Accelerated Ascension: Life On The Cosmic Road

Not that this needs repeating but, April and May 2018, wow! Do you still have hair? Skin? How’s your continually upgrading CNS (central nervous system)? Do you know where you are, not that it matters much at this point? Did you mandatory daytime reboot nap these two months more than ever before, especially from early mid-May on? I’ve mentioned the need to not fight or feel guilty about those sudden out-of-the-blue mandatory daytime pass-out reboot naps over the past few years but May 2018 took the Ascension Process (AP) record for this so far! And thank goodness because there’s been so much going on at higher NEW levels which is why we’re needing to mandatory daytime reboot nap almost every day now. Just do it because it’s mandatory and makes these ongoing embodiments and Embodiments faster and believe it or not much easier.

Amplified Pains, Increased Reboot Naps, Greater Personal Energy, Feeling Amplified Sexual Energies

“I am not feeling any communication like I used to have with higher self or guides or having any ” magical” experiences. In fact I feel more grounded and 3D capable then ever. In fact I recently went back to work for the first time in 12 years and am doing great. Anyone else experiencing that?” — Debbie

I intentionally waited to respond to this aspect of Debbie’s question in this article and not my previous one because I’d planned on talking more about how many of us have been and continue to feel big impressive positive energy increases in our physical bodies finally. I began feeling this around mid-April 2018, but it’s amplified tremendously ever since with May being rather extreme and why we’ve been needing almost daily mandatory daytime reboot naps.

Now I know many will misinterpret what I just said so let me clarify. As with all aspects and layers of the AP there are multiple things happening simultaneously and this is just another case of this. I mentioned in April that I was suddenly dealing with pretty extreme physical pains in one heel bone, parts of the foot and toes, ankle(s), the legs up into the lower spine, pelvic area, hip joints and tailbone. This pain has been consistent since April but, simultaneously to all that new severe pain has been an impressive increase in my personal inner energies. I’ve gotten more accomplished physically throughout April and May 2018 than the past two years despite these recent new/NEW pains that have at times made it hard to put weight on my feet and walk. How can that seeming contradiction be?

NEW higher frequency Light energies often cause physical pains in our bodies because them being Embodied at the time into lower frequency bodies causes reactions until we adjust, integrate, acclimate and fully Embody them. This Alchemical Process we do over and over and over again because this is us climbing the evolutionary AP Stair-steps in-body and each time at slightly higher, larger, more potent and rarefied frequency levels than each earlier time. Higher frequency Light energies typically causes some level of pain when encountered and Embodied but, because of our doing that we’re simultaneously “upgraded” energetically and physically. This ongoing AP has reached the level where many of the First Everything-ers are finally noticing rather impressive improvements in their physical bodies energy-wise and expanded and ongoing Higher Awareness of more and more things, situations, people, events and so on. Said simply, it’s finally gotten obvious to even us that we are much more than we used to be and we know there’s so much more of this coming for each of us and therefore for mass humanity as well.

One common but slightly strange or embarrassing side effect of our current level of embodiment and/or Embodiment of greater and higher frequencies is amplified physical body energy. This is often and typically felt, perceived and interpreted by us and our physical bodies as increased and amplified “sexual” energy. Increase the energies we’re able to Embody and make them much higher in frequecny and they’re often first felt as “sexual” when they are not that at all. Energy is energy but again, we’re talking about our physical bodies embodying more and more higher and higher frequency Light energies.

Since this started for me in 2015, I often wake up from these mandatory daytime reboot naps with greatly amplified energies in my physical body that not only feels like I’m vibrating internally faster and more powerfully every day, which I am, but it also has a side effect of feeling like amplified sexual energies. This is a case of suddenly passing out in the daytime because you are going to be Embodying more NEW higher frequency Light energies and codes very quickly and it’s faster and easier to do so when not in your physical body. This causes some physical pains anyway but Lead to Gold and all that. 😉 Then you wake up from your sudden daytime reboot nap and instantly feel like a super-charged sex machine! What?! Why super-charged amplified sexual sensations in the physical body?

