Third Time’s A Charm As They Say

“You’re in the fairy tale now!” — Mad Sweeney, American Gods


After what I called 2019’s awful April because it was for me and many incredibly physically painful in our skeletal structures and more, ascending Earth’s core has evolved from old 3D iron to NEW 5D and higher crystal. Sounds simple and easy doesn’t it, but this entire ongoing Ascension Process for All has been anything but. Everything, including humans, are and will continue to change for the positive more quickly now because of these colossal, all-encompassing planetary energy ascents. Again, even that sounds simple and ease and yet I and many have been experiencing the natural side effects of these huge positive changes which are physical things suddenly breaking-down and needing to be repaired or replaced.

On the one hand old Earth and everything on it is continually and literally crumbling under our very feet and lives. This is happening with tremendous acceleration in 2019 because the NEW codes, NEW crystalline Earth core and therefore the energies flowing through the Earth’s grids and humanity, and more people embodying more NEW Crystalline DNA every day. All this and more automatically causes accelerated collapse of old Earth and everything on it. How many of you have, like me, recently had something break in your house, vehicle etc. that you’ve had to repair or replace? There is no one aspect of the deterioration and collapse of old Earth and its global systems, reality and consciousness etc. and the manifestation of NEW Earth at a profoundly higher level. This, the Ascension Process, is and has always been a singular interlinked “Event”. Every time you embody and/or Embody more NEW higher energies, Light, DNA, codes etc., the more old lower Earth and everything of it breaks-down. Saturn Pluto conjunction in Capricorn doing exactly what they, and everything else, are supposed to now.

Friday May 3, 2019, it felt to me like all of you were gone and I was alone on Earth. Saturday May 4th I realized I had, once again, changed timelines which is why it seemed and felt like everyone else was gone. I had literally changed my position which is why it felt like I was alone and everyone was gone and so on. A lovely external world quietness, peace and overall sense of safety often accompanies these timeline changes we make, and we have made them many, many times already. However, this latest timeline change or shift or jump or whatever you prefer to call it, has to do with the things mentioned already and more, including today, Sunday May 5th the annual 5-5 Taurus Pleiadian energy downloads and Gate.

After the bone-breaking, gut-purging, heart-pounding, head-spinning energy changes and more NEW Crystalline DNA we embodied and Embodied throughout April 2019, the shift into May allowed me to perceive that something really big and important has been fully seeded and anchored into many of us and NEW Earth. I will describe what I currently perceive, feel and know this particular big and important change to be in my way using my terms. Over the past few days I read a couple of things by some different Ascension teachers/writers who are calling it the ‘Awakening of the Dove’. That term means very little to me other than I immediately thought, “Oh good, humanity has been evolved past warring with other humans.” It’s much more than that of course but hey, think about just that!

To me these April into May 2019 latest evolutionary energy changes showed that the many thousands of years of distortions made upon humanity to NEVER go within themselves, never rely on themselves for answers, higher insights, direct connection to and with God/Source/All That Is etc., never become self-empowered, never evolve, never “wake up” and notice the planetary prison bars around them all etc. has energetically been removed and greatly upgraded.

Humanity has been intentionally suppressed and diminished into greater belief of and actual separation from their own divinity, higher awareness, HighHeart, ability to directly consciously access Source and much more. Humanity has been driven into focusing exclusively externally for all that they want, need and desire. Humanity has been told for thousands of years that they have to always be focused externally for everything. You want to communicate with God, then you have to go to a religious middleman who claimed he could do it for you. You want to get your body healed, then you have to go to someone who specialized in a particular body part, not even your whole body but different parts of it to have them repair or replace it. You want to know what’s going on, then you have to go to another person or people—church, state, media—and have them define reality to you. Humanity has been led away from their own empowerment and belief that they even could know, feel, do and understand for themselves by themselves because they’ve been herded into constant external focus instead of focusing internally themselves.

You look within, you go within, you rely on your own abilities to know for yourself and you’ll find that you are Source manifest as this physical aspect. If you discover that God/Source is within then those who want you always focused externally can no longer control you, your consciousness and therefore reality. Old news.

NEW news is that the entire negative global con job has just been entirely removed and replaced with what I call internal focus. What has been entirely pushed and focused externally outside of humans has just been replace with organic individual internal focus and individual direct empowerment. In other words, humanity has just been freed from those old negative distortions and now are in the Process of having them replaced with NEW seeded internal focus on Self-as-Source physically incarnate. That is one profound evolutionary “shift” that’s just been laid on global humanity!

Remember back in April 2017 when Saturn was pummeled by seven solar flares? Remember why that happened? It was to energetically free Saturn, lord of physical manifestation and holding it in place physically, from all the negative distortions that had been intentionally placed on and in Saturn.

Remember the January 20, 2019 Lunar Eclipse Supermoon that happened at 0° Leo 52′? Here’s what I perceived about it.

Saturn, physical reality and holding it in place physically. The Moon, emotions and emotional energies in humanity and the negative distortions intentionally done to both of them to better control mass humanity in the past. [A few years ago I believe it was, David Icke did a lecture video about Saturn and the Moon and what all the negative aliens had done to them both and why.] It’s been these two planets that have come under Divine Intervention first for these very reasons.

The next layer of the remove and replace the old inorganic distortions has been this latest one that was strongly felt by many throughout April up to today, May 5, 2019. Again, some are calling this aspect the “Awakening of the Dove”. I’m calling it the freeing of humanity from ancient negative distortions designed to keep them always fixated externally, outside of themselves for everything they want, need and desire. I’m calling this third (trinity) aspect and phase of these ongoing evolutionary Divine unfoldments—1st Saturn, 2nd the Moon and 3rd Humanity—the turning inward, the shift back to individual internal focus and growing Self-empowerment and Self-sovereignty. Same thing just different names for it.

First Saturn Father, second Moon Mother, third global humanity freed to become the Divine Child/Children by shifting from distorted fixation on external everything as the end-all to relying on one’s personal direct higher knowing and relying on one’s own internal everything as their Divine Source connection to all they want, need and desire. This is the start of humanity becoming self-empowered, energetically sovereign and Conscious Creators. No more relying on external other people, gurus, gods, religions, ETs, tools, governments etc. to define reality for you and keep you locked in it humanity. This is your coming of age time, of turning 21 humanity and having to take personal responsibility for everything for yourself. That may sound scary and unpleasant to some now but trust me when I tell you that in a very short time you’re going to be so enthusiastic over your NEW abilities and freedoms. Much more coming of course, how could there not be much more coming after this powerful and necessary 1, 2, 3 Trinity blossoming?


May 5, 2019

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160 thoughts on “Third Time’s A Charm As They Say

  • THANK-YOU Edith for articulating what I have been unable to articulate! 🌞 I have been experiencing the same type of feelings you expressed and at times have wondered what I have to do better or differently. The clarity of what you said has been immensely helpful to me. 🌈☀️🐝🐞

  • Dear Denise and all,
    Last night and today I feel like nearly normal Penny…perhaps its a slight break before another energy upgrade?
    A new experience last night…I have continual high pitched noise in the ears and fuii vibration of the body… yesterday, the high pitch in the ear increased and felt like it wrapped around the head and the body was like I had helicopter blood. and Take off was eminent… I was hopefull LOL
    Love to all

  • Denise, has that ever been another article where there were so many comments and replies? This has been something else! Not surprising for these times!

    I’m chiming in about the exhaustion and body pains! Hiking has always been my way to cope with the AP/EP challenges and I swear it’s been nearly impossible to get out there and enjoy the trails and feel the benefits. Denise, why do I see others that seem to be thriving right now with their fitness when I can barley move? I think I know the answer-that those people are not forerunners and they aren’t shedding and processing the way we are. I just want to feel good in my physical body again!

    • “Denise, why do I see others that seem to be thriving right now with their fitness when I can barley move? I think I know the answer-that those people are not forerunners and they aren’t shedding and processing the way we are.”

      Amy M., that’s exactly correct. The people who aren’t feeling these evolutionary energies, or are in really small levels at this point, are NOT First Everythingers, Forerunners, Embodiers, Pathpavers. Those who’ve always felt them are because we go first, we embody first, we transmute and clear out and Embody the NEW and we’ve been doing this and more for ourselves and for mass humanity (and all else) today and in the near future.

      “Denise, has that ever been another article where there were so many comments and replies? This has been something else! Not surprising for these times!”

      Yes again Amy M., April and May 2019 has been unlike anything we’ve gone through at any time during the entire AP. It’s the why’s of this that are important and what I’m going to try my best to write about today in my next article. Headache or no I’ve got to get it finished and soon because none of this is going to slow down this year and next.

      Everyone, August 2019 has been screaming at me for months, in a very, very good way I mean. Time will tell…

  • Hi Denise. I’ll be the tail end. For me May has been tough, but the challenge was and is to be aware of my beliefs, my thoughts outloud as well as inner thinking bcuz I feel that the anxiety and stress unchecked can kill me. I may be facing things that shock me out of my comfort zone, but its up to me to calm down OR exacerbate my situation. Im amazed how difficult its been to do this! I do see “the programming” which is the manipulated training to seek external solutions, to fear what appears to attack our comfort zone. The inner stress DEMAND to fix it NOW before I fall apart! And I have lived the rage the sense of helplessness causes. This programming does bring to mind, “like sheep led to the slaughter.” I also see how this programming keeps one’s focus and energy on the problem, or absorbed on seeking a solution. Its like a puzzle bcuz I ask myself, “well aren’t I suppose to find a solution?! Or do I let it all go to hell?!” So the key awareness is what part of me is engaged and how? If its my personality or human mind, then I stay trapped. If I calm down and remember I am a high heart being and seek that true part of me, THEN doors, ways, and means open up……. Along with growing trust in this truth of me and growing peace…. But Shit!😮😳😢😍

    • “I also see how this programming keeps one’s focus and energy on the problem, or absorbed on seeking a solution. Its like a puzzle bcuz I ask myself, “well aren’t I suppose to find a solution?! Or do I let it all go to hell?!””

      This is a VERY important aspect of the AP Edith so very well done on being conscious of this one. Too many are not. Use this same awareness about Team Dark, external focus in general and basically all else and when combined with the AP it all makes a whole lot of sense very quickly.

      The “programming” does absolutely want everyone to focus obsessively on whatever it is that they’re having problems or difficulties with. So long as humans are fixated on some something — money, health issues, romance, negativity/TD, governments, politics and on and on they are NOT focusing on themselves and their personal Ascension Process. It’s a mental and emotional ‘Smash & Grab’ to borrow Lisa Renee’s perfect term.

      This awareness and how to deal with it/them all was brought home for me with Team Dark a long time ago. I had to know they existed, as has humanity, but I then needed to NOT fixate or fear or focus on them! This of course is the “real test” for humans; know something exists but not get sucked into it and trapped by it because you’re totally focused on it constantly. We need to be aware of these things but then override them by NOT letting ourselves or the thing, whatever it is, run our lives. See it, know it exists and then do all you can to override it by disengaging from it mentally, emotionally and energetically yourself. In other words, become emotionally Neutral about whatever or whoever it is that’s trying really hard to pull you back down into that lower level of energy and reality and all that went with it/them. See it/them and know it/they exist but STAY ON THE HIGHER PATH because that increasingly removes you from all that lower stuff, people, consciousness and drama. The distractions to Enlightenment or Embodiment are plentiful but if we know that’s what they are and why it’s happening to us, then it’s easier to evolve beyond. Release, release, release and just energetically and mentally and emotionally walk away from it all within yourself. We’ve got to let go of the rung on the ladder we’re currently holding on to to move to the next higher one. 😉 ❤

      • Thanks Denise, I really do appreciate your insight to remain emotionally neutral and release, release, release! 🌼🌻☀️😃

  • Hi Denise and All Here,

    I’m so grateful for this forum. This entire month has been such a difficult one at every level, and I echo everyone’s comments absolutely as they pertain to our kindred (yes!) physical/mental/emotional roller-coaster rides. New construction (and the “de-construction” that is taking place concurrently) is running off the charts here in NYC, and the metaphor for each of our individual lives certainly applies here for me as well. My immediate circle of friends and family are going through very evident and accelerated physical and mental de-construction and impairments themselves, as the NEW codes and energies amplify, and it all makes me feel very very sad (and deeply humbled) that I am unable (at least at this time) to shepherd them into the NEW and ascended way of perceiving and being and living that we here have worked so hard to scout the NEW territory for. I will spare all here the litany and recitation of my own personal challenges, but I consider myself extremely fortunate to have found this family here at HHL…and I thank you, Denise, and all the other “relatives” here for keeping me honest and true. Infinite blessings to all of US!

  • It’s a shit show on my end as well. And a headache that won’t let up. Much love to everyone…💙

    • Francesca & All,

      Today, Friday May 24th has been really extreme and I’ve felt pretty bad all day. How is everyone doing today…? if you can make it to your computer that is! If not I certainly understand. I’m just checking in and then it’s back to bed for me.

      • Dear Denise & All,
        I commiserate: brain, nonexistent; heart, tender, emotional to the max; body, totally exhausted, sore. Had a graduation I had to attend today: must say 3D stuff and especially people make me want to run screaming, to somewhere, far, far away. Any connection to 5D LOVE from within and I am overwhelmed and such longing tears me apart.
        So, to bed go I, perchance to dream.
        Love & Light,

        • Dear Georgia and all
          Yes the body is totally exhausted and sore and …..emotionally ( yesterday ) unloading and looking at more situations that may relate to today. I am to burned out to know how to deal with this. I am still sleeping whenever I can,but it is bringing up old memories of nasties.
          The longing seems to be over the top right now and maybe that is good.
          Its raining and I may use this excuse not to go out today.

      • Hi Denise and All –

        May 24th also an unwellness day for me. pain more pronounced that the past two days, on the left side esp the chest area extending to the left upper and mid back; also felt nauseous throughout the day. Very intense, high frequency (HF) energetic influx around 3pm compelling me to lie down. Before I succumbed to sleep, had downloads/sensations/visions these likely triggered by those HF energies. More confirming clues/hints of the phase transition (and the manifesting) processes progressing; some kind of an internal “polarity reversal” seems to be taking place; also an apparent folding back of linear time (usually conveyed as linear frames moving leftward) this time being stalled ( last frame in a row moves to the left is yanked back to the right) like some force had intervened but a neutral one. Still discerning more precise meanings…Woke up 3 hours later. Felt like I was gone for 12 hours.

        Hope you’re much feeling better Denise and domestic situations have eased. Love to you and everyone here.

      • Hi Denise and All, YES! What a freaking day! Intense. I have thought about you several times and knew we were all being affected somehow. The itching has been insane for me for the past month. It was one of my first AP symptoms. . It has come and gone over the years but has gone full tilt.
        I forgot to share this the other day (because head wool). I woke up to a sound at 2:22 (Trinity numbers showing up like crazy everywhere now). It took me awhile to get back into my body. I heard construction/work noise with the equipment beeps (when they are going into reverse or forward and want to make sure anyone is aware of surroundings). It was so loud! I sleep with my window open and live in the boonies. No construction around. I slipped out of bed and stumbled to window to make sure of what I was hearing. The closer I got to window, the sound faded. I could only hear gentle night sounds and see many fireflies. I laughed to myself and thought, more separation and changes. Crawled back into bed and luckily slept some more. I know it has been discussed about these sounds we all hear (garbage cans, etc). I don’t blink an eye anymore to these occurrences. Just go with it. My deepest empathy and HighHeart to you Denise and All. 💓💓💓

        • Thanks Karina & All ❤ ❤ ❤

          Oh there's huge “construction work” going on for sure — in massive ways internally in we First Everythingers/Forerunners etc. now and to NEW Earth as well because the two aspects go together. And you’re right, just roll with the strangeness and keep going. 😀

      • Things are so intense. There aren’t enough words to describe. I’m sending you lots of love, Denise. You are an angel, and my heart goes out to you and all you’re going through. Thank you for this forum where kindred souls can feel welcomed and understood. Let there be healing for you and for everyone here. Love Love Love…xoxo

        • High ❤ hug Francesca. Keyword you said was kindred souls here. 🙂

          I’ve been working some more this morning on that article I promised a few days ago but the pain level is going to push me to take a nap now.

