Let Us Talk Shift

Before the physical level Ascension Process started (1998–1999) I had above average abilities to mentally focus and hold that focus while still being aware of my surroundings physically, energetically and psychically. I could read a book in a day or two and retain memory of all of it and even where certain information was located in the book(s). In other words, before the Ascension Process started I was very good at intentionally focusing on something and holding that focus with little effort. Evidently I had developed this ability to mentally focus to a high degree, which I wasn’t aware of really until the Ascension Process started and this and other abilities were decimated overnight.

I went from loving to read books to suddenly not being able to read much of anything because my well-developed abilities to hold mental focus and retain what I’d read was seemingly unplugged, disconnected, severed by the very Process I was going through. I know many of you can related because you’ve lived this Alchemical evolutionary Ascension Process over these many years too and have gone through the mandatory dismantling of your 3D ego-based, left-brained linear intellect.

Left-brained intellect was a match with the old lower frequency 3D patriarchal Earth world we incarnated into but it’s an impediment and hazard to your expansion and evolution into more complex higher levels of personal integration — inner Triality unity. Because of this, the people living the Ascension Process first have been going through the steady dismantling of their old familiar linear 3D intellect and matching tools of perception. The days of being able to pick up only one channel are over for those living and energetically leading (Pathpaving) the evolutionary Ascension Process. Because of your current accelerated evolution and implementation of more and more NEW codes and more complex DNA, you are increasingly capable of picking up multiple channels simultaneously and on multiple dimensions now.

All this sounds fine and dare I say easy until your old familiar linear mental abilities and focus are unplugged due to compressed evolution. Then it’s (1) a scramble to learn how to function with those old 3D tools suddenly no longer working and (2) quickly perceive in higher NEW and different Spherical ways that are completely nonlinear, minus that old beloved high horse-powered muscle car straight down the linear consciousness runway level of mental focus you once had.

Suddenly, gone are the old patriarchal glory days of parading your overly developed left-brain intellect around, getting paid well for having it, and being looked upon by society as an intellectual superior because you couldn’t do anything other than that one thing, albeit very well at that old lower level of reality and consciousness.

Our transition out of the old 3D consciousness and perceptual tools and energies have meant we’ve been continually losing our old ability to mentally focus in our left-brains to function in that matching lower frequency reality, which has been changing right along with us too of course. This has been happening since 1998–1999 for the First Everythingers but it’s reached a NEW level now in 2019 where everyone else is now having to begin making this and may other inner evolutionary shifts to exist in the NEW.

One aspect of this was aided and anchored energetically by all the NEW Triality-based codes—energetic templates or blueprints—that have been pouring down on us physically since December 2018, in the form of extreme amounts of rain and flooding most everywhere. The rainwater had, has the NEW Crystalline Triality codes in it and has saturated everything, literally embedding them into this physical dimension, us, Earth and all else. You already know about the conductivity of water and the amplification of crystals and Crystalline energies and what the two can do. This has been, since late last year, one main way how the NEW codes and energies have been physically embedding into ascending Earth and those people capable of embodying and Embodying them in their physical bodies and their unifying Selves.

I’ve been living through this constant Ascension Process business of having my old linear left brain intellect dismantled while simultaneously having that replaced, upgraded, evolved into greater and greater higher whole brain unity but this doesn’t end in our heads. This reunification of our two old Dualized brain halves has been evolving us into our HighHearts because that is humanities NEW tool of perception, seat of awareness, consciousness and reality, realities.

As many of you already know from reading the Comments at HighHeartLife, my mom’s health condition has worsened and she’s been in  the hospital (two different ones so far) since June 7, 2019. On June 1 and 2 she suddenly started complaining that her ankle was hurting her, and every time I had to get her up to go to the toilet, she’d limp trying to keep her weight off of that one painful ankle. I’m including the dates of these events because they’re indicators of this current MASSIVE ascension related Shift that many of the First Everythingers, Forerunners, Pathpavers have been experiencing in profoundly amplified and accelerated ways since June 1, 2019. So bear with me please as I go through these explanations about what’s happened and continues happening to her, and me, because they are all entirely related to this MASSIVE 2019 Shift happening now.

  June 1–2, 2019 is the first my mom had this new ankle pain. I checked it carefully and found nothing wrong with the ankle or bone etc. No discoloration, swelling or anything. The only thing I did find was that the ankle was cool to the touch, which I interpreted as some problem with blood circulation. As some of you may remember, she required an emergency triple bypass surgery in 2014, and had a stroke two weeks later. Stupidly, I didn’t make the connection that her “heart disease” could possibly be manifesting in other parts of her body besides just her heart.

Each day of the first week of June 2019, this sudden new pain in her one “ankle” increased until she couldn’t even stand up for me to take her to the toilet. She’s been rapidly declining in general since February 2019, but that amplified and accelerated greatly on June 1st that by June 6th I knew I HAD to call 911 to get her help. I also knew that the minute I made that call I would be intentionally reentering a much lower frequency, lower consciousness, lower everything old patriarchal run Earth world reality and that my re-entrance into it would instantly not be appreciated by many of its negative human inhabitants. I also knew that the day I called 911 and they removed my mom from my house that I’d become unemployed that day. So, knowing what was coming and that most of it would be negative for me and for my mom but for different reasons, I called 911 the morning of June 7, 2019. Two paramedics came, one sane, honest and helpful and the other the complete opposite as he was very negative and fixated on me in those Team Dark manipulated Portal People sorts of ways. I’ve experienced this so many times throughout my lifetime and can See and feel it, them before it, them and I even come into physical contact with each other in the physical world. This is the past old lower Earth world reality.

Because my mom had bumped her forehead against the bathroom sink on June 2nd because she hasn’t been able to stand upright since the 2014 stroke, plus because her ankle was hurting severely when I made her stand up to go to the toilet, she had a bruise on her forehead. The negative paramedic focused on that only and reported to the head ER nurse that I had “abused” my mom. She attacked me in the ER room and reported this abuse to the police. Welcome back to the very low levels of the old negative patriarchal world with its totally unaware human population. Let the attacks instantly begin on anyone with Light in them who dares to reenter that old lower world and frequency!

Long story short, after many tests done on her in that local ER hospital, they discovered that the artery in that leg with the painful “ankle” was due to it being totally blocked. So it wasn’t her ankle after all, it was a blocked artery in that leg. Three days later she was transferred to a better hospital in another city where they did further tests and discovered that both legs had completely blocked arteries in them, and according to the doctor I talked with, this like her heart has been increasing over the years and didn’t happen last week or last month etc. Big insight for me here; heart disease happens in other body parts too, not only the heart. Who knew, certainly not me.

