Saturn & the 2017 Separation Escalation

In my April 2017 article (link below) I talked about my suddenly being pulled forward to November and December 2017, when transiting Saturn makes its final conjunction to the Milky Way Galactic Center (GC) in this thirty-year cycle. When I wrote that April article I didn’t even look in my Ephemeris to see where Saturn was that day, which was amazing to me but that’s how powerful the pull and focus forward to November and December 2017 was. It wasn’t until someone wrote a Comment in that April article informing me that Saturn was conjunct the GC right then in April that all of 2017 started making more sense to me on the physical level.

A few meaningful Ascension Process dates and points.

  1. From our Earth perspective today, the GC is located at 27° Sagittarius 05.6
  2. It takes Saturn 2.5–3 years to transit through one zodiacal sign
  3. It takes Saturn about thirty years to transit through all twelve zodiacal signs
  4. Harmonic Convergence happened August 1987, thirty years ago
  5. Saturn (and Uranus) were in Sagittarius during Harmonic Convergence thirty years ago
  6. November & December 2017, Saturn makes its last conjunction to the GC in this 30-yearlong cycle
  7. December 19, 2017, Saturn enters Capricorn, the last of the three Earth signs
  8. December 21, 2017, is the Solstice

It takes Saturn about 2.5–3 years to transit through one zodiacal sign, meaning that 2018, 2019 and 2020 will have Saturn moving through Capricorn. (Saturn enters Aquarius December 18, 2020, and doesn’t Retrograde back into Capricorn from that date.) Physical reality and all negative global patriarchal structures, systems, laws, forms of governance etc. will not survive Saturn transiting Capricorn (along with Pluto don’t forget!) at this level, in this high Light energy that’s now here permanently. Mega physical reality changes cometh for all.

“Primary Timeline Engagement – Taking out the Old

“Gatekeepers, Gridworkers and Lightworkers in active Service to Source aim to eliminate all which interferes with the organic Ascension experience by September, with consistent focus during the Gateways of May, June, July and the powerful Gateway of the August Solar eclipse (more on that soon). This is a major year, Beloveds. Stay diligent.”

Sandra Walter – May 6, 2017

Each of the Ascension Process (AP) teachers basically talks about the same things, events, energies, processes and so on yet we each do so from our unique individual selves, perspectives and current level(s) of ability and focus. The reasons for this should be obvious to everyone at this point; different viewpoints and highlighted and specialized information about the AP and EP and related information from each one. Put them all together and the higher overview is pretty amazing and deeply helpful to All.

I’ve felt very strongly in 2017, greater diversity and unique individuality coming from all the AP teachers. We’re still all focused and Working on the same AP and EP related things but in 2017 we’re doing so with more individuality because we’re each in slightly different levels and locations now. This is great and as it should be at this point within the AP, but it may make it a bit more difficult for some readers to reach that higher overview perspective. Just take it all in, put whatever doesn’t make sense at the moment on the back burner and keep moving forward no matter what. Things will fall into place when you’re ready to hold that much more Light in yourself and your physical body. This is the way it is for all of us, it’s just gotten more varied and vast in 2017 and this will only continue.

This living in and not in linear time space reality is taking me some “time” to adjust to this year at this level. It’s always felt weird but this has amplified greatly this year. The head/intellect thinking thing isn’t working so well either, like I know it isn’t for most of us at this point. We’re all so habituated to instantly going into our heads/intellects to figure things out, line routines and projects up in physical reality and linear time space, but the problem with that now is we’ve evolved beyond that old lower band of frequency, consciousness, life and reality. Old habits die hard as the saying goes.

Every time I spend too much time in my head/intellect in those old lower ways of dealing with reality, I feel my body going nuts energetically. The visual image of this I get in my mind’s eye is of a garden hose with the water turned on all the way. The hose is crimped almost in half to reduce the water flow and that restriction is creating a bulge in the hose behind the kinked part that will eventually cause the hose to rupture. When I go rushing into my head/intellect for no other reason than habit, I’m crimping my hose severely and the pressure from my doing that causes my physical body and nervous system to quickly get uncomfortable (understatement that!) which makes me overly jumpy and imbalanced due to this unnatural weakened state of having slowed down my flow of higher Light Energies. The second I go back into my HighHeart instead of my head/intellect, the backed-up pressures disappear, all is great again, flow/sovereignty returns and I swear to myself that I’ll never make that damned mistake again! But I do, and this is how I/you/we all eventually Master these NEW changes within each of us. Just be consciously aware of which body/head/heart part you’re using now to get the job done and honestly check whether it’s the right tool for the job or not. A ruptured hose at this point after all the Work we’ve done to get here would be a major bummer, not to mention just plane stupid!

