Dos XX Duality

Thanks go to Gabriela B. for sharing this great tweaked beer commercial image she found online with me so I could share it with all of you. Thanks Gabriela. ❤

The Saturn Pluto Capricorn conjunction happening all year, building towards its one and only exact degree “hit” conjunction on January 12, 2020, is being increasingly felt by more and more people all year. Because of this and everything else continually happening this year, we all need a giggle now and then and some honest reminders about ourselves and what we’re capable of and why.


June 8, 2019

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  • Ok love. Be well. I very seldom post or come here even as I know about and experience and not fight, but have them fhg with me. Many years ago I wrote and told you when this awakening started to congeal, how police beat me up and then charged me with assault. It never got better, but Denise, I want to thank you, because in that dark hour when I told you my story, you responded. Since then I’ve been homeless, despondent, and taken advantage of. I currently ponder if we can create life that doesn’t love us (not your journey). I’ve tried to find my way on many websites. I have found myself misunderstood and talked down to. Yet I always drop by when it gets tough. So I found what you are experiencing. I hug you greatly because I know and can’t explain how some of us are so unequal and tried beyond human measure. Many who read this are tried beyond normal 3d. We know who we are. May we all get home soon, to that place we know in our heart is beyond earth. I am sorry as at this point ghia is a 3d movie. So much here that is untrue. Hard to ground into such untruth. My thought only. I wish you well, with every strength you need, all who walk this path have acquired along the way. Smile, love.

  • “…for me it seems Portal People can actually be anyone and are in fact the majority of humanity.”

    “EXACTLY correct Rentia, as sad as it is it is the truth. And yes, people are used at times by nonphysical negative beings/aliens/entities etc. and we see this in them suddenly changing and seemingly acting strangely and then after a period they’ll change back to their old selves. I’ve witnessed my mom be used like this to get at me because she has Dementia and is elderly and is wide open energetically, psychically because of those things. I’ve watched her eyes and personality suddenly change into something cruel, evil and twisted and taunt me and then a while later IT is gone and she’s back again. This is more common than most would ever believe. Exhausting and so sad and yes, the majority of people are still in the old “Matrix” patriarchal earth world and do not have a clue that they are. And the deeper you or I were to go back down into that old lower earth world Matrix, such as what I’m having to do now because of my mom’s health issues, the more abundant the attacks on me/you/us for our having RE-entered that lower level.”

    Denise, in this response to your exchange with Rentia of June 11, you’ve described my current situation to a T…I’ve been living this precise experience in my own life for the last two-plus years (and you, much longer) and I know that YOU KNOW that this is NO PARTY…The “medical establishment” has slowly been cannibalizing the fragile health of my long-time companion for many years in an attempt to return him to “stability,” but I haven’t been able to find a way to stop the horror as he continues to experience non-stop chronic pain and a host of other physical and psychiatric conditions…and it would not appear that he will acquire enough self-understanding to move into the NEW everything that is unfolding…I just wanted to express this, and I thank you for allowing me to do so…

    • “The “medical establishment” has slowly been cannibalizing the fragile health of my long-time companion for many years…”

      The perfect word for it Raymond, ‘cannibalizing’. Everything of the old negative PATRIARCHAL world was, is still intentionally inverted so things claim to be one way but in fact are the exact opposite. So-called medical “healing” is actually prolonging natural dying, death in cases like this because there’s money to be made and suffering to perpetuate. Most of the people don’t even know this of course.

      My mom and I have talked many times over the decades about our beliefs and personal wishes about our own dying. Decades ago she bought and paid for a cremation plan for herself so I wouldn’t have to do that when the time came. I know her beliefs about dying and death and she would be angry with me for allowing them, the doctors and nurses etc., to continue doing procedure after procedure on her when she told me after her triple bypass in 2014 that she would rather die than go through any more of these invasive procedures when it’s clear it is time for her to exit her physical body.

      I thought of you Richard when I wrote this article, including all the others who are living the AP and EP while care-taking anyone else young or old. ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Dearest Denise,

    Please delete or edit however you see fit. I trust you completely.

    I haven’t gone on Lightwarrior mode since 2009 (when my Separation of Worlds or timeline split started) – not even to defend myself – but this is absurd.

    The so-called spiritual or good people who come here, if you get triggered that’s YOUR own stuff. You are projecting your distortions when blaming others, do not attack the messenger.

    You had a unique opportunity for Ascension by landing on a FREE BLOG with the only Spiritual Leader on this planet talking about all levels, the good, the bad and all else. The others are focused on one aspect like Love and Light, got stuck in the lower dimensions and very few share what they go through.

    You can’t even crucify other teachers because many are not even open to comments, to begin with, while others would never reply if you do not pay for a session. There are other Lightworkers that GAVE UP altogether or went offline. And with good reason, if that’s how those helping others are treated like.

    What more do you want from Denise?

    An Ascension path was created by Lightworkers who gave their tears and sweat to make it possible but YOU do your personal work. They don’t owe Humanity anything else.

    No one is offending you, no one is triggering you and if that still happens at this late stage, then you are a portal person and probably not ascending anytime soon.

    If you can’t contain criticism, judgment or point out whatever YOU perceive that Denise is doing wrong, then use your Heart to think about this:

    HOW can you fricking kick someone when they are down and taking her Mom to a hospital?

    Where is your Humanity?

    I read Transitions, High Heart Life and A Lightworker’s Mission Book and even then there were things that were beyond me so I just kept my mouth shut until I expanded my consciousness enough to understand.

    Without Denise, I would never have found the final puzzle piece about the dark/entities/demons/aliens as I was being gaslighted and had mind-slides.

    Reading all she posted, I’ve noticed that the wounded or easily possessed cowardly comes attacking when she was going through difficult times.

    Denise, I’m so sorry for everything, I am praying and my heart is with you always.

    May these entities (incarnated or not) never, ever reach you again after this.

    You are a true Leader and we are lucky to have you incarnated here but very few can understand what you are saying from their polarized low-frequency minds. The final Separation is very clear and painful right now.

    In the higher realms, when Guides came to visit, those in a lower frequency might not have understood all that was taught but listened with reverence. In here, Incarnated Guides like you get attacked by those who can’t handle your Light.

    Love you, love you, love you and I AM so thankful to you. 🙏👐

    • Marta,

      Love you, love you, LOVE you too Marta and I AM so thankful to you. ❤ ❤ ❤

      “Reading all she posted, I’ve noticed that the wounded or easily possessed cowardly comes attacking when she was going through difficult times.”

