NEW Codes Aplenty

Everyone knew for many years about the end of all the old Cycles completing December 21, 2012, and all of us had our beliefs and expectations about what exactly that would look like physically. The same can be said about the Separation of Worlds seven years later. We’ve known it was coming for many years and we’ve all had our beliefs and expectations about what it will look like. However, as with the major December 2012 event, I don’t think most people realize we are deep within the Separation of Worlds right now. Just like with the December 2012 completion, I believe all of us aware of the Ascension and Embodiment Processes will be colossally surprised when the Separation of Worlds becomes a full-fledged manifest NEW physical reality in a NEW place and space. Right now it’s a case of can’t see the forest for the trees type thing, and because we’re living it, we don’t realize how much of it has already happened and how close we actually are to its 2019 completion. Of course everything I just said was from a linear stance when more and more of us just do not exist, function or perceive from only that old lower frequency and state.

I’ve mentioned, and complained greatly, about the excessive heat and drought that’s existed for the majority of ascension years from 1999 here where I live in southern California. There were many years in the 2000s where there weren’t even clouds in the sky so the increased heat and solar energy bombardments constantly baked us through and through. There were a few months scattered here and there throughout the past twenty years were we had some showers, or if lucky some rain, but the majority of time huge areas around the planet have baked in the intense ascension heat and extreme drought and solar energies for a long time.

At the start of December 2018 it suddenly began raining here is SoCal, and the moment it did, I knew we were in NEW energies and that the typical ten-months-long scorching heat and drought that’s been the norm since 1999 was finished. That phase of the Ascension Process for humanity and Earth is over and we have entered very different NEW energies and codes, space and location within the process. I could feel the NEW codes, the NEW complex energy patterns or blueprints in the rain water that I’ve never Seen or felt before. The physical water, all water on and in Earth and our physical bodies, has been embodying tremendously higher frequency NEW energy codes since December 2018 and this process is still happening and will continue to for as long as is needed to insert, imprint, embed the NEW codes. This is why the Northern Hemisphere has had so much rain, snow and ice consistently since December 2018. The Southern Hemisphere of the planet will go through this when their winter rains and flooding begins soon.

If you view the Cosmic Aquarian Jug and Waters pouring from it down onto Earth and humanity in this time of Ascension, that old astrological symbolism is expanded and elevated into what it is at this level, phase and state of evolution. The Milky Way galactic center (GC) is the Aquarian Water Jug pouring out NEW energies and codes.

Many of us have been Seeing more and more of these NEW codes in the physical water, in our physical bodies, our skeletal structure, below ground in the Earth, in the Earth’s core, in the elements and Elementals, the sky and of course in the Sun and sunlight and more. I See them with my eyes open, with them closed and I See them sometimes every time I naturally blink which is a new one for me. The more the NEW codes and NEW DNA are embodied, the more I suspect greater numbers of people will be clairvoyantly Seeing some of them.

Since 2007 I’ve bought images of triangles to use in my articles. For me the massive amounts of information and knowledge about Triality or “Unity” has always been represented by the simple, elegant shape of a triangle. The three points represent evolution beyond the two points of Duality frequency and consciousness. Higher Light, which contains higher knowledge and information is now being perceived by more of of us as very simple and elegant images. Excessive linear wordiness and verbal spewing is very old school lower frequency not to mention boring. Some of the ways great amounts of NEW higher Light information is being perceived by more and more of us is through Higher Awareness inner vision. We’re Seeing, and feeling, more of these NEW codes and the astonishingly beautiful colors and complex patterns many of them exist as at this point within the Ascension Process.

Because a picture really is worth a thousand words, I enjoy using images, vector images, drawings and photos to communicate some of these huge ascension related changes we’re going through. The trick with that has always been that it’s near impossible to find accurate images of what’s happening energetically! I try nonetheless because it’s important to me to present correct visuals as best I can. So… triangles and Triality or Unity.

Recently I’ve been Seeing crystalline triangle codes that look much like this image I found. They all have the top point pointing upward unlike this image but at least the colors and Light are a close match to what I’m Seeing. Like I said, simple and elegant — Crystalline triangles. These NEW codes are crystal, crystalline (Christ) frequency which means they exist in the higher frequency of Triality or integration which is Unity frequency, consciousness, being and external reality. Crystal triangles are some of the NEW codes we’ve been embodying recently so don’t be surprised if you start Seeing them in different ways.

This image is very close to some of the deep gemstone colored NEW code triangle patterns I’ve been Seeing. Every one of these NEW codes and code patterns and colors are beyond beautiful because they are so alive and filled with Light LOVE and Divine Mother/Feminine and Divine Father/Masculine. They’re not separated but Unified within Triality and we’re continuing to embody and Embody all of these NEW codes and energies.

pasteltri1 Also have been Seeing pastel triangle codes that look somewhat like this image. What I’m Seeing has been more soft, flowing and gentle than this image is. The pastel colors are usually always on a white and often iridescent background which I couldn’t find an image of. This code has the feel of an even higher frequency than the gemstone colored triangles on a black background. They’re all very high frequency but the pastel colored ones feel even more subtle and of Divine Mother.

This image is as close to what I’ve Seen of this particular very high frequency NEW codes and Light energies. What I’ve Seen of this one is more voluptuous, curved and soft than this image is. This NEW energy feels supremely otherworldly, loving and gentle, and like all the other NEW codes have been literally enveloping us and our bodies and Earth. Many of these NEW codes are our NEW crystalline rainbow DNA being connected and activated which is another reason I believe we’re starting to See them more.

Know too that I’ve been Seeing far more NEW codes that are not triangles but flows, ribbons, swells and countless other complex and stunning patterns.

A few weeks ago I kept Seeing an overhead view of my skeletal structure that was transparent and crystalline. Our physical skeletal structure—Saturn conjuncting Pluto in Capricorn all year and next—has a lot to do with our “structures” both internal and external, personal and collective, being evolved out of a state and frequency level of carbon Duality to one of crystal Triality. This ongoing evolutionary change is what’s causing many of us to feel those sudden and truly painful needle-like stabbing pains in certain body areas and our eyes too. Over a decade ago I used to call this the ice pick stabbing pains. Sudden severe stabbing pains in a tiny spot in a bone but that was back then and at that level of the Ascension Process. It is different now at this higher level and more severe, which I didn’t believe possible but that’ll teach me! Thank gawd it only lasts a second or two because I don’t think we’d stay conscious if it was any longer.

pearl1600x16001 Recently I started Seeing this latest NEW energy and code. The best way to describe it is to compare it to the most lustrous pearls you’ve ever seen. Think white pearls with beautiful iridescent luster but now make the pearls liquid and flowing gently and you have what I’ve been Seeing. It is so beautiful, soothing, LOVING, and it flows around you lifting you up and carrying you along with it. ‘Please sir, may I have more?’ Yes you may, you may have so much more that you don’t know what to do with your NEW Self! ❤ We’ll figure it all out. 😉

As more and more of these NEW codes pour in and are embodied and Embodied, know that a common side effect of all this is suddenly having one’s HighHeart start pounding hard for a good while. This I’ve noticed happens during periods of Seeing the flashing—which is YOU flashing in tandem with the Sun—everywhere. Have you noticed that this flashing has sped-up more this year? Lightbody physical body vibrational match and merge. I had this again yesterday a couple of times which is both wonderful and exhausting and requires some recuperation time afterwards because the energy event was 100% physical. I roll around on the floor every morning to stretch out the overnight kinks and while doing this today discovered that my back, ribs, shoulder blades, muscles, bones and spine in the area of the HighHeart is physically bruised and sore like I’d been hit by something. I was hit (again) by evolution and expansion to, in and through my physical and energetic HighHeart. Embody more NEW codes and DNA and that further alters and expands your physical and energy HighHeart. So when it suddenly starts pounding, thumping, rolling, stretching and giving birth in your Inner HighHeart cathedral, lay down in fearless peace and open acceptance and let the Divine happen in you and through you for ALL. NEW codes mean NEW humans and NEW Earth and everything else.


