A Look Back & Forward Into 2019’s Separation of Worlds

Egos Cannot Enter

For the past twenty-six years I’ve wanted the human population on Earth to be reduced from its current 7.5 billion and growing to around 2 billion globally. I didn’t know why I chose 2 billion but that’s been the number in my mind since 1992. More importantly than this spectacular reduction in worldwide humanity was the mandatory energetic Law that those 2 billion individuals had each energetically embodied higher frequencies—”ascended”—so that no one was miserable, uncomfortable, unsafe or mismatched vibrationally because another person or persons contained lower frequencies. It was energetically mandatory that the 2 billion individuals be well within the same higher frequency range to access to this NEW ascended Earth world.

The extreme developmental differences on old low-frequency Earth we all incarnated on contained sinners and saints, murderers and mystics, egos and avatars all existing side-by-side on the same planet at the same time trying to live, work, communicate and function like those radical different levels of development, focus, energy and expression were normal, acceptable and comfortable when they were anything but. That longstanding global misery and extreme mismatch of humans and human consciousness having to co-exist and pretend it’s okay and wonderful is rapidly ending right now and this blessed completion is what I’ve called the Separation of Worlds.

I’ve long known, as have many of you reading this, exactly what’s required to reach ascended, higher frequency, ego-free NEW Earth. It is individual evolution of energetically “ascending” out of the old lower Earth range of frequency and human ego as lord n’ master and matching ego-based consciousness. Ego, ego-based consciousness and lower frequency actions, words, thoughts and emotions cannot enter a higher frequency world due to the energetic mismatch.

How do you get to NEW ascended Earth in a physical body? YOU work on yourself and you work on ascending beyond your ego, your left-brain only linear thinking and into higher frequency, vastly more complex, creative and capable HighHeart feeling perception and emotional feelings instead of your ego-based left-brain patriarchal intellect as your only lens on absolutely everything. Typically this is much more difficult for males than females. Guys, dudes, male people, there have been a whole lot of profoundly negative reasons why males on Earth have been intentionally herded away from their hearts, emotional intelligence, higher awareness and feelings in general over the past many thousands of years. Simultaneously, females were not allowed to talk, speak, tell truth(s) or disagree with anything, while males weren’t allowed to emotionally feel much of anything. All this has changed but YOU still have to participate in your own evolution to get free of that lower frequency energy, frequency range and old patriarchal consciousness and intellect that goes with it. YOU have to do this in yourself for yourself by yourself. Welcome to the Ascension Process. Or not.

[None of that was directed at those of you who’ve done this and so much more years and decades ago. It was directed at those who aren’t even reading this now but hopefully may in the near future. Or not. Know however that the old lower frequency Earth world we all incarnated into will NOT be in physical existence for much longer. The energetic support for it has ended. It terminated with the December 21, 22, 23, 2012 Three Days Life Review and third and final Expiration Date.]

What Say You Volunteers?

Over a decade ago in 2007, there was an important particular higher dimensional meeting (there have been many) of all physically incarnate Universal Ascension Volunteers—aka Blue Rays, Starseeds, Forerunners, Pathpavers, Lightworkers etc.—to discuss and vote on whether the physical level Separation of Worlds was to begin in 2007 or not. I and many others voted for it to begin in 2007, but there were more who wanted to wait even longer to give more humans more time to begin the Ascension Process before the Separation of Worlds began. I wasn’t happy that there would be more of the ‘sequestered’ not here/not there painful same for we Volunteers for another decade and more, but that’s how that higher level meeting went and all of us, no matter how we voted, have done our highest best to continually embody and Embody higher and higher Light energies, NEW DNA and much more, plus continue to inform humanity via our writings about the compressed evolutionary Ascension Process taking place and that the Separation of Worlds would indeed eventually happen physically. That time has finally arrived fully on this physical level for all humans and it will greatly increase and accelerate throughout 2019 and 2020.

“Nothing Happened On December 21, 2012!”

I re-posted this old article on TRANSITIONS about my December 21, 22, 23, 2012 Three Day Life Review that’s interesting to read or re-read now in December 2018.