Head/intellect is way too small and undeveloped a tool for this high level of vast Light energy. The HighHeart is a frequency match for it so get used to thinking, feeling, perceiving and creating etc. from there, not your head/intellect. The old lower way(s) don’t work anymore and this is rapidly getting increasingly obvious to each of us every time we attempt to use any old lower tool for whatever the reason. NEW consciousness, NEW worlds, NEW tools, NEW abilities in our NEW worlds and realities.

Believe it or not all these topics are connected. Just saying. 🙄

Saturn has traveled from Sagittarius where it was when Harmonic Convergence began in August 1987, around the entire zodiac for the past thirty years and Returned to Sagittarius where it will make its last conjunction to the GC in November and December 2017 in this AP Saturn cycle. Immediately after that last Saturn/GC conjunction of this thirty-year Ascension Process cycle, Saturn enters Capricorn two days before the December 2017 Solstice. Can you see and feel how physical reality and physical structures (Saturn) is and will continue to evolve and change dramatically and quickly from here on out? Feel into this as it’s really big and important for multiple reasons.

Back in April of this year there was talk about seven solar flares all aimed directly at Saturn. This information instantly made me aware that everything Team Dark (TD) had done to Saturn to reverse, invert its natural, organic 3D physical reality building and holding abilities was completely undone finally and all the way down to the physical level. What had been intentionally stolen, reversed and inverted to use against humanity by TD was undone by the Sun blasting higher energies at Saturn seven times in early 2017 to free it from those ancient TD inorganic actions, infections and distortions.


You already know all the old information about Saturn and how it was intentionally reversed, inverted (Satan) by TD to be used to create inorganically off from organic Saturn’s energies, which were to create and hold physical forms in physical reality. Saturn Capricorn Mt. Goat has been intentionally reversed into multiple global distorted monstrosities (church and state) so there would be ‘One Ring To Rule Them All’. Nevertheless, that one ring got thrown back into the molten fires of Mt. Doom’ via seven solar flares directed intentionally at Saturn in April 2017. The ‘One Ring’ of Saturn Satan is no more, which means physical reality itself and all old corrupt reversed structures and systems on Earth are impotent. That cycle with its old energies and codes—organic AND stolen reversed, inverted inorganic distortions—are done and have zero energy left to continue them or perpetuate anything else. They are energy-less, hollow carcasses of the horrific TD patriarchal past that are increasingly disappearing from view and memory for those ascending.

It doesn’t matter that there’s still some flailing, withered old man fists and threatening filth falling from old patriarchal lips about what they’re going to do because it won’t happen because there’s no energy anymore at those lower levels to make any of it work like they’re all so used to. Saturn Capricorn Mt. Goat; Satan Satanic Mt. Doom; it’s almost comical, certainly pathetic, but educational to watch it and them slowly disappear beneath the red-hot molten lava in Mt. Doom as they cling to their impotent, powerless old ‘One Ring’.

Out with old lower 3D physical systems and structures (Saturn energies) at that old lower level, and in with brand NEW higher ones at a much higher level and state of being and consciousness. It’s very interesting discovering how it looks and feels building (NEW Saturn) from our HighHearts (not our heads/intellects or egos) the NEW Earth world reality each of us wants and needs now as we’re both in and not in linear time—existing and Working multi-dimensionally. The past lower insanity doesn’t work, doesn’t apply to us and cannot affect any who are vibrating at a higher frequency. The remnants of it are still there doing their best to do their worst to everyone but that does not mean you will be affected by any of it today or tomorrow or next year etc. Stay what you are and where you are in your HighHeart and HighHeart consciousness and reality and to Mt. Doom hell with everything that’s playing out under your feet. Don’t let it distract you from doing what only you can do now in your HighHeartLife and reality for yourself and All others evolving/ascending now.

