A 2014 Buddha Moon Gift

My May 2014 Buddha Moon gift is a free read of Chapter 8 from The Temple of Master Hotei: A Unique Past Life Memory. If you enjoy it, I hope you’ll consider buying the book so you can read all the other equally interesting chapters. Happy, prosperous, and enlightening Buddha Moon everyone. ❤

Denise Le Fay

May 14, 2014



Jade One slowly wove his way through the trees and plants of the vast Outer Temple garden with the intent of energetically absorbing earth energies. By walking throughout the garden in this manner, he could magnetically collect the diverse energies that radiated from the ground, the abundant plant life, sunlight, and the water element. The rich earthiness of the garden always gave the boy a great sense of comfort and a very conscious connection with the earth. It was like swimming through water; one can feel the water washing away fatigue, cleansing energetically, balancing the different energy bodies and creating increased alignment and connectedness throughout the whole body and being. The healing greenery of the many garden plants and trees was deeply soothing, healing, and grounding in this way. The pure gemstone colors of the numerous flowers were invigorating, while the clear bubbling water of the fishpond and stream offered deep tranquility to body, heart, and mind.

As Jade One made his way through the garden grounds a particular group of flowers caught his attention and drew him in. They were vivid bright pink and white flower petals with pure clear yellow-gold centers. He paused for many minutes to absorb and enjoy their beauty and uniqueness. After a few moments, he made his way around to the back half of the gardens and continued appreciating the many different varieties of flowers there. Their richness of color and silken textures were perfect living works of art. The entire garden grounds were a living, breathing, pulsing visual poem.

Later that evening Jade One had an unusual dream concerning Master Hotei and a flower. In his dream, Hotei was seated on cushions inside his Temple before the huge dragon tapestry. Over his head was a large sphere of light. Inside the sphere of light was a single lotus flower. To Hotei’s left and far behind him was the same strange man of golden-white Light he had perceived during his first encounter inside the Inner Temple. The man was in the identical seated position as Master Hotei was, but was outdoors beneath a large tree. The unusual looking man wore a long garland of multicolored flowers around his neck. Jade One was awakened from this dream by the sound of his voice crying aloud—do not leave me here alone! He sat upright in the blackness with his heart pounding in his head. His solar plexus had gone hollow and he suddenly felt very much alone in those few moments in the night.

The next morning Jade One returned to the garden to enjoy the fragrances created by the sunlight weaving throughout the lush, living green beings. The boy let his eyes absorb the visual spectacle all about him while he inwardly reviewed his unusual and powerful dream. He was at a loss once again. He had not heard Hotei speak in his dream, and why the two men both had flowers was a mystery. Jade One decided it best to investigate all of the garden’s flowers again to see if he could scrape together more insights into this expanding mystery.

This time the boy methodically inspected every group of flowers within the entire garden. There were only two types that spoke to his heart—the same pink and white blossoms he had been drawn to the previous day, and the lotus blossoms floating in the fishpond. The boy stood entranced before the pink and white flowers, searching internally for any small hint or subtle insight. Abruptly he remembered he was to make a garland from the pink and white flowers but pick only one single lotus blossom. He was to take them to the Inner Temple as soon as he had completed creating the flower garland. Why he was supposed to do these things he did not know.

When he had finished stringing together the flower garland, a sudden deep and cutting sadness enveloped him as he sat holding the beautiful pink and white blossoms. Jade One felt as though the child within him had suddenly vanished altogether. He felt as though he had traveled too far to turn back again. He did not understand why the pink and white flower garland had prompted such an intense emotional sadness and pain in him, but they certainly had.

Heading back to the Inner Temple with his flower gifts cradled lovingly in his arms, Jade One now felt strangely disconnected from the entire unusual business. A sort of melancholy detachment had overtaken his heart. The boy did not even care if the flowers or time was an incorrect telepathic message from Master Hotei; he only knew he must give these two flower gifts to his teacher immediately.

As One Like Jade entered the Golden Temple, he saw Hotei seated upon his gold stool, apparently waiting on his arrival. The boy bowed, walked up to his teacher and silently placed the flower garland around his neck, then handed him the single lotus blossom. He bowed again, retreated to his emerald stool and seated himself before the great Master.

