More NEW Light & Increased Negativity


You know how the old negative patriarchal consciousness people always amp up their blackhearted tricks and tactics right before big positive evolutionary Ascension Process changes arrives? What’s been going on everywhere with so many people is your clue that we’re about to enter yet another higher level of evolutionary energy, and this one is more potent and reality changing than all previous ones. That fact is causing frantic reactions in those who do not want anything to change for the better. We are evolving and what’s left of Team Dark is trying their damnedest to survive that fact.

In the past you were either a ‘sheeple’ or you weren’t. Very quickly the global sheeple herders intentionally infiltrated the ‘New Age Movement’ to better corrupt, derail, control, confuse and redirect it and the people involved in it. Because so many people in that early awakening group trying to expand beyond the patriarchal consciousness fences did not have Higher Awareness or the capability of energetic discernment and reading energy signatures of both individuals and information, what was being taught, lectured and written about was followed unquestioningly. Sounds familiar right? New Age sheeple were quickly created and with relative ease because the majority of them were not individually able to discern what was being presented and who was presenting it. Much of the early “New Age” information was just old Piscean Age religious bits and negative TD distortions covered in Aquarian Age sprinkles! Because of this, a huge portion of the “New Age” people became incredibly easy targets for anyone who wanted fast easy cash, unquestioning followers, worshipers, growing guru powers and more control over other people. In other words, same old negative low-level Team Dark shit as always. This time it was just heavily overlaid with feel-good New Age terms. [Team Dark (TD) is my blanket term for all negative focused and polarized ‘Service to Self’ aliens, devils, demons, lesser negative entities and both dead and living humans and human Portal People. So human and nonhuman, physical and nonphysical aliens, beings and humans.]

Another side effect of all this was what many, including myself have called, the Fluffies. Fluffies are people who believe in all the positive “New Age” things like positive ETs, positive thought, positive actions, positive emotions and feelings etc. What most “Fluffies” have never believed in is the opposite of positive which is negative, and on a planet where Duality has been the primary lesson on the spiritual evolutionary table for all, people polarized to one extreme while completely denouncing the existence of the opposite polarity perpetuate the old negative loops of Duality and Duality consciousness and don’t even realize it. One or the other is not Unity or Unity consciousness or integration and evolution but perpetuating old lower frequency Duality.

Another side effect of the recent ‘New Age Movement’ a couple of decades or so before the start of the physical level Ascension Process (AP) was the birth of ‘Conspiracy Theories’ and ‘Conspiracy Groups’ who believed in ETs and UFOs and have fought the government(s) demanding ‘disclosure’ about not only ETs and UFOs, but plenty of other related things, events, activities and agendas on and off-planet. This group was and still is equally as infiltrated by TD people as the New Age Movement which includes the Ascension communities as well.

These conspiracies expanded into other aspects that continue today such as awareness of the ‘global elite’, ‘the deep state’ and all the rest of it. One group fighting another group to gain “the truth” about things that have long been intentionally hidden by TD. Yeah, those are exactly the aliens and humans that are going to finally give you “the truth”.

For some it’s very easy to see and See that this overall ‘Conspiracy Group’ is in many ways much like the ‘New Age’ fluffies in that they’re both intentionally deluded by those people and/or groups selectively feeding them information and disinformation, plus they’re self-deluded about that information and the people and aliens it came from and continues to come from. Hopefully everyone reading this can discern for themselves (I know they cannot but I’m saying this anyway) what dangerous and unstable ground it is to place ones entire beliefs about Earth, aliens, spirituality, humanity, the evolutionary Ascension, the elite, the deniers of the other half of Duality etc. on those who will NEVER give you the truth you’re wanting and waiting for. ‘Disclosure’ through expanding consciousness about all sorts of things automatically comes to all who live the Ascension Process and do the Inner Work on themselves. Anything and everything less than that is a waste of your precious and rare lifetime during the current Universal Ascension Process. Stop looking, waiting and expecting “the truth” to be disclosed from those who’ve never told the truth and never will. You will never find what you’re looking for where and how you’re looking for it. What you’re wasting doing this is beyond your understanding which is exactly what Team Dark intended all along; herd, endlessly distract, corral and contain as many humans as possible from utilizing the present evolutionary Ascension Process energies to evolve beyond their lowly influences and control and become free, empowered individuals. “No, no, look over here and pay attention to only this, stay focused here not over there… now stay, stay, remain mesmerized by whatever we tell you to…”

