Through The Many Layers, Oftentimes Painfully

I know that the Sun is currently spraying us with divinely directly evolutionary plasma energies (solar winds) and more, but yesterday—January 28, 2019—was nearly too much for me physically. Too much for me because I had to leave me house and go to Sears during this latest human and Earth plasma hosing. It was pain-filled to absolute overflowing for a variety of reasons for me, this early 2019 solar plasma hose-down being one of them, but I feel this entire business needs to be discussed a bit more. Yesterday was NOT the first time I’ve experienced what I’m going to share next because I’ve been dealing with it throughout these ascension years. It’s just that yesterday was crazy severe and painful on my physical body and I know many of you are feeling extreme physical pains now too. I’m hoping today is less severe, and it probably will be because I’m not leaving my house for days! I need to recuperate from yesterday.

Yesterday I had to go to Sears automotive to get the oil changed and new wiper blades installed on my car because California has more rain coming this week. Rain is always a big deal for drought-ridden California, especially SoCal and the drivers here decrease their normal driving speeds from 85+ MPH down to 80 MPH or thereabouts.  :-/  Also, I’ve found that rubber products from the past Piscean Age, and much else, don’t fair well in vastly higher frequency solar plasma energies and Photonic Light. They seem to deteriorate rubber products and pretty much everything else of that lower frequency range very rapidly.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Sears, it was founded in 1893 in North America and was the first mail-order store. It sells almost everything and many years later added the automotive department. I’ve taken my cars there for a long time but rarely go into the Sears department store. I’ll shop online at Sears/K-Mart but I’ll do everything I can to not have to physically go into any store to shop at this point within the Ascension and Embodiment Process.

A couple weeks ago I bought some pajama sets (pant and top) online from K-Mart (owned by Sears) for my mom and as has become almost normal over the past year, the items I order online are not what arrives at my physical front door. Sometimes it’s the wrong size item, wrong color, different brand, and in this latest case the pants to the pajama set weren’t included, only the top. My whole point in shopping online is to not have to go to the physical stores, but this latest screw up by Sears/K-Mart pissed me off so I decided to return the pajama top with no matching bottom while the Sears mechanic was changing the oil in my car. Now here where things get interesting for we Volunteer folks. How many of you have experienced this too over these ascension years?

I physically walk from the Sears automotive department once they’re working on my car and head into the large main Sears store to return the pajama top and have them refund my credit card. Simple and easy right? Not so for Volunteers who live in, exist in, stay at home in a higher frequency range. Add to that the fact that Sears/K-Mart is dying a slow, lengthy and miserable death. I’m surprised they’re still even open for business and I doubt they’ll survive 2019, certainly not 2020. Many more long-established companies like Sears will be dead and gone this year or next along with many, many other things from the old patriarchal world.

Before I go any further I want everyone reading this to understand that I’ve been able to have lucid dreams since early childhood. All that means is that I’ve always been able to remain conscious while I’m asleep and out of my physical body and in my etheric body. I’m “lucid” in most of my dreams where it’s needed for me to be fully conscious of what’s going on in the 4D Astral. My Higher Self needs me to be conscious and “lucid” while I’m in my etheric body so I can consciously retain whatever I experience and learn and bring it back to my waking physical body and state so I can write about it. Please keep this in heartmind as you read this next part. ❤

As I’m walking from the Sears automotive department into the main Sears store I both physically see and also sense that I’ve literally physically walked into a much more dense lower frequency range that is—at this point within the Ascension Process—comparable to the old lower fourth dimensional Astral plane. I intentionally stepped out of my physical house that exists in a higher Light-filled frequency range and timeline, got into my physical car and drove into a lower and therefore more dense frequency range in an old timeline that’s ending because I had to go to Sears to take care of these two different things; oil change and refund missing pajama pants. Read this paragraph again if you need to get a clear and better conscious understanding about your, mine, our abilities to intentionally and repeatedly drive to and walk ourselves out of a higher frequency range and timeline down into a lower and much more dense frequency range and timeline that looks and feels physical because it still is for the time-being. Look at this from the point of your/my/us being capable of intentionally and all while in our physical bodies and fully conscious, go from a higher less dense frequency range and location(s) down into a much more dense lower frequency range where old 3D patriarchal Earth world systems and structures and businesses etc. still exist. We can and do repeatedly and intentionally drive and walk ourselves back down into old lower Earth world realities that are dying and disappearing. 

I got about halfway to the refund desk in main Sears when I realized that it was going to take some mega effort on my part to get my physical body walked back out of Astral plane, dream-time-like, main store Sears that was like a ghost town with most of the overhead lighting turned off because Sears can’t pay for it I suspect. It was not only excruciating on my physical body walking down into this old lower dying frequency range where Sears exists, but it was exactly like having a lucid dream. It was surreal, extremely physically painful, sad to see this old company die such a slow and miserable death, and to have so many people still floundering around in this old lower dense frequency trying to make it work and earn enough of a weekly paycheck to hang in there with Sears/K-Mart and all the other companies dying this sort of slow demise. It was exactly like being lucid in a dream.

Do you see how much we’ve evolved from the old lower Earth world with its old dense frequency range and all that went with it into where we are today? Do you understand that, as wild and weird as this is and has been throughout these ascension years (since 1998–1999), that it’s about to change much more so probably this year and we’ll finally fully separate from the old lower Earth world(s) and timeline(s) completely? Being able to go to and fro between where we’ve lived and existed in our private homes that exist in a higher and much less dense frequency range back down into old lower more dense frequency range Earth world realities and back again is incredible, not to mention profoundly stressful and pain-inducing on our physical bodies and CNS (Central Nervous Systems) from going from much less density to much more density and then back again repeatedly.

As I mentioned earlier, this was NOT the first time I’ve experienced being lucid while physically driving and walking into and through lower frequency dense stores and locations etc. I’ve experienced it many times over a decade ago in Target (another department store), in DMV which I’ve written about, in different grocery stores, in Home Depot and Lowe’s, and banks! OMG banks were the worst because of the density and negativity around money. Every time I’d step across my banks doorway I’d instantly be hit with crushing density to the point that a few times throughout the 2000’s I almost passed out in my bank standing inline waiting to get to a bank teller. I’ve experienced it when some person comes to my door and I have to interact with them. And it’s all because everyone is not and has not been existing on, living in, working within the same frequency range as everyone else.

But wait, there’s so much more of this that we’ve done all along. It’s just that most haven’t been conscious of having been doing it but that’s changing in 2019 and is the real point to this weird article. My problem is if I can accurately convey what has been for me to this point nearly impossible to put into linear words. It’s really interesting but also very hard to put into words and describe accurately. At least it has been for me to do so. Here we go however nonetheless.

That Was Interesting But This Is Even Better

The experience(s) above was linear in that it was conscious, intentional, planned and carried out physically in that linear way. Me wake up, me shower, get in car, drive to Sears, hurt plenty physically, drive back home, recuperate as long as needed. It just is what it is and always has been since the Ascension Process began physically.

But, this other thing I’ve wanted to talk about for years is very different and totally nonlinear. It is quantum and what I’ve called Spherical Consciousness is used to perceive what you/You/YOU are all doing simultaneously. From one perspective, that of these physical Volunteer selves here in physical bodies living and anchoring the Ascension Process and now the Embodiment Process if you’ve decided to go for that too, has perceived from a more linear level and frequency range but that is changing much more this year for more Volunteers. We’ve been doing the Ascension Work and our individual Missions etc. all these years but as we embody and Embody more Light, more NEW DNA, more Crystalline Christ frequency, more NEW in general, the more we’re having experiences that exist both in and outside of linear time and space. We’re increasingly experiencing being not only able to intentionally drive and walk from one dimension and density and frequency range into another and another and another etc. in our physical bodies, we’re also becoming consciously aware of the fact that we’re doing this same sort of thing from multiple levels, dimensions and different aspects of our Selves simultaneously. Huh? I know, it’s hard to express.