      Over my online years of writing about the AP and now EP too I’ve repeatedly experienced higher NEW energies coming in and how that instantly effects certain people. These certain people will write a Comment(s) at the same time they’re feeling another blast of higher frequency Light, energies, energy Wave etc. attacking me about anything. I’m in no way condoning this in anyone but I’ve experienced it so many times since 2003 online that I KNOW many people who’ve not done any or enough of their own Inner Work on themselves are triggered every time another big increase in Light etc. arrives here. We’re all effected by this compressed evolution and most of us do our best to not kill someone else in the process! 😉

      “Denise, I’m so sorry for everything, I am praying and my heart is with you always.”

      I’ve finally been able to sleep some and relax which is crucial for me over this “abuse” business with my mom. I called the police department yesterday and there is no case about this or anything else against me so that aspect of this same identical type of negativity and crucify, kill the Light attacks by people easily manipulated to do so is diminishing and will soon be snuffed out completely. I know the different reasons why this happened to me now in this exact way and as soon as I have the energy and focus I very much want to write an article about these different aspects we’re all going through now in our own ways. Sometimes the “bad guys” are the exact fuel one needs to force one to make big and important changes in themselves and their current life situation(s) and energetic focus etc. etc. etc.

      Lastly Marta and all else, thank you from the top and bottom of my HighHeart and Soul for recognizing what you have. Someone else said last month or so that I was different from all the others (ascension teachers and writers) and I was deeply grateful to that person whose name I can’t recall at this moment — it was initials only — for also recognizing me and how I’ve always been different from the others. I’m a very large bridge. 😉 Thank you again for recognizing me, honestly knowing all you do, and for being you/You/YOU. ❤

      ➡ P.S.

      I just now went back through Comments and found the person whose name I couldn’t remember when I wrote this Comment, it’s cnstncwlsh and she/he said —

      “Denise, you are unique in your multi-dimensional role.”

      • Denise and Marta…Thank you for the beauty, humility and EDUCATION contained within the entirety of this exchange…Marta, so many thanks for the following: “Without Denise, I would never have found the final puzzle piece about the dark/entities/demons/aliens as I was being gaslighted and had mind-slides.” But in actuality, your entire post is a balm of awakening and understanding at a profound level…and to Denise…eternal gratitude for shepherding us all here into a NEW way of BEING on this planet. Marta has described your singular and unique essence so eloquently…So, with LOVE to you and Marta and all here for their insightful Comments, many thanks again…

    • Marta, could not have said it better! Denise, thank you for all that you do! You have guided me in this chaotic world and helped me understand to trust my higher heart and self. I so love and appreciate you and others who take the time to share and help others unselfishly! I’m sorry you are going through this difficult time with your mom. She is blessed to have you through her hard times. Love sent your way beautiful woman! Linda

  • Feeling another incoming head pressure, fatigue inducing, want to sleep. Maybe in chest.

    Dear Denise, I just want to say something encouraging or helpful for your current circumstances. There isnt. I only tasted what you are living through, but what I experienced was hellish enough. But I know Im not the only one here wanting the best for you. Man if we all could band together and physically assist each other. Money helps, but unless one can pay for others to handle everything, its still a soul breaking hard job.

    And veering over to another subject, all inclusive aspect, I think that one of the most difficult challenges for some of humanity is relearning to help each other and our neighbors. These days when neighbors see a problem, I mean something normal ie like grass needs mowing, what they do is call the city on you. They would never consider helping! I mean I need to do this myself, Physically give in some ways what Im able to give to another person who needs help. I know some groups like within a church will help their own but it ends there. Maybe it begins with those of us fatigued, ill, and income challenged to set a new example!

      • I learned this week about a group called “Buy Nothing” which exists across the US in various places. You can post things you want to give away or things you would like to receive including services and the whole thing is built on community and getting to know your neighbors! So, it’s out there. 🙂

        • Very 5D NEW Earth, NEW humanity Ruth, thanks for sharing that it’s manifesting already. I’ve said this many years ago and will repeat it here because we’re close to it now —

          How many Angels, ETs or Ascended Masters has anyone ever seen with money, checks or credit cards? 😉

  • Dear Denise and all,
    I send all the Light and Love to you, Denise, that I can muster at this intense point in our processes, individual and together. I send Angels to your Mom’s aid, too, if needed.
    I went out to get supplies today in the mountains where I’m kinda hiding out; first I drove off the pavement, then drove over a curb at the store, then got yelled at and flipped off when later I started backing up. It’s wild and woolly out there! I didn’t go anywhere further, but sat and cooled down for awhile, then cautiously drove home. Reality is strange right now, not unexpectedly, distended somehow, and emotionally distant from my conscious awareness, takes great attention to maneuver in it.
    I awoke in the early dawn to my Guides very openly instructing me on how to recognize photonic light with my eyes closed, (It’s like soft misty rain on gray sidewalk cement for me) and how to use it!
    My Guides tell me we’re going on a steep learning curve, comparable to completing a 4 year University Degree in 7 months. 9 hours+a day sleeping while doing classes, then 9 hours awakened doing more work, then 6 hrs. free time: a very compressed time. But, of course, time is very different in 5D. This is just an explanation to help me understand, others will see it a different way. We are all shards of Source or the Creator or whatever name applies for you, and we all create differently, to the Creator’s great amusement and joy and Love. This is why it is difficult at this point to advise or judge, we are all on an independent, individual course, a dang interesting one at that!
    Much Love and support to you, dear brave one, Denise, at this time of trial,

    • Reality is strange right now, not unexpectedly, distended somehow, and emotionally distant from my conscious awareness, takes great attention to maneuver in it.

      Georgia & All,

      Separation of Worlds both internally within you and externally out there in the physical. The rest of this year is going to be like this, increasingly so and more, so everyone do your best with however all this unfolds.

      I’m being momentarily held in and/or called back down to an old lower patriarchal world frequency where doctors, paramedics, hospitals, nurses and social workers are doing their things for better or worse. On one hand it’s incredibly frustrating for me to be in this position AT THIS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT TIME for us all but I know it’s another aspect of my personal Mastery on multiple levels. This one’s just really hard for me to deal with under such intense next-level EP plasma energies and all else while HAVING to daily deal with that old lower world and those people in it. There’s more but everyone gets the general gist I’m sure.

