Won’t That Harm Us?

Recently I received an email question from Thelma about the coming 5G technologies and how harmful they are. She wanted to know how those 5G wireless energies could harm us and how they would interfere with the Ascension Process and Shift. Thanks for your questions Thelma. ❤

Evidently this 5G technology is planned to be rolled out by 2020. Well of course it is.

I also recently received an email from Barbara with a link to David Icke’s latest video, On The Road To Civil War. I watched all of it, thank you Barbara and David Icke.  ❤ ❤

Thelma’s question about how the latest high-tech 5G energies will effect everyone, and, what David Icke talks about in this particular video all have to do with the lower Earth world(s) and their populations and those peoples level of development and progress energetically and consciously within the Ascension Process. As you read through my article please keep that fact in your heartmind because it is the main point with all this.

Over a decade ago I talked about some of the different Earth worlds and their different frequency layers and levels at TRANSITIONS. Due to the Ascension Process and what I’ve called the Expiration Date, which was December 21, 2012, there have been more than just the one and only old 3D patriarchal Earth world. There have been, let’s call them, Stair-step Earth worlds for ease and speed of communicating something rather complex. To me they all have been and still are today different frequency worlds and levels of consciousness and therefore reality. We’ve talked about this many times before, about how we repeatedly change timelines, which means Earth worlds and frequencies.

My latest experience doing this was caused by my need to call 911 in early June 2019 because my mom was dying. I knew before I called 911 that my doing so would instantly drop me back down into that much lower frequency Earth world, reality, and consciousness and it certainly did. Intentionally changing frequency-wise from where I had been existing down into the old established Earth world frequency and reality where hospitals, doctors, surgeons, nurses, police, health insurance, social workers and all the rest of that exist and make their money was a dangerous and difficult shift on my part. Those large old ingrained institutions and their accepted systems still exist at an extremely low level of frequency today.

What happened was bad enough, but because of it I had to change timelines meaning re-enter a very low level within a lower frequency Earth world and reality. Like I said before, going to the grocery store is nothing comparable to having to go into an Emergency Room and different hospitals. Grocery stores and similar other places exist at a higher frequency than hospitals and ER’s do. This was about my changing timelines and levels of frequency to get my mom the so-called medical help she needed at the end of her life.

Years ago I wrote about Earth A, Earth B, and Earth A/B. These are just terms to help express these different frequencies, levels and Earth worlds that exist in them. Don’t get hung-up or fixated on the terms please, just use them as I am to communicate these different frequency levels and realities.

Earth A is a completely Ascended NEW Earth world.

Earth B is a completely Descended Earth world that is much worse than everything that previously happened on the old 3D patriarchal Earth, and that is saying something! You want global next-level negativity? Then this is now where one goes for that.

Earth A/B is the largest populated and main Earth world today. That will change more however once the NEW codes are fully established for everyone in January 2020. That event alone will cause a huge increase in people rapidly and repeatedly “shifting”, changing timelines and in many cases changing Earth worlds, frequencies and realities because of the NEW codes, templates, blueprints, some more NEW DNA activating and all being applied globally. It will also cause far more people to suddenly die to be free of their physical bodies because they don’t want to go any further with or within the Ascension Process, the Separation of Worlds and the Shift. No judgement whatsoever as this is a Free Will choice too at this mega Separation Shift choice point.

Many of the First Embodied Everythingers have always had their HighHearts aimed at reaching Earth A. That does not mean we’ll be limited to only that frequency and NEW Earth world. It just means that’s the level many of us have always Worked towards in these current physical human bodies.

The people that want to experience even greater chaos, continue fighting for even lower level survival, less freedom, greater darkness, negativity and less responsibility in general are the people that today are lusting after, promoting and recruiting people for Descending Earth B. That vastly lower negative frequency Earth world and reality exists already. Just watch the world news on TV for a week and you’ll see, hear and feel them yelling, fighting, voting and pushing themselves and others into it with great fervor.

The majority of people currently exist today on Earth A/B. They are also easily seen, felt and heard by watching the world news on TV for a week. Earth A/B is Ascending but it’s what I’m calling a Stair-step frequency Earth world. It is not Earth A nor is it Earth B. It’s currently the most populated, diverse and complex Earth world and is the place where a lot of transitioning has been unfolding over the years since 2013.

Many of these people won’t need to consciously know these ascension related things because they are increasingly embodying them (lower case e) and will continue to do so but at this planetary next level with the start of 2020. Once the NEW higher frequency codes are in full effect globally with zero old lower frequency ones remaining, the inhabitants of Earth A/B will quickly embody them to become an energetic match with them and that will activate tremendous positive changes across the planet and very quickly.

Some of the people currently on Earth A/B will not at all like the feel and greatly increased pressures and irritations caused by the NEW codes in the physical and many will shift to Earth B to escape them. Other people will die to escape them. Other people will begin embodying the NEW codes and that will alter them, their consciousness, frequency, lives and external reality.

Earth B is a short-lived Earth world frequency and location because that much lower-level physical reality isn’t intended to last very long. It’s for the people who want to experience more density and darkness and less freedom, responsibility and sanity. Unfortunately, many people are or will find themselves in this frequency Earth world because they aren’t strong enough to think for themselves at this point. Doing a stint in Descending Earth B should solve that problem for them, or it’s intended to do so. It’s a world to help them finally get their fill of darkness, violence, hatred, fear and survival struggles and all that goes with it and make the decision that the Light might not be so bad after all and finally rotate themselves in that energetic direction.

Back to Thelma’s question about the negative 5G technologies, and back to some of what David Icke talked about in his video mentioned above.

You will directly and personally experience any and all of these unpleasant 5G technologies, and you will experience any and all of the unpleasant negative intentional actions created by the remaining “elite” controllers if you are a frequency match to those lower-level frequencies. You will experience them if YOU believe they are more powerful than Divine Source. More powerful than the evolutionary inducing energies being pumped out of the Milky Way Galactic Center and the Sun and elsewhere. More powerful than the Ascension Process. More powerful than the Embodiment Process and those Embodied. More powerful than the Light. More powerful than you.

Do you honestly still believe that the negative elite human and nonhuman controllers and their physical and etheric high-tech tools and the energies they produce—all to intentionally make it much more difficult for humans to live the Ascension Process and utilize the natural evolutionary Light energies to evolve beyond them—are more powerful than Divine Source and evolution? If you do then you are and will continue to be subject to them because YOU have empowered them over yourself, over Source and over Divine evolution. You will lock yourself into those very frequencies by focusing on them and believing they are more powerful than everything else including yourself and Source. Those people and beings want humans to think and believe exactly that. The way to not get pulled into lower frequencies is to embody higher ones and focus on that, not on the negativity and high-tech machines and AI devices and all the rest of it.

If you embody the frequencies now that match the frequencies of Earth B then that’s where you are going to find yourself existing. If you embody the frequencies now that match the frequencies of Earth A/B then that’s where you’ll find yourself existing. If you Embody (capital E) your Higher Self/Soul within your current physical body and unify these aspects of YOU, You and you, then the frequencies of Earth A is where you’re headed because you are a frequency match with it. No complicated mystery here, just different frequencies and which ones you are a match with for a variety of reasons.

The 5G technology will not affect me because I exist at a frequency that vibrates well above it and have Worked very hard for decades to get there, and I’m not done yet! How about you? Same can be said about everything negative, toxic, chem-trails, invasive electronic energies and devices like 5G, smart phones, cell phone towers etc., etheric and physical AI devices and all the rest of their negative air-wave wireless Aquarian Age creations designed to interfere with what the Milky Way Galactic Center, the 7D Photon Light and the Sun have been and continues doing which is repeatedly pump out, pulse out natural organic evolution-inducing higher frequency Light energies.

The Ascension Process and Age of Aquarius and Leo Sun energies mean humanity is currently evolving into being telepathic and so much more. To try to prevent or distract people from that, Team Dark keeps rolling out more powerful smart phones and other increasingly potent high-tech devices to keep humanity from becoming telepathic, and much more, and keep them believing they need phones to communicate with other people.

But if you believe that 5G or anything else is more powerful than what’s naturally coming out of the Milky Way Galactic Center now, the seventh dimensional Photonic Light, and the different colored Sun and what it’s transmitting to naturally evolve humanity and Earth and everything everywhere, then enjoy your new 5G devices and your lower frequency imprisonment.