I want everyone to know that every living breathing incarnate human on Earth on December 21, 22, 23, 2012, went through an alive Life Review during those three days. Normally everyone goes through this process after physical death. Additionally, the absolute final Expiration Date of the entire past Evolutionary cycle was reached during those three days which was why the living Life Review took place for all incarnate humans then. The December 21, 22, 23, 2012 Three Days Life Review happened to everyone whether consciously remembered or not. And the three major energetic completion Expiration Dates of October 2010, November 2011 and December 2012 was reached and finalized in December 2012 whether consciously understood or not. Multiple energetic stair-steps with the completion of the previous Evolutionary Cycle and multiple energetic stair-steps to the start of the higher NEW Evolutionary Cycle.

October, November, December 2018 Embodiment Processes

In December 2018 more Embodiers will gain one or a second or a third energy Crown which represents this particular level of the Crystalline Christ frequency Embodiment Process. I’ve written about this in a couple recent articles so won’t go into much detail about it again here. I know that for many Embodiers December 2018 is a culmination and trigger point within their individual Embodiment Processes that is and will continue to further activate larger evolutionary changes in external reality. There absolutely cannot be increasing numbers of unified Crystalline Christ frequency Embodied individuals walking around in physical bodies with NEW DNA and not have that automatically create further accelerated evolution and dramatic changes in external reality.

Because of the October, November and December 2018 energy changes many Embodiers have lived and continue to live—NEW DNA, Pineal and Pituitary expansions, eye and visual improvements, energy Crown accumulations and more—some are feeling the necessity to change more (again) because of what they’ve recently Embodied. These latest individual Embodiment expansions are causing many to feel the need to, once again, move on from old familiar people and certain ascension teachers/writers. This and other related evolutionary changes are normal as individuals continue Embodying more and discover they have to make additional personal adjustments—think personal trajectory shifts—because of the very changes they’ve been through this year and especially during October, November and December 2018.

What worked and helped before no longer is for growing numbers of people. The more one Embodies, the less one needs external sources of information and guidance to know what’s going on and why on Earth and other dimensions etc. We increasingly are becoming our own Individual sources of information and guidance which is one of many natural side effects of living the Embodiment Process. Ongoing Embodiment naturally causes each person living it to continue becoming increasingly self-sustained and primary. The more of your Higher Selves, Divine Mother, Divine Father and Source you Embody physically—reunite with—the less you need other people to guide, inform, teach and explain things to you. You have constant access to more than you yet know right within yourself constantly. Nonetheless, many Embodiers didn’t see this particular one coming (again) and have recently needed to make more personal changes due to their October, November and December 2018 Embodiment transformations. We’ve been through this repeatedly over these ascension years and decades, but the changes that have taken place due to higher-level Embodiment in 2018, are elevating many into greater levels of being, awareness, responsibility, life and external reality.

My Last Lower Breadcrumb Trail Mission

In October 2018, I knew I needed to briefly go one last time down into a couple of public forums and lay out some Ascension Process  information breadcrumbs. I did NOT want to do it because I already knew how I’d be received, perceived and treated by many people but I also knew this was the last time this will be done by me due to the Separation of Worlds. I will never again deliberately subject myself to low-frequency, low consciousness, unstable egocentric people who’d rather rip me to shreds than consider what I’m freely sharing in an attempt to help them with the evolutionary Ascension Process.

Knowing how this would go before I even did it I did it anyway for one last time before 2018 ends. I didn’t know where I was going to go but quickly found a paranormal forum in October 2018 and minutes later joined and wrote a few careful posts sharing some of my experiences. I didn’t get on a soapbox; I simply shared some personal experiences and insights gained from them. Tough fucking cookies kids because just that was way too much for that forum owner and her moderators and the old familiar negativity started almost immediately upon my arrival. I was there for four days when I left to return to higher frequency ground and the Light.

In late November 2018, I knew there were two more public online forums I needed to quickly pop into for the same reason. I found one spiritual/metaphysical forum through a ping-back link here so after checking it out I joined that forum and carefully shared some handpicked personal experiences and Ascension related info. There was a very small handful of heart people there that gave me the room and peace to say a few things and I was grateful for that. But (oh you knew it was coming!) there were a couple egos that went hardcore defensive attack mode all over me. These people are vicious hate-filled, mentally and emotionally unstable people who cannot deal with anyone or anything outside their egos and narrow belief systems. And yes, most of these people are males. Not all of course but the majority have been males. Why? The past global patriarchal reign.

By the December 6th last New Moon of 2018, I was done and gone from that spiritual/metaphysical forum. Some breadcrumbs are there for those higher frequency eyes and hearts that can see and feel and not be threatened by higher truths and greater realities.

