Negative Utilization of Aquarian Age Energies

Throughout the 2,100-plus years of the past astrological Age of Pisces, ruler Neptune, a Water sign—human Emotional Body, emotions, psychic impressions, right-brained types of Higher Awareness through ecstatic states, lower qualities include deception, self-deception, delusions etc., global humanity was easily manipulated through their Emotional Bodies which is why religions were used extensively by negative nonphysical, nonhuman alien beings including physical humans to direct, manipulate and control global humanity, life and reality across Earth.

In the astrological Age of Aquarius, ruler Uranus, an Air sign—human Mental Body, consciousness, thoughts, thinking, life lived primarily in the head (lower qualities would be strictly left-brained consciousness and awareness, in evolving individuals it’s integrated right and left brain creating a whole-brained human with multidimensional Higher Awareness but whose HighHeart is the NEW evolved, ascended focal point of perception.

Looking at this extremely simplified description of the Piscean Age and Aquarian Age energies, it’s pretty easy to see why in our lifetimes lived on the cusp of two astrological Ages, we’ve experienced so much change from the previous Age energies, consciousness and internal and external reality into the “new” one, not to mention the evolutionary Ascension Process with dimensional shift happening at the same time.

First I want to share an experience I had in late 1970 or early 1971, which was seeing the first computer screen playing the game Pong. I was with a girlfriend at a shopping mall in SoCal when we came across a group of shoppers standing silently staring at something. We went over to see what they were looking at because the vibe, the energy they were producing while looking at whatever they were surprised me so I wanted to see what held such mesmerizing power over them all. Turned out what they were staring at was a small computer screen with the game Pong playing on it set up outside for the passing mall shoppers to see. For those of you who’ve never seen original Pong, let me dazzle you with the first-ever computer game. It was a plain small screen with one white electronic game ball dot that slowly, and I mean slowly, moved across the screen until it hit an edge of the screen where it made a funny sound and then bounced off in another direction. That’s it, there was no more than this in 1970–’71, but everyone was immobilized and thoroughly captured by it.

It wasn’t the revolutionary computer tech or screen, the computer game or sound it made or anything else, but how one little screen running an intellectually infantile, emotionally bland slow-motion computer program had entirely captured and held the adults mental focus and put them into a zombie-like trance that surprised and worried me. At age eighteen (1970) I could sense how mind controlled this super simple first computer screen and game instantly had on the viewers and I knew in that insightful moment that huge Aquarian Age changes were going to impact humanity in both positive and negative ways in my lifetime. They have and they continue to do so today but most of them are profoundly and intentionally dis-empowering and damaging to humanity and human evolution during the Ascension Process.

Negative Side of Aquarian Age Energies

In the past Piscean Age this can be seen as endless warring around the planet and humans killing humans over just about everything but religious beliefs and increasing power over others has been at the top of the list for humanity throughout the Piscean Age. When human Emotional Bodies are intentionally manipulated, directed and controlled by Team Dark (TD) aliens and entities to produce human generated energy food and fuel byproducts for them to utilize, the ongoing global insanity and anti-human agendas should make more sense to people.

Because of the current astrological Age change happening simultaneously with the galactic and other lengthy cosmic cycles completing at the same time (December 2012) and what all of that is naturally triggering, we’re not only exiting the Piscean Age and entering the Aquarian Age, but we’re living through tremendous evolutionary Ascension Process changes such as transmuting old density and Duality energies, consciousness, DNA etc. to be capable of physically ascending to an entirely higher frequency, dimension, state of being, reality and much more.

Just like most humans many (but not all) negative aliens and other beings and entities didn’t really believe that the Ascension Process was real and would actually happen. They, like many humans such as those who’ve worked for and with negative aliens knowingly and unknowingly, honestly thought they were and still are more powerful than Divine Source; more powerful than the ongoing energy activations and massive wave pulses coming from Divine Source to evolve everything and everyone everywhere to a higher level. Now there is some major negative ego for you!

Since 1999 when the biological, physical level of my Ascension Process started, I’ve had repeated face-to-face interactions while awake in the physical dimension and while asleep and out-of-body in the astral and other dimensions with certain negative aliens and other negative hierarchical Team Dark beings over the current Ascension Process and related issues. These negative aliens let me know in a variety of ways and intensities that some of them had 1) come to realize that the Ascension Process was in fact actually happening and 2) that their extreme hatred of humanity, and more so of people like myself who volunteered to incarnate to Lightwork and Embody the Ascension Process was and still is paramount and that they will never change.

There’s other layers to all this of course and some of them I’ve been surprised by every time they’ve happened since 2013. I’m talking about my physical incarnate Denise self’s direct multidimensional participation with and witnessing of many “top dog” Team Dark aliens and other high-ranking negative aliens and beings etc. finally choosing to turn to the Light. Many other negative aliens and beings have not made this decision since 2013 however and have been hand delivered by certain Team Light members—myself included in this particular multidimensional Service Work—from a higher dimension to certain Lightbeings and others who’ve escorted them back to Divine Source to be reabsorbed. Just like those disbelieving humans and negative aliens about whether the Ascension Process would actually happen, I didn’t believe that any of these negatives would stop being Team Dark and willingly let themselves be escorted by Team Light members back to the Light and/or back to Divine Source. Interesting isn’t it that both sides are surprising each other with separation and duality issues during the evolutionary Ascension Process after 2012.

As wonderful as that was and continues to be there remains a now much smaller group of hardcore Team Dark hold-outs determined to continue being negative and parasitic despite the ever-present, ever-pushing, ever-driving evolutionary Ascension Process energies. These negatively focused aliens, beings and humans do NOT want to evolve into something NEW, higher in frequency and individually sovereign energetically. They want to continue the old patriarchal anti-human, anti-female, power over others and parasitic everything reality. To help them carry out this under the current evolutionary energies coming from Divine Source, they’re doing what they always do which is use the new Aquarian Age energies to survive their Separation of Worlds Descension process.

The negative side of the present Aquarian Age energies being utilized and distorted by Team Dark are so shocking and horrible it’s hard to focus on and write about at this stage and side of the Ascension Process, and Descension Process. As has always been the case with nonphysical, nonhuman Team Dark aliens and their different created inorganic Artificial Intelligence (AI) aliens, beings, devices, tools and other negative things has been to continually steal energies from humans. Intentionally cut yourself off from Divine Source and this is the result; you’ve got to get enough power and control over enough humans to parasite off from to feed yourselves, power your inorganic creations and fuel a couple of offshoot survival worlds in their Descension Process. Negativity, parasitism, density, disempowerment and humans refusing to take any responsibility for themselves is increasing for all beings—alien and human—currently existing in the Descension Process world and frequencies.

Since the beginning of these new Aquarian Age high-tech products and devices in our lifetimes, most reading this have been consciously aware of how negative and destructive they actually are. What at first glance looks and sounds like it would be incredibly helpful to humanity—and some are—are intentionally designed to prevent, stop or greatly restrict humanity from utilizing the present evolutionary AP and EP (embodiment and Embodiment Process) energies and evolve themselves via the Ascension Process.