I’ve often wondered if anyone gets that the Sun has changed colors, which means frequencies, over the past twenty years? My god that alone is amazing and is something everyone can go outside and see for themselves. But no, this fact isn’t talked about, nor is why it’s happened and what effects it has on everything and everyone. No, let’s not even look at the Sun having embodied Photonic Light energies and turned from 3D yellow-gold frequencies to 5D brilliant silver-white Light in the sky. Instead let’s focus on 5G, on the insane elite circling the drain, on AI, on chem-trails, on HAARP and all the rest of their Descending Earth B anti-ascension tools and tactics. Consciously know they and their physical and etheric devices exist people but make your choice about which YOU empower and focus on. Ascension or Descension? Self-empowerment and energetic sovereignty or you continuing to give your power, personal energies and mental and emotional focus to those that need you to do exactly that so they can continue existing?

If you have embodied and/or Embodied and ascended vibrationally and energetically beyond the lower frequencies and their matching frequency Earth worlds, then they won’t harm you, won’t affect you, won’t poison you, won’t give you Cancer, Alzheimers, won’t make you want to gun down certain people for whatever the reason(s), won’t cause you to go insane, become violent, diseased or anything else including be part of the adjusted to the new Age of Aquarius/Leo Age energies ‘civil war’.

Are all of these topics true? You bet they are. Are they all going to happen? You bet they are. Are you going to be crushed or killed by them? Not if you’ve been doing your personal Inner Work all these many ascension years. Not if you have been and continue to embody the NEW higher frequency ascension Light energies and NEW codes. If you have then you already exist above those lower frequency Earth worlds, and because you are NOT a frequency match to them you won’t be affected by them. Is this easy? You bet it isn’t. It takes real determination and personal Inner Work, and then it takes real Work to maintain that higher frequency within yourself, your body and personal reality when all these other lower frequencies and the people that match them are all around you doing what they do. Eye of the storm and all that.


Team Dark aliens and humans have always used the different astrological Age energies. They know when they’re going to change, when they’re fully present, and they know how long they’ll be in effect, so they use them instead of fighting them. They’re evil, not stupid.

My point is that to negative aliens and the controller humans, astrological Age changes are nothing more than a necessary global costume change that happens every two thousand years. They make these astrological energy Age changes and utilize the new energies as the exiting Age’s energies slowly disappear. This time is no different than previous Age changes but is more obvious because it’s an astrological Age change happening at the same time as the Ascension Process and Great Evolutionary Cycle changes.

I’m not going to spend a lot of time and energy detailing the exiting Piscean Age qualities and its opposite sign Virgo, the Virgin. I’ll briefly list some of them, and some of the new Aquarian Age with its opposite sign Leo, the Lion, to clarify these seemingly different topics.

Pisces — is a Water sign which means the entire Age of Pisces (the past 2,100-plus years) had to do with humanities Emotional Body, emotions in general, the numinous, sensitivities, water, liquids, being deluded, self-deluded, feeling things deeply etc. Pisces ruler is Neptune which offers very high levels of being, awareness, receptivity and sensitivity, or the lower frequency side which is being deluded by others and/or oneself.

This simplified overview should make the past 2,100-plus years on Earth with its religions and all that happened because of them obvious. Team Dark used and abused the past Piscean Age energies to manipulate humanities Emotional Bodies, mostly through religions and distortions done to them, to trigger emotional energies and actions in humans around the planet, mostly negative. Having humans fight other humans over their God for the past two thousand years produced abundant negative energies globally, which was exactly what Team Dark was intending. Two thousand-plus years of intentional negative Piscean Age human Emotional Body manipulation and irritation by Team Dark to get humanity to continuously produce lowly energies to feed and fuel themselves and their agendas off of.

The high frequency of Pisces and Neptune is you, individually all on your own, accessing the numinous, the Divine and communing with that. The low frequency of Pisces and Neptune is distortions, delusions, deceptions, addictions and believing other people telling you that you cannot directly access the Divine, the numinous but need a middleman to do it for you.

Aquarius — is an Air sign which means humanity is having their Mental Body highlighted and also now intentionally used and abused by Team Dark. Air means mind, mental, thinking, thought, Higher Awareness and lower awareness. Our entry into the Age of Aquarius is why some people have been saying for years that what’s happening now is a ‘war over human consciousness’. Team Dark has made the global astrological costume change too which means for the past few decades they’ve been shifting from working on humanities Emotional Body to its Mental Body.

Humanity has the ability to embody the higher frequency of Aquarius and its ruling planet Uranus and reach individual Higher Awareness of multiple dimensions, other dimensional beings, other dimensional energies, interaction with different ETs and much more. Or humanity can manifest the lower frequency of Aquarius and Uranus and become mentally ill, deeply mentally imbalanced, become the “mad scientist”, become the “mad genius”, become the classic ungrounded, unbalanced, rambling ineffectual “airhead” or “space cadet” etc. Humanity can also become increasingly less emotional, feeling, empathic and heart-based because they’re too much ‘in their head’.

Leo — is a Fire sign and is ruled by the Sun. Leo and Sun energies expressed at lower frequency levels and Earth worlds is what we’ve been seeing for the past twenty years already. Lowly evolved Leo is all about ego, being in the limelight, fame whether one has real talent or not and is worthy of that fame. Low Leo is those humans whose mega egos need to suck all the air, focus and energies out of the room constantly because they need and want it all. They are classic energy vampires and addicted drama kings and queens and can easily be seen on those revolting TV “reality shows”.

High frequency Leo and Sun energies are what we in the Ascension Community have been calling Crystalline/Christ frequency which more and more ascending Individuals have been embodying for many years. Lowly ego is transcended and in its place manifests the Crystalline Diamond HighHeart which constantly radiates Crystalline/Christ frequency Light energy. The ascending Individual embodies and Embodies and becomes the NEW higher frequency silver-white Photonic Sun in their HighHeart and physical body and Self.

Lowly Leo and Sun are life-sucking egos with no heart, wisdom, compassion, empathy, awareness or interest in much of anything other than themselves and whatever they want. High frequency Leo and Sun energies in matching frequency people is the Individual Master, the Wayshower, the Light-bearer, Crystalline/Christ frequency HighHeart based person whose a frequency match internally with the external Sun and what it transmits energetically.

It’s easy to see and feel the low frequency people and how they’re coping with the Aquarian Age and opposite Leo and Sun energies. It’s also easy to see how Team Dark has been using these energies technologically, emotionally, physically, psychologically and energetically on humanity. Many people cannot wait to have the latest high-tech Aquarian type “mad scientist” device in their possession no matter what the cost. Other people can’t wait to have it implanted in their physical body, head, eye(s) or up their asses I suspect. There’s a lot of people anxious to get free of their humanity and become increasingly machine-like. Earth B eagerly awaits them.

Certain other people are more clearly displaying the low frequency of the Leo energies. Crass reality TV shows awaits them along with a wide variety of other equally repulsive ego-based performances. As should be obvious at this point, there’s only so far the new Aquarian Uranus and Leo Sun Age energies can go until these extreme Higher and lower levels literally Separate from each other and become different Earth worlds. This has already happened and we’re now at the breaking point where the final Separation of Worlds & Timelines is about to happen.

Another very important aspect of the Aquarian and Leo Age energies is that of the lower frequency ego-based individual, and the lower frequency groups. In the past Piscean and Virgo Age energies, Team Dark had one group warring against another group or groups mainly over religions and religious beliefs. Today they’re more focused on individuals and groups hating and fighting another group or groups, mainly over territory, money, power, survival, ethnicity, skin color and so on. Old Piscean Age religious beliefs are morphing into new Aquarian Age beliefs about who has what, where and why. As David Icke talks about in his video mentioned above, Team Dark (my term not his) is using their old tactics but in these new global costume changed ways. They had to get humanity to fight each other in new ways that match the new astrological Age energies present now. He’s far better at detailing them all than I am so if you’re interested, watch his video about this topic.

In the high frequency ascension energies of Aquarius and Leo, individual people evolve and become energetically sovereign, no longer ego-based and parasitic. They become HighHeart based Individuals energetically and are learning how to live and Consciously Create from of the Embodied energies in their own bodies and Higher Awareness. All they need is within them and they’re learning how to exist this way in a physical human body on NEW ascended Earth. This is a Process and doesn’t all happen at once and those of us who’ve been living the Embodiment Process know it’s baby steps just as the Ascension Process was.

