June 2019 Separation Freedom

TWENTY-EIGHT YEARS AGO, on January 1991, my personal etheric-level PRE-Ascension Inner Work began via the once-in-a-lifetime astrological transit known as the Uranus Opposition. Everyone begins it at age 39, which for me was late December 1990, and with the start of 1991, I and my entire life exited my first 39-yearlong phase and entered a completely new and radically different phase.

The first 39 years of my life were spent dealing with my pre-incarnational commitments and contracts, many of which were clearing multiple past lives karma with certain people, plus some personal things I wanted to experience for myself in this life before my Expiration Date arrived on January 1991. All that was completed by me by age 39 on the physical-level and I fully exited my first 39 years of life at that time and entered the next etheric-level and phase of my mandatory deep Inner Work clearing all current and past life interactions, karma, emotional wounds, unresolved deeper level issues and energies and so on.

All my life I’d known that I had from birth until age 39–40 to accomplish all the things I did during that time, but I knew that by age 40 I would enter another “life” that would be nothing like the first 39 years. For me it was a type of death and rebirth at the start of 1991, at age 39, because everything I’d done and accomplished up to that point was finished and I was quickly—Uranian style—launched into the next phase of my life which was constant intense Inner Work done on the etheric-level in lucid dreams that were highly archetypal, shockingly insightful, incredibly potent and personally freeing. This phase consisted of my having to do constant etheric-level Inner Work on myself via the Uranus Opposition for four super intense years. After my Uranus Opposition completed, I entered another new phase of mandatory preparation Inner Work to even be capable of living, transmuting and embodying the Ascension Process on the physical and biological level when that phase started for me in February 1999.

I’ve written about my personal First Everythinger Forerunner Ascension Process years from February 1999 on already. Suffice it to say that it wasn’t easy, safe or pleasant but I didn’t Volunteer for easy, safe or pleasant.

November 2016, my best feline fur friend decided he’d had enough after nearly 12 Ascension Process years with me—which were not easy, safe or pleasant much of the time—and wasn’t going to stick around for the ‘Agent Orange’ phase of the global process and quickly passed away.

January 2017, my younger sister and only sibling passed away at 57 from a lifetime lived in bulimic self-abuse, heroin drug addiction and who knows what else, and the ever-present influences of dedicated evil that existed at those old negative depths.

Late June 2019, my mom passed away and finally got herself freed from a physical body that was damaged from her premature birth 89 years ago, and all of the disabilities, vascular dementia and coronary disease that accumulated over the decades.

They are FREE in their ways, and now I am FREE in mine which is a very positive thing so please don’t anyone feel sad about any of this. Freedom at this point in the Embodiment Process, the arrival of the NEW codes since December 2018 and the automatic Separation of Worlds Shift happening because of them is another natural stair-step within this Process. Each person in 2019 now must exist on a like-frequency stair-step reality no matter if that’s in a physical body or out of one. It doesn’t matter, only that these escalating spiritual energetic “musical chairs” type rapid shifting around being done by all of humanity on Earth and beyond it is taking place now in preparation for full entry into the totally NEW energies and codes on January 12, 2020. The July 2019 eclipses will cause many more people to suddenly die and FREE themselves of their physical bodies for a variety of personal reasons, every one of them Ascension related.

On June 2, 2019, I entered yet another milestone Ascension Embodiment Process change Shift and phase. It was directly connected to my mom’s accelerated physical and mental deterioration and eventual death at the end of June 2019. There have been many other phases within my personal Ascension and Embodiment Processes that have been extreme, severe, intense with highly focused negative attacks on me by certain lower frequency people and/or nonphysical, nonhuman beings. June 2019 however was overflowing with next-level, their “end times”, this is the Separation Shift! negative attacks made on me by many different people, all of them strangers.

From paramedics to head ER nurses to social workers and APS social workers to hospice nurses to online strangers, the entire month of June 2019 has contained the equivalent of about five linear years worth of severe and repeated physical attacks against me and so, so much more and all while I constantly was Embodying higher levels within my physical body. As is always the case, it’s the WHY of these attacks at the time they happen that contain more answers about what’s really happening. In my personal June 2019 case, they’ve had to do with the Separation of Worlds Shift that some went through last month due to our going more fully into our personal Embodiment Process, which automatically further accelerates the Separation Shift.

I am not going to share all I experienced throughout June 2019 as I normally would in hopes of that information assisting others. I have my reasons and they have nothing to do with what you may think or believe. It is not about my mom’s passing whatsoever as that was a tremendous freedom for her and even more so for me. I’m not sharing everything I experienced throughout June for reasons I also won’t explain.

Something I will share is the day my mom died a positive and intentionally nondescript etheric being Assistant became present etherically to me in her physical bedroom to Work with her, me, and with all three of us together and this is why.

The old negative Team Dark distortions, False Light, and their ‘long dark tunnel to the False Light’ death structure and system they created long ago to funnel dead humans into their recycle bin, forcing humanity to reincarnate quickly on Earth, is one more massive negative parasitic hijack system that’s recently been removed by Team Light. You’re welcome.

Because that ancient negative distortion created to recycle humanity into reincarnating on Earth has been dismantled recently, there is now a NEW organic Divine Source system in-place for dying humans leaving their physical bodies. Now there is an etheric Assistant that helps ascending 5D humans by directly escorting dying individuals to where they each need to go at that time. The dying human is now personally picked up from a very close energy level to the present 5D Earth and safely escorted and hand-delivered by the Assistant to a nonphysical 5D area for those who’ve just exited their physical bodies. Some others take over from there to further assist the recently dead human.

The human dying/death system has been returned to an organic Divine Source system finally. There is no more negative long tunnel to the other side that hijacked and deposited people into the False Light created by Team Dark to intentionally recycle them into earthly reincarnations to continue energetically fueling the negative aliens & co. food and fuel supplies. Just like all other Team Dark hijacked, distorted, pirated thefts of everything, they all have been permanently dismantled, obliterated and replaced with organic Source-created systems and structures.

