True Lightwork

“Dear Denise
I have been reading your blogs since past 10 years and found that you have been facing challenges daily, monthly and years by years in terms of your finances, your own aweful physical symptoms, your mother’s health, recurring issues with your neighbours, and other service providers like gas stations, hospitals, grocery stores, convenience stores etc. And also with the nasty comments of many readers of your blog. My question is that inspite of your 20+ years of ascension journey the main aim of which is to transmute darkness, do you really think you or other lightworkers/everythingers are able to achieve that in least possible way? Do you really think the nearest dark world around you (the places I mentioned above like your neighbours, stores etc,) has changed even a bit? Since first everythinger are scattered around the world, has the world become a better place after collective transmutation of darkness for which the lightworkers have signed for in their current lives? Your own country America and most of the countries in the world are facing several kinds of challenges for last many years.The lightworkers all who comment here all have a sad story to share everyday on your blog. I haven’t heard anything positive from any of the commentators so far except their ongoing woes and challenges on daily basis. Don’t take me wrong by deleting my comment but my sincere question is who exactly is getting benefitted from transmutation of darkness by you and other everythingers if not your own self, your immediate surroundings, your family, your district, your country or any other place in the world? Hope you would impart clarity for many of us who have been following your blogs for years
Thanks and regards” — revital71

“Dear Denise,

You must have the BRIGHTEST LIGHT in you to be attacked this much and from all fronts, and at such a trying time. I send you truest love, strength and courage in this final stretch of your road to FREEDOM.

Thanks for sharing everything, including what your mom has been going through. From your experiences, we all gain so much even though this means you suffer. I cry for you in empathy and gratitude.

You’re the STRONGEST and the BRIGHTEST LIGHT!” — Jain Lee

I’m including these two Comments to show to those who need a deeper understanding, the very different levels of awareness about these issues. One doesn’t fully understand what real Lightwork has and continues to be for some of us, while many others do understand very well as Jain Lee clearly stated. Different ascension stair-steps is all.

First let’s address the common misunderstanding about ‘the main aim of the ascension journey being to transmute darkness’. Speaking as a Volunteer elder First Everythinger whose always written about the Ascension Process and Embodiment Process from my personal experiences, knowledge and mission Work, my job has never been about completely transmuting ALL of the old lower negativity, density, darkness and duality. It was my job—as it has been for most First Everythingers regardless of physical age—to transmute a certain percentage of the old lower negativity, density, darkness and duality. A certain percentage of it, not ALL of it. That was never the mission because it was not, is not necessary. What hasn’t been transmuted by us has been slowly dying because there is no more energy supporting and sustaining it.

We were needed to transmute, clear and energetically neutralize a certain percentage of it for multiple reasons. (1) To clear an energetic Path, “Pathpave” through the global negativity and density that’s been here for many thousands of years so the Light could get back in with as little trauma to Earth and all life on Earth as possible and be available to humanity. We were simultaneously transmuting a certain percentage of old negativity and density but we were also constantly assisting the Light energies to get back in on physical Earth and anchoring them here. We’ve been doing both and more simultaneously since 1998–1999. True “Lightwork” is doing both and much more.

And (2), many First Everythingers have also had the job of personally experiencing and personally energetically documenting many of the horrendous things Team Dark has done to living and dead 3D humanity, to 3D Earth, to 2D Earth, to the old 4D Astral, and in other timelines they’ve intended to continue for their further use and survival. I have been one of the First Everythingers that has had this as another aspect of my personal Ascension Mission Work and direct personal experiences.