The two sat silent in the smoky, citrine colored haze of the Inner Temple staring at each other for quite a few minutes. Hotei’s gaze was more serious and pronounced than usual and he thoroughly inspected the boy internally and externally. Master Hotei sat motionless while the intensity of his focused energies felt as if he would soon relocate the entire Temple to another place and time. Jade One had never seen his teacher like this before, but then, he had never felt the way he did before either.

Master Hotei’s unusual behavior was due to Jade One’s easily perceived emotional state. The purity of childhood was gone from the boy because a part of him had died after his dream, and in its place was birthed an older, more somber stranger. This stranger felt things that the Jade One of yesterday had not. He held a most profound joy in his heart, yet simultaneously, an equally profound sense of sadness and longing for something just beyond his reach caused his heart to grieve and ache terribly. Jade One was aware however, that he was blessed for simply sensing and feeling that something he could not yet completely grasp or understand.

From his stool Master Hotei leaned forward and tenderly placed his palm on the boy’s chest over his heart and said, “Welcome home One Like Jade, welcome home.” The great Master then eased back on his stool and relaxed, his intense emanations immediately transforming back into his characteristic loving compassion again.

“Why do you bring me two objects child when I mentally asked you for only one?” Hotei asked lovingly with pleased tears in his eyes because he already knew the answer to his question.

“The single lotus flower is for you Master Hotei. The garland of flowers is for Him—the strange man of Light,” Jade One answered somberly.

“I see Little One,” Hotei replied as he lovingly stroked the smooth garland petals.

“This is very interesting Jade One. My mental instruction was for you to bring me a single lotus blossom from the pond. Now, tell me of your dream child,” he bid and lowered eyes.

Jade One related the entire dream experience dispassionately. When the boy had finished, Hotei with his chin in his palms, silently gazed off into the distance for quite a while; a distance not hampered in the least by the physical confines of the Temple walls, the gardens outside, or the great, high mountain it all sat on. Master Hotei had left and was elsewhere viewing multiple timelines and reading different probable realities, and so, the boy respectfully lowered his eyes to give his teacher privacy with his inner visions. Minutes later the great Master returned to his physical body and his patiently waiting student.

“Jade One, today is a very special day for you! Today you are to view one of the Masters. It is time. Come child, I will show you where He sits in preparation,” Hotei said with a renewed gleam in his eyes and delight in his voice.

The Master led the confused boy to a rather secluded section at the far back corner of the gardens. In all the years Jade One had spent within Hotei’s Temple walls, never had he seen or been told of any other Master residing there with them. Hotei carefully seated the boy under a large tree and had him prop himself against its massive trunk.

“You may view Him from here only Jade One. Any closer would be dangerous for you now. This is one of the Lords of Above—please do not forget that child. He is only in His body of Light for He is not of this physical realm,” Hotei stated intensely and sat down beside his increasingly intrigued student.

Hotei began to laugh, leaned forward cupping the boy’s face in his hands and lovingly placed his forehead against the child’s forehead. He held this position with the youth for a few moments as if he were making some form of energetic link between the two of them through their foreheads.

“Dearest One Like Jade, do not be a foolish child and indulge in this. Do not let this Master’s great energies overwhelm you. He is a Great One indeed, but nonetheless, please try to maintain some level of self-control and dignity child. If you indulge in this, it could harm you greatly Little One,” Hotei stuttered due to laughing so hard.

Jade One saw nothing humorous whatsoever about any of this. In fact, he was rather disappointed with Hotei’s uncontrollable laughter and attitude over one of the most important moments of his entire young life. He was after all, about to witness a phenomenon most men spend entire incarnations striving and struggling to attain. They would fast themselves to near death to become receptive enough to be able to perceive something or someone from the higher dimensions. They would smoke potent herbs to achieve an altered state of consciousness so they could, possibly, catch a glimpse of one of the Great Ones dancing the eternal universal dance of creation.

However, Jade One was suddenly having this profound experience handed to him by a hysterical round laughing man telling him to watch his self-control! At moments like this, Jade One questioned Master Hotei’s grasp on reality. He wondered if the Master realized to what extent most spiritual seekers would go to experience something as extraordinary as this; a great and rare event that Hotei obviously took for granted and even thought was humorous.

“If a man is not supposed to fall to his knees in divine respect and humbleness at the sight alone of one of the Great Ones, what then is the correct and proper human response? Anything less it would seem would be unthinkably disrespectful!” Jade One internally grumbled to himself as he observed Master Hotei laughing hysterically before him. He sat there with furrows of frustration etched across his young brow, watching Hotei laughing like a disrespectful and unaware common man.