Now an Assistant comes between the 5D physical and 5D nonphysical which is incredibly easy for everyone involved, to assist the dying human AND a living ascended/ascending, embodied/Embodied human relative, spouse, friend etc. if one is present, and if that person is consciously aware of what’s actually happening multidimensionally to assist the Assistant and dying human.

I spent most every minute of the entire month of June 2019, functioning at a quantum level and a linear level simultaneously longer than I ever have before. This happened only because I was having to deal with, speak to and interact with linear people and systems such as two hospitals in different cities, multiple doctors at each of them, paramedics, nurses, police, APS, hospice coordinators, hospice nurses, mortuary people and much more while my body continued Embodying greater HighHeart pounding solar and beyond Crystalline/Christ frequencies, more NEW codes and DNA all while doing my best to not show that any of it was even happening. I am different from who I was in May 2019, because I have Shifted into more Embodiment and real freedom.

In closing I want to add that just like the negatives long ago created their False Light to trick humanity in different ways, long ago they also created a False Ascension on a descending Earth and (brief) timeline. Unfortunately most people cannot honestly and accurately even discern and know for themselves which is which and which one they’re currently existing on.

For those honestly capable, here’s to being increasingly free in July 2019 and more so each month after it. Watch these sudden reality changing July eclipses this year.


July 1, 2019

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65 thoughts on “June 2019 Separation Freedom

  • It has been a surreal time, and for many days it felt like no one was here energetically. Major shifts. Denise, looking forward to your insights whenever that might be. Sending love to all, wherever you might be. ❤️

    • Kara & Linda C. & All,

      It has indeed been surreal lately. It’s been like this for me almost constantly since June 2, 2019 and I don’t expect it will end anytime soon.

      I was so glad to see some awaiting Comments here this morning because I’ve felt most of you and that you too are feeling the NEW codes and how they’re changing everything more and more, including the Earth which is why the earthquakes have escalated recently. I keep feeling more to come and I suspect that Tuesday’s July 16th Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 24 degrees Capricorn — which is CONJUNCT the Saturn (17 Capricorn) and Pluto (22 Capricorn) conjunction! — is going to cause more earth changes and us changes!

      I can also FEEL when all of you are seemingly gone and it’s always shocking to me. But, everyone returns to this particular HHL HOME-base to reconnect, check in, share the latest weirdness and side effects etc. which benefits us all. I LOVE you all so very much. ❤ ❤ ❤

      I've been working on an article for days but I've been so exhausted from having to do all I have in relation to my mom's death, not to mention all that went before it! I'm one of those Sensitives that has to physically clean the whole house after lower frequency strangers have been in it, which there was a steady stream of them throughout most of June. I've physically HAD to clean the entire house for my sake energetically while dealing with the big upsurge in negativity everywhere because of the NEW codes and Separation Shift underway now. Team Dark has been rebelling, strongly lately over both the NEW codes arrival (since December 2018) and the Separation Shift because of them AND we've reached that point where there's enough of us who've Embodied enough so far to accelerate the entire Ascension Process and Separation Shift. Anyway, I'll try to cover all that in the upcoming article as soon as I can get it finished. Until then Celia Fenn's latest channeling is very good and accurate so if everyone hasn't read it yet I strongly suggest you do. Thanks Celia and AA Michael for it. ❤

      We’re in a totally NEW level and phase of the Ascension Process and the Embodiment Process now so it’s simply going to be SURREAL and much else from here on out. Be prepared for anything in your world and level and also in the old lower world and level. There’s SO much to talk about now, and I’ve got another bout of purging diarrhea since 4:44 AM this morning — where’s the poop emoji when you need it? 😆 Yeah, those triple (Trinity, Triality etc.) numbers have been nonstop again for weeks. Onward and upward no matter what Co-Workers. This is who we are. This is what we do. ⭐ ❤

      • Hello Denise and fellow lightworkers,

        Just wanted to pop in and agree (nods head furiously) over Denise’s comments on others being gone, the surrealness and the purging poop. Is this poop thing gonna stop soon, cuz it’s seriously a pain in the ass, literally. Oh and the TD just freaking out and the sheer desperation on their part. It’s just laughable how desperate they are.

        I sincerely hope you’ve been well Denise, despite everything and hope your house cleaning is going as planned and also that you’re enjoying the ‘Aaaahhh~’ that follows.

        I’ve been feeling disconnected, pulled apart and roughly put back together on repeat cycle. Surreal doesn’t seem to cover the incredibly foggy headed feeling, everything feels like thick heavy soup. Today, however, there seems to be some relief from all that heaviness.

        Well, we really are in the thick of it now. Like you said Denise, it’s going to be a wild ride and it’s only gonna get wilder so buckle up! (I’m paraphrasing badly).

        I love you all and give you all HIGH HEART HUGS! We’re almost there!!!

      • Good day Denise and ALL! Yes, I’ve also been feeling the surrealness lately. I am the same way, Denise, when I feel the need to purge/clear negativity, I clean the whole house. Well, the past few days, I’ve been WEEDING the property. Have felt a strong pull to be with Gaia and help her purge more, as I purge/weed out more too. When I’m outside on our property (which I call THE GREEN BUBBLE) time stands still and I’m in a flow/connection that is surreal and timeless. I love it! I was out in the garden this morning pulling weeds and harvesting veggies – YOU popped in my mind. I started talking with you and everyone here. I have felt the disconnect from many too. I just send my LOVE to you all.

        The triple numbers have been non-stop for me too. Whenever I see them – I blurt them out loud – 2:22, 3:33, and so on. Even at the grocery store – I’ll say them gently out loud. It’s fun to me! My husband has caught on and even announces it out loud.

        So glad to hear from you Denise and look forward to your upcoming article when you feel like it. Know that YOU are loved so much back. Going to go check out Celia Finn’s article now. Thanks sunshine! ❤

      • Hello Denise and All,

        It is so amazing that I too was feeling that people had gone away from this group. I figured people were integrating all that had happened and needed silent time. I also knew that people would be back…here you are! It has been surreal for me…surprises around every corner. Sometimes I remember to relax into these shifts and stay neutral… and sometimes I don’t.