We’ve called this thing I’m struggling to express accurately, silly things like “time traveling”, “time jumping”, “changing timelines” and so on and they’re all correct but not really large enough to contain what we’ve been doing. Let me try this from another angle.

I know when I am deeply involved with the Denise aspect who is embodying and Embodying as a Volunteer on ascending Earth in her physical body. How do I know? So far it’s been very physically painful embodying the NEW higher Light energies etc. It’s traumatic on the physical body, CNS and much more. When I’m deep in this I can tell that—I apologize because here comes more linear words to describe this—I am being intentionally focused on and in this Denise aspect in her timeline and stage and level and frequency etc. and that it is extremely important for her and for All because she is anchoring specific NEW Light energies etc. into the NEW Earth.

A few days later I can tell that I am in another level, another frequency range, another aspect of me/Me/ME that—I apologize because here comes some more lame terms for these types of things—exists and is Working the Ascension Process from that particular level and frequency range and dimension etc. simultaneously. From that aspect of myself I seemingly exist in the “near future”, but the reality is that I/She/They exist at a higher frequency range than this Denise whose typing this now. What I’m trying to say is that the more I Embody, the more these gaps and seeming distances and different selves/Selves/SELVES in different layers and dimensions and frequencies and timelines too are all becoming more in sync with each other and I’m becoming more conscious of us all and how we’re—I apologize for this really hokey one—”becoming ONE” or reunited or Unified or whatever term you prefer. All this really is is that what has been intentionally separated or seemingly so from all the other Others is now, and much more quickly, becoming reconnected and consciously from our sides and self.

The easiest way I can explain this is to use the metaphor of how all of us has a TV in our houses. Our individual TVs receive some 500 different channels that play 500 different programs or shows all at the same time. Only one TV but 500 different channels that are playing 500 different shows simultaneously. We intentionally “tune in to” whatever single channel and TV show we want to watch and focus on at that time but that does not mean all 499 other channels and shows playing on them don’t exits simultaneously. You see what I’m getting at. The more you/me/we Embody, the more you/me/we are able to be consciously aware of and hold in our awareness all the other Others, all the other 499 other channels of ourselves/Selves/SELVES etc. and none of us are diminished because of it. Just the opposite it true as the 500 different channels become capable of perceiving each other simultaneously and Work together on multiple things in multiple dimensions in multiple levels of frequency and focus for the greatest and highest good of All. The many become conscious of their personal ONENESS. Now imaging every Volunteer reaching this NEW level and ability of not only being able to drive and walk from one frequency range to another repeatedly but also of shifting from one aspect of self/Self/SELVES consciously too. This we’re doing and more is coming of course but for now this is a really big evolutionary shift we’re increasingly dealing with in our physical bodies, HighHearts and selves/Selves/SELVES.

So while I recuperate from my sojourn back in time to a dying timeline that exists in great density in old lower frequency Earth where Sears and everything else from the old world clings to life, I want everyone to know that you are and will continue to experience increasing phenomena, anomalies, aches and pains from driving and walking into and back out of lower frequency locations and stores and jobs etc. in them while the other Other yous/Yous/YOUS continue Working on and towards the physical level Separation of Worlds that is closer now than ever before. More to come, more to discuss, but I’ve gotta get horizontal for a bit and do some more recuperating. Gratitude ❤ hugs to everyone doing this and more for self/Self/SELF and All.


January 29, 2019

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75 thoughts on “Through The Many Layers, Oftentimes Painfully

  • Been Brutal, but boy does this SHRED!!!! What a time y’all

    Sometimes we sit here in the piddling crash of all things, just to rise and shine and blow our own minds
    Just sayin……

  • Denise, despite what I said in my recent private note to you, I do want to comment on the subject of going into lower dimensional stores or places. Just last week, I was in a progressive, hip, (allegedly) high-vibe small city that I used to live in in northern Colorado (wink, wink). A friend and I went into a “progressive, hip, (allegedly) healthy eatery” because we have enjoyed eating at their sister eatery not too far away. Despite the clean graphic designs and vegan options and large windows and hip colors, I watched myself fall into some kind of black hole the minute I got to the counter. The young guy behind the counter smiled and greeted me as though he was an android programmed to exude a sense of friendliness. I don’t think he heard a word of my question, and his countenance never changed. In fact, he greeted me twice as though his AI device had skipped a beat. It was so off-putting that I got out of line and went and sat at a table for a bit. I then went back to the counter, where his supervisor interceded with me. I got a bowl of vegetable soup that I can only describe as tasting like dirty dishwasher. I took another spoonful and knew that I would not put another sip in my mouth. The friend I was with ordered a salad and I watched as she spit into a napkin, proclaiming that she felt/tasted “rocks” in her salad! I spoke to the manager (who I am certain viewed me as a b*#chy, high-maintenance customer) and I’m sharing this to point out that it’s not just the crumbling, dinosaur big box stores (the usual suspects) that are no longer palatable for many of us! There are low-vibration places gussied up to appear bathed in high-frequency goodness and unity consciousness, though they may not be what they appear. As soon as we left the premises and stepped into the sunshine, my energy instantly shifted! Ironically, several days later I felt called to enter a big-box store for a single purchase, and had an enjoyable, easeful, and successful experience! Just sayin’ that you never know until you engage. Love to All!

    • “…and I’m sharing this to point out that it’s not just the crumbling, dinosaur big box stores (the usual suspects) that are no longer palatable for many of us! There are low-vibration places gussied up to appear bathed in high-frequency goodness and unity consciousness, though they may not be what they appear…”

      You’re preaching to the choir rachel by telling me about False Light bullshit doing it’s best impersonation of actual Light on the unaware. I’ve written about this, about those people who use the “new age” etc. as another way to parasite off of people.

      There’s many places where people in the Ascension Community photos are that clearly display the False Light and heavy-handed attempts to appear as something of a much higher frequency and development etc. than they actually are. If you have “it” you don’t need to have glamor shot 8×10 photos of yourself taken trying to look like an ET or an Angelic, a Savior, super beautiful, Holier than thou or whatever aspect of the old BS one is trapped in. The Ascension Community is and always has been full of these parasite cons pretending to be what they aren’t and get money from others for as long as possible. It’s old negative patriarchal consciousness dressed up in “new age” trappings believing that no one can tell the difference! We can however and we always have.

      Like I’ve said many times, this is really about individual frequencies, not how ethereal one can make themselves look or how powerful or beautiful or wise whatever. It’s frequency that people have within themselves and if you can honestly See and read Energy Signatures — as I can — then you know instantly whose who and whose not in not only the Ascension Community but humanity. A dirty shit-hole of a place can have a super high frequency and be a little bit of heaven on Earth. 😉

  • “We’re increasingly experiencing being not only able to intentionally drive and walk from one dimension and density and frequency range into another and another and another etc. in our physical bodies, we’re also becoming consciously aware of the fact that we’re doing this same sort of thing from multiple levels, dimensions and different aspects of our Selves simultaneously.”

    Oh, gosh, Denise, I totally missed what you were saying under the title: “That Was Interesting But This Is Even Better”.

    I should say I intellectually, left-brain ‘thought I got it’, but a couple of re-reads just now pinged into right-brain intuition. THAT is the ‘how’ that I was looking for, the being able to be conscious “from multiple levels, dimensions and different aspects of our Selves simultaneously.”

    Sounds right to me, and fun, too. Thanks for your patience while I re-united my brain! B.

    • I just waited for you to get to the other side Barbara. 😉 It has been, and will continue to be, very NEW and very different and we’re all feeling “reality” literally falling apart and disappearing under our feet, in our bodies, our memories, and our lives.