The boy was snapped out of his internal dialog over his beliefs concerning the proper etiquette to use when dealing with Divine Entities by the roaring, bellowing, uncontrollable sounds of Hotei’s near hysterical laughter. The Master’s face was covered with tears of pure merriment. He was actually having trouble catching his breath and struggled not to choke.

“Oh Ja…Jade One. You will…indulge…to…the fullest extent!” Hotei roared uncontrollably, laughing so hard he nearly tipped over.

“I can see it all now! Well, it does not matter because I will be close at hand to rescue you from yourself before you can cause permanent damage.”

Master Hotei finally calmed down and became more serious but it was purely for the boy’s sake. He knew that if he did not behave and communicate in a very precise way at this moment, his eager young student would not pay attention to everything he was trying to prepare him for and teach him. Knowing this, Hotei transformed himself back into serious teacher guise again and became as somber and reverential sounding and looking as he could produce at that moment for his disciple.

“Child, let your mind be very still and watch the seemingly empty area beneath the large tree over there,” Hotei said and pointed towards a massive tree some thirty feet away from them. The boy’s eyes immediately darted over to the designated sacrosanct but physically empty area.

“Soon you will be able to see Him. Watch, listen, feel, remember, and learn what it is that you need to learn now from this experience Little One,” Master Hotei said with sparkling eyes and lovingly cupped the enthusiastic boy’s face in his hands. The Master’s face was still flushed from his intense laughter over his determined student, but Jade One was at least listening to him again.

At this point Master Hotei stood up and left the area. Jade One watched his teacher giggling his way down the gravel footpath back to his Inner Temple, leaving him alone with the great spiritual mystery that lay only a few feet before him. The boy could hardly contain himself. After Hotei had completely disappeared from sight, the boy anxiously returned his physical gaze back to the indicated area of rare, spiritual phenomenon. He breathed in deeply a few times to calm himself and then began to focus on the physically empty area beneath the huge tree Hotei had pointed out.

Within a few minutes, Jade One began to perceive blinding silver-white light radiating outward in all directions from under the huge tree’s leafy canopy. Within the center of the brilliant silver-white light was the transparent ethereal form of the peculiar looking man of Light he had clairvoyantly seen before.

Astonishingly, there under a huge elder tree in the far back corner of Master Hotei’s Temple gardens sat another Master; a magnificent nonphysical Light Being that appeared to be within deep ethereal meditation.

The great man of Light sat motionless with his eyes closed. He wore a long garland of flowers around his neck and his black hair was pulled up and twisted tightly on top of his head. He generated energies that sparked, popped, and literally radiated out with tiny explosions all around him. Jade One stared silently at this spectacular rare vision, carefully analyzing every inch of it and compared it to how he had observed this man of Light before.

The amount of pure, higher light energies that emanated from him was so great that it shown out in all directions from his Light body. Jade One watched as the ethereal form became more tangible, more seemingly dense and physical. This Master’s Light body was no less real than the boy’s physical body was.

Jade One desperately wanted to physically get up, walk over, and sit within the brilliant silver-white light energy field around the Master’s Light body. He quickly discovered however that it was nearly impossible to move any part of his physical body. After closely examining the great being of Light with his inner vision, Jade One desired to enter into its Light emanations and bask in the very energies that were Him.

“If I cannot move physically, then I will project myself into His field of Light and experience Him from that position,” Jade One decided.

Quickly and easily the boy intentionally redirected his consciousness out of his physical body and over into the silver-white light emanating from the great Being of Light. From this energetically intimate position, the boy intermingled with the etheric energy body of the nonphysical man of Light. For an unknown amount of time, Jade One deliberately merged his consciousness with the brilliant energy corona of the etheric Master’s Light body.

This astounding Light was very much like Master Hotei, and yet, slightly different at the same time. He was a man with a personality like any other, but He seemed to carry a great sense of responsibility that literally encompassed the planet. Not just a small patch of land in one particular country, or a few family members, or local fellow citizens; His family was all of humanity incarnate on earth.

His consciousness and heart streamed forth igniting tiny sparks within the hearts of many different peoples. He spoke to all, yet only a small number felt anything from Him. He was preparing a road, a great pathway of higher awareness and emotions that would be traveled by many, but in a different time.