        Also I did a complete purge of all my belongings and through cleaning of my house and office. It feels magnificent to release so much stuff back into the world. I was even prompted to take all the decorations off the walls at work and home. Now just blank walls and shelves. The only thing that was allowed to stay were crystals.

        Been having major high heart palpitations, headaches, vertigo (it has been a while since I had this one) and hot flashes (also a while since I had this one). I take it all as a sign that we are Majorly leveling up. Hoorah! Congratulations to us All!

        Big Hugs to you All and Infinite Freedom beyond our Wildest Imaginings!

        • Hi Nancy, Oh I can so relate to all you mentioned. The disconnection, the foggy head, headaches, rewiring and putting back together. It is major and know that it is for BEST and flow with it too (as best I can).
          The purging of house/work space is wonderful, isn’t it. I started back in December clearing out SO MUCH -selling and giving away. I would love to do more and feel an urge to do so soon. I feel that I don’t need/want external stuff – I have everything I need/want inside of me. This includes people too. I find such peace and joy with my cat and nature. Just BEING. Love to you too! 🙂

      • Hi Denise, I’ve been feeling a bit wacky since coming into this weekend – maybe it’s the days leading to Tuesday’s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. Wacky isn’t really the right word but I haven’t one at the moment, I feel like a person standing on the end of a diving springboard into the pool and just Friday to today Sunday I think I’ve dove in. This has a part to do with physical digestive changes and finding some more freedom there relating to your article, and just allowing, just letting go.

        I think about what you say on external fixes and this has helped me greatly in terms of being okay needing less out there to be well. I’ve been alone for most of these last 8 or 9 years and just yesterday watching someone talking about her process and her aloneness even longer for the greater part of 20 years has given me more of that cherry on top comfort that it’s okay to go through a great low tide of things, people, etc. leaving you. The ice cream is already knowing it’s okay but it’s good to hear other’s similar experiences. Back to your comment on the purging, I’ve had to drink for more nights than usual a combination of spices like a soup with salt – this kind of salt flush, feeling like my body needed cleansing but really in preparation for what I can’t say.

        Now and then I have people who are dark portals come into my field or close to me almost like they are budding in to get me out of a place or on the higher end it teaches me to be vigilant of my surroundings and not linger too long in any area unless work is to be done or I have work to do e.g. picking out an item when buying things at a store.

        For most of my life I would be almost as if in the closet so to speak in terms of telling anyone or living openly of being interested in spirituality and later on being immersed in what I later discovered were symptoms to do with this thing called ascension. Now I feel like I should be coming out, or I care not anymore whether friends go because I post this or that thing on Facebook…e.g. the article by Celia Fenn I’m going to read but most people I would know there on social media would call that far out. Though I still am very discerning of sharing certain things are the right time, not giving too much information others/myself can’t handle in terms of reactions and consequences, I feel like okay, it is much better to be with people who understand me, to be doing something I don’t hate at worst and love at best instead of trying to be “normal” though I still prefer invisibility most times. Thanks

        • Hi Pat! Agree and resonate with everything you said. I was nodding my head and saying YEP! Thanks for sharing and know that you are loved. 🙂

      • Thanks, Denise, and all! It’s cheering to connect here again and hear how everyone is. ❤️❤️

      • Thank you so much denise for not publishing my comment. It brought up stuff!!!! I thought i had delt with… the mercury retro, is help us review. Any way it was all about throat chaka stuff. Why my books, poems not gone into world.. massive throat chakra clearing. Ether/space. Mum tried abort me. T.D. didnt want me lightworker in 3d space. Because her twisted mental processsssss she didnt have a body, or children. Repulsed by breast feeding. I had take in that low vibe, to keep body alive…. i am thrilled re assistant, help cross over. I did wonder, cos at death, the 7 body chakras and each,s senses withdraw. But we are already grounded in 5d chakras. Does this mean we cant die???? As usual yr fab articles, promt higher thought… i am glad you and mum both free now. Thanks all

        • Lin h.,

          I’m going to continue to NOT publish your Comments Lin h. if you continue to write what you do here. We’ve all had or still have our personal stuff we’ve dealt with, or not, such as what you said about your ‘mum tried to abort you’ and her ‘twisted mental processssssss’, ‘repulsed by breast feeding’ and so on. HighHeartLife is named what I named it because it’s a place for people who have done their Inner Work and continue to do so.

  • Denise, I hope everything is going well for you in this chaotic world. The energies are wild. One day all I want to do is cry and the next I feel so hopeful and happy. Just trying to balance everything. Love sent your way. Linda

  • Seem to be just getting blasted lately and doesnt seem like I can really do anything about it. I cant get comfortable, I have a landlord kicking me out because I made a complaint to HUD about the denial of an emotional support animal, which retaliating against me because I made a complaint to a government agency is illegal. I can barely function to even get cleaned up and moved because i feel like im getting shit blasted from all sides. My back has been laying me out, im past anxious, Im not having a breath of fun. Idk
    Not enjoying this one bit
    Thanks for letting me vent, im trying all my tools and what ive learned and feel like im barely getting a secind of respite from it all
    Love the blog

  • Dear Denise, last night I felt so hot. I thought it was because of the heat wave. I came to realize it was inside me. An intense heat radiating in my solar plexus. Not even turning on the a/c helped. If this was a menopausal hotflash, it seemed to centrally located for that. The other strange coincidence earlier that seemed to set this off happened while scrolling thru my now cleaned up fb. I scrolled by some holy guru pic with his hands up palms outward and wham a bolt to my gut and the heat. Sometimes I think there is an inner linking that happens and we can boost each other along like a point of energy leaping to another point of energy for some purpose.

    Yesterday I experienced harmony and flow in the work place on a major scale. Or perhaps “I” was the harmony and flow in the workplace!💛💙💜💚💓🎆. And Im still energized and more physically awake than I desire. I like a good sleep😁. I LOVE good deep sleep! I miss it.😔

    Today I feel just as upbeat and made the realization that Im willing to surrender ALL in regards to this physical existence even tho I realize I have plenty of attachments and false identity beliefs. And that part of me is terrified. But it needs to happen. The old shit Must end. Must go. Must cease expression here in me.