March 5, 2019

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93 thoughts on “NEW Codes Aplenty

  • Hi Denise, I’ve only felt ice pick stabbing pains in my limbs, ankle, hands, elbow, knees, really just joints and bones, that is until last night I’ve had several needle stabbing sensation to my heart during my sleep. It almost woke me up but I slept through it, at first I recall panic then I eased into it telling myself it’s an ascension symptom.

    Just wanted to share, I love you!❤️ 💕

    • Yes thank you Denise for giving us the sanity preserving knowledge that so many strange pain episodes are ascension symptoms.

      In the past I still worried it may be some big medical malfunction but in between doctors appointments have shown that I am really okay. Thank you!

  • I had dreams for like 5 days in a row in late February . The dreams themselves were not remarkable. Just ordinary situations involving people some of whom I know like my ex’s current partner and her two children, some acquaintances, and others who were strangers. I caught only snippets of them but the feeling or overall theme to them stayed with me upon waking up. The dreams had no emotional charge. Those dreams came in almost the rapid-fire fashion as you have described it Denise, sometimes two or more a night. I wanted to write you earlier about the dreams and about what I thought was going on, but they were out of topic then. Strangely I felt in those times that those dream-scenarios had to play themselves out and then go like everything else. These felt like probability realities had I taken choices other than the ones I actually made (in recent times this incarnation). Don’t know if that makes sense. After I read your article and comments and those of others I feel I get it more clearly now that (absolutely?) everything that has nothing to do with the organic ascension timeline that we are on has to go – mundane or otherwise stuff might seem to be…. Brings to mind several separate lucid visions I had 3 or four years ago in which I Saw/Felt multidimensional ‘identities” of Self dissolve before my Eyes. Four of them initially, then two, until only one was left – this aspect in this human garb. There was also a vision of one being and various ‘faces” superimposing themselves on it one after another in rapid succession, and I felt they were all Me. I think in late February or early March I Saw in front of me five diamond-like wavy horizontal lines, undulating parallel to each other… Feels like serious physical manifesting, integrating and embodying are underway… also feels like soon we will FLY! Much love to you Denise and All.

  • Ok, I have a weird but true story. And this just happened a few minutes ago. I was watching TV and a commercial came on. This particular commercial has only music and people of many different cultures dancing. I love this commercial as I find it joyful and uplifting. It speaks to my heart. I immediately went to back up my DVR so I could watch it again and…it was gone. I scrolled through that commercial break several times but the commercial that I absolutely know I saw wasn’t there.

    Like so many others here I check in on the comments several times a day, regard this website as a lifeline and just learn so much from everyone else. Many thanks Denise.

    As for my DVR experience, I choose to believe that it’s a tangible example of the changes taking place. I hope everyone can have a laugh about this, but Denise, please delete if you feel it doesn’t apply.

    • Not at all Tyche1, your disappearing commercial is another example of the increasing “anomalies” due to the Separation of Worlds and Embodiment. I expect a continual increase in these types of things in 2019 including linear time, consciousness and reality reducing a lot.

      Is the commercial you mentioned about Levi jeans? I like the music and dancing in that one. 😀

      • Hahaha! Yes I LOVE that Levi’s jeans commercial dancing and music and diversity. Yes more strange anomalies than ever before. Things appearing and disappearing MUCH more frequently than every before. So much so that I KNOW I didn’t just overlook something as I clearly document it’s not there one moment then “bam” there it is. Reminds me of the beloved childhood book “The Borrowers.”

  • Denise – Team Inorganic would be fine. Is it true that team is made only of inorganics? I didn’t know that. Yes- though I have long gotten those wafts of what smells like incredible roses to me, it happens much more frequently- maybe 2x a month vs. 2x a year. “Dreams” visitations from the “living” colors coming more frequently and vividly and just the “visitation” without other content most of the time. Thank you Denise for creating this community and reminding us we are not alone and that things ARE progressing though so much seems so slow so late already.

  • Hi Denise and All Here,

    I want to piggy-back on Karina’s last words of her response to Kara’s comment…”Words cannot express the Love and Gratitude.” This is exactly how I feel each and every time I read any of Denise’s posts and subsequent Comments, but this one in particular has me going off the charts! Something so beautiful and astonishing is happening here as we all continue to go through our process individually and collectively, and write and share and come clean with our remaining doubts, concerns and fears as to whether or not we’re going nuts or whether we’ll “make it” or not. My process feels like it’s an amalgam of everyone’s here and then some!…but I do feel very sad when I contemplate that I may not ever get the opportunity to meet all the great souls who comment here and have put themselves on the line for Evolution’s…and LOVE’s…sake. I certainly won’t “check out” because of this lingering sadness…after all, I want to live and experience this NEW way of being and living with all I’ve got!…just like everyone here…but what a shame it would be if I never got the opportunity to give all here a deep and strong physical hug, connecting our HighHearts, and giving all a deep bow of respect and thanks for the priceless emotional intelligence everyone has shared. I remain deeply humbled and I thank you, Denise, and all others here with my profound LOVE.

      • Greetings, Karina! Profound love/Love/LOVE (as Denise would write) to you too, and for your wisdom! Your comments and insightful observations (and love) help me immensely…

    • Raymond – we can feel your HUG, thanks! I feel the same way about the honest sharing here that’s at such a deep level. I know we appreciate each other’s presence even if we haven’t physically met. I feel so reassured that all of you are here on this planet, going through this at the same time, one stair step at a time. Right now, I feel like I’m floating, not attached to anything but yet so filled with LOVE!!! HighHeart Hugs to you, Denise & everyone here.

      • Hi Thelma and Lyn…HUGS to you both and everyone else here! Always my joy..and looking forward to both of your next series of incisive observations!

    • Yes. Thank you Denise, Karina, Raymond, All here! I love what say here Raymond. Chills while reading! 💆🏾‍♀️🖖🏾💖

  • Edith and Lyn, thank you bth for your beautiful responses, I appreciate them more than I can put into words right now, so I’ll just send heartfelt love and hope to everyone that we get through this swiftly and at the highest levels. The energies are so strong today I recognise them well but for the first time in four years I’ve managed to get out and back home without fainting so we must be getting stronger. Again thanks and love to you all 🌿🐝🎶💜

  • For the two Linda’s
    We are all doing the best we can getting through this journey. I am in the same boat as both of you “will I make it”.
    I do all the natural things because they are what works for my body with a bit of technology thrown in. Different for others and for some drugs can be okay (they were made with good intention), or there is just no other opportunity. Whatever perhaps best to be grateful for the support.
    I am at a low base at the moment – present energies and trying to do to much combo.
    All will hopefully improve in the coming days and there will be relief and a level of life quality.
    Love to all. This site keeps me going also.
    Thank you Denise.

    • Lyn, thank you for your support and uplifting message. I am so grateful for this site and the wonderful souls who come here. Love to you!