Lastly I went to a third younger type spiritual/metaphysical forum the first week of December 2018 and wrote only one post there because someone had asked if anyone knew about something specific and I did. After my one response post, three different people immediately came in and spewed numerous derailment posts about absolutely nothing and I was permanently gone. The breadcrumbs are there too for any with eyes that can see and hearts that can feel but I and most everyone else are now completely done and permanently gone from that disintegrating lower frequency world and its “72%” population. My personal October, November and December 2018 last low-level flyby breadcrumbs Mission at three different public forums was fulfilled.

NEW DNA Are Bridges First For Embodiers & Later For Humanity To Cross To Ascended Earth

The more NEW Crystalline Christ frequency DNA you Embody, the more external reality ascends. We who are Embodying first use these NEW DNA Crystalline Christ frequency connections happening in us and our bodies but know too that these NEW DNA bridges in each of us are also energy bridges that humanity will cross when they’re ready to ascend to higher levels of being and reality. Some breadcrumbs are in the form of online written information and books etc., and other breadcrumbs are energy bridges like DNA codons that have been connected and become literal Pathways and bridges that humans will traverse later. Embodiers are Pathpavers, and Embodying more NEW DNA within us and our bodies now is Pathpaving for the rest of humanity to travel and cross those energy DNA bridges in the future.

As the old patriarchal world disintegrates and disappears, which will happen like crazy throughout 2019 and 2020, there needs to be in-place NEW DNA Pathways laid by the Pathpaving Embodiers so ready humans have evolutionary exit routes to follow as the Separation of Worlds escalates. Know that what you’re doing and suffering through now Embodiers is doing far more than you, me, we fully understand yet for humanity and beyond.

2019 & 2020 IS The Fat Lady Singing


Pluto entered Capricorn November 2008 and remains there until November 2024. Saturn entered Capricorn in December 2017 and will remain there until December 2020. The exact conjunction of these two-powerhouse physical reality-changing planets in Capricorn, last and highest of the Earth signs, takes place in January 2020. We will however be feeling the profound, quick and extreme evolutionary effects of this Saturn Pluto Capricorn applying conjunction throughout 2019.

Accompanying this Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn physical reality-altering conjunction event will also be the 2020 grand finale of the Sun, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and South Node all in Capricorn at the same time as the exact Saturn Pluto conjunction happens. Simply said, this is the final and complete physical level termination of the negative global patriarchy and its long rule on Earth. This process starts at a more intense level with the entry into 2019 and will escalate through the 2020 Capricorn Saturn Pluto conjunction and other planets there sweeping away the negative everything and everyone that has been. In some cases, this won’t be pretty or easy at all and it’s been manifesting for years already. Change is something humans typically resist and have difficulty with but sweeping change is here and will only escalate greatly throughout 2019 and 2020. Having said that, never forget that this change is due to the natural evolutionary Ascension Process which means it is Divinely intended and Divinely driven. Be flexible and willing to have things change and change some more and all for the better even though it may not look, sound or feel like that to the majority while it’s taking place. This is the Separation of Worlds.


The start of 2019 is the 20-year anniversary for those of us who’ve lived the Ascension Process on the physical biological level since it started at that level in 1999. [For some it was 1998 which made 2018 your 20-year anniversary.] Twenty OMG years of continual physical level living and embodying the Ascension Process first and Pathpaving IT and more for others. Twenty years sounds like nothing but it’s an eternity when it’s the Ascension Process and you’re doing it first in and through you and your physical body. Part of me could cry just thinking back over all I’ve personally been through during these past twenty years except I’m too tired to waste energy crying at the moment. It just is what it was, and “We’ve got a lot of Work ahead of us” as I was told by a kitten that spoke those words like an adult to me in a dream this morning! So precious and cute and such a wonderful way for me to receive that message now. ❤ Know however that the Work before us is nothing compared to the Work behind us. The NEW Work is creative, where the past Work was transformational, dark, brutal and dangerous. There is no comparison.

I know this is long but it’s been a year like no other, expect 2019 is only weeks away and it will trump 2018 like crazy. No fear just HighHeart steadfastness and ongoing Embodiment as we continue Pathpaving in ways we didn’t fully understand we’ve been doing all along.