Some examples: iPhones and Smartphones ❓ or, evolution of individual telepathy, intuition, Higher Awareness and multidimensional consciousness? Smart devices like tablets, smart home devices, smart brands, smart key chains, smart watches, cars and trucks with more and more AI devices and abilities, GPS devices etc. ❓ or, individual humans evolving far beyond any need for any AI device or tool?

Artificial Intelligence devices are intended, by the negatives, to prevent human evolution by reducing and scrambling individual thinking, individual perceptions, stop the development of higher perceptual abilities, intuition, awareness, higher consciousness, empathy and instantly discerning and reading energies in people, locations, words, actions, images, intentions and things as simple as being able to tell East/West/North/South without a machine. These high-tech AI devices are here now in the beginning of the Aquarian Age to distract and mesmerize, further dumb-down, weaken in all ways, control and redirect human consciousness, suck human consciousness and generated energies into machines, plus the obvious which is sidetrack them from living the present Ascension Process.

Negative low frequencies and qualities of the Aquarian Age are too much focus in the head, the intellect, genius levels are possible yes but typically minus any heart or HighHeart but plenty of negative ego still present. Lower qualities of Aquarius are over stimulation of the mind, intellect, not being grounded or Light Grounded and able to use or benefit from the Air energies in positive ways. Some lower traits of the opposite sign Leo, ruled by the Sun, are negative ego and no or little real substance, huge egoic desire to be in the limelight even when the person doesn’t have any talent or abilities to warrant it, and childish behaviors, development and awareness in adults and so on.

It’s been very obvious over the past twenty-five years or so how the lower qualities of both Aquarius and Leo have been promoted to become mainstream and “normal” in the media; TV reality shows and big screen movies such as the popularity of super heroes, meta-humans, x-men, aliens and humans, humans with alien DNA, hybrids, and different abilities or “super powers” and so on. The media has been pushing very hard to sell global humanity that these comic-book higher abilities are great on-screen in actors playing “super heroes” but not in everyday humans gaining them by living the evolutionary Ascension Process. Team Dark has always been great at utilizing what’s present energetically and intentionally distorting it and redirecting humanities awareness to lower levels and creations that they want people focused on. The current abundant reality shows on TV filled with everyday people instead of actors, and big screen super hero movies are indicators of the lower qualities of Aquarius and Leo and how much humanity is being intentionally distracted and conditioned by idiotic reality shows on TV and increasingly violent and destructive super hero movies and characters on the big screen.

Some examples: Meta-human characters in Movies and TV shows ❓ or, you living the current Ascension Process and evolving into something totally NEW and profoundly improved yourself? Guess which of these two Team Dark has been working humans towards for decades?

You know how you can tell, can feel, sense or know that I’m about to publish a new article? You know how I can feel all of you wondering when I’ll write something new? You know how you can do this with other Ascension writers too and how they feel you all too? You know how you can feel like-others living the Ascension Process and they can feel you? How you can feel and sense all of us as a NEW 5D ascended Group of Higher Awareness individuals? Would you rather have this and greater, or only able to communicate with other people by using a physical cell phone?

Negative Physical & Etheric Transmissions

There are both physical level negative transmissions and etheric level negative transmissions aimed at humanity to harm them and interfere with their living the Ascension Process and evolving beyond the low-frequency range of the negative physical and etheric levels. I’d rather be writing about the NEW higher Light energies coming in now and not about this, however both have been happening simultaneously all along whether we want to admit it or discuss it.

Like many Forerunners I wondered how things would unfold with Team Dark post December 2012. What I wasn’t prepared for and should have been because I know better, was how they shifted and amplified their game plan from 2013 on. I’ve become increasingly aware of this each year since 2013, and by 2015, I was positive about some of Team Dark’s more Aquarian Age energy tactics because I was dealing with them myself. It’s taken me some time from 2013 on to discern and learn about how they were increasing their use of different negative etheric and physical Aquarian type frequency tools to interfere with and harm humans, and humans that continue to Embody the NEW Light energies are more intensely targeted by them for the obvious reasons. Hopefully you’ll realize that none of this is as black/white dualized as all this or all there or all here or all there because it’s more complex than that as usual.

Because I’ve had plenty of experiences with Team Dark aliens and other negative entities over my lifetime both in the physical and astral, I’d become familiar with dealing with them in those old ways at that old lower level in the ongoing Ascension Process. When this changed after the Expiration Date of December 2012, I found myself having to quickly discover these more high-tech and hidden ways in which they were targeting me with negative physical and etheric energy transmissions. These negative next-level tools weren’t instantly recognized by me in 2013, and by 2014, my mom had a triple bypass and two weeks later a related stroke so I was suddenly forced to focus on all sorts of new situations then and ever since. I’d suddenly changed timelines because of what happened to my mom in August 2014, and I’ve worked and Worked very hard to intentionally exit that timeline, which I finally was able to do in January 2016. Nevertheless in early 2015, I knew I was in trouble and had been under some new-to-me type of negative frequency transmission assaults from physical humans and nonphysical nonhumans. We all have been under some level of energetic attack to one degree or another post December 2012. I know this isn’t a popular topic but this is no time to be stupid, careless, naïve or unaware of the vastness of the Ascension and Descension Processes, worlds, events and populations within each.

Just like everyone living on the cusp of astrological Ages in these lives we’re also living the Ascension Process plus simultaneously having to deal with a world, individuals, systems and lower and/or unaware consciousness that is Descending at the same time. If you’re a Sensitive, an Empath, a Seer, an Embodier and so on then even through you have been and continue living and Embodying the Ascension Process you also often perceive, feel and are to varying degrees subject to and effected by the negative Aquarian Age distorted energies, transmissions and devices Team Dark use in the Descending world to capture and hold on to as many humans as they can. In other words, just because you/me/we are Ascending does not mean you/me/we don’t feel the influences from the negative electronic and EMF and other physical level transmissions, plus negative etheric level transmissions and attacks directed at us because we are Team Light and are Embodying and Wayshowing

Like I said earlier, I’ve had plenty of up close encounters with Team Dark in this lifetime and all of that was before December 2012. From 2013 on, these old familiar negative tactics and attacks have dramatically shifted into Team Dark’s next-level which includes the non-humans remaining more hidden and them using both physical high-tech energy transmissions on everyone to harm, confuse, derail, limit and/or scramble consciousness and individuals energy and drive to continue the Ascension Process and so on. Here’s a link to TRANSITIONS and a March 2016 article I wrote there about one level of this sort of negative transmissions aimed at certain Team Light people and their readers.

Next-Level Negativity

Recently I mentioned how within ten minutes of watching some new show on TV in June 2018, I got an artificial energy induced headache and pressure in my head. I also mentioned that I’d watched two YouTube videos last month that had heavy negative frequency transmissions embedded within them just like the TV show did. These two videos were from the conspiracy community with plenty of incorrect ascension information in them. I’ve experienced negative transmissions being broadcast through certain TV programs and also through certain big-screen movies. This is another of many of Team Dark’s use of negative physical energies embedded within certain broadcast transmissions to affect the viewers in negative ways. These negative next-level transmissions are also directed at certain humans, certain populations and certain physical areas to affect large groups of people very quickly. I’ve become aware clairvoyantly and claircognizantly when certain physical planes fly over my house and/or area and have certain physical devices that transmit specific frequencies aimed downward by a person in the plane at people in their houses on the ground, like a drive-by shooting of sorts, except this tactic is a negative fly over energy transmission attack aimed at individuals or neighborhoods or entire cities.