  • Dear Lindapaskins, I am convinced of Grace and hope. Protection. Love. I have zero doubt that prayer to assist you as you are will be answered…..or if u know yourself as That One Life, (and not your human mind/thinking/perception of circumstances and emotions and physical body) that the One Life we truly are will Provide as u believe. Keep aligning with the truth. I know we experience real to us circumstances. I’ve come to Trust there is Always a Way. That “this” will end good. Doesn’t mean there us no pain. Doesn’t mean we know what the outcome will be or look like. We WILL come out the other side! Do what u need to do to take care of u! The giants may be big but “God” is bigger! If Denise permits! Hugs💚💜💙😍🤗

  • Hi Linda, it’s shame for me, I came in with a wound in my intestine and I’ve never been able to overcome it, I’ve had more surgery than I care to remember and that’s three lots in the last four years. I still have to take drugs to keep my peristalsis moving and I’ve spent more time on toilet floors than I care to remember and I’m sure that attracts the dark and it scares me to death, so it’s a viscous circle, but I’m very quick to find myself in the back of an ambulance if I don’t take some help… And of course so many sites post negative comments about drugs I’m sure it drops my vibration, though its not high when I’m sick either! So I have a mind muddle of gigantic proportions….

    But there’s obviously a reason why I’m still doing this and as I can recall it from birth, I’ll simply try and understand it and find a solution in every day. Just thought I’d share this in case it helps with your dilemma. There is a solution, I just haven’t found it yet! Love to you 🌹🍀🌿

    • Thank you Linda. I feel strongly we will get through this. I appreciate your love and support. Love sent to you.

  • I am not seeing / sensing the new codes or colours either, but I do get the feeling of a ‘newness’ all around, even though it all looks the same visually. The hot flashes (power surges) are back, along with the relentless fatigue 💤 and I am experiencing the shifts when the SR goes into orbit, or the solar wind throws a biggy 😴 so I guess I am sensing / feeling some aspects, if not others.

    Happy belated birthday Richard 🍰🎈🎉🎁 – I loved your comments, your journey sounds very familiar to me, including the ‘fluffy stuff’.

    My friend has a lovely saying about all this – “it’s not all Unicorns farting Rainbows” 🦄🌈

    Thanks to everyone for your comments, when reading them I almost feel ‘normal’, when for donkey’s years I have felt like an alien on a strange world. Denise all I can say is “bless you” for doing what you do, and for creating this safe space – from my 💚 to yours 💖

    • “THE CMEs ARE COMING. MAYBE: Earth is about to be sideswiped by a pair of coronal mass ejections (CMEs). Maybe. The two solar storm clouds left the sun on March 8th when sunspot AR2734 erupted, producing a C1-class solar flare. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded the blast:

      This movie comes from SDO’s extreme ultraviolet telescope–hence the strangely beautiful colors.

      The explosion and its ultraviolet afterglow lasted for more than an hour. Such long-duration flares are notorious for producing “solar tsunamis” and CMEs. Indeed, in the global movie, below, a shadowy shockwave may be seen billowing away from the blast site like a ripple in a giant pond. That wave hurled two faint coronal mass ejections (CMEs) into space.

      NOAA analysts have modeled the eruption and reached the following conclusions: On March 11th, one CME will pass just behind Earth while the other passes just in front. Both could deliver glancing blows to our planet’s magnetic field. Minor G1-class geomagnetic storms are possible when Earth splits the gap between these two solar storm clouds.

      In recent months, geomagnetic storms have been caused mainly by streams of solar wind flowing from holes in the sun’s atmosphere. CMEs tend to be more effective instigators of geomagnetic storms and auroras. This is because of intense shocks and strong magnetic fields CMEs often contain.

      There’s no guarantee these CMEs will hit Earth. Just in case, Arctic sky watchers should be alert for bright lights on Monday night. Subscribers to our Space Weather Alert service will receive an instant text message when the CMEs arrive. Aurora Alerts: SMS text, email.”

      “…The hot flashes (power surges) are back, along with the relentless fatigue 💤 and I am experiencing the shifts when the SR goes into orbit, or the solar wind throws a biggy 😴 so I guess I am sensing / feeling some aspects, if not others.”

      Friday, March 8, 2019, I started feeling this weeks incoming PRE Equinox and same day Full Moon energies which are being delivered via what the Sun is doing. Every day I’ve been having that intense inner cold, next-level “ascension flu” aches, higher pitched ear ringing, head pressures, diarrhea, and the always charming Central Nervous System (CNS) feeling hyper wired so there’s no rest, relaxation even when still and less ability to sleep because of more Lightbody/Physical body merging taking place.

      Everybody remember I’ve said how the more sensitive you are the earlier you typically feel all incoming energies, Light, solar activity, GC Waves etc.? Since around March 8th this started (again) and we’re embodying and Embodying some more of the NEW codes, Light, energies etc. that are coming in NOW and will be here fully ON Equinox day, March 20, 2019. We embody/Embody before the actual physical day arrives. Because of this and the Sun delivering right on time as always, it’s going to continue being an intense week energetically and you’re going to be feeling it all, as usual, IN your physical body.

      • I’m telling you; This last couple of days, for almost a week I felt totally wired and I am usually the person people come to to quiet down and I was feeling like my fingers were in the electrical sockets. No rest, no relaxation, anxiety, scared to the extreme of situations with lower vibrating people. NEVER felt this way before and I’ve been through a lot.
        At first I thought it was menopause (and maybe that doesn’t help either), but it lasted such an extremely long period. At night still lots of stuff going on, but no remembrance. Glad to get out of bed to end that feeling but after 2 hrs longing for bed/rest. Crazy times. Taking baths and taking time to (for a short time) totally go into feelings of loneliness, hurt, grief, sheer panic etc helped release. And doing fun things/something purely for me.
        Since 1,5 day I’m back to my normal feeling self. Thank God! As I’ve noticed I often go through stuff before the mainstream does, I sure hope non aware/trained people won’t have to go through this same feeling as I can’t imagine what they would do feeling like that! Denise and all, thanks for helping to keep eachother sane!

      • Happy Birthday Richard!!! I can relate to your journey, and similar to Hope’s regarding the “fluffy stuff”. It was all thanks to Denise who made me re-question things and have that realization which I’m so grateful towards. Denise do you ever get tired of constantly reading everyone always thanking you? Haha! Because honestly you deserve it, we can’t help it. Just my way of showing gratitude and appreciation for all that you do. I feel fortunate to have discovered your website and have been hooked since. 😉

        And I can relate to what Hope said in regards to the hot flashes coming back. Denise I’m so glad you shared that bit about CME’s, I could feel things were amping up again (they always are, but some days/periods they’re extra extra high in energies). Last week of February and first week of March I’ve had this sore throat/flu like symptoms. Felt unusual to have a sore throat for like 2 weeks. Then early this week I had several nights of hot flashes come back. On this past Thursday evening I started napping again (and have been daily since) and that’s when I knew things were starting to rise again especially when on Friday, March 8 just as you mentioned Denise I start experiencing high heart activation’s again. Yesterday and today I have been feeling so drowsy despite napping, oh and lets not forget about the head pains. I’m also experiencing that nervousness/less sleep you Denise and others mentioned. Another thing I’ve been having consistently for the past 2 weeks now is a pleasant smell that can last hours. I have no idea how to describe it or what it would be similar to other than the fact that it’s pleasant. It’s not roses/floral as I had that often 10 years ago, so I can distinguish the two, this is different. I’ve been trying to come up with how to describe it for 2 weeks now and my mind remains blank.

        I wanted to share that I’m also one of those people who refresh the page by checking in a few times a day to read everyone’s comments/see if Denise posted a new article. I always have the HighHeartLife site open as I don’t close the tab off. It feels like we are all a part of a team and Denise is organizing all this, as if we are all working on an important project by coming together connecting and sharing even though at the same time we are all individually working on our own processes. Absolutely wonderful! ❤

        • Prabhi K.,

          Thank you for your kind words and support. ❤ It was hard and kind of strange at first for me to hear other people's loving praises and support because I was so used to being in all this by myself and none of it being very pleasant! What I want everyone to know is that I benefit from all of you too and we all benefit from our coming together in increasingly physical ways such as what's been happening in and through Comments at HighHeartLife. It's time for us to better connect with each other because that not only helps each of us individually but it greatly helps the entire Group which is the NEW higher Collective to much more quickly continue Pathpaving and shifting everything to the NEW organic ascended Earth. We most certainly have been and always will be ‘working on an important project by coming together and sharing’. The more of us — ‘the High Vibe Tribe’ to borrow Sandra Walter’s get term — that connect now only quickens and amplifies the entire Ascension Process and Embodiment Process for each of us and for everyone else so this is very important.