Need to backtrack briefly for the first part of this article about linear left brain thinking to make better sense. Since the Ascension Process began for me at the start of 1999, I’ve been going through the dismantling of my linear left brain intellect and simultaneous activation of what I’ve called nonlinear quantum Spherical Consciousness which begins from having had one’s left and right brain halves Rewired into an integrated, unified state physically and energetically. That in turn automatically activates the start-up of one’s HighHeart as their NEW evolved much higher frequency seat of focus, awareness and very reality. I’ve Worked very hard since 1999 going through this natural evolutionary shift from left brained patriarchal intellect up into my fifth dimensional and higher unified Crystalline Christ frequency HighHeart as my primary perceptual tool and seat of ascending, merging Self Selves, just as many of you reading this have.

For me to suddenly have to go back down into an old lower dying level of the negative patriarchal world to get “help” for my mom who I know is dying, and have to tap into my linear intellect to give linear dates and related information to those particular people attacking and accusing me of abusing my mom was more difficult than I ever would have guessed. When you’ve moved to a higher more complex level of frequency, consciousness, awareness and being, it’s very difficult to compress yourself back down into a lower state and perceive in a linear frequency only. It’s been hard evolving out of that and it was hard having to go back into it while under pressure from people who only want to harm you for reasons they’re not even fully aware of.

After some work on my part I was able to access the linear dates clearly in my awareness in that limited linear fashion those people needed and expected. What none of us would know for days, a week in fact, was the real cause of her “ankle” pain and growing week-long inability to stand was due to the arteries in BOTH legs being completely blocked and for many years. June 1–2, 2019 was the tipping trigger point with this which is so much more than what it first appears. I’m deliberately describing what I’ve been going through this month in this linear way to help you when you find yourself suddenly having to deal with someone or something from the old lower negative patriarchal world because the First Everythingers have fully entered the NEW on June 1–2, 2019 and we’re having to make massive changes due to this Shift and intentionally disconnect ourselves in all ways from the, from those old lower patriarchal Earth worlds.

As usual, what makes describing any of this difficult for me is that it’s NOT linear at all nor is it a singular, disconnected from everything else event, quite the opposite in fact.

For me this June 2019 event took some professional medical and social worker Portal People idiots accusing me of abusing my mom and having the police come to my house to check me and it out while searching for anything confirming that abuse did happen. None was found because none has ever happened. It took this level of actual bullshit abuse on me however to finally reveal what I now must do (and have done and am continuing to do) which is intentionally disconnecting myself completely from her and all she’s connected to that’s of and in the negative dying patriarchal Earth world. I have intentionally withdrawn all of my energies, energetic connection to and focus on all of it as of last week.

Whenever I’ve had to go back down into lower levels of old dying Earth reality, it’s an unpleasant ordeal for sure. Going to the grocery store and whatnot is one thing because those places and people are closer to the surface of the Light and the NEW. But, those well-established dug-in massive old patriarchal systems, structures and places such as the entire medical system and everything connected to it—doctors, nurses, paramedics, hospitals, pharmacies, Big Pharma, social workers, social security for the disabled etc., police officers, insurance companies, nursing homes facilities and on and on—exist at a much lower more dense and dark location within the old dying patriarchal world. Going all the way down there is very different and far more dangerous and exhausting than a quick jaunt to one’s local grocery store that exists at a much higher level.

Since my mom had the stroke in September 2014, I’ve struggled with how in the world I could continue my Ascension Process and Embodiment Process while having to continue caring for her. Because she is not wealthy (we are not wealthy), she can’t afford to spend the rest of her life in a Nursing Home care facility, her insurance doesn’t cover it. And because I don’t have the money to pay for it we’ve both been stuck with each other through this entire Ascension Process. I’ve always known there would come a point with the Ascension Process where the two of us could not continue on together any further because it was hurting us both; me because I’ve never been able to give 1000% to my Ascension and then Embodiment Process because of her medical physical and mental conditions which keep her tied to that old patriarchal world, the one I’ve disliked my entire life. And, she’s been tied to me while she constantly diminished physically and mentally since the 1990’s making it harder for her to be around me. Talk about a rock and a hard place for both of us.

However, with negative unaware people with power over me, my life, my income and my freedom at that old lower level coming at me as some of them, not all but some, in June 2019, I was finally given the answer I’ve searched for since 2014. That answer is that I have, you have, we have, and Earth and all the rest of humanity including the majority of unaware humanity, have finally reached the Shift point where I, where you HAVE to intentionally and from our HighHearts release, let go of, disconnect from everything and everyone that’s connected to the old lower negative dying Earth world(s).  What I’ve been confused about with this has finally arrived for all of us June 1, 2019 and the answer is for me and many of you reading this, we’ve reached that place and time within the Separation of Worlds Shift point where WE have to consciously and intentionally release ourselves from them, from it, from all that it still is, and from all it has stood for and been in the old patriarchal world. Many of us have made this Shift at some point since June 1, 2019. Many more will do so every day from here on out. Do so when it’s YOUR perfect time to completely release yourself from the old lower levels and world(s), and trust me when I tell you that you’ll know exactly when that is because you’ll absolutely HAVE to do so.

I’ve endured a lot with my mom’s dementia and stroke; hallucinations, her being repeatedly “jumped” by negative entities for the purpose of tormenting and attacking me because I’m of the Light and doing what I am etc. I’ve endured a lot due to her needing to be constantly taken back down into the old lower world where her doctor and pharmacy and hospitals all else exists. And I’ve endured a lot because my income has come from her being elderly, disabled and poor and the incredible bunch of very negative and nearly insane social workers (not all of them but around 98% of them) that I’ve personally dealt with over the years are nothing but Portal People. But it was the accusations of my abusing my mom and being interrogated by a police officer and social worker and nurses etc. that was the last straw for me. Once that level of real “abuse” was reached last week, I knew it was time for ME to send her on her way to freedom from her broken body and mind and me to my freedom from her and her broken body and mind and all that’s connected to that. It’s been MY responsibility since June 7, 2019 to completely and in every way end this with her and the old negative world, and I’ve done just that and I’ll continue doing that energetically, intentionally. It’s now time for this for all of us no matter what your personal situation is. Just do it and do not feel bad or guilty for doing so because it is exactly what HAS to happen now.