          I was thinking the past couple of days about that old saying about “fingernails on a chalkboard” and how that sound makes people squirm. The level of inner ear squealing, screeching sounds and head pains and energy headaches I’ve been hearing and having constantly created a visual image in my mind of someone trying to start a fire by repeatedly striking two large faceted diamonds together inside my brain! That’s more accurate than we’d guess despite the humor of that visual symbology. Article about all this up soon everyone. Lots of self-care everyone because this one is a very big deal.

      • Hi Denise,

        The past two weeks have been really challenging, especially physically. I ache from head to foot constantly but it’s worst in the morning. Permanent headache, feeling spacey and difficult to concentrate and remember things. Alternating between not needing much sleep to wanting to sleep all the time. Have a deep craving to be in nature and have been working in the garden installing lots of new plants, this has had a calming and reassuring effect on how I feel emotionally. I am obsessed with feeding and seeing to the well being of my neighbourhood birds who have now christened my garden with the new title of “Meg’s Diner” LOL! Many neighbourhood cats are also paying me a visit, but don’t seem interested in the birds that are here. I can relate totally to many of the comments that many of my family here on this blog have written and am so grateful to every one of you for your honesty and for sharing your thoughts and feelings so deeply here. My heartfelt gratitude goes to you Denise for making all this possible and for being with us every step of the way. Blessings and love to you all from Megan. 🙂

  • Ouf. You know what, Denise – May has made April look like a teddy bears picnic. I don’t even know anymore what the date is!

    • Podvig,

      I know, it’s been unbelievable and it continues being unbelievable with little to no let up whatsoever. Welcome to the NEW in this NEW way! 😐

      Long ago I adapted to the months-long periods of constant inner ear ringing, which has ascended to a much higher pitched squealing sound. I’ve adapted and can deal with it but it’s the headaches this time around (most of May 2019) that are so intense they’re making me nauseous at times. I know why this has happened and will continue to happen to more First Embodiers and Forerunners and am working on an article about it during the periods when my head isn’t hurting so badly.

      I get my feet under me again with all these energies and situations (my 89-year-old mom) and suddenly something hits me again and I have to start over. The extreme contrasts between what’s happening to me and many of us now has changed, has ascended to such a NEW higher level than anything we’ve ever experienced before and that contrast between the old situations with certain people (in my case I’m talking about my mom, her age, her dementia, her hearing has suddenly diminished, her peeing and pooping on me and just about everything else but the toilet (I’m talking literally here) and what’s currently happening with my, with our AP and/or EP and I don’t know how much more of this extreme situation I can cope with. This is the transition, the shift where we Forerunners/Embodiers etc. make the evolutionary energetic changeover from the old lower energy codes, templates, consciousness and tools and all that went with them, up to the NEW higher more complex and much bigger ones and all that goes with them. And this contrast — aka our personal Separation of Worlds — at the moment is oftentimes unbearable until we fully shift out of the old lower everything.

      • I just came here to say basically the same thing! Have had 2? 3? weeks of the worst *sustained* pressure I’ve ever known. (I have deep sympathy for you with your mom. My very ill cat is incontinent, and I’ve had to clean everything, just endless washing cleaning up washing cleaning up, scrubscrubscrub, till I’m exhausted). Plus physical issues, people being crazy, grueling overwork, financial stresses, domestic problems, equipment breaking, insect infestation, I just can hardly stand up. If this gets any more extreme, I am not sure I can take it, and I’m not even joking!

        • I absolutely understand Podvig, I’m there too and have been for awhile. We are in each other’s HighHearts with this current shift — almost wrote shit which works too. 🙄 ❤

        • “If this gets any more extreme, I am not sure I can take it, and I’m not even joking” Podvig, I can totally relate.

      • “I get my feet under me again with all these energies and situations (my 89-year-old mom) and suddenly something hits me again and I have to start over.”

        Yes, that’s exactly it. Different challenges here, but you’ve described this perfectly. I’m getting whiplash and feel like I’m breaking apart, and I suppose that’s the point. Somehow it helps seeing this description in writing. Thanks, Denise. ❤️

        • Oh boy guys exactly!! Just yes, yes & more yes to all you’ve said.

          My own version including 94 year old mother taking a turn and having to deal with family I havent had to deal with in a long, long time… which is just Whoa! Physical issues, ech just everything feels crazy ! In amongst it all I’m just making sure I keep looking for centre as I try to put my feet back under me as you so perfectly say and its been working so Ive also had moments when I can finally say yay me, considering everything thats going on I’m doing alright. I am choosing differently and I am finding clarity. It’s all gonna be alright. (I dont know why my emojis won’t work on here but if they did then I’d insert a HEART)

        • Oh, reading all of your comments is helping me…esp yours, Kara – for the 1st time ever, my lower back went ‘out’ , haha, more like ‘in-verted’ loosey goosey, and crackled.. just getting out of bed.. My hips had been ‘folding; in (due to ‘bad’ couch /coushions/ sleeper bed saggingend pillow towrd center) but THEN.. one of my very old,not in years, ‘stressed’ out me, accumulated whiplash form the 1980s,, was so tight, acu needles would pop out.. then, it was out for 2 years/coulnd’t lift chin off chest (I was also homeless -and I mean..NOT even CL:OSE to being able.. .Once in awhile, the upper vertebrae would also pop out.. SO:… I retrained the upper ‘wings’ to hold back.. Well , neck went out.. and then.. a week ago,, BAM..reachedforward cooling and those upper vertebrae..No one around will respond to asking to cross street and get some groceries for me..been out of all basic fresh,and now other pantry stuff.. OF course, too much time alone,, been falling into wild imagination.. Irony.. a friend offered to buy me a new couch..he lives 4oo miles away..Most couches come in pieces,and jsut dumped in front of door.. So.. Until tonight, been trusing, yet. .can’t /don’t see the VALUE of this… clearing out sooo much/inner stuff.Blessing this couch, stoppe ‘bamng’ it.. Can’t sleep on my really good bed.. Been getting great ‘angel’ /guides/ whatever messages. .BIT.. tonight ,those upper vertebraie someone shifted to the ight.. AND now,, am workng really hard t o stay out of False Evidence Appearing Real;.. as in,,beenso many times ,but so many years ago..hahah …am still managing to do many things.. soldier through..EXCEPT pick up trash , anyhting on floor, go into extreme vertigo.. And my knees.. like bowling balls..tping on a laptop in my lap..I don’t want to go to chiro.. too harsh.. massage.. Do Not want to go to a doc.. I’m thinking that this upper vertebrae moving msut mean .. it’s loose, it’s ok! Anyway… Since I’ve had a place to live for 4 years , ,and all expenses are worries.. AND ..sudeenly, all kinds of money, gifts coming to me!.. I’m also planning on moving back to where I hve mnay relatives/ cousins.. who really WANT me to, and so much validation ! So.. thanks, everyone.. ALL of this CRAP.. indeed, May’s been a real bitch, huh! Thanks so much, Denise… prayers to you guys undergoing caretaking.. Makes me appreciate that I don’t have to be ‘responsible’ for anyone except me.. Selfish? Finally seeing that I have VALUE and really DESERVE.. need to take better care of ME/body –and that I don’t need anybody’s ‘back’.. well, that of a couch.. havne’t liked sleeping on a bed for eyars..oh, and getting my bowling ball knees up right. .’fearing ‘ they won’t lift . .(STOP TOSE Thoughts !! )

      • I have had the head pressure and nausea and diarrhea these past 2 weeks along with the constant joint pain and feet pain. It has been worse than usual in May and when I thought I couldn’t take any more, my right hand swelled up and is excruciatingly painful still. I can hardly use this hand at the moment which is so awkward but the thing I miss most is that I can’t do my knitting ( I make cardigans for premature babies at a neo natal unit here in the U.K.) This is like a therapy to me during this AP and EP time and makes me lose myself while I’m knitting. Rendering me some what useless at the moment, I have felt often that things that give me a little pleasure always seem to be taken away from me. Are we meant to lose everything in this time, because I have lost out quite often due to pain? I know we have to suffer and there are people worse off than me, you Denise for one, but do we have to lose everything before we are any use again? I send love and gratitude to all who comment here and especially to you Denise, helping us all to understand and keep going. Linda xxx

    • Dear Podvig and Denise,
      The last couple of months….its rather stunning isn’t it!,,my empathy and understanding to you both! I have the constant very high pitched noise, the pain body and sleeping 12 hours a day. (I am grateful for that) and yesterday…dental work. But amongst all this there has been a bit of magic slipping in. I was able to dissolve and recognize an emotional pain that I was carrying and instantly remove it and decided this year to celebrate my birthday. I couldn’t believe the amount of joy I experienced and things that happened.
      I very much want to go “home”soon. Done is Done.

    • My sympathies to ALL undergoing difficult, painful and extra challenging circumstances right now. I have to agree with Denise when she wrote “…this contrast – aka our personal Separation of Worlds – at the moment is oftentimes unbearable until we fully shift out of the old lower everything.”

      Coping with an “unbearable” situation forces us to release our attachment to the OLD EVERYTHING related to the reality we’re still in. We have to truly feel DONE with it before we can more fully embody our Higher consciousness.

      I have gone through some awful stuff (too yucky to even mention) and feel like I’m now floating at zero point. Recently these energies have put me to sleep at odd hours, so I know they’re intense!

      Love to all and especially to Denise. Hope things get better soon for you!

      • Thanks Thelma ❤ and yes, lots and lots of extra sleep has been needed because of these latest internal changes we're going through.

  • I so love this community! Thanks much Denise and all for the post and all the sharing, you add more color to this linear frame in which I play a co-carer to nine 8-day old dog-babies. The lovely furries were birthed by Onyx, an ex- street dog who decided to be a self-appointed protector of and thus a mainstay in my sister’s large compound. She became my friend and I named her such when I came to the area last august. Inner guidance asked that I rest and move only if I must and to find/be in joy but I could not have anticipated that a source of joy that I would be bestowed with will be my dog-friend and her babies. Witnessing how Life manifests in/through/as these dog-form expressions through Onyx has me in awe at the utter marvel and perfection of Existence and Creation! I sometimes think that for a number of reasons my being where I am during the birthing of those 9 beautiful babies in this New energy could have been no happenstance. Onyx, the pitch black dog-mommy; nine (as in completion of this phase in the evolutionary cycle?); 9 babies of which 5 are white (three with tiny black spots) and 4 are darkly furred – one pure black, one gray, and two in shades of brown. Metaphors right before me in the physical? I wonder how the current intense energetic influxes will affect/are affecting our dog-babies, their physical make up and consciousness. Will they be super-dogs perhaps? Yep, I have found joy as advised despite the intense surges/the at times incomprehension of sensations, sightings and information/physical pains etc., and I have Onyx and her lovely furry brood to thank, not humans Im afraid. 

    Interesting that some shared about a marked energetic shift they felt last May 18th for I have also confirming experience of a pronounced energetic up-notch around that date (May 17th in my instance with the US-Phil time difference). Simultaneously with that HF moment was this unbidden powerful decree (in light language) along with the two palms forming what appeared like a triangular figure. It was explained that said action directed all the elements, the creational forces, to work together in fast-tracking the series of events as had been made known and revealed. There was also a reminder to remember the “Triality of the New Reality for the Many” (Denise I remembered perspectives you shared on this) and to understand the highly potent combination of the sign plus voice/sound in the manifestation of the intent. There have been other indications from this vantage point that the unfolding of events is accelerating on various levels and soon will manifest on the solid plane. There appears a correspondence at the individual level as the sense is strong of fast-tracking more remembering, refining faculties, and also there’s urging to come to One’s own as an individuated sovereign and most refined/highest/deepest aspect of I AM/ONE/GOD, constantly willing and poised to do when divine impulse comes.

    June seems to be in the horizon for marked big changes including placements and locations. I am grateful for this fleeting R&R of sorts (with my dog-companions) as I can focus on more dot-connecting and more excavations into HF meanings and interpretations of what is Seen, Heard, Felt, and made Known.

    Much love to you Denise and All! Thank you for Being “there” and for BE-ING! Graduations and Handovers are like wondrous music to the ear. Yes please. Bring them on!

  • Hi Denise and all

    I am glad someone mentioned the chest/lung thing. Recent weeks have been heavy going but finally out the other side of it. Mine was to the point of having an asthmatic cough and heavy lungs. Really nurtured myself, but for awhile I thought my lungs were in trouble. I just kept up for the assistance with hot packs, herbs, essential oils burning etc and now all is good. Those that assist me had advised that it is all just part of the process. Just look after the chest to keep it healthy.

    My issues I was having with radiation issues from technology and the psychic hits were because the area near the centre of the chest (lower spincture valve) had be weakened so I was vulnerable. The attacks had success as this valve now leaks acid considerably. But the message from my body is that “you always wanted to know how to heal many things”. That is so true always from childhood. The body together with my efforts with the options I have learnt is showing me how incredible these bodies are and what they can come back from real knowledge correctly applied. It is showing me the true truth with this process so I am even more awake and aware. It lets me know what nourish for that particular area. So will be interesting to see what is achieved.

    The acute pain I was suffering and the crippling fatigue has now been reduced because of recent things I learnt and applied over months.

    EP/AP journey from my experience has always been about earthly knowledge to assist the body through the process.
    I do not need to know what movements the planets are making because the body deals with all of that very well. Mine is to keep up the high level nourishment and other assistance required by the body. It’s the vehicle after all and I have learnt my place in all of this and I have learnt what is true and authentic and what is not for me. It’s working as it did last time I did heavy work. I will never doubt again that we most definitely have been given all the tools.

    Keeping my focus on being my own guru. Different journey for each soul to make it interesting.


    • “EP/AP journey from my experience has always been about earthly knowledge to assist the body through the process.
      I do not need to know what movements the planets are making because the body deals with all of that very well. Mine is to keep up the high level nourishment and other assistance required by the body…”


      Based on what you’ve stated here, and repeatedly over the time you’ve Commented at HighHeartLife, it sounds like you would benefit from and fit better at some forum that focuses on the physical body and all the external tools and devices as you do. That is not and never has been what I’m about and my focus here at HHL. The physical body is one very big and important aspect of the AP and EP processes yes, but it is not and never has been the only aspect to fixate on while overlooking or ignoring all the others. I know your way works for you now and that’s good. Happy, healthy trails. 🙂

  • Hello Denise and everyone 🙂

    Penny I wanted to thank you ❤ for your comment on Denise's last article (Many Now Having Dream-state "First Contact") where you shared you knowing the differences between ET and TD and how TD pushed on your emotions/fears. You helped me have a realization! Previously I threw all negative ET's I saw in dream state under the TD umbrella without giving it too much thought. After reading your line of how TD pushed on your emotions/fear I realized that all of my previous encounters with TD be it in real, dream state, or lucid (where I'm conscious and aware that I'm sleeping and dreaming), they all induced negative emotions (predominately fear). But with the negative ET experiences I did not have any negative emotions (or it didn't seem to affect me). Almost as if I was an observer, even though I was the one in the dream state experiencing the situation (e.g. the negative ET's looking for me or physically coming after me).

    I can relate to several of Kara's comments in regards to crying the first week of May and her mentioning she just felt like crying and crying. Yes, I too heavily experienced that May 1-3 where I cried. May 15 was massive for me (same as Kara experienced again, as well as you Denise mentioning a release), not only did I cry for hours all evening and into the night but I was finally able to take initiative for an issue that I've been dealing with for more than 1.5 years. Nothing has been solved but by taking that first baby step I felt a huge sense of relief.