      I’ve been repeatedly perceiving that the Separation of Worlds is happening now!, and because it doesn’t look like what most expected — that sudden instantaneous Hollywood special effects pyrotech explosive type thing — most people don’t realize how radical everything actually is now. More will as the year unfolds but my gawd it’s been extraordinarily surreal, fluid reality, moving, quantum, timeless, Light flashing, realities collapsing all around us type of stuff lately. It’s never been like it is now and there’s so much more coming as we LIVE THIS NOW, not later everyone but right NOW. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • !!! ⚡️ !!! Thank you for sharing this, Denise. On 2/2 I kept saying to myself, “I’m losing my grip on reality!” And even though I thought I meant that in the old way (like, I’m going crazy, this is too much), of course it made me laugh to myself because of how it is also literally true. And of course I want it to be so (even though it feels hard sometimes).

      • YES it has Denise! Thank you for sharing this. I have felt it too/seen it in ways so far (more to come – Yay!!) Dream time/mission time has stepped up quite considerably. Not just once in a while but 7 nights/morning in a row.
        I love the background on your site. I actually SEE this with eyes closed sometimes – colors change.
        So much love to you and ALL here.

    • Dear Denise and Barbara and all…I keep re reading that phrase also, My days are speeding by… each different, but nights wow…I seem to be going to different places…. one of them South America…I watch my self from 3d and feel I know the area but haven’t been there (Lima, Peru ) in this life…everything is crossing over? ..or combining other selves? I am not sure…but interesting AND remembering from” before.”(I sound like I am rambling..)
      Anyway….I feel my purpose is getting closer.

      I have a level of excitement and strength returning…finally!
      Many thanks

  • If Inelia Benz’s hypothetical situation turns out to be correct, yes – how wonderful! However, does all the sickness, pain, disease and misery disappear from our world as well?

  • Dear Denise
    I am subscriber to a Hawaii based mystic woman blog who posts occasionally. Here is her latest mystic message in my inbox which seems to be quiet intriguing and intimidating because she is saying it so assertively, authoritatively and emphatically. Denise, is any of this going to be true as per your highheart consciousness and belief or it’s all just fear-mongering BS?
    Best Regards

    • revital71 & All,

      ***I removed the entire quoted post that revital71 had included in her/his Comment.***

      I read every word of it revital71 and it was a crazy mix of incorrect information and old lower level 3D patriarchal crap and Team Dark negativity. What she said about the Moon is exactly the opposite of what energetically happened on the January 20, 2019 Lunar eclipse supermoon. I wrote about this and how ALL of the old negative alien distortions etc. that they did to and in the Moon to better effect and control humanity all these past thousands of year was completely and permanently REMOVED from the Moon and from humanity. Don’t you find it interesting that anyone would say the opposite about the Moon right after it was “exorcised” by the NEW Light?

      I’m not saying that 2019 won’t be filled with all sorts of chaos and change because it will be, just like all the years leading up to now. Last year I and many others wrote about Uranus entering Taurus (has to do with money, finances, what individuals value, what society values, what the world values etc.) and how once it does fully enter Taurus and stays there for the next seven years or so — which is March 1, 2019 — the entire money situation is going to begin going through MAJOR changes worldwide, as will what everyone VALUES. What was “valuable” before won’t be for much longer due to the tremendous NEW Light energies etc. that we’re in now in 2019.

      From here on out lots and lots of people are going to be claiming, predicting, saying all sorts of incorrect things about everything that’s happening and will be. Discernment is super important and learning how to trust your own inner feelings and sensing about everything you read and hear and even see.

  • Denise thank you and everyone that posts here..I am transcending so many things..the newest that got my attention..in5D blog that I also read that mentioned Doreen Virtue..I was so distraught reading her newest blog..she is now back to the bible and everything of empowering yourself is evil devils work…it really left me with feeling so much appreciation for light ascension warriors like you cause you would never go backwards like that! Thank you and bless you allways Denise ..we need your voice and high heart!💜💚💙💛✨💫🙏🌟🌞

    • Michelle Wanning? This seems to be a promotion post for that low vibration blog that couldn’t be further away from 5d. I think he’s your boyfriend?
      People here would never read such misinformation put together on a site full of ads, neither that oracle card turned bible fanatic has anything to do with this post or each individual’s ascension process. We don’t care about sensationalism and gossip.
      Didn’t we have to comment something related to the article, did the rules changed then?
      This is a veiled spam Denise, very typical of those guys and very low vibration.

      • “Didn’t we have to comment something related to the article, did the rules changed then?”

        Thanks for asking Lana and NO the rules, my rules at HHL did not and will not be changing concerning this.

        There’s been a few Comments come in here recently with old lower energies and consciousness but this has always been the case and I do my best with every one. Most just get deleted by me, some I publish and reply to, and some I publish and call the person out on their crap. Here’s the thing in a nutshell — because we’ve entered a New Year and it is a very NEW higher energy in all ways, many people are going to be struggling even more than they have over the abundant BS, distortions, sheer crap, ego-based delusions and so on. The Separation of Worlds is happening NOW and more and more are sensing that something is very, very different and because of this they’re grasping at anything to help define reality for them. Problem with that is that there’s nothing to grasp on to now other than the highest Light that you/me/each of us is currently capable of embodying and/or Embodying and maintain it no matter what chaos and other anomalies are happening. This is going to continually increase all year so we’re all having to walk the walk energetically in 2019 like never before. ❤

      • Lana, I wasn’t promoting anything. I only read what resonates on that site which is only about 10% of articles..if that. Boyfriend? I’ve been married to the same man over 20 yrs who has chosen to not awaken yet. Thank you for assuming I’m spam and low vibe. I know that I don’t need to defend myself yet even in our highhearts I’m sure none of us appreciate wrong assumptions about our true self. Denise, to you I am truly sorry it was off topic and would completely understand had you deleted my comment. I always resonate deeply with everything you post and that others post that put everything into words better than I can. This is the only place I come to that feels like home and feels safe to share without being judged, except for you Lana. Like many others I don’t have others in personal life to discuss anything of the ascension process..that would understand at least. I understand if you delete this comment also Denise, I sincerely wouldn’t ever want to bring bad low vibes to your site that’s kept me going on this path or anywhere for that matter.

        • Michelle, Lana, Richard, Barbara & ALL,

          Everyone know how I was not present and not responding to ANY Comments the past 5-6 days? Did you all feel that I was “gone”, that I was NOT interacting here in Comments as I usually do? There were reasons for why I was silent and gone during those VERY intense days/nights and it was to try to avoid these miscommunications and misunderstandings etc. because everything is constantly shifting, flowing, CHANGING now and none of us have adapted to this latest NEW change yet. We all will however but this is how 2019 is going to be — CONSTANT CHANGES WHICH MEANS CONSTANT NEW EXPERIENCES, PERCEPTIONS, UNDERSTANDS AND SO ON.

          Sorry for yelling but this is very important for everyone, and I mean EVERYONE to understand — we are in the midst of the Separation of Worlds physically and “shit’s gonna get weird” for a while so let’s all deal with this phase of the, of our Individual and Group Ascension and Embodiment Processes etc. during the physical level split or Separation of Worlds as best we can. We need each other now more than ever to support us ALL and what we’re doing and going through, each from our unique Individual Source-as-Self / Self-as-Source. ❤

          I'm going to try to quickly this morning get a short article written about these things and include in it a LINK to someone whose just written something I feel is extremely important and accurate and needs to be shared so more see it now. You all know I do NOT share information from someone else unless I know it’s accurate because I’ve been living it for a very long time myself, and there’s no distortions or BS etc. in it. Such is the case with this article I’ll be sharing. Deep breath everyone, I know how hard and frustrating it is now and how utterly spent, exhausted and in pain the majority of us are. For those very reasons we need to be kind to each other and get this Separation of Worlds done! I LOVE you all, even when it’s miserable and difficult and very different as it now is. Deep breath, we’ll do this because that’s who we are and what we do for ALL. ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Sorry to be a party pooper here, but the old expression, ‘love hurts’ is getting to be way too much. If I was one of those who voted in the three-day review in 2012 to carry on, then I was as out of it then as I am now. The fatigue, vertigo, nausea, overall pain and malaise is becoming more and more difficult to deal with… recently, 13 to 16 hours of sleep during 24 hours only to wake up exhausted? WTF? There is little left in this version of Planet Earth that appeals, and so far nothing that has presented itself to me as appealing about any other version. I’ve been pondering just how we’re going to pull this off… other than dying, which I have no intention of doing… and it seems to me that I need a little help. I know about quantum waves and solar flashes and changing dials on the radio and I for sure know about frequency matches… but what is it going to take to consciously exit? Denise, I have some ideas, so I’ll put them out there. I pull my timeline… never born, never existed or I wake up one morning to find myself in the fifth or I walk through a 3D door, any door, and bilocate to ‘home’, which for me is the Bootes Galaxy. There’s more, but my brain just fogged over. Anyway, over and out. Love, B.