I’ve always used astrological knowledge to get a better understanding about things, but I’ve also know for the past twenty-five plus years that as we evolve, so too will our understanding of not only astrology but of all our old tools. And in most cases we’re evolving beyond these external tools to the degree that we don’t and won’t need them. Because of this I’ve not been as focused on astrology as I used to be a couple of decades ago. The energies and powers of the planets, Suns, stars and galaxy means something very different to me today than they did twenty, thirty, forty years ago. They are now I’m discovering as are many of you, living energies that are within each of us individually and not strictly distant external energies and objects like we believed them to be. I AM the I AM that I AM, and that includes Saturn, the Sun, the galaxy, the GC, other galaxies, other universes, Source and so on. Unity means just that and we are more unified individually every hour which automatically changes our perspective and beliefs about, well, everything as it should.  ❤

It’s hard to (linearly) write about the nonphysical and multidimensional aspects of all this AP and EP (Embodiment Process) business and the physical aspects too as one continues to Embody more and more Light into the physical body and reality. Doing the one thing automatically changes all other things which is normal, but doing it all simultaneously and being able to talk and/or write about it clearly enough that other people can actually understand you is another thing entirely! This is the situation I’ve been wrestling with increasingly for the past couple of years; how to accurately write about being both in linear time space and not in it because you are increasingly shifting, moving, sliding, jumping and intentionally re-positioning yourself and/or your gaze, your focus etc. within your timeless Now Moment, and your growing ability to consciously function in multiple dimensions and not drop the ball so to speak, and also get in your physical car and drive to the physical grocery store in your physical body because you need to buy toilet paper, laundry soap, toothpaste, fresh veggies and chocolate. Do you recognize your own growing conscious multidimensionality and your own ability to jump into and out of linear time when needed, and your growing ability to intentionally get in your HighHeart and sit in the timeless Now Moment from that level and perspective and Consciously Create? We all thought, believed and expected that this would look, feel and act very differently than it is so far, and that’s perfectly fine because we’re all being continually surprised by our individual ongoing AP and EP processes and evolving consciousness. ❤

Back to Saturn and it being freed recently from TD’s ancient pirated theft of its natural energetic and organic ability to create and hold solid structures, systems, governments, patriarchal laws and such in place in the physical dimension.

In April 2017, Saturn got intentionally blasted by seven freedom-inducing AP solar flares. After that I was suddenly and strongly impulsed to look at November and December 2017, to see where Saturn would be located then and that it would be making its final conjunction and pass across the GC. I also saw that immediately after that last GC conjunction at 27° Sagittarius, transiting  Saturn would enter Capricorn (last of the Earth signs) two days before the December 2017 Solstice! What all this means to me today is that this is one very big and important aspect of everything that’s been intentionally held within the old TD controlled physical Earth world and reality being permanently removed, much like how Team Light has intentionally shut down many other TD timelines that crawled into the “future” over the past many years. They too (and so much more) has already been shut down, closed off, dead-ended and permanently disconnected so TD cannot use or utilize them here or anywhere else any longer. That energy supply has been deliberately removed by Team Light which also means that in 2017 and forward physical reality is increasingly showing just how much of the old lower everything doesn’t work anymore because its food and fuel supply has been deliberately discontinued.

On the one multidimensional hand we see and feel all the old lower negativity wildly thrashing about trying to stay in power and control and now “alive”. One the other multidimensional hand we simultaneously see and feel much of the NEW higher Divine Light and LOVE energies present around us and increasingly in each of us. The unity not only is becoming increasingly visible but also closer, nearer within each of us as we continue this Embodiment Ascension Process (EAP). Oh I like that abbreviation better! 😉

I hope I’ve expressed this information well enough that you can connect these multidimensional dots to see and feel just how much and how quickly now the Separation of Worlds on the physical level is actually taking place. This will amplify and expand dramatically in December 2017, with the last Saturn/GC conjunction and then recently energetically freed Saturn’s entry into Light-filled Earth Capricorn. The NEW vastly higher frequency Earth world and reality will become quite obvious to more and more people while simultaneously the old TD negative patriarchal Dark-filled Earth world disintegrates and finally disappears completely from our sight and vice versa. This is going to be a wild physical ride for a while but hold your higher space, place, seat and HighHeart focus both in time and outside of it both in the physical and in the nonphysical levels of your multidimensional existence. ❤


June 22, 2017

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24 thoughts on “Saturn & the 2017 Separation Escalation

  • Where does the prophesied “Second Coming of Christ” fit in with all this astrology? Jesus is called in Scripture “The Lion of Judah” associated with the Lion representing Vergo (August). What does Vergo have to do with all this?

    • Margaret,

      Why are you here at my site reading about the evolutionary Ascension Process when you obviously believe limited and deliberately distorted scripture?