    I've also been experiencing things breaking down and seeing construction happening externally everywhere for years now which seems to be increasing by the year. Personally the breakdown of things has been increasing for almost 2 years now, especially the last year, whereas before these 2 years things would be breaking on and off. And yes Denise, a lot of water related issues! 2 years ago I noticed this and figured the water represented emotions and perhaps things water related were happening as I was processing a lot of emotions. Such as the toilet breaking down, the tub constantly getting clogged. Then I moved and even here the same thing, the kitchen sink plus tub constantly getting clogged, another toilet, the ceiling leaked from rainwater last year, and this past March the ceiling was leaking again but due to the tub/pipe! But I love how you have shared New Codes being carried by water as well, so thank you for that, it's been raining here often. For things breaking down, there have been many. Few examples include things just falling off such as the towel holder railing/toilet paper holder/cabinet door, light bulbs, the ceiling fan blew, a year ago I was cooking and suddenly heard a loud boom sound as the entire stove appliance blew and it wasn't even old! So many things, even this computer I'm using right now is broken for the past few months, the screen just suddenly decided to completely fall 180 backwards and no longer stays upright (I'm using a pillow right now behind it to keep it up). 😂 Another thing I've noticed breaking down which I've never experienced before for the past year or so is pulling clothes out of the closet to wear and later discovering they have holes! I didn't rip them nor are there any bugs eating away at them.

    I know in my last comment on a previous article I mentioned hearing birds chirping at 3 am, but this Saturday, May 18 I heard them at 1:30 am! Denise I know you shared that it had to do with the spring energies but just wanted to share this additional crazy experience with you all. I was laying down and literally jumped up to go close to the window just to make sure I was hearing chirping birds. ❤ ❤ ❤

    • Prabhi K, Denise and All, I too heard a bird chirping outside my window at 2 a.m. on Saturday, May 18th. It was a Sparrow. Not for long, but I woke to hear her. Saturday afternoon around 2 p.m., I noticed something strange in an area of the yard. I went outside to see what it was. Now, give you, I am in an area that is remote and neighbors are a good distance away. It was a mylar balloon with “Way to go GRAD” on it. Any type of physical school graduation in the town is usually at the end of May. Of course, as soon as I picked up the balloon, I laughed and said Thank you aloud. Thank you ALL for sharing. Much love!

      • “It was a mylar balloon with “Way to go GRAD” on it.”


        That is a great and very obvious message to you, and to the rest of us because you shared it here. Thanks for that, it’s a very correct message indeed and when I can better express this latest “Graduation” we’ve just gone through and are still going through I’ll try to communicate what I know about it so far. I’m still In Process now as many of us are so it’s all very NEW and greatly expanded and different.

        THIS is why the birds are singing in the middle of the night; it’s “springtime” continuously in 2019 and for who knows how long for Earth and humanity due to these NEW codes, templates, NEW Crystalline Diamond Trinity DNA, Earth grids, HighHeart and all else. Thanks for sharing this important and timely message experience you had Karina. ❤ ❤ ❤

        • Thank you Denise for your reply. I’ve had many “Graduation” dreams over the years. Several this year already. So seeing this shiny, colorful balloon (gold, silver, red, purple) in the physical realm – I KNEW it was confirmation and made me giggle. I see many of YOU HERE in the dreams too – even though I’ve never met you – again, I KNOW. Many of US. I look forward to your Graduation article Denise. Much, much LOVE to you all. ❤

        • That explains why on Saturday, May 18 I felt as if I had achieved something, or in the process of as Denise mentioned. I felt a lightening effect, so figured there must have been another energetic shift. Thank you so much Karina for sharing your wonderful experience and Denise for sharing about the latest process of graduation. ❤

      • Thanks Karina for the Grad balloon story! I am totally feeling this graduation message now. I woke up from a dream this morning in which I was attending a class called “Samadhi”…talk about graduation. About 30 minutes later I was looking out at the forest and hills and there was a full rainbow beginning in the same place I had seen a glowing pastel pink orb radiating love the night before. Love to Karina, Denise and All! Nancy

    • Prabhi K, was today another doozy for you? I wanted my huge wave of tears to carry me away home, but the tide went out again, and I’m still here, eating my feelings in a pint of ice cream, catching up on comments and feeling grateful for you all. Lots of love to you.

      • Yes Kara, yes!!! Our huge waves of tears seem to be synced either on the exact day or shortly before/after which I’m finding beyond amazing (even though going through them is not fun at all and actually very painful). First week of May was shortly before/after, May 15 we both experienced it the same day, and now again another shortly before/after. I experienced it on May 22, the effects did carry over to May 23 for me though. May 22 in the afternoon it came on intensely which lasted several hours, felt like a culmination for me personally. I know I commented May 15 was massive for me, but May 22 was even more profound. They seem to be getting more powerful! Based on all of May so far (and possibly our previous experiences, who knows!), I’m almost expecting us to experience it at the same time the next time it happens again!
        Lots of love to you as well Kara, and to all reading this! 🙂 ❤

  • Major muscle pain, exhaustion waking, now moving into hips, various joints. I feel like I’ve partied on the moon all night all this week while doing squats and push ups there for fun. My jewelry keeps breaking. I get it fixed. Then it breaks. I fix it again. It breaks again. I hesitate wearing things for now. About to throw several “breaking” pieces away. (wondering what that means too!) My living space is breaking and falling apart. Screws loosening. Big physical move is happening soon, not sweating small stuff. Living in the new unknown is like being a land animal changed into an air animal that doesn’t need to land anywhere anymore. And SOMEHOW that is not irresponsible, impractical and you don’t get lost…? Wha… Hmm. No brain, can’t use that UP there. NO thinking. And guides are SO serious about that. As recovered head case, this is truly hard. Also, Denise do you know what is up with the whole chest/cough thing past two months?? What is reconstituting or expressing itself and why? LA has been riddled with intense sudden dry coughing. Diagnosed kids across the city with whooping cough. I had to go on antibiotics due to “mysterious” bronchial infection they can’t figure out, according to doctor. Pretty sure it is AP related. Finally, 4D folks are pissing me off. Pardon the complaint. Pissing me off. Seriously mess with dreams in sick ways. I wake and see them laugh. Won’t be giving that opportunity again. They are NOT happy about incredible results present now. Fortunately, it’s DONE. Nothing they can do. NO GOING BACK NOW. :)))) I was told this morning a load of events happening across the earth. Shake, rattle and roll now. The tenor was warming up his throat before. No idea what that is or what it means. Just saying. I’ve been too whacked or too in motion to read for a week. Looking forward to reading more responses! Thank you for the beneficial forecast and for ALL the support. Btw, reading your OLD POSTS seriously helps!! I know you’ve encouraged it a hundred times, wish I did it sooner! It helped me understand a lot of the dimensional stuff and comprehend some. I keep thinking of it in terms of physical space, but the radio station analogy is much better. As I FEEL out the difference now, it is like “stations” and more understandable how one thing can exist right in front of or beside a whole OTHER thing!

    • “No brain, can’t use that UP there. NO thinking. And guides are SO serious about that. As recovered head case, this is truly hard.”

      So true Marcy, it’s all about the HighHeart and not the head/brain/intellect anymore, which is a huge and difficult shift for most.

      “Also, Denise do you know what is up with the whole chest/cough thing past two months??”

      I think it’s caused by multiple things now. A big one is all the rain we had here (and still having!) which is causing much worse allergies for many. Another reason has to do with humans purging a lot of old lower frequency toxins from their bodies and we often do this through our lungs. For the past two months about, I’ve had congestion in my lungs which is rare for me and cough every morning for a while to clear it. That plus my lungs hurt a bit when I take a deep breath. I’ve had these AP side effects many times over these ascension years but it’s been worse through April and May 2019. And another reason could be illness other people are having in populated areas, but I too believe the majority of this is AP related and due to all the excessive rain water (and/or snow) which has been carrying and holding these latest NEW Codes for humanity and Earth.

      “I was told this morning a load of events happening across the earth. Shake, rattle and roll now. The tenor was warming up his throat before. No idea what that is or what it means. Just saying.”

      I felt the STRONG possibility of some big sized earthquakes in April 2019 but we seemed to get by without much below ground shifting then. But… I too sense that because of the solar transmissions (winds, CMEs etc.) happening throughout May, and the NEW Codes and NEW Grid energies in Earth (and us too) that have just gotten activated last week, there’s a strong possibility that as these NEW below ground 2D Grid energies come online through Earth that that’s going to trigger some AP side effects in Earth AND the weather too.

      Thanks about my old articles and I’m glad you went through some of them. Last year I read backwards through a year’s worth of my articles here at HHL and was astonished at how much sense they made when reading them that way. It was so easy to see what we’d been through that year because my articles — and others too of course — are really just chapters in one ongoing big book about the AP and EP processes. ❤

      I forgot to include that it’s common to have our lungs get sore and become congested after we’ve been through another higher round of HighHeart expansions and further activation. And that’s exactly what these current solar transmissions (energies and Codes etc.) have been doing all week; further expanding our HighHearts which feels like our heart and entire upper front chest area is pounding fast and hard for hours at a time while at complete physical rest and quiet. The past 2 days I’ve had this going on again and it almost always causes my lungs to be sore and somewhat congested AFTER the HighHeart pounding and expansion phase. Just more Embodiment with some after effects.

      • Thank you, Denise!! I appreciate all that. I appreciate especially the reminder that everyone else struggles with “not thinking” too. Old habit for me to feel like the odd one out. One of several things grieving themselves out of my body presently…in these new codes. It’s been amazing past couple days though, again the world is suddenly different!!! Some folks that were a mess all the while before, just in the past day there is new light energy in them!!! They are oddly nice to me! In a day! (these are folks at work that were not that way for years). They shifted! Couldn’t believe my eyes. And light outside is all different again! Traffic lights etc all brighter. Again the mood has raised, people are singing or laughing in traffic..LA TRAFFIC! And BOY it’s marshmallow skies now. And cotton candy atmosphere!! I keep thinking Mary Poppins song “up, up in the atmosphere..!” It’s like a pink blanket of cotton candy as part of the sky and clouds that are bluish greenish pinkish marshmallow. Now even more layered! I feel all the candy in me every time I look at the “candy” up there. It’s marvelous and scary, the colors and light I see inside and outside me. I hope I don’t get in the way of any of it. Amazing amazing amazing. I learn to just feel now:). I can risk all now.

  • Been having a week or so that seems like it was shipped straight from hell, here. Am fine on the INside, fabulous – not imploding! 😀 – but 3D life has been the opposite. For instance, am nursing my 16 year old cat through what I know is her final illness. It’s hard. 😦
    Very interesting to watch world events, isn’t it? Someone remarked to me the other day that it feels as if all the plates being carried by a waiter are about to topple.

    • This week seemed to vacillate between dimensions for me. Food: All or Nothing. Sleep: Unnecessary or Never-Ending. Taking Care of 3D Tasks: Easeful and marked by helpful humans or Just Not Even Worth Trying. I remember thinking that it felt like being on the (original) Starship Enterprise, stuck half in and half out of the transporter unit! Probably a memory from some timeline. I navigated by spending as much time as possible outdoors, with my hands in the dirt, sunshine and birds overhead, and absolutely no expectations whatsoever. Just kept turning in the direction of something/anything that lightened my heart and often brought sweet, soppy tears to my eyes.

      • Rachel, best advice ever. My experience past two weeks has been inside all those perimeters, as well. I realize I need more nature. I can’t keep up with the changes.

    • Podvig, awesome analogy! The waiter with the trays! Am sending lots of love as you enter final time with your loving animal. I carried mine through 2015 and I know what it is like. Mine was a little white dog, the hero’s companion in folklore. You go get lots of support, okay? Peace to you. Bless you and your little baby, too. Thank God for them. Never would I have journeyed so far without him…

    • Podvig, my sympathies, especially regarding your cat. I lost 3 beloved cats, all around 15 or 16 years old, within a 2 year period – Dec. 2007, Sept, 2008 and Thanksgiving, 2009. It was so crushing I vowed I would never get that close to an animal again. Now I realize it was the beginning of my ascension process (AP) on a conscious level. The last 10 years have been a “letting go” of all my old 3D values and an opening up to higher consciousness values. Growing pains are not exclusive to the very young but at least now they lead to a rewarding future.without war, etc.

      Bless you and Denise and all who comment here.

    • Dear Podvig
      I am so sorry about your cat,,I know how hard this cat is 19 now and sleeping alot and her back legs are weakening..How special our pets are and I thank her everyday for being with me.
      love, understanding and strength coming to you..

    • Podvig,

      Sorry about what you and your elder cat are going through now. My feline friend began his exit the day Agent Orange got elected in 2016. He wasn’t going to go through all that. After he died I too decided I won’t get another feline partner. It’s too much for me now with everything else that’s happening.

      Yes the “plates” are toppling faster and faster. Saturn Pluto Capricorn conjunction doing exactly what must be done now. And so we Embody, Embody and Embody even faster. ❤

      • Thank you very much for all your kind words about my cat angst ….. yes, never gets any easier, does it? – and the longer they live, the emptier your home feels after they’ve gone.
        She’s a lovely tabby named Venus, and has been such a good companion through all kinds of ups & downs over sixteen years, that it’s heartbreaking to be staring at what looks like her exit. I told her the other day: “You are better than most of the humans I’ve met”, and she purred, and reached out and laid a paw on my hand.
        She’s still here at the moment, though her back legs are weakening.
        Denise, yes, I well remember you writing about your cat.
        This time I really *am* not having another pet. It’s pretty funny, isn’t it, because we know they’re gonna leave before us, but we somehow think it won’t happen, or they will live to a record-breaking 46 years! 😀

        • “…but we somehow think it won’t happen, or they will live to a record-breaking 46 years! 😀”

          LOVE is nonlinear! 😉 ❤

  • Thank you Denise and all..for the amazing sharing here. I got here late in the month…yet receiving this info has assisted in lifting some energy…with laughter sharing..
    BROKEN stove top’s not even a year old AND it’s the second time ..they already replaced it about 6 months ago…
    My washer went wonky and now it sounds like it’s ready to take outta here…and..Electric skillet decided to choose it’s own frequency..melt down…it was new….
    I have been extremely physically ill since 5 – 11……headaches …and swollen joints..
    My hands….and fingers…it’s as if I am turning into rock woman or something…this is torturous…
    I been at tbis AP since 1998..I am 64 years old..and I agree …I have Never experienced this level of energy elevating..
    Literally..I HEAR the crystalline frequencies in my vessel…my system is heightening…
    All the words of this process..sound beautiful and easy…
    ITS ALL…a horrible relief…indeed…
    Oh and reading a comment above…I too have been having moments where I remember something from 30 and 40 years ago and it stops me in my did that come from..I surely was not consciously thinking of it…I too just realize it’s there for realizing where I am not any longer…or maybe these were crossroads…integral points of choice..I do not linger on them…it sort of shocks the senses…
    Anyway..thanks again Denise. I really did need this’s the first day of no fever and ability to at least be out of bed..
    LOVE to all

    • Deb,

      I’ve wanted to respond sooner but April was unreal and May has been painful but highly progressive. Nonetheless it’s been unusually hard for me but am feeling some relief finally from these May solar energies and the other cosmic Waves that keep arriving every few hours.

      “My hands….and fingers…it’s as if I am turning into rock woman or something…this is torturous… I been at this AP since 1998..I am 64 years old..and I agree …I have Never experienced this level of energy elevating.”

      Yes, giant yes to all of it. It’s why April and the first half of May 2019 nearly broke me both physically and psychologically. I’ve gone right up to the edge many times since 1999, but this time was the worst and most painful. Something did break but it was very positive and necessary. I’m going to try to get an article written about this and the why’s of it all but these solar energy “headaches” are pretty intense this time around! No promises at this point yet I do want to write about these current HUGE energy changes — one after another after another after another this year. As with all things, it’s the lead up to the actual physical event — in this case I’m talking about the exact Saturn Pluto conjunction in Capricorn happening (exact, same degree) on January 12, 2020 — that’s more intense, difficult and painful than when it finally happens! On 1-12-2020 the NEW will take over, fully in the physical so it’s a “done deal” at that point, but it’s the getting to that point that we’re doing every minute now that’s hard and painful. It’ll so be worth it all however. 😀

      From carbon rocks to clear Crystal running all NEW higher Codes is a very big deal so hang in there everyone, some big relief has already happened for we Forerunner Embodiers. ❤

  • I’m just wondering if anyone else is feeling a shift or volume turned up today? It felt to me like more ease and integration for a little bit, but today is whammo again. Headache, angry flashes, more restless, etc. The inside answer I got earlier was to relax, and I don’t doubt that’s true. Just struggling to be in that state with everything going on in my life. I gave my kids gummy worms and TV so I could lay down and now I can’t stop crying. I’m honoring the release as best I can. Sending lots of love to everyone here. I know I’m not alone in seeking the comfort of shared experiences. 💗

    • Hi! My stuff has/have? been falling apart right along. The ultra intensity has been like a laser focus on where I still fear, where I cling to problem solving by freaking out and controlling, and Im now able to SEE IT. And like a kid I scream “But I cant trust! Not about THIS. THIS is too much”. Plus my ptsd wants and demands instant fix in order to relieve the Intense anxiety. This has been a tough one, but I’l have also been able to observe as I have been dragged thru, and its also about how I PERCEIVE my experience. But Im worn out! And as a co creator learning to be aware of my thought/belief system and changing mid stride while in the act of habitually having a freak out and realizing its Not Truth, it takes ALL I’ve got at present to say creator me is Here nd all This is a lie I’ve been believing! I think its a core level of crap. Hugs!