Denise Le Fay

December 13, 2018


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172 thoughts on “A Look Back & Forward Into 2019’s Separation of Worlds

  • Just gone through the eclipse….. speechless. But in med had a lovely meditation. It about the new children, who will be born, first on new 5d earth…. can you imagine, their joy, on arival…. so different than for us born 3d earth where we new what was instore….
    This has brought up questions!!! Again….
    We are embodying light, as much as we can to build our crystaline lightbody as that what we will be living in……will we only be able to go to new 5d earth…. in seperation of worlds, if we have built our light bodys, up enough????? Or is that why we are waiting… i get confused, about, the merkeba, the crystaline light body.
    Thanks for amazing comments, and replies

    ad on, to my comment…..I was seeing the time lines of all the billions of people on earth…. like threads from a weaving stool, coming from cosmos, to earth…..What wisdom, holy creator, or us as individuals, have
    As, to manage so many lives…i
    In 5d we live in the NOW
    It obvious earth, FULL UP WITH PEOPLE… polictics need new to pay pensions of old.no regard, for water, food, and refuse., other life forms…… hopefully, it because so many souls want be on earth, for these ascension, times, and will be rehoused, as suit their needs, when seperation occursl

  • Hello there
    I wanted to say thanks for this article. But mainly I wish I had read the comments for the last one over Christmas. I literally entered an alternate reality where all the crap had to be faced again. And the aloneness. I have been physically de cluttering my home since May 2018. Culminating in my loft on Boxing Day. Facing memories that I had literally put away. Have discarded a lot. Tidied a lot. Getting my house in order for what is next. Found 20 pictures I either need to finish or begin. Drawn out in 2003-5 waiting for me now. Couldn’t believe it. I also had a very odd dream that I can’t recall much of. But it was like a city in the sky that was so beautiful and I belonged there. And although I couldn’t work out in the dream why I hadn’t been aware of it before I knew it had been there all the while. Sort of waiting for me.
    I have been so down the last two weeks. But I wonder if some of it is just letting go of the old, being aware of other people’s darkness and gaining the beginning of a new perspective
    Love and light
    Magda xx

  • Hope you’re okay Denise🌟✨✌️🙏💗sending Love 💛❤️💙💗💛 feeling you may be in thick of it😨🥵 ✌️😋

    • Thanks Marcy. ❤ I'm okay and have been waiting until we got past the January 5th eclipse before I published my first article of 2019. Sometimes the release time of certain articles is as important as the information in them and this has been the case with this upcoming article. I intend to finish it, edit and publish it tomorrow. I feel you all so everyone know I'm okay despite these past 5 weeks! What a December 2018 was, and November too for that matter. 😮

      New article should be up tomorrow everyone. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Yes, I’ve been thinking about you also. Sending you much LOVE and look forward to your article (as always). 💕

  • I love that I discovered this site…have experienced most if not all that is described here…including a deep “snot-cry” Christmas day that purged the last of the past…amazing experience….thank you for sharing…it is reassuring to know others get this stuff.

  • ✨ Happy 2019 Denise and everyone!!! ✨
    Also, happy belated birthday wishes Thelma ❤

    I too cannot wait for part 2 of this article! Denise you mentioned a mid December trajectory correction, I knew something had changed once again around that time as I noticed 2 things. There was a giant brown moose statue standing on top of a building with its head held high that I passed 1-2 times every week for the past 1 year and 4 months. All of a sudden it vanished and now there was a new moose on a different companies building several buildings down. But this one was blue and white, with its head facing down! Another change I noticed mid December was this random navy blue bicycle that does not belong to any neighbors that appeared parked out of nowhere back in the ending of November. But in mid December that same bicycle changed color and was now an army green color (the seat was still navy blue).

