Increased 2019 Dream WORK Ending Certain Timelines

“I’m just cleaning up the timeline.”  –  Deadpool from Deadpool 2


Since 2013 I’ve experienced periods where, for a couple of weeks at a time, I’d have multiple dreams that needed me to resolve issues, complete tasks, end situations, end relationships with people I don’t know in this life and so on. These periods feel like it’s crunch-time in dreamland to quickly end and clean up old issues, relationships and situations with strangers in other timelines and parallel realities that seem to have little to nothing to do with my current life and the people in it. I know subconscious dreams and this is not that but is related to the Ascension Process and Separation of Worlds.

Since the start of 2019, the increase in this mandatory, rapid-fire dream cleanup Work has escalated considerably. So far this year it’s been about four nights a week and I’m having multiple dreams per night and in all of them I’m ending longstanding situations, relationships, places I’ve lived (not in this life) and so on. In every one of these dreams in 2019, they’ve felt important and “real” and yet none of them are recognizable to me and my physical life in this ascending timeline. Most of these dreams are existences of mine in parallel probabilities that are obviously now in need of being ended because they’re not continuing into NEW ascended timelines. These multiple rapid-fire dream cleanings feel to me like when you’re moving out of an old apartment or house and need to quickly get rid of things, throw things in the trash then thoroughly clean the whole place before you exit it for good and move on.

It’s easy to assume that the Separation of Worlds was a physical and linear process only when it’s been far more complex than that. Everything in this Ascension and Embodiment Process has been far more complex than everyone expected. In 2019, we’ve reached the point where multiple timelines in multiple realities, parallel realities and past lives etc. are needing to be resolved, released and ended. The majority of them are not ascending into the NEW organic ascension timelines for a number of reasons that really aren’t important at this point.

Over the past few years I have Worked by myself and with small groups of other Ascension Volunteers in dreams to end other timelines that we knew the negative aliens would take over to use to continue themselves and their agendas into the future. If I or anyone in these small timeline dream Work groups had an aspect of ourselves in one of those timelines, we would help move them to another timeline that was and would remain free of any negative aliens in the future. That dream Work is very different from what we’ve done at really accelerated rates in 2019 however. What we’re doing this year so far has to do with each of us needing to end and clear out other timelines and parallel realities that aren’t and won’t be moving up into the NEW organic ascension timelines. This is comparable to going through your clothes and getting rid of the pieces that you don’t wear any longer. Sounds heartless and kind of strange I know but that’s what’s been happening and a lot this year which is another big clue that the Separation of Worlds is (1) far more complex than we understood and (2) happening now and (3) we don’t really know what’s coming next and what it’s going to look and feel like.

So if you too have had a lot of strange dreams this year so far where you’re quickly ending multiple things in multiple strange foreign places with multiple people you don’t know in this life, know that this is another aspect of where we’re at now with the Ascension Process, the Embodiment Process, the Separation of Worlds and the ending of multiple distorted timelines and parallel realities. Expect much more unusual everything.

❤  And read the Comments too for more in-depth information about this.


March 12, 2019

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89 thoughts on “Increased 2019 Dream WORK Ending Certain Timelines

  • Thank you for writing about the dreams, Denise. I had circa a week of dreams impossible to make out. It left me feeling slightly desperate over days. Couldn’t grasp anything. A feeling of two landscapes lined up in them. The emotional quality was foreign too, feelings and folks were unknown, if known they didn’t feel the same. It was upsetting I could not discern anything. You are saying we don’t need to?? Do we need to? It’s hard letting go without understanding for me. If there is something I can do to understand I want to or top help myself let go, I want to. Took hold of physical space weeks ago, out with old. New clothes, new colors, lightness in, heaviness out, new in, old out. My pad is a launching pad…moving things out of way for launch. Thanks for mentioning “sounds.” I heard a “gunshot” late one evening high up in the air, maybe three weeks ago, but knew it was not a worldly sound. I was baffled. Glad to all for sharing!! I wonder why I heard it. And yet I am so glad to see the escalating freeing happening all over in all things now. Scared, lonely I wait for the new, which feels like it arrived by air this past weekend 😉 Thanks, Denise

    • “You are saying we don’t need to?? Do we need to? It’s hard letting go without understanding for me.”

      It’s hard for most people Marcy. We’ve all been so habituated to our intellectual left brain thinking etc. that this NEW higher, larger, more complex, quantum way of perception through the HighHeart — every cell and fiber of your self and your body — takes some time to get familiar with. It’s knowing without thinking; it’s knowing from feeling, HIGH Feeling not old lower emotional ego feeling. Give yourself permission to KNOW in NEW higher ways like what’s happening to us all. So no, you don’t, we don’t need to. ❤

      • Thanks, Denise. The new knowing I am definitely learning and using. It’s odd and super nice, knowing and not figuring out first. Fuller, calmer, much more ease. Maybe the dreamscape past week was full of stuff I missed out on. So much lack and missed-opportunity and abuse. I didn’t want to emotionally experience more “look what else you missed out on” in dreams. My life feels awash. My guides were bouncing over me this AM giving advice. I will move on. So I’ll grieve. I have FAITH. I know others suffer, I just never felt good enough to consider myself a part of others. That will go, too. All illusions need to be let go. One guide threw that at me this AM, she’s right. It’s been a mother fucking karmic ultramarathon. Yeah I signed up, def not for the faint of heart. I’m haggard, please excuse me. My heart is not though. It’s glorious. Up and up and up. Praise LOVE

        • “It’s been a mother fucking karmic ultramarathon.”

          I laughed when I read your great and honest line above Marcy. It was so relateable. Yep, 2019 is super-duper, no more screwing around crunch-time for everyone no matter where they’re at within the AP and/or EP. You know what to do and not do at this point and god knows the entire Universe and Source is behind/in/with each one of us. Move through it all quickly and let it all go. You’re doing better than great. ❤

  • Dear Denise, and All. As an observer here, and also of lots of other kinds of life changes real or illusioned, I walk away with one thing: if its nothing to do with me or my experience, keep my life simple and present as much as I can. There is so much happening all over the place (i.e when reading about raising kids gender neutral makes my eyes cross and my brain twist into a knot). I’m not remembering dreams just now. I’m grateful Im not working today and its so beautiful here today. My life goal is to be an instrument in all ways to my Higher Self andTo keep on embracing the New and erasing the old as I become aware. I’m grateful my high heart inner peace increases daily, and when I get knocked off balance it doesn’t take long to realign. I like soaking in the sun now that its out! I practice gratefulness. This is real fun in regards to my feet aching! My feet suponate and my left heel and ankle shifted out of alignment. My right foot over compensated and it couldn’t walk correctly either. So I’d say I’m working on my foundation. Many many dreams I have had (and its true in my life) is that I have too many shoes and when I need to move I lose time trying to move all the old shoes with me! Today im throwing out all the old and newer shoes that didn’t serve my feet. (Some guilt about waisted money etc). I do want to say that for me and my body, ii benefits greatly with chiropractic adjustments! My pelvis had tilted. But the true cause was that I ignored my hurting feet and compensating walking for over a year and continued to wear worn out work shoes! (For some reason I had become intimated about finding shoes that work for me. And I now know I need men’s shoes made for my problem and they are expensive! But Im so grateful I faced facts and now my body is recovering, but it HURTS.) And with my car I had been afraid to find out ITS problems. Today its having its engine mounts replaced. The mounts hold the engine in place. More alignment. Plus some leaks. Hm. Im learning to embrace what IS and do what is necessary to do. (An ongoing work in progress over 4 years. Ive grown so much and face responsibility like never b4 when covered up (LIFE LONG …NO LONGER!) in and by TD fears and anxieties). Today is bright and beautiful! Life is good! Here’s to ongoing releasing of mental illusion and emotional glamour! I embrace and TRUST my Life now. 🕊🕊🕊🕊

    • “So I’d say I’m working on my foundation.”

      Everyone is in multiple forms Edith and it’s due to Saturn and Pluto being in Capricorn (physical structures) and Saturn being close enough in degrees to be conjuncting Pluto ALL OF 2019! (all of 2020 too but I’m not going there yet!) I’ve got an article half done about this. So yep, all structures are feeling the intense pressures of evolutionary change and this will escalate up to January 2020.