Once there’s enough high frequency Embodied ascended Individuals, each sovereign energetically with HighHeart centered being, then those NEW Leo Crystalline/Christ frequency solar Individuals become the NEW Embodied base 5D Aquarian Group. They become the NEW collective, the NEW ‘high vibe tribe’, the NEW 5D and higher Light-filled HighHeart beings of NEW Earth. This couldn’t be more different from the lower frequency ego-based individuals and mentally unstable, volatile, hate filled, mind controlled groups of the lower Earth world(s).

There is of course much more to say about all of this but this has gotten long so we’ll continue this discussion in Comments under this article if interested. Be conscious of your consciousness because where it is is where you are and there’s some other world options that exist that you probably don’t want to have anything to do with! Get where you want to be and hold that high frequency no matter what’s going on around you. It gets easier with practice and more Embodiment.

Denise Le Fay

August 19, 2019


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70 thoughts on “Won’t That Harm Us?

  • Hello Denise,

    Thank you for another incredible article, it resonates fully within me. I feel as if I’ve completely checked out of this mad world and nothing within it relates to me. Like many here, my nerves bristle when I hear the ‘news’. Having many moments of my immediate reality zooming in and out and sometimes shake side to side.
    Knowing deep within this reality isn’t real grows stronger, everyday releasing more attachments, sending intention to EMBODY fully now and keep reminding myself to live in the NOW, to be in the flow (this one proves to be more difficult to do, to train my mind to be quiet and not think of the ‘to do list’ and million other distractions to prevent the ‘flow’).
    I feel such a quietness in my soul, like a required stillness before a major breakthrough.

    Thank you Denise, for being the light warrior that really guided and helped me to get to this point, it really boggles my heart how far I’ve come. Truly I thank you from the depth of my heart.

  • Hello Denise,
    I wanted to share a strange experience I had 2 nights ago (Thursday night) around 9:30 pm after coming out of a grocery store. There were 2 men who had set up a telescope in the middle of the parking lot and were allowing people for free to look at Jupiter and Saturn (after they positioned it correctly). I had been looking at Jupiter in the sky since a day or two before it went direct this month (as it was so bright) but didn’t know Saturn was visible too. This was my very first time looking through a telescope. During those 15-20 mins I was there, I was the only one who left confused with a strange experience from that crowd of 20-25 others who also came and looked in that same time-frame I was there. They had it pointed at Jupiter first and mentioned seeing it’s 4 main moons. When I looked, I saw Jupiter and it’s 4 moons. Next it was pointed at Saturn and they mentioned seeing it’s rings. Every single person that went and looked through the eyepiece was instantly saying “wow” and how they could see them so clearly. When I looked, I did not see any rings 😐 (and I looked multiple times waiting for my turn, 5-6 times for Saturn and 2-3 times for Jupiter). They figured I couldn’t see the rings from the confused look on my face to the point it became a joke where they were laughing at me and thought I couldn’t see because I didn’t bring my glasses (he even offered me to use his glasses, which wasn’t going to work). I went along with it as I wasn’t going to stand there trying to explain how everyone see’s reality differently due to being on different stair steps. I have not worn glasses for more than 5 years now. Comparing picture examples to find out what they saw made me realize as I walked away that I saw differently. For both Jupiter and the 4 moons, they saw them as bright white. When I had looked, I only saw Jupiter as bright white and not the moons (to me they looked quite faded and grey – barely there but I could easily count 4). For Saturn they saw the middle sphere and distinct oval rings around it yet when I looked I saw no rings at all and only the actual round planet – bright white same as Jupiter.

    Denise, I emailed you a few pictures as I don’t think I can add them here to show you what I’m talking about. I can see that there are multiple articles published online around December-January 2018 mentioning Saturn’s ring’s disappearing, but I didn’t see any! Does this also have to to do with the different Earth’s or am I just going blind.

    Sorry, typing correction: multiple articles published online around December 2018 – January 2019*

    • Prabhi K. & All,

      I rummaged through some of my past articles looking for those that had info about Saturn being hit by seven solar flares back in April 2017, AND the January 2019, god is that correct? it happened earlier this year!?!, supermoon Lunar eclipse that freed it from all past Team Dark distortions. Saturn and the Moon, big messages there about Saturn — physical reality — and a couple years later the Moon — emotional reality, etheric reality, psychic, females bodies and their reproductive cycles etc., human bodies in general — both being energetically freed from ancient negativity intentionally done to them by Team Dark to better control humanity and 3D physical reality and consciousness. Here’s one article about both these events.


      No you’re not going blind. 🙂 When you looked through the telescope Prabhi, you saw and felt the ascended higher frequency Saturn, the one that’s been freed from all past negativity done to it by Team Dark aliens. It vibrates vastly higher now and has no TD created energetic container rings. What the other people saw when they looked through the telescope at the same time you did, was old lower frequency Saturn with it’s rings and it not freed energetically from Team Dark’s ancient actions against it. If all of you had looked at the Moon you would have seen it looking very different from how those other people would have seen it too, just like Saturn. Different timelines and Earth world realities and consciousness Prabhi, and what crystal clear proof of it than this experience you just had with those people and the telescope! Thanks for sharing it with us all here at HHL. ❤

      If anyone is interested in this information or re-reading it, search my articles titled —

      Saturn and the 2017 Separation Escalation (June 2017)

      Some 2018 Clarifications (January 2018)

      More Out With the Old & In With the NEW (January 2019)

      I would think that the main reason Saturn and Jupiter looked bright white to you is because you’re capable of Seeing them as NEW Crystalline planets that, like us, have been in the cosmic evolutionary 7D Photon Band of Light “car wash” for over two decades now. You are a frequency match to them at this much higher and NEW energetic level and state of being which is why they looked different to you than they did to people that haven’t been living the AP for the past twenty-plus years and counting. This was a really important personal education and experience for you Prabhi, about yourself and where you are now, and where the majority of other people are now, which is nowhere near the same frequency level, consciousness, awareness and external reality. This is the Separation of Worlds & Timelines and you got big validation of it with this telescope experience. ⭐ ❤

      • YES! Thank you, Prabhi K for telling us about your experience, and thank you, Denise, for confirming Prabhi’s ability to see high-vibing Saturn WITHOUT rings! No coincidence that I was just reading about those rings and their TD frequency manipulation of Earth and humanity/animals, etc. and remembering Denise’s articles re same and how Saturn had been blasted by Solar Flares. I took a break from reading to check Comments at HHL, and there you both were, thank you! Love, B.

        • This is an incredible exchange! Thanks to you both, Prabhi K and Denise. I’m having a random (well, probably perfectly orchestrated) wave of nausea 😩, and it helped me to come back and reread this uplifting message. Such a powerful validation of the changes that are really happening.

        • Kara,

          This is exactly why I keep Comments open; we all benefit from hearing each other’s personal and usually very strange AP and EP NEW experiences.

          Who would believe that there can be two or more people all physically together in the same place, time, space and yet one of them is existing at a much higher level of frequency — due to their embodiment of Light etc. — and because of that is perceiving physical reality and time and space etc. very differently than the other people?!

          Yes to the waves of nausea Kara, I usually have them in the mornings but they, like the ever charming bouts of purging diarrhea, can happen at any time of the day or night. August 2019 has been so extremely intense and at times really challenging.

      • Dear Denise and all,

        The past 3 days were very emotionally challenging, my reality was crumbling, so I can relate to Richard’s crying experience this past weekend.

        Yes Denise, you sharing about Saturn getting hit by the solar flares is also what came to mind. And you’re right, it’s crazy to know 2 or more people right beside each other seeing something totally different. Wow so the higher vibrating Saturn has no rings. I’m interested in looking at the moon now too. I wonder if the higher vibrating Jupiter has no moon’s since they looked faded/barely there to me. After that experience when I came back I did a quick search (Saturn’s rings disappearing) and found some video’s/articles both news and astronomy related dated Dec 2018 and Jan 2019 and one article this month August 2019 saying they are disappearing. I had a quick look through and they’re saying according to NASA that Saturn’s rings have less than 100 million years to live 😄, we’ve gone way past that!