          My deepest HighHeart gratitude to everyone. ❤ ❤ ❤

        • Prabhi K, ditto and amen to everything you said . . except for the “pleasant smell”, no pleasant smell yet, but maybe later. Thanks to all, and especially to Denise; you all are my lifeline. Barb K

        • “Another thing I’ve been having consistently for the past 2 weeks now is a pleasant smell that can last hours. I have no idea how to describe it or what it would be similar to other than the fact that it’s pleasant. It’s not roses/floral as I had that often 10 years ago, so I can distinguish the two, this is different. I’ve been trying to come up with how to describe it for 2 weeks now and my mind remains blank.”

          I know exactly what you’re talking about Prabhi K. as I’ve smelled these indescribable beautiful scents suddenly coming wafting in from higher frequency levels too.

          Before the Ascension Process started, if one smelled those beautiful floral scents it was typically because there was a positive higher dimensional being nearby and wanting to get your attention. But, now that we’ve been living the Ascension Process and many are also living the Embodiment Process, when we smell these indescribable beautiful scents, they’re now often coming from US. The more we each Embody our Higher Self/Selves and increase our conscious energetic connections to Source and become more Self-as-Source and sovereign, the more Crystalline Christ frequency, NEW DNA and higher Light etc. that we Embody, the more we’re radiating both Light and these higher scents ourselves. When each of us starts to honestly understand the ramifications of this and the responsibilities that goes with it, our sense of ourselves individually changes dramatically, as it should. Now add to this fact that we’re Grouping together as we have been to much more greatly and quickly Consciously Create, Pathpave and Bridge etc. to NEW Earth and everything takes on a very different feel and flow in each of us and within the higher collective Group we’ve become. ⭐

      • Thanks for the ‘heads up’ on the solar activity Denise, I had already registered the frequency acceleration – wired and fried, knocked out of balance on all levels –
        ” uh oh ! somethings going on” says me, and true enough when I take a look online, yep the sun is kicking off 🌞🔥

        For years I have had the ‘wired’ stuff going on, but having constant chronic fatigue, the ‘wired’ effect does not give me any extra energy, quite the opposite really, it completely wipes me out. It’s as if there is a constant aggitation and irritation in every cell of my body, I have it now as I write this 😣, perhaps all my cells are dancing at the same time 💃 in readiness for the Ascension Party 🎈

        Mercury retrograde, Uranus in Taurus, and Saturn 4 degrees away from full conjunct with Pluto ……. not to leave out the fast approaching Spring Equinox, Wow, what fun, what a time to be in a human suit, …… bring it on, we will do this 😀

      • Thank you so much for the heads up. This is reassuring. I am here and henceforth calling TD – Team Evil/TE to avoid the language use of adding to bias against dark colored/skinned people on this planet Earth that needs to lift with the New World AP/EP along with so much else. Appreciation and validation to you. Thanks to the folks who have been thanking the Forerunners. The U.S. in particular lacks appreciation of those who are older and even more valuable for their service and wisdom.

        • How about Team Inorganic?

          And a big yes to all who honestly understand that there’s been people, most older than themselves, who’ve gone before them to literally Pathpave for them and all the others coming up behind them. Stair-steps.

  • Denise,
    These codes you’ve been talking about. (Wonderful pictures, and I can imagine how much hard work it is to find and purchase anything even *approximating* what things seen with inner vision look like. I’ve sometimes tried to find a photo to show somebody when I’m trying to explain something, and I quit in exhaustion after 15 fruitless pages of google results! 🙂 )

    I thought, ‘Well, I haven’t been seeing any codes. If the other AP people are receiving them then I guess I am too; I’m not seeing anything, though.’
    But I had two dreams two nights running. In waking life, at the moment I’m trying to teach myself to paint using pastels. I’m not lacking any supplies, I have plenty of paper and a large box of artists’ pastels.
    A couple nights ago, I dreamed that in the middle of my box of pastels, was a whole lot of new ones, high quality, brand new, many colors. I thought, ‘Wow! Where’d they come from? Amazing.’

    I was puzzled by the dream.
    Last night, I had basically the same dream! (As if to try to repeat a message I hadn’t understood).
    Throughout this dream, the Beatles song ‘Get Back’, was playing in the background. In the dream, I turned to get a pastel from my box, and was astonished to see a large number of new ones in there! Wonderful, all new, beautiful colours, I could only marvel at them, and wondered how they’d suddenly just appeared, I never knew I had all this amazing stuff, I felt blessed, rich.

    I was even more baffled this morning: what were the dreams trying to tell me?
    So I looked up the lyrics to ‘Get Back.’

    ‘Jojo was a man who thought he was a loner
    But he knew it couldn’t last
    Jojo left his home in Tucson, Arizona
    For some California grass
    Get Back, Get Back
    Get Back to where you once belonged
    Get Back, Get Back
    Get Back to where you once belonged.
    Get Back, Jojo
    Go home.’

    Then I suddenly remembered what you’d said about the new codes. Aah, maybe I have received them! The dreams now made sense. I know that all these abilities and faculties we acquire, aren’t some kind of new, strange ‘add ons’, are they? – we originally had them before, long ago, we’re just regaining what we lost: ‘getting back to where we belonged’! 😀

    • Exactly Podvig, these NEW codes, blueprints, templates etc. are ORGANIC and straight from Source God All That Is. They not only override all the old lower level and stage of development original ORGANIC codes but they have permanently removed all the inorganic distortions, disconnected DNA and other negative implants that Team Dark did to human DNA long ago.

      You don’t just have new colors, you have NEW colors in your box, body, consciousness and Self/Selves to create with now! 😉 We all do and just imagine what we’re going to Consciously Create now that we’re embodying and Embodying these NEW codes? I’ve always loved that old Beatles song. 😀

  • Thank you all for your honest and constructive comments, after years of collective clearing I am now in the throws of clearing all my own darkness and its bad, at a human level I seriously doubt I will make it, and learning to trust my SELF again is making it one hundred thousand times worse… But when I come here I feel family and Denise, you help so much, although I appear to do everything the opposite way, I look at this site 20 times a day, just to feel the real love here.. Thanks everyone 🌿🌹🎶🍀

    • I feel as you do Linda. Worried I won’t make it. But then again why all the signs and weird experiences? To be honest, I am a smoker. There I said it. But the love and support I feel here…I feel I have a chance. Clearing so much. Just need to let that go. I check this sight so many times a day also. It gives me peace and strength. Love sent your way.

      • Linda C. I’m proud of you for being honest about smoking or whatever. I loved smoking cigarettes, but when my ascension began it was included in the many things that I needed to stop doing/using. The first two detox weeks are horrible but after that it gets easier and easier. In your own time, and don’t feel guilty over anything. 🙂 ❤

        • Oh thank you Denise! I have quit so many times for long periods. I know I will for good soon. It’s easy to quit for me. It’s just when l feel the stress of it all I start again. I feel shame that I start again. It is my biggest failure in life. I love so deeply and believe in humanity. In goodness and hope. I cry for humanity and hope for the best for everyone and that all will be awaked and choose love. That is all hope for.