Thanks for wading through this lengthy explanation about what it’s been like from my personal perspective intentionally and with great determination, focus and power releasing myself from the old. There’s much more to all this but I’ve probably prattled on enough about my personal first half of June 2019. Don’t you know that the second half of it will be even more interesting as we continue intentionally releasing ourselves from the past lower everything and Embodying more of the NEW everything.  My deepest Gratitude to each of you for your individual help, love, kindness, understanding, support, and financial donation support during this Shift process. Thank You, thank you, thank you.  ❤ ❤ ❤

Denise Le Fay

June 15, 2019



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  • Just catching up today, so apologies for reopening a thread that seems to have fallen asleep for a few days. The June energies have been a nightmare for me as well and this article explained sooooo much.
    Starting on the 9th I had a visit from 3 very Dark Side types who had abandoned a dog with me 11 months ago. They snatched the dog off my porch and called the police. Dark Side Cop #1 snapped at me as if I was the person who had done something wrong and the decision was made, based on a text 11 months ago that in spite of the fact that these people had abandoned their dog at my house, I’d provided all veterinary care, food and love to this sweet soul, it should leave with the Dark Ones. A very nice cop who probably shouldn’t be a cop sat on my porch with me and cried with me because the dog was being taken from me. Nine days later, the dog went missing from a local groomer’s and at 10:00 p.m., a third cop showed up at my door to question me about the missing dog. I didn’t even know the dog was missing. But crazy Dark Side people think that I arranged to have the dog stolen from the groomer. The cop did not agree and even rolled his eyes telling me about their “conspiracy theory.”

    Completely unrelated to the dog, on the 22nd, 20 hours after the time of Solstice, my 29 year old nephew died suddenly from a likely blood clot caused by a broken leg in early May. My nephew has suffered with spina bifida for all his life and this was completely unexpected. He’d even been released to go back to work beginning the following Monday the 24th. The entirety of last week has been nothing but family turmoil. My step daughter with whom I’ve had a rocky relationship since the death of her father came into town. The positive news from her visit was that we were finally able to clear the air over all the negative stuff that has happened around us and affecting us for the past 3.5 years since the death of my husband/her dad. I cannot tell you what a relief that was. My nephew was a glowing source of light in our family and for me personally as he called me daily, sometimes 2-3 times a day. His different abilities were a source of inspiration to many and now that light has extinguished and only his memory remains.

    As I was decompressing last night, trying to ease back into some place that didn’t involve the pain of loss or the chaos of the previous week, along about 8:30 I hear what I can only call a “cop knock” at my door. Guess who’s back? Cop #3 who is “just following up, ma’m” on the lost dog. I don’t know if he expected to find me with the dog or what. I cannot really fathom why he would come back other than to just disrupt my settling down, but there he was “just following up”!!! At first I didn’t let him in my house but then I thought, no he needs to see I don’t have a dog stashed inside. As he was leaving I told him that if anyone came back to see me I would file harassment charges against everyone. Won’t that be fun to enter the court system! Talk about your patriarchy!

    I was trying to understand why June was such a clusterf*** when I realized I hadn’t read any articles from High Heart this month because of the chaos of the month. And here it is… explained in full force.

    All this ascension exploding in so many different ways!

    I hold you in my heart Denise. I hope your mother’s transition is gentle, though it does not sound like it is. I hope you have a hospice nurse like my dear friend in Florida who is, as my husband used to say, the dying’s last best friend. A man so gentle and kind that you want to remain his friend… there are people in hospice care that are like that! Since I stopped to write here and haven’t gone on with my “catching up” I don’t know if she has passed yet. I will send you supportive energy and bright sparkly love.


    • Deb,

      Oh how many times during 2000-2004 I experienced the same things with police officers attacking me because I posed zero threat to them and they knew it. So much less work and danger for them to flip, invert the situation and attack the female(s) that aren’t drug addicted, drunk, gun-toting, possessed criminals with records instead of actually doing their jobs and dealing with those people, which is why you called the police in the first place! Such has been the Team Dark inverted patriarchal world we’ve all lived in; crucify the Light every chance you get. Nonetheless… 😀

      Short version is Deb, you never again allow, for any reason whatsoever, any ‘Dark Side’ types — aka Portal People — in your life, your world, your house, your property, your mind and your heart. Even if an animal is involved. I’ve got something similar playing out next door to me this year and I absolutely am forcing myself to NOT take the dark bait which would instantly pull me down and derail what I’m honestly supposed to be Working on now.

      We either free the one dog from the human assholes, or, we free all dogs and all else on Earth, including the assholes, so everyone can live much better, higher lives across the cosmic board.

      I’m sorry you lost a special soul recently. Age 29 is the start (for everyone) of the FIRST Saturn Return transit meaning that from birth it’s taken transiting Saturn to move around the entire zodiac and RETURN to where it was at our birth. Some people will utilize that completion transit at age 29 to exit. My sister did this right before her SECOND Saturn Return began at age 58.

      Rest and recuperate after June 2019 Deb because it was, truly, unbelievably extreme for many of us. It had to be because we’re about to go totally NEW so these compressed phases in 2019 for we First Everythingers already Embodying the NEW codes/energies/DNA etc. of 2020, are doing what we’ve always done which is DO IT ALL FIRST to energetically embody/Embody and lay down more NEW pathways or “migration routes” for the rest of humanity that will come along when they’re energetically ready to do so. ❤

  • Dear Denise, are you experience intense fatigue during this solstice moon time? I’ve been working full days since Friday 8 to 5 and am in bed by 8 pm! And I was NOT happy to get up at 6 today! Its like a DEEP something feeling penetrating. Minimal heart palps. Lots of yawning. Coughing. Constant movement in throat area. And regarding my earlier comment, having realigned, I was shining bright, having the best enjoyable times while working with crew and customers. Side note: kudos to the creativity of my higher Self. ALL my “suffering” from feral cat and dog destruction has resulted in me being far more physical and walking WITH DOG twice a day, meeting new people in dog park. Drug dog’s food with melatonin dog chews b4 I leave him. This forced me out of my mental couch potato rut including the ROOTS. I didn’t know I had it in me! Dog is happy, ferals relocated, and I am active and peace is restored. Walls to be repaired at some point in future!🤗

    • Edith & All,

      I’m too exhausted to tell you about how exhausted I am! 😆 Seriously, awful April was indeed awful, and May was more physical pain but June has been 100% next-level physical body pains, emotional exhaustion, increased negativity in many people etc., AND all this simultaneously (because of) massive Shift energies pushing us all out of the old lower level and ascension timeline and way up into a NEW to us one. This is the Separation of Worlds this year with June 1-2, 2019 being the physical level start-date of it for many of us. I hope to have an article finished about this today. If not then tomorrow.