      First of all the so-called “Second Coming” is us, is humanity “coming”, evolving/ascending into Higher Consciousness, HighHeart, Higher Awareness, a higher dimension entirely, and crystalline/Christic frequency which has been happening for the past thirty physical years or so. This process, which is the Ascension Process now includes all of humanity where in the beginning of it it was the Forerunners, the Pathpavers, the Wayshowers, the Lightworkers etc. who began this Process first. We are the “Second Coming” of this vastly higher frequency Light energies with vastly greater direct, internal, individual Divine Source connection consciously. “As I have done you shall do and greater” remember? This current Ascension Process would be exactly that. ❤ ❤ ❤

      Because the astrological months don’t run from the 1st through to the 30th or 31st of every month, we have about half of each month that’s in one astrological sign and the second half of that same month in the next sign. Easy fast example of this is the first day of Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter falling on or around the 20th or 21st of those months.

      Next are the astrological Ages which are EACH 2,160 years long. Astrological month=30, 31 days long; astrological Age=2,160 years long. One complete solar rotation through all 12 signs=one year; one complete rotation through all 12 Ages=26,000 years. And on and on and on these cosmic cycles within larger cycles go into multiple millions of years, which were just all completed around 2011-2012.

      Each sign has its opposite sign and in the case of the astrological Age of Pisces (the two Fishes), it’s Virgo (the Virgin). Fishes and Virgins, got it? Myths are just myths and symbols for much larger things, events, energies, Energy Codes for Ages and so on.

      The astrological Age of Aquarius (the Cosmic Human), which we’re now into, has as its opposite sign and vice versa Leo (the Lion), which rules the HighHeart now at this elevated level of being and reality.

      • Excellent explanation but even for me (second wave) a bit difficult to grasp the astrology of it all. I
        don’t remember which post I stated in my thinking (heart feeling) we are living the rapture. I think bible says something like blink of an eye dead will rise. For me the “time” of all things under heaven is endless so a blink of an eye could be many years. OMG this language thing is difficult. This may not make any sense at all! Thankfully we have those like you who can put words. Thanks

  • Thanks, Denise! I’m still trying to understand in what way 3D is “collapsing”. Do you mean physically? All the 3D timelines are ending? Is it your impression that the entire dimension is collapsing as a grid? Or do you just mean the old ways of thinking/dominating are changing? (If you already wrote about this somewhere, maybe you or someone who remembers can point me to that?)

    • “Thanks, Denise! I’m still trying to understand in what way 3D is “collapsing”. Do you mean physically? All the 3D timelines are ending? Is it your impression that the entire dimension is collapsing as a grid? Or do you just mean the old ways of thinking/dominating are changing? (If you already wrote about this somewhere, maybe you or someone who remembers can point me to that?)”

      Falcon & All,

      The entire old patriarchal 3D Earth global systems and structures etc. that have ruled this planet and all of humanity for many thousands of years has Expired and that point was reached on December 21, 2012. In very simple terms, that old Evolutionary Cycle reached its completion point at that Expiration Date. Ever since then the whole planet and every Forerunner and now all humanity is having to deal with the compressed evolution that takes place at the end of every one of these great cycles, and this one was the completion of them ALL at the same time, not just a 2,100 year cycle completing. This is why the world and humans are in such a state of chaos, fear, anger, confusion etc. Very few people actually know what’s going on now and why and so there’s a lot of anger, frustrations and fears about what’s going to happen.

      The easiest way to look at this is that all of the old Codes, old blueprints, old templates for that past Evolutionary Cycle have completed and Expired and simply are not there any longer. Because of this fact, it doesn’t matter how hard some people (governments, laws, ruler-ships, presidents etc.) try to make those old things continue, there is literally no old Codes energies left for those old things/structures/beliefs/consciousness/reality etc. to draw upon anymore. Those times are finished and their energy Codes have Expired.

      Physical reality (ruled by Saturn in the past) has been discontinued too which is why the seven solar flares were directed at Saturn in April 2017; what Team Dark had done energetically, etherically to intentionally pervert, distort, reverse, invert the organic energies of Saturn (the ability to create and hold physical reality and structures in it in place) needed to be totally dismantled so their perversions could NOT be continued in any timeline or timelines into the future. There are natural, organic ends to great Evolutionary Cycles, but on top of that, many of these things have also needed more Work on them to end them now because TD deliberately used and distorted, reversed/inverted organic energies to use for themselves. So, natural organic great cycles have Expired PLUS other steps have been taken (and continue to be when and where needed) by Team Light to permanently end and dismantle all TD created (pirated) inorganic structures, physical, energetic, etheric etc.