        There’s an event happening here mid September not too far away at an astronomy institute where they will have telescopes set up and people can come view Jupiter, Saturn, and the moon too! I’m interested in going, not because I don’t believe what you just told me or my own self and knowing (which I knew I was seeing differently due to being on a different frequency level therefore my perceived reality was different but experiencing physical proof is life changing! Life changing same as seeing the sun change colour, and the sparkles/glitter on our skin! And that time I had no clue the higher vibrating Saturn had no rings, so even though I knew I was perceiving reality different and that’s why I couldn’t see the rings my eyes just couldn’t believe it. That entire night and the next day I was questioning my experience. Good to know I’m not loosing my eyesight 😂, it didn’t make any sense though (even if lets say it was slightly blurry, I was still able to see everything else including the moons. I will update you and all here once I go to this event and view from these different telescopes (hopefully I am able to go).

        Yes Barbara and Kara, that’s exactly why I shared it here. I felt it was important so wanted to share it with all of you ❤️.

        “I feel as if I’ve completely checked out of this mad world and nothing within it relates to me.” Me too Jain Lee, I feel so distant from everything and everyone.

        • Yes Prabhi K, it seems to me we’re literally pulling out the plugs that attaches us to this old earth grid off of us and going offline. But along with that I’ve seem to have lost the ability to put thoughts into words, or even remembering very simple vocabulary to even describe the very things I want to convey. Seems like the present is wiping clean the past and if I don’t remember it, then it was meant to be.
          That’s not to say that I don’t remember at all cuz unpleasant memories of long past are coming up very frequently to be purged along with all the physical side effects of purging (i.e. gaseous, tummy aches, pooping).
          I wish to ‘see’ the physical proof as you’ve so witnessed and I know that I will when I’m at the matching frequency for it. It must’ve been an amazing experience even if only you KNEW at the time. My god what a spiritual gift that is!

      • Ever since the Lion’s Gate (11.11.20) I’ve been seeing the sun change appearance several times on cloudy days. It switches from white to bright yellow everytime it came out from behind a cloud. It was like someone was flipping a switch and making it change on command. When it appeared white for a few seconds it was uncharacteristically one- dimensional and had a crisp edge. Didn’t look like the traditional sun I was used to. Thought it was moon, but no lunar markings. I could even stare at it painlessly. When it hid behind a cloud, it would emerge bright gold again. A blinding bright light causing me to turn away my eyes. Your article seems to point to a piece of the puzzle. Any feedback is immensely appreciated, as I can’t relate to anyone anymore because I’m seeing stuff that most people aren’t seeing. Orion constellation has also rotated significantly!

    • Knock knock knocking on heavens door.
      Denise and all. I have to report what has happened to me in the last few days. I decided to once again visit family who live in another state. I moved partly because of them in 2006 when my ascension symptoms made it almost impossible to be around them. But I have visited at least once a year hoping to see some ray of hope of change or at least recognition.. I have even explained the ascension process and my role but they act as if I never mentioned it. This time it was easy to see they are still stuck and want to be on the same path. What is different is my reaction to them. After leaving them I cried and cried releasing them. At least no change is apparent or even recognition of any changes to take place. My flight back home was canceled until the next day so I stayed alone in my hotel, paid by the airline for a day during which I had severe diarrhea and frequent urination. My HS can conveniently arrange even airline cancellations. How remarkable is that. Anyway since I got back I feel as if I have laid down my battle sword. Not in twenty years have I felt so free. The battle feels won at least for me. Today I had the best day in 20 years. More energy. I even visited an aquarium and communed with all the animals and ate at a restaurant. I am aware of the low energy in some places but it hasn’t bothered me as it did sometimes in the past and I have no desire to battle or try to make things right for myself of others. Will this feeling last. I don’t know, but I think it will and only get better. I had a dream long ago that I would start feeling better, the old economic system would go down and I would move to a new world in that order. I realize this may not match anyone else’s experience or belief so feel free not to publish but please don’t tell me I am” wrong” as in the past because it is my experience.

      • “Anyway since I got back I feel as if I have laid down my battle sword. Not in twenty years have I felt so free.”

        That’s what’s been required of all of us Richard — let go of everything and everyone WE need to so WE can continue doing what WE’RE doing. Well done you! The NEW codes are being called by some the ‘Freedom codes’, and our current Work is to embody them. “If you build it they will come”. Maybe not in this life but we build it nonetheless for them, for All. ❤

  • Denise what a wonderful article! The descriptions you gave regarding the different Earths and frequencies were amazing and so on point. Thelma thanks for asking that question, and Denise for the reply. 🙂 I’ve noticed tv news irritates me if I happen to hear/see it, even from a distance that someone else is watching. And I don’t even have to hear any words, I can just feel that the news is playing.

    Shortly after I first heard about 5G, I realized it wouldn’t effect me either (although I did momentarily fall into fear about it long time ago) but due to this feeling/knowing that this would not effect those becoming crystalline I haven’t been worried/concerned about it since. Same with other negative things be it chem-trails, or even the need to protect my energy (e.g. from crystals or shields). Denise thanks for bringing other things into my awareness such as cell phone towers, now I can add that to the list too. Other things that came up were x-ray machines, body scanners, microwaves, wifi routers, or other smart tech (be it smartphones, smart tv’s, or other gadgets).

    “To try to prevent or distract people from that, Team Dark keeps rolling out more powerful smart phones and other increasingly potent high-tech devices to keep humanity from becoming telepathic, and much more, and keep them believing they need phones to communicate with other people.” Soon, no more cell phone bills for us! haha 😉

    “I’ve often wondered if anyone gets that the Sun has changed colors, which means frequencies, over the past twenty years? My god that alone is amazing and is something everyone can go outside and see for themselves.” I find it shocking to have come across some people who have not noticed nor know the sun changed colors despite them living on Earth for decades. How could one NOT know?? And if you mention it’s now white (and continues to get brighter), they have no remembrance or awareness that it used to be yellow.

    Awesome explanation of few of the ages (Pisces, Aquarius/Leo) along with their low vs high frequency energies, and few of the planets (Neptune, Uranus) and sun.

    “… then enjoy your new 5G devices and your lower frequency imprisonment.” Another low frequency of Aquarius/Leo that I’ve noticed is all the people addicted to their devices and especially to social media platforms; where they keep scrolling through mindlessly for hours and hours nonstop staring at other people’s pictures, posts, news or things about their lives, etc. And this goes for the ones constantly doing the posting as well, be it the constant posts/updates or endless selfie pictures of themselves.

  • Thank you, Denise, for this space to share our stories and commiserate. I’ve been on this path since 1987 and am having the most extraordinarily difficult August ever.

    I’ve lived a quiet and retiring life for decades. Solitary, single, celibate, broke. A hermit, toiling away in the shadows. I’ve suddenly been catapulted into prominence this year in two different scenarios. A choir I help to run on a voluntary basis, and a film production company I set up. Both passions of mine. I thought at last after decades of crushed hopes my dream life was finally coming true. But both scenarios have exploded spectacularly this month. My mere presence seems to trigger volcanic eruptions of rage and vitriol from others who claim to be evolved but start frothing at the mouth whenever they see me.

    I’ve been doing tarot for insights. I keep getting the Sun card. And I realized, based on your article, that the Sun is triggering them. Meanwhile I have lost my best friend, my dream job, and my future security, and am reeling from the shock. Though human angels are rallying around me, and I feel their wings.

    This task is harder than I ever imagined. I am so tempted to leave. My sleep self is on a spaceship, on the long journey home. I hope to join her soon.

    Love to all fellow wanderers.

    • “I’ve lived a quiet and retiring life for decades. Solitary, single, celibate, broke. A hermit, toiling away in the shadows.”

      I can totally relate Polly. I think most of us First Everythingers have lived our lives like this.

      “…My mere presence seems to trigger volcanic eruptions of rage and vitriol from others who claim to be evolved but start frothing at the mouth whenever they see me.”

      That sentence should not have made me burst into laughter Polly but it did, because I can totally relate to this too. Wheat from the chaff this year, like we’ve never experienced before and it’s all due to the Separation. My old life has also been exploded recently and I continue to adapt, make adjustments and focus towards the NEW, the higher, the free.

      “I am so tempted to leave.”

      Me too.

