The April 2014 Explosion of Change

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After April 2014, there shouldn’t be one bit of doubt in anyone’s heartmind that the NEW has fully arrived within this physical dimension and world. I don’t know about you, but my life exploded thanks to the April 2014 energies and demanded some much-needed changes, which will despite it being difficult at the moment, manifest some much-needed improvements. I do love how you can know something for years, decades even, and when “it” finally arrives, “it” does so in a way or ways that you never thought of before. Aah, that wondrous Divine Creativity.

Thanks to those reality changing/improving April 2014 energies, many of us immediately found ourselves having to make some necessary course-corrections now with those things, people, living situations, jobs, monies, old habits etc. that cannot continue as they have been up to this mega Shift point. The 5th Cardinal Square/”Cross” of April 2014 was the energetic explosion that permanently blew old things out of their old habitual grooves for good. The month of May is reevaluation time to reconsider what each of us truly values and finds valuable after all we’ve been through up to this point within the Ascension Process. June will be hit the road time for many in whatever ways those changes of location, residence, employment etc. manifests for each of us. June—especially after the Solstice—will begin a NEW level of physically implementing the changes/improvements that the April “Cross” explosions thankfully brought to physicality.

2014 is a totally NEW cycle of us working our ways through those annual Herculean 12 Labors of astrological Stair-steps within physicality… but the NEW physicality for the very first time. This is why every day, every week and every month in 2014 so far feels and looks so amazingly amplified and different… because it is!

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I remember thinking during the April 15th Lunar Eclipse how easy that was.  dielaughing

Next I remember thinking during the 5th Cardinal Square/Cross how easy that was as well and I became slightly nervous because I knew the ‘other shoe was about to drop’, it had to. By April 24th it had indeed finally dropped for me personally and I felt, saw and experienced “reality” go extra weird in a NEW way that day and it hasn’t stopped since. I don’t expect it will any time soon either and that’s not a “bad” thing at all, quite the opposite actually.

I had hoped however that I’d move through this April 2014 first impact transition more gracefully than I did, but, sometimes things become just severe enough that they finally cause full release so things must move off in different but appropriate directions. Such has been the case for me with the April energies, and I know many of you reading this have experienced these energies in similarly intense and life-altering ways too.

I haven’t written anything due to these intense ongoing changes I’ve experienced since April, and my needing to clean up after the literal physical and emotional debris caused by that Divine explosion. There’s damage caused by the April energies that I’ve needed to clean up, repair, throw in the trash, course-correct and so on and I’m not remotely finished yet. The rest of 2014 will be many of us making these NEW changes/improvements.

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Another thing that the April 2014 explosion brought to many people was a sudden NEW level of Higher Awareness, profound insights, and plenty of personal revelations about self, about others, situations, old habits good and bad etc. Said another way, more Divine NEW Light came in, immediately illuminating more of our internal/external stuff (whatever that is for each of us at this point within the ongoing Ascension Process) helping us to easily and quickly See and Know exactly what needs to be changed internally/externally now due to our being in the NEW.

And another thing that the April 2014 explosion caused was an even greater gap between the old lower frequency world, people, consciousness, beliefs, systems and ways of doing things and the NEW. From my current perspective post April, the world literally looks (and feels) very different to me. There are certain differences to many buildings, houses, streets, structures etc. such as their placement, distance and location etc. I was driving through town this past week running errands and I couldn’t believe how different much of the city actually looks now. It’s different from the pre-April 2014 city I know so well and that is a very good sign of how much Shift has recently happened within the physical plane. (Separation of Worlds and Timelines)

[I should add here that I’m well-aware that for many of you April 2014 was not an explosion at all but merely another Shift into more of the NEW energies of the ongoing Ascension Process. For many people however it was very much of an explosive type transition and we’re deep in mop-up mode now.]

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Another noticeable change caused by the April explosion energies are varying degrees of change within some of the Ascension symptoms we experience. For me this has manifested as a greater amplification of pains and pressures of the NEW energies being embodied physically. I feel this mainly at the top of my head, my entire head, top of my spine all the way down to my High Heart and Solar Plexus area. During huge energy amplifications and Shift periods such as what we’ve just gone through in April (and continue to so just adapt to it all), the entire area from above my physical head down to my Solar Plexus feels these amplifications the most intensely. It just is how my body reacts to embodying and being changed, improved, evolved by these NEW Divine energies. Your mileage will vary but know that the aches and pains and pressures are all part of this galactic and universal evolutionary ‘growing pains’ and are normal. In comparison dying is easy, whereas remaining in-body and dying/being reborn at a higher level is far more complex, lengthy, painful, difficult, and at times downright worrisome, but we wanted to be here for this more than anything. The worst of the worst is over so don’t throw the towel in at this point within The Process!

Between reality literally looking, feeling and being very different than it was only a couple of weeks ago, to many of us having our personal lives turned upside down for the better even though it may not feel like it at the moment, the physical weather getting even more extreme and unpredictable, we’re well on our ways into our NEW lives in our NEW world in the NEW evolutionary cycle. Trust The Process, let the needed changes happen so you and others can move on to where each need to be now, and know that you are a far more powerful Creator Being than you yet realize. We’re doing great even though it may look like utter chaos and destruction out there. The Angels are impressed with us, and that my friends is something to be really proud of and tremendously inspired by.  ❤

Hugs of LoveLight,


May 11, 2014

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