This personal energetic collection recording and documentation has been collected in different ways, but in many cases by some of us its happened through our personally experiencing (feeling both the perpetrator(s) and the victim(s) experiences) many of the negative actions done across time on Earth and in the Astral. By us directly and in every way experiencing those negative actions past and present done to humans by non-humans and humans too, those events are automatically recorded within our individual energy fields and is then transmitted to higher dimensional Team Light beings (they’re just terms) to use to further their Work with this entire Ascension Process and Shift into a NEW higher evolutionary cycle. Many of those Team Light beings deal with Team Dark beings crimes done against humanity. I’ve witnessed a few ancient negative aliens being dealt with in higher dimensions so I’d have conscious memory of it at that level of this process as well. I’ve also witnessed (only up to a certain point because I couldn’t safely go any further directly towards Source) one of these ancient high-ranking negative aliens be escorted back to Source by three Lightbeings to be entirely re-absorbed by Source because, after many efforts to educate and help it evolve, change and stop harming others, it vehemently refused. Nobody gets away with anything anywhere ever. This Team Dark being lost its individuality and was re-absorbed back into Source. To avoid this, many other Team Dark aliens and negative beings have recently agreed to turn back towards the Light and begin a very long and difficult ongoing process.

So again, the Volunteers ascension related Mission Work was never about incarnating to clear out all the negativity on Earth and the Astral across time within these past horrible Dark Ages. It was to incarnate and cut and clear an energetic path through it so Light could get back in and start doing what it has been ever since. ALL negativity did not and does not need to be transmuted by Lightworkers, Lightwarriors, Forerunners, First Everythingers, Starseeds, Pathpavers etc., only enough to break through the physical and etheric density and negativity and aid the Ascension Process by helping the Light re-enter here. That’s been accomplished many years ago, so if any of you are still doing that now you need to stop immediately and SHIFT your focus on embodying the NEW in yourself and forget about what’s already been accomplished. What negativity that still remains has no energetic support anymore and is quickly dying. Put down your cleaning focus and tools and walk away and right into the NEW and totally release the past in all ways now.


This next bit further explains how the incoming Light energies and waves have been and continues literally blasting apart and destroying the old Dark Ages negativity and density.

As you probably well know, life has been unusually severe, rather intense, difficult and increasingly surreal for many of us since April 2019. May wasn’t much better, and June has topped them all and there’s more to come. 2019 is the Shift out of the post December 21, 22, 23, 2012 last-minute cleaning up and get free years. We all were asked if we wanted to complete certain things, certain personal issues each of us individually still had at the 12-21-2012 Expiration Date. Each of us that wanted to finish up our remaining personal stuff—whatever it was for each of us—instantly said we wanted to have a bit more time (start of 2103 up to June 2019) to complete them so we’d be totally CLEAR and absolutely FREED from the, from our past(s) and transparent energetically and emotionally ready to enter the NEW. Most people don’t have conscious memory of their personal living Three Days weighing of the heart Life Review that took place for every living human on Earth between December 21, 22, and 23, 2012. I do however and wrote about it at that time at TRANSITIONS.

Never forget that when we’re out of our physical bodies and interacting with nearly incomprehensible spiritual energies, consciousnesses and grand forces, we NEVER think, feel or respond like we do when we’re in our physical bodies. If anyone were to ask you if you wanted to stay in-body physically and suffer some more so that you could evolve even farther, most would immediately cry NO! But, when we’re confronted with the same question by a massive Source connected Energy Consciousness representative, most of us instantly respond with a heartfelt and deeply grateful resounding YES, absolutely, and thank you for offering me this! That is what the December 21, 22, and 23, 2012 three days living Life Review was for all of humanity then. The old had Expired fully and we then entered a three day long period where every living human on Earth at that time went before that Divine spiritual Intelligence and had a living, not dead but living Life Review. Normally we are dead when this Life Review happens but it was given to all of humanity at the great cyclical Expiration Date. Those of us who wanted to finish up our stuff, our issues etc. began doing so at the start of January 2013. Those who did not began to die-off from the start of January 2013, with each year from that date forward having more people increasingly dying and exiting their physical bodies.

This is the main reason why things didn’t instantly turn all glittery, pleasant and stunningly perfect post December 21, 2012; we’ve had some really big and important personal stuff each of us wanted to deal with, resolve, release and become permanently FREE from thanks to our living Life Review extension period. That phase has just been completed on June 1–2, 2019 for many of us. Not all but many, with many more entering it every day for the rest of 2019 and into 2020.

First Everythingers and their lives suddenly got ignited by this incredible and very powerful Shift point (there’s been numerous Shift points already however, this June 2019 one is MAJOR because it’s connected back to the December 2012 living Life Review.