As Jade One traveled deeper into the essence of Him, he began to understand and yet he did not. He saw some great Universal Plan preparing for Itself a massive roadway between the heavens and earth that would be traversed by great numbers of people at a later time. Yet, even now the complex building and preparations were being created, carefully crafted, and dedicatedly worked into place on multiple unseen levels and dimensions by thousands of nonphysical, higher dimensional beings.

Hundreds of thousands of souls were willingly being swept up into these higher energy currents to participate and experience this complex and far-reaching cosmic plan. They were preparing for themselves and others the numerous sequences of events that would enable them to walk this road, to follow this pathway later on physical earth in physical bodies.

Jade One perceived the numerous layers of plans in the form of vivid visions along with an inner knowingness. However, they escalated in speed and energetic intensity to such a degree that eventually Jade One felt himself losing his inner balance and sense of location and fall over onto his side. Whether the universe was speeding up and away from him, or, if he was falling from his lofty seat of inner visions the boy could not accurately discern. The tremendous energetic pressure, higher vibrations and speed of it all were quickly becoming unbearable and Jade One became unconscious from his abnormally high-level flight. Unwillingly he entered a rapid free-fall and wild, tumbling spin that he wondered he would even survive.

The boy fought off nausea unsuccessfully as he was catapulted through numerous layers of space and time. Wave after wave of both divine and human voices cried out in love, fear, pain, mystical bliss, and profound struggle until Jade One was completely lost amidst their songs of enlightenment, initiation, increasing density and polarization, confusion, suffering, and final dense amnesia.

“I fear I have gone mad and shall never find my way home to Master Hotei’s garden again!” Jade One screamed aloud, but his voice simply became one more of the millions of others that also cried out their own screams of ecstasy and terror.

Suddenly the boy felt a heavy, partially numb thud on his forehead that sent rippling waves of pain and further nausea throughout his body. A vague sensation of pressure in both his wrists and shoulders at least helped distract his attention away from his endlessly somersaulting stomach. His skull felt three times larger and heavier than normal and he thought the pressure of it alone might kill him.

Faintly and very far-off the boy began to hear the blessed familiar sounds of Master Hotei’s laughter. Interspersed between his laughter were words he could not understand. There was nothing more in the world, in fact the entire universe, that Jade One wanted to hear at that exact moment than Master Hotei’s precious, glorious laughter. He forced his mind to focus on nothing else but it.

“Master Hotei… I truly do love to hear you laughing,” the nauseated and imbalanced disciple whimpered. In the vast blackness he clearly heard Master Hotei laugh in response to his words, which assured him that they were at least somewhere in the same cosmic vicinity. The pain in his wrists and shoulders grew quickly however and traveled relentlessly down his backside.

“I think I have gone blind Master Hotei! I cannot see anything but blackness,” Jade One blubbered out loud, deeply hoping Hotei was still near enough to hear him. Roaring, uncontrollable laughter was the immediate reply.

“BLIND JADE ONE? ARE YOU SURE? TRY OPENING YOUR EYES CHILD!” Hotei screamed and coughed hysterically.

Because the boy’s eyes were already open, he labored further to bring his higher inner vision back down energetically into his physical eyes. Slowly he began to see the hazy, grayish-white outlines of familiar trees and plants within his beloved garden. He also realized that his body was physically moving. Jade One blinked frantically, trying to force full awareness back into his numb, over-sized feeling head and face. As he struggled, Master Hotei’s laughter thankfully grew louder, closer, and much clearer. Looking upward, the boy could finally physically see the beautifully blue sky cut into jagged sections by overhead tree branches. His body was still moving and his backside and arms were truly in pain now.

“HOTEI, I can see! Look at the sky—it is so beautifully blue today…” the boy gratefully complimented, his voice trailing off.

“Yes Little One, it is the same glorious color today as it was yesterday,” Hotei replied chuckling, “and I suspect it will be the same spectacular color tomorrow as well. The gods are good indeed are they not One Like Jade?”

The boy scanned the familiar garden greenery with deep, genuine gratitude and relief. Twisting around he clearly saw the ground moving painfully under his physical body. He glanced up quickly at his hands, only to finally be able to see Master Hotei dragging him by his wrists through the garden!