      Congrats Edith on lifting yourself up, one more time, and forging ahead with this next-level and latest MASSIVE Shift into a higher ascending, FREE of the past, ascension. ❤ Very well done you. ❤

      But yes to the tremendously increased June 2019 Shift caused body pains, emotional releases, attempted negative attacks by whoever and whatever that doesn't want this Separation and Shift to happen at all. None of it matters so keep moving forward and learning or relearning how to be happy. 🙂 This is one hell of a big Shift and it's caused many of us worse pains due to the exhaustion. And when so exhausted anyway to have the HighHeart palpitations and poundings while at complete rest that literally rattle your entire body exhaust you even further. But… that's what's on the spiritual ascension "menu" at this huge moment so everyone self-care like you never have before.

  • Hi All. I’m still in the process of accepting letting go of all lower. I see where Im most attached at present. The manner in which Im learning resistance is futile is by attempting to challenge some all or nothing hate filled beliefs with some questions. Also, it seems expressing myself in writing….I must not be as clear as I’d like to be. What I notice is this: people dont really READ what is written. Questions go ignored. And I tend to approach gifted “spiritual” people. I see such deep anger and hatred from some of them. Blame. Not able to admit any other points are accurate or even possibly be mistaken in some areas. Its all or nothing pissed off. And as I wake to seeing the OLD woven web all around, I want to fight! And then I remember, that’s not the choice. That’s not high heart neutrality. That’s not the road home.

    • Hi Edith,
      I’ve read many of your comments and cheered from the sidelines as you dig in and do the heavy lifting I remember doing and continue to struggle through myself each day. Every stair step I take leaves me breathless from the exertion and the view!
      I often wish we could hear each other’s voice, the inflection, the emotion behind the words that a voice would impart. I sometimes think so much of the misunderstanding comes from the “tone” we choose when reading someone else’s words. I am also aware that I can’t always absorb every word I read, needing to go back sometimes weeks or months later when I’ve reached a new level, to re-read one of Denise’s posts and the comments from a new place of understanding. Its weird because really often I reread the same message in a different tone of voice, often with a gentleness that I didn’t have the first time I read through it.
      I too am working this neutrality two step. THIS stair step is well worn and trips me up really often. I must say though that I’m happy to share it with so many other committed souls.

      • Hi Oldsoul2017, In brief my comment was about current events and the passion roused in people. Im seeing or interpreting facebook comments as very black or white. Any reasonable questions are attacked. (Facebook isn’t the best way but like most of us here Im more or less a loner). I got caught up in it and realized the futility. Then, thankfully I read a passage about neutrality. It was on a level beyond my current comprehension, yet I really got it that neither the so called “good” as a belief system was any different than the so called “bad”. They are both simply belief systems and true observation/neutrality has to do with the will to good and living from the levels Denise and so many do. But talk about emotions and all the crazy! Im still tempted to read certain comments and news stories and have to beware. I need to give even “some” of that attention to my high heart connection! But I do take side trips and the scenic route, and being maybe even a fascinated lookieloo at all the insanity before I refocus and get back to business and clear any like minded crap out! 😊🤗😍

  • Dearest Denise,

    I am so glad you could rest. I am grateful for you sharing and opening the pathway for this new step. I’m with you with all my Heart and Love in such a painful experience.

    How low a ‘professional’ will go to try to crucify the Light is unbelievable. If your Mom didn’t have a bump, he would have invented something else. They’ve been crazy already but they are completely disintegrating now.

    I am thankful for those who shared about the more low-frequency people being drained or looking older. It seems they can’t get energy from the old patriarchal system or siphon from other People and Animals anymore. Patriarchal, patriarchal, patriarchal indeed. That’s what the old matrix was about and there are not many ways to describe the distortion of the Divine Masculine and repression of the Feminine that happened.

    You are so strong, getting up for the millionth time to share this jewel with us despite what is happening.

    It’s amazing the hold they have on the ‘health’ medical and ‘protection’ police workers. There are Heart-centered People everywhere for sure but I had police officers trying to intimidate me many times – a tiny and harmless looking person (unexplainable things like these made so much sense after reading your book A Lightworker’s Mission: The Journey Through Polarity Resolution).

    Hubby insists that I go for a check-up but unless I fall and he takes me to a hospital when I am unconscious, I do not plan on going there ever again. The last time I was there with throat swelling they’ve done lots of painful tests and surgery, only to hear they didn’t know what the problem was. It opened my eyes and I’m being stronger since then when I am pressured to go back ‘down’ to those systems out of someone being attached or trying to guilt trip me.

    In 2008, I felt kicked out of the lower reality when the most toxic work environment I’ve been in blew up, almost turning into a fistfight. That’s when I was forced to cut the cords with the regular 3D work/slavery system.

    In 2015, Source nudged me to let my narcissistic mom go (the first time was in 2002 when I found my own parents scammed me out of all my savings. She did the same thing of what I noticed is a pattern of people and things getting worse until we realize we must cut them out or shift things to step into a higher frequency again.

    Recently, I had to renew documents and the government building felt low vibration. I emanated the Light there and for the first time maybe, only dealt with Heart-centered people although others were there. People kept staring at me and it’s been happening more and more. Sometimes it’s the opposite and I am sure I am invisible to some.

    Even though it wasn’t terrible, I was fed up with these obligations and started pacing at home, cutting cords, retrieving my energy, removing consent and commanding out loud I wasn’t part of banking, government, obligations and any systems below the Love frequency. I thought I should share that with others and immediately the thought went away and I completely forgot until I read this. So many times, you help me come full circle.

    So I’ve been disconnecting or was forced to and been living mostly in a separated reality. It’s like we can see the old world crumbling but it doesn’t reach us – most of the time.

    If you wish I visualize and help reinforce a shield around your home or help you to transmute anything if you get overwhelmed, please don’t hesitate to ask. I will happily help however I can. I wish I could do more.

    You were wise and truly Loving for allowing your Mom to remain whole, I wish I had gone through this incarnation without having been cut open and surgery is not good for any of the bodies.

    That blog about plastic surgery and hospitals gave me the chills but it’s so true and needed to be said.

    May the Highest Good manifest for the two of You, and so It Is!

    I Love and appreciate you forever!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you and bless you for all that you do for us and Gaia.

    You are a 🌠 Wishing Star that fell to Earth and exactly what we needed. Our lives (and sanity) are way better because of You.