      • You nailed it Edith … exactly what I have been going through. Thanks for giving it words. Hugs back! ❤

  • I tried to post a comment about forests and stuff going wonky … wanted it on top so it made sense … but somehow it ended up in the middle … ack 😨 … just something else malfunctioning, I guess. It is what it is … love you Denise.❤

    • The Comments show up as published Kathy, there’s nothing malfunctioning with that. Everything else is a different story however.

  • I was thinking the same thing. If people are genuinely puzzled, openminded and have the will to learn, then it’s worth responding to them, even if they initially came across as crass, jeering, patronizing and condescending.
    But after about the ninety third Stefan in your life – and I’m sure you get many which we don’t even see! – you wise up. It’s not worthy of your time or energy.
    These people don’t WANT to know anything; they just enjoy trying to be provocative, argue, endlessly debate and query. (And if you prove a statement of theirs wrong, they never admit it, let alone apologize, they just shift to a different angle of attack).

    I was reading the spiritual teacher Peter Deunov awhile ago, and he said: if people ask me questions as genuine seekers, I answer them. If they ask nonsense, like, ‘How do you know God exists? Prove it’, I do not bother speaking to them.


  • Thanks Denise, once again the answers came in loud and clear last night, HHL is like a post office sorting office where if finds the mail that got stuck somewhere even though you didn’t know you’d written it, and, just like writing to santa as a child, a higher presence read it for me, and showed me the exit to the pigeon hole I’ve been flying in and out of for years. I’ve got a brand new base this morning… It’ll be a challenge to remind myself but truth and clarity amplified ten fold overnight, I love you very much. In gratitude 🏡🌿❤️🎶

  • After reading Stefan’s Comment I was going to respond to him with some higher more complex information, but, because I’ve been through this with many dozens of other “Stefan’s” since I began writing about the Ascension Process online in 2003, I already know there’s NOTHING I or anyone else can say to him and the 72% that are not and never have been living, doing and embodying what I have and will the rest of my life. They’re incapable of it because they’re not built for it. Full stop. End of discussion. So they try to crucify Lightworkers and the Light, which is an old habit on old lower Earth with the 72%.

  • Thank you, everyone, for writing here and allowing me to learn from you. In response, I written the following:

    If it is useful to anyone else, for over three years my hair has been falling out without any discernable reason medically, and within the last three months various joints have become ‘frozen’, which have limited my usual agility and created previously unknown, skyrocketing pain. From time to time body parts, especially fingers, have gone numb, and remained that way, until the issue suddenly disappears. What I used to eat, a strict organic nearly vegetarian diet, I can no longer stomach in the usual way; instead there are hourly fluctuations that swing between nausea and something to stop it, such as ginger, which affects everything else I do try to eat. Severe headaches come and go, alternating with a flu-like virus with symptoms I can’t explain. My energy level, no matter what I do, went flat line months ago, and I would live in bed if I didn’t face my responsibilities with a steady stream of caffeine and false energy. My normal sleep pattern ruptured several years ago, which in turn shattered the hormone levels that arise from normal, undisturbed sleep. All of this, which is uncontrollable and creates unstable and unpredictable experiences, is a painful hardship. I simply cannot be the only human being on this planet faced with this level of acute suffering.

    A year and a half ago I bought four acres of property with a house. The many problems with it were concealed by the former owners, both real estate agents who came from the same agency, and the person who was paid to review the status of the house. Team Dark, anyone? The black mold on many walls, caused by water seepage, was concealed by items pushed against the walls, which was not discovered until several days after arrival. A deck, also concealed, is rotting from water and must be replaced. The wires to two water pumps were sheered, causing multiple sewage floods. My driveway had to be dug up and giant pipes inserted to drain water away from my house and off to another area. Due to these and many other problems subcontractors have been in my house on an ongoing basis since December 2017. I have never unpacked, nor moved in, which is another kind of hell.

    The factions of the Team Dark reality, living all around me, have pushed the limit on illegal acts to the point that it has become quite clear the local police department are also a Team Dark squad, not to be trusted, and who do not offer protection nor uphold any laws. I have made no friends here because it appears that I am from another country, perhaps another planet, and certainly another reality in terms of my beliefs. I do not want to know nor associate with deeply hostile, violent people, who, as one example, use toxic chemicals on their properties because they know it makes me tremendously sick, sending me to bed for days at a time, plus their poison comes down their sloped properties on to mine, situated below. The threats, the verbal abuse, the pre-meditated harm, by both men and women Team Dark players, is not what I thought I was signing up for when the property was purchased.

    Again, I would love to see the pink shapes spin and have even one moment of bliss to counter balance all of the above, but I don’t. I welcome whatever relief I can get, when it arrives. Thank you, all of you, for helping me cope from moment to moment. Love, Cali

    • Cali F.,

      Here’s a link to a February 2010 article wrote at my first website TRANSITIONS about my own hair loss and why it happens to many of us. There are other causes such as hormonal changes, menopause, stress etc. but on top of those many of us experience our hair thinning because of the tremendous evolutionary DNA and energy changes we and our physical bodies and all else are going through.

      Nearly everything else you mentioned I’ve lived through too, much of which is in A Lightworker’s Mission: The Journey Through Polarity Resolution (2010). I feel for you and the place you’re at now because it is ^$&*%@ brutal and all you can do is keep pushing YOURSELF through that density and all of the people including cops etc. that still live there so YOU literally ascend above and beyond it and them. And you may still need to move anyway. I did, twice so far and I may again.

      Hang in there and focus on YOU, not them. They want you miserable, in pain, broken and defeated. F*^% them and focus on YOU and your Ascension Process and increasing your own inner Light amounts (vibration) because it will lift you out of this layer of the Ascension Process. I know this from having done it myself as a Forerunner Pathpaver Wayshower. ❤

    • oh,Cali – You have experienced soooooo many of the things I have!Not only the hair loss.. AUGHHH.. but.. the law enforcement… affter living in the small (resort) town I’ve resided in for going into 4 decades – a respected , active member of the cimmunity in mega cross section – to being ‘homeless’ (was a highly sought after property/ dog siitter on large properties.. one for 12 years! Long story short.. Thanks to some family members, (mine), along w/ the new ‘TD’ daughtee-in-law of my friend, who owned the above long term property.. I was labeled ‘homeless’ ?! (Uh, like I had even HAD a ‘home’ of my own for close to 20 years?! (I had to move out whenever the owner had friends come, maybe 1-6 times per year.. ) Her own kids never came, even! Anyway… this woman is s$$$$$$$$$$$$ and NEVER spoke of it – I knew jsut HOW much, due to above.. We both were the ‘mutual admiration’. .she envied ME. .to her, all the wealth was a huge burden – she’s an only hcild, and for me,living in this place, which was THE DREAM home for so many jerks who would actually drive up, knock on door, demand to come in?! (a ‘smimple to die for, log home, NOT very big.. She had created – along w/ her aWESOME contractor and his wife! house.. There was a fairy mound, enchanted forest jsut above it. and a 5 minute walk into town! However… long stry short.. PRetty soon, I DID become ‘homeless’ , or seemingly so.. The OO”PS TROOPS .. (hahaha.. officers of the PEACE!), most of who had been employed for decades too, became LE!!! I was followed, threatened, told I’d be arrested by some of the newer ones.. MEanwhile, haha.. I ‘AM” a he he heyoka/ Celtic wise FOOL.. For decades ,I was also hunted down.and attempts were made on my LIFE.. and I stil ldon’t know why.. However.. ooh,,,,, sooo much.. reverse of your home situation ,eh? Ayway.. i was finally ‘captured’.. by a numbr of ‘good’ christians..from aLL of the churhes in this area.. meaning, given a ‘home’ (“Varioius rental apts ,etc.. rent, utilites, and a tiny amount for groceries.. and not even ataken shopping at thrift store OR to apply for food stamps/ let alone the HUGE food pantry . .My dogs were taken form me illegally.. I also had to give up my paid cashfor SUV because it needed work, And sooo much more.. (the dogs part.. broke my heart. .my sister took them, and then, I couldn’t find a palce to rent w/ them.. She sWORE she’d never give them back.. AND.. she evenahd them put down. old age.. and DID NOT notify me until like an hour before, and gloated.. (“they went 3 weeks apart! ) Anyway..Ilsot SOOO” much.. spring of 2009, and well,, despite all ,where I live is an extremely ‘sacred ground’ portal.. not many realzie this.. but. .the he hahah.. lions and tigers and BEARS , oh my! the very REAL ones! ESP da BEARS! the mt lion, bobcat, ravens,alnd a crzed bunch of magpies.. owl. and chipmonks.and haha..a bi annual sweet porcupine (there used to be many).. let alone.. anyway.. And of course, deer, and othre creatrues! Co-ahbited very peacefully..alongw/ 2 cats (different times) I dogsat from there .. doggie resort HEAVEN! It was quitethe lfie. .anyway. at this point, I m ‘planning ‘ an escape.. only to go back to MY in been working w/ incredbile blood lineageson both sides, for decades.. ‘theycontacted me’! I have NOT left here for good.. Thesacred mt here . .Anywy.. my lfie is like a virtual BLOOD N GUTS.. Fisher King HOly Grail romance, of the ‘wise/fool’ Percival.. PARsival, Peredur.. who became the ‘Red Knight.. the ‘son of the mothr,, Campbell’s ‘hero w/ a 1,000 faces’ — Yes, I even grew up w/ a tiny exact replica of an old castle, a block from my hometown -also a msost magical place, on the Great LAkes..within the Iriqouis Nations.. haha. on..DREAM ISLAND! NO visitors, and it was hidden by weeping whillows, murky green water. .I was one of the FEW who got to play there as a child,, a friend of the owners’ granddaguther. .one acre, AND.. hahahahah our favorite tihngi in spring?! Caught giant tadpoles, who turned into frogs! hahah. in front of the dungeon moat metalgates ,where the canoe and row boatwere kept and used.. AND.. hwere Ilive now.. an incongrous 2, HUGE metal scalar statues at the entrance of town,of a fire breaing dragon, w/ a knight rready to strike hm w/ a sword,and shield..along w/ several swords -realblood n gutsstuff. and a replica of excalibur hilt,, the blade was broken off! left on my door mat in th msot DARK (and haunted one room place I lived in/so called studio, hidden from public,as in plainsight.. old upstairs ‘hotel’ victorian, flop hosue.. ahah .. Anyway.. this town, whichused to be so sacred group of eclcic people,, allages ,ethnic groups.. is now.. filledw/so muchblack energy.. The place I’m in now is brand new.. but… I havne’t been able to leave except shop which is all right across the street. .free bus system, but my knee and hip and shoulder (hm.. all left side!) are such a mess , I cna’t even g et on the bus.. elt alone, due to NOT being shoeveled out.. couldn’t/ haven’t been able to groceryshop for myself. .since late Nov.. finally did 2 weeksago, ,and the day after. .my spine went ‘out’ and now. .I am ‘velcro-ed to a broken down old couch, and difficulty standing up(getting lower back to go up..) So.. since all those of whom I used to be so close to have passed on, moved away. and ‘portal people’ enighbors,,etc.. no one around to even speak to for weeks at a time. anyway. .The area itself. magic! but the ley l ines/portal are being fought over. .SOOOO.. likemany here , I’ve been ‘at this’ from a young age,but was fully ‘inducted’ in 1982-84.. learned to – sans teacgers , et to face FEAR.. for sooooo long. Pro astrolgoer,for decades, self tuaht.. hahah closet at 1st, but then aske to write a weekly column 26 years ago. .which ld to a writing career! hahaha .. anywya.. sorry for so much,but..ESP of late,, wow,, that belly brain . .instant dsicernment.. and yes! Fianlly mainfieseting close to instantly.. and always, aLWAYS! drawn to look at clock when the triple-4 ones come up..also 12;34 types, ,variations on those.. lately, for 1st time! 9:09..hahah..NEVER 9:11 though! Symbol studies anal notes resarch, since 1995.. when the REAL blood n guts fairy tale kicked in.. And soo.. Bless you, ‘Sister’ Cali Flower. .from a fellow.. snicker ‘nun’.. ( I always joke and tell one friend, ala Sound of Music’, Mother superior’ Here’s to all of us .. Don Quioti (aughh sp?) wild. .my mom.. loved the theater, took me to see Mn of la Mancha when I was in 8th grade, then HS commencent theme song.. To dream the impossible dream’… omg.. and Well, uh duh! Shouldn’t THAT be all of our Life story song?! The 3D/ onward dimensional lives! Still makes me teary at times.. OMG. It’s now 11:01 AM. .on the 10th.. hahaha.. Here’s to all of us!! Thanks so ooooo ooooo much Denise, for beig our fearless ‘mother superior’ spokesperson!!

      Sorry –forgot to say. .HAHAH.. My garbage disposal /electric outlets plate. .died, along w/ one of two outlets, but the 2nd one- coffee pot plugged into! – was dead 2 days ago. .yesterday, it occurred to me to.. check the breaker box before calling the maintenance guy.. Uh, sure enough , it was .. HALF ? tripped…

      • Cheryl, Cali F. & Everyone,

        I’m well aware that these latest NEW Trinity/Triality Codes — the ones I wrote about in this article, the ones flowing INTERNALLY constantly — the old constantly EXTERNALLY flowing ones were Duality frequency — are being embedded into Earth and humans since May 1, 2019 via them being transmitted by the Sun plus other unseen and unknown sources including water all over the planet and the First Embodiers.

        Because these latest NEW Codes being embodied by many now, not all but many now, some people are not dealing real well with such profound energetic changes happening to them and their bodies and all else. To be expected. That said I need Everyone to know that no matter how exhausted I get, how racked with physical pain or anything else, I will always defend and literally uphold HighHeartLife and TRANSITIONS and keep them on-track.

        I’ve never needed to check online sites to see what the Sun is doing because 1) I’ve ALWAYS felt it in my physical body the second the energy event happens on the Sun, not 4-5 days in the future when it physically reaches Earth and 2) I’ve ALWAYS known every time the Sun transmits potent higher frequency energies because certain people get very imbalanced and go a bit “nuts” and/or get very negative and aggressive and attack me or other people.

        Everyone take three deep breaths, then a nap, then after you wake up remind yourself that you are deep, deep, freakin’ deep in the midst of being evolved, greatly upgraded into something completely NEW and different from what you were born as. So get a grip and deal with these NEW Trinity/Triality/Unified higher frequency INTERNAL flowing energies and matching DNA that your body is trying to embody (lower case e) now.

        You should all know me well enough by now to know that that was me being really polite. I’m not a playground monitor, I AM All That I AM.

  • Denise, I feel you, I too had an incredibly difficult day in the physical yesterday (have had exhausting stuff for several days – and bloat! – and yesterday I felt like screaming). A marked contrast, the radiant light pouring in, and meanwhile in 3D life it’s like, ‘Hey, let’s see how much pressure we can put on this woman, until she cracks. Pile it on, guys!’
    “It was the best of times; it was the worst of times.”

  • ‘Podvig seems to be asking, “Can I get a witness???” and I am here to say YES MA’AM!’

    😀 Lol, yes, Rachel, I love your post, you captured the feeling at the moment exactly!

  • Wow, the energy here’s really jumping! I can feel all of you and the excitement some of us are starting to feel.