      “There is so much happening all over the place (i.e when reading about raising kids gender neutral makes my eyes cross and my brain twist into a knot).”

      I was watching something the other day on my local TV New about something NOT related to this topic. Can’t remember what the news story was about but the reporter guy was on an elementary school — kindergarten through grade 6 which is age 12-13 — and reporting about that story. Behind him was a school bathroom and on the one door was a sign that said ‘gender neural’ and my brain exploded too Edith. Honestly, I could not believe that that is a freaking reality for young children now! Team Dark is alive and well in old dying Earth.

      I’ve always had the structural problems you mentioned but it’s been because I’ve had scoliosis. This is the main reason I roll around on the floor every morning because I can often get things to slide back into place doing that right after I get up. Yes to chiropractors if you can’t get parts and vertebra back into place yourself. Using Divine Will I’ve often willed hips, shoulders, vertebra back into place. May sound strange but this is another aspect of our Ascension and Embodiment Processes — being our own “healers”.
      And yes, what’s been out of place for a long time hurts like hell when put back into place. Stretch and walk gently to help your body deal with these structural changes. Sounds like your car is getting some structural help too. No fear, just do what needs to be done and move on to the next thing whatever it is. You’re doing really well with all this. Proud of you. ❤

      • Thank you Denise! I too have “willed” at certain body parts. I have also discovered moves I can do myself. I talk to and encourage (and apologize!) To my body parts🤗 We can’t afford to ignore issues that need facing.

        The 1st 3 years were all basement work and now we I am building the foundation. Even my car quivers with its new engine mounts.

        Diff subject. Let me BELLOW: Too many pin numbers and passwords!!! I think that this system has gone beyond insanity now and its the most frustrating for us humble users. Today, I kept trying to use my phone pin for my bank pin and locked up my card! I do my best not to embrace the mercury retrograde thing but this time computer glitches at work, getting unexpectedly locked out of important personal apps, and delaying unexpected changes in certain personal programs, along with said wrong pin have been gracing my experience the past couple weeks. Enough!

        Anyhow, Im grateful I can walk! The irony is receiving the most work hours ever (I work standing and walking) during the worst of the recovery pain. Its down to the left heel now.

        I appreciate everyones awesome experiences and insights.

        Oh and the only significant dream piece I can recall was after a lot of good byes or endings I felt at a loss, I glumly faced the fact that the only Life left is The Light! And I was kind of sad about it, like coming to the end of a book so awesome that u don’t want it to be over. But wakeful me is so over whats going on in the collective consciousness on the duality strife level.

        Now to throw out all those shoes!

    • Boy, or boy . .thank you Edith AND Denise for the ” . .I’m working on my foundation” observation. Now why didn’t I think of that! I too have legs and feet that have given me grief since 2016 (and I too have too many shoes that I’ve not been able to part with – some never worn – but I’m almost there now.) Thank you both for once again bringing a little clarifying logic to why we are in abject pain so much of the time. My daily pit-stop at HighHeartLife never fails to keep me keeping on. God Bless all of you who speak your truth. Barb K

  • Thelma!
    Thank you so much for writing your dream here! I got this inner message with some visible signs of “popcorn” popping about two weeks ago that was to happen on March 13 so I was waiting to see what the popping was about. Well, on March 13 a woman I’ve been speaking to whom I really just met had been telling me how awful and low energy her job was and it was affecting her health, said she needed to quit the job however she was fearful of not having a replacement yet. On Monday she went in left early it was so bad, Tuesday she took the day off and felt better after resting, Wednesday she went back, said she got fed up and super angry and said no more and Quit.. She feels and sounds so much better after leaving that job. I felt like that must have had something to with the popping, “like popping anger”. I had felt relatively ok that day however by the time I went to bed that night I was “popping/hopping angry. I was not expecting that at all, however on yesterday I felt soooooo much better and very upbeat like a DRASTIC change had shaken/popped something loose! Your dream was further confirmation!

    • Avian,

      Very interested in reading about your inner message about “popping” and then that woman getting angry and quitting a stressful job … I think many people may be at a “choice point” in their life situations where they need to choose between staying in a fear-based reality or making a leap of faith by choosing self-love. That may be the transition that “pops” them through the grid. The anger you felt could be related, maybe the kind of anger that says “enough already” and firmly rejects any distortions in your field. Thanks for sharing.

      • “I think many people may be at a “choice point” in their life situations where they need to choose between staying in a fear-based reality or making a leap of faith by choosing self-love.”

        That is it exactly Thelma and thanks for saying that as you did. ❤

        It's going to take those people that are close to being done in every way with the old corrupt Earth world, getting REALLY mad at the negativity which is why this year is going to be epic in its constant revealing more and more and more of everything and everyone that’s always been hidden, unseen and unknown by humanity and gotten away with all they have for so long. The Separation of Worlds is now forcing people everywhere to, as you said, choose the negative or the NEW. And yes, the popping — I almost wrote pooping but that holds true too 😆 — is part of people making that energetic change within themselves.

        FYI everyone, when a large negative nonphysical being such as a demon etc. gets UN-attached from you, there is a huge and very physically loud sound up in the air above you that often sounds like gunfire. Those physical level sounds are caused by the energetic repercussions of the disconnection from what that demon or whatever had made with some human. I’ve heard it a few times since the Ascension Process started. Just another clue about these popping sounds some people are hearing which is them energeticlly disconnecting and leaving that lower frequency. Interesting times for sure everyone! O_o

        • Greetings Denise, Thelma and Avian,

          When it became clear to me that ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING that comprised the old and completely compromised Earth world of yesterday would be ending – at least for us (and all others here) conscious “Ascenders” – I stopped participating in/with any actions, attitudes, situations and individuals who were participating in maintaining all that was “of yesterday,” whether consciously or not. I remember. I was there, just like “them”! Today, I move through the world consciously aware that banking, grocery shopping, health matters, and every institution and organization that supports these and other daily activities will cease functioning as they do, very very soon…so what’s to preserve?? Now, it’s extremely liberating for me to realize and move through life knowing that I CANNOT depend on anything (including the physical body) or anyone to function and behave as they did…so, every moment really is a new moment to structure my response to life in just the way I want to experience it, to the best of my ability. No fear! Although at first it felt preposterous of me to think so, I realized that it would not be because of the “absence” of health, food or money that I would leave the planet…for me, it would simply be because being ALIVE would have become untenably boring, with nothing more to explore or be curious about or evolve into…Not! I know I’m “preachin’ to the choir” here without need. I just appreciate being allowed to express myself…so, thank you, ladies and all others here for the opportunity…

        • Denise, I laughed out loud at your “popping” sounding like “pooping.” Funny! HOW you keep your sense of humor after everything you’ve gone through and are still going through is beyond me. You do so much to keep us First Wavers on an even keel …

          Thanks for your input on the popping sound. Makes a lot of sense to me that this is an energetic disconnection from Team Dark – hadn’t thought of that. Definitely has to do with leaving the lower frequency. Maybe also popping out of the old grid/matrix and leaving the poop behind! xo

        • Denise,
          Is this what is causing the loud booms and strange noises happening all around the planet?

        • Great question Diana and thanks for it. ❤

          I've always heard the strangest sounds throughout the Ascension Process but once we'd reached the 12-21-2012 Expiration Date and moved into 2013 and embodying and anchoring the NEW, these sounds increased and have gotten much louder. I can take clairvoyantly Seeing anything but clairaudiently Hearing these strange sounds for many years has, at times, been rather difficult for me. They sound to me like they're always happening up in the air above us and none of them are recognizable so they can be unnerving sometimes.

          What I've perceived about these strange sounds happening around the planet for years now has to do with the entire Earth literally energetically and physically going through this Ascension Process just as we are — humanity and Earth and much more are all intimately connected energetically. We Embody some more and so does Earth/Earth Embodies some more and so do the First Everythingers. It's always Worked like this.