    Embracing you in a tight 🐻 bear hug and we are with you in Spirit every step of the way. 💕🌻✨🌷🐬🐳☀️🍀❇👐🌱🌠

    • Marta & All,

      We’re all needed to now energetically, emotionally, mentally etc. disconnect ourselves from the old world we all incarnated into. The faster we all intentionally and completely disconnect ourselves from that lower dying world and STOP FEEDING IT IN ANY AND ALL WAYS, the faster it disappears. Let it go and walk away into your, my, our NEW world and don’t look back. That is what we’re now having to do more thoroughly than we ever have before. 2020 is the NEW for everyone, but because we’re Forerunners, First Everythingers, Pathpavers etc. we always live it first, embody it first, be changed by it first and anchor it physically for the others coming along behind us. That’s why 2019 for we First Everythingers, Forerunners, Embodiers are currently experiencing all we are this year. We’re literally embodying (more), living and anchoring the NEW codes this year whereas the rest of humanity will physically enter them in January 2020, via the Saturn Pluto conjunction in Capricorn. That is another massive “Shift” point for humanity; for us it’s this year. ❤

  • Dear Denise
    I have been reading your blogs since past 10 years and found that you have been facing challenges daily, monthly and years by years in terms of your finances, your own aweful physical symptoms, your mother’s health, recurring issues with your neighbours, and other service providers like gas stations, hospitals, grocery stores, convenience stores etc. And also with the nasty comments of many readers of your blog. My question is that inspite of your 20+ years of ascension journey the main aim of which is to transmute darkness, do you really think you or other lightworkers/everythingers are able to achieve that in least possible way? Do you really think the nearest dark world around you (the places I mentioned above like your neighbours, stores etc,)has changed even a bit? Since first everythinger are scattered around the world, has the world become a better place after collective transmutation of darkness for which the lightworkers have signed for in their current lives? Your own country America and most of the countries in the world are facing several kinds of challenges for last many years.The lightworkers all who comment here all have a sad story to share everyday on your blog. I haven’t heard anything positive from any of the commentators so far except their ongoing woes and challenges on daily basis. Don’t take me wrong by deleting my comment but my sincere question is who exactly is getting benefitted from transmutation of darkness by you and other everythingers if not your own self, your immediate surroundings, your family, your district, your country or any other place in the world? Hope you would impart clarity for many of us who have been following your blogs for years
    Thanks and regards

    • Revital71 I have wondered the same thing … who am I to think I can transcend the suffering when those on the path ahead of me are suffering so much? Where is the light, the joy, the bliss? And why does the world seem so much darker? I have no answers only more questions.

      • Kathy, most who responded to Denise’s post from the sounds of it were commenting on situations that happened in the past? I do see a change around me, I no longer have drama/chaos, I have worked on myself to banish the negative, developed tools to increase the positive etc The light, joy and bliss is what YOU make it, your outer world will look like your inner world….you have to change the inside first, not the other way round. Don’t look out there, look inside and see what needs changing.

      • Stop asking questions and start feeling whatever it is you feel. All the questions come from the head and you’ll never find your answers there. You have to feel. You have to sit still and listen to your SELF in you, not the head that is way to loud. The light, the bliss, the yoy and whatever you call it will come only when you are ready to listen to it. We, the first everythingers been there, done that, and know that we are the light. We answer from within. We do it everywhere all the time. But you know what? The world doesn’t want us.

        • “But you know what? The world doesn’t want us.”

          Very true TerryTerry, and I don’t want it either which is why we’ve been doing all we have to repeatedly shift the world out from under them. That world has never wanted us and now that world will not have us unless they evolve up to the NEW higher levels. Shoes on the other foot now. 😀

    • Hey revital71,
      Everyone. I see the impact of our work everyday. The world is definitely unraveling in every frequency and dimension. The goo climbs out of each layer as more and more is revealed. The thing is, we’re working on ourselves knowing that the world reflects back the light we’ve anchored and the love we embody. This space, Denise, allows us to share our experiences with others that signed up for the same job on this planet. Like all coworkers, we need a place to express our challenges and talk through our problems knowing that someone else may have a solution or more experience with the “dirty job” we’ve chosen.
      I believe Denise has spent much of this year explaining how the waves of incoming light are accelerating our growth and progress.
      Those of us that have been in community with Denise for the past 10, 15 years know that it’s been a roller-coaster. We look for her to give us the road map for the highs and lows, the beauty and the puky parts of this ride. Whatever she shares is gold and she has our eternal support, love and gratitude.

    • revital71 & All,

      I’m going to respond to your question about this in an article. Two difficulties need to be explained first however. (1) WordPress has very recently totally changed the writing format to something that’s probably better than the old familiar one I’m used to. Because of everything else that 2019 has brought so far this year, I haven’t had time to play with their new writing format/design and educate myself with it. Every time I do try to write something in it it does things I don’t want it to do and it’s taking me a lot longer to write anything in it. Perfect timing right? 🙄

      And (2) as I’m writing this I can hear my mom in the next room moaning in pain, again. Not very conducive to any creative expressions for me as I’m half in the old while trying to communicate from a higher NEW space. Separation of Worlds Shift right before everyone’s eyes and hearts. A living example for those who can conceive of functioning in multiple levels and frequencies at the same time. That is an article all by itself.

      I’ll try to quickly learn the new WordPress writing format (SERIOUSLY HATE IT WORDPRESS) in-between mom’s morphine doses because I cannot write while she’s moaning, hallucinating, agitated etc. due to the increasing physical pain she’s experiencing. Why am I sharing this? Because it is indeed a living current example of “the Shift” and the Separation of World and my own ongoing Embodiment Process and more. Did anyone honestly think that 2019 would be easy? Hang in there with me everyone and my deepest, highest Gratitude for all you are doing. ❤

  • Denise, know that you are being held up and protected with all our love. You are so strong! All of those who attack you are fading. Yes, times like these are when we think we are walking alone, but we have you surrounded. When you’re able to get through, you will see yourself surrounded by us. You are doing great. Know that please. You don’t have to post this. Just know it’s true. We are there. Love love love. All is well.

  • Thank you for your Light, Denise. Sending Love and prayers for you and your mom. xoxo

  • This comment is for “J”.

    “J”, please refrain from sharing any more links to my website at the cats site. Thank you, Denise Le Fay.