Hotei immediately stopped and bent down to help his now earthbound, earth connected student sit upright. The Master walked up to a group of rocks where he had previously placed a tray of hot tea and numerous sweet cookies. Hotei quickly brought his disorientated and battered student a cup of tea, which he drank slowly, smiling up weakly and gratefully at his beloved spiritual teacher and friend.

Suddenly Jade One remembered having been sick to his stomach and quickly inspected his clothing with acute embarrassment. Master Hotei laughed openly at the boy’s vanity, even at a moment such as this.

“Do not concern yourself Jade One, you got sick out there,” Hotei said giggling and pointed up at that beautiful blue sky they had been talking about earlier.

The warmth and aroma of the tea and sweet cookies helped to ground the boy’s finer etheric bodies and anchor them once again into his physical body. Hotei sat quietly, letting his disciple eat and drink his fill, knowing that it would greatly help him regain both his inner and outer equilibrium and physical, earthy connection again.

As usual, the boy had dozens of provocative questions for his teacher and could hardly wait to be physically able to voice them all. Hotei sensed this and waited patiently for the student’s barrage of inquiries. Finally, with the pain, nausea, spinning and disorientation a thing of the recent past, Jade One began his long list of questions.

“Master Hotei, why were you dragging me around the garden?” the boy asked with real confusion.

Hotei’s eyebrows rose quickly causing his eyes to grow large and round. After what seemed a brief moment of holding his breath, Hotei burst into another belly laugh that echoed gorgeously throughout the garden. The boy smiled weakly at his greatly amused teacher.

“Of all the profound blessings you have just experienced, your first question is why I was dragging you around? Oh Little One, you are wonderful indeed! Very well then,” Hotei said giggling and smiled at his still blurry and wobbly student.

“I had to move your physical body away from the vicinity of the Master’s Light body. You became unconscious from the intensity of His emanations because YOU moved much too close to Him! I warned you of this, but I also knew you would become snared by your deep curiosity and enter His higher frequency light energies anyway. Therefore, I had to drag your physical body to a safer distance away from His energy field.

“I could also see that you had traveled very far and knew it would be difficult for you to find your way back home; home here in my physical Temple gardens now I mean,” Hotei said grinning widely and winked at his befuddled student.

“By my moving your physical body across the ground, it became increasingly magnetized with earthly, physical energies. This—plus the physical pain it caused you—helped to give you something to focus on and grab a hold of emotionally and energetically; a painful physical target to aim at and eventually connect with once again,” Hotei said in a sudden serious tone.

“Why could I not see anything Master Hotei?” the boy asked as he refilled his teacup for the third time and grabbed yet another handful of cookies. Suddenly he was ravenous and needed to fill his stomach to help ground him better within his physical body. Jade One was immensely grateful that Master Hotei had food and drink there ready and available for him after his great and vast cosmic excursion.

“Your consciousness was functioning in two different realms, two different dimensions and levels of awareness at once. I confess that this was partly due to my actions here with your physical body. I was prematurely forcing your awareness back down into your physical body here. At the same time however, you still had a large portion of your awareness in a much higher dimension with the great Lords of Above.

“Different frequency energy realms overlap each other easily at certain areas, like borders between dimensions Jade One. This makes it difficult for a student to adjust, and then immediately readjust while traveling through those overlapping energetic dimensional areas. It takes some practice to become able to move through those powerful, transitional border areas and not become confused, disoriented or completely lost.

“The areas where two or more realms intersect create unique and powerful vortex points. Certain of these areas would appear to our logical minds and ego selves as places where lunatics and strange, wild creatures and beings inhabit. Your senses would perceive fragments from these multiple levels and, if you allowed your logical mind to attempt to decipher them, you would most likely become quite lost and confused yourself. A great many things are not to be dealt with, nor can they be understood by using the rational mind alone Little One. It is not a suitable tool for the job and can be very dangerous trying to do so,” Hotei said and winked at the boy.

Hotei stopped shortly to pour himself a cup of tea. He sipped it briefly and then returned to his explanations and further teachings.

“You could not see physically Jade One because you were still seeing with your faster and higher vibrating inner, mind’s eye vision. You were still functioning within a less dense, higher realm using the correct perceptive tools for it. At the same time however, enough of your consciousness had reentered your dense physical body—just enough to let you know that more of you was still elsewhere than down here with me!” Hotei said giggling while rolling his eyes in exaggerated, comical circles.