      • Richard, you missed my point. To have existed is the reason we’re here as Forerunners. To have existed in this density and to raise it through hard work and eventually reach Light (the understanding of information) and Love (the manifestation… actually, humor here… “womanifestation” is the name of the game in this version) is to be able to make what we believe real. I was just putting out there some ideas as to how we can effect the separation for not just ourselves, but as Forerunners for those who need to know that it’s possible and I was hoping that others would give us ideas, too. B.

        • No I don’t think I missed your point. When our anchoring, cleaning etc duties are done and we separate into our new homes I want it to be as I never existed in 3d to those left behind and they can go on without me as I continue my work from another plane of existence. The work will have been done and any seeds planted given opportunity to sprout but as far as me being remembered as brother son co-worker etc there is no need I will no longer exist as that remembrance.

    • My apologies for replying to my own comment, but just wanted to get this out there, too, and thank you, Denise, because your statement in the above article as follows helped:

      “It was exactly like being lucid in a dream.”

      As far as I can tell I’ve had only one lucid dream in my life. It was in the mid-eighties, and briefly, I dreamed that my apartment was being broken into. I realized I was dreaming and decided to wake myself up. I dreamed I had woken up only to discover that my dream was real and that the break-in was occurring. At that point, I did truly wake up and there was no one in my apartment. But a short time later, my apartment was indeed broken into during the day while I was at work… and until this morning and thinking about lucid dreaming, it suddenly seemed to me that one way to ascend may be through lucid dreaming. I know that B. Marciniak mentions in her book, “Bringers…” that eventually ascension will be the only way to get off Planet Earth, and if the expression ‘as within, so without’ is correct, then I can’t think of anything more ‘within’ than lucid dreaming.

      Some humor: Last night’s dreams I spent climbing ladders and when I woke up this morning my calves were sore! B.

  • I was outside unintentionally underneath the moon when it changed, having dinner with someone, we watched the whole time! I want to say how nice it was to feel the energy agony of weeks resolve suddenly that evening. Though I didn’t expect more to return 24 to 48 hours later! In regards to separation, while still being amidst old world and people, I’m feeling so much Love and desire to Give, despite all things. To my surprise for sure. I want to give so much more love now to the kids I serve, especially. And my higher masculine side has grabbed me by the hand and I’m just going!⚡️! Overfull with courage now. I’m also finding that everything, absolutely everything is ascension related now – what comes my way, be it parking space, job opportunity, positioning at work, even abusive coworkers suddenly fall sick (that never get sick control freaks that they still are) out for a week lol and return behaving differently towards me! Everything! I just was asked to tutor a big name actresses kids this week and I know it’s not just a good job opportunity etc. It’s purposeful, all that happens. It was before too, but it’s just DIFFERENT now! I don’t know it but I know. Most importantly, I want to say it’s January 31 today and it’s the evening! And why do I feel so incredibly happy about that!?!! I came home and the Internet didn’t work. And I’m on my bed joyously! I’m so happy and I don’t know what it’s about yet! So much is coming, so much I’m going out to meet, and SO MUCH IS HERE!! Oh my GOD! Denise heaven is on earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Denise!!! The sky! Saturated! Heaven is in this world like marshmallow in chocolate pie and I have a body saturated that can see and believe it, the unbelievable!…how LUCKY how glad am I?!?!😭🤩🥳 Meant to share after eclipse I saw so many people smiling dreamy pausing no reason not knowing. Gooey. They were gooey! The power of marshmallow ! 😆🌈 Heaven is always inside us but now, it’s richly all around!! On the outside!!! I cannot believe the gift (though 40% of my joints hurt, walking like I need a walker, gained more weight, bloating is happening instantly). Again I cannot believe my fortunate life. I think that’s what I’m really trying to say. I can’t stop crying. And I still have no idea what is happening! But this EVE feels so very very important…so merry January 31 to everyone !!🙏🌲❄️💥🌫🌈

    • Wonderful Marcy! Same here, magic.
      And the best part is that this is only a small precursor to the magic that’s coming, like the complimentary olives you get at an Italian restaurant before the actual meals. 😉
      PS Denise: there’s a typo in your copyright url. Highheatlife, an r is missing.

      • Merlin, you don’t know how happy that makes me! I loved the way you put it. It makes me so excited to hear that. Every new level has been magical and now this level is magically blended in all things! Air space earth & people!!! I even checked at school, walked out to the kids in the quad. It’s like a soup when all spices and ingredients have blended. The good is all the way through. It’s no longer in parts anymore. I’m amazed again. I’ve read multiple signs since Feb 1 about magic – one said something like “it’s magic time“ And I have a 2008 vision board with a quote magic millions” on it. I always knew that once we got to a place where it was all about magic, my second life would begin, my new life. I’ve changed again too I’m so flowy like a kid again! I feel like it’s 1978 and I might go out and play and do anything!!! There’s no telling what will happen! I am always surprised by this, but perhaps nothing can prepare. It’s too marvelous and divine! Next time though I will be on the lookout for mysterious wonderful⚡️! It’s continuous! I’m watching dinosaurs work a system that’s not working on live television today, i.e. the Super Bowl. I’ve had it on mute mostly. I wanted to witness. Sometimes I know when a team is going to win/lose. I know today; it is going to hurt a lot. I did not expect to see dysfunction darkness and tiredness so clear, however! Brady tired and angry, corporate ads devoid of love/creativity, half time show music…dark. Weeeird. New forward please!⚡️💫 Now! All I want.

        • Glad to know it made you happy.
          Yeah competitive sports will not make it beyond 3D, nor will the athletes or gladiators as I call them. I don’t have a tv, yet I did catch Gladys Knight on youtube sing the national anthem. Good to see she’s still here even though she seemed unhappy singing. Either because of the song or because of the event, both soulless.
          Anywho, let’s focus on the good stuff. Because: what’s too painful to remember we simply choose to forget, but it’s the laughter we will remember, whenever we remember the way we were. 😉

  • Dear Denise and All,
    Your clear and essential article reminded me of visions I’ve witnessed through my life, and perhaps explains them. The first I recalled was in my early 20’s; I was riding my bicycle over by the levee which contains the Yolo bypass for Sacramento River overflow, looking towards Highway 80 which was descending back to the Central Valley floor, down the levee near Davis, CA. When I view a vision, the light darkens, like it’s a gray cloudy early evening, although it was a bright morning at the time. As I looked over the darkened vista, the cars were gone from the highway and vines were growing up the columns of the freeway; it was abandoned and beginning to disintegrate. I was alone, it was silent with no other human in sight, though the plants were verdant and I sensed animals were there as well. I have no idea how long I stood in amazement, and then fear crept in and I pedaled speedily home, contemplating what I’d witnessed for as long as I’ve lived.

    My next vision occurred when I was riding in a car in San Francisco south of Market St., in the early 1980’s. Again, the day darkened; buildings were abandoned, apartments disintegrating with ceilings open to the blue sky. The city was empty, seagulls wheeled above and I was alone. I’ve had a few other visions over time in the same vein.
    Over time I thought this might portend nuclear war or a great plague or natural disaster. Today I think my visions might be a glimpse of the world after the 3D-5D split. I too fear being alone in such a place, but there was no fear in the visions and further visions have given me great hope.