On the etheric level this negative tactic has been increased by nonphysical aliens & co. to influence our minds and thoughts, our emotions and focus to lower frequency old world 3D level type things and situations. As above, so below, as within, so without. Next-level Light and next-level Dark and more and we’ve been living it all whether we’ve been consciously aware of it or not. But in 2018, more and more Forerunners have been perceiving and living within a greatly increased and vastly more complex level of personal being, life, consciousness, realities, world, worlds and dimensions. Now with what’s unfolding with the USA president & global co. the masses worldwide are being forced to quickly “wake up” too to all that’s been hidden for decades and is trying to manifest within the Descending Earth world. All layers, levels and aspects of what’s happening, being experienced and lived in both the Ascending Earth world and the Descending Earth world have very much been increasingly felt internally and externally by most First Everything-ers post December 2012. Expanding consciousness carries expanded responsibilities.

The Need For Daily Physical & Etheric Hygiene

Another thing I’ve had to put into daily practice is doing a scan of myself and my physical and energy bodies to locate any “trash” I have picked up throughout the day. By trash I mean negative stuff like attachments, thought forms, projections, negative etheric blocking devices etc. Whether these things came from me or someone or something else doesn’t really matter at this point within my personal Ascension Embodiment Process. What matters is that I brush my teeth each day and scour my aura and etheric body, and when needed clear out any etheric attachments I’ve picked up from me or from Team Dark or some stranger down the street.

Getting rid of negative etheric attachments and blocks is easier and faster now than ever before so just do it daily. Scan your whole body from your Higher Awareness Inner Vision and wherever you clairvoyantly See, sense or feel any devices or blockages or anything that’s not organic, demand it be entirely, permanently and immediately removed from you on every level. Then know that what you just did was real and that it worked so don’t second-guess yourself or worry or turn it into a ritual. Get big, get sovereign, take responsibility for being incarnate on ascending Earth now and clean up the daily energetic messes both self-created and negative alien parasitic attachments and blockage devices that are often placed on or near areas like your HighHeart or inside your head etc. View doing this in the same way as having to brush your teeth every day and don’t empower the negative stuff and tactics. This too is just another aspect of where we’re at now within the Ascension Process and Separation of Worlds or bifurcation and the Descension process and world with its population. My crap, their crap, here crap, over there crap, everywhere a crap crap… it doesn’t matter Master Embodier, just clear it all immediately and keep ascending. Keep Embodying because every time you/me/we do it a bit more the entire Ascension Process and ascending Earth changes dramatically for the better. You are running the show, shows, far more than you realize fellow Forerunners, Gatekeepers, Lightworkers, First Embodiers, First Everything-ers. No pressure however, just be sure to scan your body daily to keep it energetically clean and clear so you and the Work you’re doing is easier with no restrictions weighing you down in any way.


July 19, 2018

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47 thoughts on “Negative Utilization of Aquarian Age Energies

  • Hello! 🙂 ❤
    Your comment reponse regarding your different experiences with spiders over the ascension years reminds me of mine. Denise you're right about it being snakes for some people, for me it's spiders as well! I had this incidence around 2008-2009 when a spider egg sack hatched and there were hundredsssss of baby spiders jumping onto my body webbing. It was evening and I was sitting on my bed, I ran out screaming once I realized there were so many. I ended up choosing to sleep on the floor for the next 1.5 years in a spare bedroom. The following morning when I opened the doors to my room to take a look, my room looked like it was from a movie scene with 100's of webs in every direction and over everything. Took so long to get rid of them and clean up their webs. I had never seen so many spiders all at once.

    Denise, what struck me the most about your article was you mentioning Aug 2014-Jan 2016. I cried after reading that parapragph of yours. Wow, the similarity that I didn't even know we shared. I knew about your mom but I didn't know the dates/timeframes were strikingly the same. Even I was forced to deal with an immense amount of new situations then and ever since (although the new situations started increasing in intensity since after Dec 2012 and years before that but they went to an extreme level Aug 2014 same as with you). Meaning that I too changed timelines because of what happened to my brother Aug 2014 (for you it was your mom).

    You are the first person I am sharing a snippet of this story with. This whole period was very traumatic for me as I was under constant attack/assault from everyone as you mentioned to levels I did not know could even be possible in my life. My brother started having explosions of rage a year or so before after years of heavy drug/alcohol abuse that turned into full blown psychotic/aggressive/violent behaviour (carrying weapons such as knives, etc). In Aug 2014 he had an episode where he came to kill me with an axe. He sat outside all night infront of my bedroom in the dark as I laid there in terror for a period of 3 days. There wasn't even a lock on my door, I just moved furniture to block the entrance! This ended up in many episodes after this which involved multiple police visits, court dates, jail time and psychiatic ward visits (all of which I was forced to be a part of and didn't want in my reality as I had worked so hard to raise my vibrations/frequency previously. I could not tolerate this on a daily basis, especially after having the realization I could not save anyone nor could I help anyone especially when they did not want to change themselves in the first place. So in fall of 2015 I suddenly moved out of my parents home (with only enough money to cover 1st and 2nd months rent and some for grocery) with my sister, who she too left me few months later in Jan 2016. I did not have any money saved as I had not worked prior to that due to being in school which I finished studying a few months before Aug 2014! So basically, I lost everyone I knew with either me leaving them due to their toxic behaviours/environment or the vibration mismatch was so great that they left themselves. Funny thing is even my family doctor that I had my whole life sent me a note that she did not want me as her client!!!! I knew it had to do with the bifurcation but all of 2016 was spent grieving the loss of my family. Have been alone since, no family, no friends, no pets either (I know you have cats/birds), my only contact is my bf. Denise, thank you so so much for allowing me to share this with you and everyone reading, means a tremendous amount to me. It has been challenging since and continues to be as you said, lets see what this lunar eclipse brings for us all! ❤ ❤

    Denise, will all people who do not eventually awaken end up leaving/separating from us as we continue to ascend? I know you previously mentioned people exiting, but is there a maximum timeframe of how much longer all who are choosing to still be asleep have to awaken? Lots and lots of love! ❤

    • “Denise, will all people who do not eventually awaken end up leaving/separating from us as we continue to ascend? I know you previously mentioned people exiting, but is there a maximum timeframe of how much longer all who are choosing to still be asleep have to awaken?”

      Prabhi K.,

      Short version is yes, there is a cosmic cutoff point and we’re all experiencing it both personally internally AND collectively in the external world simultaneously. It is the Separation of Worlds or ‘bifurcation’. There are always but always cutoff points within cycles, including huge universal ones like what’s happening now with the evolutionary Ascension Process (AP). There has to be otherwise most lower everything and everyone would never willingly evolve but continue repeating and recreating the same old negativity and limitations. To prevent that Divine Source always has automatic Expiration Dates embedded in these Great Cycles.