  • It stands to reason, doesn’t it, that this most recent mega-shift and separation of worlds would attract the dregs of darkness spewing those last-gasp attempts in the face of what must be for them/it unfathomable barrages of radiant light emanating from the 28%. (Did I get that number right?) Even though physical, emotional, material, and other circumstances may seem to diminish our new light quotients, when viewed within the context of “the old”, clearly we remain an indomitable force! The stories shared here, woven as they are from similar strands and threads, across and around this Earth and beyond, speak to the individual and collective strength and power of our tribe, community, the many, the One. And just imagine how many others are out there who have not yet connected with Denise or us, and who carry similar frequencies or DNA as we do — and are just beginning to find their way. We know in our fulsome hearts that the days of sinking back into hopelessness or helplessness, fear or doubt or patches of trauma and drama now left behind, are no longer ours to carry. As warriors of the light, we continue to prove our mettle! Courageous, fearless, and filled with unceasing resolve, we can hold our heads high. Some (like Denise’s Dear Mother) will move into the non-physical and others will remain in human bodysuits and continue to embody the truth and promise of the New. Blessings To All!

    • Just wanted to to send you some love and good vibes – you’ve been a constant since my awakening in 2012 and the writer i personally most resonate experience wise with, you are strong, real and doing a great service for humanity! Stay you and as we know the nasties will always pop their heads up to judge! But let them float on by! I hope all resolves well in your world! Thank you 🤗💗

  • Parasitizing off of your Mom’s old-age income…..who then will you parasite from, when she kicks off?

    • Ackles, taking care of the elderly who are chronically sick is a thankless, heartbreaking and at times backbreaking endeavour. There are many people who find themselves in this type of situation. It is an unpaid position and done out of love and often times necessity. There are mounting expenses that accompany these situations. If you had a heart you would be helpful rather than judgemental. When your moment of humbling comes may your angels give you the strength to survive your ordeal.

    • Dear Denise,

      You must have the BRIGHTEST LIGHT in you to be attacked this much and from all fronts, and at such a trying time. I send you truest love, strength and courage in this final stretch of your road to FREEDOM.

      Thanks for sharing everything, including what your mom has been going through. From your experiences, we all gain so much even though this means you suffer. I cry for you in empathy and gratitude.

      You’re the STRONGEST and the BRIGHTEST LIGHT!

      Love YOU!

      P.S: @Ackles, ditto what Seashell said. May Source have mercy on you when the time comes when you’re in the most need. Kicking when someone’s down is the truest measure of YOUR character.

    • Wow what a negative comment Ackles. You obviously have never cared for an elderly loved one. It is backbreaking, disheartening and a 24/7 job. It is added on top of all the other work one has to do to survive here. Denise needs a little emotional support not nasty judgment from you. I think you owe her an apology actually.

  • A hospital is a dangerous place to die, being so filled with fear and predators, but your Mom is blessed to have, as guardian, such a fierce warrior as you sitting vigil by her side during her gradual passage from the body. And you in turn are strengthened by the outpouring of loving support from the community you’ve created here. May all find peace…

    • Gwen & All, well most All 😆

      When I wouldn’t let the hospital amputate her leg they couldn’t release her fast enough, just as I knew they would. Long unpleasant story short, yesterday June 17th she was returned to my home where I have to care for her along with a team from a “Home Hospice” company. They brought in a hospital bed and oxygen and all the rest of it yesterday. She will remain in my home (not my choice but she cannot afford anything else, nor can I) until she dies. This just is what all it is, which Ackles and some others have been proving lately.

      I thank all of you for your across-the-board multi-dimensional support. ❤ ❤ ❤

      Because there's more going on with this, which Ackles and some others have clearly displayed, I won't be sharing anymore information about my mom and my current hospice situation publicly in Comments. Thank You Team Light. ⭐


      “Ackles” and “Desireh” are the same person with the same IP number everyone. Impressive statement from someone who claims they’ve ‘shifted years ago like the rest of us’.

      • Denise, my heart goes out to you. Having participated in 4 parents deaths given my age, watched all the hospital responses and lack of caring (if you run out of insurance or are in there too long), or giving the wrong meds, etc. it always gets dumped back on the family. It is a burden but it also is part of life here. You are doing the best you can with what you have and I know how stressful it can be. Ackles is a real nasty person who will get her own Karma with an attitude like that! Please consider the source and ignore. I send my light and love to both you and your mom. Ellen

      • Denise, I’ve been through what you are going through and want to say that some day you will be glad your mom spent her final days with you, which you probably already sense. I don’t know which is worse, dying in a hospital or a nursing home; I had to fight like hell to bring my mom home from a gawd-awful nursing home; they (unlike hospitals who want to get rid of patients) don’t like to give up that money until the last breath of their patient.

        Sending you strength and high heart love Denise, we depend on you to keep us from freaking out! Barb K

  • Hi Denise, Blue Cliffs here, first of all reading your post both broke my heart and restored it -can I just saybl bless you for going through this. I don’t know how comparable my mostly past somewhat present hell is with yours but can all I could feel having been through my worst pertaining to both the academic and medical lower worlds because that’s the background and life path I’ve taken all both preascension and into it…what Lisa Renee talks about in terms of the three pillars of 3d society as seeming to conflict but really serving the same folks/purpose – just want to say thank you, disregarding any previous misunderstaneint/misgiving I may have had in respect to you and your perspectove. Because I too am a fish out of water in respect to things like money, career, retirement, insurance, *hell even driving as my higher life-saver yet hugest oft attacked impediment physically has always been my eyesight) and having had to let go of two friends who aI recently learned are now social workers doing good in their own words … I and so many others with similar experiences, head aches and heart aches learn and feel ackniwledged/comforted so much by what you plainly write with all the messinesd of telling it straight without rose stained glasses. I’ve felt disempowered when contemplating thibgs like dental exams, pap smears, investments, life insurance, marriage, pregnancy, the price of food, my inability to eat food, my fossilized social circle ..I kid thought its true… but realize it isn’t just me and that peiple are awakening and goung theough this. I’ve had to delete my old email account for multiple reasons one being the name bothered me but if I can just get this message to you. Thanks.