    On another completely different topic, I had lunch yesterday in SF with three “old” friends, of 25 years. I geared up for a week in preparation: I’ve developed 5D new clothes (out with the old!) wardrobes which are my armor and help in keeping me in 5D and protecting me, along with a retinue of my Guardian and Warriors and assorted Angels and Guides. Quite a sight walking into the Rotunda, I’m sure. I found my friends to be very inward; when speaking their life concerns they did not connect with us: they looked down and it was as if they were alone in a private personal diatribe. There was little positive related and mostly about health concerns. I was bored, quiet and thought, this, too shall pass. As with a lot of relationships lately, I felt like I was saying “Goodbye”. One question came to me as I drove home, cleaned myself up and thought over the day. Two of my friends have recently had MRI’s. Both were told that they have what they described as “holes” in their brains: one friend with them in the Prefrontal Cortex(with accompanying memory loss) and the other in the Cerebellum with accompanying balance inner ear issues. I thought about your windshield wipers rubber disintegrating more quickly because of the solar phenomena and wondered what effect that might have on human bodies of those in 3D who are not prepared or willing to handle the incoming energies. What little breadcrumbs I offered during our lunch were ignored, alas, but not unexpectedly. Even if I’d been allowed to explain anything of my process, it’d probably only alienate them more, and their process is so independently their own, it might lead them down an unnecessary detour. So I left them with compassionate love and respect. So it goes.
    Again, thanks for the great article!
    Love and Light to you and All,

    • “Over time I thought this might portend nuclear war or a great plague or natural disaster. Today I think my visions might be a glimpse of the world after the 3D-5D split.”

      I’ve had a few dreams over the past three years where I and a small group of like-others are going through the old abandoned Earth world just like what you’ve described Georgia. We were searching for any people still hanging on to that world but never found anyone. The split is very real and that old empty Earth world won’t exist forever.

  • Denise, thank you for the article. It brought up a lot of my experiences in the land on live on at present. I can remember moving here with family more than ten years ago and I hated the place, almost like a desolate, drugged, unhappy, and completely mismatched place to who I was and who I wanted to be when I first came. The first two years were disorienting, depressing, and completely stifling in every way as I also had to adjust to a completely new set of friends during highschool. It was hell on every level. Then as the years went by I slowly found it home and amazingly especially over the last 8 years or so every since I consciously came into and grew into this process, became aware of many things, the energy of the place started to change and in the building I live in new management has now been set to replace the what I feel was very dense, heavy, even corrupt old folk who managed the vicinity. Many cement structures including roads and parking lot were torn down and rebuilt, doggie bag stations set up for the wonderful many dogs who live here with their human companions, structures repainted and even beautiful abundant gardens set up to green-ify and beautify the area. Someone who would be very practical might find these extraneous, but even with couches and Christmas tree set up, holiday decor in the lobby now where there were none before, new and more secure locks installed in every unit now…the palace feels like another dimension – oh my god I typed “palace” ha! I meant ‘place’! Another old building beside the one I lived in has been renovated and looks nothing like its former desintegrating self, heck it even looks amazing and chic. I feel like I was put here a place I did not want to be to work in conjunction with other like people who held a beautiful image blueprint if you will of how a community should be made liveable and now look at what has happened. Added to all this is the small mall near where I live which before held a lofty Dominion supermarket too unaffordable prices and heinous Zellers store that then tried to house a Metro here in Canada and in which Target came by from the U.S.A. and tore down a huge chunk of it, rebuilt more than half of it only to “fail” and leave. Wow I did not see that as a failure as what has come to replace Target now is what I had envisioned all along… I imagined a gym to come into the area so people could move their energy and stay healthy, I imagined some affordable and family-friendly somewhat higher energy small department stores to come in to give life to the area and a few have come in like Winners. I’ve seen the Sears in a big city mall go “poof” more like go dark and uninhabitable and even a Sears outlet in a popular mall location disappear. I am seeing changes on every level…I’m seeing the light again behind people’s eyes.

    • Blue Cliffs, that was so wonderful to read. At first I assumed you were talking about LA! I was sorry to hear it was Canada and then happy, to hear transformation happening, everywhere! for real!!! 🙂 ) . Blessings to you up north.

  • Oh Denise, how perfect that I could not read this message when you first posted it, but today, when I needed it most! I had just such an experience this morning, and realize I’ve been having them in increasing number and intensity as the days go on!

    I drive the ‘back way’ to work everyday. I live in the very insane Silicon Valley and purposely drive to my teaching job (1st/2nd grade this year) on a back road to avoid the crazy commute traffic. It’s always been a lovely drive through rolling hills and past a reservoir and horses farms, etc. You can usually drive quite leisurely and maybe a bit over the speed limit, but nothing like the Indy 500-like driving on other commute routes. It’s a 2-lane road and there is no way to really swerve in and out of traffic. As each day passes, the drive becomes more and more maddening. I have little to no peace as I had in times past, and i end up at work so frazzled and barely ready to face the day (which is also getting increasingly harder, dealing with mostly 3-D focused people). I’m so tired and burnt out and it definitely feels like I enter a whole new existence, and now I get it. I should have known this, but I thank you so much for your articles to remind of what I’m experiencing.

    And truly, how much more of this can we take? I know we are made for this, but I have so little recovery times these days, and I have to do it everyday!

    Thanks again for your service and light.

  • Thanks so much Denise for sharing this.
    I too experience this as I go out into the world,…which is very very rare now..and has been for the last 10 plus years. Through this entire ascension process since 1998 for me..I have felt much fragmenting when i go into lower vibrating space…
    Yet now..since Has become much more difficult
    I avoid dept stores..if at all pissible…’s just too much for me…but I do go grocery shopping and that becomes a huge endeavor every time
    I feel very quickened as I enter density earth space..
    ITS as if my system escalates energy within me and I seem to elevate and watch myself doing the…well..that’s not exactly the right word’s like I am invisible…seems no one sees me…and heaven forbid if the check out person wants to talk to me..I seem to have lost the ability to speak in
    Anyway…..this quickening is happening more frequently and seems to Vibrate within me longer periods of time…like balancing me in going back and forth from higher to lower to higher realms…back and forth thru timelines yes….
    It does take me DAYS to recuperate from venturing out into dense energy…
    I am trying to go to the gym BAAAAWAAAHHHH!!!!…and I mean trying to shield enough to achieve success …my vessel needs the exercise now and the new upgrading that we are in right now…is fireing through all major joints..hips, shoulders, neck..knees…it’s immense and so..I am geared up to start on Monday of next week. MY health insurance pays for it so I would truly like to benefit from the opportunity……wish me luck..
    Love and Blessings of comfort from my heart to yours..

    • Dear Deb, I so relate to your time line ” . . since 2017 it has become much more difficult”, but I want to mostly thank you for the great belly-laugh I had when I read your “if at all pissable” (probably not on purpose, which makes it all that more endearing). I needed that!

      I too need several days to recuperate after venturing out into 3D, but somehow I (we) am (are) all surviving, holding the light in our assigned spaces. Good luck with the workouts; you’re a better woman than I (and way younger!)

      Denise, I so appreciate the metaphor of the TV with its 500 channels; perfect. I depend on and look forward to how you explain this process (or processes) we are going through. You have taken about 90% of the fear out of the experience. Even though my body feels about 111 years old much of the time, it is the best (most purposeful) time of my life. Ever grateful to you.

      • Hi Barb!!! Thanks for sharing your laughter…when I reread my post I got to that “pissable’ which was meant to be…I too had a good belly laugh for it sort of fit the way it came out!!
        I am nearing my 64th birthday and my body must get moving differently…I must strengthen…for all of 2018…I held to intentions to strengthen…but one shift after the next, energetically either sent me into days of deep work or physically drained to do anything else other than sit and process through the transforming…
        I work with Reiki and sound healing yet truly I feel that moving my body now is mandatory to strengthen myself to endure the shifts of 2019…
        I continue to feel the 2020 portals of change,…that we are all going to experience. It’s almost february…my goodness…if I don’t get to the gym now…in a blink it will be June!!
        Love and blessings …create an amazing adventure!!