On June 1st or 2nd 2019, many First Everythingers abruptly found their lives exploding out of the old and into the NEW and this time, with no strings attached to the past old lower world. June 1–2, 2019 began a very tangible, very physical level Shift and separation point or Separation of Worlds for many of us. It certainly did for me on June 2, 2019 and continues as I write this.

Many of those things, those issues that, when I was asked on my December 22, 2012 living Life Review day if I wanted to complete more thoroughly during the time from January 2013 until June 1–2, 2019 so it’s turned out, and I said Yes and thank you for the time to complete these remaining issues!, have been dealt with and will continue to be dealt with by me to not only FREE me but FREE anyone else connected to me/me to them that need to go our own ways now in 2019.

The main points I’m trying to make with this article is that there’s a very important connection between what each of us agreed to accomplish and complete in our personal lives at the time of our individual living Life Reviews in December 21–23, 2012, which started January 2013 and has been in effect up to 2019. Specifically April and May 2019 have led us into this June 2019 massive Shift point and this past 2013–2019 personal completion phase has completed and we’ve been catapulted into an even higher level organic NEW ascension and Embodiment minus all past connections to the old world etc.

June 2, 2019 was the day this separation Shift began for me personally and I’ve shared some of this already and how my mom and her Home Hospice in my house now is the primary part of it for us both. When she entered the first hospital on June 7th, I began Seeing with higher vision something portrayed in a way I’ve never Seen before. The message and information it carried I already knew and very well, however I’d never seen it depicted in this way before. This higher visual image I Saw represents what’s happening this month to not only me but to every First Everythinger that’s suddenly had their lives seemingly exploded suddenly like Uranus launched freedom Light Bombs directly at us!

What I Saw with higher vision were constant huge explosions above us that the current Light, Light energies, energy waves, plasma, Galactic Center pulses and Solar transmission etc. are now having on the entire old lower frequency and consciousness Earth world and inhabitants. What I Saw were literally Light Bombs exploding almost constantly above and all around us and Earth and the entire solar system. Massive continual exploding “bombs” of Light are demolishing everything that is not Light. With each explosion another huge chunk of the old lower patriarchal world with its matching frequency and consciousness inhabitants, beliefs and structures is rapidly being obliterated by the Light, by compressed evolution in 2019.

This goes back to what I was saying about how the Lightworkers, the First Everythingers, the Lightwarriors, the Pathpavers etc. didn’t need to transmute ALL of the negativity, darkness and density from the Dark Ages on old 3D Earth and the 4D Astral. We were needed to transmute a certain percentage of it, enough to clear a large energetic path of Light on to and down into Earth and humanity so more Light could constantly rain down on Earth and humanity. That we’ve done and so very much more. Now not only is more and higher frequency Light energies and NEW codes etc. raining down on humanity and Earth but in 2019 this has intentionally been escalated into these ongoing explosions of Light, these continual Light bombs exploding above and all around us quickening the removal of the old lower everything. This is the really big, higher transmuting Work taking place throughout all of 2019, clearing out the old lower because all of humanity will, ready or not, enter the NEW codes and matching NEW Light and energies etc. fully with no strings attached to the lower past in any way. 2020 should be highly entertaining, not to mention deeply satisfying for those of us who’ve plowed the energy fields with our bodies, hearts and souls so another Harvest could happen, this one on Earth.


At the old lower pre-ascension level of consciousness and being, Aquarius and its ruling planet Uranus, and its opposite sign Leo and its ruling planet the Sun, were very different energetically from how they are now due to our going through this Ascension Process. Along with the Ascension Process, many of us have also chosen to live the Embodiment Process as well. The Embodiment Process (which I indicate by always writing that word with a capital E. Lower case e indicates embodiment which all humans do when the NEW Light energies, plasma, Photon Light, solar transmissions and NEW evolutionary codes etc. enter their physical bodies), is a person intentionally choosing to unify with, merge with, become One with, marry not only the masculine and feminine energies in their physical body but the higher Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within their physical bodies and selves too. These are however just the first few mandatory stair-steps of Embodiment. Beyond those first lower level energetic steps are the higher, more difficult bigger ones which are the literal joining of, connection of, the merging with, the Embodiment of the Higher Self/Selves with, in and through the incarnate physical body you and self that’s reading this. So-called lower self and Higher Self moving in together right within your Ascension exhausted, battered and bruised, weary and battle fatigued professional Lightworker, Pathpaver physical body. And that’s why I always write it with a capital E, because it deserves it!