    Have a high vibe day all! Life IS good because it’s LIFE ITSELF! PEACE AND GRACE! PEACE AND GRACE WE ARE!😍

  • Dear Denise,
    I hope everything is well. Just learned about an even stronger Earthquake in California.

    Blessings. Love You 🙏💗🐱

  • Would love to know where you live! 6.9! Did you feel this one? I want to move to your location!

    P.S. its interesting how I’ve gone from deep fatigue prior ti the 1st and 2nd. I was in bed by 8 PM most nights sleeping long hours. After the 4th I got in bed all tired and then “about face!” Or 180! My eyes were wide open and I felt wide awake and restless and have remained so even aftet very long active days. The earth is up and so am I! Now where do u live?😁 (Im just playing. I know u can’t share that) 💙

    • Edith & Marta,

      I didn’t feel the Thursday 6.4 quake in/near Ridgecrest, CA but I sure did feel the Friday evening 7.1 quake in the same area! It was felt into Mexico and Nevada so it certainly made things swing and sway in my house (and me) last night, and for what seemed like an unusually long time. I had to grab furniture to hang on to because this quake was a long rolling, wave-like one that makes your inner senses feel “motion sick” and the inside of your head off balance and moving because the very ground under you is, plus the magnetic energies fluxuate during earthquakes and if you’re Sensitive, you feel these things very strongly.

      I mentioned yesterday I believe it was that there were more quakes coming and last nights 7.1 was the main quake the earthquake professionals hope, and not the 7.1 being another pre-quake like the 6.4 was. My body feels some tension relief from last nights 7.1 but to be honest, I sense there’s more to come and I’m not talking about aftershockes but other larger magnitude quakes in this area and also in the Ring of Fire. We’re in the Separation Shift now and these side effects are to be expected, especially after the June from hell month of massive changes. No fear, just positive changes. Riverside Co. Edith. ❤

      • I am relieved you are well Denise 💚

        I am dealing with this release right now plus, seems like the retrograde is here.
        Wishing you and everyone all the Blessings.

        Group Hug 🙌
        Love 💗

  • Hi Denise and all, thanks for the article and comments as I too have had to grapple with people suddenly leaving my life if not physically then emotionally in terms of attachments now gone. Though I had tears at first, I understand why they happened. I have a question about the tunnel that people often report going through to the source during NDEs as researched for instance by P.M.H. Atwater and Dolores Cannon etc. Are those to the false light primarily as well or what distinguishes the tampered vs untampered death experiences? I’ve been bothered about how it is I’m going to exit this life. Before I even consciously realized others have had in the ancient past maybe even as present been able to dematerialize their physical bodies I’ve always been troubled about leaving which is the easy part but then not being able to or rather not wanting to leave behind a rotting mess of a corpse for others to clean up. I’ve felt it was embarrassing but had to just accept it’s the way most people, animals, and plants go too.

  • Hi Denise. Felt intense energies all morning and a little emotional like sadness when my couch began to roll as the earth began moving up here in central ca! How was it for you? It seemed centered on a naval weapons base in China Lake. Coincidence? Glad we are all alright!

    • Didn’t feel it farther south Edith. I’m glad you’re okay and just rode it out. I have to say however that I sense more quakes coming soon but not in that same area. The huge Shift change that many of us went thru the entire month of June 2019 is and will continue to produce side effects, repercussions and so on. Things changed big-time in June.

      I wanted to mention this and this seems like a good place to add it for everyone. July 1st I felt more NEW energies enter the top of my head which momentarily caused my vision in one eye to get strange for a couple of minutes. Moments after that I had a pain in that side of my head, and a half hour after than the head pains jumped to the other half of my head so it seemed the head and brain halves were experiencing more evolutionary Rewiring unification etc. etc. with the start of July 2019.

      I’ve also noticed a huge increase in the amount of SPAM I get at both websites and my email accounts since June 2019. Frantic increase in parasitic actions by others is what I’m saying, which I sense is directly related to the massive Shift changes of June 2019 and the NEW ‘Freedom’ codes, events and energies etc. that have been incrementally increasing since December 2018. I’m sorry everyone if what I’m saying is vague and/or disjointed but that’s where I’m at at this point. Everything I went through in June has caught up with my physical body and psyche on July 1st and I’m HAVING to recuperate and sleep whenever I can. I can feel more NEW evolutionary changes taking place (NEW DNA, more NEW codes, more NEW codes running now in more NEW DNA and so on) and all this on top of everything else. I’ll get my feet under me again, as will all of us who went through the June hell month, but this one is taking more time to recover from than what I’m used to.

      Thanks again everyone for your support, love, LOVE, understanding, patience and just being what each of you are. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Denise, when my mom died, and I came home late in the morning, I plopped down in my chair. For the 1st time on 2 years my world ceased revolving around my mom. Time slowed. Seemed to stop. I needed years to recover. Now I did not have to consciously deal with anything else on top of that, thank God, the kind of life You Live. Can’t imagine it! For me its been about 30 years now. Grace and peace upon you!

        I think I had a thought related to your reply but now I don’t remember it! 😁

      • Oh Denise, this isn’t vague to me and thank you so much for sharing. I had similar weird head pains, vision things, a smothering/choking sensation and vertigo (not all at the same time) the first 3 days of July and didn’t feel like my usual self until today. Just in time for another person to try to goad me into a verbal altercation. I will be authentic and call it like I see it, but I wished I’d gone home sooner than I did. It upset me initially and while driving I thought, ugh! do you want to let that person/idea/feeling win?! So I got over it as fast as I could. See, I’m not even repeating it here. Miracle!! Haha.