      All of 2019 is extraordinarily compressed; the main reason being that by January 12, 2020 the NEW codes/templates/energetic blueprints and a whole lotta NEW Crystalline Diamond Trinity DNA is currently activating in those who are Embodying now, will take over, they will entirely and completely REPLACE all of the old lower codes/templates/energetic blueprints etc. on/in Earth and mass humanity will HAVE to deal with that and these NEW vastly higher frequency energies and DNA etc. And we’re seeing how that’s going so far! O_o Hang on everyone and do your best no matter what crazy crap comes flying at you from out of left-field. Easier said than done under these conditions but this is the Separation of Worlds and more. ❤

      • Dear Denise,
        Thank you so much for your insights and encouragement at this time, especially as you are going through things with your Mom, etc. Your words and deep kindness make a big difference for me!!!
        I send you Infinite Love and Big Hugs! Nancy

  • Hi Denise. I will say this; It seems a major struggle to embrace high heart and neutrality for me and others just now. I find my comment to u about war and altercations humerous (forgive me!) bcuz its sandwiched in between another type of altercation here on your page.The illusion is “I feel powerless” bcuz I can’t “feel” positive. This is a lie. My mind seems dominant but it’s just my “mind”. I withdraw from all the trigger news via media/social out there. I stand back and do my best to respectfully observe from neutrality (and it helps telling myself that at this point I am in no position to point out anything, bcuz I …just me Edith…do not know other people’s anything. And if I did its probably not my business). I read the issues here, people’s reactions, and strive to understand.

    I feel strangely drugged and tired. The 105 degrees and heavy chemtrail cover here above doesn’t help.

    • I also feel drugged and strangely tired. Feeling things are very strange but trusting my higher heart is in control.

        • Linda C., Edith & All,

          I’ve been feeling these plasma energies again too and go from feeling “wired and tired” to heavy, drugged and profoundly exhausted. I must add however that because of what I’ve been going through with my mom since the start of June, and it’s only escalating, I’m not the best judge on things at the moment. I want to write an article about where we’re at now but I’ve got so many things and people (hospital, doctors, surgeons, nurses, social workers good and bad) I have to stay up with every day, and deal with the social worker guy who believes I’ve “abused” my mom… all while embodying these plasma energies which make the head hurt constantly and give you mild nausea and more.

          I’ll write when I can about these energies and how profound this all really is. If I’m too exhausted to do that I’ll just add bits here in Comments for us all. Thanks everyone for understanding. ❤ ❤ ❤

    • It is a response to Denise such as yours, Richard, that tells me just how strong and compassionate we, who have been with Denise for a very long time, are. Sit down with your heart, Richard, get over YOUR anger, and go about making sure that your shit is together before you claim to know what anyone else is about. Am I angry? No, Richard, because, if you remember, I had genuine compassion for you and apologized to you some posts ago because I thought you were about to commit suicide as I sensed your despair. You are getting stronger, obviously, but still directing your personal drama/trauma EXTERNALLY. If you are accountant, maybe try numerology. That’s my humor and I’ll keep that humor as long as I’m on this planet. Thank you, Denise, for your more than necessary reply to Richard. Onwards. Love, B.

    • Richard,

      Wanted to update and clarify this now ended situation. After 6-8 emails from “P” over this, and not one thing she said was true or happened physically, I believe that “P” has Alzheimers. Because of my lengthy personal experience with my mom’s Dementia, and the lack of deception or malice etc. I ever felt from “P” but a steady steam of mental confusion, forgetfulness, sentences that made zero sense and so on, I sensed she has Alzheimers. Sometimes you’ve got to push back, get loud, call someone on something to get more information about what’s been going on between them and yourself. That’s why I did what I did publicly with “P” because nothing else had worked, and that finally did.

      Btw “P”, now in her 70’s, was an Accountant (government, not this country) too. I hope “P”‘s family keep her safe online with her credit cards because this could have been a lot worse for her. I refunded her donation and paid PayPal’s charges for that but she probably won’t be so fortunate with someone else next time she forgets what she’s done.

  • Denise, this is not for your page unless u think so. I’ve had a rough week. Slept deep last night. The strange part was my cat yowling all night waking me up. In the past with prior cats, this was to help me in some way. And I just remembered my dream. War. Spaceships at war. I feel corny writing this out. I looked up and we could all see and watch this. Some motorbikes were thrown at us. Denise, is there an altercation happening right now, or did I eat too much pasta last night? 😳

    • Well xtra ordinary times. I am dealing with a rogue dentist. Asking help 6d 7d, if i should engage, with the dental bodys that deal with this. I dislike having to go into this 3d bulshit. But like Denise, am having to deal with it. Need dentures, to stabilize my tmj. There was a clearing on earth plan, re freeing from lies and deception, which helped. 2day i realize, i have RESENTMENT, about poor treatment, lies and confusion.. so i can clear that. Obviously it triggering stuff from many lives..i thought i had dealt with. The gross ineficiency of 3d medical. Especially when aware of 5d healing. I do believe it team dark, fighting for its life…… one thing i KNOW is creator, gives everything as oportunity for growth, and is in perfect timing!!!! We cant take our resentment, anger, pain, with us to5d….. the reason we are ascending, is to be closer to the creator, (by whatever name one uses) to be a channel for goodness, truth love….
      When i first approached 5d, my guides stood back, and i had to jump into the void, of perfect love.(easier then as i was exstatic from kundalini fire). At mo i am being shown, i have to completely let go, of self, to alighn, go forward. We keep our creator given individuality. (I not sure if it our personality, what would be our ascendant, in astrology) again step into the void of love….have any of Denise readers, felt anything like this???? We are all exhausted, at mo, plus team dark having a go. But to me it feels, like the dark, before dawn. Our star familly, must be aware, how difficult it is at mo. I keep asking. Surely, by now, anyone, that wants ascension freedom must have had a chance. Again, i trust completly, in divine timing…. i am sorry Denise, yr problems with yr mum. You have such amazing strenght, just to work with someone with dementia. A couple my freinds, had to, really stressful. You know we are all supporting you, as we can…. thanks for much needed humour

  • I understand all the frustations money worries and anxiety that goes into care taking. This is a tremendous burden and I know because I went thru all of it insurance medical etc for four years during my wife’s illness and eventual transition was the worst experience of my life and I feared at times during and after this experience I would end up living in a box. It was also a most sacred time loving and caring for someone who could do nothing to repay you. I feel honored to have had this opportunity. Yes it is trying Denise and you are to be commended for this service. During this time I did not receive PayPal donations but I did receive help most unexpected ways. I must say Denise as much as I have admired you I was appalled and sickened by the way you attacked penny without giving her a chance to explain to you privately what happened. I am an accountant and deal with these situations occasionally for clients. What are the odds they happened. Fairly good considering the broken customer service and banking system. Even if penny has withdrawn her donation so what it would have been her choice. Very scary on this forum.

    • “I must say Denise as much as I have admired you I was appalled and sickened by the way you attacked penny without giving her a chance to explain to you privately what happened.”