In old lower 3D pre-ascension astrology, Aquarius had to do with groups of people. Aquarius rules the ankles and is an AIR sign meaning mental, thinking, thoughts, intellectual, prone to mental illness and/or mental imbalances and so on.

In old lower 3D astrology Leo is the sign opposite Aquarius and it has a lot of influence during the entire Age of Aquarius because of this connection with Aquairus and vice versa. Think two sides of one coin. Old lower pre-ascension Leo ruled the lower 3D physical heart and is a FIRE sign meaning spiritual, egoic, self-centered and self-focused. Before any Leo Sun folks want to kill me, let me quickly describe both Leo and the Sun and Aquarius and Uranus from the much higher evolved level of having lived the Ascension Process and now exist within the base frequency of the fifth dimension. Huge difference with both of these signs (all of them).

In the 3D pre-ascension years, Aquarius had to do with groups of people functioning at that old lower 3D level and consciousness. It also had to do with unique or eccentric individuals and/or groups. In the 5D and higher Ascension time, Aquarius has to do with Groups of individuals who’ve each been living the Ascension Process and Embodiment Process and because of that have all reached a nearly identical NEW higher frequency range of being, life and matching consciousness. These NEW Groups of increasingly Self-Sovereign Conscious Creator individuals are referred to as ‘The High Vibe Tribe’ or human Team Light members or the NEW Crystalline Humans etc.

The old 3D Aquarian group (lower case g ) has evolved and ascended to the NEW 5D+ Aquarian Group (capital G ) or NEW Light Tribe Collective. This is not a closed NEW Group and will be added to whenever an individual reaches this mandatory ascended, evolved NEW higher level of frequency and personal inner unity within themselves, their HighHearts and their overall consciousness. That is what each individual must have to become a part of the NEW Aquarian Group.

In the old lower 3D pre-ascension times Leo energies were manifested through people’s egos. Some of the more developed and advanced people could manifest higher traits of Leo and the Sun but for the most part it’s been all about the ego, the spotlight, fame and fortune and all sorts of imagined self-greatness with little to actually back it all up with.

In the NEW ascended time Leo energies are unrecognizable to the old lower 3D ones! Ascended, evolved Leo energies are not about the human physical heart but the ascended HighHeart. NEW higher Leo energies are not about the human ego, but about Crystalline Christ Embodied humans with their seat of focus and being now in their HighHearts. In the old 3D level, Leo was the showman, the entertainer, the performer. At 5D+ NEW levels, Leo represents The Way because that’s been Embodied and is lived constantly by every Crystalline Individual.

In the NEW ascended, ascending 5D+ time, Leo which is ruled by the Sun, is each individual embodying the Sun energies within themselves and their physical bodies directly. In the NEW ascended 5D+ time, Leo is the Sun, the HighHeart, the Solar transmissions, the Solar Flashing and flickering but all within each of us individually and our physical bodies. What the external Sun does and transmits is exactly what you and I have embodied and Embodied within ourselves and our physical bodies and continue to do so. There is zero difference between you and the Sun, the Sun and what’s inside of you because you’ve embodied those energies and continue to embody more and more at higher and higher levels. That’s why our HighHearts continue to pound almost out of our entire chests sometimes. We’re embodying more of the NEW Solar transmissions, the NEW Solar flickering flashes codes etc. to the point where those solar energies and codes are now within your body so much so that you can actually see them flickering and flashing within your energy field when you view reality through it.

I’ve watched this in myself since this time a year ago around mid-2018. I can easily see the solar flickering and flashing against my home’s white ceilings when I look at the ceiling and/or walls. Those solar flashes are coming from me, not from the Sun now because I have embodied enough of the NEW Solar flashing energies and codes that I’m now energetically aligned with it constantly. I have become One with the Sun in other words and many of you reading this have too or are in the process of doing so.