      What this feeling in 2019 tells me however is that we ARE close to leaving, just not through physical death. Deep breath fellow reality co-workers, we’re close now, really close. ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Hi Denise😃 a quick update regarding sleep freak disturbance. And to add I’m still learning to pay attention and really only just realized I’m lacking in the discernment Dept for recognizing energies. Back in the day being scared all the time, “I didn’t want to know” and that was Before I learned there wasa TD like u told it. Plus I feel a lot and don’t know what it is. But last night the difference was so incredibly different, light, clean, and peaceful. I also realized that the disturbance had been in process for several nights. Back in the day during attacks my sleep would be interrupted with alarm clocks going off or loud doorbells ringing, this only in my sleep but so real I’d wake up! And a couple deep naps ago I was again being awakened by my inner alarm clock and animals, my cats or dog suddenly having issues or needing attention keeping me awake. And this also happened in the past. Anyhow I had washed up everything from mattress pad out, all my clothes b4 I was consciously aware from your nudge. I had to reclaim my space and my power. So I need to be aware. No more turning a blind eye not wanting to know what’s happening. Big hug.

  • Thank you Denise for your post and all commenters here. Explained and still explains so much. ❤

  • Hi Denise,
    Amazing article, thank you! I felt a big shift from reading your words but I really need to “get” this. I am on the cusp and your article helped me tremendously but I would like to ask for some clarifications. I have an SPE which I’ve only recently been able to feel a shift in power over. I’ve spent many years on this thing trying to rid myself of it. The energies of August have brought more clarity and power. I was beginning to wonder if there was a way to shift out of the timeline where this thing is attached to me and how? In comes your article and I think this is what you’re getting at. I realized from reading Lisa Renee’s info on SPE’s that distraction was a major tactic these things use. Every time I get close to a breakthrough it puts me out of commission with pain and because of that I’m finding myself over focused on getting it off me. Here’s where I’m stuck, Lisa says these are hard to remove and puts out a lot of info on what to do and suggests a few things that are actually pulling the thing out of the etheric body which feels very old energy to me. Is it correct for me to think I can focus my way out of this nightmare and is it as simple as believing it has no power over me or is it to stop worrying about it and trust in the process, Source and my own power? I’ve gotten good at ignoring it but I’m always sensing it and feeling it so there’s always an awareness there. This is an AI device so it should fall under the same category as all mentioned here including 5G and the harm/no harm scenario you described. This all feels so important as if I’m teetering on the fence between A/B and A and what I do is gonna matter big time. I’m getting people telling me I have to go to a healer or a specific class or person to get it removed and it just feels wrong because I know I have all within me to deal with this so what am I missing here? I read all your articles and all comments and I feel like the only one who doesn’t get it so any insight is greatly appreciated.

      • Hi Edith, SPE stands for suppressor parasite entities. They are installed in the etheric body along the gallbladder meridian. Lisa Renee is one of the few people talking about them.

  • Denise, your website is so valuable. I had a most terrible night last night; the worst being being between approximately 2:00 and 4:00 am. I am so relieved seeing Edith’s post and your response. Thank you both. Much love — really.

  • Denise, hi! Last night was for me a strongly disturbing night. I woke at 3 AM and got up after being stuck in fearful thoughts that grew in strength and a sense of deepening pressure smothering out my truth. I admit I began to feel trapped and depressed. And today I learned many people had disturbing dreams or sleep. I wonder if u sensed anything or remained high frequency clear of it?

    • “Denise, hi! Last night was for me a strongly disturbing night. I woke at 3 AM and got up after being stuck in fearful thoughts that grew in strength and a sense of deepening pressure smothering out my truth. I admit I began to feel trapped and depressed. And today I learned many people had disturbing dreams or sleep. I wonder if u sensed anything or remained high frequency clear of it?”


      Late last night, August 20, 2019, I had what I call a mini revelation, which is just a larger Higher Awareness and visual about this topic. I did however experience some more potent and blatant negativity in my house a few times during August 2019. It was surprising to me because I’ve not felt or clairvoyantly Seen the lowly negative dark side so blatantly moving around in my house and/or making itself intentionally seen by me for years. So, to suddenly have very obvious dense negativity moving around in my house for a few nights and even a couple of days in August was surprising to me. Nothing should surprise any of us at this point within the AP, the EP, the Separation of Worlds & Timelines and the general Shift however.

      I’m going to share this next bit of info with you Edith, NOT to scare you and certainly NOT to have you latch on to it. I’m sharing this particular info because I learned it the hard way twenty years ago. It’s just what it is and I share it with you as another way to tell what’s what and whose who with these sorts of things.

      I was never raised with ANY religion or their belief systems so I knew nothing about the 3:00 AM thing. I only learned about it many years after I had experienced it repeatedly between 2000 and 2004 while under demonic and negative ET attack. I didn’t know I was under demonic attack at that time because I’d just started the physical, biological Ascension Process at the start of 1999, and was a total wreak because of that… which is why the demonic attack happened then with great intensity and tenacity! Live and learn!

      During those years I had all sorts of astonishing negative supernatural experiences, one of them being that I would be abruptly awoken at or very close to 3:00 AM. Keep in mind the years this happened and my AP and menopause was all going on at the same time so sleep became a rare and blessed thing during the entire decade of the 2000’s. So to have something wake me up at 3:00 AM to torment me just made a horrible situation all the worse. I won’t go into all the things that often happened from anywhere between 2:30 AM to about 4:00 AM but just say that it was the time of night when that particular demon and some other low-level negative ETs would show up.

      I discovered many years later that 3:00 AM is a common time for negative etheric and physical attacks because of a religious belief about Jesus having resurrected at 3:00 PM. I hope I have that religious info correct. The 3:00 AM thing is, evidently, a common way Team Dark does its best to invert that into something they can use to harm humans. I’ve found that negative ET abductions – Astral and Physical levels – have often happen around 3:00 AM for this reason, as well as demonic attacks and other related nastiness. Now, Edith, I’m telling you this so you’ll be able to more quickly tell if something/someone/some small group of negative someones etc. etc. are attacking you and/or doing their best to abduct you from the physical while you’re awake, or from the astral while you’re asleep and out of your physical body anyway. Simply said, if negative shit’s gonna go down, it has typically happened around 3:00 AM. Here’s the great news about all this. We’re evolving beyond this lower level negativity, density, darkness and those who’ve existed in that frequency range.

      I’m probably going to quote your Comment to me about this Edith and use it in an article where I’ll add more info I got last night – my “mini revelation” – and why this crap has been happening more obviously and visibly in August 2019, and this year in general. No fear Edith, just more info tools in your AP tool belt. 🙂 ❤

      • Ok Denise. And thank you.

        I’ve talked to a few people who shared last night strangeness as well as reading the other dream here. So something was up! Yuck!!🤪

      • Me too Edith … and thanks for that explanation, Denise. The past few mornings I woke up between 3 and 4, literally shaking with fear. The more I tried to calm myself, the worse it got. Back to sleep? Forget it. The anxiety usually calms down during the day … then I fall asleep ok with no remembered dreams until that 3-4 time. So I was just wondering this morning why then … and I sense it is because we are at our weakest then. Could that be it, Denise? Any way to prevent it? I would love a full night’s sleep 😐😩 Look forward to your weird August article. ❤❤

        • No, I meant that August has been weird (probably the wrong word) … not you or your article …. hahaha … sorry for the confusion 🤣❤❤ Oh and I actually slept OK last night … no 3 am terrors … ahhhhh 😊

      • Ah, the mystery of 3:00 AM finally explained! According to Mark’s Gospel, Jesus died on cross at 3:00 PM after he endured the torment of crucifixion for six hours.
        I had many 3:00 AM awakenings (in every sense) but they stopped two years ago until last night. I had a terrible, head splitting migraine with cold sweats, shivers, nausea and severe stomach cramps. Usually, when I have such stomach cramps it means that my system is ”digesting” some heavy negative stuff. It always ends up with prolific bowel movements ( I hope this is not to graphic). This torment happened between 2:00 AM and 3:30 AM.
        Now, speaking about songs…
        My first and strongest association with this 3:00 AM phenomenon has always been certain acid house song released in 1991 titled “3 a.m. Eternal” performed by British electronic bend The KLF. The same band was also known as The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu and sometimes as The Timelords. That’s my Higher Self’s weird way of connecting things.