Because humans have been running, existing and functioning on a very, very low level of basic God-given vital life-force energy in old 3D Earth life and reality, and Team Dark and human parasites sucked off as much of that as they could without killing you outright, when they suddenly embody more and higher frequency energies than they’re used to, it’s often felt and interpreted as “sexual” energy when it’s simply greater energy. This is comparable to giving a person whose starved most of their life a massive and endless All You Can Eat buffet! They go a little nuts with the sudden access to such increased amounts of food fuel and their physical body has to learn how to deal with and utilize all that new-to-them energy. We are experiencing the same and this will only increase and amplify throughout 2018 and beyond.

Photon Band Of Light Is Like A Lengthy Cosmic Car Wash

If you’re familiar with my writings, you know that I often perceive complex higher information in the form of simplified visuals that very accurately says it all. This imagery I’m going to share next is another of these. I also often have corresponding popular songs that match what I’ve Seen and understood visually at higher levels of awareness so it’s sometimes like a symbolic cartoon musical visual party in my head. And you thought Mastery was all fluff n’ holier-than-thou type stuffiness. Not hardly and isn’t that the best news ever! So, with that in your HighHeart, please hit the mental play button in your head to that popular old song Car Wash as you read and visualize this next part.

Think of the Photon Band of seventh dimensional (7D) Light as an energetic, karmic cleansing, lower-frequency removal “car wash” for entire planets and planetary systems and all lifeforms that exist on them like humanity on ascending Earth. Visualize the Photon Band of Light like a huge and lengthy cosmic car wash that Earth and humanity and all life on it has been slowly moving deeper and deeper into since around 1980ish. Think about being in this Photonic Light “car wash” in 2018, which means we’re deep into it now and enough dirt and grime from our ongoing Ascension Process Road Trip has been washed away so far and revealed sections of NEW vehicle with NEW paint and NEW body underneath.

You know how some physical car washes that automatically pull your car through it have different sections that do different but specific things to the vehicle at each section? There are sections that only spray water on your car, sections that only spray soap on it, sections that only rub, spin and swish the dirt off it. Then your car enters other sections where it gets more water sprayed on it to blast off the soap and dirt to prep it to enter the next section where the wax spay turns on when your car enters that section. Then after the wax spray section, your car enters an area with powerful air blowers that blow and push the remaining water off your car so there’s less work for the human to then manually finish drying and detailing it.

Now take that visual of an actual physical car wash but turn the car or truck into planet Earth and our solar system, and the different sections in the long car wash different steps, phases and layers of transformational 7D Photonic Light that is quite effectively washing Earth, humanity and all life on Earth and the entire solar system and beyond. Not only is this 7D Photonic Light a cosmic “car wash”, but it’s also washing, rinsing, washing again, rinsing again, applying spray wax, spray shine, blow-drying and detailing every inch and speck of each one of us and all planets and everything else that enters and eventually passes through it. That’s what the Photon Band of Light automatically does, and it takes some time and Work to get clean and clear to be able to become something NEW and much improved.

As we journey deeper into the Photonic Light that is our symbolic cosmic “car wash” for everything that enters it, each section and area in it has different things it does much like the physical car wash. Each of these different sections in the Photon Band of Light automatically trigger different transformational things within humans and planets etc. and with that naturally comes the ongoing changes both within each of us and our physical bodies but our consciousness and all else too, including our external reality and Earth herself. This has a lot to do with why more and more people have been Seeing, feeling, hearing, smelling and knowing more things from a higher and expanded level of perception. Each next section within this AP Photonic cosmic car wash causes us to be in and perceive slightly different levels of reality, different realities entirely, different dimensions, different timelines, different energies and beings and so on.

Due to the tremendous acceleration and amplification of the overall AP and the increase in our mandatory daytime reboot naps so far in 2018, far more Forerunners have been perceiving reality/realities disappearing in varying degrees, linear time simply not there anymore or if it is it’s only for short periods, physically and clairvoyantly seeing and Seeing increased phenomena or anomalies in the space around them and, in their own bodies and energy fields. I’ve Seen and heard and felt and known some things just in April and May 2018 that have been so different and amplified that I know we are making far more and far faster ascension related progress than most realize yet. Yes there’s increased physical pains but there’s also simultaneous increased inner energy that we’ve Embodied in just April and May, which is a big hint at what June and the summer/winter quarter will bring in! Each section does what it does and also prepares us to enter the next section or energetic Stair-step within this cosmic car wash. Expect miracles, intend miracles, Consciously Create more miracles for Self and All. We’re deep enough in the Photonic Light car wash where this is the next level and phase for the First Everything-ers. ❤

Copyright © Denise Le Fay & HighHeartLife, 2018. All rights reserved.