      I’ve stressed this issue of everyone is evolving but at different Stair-step levels to help readers understand that individual development, focus and learning causes each of us to evolve but at our different current levels and abilities etc. But this takes place for everyone/everything within those Great Cycles with their Expiration Dates and so on. The main thing is for you to focus on you and your AP and Embodiment Process because, and this is important for multiple reasons, the more every Pathpaver, Forerunner, Wayshower lives the AP and EP themselves individually, the easier and faster WE make it for the rest of humanity to evolve via the AP. “Helping” in those old lower 3D patriarchal ways do not work or help anyone with the AP/EP; you/me/we living it ourselves is what and how we help them. Wayshow humanity by doing it yourself everyone. ❤

      “My brother started having explosions of rage a year or so before after years of heavy drug/alcohol abuse that turned into full blown psychotic/aggressive/violent behaviour (carrying weapons such as knives, etc). In Aug 2014 he had an episode where he came to kill me with an axe…”

      I well know the pain, fear, sadness and frustrations of having a loved one/loved ones be drug addicts and because of that have nonphysical negative demonic entities USE them (Portal People) to get at Forerunners living the AP/EP. These people, these family members or friends or mates etc. are also NOT our personal responsibility to “save” or “heal” or “fix”. Believe it or not some of these cases, I repeat some of them, the addict and their actions along with their being used by Team Dark entity/entities is what forces us to evolve faster with more conscious awareness and eventual power and strength etc. about Duality and Unity and so much more. When someone or something is trying to kill you/me/we Forerunners, we’re forced to know more much faster than would have probably taken place had we not been under such profound pressures and threats on our lives and souls in many cases. Oftentimes it’s the worst and most painful experiences that hold our greatest gifts of evolution within what’s been Duality reality and frequency. Live, learn and keep Embodying. ❤

      Funny thing is even my family doctor that I had my whole life sent me a note that she did not want me as her client!!!!”

      Since 2013, all of us have had ongoing pressures put on us by the unaware people to get out of their systems and structures etc. I experienced this in a big way in 2017, and again only last week, and both situations had to do with my income/money/survival in the old lower 3D ways. I’m literally being squeezed out of the old lower income systems by the people that are employed in them! Separation of Worlds indeed, plus my being forced to release my old beliefs and expectations about how I’m going to live with no income and not enough retirement income etc. etc. It is a weird twist with this bifurcation business of either having certain things, systems and people clutching at you, and also having the opposite happen which is having them end the interactions between us and them. The whole AP and EP has been and continues to be a huge heartbreak on one level and absolute freedom on another. What a time to be alive in it all. 😉 ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Oh boy, could relate to Prabhi K’s post … and sorry to learn about the tribulations you went through! I agree with Denise that horrific experiences force us to evolve faster. I believe some of us have them once we’ve reached a higher Light threshold, because we’re getting out of reach of the old matrix. I’ve been attacked by insects and mice in 2013/2014 and 2018.

        The parasites in the lower frequencies want to us to fall in frequency through fear of survival as well as the angst of losing loved ones and at this point, they’re just mad! Which to me means that we’ve made great progress and are on the verge of a breakthrough.

        I have also seen Team Dark expressing through those close to me, who aren’t even aware of being temporarily taken over. More recently, I can really feel the “split” with certain people who either want my presence or now put up a definite wall. I know this is hard to accept when it’s close friends or family members, but our only real option is to let go and trust they will find their way.

        Denise, if you’re being squeezed out of 3D systems for your income, I believe you must be really close to finding other ways to create what you need. Not an easy transition because of survival issues but I know you got this! Could be that you will be dealing with other people to get basically the same thing in a different way, or something unexpected will manifest. Love to you & all here.

        • Thelma, thank you for your reply! ❤ Yes, TD has definitely expressed themselves through those close to me as well, and I too have felt this “split” as you mentioned between people. You’re right about it feeling like a wall, almost as if they have distanced themselves, either suddenly or slowly drifting away. Thelma, you mentioned having been attacked by insects and mice. I wrote in my post about my 100’s of spiders experience back in 2008-2009, but you sharing that has just helped me have a realization that this happened again in the form of many different insect species when I moved out alone 2015-2017 in the place I was staying at. Daily I would be greeted by insects multiple times a day, spiders/centipedes/all sorts I don’t even know the names of!! After having been exposed to 100’s during this time period, I don’t feel as creeped out anymore compared to before. Not only insects, but during this time alone I also discovered a mice infestation in that same place! Thank you Thelma! Your reply about the insect/mice allowed me to connect that dot back to my previous experiences. ❤

      • Denise, thank you so much for replying. <3<3 I had been wanting to reply back for a week now but extreme exhaustion hit, could barely make it up the stairs! I agree with you saying “often times our most worst and painful experiences hold our greatest gifts of evolution”. You mentioning how “in some cases the addict and their actions along with their being used is what forces us to evolve faster” definitely applies to me. I am one of those cases! Although I was already conscious and evolving rapidly, my journey skyrocketed like crazy even more during that time due to immense pressures coming in from all situations/people. Yes Denise, this separation of worlds is very heartbreaking yet freeing/exciting on another level!!

  • Hi. I’ve become aware of something regarding what I had always thought were my emotions experienced as extreme anxiety. There has been this deep intensity. I remember suddenly changing when I was 13 or 14 and becoming afraid and having this new intensity engulf me. 1973 / 74. There was this “something” to endure and overcome in order to go on with my daily life. This condition grew in intensity and duration as I grew up and was triggered by scary stuff. And now, today….during the past few months as I’ve embraced light work and also “taking my power back”, and growing in confidence, …I had a setback and was deeply triggered, and while triggered I observed something about “my condition”. It’s an IT separate from me! I now felt IT move and wiggle up against my solar plexus! Its NOT ME. Now as I’ve continued working with light and the Truth and then get triggered I’m more aware of the IT living off me. The other day I had gone out to dinner with a friend and brought back most of the food including pie. While in bed I became aware of a thought/voice, “I want pie.” Over and over along with desire. Except for one thing. I did not want pie and I was stuffed! I also felt something slide or glide over my solar plexus and insert itself into a pocket or “home”, I think it is or has been the thing’s home. As I worked with the Light of my higher self the feeling, the anxiety, and what i had always thought was fear, ceased. Those feelings were not ever me or mine. I dont know it it’s been removed completely but Im not afraid. I think It’s afraid. I need to repair my solar plexus and keep it full of light. Im just so amazed. And I’d been held hostage for so long. I now have one goal and that is too remove and raise all the dead stuck matter I personally carry within me. And as an aside based on other comments, I have quite the big bug bite on my arm I somehow aquired yesterday😄 Im so glad and grateful that finally my life is making sense and I can face the bigger fuller pic and choose to embrace moving forward. Oh, Denise! Had a bathroom dream. I was in a public bathroom. I entered a stall but felt uneasy and too vulnerable to take care of business. While standing there undecided someone else entered the bathroom. I saw 2 hands grab the top of the stall I was in and a guy hoisted himself up enough so he could peer over at me….it was the ORANGE dude! Trump face! And I never think about him. 😜 Ok, back to work work working with light! 💗🌼🌸🌷💐

    • “I now have one goal and that is too remove and raise all the dead stuck matter I personally carry within me.