    The ending of December 2018 was PROFOUND! In addition to the highheart activation's, mid December I had an emotional release and realized while crying and sitting right before getting to bed was that the concentric circles (circles within circles) I was seeing in my room appeared way larger (expanding past the span of my arms and closer to me as if they were right in front of my face. I first saw the flower of life design moving in multiple directions at once with my eyes open at the ending of 2014 (which I had no idea at that time what it was) along with these circles. But back then the circles seemed further away and smaller in span. The was my first realization for the ending of December that we are progressing forward as the huge expansion of circles from the past 4 years showed me growth in unity consciousness, meaning we are getting closer! On Dec 23 I had sharp pain in all of my teeth/gums, and had a dream that I was turning into a crystal (I saw that my entire torso had literally turned into a gigantic crystal and the process was spreading outwards from the center, as only my extremities looked carbon based!!!). On Dec 24 I got sharp left ear canal pain while the teeth continued. Dec 25 both those pains continued but that morning I had another dream where I saw crystals were literally popping out of my skin! Later that evening I too experienced the reality check as I sat there all alone. It hit me really hard as I ended up having an emotional release that lasted several hours. On Dec 26 the pain switched to my right ear canal but the teeth pain went away. My whole teeth/mouth hurting and the sharp ear canal pain was something I had not had before. Also as I was describing to someone that the winter boot on my foot felt tight from my ankle, I ended up saying "my toilet" instead of "my ankle". Forgetting/mixing words is a symptom that has been happening for years now but sometimes it's something funny and totally random as it doesn't even rhyme nor did I have to use the washroom, so I'm sharing this for anyone wanting to laugh. Dec 27 in the evening I discovered I had sparkles on my fingers and the palms of my hands. It seemed to be increasing by the day. I first discovered my entire skin covered in rainbow particles around spring of 2016 after I saw a video of a woman (different than the one in the link video) sharing the crystalline lightbody being visible with rainbow and golden/diamond crystals. But now I could also see what looked like glitter! Dec 30 I noticed some sparkles on my face and forearms. Strange thing is I found some sparkles on my blanket which was washed the day before. So we must be shedding sparkles too?! Dec 31 evening I went to the bathroom and noticed my entire forehead covered in sparkles, it looked similar to that arts and crafts glitter (not makeup or lotion/cream/sweat as those create more of a glistening effect). It was also on my arms and hands. I even asked my partner to see if he could see what was on my forehead, fingers, and palms (as those were the places it was most prominent in, have not inspected my whole body yet) without telling him what to look for as I wasn't sure if this was something only I was seeing. I made a short video clip of my fingers to document it. And now January 1, I had another dream where I saw my skin was sparkling like glitter, in addition to sharp pains coming in intermittently in the solar plexis area, some in the root chakra area, along with a symptom that I last had 5 years ago re-appear. What is up with all these super sharp sudden pains? I am noticing they're taking place different parts of my body at a time and have been increasing in Dec, it jolts my body as I try not to move and breath when it's occurring.

    Barbara and Lyn Treasure mentioned rash and perhaps getting glitter after the rash, I wanted to share that in my case I have both rash (a few spots on my body) along with the glitter on different parts of my body.

    Denise I cannot wait to meet you all one day! Hang in there Denise and everyone else, I know you mentioned you were in a lot of pain, with all these sharp pains 😐! Lots of love to you and all, and thank you so much. ❤ I really appreciate all that you share, you have helped me to stay put when I have felt I have been standing on edge all these years. Soon we will be visibly shiny 🙂

  • Thank you Denise! I feel so much love and gratitude for what you do for us-for all. I’m sure your head hurts like mine so I don’t know how you do it but your words here have made all the difference for me and kept me on the path.❤️

  • I love you, Denise, and thank you for Capricornianly staying the course and being with us for all these years. I wonder how many shaky, “I just can’t take this any more, I’ve had enough, stuff the planet I want to go Home, NOW!!!” souls you’ve helped to hang on in there, over the years? I have tears in my eyes. You are ALL wonderful, just for being there. (And I know it’s New Year’s Eve, but no, I am not drinking, lol, I haven’t even had a coffee!) 🙂
    Here’s to our not just survival but shining brilliance , in 2019.

  • Looking back …….. can’t even re-member most of 2018 👀 …. and forward into 2019 🔮

    I’m on a version of Earth that is pristine, all the beings living here are peaceful and loving, we are in perfect health, youthful, and sovereign. We have homes that are natural, exquisite and in harmony with their surroundings. This is our home, these beings are us, we made it …

    🌟 ☀️ 💫
    wishing you all an ascension new year

    love & hugs 💖

    • Hope, I can’t remeber 2018 either! Today tonight yesterday I thought, okay what happened all this last year?!? 2019 GETS a it’s OWN journal.