  • Oh my gosh!!! I Saw the pastel codes and amazing patterns/swirling last night. I can’t stop thinking about it and wishing I could simply watch for hours. I’ve been under enormous work pressure and not getting much sleep this week, but I’ve felt a lot of support and calm/loving energy helping me, too. I woke up in the night and briefly coughed. My eyes were closed and I saw light bursts when I coughed. And then it happened and the pastel codes were suddenly amazingly viewable. Just wow. Before I fell back asleep, I firmly planted conviction of what I experienced so I wouldn’t doubt it today. It’s been an exhausting one but that visual has buoyed me up incredibly. To think that’s around us all the time, even when we don’t See it! Thanks for sharing so that I had context, Denise. 💗💗💗 Love to you all!

    • Kara,

      And that is why I spend time and money tracking down and buying images to use in my articles. I am so deeply happy for you Kara for Seeing some of them.

      Be prepared to See many more of these NEW evolutionary codes for humanity, consciousness, reality, Earth, life and on and on. The words — NEW codes, or NEW trinity codes, or NEW Triality/Unity codes etc. are just that, words, until you See some of them! Then it’s so much easier to know that we are in the early stages of NEW Earth and NEW Humans because the NEW Triality codes — aka Light, Energies, NEW Crystalline DNA etc. — are present everywhere and increasing throughout 2019 in each of us and our physical bodies, in Earth, external reality and global human consciousness.

      A lot of ascension prep WORK had to happen before these higher NEW codes could even enter our physical bodies and physical reality. A lot of ascension prep WORK but OMG the results are beyond most of us at this point. So everyone remember that every physical body, head, heart pain you have is due to you embodying and/or Embodying these NEW Crystalline (Christ) frequencies and energies and NEW DNA and more. Congrats Kara and expect to See much more and be ready for it to be different every time a little or a lot! ❤

      • I am full of gratitude to you for not only doing that, Denise (sourcing/buying images), but also for this community. It’s heartwarming to read there are others who refresh and reread comments to feel connected. Thank you, Denise, for replying and sharing more insights. 💗💗

        It struck me tonight how the new codes are genuinely anchoring more colors in my box (to borrow from Podvig’s amazing dream and your chat with him). I was in a social setting where typically I feel the need to consciously clear my energy, sometimes repeatedly, to stay sane/grounded/free/Me. At one point, as the room felt overwhelming because there were so many people, I found myself starting to do this, almost out of habit. And I almost started laughing! Because it just felt so obvious that I was ME and clear—that it had anchored more firmly— and that I didn’t need to refresh or clear anything because there was nothing in the room powerful enough to interfere with my return to my self/Self. Hope this makes sense. I’m full of love for all you First Wavers. Thank you from my heart.

        • Thank you for sharing your experience Kara. I can totally relate. Your words help put so much I have been feeling into perspective. Whenever I am experiencing a shift/clearing out old patterns/mindset – answers usually show up in dreams. Lately, I come HERE (I frequent a lot anyways for sanity/grounding) and BAM! There’s my answer from Higher Source through all of you lovely Souls. I no longer feel the need to source outside from HOME – which is what Denise has created for all of us in this space. Thank you Kara and THANK YOU Denise. Love you so much!

          I, too, have been feeling the New codes/Light coming in since the 8th. WOW! Yesterday (Sunday) at 2:12 pm (Georgia time) while washing dishes (water) I had such LOUD ear ringing/pitches/tones that I never experienced before. I immediately acknowledged them and they continued for awhile (longer than normal).
          Again, thank you everyone for sharing your HighHeart and experiences. Words cannot express the Love and Gratitude.

        • Hey Karina! Yes, it’s so nice to connect here. ❤️ ❤️ Usually I just hear the ear ringing at night, and that sounds cool!

  • Dearest Denise, Jain Lee, Barbara,

    Thank you so much for your exchange. What you three said brought tears. It was just what I needed to be reminded of, after last night (mar 8) when it hit home again: this is it girl, you go it alone as always. The temporary loving solace I thought I had from family was no solace it seems – no one, no one would and could ever know how it had been and how it is.

    And this is how it will be – to continue with our “volunteer-tasks” quietly, stealthily as most situations require…. The sister whose guest house I am temporarily using, could not understand why for the past two weeks I labored over some work, barely sleeping just going at it almost 24/7.. She could not understand (and who would) – that that multidimensional creation manifesting as an innocently packaged 30+page report was encoded with the purest light. It was meant to infiltrate the bastions of a multi-billion euro/dollar global business camouflaged by fancy coverings like justice sector reform efforts, justice for all, justice for the poor etc etc.etc. Behind that report was a most powerful intent – to touch the hearts of those who are ready to embrace New Ideas and Paradigms; and to foil any further malevolent agenda of powers that were. No longer. Done.

    So we continue dearest brave warriors of the first and last hour – the Light Vigilantes – and all who follow. Each has her.his indispensable piece in the Whole.

    For as I had been reminded of time and again (and this holds for us ALL): this is why WE ARE WHO WE ARE; AND WHY WE ARE WHERE WE ARE.

    I love you and the others of this Lighted, blessed community. Thank you, thank you so much for being there.

  • Hi Denise. Seems like there was or is a TD push going on. I began noticing day of my last comment (overly distressed boss over small issue) culminating in climatic episode yesterday (I HOPE culminated!)….that copied happenings provoking me back when feeling suicidal some years ago. Im reading other folks feeling pushed. 🤔 KEEPING HEART CENTERED.

    • Not culminated yet Edith but soon. We’ve all become well familiar that every time the negativity increases, gets louder and more in our faces it’s because another huge increase of the NEW everything is coming. The shit always gets more riled up before each positive increase of Light/energies/Embodiment/anchoring etc. I strongly suspect that the whole time leading up to the March 21, 2019 Equinox and same day 0 degree Libra Full Moon will be an escalation of the lowly. Nothin’ new about any of this however, just that it’s not going to last much longer finally. I too continue to have some people “pushing” as you called it. Do not fall for it or buy into it or believe it or be effected by it. Easier said than done I know but after all the years of this shit we’re Masters at holding the High while the lowly does what it does.

  • Beautiful ❤ ❤ ❤ Thank you for sharing Denise, you do an excellent job at putting all this into words and conveying it in the form of these articles you share. They are easy to understand, relate to, and best of all I love how you always add your touch of humor. There’s always a line or two at least in there that doesn’t fail to make me smile or laugh depending upon how serious the subject of the article is (since this process we are in can already be challenging). Thanks for that! And I agree, I’m also glad those sudden sharp localized pains on different body parts last temporarily!

  • Denise’s post and the comments here are so important and so validating for me, thank you. My 3D life is disappearing fast and it’s not that I’m making an effort to detach, it’s that as we draw closer to the Separation of the Worlds detachment is the normal route. Yes, still feeling the symptoms, still dealing with some 3D shit that needs to be sorted, but the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter by the day. I do want to thank Jain Lee for her acknowledgment of the First Volunteers. For so long we have been without anyone knowing what we were here for and accomplishing, and not long ago I read an article that said words to the effect, in a very disparaging manner, that some of us were so taken with our ascension symptoms that it was like a competition and we wore those we were experiencing like badges. And that made me angry as it was obvious to me that whoever wrote that article had never, not once experienced what we have. And a video that I watched by a young man who is currently a poster boy for ‘whatever’ in the metaphysical world, in which he stated that he thought it was time for the old folks to get off their asses and contribute made me angry, too. So much we could tell and we will as we meet finally and celebrate soon. Well fucking done, us! Love, B.

    • I imagine a hell pit of crawling slithering miasma of demonic orgy going full blast; men, women and children (especially children) excruciatingly tortured by sodomy and rape, while having their body parts sawed/ripped off, blood drained and organs eaten. Their dying bodies releasing their everlasting soul, only to be caught into a net just to be recycled back into this hell prison.