          You know how our physical bodies hurt from the energetic pressures of transmuting old lower frequencies, density, Team Dark creations and residual crap etc. etc., AND also embodying and/or Embodying continuous NEW higher frequencies, Light, energies, NEW codes etc. etc.? Earth is doing all this too and She creaks and groans, moans and rumbles, shakes and shivers, spews and purges exactly like we have been throughout this Ascension Process. And, some of all that is heard physically and Heard clairaudiently by people around the planet. It's normal for what all has been happening with Earth/Gaia; She cries and groans and creaks from the pains and pressures just like we all do.

          From what I've perceived, and heard and Heard about this myself, some of the sounds I've heard/Heard are caused by the global Team Dark beings, entities etc. being on the move due to the constant NEW Light energies entering what had been nearly completely Dark on Earth for thousands of years. They have not been happy about any of this of course and we oftentimes hear/Hear these dense negative etheric beings and energies literally trying to get away from the Light pouring into Earth and many humans. Those sounds are really unpleasant and have often been accompanied by temper tantrums and attacks. So, these planetary sounds are both from Earth/Gaia ascending and going through these Ascension side effects just like we do, and they're also from the Darkness trying to escape the constant incoming NEW Light and more and more people embodying and Embodying more Light and Source etc. And that is just and only how crazy busy it's been here on physical Earth! It's been like this and far more intense and busy in the higher dimensions too this entire time of Universal Ascension. I've Seen and participated in some of the other higher dimensions doing the Work that they've had to do and it was unbelievable. Take what Earth has and still is going through and multiple all of that by 1000. Astonishing.

          Just wait until the Sun and sunlight suddenly turns a royal blue color, or any other number of strange possibilities that are so close to happening now in 2019! No matter what strangeness happens this year everyone, know that it is, that they are due to the Ascension and Embodiment and do not fear but rejoice. ❤ ⭐ ❤

        • Regarding the loud popping sound, I’ve had that happen to me about 4 years ago. Was just falling asleep and BANG! like a gunshot accompanied by a bright flash inside my head. Scared the hell outta me. Seriously thought it came from outside, woke my husband to ask him if he heard it, said no and fell back asleep.

          This was around the time I was seriously searching for God/Source, was praying and being very grateful for everything, and asking for help to remove anything that harms/feeds off of me and family, to keep us away from evil and closer to Source. Literally my soul was calling God/Source for help.

          Now I know definitely what that was, thank you Denise.

        • Jain Lee,

          Had you NOT been previously asking for Divine assistance and Working to Embody more Source I would have said that the noise and flash of Light you Saw in your head was probably due to the Pineal and/or Pituitary glands expanding, evolving to be able to Embody more Light. And of course it could be both of these things; expansion and disconnecting negative attachments from your bodies. I think it’s probably both — more Light in and more Dark out. 😉 That’s how this has worked for many years now. Soon it will be only Light in. ❤

        • Thank you for your reply Denise, I certainly hope it’s the case of both pineal gland expanding AND expelling unwanted demons.

          I have a question regarding extremely well meaning and intending Christian folks who are completely church crazy. You know the ones who spend all their time and money at the church, going on missions and volunteering, if not for this fatal flaw, they’d be model citizens.

          The question is: are they staying in 3D? Because they’ve given their sovereignty over to yahweh/jehovah/false god instead of recognizing their own sovereignty? Gosh, I feel like I already know your answer to this but am afraid to know because I have a lovely neighbor who may not ascend simply because how much she’s given her power away. I pray often that she regains her Self. Not coincidentally she is moving far away from me.

          It’s ironic how the bible mentions rapture but so many of its readers won’t experience it due to centuries of brainwashing, their own unwillingness to question dogma and the disconnect between Source and self/Self because the church decided one day there needs to be a middleman (ministers/priests/etc)

        • Denise, thank you, thank you, thank you! I have just had a “aha” moment and an answer to a question that has puzzled me for decades! I experienced this loud popping back in 1995. I had just quit my job, left the church I had attended for 27 years. My life turned upside down, I was caring for my mum who had dementia. As a result of all the trauma and stress I was going through I suffered a near emotional and mental breakdown. I refused medical help and was determined to heal myself. During this experience I read mountains of books on every aspect of spirituality I could get my hands on and started to meditate, did yoga, learned to slow down, relax, sit with a mug of tea and just contemplate whatever came into my thoughts. It took my 4 years of hard work to rebalance myself but I did. I was with my mother when she passed from this earth, It was such a privilege to be at her side for the 17 hours it took for her to leave this earth, to witness the whole process. I felt at peace, and have never been worried or afraid of death ever since. It was my mothers parting gift to me to share her last experience with me, her last moments in this life. All this time I have wondered about this loud popping experience that really startled me and kicked off a series of very intense and life changing events for me until now that is. You are the only person I have either heard or read of who has ever explained this. Now it all makes sense and another very large piece of the puzzle has been put into place. Thank you again and to all of you who share here who have or currently are “popping” like a balloon! Much love to all, Megan x 🙂

      • raymond – I’m sure many of us “conscious Ascenders” are doing exactly what you mention: withdrawing our participation (and interest) in lower-level activities and concerns. We’re just not there anymore and it’s counterproductive to keep putting energy into a dying world. Our focus now needs to be on the kind of world we WANT to live in and treating others the way we wish to be treated.

        It IS liberating to know that we don’t need to depend on the corrupt so-called “pillars of society.” (I’m sure we’re all minimizing our contact with these institutions, and hopefully one day we won’t be dealing with them at all.) Of course the masses will be shocked to realize how twisted this dark-infested world has become and it will be difficult for them to release their belief and trust in government, religion, academia, medical institutions, etc. I’m not sure how much of this dismantling WE will witness as we more fully plant ourselves in the new consciousness and reality.

        Good point about the increasing boredom of being in a totally distorted world … I think once our eyes are open to the nature of this engineered “reality” (especially the slavery, torture and blood rituals), we don’t want to be here.

        How much more FUN to create freely in an interactive world of Nature, brilliant colors and shapes and LOVE filled with a reverence for all life. The world that Source intended and that is now being returned.

        Love to you & all here.

        • Thelma, indeed so on all counts! As you suggest, we may witness some of the dismantling with all of the attendant revelations of horrific things, but because the many that are here on this site, are now polarized towards all things that affirm LIFE and LOVE, our abilities to forgive the perpetrators of today may be called into action…I personally may have perpetrated a lot of evil shit myself throughout my incarnational history on my way to getting here! God, I hope not…I simply do not have recall, but if I did, I ask for my own forgiveness at this time…and I am so grateful to people like Denise and yourself who have continue to teach me so much about living in integrity and truth and authenticity…LOVE to you all here, Thelma…

        • Hi Raymond and Thelma, I feel just the same as you and everyone here does, in that I do not want to engage with the routine any more, the day to day grind for me has been reduced to only do what is necessary and no more. I don’t want to go anywhere or do any of the things that I used to enjoy. I am calm and at peace and have a very strong feeling of just waiting patiently to embark on a very new journey that is very different from the one I feel that is just ending. I feel excited about leaving the old darkness for good and exploring what true freedom feels like, to explore the notion and paradox of having everything I could ever wish for available to me and yet not needing or requiring any of it for my existence because “survival” will no longer be a problem for us. I long to learn and I value truth and knowledge above everything else. Learning about our true history and that of our planet. Having access to all of the knowledge that has been hidden from us. To have all of our spiritual gifts restored fully to me/us. Amazing and exciting times are in motion, lets enjoy this roller coaster ride to the full! Love, happiness and peace to you, from Megan x 🙂

        • Megan – it’s always refreshing to know that others (like you, like so many here) also look forward to a very different kind of experience where we can explore our spiritual gifts and more easily create a world of our choosing. I feel we’re ready for the “leap” whenever it comes.

          Raymond – I know the majority of us have had incarnations where we caused harm to others through our actions, whether intentional or not, and self-forgiveness is important. So many act through ignorance and misguided beliefs we’ve been there too. Time to wipe the slate clean and LOVE ourselves unconditionally.

          Blessings to you both.