    An interesting story: this week I discovered a little-known summit of Mount Royal, a mountain in the center of Montreal. It’s where Native Americans (Mohawks) gathered years ago, and there’s a beautiful road leading to it in an old growth forest. Stunning views to the north of the city and very peaceful. We have two other peaks with views to the west and south, but hardly anyone knows about this one.

    I just read this: it’s considered Montreal’s “hidden gem in a THREE-CROWN JEWEL.” Ha! Fits right in with Denise’s post.

    • You are very lucky, Thelma!
      I’ve only been up mountains three times in my life: once in Poland, once in Germany, and once in B.C, Canada. (I had an Irish mother but a Canadian father, so I have relatives in B.C.)
      Each time, the spiritual energies were amazing! I later learned that it’s easier to perceive spiritually, the higher you are above sea level; though apparently it’s not good to live all the time on a mountain, just to visit it occasionally.
      The views must be incredible.

      • Podvig, this isn’t a huge mountain but the views are still incredible. Thanks for reminding me about the spiritual aspect – that’s probably why I’m prompted to go back.

        • I am right at sea level, so to me that Third Jewel would be like Everest, lol! 🙂
          Yes, you really do notice a spiritual difference, in a place of hills, to being down in the valleys. (I’ve sometimes envied Sandra Walter for being on Shasta. 😀 )

        • Podvig & Thelma,

          The last time I was in the local mountains was in the 1980s. As we drove up the mountain I became increasingly “intoxicated”, giggling and getting “tipsy” and downright “stupid”. It was a good thing I wasn’t driving! Back then I’d become way overly sensitive to any element — Earth, Water etc. — and would be affected by too much of one over the others. I once went into a cave and nearly didn’t make it out. I doubt I’d be affected the same today but if you’re a Sensitive you’ve got to pay attention to things that most people aren’t affected by or even know exist.

          After the week I’ve had I’d love to move to the mountains. Thank you both Ladies. ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Stefan,
    I checked that too, but to be honest, I have seen far, far more solar activity, sunspots, CMEs, in the past than this week, so I really don’t think it’s mostly due to the solar flares. This week’s mild sun activity is nothing compared to some we’ve been hammered with before! 🙂

    • “Stefan,
      I checked that too, but to be honest, I have seen far, far more solar activity, sunspots, CMEs, in the past than this week, so I really don’t think it’s mostly due to the solar flares. This week’s mild sun activity is nothing compared to some we’ve been hammered with before!” 🙂

      I wanted to reply to many of the Comments, one of them Stefan’s. Tomorrow hopefully.

      Today, Wednesday May 8th, I’ve had two handymen guys here from 9AM until 7PM in my house, under my house, back in my house/bathroom fixing that leaking water pipe under the house. Yippie except they had to turn the water off to the whole house from 9AM til 6PM, plus I’ve been affected by these latest energies since early Monday morning, May 6th. It’s been nonstop since Monday with Tuesday being the most intense for me and then today just miserable because no water all day and guys in your house and everything needs cleaning now and I’ve felt weird and half sick, inner ears squealing, bloat, swelling and pretty bad vertigo and more. But leaking water pipe fixed and two guys are gone! On the best of days it’s hard having your daily routine interrupted by strangers but going through this with these energies and symptoms, and my mom and no water all day… can’t wait to go to bed!

      More tomorrow everyone. ❤

  • PS,
    Denise, sorry for over-excitedly commenting, and for all the capital letters, 😀 but to add that I have been on the ascension path since 1999, I’m 58 now, and I have NEVER, not in my ENTIRE LIFE, felt as powerful energies as this. NEVER. I would say it’s the closest I have ever come to living in 5D while still apparently walking around in 3D, working, dealing with litter trays, rent and all that stuff.
    It’s wonderful, I love it, it’s incredible, magnificent, but also a little bit terrifying!!! I mean it, I have never known anything like it.

    Trying to describe it …. it’s like: I am Home. You know when people say, ‘I thought I’d died and gone to heaven’? Like that, magical, amazing, but I am still in 3D, and have still been having just as challenging a time in the physical! (Rain, wind, going to work, nursing my aged cat, all kinds of wearying things; it’s not like I’m floating around seraphically).

    I wonder why right now? I noticed it intensely yesterday, and the blazing intensity hasn’t diminished, it ain’t going anywhere. I was thinking, ‘Are they *sure* I can embody this? Because I’m not – it’s pretty scary.’
    There’s also an unusual feeling of Power. No, not the forceful, shoving people around kind ….. but I have never felt so calm, confident, invincible. Nothing can touch me, nothing can hurt me. And as if I know everything. (Which obviously, I don’t! Words don’t describe this well. Like going from a jalopy to a Ferrari).

    I tore curiously around any forums and sites where intuitive or spiritual people post, totally expecting to see things like: ‘WOW, WHAT ARE THE ENERGIES DOING TODAY?!?!’, but nobody has mentioned it, though this feels HUGE to me, unprecedented!
    I pawed through the ephemeris, I checked Spaceweather, then I thought ‘Wait. If there’s one person on the planet noticing this, who will it be?’ And I came here. 🙂

    • I absolutely loved reading this, thank you for sharing, Podvig! I’ve definitely felt better and more at ease yesterday and today after several especially hard days. Also everything is a lot more surreal when I leave home, like I have to work super hard to concentrate when driving because it feels like a simulation. I can’t say I’ve felt the shift in the same tremendous way you and Denise described, but it’s exciting to realize that’s happening all around! ❤️

      • “Also everything is a lot more surreal when I leave home, like I have to work super hard to concentrate when driving because it feels like a simulation.”

        I had to nod vigorously when I read that comment!
        Today (May 9) I woke up dizzy and stayed that way all day. It felt like the inside of my head was spinning around. I kept trying to ground myself but nothing helped until I just laid down and felt into the spinning. Then the realization came – I am changing/flipping timelines and my “brain” was trying to catch up to the energetic changes. Then driving to work was just as you said – like it was a game, simulation, or not a skill I required any longer. Fortunately my Jeep seems to have an enlightened consciousness and can drive me safely to my destination (that’s a joke – but almost true 😆)

        Thank you, Denise, and everyone for your comments. This is truly my happy place!

  • I came here to see if anyone else is picking up/experiencing the incredible, I mean INCREDIBLE, transformative spiritual energies today and yesterday?? – and Denise, I see you’ve mentioned it.
    I’ve had many upticks/upgrades, but never in my life have I experienced anything like the powerful energy right now. Real ‘hold onto the seatbelts’ stuff, I am awed by it.

    “I work on 300 acres of virgin forest….”

    Lovepeace – trying really hard not to weep with envy here, lol! 😀
    You are blessed, as I’m sure you already know.

    • Podvig seems to be asking, “Can I get a witness???” and I am here to say YES MA’AM! I believe myself to be a First Everythinger, and I know, Know, KNOW that in the past couple days I have entered a decidedly different, higher frequency reality. It’s hardly a floaty, blissy, thing — as my chosen role is quite boots on the ground. Like Podvig, “I have never felt so calm, confident, invincible. Nothing can touch me, nothing can hurt me. And as if I know everything.” I have a lead position in my tiny (pop. 55ish) rural town, and we have undertaken a highly ambitious crowdfunding effort to resolve a (yep!) drinking water system issue so we can meet State regulations. I am astounded by the synchronicities and Divine Timing that have shown up so far. Amazingly helpful people seem to appear without notice. It feels as though my every instinct manifests in a highly successful outcome. The energy is supportive and powerful. I have had (literally) $50 to my name for more than a week now, and I am having a ball demonstrating that of course, everything always works out for me. I seem to need far less food than ever, and when not in productive Service to my community, I am Blessed to watch the profusion of birds who are visiting my yard, now green and moist and leafy (rather than drought-stricken). I don’t have 300 acres of virgin forest, but I would love to host someone whose greatest joy is to grow vegetables and flowers in an area straddling the New Mexico/Colorado border. Thank you, Denise and All, for everything you are and do!

  • Hi Denise and everyone – it occurred to me last night that I haven’t heard of anyone else mentioning this symptom relieving technique I’ve been doing for years now, so I thought I’d put it out there – whenever my head pressure gets really bad for several days in a row, finally it will feel like my skull is literally filled with bubble wrap, and I have to pop the bubbles to release the pressure. So I just start rotating my head clockwise for a few minutes, then counter clockwise, back and forth, which causes the bubbles to pop, until it’s like a bag of popcorn in a microwave, the last few kernels pop and it’s done! It even sounds like bubblewrap popping inside my head. I always think it must be carbon cells being expelled to make room for crystalline cells, but whatever it is, something is getting rearranged in my head. Oddly enough it doesn’t make me dizzy either, even though sometimes I’ll do it for a half an hour because the relief in my brain is so great. If you have head pressure, give it a try! Thanks as always everyone for sharing – it helps keep me out of self pity which is so annoying to my higher self! 🙂

  • Thank you to Denise and everyone here who shares their experiences! I am wondering if anyone else is having on-going sleep challenges? I know I should go to a doctor, but that’s always my last resort. I’m not a huge fan of allopathic medicine. Anyway, I can’t pinpoint any physical reason for the sleep problem. I fall asleep fine, but wake up often and can’t fall back to sleep most of the time. And my gut feeling is that I’m more sensitive to energy ‘suddenly’ (the last several weeks). I feel it’s energy because I can feel the buzzing in my body. My mind isn’t over active. I’m not laying there worried about anything, other than getting more sleep! I have run out of things to try! I appreciate anyone’s feedback so I don’t feel so alone in this!

    • Amy M.,

      My sleep pattern changed when I began the AP in February 1999. After the first decade I realized it would never return and have adapted to these weird NEW sleep/wake/nap patterns.

      Quiet often during the night we’re being “upgraded” greatly, other times we’re Working our cosmic backsides off like crazy, and sometimes it’s both simultaneously! Point is that during the night we’re often going through big energetic changes to all aspects of ourselves and our physical bodies. When we reach the nightly amounts of compressed energetic and physical evolutionary changes we can safely handle, we’re suddenly and unceremoniously shoved back into our physical bodies in the middle of the night and then typically cannot go back to sleep that night no matter how hard we try or how much we want to. I know this from having lived this Process over and over and over…

      Believe it or not this nighttime downloading of NEW energies etc. into our physical bodies and then suddenly being dropped back into them from the sleep state is a safeguard measure so we don’t embody too much too fast. Usually after these nighttime downloads we wake up all hyper and filled with energy… because we are! Then we toss n’ turn the rest of the night trying to go back to sleep but we’re actually prevented from doing so until we’ve adjusted to the latest energy increases in our bodies.

      The flip side of this, oh yes it goes in the opposite direction too!, O_o is being awake during the daytime and suddenly needing to fall asleep and have a nap. This usually happens when more energies are present and we need to quickly get out of our physical bodies so we can embody those energies faster and with less physical pains and trauma etc.

      So Amy, your sleep problems are caused by these evolutionary Ascension Process energies and not something strictly physical that a doctor could fix. Sleep when you can and don’t worry about it and how it doesn’t match what you’re used to. 🙂

      • Many thanks to you Denise for this explanation. Spot on too. As a matter of fact, you describe my experience last night. Woke suddenly at 2am and that was it for the night. Decades ago I used to be a heavy sleeper, but for the past 15-20 yrs it’s been exactly as you describe. Although for me it’s ramped up since the solar eclipse a couple of years ago. Getting more exercise has no effect and it isn’t a caffeine related thing either. Nothing seems to have any effect. It just is what it is. Your comments about this really resonate. Talk about an ‘a-ha’ moment 🙂

        Love/hugs to everyone!

        • “Getting more exercise has no effect and it isn’t a caffeine related thing either. Nothing seems to have any effect. It just is what it is.”

          Exactly Janice. These sleep related things are all caused by the AP and EP. Soon the “normal” accepted sleep pattern won’t be recognizable to what it was before the AP started. Same with food and everything else. We need shorter periods of sleep now but more often throughout a 24 hour period. I suspect that this too will change as we Embody more.

          I’ve noticed it’s around 3-5 hours at a time AT NIGHT, then a strong need to nap around 1-2 hours after having been awake for around 5-6 hours. The old 8-10 hours of deep nightly sleep is no more because we’ve evolved beyond that old code, template, pattern and level of frequency. We’re processing so much more so much faster now and this will continue for the rest of our lives.

          And you’re 100% right about the exercising and caffeine or anything else not helping to change these sudden middle of the night awake periods. It’s all caused by our embodying more NEW higher Light energies, codes and NEW DNA etc.

        • I wasn’t sure which “reply” to hit because this is all resonating! It’s been so helpful to know about wonky sleep / “wired and tired” to not only understand my own irregularity but also to not completely lose my you-know-what because it’s definitely affecting my kids (7, 5 and 2). “Bedtime” has grown increasingly more frustrating, especially since around the equinox in March— we’re talking hours long process. 😳 But I can’t get mad since I find myself staying up super late and then wishing I could nap all afternoon. Trying to be understanding and ride it out as best I can. Anyway, thanks all for these extra insights.

      • Thanks Denise for this explanation as well!!! I have experienced these patterns of sleep but didn’t really understand their purpose. So helpful and puts my heartmind at ease!

        Thanks also for the explanation about the quiet times. I experienced one a month or so ago and really reveled in it. I work on 300 acres of virgin forest but there is almost always some wind or sound happening…and there was none. So delicious. Then yesterday, it happened again out in nature on a hiking trail that always has some people on it…this time no activity at all, just pristine nature and absolute quiet…so nurturing and peaceful.

        Thanks again and Infinite Love to You and All!!!

        • “I work on 300 acres of virgin forest…”

          OMG, can I live and work with you lovepeace1111? What a joy it must be to have daily access to a virgin forest. I could cry… ❤

          ⭐ Speaking of yesterday everyone. Yesterday, May 7, 2019, the incoming energies felt SO different and unlike I've ever felt them EVER. Anyone else feel this yesterday or today? I'm certain it's caused by this latest HUGE change from distorted external focus and direction to totally internal focus and energetic direction and that we’ll all be feeling the side effects of just this for a long time. But, wow, things felt really different yesterday in how these latest NEW energies felt in my physical body, head, heart and all else. I had to lay down all day yesterday in silence and do nothing but deal with the automatic embodiment of them at this time. More to come for sure but just wanted to mention how big of a change this latest one is.

        • About the “300 acres of virgin forest” where Nancy at lovepeace1111 works … LET’S ALL MOVE THERE!!! All I want is to get lost in the trees.xo

      • Dear Denise,
        May 7 was different in many ways…I am still sorting…

        I have a special place by the ocean, that I go to in early mornings. Yesterday the peace was palatable. Over the mast of a tall sailboat, white sparkling lights began flashing at intervals. I looked at all the possible reasons and then I suddenly realized that it was friendly contact….a beautiful sparkly contact. My sleep patterns are all similar as above except when something out of the ordinary happens. Last night I slept 11 hours and I felt brand new. …this has happened before to me …usually when I am incorporating something new…or taking down an old belief system to allow entrance for the new .

        Also Denise you asked me about my feelings after finishing The temple Of Master Hotei…so much from this book. Thank you…
        When reading about Jade one entering the Inner temple, I am outside my home sitting with my white and pink flowers,
        I have been in the presence of the Higher Dimensional Beings…I was gob- smacked……Like the xmas song…O holy Night…I felt…” Fall on your Knees and hear the Angels voices”. Now I understand differently and realize and feel in a new way. The teaching in this book resonates
        with me, as does the Tao and Old Chinese teachings
        I feel this a must read for students on the ascension path.
        Again thank and the belly laughs to clear energy.
        Much love,

      • I really appreciate you taking all this time checking in with us Denise, and helping us feel that we aren’t alone! I have had so many sleep changes during this AP and I usually don’t worry so much about it. But dang, this one has lasted awhile and it’s so darn hard to teach 1st and 2nd graders all day when my body feels fried and I can’t lay down when I feel the need! But I definitely feel some intense energy when I awake at night and nothing about it feels like a health problem, per se. One thing I have really been feeling and cannot pinpoint to anything is intense shoulder weakness and sometimes pain. I can barely lift my shoulders somedays. It seems related to sleep because I’ll wake up and try and switch sleep positions and the tenderness is so noticeable! Anyone else with shoulder weakness/pain?

        I did realize on very early on in this process that there is no way we could have embodied this much change/light in a shorter amount of time!

