattern of responsibility and helping is transforming to new behaviours..Thanks to Denise and this group for being a very important part of my path.Rosaleen

    • “So much transformation and change and just before solstice I had to look at some very heavy and unpleasant energies in people close to me and let them leave my story. Like my eyes were opened to things I could not see before. Easier to see the part I created and leave the other person to their own story they create.”

      Thanks for sharing this Rosaleen. ❤ Many of us have been experiencing this or slight variations of it in different ways all year but much more so over these past few months and weeks of 2020.

      One of the main reasons I've been quiet lately is because I've been going through this all of 2020 but it escalated in August and has been an ongoing deeper and deeper type of personal Life Review ever since. My perspective of myself, my life and all of my relationships etc. has been in a steady state of much deeper understanding. Nothing new or previously unknown to me has come up, just a larger and deeper awareness of my entire life up to this now moment.

      This is a natural side effect of my, your, our ongoing personal embodiment and/or Embodiment Processes. The more of the Higher YOU that this incarnate physical aspect you Embodies, the more of your current life and all that’s happened in it is MUCH more deeply and consciously seen, felt, acknowledged, reviewed and lastly completely released. What’s surprised me about this is how many times, how many layers of this particular ascension related Process has been necessary to go through since the AP started! I’ve been doing this layer after layer since 1991. In Phase 2 2020 of the AP we’ve reached that final point where this HAS to happen and we consciously KNOW much more of what our current lives and selves were about and wrap all that up and release it and any remaining individuals we now absolutely must fully release.

      This too is another aspect and layer of the Separation of Worlds and shift that we’ve been going through. Our old selves, lives and in many cases old loved ones cannot go with us / we cannot carry them within us in any way any further past this point, which is one more reason why the January 2020 Divine Cease & Desist Order was manifest for all of humanity. ❤

  • Hello Denise,
    It seems so quiet here. i hope you are well despite the onslaught of intense high frequency energy in recent days.

    I woke up early morning of Dec 21 ( phil.time) immediately sensing the vibrational upshift around. It was palpable, one impossible to miss. Opening my eyes I was welcomed by this wondrous sight of diamond like-specks and filaments sparsely dotting the space in front a little above my bed. I had seen in the past with my naked eyes this diamond-like canopy hanging below the ceiling , or one laid out across the wall beside my bed, or diamond-like pieces strewn on the floor as if reminder of some being who had left. I dont know what to make of this last vision. i was struck though by the sparseness of the specks and filaments and their less compact presentation this time and had a fleeting thought — could these perhaps be visual representations of those who made the 5thD + cut and those nearing completion of their embodiment in this round?

    I went about my tasks yesterday suffused by joy and gratitude. It felt incredible that I AM here a participant and witness to this sacred transformation of self/humanity and creation. What an honor that is! I felt so proud of all of us the valiant mighty ones who kept on and on clearing the way battling demons fucking it all. And look where we are Now!
    How amazing this whole journey is turning out to be. perhaps I may just extend my stay haha😊
    Thank you Denise and the community here. You helped to make the sojourn less lonely.

    Blessings and love😚

  • Wow have the incoming energies been extremely intense all day and night today, Tuesday December 15, 2020!!! Experienced a few hours today that were really rough physically. A LOT of all day HighHeart expansion from embodying more of these incoming energies that cause upper chest, heart area pounding, thumps and bumps and some related pains and pressures in surrounding areas front and back. Greater HighHeart expansions and embodying always makes me feel extremely weak physically and incapable of doing much of anything but be still and quiet while it’s happening. Severe bloating today too, head stuff, need to sleep/nap when the heart and body embodying stuff becomes too much. Same old stuff really but at much higher levels and lasting longer than usual now. This is December 2020! ⭐

    • Denise, you have described what I experienced yesterday in increased intensity. The severe bloating was especially pronounced, and in addition to the other pains and pressures you described, I had jabbing pain behind one or both eyes off and on throughout the day. Last night’s dreams were a bit sad and encouraging at the same time—difficult to put into words but involved releasing/cutting the cord with family, some who had passed away many, many years ago and others who are still ‘alive’ but like strangers. I watched all of them melt away and awoke with feelings of a little melancholy but mostly gratitude for completion.

      As I’ve said before, words are difficult these days. That’s why I don’t post much. But I do FEEL intensely and wanted to thank you and send my love. ❤️❤️❤️

    • You’re describing TODAY for me… yesterday I was practically HIGH with energy. So strange because that usually doesn’t happen for me. Today I want my blankie and my fuzzy slippers and hot cocoa!. Many heart hugs gang.