      And you know Richard that Penny and I and PayPal have NOT had multiple emails back and forth for over a month now how exactly?

      You are completely wrong about this but it just goes along with what’s happening now to many of us, on all sides of everything. Like I said the other day, it seems to be a theme at the moment so some self-reflection on your part sounds like a good idea too. That applies to ALL of us. Also Richard, there’s more going on with this situation that I won’t say publicly to protect Penny. Ooo, what a fucker I am.

      My mom is not your wife and our situations are very different based on what you said. I’m happy that you had a “sacred time” with her before she passed. Have you ever considered that it may have been karmic on both your parts?

      I am not an accountant but I know very well how broken EVERYTHING of the old dying patriarchal systems are.

      “Very scary on this forum.”

      I hope everyone understands why I sometimes allow these public Comment soap opera dramas play out instead of my just hitting the spam or delete buttons. It’s to help us all; it’s to share the educations and personal experiences, the pains, mistakes, misunderstandings, lack of greater awareness and all of it for ALL OF US, myself included. Richard, I knew what I was doing before I published my comment to/at/about this crap with Penny and her donation/not donation etc. I did it openly in my comment for all to see. I honestly hope you get exactly whatever it is that you need from my having done so. My intention was and always is that we ALL benefit from everything we’re going through now. But I also understand if this one is too much for you or for you at this time. You however need to understand that there’s always more going on than what I’ve said and shared, always.

  • Thanks so much for your encouragement and support, Marcy…The community that Denise has created here, and that has so obviously been jellying amongst many of us these past months, is nothing short of wondrous. I really appreciate your concern and for taking the time to respond to my recent “state of being.” I hope all is behaving reasonably well on your side, and that you are moving through this recent period with relative equanimity! Onward!

  • Dear Denise.
    I have again spoken to Capital one master card the security dept *********…A mistake was made and your account was accidentally marked as fraud. You will receive an email
    from them and the donation has been sent to you again…with their apologies.

    • Thank you Penny for getting that fixed. Damn this 3D financial reality! Here’s a thought … maybe if all of us in this community donated a small amount to Denise we could help her through this very challenging time. Isn’t that what community is for? I love you Denise … I went through the same medical bull with my 91 year old Dad a few years back shortly before he passed. Damn this 3D medical reality!

      • Bless your HighHeart Kathy. Having someone know what this is honestly about is very helpful to me so thanks for sharing about your Dad.

        Penny, Kathy & All,

        When I get an email from Penny’s MC stating what happened, according to them, I’ll then say something more about all this. For now I will say that blaming people for things they didn’t do is obviously a theme right now. Because I blamed Penny over this May donation matter that to me looked like it came from her, I will apologize publicly because I accused her publicly. Penny deserves that from me if that is the truth. But Penny, what are the odds that this happened and it did so between you and I who know each other online? Very suspicious imo.

        If I weren’t so beat up over everything including the latest plasma headache head pain and all else I’d be able to gain some elevation and get a clearer overview of what’s happening at the moment. I believe however that it’s the Separation of Worlds and mammoth push to release anything and everything within each of us that’s from our personal pasts AND from humanities collective past in preparation to exist within nothing but the NEW energies on physical Earth come January 12, 2020. The rest of this year cannot help but be heavy-duty which is why I re-read that great and true beer image on this article to help me do my best with everything we’re all going through now in our own ways for our own reasons.

        • Bless you too, Denise. I sent your “true beer image” on to some evolving friends … who loved it because it is so true, especially now, and they sent it on. I keep telling myself that this too shall pass. ❤

        • I do not understand your statement What are the odds
          Pennys that this could happen….IT DID…if you can’.t..reach out to me first and ask I wonder too!

        • “The rest of this year cannot help but be heavy-duty which is why I re-read that great and true beer image on this article to help me do my best with everything we’re all going through now in our own ways for our own reasons.”

          Ditto, Denise and ditto, Kathy. We can do this, don’t let the bastards get you down, almost there… good heavens, I just realized I sound like ‘the little train that could…’. I think I can, I think I can, I know I can, I KNOW I can… what a heart that little train had and so do we. Love, B.

      • Hear, hear, Kathy!! What Denise shares with all of us here is singular, unique and truly priceless…She has validated and supported our individual and collective AP/EP journeys, and helped us maintain our sanity through much of it with her wisdom and knowledge and experience. Especially at this time, with what Denise has had to go through this past week, may we be able to find a way of supporting her through this most challenging passageway. Thank you for this “shout-out” and your follow-up Comment, Kathy…Many blessings to you and yours…

  • Dear Denise
    Thanks for the post and wisdoms shared in the comments. Just wanted to know if you could give more information on Portal People – who are they, what are they, what are their purpose and how do we recognize/identify them?
    Many blessings

    • “Just wanted to know if you could give more information on Portal People – who are they, what are they, what are their purpose and how do we recognize/identify them?”

      Portal People are what I call the living humans who are lower frequency and consciousness people that are easily used by negative non-physical aliens and/or other entities, demons etc. to cause harm, chaos, suffering to other living humans, mostly those who carry Light in themselves. [The Matrix movies portrayed this process but from a standpoint of machines vs. living humans instead of other dimensional negative aliens and entities vs. living humans and how they could override a human to take them over and use, possess, to then go after, to attack the human hero’s in those movies that were “waking up” to more complex realities.]

      Volunteers, First Everythingers, Forerunners, Embodiers, Starseeds, Lightworkers, Pathpavers etc. have been targeted by non-physical negative aliens and entities because we’re here to help evolve, anchor (Embody) and shift humanity and Earth up and out of their negative influences and frequency range and so on. Because of this we have typically come under attacks by the negative aliens and other related entities. When that began to change due to ongoing increases in Light and amounts of it entering Earth and the First Everythingers, these Team Dark aliens increased their use of living humans as Portals to manipulate, direct and use to attack us, the “Lightworkers”. The higher in frequency we evolve, the less the negative aliens are able to DIRECTLY reach the First Everythingers when we’re awake and asleep (out-of-body) dreaming and/or Working in other levels and dimensions. Since the start of 2013 we have been continuously evolving beyond Team Dark’s frequency range, plus their time for getting away with all they have expired with the December 21, 2012 expiration date. That doesn’t mean they all magically left at that time, it just means that the past many thousands of years of them running planet Earth and humanity has ended. This will reach another HUGE level of change again when we reach a planetary shift fully out of the old codes and the NEW codes come “online” totally for all life on Earth when the Saturn Pluto Capricorn conjunction is reached on January 12, 2020. Reality on Earth and in humanity won’t be “reset” then, it will be totally overwritten, evolved by the NEW codes, DNA and energies for the NEW Evolutionary Cycle. This date is another of those mega huge, reality altering invisible shift points just like December 21, 2012 was but this January 12, 2020 event is, FINALLY, when humanity, Earth and far beyond will energetically “Shift” completely into the NEW codes, energies and NEW DNA and most everyone won’t see it happen or even know that it did happened!