Many Conspiracy Theory groups and New Age groups and fluffies continue perpetuating Duality consciousness while everything they claim to want and need is in fact been hammering away on the top of their skulls and hearts trying to crack them open and get in to help them evolve beyond Duality and Duality consciousness and frequency and all that goes with it, including those who want you to never escape it. But no, you remain and rant against the dark alien and human masters of lies expecting to actually get somewhere down there in those delusions, con jobs and endless life-wasting game play tactics by TD all the while not really able to actually discern the information you’re receiving from both Conspiracy and New Age groups and even the Ascension communities.

Another common tactic Team Dark aliens and humans do is lay claim to everything that happens on Earth as their creations, actions and events. This is going on with the 2018 Hawaiian volcanic eruption and certain people claiming it was created by negative people to cause harm and death, fear and pain, loss of property and hopefully the biggie which is start another war. Often the people claiming that it’s negative people and/or aliens that caused or cause man-made disasters and/or global Earth changes are masquerading as “New Age” people and consciousness when in fact they’re anything but. Both Conspiracy, New Age and Ascension groups are thoroughly infiltrated with negative TD people and Portal People that most folks can’t tell or honestly discern whose who and what’s what in any of these groups or communities.

Team Dark aliens and humans want everyone to believe that they are so profoundly powerful that they can, have been, and still are today able to circumvent, manipulate, utilize and override Divine Source God and all Divine Source generated energies activated to evolve everything and everyone everywhere. Talk about negative ego! People that always give all credit and power to the negative as the ones behind every artificial and natural global event that happens on Earth and off, and do so while presenting themselves as people of the Light and ‘Service to Others’, should make you stop in your tracks and seriously question why they do that, repeatedly. I’ve always known why but it’s incredibly important that you make this and other related discoveries by yourself for yourself. Learning how to energetically discern for yourself is beyond important now, it always has been, but it’s become a life or death situation at this point for far too many people during this Ascension Process. The war over human consciousness is very real and it not only continues but has been dramatically amplified because their human food and fuel supply is evolving beyond their reach. Do you want to continue playing in your left brain thinking the hell out of old 3D patriarchal lies and deceptions while the natural evolution takes place all around you?

Hawaii is not the heart or heart chakra of Earth. Earth continues evolving and ascending vibrationally higher and higher and ALL of NEW Earth is an entire HighHeart planet. Do not buy the limitations, lies, distortions, human dis-empowerment and TD empowerment’s and other con jobs certain people are selling now. The Earth is quaking and volcanoes are spewing lava and fires, floods, storms and such are happening because it’s going through the Ascension Process. All past old codes and the TD distortions added to them are now impotent and cannot do or create anymore. NEW codes continue to be embodied by NEW Earth and into the NEW grids, the NEW systems and evolving human DNA and so on, and all that is about to escalate greatly following the June 2018 Solstice halfway point to this year of 11 (2+0+1+8 = 11) Mastery. Because of this, TD works harder and harder to convince as many people as possible that they are the cause of everything because they are that powerful over and above Divine Source God! They want people to believe that they are creating these Earth changes, not that they’re natural side effects of the ongoing evolutionary Ascension Process. When certain people promote, perpetuate, give credit to and try to further empower TD as All-Powerful, why do you hesitate and consider what they’re saying might be true? Some of you know better but do it anyway. You have to learn to trust your own inner sensing tools and perceptions and immediately turn away from the negativity, lies, distractions and chaos trying its best to ensnare and derail you and your incomprehensibly important Ascension Process. Get back into your heart and feel things out for yourselves from there, not strictly from your head intellect.

I’ve had two similar experiences this month while watching a certain program on TV and the other while watching a couple of videos on YouTube. In both cases I had only been viewing the TV show, and a couple weeks later the videos, for less than ten minutes when I recognized an old familiar negative energy transmission embedded in these broadcasts that quickly cause head pains, pressures and mild disorientation. This feels like something has gotten into your head, which it has, and is intentionally directing harmful transmissions into your brain and making you feel scrambled mentally with pains and pressures throughout your whole head. I’m not going to name names but I mention this because this old tactic has obviously been increased recently.