      And that Edith is living the Ascension Process and being a Lightworker and refining your awareness and being totally honest about what you’re experiencing. Very well done you! ❤

      Everything you described in this Comment very clearly and accurately describes nonphysical negative entity "attachments" most people have or have had. One senses something that’s not organically “you” inside but “it” is attached and parasiting off of you and also sending thoughts and desires to you the human host to go do something or eat something or feel some particular way or buy something etc. etc. When a human can be honest enough with themselves so they’re even capable of consciously recognizing something, anything inside or around them that is NOT THEM but something or someone else, that’s when a person is finally able to remove the attachment(s) and clear the space permanently.

      You should be super proud of yourself Edith because this is a really big deal and the positive that can now enter you and replace that negative entity attachment will make you feel (and act and everything else!) like a NEW person. Congratulations and keep up the Great Work you’re doing on yourself. ❤ ❤ ❤

  • The attacks I experience are feelings of nervousness, tension, of being blocked. Feeling: “I can’t stand it any longer”. I then realize later that I was attacked.

  • Hi Denise. Another wonderfully helpful, Light-saving article. Thank you! I wonder if you have any thoughts on this – for the past couple years I’ve been feeling the intense call to help people, specifically the homeless. As a result of this in the form of a “ah ha” moment, I figured out a way to do this. After 20 years as a massage therapist (another helping profession) I’m currently enrolled in barber school. My goal/dream is to help one haircut at a time. I hope I’m being called from the heart, at least I pray that’s the case. Is anyone else feeling called to help others or am I being tricked somehow into staying in a lower vibration? Hugs and gratitude!
    Renae 🙏🏻☮️🤓

    • Renae,

      If it’s coming from your HighHeart then it’s all good. 🙂 Also, by giving people haircuts you’re still in people’s energy fields like your old work/Work, effecting them in positive ways energetically. I don’t mean you have to do anything intentionally with this but if you’re carrying/embodied higher Light energies in your body then that will positively affect people that come into your energy field/space etc. We help other people, the Earth, the animals, all lifeforms by Embodying higher Light energies and our Higher Selves etc. and when others are in our space, they come into contact with those higher frequency energies in ways they’ve never experienced or felt before. We “infect” them with Light and make it easier for them to more quickly release the old and embody the NEW energies. So, lots more going on than just a “haircut”. Follow your HighHeart and everyone benefits. ❤ ❤ ❤

  • I’ve started and stopped several comments since this article posted because there’s so much I relate to yet the words feel inadequate. So I will choose a great big THANK YOU with LOVE. What a journey.

    • “I’ve started and stopped several comments since this article posted because there’s so much I relate to yet the words feel inadequate.”

      Much of the time writing articles about this stage of the Ascension / Embodiment Process feels the same way for me Kara. It’s nearly impossible to put into linear words what all this feels like at this point. I’ve got things I’d like to write about but sometimes I don’t even know where to start or how to structure the incremental reconnection with ones Higher Selves and Source. It’s so personal and so different from anything I’d thought it would be that words are just not big enough…

      That and it’s hotter than hell here day and night! 😆 ❤

      • Denise, that makes so much sense. And I wonder if sometimes we pick up on your starts and stops– I swear some days I feel like you’re about to post and even obsessively check the website at times in case I just missed the notification email. 😂

        If you have time, would you comment about parameters or authority for expanding the daily energetic clearing? I’ve been doing my own form of that for awhile now, and I appreciated the reminder not to get ritualistic about it and to trust/believe it.

        Once I create my boundaries/sanctuary, I usually offer this same protection to each of my young kids telepathically and seek to work directly with their higher selves in doing so. I’m always careful in making clear I have no intent to interfere with their individual free will but rather seek to honor my role as their guardian while they’re young and out of my pure love for them as their mother. Since this post I’ve been also demanding the clearing from their energetic fields and bodies of whatever is picked up. Although this all feels good to me, I’d welcome any insights! I’m less clear on if/how/scope of doing something similar for my husband or other close family.

        Relatedly, I had the idea tonight to do a similar clearing for the benefit of all the insects/animals in my house/property. I am very connected to spirit animals and have so much love and respect for insects/animals in physical form and try not to harm. That said, the comments about them being co-opted in some instances really struck me. One of my kids in particular seems to have been targeted and has had major reactions/infections to bites this summer. It would be great to know I can offer this clearing service not only to help the insects/animals who have been abused but also as another way of protecting my kids. I can tell that my questions about this are interfering with my confidence in the act and would love your perspective. Thanks for reading this long comment at any rate!! Guess I found some words tonight after all.

        Oh! And I’ve been experiencing new things with the moon in terms of perceiving light/energy waves too. Only makes sense considering what she’s reflecting from the sun, as you’ve described the changes.

        Love to you for creating this space and sharing with us, Denise!

      • Well, I found my words and wrote a lengthy reply but it didn’t show up as awaiting moderation so I’m thinking it’s lost. On the positive side, this edited version will be shorter… (and please just delete one if both come through!)

        I wonder if we can feel your stops and starts sometimes, Denise. Sometimes I obsessively check your site because I feel so confident you’ve posted and that I didn’t get the notification! Ha!

        Wanted to ask your perspective about expanding the parameters/scope of energetic clearing for 1) minor children, 2) close loved ones and 3) insects/animals who have been co-opted. I feel good about #1 and have been doing some version of clearing/protection for myself for awhile now and then offering it to my young children telepathically and with the intent to work with their higher selves. There my authority feels clear from their choice of me as their mother and my responsibility as their guardian while they’re young. I don’t feel as clear with #2 but want to help where they aren’t awake to or aware of this stuff while honoring free will and their own paths.

        For #3, this feels like an important service born out of my deep love for and connection with spirit animals. I don’t believe in their true state they seek to harm us. However, the exchanges below made so much sense to me because one of my kids appears to have been targeted in some way this summer and has had awful bite reactions/infections. And the medical providers we’ve seen have commented on bites being unusually bad and more of them this year. I had the idea to do this kind of clearing tonight pertaining to insects/animals in my house and property– again, felt good, but my lingering questions on it made it feel less powerful.

        Lastly, I really enjoyed hearing your insights about the sun’s changes. I’ve been Seeing the moon and her light differently, like the waves and energy shapes are stronger/larger and more visible to me when I look with soft eyes. Which I can’t do to the sun obviously! But makes sense the moon would be reflecting the changes you’ve described.

        Thanks for this space and all you share, Denise! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

        • Kara,

          Sometimes some Comments get automatically sent to the “trash” or “spam” sections and that’s probably why you’re first Comment didn’t show as ‘waiting moderation’.

          “I wonder if we can feel your stops and starts sometimes, Denise. Sometimes I obsessively check your site because I feel so confident you’ve posted and that I didn’t get the notification! Ha!”

          Absolutely you and many others do! I can feel my readers and I know most of them can feel me too. This is just some of what 5D Collective Group awareness is all about. Psychic etiquette for all. 🙂

          #1 Minor children — yes, of course, especially when they’re your children and you their guardians and protectors etc. Wrap them in Light protection and know that you’ve NOT infringed on anyone’s Divine Free Will.