        Again, a HUGE thank you Denise and community! I am so grateful to have you all!

        • “Anyone else with shoulder weakness/pain?”

          gawd yes, since October and ongoing, tho finally easing up a bit, and also had this same shoulder pain thing about this same time last year. Intense shoulder pain and also down my back along the trapezius muscles/shoulder blades. When I visioned into it, that is, when I meditated on it, in vision I saw two things: 1- Jesus carrying, kneeling under the weight of, the crucifix, carried on his shoulder and 2- myself growing wings. After the visions I searched the web and found a blogger I follow was also talking about growing her angel wings. And I found an article Denise wrote about crucifix implants. I think we as forerunners are removing these implants for everyone, not just ourselves. Besides implants, maybe we are shouldering and transmuting the burden humanity has so painfully carried, the cross they bear. Perhaps too in a way, dismantling the cross, taking Jesus off the cross symbolically and freeing him/us from that illusion and pain. So in a sense also dismantling the slavery which is organized religion.

  • Interesting posts. Debbie, I also had about 20 years of water issues. Replaced floors, walls, ceilings over and over even though I put catch basins everywhere I could think to. Luckily I am married to a builder. I realised that whenever I stopped painting for any length of time something would leak. Also I recently painted aliens in a new work. Never had that happen! Was a bit freaked when they came thru but they seemed benevolent 🙂

    • Hello beautiful person with the same name as me, I just love that some sweet aliens said hello to you by inserting themselves in your painting. What did they look like? I think they are easing us into this contact thing. I know for me, when i had a ‘contact’ experience here in my yard last summer, I got scared, jumped to my feet with my heart pounding, and down went my vibration and poof they were gone. Not gone, but I had dropped out of their vibratory field. A voice said (in my head), try not to be afraid so we can show ourselves to you. Easier said than done, so I think popping into a painting is a nice gentle hello : ) Hugs, Debbie

  • Hello Denise.
    Thank you for another inspiring post to help us understand the process we are going through. The last few days I have been made aware of all of the embarrassing and awkward things that have happened to me in my life. In dream state and awake I am constantly reminded of people and uncomfortable situations that have occurred to me. Some have been my own making and some are what other people have done to me. No one likes reminding of the stupid things we have done in life but I am guessing this is a purging situation as I have to be rid of it. I don’t have any control over these “thoughts” it seems and it makes me depressed.

    Coupled with a sinus infection these past 3 weeks, that I had to see a Doctor for eventually, as the face and ear pain was so bad I thought my head would explode and had to take antibiotics for. I do not take medication but had to do something about this. My body has been so painful in the joints for years so I am feeling like I am being attacked from all sides just now. I am seventy yrs. and wondering if I have been here for too long, as I find everything so pointless and people so self-centered that life has little joy left. I am a strong person but one can only take so much mental and physical pain. I wonder how many others feel like me? Sorry I sound so negative but only telling the way it is at the moment, I have to go through this I know. Re. things breaking down, my toilet stopped flushing and had to be repaired and a week later needed attention again, water!!! I thank you again Denise for your posts and am so grateful to read them as they have kept me sane. Better times ahead. xxx

    • “I am a strong person but one can only take so much mental and physical pain. I wonder how many others feel like me? Sorry I sound so negative but only telling the way it is at the moment, I have to go through this I know.”

      I’d guess the majority of us feel exactly like this Linda P. I certainly do and have and yet I’ve learned how strong I really am and how much *&#^!* stuff I really can take even though I’d rather not have to. I mean, enough already Universe! Universe replies, Yeah yeah, watch this! 😉

      It’s common to go through many, many layers of our old emotional stuff over years which is what it sounds like you’ve been doing with those past ‘embarrassing and awkward’ things. I’ve gone through nearly 20 years of this with many people over my lifetime. It takes time because we literally excavate layer after layer after layer of our stuff with people to get ourselves completely and honestly free of it all. Be glad and proud that you’re experiencing your own ongoing freedom from past stuff, junk, pains and related crap. ❤

      I too feel about life as you've described but these are rare and special incarnations — difficult and painful to be sure! — but we've earned the right to be here now which is a very big deal because so many wanted to be here now for all this but the Old Pros were the first ones on the list to be here now. There are days where it feels like the bones in my feet and other joints are broken — they're not but it feels like this. Just do your best and know that it's more than enough. ❤ ❤

      • Bless you again Denise… I really needed to read that now. The energies are so intense (as you pointed out in another comment) and all my yucky stuff is coming to the surface … fear, frustrations, doubt, anger 😨 I am 70 too, Linda P … know exactly what you are going through. But then again Denise gives an amazing response and waves of relief flow through me. Don’t know how I would get through it all without this amazing community and especially you Denise. ❤❤❤

      • Thank you Denise for your reply, I am in tears while writing this but tears of gratitude that you understand. I’m sure others feel the same. Love to you and all xxx

    • “In dream state and awake I am constantly reminded of people and uncomfortable situations that have occurred to me.”

      This has been happening to me too. Such “seemingly” insignificant things remembered, kind of coming up into my consciousness unbidden over and over. And I would be like WHY the hell am I thinking of that ridiculous thing from 20 years ago? It could be some little thing, like something someone said to me once when I was 12, that weird kind of thing. But, when I finally meditated on one or two of these “remembrances,” I was very surprised by the answers that came. Because I discovered it’s not about one timeline at all. It’s about that seemingly silly event as it interweaves with related events on different timelines. It seems to be about us leaving linear time and going as Denise says into the spherical experience. So for instance, on this timeline I remember someone who years ago insulted me for no apparent reason, someone I barely even knew, it stung, ouch that mean bastard, why was he so mean to me? I never got the answer to that one. When I meditate on it now I realize we were entangled so to speak on other timelines and there is a whole interesting multi-layered story there within which that insult makes sense. I don’t think I need to explore every incident that pops into my head, because I agree they are working themselves out whether we are aware on this timeline or not of exactly what’s happening. It is crazy weird and wonderful me thinks and perhaps that might be of some help to you. Hugs, Debbie

  • Hi Denise and fellow travelers, I’ve been spending a lot of time out in nature and as of 5-5 It feels much softer and brighter, less dense, but it also feels very odd, more like a hologram. Hard to describe. It does feel a bit lucid dream-ish. I don’t seem to be able to ground. The whole thing kind of feels like a soap bubble that’s about to pop. It’s kind of weird. It feels almost as if nature is holding her breath. Like a pause. Nature doesn’t feel very substantial, and neither do I. A bit like being high but with a lot more mental presence. Hard to describe, I’m not really able to.

    “…trust me when I tell you that in a very short time you’re going to be so enthusiastic over your NEW abilities and freedoms.” This is good news! Hope we can do away with the need for money soon. And yes on things breaking, here too, recent repairs needed involving basement flooding. This is the second time the boiler coil needs replacing because it’s sprung a leak; it’s only been about 4 years since I had it replaced last. Come to think of it, there have been a lot of repairs r/t water leaks starting with first house in 1998 – that would be right about when the AP began. And oddly enough too, speaking of flooding, hurricane Sandy pretty much wiped out that whole street, flooding damage, they even had to tear down some of the houses, this was after we had moved luckily. And so so many dreams too over the years about houses leaking and places flooding. Water water everywhere. Everything’s a metaphor it seems. Love, Debbie

    • debbie c, maybe you don’t feel grounded because you’re shifting between worlds? Sometimes we’re not quite in either one, or in a little of both. When I look at the clouds, sometimes they look cartoonish, like someone drew them on the sky and colored them in, so not quite “real.” These things ARE hard to describe.

      • Hi there Thelma,
        “When I look at the clouds, sometimes they look cartoonish, like someone drew them on the sky…” yes exactly! To me the trees look like Colorforms, remember them? – like I could peel the trees off the landscape. They look very 2 dimensional and stand out oddly from the background.

        “Between worlds” – perhaps Thelma, thank you that was a helpful insight. You mean like in a void space, right? That is interesting because the air feels so weird. Like it’s gone. Nature feels breathless, like she’s holding her breath. Feels like the pause before something happens. You know how the air feels before a storm when it’s overloaded with electrons and the storm comes and then afterwards there is “balance” again, well it feels like that, that pre-storm feeling, except even stronger and there’s no storm in the forecast, unless metaphorically there is. It’s kind of a good and a bad feeling at once. A very pregnant pause. Anxiety, acceptance, joy, fear, something like wisdom – all mixed together. It is possible I’m in this sort of void space for a reason, that has to do with helping others, that I won’t go in to. But I have been very busy working my butt off both asleep and awake with mission stuff. It is not the best-feeling place I’ve ever been in, tho it is pretty, and there is a sort of soft surreal peace to it. I really have to breathe and center or else it could potentially hurt. Like it feels like the emotions here could be very potent. Very much like the last stage of pregnancy in a way, but not quite. Words evade. Hugs and TY, Debbie

        • debbie c., it really helps to share our experiences especially as they veer into the surreal. It really IS difficult to describe where we feel ourselves to be, though you’ve made a wonderful attempt at it! To me it sounds like the higher levels of 4D (astral realms); like the void between “solid” worlds. I have no doubt that you’re in that space “for a reason” and many of us are helping others even if we’re not aware of it.

          The peace you’re feeling is a very good sign; the “pregnant pause” you’re sensing may be an indication that you’re about to shift again. Everything’s in flux, including where we find ourselves and how we perceive what’s around us. Blessings to you.

        • Denise, you said you would love to live on a mountain after the week you have had (hugs … mine too ❤) … and earlier, you said it must be pure joy to walk in a forest every day. Oh, how I wish it were so. I live on 6 acres of forest near Mt. Rainier in Washington State … we have many trails that I walk every day … but it is rarely bliss. Even here I am tormented by an ego fearing change. And the forest is sick, too, it seems which makes me sad. More change. More fear. Little inner comfort or guidance. Phew …

          And speaking of things breaking down … out here in the boonies, far from broadcasting stations with no cable TV available and too many trees for a dish, we use a large roof antenna for what little TV we watch. It is adjustable and has worked great … until a few days ago. Nothing would tune in right or stay in. I blamed it on our 3-day heat wave (near 90 😨) but that has passed and all the stations are still messed up. I feel intense energies right now (and empathic waves of yuck) so I am not surprised … guess I really don’t need it.

          Hang in there … this too shall pass.

  • Thank you Denise for this download. Man, that 5-5 gate really worked it’s magic, as it was on that night that I finally told my girlfriend of 7 years how I really felt, and that we needed a break. We came together in 2012, but our dynamic became a bit stagnant, and we both knew we needed this time to literally shift into “from distorted fixation on external everything as the end-all to relying on one’s personal direct higher knowing and relying on one’s own internal everything as their Divine Source connection to all they want, need and desire…” as you so aptly put it.

    That was one of the main reasons we needed to end this, as I felt like I’d allowed our relationship to buffer me from reality/my inner work, and I’ve also never truly been alone as an adult. as we began dating towards the end of my college days… truly bizarre timing on that 5-5 gateway though, as I felt this all welling up inside of me for weeks, but didn’t know when/how to break this news. Feels like a huge weight has lifted, and now, time to contemplate the divine within and rediscover how to walk on my own.

    Much love for all your messages, I’ve followed you off and on since the 2012 days, and they’ve been really fitting my existence lately 🙂

    • Congratulations Anthony on your bravery to grow and all the NEW freedoms and responsibilities the end of this relationship will bring you both. Seven years is how long it takes Uranus to move through one zodiac sign — aka “the seven year itch” — so this is a big positive for you and her. Big positive creative changes coming your way now.

      Thanks for hanging with me online for so long through this AP business. You can finally feel that everything is about to pop open to something totally NEW and better. ❤

  • I am feeling chuffed!!!. Trying absorb denise idea, of going inward for healing. During all of april, my hip had gone out.(didnt realize, it could be as symptom.) Too much pain handle, so hard to meditate. Decide look at prob. Usually i would go to a chiropractor, pay fee, n they sort. But. This avenue blocked, as last time i went, she very agressive, n did more harm, than good. I put it down to 3d fall apart, or td, using her. So!!!! Decided sort myself, asking help from ht. You tube a wonderfull dr, who give tips, how sort yrself out. Showing exercises. While listening, my body decided do it itself. Moved knee into a position, and stretched, held 30 sec. Hip realighn, freedom from pain. Fab…….
    I have had probs with dentist, n drs, again thought 3d falling apart, or td…. it kept coming up to be released, with forgiveness and love, i couldnt shift. It my body clearing at cellular level, where body at dentist, had felt pain, even if i hadnt, the anesthetic masked it.. drs prescribe drugs with nasty side effects, also being cleared.
    I got more to absorb, on this, i have fybromyalgia, a painful condition, i think is ascension symptoms…. because i love gaia, i believe she gives us all we need to heal our bodys. I feel such unity. (5d) with her. All my life i have used her holy plants, oils, sacred minerals. Crystals, (1d) bach flower rems, homeopathy, elements, ie water, air, earthing, to support my 3d body. I still believe, these will be with us in 5d, and still use them. In unity with mother earth. (Have got to absorb, what denise say bout go within, heal oneself, as all these gifts from gaia, are myself!!!!) My crystals, been with me every step of as process, sharing gaias light with my light. When i see water, and all elements, i see 2 states, they still are pristine, (5d), just as i am, in 5d…. in 3d i see their, polluted, degraded, by humanity state. I believe, we ascend together, blessing and thanking them, and in my body. Asking for their wisdom. Ie ether, makes more space in body, for light to be held. Wated, holds the light codes, in my body, and brings them to earth in rain, sea, lakes, etc. I not at mo ready ready, to stop my relationshio with my familly here. But will non linear, absorb what you saying. Many thanks denise

  • Greetings Denise and All Here,

    I am so “DOWN” (the modern parlance for “with it,” I guess!) with this post and everyone’s Comments! I’d been living such a silent and inwardly-focused life the last two-and-a-half years, that feeling like I was totally alone on Earth was my norm!…even though I live in a 24/7 caregiving situation! Like many here, I experienced the timeline shift clearly beginning in the wee hours of Saturday, May 4…and my way of describing it to myself was that I’d knowingly moved from a place where, not having felt completely convinced that I was a Creator, consciously or unconsciously, ALL of the time (things still “happened” to me)…to the acknowledgement that I CAN and WANT to create consciously, ALL of the time (no more “default” creations)! A subtle difference, perhaps, but because of this a-ha, I now am totally comfortable with taking total personal responsibility for everything in my life that is currently there (and that I’d created and placed there) and similarly, for what I wish to populate my life with, in the weeks and months to come. One thing for sure…I’m fully committed to living as energetically an effort-free life as I’m able (isn’t “free energy” coming on-line in our near future?) and to have everything else in my life be effortless…so this conviction is a direct outgrowth of the timeline shift. No more fooling-around time for me! With LOVE and SOLIDARITY and SUPPORT for all here! Thanks always, Denise, for your affirming Pathpaving for us all…

  • I experienced a new kind of ringing tonight, from inside the middle of my head. It made me think of the sounds a balloon makes if you stretch the opening while the air is coming out, if that makes sense. I was on a really emotional walk at the park loop near my house and it took me awhile to realize it was happening inside me. I didn’t realize it until I felt a strong impulse to sit on the cold wet grass under the tiniest sliver of moon and just cry and cry. I feel like there’s a cork waiting to POP inside me and I’m so puzzled and sad over how to release it. Makes me think of Ivory One’s lessons in The Temple of Master Hotei, Denise. I know I have to keep going inside and listening and trusting, so I will. But I’m also curious if anyone else has heard something like that and what it meant for you. Thanks for this place to share and be real. I saw the most amazing rainbow and sunset tonight, and it felt really powerful.

    • Kara,

      Every time the Sun is transmitting anything — CMEs, flares, winds, divine solar farts 😉 — that high-pitched inner ear ringing starts up again. It’s going now because we’re in a solar wind stream I believe. I’ve noticed that this sound sounds like it’s in the middle of my head or sometimes above my head or both simultaneously. It’s also gotten much higher pitched the last few months of 2018 and into 2019 as we continue embodying higher and higher frequencies.