  • Anyone else experiencing debillitating lower back pain? I dont know if its the energies or not,
    It used to be my upper back like between the shoulder blades after a night of ~sleep, like absorbing higher energies, but lately its just half crippling mid to lower back and its rough(takes your breath away)
    Im sure its off topic but this has really got me laid up and feeling kind of trapped 😦

    It feels like theres all this pressure and vibration in there, makes the lower stomach rumble at times, and ive had pressure and resulting stomach rumble before, but this one is like on overdrive
    Im not a go to the doctor person, this one got me to the walk in,
    Just wondering if anyone else is having these “pressures” this intense because its a little more than I know what to do with/how to deal with
    Could use a break

    • Skoop & All,

      I can completely relate as I know many others here can as well. There’s been months on end during 2018 and 2019 where I could hardly stand up and walk and then that severe pain would “magically” be gone as quickly as it had manifested. The point is that we’re now in the NEW codes… I cannot emphasize this strongly enough everyone. Many of us have been and are experiencing the NEW Crystalline, Diamond, Trinity, Rainbow energies (more NEW codes) in our DNA plus having MORE NEW DNA activate and run these NEW codes/energies in our bodies now. When the Saturn Pluto in Capricorn conjunction is exact — only once — on January 12, 2020, these NEW Crystalline, Diamond, Trinity (not the old two of duality) Rainbow codes (the NEW codes, templates, blueprints etc. for mass humanity on NEW Earth now and into the future) will be fully activated for everyone alive now on Earth. That is going to alter everything quickly and many of us are, as always, the First Everythingers first Embodying them now in 2019.

      There were two days in June that felt like my body and consciousness couldn’t span such a massive Shift between the old lower frequency “matrix” and the NEW ascended/ascending everything and that it might break. It did and it didn’t. We are embodying and Embodying the NEW codes into our bodies and Pathpaving them for the rest of humanity right now and we’ll continue doing this from here on out. And yes, at times it’s hurt like crazy in NEW ways we’re not used to but this is normal for what we’re experiencing and doing in and through our own bodies and beings.

      Hang in there Skoop and all and know that this too is us doing what we’re good at doing. ❤

  • Thank you Denise, for responding to me. I think I know what you mean. When I first had a computer, I think, in the 1990’s, I would read any spiritual blog I could find. When many began feeling creepy, I gradually eliminated them to a very select few. After all the muck I have clawed my way through, the trasmuting and purging, completely changing my life, loosing most of my friends, this had better be real.

  • Denise, I love you! Yes, a new strength is felt. Thank you for the light you share on the steps so we trip less. ❤️

  • Thank you for sharing Denise. I’ve come to accept the passing of a loved one as something akin to the caterpillar cocooning and emerging as a butterfly. It takes some doing. Here’s to yours and your mom’s crossing the freedom bridge. I did likewise at the end of November, 2009, after saying goodbye to my mom and 3 cats; a 7 year process. Now you must stay focused on your own ascension process, and not let diversions interfere with that. The feelings I’m having say giant steps up the staircase are soon approaching. Much love and peace to you. Barb K

  • Hi Denise. Glad you are glad to be set free! I’ve been set free from a demanding friendship, an older woman with a set in stone schedule for outings. I began to dread certain days bcuz I knew she’d be calling and is one of those strong energetic people that wont take no gracefully. By energetic I mean energetically manipulating/force. For a number of reasons I hung in there. I thought I needed to change, to get our more. I thought I was being of help to her. Instead I found myself becoming unkind in lots of little angry ways at her. For my friend, and we are still friends, is of a generation that faces trials and difficulties by keeping committed to the point of exhaustion. (That’s so Not ME!😄). Any something changed and Im not questioning. Im revelling and bathing in deep solitude and quiet once more. No obligatory commitments. And my indifference is rather intense!

    All day today, Tuesday has felt reverentially full of grace, peace, and fullness. I took my dog to the park this morning and I sat in the sun and absorbed this fullness, stillness. I didn’t want to physically move during some of it. I have felt this off and on all day.

    Regarding the death process, Im so grateful for the encouraging news. I confess I had begun to be concerned about my eventual transition. And back when I had read from Lisa Renee that even ascended ones had been held in false prison dimensions…. I thought well shit! If Ascended Beings got trapped, what hope for the rest of us?!

    Had a strange dream this morning. Took place in a man’s mansion. I came across a room set up as part prison, part display. One wall was clear and inside I observed an angel. A female with wings. Flying about like a fish in a small fish bowl. The man had plans to use her. Later on I saw 3 women dressed provocatively being led to a car. One had scars on her back where her wings had been. Her face was bruised from being hit. As she was being made to get in the car she stumbled. Fell. I think she died for I saw what looked like smoke in the shape of her angel self emit from the body. The end.


  • Hi Denise,

    Congratulation to your mom on her “graduation” and to you on the amazing job you did of the truly difficult task of caregiving for so long.

    I am a hospice Reiki Comfort Therapist and so I am with dying humans often. I have to say first that each year we experience a low census from Thanksgiving to the first of the next year (we chalk it up to no one wanting to go on hospice during the holidays-understandably)….this year we all noticed that the low numbers stretched until well after March. During this extended low census time, EVERY patient I was assigned to died within days of coming on my team. WE are given 8 visits for each patients comfort therapy sessions and most people use between 5-8 of them (usually one time per week) but EVERYONE I got for at least the months extending to March died in just days. Most I saw only one time. I noticed this and talked to our program coordinator about it. She too had noticed it of course as she assigns us our patients, she mentioned that it was happening to everyone and that one at a time we’d all been asking about what was happening……..but in the end she didn’t seem very interested in it….I on the other hand make it my business to notice everything and anything in life, but in this case, to see if it seems like a part of this ascension plan. I have been watching for years for the END OF DEATH itself…..looking of course for the time we can ascend without losing our bodies 😉

    I am very tuned in to my patients and spend a LOT of time in my sessions with them communicating telepathically to their higher selves. This new quick exit routine that my patients are showing me has continued and seems to be showing me that it is much easier to walk away from our bodies than it was pre-2019. Many of my patients after the January through March period are living longer again, but their time between coming on service and dying is still much shorter than before. I will continue keeping my eyes, heart and head open to watch for the END of the need to die at all.