“I know of your great affinity with and love of the elements of this earthly garden Little One, so I both coaxed and directed you back into your physical body by charging it with the energies of the earthly physical realm.

“Do you remember the first thing you said when you could finally see physically again child? You commented on how beautiful and blue the sky was! There is nothing lacking in wondrous spirituality right here in this physical, earthly realm my boy. Never forget that the real distance between the many great Lords of Above and us on Earth is due entirely on our awareness or closed hearts. Never forget this child,” Hotei said and smiled warmly at his attentive but exhausted student.

“You experienced something in which it felt to you as if a great physical distance had been traveled. Actually, you only traveled a fraction of an inch energetically inside your own awareness, heart and self. Always remember that, that which is without, is that which is within Little One.”

At this statement, Hotei exploded into a fit of rapturous laughter, which Jade One comfortably floated along on also. He understood why his teacher was laughing over that particular statement because he had just experienced a snippet of it himself. Because of his recent experience, the boy happily rode along on Master Hotei’s uplifting laughter and pure, higher heart joyfulness. After his laughter subsided, Hotei sat back and silently finished his tea. He suddenly seemed very far away, deep in thought over matters the boy could not fathom and was far too exhausted to try. Jade One sat quietly and utilized the time to organize his thoughts and the many remaining unanswered questions he had for his teacher.

Abruptly Master Hotei returned his gaze to the boy and his dilated pupils contracted and stabilized once again. Jade One had learned over the years that when the Master’s eyes did this it was due to his having been elsewhere himself and in communication with higher dimensional beings. His transition back to the physical dimension always caused his pupils to briefly and repeatedly expand and contract like that.

Hotei smiled a warm smile of appreciation at his awaiting student for his patience and silence. This silent smile was the boy’s cue that his bombardment of questions could begin again. The Master chuckled softly and shifted his body slightly to face the boy more directly.

“Do you recall believing that I was unimpressed and dispassionate because I supposedly took the man of Light for granted?” Hotei asked. Jade One squirmed uncomfortably and instantly lowered his head.

“You believed you were about to experience something so profound that you could not understand my complacency over it all. Yet, your first question was about your physical body, my actions with it, and of the beautiful blue sky. You still have not asked nor referred to anything you personally experienced that was of Him or the many other Beings you saw. Now who is taking Him for granted?” Hotei asked and lightly smacked the boy on the shoulder giggling at him.

“This is very good however Jade One for He, they, do not enjoy nor is He moved to a level of pristine exaltation when we fall to our knees in subservient homage to Him or any of them! Child, they rejoice when a soul encounters them for they long to interact with all of us. Preferably, to have a conscious working link between them and us at all times.

“Just think Little One how difficult and discouraging it is for them when finally that long-awaited link is made and all we can do in their presence is wallow devotionally at their feet! Wailing prayers of adoration at their awesomeness and prodigious wisdom does nothing for anyone! The precious link has finally been made, but then we tie their hands with our lowly emotional reactions and limited understandings. This is indeed terribly sad Little One. We separate ourselves from them due to our exaggerated false beliefs and misplaced respect. They do not desire deification—they want to assist us!

“You have now discovered Jade One, that one of the Great Lords resides a small portion of Himself in His Light body under one of the trees at a quiet back corner of my Temple garden. He has been here as long as I have been here, and that child, has been a very long time indeed!” Hotei said and raised his eyebrows in an exaggerated and mysterious gesture and laughed.

“Not one of the students that have passed through my Outer Temple gardens over these many years has ever sensed Him. That is why you perceiving and seeing Him during our telepathy training and again in your dream intrigued me so. When you brought me the garland of flowers, I knew it was time for you to see where He resides within the Temple gardens Jade One.

“There are reasons however why you sensed Him, why you dreamt of Him, and those answers lay deep within your heart Jade One. If you desire, you may further investigate this matter within your heart and soul child. I will not reveal it to you, because it is for you alone to discover,” Hotei said and bowed respectfully to his student. Jade One bowed in response and felt his heart uncontrollably flutter, jump, and thud hard in the very center of his chest. Something extraordinarily magnificent was unfolding, but the boy did not fully understand it all.

Master Hotei returned his attention to his now empty teacup and saw to its replenishing. The boy watched him silently, pondering over his next question. He waited until his teacher had half emptied his cup again before he spoke, assuming that was a politely sufficient amount of time between questions.