So, take a bunch of embodied and Embodied (and still in the Process of Embodiment) 5D+ Leo energy, HighHeart, Crystalline, Self-Sovereign ascended/ascending Light-filled Individuals together as a NEW Aquarian Group and you can start to better understand where all this is going now at this NEW 5D+ level that is.

Lastly and briefly, the reason some have experienced such extended difficulties and attacks from all corners, negative beings and people during the ascension decades is because those who pose the greatest threat to the opposing team are the ones who’ve been under constant assault by them. From their perspective those with the most Light, higher awareness, and positive influence on other people concerning the Ascension Process are the “bad guys” that they must stop any way they can. It’s way too late for that but that’s the reason for the extra misery some of us have endured getting the Light back in here and assisting in anchoring, elevating and Pathpaving everything up and out of the old negativity.  We’ve had the biggest bounty’s on our heads all along because we’re very capable of taking care of what’s needed.


June 23, 2019

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26 thoughts on “True Lightwork

  • Denise I luv you bunches. I send your heart hugs. I am not where you are. And I know you will respect the idea that each targeted source light has a different mission. I am one of those. so while I try to make my old computer upload new pics from my phone erstwhile(heheha) it won’t. I understand what I am and what I know and how dangerous my truth is if it can be told. I am without a doubt tired. I don’t wish to pick up or be responsible for anyone else’s roaches, or trash. I sit here today shaking my because they are exterminating but it gets worse, and those throw trash outside are never brought to term with there agreements. So I had this discussion with a mom, bout my age. Then wanted to send it to property people. I have been telling them too. Nothing out of left field, but nope. My new phone is not sending this to the outer. And the phone won’t send it to recipients. How do you know you have truth? When the technology will not allow you to share it. Be well Denise. Love you bunches

  • Denise,

    I have just recently found your blog and so happy I have. I had my kundalini awakening and activation 2 years ago right after my 38th birthday. The last 2 years have been an intense time of purging, clearing, integrating, kundalini symptoms, ascension symptoms and fighting the dark ones. It’s been emotionally mentally and physically exhausting but I’m doing much better in general the last month or so. I just wanted to thank you and all the first way pavers. I cannot imagine having done this for 20 years!! I know all the work you all have done has helped pave the way for me and my wave. So thank you!! ❤❤❤

    • Glad you found your energetic way here NicoleP, welcome. ❤

      There's a lot of archived Ascension Process (AP) articles, experiences and Comments from readers here that should help you with your AP and related things and happenings. My first site (2007) TRANSITIONS, has even older AP related info if you’re interested. [See the link in the sidebar.] There’s more info there about the ‘dark ones’ or Team Dark as I’ve called them all if you feel you need more insights into that related topic. There’s also an old article there about how many people got, get activated by the Uranus Opposition transit that everyone begins at age 39 and lasts until 42 or 43. The Ascension Process is often started by many people at age 39 or thereabouts. It’s sudden, intense, life-changing and it literally starts overnight. Welcome to the most important party that’s ever been! 🙂

      Uranus Opposition TRANSITIONS

      Psychic Attacks, Negative Aliens & Beings

  • Denise, my eyes/brain can barely focus. I keep scanning article, can grab a few sentences at a time. I keep trying over and over! Reading is so impaired!!! I’m getting an app to create audio from text, I’ve had it! I just want to share – my drive from LA to Mammoth – the clouds two days ago for miles and miles, geez!!! It was like 8 thousand saucers in the sky, some trimmed in green, pink, iridescent colors. Looked like a 4th of July celebration for UFO’s! The energy, oh! The energy! I was detained there (Bishop area) an extra day. They kept me. They said it was needed. I saw dark cloud-like cyclon (in dream state) going up from the ground in the desert surrounded by green trees and things. Everything around cyclon (in the vision) was beautiful, colorful, still, life-filled, lots of green.. except the dark cyclon. I spent an evening out with new people I’m working with and it was the (one of) best night I’ve had in 20 years! Specifically, it was like a Launch Party, for new life. I mean, seriously, the energy, music, interactions, words spoken, it was like a scene in a movie, sort of! My skin and flesh and body feel like I’m Puffed Up and going to pop or what?!?! So much energy. Colors I was seeing yesterday in front of my eyes, such incredible INDIGO!!! And it’s like I make every room or person feel different!!! I get to see it! But now they don’t move away from me for it, they are moving TOWARD it!!!! Isn’t that Wonderful?!!!?!! It’s SO WONDERFUL DENISE!!!! It’s so f-ing wonder FULL !!!! I’m so freaked out, it’s so out of this world NOW I am scared but I’m willing to risk now !!! So scared for good now!! LOL!! I feel like I’m alive!