  • Denise, you said: –

    “Non-clairvoyant people, you would be horrified if you could See what hangs out in Nursing Homes, hospitals, labs, rehab places etc. and feeds off of and if able jumps into or overshadows or possesses and influences the patients including any low frequency employees. Seriously horrified.”

    Ohh, yes. I often think: ‘If people could SEE what is all around them, in what they believe is empty air – if they could see, just once, literally 5 minutes would be enough – it would change them dramatically. I know people who, for instance, are aware that there’s an astral plane around us, and dimensions and worlds beyond that; they’re not skeptics in denial; but without Seeing the beings and creatures all around every human, they don’t take it seriously, or they believe it only when it suits them. (The Fluffies. Angels exist, but dark entities somehow mysteriously don’t. 🙂
    To be calmly aware of this isn’t ‘focusing on the negative. You probably lock your house and car door, without being paranoid or obsessive over crime; it’s simple healthy awareness.
    But though I sometimes wish people could get just a glimpse, I know they’d go insane, most of them. (I don’t see beings all the time, 24/7; but I have done plenty enough times that I have a good working knowledge of what hangs around people, and yes, hospitals are nightmare sites! Also low-vibe buildings, like tattoo places).

  • Denise-

    Thanks for saying what I have been feeling for a while, but didn’t understand. This walking in and out of different frequency levels is quite the feat we are accomplishing, isn’t it? No wonder we hurt so much. Lately, when I get up at night for the toilet, I walk around with a feeling of what am I doing here (beside the obvious) It seems surreal and now I see it’s because while sleeping I’ve been at a higher level doing whatever since my feet have been so sore every morning.
    A further example is when we go grocery shopping, my partner says how he hates these people. They all but run into him with their carts and don’t move in the aisles until he’s about to hit them with our cart. I keep telling him it’s because we’re invisible and they just don’t see us. He is also feeling their negativity. I must be putting up safeguards when we leave the house. I don’t seem bothered that way, but am also glad to get back home. I think my partner is soon ready to be enlightened about the oncoming shift. I just have to do it slowly.
    You’re a big help to so many people, thanks.

  • Dear Denise & All,

    Thanks for sharing these experiences which will probably get more extreme. I am more aware these days when I walk into a low-vibe area – the energy feels dead and usually “icky” as well.

    I wonder if those who have taken on more of a “transmuting/clearing” role with collective density feel more PAIN when interacting/going into a lower frequency field now. Could it be a physical reaction to the density? I ask, because I’m not feeling the aches and pains myself, though I find it extremely unpleasant to be dealing with 3D people and/or systems.

    Any thoughts?

    • “I wonder if those who have taken on more of a “transmuting/clearing” role with collective density feel more PAIN when interacting/going into a lower frequency field now. Could it be a physical reaction to the density?”


      Based on my own experiences throughout my life I’d have to say yes to your question. Some of us are much more sensitive to density, negativity, all lower frequencies, lower consciousness, human egos etc. than other people. Many do not feel density and negativity at all. They’re happily doing their thing(s) with Light and NEW energies etc. but usually don’t experience lower frequency places, humans, events, systems etc. as physical pain in their physical bodies. This is more of a Blue Ray trait I believe.

      I’d mentioned in another Comment about how going into my bank used to nearly crush me. It was THE worst physical place for me personally and my body registered that old lower frequency density as literal weight of dense pressure immediately applied over my entire physical body from the outside. It’s much like what I’d think divers experience the deeper down they dive in the ocean. It felt like it would crush my bones, spine, lungs and those energies did almost bring me to my knees a few times.

      The other physical place that was equally dense and negative, and I’ve written about this when it happened in 2014, was the Nursing Home my mom was in (all places like this I mean) after her emergency triple bypass and then stroke in 2014. It was a huge building and walking into it was difficult however, after being there for two hours with my mom brushing her teeth, making sure she was drinking enough water every day and so on, it was all I could do to physically walk out of that place and get outside. As soon as I was outside I started to feel better. Non-clairvoyant people, you would be horrified if you could See what hangs out in Nursing Homes, hospitals, labs, rehab places etc. and feeds off of and if able jumps into or overshadows or possesses and influences the patients including any low frequency employees. Seriously horrified. (I’m going to write an article and share some of the experiences I’ve had with things like this and doctors and other people. Needs to be said before it’s completely gone.)

      When I go into the same bank today, it doesn’t affect me like it did throughout the decade of the 2000s. There’s been enough NEW higher frequency Light embodied into Earth that these places have adapted to the Light and because of this don’t feel like they’re going to crush me when I go into them. However, because this AP continues and we just keep embodying more and higher frequency Light and NEW everything, this leveling-up business, this Stair-step business continues meaning what was horrible has become better but because this AP continues going higher we’re still experiencing pockets of lower density here and there such as the dying Sears building and so many other places and systems.

      When we embody more NEW higher Light energies, NEW DNA etc. it hurts physically for the most part because the density we all have within us and our cells and nerves, muscles etc. is continuously absorbing more and higher frequency Light energies. Alchemical evolution. Higher NEW Light energies IN hurts and going into old lower frequency locations and being around low frequency people etc. hurts too. It hurts going in both directions which is kinda humorous… kinda. It won’t always hurt Blue Rays. Thanks for the question Thelma. ❤

      • Thanks, Denise for explaining this more. I am not surprised about what lurks around nursing homes/hospitals or similar places – I can feel the ICKINESS in these places. I’m sure it’s been an abundant feeding ground for the unseeables.

        What I find hopeful is your mentioning the increasing Light coming into some of the old systems/buildings, etc. like your bank. It makes me think that not everything from the Old will disappear … it may transform itself instead. Maybe it’s a question of how much Light the people who work in these places carry.

        Hope the pain lessens and disappears. Love to you & everyone here.

        • “…It makes me think that not everything from the Old will disappear … it may transform itself instead.”

          Exactly Thelma, many things will remain IF they grow and evolve and embody HighHeart towards ALL peoples, lifeforms, Earth and beyond. Again this is all about reaching that higher frequency range. If people and systems etc. can evolve then they’ll come along with us to NEW Earth. But I suspect massive changes are coming that we can’t even imagine yet but when more of our NEW DNA activates these issues will answer themselves easily.

          There’s more solar winds (plasma blasts) happening now and for a while so everyone self-care because these solar wind plasma energies are affecting us in such an amplified way in 2019. Stair-steps. 🙂 ❤

        • Ooh, dear Denise, please do write an article about healthcare environments. 💖 I’ve worked for the NHS (in an administrative role, not clinical) for ten years. I find it fascinating, but the more that time goes on, I am very aware of the darkness, and your comments about this made me shudder. It’s something I’ve known deep down but denied, as I always wanted to help people, but i don’t think it’s really helping working somewhere that keeps people locked into their misery! I wasn’t sure if my energies were somehow needed in certain places I’ve worked as I’ve never stayed anywhere for too long, and it always felt karmic, but not sure if that’s being delusional… It’s interesting to see the effects of all this energetic stuff on people’s physical and mental health, but it is also deeply depressing and I feel trapped. I’ve tried to find work elsewhere but it’s never worked out, and so I have no choice but to continue working where I am for now, due to finances and having a young child. I try to remember to cleanse my energies before and after work, but always feel very heavy and troubled after a shift. It would be so interesting to hear your thoughts on these places, and any advice on how to keep the energies away! Thank you in advance 💖⭐️🌈 Much love to everyone here. 💖

      • Yes, thank you for the question Thelma and Thank you, Denise for the wonderful response. I, too, was having my car worked on at Toyota dealership for a recall issue on the 28th. The waiting room and people in it were so devoid of life. They were all staring at their phones. It felt “icky” like several have mentioned. When the car was finished, I had to drive 1.5 hours home (closest dealership to me). I couldn’t wait or be happier to get back home to my property. Yep, has been several days of recouping too. Thanks again to Denise and ALL that comment here. You all are that perfect cup of coffee in the morning, sitting in the sun watching the birds with your AP kitty in your lap. 🙂

  • For a very long time now I haven’t wanted to go out anywhere, things I used to enjoy I don’t anymore. I have to go to work though which is very draining on my energy and painful on my body too.