  • Dear Denise, thank you for sharing your recent trip back into the cave. What a horror to go through to finally get to that Love and Release. Easy to say, so much harder to do, but good on you and your mom for reaching that together. I was my mom’s caregiver for the last five years of her COPD horror life, moving her across the country to be with me, and enduring similar lower crap, although mine came from the banks. I walked with her to the next dimension (or rather we both ran, skipping and jumping and laughing all the way) then I came back. It was beautiful. She chose her time and I thankfully was there. Oddly, the medical lowers never really bothered me. I actually felt, and still feel, a lot of control around them, even volunteered at the seniors’ home. Weird, right? But banks…ewww… and the travel industry… bigger ewww. Maybe we all have different triggers. Overall though, and it’s hard to tell sometimes with a few niggly 3D bits hanging on and the memory problems still absurd, I AM fairly sure I’m through the worst of the tunnel. The biggest thing I’ve noticed is that I just don’t care enough to let things bother me and I can let them go almost instantly. Total disconnect, but in a good way. And I no longer feel empty or sad about losing so many friends along the way either. Moving forward one step at a time as the weights slowly but surely fall away.

  • Good people; never ever return to anything or anyone connected to the old lower negative dying Earth world(s). Protect yourselves at all times; and exclusively follow your joy; we are getting there now.

  • I needed to read this. Thankyou Denise. I too am in a dreadful situation, with my partner, the attacks have been horrific… I am waiting and watching for my exit time! Thinking of you all, and sending you all love and strength to make it through this time!!

  • It really helps to have this community to come to and get steadied with the sharing of love, the depth of perception and the making sense of nonsensical realities. I’ve been without email since 1st June, so was not up to date with your situation, Denise. It’s funny that as the 3D plane tilts back and away from our feet, we are held in place by a gossamer strand which has appeared and curls around our waist that effortlessly holds us as things are whizzing by with the centrifugal force. In other words, I am not scared of this change, as love really does hold us within itself.

  • Strength, courage and Peace Unto you Denise. Thank you for what you bring through, hold and anchor for us, humanity and Earth despite what you are experiencing/living in this Now. Blessed Be.

    • Thank You Anastasia & All. ❤ THIS is the Separation of Worlds Shift we're all living right now. Continue to be wise, aware, ultra discerning, and in your HighHeart constantly. We can easily juggle multiple things in multiple realities and dimensions as it all gets shifted around to where everything needs to be at this MEGA time of change on all levels. I appreciate you All more than you know. ❤ ⭐

  • The latest predictable update about my mom’s condition. Just moments ago another doctor called to let me know where things stand with her now, June 15, 2019. He said she needs her right leg amputated because the procedure they did to open the blocked artery hasn’t worked and that leg is dying. We talked about her wishes and mine and I told him no to any amputations and that it’s time to make her as comfortable as possible and let her die in peace. He agreed and I was very relieved about that cause I’m tired of battling at the moment. That’s the latest and it will be interesting to see how long they keep her in the hospital if they can’t be cutting into her for some reason.

    Also wanted to mention that someone sent a link to Lisa Renee’s June 2019 monthly article which I haven’t fully read yet but what I have read so far are things I’ve known the entire time I’ve been writing online about the Ascension Process. Because of this June shift that’s just happened, things, all things on all levels have changed and escalated too of course. Check her article out if interested because what little of it I got through before the doctor called just now is accurate to what I’ve known and perceived throughout the entire AP.

    • Sending all the love to you and to your Mom. ❤ !! Thank you for posting both the article and this update. I love the thing about the loss of info retention/intelligence factor. I've felt so dumb sometimes! Haha.

      • Hi Denise
        I would also like to share that I underwent two simultaneous major surgeries on June 3rd latest. One for stone-filled gallbladder removal and other one for abnormally larged uterus removal. For past couple of months I was ignoring my large belly as Buddha Belly and mild pain in solar plexus and severe acidity as ascension symptoms but excessive menstrual bleeding led me to consult a gynae who immediately touching my abdomen told me that my uterus has enlarged (with four big fibroids) similar to that of a 24 week pregnant women hence excessive menstrual bleeding and advised me instant hysterectomy and cholecystectomy. So ladies, not all the symptoms are attributed to ascension. Take care of your health and make regular preventive health check-ups if you are above 40. I am now recovering from two surgeries and it still hurts at large hysterectomy cut that the surgeon made. The surgeon showed my removed uterus and gallbladder to my family before sending it for histopathology analysis. thankfully it turned out to be noncancerous but HPV positive. So Denise I shared with you this just to mention that I was too experiencing hospitalisation, paramedical staff, nurses, doctors etc. in the first week of June and till 11th of this week. Thanks.

        • Rest well revital71, your body will change further now because you’ve had a hysterectomy. I had one when I was 27 and a form of “menopause”, hormonal changes, started because of it.

          2019 is about constant changes for us all in our own unique ways and reasons. Recover well and give yourself plenty of time for it because our bodies are going through tremendous DNA changes and so on anyway. ❤

      • Thanks again Denise also for the info about focus/left-brain intellectual abilities. Your explanation really helped me understand what happened in my life. In 2000, I was in a PhD program that obviously required a lot of reading, etc. and I was doing formal dream research. Along came the Ascension Process and I was unable to continue my studies, research, or really even read very much at all. Since then I have been required/chosen to focus on the AP and EP because there is nothing left for me in the old world. Not easy but a rewarding journey none-the-less. Much Love to you and your Mom and All! Nancy

    • Thanks so much Denise!!! I was with my biological family today and spending time with them felt so outdated. So on the way home I was having the discussion with myself/Self saying Now is the time to make Big Changes and let go of that part of my life. Then I read your article and you demonstrated that in a deep, beautiful, and dramatic way. Your wisdom will fuel my own transformation. Thank you! Love Love Love to you and All. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

    • Denise, there is so much love and support and appreciation from so many of us here. Thank you for your guidance and wisdom. Your words are etched into the fabric of our daily lives. May this poignant time between you and your Mom be filled with peace and relief for both of you. With even more love coming your way, Raymond…

    • Prayers and healing thoughts sent to you and your mom. We are with you. xoxo

  • Denise…I know exactly what your going through. My mom has Alzheimer’s and I had to let her (and my brothers) go last Sept (2018). It took many crazy situations with my brothers to make me realize I could not do the drama anymore. Since the letting go it has been nothing but peace…wishing you the same (peace&love.) Kathy

    • Hi Kathy … another Kathy here. Yes letting go of all the drama is the only path to peace. Wishing that for all of us here. ❤

  • Yes it’s true Denise. The higher light you are the more you are attacked. If you are lower in light why would the older world bother with you? They would assume that they have you. As I mentioned in the past I am a nurse. It is harder everyday going into work. I am planning on retiring in 21 months…if I can hold off the negativity of it all. I am very alert to attacks and step away for frequent moments to bolster myself up again. Focusing on paying off bills so I can maybe leave earlier. But the past week I noticed that I have become stronger than those who attack me. I feel lighter and free. I can actually take deeper breaths because I know it’s going to be okay. Denise what drew me to your site years ago was that you were such a strong woman who lived in the world but not of the world. I know it’s true more so today. We are winning, we are letting this slimy world slide down right off of us. Again that you for all that you do… I love you and how you have never given up.