      I got slightly sidetracked there… Portal People have been humans with low frequency and consciousness (heartlessness etc.) themselves and because they’ve been a frequency match to nonphysical Team Dark aliens & co., they’re easily used by them to attack, wound, harm, sidetrack etc. those of us with higher frequencies and consciousness here on a Mission to help with the Ascension Process and who are living the Embodiment Process. I hope this helps you better understand the complexities of the multidimensional realities we’ve been living in all along and how some of the “players” use other humans to hurt or hinder we of Light.

      • Thanks so much, Denise. Definitely makes for better understanding and with your wider explanation, it shows how all this are all connected to the shift we are experiencing. From your response, and my experience, for me it seems Portal People can actually be anyone and are in fact the majority of humanity. As they might not be used constantly by non-physical Team Dark entities, but due to their energetic orientation they are ‘open portals’ to be used by TD at will when necessary – fo you agree? Reason I say so, is that I often see someone act out or even irrationally and then I know that poor person allowed themselves to be used to cause misery for someone else. So it really is true as Morpheus says in The Matrix movies – that these people are still very much part of the ‘system’ and that they will side against us. Thanks for your wisdoms shared – very grateful. Sending you blessings with your challenges & may they alchemize into miracles.

        • “…for me it seems Portal People can actually be anyone and are in fact the majority of humanity.”

          EXACTLY correct Rentia, as sad as it is it is the truth. And yes, people are used at times by nonphysical negative beings/aliens/entities etc. and we see this in them suddenly changing and seemingly acting strangely and then after a period they’ll change back to their old selves. I’ve witnessed my mom be used like this to get at me because she has Dementia and is elderly and is wide open energetically, psychically because of those things. I’ve watched her eyes and personality suddenly change into something cruel, evil and twisted and taunt me and then a while later IT is gone and she’s back again. This is more common than most would ever believe. Exhausting and so sad and yes, the majority of people are still in the old “Matrix” patriarchal earth world and do not have a clue that they are. And the deeper you or I were to go back down into that old lower earth world Matrix, such as what I’m having to do now because of my mom’s health issues, the more abundant the attacks on me/you/us for our having RE-entered that lower level.

        • Thank you so much for all you Denise, for the selfless work that I know you have no other option but to perform as your life’s Divine Purpose.
          Your description of the 3D approach to the care of your dear Mum, ignited the rage I thought I had moved past.
          Just over a year ago my beloved Mum died as a direct result of the same bullshit that you described. I cared for her for two years as her mind deteriorated with dementia. She was okay whilst she had people around her that loved her. She was almost 87 and was fit and healthy and was not on any drugs. She broke her hip whilst walking with my brother. This was the start of a nightmare for her into the world of Corporate Aged Care as on her discharge from hospital we were told that she could not go home but had to go into a care facility. They put her on ten different drugs which totally robbed her of any semblance of dignity or control. Daily, I fought with staff and doctors to remove her off these disgusting medications. They would tell me that they had stopped the medication and I would discover that they had not. She deteriorated so rapidly, it was scary. Long story short…..she fell and grazed her shin which then became infected ( no-one could tell me anything about the fall) and she died after being in agony for ten days. I have struggled since with the helplessness I felt with the things that I saw in that Rest Home. I have had moments where I just wanted to kill someone for their lack of human decency and care. My beautiful Mum deserved more as do so many of those consigned to the care of Corporate Carers whose bottom line dictates what decent caring individuals in the profession are able to do because they are so stressed and overworked.
          I proudly became the bitch from hell in my advocacy for her well-being but it was in vain.
          I’m sorry for the rant and it probably doesn’t help you right now.
          I know on a higher level that she wanted to leave and go home but I still haven’t figured out why she had to suffer so appallingly and I also know that is not my business but hers.
          Sending you so much love and courage!


  • Thank you Denise! I continue to pray for you and thank Spirit that I found you. You understand and explain things than very few in my “world” understand. You help so many with your words, your gifts your love… Blessings from my high heart to yours! 💝💝💝🌻

  • Gratitude for a much-needed bit of lightheartedness, Denise. My past days have included slingshot bouts with fiery anger erupting and boiling up from I know not where, followed by those irrepressible twins, weeping and sleeping. And after that, more time cutting, pulling, mowing and trimming dead branches, invasive weeds hellbent on imposing their presence throughout my yard, and a weather smorgasbord over the past 10 days or so that included snow, hail of various sizes, strong winds, thunderstorms, 80F-degree days, and sufficient precipitation to turn our usually drought-stricken American SW region into a misty, moisty jungle of green. My eyes are adjusting to shades of green that I have only seen in other parts of the country; I rush out of doors to embrace the sunshine — and then retreat indoors as overcast skies appear. Seems that each day I can eke out the minimum required level of focus and productivity to take care of a smattering of responsibilities — coupled with intermittent bouts of Netflix binge-watching and near-continuous listening to a few select Internet voices and transmissions that soothe and affirm my inextinguishable Light and devotion to the AP and EP. More dreams than in quite some time, though usually unremembered. Like most of us here, less tolerance for/ability to engage with those who continue to perpetuate the tired, ancient, crumbling ways of a fast-disappearing Earth culture. Patterns of food intake and sleep have fallen away in proof that truly all we have is this moment, this Now and this Now and Now this. Money has all but disappeared, showing up only to take care of a specific need, and then any semblance of flow begins its ebb once more. I feel blessed that I am not now experiencing the physical pain and dis-ease of many, and I continue as best I can to focus on anything and everything that brings me a smile, a giggle, a tingling of joy, a warmth spreading through my high heart region, and the remembrance of what and why has brought me here.

  • Dear Denise,

    It was precisely because I could “feel” disturbances in your field…as I KNOW you can in mine…that I was moved to write. I’d not wanted to intrude in any way, however, so I waited and waited to write…

    Although I’m sure it could not have felt at all comfortable for you to reiterate (and experience) the details of what you’ve gone through this week with your Mom, the Portal People/paramedics and everyone else in the ER and “law enforcement,” I so empathize with you…having been in my situation since 2011, much more than I would ever have preferred…although at this time, not as distasteful (please excuse me as I cannot think of a more appropriate word at this time) as yours currently is. I felt your Love for me as you recounted the details and all the understandings, all for my benefit and the benefit of everyone here. It has been the energy of my past/the past that has placed me at the bedside of my prior companion and my current one, and of my mom and stepmom as they exited in all of their pain, along with my many brethren and sisters who exited during the height of the AIDS crisis of the ’80s and ’90s. Advance Directive/Health Care Proxy with my current situation – yes also. Absolutely EVERY word of your responses to me and to revital71 I feel as TRUTH, and I want you to know this.