“Master Hotei, who is He? When will He come fully to Earth?” the boy asked with minor hesitation. He was actually slightly concerned of his teacher’s answer to this particular question.

“Little One, that is a difficult and complex question,” Hotei answered very seriously.

“He is one of the Lords of Above, of which there are many. It is however nearing the time for Him to descend completely into this physical dimension and Earth world. He is—with the assistance of so many other Beings—preparing Himself for this unique experience. I say unique because it is very challenging for any of the Higher Ones to function in this extremely dense physical realm. They have existed for so very long within their higher bodies of Light, and some beyond that, that to come back down into such extreme density requires meticulous planning by many nonphysical beings; great planning for not only Him, but for all of humanity and Earth as well.

“He will be called different names by different people. He will be accepted and loved by many, and also rejected, misunderstood and ignored by many more. He will be called the Bringer of Light, the Buddha, the Enlightened One.

“As you have now witnessed for yourself Jade One, there is still much work to be done by many before He can fully enter physicality. He is not ready for Earth and she is not ready for Him!” Hotei said and giggled like an excited child.

Suddenly Jade One thought his teacher looked like he was radiating a warm golden light around his entire body as he spoke about this other Master of Light existing in his Temple garden. Jade One had never noticed this golden light energy emanating from Master Hotei before and was greatly intrigued. He stared intently at his teacher and the surrounding golden light radiating off from him and wondered if it had always been there. When Hotei began speaking again, the boy had to shift more of his attention back to his teacher’s words and not the newly discovered golden light he emanated.

“All things Jade One, all, are first created in the higher, faster vibrating, unseen realms wherein their birth expands and expresses itself farther and farther outward energetically until it finally manifests a portion of itself here in this dense physical world and dimension.

“A small portion of His Light body and being is manifest and anchored here in my Temple garden for specific reasons. He also has another aspect of His Light body and being anchored at another place on Earth very far from our land Jade One.

By projecting a portion of His consciousness into this much more dense and slower vibrating physical realm in this manner, He is able to slowly build upon His different bodies while working on numerous higher, fast vibrating unseen levels and dimensions simultaneously with many other nonphysical Beings.”

With a deeply confused look on his face Jade One asked, “But why has He chosen to manifest much of His body of Light here in your Temple garden Master Hotei?”

“A large part of that answer lies within you Jade One. If you wish to look into the future, it is there awaiting your investigation,” Hotei responded mysteriously and waved his arms overhead indicating the vast space about them.

“After I have finished my earthly Work in this body, this location, and this time, I will spend a period without any physical form. After that, I choose to enter into the scope of consciousness that He will be manifesting while He exists within physical form on Earth. It will be from within that energetic point that I will exist and express a large portion of myself. You see Jade One, I choose to exist within the right big toe of the Buddha!” Master Hotei declared and burst into a glorious belly laugh that filled the entire garden with shimmering golden delight.

“This is only one small portion of what the future holds for me. As for yourself Jade One, you can look to see and sense how the future affects you here and now. Use this potent time to grow and learn about situations, possibilities, and different outcomes that would not ordinarily be available in this manner for this is another important time of change on Earth and for all humanity.”

Because the late afternoon sun was rapidly disappearing below the mountain range, Master Hotei got up, collected the teacups and tray, then turned back to his young disciple. The boy still sat on the ground looking up at his teacher with wide, confused eyes. It had been a very long, powerful, and enlightening day for all concerned.

“You have had a full and potent day Little One. Go now and rest well. We will continue tomorrow Dear One,” Hotei said and smiled lovingly at his student.

Master Hotei quietly headed back to his Temple and Jade One directly to his warm, awaiting bed. He was indeed far more exhausted than he had realized. Lying in bed that night Jade One concentrated upon the great Divine One, the Lord of Above he had energetically united his consciousness and being with earlier that day. Holding the powerful, beautiful, radiant image of the nonphysical man of Light in his inner vision, he mentally asked a question repeatedly from his highest, most pure heart.

“What am I to do Great One? Please show me, please help me to understand whatever it is that I now need to learn and know about all of this.” With his mental question circulating through his exhausted mind and body, Jade One finally drifted off into a dark, dreamless, restful place of protected sleep.

End of Chapter 8

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