    Thank you for all that you do.

  • Tears, love and gratitude, Denise, to you and to your Mom for both having endured such a long struggle, and a thank you for your eloquent and heart-felt description of devotion to the AP regardless of what we face when having to deal with those trained and/or used to prevent its happening. To freedom for you, your Mom and for all Pathpavers. Thank you. Love, B.

  • Thank you Denise, your article is near and dear to me as I have an adult child with mental health and substance abuse. His reality includes medical, police, social workers and the peers he surrounds himself with. I have been feeling like I have to let go of those aspects of his reality that are of the old, wether or not we will meet in the new earth is uncertain. Love and blessings ❤️

  • Denise,

    Thank you for writing this post. I have been in a similar situation with my husband since 2016. I have also found myself coming to the tipping point and realizing it is time to disconnect. I had an opportunity to do this in 2016 but I didn’t take it, however I can see there was more growth to be done together. Now it feels like it’s time (and I even admitted that to someone this week). Also the first of June was important for me too. I started hearing the sound of the Earth, and we had big lightening storms all week and I’ve been able to see how the sound fluctuates before and after. So it seems to have been an activation date for me. Thank you so much for your courageous sharing, it means a lot to hear from others in the light and on a similar path.

    Take care,


  • patriarchal , patriarchal, patriarchal ,patriarchal ,patriarchal ,patriarchal ,patriarchal ,patriarchal ,patriarchal,patriarchal, patriarchal, patriarchal, patriarchal

    Gets annnoying right ? Thats how many times it was repeated in just this article. Not hating but being honest it gets pretty grating after a while. Then again, for pointing this out i’m probably going to get accused of being “Team Dark” or any of the other made up phrases you have coined.

    • db5928,

      Sorry but it has not been a matriarchal world for the past few thousand years on Earth. The truth is hard isn’t it?

    • EXACTLY!!! — db5928, Thank you so much for saying it for the rest of us.

      If she actually *could* let go of her judgemental “patriarchal/matriarchal” issue crap instead of unloading it onto us….then she would have shifted many years ago like the rest of us, to a very high frequency state and a very high positive Timeline where she would not be experiencing anymore, any of this self-perpetuating darkness that she (continuously) complains is polluting her personal reality sandbox.

      She alone, poops up her own litter box.

      • Thank you for your interest, kind words and benevolent advices but we here are doing fine carving our own pathway to Light through Darkness. Now, would you be so kind to fuck off to your very high frequency state and a very high positive Timeline?
        Denise, thank you for sharing this pain in the ass.
        I see this as a fine example of those people who are trying to enlighten themselves by denying the existence of Darkness. And, of course, since they are so successful in self-deluding themselves dark entities have no worries about them and don’t bother with them at all. They don’t experience usual attacks and ordeals, go on with their everyday lives and maybe they are even rewarded for not rocking the TD boat. This further deepens their delusion that they have ascended and are living in heaven on Earth already. Thus they became yet another weapon against Ascensions in seemingly inexhaustible TD arsenal.
        Big, warm hug for you, Denise and many greetings to all others in this community.

  • Bless you. I love you Denise. Sending virtual hugs. You must be utterly exhausted. ❤️🌟

  • Wow Denise, I’m so sorry you’ve been going through all this with your Mom for so long. Here you’ve been a SAINT through all this and they accuse YOU of harming your Mom, sheesh!!!! Do they ever wake up for even a second and try using their intuition or even common sense!!?? I have a cousin in about the same boat as she is and the few family I still talk to keep going on about doing this or that for him and how sad it is, but the fact really is, he doesn’t want to get better himself and I know he will be better off just letting go – well that goes over like a lead balloon, I’m just a cold heartless bitch as usual. Sometimes letting go is the only way and in many situations I just don’t care enough anymore to lend any energy to any of it, work or relationships. I sure hope this splitting of worlds hurries up and happens because this void is not pleasant and I think it’s time already for something really new. Hang in there as I know you will, we all here are so grateful for your guidance, just wanted to let you know I feel your pain and wish I could help. Seems the only people I care about helping anymore I haven’t even met yet, in this lifetime anyway! You’re the best and I wish your Mom a peaceful journey and release for you both. Katy

  • Denise
    I know we spoke yesterday. But I am sending you a massive hug.💜💜. I can’t imagine how awful it must have been to be accused in that way.
    You are so right about letting the old go. I had a weird dream last week in which I was driving a car trying to escape people intent on killing me. My vision narrows and was filled with such a light all I wanted to do was sleep. I closed my eyes. A voice said “now is not the time to go to sleep. Wake up Magda”. I got to my destination knowing these men following me we’re going to beat me to death with crowbars. However as they came thru the hotel door I told them I was no longer going to put up with their crap and to give me the bars. They did and left. I don’t really know what it all means. But it was good to get the upper hand.
    I am not sure this relates to your article but wanted to share.
    Take care xxxlots of love to you and your mum

  • Denise thank you so much. I have had to deal with many of the same things. Last year my mother passed. I was her care taker, not living with her though. The one that had to take her to all the appointments. The system is broken/dead. After she passed, I had to cut the cord with my dad. He became so much more toxic, I could not deal with him anymore. Police were called over a old watch he gave me. He then wanted it back. It was a $68.00 watch. I was giving it to my sister, as she was named after the great grandma who’s watch it was. It was the only thing we had left of my moms family. He thought it was worth thousands, after his brother chimed in. It was not, after having it appraised. It was the lowest old dark energy I have seen. Thankfully my sister assists him, and now lives 25 miles from me. As they are both in the old 3d Reality, two peas in a pod. Best thing I could have done. It was time to focus me. Lesson learned.

    • Has my poem, got to you??? Sent about 7 hrs ago. Uk time.. the usual, it appears, awaiting moderation, didnt happen.!!!! Know you be having to learn new. Dont know if format changed, or didnt want to publish. If i send a donation, will you spend it, on a treat, for yourself???? Get the hospise helpers, give you a day out, to high vibe place. Or buy, yourself a treat. Flowers, chocolates, a spa,,,,, day by river. Whatever. After days of rain, holding light codes. We had couple days sun. Thinking group intention, for the solstice. Solstice blessings to all. Stuff shifted. That what my poem about…. i will resend, if you didnt get, it

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