      Cry it out and don’t worry about the rest of it. You know far more than you realize yet. This is a Process and you’re doing it, we’re all doing it so incredibly fast it’s shocking so just cry, laugh, get mad, sad, full of HighHeart or whatever while you continue transforming. The releasing is happening automatically as it the embodying. ❤

      • Thanks for your response and encouragement, Denise! 💗 I didn’t sob today for the first time since Saturday, and it feels like something’s shifted. What you said about automatic really resonated.

  • That is the most concise, clear, accurate, and helpful summary of the AP process in a nutshell that I have ever read anywhere! Thank you Denise for that beautiful description! ❤️

  • Bang on the money as always Denise!
    I too had an incredible feeling of Aloneness on Friday, I spent hours puzzling over it. Not lonely, but I thought to myself: ‘I have never felt so utterly alone, and conscious of it!’ As if I knew no one, was completely new and not connected to anybody or anything. It wasn’t a ‘bad’ feeling, just disconcerting in its strangeness. (Perhaps synchronistically, that day I had to provide a copy of my birth certificate and bank statement for some tedious new employment regulation, and it seemed wryly appropriate – “Yes, who am I? My whole identity seems to have gone down the Swanee since last night!” 😀

    I haven’t had a breakage, but I had a sudden bizarre urge to replace my flooring. There was nothing actually wrong with it, but all of the sudden I became obsessed with it; I laid new flooring, threw out a rug, washed another one, cleaned all the floors in my home, and put new handwoven rugs down.
    You’re probably thinking that doesn’t sound all that weird, but the whirlwind of intense activity with which I did it – after a full day’s work, I was still furiously at it at 11pm! 😀 – had my 3D brain tapping me on the shoulder, saying, ‘Are you okay?’ You would’ve thought my very life depended on changing that flooring, and doing it NOW.

    What you mentioned in your previous article, about ‘ET contact’, is extremely interesting.
    I like to read the online dream sites and forums; what people call dreams are their experiences in other dimensions, and they’re interesting to read.
    I have never seen such an uptick until this past week, of ordinary people dreaming of what they call ‘aliens.’ Many, many people recounting strange experiences, of meeting beings from other worlds, or going through a vortex, or ‘aliens arriving’, or being sucked up into the sky, or blue-skinned beings greeting them, etc. (Most of the posters say they’ve never experienced anything like it).
    As for me, my star team have been showing up in the mornings, and having actual conversations with me.
    I’m finding the intensity of the current energies a challenge, interesting all this is, very much so, but ‘relaxing and mundane’ it ain’t. 🙂

    • “What you mentioned in your previous article, about ‘ET contact’, is extremely interesting.
      I like to read the online dream sites and forums; what people call dreams are their experiences in other dimensions, and they’re interesting to read.
      I have never seen such an uptick until this past week, of ordinary people dreaming of what they call ‘aliens.’ Many, many people recounting strange experiences, of meeting beings from other worlds, or going through a vortex, or ‘aliens arriving’, or being sucked up into the sky, or blue-skinned beings greeting them, etc. (Most of the posters say they’ve never experienced anything like it).”


      Thanks for sharing about what you’ve been reading others recently talking about at these forums/dream sites. (Would you mind sharing a link or two?) Because I’ve known that this increase in “First Contact” via the dream-state was coming for increasing numbers of “regular people” — meaning people unaware of the AP, and ETs in general and all such related multidimensional experiences– I wrote this article the other day.

      After reading your Comment about these people and their ET dreams and especially the “Blue Skinned ETs”, I absolutely HAD to go back into my TRANSITIONS archives and find this particular old article I wrote in 2010. I wrote it because one of my readers/online friend back then, Robin, had emailed me about some of these ET encounters she’d been having back then. She’s had numerous previous ET encounters because she’s a Starseed. She also told me a funny story about her girlfriend who’d had dream sex with a Blue Skinned male back then. Here’s the link to this old article and I suggest you (everyone interested) read the Comments under it too because they show the mulitdimensional ET contacts and communications between us all (Starseeds/Volunteers etc.) through our Comments online with each other.

      IF you feel, sense it would be helpful or simply entertaining to the people on the forum/dream site you visit Podvig (Pod), then please share this link to my old article AND my recent ET dream-state article too. But, only if you sense it’s the right thing to do now and that it would benefit them. You know what I mean. Thanks for sharing this with me and all of us here. ❤ ⭐ ❤

      • Denise,
        This is the one I browse most often, ‘Reddit dreams’, because so many people post there. Some of them are just, ‘my girlfriend’s dad was shooting me’ type stuff (I’ve learned to recognize a lot of the mundane dreams, just by the titles 😀 ), but with others, you think, ‘OH, very interesting!’
        There are other subforums there, like Reddit past lives, Reddit precognition, Reddit dream interpretation, etc; sometimes people have an unusual experience and aren’t sure where to post it, so the others are worth a read, but this is the busiest board. There were 3 or 4 dreams just today, involving aliens, I think! I love reading other people’s accounts, they’re fascinating.

        I forgot to add, I would love to put your article on Reddit, but I can only read there, not post! 😦
        You have to register on the site to post, and I tried several times, but my phone won’t load the registration thing. So I just read them, and have never posted there. You might be able to register, though!

      • Denise – although not relevant to ‘recent ET contact in dreams’, I just have to send you this link too; in fact I was going to send it to you last week. It’s an OBE account site. I LOVE this site, I could spend hours on it! 🙂
        This is the main page:-

        …. and if you scroll down a little way on the left, you’ll see ‘Search OBERF’, so you can search for various keywords that people might have used.

        I was reading this interesting account the other week, of someone who was shown: …. ‘an image of a red binary star, then a view of a planet, first an image of it with the red binary sun in the background, and then a closer view like from a few hundred miles above this planet’s surface, notable features were few, little variation in elevation with lakes large and small scattered about. And I said aloud “what’s this?” and his reply was “you are going to another galaxy”!!! And then I said “there’s 105 billion people and the brutes are in charge.”

        The full account is here.

        I thought it was a good reminder to us all that, yes, Virginia, there are worse assignments than Earth!! 😀

    • So happy you now in contact with yr star team!!!!!! In one article you mention you wern,t. Bet you happy too

  • Thank you for that description, Denise, I really wondered about that strange feeling I had over the weekend, suddenly feeling very much alone – a bit saddening – but also feeling very calm and quiet. I attributed it to the Taurus new moon as that was the only explanation I could come up with 🙂 – but it was not a satisfying explanation as I cannot remember a similar feeling on a new moon. Now it makes better sense 🙂

    • Pia P.,

      Every time I have changed/jumped/switched/shifted timelines I’ve always felt a bit saddened for a short period but so thankful that the “world around me” is NEW and different which is why it’s unusually quiet for a while and feels so peaceful, safe and better than where I had been. These timeline changes can make us feel like this for a few hours or a few days until we’ve settled in to it. And, we can change timelines over and over and over so everyone, pay attention to those unusually quiet times out in the world or in your city and neighborhood etc. where it feels to you like you’re the ONLY one there because those are some side effects (clues) that you’ve changed timelines yet again. ❤

      • Denise, in your reply to Pia P., you mention “unusually quiet times out in the world or in our city and neighborhood” being a clue that we’ve changed timelines again.

        I wonder if there are likely to be OTHER differences in our new timelines that we should pay attention to – it all seems so subtle. Or is it just a Higher awareness and feeling space, with the same physical reality presenting itself?? Isn’t there a point where our physical reality must change to reflect our Higher level of consciousness?

        I know we are Creator beings, but maybe we need a mass collective embodying the Trinity codes before our physical reality can change (i.e. Forerunners/First Wavers). Would love your insights on this.

        • “I wonder if there are likely to be OTHER differences in our new timelines that we should pay attention to – it all seems so subtle. Or is it just a Higher awareness and feeling space, with the same physical reality presenting itself?? Isn’t there a point where our physical reality must change to reflect our Higher level of consciousness?

          I know we are Creator beings, but maybe we need a mass collective embodying the Trinity codes before our physical reality can change (i.e. Forerunners/First Wavers). Would love your insights on this.”

          The gazillion dollar question. I’ve spent years pondering and sensing this one as best I could and the short answer that I’ve reached with this is that we’ve been living and doing it all along since the AP started in the First Everything-ers on the physical level and in their physical bodies around 1998-1999.

          Every time I’ve lost my higher balance, my ability to maintain the higher/highest frequencies within myself I’ve “dropped” into a different lower timeline. The last time I did this about four months ago because I lost it over something my mom did, for the 1000th time, I could feel that in that moment I changed timelines because I didn’t hold the higher timeline I’d been in. I’ve done this, we’ve all done this mostly unknowingly over these ascension years many, many times. We change ascending timelines every time we have some huge breakthrough or a momentary drop in our integrity etc. etc. It happens to us all constantly but recently it’s gotten very ease to feel and know when you drop or rise from one timeline to another. Talk about learning how to Master holding the higher constantly no matter what crap is going on around you!

          Another aspect of all this is that as we each Master our increasing Light and our ongoing Embodiment Process etc., the higher we go, literally, which means the less and less old lower patriarchal “monsters” — human and nonhuman — there are in our personal realities. The potential for a “monster-free NEW Earth world” already exists, and we’ve been Working on ourselves to get there and remain there and not drop or “fall” back down into lower timelines and Earth worlds. So yes, another big clue with this is the increasing disappearance of more and more of those old patriarchal “monsters” in our daily lives. Another is the ongoing increase of what I’d call HighHeart, higher Heart-based humans living, working, perceiving and acting from their HighHeart instead of the old lower 3D ego-based self and consciousness. This is quickly becoming more and more obvious in our daily lives too seeing other people living and acting from their HighHearts for the betterment of All. Stair-steps, and we’ve been moving up them continuously since the AP started.

          Another aspect of this has to do with we First Everything-ers, Forerunners etc. Embodying more and more Crystalline/Christ frequency and now matching DNA in our physical bodies. The more this happens the faster this “hundredth monkey” sort of thing is happening. There cannot be more and more living humans walking around with NEW Trinity Crystalline/Christ frequency in themselves and matching NEW DNA and not have that automatically raise the ascension timeline(s) greatly. This we’ve also been doing for many years now. The more we Embody, the faster and more easily the rest of the human population that’s capable of doing so now, begins embodying more and more of the NEW codes, Light, DNA, consciousness and so on.

          I know that a lot of people have always believed that suddenly we’d all go from the Earthly reality that we’re familiar with to otherworldly Crystalline cities all over the place with positive ETs and Angelic beings everywhere. That’s a lovely thought and vision but it’s not what I’ve sensed. What I believe has and still is happening is the slow but constant lifting, raising, ascending of ourselves and our physical bodies etc. and of Earth too of course AND simultaneously is the ongoing and constant dropping away of all the old lower negativity, those “monsters” of the past many thousands of years. Because we’re smack in the middle of this living alchemical Process, we usually don’t see just how much has changed already. When I intentionally go out into higher levels to get a better view of where we are with all this, that’s when it’s so obvious how far we’ve come with the Universal Ascension Process to date. It’s shocking in fact and from a higher larger viewpoint it’s very obvious the whole thing is finally accelerated to the point where Light Beings and very advanced Others in higher dimensions are Working to keep everything balanced so that no timeline, no Earth world, no nothing becomes knocked over from the growing energetic wake caused by these huge changes taking place in 2018 and 2019 (and 2020). It’s happening faster now than ever before but there are many grand higher Others that have been and are now very carefully assisting us all so these monumental evolutionary changes don’t cause disasters anywhere for anyone.

          There’s more to all this of course and if you want to continue digging into this some more Thelma, please feel free to do so. ❤ ❤ ❤

        • THANKS so much, Denise, for your long, thoughtful response to my question – very helpful. I know it’s complicated!

          As you mention, I am much more conscious now of a drop in frequency and the resulting reality I’m in. I also see it happening with others. A friend of mine is grieving the loss of her husband, and although she normally emanates a very high frequency, her current low vibration is attracting all kinds of negativity, from getting her luggage battered, to going through horrible and intrusive security clearance measures at the airport, to noticing “low life” behavior of all kinds around her.

          LOVE your term: “monster-free New Earth.” I feel many of us are there already, except for occasional lapses into lower timelines, and I have been noticing more “acts of kindness” in the people around me (like a bus driver getting OFF the bus to walk an old woman across the street – couldn’t believe my eyes!). I do believe in the “hundredth monkey” effect and that it will be very noticeable to us when it takes place. I agree with you about the “slow and constant raising” that’s going on at the same time as the lower everything drops away from our energetic fields. It would have been nice to have an “instant shift” into a New landscape, and it’s what I expected in December 2012.

          But I am increasingly getting the sense that this gradual OUT WITH THE OLD /IN WITH THE NEW is divinely orchestrated, with every care being taken not to jar people or put them into fear.

          My Higher levels have communicated to me that a certain amount of Divine Light HAS been lost (that which was surrendered to the dark and became too distorted and infected to be restored) and there’s a sorrow about that in the Higher spheres. I have had to deal with a feeling of remorse too, I think because I was involved at the beginning of this Creation and felt responsible for what happened and all the suffering that ensued.

          So glad we’re at the end of this Shift (at least our role) and are victorious with the restoration of Light, though this is not yet obvious in our physical reality. Whenever I feel that my human life lacks purpose, I ponder on the immensity of what’s been accomplished against all odds!

          Love to you Denise, you rock!

  • I swear, coming here’s like a lungful of fresh air! Thanks Denise for this post, which is filled with such positive news! So many of us are road-weary, at the end of our ropes in the old world and only starting to glimpse our new beginnings.

    I haven’t had things break in my OWN space lately but everything around me is falling apart, including roadways, buildings and bridges with new construction going up everywhere at the same time. More recently, there’s been extensive flooding in the province where I live (Quebec), with more than 10,000 homes evacuated and many of them unsalvageable. Much of it is unprecedented and dams are breaking. I believe it all has to do with some kind of “emotional release” happening now for the masses.

    Interesting how you found yourself “alone” in your space and realized it was because you just experienced a timeline shift. Hopefully most of us have joined you now – I think so!

    I’ve been tuning in for internal guidance it seems like forever, but for the masses, this will seem strange and even uncomfortable at first, especially if their egos are still running the show. But this IS the way for humanity to break free and it will be so wonderful to witness.

    Love to you & all here.

    • “I’ve been tuning in for internal guidance it seems like forever, but for the masses, this will seem strange and even uncomfortable at first, especially if their egos are still running the show.”


      So true for most all of us First Everything-ers but as you say, the rest of humanity are individually going to find this evolutionary “shift” incredibly difficult, confusing, unsafe and scary. We’ve been watching Lyn here going through this, one external habitual item at a time over the past few months, and Lyn knows about the AP! Many who know about the AP still are focused, addicted, habituated to everything external however, with this recent evolutionary Divine reverse back to Self and Source and eventually Self-as-Source, it is now one of the big NEW Divine codes, NEW Divine templates for humanity to exist within NEW ascended Earth! Period.

      I think I saw something on the TV news the other day about massive flooding in your area. You are safe from it though right? And yes, water, water, water, and MORE WATER everywhere. It’s coming in the form of rain (it’s raining here in SoCal as I write this which is unheard of for this far south in May), snow, flooding, dams overflowing and/or breaking, and of course water pipes leaking under our houses etc. 😐

      The first times I clairvoyantly Saw the latest NEW ‘Rainbow Crystalline Trinity’ codes was every time I’d go into my bathroom. Just being near the water in my bathroom would cause me to See the pastel colored TRIANGULAR shapes. Triangle because we’ve ascended beyond old lower Duality codes etc. and are now embodying the NEW higher Trinity or Triality codes, blueprints, templates, and DNA… all of which are Crystalline and/or Diamond energies. And the deeper jewel toned colored triangle shaped ones too. So it’s looking like WATER is the primary way these NEW codes are being seeding into Earth and our physical reality now. In the past the flooding was to cleanse the old negativity, but in 2018-2019, it’s been all about seeding and anchoring these NEW Crystalline Rainbow Trinity codes into everything on Earth. We’re doing this too by our embodying more and more NEW matching DNA in our bodies. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Denise, just LOVE your insight about the water now helping to seed and anchor the new Trinity codes. That explains the flooding which is happening in unexpected places.