Denise Le Fay

May 31, 2018

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29 thoughts on “Accelerated Ascension: Life On The Cosmic Road

  • Thanks so so much Denise. I’ve been following you for years and years.
    I’ve been aware of this path for decades.
    My question though is I AM STILL BUZZING!!!
    It’s been 10 years now especially during naps and waking up. It’s driving me nuts!!
    Is there anyone else experiencing this. Particularly this LONG!!!
    Jo. Xx

    • Hi jarmajarma. I first became aware of this inner body vibration in my body around 2001 and it’s only expanded, increased in speed and intensity ever since. This is due to us embodying more and higher frequency Light energies year after year which increases our “light quotient” meaning our vibratory rate has continued to speed up the entire time. In 2017 and 2018 I too have felt my inner body vibrational Light frequencies — my Lightbody — merge and align with my physical body to a degree not capable of prior. This is simply more of our ascension related evolutionary Embodiment Process (EP) and it’s going to get even stronger, faster, higher and more intense vibrationally the higher we evolve. Less density in us means more Light is being embodied in its place and we feel that as increased inner body vibrations or buzzing etc. ❤

      • Thanks so much for replying Denise. Sometimes the intensity makes me feel like I’m going insane. I get very resentful and depressed. I haven’t had much energy for so so long. Your articles always help. This is the first time I’ve reached out by adding a comment and I greatly appreciate your work. Thank you.
        Don’t you ever wish it would just stop?
        I’m so sensitive to energies and I just want to sleep!!!
        Sorry for the whinge. I am lonely. No one I know seems to get it. Even me at times.

        • “Don’t you ever wish it would just stop?
          I’m so sensitive to energies and I just want to sleep!!!
          Sorry for the whinge. I am lonely. No one I know seems to get it. Even me at times.”

          I don’t wish it would stop jarmajarma, I intend I more quickly reach the level where it’s not so intense on my physical body. Speaking of that… 🙄 we’ve entered the June 2018 Solstice week/window/gateway etc. I didn’t feel it too much on Sunday the 17th but I sure did this morning the 18th! Could hardly walk again and vibrating has intensified and thankfully I fell asleep this afternoon to better “reboot” and Embody these incoming energies. It’s going to be more intense all week and probably beyond so everyone expect your body and CNS and HighHeart to do more daytime reboot naps to integrate them. Super self-care is mandatory so please everyone, rest and nap/sleep/pass out whenever you need to and expect what you can and cannot eat and drink during this time to change yet again.

          Know you are not alone in any of this jarmajarma and I’m so glad you’ve decided to Comment. ❤

  • Dear Denise,
    Thanks again for your wisdom and guiding light. I was just thinking how brilliant and crafty Divine Mommy is to use the sexual thing to wake us up in such a pleasurable way and thereby get our attention and our curiosity engaged. She uses the conduit of one of our most instinctual drives to bring in light and other downloads necessary for our Embodiment Process. Yes, it is really difficult at times, but it is done with such magnificent Love.
    Love and Light to all,

  • Denise, I just wanted to start off this comment by letting you know how much I have and continue to truly appreciate all that you share. Thank you so much as you have helped me to hold on during many times I felt I was on the edge with all the symptoms and separation of realities. This is my very first time I am commenting here on High Heart Life (or any social media for that matter) despite the fact I have been reading every single one of your posts since I first discovered your writings 2-2.5 years ago and I’m glad your the first! I’ve been feeling the urge for quite some time now to connect with others also going through the AP/EP process. Makes me wonder if there is a younger audience following you besides me. I know you and many of the other readers who comment here are more than twice my age (even though age doesn’t even matter) but I wish we could all get together at a meetup and have a great big group hug, that’d be awesome!

    The daytime napping as you mentioned Denise has definitely been mandatory. The moment I read your comment “do you still have hair?” I laughed out loud because your articles are always spot on! This is the fourth time in this life now that I have lost my hair. I went back to your previous Transitions blog and re-read the article where you mentioned you lost bucket fulls of your hair and how you didn’t want to ascend being bald. I lost more than bucket fulls, as it was my whole head back in 2005/2006.. followed by bucket fulls/patches in 2013, then 2015, now again in 2018 few days before you published this article as the energies were high as you mentioned. Not a pleasant side effect. Denise, you mentioned symptoms being in phases and how the second phase has begun. Do some previous phase symptoms still carry over?