Another thing I want to shine some Light on now is that Thursday, June 21, 2018 is the Solstice and the Sun enters the sign of Cancer. In old 3D, Cancer rules the Mother, maternal energies, maternal people, home, family, nurturing and/or being nurtured or “mothered” and extreme emotional and psychic energetic sensitivity and empathy. The sign opposite Cancer is Capricorn and the Sun enters it on the December Solstice. Capricorn rules the Father, paternal energies, governments, corporations, people in positions of authority and power, careers etc. It’s not a stretch to compare the June Solstice Cancer energies with what’s in-play now in the USA. Enough said about that, don’t be manipulated emotionally to produce energy food and fuel for the negatives during the Cancer Solstice. Be aware and don’t get played or sucked down into the intentional and increased chaos and emotionally charged dramas. Let those who need to wake up do so at those lower levels while we at higher levels continue Consciously creating and much more. There’s more happening than it looks and feels at first so please hold the higher energetic focus and let the other stuff unfold and do what it will.

A bit more about the severe bottom half of the body pains many have dealt with in the first half of 2018. I often forget to include that when I use the term NEW codes, that means NEW DNA as well. Because in 2018 the old codes are gone in us and Earth and continue to be replaced and embodied with NEW codes and NEW DNA, much of these super intense pains and pressures many of us have felt this year is due to our embodying more NEW DNA. I can sometimes feel crystalline formations of Light in my bones and joints now which is great, but the process of clearing at much deeper cellular levels to embody more NEW DNA has caused some pretty severe pains at times this year. More coming but it gets easier, faster and less painful the more we embody and Embody.

It’s already obvious that its going to continue to be a rough week—and second half of the year—on a lot of different levels for a lot of people so again I ask everyone to remember who and what you really are and radiate, intend, override and consciously create from within yourself. Doing so only helps everyone else rise quicker too. ❤

Denise Le Fay

June 19, 2018

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56 thoughts on “More NEW Light & Increased Negativity

  • Hi Denise. I want to share my epiphany with you. I dont know if TD was involved but An Extremely Positive Realization happened in the mud, fear, and yuck. I want to include that many years ago I was told or given this important information but I couldn’t see it. I couldn’t relate to it. But on Monday while working and suffering intense stress from mistakes and such, I kept asking myself why. I mean my distress didnt make sense in light of all the inner work I’d been doing….and then it hit me. I saw it, knew it for truth. The subconscious belief, “I’m not good enough.” Yup. Doesn’t look like much does it? But it kept me a powerless victim in almost every avenue of being me. Feeling scared and not safe all the time. Needing people to “understand me”. This is so new its like there are 2 of me and my higher self. My poor me frightened self and the worker bee self. And lastly at work having to accept full blame for the accusations leveled against me by 2 EVIL employees. I mean so evil that I can easily understand why I’m not believed. I’ve only seen this kind of evil depicted in soap operas. I never thought it existed for real. I had stood my ground with an employee who works in the main office in another state. She didn’t like it. So she got another person I had spoken to in passing to agree with her that I was verbally abusive and PROFANE to them and my company. She leveled a complaint at me. And the other TD strange thing about it is that I had phoned our anonymous tip line about my intuitive concern about this person. I made 2 calls. I was told today there are no records of my calls for that day! Made to the same location but different department. It all began in mercury’s shadow last days and ended today with me receiving a formal reprimand. Yet somehow it all ended up revealing the inner victim. Oh Denise this has been so painful!

    • “The subconscious belief, “I’m not good enough.” Yup. Doesn’t look like much does it? But it kept me a powerless victim in almost every avenue of being me. Feeling scared and not safe all the time. Needing people to “understand me”.”

      This is a HUGE breakthrough for you Edith, congratulations for this powerful larger awareness into yourself. You know how Lisa Renee talks about the ‘Victim/Victimizer’? All of humanity has and many still are experiencing this negative duality structure. So many people believe themselves to be lifelong victims and believe me that the victimizer people sense this in others very quickly and move in on them because of it. Once you get yourself consciously aware that you’ve seen yourself all you life as a victim, which it sounds like you’ve done, the next step is to consciously WORK on no longer believing this and living and radiating that energy to people around you. If you need to tell yourself every day and every night that — ‘I AM God, I AM Sovereign, I AM Free’ — or anything else that helps reteach you to stop existing in that energy and consciousness, do it! ‘I AM the I AM that I AM’.