    btw If/when neg. shows up it’s def not supported now. And same on HERE or .I’d throw punches. But not now, not in Love in the NEW Light :))))

  • Hi Denise and all! The drama has amped up. My work place was broken into and robbed, and then a few days ago we were robbed in broad daylight….someone running put with an ARMSFUL of products.

    I faced my FB addiction and canceled out ALL the so called news pages as well as people caught up in attack and blame, and the people who get off on being nasty. Got rid of spiritual pages too. Now its back to cute puppies and ballet!

    Im also free from a friend who had some sort of energetc hold on me. She let go and Im revelling in solutude and freedom.

    Now I need to remember my endless thoughts and fears are not a reality i want to empower and create. I hope I create leaving California! (Blessed be the Eye!😖).

    I move S L O W L Y but there is movement. Recreating my life expression is in progress💜 I think my challenge is emptiness.

    How I want to know Truth inside me as you do Denise!

    • “I faced my FB addiction and canceled out ALL the so called news pages as well as people caught up in attack and blame, and the people who get off on being nasty. Got rid of spiritual pages too. Now its back to cute puppies and ballet!”

      Perfect Edith, out with the negativity and unaware tail-chasers and back to things that you enjoy and give you peace, a HighHeart, comfort and happiness. Fuck all the rest of it, seriously, walk away from it all and get yourself free. That is where we’re at now and it’s more important to do this now than it ever has been. Separation of Worlds Shift is right here, right now. ❤

  • Dear Denise,

    I disagree with you with almost everything in all of your posts.
    Nevertheless I read them sometimes, they are a good mirror.


    PS: may you find true liberation in this life.

      • Bless and thank your high heart Denise..your laughter emoji is contagious 😂😇 on days like today I am reminded to once again laugh the so called not high heart shit off 😘💖 p.s. I wonder if Das recognizes that mirror they speak of when they say they hope you find true liberation in this life..I’m laughing again..oops😇

        • “I wonder if *** recognizes that mirror they speak of when they say they hope you find true liberation in this life…”

          No Michelle, none of the “72%” are capable of honest inner self reflection in their current lives, which is why they’re in the “72%” group.

        • I needed to hear that matter of fact statement. I haven’t been wanting to accept the known fact that my husband of over 21 yrs has been and continues to be a part of that 72% group. Letting go. Thank you💖

  • Hi Denise,
    I think that we all have books to write about this life and the changes we now have that are the direct result of our work. I always look for the de-ja-vu moment that tells me that my progress is on time and complete at that point. I got one today, only tells me that something new is about to happen but not what.
    I haven’t seen or felt the new non-team dark moments you all speak of as of yet, but then I live in Tucson and if you know any of the history here, well, I have removed most if not all of the “dead” spirits left here by all the fighting for hundreds of years.
    Didn’t think that a dead person (myself, dying daily for the cause) could last this long and I think that a new game plan is in order if I ever think of doing this type of stuff again.
    I have had to be careful over the last couple of years around glass (like the kind you drink out of), computers and light bulbs because they shatter and flicker and break, just walking by when I’m full of light can cause problems.
    Reeeealy looking forward to the after this crap party, gonna get me a new “god” body and hang out with my friends.
    Thx Myk-L