  • Dear Denise, you answered my big question, my biggest persistent question! You explained WHY we walk alone, and inside me your answer was TRUTH. I felt such a huge relief, and then it seemed so obvious that I felt almost an inner embarrassment! I have always been alone. I was born long after all my cousins. My folks have neen gone/died 30 and 20 years ago. In my life I always became separated from the masses or the norm. Even in school days I never lived near other children. This pattern persisted thru several moves. I knew I’d never marry, and my circumstances conspired so that I never had a boyfriend. NEVER desired children. My challenges sucked up all my energy….just to survive and figure things out. And when I began to figure things out, my isolation grew! I didn’t understand! I have been permitted some fringe friendships…..see a movie and talk a bit…..to keep me sane and give me “some” perspective or feedback. All my life people have said im strange. My boss said people have to “understand u”. Makes me wonder what it’s like for them, what I’m like for them. My boss appreciates my peace. Yet I don’t often feel peace! And, Denise, we older people, or myself as a “senior” have to lay down the implanted fears old age can visit upon us as we live on alone and isolated. (Is there any specific reason dementia is so prevalent? But it always has been happening, not just in our modern age). I enjoy working because its my most intense experience. And when I’m triggered its equally intense. My body hurts a lot but I know my aches are caused by grain! I eat them bcuz im addicted to how they make my brain feel, but ive also lived without, abstinence, and I became pain free! So its not ascension related pain. And I mean I hobble in stiffness and aches. My hip hurts and my rib, but its bcuz my shoulder pulls them out of aligmnent. My other shoulder has an injury. My knees are bad from being heavy early in life and as I persist in eating grain I’ve lost flexibility. (Sigh, i need to revisit abstinence). And so it seems my life experiences is focused upon exactly what needs to released and upgraded. Basic stuff like attitude and expectations. Thoughts. Accountability. Truth. Character. And what u pointed out! Our sovereign power as living aspects of Source in manifestation. No crutches. No life preserver. Sink or swim! Learn, unlearn, let go, remember, or just TRUST.

    • “And, Denise, we older people, or myself as a “senior” have to lay down the implanted fears old age can visit upon us as we live on alone and isolated.”

      Ain’t that the truth Edith! I’ve dealt with my aging while living the ongoing Ascension Process (mine started on the physical biological level at age 47 in 1999) and Embodiment Process and I just turned 67 in December 2018. Either of these monumental issues — physically aging or the Ascension Process — is enough to beat the hell out of a person but doing both simultaneously has at times been confusing for me. In my case and many other females, we started and traversed the entire menopause (wait, I’m trying really hard to not curse like crazy right here) transformational nightmare that just that was at the same time as our AP started. For a while I couldn’t tell what was menopause, what was aging, what was personal lifelong body pains and issues etc. and what was strictly the Ascension Process. And, as we females know acutely, females aging in our society become invisible to most and targets to others.

      Having been thin, muscular and agile there’s been times where just losing more physical strength and muscle-mass, gaining more weight and losing more agility has been really hard to deal with at times while out in the world doing your best to just take care of the every day things and not trip or fall etc. And then there’s all the rest of the OLD concerns, fears, doubts about how is all this going to work for those of us over age 50, 60, 70 while the old world falls apart etc.? Talk about faith and sheer determination!

      Edith, you are your husband and your child and your friends in this life of evolutionary ascension. Isn’t it great how our Higher Selves removed most of all that stuff from our lives so that we could and would focus entirely on ourselves in these incredibly important lives during this ascension? Look at all these things from this higher perspective and it all makes more sense. ❤

  • I don’t even know what to say and have actually started and deleted a lot of comments these last days. Well, that’s not entirely true— I do want to say THANK YOU to Denise and to everyone in this voluminous comments section for a place to read and think and connect, even if I haven’t been chiming in. Offering love to all. 💓

  • Denise, I keep wanting to post the most ever, past days have been so eventful. Different kind of light coming off me yesterday, drunk moments In n Out reality and light on me ( quality I cannot describe except to say super soft sparkles bunched together, floating off me like breath of air gold white, and turquoise colors like air smearing off me in front of me, and purple smears the other day. Also driving a car is actually dangerous right now. Never mind crazy people, I’m worse than drunk presently. Spelling, forget it, hurts to think of it, language lover that I am. Last night, OUCH! Turning in my sleep was like moving lead, hurting head to tow SO MUCH STUFF coming in, I felt like it was MY Christmas and Santa arrived, down another kind of chimney, and lit elves and fairies worked ALL NIGHT on me! I kept seeing lights forms faces more faces smiling odd more light activity yippee kinda feeling, it was lovely! If it weren’t so painful! Oddly, I could be happy while tossing and being doused with light and “snow” flakes!!! One being actually busted through near end, from a bright light way above me that broke open (chimney lol) and he said “It’s going to feel better soon!” Like in a “don’t worry it’s okay!!!” kind of voice, he shouted it! (close to the words he used) It was so sweet!! I was so grateful. Thought someone might be happy to hear about that. And… I’m working on not saving. I know you know. I get it. That’s the hard side of present moment, facing this. Most my life, I actually believed others won’t get it if I don’t help. I don’t know what to do with that but I do know how to give it up to Love. And let that decide what it wants to do with it, lol! Last night I sat in bed more light floating off me more coming in! I realized how my parent loves me in just one small part of herself and that’s all. That’s her wound. I can accept that. That’s it. At least she has that. I cried for the first time over this, being denied. And how much I’ve wanted female friends. How much I wanted to be liked by women. How it hurt having few friends, trying failing rejection and betrayal. Shame. Embarrassment, loneliness. In bed my imagination put me on an English shore crying over the loss, the break between mother and daughter. The love muddled. I could see myself on a hill above the beach and ocean and I was able to cry over it, without hate or fear. It’s okay, If that’s all she is. If no one likes me, it’s okay. It’s okay. I can love her. I can finally forgive her. And like me. Thanks for letting me share… again :}