        • “Ah, the mystery of 3:00 AM finally explained! According to Mark’s Gospel, Jesus died on cross at 3:00 PM after he endured the torment of crucifixion for six hours.”

          Thanks for the clarification Ivanka. I couldn’t remember with 100% certainty if 3:00PM was time of physical death or time of resurrection.

          “I had many 3:00 AM awakenings (in every sense) but they stopped two years ago until last night. I had a terrible, head splitting migraine with cold sweats, shivers, nausea and severe stomach cramps…”

          I was doing unusually well myself yesterday, August 21st and got a good bit written in the morning, but suddenly in the early afternoon the severe splitting headache and pains and pressure from above the head/skull down into the head and eyes arrived and was so strong I couldn’t do anything the rest of the day and evening. Today was a bit better but now it’s severe gut bloat way up under the ribs, and utter dissatisfaction with physical earthly reality and my being here now. I had to go to Walmart this morning and while standing in the checkout line watching everyone in there, it took all I had to keep myself from crying over it ALL. There are times, for me, when it’s all just way, way too much and I don’t want to play anymore. Today was another of those days and feelings for me. It will pass, as it always does, but this is getting much more difficult in 2019, and very much so since June 2019. Next up, no doubt another round of purging diarrhea I suspect because that’s how my body deals with these severe phases. :/

  • Hi Denise

    Thank you so much for your article.
    It’s really funny, my brother and his family visited at the weekend and he insisted that I turn my wifi off whilst they slept (because it is in my bedroom that I let them use). I tried to explain that the “emissions” from it had no effect because it is not “living organic” energy. But he didn’t understand what I meant. To me all that technology is “dead” energy. I don’t register it energetically. Which considering how over sensitive I am to anything else always struck me as odd.
    I have been having a few sleep issues which have settled down now. Been waking up fighting the dark off . The final dream was the worst I had had in a long time. I was held in an old disused rail line vault place and could not move. My hands were tied, my mouth sealed. No tape but sealed. And this demon thing was either putting a black ball in my stomach or taking it out. At that point I used my mind, asked for help and was immediately awake. It was vile.
    I will be glad when I have become invisible !!

    Love and light you you and everyone here

    Magda xxxxxx

    • The sleep dream disturbance I left in comment above, I didn’t clarify the repressive retaliatory imprisonment aspect, the “promise” for daring to “speak” out and claim our power.

  • Hi Denise,

    Always grateful to be here with you and the family of Ascending and Embodying co-workers reading this most recent post.

    With the many significant observations you’ve shared here, the one that has most affected me (so far!) is your statement:

    “But if you believe that 5G or anything [italics] else is more powerful than what’s naturally coming out of the Milky Way Galactic Center now, the seventh dimensional Photonic Light, and the different colored Sun and what it’s transmitting to naturally evolve humanity and Earth and everything everywhere, then enjoy your new 5G devices and your lower frequency imprisonment.”

    What really blew my mind was your emphasis on “anything [sic] else…” I cannot overemphasize how powerfully I GOT this…that no seven-step process, no nutrition regimen, no habitual routines, no technological “advances” or machinery, no religious directives, etc. etc…no ANYTHING, no nothing…was going to help with my ongoing shift into Earth A EXCEPT my own conscious connection to the unlimited frequency of Divine Source/Light/All That Is, and all of its possibilities. I can sincerely feel that vastness, that “place” from which everything emanates

    From 1994 through 2003, I was presented with the great gift of being able to spend entire summers out at the beach. I would walk for hours without the use of sunscreen, and it was during this period that the Sun began to speak with me and share its wisdom. It was also during this time that I began to witness the color of the Sun change from golden yellow to “platinum,” and so began my questioning and my journey into (what I eventually would acknowledge) as “Earth A.” To this day, I spend my days feeling as if I carry the Sun inside of me, and it is what I radiate as I interact with society…no Vitamin D pill necessary, as virtually everything that is ingestible and “of the Earth” has begun to carry all the new codes…through me!

    To this day, I don’t have a smartphone (and I’ve worked for Apple!)…I have an old Ericsson phone from 2014, which I still enjoy, to negotiate NYC!…and I know this comment may sound strange, but I keep hearing myself say that I don’t need a smartphone because I know how to access the required information from “within” and that I’m a walking computer! Believe me, I sometimes think I’m crazy…or grandiose…but I hope, neither.

    Anyway, thanks always to you Denise and to all of your commenting co-workers for their deeply insightful and helpful comments and observations. May all here be well! Onward, everyone!

    • Had a little formatting/borders problem with WP, Denise…the word “post” was dropped from the end of the first sentence …”this most recent post.”…as well as the period after “emanates”…and the indentation after “phone from 2014, which I…” You may wish to clean up my goofs at your discretion or leave them as is…Also, in my response to Thelma, the letters “af” at the end of the YouTube URL are not part of it (as you will know). I was typing much too fast all the way around! Thanks again, Denise…all of this is my Virgo detail-orientation talking!

      • Not an issue Raymond. I often forget entire words in my articles, not to mention misspellings, typos and grammar stuff I just don’t get. I can spot an accidental double space between two words, but I often can’t see dozens of other screw ups until it’s published. 😕 Sigh… we do our best under some extraordinary conditions.

    • Raymond L Boeri,

      It’s so great to hear from you again. ❤

      “…but I keep hearing myself say that I don’t need a smartphone because I know how to access the required information from “within” and that I’m a walking computer!”

      That is the high frequency Higher Awareness of the Aquarian Age energies and Uranus that’s available for all to personally and directly access. It’s lower frequency Aquarian Age high-tech cell phones instead of evolving into natural telepathy, and reliance on computers instead of evolving into natural Higher Awareness.

      What really blew my mind was your emphasis on “anything [sic] else…”. I cannot overemphasize how powerfully I GOT this…that no seven-step process, no nutrition regimen, no habitual routines, no technological “advances” or machinery, no religious directives, etc. etc…no ANYTHING, no nothing…was going to help with my ongoing shift into Earth A EXCEPT my own conscious connection to the unlimited frequency of Divine Source/Light/All That Is, and all of its possibilities. I can sincerely feel that vastness, that “place” from which everything emanates”.

      EXACTLY and PERFECTLY correct Raymond. ❤ That fact is being lit up in our HighHearts more and more every minute now, you can feel it inside your body and being, the fact that you/me/we are consciously re-connecting with — the Embodiment Process — our Higher Self/Soul in our physical body and self. That's causing us to increasingly feel and know that each of us Individually are ‘God, Sovereign and Free’ to borrow one of Lisa Renee’s great lines. The Embodiment Process is going totally internal, where Source Self You are becoming increasingly “ONE” inside each of us Individually. With that Embodied inner connection there’s nothing external one needs or requires. Parasitism is permanently gone. The Embodiment Process is amazing and beautiful, albeit somewhat confusing at times! 😉

      • ‘GSF’ indeed, Denise! The “Freedom Codes” that you and Sandra Walter and Lisa Renee (and perhaps others) give voice to, are runnin’ through my body quite “vocally” today! I’ve felt these before, but as the EP deepens, the depth of the freedom that is available to all of us in every way and on every level and at all times, is accelerating…It doesn’t necessarily make me feel neutral, because after all, I would not have arrived at the preference for freedom had I not experienced its opposite…so I guess that it is with the observance of contrasts (i.e freedom vs. non-freedom) through which each of us individually gravitates towards what feels most liberating. It makes “fence-sitting” virtually impossible. Even if one recognizes freedom occupying a “neutral” place within oneself, it would certainly be a neutrality that is positvely-polarized…that is to say, it would be a neutrality that would feel life-affirming and would help each of us move towards “casting off the ropes.” Many thanks as always for the wisdom you share and induce within me, Denise. I know that you are certainly feeling free-er these days, even amidst many of the nuisances that present themselves from time to time…A big hug from The Big Apple!

  • Amazing … I was thinking about Denise’s article and tonight when I turned on the radio, I was hit by the song AGE OF AQUARIUS by the 5th Dimension (released in 1969).