      Do you see how your need to “be understood” is also causing these energies to continue in yourself and negative others? YOU are the only one that you need to understand and once you start accomplishing that your Energy Signature will change and other people will respond to you very differently. And this is just one of many, many of these related AP and embodiment process steps. Very well done you, keep going. ❤

      • Thank you for your acknowlgement. It means so much. I still feel so vulnerable. And yes I do SEE all the connecting dots. It took 3 years of work on what I term The Basics (spiritual responsibility and practice) for me to be ready for this reveal. My ego is fighting hard kicking up fears and not wanting to trust Self. Im hoping all the internal ruckess indicates growth and deeper awareness and realization. I’ve had suicidal thoughts again but nothing like 3 years ago. My ego anxieties have thrived from childhood! I see that in fact I am responsible for “everything” and how the web of lies and false perception thrived and grew like destructive vines. And yet im scared to jump off the high dive and embrace the deep blue pool of truth and freedom. Denise I view u as a kind of wiser experienced “sister” living an awareness that is not mine yet and I value your words. I need to learn inner stability and balance yet. Calm the astral body and choose wisely mentally and verbally. Maybe an integration process in one respect (scared inner child), but starving and dissolving the thoughtforms also. The other important awareness being stressed is that inner peace snd inner stillness is what ALLOWS or is necessary for inner wisdom and guidance from my Spirit. Hugs big sis. Im grateful for all of u able to attend to the big tasks and keeping in your own power.💗

  • Oh yes, big influx going on and I’m back to feeling the intense Solstice energies ramp up at 3 pm and then wind down a bit by 1-2 am altering my sleep schedule a bit. This happened last summer as well. Last year I was getting a lot of royal imagery and symbolism and sure enough that has popped somewhat effortlessly right into my experience and manifested. We moved to a new city and my new house looks like a mini-castle. Mini, mind you, not a big huge place, but it’s funny how people have commented that the house looks like a little castle.

    I’ve been noticing the topic of suicide coming up a lot in the media especially with the famous people who have recently done it and then all of the talk about it being on the rise. I recall how you have been talking about this for a few years, Denise, and how this was going to happen with some not dealing too well with the realizations and changes. It’s like the people resorting to this are up to their necks in the old, awful, crummy 3D stuff and obviously thinking that is all that is to life. It certainly is a big hot 3D mess if one is only living in that dimension of reality and I feel a lot of compassion for those in such a hopeless place right now. 😔 It seems people of all ages are really being affected.

    • “It certainly is a big hot 3D mess if one is only living in that dimension of reality and I feel a lot of compassion for those in such a hopeless place right now. 😔 It seems people of all ages are really being affected.”

      It’s the planetary Dark Night of the Soul for humanity and it shows. I have to keep reminding myself that the masses don’t know what’s really going on now and why and that it’s due to evolution etc. To see and hear some people’s beliefs about what’s happening and how they STILL are placing all power outside of themselves, on other people or person like the “Orange Menace”, war machines, money, voting or whatever it may be is a test for those of us that do really know what’s happening now and why.

      Keep Pathpaving, stay in your HighHeart, continue Consciously Creating in the NEW, continue overriding the old lower everything and everyone, and don’t hesitate to do any remaining Inner Work on yourself/ourselves because the continual increase of higher Light energies only causes increased pressures in everyone. People who’ve not done much or any personal Inner Work are feeling crushed under the energetic pressures of the global Dark Night of the Soul in combination with the constantly increasing higher and larger frequencies/Light energies and many are checking out instead of remaining, releasing the old and evolving. Going to be a heck of a second half of 2018.

    • Colleen, Denise & All:

      I vacillate between wishing everyone COULD know what’s going on energetically (war over consciousness) and knowing that if the masses realized how distorted and perverse this reality has become, they would go stark raving mad. But not gonna happen! It IS hard to watch what others are going through with no clue of why. Heart-breaking even. All I can do is send them LOVE from my Highest Heart.