    Last week I had a strange experience, I had taken a day holiday off work to allow a workman to service my boiler, however he didn’t show up to do the work. I phoned the company where I had made the appointment and when they picked up the phone they kept saying “hello”, “hello” and then hung up on me! This happened 4 times in succession before I realised that to them I wasn’t even there and they couldn’t hear me trying to talk to them on the phone. I checked my phone by making other phone calls the next day and it worked perfectly. Things are sure getting strange and the world out there is chaotic and people are irrational and even paranoid. Like everyone here I just want to be at home which is my sanctuary where I can escape for a while from all of the craziness that seems to have taken over the world. Many thanks to you Denise and everyone here for sharing your experiences, Love and hugs from Megan x 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing your increasingly common experience Megan R. of simply not being seen and heard by people in the old lower frequency Earth world. THIS is the Separation of Worlds, the “split” that many have been writing about for years now. I’m increasingly sensing that we’re so, so, SO very close to it happening fully and completely now in 2019, so everyone be prepared this year for anything to happen… like the old world and people just not being in our world anymore. It will all be perfect and fine but no doubt a wild ride as this separation grows this year. This is obviously going to be a topic I’m going to repeatedly writing about, plus having everyone Comment about it based on their own experienced like what Megan R. has shared. It’s going to get a lot more “unusual” this year everyone so like I said, be prepared for miracles. ❤

    • Thank you so much Megan for sharing about the phone…this too has been happening to me for about a month..since the solstice i believe…and i had my phone checked also..its fine…and i received the thought that I am simply in a faster vibration so the frequencies do not recognize my energy signature therefore…cannot hear me..
      ITS strange but I truly resonate with this.

  • Thank you Denise. Yes. I want to stay in my home more. I have two pets and recently had a heart wrenching experience trying to rescue a neighbor’s dog and regime him with us. He snapped and attacked me. First and I Hope last time in this life. I think he could not make the dimensional shift to my home as the animals already here have.

    I get a lot of fear when systems I need to survive day to day disappear, it makes daily living really hard. I know exactly what you mean regarding dimension shifting. Thanks for giving the weird feeling a name. It has always happened to me but is happening way more frequently.

    • “I think he could not make the dimensional shift to my home as the animals already here have.”

      Very wise insight you had about that dog E-K Daufin. Not everything and everyone can make this shift and we’ve all got to know that and allow them–human and animal–to deal with these changes in their own time.

      I too have struggled the past few years over the how am I going to survive?! thing at my age on my own etc. with all the old systems falling apart and/or not there anymore. More and more people have to be worried about this now too with the country and world in the state it is. We’re all evolving from a state of and having consciousness that was completely about our being DIS-empowered and reliant on everything and everyone external to the complete opposite of all that. Intend from your HighHeart that you are and will be for the rest of your life, always safe and have more than enough of everything you want and need. Don’t ask for it, don’t hope for it, don’t pray for it, Consciously Create it by intending it and knowing without any doubt whatsoever that it is and will happen. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • “Intend from your HighHeart that you are and will be for the rest of your life, always safe and have more than enough of everything you want and need. Don’t ask for it, don’t hope for it, don’t pray for it, Consciously Create it by intending it and knowing without any doubt whatsoever that it is and will happen. ❤ ❤ ❤”

        I didn’t realize how deeply I needed to read this until it brought tears and enormous relief. Thank you, Denise, for this and everything else.

    • Hi, I don’t comment much, but wanted to share a bit of my experience with animals. I’ve done a lot of animal rescue over the years, and often had to take someone new into my home and acclimate everyone to the change of adding someone new.

      I’ve had a lot of luck calming them down and integrating them well into a new environment with new “friends” using diet change and homeopathy, and sometimes flower essences and gem elixirs. Bach Rescue Remedy is usually very helpful. Aside from diet, the others are vibrational healing techniques and shift the vibratory pattern of the animal, just like with humans.

      Also, just like with humans, any new animal comes into a new environment with his old programming, trauma, chemical and vaccine overload, and the energy patterns of his former people. These remedies will shift much of that. It’s not like any animal wants to bite, for example, but they are afraid, or were trained to do that, or, or, or. All this can change.

      I’ve often used a pendulum to find the appropriate remedy or remedies, though don’t much now because the info just appears in my awareness. But using the pendulum removes a lot of guesswork, so the being doesn’t get something it can’t use.

      • Great work Karen I too have experience with all you mentioned for myself, others, animals and plants. They can be lifesaving in emergency situations.

        My aha moment occurred when I had taken an indoor plant outside for fresh air early in the morning and forgot about it. It was a hot day and when I remembered I found it in a bad way. I immediately gave it water and took back inside. Sometime later I checked and it was not good. It was limp and draping over the sides of the pot. I sprayed it with flower essences and checked again about an hour later. To my surprise the plant had completely stood upright again.

        I have used them for one of my dogs who was having seizures and the recovery time was so much quicker and so much less traumatic. So many other experiences also.

        Especially beneficial for the AP/EP process for release work and cleansing. Ancient knowledge and used by indigenous cultures.


  • Oh Denise I fully appreciate much of what you have expressed. Low dense frequency in many places and beyond what my body could tolerate at the present time. Just going for necessary appointments can be precarious.

    Thank God for online shopping and thankfully in this part of the planet it’s still reliable.

    Seem to be getting 1 in 3 days where symptoms ease back which is something. Today is the day though and and my head and legs are like cement blocks.

    On a brighter note but off topic I have been noticing positive changes to the look of my physical body. A bunion that sprung to life during my 1st pregnancy (37 years ago) has been disappearing over the AP/EP years and has almost gone. I was told this would happening as I was doing so much release work the body would gradually absorb it. Also surface veins on my legs are disappearing. More of the old gone or going hoorah!


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  • Denise, I just want to send you a thousand thank you’s for this post. This explains so, so much. Yesterday nearly killed me. My phone is dying & if I can find the energy, I will share my experience too. Lots of love to you & everyone here.

  • Hi Denise.. these things are having effect with the pineal gland? Ive found that my head wants to explode… then i feel like im walking in heavey energies and getting like a drop feeling..or perhaps a coming out of my head.. lifting up while mybody wants to fall to the floor. Ive had to open my pineal and release. I cant take a lot of medication any more. Thid is been happening 6 weeks at least. Can you shed any more light on these things? Thank you Sonia

  • Dear Denise! An epiphany! Maybe I’m not aware like you and others, yet something in your article just shouted at me. Lately I’ve been asking myself if I’m “really awake”, especially on the potty!😄 When on the potty I say, “God I hope I’m awake and really on the toilet” I even “look around” and double check my physicality. This is strong at work. So I now recognize this strange heavy feeling and asking if I’m really awake must be what is happening! I’ve been wondering what’s “wrong” with me! Now I will reread your article slowly. Oh and I just took a brisk walk but I still feel asleep. And when I sleep at night I sleep deeply.

    Thank you!

    • Oh my, Edith, the “potty” thing! Yes, I have had the same feeling most especially at work! I have to touch the door and make sure everything in the cubicle is really there! It does sometimes feel dreamlike and unreal. In fact a lot of my time feels dreamlike and the time flies buy so quickly, the days seem so short. Thank you for mentioning this. 🙂

  • When I read the first paragraph where you said you went to Sears, I said to my Self “What dimension are you living on? Sears and Kmart have been closed for over two years ” at least here in Michigan. I though they had all closed down, I loved Kmart and Sears when they were open. I miss them.