    In the newsletter above you say:

    The July 2019 eclipses will cause many more people to suddenly die and FREE themselves of their physical bodies for a variety of personal reasons, every one of them Ascension related.

    Because of what you say above, I will now keep an eye out for the increase to show up following these eclipses as well.

    I am so excited to hear about the new “ASSISTANT” that these ones leaving the planet will encounter. I always call on AA Michael, their own personal guides and angels to work with me and my patients, but I only see 1/20th of the people we get on our census as there are 20 of us doing the work for our hospice. I always wonder…….out of the 2-300 people on our census, why am I assigned to these particular ones? I wonder if we have some sort of soul connection that makes them end up with me as their therapist? Often I will see reflections of so many of my dead loved ones in their faces, gestures, voices or something they do or say to me etc. that I think of it as a “wink” from someone I have loved and lost, or maybe it reminds me of a former patient, and I imagine this spirit using this physical person before me to say a quick hello. Either way, it is just one of the MANY precious gifts I get from doing this work of accompanying the dying to the other side. I have set up a very beautiful chakra stair case that I take them to where I hand them off to spirit beings I love and trust with their safety and they take them from there.

    You stated in your letter above also:

    The old negative Team Dark distortions, False Light, and their ‘long dark tunnel to the False Light’ death structure and system they created long ago to funnel dead humans into their recycle bin, forcing humanity to reincarnate quickly on Earth, is one more massive negative parasitic hijack system that’s recently been removed by Team Light. You’re welcome.

    This really resonates with me…I have KNOWN from birth that I was forced to come here, and deceived in some way. I have always had this image of me standing on one side of a creek or small river with some “elders” or someone who was “in charge” I was enjoying myself, but KNEW if I crossed over that river to “the other side” I would be here on this planet and I did not want to go….I was pushed and although I do not remember every detail of how it went, but I KNOW I was not ready or wanting to go, then suddenly I was here, I remember for the longest time as a child that I believed I’d been left on the door step of my family and they felt sorry for me and took me in, but I never belonged like the other kids seemed to. I felt loved and cared for, but not really a part of, but then that is part of the story of my life LOL along with so many other light beings I know. We are IN this world, but NOT of it! I SO hope for this no recycling nightmare to be over for myself and all others!!!!!!!

    You mentioned that the long dark tunnel to false light is gone……THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

    It will be interesting to read new near death accounts going forward to see if they report seeing something different than the typical tunnel that is usually reported about up to 2019 when survivors write about their experiences???? I want to know what they see now. If you see anything like that come forward, please report it. 😉 I will too.

    Thank you Denise for your longstanding endurance of everything human on this hijacked soon to be FREE planet!
    I look so forward to the celebration we will have once we see more concrete evidence that we are moving forward finally, never to go backward again!!!!

    • That’s fascinating, Joyce. Thank you so much for the work you do and for your recounting here. It’s encouraging to me to read about the real life (and death) experiences connecting to what’s happening with our planet. Much gratitude to you! ❤️

      • Thank you Calliope, I am blessed beyond measure by what I am involved in with others. Amazing! 😉 I will keep all posted if I notice anything more changing in this field. WE all need encouragement that what we believe to be happening is really taking place and I love finding what I consider real,tangible evidence of it being so.

    • Joyce B.,

      Thank you for sharing your knowledge about dying/death as a professional hospice comfort therapist. It was helpful to hear about this from your perspective and expertise and I hope it was for you hearing about mine.

      The main thing for all of us to be aware of constantly is that we’re in the fifth dimension now, not the third dimension. Because of this incredibly improved, ascension related situation the dying now only have to traverse a very small “distance” within THE SAME DIMENSION as the one they’d been alive in. Think different energy layers and spaces etc. but within the same 5th dimension.

      Before the Ascension Process the dying would have to, by themselves unless they were more advanced and knowledgeable spiritually and energetically, exit the physical third dimension (and their matching body) and then make the highly unpleasant and dangerous trek through the fourth dimensional Astral Plane. This was comparable to trying to cross through hell with its many inhabitants and residual energies and all else there and not come under attack or get derailed by that HUGE landscape that is, that was the lower 4D Astral levels.

      Some dying would have someone meet them and escort them to slightly higher levels in the 4D Astral but for the most part it was still the 4D Astral! Most humans have been recycled back into the 3D physical Earth world via the negatives False Light and dying/death system to keep them all producing energies for them to use for themselves. This simply has been how the old and profoundly intentionally distorted physical and astral dimensions have been for thousands of years thanks to Team Dark. However… all that has been evolved beyond and we now exist in the fifth dimension and the 4D Astral has been greatly dismantled by many of us Lightworkers/Forerunners etc. and just doesn’t exist as it has for so long. I know this because I’ve been one whose Worked over these ascension years, as many of you reading this have which have been represented as your endless dreams of having to CLEAN out PUBLIC BATHROOMS with all the shit and piss and filth etc. that’s been in them. That was the 4D Astral you’ve all been scrubbing clean and transmuting my fellow Lightworkers, that plus residual etheric energies in the 3D Earth spaces across human history on this planet.

      But now that we’re in the fifth dimension on Earth, this entire old lower living, dying, passing over to the other side at death of the physical body processes have changed, improved tremendously for everyone. Now at this ascended 5D level — which will continue to improve dramatically First Everythingers/First Embodiers — when someone dies an Assistant comes to them etherically within the fifth dimension to escort them to another temporary location that’s also within 5D. Needless to say this process is so much easier, shorter, safe and actually pleasant. We’re in the early stages of this NEW organic Source ascended system, just as we are with all the others too, so we all have to remember that we’re in a totally NEW, higher and much improved dimension and level of being than where we’ve come from! Huge understatement that!!! So much for all of us to re-learn and change because we now exist within 5D and have evolved beyond the need for the old lower 4D Astral dimension. ❤ ⭐

      As usual I forgot something that’s related and important. 🙄

      In The Temple of Master Hotei I talked about my memory of having intentionally died and left my physical body in that past life. It was a Conscious Death in other words and not as uncommon as it may sound at first. In my other book, A Lightworker’s Mission, I mentioned another past life I had 12,600 BC and that I also had a Conscious Death in it, but that one I was able to intentionally de-materialize my physical body so no one else had to deal with it once I’d left it. During that process after one had intentionally died with full consciousness, they would then immediately Work to take their old physical body apart ENERGETICALLY and reabsorb it. During this entire time another living person would stand guard over the dead physical body to make sure this dying and de-materialization process wasn’t interrupted by anyone or anything else. Once the owner of said physical body had de-materialized it from the physical dimension, this other person would leave because it all was done and gone. We First Everythingers will also, like with everything else so far, we will also do this again if and when we intentionally want to “die”, exit our physical bodies CONSCIOUSLY and de-materialize them physically. Most don’t honestly understand or remember exactly how Dark the past Dark Ages on Earth and beyond have actually been.