  • Emmamentel messages and Denise’s response provide deeper explanations of the work we volunteered for and the difficulties endured. It’s not easy but we are remaining in these bodies and doing what is required.
    Great respect and appreciation for those in human form doing this work and for those in other realms and dimensions also feeling the pain.
    What a privileged to have the awareness and to know what is occurring as others do not.
    Cheesecake, chocolate, juices, music, affirmations, poetry, wise healthcare options etc etc. Whatever assists to get the job done and be as well as possible on many levels.
    So ouchie though!

  • Thanks for the excellen article Denise! But I noticed your remark in the comments about memories coming up enexpectedly. I have been having many decades old memories coming from seemingly nowhere. I know now, thanks to you, that this is just more stuff percolating to the surface for clearing!

  • Thanks Denise seriously thought l was dying yesterday, couldn’t get off the blasted loo 🚻 🌼 all makes sense again, what a joy 😂

  • More new light – increased negativity

    Dear Denise I haven’t posted for a while but felt a wish to do so today.

    I have had two dreams recently both relevant to
    your article more new light.

    1st dream was the oversoul choosing a new path/ new direction,.
    2nd dream was when the energy of the sun merges with the energy of the moon equals completion, I feel this means when the energy of the higher spiritual chakras merges with the energy of the lower earth chakras in the heart equals completion Also shown symbol of the dodecahedron equating to heaven and earth.

    Also today 22nd June the energy I am experiencing has seriously challenged crown, brow, throat, and heart chakras and brought clinical symptoms to bear which are extremely uncomfortable, I feel very unwell at the moment.


  • OK, this is bizarre! Is anyone else experiencing similar?

    All these things are happening in my reality at once, which makes me think that something may have changed energetically:

    – light bulb in my fridge burned out
    – the bell on my bicycle just stopped working (no longer rings)
    – my clock alarm suddenly switched (by itself) to 24 hour mode. Also, I started using it six months ago and it had never functioned properly; it was supposed to flash different colors but didn’t even light up in the dark. Suddenly it lit up and all the colors flashed!
    – a corded necklace I was wearing untied itself and fell to the ground

    Also, the number sequences I’m seeing now (after a long time of seeing triple digits) recently show up in reversals – for example in the same day, I see 12:12 and then 21:21, and 11:11 is back as well. None of these things is unusual by itself, but they’re all happening AT ONCE.

    • Thelma & All,

      Yesterday June 22, 2018, the day after the Solstice, was very noticeably different energetically to me too. I’d fallen asleep during the daytime as I usually do when Embodying more NEW energies and DNA etc., and once asleep I Saw the now usual energies flowing, swirling, morphing and flashing within me/my Lightbody. However, what surprised me was that the rate at which they vibrated, flashed and moved etc. had doubled! These energies within my Lightbody had literally doubled in vibratory rate from June 21st to June 22nd. I’ve Seen my Lightbody frequency increase and expand over the years but never has it doubled in frequency rate, speed, level etc. in a 24-hour period! This tells me that the second half of 2018 is going to be very different from the first half for everyone that made or soon will make this next-level Lightbody energy increase.

      The other thing different late yesterday and into the night was incredibly increased activity of some nonphysical lifeforms. These smaller “things” didn’t feel negative really but it was clear they weren’t highly developed beings of the Light either. There was so much fast and almost frantic movement of these different lesser beings in my house and bedroom that it was surprising. I observed and discerned it all for a while then cleared (removed) them which usually works immediately, but these frantic zipping around movements continued. It all had the feeling that everything had just gotten energetically increased vibrationally, not just me and my Lightbody but everything else too and some other lifeforms were all “wound up” because of it. I suspect Thelma that electronics would react to this latest obviously HUGE frequency speed-up too. All in all this is a very positive sign or side effect that we’ve all stepped up another very large energy Stair-step, so much so that we’re literally vibrating twice as fast now as we were before June 21, 2018! That is one heck of an across-the-board frequency increase so it doesn’t surprise me that there’s an increase in related anomalies and other phenomena. I say… expect more of this — more increases in our inner Lightbody frequency/vibration/rate etc. and more phenomena in the world around us because of it. We are The Way after all. ❤