      Despite that, you Barbara and other brave warriors of the First Wave CHOSE to reincarnate, only to have your memories wiped clean, assaulted, violated, bombarded and abused by TD, and to experience families who would not support/understand you through your struggles (really, how could they?) Forcing all of you to go it alone, no family, no friends, no money, no society whose got your back, and even used to torment you all over and over again.

      Oh and all the while, having to hold down a job, a relationship, families of your own, children and having to not stand out as “weird”, trying to blend in as best as you can outwardly. And some of you probably didn’t even know why you were different, maybe even took decades to figure out.

      Struggling alone in the dark with sunglasses on, only powered by your inner Light to clean out a Mount Everest sized demonic trash. (I keep picturing the group of you lined up, staring at this enormous filth in front of you, each of you equipped with a tiny handheld brush and pan!) You’re all Light Vigilantes.

      I love my sleep, it’s sometimes my only respite, but TD attack me continually since my awakening. I fight in my sleep, I fight awake. I’m never not fighting. It’s TIRING. This is AFTER you PathPavers cleared as much miasma as you could! I’ve got it easier thanks to you guys. So know that this Second Waver appreciates every last precious one of you First Wavers. An acknowledgement is long overdue.

      Words do no justice to your service. The rest who disparage you all can suck it.

      • I LOVE love you even more than before Jain Lee! Thank you. ❤ We all are the best of the best of the ‘Light Vigilantes’. It’s no accident that we’re all here now.

      • It’s wonderful to see the validation coming through here for the unacknowledged work and often heroic efforts of the First Wavers. Jain Lee summed it up well.

        I just want to point out that even First Wavers played different roles. Many of us, like myself, were guided to stay in the background as we cleared out our fields, creating a space for the Light to enter and also path paving for those coming later. Others like Denise played more of a transmuting role which was (and is) much more painful and physically demanding. And some, also like Denise (with her special gifts of extrasensory “sight” and visions), publicly shared their understanding of the whole mess down here, how it happened and how to shift out of it, to help other light workers continue on their path. By doing this, Denise and others knowingly opened themselves to continuous attack by the hostile forces and those under their influence.

        I know we all deserve recognition for the roles we have played, because this Shift could not have happened without ALL our efforts. And I feel immensely grateful to have had a chance to participate in this “rescue mission.” (I find myself putting this in the past tense because I get the feeling we’re “almost there.”)

        But SPECIAL recognition needs to be given to those who chose to transmute the density at different levels and to share their Higher knowledge with us in spite of the dangers to them.

        I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    • “I do want to thank Jain Lee for her acknowledgment of the First Volunteers. For so long we have been without anyone knowing what we were here for and accomplishing, and not long ago I read an article that said words to the effect, in a very disparaging manner, that some of us were so taken with our ascension symptoms that it was like a competition and we wore those we were experiencing like badges. And that made me angry as it was obvious to me that whoever wrote that article had never, not once experienced what we have. And a video that I watched by a young man who is currently a poster boy for ‘whatever’ in the metaphysical world, in which he stated that he thought it was time for the old folks to get off their asses and contribute made me angry, too. So much we could tell and we will as we meet finally and celebrate soon…”


      Thanks. ❤ Thanks also for mentioning this because it's very important, this continued crucifying of individuals who've Embodied the Crystalline/Christ frequency during this Ascension Process.

      I think it was three years ago now??? that you and I had a few email conversations about this particular new handpicked young poster boy pumping out videos. He, Jordan, was picked to recruit teens and people in their 20s to negative, distorted information about the ascension, aliens, conspiracy info etc. etc.

      There are important reasons why the most powerful Volunteer individuals who’ve been Embodying throughout the entire Ascension Process years have been unseen and unknown, and I’m talking about many of you reading my words right now. We’re not “famous” or known because we were needed to do exactly everything we have all these years and decades so the NEW Grids on multiple levels and much more could be built and anchored. Like I said recently, we are the NEW grids and gates and anchors etc. of the NEW, we always have been.

      One of the main ways the other side tries to harm us and what we’ve done and are still doing is by trying to discredit us and what we’re living, feeling, going through, hurting from, Embodying, and if writing about it then that too. This tactic is done by many with awareness of what they’re doing and that it’s for Team Dark and so on. Most others aren’t aware however that they’ve been recruited by the other team because their egos overpower any discernment, honesty and higher awareness they could have if they did the real Inner Work on themselves.

      Isn’t it interesting — that was polite code talk by me — that military people are revered for their “service” and if they have physical body injuries because of that “service”, they’re looked upon as heroes for killing other people somewhere and getting terribly injured themselves. But individuals who are in Service of the Light and Source and evolution, who Embody Crystalline Christ frequency, embody and Embody NEW Light, energies, DNA codes, fight against Team Dark attacks etc. are thought of and looked upon in the ways we are. 🙂 It’s all so easily seen, known, recognized and understood at this point within the Ascension and Embodiment Processes. Thanks again Barbara. ❤

      • “It’s all so easily seen, known, recognized and understood at this point within the Ascension and Embodiment Processes.”

        Thank you, Denise, for being so patient with us all. I confess only until a few years ago I had no idea that I was being attacked. From all that I had read in the first years of my journey, I got it into my mind that I created my own reality and that whatever painful situations I found myself in, I was the one creating them and was therefore lacking or at fault, or worse, deserving of those situations, which of course makes things worse for a Volunteer who is already, quite as Jain Lee says, at terrible odds with any kind of so-called normal functioning in 3D. While at the same time I remember writing years ago at TRANSITIONS a short comment saying that it was my belief that we, the Volunteers, would not be able to create our own realities until we had dealt completely with TD. And so I now fully and 100 percent agree with your statement as quoted above. And yes, we did indeed have correspondence about the poster boy, Jordan, and as a result, my discernment sky rocketed, thank you again. And I so agree about the very perverted reverence for those who kill ‘for their country’ as the expression goes. Actually, the discussion here today has released a huge amount of anger for me, and made me a wee bit teary, not teary as in self-pity party, but teary because of our bravery. And finally, I loved your statement, and I loved it when you first mentioned it, Denise, that “… we are the NEW grids and gates and anchors etc. of the NEW, we always have been.” Isn’t it wonderful when one knows it to be true. To us. Love, B.

        • Barbara and Denise thank you for your latest correspondence. I never get tired of hearing confirmation of service in this great work. Years ago when I became aware of what I was experiencing I couldn’t understand why I felt so badly and my life was so “off track” no matter what I did. Wasn’t ascension meant to make us fluffier and lighter and happier. The first websites who reflected my position was Karen bishop. Now years later the internet and u tube is abuzz with ascension material. But most of them still don’t get it because they haven’t experienced it. There is still only one writer that I know that is able to express the ascension experience while living as an ordinary human without making claims of superiority to bolster their ego and not claiming to channel anyone but their higher self. And we know who that is. It’s been a long lonely twenty year ride since I became aware of the personal LBP, but you Denise make it more bearable. Keep shining and know that you are loved but more importantly greatly respected and admired by your fellow light bearers. Today is my 69 birthday and even though I am in great health in a convention sense I can’t see how I made it another year. It seems like I lost two whole decades and my birthday wish is that we can all are fruits of our great work in this physical reality this next year.

        • Happy Birthday Richard and very well done Pisces. ❤

          “Years ago when I became aware of what I was experiencing I couldn’t understand why I felt so badly and my life was so “off track” no matter what I did. Wasn’t ascension meant to make us fluffier and lighter and happier. The first websites who reflected my position was Karen Bishop.”