  • I’ll trade some of my rash for some of your glitter! Thank you, Denise and everyone here, for your comments and responses. I’m thankful that every now and then my sense of humor surfaces… especially as everything else in my body seems to be permanently off-line. There is a sign in a store here I’m thinking of getting. It reads, “I will rise, but I will not shine.” Yikes, what a challenge it has been and continues to be, but thing is, I’d rather be meeting the challenge as best I can than doing anything else. Thanks again, all, much love, B.

  • Wow, Denise. You put that so perfectly. I have known for years about the separation, and this is not my first ‘alone’ Christmas, but this year I felt the glaring reality of it full-on, as you said, and was surprised by how utterly Alone I knew myself to be. (though as Jain said, I know you are all out there!). I don’t get lonely, and you’ve described it here better than I can, it was a much more powerful realization than I expected. Like, you’ve been slogging determinedly through a desert, head down, one foot after the other, and one by one, your companions turned back, gave up, took different routes, but you keep going, then one day you look around and see there is NO ONE there. Just the wind blowing across miles and miles of empty sand.
    This is not a whine, I’ve been on this path since 1999, I fully understand why I don’t have around me the warm, supportive web that most people do of old friends and loving relatives. But the acute awareness of it this week, startled me!

    • “Like, you’ve been slogging determinedly through a desert, head down, one foot after the other, and one by one, your companions turned back, gave up, took different routes, but you keep going, then one day you look around and see there is NO ONE there. Just the wind blowing across miles and miles of empty sand.”

      And you said that perfectly Podvig!

      You’re right, the feeling of each of us being “alone”, which we each needed to see, feel and know very clearly over this holiday week, has nothing to do with being lonely but on our own which is really about us becoming increasingly, consciously aware of how sovereign we now are. In other words, we each need to know how powerful we are now individually because of what we’ve each done in our personal Ascension Process and Embodiment Process etc. The next part of all this has to do with WHY are we individually needing to know how strong, powerful, sovereign we each are now at the very end of 2018? And, WHY are we discussing it like we have been here over the past few days? I know all of you reading this has felt, sensed, watched and learned from the changes that have happened just from our coming together in this NEW way and sharing, connecting, understanding etc. more about what’s going on right now over these past few days. This is taking each of us, and all of us as a Light Tribe collective group to another higher level. Wow, as I just wrote that last sentence I remembered that dream I had last week where a kitten suddenly spoke to me in an adult human voice and said, “There’s still a lot of work to do.” All of this is us individually and as a higher group preparing to do that NEW work here.

      Everybody, it has to do with the upcoming Separation of Worlds and all that’s going to be playing out in 2019. ❤ We've traversed a lot of very important ascension stair-steps just this past week and there's always but always big important reasons for it. In a few weeks or months we'll look back at this time and these conversations and dreams etc. we've had at the end of 2018 and we'll know so much more than we do at this moment. Future Self and current Self working back and forth until they finally get so close to each other they unify.

      • Denise,
        It occurs to me as I read Podvig’s insights that you’ve become our Glenda the Good Witch!👰
        We feel alone because there’s so much ground to cover, new earth to seed, heaven to create…always having to focus on each step of our inside job. The people I’ve known along the way are still doing the work. Communication is just so difficult sometimes, like running in a dream. We’re all so overcome by exhaustion as we climb higher and higher through the fields of ancient poppies, feeling drugged. Then through the mind fragments come your words…”Wake up, get up, keep moving, you’re not alone” Obviously I’m paraphrasing here lol!
        Many Blessings to all that gather here in this emerald healing field and thank you Denise for reMinding us, always, why we came♡♡♡

    • Brilliantly put sister, 🐦🎶🌿💚🌹, I got resentful about those that got off, which made it even worse, so thanks very much for the, “not” whine that I really needed to hear, absolute gratitude and much love from me 🎠💚🎶💜🌿

    • Thank you, Podvig and everyone who commented on this post. It’s word for word so much of my experience currently and just to read these comments have been comforting.