      Thanks for sharing this Thelma because this was a potent evolutionary energy shift yesterday and we've got about a month from today until the July 25-26th start of the NEW Lion's Gate energies arrive and shift us all even more. Based on how potent the shift between June 21 to June 22 was, it feels like we've got about a month to prep for the NEW energies that will arrive and begin flowing internally and externally via the 2018 Lion's Gate NEW energies on July 25-26th. This one is going to be vastly larger and more potent and noticeable to everyone that things have changed, evolved, shifted in very positive ways. It's getting exciting because NEW gifts and abilities and improvements are coming for each of us which means everyone else too. ❤

      • This is enormously helpful. I felt I was tracking the energies fairly well until yesterday and today, when I became baffled as to what was going on. The vibration level I was experiencing yesterday was off the charts, and today I’ve been profoundly exhausted. Though I have to say, even within the exhaustion I am sensing we are on the brink of a major positive shift, so what you wrote Denise, about the Lion’s Gate energies around the corner, is affirming. Thanks for this as well as your brilliant 6/19 post.

        • LAL, linda paskins & All,

          Had I not Seen yesterday that my Lightbody had doubled it’s frequency rate of vibration/spin in comparison to what it has been over the past few months, I would have been a bit confused over all the sudden amplification of not only energies (we knew that was coming with the Solstice) but how everything else has been moving faster, vibrating faster and kind of all over the place. This was a HUGE step up and keep in HighHeartmind that this only happens because more is coming!

          And my gut and entire body for that matter feels and looks like it’s gotten bigger, all to hold more Light. Oh joy. 😐 The toilet and I are very “close” once again due to all these energies being Embodied and old stuff purged; food is a “problem” again too — want it, don’t want it and body absolutely doesn’t want it now and so on. And I’ve been Seeing and sensing more new to me higher dimensional Beings coming in closer to get a better look at what we’re doing now and the big positive improvements we’ll be Embodying the second half of 2018 (and beyond of course too). When the activity increases (and speeds up) as it been over the past week or so, it’s another positive sign that we First Everything-ers are about to do another important FIRST again in new ways and at much higher levels than we’ve ever been able to before.

          The first half of 2018 I’ve realized that I’ve had a sort of Review of my past happening subtly in the background of my awareness. Sudden memories surface to be reviewed again and learned from in whatever ways I’m capable of now and then released with full Neutrality. This is another big clue and sign that we’re on the brink of making yet another BIG and really important evolutionary Embodiment shift to NEW Earth with NEW abilities. ❤

      • Dear Denise,

        Your response was very helpful. I am not surprised the acceleration is another stair-step for those ready. Last night, I dreamt of opening closet after closet to find snakes (I seemed to clearing them out). They were wiggling around trying to hide but I saw them anyway. Feels similar to what you sensed with “lifeforms.” Soon the energies will vibrate too fast for them to even exist (I truly hope!). Blessings to you.

        • “Soon the energies will vibrate too fast for them to even exist (I truly hope!)”

          That’s exactly what’s happening Thelma. 🙂

  • Great article Denise and so needed.

    TD tactics do become obvious after awhile. Diversions diversions diversions. They relying on the herd mentality, knee jerk reactions and us wanting to be saviors. When in fact we need to step back and ask many questions to determine the true truth.

    I find myself thinking as events arise “so what is this really all about – what else is actually going on”.

    If I cannot get direct information to truly know a situation then I do not get involved as mindless actions can contribute to very poor outcomes.

    Situations are continual gifts for us to develop greater wisdom for more authentic results.

    We do not always have to act. Sometimes just observing is the best cause of action.

    So much is manipulation and we need to practice greater awareness.

    We keep getting better at all of this and we get sucked in less and less.

  • Thanks Denise, and all who share this informative, honest and often life saving site! Thanks for everything and happy solstice to all 💚🌼💚

  • TY for sharing Denise I’ve written about this topic in length as well on my blog.. since NEW AGE is the newest kid on the block it is not far stretched to understand that there is manipulation as well I’ve stumble on my fair share … Aura Transformation being one of them… might work for some but the imbedded distortion was just to much for me. I think a perfect example of TD’s kicking and screaming all the way out through the door is HRC… she lost the election and still goes about it this long time after she lost?? And if that was not enough she even wrote a book about it.. you are so spot on the new energies are not supporting the old no matter how much they kick and scream. I happy I did not choose to play the TD part this time around.. we are sincerely moving into energies never felt before and with that our DNA will jump to at least 40+ percent this does not mean that we don’t have work to do.. cause we have.. !!!