    Thank you!
    Lots of love to you and everyone! 🙂

    • Prabhi,

      I’m so glad you’ve decided to Comment here finally, welcome. ❤

      Do some previous phase symptoms still carry over?

      Most times yes, at least they have in years past, and it’s mostly due to the Stair-steps everyone is on. We’re all going through these symptoms/side effects but each in our unique, individual ways and often at slightly different times.

      The hair thing is hard for anyone who goes through it. I seem to be through the worst of the worst of it at this point. Try not to fear over it because it does stop and your hair grows back. Our bodies are going through so, so much…

      • Yes Denise, soooo looking forward to that not only for me, but everyone. This transformation is so exciting (when you’re not in the middle of being bombarded by AP/EP symptoms) but then again, that too is part of the process so got to love all of it! It does make one wonder the question “how much longer?” at times. Thank you for your reply ❤

  • I love the car wash = Photon Band of Light comparison Denise. For me I would add that being inside the car getting washed can be a bit scary (same with the Photon Light), due to the unexpected blasts of water or mops just inches away from your face!

    Also have had a decrease in appetite recently Thelma, glad to know this is not a sign of some 3rd dimension health issue.

  • Finding your site was a Godsend so my intense gratitude, I’m 62 and new to all this. After reading your article … ok it makes sense …. A.P. ascension process …. ascension energies and all the symptoms you describe. But when I wake up from daytime naps, I feel totally drained and disoriented. And the physical pains (you’re right, they’re extreme) in all the areas you mention and then some …. are still there. And I don’t notice any simultaneous increased inner energy, just drained and no enthusiasm for life, almost depressed. At this point in time …. What can I use, what can I do to ease this discomfort and get back a semblance of normalcy. I would sincerely be grateful for some advice. Thank you

    • “Finding your site was a Godsend so my intense gratitude, I’m 62 and new to all this.”


      I’m glad you found your way to information about this ongoing Ascension Process (AP) and all the oftentimes strange and typically intense “symptoms” or natural side effects of living it. Because you honestly said you’re new to all this, I’m going to suggest that you read through as many of my older articles about the AP at my first (2007) site TRANSITIONS. You’ll see a link to it in the right Sidebar area.

      Once you’ve read through many of my older articles about these AP related symptoms there, and many of the Comments in each of them too to hear from others who’ve been living this for a while now (misery does love company 😉 ), you’ll be better prepared to deal with all that this Process causes. It helps knowing what’s going on and more importantly why plus it’s helpful reading what others have shared about how the AP has and continues to impact, effect and evolve each of them.

      If this has just begun for you recently Joseph, how you experience these evolutionary side effects will probably be a bit different from what many who’ve been living it since it began on the physical, biological level around 1998-1999. That First Group – aka Forerunners or First Everything-ers – have experienced these energies and negative attacks and other things differently from how other people coming up behind us have and will so please keep that in your awareness as you read what I write about the AP and EP (Embodiment Process) because I have always written primarily for and to assist the Forerunners, however the information is helpful generally too.

      Because of all this you most likely will find that it will take some time before you start to feel more energy and other positive side effects of all these aches, pains, pressures, mental and emotional changes, expansions in consciousness, perceiving phenomena and related anomalies and more. Please notice that I did NOT say that they will arrive later but that it may take YOU some more time before you become consciously aware of the ongoing changes that have happened within you physically and in every other way too. Hang in there and welcome to the Grand Evolutionary Party! 🙂

  • Hi Denise,

    Feeling very achy all the time still but feeling very well in myself with more energy! Need lots of sleep too. Love your comparing the AP to a “cosmic car wash ” LOL! That is the best description I have heard to describe what is happening on a grand scale! Love reading your posts they are very helpful and are always spot on. Thank you.
    Love and hugs to all,
    Megan 🙂

  • Wow I really appreciate this post! So many confirming energy flows! Yes to all of this. This is real for me. I love the permission of “mandatory reboot naps!” Sacred Synchronicity with the integration, miracles, all it it. Thank you Denise!

  • Thanks Denise for another helpful post in this spiraling road through the cosmic car wash. Love the metaphor – works perfectly!

    One thing I noticed is that I was eating heavier foods in the last six weeks – may be my body’s attempt to ground itself. Now it’s getting lighter again and I’m back to my soups and salads.