  • “Has anyone noticed small shiny, Light reflective flecks in/on their skin over the past two years or so? I have some visibly noticeable physical tiny Crystalline flecks on my face across my cheeks and nose. Because this is a natural side effect of evolving/ascending from a carbon-based physical being and body to a Crystalline-based Light-filled being and physical body.”

    Yes Denise I have actually seen this on a friend of mine who is doing this work.
    Hopefully more of us get to “shine” as we keep cleaning out.

    • In the last year I, too, have noticed shiny silvery specks on my skin – but they appear on my arms. They seem to glow in the light.

    • This has been happening on my hands for the past several years. I can only see it at night as there is a soft glow on my hands and sparkles across the palms and fingers. In May of 2018, I came across another person who had taken a video of this happening on her hands and I realized our bodies were changing into crystalline. It was very cool to actually see it happening instead of just feeling all the pain with this embodiment process. Here is a link to her video and talking about this process.

      • head into wall

        I usually don’t publish Comments with links in them to other sites michelpatzer. I understand however that many people don’t believe something unless they can physically see it. People like me and some others have been writing about our evolving from carbon-based humans to crystal-based humans of Light for nearly 20 years but hey, that can’t beat a five minute video.

        • Sorry Denise, it looked exacting like what my hands look like at night and I have no other way to describe it to others who may find some comfort in the visuals. It will not happen again sorry to have offended you.

        • Thanks michelpatzer and I’m sorry too for letting myself get frustrated. I knew and know exactly what your hands look like at night because I’ve seen that Light radiating off of me/my body for a couple of years now.

          Again, I’m sorry I got frustrated but it happens sometimes when I’m overwhelmed by my mom pissing and shitting and hallucinating all over the place… and some other negative crap from other people. Onward we go however.

  • Wow, thank you for this summary of it all Denise. It’s always a relief to read your words, and those of your fans, and know “this isn’t happening to just me”. It’s too easy to fall into that way of thinking when you don’t communicate with that many other people in a face-to-face way. Seeing what’s happening around the world – to the world – makes it easier to under the Big Picture and the Ascension Process itself. Awesome. Thank you again and to all here who share their own experiences. Bless you one and all.

  • Dear Denise! Yesterday my brain felt like it was malfunctioning…..and I was at work. I felt floaty. Couldn’t think straight and use the work computer. I stressed over this as customers were waiting. I would just “go blank”! And I was so very tired! I picked up a couple of DVDs and couldnt remember how to use my player!!! I went to bed exhausted. Today thankfully Im staying home and as I tune in I feel an intensification of this “energy” or whatever is happening. Please,what is happening! 🤗

    • Yep Edith these energy changes are intense. Earlier today another round of what I went through on the 27th has returned. Grateful for the one recovery day in-between these blasts!

      I’ve gone through periods too where I couldn’t remember how to make things work like what you described. This is terrible but it’s the truth, I’ve had a couple of times when I couldn’t figure out which shoe went on which foot. Or which car door to get in to drive the car, and it was only me present. 😐 Yikes! Hang in there everyone, we’re deep in re-calibration mode to much higher frequencies and more of them once again.

      • This morning I sat down to put on shoes and socks to go for a walk. I picked up a sock and couldn’t figure out how to put it on and why it was even in my hand. Rather than go through a description of all I’ve been experiencing/feeling, I’ll say “ditto” to most everything that’s been shared here. Denise, your responses and further explanations are awesome and, btw, I have noticed a a few occasions when little specks that look like glitter appear on my cheeks. And this:

        “This is taking each of us, and all of us as a Light Tribe collective group to another higher level. Wow, as I just wrote that last sentence I remembered that dream I had last week where a kitten suddenly spoke to me in an adult human voice and said, “We’ve still a lot of work to do.” All of this is us individually and as a higher group preparing to do that “NEW work here.”

        I had a dream a week or so ago about two cats talking to me in human voices. One of them left, one stayed. Can’t recall the exact words, just remember the feeling.

        Must go for Unity Meditation now. Much love and huge gratitude to all of you here!!

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