    Keep up the good work Denise I could not have written this above piece better myself..

    Hugs Ollie

  • Hi Denise. I am one who has been digging out from under tons of garbage and FEAR. All the lies and distortions that u list. Long ago I stopped believing everything I read. I realized that I need to know from within. I notice that during these intense times that personally I simultaneously find myself in an upsetting mess. The latest mess has catapulted me Higher! I find it is true that any mess i make and taking responsibility for it contains great insight and steeper steps inwards and upwards. Deeper responsibility and accountability. I am so grateful to understand whats BS and what’s truth….at my current awareness. I found myself horrified when I clearly saw my misuse and therefore abuse of power. True, i hadnt “known” or understood, but it was an OMG! moment. So now my nose is once again willingly pressed to the grindstone. My life is for This. …A note in passing about new age misconceptions: in FB I passed on a news clip about a volcanic eruption and I included that I dont tune in to the news much and hadn’t known this was happening. I got a response from a woman who is a teacher in a “school”. They focus on channeled messages and making I AM statements, with great use of the violet flame. They invoke the I AM into anything “negative” and I mean no disrespect..I dont know in full what they do. The teacher was appalled that I was not up on news. She wanted to know how could I call upon the I AM if I dont know what’s happening. I know I didnt have to explain myself but I gave it ago. I wrote Im following my own inner guidance which entails mental and emotional stability. I attempted to address my belief that within unity or the body that individually, or even groups have their own interdependent purposes. (I’m expressing it better here). And I have not heard from her. Her school has rigid rules. Back to me, living all my life alone isnt easy. Has many drawbacks and dangers because of fostering error. But the best part is I’m forced to turn inward and grow. I mean it becomes CLEAR to me what I need to do or stop doing…so long as I continue to ask and pray within and become consciously aware. And what that teacher didn’t understand is that the outward is a reflection of the inward. I want to reflect peace and truth; Not mental illusion, emotional glamour, chaos, and “food”.


    • Edith,
      You nailed It! Being alone has many “drawbacks and dangers because of fostering error”. For me that has been one of the hardest parts of the Stair steps and a HUGE reason I couldn’t do this without Denise and so many other seasoned, wise souls of all ages here at HighHeartLife. I count on the course corrections Denise provides for all of us.
      Wishing you all a peaceful, light bright solstice🌞

  • Thank you Denise, once again you are. SO, spot on. In my 3d life my path was druidry, as it holds a great love of mother earth, and all life, and we learn to read from the book of nature,, all wisdom and healing, given to us, ie plants, crystals etc. This carrys on into 5d.. Well a fellow druid had passed so a rememberance circle, where we could share, was organized, out in the old green trees. I thought i would be in safe??? 3d spiritual, company. To my horror, td attended too. 2 of the circle that i knew, both had very dark, entitys, and attachments latched onto them, so disgusting i couldnt look at the peoples faces. One tryed to get to visit me, which i put off, and one just came and sat to chat, after they had consumed the horn of communion wine, till they off their heads. WHAT???? Can one do, it there freewill. If i see them again, i guess i will sugest going to a shaman, who can release them.. i happen to know they not interested, delighting in the perversitys..
    On a lighter note!!!!
    We are in the 10days, where the sun stands still, at its hight of power. Tomorrow is the solstice.What a light pounding we have had!!!!! All day strong solar, then all nite, the stars and moon. A relentless wave for over a week. Do you remember the good old ap days, we would get a wave, every couple of weeks amazing downloads, and time to intigrate. At no i just frazzled and in pain, but i can feel it just removing so much darkness, in us and off earth, like a sparkle lazer beam. ,,,.this am thinking of how earth formed and our solar stymn, dust, pulled by gravity to sun, earth and planets, bombaded by things, volcanic, etc, and how earth, gradualy formed and refined life, to the wonder it is today. Billions of her beloved life in form. With the ap, she is refining us again, this time we work together, all life, elements and elementals, crystals, plants, trees, working that as path togeter. A druids dream really. ….2day the sun felt feminine, and gentler , a union of the children christ sophia, .. all good to you all with the solstice wave. Happy solstice, eve, night and dawn of holy day. Lin

  • Dearest Denise: Thank you. I am also concerned that some may interpret part of this blog to mean that you think we shouldn’t take action to stop separating illegal immigrant children from their families. We must take action to stop this and other Team Dark evil actions while staying grounded in the AP. Not easy but necessary.