      • Today, Wednesday December 16th continues with these very intense incoming NEW energies, some via the Sun, while others from the GC. The body aches, head pains, constant ear tones, severe belly and diaphragm bloat, emotions from having to disconnect and move on from loved ones etc., and entire body swelling (like water retention) continues with every cell and its water/fluids being further altered from embodying more Light plasma energies and more. I’m all for the ascension blankie and fuzzy slippers as I still feel pretty abused today and yet it’s less severe than it was yesterday! More to come too. Rest well Debora and all. ❤

        • I always read these with gratitude that you, being at the forefront of the forefront, take the brunt of these and make them somehow less brutal for those coming along at a different pace. I had a day last week that I thought I had the flu. I don’t own a weighted blanket, so I took a family quilt and folded it down about torso size and lounged around like that. Even my usually excitable dog seemed to get it and behaved more like a nurse than his usual wild self. The head pain today is no joke and I feel the emotions ebbing and flowing. I hope you are feeling some ease today. Hugs to all!!

  • Thank you, Denise.
    The images resonate with what I see just before waking.
    I appreciate the heads up I have gotten from conversations you have facilitated in comments regarding TD attacks in dreams.
    Last night, I was hounded by the menacing sound of footsteps charging toward me from the physical realm and infiltrating my dream. I was also chanting “God Sovereign Free”, declaring my commands, and enlisting support in my dream. I awoke with a strangled shout and the feeling of pursuit popped like a bubble. The chant kept going in my mind. Then a few moments later I heard a loud “building settling” pop and my alarm, which I had not set at all, let alone set for 12:00 am, went off. I said my decrees again in my wide awake state and everything settled down.
    Thanks again to you and the community here.

    • Delia, This is the exact same thing I experienced two nights ago word for word, except when I opened my eyes i saw the black blob crawl up the wall. I also did the God sovereign Free chant and claimed my space. AND I had my clock on my phone set for 1200 noon. Strange times for me. This is my second experience with an otherworldly entity. The first on was a doozy that scared the shit out of me, I am not too scared anymore. I had to get a Mayahana to chase it away the first one. I will try to do it my self from now on. And thank you Denise your like a big sister teaching me the ways of the new world.

    • Delia,

      In A Lightworker’s Mission (2010), I wrote about one of many horrific experiences I’ve had, up close and personal, with demonic entities. When you carry Light in a world that was totally Dark, these types of negative encounters and attacks are the norm. This particular experience happened from 2000 through 2004 at that house through those humans that rented the house next door to us. They were two brothers and one of them had a demon attacked to him. He believed all his “super powers” were his own bad-ass-ness when in fact it was the female demon that controlled him utterly. We sold that house in 2004 to escape those brothers and the demon that ran them and their lives but the negativity followed me to the next house we moved into. There is no escaping negative aliens, entities, demons etc., there is evolving above them.

      Long story short, after four years of attacks and consistent torture by the brothers, their relatives and their dogs, all of which was instigated by the unseen demon, I finally got my wits about me and put up the most potent etheric protections I knew to do. It worked because within hours, ONLY hours, this demon intentionally clairvoyantly revealed itself to me and a couple of hours after it did that the energetic disconnection took place etherically and physically.

      A few hours after I’d put up etheric protections around myself and our entire physical property, and after this female demon intentionally revealed herself to me, a couple hours after that in the middle of the night while I was in bed I heard what sounded to me to be very loud physical sounds of five gunshots up in the air directly over our house. They were so loud and terrifying and I honestly believed someone had rapidly physically fired off five gunshots at our house. I laid there in bed listening for people talking, doors slamming, police sirens, dogs barking or anything but there was absolute total physical silence throughout the entire neighborhood. Nothing. Not a sound, and that’s when I realized that, although the five rapid gunshot sounds in the air directly overhead sounded completely physical and real to me, I realized they were etheric repercussion impact sounds caused by the demon energetically disconnecting from me and our physical house.

      After my heart stopped pounding over all this I understood how these types of negative interdimensional connections are made and unmade physically, energetically and etherically. And, I had a brief moment of celebration over my determined and obviously (momentary) successful protections. We still sold that house and moved after this and I continued having different types of interdimensional negative experiences, attacks, manifestations and assorted etheric and physical anomalies at the other house we moved in to. It ain’t over till it’s over…

      Thirty-some years ago I had read in one of my many Dion Fortune books I collected throughout the 1970s and ’80s where she discussed this phenomena in her incredible and old-school esoteric occult book, Psychic Self-Defence: A Study In Occult Pathology And Criminality (first published in 1930). Her books were invaluable to me back in the 1970s and ’80s because I was experiencing all sorts of interdimensional happenings with both positive and negative non-human entities and certain aliens. All preparation for the upcoming start of the physical Ascension Process later in 1999.