          #2 close loved ones — different story with them because they’re adults. This is one of those areas where discernment is mandatory and the increased responsibilities are ours, the one’s with more conscious Higher Awareness and knowledge of what’s going on now and why etc. Example: in situations like with my mom, who at this point is a child in an 88-year-old body and mind, I can step in and protect her when and where I sense is needed and for the highest good of all concerned in each moment. That’s the “golden rule” so to speak with this but when in any doubt about this with another adult, it’s best to let things unfold for them without much direction on your/my parts. When in doubt, radiate your Light because that helps others around you more than most of us realize yet! ❤

          #3 animals and insects — We have the right to keep bugs off of our bodies and out of our homes so don't feel bad for putting up Light barricades to keep what you want kept out of your house and other things. Again, the more Light we Embody (Light, Higher Selves, Source-as-Self and so on) the more power and responsibilities we have as Conscious Creators which means things, critters, animals, people and other beings will increasingly be drawn to us. It's up to us how we each deal with that from them all. Anyone's whose had spiritual interactions with wild animals knows what I'm talking about because they see and sense the Light in us and are curious and come in for a closer look at us. On the other hand, some of those bugs and other things we don't necessarily want to share our homes with, we have the right and the abilities to inform them to remain outside and not harm anyone or anything on our property (pets, kids, other people etc.).

          Years ago I read every one of the RA: Law Of One books. The last book in that series told many of the three authors experiences both positive and negative because they were channelling high level information before the Ascension Process started and they were under negative attacks constantly because of it. In fact one of them was driven to suicide by that negative being that attacked them constantly. I also remember reading in that final book of the series about how their cats were attacked too and also how some insects were manipulated to bit them to cause harm and sickness etc., which happened to them repeated over the years they channelled the RA Materials books. So…yes, the Light has the responsibility of being the Light especially when darkness is around. Let me know if I’ve forgotten anything. ❤ ❤ ❤

        • Thanks, Denise! I really appreciate the gut check on this, and your insights resonate with me. I really like this phrase from a good friend of mine: “step into your power fully and completely.” Your articles/comments help me to understand things better and step into my power more and more. Love and gratitude! ✨💕✨

  • Dear Denise, thank you so much for talking about this. I have been dealing with an etheric parasite for some time now and everywhere I turned for help/answers led me to more abuse and shaming. I went through periods of believing the lies transmitted to me and projected onto me from those I did share my experience with but at the basic level I knew this was an attack to deliberately stop me in the AP/EP. In the last few months I have been gaining strength and understanding about this but I still felt so alone. There is a weakness in feeling like you are the only one dealing with such strange experiences but everytime I read one of your articles or your book I did see that I am living, learning and embodying right along with everyone else on the AP/EP. So, thank you again for bringing this out in the open. I feel more empowered even though just reading this article has ignited the attack and laid me flat out in bed yet again.❤️

    • “There is a weakness in feeling like you are the only one dealing with such strange experiences…”


      Yes and it’s the negatives divide and conquer tactic; they want anyone embodying and Embodying to feel alone and isolated from others living the AP and Embodying.

      I am very sorry that you experienced some negative blow-back from reading this article but this is common when anyone reads any truthful information about this subject no matter whose written it.

      Lisa Renee writes some of the best information about all this, and more, which is why I share links to her site and/or certain monthly Newsletters and/or blog articles by her. I suggest you look through her recent blog articles — there’s a crawl bar across the top of the main page to them, and also a click forward arrow at the bottom of each page to other blog articles if interested.

      Rest up because we’re in a huge phase of shift once again now that will last the rest of July and most all of August. ❤

  • I wanted to share a dream I had in the early AM hours today, July 21, 2018, and a couple of other things that are related to the next eclipse happening in a few days on July 27th.

    First the dream. I’d gone outside in this dream to discover that the Sun was in the eastern sky where it would be normally around 10 in the morning, but in this dream it was summertime here and about 8-9 PM. It was semi-dark outside with the Sun completely in the “wrong” place in the evening sky. What this dream meant to me was that it’s another of many signs, symbols and clues that we — meaning Earth, humanity on Earth and our entire solar system and the Sun — are about to make another significant ascension shift up to a higher level in a much higher space within the Light and energy etc. This dream may also indicate that some people may, MAY see the Sun doing something different like this, like be in the “wrong” place in the sky or any number of other things. No fear, just knowing that we’re shifting to an even higher level within this Ascension Process which is a very positive thing. ❤

    The other thing I wanted to include with this morning's dream is that a few months ago I clairvoyantly Saw us — Earth, the Sun and entire solar system — entering into a MASSIVE higher frequency white-Light area. This vision knowing from months ago is I feel why I had this dream this morning; we are already in the Process of moving, orbiting, ascending into another higher level of Light energy/energies and all that goes with that in a new-to-us area in space and frequency. All great news but this one is SO powerful and different from anything we've experienced before that I suspect some people may, MAY both physically and clairvoyantly see and See and perceive some big side effects, like the Sun being in the "wrong" place for a while, or it turning a different color for a while and/or any number of other such anomalies for a while. I'm stressing for a while so people don't go into fear if, IF some of these side effects do manifest physically and people actually see them.

    From today through to August (different energies and side effects with the 2018 Lion's Gate and third eclipse) will be ongoing evolutionary changes or "upgrades" to us and Earth, the Sun and the solar system and more. Dedicate yourselves to this current shift Process and let the small stuff slide away and disappear along with all the old lower stuff. 🙂 ❤

    • Yes! For the last few weeks I have been driving my son crazy saying that the sun is in a different place than it is usually!! Most noticeable in the noon hour when the rays are coming through my windows at a slant that is usually for the late afternoon/early evening hours. Also, the light is so much different that sometimes it looks like an old photo negative —- this is the closest thing I can compare it to, even though words really can’t describe it. All I know is— Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore!!!
      Much love to all ❤️❤️❤️
      Tammy R.

    • Denise, thanks for sharing your powerful dream & vision.

      Your “sun on the opposite side” dream made me think of “polarity reversal.” If everything is back to front in this distorted version of reality, then maybe we will return to a world that is the way it was originally intended. Glad to have reached a significant stage in our shift.

      Love to you & all.

  • Denise, two things. I woke up today witnessing in the bathroom light coming off me that is brighter and more different than anything I’ve ever seen!!…AND I was woken today by a demonic voice, loud and clear, just said “Boo” …so loud. You know the quality of the voice, it can be scary. And angering. I’m quite strong now so there’s no terror. But I was scared by it due to the clarity and loudness of the quality of the voice. I think I’m becoming clairaudient. The pressure in my ears has been so intense for so many months. It seems to have come to a new level now. I always knew I would be, anyway. But maybe some of the abilities we are developing are also being abused by negativity…? They can get through another way now.. Anyway, the reason I’m sharing is just because I was frightened. I’ve dealt with this stuff before but it’s been 5-10-15 years. And it was not in high definition stereo! I just wanted to share, so I’d feel less frightened. And the most important thing that I realize the past few days, and what you said towards the end, is about personal responsibility. I began cleaning yesterday, today and more tomorrow and I plan on daily taking responsibility and clearing everywhere and everything, me or my space, whatever I don’t feel is fully allowing or carrying or emanating the bright bright wonderful light. I don’t feel afraid to do that anymore thank God, amen. The love inside me, now constant, makes me only want to serve it and all now. Thank you for your writing…💛

  • How did we land up in this place? As more and more Light pours in, the descending spiral accelerates as well. Too many people are extremely addicted to their devices and turning to artificial intelligence or social media to make their decisions for them instead of tuning into their intuition and multidimensional abilities and connecting with Nature.