    • TY guys for your insights… although we go about our daily lives this journey is no cakewalk for sure. Everyone has their own story and path towards something else. It is easy to get distracted down here with different programmings running havoc… stumbling blocks we have been facing in life almost seem impossible to come over… but here we are and doing it anyway.. with human trafficking running rampant, big pharma and big oil.. all working in tandem to keep us down.. for example here in Sweden our Supreme Court just made CBD oil illegal by their latest ruling… Syntetic cannabis seems to be alright though? We kill off our own with Chemo and we forbid natural remedies.. the world is truly insane…

      … THANK GOD there are patriot forces dealing with freeing us from the old guard. Have you ever seen any US president get so much hatred? To me this is one of the greatest sign posts that he and his team is up to something never heard of before. Yes we all have our different views of politics BUT.. it is part of our lives no matter what. Again here in Sweden and in many other Westerna Countries our political establishment is way out of touch with reality.

      It’s for all to see.. as we continue our journey the exposure of the deep state global corruption will increase and I’m bold to say this is one of the main reasons why we are here atm. Light is information and we will be and we are the buffer between our fellow humans that is very much needed when the SHIT hits the fan with disclosure of many things.. escalating.

      Hang in there folks read between the lines… team dark has thankfully only one playbook and they are parroting same old same old… fear, fear and some more fear.. !!

      Hugs Ollie
      Swedish National Guard and X firefighter

  • Thank you Denise, yes to all of the above, another insane two months. I’m also redefining my relationship with the medical world at a higher level, can’t wait to see the back of them, but gotta change and release the attachment, I’m seeing my “group” work coming full circle as a boots on the ground tour operator, who’s crawled across airport floors and sat dying in more hotels than I care to remember, whilst holding the space for them to do their creative work without knowing what they were really doing. I’ve documented the last 22 years and have written three books about it, if I live long enough to edit and publish which the medical professionals tell me I won’t and I’m not sure they are wrong right now! It was heartbreaking for me opening doors to all their new opportunities knowing I just had to be there once, and let them expand it, all the while seeing the dark in me and light in them. And then finally seeing, accepting and releasing the attachments, and ALL at Bloody once! Relentless……. Thank you, thank you, for putting it into words that my linear mind is struggling with, as its just coming too fast to find time to catch up, love you girl, thanks again and hugs to all 🕊️🌿🕊️🌿

  • Denise, thank you THANK YOU from this battered and bruised little 11:11 Leo. Much love and ….le puff, le pant. xxx

  • So this: “the NEW Solar flickering flashes codes etc. to the point where those solar energies and codes are now within your body so much so that you can actually see them flickering and flashing within your energy field when you view reality through it.” Most of June I saw this flash in the peripheral vision of my right eye! The Andromedans are associated with Aquarius and the Lion People- Leo the sun. I am getting that Denise. And of course the Team Evil targeting! Ack! Thank you.

  • That big breath I took in 20-plus years ago, is exhaling BIG-TIME because of this post, Denise, THANK YOU! What can I say? Solar High Heart Flashing/LIGHTbulbs everywhere, finally getting it and genuinely emotionally/physically putting down the OLD tools, seeing THE LIGHT at the end of the tunnel… it’s REAL and I AM so very proud of US ALL. Okay, back to the EXHALE… such a relief, oh, damn, I’m gonna cry. Love, B.

  • I can’t see that your left busy-brain is in any way impaired! Wow! Thank you for all those insights! Blessings to you and your Mom. My family has been blessed by Hospice. (Northern CA)

    • To give revital 17 a very short very personal response my answer is yes. Either my direct world and contacts have changed and or I have. I experienced absolutely no negativity from my immediate surroundings in any way anymore. I’ve been noticing this for some time gradually happening in my life. Although I’ve had challenges up until fairly recently, some pretty intense, the negative interactions have stopped. I feel more and more support from both my natural environment and everyone I come in contact with in my life. Needless to say this feels great and is very encouraging that things are lifting and shifting!

  • Thank you so much Denise for yet another brilliant tidbit. – Sincerely hoping to survive beyond 2019, and harvest heaven on earth in 2020. – If it is indeed true that all of us volunteered to incarnate here during this time, then we must have been way too high on Light; only to experience the worst hangover of our entire lives. This can surely get better!

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