      What’s been happening all along, increasingly intensely since the start of 2013, is the ongoing evolution/ascension of this Earth/Gaia and all humans capable of doing what’s necessary to physically, in their physical bodies, go with that ascending Earth world into a higher frequency dimension and consciousness and all else. The AP has reached a totally NEW, so much higher level with the start of (1 energies) 2017, that the increasing Light into this NEW Earth world and all of us in it will now become so huge, so potent, so reality changing, so consciousness changing, so profoundly evolutionary to every human alive and in body now that it’s hard to even comprehend. Those humans that are not capable of or desirous of living this AP now will go elsewhere that’s not ascending but descending into greater density and negativity for a short period of time — short in comparison to the many thousands of years we’ve just completed I mean. That world is not my concern, nor is it anyone else’s at this point within our individual ongoing Embodiment Ascension Processes. Focus on where you want to be, not on where you don’t want to be! I hope this info helps you better understand what’s happening now and why.

  • Thank you Denise for a wonderfully informative and precise instruction into the our evolutuionary process. I await your insights with anticipation and the truths you bring always resonate with me deeply.. This statement was a particular match for me today.

    “Every time I spend too much time in my head/intellect in those old lower ways of dealing with reality, I feel my body going nuts energetically. The visual image of this I get in my mind’s eye is of a garden hose with the water turned on all the way…”

    I can’t count the number of times and different ways I have wrote the same thing in my journals it is so gratifying to have you state it so. I struggle a lot with getting a handle on my energies and am so grateful for your help in understanding them more fully. Thankfully now I make the connections before the cycle goes into overdrive and so is far easier to bring them back to manageable levels.

    Sincere thanks from Dublin.

    • suzieperon,

      This is why I share information based on my own experiences — the good, the bad and the ugly — because I know how much it helps me when I read personal experiential information from AP teachers I trust. This EAP (Embodiment Ascension Process) has been confusing, but it’s gotten much more so since about 2014, because it and we have changed so much since then. Because of this it’s even more helpful to everyone now I feel to include our personal experiences with things like time jumping, changing timelines, linear and quantum experiences, NOW MOMENT living, Embodying more, and the always present physical side effects/symptoms of it all and so on. Honesty only helps us all. ❤

  • Thanks so much, Denise, for helping us connect the dots, esp. with the Saturn developments and aspects and what they signify. I am starting to breathe a little easier in the world, in spite of the ongoing chaos in the lower density. So glad you pointed out the importance of consulting our High Heart for everything and I especially like this: “Head/intellect is way too small and undeveloped a tool for this high level of vast Light energy.”

    Also, your humor is increasingly shining through, e.g. “… to Mt. Doom hell with everything that’s playing out under your feet.” Spoken like a true Light Warrior who has been through it all and is now emerging on the other side! Blessings to you & all of us.

  • oh well done Denise. thank you, you wrote this beautifully, easy to understand, thankyou for simplifying the explanation of the processes, so so so important that All chave the chance to understand whats happening .. Brilliant Post and will help many, sharing now muchLove dear SiStar

  • Dear Denise,
    And I too am very grateful for all your posts and wisdom……I feel…. with your writings, that I am “not alone”.!.. I have my rising sign @28 degrees sag. facing the galactic center and Saturn in my 7th house….. Does this resonance have extra challenges and growth for me? I agree with Soulspeak (coming full empty …. thank you) The light has definitely been turned on at the end of the tunnel!!!
    With much love and gratitude,

  • Thank you so much, Denise… crystal clear to me, dear lady! Interestingly, I’m married to a Cappy, and I sense that big changes are going to come for those under the delicately cloven hoof of this Task Master! I feel, as you do, that astrologically things are not what they were, as more of us come into Multidimensional Embodiment of Unity – the planets, as the great Linda Goodman, Astrologer Ascended Master, once wrote: ‘There are those among us who are ascended above and beyond natal influences and as such are no longer ruled by the planetary movements’ (or words to that effect).

    I really FELT into this report as I read it, with relish! and it resonates with me so fully… I also know that my recent trip to Italy was significant in this process I’ve been in, in that I had chance to see and feel what it means to live fully in 5D (and beyond) which was absolutely blissful. The place I visited gave me the feeling of how Atlantis/Lemuria might have been. Pristine pavements, no dog shit (!) manicured lawns, crystal pools, amazing beaches and wonderful people, all very full and not needy in any way. I visited my aunt and her partner at the resort they live and work in for 6 months of the year. It was Easy World and definitely what I am now creating in my own life more.