    When it comes to etheric attacks, I wonder if this ALSO plays out in the physical? One of the things I always dreaded – having to deal with bed bugs – is now in my face. I feel I need to transcend the horror of the situation in order to stay neutral (while taking appropriate action). Makes me wonder if we’re being TESTED at this point, maybe to see if we will fall back into reaction mode or fear???

    The “self-scan” and “light bath” are helpful suggestions, Denise. Thanks!

    Love to you & all here.

    • Thelma,

      Euw, I’m sorry you’ve got this to deal with. Our being multidimensional beings means that things can be manipulated and directed etc. from an etheric level to play out in the physical. My spider on the ceiling being directed by that particular demon was such as situation. To remedy issues, we’re having to consciously Work and physically work from multiple dimensions and layers of ourselves and abilities; training for full-on conscious multidimensional life. So, do whatever is necessary in the physical to get rid of these critters but also do everything you can in higher levels simultaneously too. Things like visualizing and INTENDING them permanently gone from your space, property, reality etc. immediately. You/me/we are increasingly becoming Conscious Creators of our lives and realities so use this to intentionally create the changes you want now. ❤

      • Euw is right! Thanks, Denise for your words of wisdom & advice. I forgot that focusing on the “problem” only magnifies it. I am now choosing/intending a clean, purified environment at all levels! I think we all need to recognize that we are so much MORE than our physical embodiment!!!

  • Thanks again Denise for keeping us sane while living in this weird world. – Like they’re saying in the boxing sports : “Protect yourself at all times buddy”!

  • How do you scan your self? How do you remove what ever is there? How do we know if something is attached to us, them get rid of it? please help us who have never been taught but have been suffering.

    • Laura,

      Your pain, fear and frustration is tangible in your Comment. Deep breath, stop thinking so much and be ready to do all the things you asked me about in different ways than what you’re used to. 🙂

      I said in this article to NOT make a “ritual” out of scanning for negative stuff in our bodies, but the old 3D ego and intellect are used to doing exactly that. The more fear focus or worry anyone puts on this etheric hygiene practice the more difficult it will be to do and have positive results. Plus the fear will only attract more negative beings and entities etc. This is why our mastering being Neutral about things — not polarized either way, positive or negative — allows us to accomplish great things much easier and faster.

      So here’s what you do to scan your physical body. Close your physical eyes and look inside your body, do not think, do not guess, do not look or search but just scan quickly and with no expectations. Stay Neutral in other words. Look from the top of your head down all the way to the bottoms of your feet. If something negative is anywhere in there you will get a quick sense of it or you’ll clairvoyantly See it or them. Again the thing with this is to not think it but feel it using other aspects of your awareness and perception. Thinking will mess it all up; being open and emotionally Neutral will reveal far more. Once you’ve sensed some etheric density in some area of your physical body, DEMAND that it/they all are permanently removed from your physical body and your other energy bodies too just to be safe. Again don’t think this, don’t hope for it, don’t wish or pray for it but do it yourself. People’s consciousness about everything has to evolve into things and NEW tools like this.

      Now it’s fairly typical for beginners to not believe that they are powerful enough to actually remove such negative devices and energies from their bodies. Because of this it’s important that you do this scanning everyday until it’s fast and easy for you to sense when there is something negative in there. The second half of this is you becoming convinced that you ARE powerful enough to permanently remove every negative thing you encounter anywhere. This is another aspect of each of us becoming increasingly sovereign within ourselves instead of always looking outside of ourselves for help, healing, rescuing, information, guidance and so on. Be strong, be wise and get used to doing this type of personal Lightwork on yourself and your body. ❤

  • Another very important article. Thank you once again Denise.
    At time we are bombarded and learn to deflect and at other times its a new learning curve presenting itself. YouTube can be of very valuable or indeed damaging. Because I am still needing to be vertical most of the day YouTube has some helpful sound healing options to assist. I had to learn the hard way initially. I then realized to consulate the Higher Self for a safe and beneficial choice and I then get very good assistance and move forward with my recovery. I use a pendulum to select a safe option, but perhaps its time to take the trainer wheels off and go inward and listen. See how I go and then double check with the pendulum until I am steady.
    Always learning new things and becoming more empowered so grateful for the learning opportunities.

  • Yikes! Can we be done please?! I’ve always thought that it would be challenging enough if it was only our inner shadows to heal and deal with while incarnated on this planet, but add a highly intelligent, unrelenting, evil and parasitic Team Dark and the old adage “… not for the faint hearted” rings true. With so much subterfuge in the mix it makes me wonder if the commonly used phrase “We create our own realities” is a bit fluffy and too simplistic. Kind of like “All is Love” and “All are One”. And thanks Denise for mentioning to not become ritualistic in regards to energy cleansing. Ritual feels so last Yuga 😉 Love y’all ❤️

    • “With so much subterfuge in the mix it makes me wonder if the commonly used phrase “We create our own realities” is a bit fluffy and too simplistic. Kind of like “All is Love” and “All are One”.”


      Well said and thank you for saying it! I’ve gotten such backlash from certain disbelievers and “fluffies” since 2003 about this topic that it did my heart good to read what you said about this. Everything has been so much more complex than what most are aware of and this business with negative nonphysical, nonhuman aliens and other negative beings like devils and demons etc. is at the top of this huge list unfortunately. More are “waking up” to the fact that humanity has been played hardcore for thousands of years by these negatives. It’s been horrific and vile but we’re evolving beyond all this and them.

      The first time I was involved a few years ago with escorting a high ranking negative alien group along with some other positive Galactics in another dimension, I asked why they wanted me to do this with them and their reply was great on so many levels. They said that I would be doing this with them and some Lightbeings in my Denise form because I’ve had such extensive negative attacks and attempts on my Denise life and soul because I am a Forerunner/Embodier in the Ascension Process. They knew, as I did too, that my participation at this and higher dimensional levels with escorting some Team Dark aliens to both the Light and back to Source would help me with my Lightworker, Lightwarrior PTSD and boy did it! 😀 Full circle and slide into Neutrality finally. What amazing times to be incarnate huh? Thanks for your great Comment Michael. ❤

      • For some reason both of your comments remind me of that song “boxes little boxes, little boxes made of ticky-tacky” by Pete Seeger in 1963. I’ve been at this caper for a couple of decades now & just when I think I’ve escaped one box, voila …it just opens inside another one! Just freaking crazy complex & like you say it all resists any attempt to wrap it up nice & simple. But the box I’m probably in right now feels far more spacious than the one I feel like Ive just recently emerged out of. And thats in no small part with thanks to you Denise & everyone else that comments on here. I’ve never had the “guts” to comment before but new box, feels a its time to let myself be a bit freer & give myself a voice. Big thanks & much love!