  • (Hi Denise, I found I had misposted this under your article previous to this one.. Apologies)

    I had dreams for like 5 days in a row in late February. The dreams themselves were not remarkable. Just ordinary situations involving people some of whom I know like my ex’s current partner and her two children, some acquaintances, and others who were strangers. I caught only snippets of the dreams but the feeling or overall theme to them stayed with me upon waking up. The dreams had no emotional charge. Those dreams came in almost the rapid-fire fashion as you have described it Denise, sometimes two or more a night. I wanted to write you earlier about the dreams and about what I thought was going on, but they were out of topic then. Strangely I felt in those times that those dream-scenarios had to play themselves out and then go like everything else. These felt like probability realities had I taken choices other than the ones I actually made (in recent times this incarnation). Don’t know if that makes sense. After I read your article and comments and those of others I feel I get it more clearly now that (absolutely?) everything that has nothing to do with the organic ascension timeline that we are on has to go – mundane or otherwise stuff might seem to be…. Brings to mind several separate lucid visions I had 3 or four years ago in which I Saw/Felt multidimensional ‘identities” of Self dissolve before my Eyes. Four of them initially, then two, until only one was left – this aspect in this human garb. There was also a vision of one being and various ‘faces” superimposing themselves on it one after another in rapid succession, and I felt they were all Me. I think in late February or early March I Saw in front of me five diamond-like wavy horizontal lines, undulating parallel to each other… Feels like serious physical manifesting, integrating and embodying are underway… also feels like soon we will FLY! Much love to you Denise and All.

  • Dear Denise & All,

    Really interesting to read about “cleaning up parallel realities” and to see the comments here. I don’t recall clearing other realities, but a few years ago, I seemed to constantly be cleaning out other people’s toilets.

    But last night, how peculiar: in my dream, there was a kind of explosion or unexpected “pop” that resulted in me and others suddenly floating around (seemed to be “above ground” somehow); I recognized some of the people as those I had met in this lifetime. Felt like we had broken free of something. We were all kind of stunned, not really knowing what to do next. It felt very real.

    Not sure what to make of it.

    • Thelma: I was just walking and feeling all these old issues/themes of my life wash over me. I feel like I don’t know what more to do to heal or transmute them, and I found myself wishing I could just burst or pop through that final barrier and be DONE already. So it was really interesting to read about your dream! Thanks for sharing.

      • Hmmm, cool dream Thelma. Reminds me of the Jim Morrison line “Break on through to the other side.” I think as we become “lighter,” we will be able to fly again, like we were once able to. Or walk on water. Barbara Marciniak in Bringers of the Dawn, wrote: “We want you to be able to go to the edge of a cliff, step off it, and stand in the air next to the cliff edge.” Your dream also brings to mind the Cassiopaeans, who are supposedly the same group Barbara channeled, often saying that our entry into 4D will involve our “variable physicality.” I think about this often. I feel like the molecules that make up my body are moving apart, almost like a disintegration, but of course transformation is the better word. I buzz inside all the time, like I am full of bees. My molecules are vibrating at a much higher speed than they used to. Also, I have a memory from childhood of floating through the house, just inches off the floor, while everyone was asleep. It is a distant hazy memory, but I know it’s real. I have also wondered about the huge New Age emphasis on staying “grounded.” Your dream makes me happy. I can just imagine it: we break through, we are all floating above ground, and looking at each other like “what the … ?” haha. Very sweet. I wonder if it will be like that, POP, sudden, like a bubble bursting. Like the illusion bursting and there we are all hovering in the air. Also brings to mind the girl in Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, who needed to wear heavy iron shoes so she wouldn’t float away. And Kara, I fully agree with your statement: “…I found myself wishing I could just burst or pop through that final barrier and be DONE already.” Once we are THERE, let’s all get together for a big air dance. Who’s in?

        • Kara – my dream seems to say that we’re REALLY close to breaking through some kind of barrier.
          Debbie – thanks for that quote about “standing in the air” after jumping off a cliff. Seems to fit.

          There’s nothing to fear. We’re continually transforming as we breathe in more Light and release more density. Although a shift in our reality and what governs it may SEEM sudden, we’ve been building up to it year by year, day by day.

          LOVE & HUGS to all.

        • Holy Crap, Debbie, after reading your comment, I remembered floating through my house as a child! And it was also when everyone else was sleeping, like my little secret. It felt kind of like how the Grinch in the original animated show wound through each house like a snake as he stole all their Christmas decorations, except I was above the floor. Fascinating, thanks for bringing that memory back to me!

          As for the popping noise, about a month ago I woke out of a sound sleep to a loud POP – my dog and cat reacted to it, but later I spoke with my near neighbors and no one else heard a thing – which would have been impossible it was so loud. I swear reading the comments here Denise is so educational/enlightening, thanks to you and everyone!!!

    • Dearest Thelma,

      “there was a kind of explosion or unexpected “pop” that resulted in me and others suddenly floating around (seemed to be “above ground” somehow); I recognized some of the people as those I had met in this lifetime. Felt like we had broken free of something. We were all kind of stunned, not really knowing what to do next. It felt very real.”

      Thank you for sharing your dream. It brought back similar feelings/sensations that felt ‘very real” for me too during those “ascension test runs” back in 2012-2013. Of one of those test runs (20/2/13) I wrote in my journal: “(I)ntense, gentle waves buffeted the human physical shell – I felt.. I would dissolve.,,, Pure consciousness I was in those moments, shorn of this weighty physical garb. Floating. Floating…” There was another instance that I recalled distinctly because I also felt a similar sense of liberation as you had (23/7/13): “ I felt the entire physical body dissolve and sensed the lower parts separating – is this the separation of the lower 4-D planes from the upper levels? I asked. Felt then the wondrous release, a strong sense of freedom. My thought was: So this is how it feels TO BE FREE!”

      From what I currently understand, our ascension practice runs still need to play out in the physical plane and will occur in succession. The ascent of the first small wave is crucial, a prerequisite, as it aims to ‘create the energetic propulsion required to heave (other) beings ready for the ascent.” Moreover, it has to occur in order to trigger the “ energetic burst that ensues and that will create the domino effects on other events that need to occur ” i.e. ‘the dismantling of the old world systems and structures.”

      We don’t know what to expect, what will happen…so this scenario may be up in the air, who knows? But when I contemplate the “whys” for such ‘final heave” its occurence makes much sense somehow.

      Dearest Thelma, thank you for opening a door that allowed me to relive those magical, ethereal moments of a past that is no past; but is the present of the Now.

      Spirit bows to Spirit. In awe. In homage. In love.

      • dear Eleanor,

        The experience you describe is EXACTLY what happened in my dream. Thanks for sharing. I agree that when this happens, it’s a true liberation for us. I’m sure you’re right about the necessity of that energetic burst by first ascenders … maybe it’s like a kind of “wake” that a boat leaves in the water, making a path for others to more easily follow.

        I’ve seen multiple “signs” of a huge domino effect that has yet to play out. I trust that all is Divinely orchestrated and is happening in perfect sequence for maximum retention of the Light.

        Blessings & love to you.

  • Dear Denise,

    Again, you are right on! There seems more major work right now..I seem to know when it is happening for me….frequent trips to the washroom at night, the aches and pains and the budda belly with digestive issues….I can’t imagine what it must be like for you having to care for your Mum too…You are a very special lady…
    I have had interesting dreams also reminding me to carry on…I seem to be responsible for building bridges …dental seems symbolic…I was shown a technique and with people that aren’t presently in my 3d world. Another thing thats happening is when meditating I see faces and animals in a sepia like colour….some I know..most I don’t. ,,,like a parade of beings
    Love to you and your Mum and all that come here.

    • “…You are a very special lady…”

      Thank you Penny for that kindness but I am not “special” at all and please don’t think that I am. It just is what it is until it isn’t with her. The karma with her was cleared long ago and this is something different. This is a test for me to master, to be emotionally neutral about everything consistently, not just when it’s easy for me, and NOT be emotionally reactive. I’ve been Working on this in myself for a long time and it’s coming to a culmination point this year I sense, just as it is for all of us and mass humanity.