    On a last note, you may recall that Saturn and Pluto have been criss-crossing my Capricorn ascendant for a bit now, and on January 12, 2020 they will be conjunct my ascendant once again, so from the perspective of the planetary realms and energies, all of this is occurring right on time as it must, so that I allow the NEW everything to enter and the old and now useless energies of yesteryear, to dissolve and disintegrate…thanks for that word.

    Denise, I can never thank you enough for calling it as it is, and for being there and supporting this transmutation and transfiguration that I feel I’m going through. I am so so grateful to you. Thank you again so kindly for your generosity of Light and Spirit. Much, much Love to you…

    To Karina – Many thanks for your kindness and Love and generosity, also…and may LIFE be responding to you very well in every way and on every level! Much Love to you also, Karina…

  • Dear Denise,
    I have just read your response about your on going care and unconditional love for your mum…..I am so sorry you are experiencing this,,,it brought such sadness . I hope you are allowed to make the decisions
    for your mum without their interferences…You will have much etheric help around you…xo

    • Penny,

      You are completely unbelievable Penny. After the stunt you just did to me claiming you didn’t make a $20.00 PayPal donation to me a few weeks ago and contesting it. To end this bullshit from you I told PayPal to refund your $20.00 donation, and my doing that PayPal charged ME an additional $27.80, making the total I HAVE PAID TO BE NICE TO YOU OVER ALL THIS crap YOU did $47.80. And I became unemployed the day I called 911 to take my mom to the ER.

      I will NEVER publish another comment from you and the ONLY reason I’m responding to you publicly is because of YOUR complete refusal to take ANY responsibility for the fact that you did make that $20.00 donation. It takes a few deliberate clicks to make a donation Penny and your email address was attached to it. All this and you have the %$## $@&%s to write what you did to me knowing what I’m going through now.

      • Denise …I am so sorry…. I did not under any circumstances take back your donation NO-ONE has notified me. I have no idea what you are talking about …the donation was m ade on my MC thru paypal…the canadian money was sent. I will get a hold of them immediately…THIS WAS NOT ME!~ It is something ThatI would not even cross my mind!!!!I will check My mc account this evening….probably something else! something mucking around…What is the 47.50 can we reimburse this …If they won’t I will…THIS IS NOT WHOI IAM….I thought you knew…

  • Denise, I am currently cleaning a stain glass window my husband has built for a customer. It is a giant peacock. 2 foot x 7 foot window. I just noticed the guy has a crown. Blues/greens – very colorful. Normally, it is a tedious process, but today in this moment, I am infusing Love and Light into the glass. I am actually having fun and it’s flowing quicker than average. Just wanted to share. 🌸

    • Perfect Karina. Intention through creative projects is very powerful and will positively affect everyone who sees it. Well done you! ❤

  • Hi Denise
    Very sorry to hear about your mother’s deteriorating health and all of your sorrowful experience associated with it. That led me to think that no matter how high you/we/all have evolved as first everythinger, the 3d darkworld still does not see or acknowledge our light. So isn’t it so difficult or impossible to feel and experience separation of world in outer 3d or inner world? Because no matter how badly you want to be NOT connected to outer 3d world externally or internally, you must and you have to as we the first everythinger will always be dependent on it for one or other thing. We have no choice. Do we have? So for me no separation of world at least outwardly.

    • “That led me to think that no matter how high you/we/all have evolved as first everythinger, the 3d darkworld still does not see or acknowledge our light.”

      revital71, I have always gotten attacked for one and only one reason and that is because I carry Light, I carry a higher frequency and they instantly react to that vibratory difference even though it’s unconscious in most people. Portal People are a different story because they’re used to attack the Light, the Christ/Crystalline because anyone whose embodied (is carrying) a higher frequency (Light) in themselves is instantly sensed by those who don’t and they attack in a variety of ways.

      The Ascension Process, the Embodiment Process, the Separation of Worlds being lived by the Embodiers has nothing whatsoever to do with my or our not wanting to be connected to
      to outer 3d world
      for the reasons you believe. It has to do with the fact, the FACT that we have outgrown it, evolved beyond it vibrationally and in every other way and because of that are able to help energetically create and Pathpave the NEW higher evolutionary 5D Earth world as a physical reality for others to evolve towards.

      The difficulty many of us have that you don’t seem to understand is that we literally exist at a NEW higher frequency than the majority of the old world and people. This is and always has been about different levels of frequency and the natural changes that go with that both internally and externally in every one of us. I literally vibrate faster energetically than the majority of people not consciously aware that the AP even exists and is happening now! My mom vibrates lower than I do which is why her body is more rapidly breaking down — just like everything else in that old lower world — in 2019. But because she needs external physical assistance in that old world (being in a hospital and getting another surgery that is absolutely pointless at this point but that’s what the old lower “matrix” negative patriarchal world was all about, I reentered that lower frequency knowing full-well that I’d be attacked by many, not all but many, the moment I did so.

      “We have no choice. Do we have?”

      Of course you have a choice, every human alive now does and always has. But, YOU have to make that choice and then deal with the consequences of it… exactly like I do every time I have intentionally gone back down into the old dying patriarchal Earth world for whatever the reasons. Normally I can skate the surface of it more safely and comfortably now when I need to do things in it like grocery shop etc. However, when situations such as with my mom, I have to go back into that old lower frequency world MUCH lower and longer than I ever would on my own which is why some people that exist still in those much lower frequency and consciousness levels attack people from a higher level. This isn’t anything new revital71, it’s always been like this on old Earth because they’ve always immediately tried to “crucify” any Light that shows up in any form.