      • Denise, you are reminding of snippets I’ve read thru the years, long ago and many years b4 I learned about TD. The 3 day observance of or over the dead body. About the lower bodies being vulneable and could be usurped by entities. And the teachings by old one tibetan on how to die consciously and practice as you fall asleep, and more. Now it all makes sense! Thank u!

  • So happy everyone is having a NEW beginning. I have a question Denise: When did the old recycling system for those who died begin…just wondering if one of my parents left via the new system? (He transitioned last August) Hugs

    • kathy,

      I think you worded your question backwards, which I totally get being mildly dyslexic myself and doing it all the time too. Anyway, the NEW dying/death ORGANIC Source system has been increasing for the past couple of years and is now in 2019 fully operational with the old negative distorted system completely gone. By January 2020 when ALL of the NEW organic Source created energy systems etc. are fully activated on the physical Earth level, everyone will finally ONLY experience the NEW organic Source systems of living and dying and all else. ❤

      • thanks Denise I am laughing yes I did word my question backward…I must be mildly dyslexic as well…haha,,,Hugs❤

  • HighHeart Gratitude to every one of you for your kind words, emotional support, your honest happiness over the real freedom gained by my mom and myself, and for your donation gift support. ❤ ❤ ❤ Thank you all so very much, I am deeply grateful to have you all in my life.

    And as always, onward we continue, now FREE of so much from our personal and the overall collective past. Next up, getting used to our newly gained freedoms and becoming more NEW because of it in ways we've never experienced before. This is going to be exciting.

  • Denise, may everything NEW and fresh and FREE that enters your life from now on, feel celebratory in every way and on every level! I have the deepest respect for the education, wisdom and the awarenesses that I’ve received from your writings throughout the years. Now, onward into the heights of satisfaction! With much love, gratitude and profound appreciation from The Big Apple…

  • I was thirty nine 39 years old also when I started my ascension process. I remember the exact minute and place I was at.

  • Denise, your journey is aspirational, and your life of service is a joy to behold. Deeply felt thanks.

  • Oh goodness, Denise, such a lot here. I don’t feel sadness for you, but a relief as I know how hard these last years have been. I will express my condolences, just because I feel to do so, in solidarity with you and respect for your mother’s journey. I don’t know why in these 12 years of reading and following your blogs I never clicked into the fact that you were 39 when your full-blown process was kicked off. I was 39, too, but a few years later. It makes much sense now with the Uranus opposition. Huh. I learn something new every day. I got a new life, too, at 40. Everything changed. I don’t comment as much as I used to several years ago because I’m just so flippin’ tired all the time and have also lost a bit of faith and hope in this process. Life is not what I thought it would be, and yet it’s a kind of miracle to see the changes in myself since 2006, and with so much healing. However, every time I read your posts, I take away nuggets of information that help me understand my own journey in the EP and AP and bring hope and encouragement. Thank you, as always. May your new freedom bring about continued positive change. Much love to you. ~ Karin

  • Dear Denise,
    I’m happy to celebrate your and your Mother’s freedom; thank you for helping me to find mine, too, and many others, I suspect, as well.
    Love and Light,

  • Denise, i feel this, just sending you hugs and thanks and now for your Time to truly begin, in freedom. Love, appreciation, gratitude for what you have been going through and for continuing to teach us ❤

  • Dear Denise, you and your mother have been in my thoughts for the past five days. When I read this post, I felt such RELIEF, JOY, LOVE and much more for the both of you. It is YOU time. I have been hearing the Door’s song “Break on Through to the Other Side” in my awareness- out of No where – I accidentally typed NOW where – NOT an accident. 🙂 Have been having dreams regarding large groups of people/animals passing. My mother was last night in the dream. Just wanted to reach out and say I LOVE YOU/ YOU ARE LOVED. ❤

  • 🎉🎉Here’s to LIBERATION from ALL the carbon timelines (and their remaining participants)
    •peace out ✌🏽
    •thank you for your service
    (farewell bitches! 👊🏼)

    We ARE back HOME (friggin finally 😅) swimming/floating , just BEing, in vibrations that meet, match and exceed Our own … and I, for one, am shoutin’ HALLEfreakingLUJAH

  • You stated that the negatives created a False Ascension ……most people cannot honostly know for themselves which one they’re on. This sounds v. disconcerting; is it something to be concerned about. Could you please elaborate. Thanks.

    • “You stated that the negatives created a False Ascension ……most people cannot honostly know for themselves which one they’re on. This sounds v. disconcerting; is it something to be concerned about. Could you please elaborate. Thanks.”


      It most certainly is disconcerting and incredibly dangerous for the people who cannot honestly discern energies for themselves to really know whose who and what’s what and so on. I’ve written about this again and again since 2007, but human ego is what it is and people think they’re on the highest ascension track when that’s often not the case at all.