    At the same time, I had to deal with old stuff (family wounds, etc) so it was Heaven alongside Hell a few times and I was called upon to hold the light whilst in the midst of great darkness… TD had a field day, but they didn’t get to me, and the signs I was given from Source were more than enough to compensate for the shit I had to wade through, alone!

    Bless you for your time, energy and ALL you are. I love you…

    Jay from the UK xoxoxoxox

  • Oh my goodness, so much great information in this comprehensive post! I’m so excited about seeing some more connections as to how and when this transformation is occurring from my embodied perspective. Also: when I read the part about Saturn moving into Aquarius in 2020, the song Aquarius from Hair popped in my head. Ahhh! Exciting indeed! I’ll be needing to come back to this one to read again.

    Love to you, Denise.

    Karin / Calliope the Muse

  • Hi Denise,
    I have just recently started following your posts. Amazing! But could you please reference the definition of the high heart? Thanks,

    • Nadene,

      The HighHeart (the Thymus gland) exists above the lower physical heart in the center of the upper chest. It vibrates energetically much, much faster and higher than the old lower frequency, lower consciousness, ego, lower heart emotions. Prior to the evolutionary AP the bottom three chakras — with the Solar Plexus being the highest and main seat of the old ego self, consciousness, reality etc. — were the main tools of perception in the old lower patriarchal world. Due to the evolution of the AP, humanity is ascending/evolving from those bottom three chakras/energies/consciousness/frequency etc. up into the HighHeart which already is and will become for everyone else the NEW higher frequency seat of focus for humanity. The HighHeart is “Unity”, is Neutrality, is integration, is consciously Source connected and Sovereign, and exists from a place of Light LOVE all the time with that level of consciousness in a matching world reality. ❤

  • Thank you so much Denise as always for your incredibly insightful information–delivered with wit and humor like no other ascension writer!! This has to be among my two favorite sentences, below:

    “They are energy-less, hollow carcasses of the horrific TD patriarchal past that are increasingly disappearing from view and memory for those ascending.. . . It doesn’t matter that there’s still some flailing, withered old man fists and threatening filth falling from old patriarchal lips about what they’re going to do because it won’t happen because there’s no energy anymore at those lower levels to make any of it work like they’re all so used to.”

    No one else I’ve come across on the path writes like this and wow is it appreciated! :

    • Thanks Amy, and that was me being polite and toning it all down considerably! Oh I could go on and on about these evil idiots but I refrain only because my energies are much more productive elsewhere. 😉 ❤

  • Saturn will conjunct Pluto in Capricorn in 2020 the day after an eclipse then joined by Jupiter.5D astrology has expanded to register galactic influences including the 8 new deep space planets,the Galactic Centre,Great Attractor and Super Galactic Centre

  • Denise, I light up when I see your emails in my inbox! I always know I will be ‘enlightened’ by what you offer! And I agree, I receive so much from so many different teachers right now!
    I am experiencing so many different physical symptoms, and am rolling with them. I know that many are experiencing strange eye symptoms. Lately, it has been weirder than ever! As soon as I wake up, I can feel a distinct difference in my eyes. They feel ‘full’, gritty and such. But lately, they also feel different ‘behind my eyes’. Does that make sense? I know we are raising our frequency significantly and it changes what we see. Any other insights for me/us on this one? Oh, and the Buddha Belly! Oy! Comes and goes!
    With deep gratitude and love for your service.

    • Yes! I’m having a lot of unusual, new sensations in my entire face but also in my eyes. They feel lighter yet with more powerful energy and there feels like a new energy in my face as odd as that sounds. 🙄 A few days ago, I was seeing an array of lights, prisms when closing eyes and at first just thought it was maybe my imagination. Yes, the eyes feel as if they are holding higher, more powerful, and new energy. Whew, the energies that have zapped me are so intense at the moment!
      Sending Highheart ❤️ to everyone in these quickly evolving times!

  • Thank you so much Denise…The linear in and out balance..the thinking…coming full empty..then FEEL the heart thought and I flow with it and it’s like soft chimes of energy…try head thinking…it’s crazy even trying to find words…it’s the feels so yucky in the body also…
    I just thank you with all my high heart and heart for your sharing …Absolutely every paragraph you wrote I am almost in tears of joy…to know…in the physical world…I am not alone…May your blessings be abundant…Namaste’

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