          Far too many people thought exactly like you did Richard and expected it was all going to be Light, Angels, bliss on top of more fluffy bliss and so on. This is another reason why I insisted on having as much conscious awareness and memories of higher dimensions and realities in them after I Volunteered to incarnate way down in the lower third physical dimension and world we all were born on. It was a dangerous choice and I was counciled about it beforehand but I insisted that I had as much conscious awareness and memories as I could without it breaking me once I was incarnate in such a Dark, evil and dense place as Earth and humanity was. That is why I’ve had more awareness of what a difficult and dangerous “Mission” this ascension was for all of us Volunteers/Starseeds/Bluerays/Pathpavers etc. etc.

          There is nothing fluffy or gentle or blissful about intentionally going into a quarantined planetary cesspool that was a physical extension of the lower astral hell realm and scrubbing it clean enough for long enough that the Light could even get back in here! And doing that hurts in just about every way a being could imagine but that’s what we’ve been doing and why and finally the NEW results are here and it’s all going to unfold so fast now it will stun everyone.

          Happy Birthday Richard and thanks for your Light Services. ❤

      • Just a small comment Barbara. I heard that in Australia an airline wanted to introduce everyone standing if a veteran was on board.
        There was a big negative response to that idea I gather.
        Firstly the military themselves said they would find that embarrassing. But the other objections were, in essence, that there were many other people who also serve others, including firefighters, ambulance men and many other volunteers.
        That applies to us too. Many of the people who volunteer In a variety of ways are often unnoticed too.

        • “Many of the people who volunteer In a variety of ways are often unnoticed too.” Yes, Lynn, this is true and in my own experience over the years, without caring co-workers, paramedics, angelic nurses, unbelievably caring doctors, along with those who care enough to rescue animals bringing me the sweetest little cat as my ascension buddy, and years ago, being blessed with my best friend (originally met via TRANSITIONS) who is a social worker with compassion and awareness, and so many others who do what I cannot do, and they do it without anyone acknowledging them… and without Denise being so generous with her knowledge and caring, and those who respond to her, I wouldn’t be here commenting at High Heart Life. Indeed I recognize and honor those who are unnoticed, and as a result I find that I love humanity and that’s why I’m here. Love, B.

  • Denise, loved your “visuals” of the new Codes coming in – they sound SO beautiful! I wish I could see them too. But it’s reassuring to know that things are indeed changing (because the outer world still seems the same in many respects) after everything we’ve been through.

    I’m sorry you’re still being targeted by trolls, etc. (as if you don’t have enough on your plate with your Mom). Even Light Warriors can tire of the continuous sludge and nastiness out there.

    I am so looking forward to the day mentioned in your comment: “soon, however, the bottom will fully bottom-out and have no connections whatsoever to what and who has moved out of that old frequency range.” When THAT happens, I will go out and celebrate!

    I’m not sure if this is ascension-related (some kind of purification?) but for 6 hours yesterday I lay in bed as cold chills ran up and down my body at THE SAME TIME as the core of my body burned up. Now I’m fine, but I had to sleep for almost 20 hours. If this was caused by the incoming codes, they’re powerful!

    Love to you & all here.

    • “I’m not sure if this is ascension-related (some kind of purification?) but for 6 hours yesterday I lay in bed as cold chills ran up and down my body at THE SAME TIME as the core of my body burned up. Now I’m fine, but I had to sleep for almost 20 hours. If this was caused by the incoming codes, they’re powerful!”

      I was just going to reply to E-K Daufin about ‘…heat to cold changes happening rapidly…’. What you said Thelma about this that you experienced yesterday is connected to what Earth, Nature, the weather etc. is going through too. All the same business.

      I mentioned briefly last month or so that I’ve been having freezing cold waves both internally and on the surface of the skin AND feeling very hot (like what I’d guess frost burn would feel like) internally at the same time for a couple of months now. Usually it’s been inner hot or cold but the NEW Crystalline DNA triangle codes — ‘trinity’ are something none of us has experienced before.

      I sense 2019 is not only going to continue being totally NEW and fairly extreme to all of us but highly personal and unique too. I mean, we’re deep into “it” finally and how each of us experiences that — greater Embodiment which includes more and more NEW DNA carrying Triality, trinity, Unified Crystalline (Christ frequency) — is going to be very personal and intense. Extra self-care, quiet time and sleeping/napping for as long as each of us needs to this year because we’re turning into something NEW physically. ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Dear Denise: Big yes to the triangles, opalescent colors and stabbing pains and skeletal regeneration. However Climate Change/Global Warming still seems to be progressing. Heat to cold changes happening within a day or half day in sweeping too rapid and plant killing ways. Some plants driving from too much water. Scary storm just killed 23 people though I was protected and mercifully was able to sleep through most of it. The horrible heat and swift swings are tiring. Flooding…

  • Dear Denise,
    a definite yes to the triangles…mine were shown as energy balls at each point…Do these rotate to the pentagram or star shapes as we go along?
    And yesterday while driving home….for a brief second…I saw an old covered wooden bridge slip in from the right..almost like an overlay from another dimension?
    Exciting times and an urge to meditate again regularly to remain in the present.
    Love to you and all that post here

  • Hi Denise. I notice it’s EASIER to maintain high heart energy and attitudes. I feel this inner strong something feeling. Maybe a happy uplifting feeling. Yesterday by boss freaked out and I was able to stay calm and not take it in. It’s easier to hold the faith.

  • The separation of the worlds is most definitely here. I am feeling it in a very personal/microcosmic way. I am NO LONGER part of the old world. I don’t see it or feel it. Neither am I connected to it. It is indeed like a movie being played out and I am simply an observer, but even this is no longer true. It just isn’t there. I’m here living in my own new world – living in the moment, gently being carried to where I need to be in each moment. Yes, there are those moments when the 3D world tries to intrude (especially around the question of money), but most of the time I’m just here in my 5D world enjoying unity consciousness while doing my 5D work. It is beautiful. My personal belief/experience is that the separation of worlds begins on this individual level. As more and more of us choose this for ourselves, the 3D world will simply fall away as there will be no one left to support it.

    • Judith Fudge,

      I am, we are all deeply grateful that you and your group and personal beliefs has saved the world and all of humanity long before the Ascension Process even started. Thank that group and you for saving us all.

      • Denise, I love you to death, you Angel with Sharp Tongue who speaks Truth to the lunatics!🥰👏👏👏🌟💖
        Tammy R.

        • Bless you Tammy R., I needed that today. ❤ ❤ ❤

          There's been another uptick recently of egos and lunatics feeling the need to comment here. Usually I just continue deleting their comments (three years of this from this particular person) but there are others that no one ever sees here at HHL. Mega egos with zero true higher awareness who need to do THE WORK on themselves instead of claiming they’re clearing density from earthly locations that have been cleared multiple times many years ago.

      • 😀
        What makes me sigh heavily sometimes is that some of the much younger souls who are now changing things in dramatic ways, don’t really recognize that it was our gruelling work in raising the frequency on this planet, that is WHY they were able to incarnate in the first place. The difference between now and the 70s, say, is massive, I truly do think we had the hardest job!

        • You did have the hardest job, both Denise, Podvig and other brave warriors of the First Wave. I can’t even comprehend 1/100th of the good fight you fought for us all. For that and much more, I’m grateful in my soul for your sacrifice and courage. I thank you all.

          Um, regarding the beautiful triangles, pearls, codes and colors…, I don’t see them, never have, should I be worried? I certainly FEEL everything but alas, no visual displays. It’s a shame really. Would LOVE to witness just once the sheer beauty of it all.

          Speaking of feeling, I sensed Denise was OUTRAGED a couple of days ago. Guess it was the trolls.

          Sincere LOVE and blessings to ALL.