      We’re all “special” for being incarnate during the Ascension and going through all we have and still are. 🙂 ❤

      • yes Denise I agree.. I have someone in my life also that is a test emotionally…I have known for a long time that my love for my daughter does not depend on her loving me …it just is…I am working on myself also and it is becoming less an issue and I am (almost most of the time) accepting of that….but I am living alone…so I wrap my arms around you, as I know it must be difficult at times.

    • Penny, I’m very interested in what you say, I too have been seeing sepia people! It was very strange, everything and everyone a sepia hue.
      I was interested to read the clairvoyant Rudolf Steiner say that this is a feature of entering the spiritual world (as opposed to the astral world); at first appears with a faint yellowish tinge. Maybe that’s what we are seeing as sepia? Anyway, interesting.

      • Denise, Penny, Podvig, I’m so interested in you mentioning the sepia parade of people! This is exactly as I’ve described it since it started with me in the 90’s. Like looking at old film negatives and ‘seeing’ (Denise, is this your ‘Seeing’ ?!) people and animals doing a repetitive motion kind of like a gif, but long before those were common knowledge / even existed. I have also ‘seen’ everyone in blues instead of sepia and sometimes green too.

        • Yes 10tinbluebirds that’s what I mean. I write Seen with a capital S to indicate clarivoyantly Seeing something and with a lower case s when seeing with physical vision.

        • Yes, that’s it, exactly, and I had the same thought, it reminds me of looking at old film negatives!

      • Dear Podvig, Denise,and 10tinbluebirds.

        Wow its exciting to hear that others have the sepia parade and Seeing…I know I see the higher selves of people…but rarely…Lions and cats of course and once a lion man that popped in……and then appeared in front of me…. One face that rotates seems to be South America ..large nose and piercing eyes..its the eyes that I remember the most almost like there are universes in them and yes like a negative but more energy…
        love to all
        ps thanks Podvig for the reminder of Rudolph Steiner I hadn’t found that yet….and sometimes these faces start with a pulsing field that swooshes in and out…

  • In life, for the past 18 months I have been drained ‘cleaning’, to complete exhaustion at times, so when I finally lay down its to fall into the deepest pit of nothingness, but still wake up thoroughly whacked out. Also something of a throwback is happening of late, these past few weeks I’ve suddenly felt impulsed to be still and focus on pulling out black ‘goo’ from certain sick areas in people and a particularly sick area in the UK… and last night, to bind an entire group together and pull out masses of the stuff.
    Then this morning at 07:07 I was woken up by swirling winds outside carrying foul, angry, black moods, which I was able to keep from ‘getting in’. So while the coffee machine did her work I acknowledged that I was aware of what the winds contained and up from the floor into my feet, legs and torso came lots of lovely tingly energy, which is great as I have a very busy day again today – cleaning :))
    Thanks so much Denise, and your friends, your words are so appreciated.

  • Very interesting that, Denise, thank you! Yes, I get to expect it now, and with the equinox approaching, have been alert to the energies amping up, as they always do.
    Ironically, I actually work in waking life as a cleaner, so it’s hard for me to tell sometimes if a dream is just day residue from my cleaning jobs or not! 😀

  • Feel like I am back to square one with health. Head and heart pressures with balance issues. Unusual sensations all through the body. Relying on tissue salts and flower essences to get me through. Just one day’s break from the work here and there. Shoulders to the grind stone. Rest rest rest and get the job done. Not even chocolate gives light relief. It’s that bad.

    • “Relying on tissue salts and flower essences to get me through.”

      That and watermelon right Lyn? How long are you going to continue hanging all your hopes on external fixes like the ones you’ve mentioned many times? I’ve kept quiet about this with you for a long time but enough already. There are NO FIXES for evolution so put down the monkey bones and dried herbs and surrender to the Process instead. It just may surprise you.

      • Denise I know you are right. Coming to the end of my options. They worked with round one very well, but not this time. It’s been a journey of deeper awakening.
        Panning out to be so different as I have moved further up those stair steps. Many of these options are no longer a vibrational match. So I leave them behind also, as I have done with many other things..
        It’s advancement and closer to liberation.
        I appreciate the guidance Denise.

        • Well done Lyn.

          When our eating the lightest vibe foods and drinking the best water we can still makes our body feel horrible much of the time, then it’s pretty clear that the old “healing” tools and beliefs are simply not capable of assisting us anymore. Our DNA has evolved beyond them all so we need to let them go and learn the NEW and the NEW about our bodies and what so-called “healing” is at these NEW higher levels of existence. It’s us, not anything or anyone external. This is a huge Stair-step for many people I realize but it has to be made by each of us. Trust that the NEW ways work, trust that YOU work and that YOU have the ability to “heal” and correct etc. anything and everything within you and your physical body.

  • Hi Denise, Yes I’ve been having the cleaning dreams for a while now. Just two nights ago I dreamt of washing dishes for an old acquaintance who I lost after my awakening. I do not particularly like this person, but there I was dream-washing her dishes. It has been hard work overall and I’m exhausted. Like Richard said, “I haven’t felt refreshed when I wake for years” – same here. I can barely stay on my feet for long these days. When I try to get things done, the highly vibratey energy picks me up and throws me on to the couch and says “Rest!” At those times, which is “often” these days, I am pretty much not able to move, I am that tired with my heart banging away and out of breath. A song that kept being played for me (in my head) a few weeks back, that old Kenny Rogers’ song The Gambler, “know when to hold em, know when to fold em, know when to walk away, know when to run.” As in, it is time now to let go, get your last minute work done and be done with it, this is over, time to fold. Like you said, it’s crunch time.

    “…we don’t really know what’s coming next and what it’s going to look and feel like.”
    Yeah, this is a tough one, I just can’t even imagine what is going to happen. Ah, the mystery of it all. I have always been a planner, down to the last detail, and I like to be organized and know what is going on, and this feels so unsettling. Though the me in dreams seems to have a better grasp of everything than the me in the “waking hours,” when I cry often and feel sad and depleted. These words from Sandra Walter (March 2 article) have been helping: “As we move into unity consciousness, this cleansing/healing activity is reflected in our own bodies – we cry. Most of you understand that and having a good cry is an excellent way to let more light in. It sheds the old and makes space for new light. Much is occurring behind the scenes, which causes ripples in the collective emotional fields… There is a sense of relief as well as sadness for what has occurred. If you have been weeping without cause, it may be a reflection of the intense global cleansing activity.” Hugs to you and everyone here.

  • Dear Denise and All,
    I’m experiencing a lot of traveling dreams; mostly trying to find a car or means of transportation or transporting with a group in a car, bus, boat. Last night I was trying to convince 2 old friends to go on a cross-country train trip with me, rounding them up and trying to assuage their doubts and keep them “on board” until the train left the station. I realized I’d forgotten to bring my toiletries, but thought, ‘Oh well, it’s more important to mind my friends than go back and get my stuff’. Always wanted to take that trip, but the dream ended before the train left. Dang!
    Such a wonderful discussion, much thanks again to you, Denise.
    Love and Light to you All,

  • Denise,

    Your mention of public bathroom made me smile, it really make sense.

    In last week I had a lot of such dreams, it was very unpleasant place, darkness, many people, crowd, corridors, maze, miasma, people going forward and backward, busy, dirty air and place and everyone was asking “Where is the bathroom?”, repeating many times in my head like echo.

    Also had many other dreams, fragments, like from different movies, unknown people, not details, but all of them was humans from Earth. I always thought that in my dreams I will remember about Pleadians, Lyrians, Lemurians, Atlantians, etc, but not this time…., funny, isn’t it?

    I wanted to mention about yesterday, 3/12/2019 (3/3/3) was so horrible, strong, purification energy wave…again.

    How you and others felt it?

    I was most of the day in the bed, drained, exhausted, unable to function at all. Some of the old, already forgotten symptoms, like panic attack, came back, old emotional traumas and wound from family in childhood and youth I have forgotten long time ago, got on the surface, like I had to relive them again, very uncomfortable.

    Have checked space weather and Schumann Resonance, another plasma cloud, SR spike got already as a wave, it is increasing every day like crazy.
    Also lately have a very blurred vision and a double vision too, especially faces on TV screen, new ascension symptom.
    Thank you to you and to all!