    Maybe it’s the new energies coming through, but I suddenly felt inspired to take an art class though I never painted in my life – it’s a free, unstructured medium to express whatever wants to come through. Since so much in my physical life symbolizes energetic changes for me, learning to “blend colors” on the palette and apply them to canvas somehow helps me to use my newly-discovered co-creatorship abilities to manifest and solidify what my Soul wants to express. It seems to take a combo of “focus” and “allowing” the energies to come through me.

    Any idea if there will soon be a point at which we EMERGE from the cosmic car wash? i.e. when we finish passing through the Photonic Light belt? maybe mid-2019?

    Much love to you & All here.

    • “One thing I noticed is that I was eating heavier foods in the last six weeks – may be my body’s attempt to ground itself. Now it’s getting lighter again and I’m back to my soups and salads.”

      Me too, I always crave heavier protein foods during periods when my body is WORKING overtime energetically.

      “Any idea if there will soon be a point at which we EMERGE from the cosmic car wash? i.e. when we finish passing through the Photonic Light belt? maybe mid-2019?”

      We’re going to be in the Photon Band of Light for a long time, but, that does NOT mean it will continue to feel to us the ways it does now. Always think about these ascension related things from the point of us evolving up energetically, physically etc. and adapting, adjusting and Embodying that NEW level of energy and frequency as our new normal. UP those Stair-steps, not exiting them. 😉 But yes, these pains won’t last forever and as I tried to convey in this article, we’re finally feeling some very big positives in our bodies such as tremendously increased amounts of inner higher frequency energies. Eventually the pain aspect of all this won’t be any longer, just all the positive side effects of housing such higher frequency Light energies within us and our bodies. ❤

      • Thanks Denise – I have no problem staying on the staircase/ in the Photon Belt as I’m pretty sure it’s what I signed up for.. I imagine the physical symptoms will lessen as our energies become more refined. And maybe we won’t need to sleep as much!

        What I am noticing: SOUNDS are amplified now – even Nature sounds like birdsong. As I walk by the river, which has rapids, for the first time I can HEAR the undercurrents, all that energetic swirling below the surface. I am noticing the amplification with man-made sounds as well (loud noises are now UNBEARABLE). Visually, colors are becoming more vibrant. Def feel like I’m on a different frequency level because others around me usually don’t see/hear/feel what I do.

        Things should get interesting as our senses expand (or get more refined).

        Blessings to all.

        • “Def feel like I’m on a different frequency level because others around me usually don’t see/hear/feel what I do.”


          I’ve dealt with periods of ultra-sensitivity to physical sounds, smells, light sensitivity, unaware humans with their fear-based egos and so on. In the early days of my AP I often HAD to wear ear plugs when I went shopping because the human generated noise was physically painful and made my CNS feel like it would shatter. Throughout April and especially May 2018, it’s been smells, again, that have been so amplified that they almost make me nauseous, and I’ll smell them for days or weeks which means it’s not even physical what I’m smelling but another upgrade within my brain glands — Pineal and Pituitary.

          Because we Forerunners/First Everything-ers intentionally (it’s always been and always will be intentional) Embodied more higher frequencies/Light etc. to intentionally raise the entire planetary AP to another higher energetic Stair-step throughout April and May 2018, now we’re all feeling, seeing, smelling and perceiving etc. everything and everyone from a more refined and higher frequency place and state of individual 5D physical Higher Awareness. To me the shift into June has made everything outside look brighter again (another section of the Photon Light “car wash”), colors more rich, pure, pristine, the sky even brighter than it was, sounds more amplified, all of my/our senses of perception etc. more refined and amplified and so on. All this and more is normal after every intentional energetic EMBODOMENT Stair-step we ourselves take which automatically helps raise Earth up to another higher NEW level too. Keep up the Great Work Forerunners. ❤

    • Thelma, yes, I have needed to eat much heavier foods and lots of it! Sometimes I want to eat more frequently with larger portions, then it changes to not feeling hungry and eating very little! Need lots of sleep as well!

  • My experience was that a lot of my body parts ached, but many of my household appliances also broke down. I also knew I needed a new car. Half of the potted plants in my garden still have green stems but they refuse to grow new leaves. They will die if they don*t! My 2 12 year old dogs are also showing this lack of energy and health. I feel like my personal environment is also being scrubbed clean. I had a dream about a large potplant (apparently me) that with a bang burst the earthenware container it had grown in.