        • Jain Lee,

          The crystal Crystalline triangles I’m Seeing are what Sandra Walter is calling the ‘trinity DNA codes’. It doesn’t matter if one Sees them or not, and know that there’s plenty of things I don’t See. I wanted to express some about humanities NEW Crystalline triangles — trinity, Triality DNA codes — along with the other rainbow colored energies and other much higher frequency energies and beings that are present now in ways that couldn’t happen earlier. It’s going to be a year of HUGE positive changes in all ways.

          “Speaking of feeling, I sensed Denise was OUTRAGED a couple of days ago. Guess it was the trolls.”

          Yep I was angry and frustrated by certain people who write comments and that are in my neighborhood doing what they’ve been all year. There’s been another push of old negative crap via certain Portal People since the start of 2019 and I’m just so done with all that — the negative crap and the people it comes through aimed at me. I am sorry you felt my frustration over this Jain Lee and anyone else. It wouldn’t have happened but I’ve been under a mild and familiar old “attack” since January 1, 2019, and that on top of certain people/trolls/egos writing comments that none of you see unless I publish them pissed me off for a while. The extreme gap between the ever expanding Higher and the ever constricting old lower people and all else of the dying old lower world is so insane at times it’s had to deal with. Soon however the bottom will fully bottom-out and have no connections whatsoever to what and who has moved out of that old frequency range.

          None of this is directed at you Jain Lee. I do need to say this however.

          As usual I didn’t mention the growing difficulties and frustrations of my having to care for an 89-year-old with Dementia, hallucinates, a stroke, increasing physical disabilities, aging, adult diapers, bladder and bowel incontinence, is easily utilized by negatives, and more. Sometimes it is too much for me and I get unpleasant and need to go away to get myself right again.

        • “You did have the hardest job, both Denise, Podvig and other brave warriors of the First Wave. I can’t even comprehend 1/100th of the good fight you fought for us all. For that and much more, I’m grateful in my soul for your sacrifice and courage. I thank you all.”

          Jain Lee,

          I want to apologize to you for my not even acknowledging your lovely, heartfelt gratitude to we of the First Wave. I am sorry I was so focused on the other crap that I didn’t thank you for what you said from your HighHeart. Thank you deeply Jain and I am sorry. ❤ ❤ ❤

        • I needed to say it dearest and I know that you know and so on. Gratitude hugs and deep respect for what you have done and continue doing for us All. ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Thanks Denise and all for your sharings, makes perfect sense.

    What is new for me is that I make a connection with the core of Gaia and the Sun.

    I saw myself as a big, living column of rainbow stretching from the Sun to the core of Gaia, also felt them as living, pulsating, breathing Beings, as myself as a rainbow column I was. Amazing, still hold this connection as much and long as I can!

    Also, from 2-3 days felt such a lighter energy waves, like a burden fell down from my shoulders, no sense of miasmas, so much easier to breathe and to live, for a long time didn’t felt energy so easier, another shift happened…again.

    Anyone felt the same?

  • In Australia we have had such a long hot dry summer, the heat records have tumbled in so many places. Living in a city that can get to 47 Celcius is not healthy. The country areas had prolonged periods of 43-50 Celcius. Animals, plants and insects cannot live in this. I await your promise of a better winter with keenness!
    I’m relived that all the symptoms that you speak of are part of the process and that I have the opportunity to rest when needed.
    Profound thanks for keeping this journal for your readers.

    • Kate,

      The severe heat you mentioned is exactly how it’s been here for so, so long. I saw a report on TV recently about fire storms in AZ and it’s been the same here. Only a few months ago most of California burned so now with all this rain much is flooding and mud-sliding into other homes etc. But, I’ll take the NEW codes in the planets water any day over how it’s been.

      • Hi again… I just realized that we had the hottest summer last year in Sweden so much so that we were not allowed to have barbeques at our own houses. We even had Polish firefighters and others coming from abroad to help us.. I wrote about this here … !!! I had moved house last summer to my partner so talk about frustration has a part time firefighter not being able to help. My former colleagues were overloaded with work.. the previous summer we had ONE forest fire to take care of!!

        Concerning energies I’m seeing numbers like crazy everyday!! Last week I saw 999999999 twice!! My partner sees hearts everywhere.. i.e. walking in the woods or else were. My dreams also speaks volumes. In one month I will pick up my sisters dog cause she has too little time for it.. he is soo welcome here.. and last night I dreamt about him being happy to come.. I was out cross country skiing when he suddenly came along and jumped of joy.. he was so happy to soon be coming HOME…

        Hugs Ollie

      • Then there’s the snow that won’t stop here in western Washington State 🤤 All of February .. now today again. And record cold. So unreal.And we had the heat and smoke from all the fires last summer, too. Times they are a-changing.

  • Hi, I was in awe of your new energy code of the lustrous pearls.
    I had this experience probably 4 times in mid January and February 2019.
    It happened all times when I was in the sun. I was calling the happening for me my ‘pearl swearls” .
    The liquid pearl energy would come either in my crown chakra or my third eye..I could feel it coating my bones and organs on the inside of my seem to be more of an inside event than outside my body.
    I was having a tooth issue at the time and tried to make a dentist appointment ,but they were booked for a month. So when these ‘pearl swearls’ started happening for me I directed the energy to coat my teeth et. worked..I have been pain free.
    I am so glad to read of someone seeing this ‘energy code’ of the pearl…I was calling them was interesting too that they only happened for me in the was almost instantaneous when I sat in the sun..for the 4 or so times..and lovely. I loved all the subtle colors involved in the liquid white..swirling and moving..and it felt so good to ‘coat’ my bones and organs with was definitely and ‘inside’ job.
    So thanks for is nice to know in my solo life journey that someone is with me on this ‘path’ makes me feel not as alone..Blessings to one and all.

  • TY for sharing…. Denise, interesting enough David Wilcock reported something similar linked to the sudden rain in Californa.. he even made a video were it was snowing!! At work a colleague of mine talked about knowing 911 was inside job.. after asking about my Q hat.. he also giggled and said.. “look at Syria”.. he is going into retirement this year but still is on top on some of the things that you could not talk about 10 years back.

    Concerning the Triangle I saw a Orgonite or video today on youtube with triangle shaped ones.. I also have a triangle within one of my tattoos.. this year will be awesome from an light code and information spreading year..

    Hugs Ollie

  • Hi Denise, i had a visitation by a positive ET or it was me from the future…now i realize that the experience was an opening of sorts for a huge influx of codes. It lasted for a few minutes and was uplifting and comforting and empowering like u wouldnt believe. So much info that at the time and still i dont yet know what to do with. Lately ive been having extreme upper back pain and my teeth and gums, jaw ache like crazy. Just to let u know that all u say makes sense, i was a bit worried, felt like detox kidney pain. Love u!

  • Yes, yes, yes to all of the above …and I thought I was losing my mind. The codes are beautiful and in my case more like the first above although there is a flow to them not so geometric in nature. I took myself to the hospital 2 months ago as I thought I was having a heart attack, it felt as if I was walking around with a hole in my chest. The hearts better. It’s the kidneys and spine now the pain and burning in kidneys brings me to my knees only to go away, its one kidney than the other rarely the two…I don’t think I could survive the two at a time. My coccyx bone feel like a huge fire ball at the end of my spine. I understand the sharp pains in body. Head is a whole other issue as it feels as if someone is moving my cranial bones around and it can be extremely painful especially at night when I try and lay down but have all these bumps on my head from the movement. Usually gone by morning…I can feel shifts through out my body as painful waves, followed by a deep stillness, which doesn’t last very long. Although I am sleeping more than 2 hours now..I am awaken every few minutes by flashing lights which I believe are coming from within me……

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