    • “I wanted to mention about yesterday, 3/12/2019 (3/3/3) was so horrible, strong, purification energy wave…again. How you and others felt it?”


      Yesterday, March 12, 2019 and I totally missed it was another 3-3-3 day, was really unpleasant for me because of my mom. She deliberately hit me while I was trying to pull her diaper off and gave me a fat lip. My rage from her actions however was far worse than the fat lip she gave me and I’ve been Working yet again to clear myself of these things. Just like in the other timelines and parallel worlds, we’re having to do more really serious endings, completions, clearing, releasing and conscious intending from the, from our NEW instead of being further burdened by the old stuff any longer.

      Every time BEFORE an energy day arrives, in this case it’s the March 21, 2019 Equinox and same day Full Moon at 0 degrees Libra (all those other people!), the Sun and/or galactic etc. energies increase because they’re carrying the NEW higher Light, energies, codes, more Crystalline DNA activations and so on. Because of all that we simultaneously have intense periods like we’re in now where we need to do a lot of Work before those energies arrive physically so that we can Embody them all safely. We make more room for more Light to get in in other words. 😉

  • Thank you so much, Denise, for always sharing such timely wisdom in real, highheart language.
    I sure do appreciate you! 💚
    I, too, am having clean up, pack up, gotta get out of here dreams – been having those for awhile now. But the last few nights I’ve dreamed I myself was in a sort of trial where everyone was accusing me of something I had not done but no one was interested in the real Truth. I was being shamed and humiliated and I had to keep telling myself that none of what was being said was true – and just be quiet and let it get over with. The dreams then all ended with yellow roses on the vines.
    (A quick google search said yellow roses symbolize the sun, joy, and friendship.)
    Perhaps there is a light at the end of the tunnel? Or a rose at the bottom of the pile of shit I’ve been cleaning on the outside and inside?
    Your comments and insights are appreciated.
    And all on this forum – THANK YOU!! Denise and you all are so precious to me. Thank you!

  • Right on, Denise, thanks. Multiple dreams per night and some ‘dirty’ work, but nothing… and I mean NOTHING like we needed to do in those darned public washrooms! I’m actually kind of enjoying most of these dreams, though I remember so little of them in the morning. What I’m noticing most is that I can find no symbols to relate to in these recent dreams. One ‘fast and furious’ bit last night had to do with someone ripping the buttons off a mink coat while I was wearing it! As it was happening, I thought, “Now I’ll have to fix this coat before I can return it to its owner!” I’ve never owned a fur coat, would never own a fur coat and yet here I am in that dream wearing one! As usual, I’m loving your post and loving the comments and your replies. Many thanks… all good news as we get closer to… whatever’s next! Love, B.

    • “What I’m noticing most is that I can find no symbols to relate to in these recent dreams.”

      Same here Barbara, just plain weird dreams over really unrelatable nonsense with people I don’t know. I’m positive that these cleaning, clearing out 2019 dreams are aspects that have existed in parallel worlds which is why they make zero sense to us. There’s no “karma” involved with them, nor are they “past lives”, only that they’ve expired due to where WE are now in our Embodiment and Ascension Process here and we’re needing to wrap them up and clear those timelines, wherever they’ve existed. This is some of that extra responsibility I’ve talked about over the years in connection with our evolution/ascending.

      • Yes, no karma nor past lives makes total sense to me as there is not the ‘tension’ in these recent dreams as there was in those gone by. I don’t know if this is related to the dream activity, but I’ve also been noticing when I’m doing ‘my thing’ during the day that momentarily I’ll be stopped by incoming thoughts, usually two at the same time, have no idea what they’re about even if I try to figure them out. Then all I feel is one or both of those thoughts falling away and that ‘something’ has been accomplished. This is hard to describe. It’s not deja vu, nor is it like “What did I come into this room for?” or “What is that object? Oh, it’s an umbrella!” This is like non-descriptive thoughts/feelings arrive in my mind, there’s a bit of a pull towards one or the other, and then a ‘release of satisfaction’. I hope that doesn’t sound too off the wall. It’s an okay feeling… like the dreams… no tension. Perhaps an erasure of a timeline? Or maybe confirmation of a dream? Love, B.

        • Thanks Barbara for mentioning this one. It is hard to describe but you’ve done a great job of it so thanks.

          I’ve experienced this many times also and I first thought about it from my perspective of being a sensitive, empath, psychic etc. because I’m used to picking up other people’s energies, thoughts and emotions. But after experiencing this a few times I discovered it wasn’t coming from other people in the same world I’m in now, but from other timelines and aspects of ME/Me/me that are still in some of them. But as you said, it’s like they’re disintegrating and disappearing which is exactly what we’ve all been Working on so diligently this year in our dream lives to clear. Strange times indeed and going to get more so this year. ❤

  • Hi Denise, omg bang on timely article, thank you always!

    Like many commenters, I’ve been busy in dreamtime. Since January, I’ve been having dreams of cleaning up stuff in parallel lives. So much cleaning, was beginning to feel like being a maid was my job. February was filled with nightmares, just awful awful nightmares. Now in March, some more cleaning dreams mixed with nightmares.

    However last night was different, I was in a parallel life visiting my family and their house is filthy (like all the other dreams, the location was dark and filthy). I was introducing my neighbor to my family when my neighbor decided to clean up my family’s house. Boy, he was busy. I thought it was strange that this time I wasn’t the one doing the cleaning.

    Right after that dream I had a nightmare in which I’m in a very high end, woodsy wedding. In the end, the father of the bride is killed and eaten, but not before he is hung up on a rope in a tree for all to see, very ritualistic. This mutiny is led by this young man who seems to be the ring leader, very cult of personality. He is directly monologuing to me the pleasures of killing and eating human flesh. It felt as if I was just a witness to this, like a reporter. I watch as the young and old take part, as they so do, their faces turn into monsters.

    In all of my dreams, I feel neutral. There isn’t very much emotions at all.

    On an unrelated note, I’m seeing cats everywhere when awake. They’re rubbing my legs, walking past me, following me around and lounging in chairs watching me. Now, I have a black and white tuxedo kitty of my own, but these are cats of all breeds just hanging around me. They don’t seem to bother Lulu at all and I am loving seeing them.

    Yet another unrelated note, I seem to be manifesting things faster. I have a sleep number bed and it’s old, so old that the air pump isn’t working, hasn’t worked for years. Last night I willed it to work and lo and behold! it filled up. When my mood is down, the sky’s gloomy but as soon as I feel grateful for all for everything, coming into the knowledge that I-Am-Source-As-Self, the sun peeks out.

    Oh, and another thing, after I’ve posted a comment on the last article, that night I had a vision; I’m in bed and there’s a light dome encircling me. And there’s a very big, spider-like thing with huge crab claws banging into my field, trying so hard to break through. Haha! What a maroon, to quote Bugs Bunny.

    What interesting times we live in, ey? Gosh, I love you Denise and everyone here soooo much!

    • Woah, I saw something very similar a few nights ago with the claws. Blasted with love and used a mirror to reflect it away. Also, my five year old is also named Lulu! 💗

      • Wow Kara, the claw thing was dark and huge. Ever seen Monsters Inc? Looked a lot like Waternoose. He was slamming into my light bubble with a furious might but couldn’t budge my dome while I was sound asleep. I’ve read somewhere that Chimera is the top of the TD/TI chain and that they resemble spiders.

        I’m sure you love your Lulu as much as I love mine, they’ve no idea probably how much we love them floofs, thank god for them! She keeps me sane 🐈🐯😻❤️ Oh lawd, don’t get me started on kitties…

        • Yes, I’ve seen it! Too scary for my little girls, for reasons you mentioned. I think they share your love of kitties— they used to lobby for five dogs and three cats and have pared down to one kitten (my youngest is newly two, so we shall see). Love to you!

  • I understand what you are experiencing Denice. I have a head injury and generally manage fine. Lately I am having trouble getting to the right appointment on the right day, even though i know the date. i have cleared people out of my life too. The pressure is a lot for me. I am having to work harder to be grounded. The wind is so strong it almost blew my small dog away!