    If you’re an old timer like me, you may remember these lyrics (excerpt, CAPS are mine):

    When the moon is in the Seventh House
    and Jupiter aligns with Mars
    Then PEACE will guide the planet
    and LOVE will steer the stars

    This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius

    Mystic CRYSTAL revelation
    and the MIND’S true liberation

    At the end, the refrain “LET THE SUNSHINE IN” is repeated. So significant, considering the New Codes coming through the Sun. And the group was called the 5th Dimension!!

    • Hi Thelma,

      How apropos that you were “tuned in,” tee hee! It’s a wonderful song that my mother would play ad infinitum on the record player! Because I’m a disco baby from the late ’70s and early ’80s. the song that’s been runnin’ through my mind is McFadden and Whitehead’s “Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now” from 1979…for any disco aficionados in their mid-60s like myself!

      Denise, if you’d allow it, here’s the YouTube link to the music and lyrics…it will feel and sound very uplifting and innocent by today’s standards…Enjoy!…and thank you, Thelma for your inspiration from yesteryear!

      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lRNEzzN-gTo af

      • Hi Raymond! I love that song! I actually have it on my music rotation and heard it several times last week. My thoughts went to AP/EP too. Neat that we were tuned into similar song.
        Thank you Thelma for bringing this subject to Denise and her brilliant article that is so helpful to us ALL.
        Love to everyone here.💓

        • Hey Karina! Nice as always to send greetings to you! So much of the music from that era speaks to the need to allow oneself to just BE…and it makes me just smile! I’m re-visiting the music from that period to help me ground the ‘freedom codes’ inside my body more and more each day…so if you have any suggestions, send them on! With a kind hug and love coming your way and to all others everywhere, Raymond

  • A super, super article, Denise, thank you! As I read it, so many LIGHT bulbs came on because you have wonderfully connected the dots and made everything COME TOGETHER in a totally comprehensive way. Especially I appreciate the astrological information. I had no handle at all on the astrology other than relative to the end of one Age and the beginning of another, and to have it all explained as you have is a tremendous benefit to me and I’m sure to many others. It will be much easier now to go with a flow that holds the HIGHER frequencies of the relative Signs as you have described them. Truly, that info opened my Heart-Mind onto another level and it will definitely assist me when I’m ‘out there’ to know just where each person is and respond accordingly.

    Add to that, your descriptions of Earth A, Earth A/B, and Earth B, and having my own thinking confirmed with respect to same, well, I think I want to dance! (By the way, I read in one of David Icke’s books that people often ask him why he hasn’t been assassinated by now for his unflinching exposure of TD, and he replies that, he’s still here because TD can’t see him, or as Kara says, David Icke is tuned to a different radio station!)

    And finally, I feel so strongly that we’re on the VERGE OF THE MERGE… and when all the NEW codes have finally arrived and taken up residence in those who will gladly accept them, there we will be a group of high-vibing, telepathic, emotionally and mentally authentic folks who, as much as we were in painful isolation and confused (well, I was confused) for such a long time, we persevered and DID IT! I’ll be re-reading this post a few times and keeping it handy as we head towards 2020. Thank you, Denise. Love, B.

  • Wow, E-K – did you even read the same article?!

    Anyway, thanks Denise, great article – another thing I’ve noticed about the sun is not only the changing color, but that I can look at it without “going blind” like it used to hurt my eyes. If water is bringing more codes, we sure are getting a lot of them here in the northeast, and my gardens are absolutely loving it – plants are growing huge! Yesterday after work I stepped out back and was looking up at the sky – a few puffy clouds and so blue, and then there comes a chemtrail plane – just as I started to say, ugh, not again, the “plane” flashed me a couple of times (the sun was behind it so it wasn’t a reflection) as if to say not to worry this is a cleanup trail – and then it disappeared! Cool. I must say I wake up every morning in anticipation of what the day may bring lately, instead of the ‘ol “crap, I have to go to work” mood, and it definitely makes my day better. If only I could stop dropping/knocking everything I touch (which means cleaning up after myself CONSTANTLY – this morning I stepped on the dry cat food bowl and it went everywhere)! And the aches and pains and head pressure are back after a few weeks of feeling somewhat better, but at least now I can remember what it feels like to actually have a good day once in awhile.

    On another note, regarding the separation – last week I got together with 2 of my oldest best friends after 3 years of not seeing each other – and even though it was great to see them, we make each other laugh alot, but they are on a totally different wavelength than I am, and just listening to them talk about what interests them these days is MILES apart from what interests me. I doubt we will get together much in the future, which sounds sad but isn’t to me, it’s just another break with my old life. I caught a few of those looks between the two of them after I’d say something (and I did not get into anything woo woo on them) obviously they think there’s something off with me 😉 Also this week is the start of the state fair, which I used to really look forward to, and I have absolutely no interest in it anymore, in fact the last time I did go maybe 2 years ago? – the energy of all those people gave me a massive headache and I had to leave right away. Hope everyone has a very high vibe week – I can feel we’re close to the finish line and we are ready! 🙂

  • Thank you, Denise. I’m far away from you in Denmark, but I’m totally with you all the way. We are in this together world wide 🙂

  • Thanks Denise 💜 I liken this layering to the ”Russian dolls” within each individual. My higher self/team of aspects have always referred to this frequency matching as recognisable resonance (think opera singer and the crystal glass). Highly populated areas are not comfortable places at the moment, I find mySelf experiencing extremes whenever I ”go there”. As H says, it all has it’s purpose, nothing is wasted…but oh my the energies are strong right now. Knocking me on my ass, and forcing periods of bed rest 🙄😂

    I finding it hard to make sense right now, but I get it. I’m seeing many of those polarity extremes being played out within my family too, and that’s never a pleasant experience eh?! Trying to interact appropriately with them, I’m learning neutral observance…its all a part of my training.

    Anyway, wanted to say hi 💖🌈 and send a heartfelt thank you 🦋💙

  • This is brilliant and empowering, Denise! I felt another fear block release as I read it. Thank you! ❤️❤️❤️ You helped me crystallize something, so I’ll try to explain.

    My husband and I had a great conversation a few weeks ago using a radio as an analogy. I’ve always struggled with the law of attraction the way most people present it, which he has found helpful in some respects as a stair step on his journey. Sometimes our vocab has hampered understanding each other. We had a breakthrough in using a shared radio analogy to realize that we were both resonating with the same main idea. (In other words, that when he used the phrase “law of attraction,” it wasn’t in the same way as what bugged me.)

    Basically, the analogy is that each person chooses what station/frequency to tune their own internal personal radio dial to. Let’s say someone chooses 94.7 FM. The person had a problem in his or her life, but the real solution exists at 100.2 FM. So, unless the person changes the dial (that is, raises his or her frequency) in order to receive or sync up with the solution/answer, he or she will keep “attracting” the same energy he or she is already at, which is what’s causing the issue. NOT because the person is failing to “just think positive” or because it’s his or her “fault.” It’s just the vibrational match to where the person is. So, if I’m experiencing hardship/challenge/illness or whatever, I can trust that the solution will sync up with me IF I’m tuning into that higher frequency station during the experience. The fact I’m experiencing that state does NOT mean I’m being punished for something I did wrong. (And, as many of your articles have helped me understand, I actually have the opportunity to transmute in that situation and likely chose it to do so!)

    This article helped me more fully integrate how this goes both ways. That the energy causing problems at 94.7 FM ABSOLUTELY CANNOT affect me if I’m tuning into 100.2 FM. Let’s see how high that radio dial will go! 🙏✨💖

    • “That the energy causing problems at 94.7 FM ABSOLUTELY CANNOT affect me if I’m tuning into 100.2 FM.”

      Exactly Kara and Kara’s husband! Well done both of you. ❤ ❤

  • Denise, thanks for all the love you infuse into your blog, and for having lovingly lived, experienced, understood and then explained this cosmically complex stair step process of both parts (Ascension and Embodiment). I also understand the love you express is what you experience in your total being, and that your use of the term Team Dark is about polarity and shadow worlds, not skin colour in procreation here. When you psychically see things, Dark is the opposite of Light, but Dark is dispelled in the presence of Light. Also, I have some experience of seeing things via windows/portals or through dreams in the etheric world, and I have seen actual shadows which I understand is just the perception seen from this side of the dimension, when looking into the other dimension (especially when it’s but a fleeting glimpse). I recently had an experience/sensation of electromagnetic “prickling” such as on a net of nodes, all over my face when I asked to see face-to-face a being who is behind one who set me up to feed off my emotional energies, loosh-wise. I did see the being, it couldn’t hide from me, and this psychic electro-magnetism as well as the vision really made it feel like I was penetrating into an otherwise not-seen world.