      Keep ascending, keep increasing your vibratory rate by further embodying more and more, higher and higher Light energies, NEW codes etc. and this business with the old Duality frequency and timeline “monsters” will eventually be no more. Thanks for sharing your experiences Delia because everyone benefits from it. ❤ ❤ ❤

  • “Based on this latest energy addition upgrade to the entire planet, I’d say that NEW Earth just became an energetic and physical reality in the first week of December 2020.“

    Denise you slipped that sentence in so sweetly that I read right past it a few times – then actually READ it and said “holy sh*t”!!!!! This is a very big deal! You are saying NEW Earth is here now, now here?!?!

    Well I’m officially excited! What’s a few more crazies to deal with?! We got this!

    Thank you Denise! 💜

  • Great info and insights! Thank you. Up until about a year or so ago I would often see the kaleidoscopic geometric shapes spiraling and floating on a sea of black when I’d close my eyes to go to sleep (always made me think of that old children’s toy Spirograph 😀). And every once in a while with my eyes wide open I’d see what I’d describe as an overlay on top of reality, shapes and faces and movement, sometimes interactive, but mostly just floating by. They all looked like drawings made out of light against the backdrop of whatever I was looking at in my home. I was always surprised that I could still see it when I flipped on the light. I’ve wondered when I read your descriptions of light codes if that was what I was seeing as well. I also wonder why it stopped. And if it will ever resume. Anyway, interesting things to ponder on my end along with everything else. Thank you as always for everything you share.

  • Denise

    You were right about our expanding physics awareness’ opening up. I now have some kind of blob crawling up my walls in my bedroom messing with me at night. I finally saw it last night. it makes noise wakes me up and irritates my cats. Im a little scared. Is there some thing I can do to get rid of it? Can It really hurt us? I am also seeing alot of visions of people around me , but only for a second , that don’t scare me. but the blob walking up the walls does.

    • Hi Denise

      I love your graphics. The colours are so beautiful. I would like to respond to Laura. But if you feel my advice is “off” in anyway I understand if you don’t use it.


      It sounds like you have had a break through energetically. Which is absolutely amazing.

      The blob is not so great though. I would say do not entertain the blob a moment longer. Get rid of it. And the faces if they are not pleasant and even if they are, but are bothering you tell them to go. Screen them out.

      The blob can hurt you. It’s dark energy. You can tell it to go at any point. It has to go. I don’t know if you have encountered anything like this before. Or what you believe in. I usually ask the angels for help and pray to source to get rid of stuff like that. It works. By reclaiming your sovereignty mentally by saying to yourself you are God, Sovereign and Free also puts your energy back together. It is like pulling your drawbridge up like a fortress. We are spiritual warriors. Denise wrote last article about the battle is over human consciousness. That battle is here for you now. I don’t want to scare you. But at the same time be very aware that dark energy is never ok. It comes to take you down. Each time you tell anything like that to go and it goes you have won another battle. You have won another stair step. I have spent over 40 years encountering these “creations”. I don’t have a set formula. The dark often presents after you make a leap forward. It’s like a back handed compliment. In a sick kind of way.
      You have the strength and the capacity to deal with it. It’s like house keeping.
      I find when things like that appear so you can see them they need a clean on both the physical and etheric level. So once it is gone you may need to physically clean your space.
      I hope this makes some kind of sense. I know when my nan died I had to deal with the entity that had dwelt in her. Denise gave me some amazing advice. I also always ask for Archangel Michael to assist. I have seen him twice in Psychic situations where he has saved my butt.

      Love and light to you. You are loved and in the light. I hope this does not read as really crazy. I just hate the dark. It is the one foe I have got so tired of dealing with.

      Love Magda

      • “The dark often presents after you make a leap forward. It’s like a back handed compliment. In a sick kind of way.”

        Magda and Denise, thank you both for your advices on this particular subject. I am dealing with similar situation and this is very helpful.

      • Thank you both for your advice. I will definitely follow it. yes the first thing that came out of my mouth was God sovereign free and claimed my space. I will learn more. I think I will print something out and keep at my bedside and practice it overnight till i know it by heart. I have been studying ascension since 1999 and I used to know all the protections. by heart , but you know we old and forget. I wont anymore. I cant. hugs all around

    • Laura P.,

      I read your sentence — “I now have some kind of blob crawling up my walls in my bedroom messing with me at night” and my exhausted old Lightwarrior heart went out to you but I couldn’t respond to you earlier. I’ve intentionally been quiet here in comments for a bit because there was some negativity trying to get me and some of us going at each other in here. To not let that happen I energetically sat on the entire site for a few days and forced it out. What you had in your bedroom Laura, I had in comments at HHL for a few days trying to get me and some others fighting with each other.