  • Denise,
    Yup. Having a few of those. They’d really died down for a while, but now seem to be back and whether or not I actually remember what is going on, I’m also waking up exhausted from non-refreshing sleep. And here I was thinking it was because I need a new bed!

  • Another AHA! from Denise – your comment to Megan reminded me that cleaning up is a theme in every one of these dreams I’ve been having! In Danny DeVito’s house, the kitchen and bathroom were a mess (was only men living there like a fraternity) and I was literally scrubbing a sink like mad to get it cleaned up before I had to leave, because I knew they obviously weren’t going to! And at the ending of many other dreams, I seem to be in a hotel room or guest room at someone’s house with clothes and toiletries scattered all over, and I’m frantically trying to gather all my things up before my ride leaves.. fascinating how another person’s insight can trigger a memory of a dream isn’t it? WOW just WOW is all I can say. Grab your brooms peeps, we have some more cleanin’ to do! 🙂

    • kt111,

      Just ask some of the other readers here about their Ascension related transmuting dream Work years of having to go into public bathrooms and clean up the piss and shit, blood and guts and god knows what else over these many years that was all created by other people. Pathpaving and transmuting is not for the faint of heart but this is exactly what the majority of us First Everything-ers have been doing since 1999. It’s changed many times over these ascension years into other timelines and realities etc. but it’s all been cleaning up other old crap, both our own and humanities. I’m super happy that you’ve had this deeper level insight about this and what it really is, has been and why. Very well done you! ❤ ❤ ❤

      • For years I have dreamed of trying to find bathrooms and when I did OMG they were horrendous. I haven’t felt refreshed when I wake for years always droopy eyes as I go about my day hoping I don’t fall asleep while walking or driving only to find myself cleaning bathrooms again. It would be funny if not so real.

      • Wow that is so familiar to me, these public bathroom cleaning dreams, sometimes in the darkest corners of the scariest basements with all these creepy-feeling corridors leading to even deeper, scarier, more putrid spaces. Just nasty toilets and drips of filth everywhere, and just a generally evil feel. I wake up and wonder what in the world that was about. And I’m never rested after those, I just feel tired and icky, I have to consciously work to brighten myself up again. I’m so glad to understand that it may have been serving a purpose, to even just be in those horrendous and scary, dark-energy spaces and take it all in. I was transmuting. Very cool.

        • Absolutely Kristy G., transmuting old etheric Astral 4D negativity and old 3D physical residual stuff — actions, emotions, thoughts, thought forms etc. — too created by humans across time on earth and in the Astral. Not everyone can do this type of Ascension related Work but there’s been a lot of us who’ve cleaned, cleared, energetically neutralized and removed tons and tons of residual old 3D filth, evil, negativity etc. that was created by other humans throughout the past evolutionary cycle. We’ve been taking their trash out and energetically neutralizing those spaces so no other energies and negative entities “hang out” in those dark, dank places and spaces anymore.

          I remember back in the early days of the Ascension Process I encountered a young woman online that lived in NZ and told me how she had to go into (etherically in the dream state) old castle dungeons in Europe to energetically clean out the negative stuff, energies, emotions such as pain, fear, death, hatred, torture and so on. After hearing what she had been clearing then (first half of 2000s), I was grateful to be clearing popular murder locations in northern Mexico and other such horrendous places and events.

          Cleaning out public toilets etc. is a symbol of this type of energetic neutralizing of past negative actions and emotions and the etheric residue left by them all across the planet and across time on it. The Work has been extensive and still is but it’s gotten vastly easier and less traumatic for us. Thanks for your Service Work. ❤

  • Last year during an energy treatment with someone I trust, she Saw my third eye very activated but that I tamp it down sometimes. This really resonated with my experiences. Since then I’ve been consciously working to open my third eye more, to trust, allow, release fear and stop turning off the faucet. She also asked if I tend to doubt the first thing I See. Yep! So I’ve also been trying not to do that.

    I’ve noticed the pattern of “first things” that often appear are dark, violent, grotesque, perverse, etc. Just flashes out of a horror film or something (which I’ve always avoided like the plague). Last night for the first time, I developed a hypothesis as to why. I started to wonder if one of two things was going on, or maybe both.

    #1: Maybe it’s like cleaning out a closet— like, the more I open that door, the more I See stuff that I need to witness/transmute from my own past lives to clear the path? Like it’s been waiting for me to acknowledge it? I got the sense I was both the perpetrator and the victim in different images. I had a vivid recall, for example, of the horror in being in the belly of a slave ship and dying en route to the Americas. Something in ancient Asia (China?) too.

    #2: Maybe there’s some aspect of TD that I’m also clearing?

    I was really feeling anchored in my power last night thanks to all the new codes coming in. So, I challenged myself to stay with it— no fear— and let a series of images wash over me. I set the intention of healing/transmuting regardless of the source. I vaguely remember feeling/Seeing positive energy, too. But I fell asleep during all this Work. I don’t remember any specific dreams, but I woke up feeling both RESTED and INTEGRATED, lighter somehow, like all of that Work continued while I slept.

    I was actually going to email Denise about all of this for help understanding it— and then here is this article! Thanks for the timely and helpful information, Denise.💗💗💗 If you or anyone else has more insights on this, I’m all ears.

    • Kara,

      Thanks for your honesty and sharing this with others who need to hear about this and understand better. ❤

      “I’ve noticed the pattern of “first things” that often appear are dark, violent, grotesque, perverse, etc. Just flashes out of a horror film or something (which I’ve always avoided like the plague).”

      I was born “psychic” so I know exactly what you’re talking about with this. In pre-ascension years and decades it was common for psychics, clairvoyants, Seers etc. to pick up all the horrible dark icky stuff first. Gotta consider the source people! 😉 All I clairvoyantly Saw for much of my life had to do with the horrible things humans did to other humans before they did it, and also disasters like planes crashing and killing people in the plane and on the ground, tsunamis, earthquakes etc. Three months before it happened physically I Saw the Jonestown Massacre and hundreds of dead bodies laid out on the dirt in some foreign country with no external signs of what caused their deaths. I’ve Seen underground facilities that want to be unknown and invisible, tunnels in the Moon, other psychics etherically projected into the White House decades ago, illegal stuff I won’t name taking place around the world and on and on. Here comes the punch line — in a world that’s severely Dark and negative, that is the first thing that one clairvoyantly Sees, Feels and is painfully aware of because it has literally covered the planet and humanity. It is a frequency range and all of Earth and all of humanity has existed within it for thousands of years. Until the Ascension Process began that is.

      No one wants to see/See or feel/Feel the negativity and dark horrors that have been the norm on Earth for thousands of years. However, when it’s the majority then that is what one is going to perceive first and you’ve GOT to Work your way through that lower frequency range to get up higher to be able to perceive, See, Feel and Know the much more fabulous stuff that exists in higher frequency ranges. This you’re doing Kara so know that you will need to push yourself through the unpleasant stuff/layer to get to the good stuff/layers. 😉 There are of course some people that believe the lower negative frequency range is all there is and they get addicted to it (the lower Astral) and never push themselves to discover anything beyond that lowly old hell-scape. This is very prevalent now and is a negative side effect of humanity discovering that this stuff even exists.

      The main thing with all this is that you are facing your fears about these dark nasty things which is exactly what needs to happen so that you are able to move through and far beyond that old dying frequency range with all its also dying inhabitants. THAT is what’s important about all this, not the monsters or the drama but that you’re ready to evolve through all that to get to a higher state of being, awareness, energy and existence. This is classic Ascension Work and I’m super proud of you and excited about you experiencing the “fun stuff” next. 😀

      • Thank you so much, Denise. ❤️ This made me cry. I don’t think I’ve ever told anyone just how dark/perverted those initial flashes are, and it’s because deep down I was afraid it meant I must be or have been very wicked (to borrow the religious terminology from whence this fear came). I can see this thread going all the way back to my teenage years, over two decades ago.