  • Denise,
    Three years ago I woke up suddenly from an afternoon nap (the I Must Lay Down Right Now kind) to see a mechanical spider of sorts hanging in mid air in front of the bed. It reminded me of a snitch from Harry Potter. It was, and remains, one of the most unnerving things I’ve ever encountered. I was living in a small cabin in the Great Smokies, not exactly off the grid but definitely out of the main stream. I was however, still doing the work. To this day I don’t know what to make of the whole thing. I’ve seen creepers, inky darkness, astral garbage and weirdness but I have never seen anything so tangible cross the barriers. I physically shower each morning and add a violet flame decree to clear away any etheric clingons I may have picked up. This article is a great reminder to keep our guard up. Hoping you might have a clue about what I saw.
    Thank you Denise….

    • sz / oldsoul2017,

      I’ve had so many different negative experiences with spiders over these ascension years. I’ve never been fond of physical spiders, for some people it’s snakes, but I’ve never encountered a negative etheric entity in snake form but spiders a plenty!

      During those horrendous four years of demonic attacks from or through a possessed next door neighbor (2000 thru 2004), I had numerous experiences that were so strange. One time after I’d gone to bed I became very strongly aware that there was a physical spider on my ceiling even though I couldn’t see it or anything else in the darkness of my bedroom. I could feel it and could feel that it was focused intensely on me and almost telepathically communicating with me. I knew I wouldn’t get any sleep that night if I didn’t turn on the light, get up and remove the spider. Once I turned on the light I saw the physical spider on the ceiling exactly where I’d felt, sensed it in the total darkness. What shocked me once I saw it in the light was that I instantly could tell that the physical spider was being used by the demon to get at me. (I’ve seen things like this happen with other animals where they become possessed by some nonhuman negative being and then try to physically attack a human; Portal animals and insects!)

      It was such a strange sensation and realization looking at this small physical spider on my ceiling staring back at me with a demon manipulating it! I killed the spider and dealt with the repercussions from that from the demon.

      A few years after this in another house I clairvoyantly saw huge etheric spiders the size of medium sized dogs run across my bed very quickly in a small pack and vanish. It was one of those more horrendous etheric astral images and realizations that change you forever! Etheric spiders the size of medium to large physical dogs running around in the physical world. I’ve heard of other people clairvoyantly seeing them too and running in packs like this.

      And a few years after this in yet another house I saw what I believed at the time (early 2015) was a physical spider run up the drapes in my “new” old house before we moved in here in January 2016. It happened very quickly but was 1000% physical looking to me at the time that I was mortified that a spider the size of my open hand and fingers was in my house. After a while and thinking about it I realized that it was too large and too round shaped to have been an actual physical spider but was another etheric astral spider entity. The multidimensional educations just don’t stop!

      I’ve also clairvoyantly seen inorganic — mechanical like — things, devices, entities etc. in different houses I’ve lived in during the Ascension Process. A lot of these things, even the ones that resemble animals or insects or aliens etc. are inorganic AI creations created by negative aliens. Many of these Team Dark things are etheric monitoring devices to keep watch on Forerunners/First Embodiers/Gatekeeper/Lightworkers etc. Some of them are devices that attack and/or mark us with etheric tracking devices, etheric implants and so on. From what you said it sounds like while you were passed out asleep due to Embodying more NEW, the negatives were checking on you and/or tracking you and your ongoing evolution or had been attacking you in some way.

      I know that this isn’t everyone’s favorite topic but like I said in this article, we’ve got to be smart about all this. After all, for many years we’ve been literally moving from the physical 3D through the astral 4D to finally reach higher frequency 5D. I started a book about this topic but… :-/

      Keep yourself protected and the absolute best way now to do that is for each of us to Embody more and more and more. The more Embodied we are the less these other dimensional negatives can affect us. ❤

      • Thank you Denise.
        You confirmed my impression even though i still have trouble accepting what I saw. Its odd because I innocently expected that living in an isolated area would make the work easier. I have to say, now that I’m living back in civilization, that I never felt more exposed to interfere than living in that beautiful cabin. On a different note…
        Friday, we celebrated the birth of a beautiful baby girl into our lives. She came home, to our home yesterday.
        As she was arriving I received a phone call that our 87 year old mom fell. Broken ribs, sternum, shoulders, arms. I’ll be driving the 12 hrs to her as soon as I can work it out.
        It feels so symbolic …the birth of this beautiful baby girl and the transitioning of our eldest one. So many mixed emotions, but mostly intense gratitude at the beauty and nobility I see in Life despite the nightmare surroundings. Thank you Denise and all. I do believe we are riding these bumpy light waves home and I appreciate the extra push we provide each other through our shared words, wisdom, and experience. Its good to re-member we’re not alone.

        • Oh lord sz, never a dull moment huh? My mom will turn 89 in December and I’ve been thinking about her generation (the WWII generation) and how more of them are exiting now. That’s a lot of broken bones for one elderly person to deal with and try to heal. Be conscious of what the medical people will automatically try to push off on all of you. Discern it all and know our HighHearts are with and her to get through this in the highest, best way for all involved. ❤

  • Yes! You are right on target! Been finding the same thing (as has another very gifted multi-dimensional quantum healer I know – her comment was, “The old tools aren’t working anymore. Am devising some new ones.”) I like the idea of daily self-scan, it is definitely becoming a part of hygiene we need, so thanks for that suggestion. The wave bombardment is another issue. Other than perpetually downloading/radiating even more light/love/joy/peace as the sovereign beings we are, possibly embodying so much light so perpetually as to remain unaffected, I’m wondering if we might establish a new evolutionary field for our species (not a shield, which causes its own problems) A protective energetic layer in our auric fields that has the job of filtering out any and all negative EMF, ELF, ULF, etc. attacks. The attack waves were so bad in Edmonds, WA, I decided to move – it was intense and endless, quite nightmarish – so I am betting they strafe the populated area along Puget Sound continually. (Can’t have all those forward-thinking individuals reaching actual empowerment. They’re already voting too progressively.) Here, way out in the wilds of New Mexico, the wave bombardment is less but has increased in the last year – it seems to happen in early morning most of all. The vibe thrums through physically as well as on other levels. Hard on body, mind, emotions, and spirit, whatever it is they are broadcasting. Especially waking up in that state or trying to start work in that state, if you didn’t know what it was it could ruin your whole day’s outlook. Will be so glad when these infernal machines are dismantled permanently, but meanwhile I need a new tool – the Merkabah isn’t helping as far as I can tell. But maybe an intelligent, adaptive, protective field of some kind. Know anybody in the Design Department upstairs? 😉

    • “Know anybody in the Design Department upstairs? 😉”

      Yes, the First Everything-ers and we continue Working internally on all this and much more. 🙂

  • so true and so real.. I couldn’t say it better…and clearer. Specially when you talk about “next level negativity”.

    With gratitude,

  • Thank you Denise, l have recently had experiences that have made me aware of the absolute need to scan, remove and transmute all that attaches to us. We are sovereign and with this simple act of awareness we do so much for ourselves and all. Denise

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