        Thankfully, I was not affected by the flooding here. I know you recently had a problem with leaking pipes (under your house?) and I think that’s happening for lots of folk everywhere. Hope you have your situation under control.

        With the incredible amount of deconstruction (tearing down and then excavation) I see in the city around me, I feel it MUST be symbolic of what’s going on energetically for the millions who live here. Even old trees have been uprooted and removed, with young saplings growing in their place. To me, this represents the OLD distorted energies being removed and replaced by something entirely different.

        Much love to you!

        • Thelma, over the last three years the trees in my yard slowly died. Getting the last willow tree removed tomorrow. heartbroken but some knowing inside tells me it is finished with its work. Hoping to replant trees soon. The streets are in bad shape. In the center of town where they were working on tearing up the roads to make new ones…they ran out of money. Everywhere around me I see things tearing or falling apart. On the other hand I see new and peaceful surroundings…those places attract me. In my yard it seems peaceful and isolated. Out with the old in with the new! The anticipation of it all feels amazing!

        • “With the incredible amount of deconstruction (tearing down and then excavation) ”

          Thelma, this is a very apt description of the Saturn/Pluto theme doing it’s thing right now, I have an analogy of the AP process as a building site, the bulldozers are in there knocking down the ‘old house’ and clearing the rubble away, and right alongside there are new foundations being laid ready for a ‘new house’ to be built. I imagine the ‘new house’ will go up in an instant come January 2020 conjunction …….. to be continued ………

        • Perfect and correct Hope, and guess who all of the Construction Crews are? The Volunteers, Starseeds, First Everything-ers, First Embodiers, Pathpavers etc. 🙂

        • Linda Cosari: thanks for your share about the trees (it IS heartbreaking when they die) and unfinished roadwork. I really feel this must be a reflection of what’s happening in the collective energy of the masses. I, too, am finding peaceful areas, more like pockets of Nature where I can feel at home. I am gravitating to those places and make going there a priority.

  • Denise, I am appreciating the synchronicity here. Meaning my last comment on your prior post spoke to what u and others are sharing now about sudden or compiled need for repairs and also health issues all happening at the same time. Your post helps a lot as now I can reference and understand the what and the why🤗💙💜💚 what Im going to state now may seem incredible, and my own old 3D nature has great doubt, but even tho we share in low income and face these repairs and the unexpected expenses, I fee to say YES and move forward and take action owever small bcuz a way will be made! Like I need to take down 2 trees, I need 1000.00 for that, but I went ahead and spent money for repairs to dog proof my fence as my boy broke out of the house and out of the yard! He also tore thru a screen, and after I blicked THAT he almost ate thru the wall! Literally. More repairs to come!🤗 And I intend to go forward with further fence desires I’ve had for a long time. I have no idea how my needs will be met but I know they will! I’ve met an awesome handyman who works with low income, and also the tree guy who quoted the good price but takes cash only. And one other thing Denise! I have a young married guy across the street who hit on me the other day! And at work a young customer with grandpa in tow asked if I was single and consider grandpa! I have shared that the relationship door has been closed my entire life. But I feel it is now open. I notice a slight change in how guys interact with me now. Well time to go! Hugs and faith to us all! We are blessed!💖

  • Hello Denise, my you’ve been prolific with these mind blowing articles, thank you! Had to get 3 tires changed recently, and make home “improvement” due to an ongoing ant problem. I know these ants got a job to do but they’re annoying as all get-out. Gotta admire their staunch determination though, and I know that their presence reminds me to adapt some of that “stick-to-it-tiveness”.

    Not sure if I’ve had “contact”, but have had moments when my cat and I both knew ETs were around. I sensed they just wanted to observe, this activity spiked in all of April. Seemed to happen more when I was especially happy being in the moment, the NOW.

    I know I’m busy in the astral realm when sleeping, but cannot seem to recall any of it upon awakening, even after repeated requests to help me remember and be fully conscious at all times. Gonna chalk it up to baby steps for now, guess I’d better learn to tread water before butterfly strokes.

    Since yesterday, May 5th, I’ve had this dreadful feeling creep over me, a sense of “death”, confusion and fear of the unknown. It was very powerful and kept washing over me, and had to clear them over and over again. Wasn’t until this morning that I realized it’s not me, but from the collective consciousness. They know something is up but don’t know exactly “what” and are fearful outta their minds of what’s coming. If only they knew THEY get to decide what’s coming, and who and how.

    Oh well, have a great beautiful day Denise and everyone!

    • “Since yesterday, May 5th, I’ve had this dreadful feeling creep over me, a sense of “death”, confusion and fear of the unknown. It was very powerful and kept washing over me, and had to clear them over and over again. Wasn’t until this morning that I realized it’s not me, but from the collective consciousness. They know something is up but don’t know exactly “what” and are fearful outta their minds of what’s coming.”

      I’ve always felt humanity and have had to educate myself with that natural ability and discover like you what’s mine and what’s theirs. The Sensitives, Empaths etc. which most of us are, are going to be dealing with the 72% only 3D aware humans Inelia Benz mentioned last year, as their old world falls apart super fast now. We of the 28% ascending now group are going to Master this one so we know if things we’re picking up are from us or them or wherever. ❤

  • Denise, this is exactly the topic I shared in my (dot)Love newsletter this week: “Unraveling from outside perceived authority.” The conditioning is soooooooo subtle and yet this is exactly what we need to be breaking free of if we ever hope to be truly free! Thank you for sharing this important step in the human evolution process! Love, Lauri

  • Denise! Wow! Broken garage door opener and leaking water pipe. Just got back from wonderful vacation and have had intense energy to clean house. Closets and drawers included. Time does not exist for me at all. Just catching waves of activity that run smoothly and quite easy. Internalized focus feels like “home”.

  • Two brilliant insights from your latest message! I now understand why I get so irritated when hearing the stories of my friends who are so smart getting the most out of the system. Their triumphs in getting an immediate MRI because they know somebody in the hospital, explaining on parties what the specialists told them about their bodies, the fights with their landlords, governments, grocery shops etc. Nothing ever relates to them, to how they act and feel. I sometimes felt guilty, but now I can see it more clearly, they are living totally in the 3D system and I am desperate for them to get a bigger picture. No chance so far.

    I also noticed the weird quiet streets when I walked my dog a few days ago. Didn’t understand it. Next time I will.

    Yes I also had some household appliances breaking down on the same day. That was the one I already understood. The Planet is changing.

  • In the last 2 weeks I have had repair after repair. Both cars, dryer, air conditioner. Our hot tub we have never had trouble with grew some kind of pink slime. I am sick. The dog is sick and I had a bunch of stressful medical tests that showed nothing. Ugh. Thanks Denise for helping me to realise I am probably not crazy.

    • Debbie,

      Definitely not crazy! In the last two weeks I’ve HAD to buy new tires for my car, then discovered that a water pipe under the house has been leaking, as in big spraying of water everywhere down there and it’s a rather expensive repair job, not to mention the clean up work and cost after the pipe repairs are done. :-/

      You can feel old Earth reality has suddenly gone into accelerated disintegration mode due to the recent Earth core upgrade, more NEW Crystalline ‘Trinity’ DNA being embodied, and this latest MEGA shift of everything on Earth and in humanity that’s been focused outwardly and externally having just been turned inside out by Source and redirected back inwardly to the internal within each of us. That alone is so, so huge of a positive change that it’s going to take some time for all of us to honesty grasp how much it has and will dramatically change and improve everything and everyone. All this and more is the ongoing Separation of Worlds.

      • Hi Denise
        Thank you got your article. I think April was one of the toughest months ever. For me I have started to notice that in certain places they have “died off” energetically. These have been a local woods and my friend’s garden. There is just no life left in that soil. It’s as if these places have become void and aren’t there in the same way they once were.
        For me I haven’t had the repairs but just bills. And literally all my savings have been used up. It’s like I don’t exist in this way of monetary living. Financially the last few years have been tough but the last year in particular has ensured that I almost cannot do normal social outings. And I no longer run a car. So I don’t exist in that way. It has been excruciatingly isolating. And none of my friends are in the same position. I have never felt so alone as the last 6 months. And whilst there is peace I have found it difficult.
        I have been packing up and getting rid of a lot of stuff. It’s like I am preparing to move, but I think it’s an energy move not a literal one
        Love and light to you and all here
        Magda 💝💝

    • Dear Denise,

      You will never fully comprehend how grateful I am to you, and for you; during the last several years I have emotionally held onto the information you have shared, in some dramatic cases it felt that I might physically die, but your words, and the power within their meaning, carried me on. Your latest message is no exception.

      When you have written what you see, or have seen, with regard to shapes and colors, I have not seen or sensed, ever, which I accept that I am not ready for. Often, what you have disclosed I have never experienced, and I have thought at the time that I might have had other translatable situations that make sense for me. However, your latest message is so profoundly crucial to my experience(s) that I am writing to you for the first time to underscore how ‘broken’ elements are in my physical reality, beginning with myself.

      Last Thursday I instantly became aware of a major professional and personal betrayal which caused a physical illness that I am still trying to recover from. Earlier today lights in the kitchen suddenly went on and off independently, as if an unseen hand was playing with the switch. Electronics don’t work as they should. It hasn’t quit raining for a week, and the ability of the earth to absorb anymore water is nil. Those who collect refuse overlooked what they were supposed to pick up. Mail has been misdelivered. Items have suddenly disappeared.

      The feeling of being alone in our country, on this planet, and in the universe has become so acute that the only beings I can relate to on any meaningful level are the elements, and what grows around me, the trees, the shrubs, flowers, weeds, birds, plus other creatures, such as butterflies. Those I once felt I could trust I no longer can, and it is as if I can no longer tolerate their lack of sensitivity, lack of sincerity, and lack of honesty. It has been a long haul to reach this point, there is no going backwards, and it may be that I am right on time in my own schedule of arrival, if indeed I signed up for living through so many levels of darkness since the beginning of this life.

      I would like to say that I can feel a oneness and a unity, but so far, I don’t. The malfunction of the airplane hitting the tarmac in Moscow yesterday was deeply disturbing. The bombardments into the Gaza strip are nonsensical. The caving in of the wooden roof of Notre Dame cathedral in Paris affected millions of individuals across the globe during Easter week. The level of suffering of all life has reached a point of shrieking so loud that I imagine the whales and the dolphins trying to find hiding places in the depths of the waters to get relief from it.

      I have no answers, and I suspect you don’t, either. Even if you did I respect the fact that you might not choose to share them. What I do have is the ability to express my gratitude to you, which I am trying to do, here. Thank you for what you have written, which has a special significance for me during an exceptionally painful time.

      • “Last Thursday I instantly became aware of a major professional and personal betrayal which caused a physical illness that I am still trying to recover from. Earlier today lights in the kitchen suddenly went on and off independently, as if an unseen hand was playing with the switch. Electronics don’t work as they should. It hasn’t quit raining for a week, and the ability of the earth to absorb anymore water is nil. Those who collect refuse overlooked what they were supposed to pick up. Mail has been misdelivered. Items have suddenly disappeared.”


        I can totally relate and have been going through these same types of things with lots of people for too long but, it’s part of what I call the Separation of Worlds. With it, AND the latest massive positive NEW codes (NEW blueprints or templates and energetic “patterns” etc for NEW Earth and NEW Humanity) that have just arrived in April and May 2019, the escalation of the breakdown of the old lower Earth and its old systems and structures etc. is happening now faster and more obviously than ever before. Deep breath and keep your HighHeart on the prize which is NEW Earth and you being on it constantly. ❤ Also, it doesn't matter one tiny bit that you haven't clairvoyantly Seen any of the things I talk about. The only thing of any importance is that you continue evolving and growing because that makes all this easier for the rest of us. ❤

        “I have no answers, and I suspect you don’t, either. Even if you did I respect the fact that you might not choose to share them.”

        I do and I share most of them and always have.

        The suffering is to be expected with such profound evolutionary progress and change as what’s happening now on Universal levels, not just on Earth and in humanity. Obviously you’re a Sensitive, so like all of us you’ve got to be able to know it’s happening and yet not be sucked down into a pit of dispare because it is happening. For many years I’ve been concerned about myself with this. I know the breakdown of the old HAS TO HAPPEN, just as it does in Nature, so do your best to witness it but remain as emotionally neutral about it all as you can. It is a process that HAS TO HAPPEN and it’s global and affects all life on Earth and beyond. It just is what it is but after Rome burns down, an incredibly better higher frequency evolved NEW Earth and Humanity will replace it at a much higher level. I know you know all this already. And lastly, Thank You very much. ❤

    • My goodness, your article Denise and reader comments are so very interesting and insightful. I’ve recently had to get my car repaired. My partner’s car is currently getting a new motor installed. My blender died a few days ago. And I wont go into all the different things occurring within my physical body. So good to know why, and that I am not the only one experiencing this. Also I too have experienced quite peaceful moments, like there is no time. Thank you Denise and to your commentors for sharing.

  • Denise, wow!. How strange to read u describe how I felt those same exact days! Like there was no one, just a sense of absence and goneness. I’d comment to myself how weird it felt. And as I wrote last post comment, I feel like everything good is possible even tho my thinking is 3D. Like I KNOW it. Anyway, you described it best. 🙃😊

  • And So It Is!! I’m resonating fully, and above all feeling it ALL! Thank you WISE LADY!! Thank you!! So much is Shifting, and it’s hitting Home with some family members, fun? Hell no, but all is in perfect timing! Scary? A bit, sadness? Yup, but all is well, I have come too far now!!

  • Ahhh! Thank you, Denise. This resonated so much. First, I had to laugh at physical things breaking down. Our garage door opener died awhile ago and even little parts kept breaking while my husband installed the new one over the last month. We’ve also had a desk chair oddly break and the front covering on our oven door has literally fallen off twice and we can’t get it to stay on.

    Second, everything about going internal!! I have been so emotional the last couple of days. I’ve been sobbing several times today about whether I can ALWAYS trust myself, no matter what. The more I’ve been living each day by my internal guidance, the less I care about or want to do any of the things I’m “supposed to” like my job, paying bills, etc etc etc. So I’ve been putting off a lot. And it felt like a lot of emotional crashing down today when I engaged with those types of tasks— feeling behind, feeling like a failure, feeling like it was all my fault that I was experiencing what I *perceived* to be a scary financial mess. Like, if I had only been more “responsible,” it wouldn’t have happened. The deepest wound was that fear my intuition had led me astray, that I can’t actually trust myself. WHICH OF COURSE IS NOT TRUE. But, man, I was feeling this so deeply!!

    The other related thing, which seemed to be another trigger portal for me into all of this, is that I did card readings for about 20 people in four hours on Friday 5/3 from the oracle decks I’ve created. The overall messages mirroring back to each person were about going inside for answers, trusting yourself, honoring your own process/journey/boundaries regardless of what anyone else is doing. Believing that we are each supported by the Universe in doing this. I felt such a lovely cheerleader/encouragement energy flowing through me. I could See several people waking up before my eyes to this NEW-to-them idea of how powerful each of them are totally Independent of anyone else. My intention is never to get anyone to rely on ME but rather to hold up that mirror. But then the next day I felt this accusatory energy like I’d been a fraud somehow to tell people they could trust themselves always and that they have all the answers inside. Which I can now see was because I still held this very deep fear that wasn’t true for myself.

    It’s really powerful to understand my experiences of the last few days in this larger context. Thank you again, Denise. 💗

  • Wow wow wow Denise … did I ever need to read that post today 😮. It explains a whole lot about why my externally-focused ego-self is having a hissy fit anxiety attack … for no good reason really. So it’s me breaking down instead of some outer appliance. Now if I can just find that inner me that you spoke of and put a stop to this foolish fear! Thank you, thank you. ❤

    • “So it’s me breaking down instead of some outer appliance.”

      Yep Kathy, it’s that old lower frequency, lower consciousness part of you (of all of us) called the 3D ego that’s now GOT to get with the NEW evolutionary program! And you don’t have to look for your NEW Self, just let things go as they now HAVE to and will much faster than ever before and you’ll discover the NEW higher you is increasingly right there taking its place. ❤

      • Bless you dear lady … ever since I had my ah-hah moment reading your piece, I felt a huge weight lift off. And now your response just lifted it off further.. 🤗💛

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