        Can you elaborate on “push yourself”? I mean, is there anything more to do than open myself to witness it while setting my intention to be love and heal? I did that again during meditation today and not much dark came through— maybe I’m making my way out of it. Ultimately I felt (more than Saw) a flash of rainbow colored light that coated the whole Earth in a hug. It reminds me of reading the Narnia books as a kid and how the winter was suddenly replaced with spring. I cannot wait to see those new light codes again! 🤩🤩🤩

        • “Can you elaborate on “push yourself”? I mean, is there anything more to do than open myself to witness it while setting my intention to be love and heal?”

          That is exactly the push yourself I was talking about. You’re already doing it. No fear, just do it to get free of it and beyond it. Very well done you! ❤ ⭐

  • I don’t know how you do it but once again this is so timely Denise – and I was thinking on my way to work this morning, I wonder if there’s a new article on her blog? Bingo! Anyway, I have also been having these really “important” dreams especially the last week. The people and locations are familiar, and yet not. However each night is a series of the same dreamland scenario, and I’m busy busy doing who knows what but it must be done, and the ending of each dream is the same theme, I just want to get home and I’m on my way… Every night this week has been a different situation but the feelings are the same. Humorously, in one dream “my Favorite Martian” was my next door neighbor cleaning junk out of his house and putting it on his lawn next door to my house – and in another, Danny DeVito wanted us – me and friends that I don’t know in this reality – to stay and party at his house and listen to an album (like I used to do with friends in my early party days) but alas, I had to get home to my dog! Fascinating isn’t it? I always wake up knowing something important has been completed but I only remember bits, plus am feeling happier and lighter when I wake up these days as well (and I’m SO SICK OF GETTING UP TO GO TO WORK that’s a miracle in itself!) Plenty of aches and pains as always, but I can’t remember what it feels like to feel physically good anymore anyway. I CAN feel in my bones that things are truly improving lately! Thanks for the confirmation once again, you’re amazing Denise! )

  • Denise, I don’t know if this related to your post but yesterday I was having a hard time waking up to get ready for work. My dog Gracie was in the bedroom as always in bed with my husband. As I was walking through the kitchen to the bathroom to get ready I passed my dog Daisy and smiled at her. I got into the hallway to the bathroom before I realized that Daisy has been gone for over a year. I know I saw her. She was my baby for 15 years and I grieved over her more than some people in my life. I had a hard time focusing all day yesterday because I felt I was living in two different places yesterday. Love Linda

    • Yes Linda C, lots of these types of things happening to many more people this year due to the Embodiment acceleration and its literal impact on reality/realities and all of us.

      I’ve tried to prepare readers over the years for this time when “reality” goes thin and starts disappearing and NEW things replace it all. These sorts of anomalies are increasing because that’s the stage, the level of the Ascension Process and Embodiment Process that we’re at now and things are going to get far, far more “strange” as the Separation of Worlds becomes a fact to more people. Hang in there as this too is an education for us all about what it’s like being conscious of our being multidimensional beings that are existing and functioning in quantum states and realities.

  • Denise,
    Two nights ago while sleeping I experienced what I can only best describe as my ears popping due to an altitude change. The “popping” was startling to me and I felt it in my head, chest and upper torso. I awoke due to the jolt and thought to myself “that was odd, I wonder if I just changed timelines or something”? I didn’t feel certain about it though and also wondered if I had just received a download or had been activated in some way? But I do remember that my first thought was about timelines and now your article regarding this topic would suggest as much. Thank you for your continued efforts in writing your articles and sharing your wisdom and knowledge. You are a priceless gift to us all. Love you!!!

  • Any time Denise post a new blog, it makes my day, and i reread and check the comments on older blogs daily as well. It, so, makes me feel part of Denise,s company of peeps of like mind, many of us isolated from other lightworkers in the outside world.!!!! And we going through this, together.
    WELL DENISE, ANOTHER SPOT ON, BLOG…… i had two or more, very strong dream, nightmares, didnt understand, at all what going on.. felt like team dark, having a go. But now i understand it, (thanks to you), i know what i am dealing with, and can work with it. Thank you

  • Denise, thank you once again for this very timely article which is as usual bang on topic! Just last night I had such a dream, I was in the home of a member of my family that I know very well and spent a lot of time in both as a child and an adult until 18 years ago until there was a parting of company due to certain happenings among myself and those family members which was a very painful time for me. I have neither seen any of them or heard from any of them during this time. Last night however, I dreamt I was in a gathering at their home with them and also other people that I do not know. I was disconnected from them and seemed to be more of an observer than a participant largely due to the fact that it was as if I wasn’t there or they couldn’t see me. It was strange but not unpleasant at all. I felt many emotions during the dream but never any anger or dislike, it felt bittersweet and when I awoke this morning I felt tearful and melancholy, remembering all the times we shared throughout the years that were happy. I feel only love for them and wish them peace, happiness, health and abundance always wherever they may be. Tears are rolling down my face as I am writing this as I feel like something has changed and something has ended. I feel so sad, I have been thinking a lot about deceased loved ones, people I have known throughout my life, most especially my beloved deceased pets for a long time, I feel their presence very close to me, the connection to them is still very strong.

    I know things are moving on at an ever increasing pace, but it is so heart-breaking as well. The roller coaster of emotions as we go through a kind of life review here where we remember everything from this life especially brings a new understanding and perspective of how we have interacted with each other and an understanding that love for each other is the only thing that remains after all else is gone. Bless you Denise and everyone who calls this space here home. Hugs from Megan x 🙂

    • Megan,

      You’ve perfectly described this cleaning up the timelines process we’ve all been going through in amazingly amplified ways in 2019. We’re obviously in “hustle mode” this year to more quickly get these old issues and distortions, relationships, situations, locations etc. etc. that have existed in other lives in other timelines and parallel realities ended. They cannot and will not be ascending so everyone please think and feel about this as you, me, all of us just taking responsibility for those things that are connected to us but aren’t going where we are.

      Many years ago I was shown this particular process in that very simplistic but accurate sort of way I often perceive. What I was shown was my current physical blood family and myself when I was a teen and we’d been on a vacation camping in the mountains for two weeks. At the end of those two weeks it was time for us to leave but before we left we HAD to clean up the mess we’d created in the campground during our time there. Once we’d picked up all of our trash and so on we then left and went back home. How’s that for some great descriptive symbology everybody?!? 😆 Well, what we’ve been doing this year — and for a few years before 2019 too — is cleaning up ALL of the campgrounds we’ve ever spent time in that are not ascending.

      The other thing I forgot to mention in this article was about how emotionally taxing this Work is. Not because I miss these other aspects, but having to go visit them all to clean up and shut down all of them is rather overwhelming emotionally. I wake up every morning weary and emotionally spent from my night WORK of cleaning up so many different “camping sites” of mine in so many different timelines and parallel worlds. Another reason for more self-care this year First Everything-ers. ❤

      • Great campground analogy, Denise. My question is what if you can’t remember any dream details? I wake up emotionally spent many mornings, knowing I dreamed something, but I can’t remember a thing. 🤐

        • Kathy,

          It really doesn’t matter if we consciously remember these dream state missions, only that we do them. I often don’t have conscious memories of my night life Work but I feel them, I sense them at a deep inner level within me and accept and trust it all and keep moving forward. What I do consciously remember I share for the most part because I know that information will help others to better understand what’s going on and why in relation to the overall Ascension Process. ❤

      • Thank you Denise for your comments and for those of everyone else who has commented here, seems we are all very busy cleaning house and getting everything ship shape and ready for the next part of our journey. I really feel like I am about to go on a new journey, start a new adventure, this makes me feel joyful because I am so tired and bored with this life in 3D and am more than ready to leave it behind and move on. There are so many questions we seek answers to, so much knowledge we haven’t even tapped into yet, to know, to learn, it’s so exciting! It is a comfort to know we have each other to share all of these experiences with, I think that is very important for each of us to know that. Much love and very best wishes to all here from Megan x 🙂

  • Thank you for everything.
    Love you, love you, love you!
    This is exactly what is happening to me.
    This is the last blog I need, I don’t read anyone else.
    Very accurate, clean and high vibration.
    And you are the only one who talk about the bad stuff that is still necessary but you do not linger in negativity at the same time.
    All the best.

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