      This whole business has been terrifically amplified by certain people around the world who are receptive enough consciously for some negative Team Dark alien and/or lowly being to make etheric and telepathic contact with them and the human to hear, see, perceive that and they then start channeling that negative alien or being and the information it’s deliberately giving the human to spread across the Internet. But because those people who are just sensitive enough to pick up some Team Dark being and then “channel” its distorted ascension messages, typically that human channeler is NOT capable of honestly and accurately discerning or reading energies so they cannot even tell if whose communicating with them is who they claim to be or not. These negatives typically present themselves to the potential human channeler as someone or a higher group of beings etc. that they know the human would trust, like the negative being claiming they’re AA Michael, Jesus, a high-ranking positive ET or group of ETs etc. etc. etc. And unfortunately, the human channel hasn’t embodied enough Light to be able to instantly know for themselves who they’re really interacting with. The more Light one has embodied, the more one instantly knows because one can discern energies and can tell whose being deceptive and so on.

      The negativity that’s been purposefully implanted into humanities awareness for our entire lifetimes (due to the current Ascension Process) via humans that couldn’t and still cannot honestly tell whose feeding them distorted information from nonphysical levels has been astonishing, and it’s done exactly what it was designed to do. It’s helped dupe a lot of people around the world about the Ascension, about ETs, about the Shift, about their being “rescued” and/or “saved” by ETs and on and on and on. One of the hardest things for me since 2003 when I first went online was to NOT write lists of people’s names who channel and/or write about the Ascension and/or ETs and related things that are themselves duped by Team Dark and are only spreading their disinformation about these issues. Sadly, it is a very long list.

      All that information is one huge way that Team Dark has intentionally herded the unaware people who cannot discern Light energies from Dark energies, Light beings and humans from Dark beings and humans, true higher channeled material from negative channeled disinformation material, into distorted knowledge about the Ascension Process and all related things. That was done by them to trick, dupe, fool as many humans as possible and direct them into their crafted False Ascension descending Earth timeline. If a person cannot honestly discern higher and lower energies and the people and nonphysical beings that embody those different energies, then they cannot possibly tell if they’re existing on a true organic Ascending Earth or if they’re not.

      The easiest way for people to tell is if they are lazy and waiting for or expecting some external other aliens or beings that are going to come and lift them up, save them, rescue them, ascend them so the person doesn’t have to do any Inner Work on themselves at all. This is leftover negative human consciousness poison from distorted Team Dark religious beliefs from the past Piscean Age. Those are the people who are in their heads and not their hearts and are not willing to do the mandatory Inner Work on themselves that’s required to start to embody some Light which will further help them be able to accurately and honestly discern and read energies for themselves.

      • I feel like I am kind of in the same boat as Gerry. I have done lots of work on myself but for whatever reason don’t seem to be able 100% of the time to know who is and is not false light…I still get duped at times till something happens to show me. I was listening to Amanda Lorence today in a video and she looks for their energy signature? Seeing someone by internet etc I find difficult, in person is different. There is so much differing information about ascension out there…a list would be helpful, maybe not for you Denise…more run-ins with team dark as you say. The time is close, there have been 2 dates given ..Aug most who are going will go and Jan 2020 the last will arrive and the Pioneers who are leading the way have landed already in May ❤

        • The site “ascension glossary. “. Article…. “False ascension” covers all this in detail.

  • “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy. – Hamlet”

    THANK YOU, Denise and Your Mom, and the Assistant. As I read your article I thought of Barbara Marciniak’s “systems busters” references, and the above quote came to mind. I then kind of re-wrote it, “There are more systems to bust in heaven and earth than are dreamt of….” Something like that. And YOU did it! I am so very grateful and honored to have been a part of your Journey for a long time and I THANK YOU for sharing so much of your Journey and for Paving the Way first at TRANSITIONS and now here at High Heart Life. THANK YOU! Love, B.

  • Thank you so very much Denise. My beautiful sister passed away in April. My other sister was present and Sandy who was unconscious (morphine) suddenly opened her eyes looked straight at her and took her last breath. I was finishing a meditation at home and in that state of being, asked AA Michael to take her home and please to end her suffering. The phone rang and my other sister told me Sandy was gone. The exact time I believe when Sandy suddenly opened her eyes was when Michael came for her. I know she made it home safely. Thank you Denise, I know the dying process has been hijacked but now all the wonderful people will go home safely and not be made to ‘recyle’ thanks to people like you, me and everybody working towards freedom for all. xxxxx

  • 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 to you Denise. And your Mum.

    Bless you both. I am so pleased that the death system has finally been scuppered and is no more. That there truly is light. What an amazing thing. And what a relief

    Love to you xxxx

  • Denise, Dear Sister, When I read that your mother had finally passed on I was instantly overcome with an intense wave of RELIEF for both you and her. My husband has been dealing with so many of the same levels of the 3D world as you have in recent months with the passing of his Dad and the placing of his mother into assisted living (SUCH a long, arduous journey there). What a relief, as well, to know about the new 5D assistant that helps others to the proper “other side.” What a month (journey!) it has been for you! There are SO many endings and new beginnings now actually happening in the physical now. Eager to see where this new beginning takes you. Also wondering if you’ll hear from your mother once she’s acclimated. Thinking of you and sending LOVE during this huge transition. (And maybe a new cat will find you to share your second life with?! Hmmmm?)

    • “Also wondering if you’ll hear from your mother once she’s acclimated.”

      Kate S.,

      No there won’t be any further exchanges between her and I. We are done.

      And no to another cat or anything or anyone else at this point because I HAVE to focus on myself and my body, which I haven’t done because I’ve been “care taking” others for so long. It’s my time finally and god knows I need it. ❤

      • I hear ya loud and clear on this one.. Several years ago I told my (then) teenage daughter to STOP bringing home anything that had a heartbeat .. this included all 2 legged, 4 legged, winged and finned beings, because I was the one left to take care of them .. (exceptions were made to anything injured, but once recovered, they were set free) .. sometimes we ‘care takers/givers’ just have to say “ENOUGH!” … again I say, “ Here’s to LIBERATION! Kudos to you! LIVE that FREEDOM, girlfriend! As we know, ‘living our freedom’ is also a form of Service .. it shows the new arrivals HOW we operate over here 👉🏽💎🌎 and it no longer includes teaching remedial classes to lower frequency operating humans (and non) EVER AGAIN. yay! ♥️

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