      Like Magda, I’ve lived with Team Dark in my life for the majority of my life and because of that I’ve learned much about them/it and how they are and how they work on humans. You can trust what Magda said to you about what you’re clairvoyantly Seeing and dealing with now because she is knowledgeable about these unpleasant things based on her many personal firsthand experiences. Thank you Magda. ❤

      I've written about this before and if I remembered the titles of old articles I'd link them here for you. Anyway, yes what you're Seeing is real and it's negative and it wants to hurt you, stop you from evolving anymore in the Ascension Process, drain you energetically and all the rest of those horrible things that is common with TD and Portal People. Know it, educate yourself about it/them and how they function etc. and as Magda said, take responsibility for yourself, your physical and energy bodies, your bedroom, your house/apartment etc. etc. and ORDER it/them all out of your space, your house, your room, your energy fields etc. Don't pray for someone or something else to do this for you, do it for yourself because that is a huge aspect of what becoming energetically sovereign is all about. You have more responsibilities because you are growing, evolving and therefore so is your reality/realities and your empowerment and abilities. ORDER the negative out of your life, your space etc. ORDER the Portal People that continually torture you in any way they can out of your life, your space, your energy field, your very reality. ORDER it/them permanently out and know that you have that level of strength, right and abilities to do exactly this for yourself and if needed, for any other humans that are also being negatively affected by what’s happening to you. More Light means more power means more personal responsibilities means more life and reality and higher abilities. ❤

      • Thank you Denise. I too have had a rough few days. Been so low with really horrible thoughts. So thank you and thank you Laura for reminding me why we are here. To take responsibility and live our best soul lives. And to lift each other up. That no matter what we are here to deliver on our soul missions. All of which are so very different. But that’s the magic 💜
        Bless you Denise. Your support and knowledge over the last five years has helped me in ways I haven’t always been able to understand. I love the honesty of the discussions that occur in comments. Thank you for being so authentic and allowing us to be
        Many hugs to you and all of us here
        Magda 🌸🌸

        • Thank you for this exchange, it is so beautiful. The support for each other is so heartfelt and I send my love and support to all. ❤️💕✨

  • “Vibrationally, stay above the “crazies” because once the AIR energies of Aquarius become even more activated this month in this NEW template, more people will become even more mentally imbalanced and unstable than they’ve been.”

    This quote from your post struck me… a friend of mine and I have been talking about AIR and AQUARIUS.

    This past week I had to do one of those sleep studies because I’m old and fat and they’ve recently diagnosed me with atrial fibrillation (my ascending heart racing???) and the cardiologist wants me treated for apnea before she does any other treatments … we were “calibrating” with a mask and CPAP machine and some time in the middle of the night we changed from one type of mask to another … of course every time I opened my mouth I felt like I was breathing out and couldn’t catch a breath and at some point started to get a bit panicked, thinking “I can’t breathe.” Which then made me think about Eric Garner and then all my empathy started flooding in and imagining how panicked he must have been as life and AIR was choked out of him. I knew I had to clamp down on the panic if I didn’t want to end up in the ER… I started running through all the songs about BREATH and BREATHING and suddenly remembered a song I’d first heard on Stargate Universe: Breathe by Alexi Murdoch… a lovely, soothing song with a “Don’t forget to breathe” refrain. Hearing that song in my mind, I regained my serenity. I started contemplating AIR and BREATH and BREATHE and BREATHING realized there was a connection over the past three years (maybe longer) but certainly bracketed by Garner and the way that we seem to be choking… that AIR is being sucked out of our lives by the evil Team Dark. I CAN’T BREATHE has become a symbol for everything that has happened over the years. And this came home to me in a very specific way last Wednesday.

    My friend reminded me of our entry into AIR and AQUARIUS and how nutso this is going to be and while we can’t breathe right now, the AIR will get better… the TURBULENCE will settle and we will BREATHE easier soon.

    Thank you for still being here Denise

  • Thank you Denise (as always).

    November was an emotional rollercoaster for me – and not in a good way. I had a part time job that was getting very ugly. I left at the end of November. Even though I liked the work and (most) of the people, there was one person who made my life very difficult all year with no consequences. It was such a drag (emotionally & vibrationally) that I finally decided to leave. But maybe that’s exactly what I was supposed to do.

    But what I really wanted to say is that the pics you included as rough examples of the Template Code Complex are enlightening. The middle one looks like a rose. No explanation needed. But the one on the right in blues really resonates! It’s so holistic that I said YES the moment I saw it. I realize that the situation is much much more complex, but that’s the first thing I’ve seen that reinforces what I’ve been feeling for months.

    Thank you thank you thank you Denise! And now I need to lay down for awhile 😉

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