    Anyways I almost emailed you Denise cause I was suffering so much I really thought I was dying and needed to tell some one. I really really thought this was it. I needed confirmation that I wasn’t really dying. I had 30 days of lethargy non focusing, joint pain and Charlie horses all over my body and the electrical poking’s were pissing me off. And lets not forget the itching spine. Extremely high blood pressure and food tastes like shit. And constipation. And don’t forget heartburn. Half of this I have never had before but it was too much and it lasted 30 days and like that poof it was gone two days ago after the last solar flare. Today I feel fabulous.
    I finally realize why I hate shopping so much. Its the Density in the store and on the street. Never put that all together. Today the extremely rude produce man PURPOSLY ,, I saw him coming, ran his fruit cart right into me. I said .. sorry and excuse me and he said nothing and kept on going. It was his fault. I was aghast. Glad I’m a master of my emotions. I couldn’t WAIT to get out of there and home. Now I know by your post today Denise why I am always so damn happy to get the hell out of where ever I am and get home. I love you all Laura

    • “What dimension are you living on? Sears and Kmart have been closed for over two years ” at least here in Michigan. I though they had all closed down, I loved Kmart and Sears when they were open. I miss them.”


      K-Mart closed where I live back in 2014. I remember the date vividly because after visiting my mom in the Nursing Home after her triple bypass and then stroke two weeks later while in there, I’d gone to K-Mart and it was nearly empty and they were trying to sell off whatever was left in the store. It was terrible because I liked K-mart. And another one bites the dust…

      Next time do NOT apologize to any male when they’ve done something wrong, nasty, mean etc. Females are so programed to apologize for everything and we’ve got to stop ourselves from doing it when we haven’t done anything. Let the males learn how to take responsibility for their actions, words etc. so we all can experience more fabulous NEW evolved males like what Barbara saw in the park with the young male, the elderly woman and her dog. ❤

      • Hi Denise. Sears/K-Mart weren’t so bad. What’s so lower dimensional are pawn shops, liquor stores, and Walmart. And they’re still very much around.
        I was flipping through youtube and came across a recent, sick vid made by a male about or how to lead a woman on and then experience the joy of rejecting and dumping her. There were hundreds of males who agreed in the comments. Very sick and depressing for our society.

        • Patricia,

          And those are the people who are NOT coming with us to the NEW ascended Earth. Some never, more not so for a very long time. A person HAS to be within the same frequency range to even reach the NEW ascending Earth and the people you described are nowhere near that so they’ll remain where they are now unless they make big inner improvements in themselves.

          Also I loved K-Mart and shopped there for decades. The Sears that I went to the other day that’s half empty and dimly light and was like a ghost town was negative because everyone knows Sears is disappearing, along with many other big companies, so there’s a dense energy inside the building from the people. Much like the government now. 😉

  • Well said, Denise, thank you. I sometimes wonder if there are very many organic people here now in this version of planet Earth. I mean, who… or should I say ‘what’ packed the pajama sets for your Mom? I agree that it’s getting more difficult by the day to go out and cooperate with what I’ll call the inorganic representatives of humanity. I do my thing with what I hope is humor and respect, meanwhile knowing that I’m going to need to spend a few hours/days recovering. I guess I’m tired of playing their games, and just as you say, it’s time to change the channel… consciously. Love, B.

  • Hi Denise, Thanks so much for writing about this stuff. I experience stuff like this, and you seem to be the only person who is writing about it. It helps to not feel so alone with this.

    A similar story: I had a Dunkin Donuts caramel coffee craving so headed out at night on New Year’s day, 9:45 pm or so. Unusual for me to go out that late, but I had this craving. As I was driving through my town, it was so unusually empty of cars or people, and it felt creepy, I was looking around and feeling like I was in the twilight zone. It felt more dense than usual. And yes, it felt exactly like a lucid dream. Turned out Dunkin Donuts had closed early for New Year’s day, which hadn’t occurred to me, and I sat there in the parking lot writing a text on my phone, and right then one of those little street sweeper trucks veered toward me and swept abruptly close to my car. It felt aggressive. I glanced surprised at the driver who was not looking at me. Then he pulled right in front of me and stepped out of his truck for a smoke. I got the strong sense to go home immediately, and I did. He stared at me with a very focused sharp energy, like anger, as I drove past, not looking at him. When I got home, I wrote all this in my journal. I wrote: “It was alm like I opened a door tonite. It is gross out there. The energy, gross. When I felt that weird energy I should’ve turned ard and gone home. It was not the energy of flow, it was sticky.” I also wrote: “We are in the thick of this battle now and I need to be alert, neutral and v careful.” Anyway, you go girl! I am so inspired by your courageous spirit. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. Debbie

    • debbie c.,

      “Sticky” is a term many use to quickly describe the old lower Astral (4D). A trip there always left me feeling “sticky” and would have to shower to help remove that 4D film from myself. It is however now in the accelerated Process of being disintegrated and permanently removed which says a lot about how close the Separation of Worlds actually is, finally.

  • Hi Denise
    Much love to you. I am not sure mt comment is on topic. But after seeing your gold graphic (sphere) for this article I had to just share. I have suddenly had a break through with drawing. I have always drawn inner states but used plants/flower shapes to do this. I had got to a point around Christmas I was kind of done with my style and it just all felt outdated to me. I let it be as sometimes things need to “mulch” inside before they are expressed. Then suddenly after the eclipse I started a black and white pen piece. It literally depicts the sun, moon and a leaf. This motif is repeated in many forms to make up mandala type shapes. But the strange thing is I have used a lot of dots. They seem to represent infinity to me. It’s as if I cannot get enough infinity into my picture. As if my picture had a depth and spatial place that flat paper can’t give.
    It’s been very exciting. Whilst I am drawing time seems almost to stand still. It has been awesome. And I feel this is the place I want to stay
    Apologies if this makes no sense

    Thank you for your words, and for u. Stay dry in all that rain
    Love and light

  • I can definitely concur that January 28, 2019 was one of the most painful experiences physically since this whole thing began some time back in the late 90s. I do not think there was one cell in my body that was not screaming in agony.. The planetary Kp index was flatlined all day..This usually means LOOK OUT.
    I pick up all kinds of crap just going to the grocery. Walmart and places like savers are the worst. being a empath is not a thing to wish for.
    Well it is definitely time to do yet another Limpia (egg-cleansing),.
    Hang in there kids ,there must be a summit around here somewhere
    Love and blessings.

  • Dear Denise, and this is not public unless u want it to be. I can’t address inter dimensional anything having no conscious awareness. But I can address Sears! I avoid Sears. Period. Have done for years becuz it repels me. Sometimes Kmart is ok, a much lighter easier experience in my location. I highly recommend drive thru Valvoline (as an auto parts person I hear all the experiences people have at various auto places, of course this is in my city). Im sure u shop there for good reasons but I just can’t handle that store for any reason. I often find myself becoming a darker irritable person when I’m out and about. When I notice I call out, ATTITUDE! ATTITUDE!😄💙 and raise focus to heart. And your comments on rubber products! And here I thought wipers disintegrate so fast is because they are exposed to high heat during summer here. I came from Los Angeles county some 15+ years ago. I never gave my wipers a thought back then.

    Anyway I feel blue and heavy. A call to take physical movement and eat healthy consistently and drink enough water. Hopefully doing so will be helpful. And I’m strongly missing the idea of loved ones and touch tho my entire life has not embraced those aspects. Deep grief.

    At least u have the awareness and abilities you came in with. Oh, and the knockings are back in my walls.

    If I have actual related comments will write again. I look forward to what u and others share.


  • Dear Denise ,
    This article was brilliant and understandable to me…it has always seemed to me to be a vibrational shift. I have always been a lucid dreamer..I just thought everyone was the same. When awake, I have reached dimensions (briefly) that were way out there in beauty , grace and a feeling of one- ness I could only hold the space for short time. I realized that I had to match the frequency to remain…..I am hoping we are reaching that space now! You are very brave going to Sears! Our Sears in Canada shut down last year and took all pensions etc with them in bankruptcy.
    I believe the vibrational shift will happen, as 3d people are not comfortable with us either.
    with no judgment , I say to each their own. My going out now consists of knowing where the bathrooms are and taking a cloth to wipe my face! Our missions are completing!
    much love

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