    People who are thirsty for connection will come here, regardless of terms used that they may not understand, to help broaden and widen their perception.

  • Thanks Denise!! I knew some new information was coming soon and then this article arrived. It is timely because some people at work are into using their energy to focus on what is “wrong” in the world. Your clarity helps me to continue to focus on where I AM and stay High Vibe. Thanks for the reminder! Love Love Love to you and All! Nancy

  • Dear Denise,
    Thanks for your true, transparent, courageous article, raw and clear about what realities we face. Just today, my Guides told me that in the same way we have thrown off and vanquished Karma over the past years, now it is the time to depart from the “3-D” world, in all ways, and leave it behind, going forward into the New World existence. Your article so confirms this to be true to me. Very wonderful to read. Kudos to you!
    Much High Heart 💜 thanks to you, Denise, again,
    Love and Light,

  • Denise, this is SO reassuring and I thank you. I have not seen this stated or explained ANYWHERE and it was what I needed to know. THANKS for spelling everything out.

    Of course we will vibrate higher than the radiation emitted by the new technology, especially as by then we will have integrated more of the New Codes. (The other day, I was out for a walk when caught in a thunderstorm and as I was pelted and saturated by the rain, I thought of what you wrote another time about the new codes being delivered by water. I felt so energetically refreshed afterwards.)

    I loved reading that “Earth B” will be short lived.

    I also listened to the video. Apart from pointing out how groups of people are being played against each other (which I found to be true), David Icke spoke about the brain being both electric and magnetic and how the number of people “going crazy” or becoming demented has “gone through the roof” because of brains being scrambled with the “electromagnetic smog” we’re in… he also said that the 5G (5th generation) technology that’s rolling out for 2020 will cause “new levels of destruction of the human mind.”

    As you so aptly pointed out, Denise, we’re entering the Age of Aquarius that now focuses on the MENTAL BODY. Humanity’s emotional body was pummeled & traumatized in the Age of Pisces – now their minds/brains will be targeted.

    It’s clear to me that the simultaneous acceptance of much higher New Frequency Codes on this planet (by those who are ready) AND the rollout of this technology as well as other nefarious acts by TD means the Separation of Worlds MUST take place. The reality split will happen as both come to pass.

    And THAT can come as early as January 2020.

    Our spiritual Embodiment really needs to take priority now if it hasn’t already. What could be more important?
    Blessings to you & all here.

    • “Of course we will vibrate higher than the radiation emitted by the new technology…”


      What the Sun has and still is doing to humanity with these evolutionary energies, including the deeper cosmic radiations raining down on us all, and more strongly because we are in a Solar Minimum phase, are things we’ve dealt with constantly for the past 20 ascension years. Just the past three days of solar and cosmic radiation energies have made me feel fairly sick, sore, emotionally raw and miserable once again and no cell phones or towers or 5G devices come close to solar and deep space energies! Thanks again for your questions.

      • You’re right, Denise – the cosmic and solar radiation is MUCH more powerful than anything technology can produce. Some people are more sensitive to it than others. Hope things level out for you!

  • Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Exactly what I’ve been saying! If we believe the new technology is stronger than Love (God), then yes, we’ll be negatively impacted. But since I believe their is nothing strong than God/Love then I’m golden!

  • Wow … that was great Denise ❤🌞 … long but worth the read. It makes so much sense. Thank you ❤

  • hi Denise ,, I’ve been following you for a bunch of years .. I love this article .. it always seems when I need reassurance ,, I get just what I need at just the right time from your wonderful articles .. this one is no different .. thanks for being so honest with your life’s journey !!

  • Sad to see your equating “voting” a holy responsibility for which many wonderful souls have sacrificed MUCH to access and get access to for Black people with evil other actions of hatred, etc. So sad to still see us using “dark” as if it equals evil (Why not just Team Evil?). When dark skinned people are just as wonderful as White/light skinned people and the darkness of night can be protective and restorative. I’d love to see social justice work recognized at Light-Goddess-God-Holy work. Also what about 5-D technology killing off the wild life, especially the birds? I’d love to live in a New Earth where telepathy that is safe for our winged ones is encouraged and technology that kills them as a side effect en mass, prohibited/turned away from. 🙏🏾👽

    • We’re not there yet…
      But what you point out is IMHO another example of how we, individually and collectively, are moving out of a dualistic-material-us/them mindset into a recognition of our unity-divinity-Oneness.
      When people see with their physical eyes, they focus on physical distinctions and limitations: skin color, actions…in other words, only what they can perceive and process through the “little, lower” mind.
      As people move into being able to perceive BEYOND the physical, they begin to perceive qualities–the things that underlie the physical distinctions. Qualities like, as you say, the regenerative and restorative properties of night/darkness/depth. And these qualities will (eventually) not be associated with a limiting physical definition like color, but seen with the inner eye (or high heart?) as part of a spectrum that includes ALL in a dance of unity and Oneness.

    • E-K Daufin,

      It’s ‘sad to see’ that you still don’t understand what I’m talking about and meaning because you obviously have some issues with certain things. Who doesn’t but? If my or anyone else just using certain words like Light and Dark or voting or whatever are trigger words/terms for you then you need to honestly take a look at that in yourself and not suggest that I change certain words/terms I use so you’re not having buttons pushed in yourself.

      What you said to me was, is so totally, so utterly NOT ANYTHING remotely close to what I was and am talking about, saying or meaning that I didn’t even understand what you said. That is how incorrectly you’ve interpreted what I’ve said about negativity and duality. I recall you’ve suggested I stop using the word/term Team Dark before because it offends you. I suggest you quickly figure out what I mean by this term and what I have NEVER meant by it, plus deal with your issues over light skinned and dark skinned/ dark skinned and light skinned people and the night and voting and whatever else. Remember the mention in this article by myself, and what David Icke talks about in his video about this and ‘civil war’? I’ll end this on that note.

    • I don’t believe that any adverse reference to black people was intended. Love doesn’t see any differences between race, colour orientation etc

    • Dear EK, having briefly followed Icke, and read his most recent book a few months back (my intro to him), I have got to say for your sake that you are completely caught up and believe not only Icke’s view point, but even “he” points out the manipulation for “being offended” and blinded to what’s actually or literally being written or spoken about.

      Whether you approve or not the symbol for yin/yang has long been light and dark, or black and white, masculine and feminine. Should all females be offended? That would be ridiculous, wouldn’t it? And “the feminine” doesn’t even equate to physical women!

      Anyway I had to completely release and let go of Facebook where I had been in touch with Icke level issues. I had cleaned out all the disturbing stuff, but Even the most innocent groups ie dog’s drew bullies and assholes in droves to verbally assault and taunt via comments. And people who had dedicated pages to ie comedy or some harmless fun became ranting and fearful triggered by the latest violence. So no more Facebook for Edith!

      EK, perhaps you have to realize and choose as did I. Hightheart choices and intent/purpose is as only Denise can clarify the process. I had to admit I don’t know. I had to admit I was being swayed by strong beliefs and currents to jump into the low Earth fight. I had to ask within to be shown “truth”. And it’s a conscious choice to remain and reach higher even tho I often think I’m alone and lost, but I know to not believe those thoughts even if it looks and feels real. I’m grateful Denise reminds us endlessly as a counter balance to the BS! That pull is like a huge magnet. So now I’m once again dedicated to focusing on my high heart and even “I” know that this article has NOTHING to do with your interpretations.

      I too got caught up in being responsible for our country and all that, and questioning my responsibility to my country. I came to realize that it’s a lie. At this point it’s a huge lie to pull people in to what Denise describes. I looked at the past 100 years and could see the nurtured hidden agendas and the oft repeated BS lines to manipulate the population. I looked at federal, state, and city laws and control. I saw the loss of freedoms hidden under misdirection and more laws. But I see people still believing government will fix it…. So I dropped it.

      Blessings to all of us delivering ourselves from the shadow of the illusion.

    • ?????? skin color? what?? huh?? I interpreted “Dark Team” as meaning lower evil frequencies and intentions team.. skin color never even entered my mind or occurred to me ..

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