  • I agree with Marcy, no special names or words to use, everything is speeding up – everything out here and there is speeding up I see people of late that I haven’t seen for awhile and they have aged like fast and furious, they are looking like 10 yrs older and I notice how much faster my world is of late, because I have been hitting things in this material, and getting cut or punched just by normal walking where I normally do, my physical body is having a hard time keeping up with the incoming energies from Source, the Heart Core what we all come from, I feel it strongly every moment now, instead of days or weeks and months in-between times. At 67 my face is still young looking like it has been all my life, yes I am one of those who age very slowly, but the comment I get about my still young looks and now I see younger ones I have known all my life aging like speeding banshee from hell – they look 10 yrs older now… hmmm
    acceleration at any name given is here to stay until the paper work is done for all and any of us. My mind picks up faster then my fingers can type of late and or my fingers can type faster then i know what i am saying – it is and has become automatic, that is the way it should be when we get out of the way of our True Heart Core, Our Source connection be re connected – The more I release of personal memories and let SOURCE SHOW AND TELL ME WHAT I NEED TO DO NEXT IS such a release and freedom, the adjustment of NOW THOUGHTS FROM SOURCE ARE COMING IN EASIER THE MORE I LET MY PAST GO…. NEWER MEMORIES OF WHEN I STARTED here on Gaea has now just been completed, and with that I can sense and know thru my feelings where and who I am and where I am going this time, I am not done bye a long shot, some of us are here for a very good reason, we all have parts in this Broadway play of life being lived moment to moment instead of our past life times dictating what we still have to let go of…I had to wear Wide ankle shackles for 9 and 1/2 yrs. to stay put and work on myself, I could feel them off and on as it were… from the other side, now they are gone, and I can now wear tenny shoes like I have done most of my life. lol
    for nine plus years I word high work boots with 2 inch heels… I thought I liked them until the first day I became aware they were ETHERIC SHAKLES FROM THAT OTHER SIDE MAKING ME AWARE OF NOT TO DO MUCH OF ANYTHING ON THE OUTER WORLD ….. AND I DIDN’T….
    so yes Marcy — thanks for your comments about been WIPED OUT FOR WEEKS ON END – MINE SO FAR HAS BEEN
    2 MONTHS… I WAS OUT LIKE A LIGHT WHEN I LAID DOWN, I WAS BEING FORCED TO LAY DOWN AND WENT DEEP – I MEAN SO DEEP DOWN THAT RABBIT hole I heard nothing until I was told to wake up… from Source.. my connection that I am now very much aware of and can trust that is what is has been all my life…it is so much clearer now… ( I didn’t think or know that it would take so long – for me it has been since I was 21 yrs old, unknowingly and now it is knowingly aware and awakened… for sure… more empathic than I every was when I was younger and was told how much of an outsider I was. ———- not an outsider like those who sleep and have nothing more then a herd mentality but an insider …. like most or some of us now realize is OK to be… by the way new friends of the new world are not here yet in this small town of birth that I had to move back to… hmmm – becoming a singularity again is a nice feeling, my memories or circle of past memories no longer bother me so much…. this is a good thing….. kind of long… that I know.. in writing..this.. hmmm

  • I was just thinking this morning while reflecting on the past few weeks when it felt like I left body and went off wherever for whatever to do whatever and woke daily for a week SUPER DUPER exhausted, and I thought to myself, “I’m just going to imagine that I did tequila shots out there and partied or had fun in whatever dimension handling or talking to or doing whatever and that it is OK if I don’t remember it, that I had a blast and I am going to be happy about that though I know nothing. I laughed about this in the bathroom!! This other dimensional party was why I was so “wasted” tired waking up for a week (flying to Tibet every night would have been easier) and then I read this post!! LOL! So funny. It’s been reeeally hard lately. A few nights ago, killer physical pain. Aches over entire body, joints, teeth breaking, fevers, vomiting…all sudden too and yet….. I now feel DAY GLOW GREEN. Seriously. BRIGHT HIGHLIGHTER YELLOW GREEN. Like if I were suddenly in the woods in Game of Thrones things just wouldn’t go down the way they normally do because day glow green just doesn’t operate the same way and I don’t know what or why that is yet (yeah, imagination a litte active these days..)

    Btw 3D folks are falling down in front of my face now, like dolls without battery packs. I’ve witnessed that they do not seem to make it out of their body energetically now. They are not able to connect with others. It is weird. One employee is now like a dragon with her teeth pulled, no breath of fire, no wings or tail working…collapsed posture, shrunken body, mouth lowered, eyes darker than normal, more sunken, lids drooping, all while working harder than ever to harm – words were ridiculous, malintent obvious. I cannot be in their presence anymore, it’s weird I actually cannot stand it, even if they aren’t as frightening in their sickness, I cannot tolerate it and I cannot tolerate abuse. You wrote this in a post you suggested I read. It was just like what I saw last week at work. Something Blue Rays, I think you called them, told you. “They said, ‘….that they will begin to energetically devour themselves…’ (them being Bush & Co. etc.)” That’s what it looks like, their energy now circles around them eating them. Pardon me, that was grimm :/

  • That’s hilarious! Where can I order ten copies in full poster size so I can put them up everywhere to remind myself? 😉
    Seriously though, sending the best vibes to you Denise as you go through episode number gazillion of the ‘f***ed up sh##’ with your Mom, waterlogged home etc

  • I’ve been thinking about you, Denise and All over the past few days. THIS! brought a much needed, deep HighHeart laugh. Thank you for sharing. I’ve been feeling some intense shifting during dreamtime and waking this week (past few days especially). Feel like a sloth today. So this post brought a good reminder and snort out of me. Thanks sunshine!💖💖💖

    • I so needed it too Karina which is why Gabriela B. sensed she needed to share it with me now. There’s tons going on now and I may write about it at some point but for now I’m doing my best to do my highest best. 😉 ❤

  • Oh my goodness, PERFECT TIMING!! I was thinking of you all earlier today because when many of you were talking about the water codes, the rain and the water system redux in your worlds, I was like wtf?! There’s a mini drought where I am! Not any more!! Such a deluge there’s a mini flood in the house I live in. I’ve had fun thinking of you all and giggling about water codes while mopping up, rearranging the furniture and all the fun that comes with unexpected events like this. Thanks for reminding me at least this time, since I have been able to keep laughing about it and for serious moments really felt like I was in my HighHeart, maybe I am actually doing my “job”!!

    • “I’ve had fun thinking of you all and giggling about water codes while mopping up, rearranging the furniture and all the fun that comes with unexpected events like this.”

      You are a 10tinbluebirds GOD you! ❤ What a beautiful, powerful and empowered attitude you have about the water spreading the NEW codes all over INSIDE your house! It did the same to me but through a leaking water pipe under my house (for about 2.5 months!) which saturated the insulation down there and the ground itself too of course. It's like some of us are needing these NEW codes that are being dispersed on and into Earth to come right into our physical houses to do their job.