  • Hallo Denise…I´m from germany…and read your blog …..and your true words for reflection…..Many thanks and we are all go side by side and stay lonely on the own place ….. I hope….our time is coming and we finished the car-washing …the last time was soooo strong….Thanks for your BEING ….<3 ❤ ❤

  • I love your analogy about processes and phases, and as always it is just more validation that you are a wide awake, front-running Experiencer who is running this course and reporting from the front lines. I love the comment above about the light-fluent dodecahedron. In my dream just before waking this morning, I was one of 3 bundles, the two on either side of me were 1+7’s, and I was another 1+7 in the middle. The dream was all about keeping the 3 of us in alignment. Only after waking did I realise that the 1+7’s were actually 8’s lying down on their sides, yes, infinity symbols, all keeping alignment for the highest outcome. It is a bit of a job staying in alignment with all this, but I knew through the dream it can be done. The journey creates a lot of wonder, and a lot of artistic expression welling up. I am still subject to receiving karmic sucker punches through my primary relationship (mother/daughter) which then leads on to some physical, emotionally-charged difficulties (not surprisingly, feet, knees, ankles) but even with this happening on one level, I optimistically see that we will be alright, for sure. I have recently been “cut loose” from employment again, but there is absolutely none of the panic I experienced when I lost our main source of income, 4 years ago. I am slowly but surely learning at the deepest level not to identify my “I am” with what I might do to make a living. It is such a strong patriarchal programme to break, but with 9 redundancies throughout my life, I seem to have picked that one to be my flagship for this life, and I wish to report that the canoe on the ocean is afloat, and the sail is raised windward – thanks for all you do, Denise.

  • Hi Denise,
    Thank you so much for this great article on Accelerated Ascension. You made me laugh several times with your descriptions on the cosmic car wash. It is a perfect description of this journey thru the photon field of light. The mandatory daytime reboot naps are turning into interesting sessions with my Higher Self/Soul/Angels and Ascended Masters. I no longer fall into a deep sleep during these naps. I can feel the energies moving around me and hitting all the sore spots. By the time I get up I feel so much better. And then we start the processing of the next levels/layers and sections of the car wash the next day. And so it goes….
    Even though I look like I have aged so much in the past few years and have various ouchies, I still feel very young on the inside.This gives me some hope that eventually the outside of my body will reboot to a younger version of me once we get to a certain level of the car wash and have cleared/ cleaned out all that had to go. In the past week the ouchies have been getting better one by one. Today during the mandatory reboot nap I saw myself in a clear dodecahedron with various colors of light surrounding me during the reboot nap. The colors were in shades of purple/violet/deep blue/turquoise blue/”stoplight” green. They all swirled around me and I could feel them going into various parts of my body. This is new for me as I usually just feel the energies not see them.
    It should be even more interesting as we get closer to July/August and the 3 eclipses. Maybe after those events we will get a few weeks off. I have no idea how anyone holds down a full time job in these energies.
    Thank you for all you do. You make this ascension process easier with your writings and give others hope that things will get better as we go. I refuse to believe that we all volunteered to suffer for the sins of the world/clear our karma and then exit this beautiful planet without experiencing the joy and peace of living in a higher dimension.
    The thing about going thru a car wash is eventually you come out on the other side much cleaner and free of debris.
    Looking forward to that!

    • Thanks…..your words soooo true…..I although can`t sleep….I only always feel the energies in and around me…makes me groggy foggy….and we are the excellentests CAR-WASHERS ….and we all wish the time …we come out on the other side 😉

  • Ok feet, ankles, skin…:) is she listening to us??? Really like the car wash metaphor! Giving up linear has been hard for me, but I get it and have become more used to it, and sort of like it now…Enter escrow which is totally linear. contract. Which has been hard to do. The first day the realtor emailed me a schedule to follow to stay in contract. Funny, I couldn’t read it…my eyes just wouldn’t read it…she said she would print it out bigger for me, which was pretty funny, as I couldnt read the big one either. I certainly didn’t try to explain to her, but asked her to just remind me when it was time to do something….Any way the contrast between 3d and 5d has been so obvious . Good for me to see so clearly I think,,,but I will be very glad to have it done. Tho Im sure there will be another level to go thru the car wash…thanks for sending!!!💜🌺💜

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