      You are doing your Job and doing it very well indeed. I've got more old matrix world stuff going on now with my mom and her latest health issue and you're attitude is something I will keep with me as I go through this with her in that old negative lower world. ❤

      • Oh Denise! I wish for you the experiences I had with the people caring for my Dad during his last months on earth. They were honestly the most loving, kind and remarkable people I’ve ever met! The entrance to the hospital he was in when I was last able to visit looked like an art gallery even in the midst of renovations. And his care taker at the place he had been living was an honest to God angel on this earth if ever I have seen one. I hope only good things ahead for both you and your Mom!! Sending all the love.

        Also, I developed this idea BECAUSE OF YOU!! So thank you again and again for all you do!

      • Dear Denise and All Here,

        I’m appreciating this brief moment of levity…I’d forgotten how amusing truth could be now and then! Thanks for it.

        Denise, I’m feeling your words to 10tinbluebirds re. your mother very strongly. Similar events have been happening here and it has been difficult to maintain my composure and neutrality amidst it all. Because I KNOW that the “Internal Separation of Worlds” has occurred/is occurring within me, all the “externalized” medical details to attend to in my caregiving situation have been exasperating to say the least…not to mention those “unascended” details that remain within other spheres of day-to-day ongoingness. I have felt very very lonely.

        Holding you, Denise, and everyone here in the love/Love/LOVE that this most recent upgrade into the NEW has brought…I only wish I, personally, could feel more ebullient about it more often!

        • Raymond B.,

          I’ve felt you being far away going through what you have and still are, much like I and so many of us are this year. So much of these current difficulties we’re going through are almost Initiatic in that we HAVE to go through whatever it is that we MUST release now that’s from our past, from the past. There is no wrong doing or karma or mistakes etc. with any of this, only the absolute need for many of us let go of and fully release whatever and whoever we must now. The old isn’t going into the NEW with us and I mean this both internally within each of us and externally with other people or whatever the case may be. They are incompatible with the NEW energies and codes etc. because they are from the past. The fluidity of this right now is both beautiful and divine and requires us to be empty of the past in all ways inside of ourselves. The Separation of Worlds is very much taking place right inside of each of us, now. Don’t anyone fight it but trust it, open to it, flow with it and know that this is an important phase.

          Very briefly because I’m still feeling rather beat-up from what I’ve just gone through. All week (June 2-8) something’s been wrong with my mom’s ankle which was getting more painful every day. By Thursday, June 6th she couldn’t stand on it which meant I couldn’t get her to the toilet. I knew what I’d have to do, which was call 911, and that the second I did so everything would change again just like it did in August 2014 when she had an emergency triple bypass, and two weeks later a related stroke. I’ve been feeling a parallel to that 2014 event all week but didn’t fully understand what was wrong with her. What was a real test for me was knowing that the moment I called into the old lower negative “matrix” world to get medical help for her I would instantly come under attack because I’d reentered that old lower frequency in an extra low level which is the medical world.

          Yesterday morning I had to call 911 to have her transported to the ER to find out why she couldn’t walk or stand and why she’s getting so weak so quickly. Two paramedics arrived and one was a Portal Person and he was being manipulated before he even physically saw me. They took her to the ER where the ER nurse did the same attack on me as the one paramedic did. My mom had a bruise on her forehead from bumping it against the bathroom sink earlier this week because she can’t hold her body upright from the waste up plus her ankle hurt so she was shifting her feet while I hurried to pull up her diaper and pants. But the bruise on her forehead was interpreted by the one paramedic as “abuse” by me on her and he told the ER nurse this so she came at me with huge attitude and kept interrupting me. I got verbally aggressive and defended myself against her attacks and negativity but she called the police and reported a possible “abuse”. A police officer showed up at my house 30 minutes after I left the ER and the third level of these attacks commenced. He knew I was telling the truth however because he could read me but nonetheless just this level of what’s happening via my mom was a real shocker.

          She was admitted to the hospital that evening and this morning a doctor called me with the results of all the tests they did. There was nothing wrong with her head or anywhere else but, she has a blockage in an artery in her leg which is what was causing the pain in her ankle and into her calf. He also said if they don’t get this surgery done quickly — they go in through the groin and insert a balloon-like device to open up the blockage — that she’d need her leg amputated. That was the last straw for me; the thought of anyone cutting off an 89-year-old’s leg or anything else to keep them alive with dementia, a stroke and all sorts of other health issues, and me continuing to HAVE to take care of her broken body and mind… well, it’s just not going to happen. I have and I continue to let go of, release in all ways on all levels her and all things connected to her now. Neither her or I will go through this nightmare any longer and thank god I’m her Advance Directive Health Care Agent or these people would take her apart piece by piece and I’d have to continue taking care of her body when she wants to leave it. The old 3D patriarchal medical world matrix, what a nightmare.

          I’m sharing this with all of you so you’re aware of how the Saturn Pluto Capricorn conjunction and the other NEW energies and codes coming in now prior to 1-12-2020 are impacting me at this time. Know Raymond that I and all of us are with you just like I know all of you are with me. We are the NEW Collective and we feel each other and we feel when something is going on with another member of the Group. As difficult as some things are now, it’s all to clear the way for us to Embody more and anchor more NEW codes and DNA etc. While you’re disintegrating, stay open to these NEW fluid liquid Diamond energies and let them replace the old. This is where we’re at now. ❤ ❤ ❤

        • I’m thinking of you & your mom, Denise. I’m so sorry to hear you had to go to hospital again, and I hope your mother will be all right and you will, too. Much love. 💓

        • Raymond and Denise, oh my, you are SO LOVED! I think of many of you here often and connect/send divine HighHeart Love your way. Denise, you sharing your experience lately filled in so many gaps and clarified much more. Know that you have a huge support team with you. We’re energetically standing with/beside you – we’ve all got each other on other levels. You too, Raymond! 💕

        • Raymond, I’m so, so sorry you’re feeling lonely! I know that too well. I just wanted to say that to you. :)) I appreciated what Denise wrote you, her replies to others help lots of people. I wish you the best through this transition now. Denise, a new employee wrote me up at work for “beating up” a student recently. Due to witnesses and long standing reputation, her lie could not fly. She actually manipulated the student. I was attacked by campus police one morning recently, totally out of character and out of control. His boss made him do it. Most work abuses from 2014 on actually turned around to help me. Enemies became footstools back then and continuously so, for a few years or more. Police and all, and I don’t know how you did what you did without losing it. My temper is no small thing to manage especially now with amazing bravery. I hope you received a hug from someone you loved !! And BOY… am I glad for the letting go of responsibility of others now. Man, am I. Hearing you express it… Best thing this month was seeing toxic casual abuse and cruelty (from family and work colleagues) and realizing I’M NOT RESPONSIBLE… LETTING GO. Finally, truly, really. NOT anymore. Wow. Bless you, Denise. And Raymond and ALL. :”))

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