    • E-K Daufin & N.S.S.Jabobs,

      “Dearest Denise: Thank you. I am also concerned that some may interpret part of this blog to mean that you think we shouldn’t take action to stop separating illegal immigrant children from their families.”

      This topic is a far, far, FAR more complex situation than only stopping the separation of illegal immigrant parents and their children. You’ve heard the term ‘click bait’ yes? Well, there’s emotional and Emotional Body ‘click bait’ that Team Dark (TD) intentionally does for a number of reasons; reasons like they want and need to create a nation-wide or global focus of everyone on whatever and whoever it is that they’re using to distract people from other things they don’t want your focus on at that time. Other reasons are TD’s food and fuel “pantry” is getting low, and to replenish their food and fuel supplies they create more click bait to intentionally snag people’s Emotional Bodies and manipulate them into producing more amounts of emotional energy which provides them with more energetic food.

      So you see, when TD does things it’s always been for multiple reasons like intentionally distracting people and re-directing their consciousness and focus to something they do want people fixated on. TD has always created distractions to manipulate the people of entire countries and/or the world to NOT see or be aware of something so they create some event they do want people’s consciousness and emotions on and producing emotional energies for them to use so they’re not observed doing other things. This is like turning the TV on to cartoons so the kids sit down and watch them instead of running around doing other things. They’re mega intentional consciousness re-directs and humanity has fallen for it every time. Distraction, increasing their food/fuel supplies by causing humans to produce emotional energies right on cue, outright deception to get humans to believe something TD wants them to and on and on.

      There are dozens and dozens of layers of negativity, chaos, murder, rape, torture, warring, guns, gun trafficking, drugs, drug production, drug trafficking, negative patriarchal religious beliefs, power grabs, more power over more people, dictators taking over their countries, and the multiple decades-long corruption, deterioration and downfall of entire countries happening in our lifetimes. People need to pull way back from this current immigration situation, no pull back even farther, decades farther back to get a more accurate perspective at this and other global situations. This problem that’s happening in the USA now has been happening throughout Europe over the past few years with all the mass migrations due to people fleeing different countries and dictators and others in the Middle East so they and their children are not murdered. This situation over illegal immigrants and mass migrations of humans out of their birth countries to foreign countries is global and needs to be viewed differently than it has been for the most part.

      If it’s not wars it’s drug wars or dictators making bigger moves to take over more land areas and people. If needed they just have their people murdered by other people willing to do their bidding. This is so, so much more than children being separated from their parents by TD humans in positions of power. And while I’m at this… has anyone noticed that in the USA the old Duality of (illusion of a choice between two parties) democrats and republicans running the country has deteriorated into a dictatorship? TD is looking like it’s going for super negative, insane, corrupt people to put in dictator positions in countries around the world. The old ways aren’t going to be fixed or put back into place and power; they’re descending into greater darkness, negativity, corruption and insanity. Soon however they won’t be visible any longer but until then it’s all up to those with strong Emotional Bodies that cannot be hooked into by TD and manipulated and strong awareness and ability to focus on what YOU want to be focused on and not what TD wants you to be.

      Another aspect of all this negativity and pain is that for many people it is their first “awakening” to the negativity. Emotional response is usually the first thing we all do but it’s what you do with that that’s important. Protesting, screaming, getting all lathered up emotionally but having it do not much more than feed TD is a terrible thing. For most people without awareness or heart, what’s happening now in this country with illegal parents and their children is the ONLY thing that reaches their hearts and starts them opening. There are so, so many layers and Stair-steps to reality and the Ascension Process because everyone is not and never has been evolved to the same identical levels of awareness and development, focus and soul growth and so on. Let these events play out because there’s more to them all than most realize at this point. Sorry but you’re going to have to trust me on this. 🙂 ❤

  • Thanks for spelling it out, Denise! Your insights help me see what I had not noticed before. TD usually gets to me in the form of a troll or flippant comment or attack on me for expressing myself in outspoken ways. Then I feel compelled to respond, to set someone straight about the fact that I am not aligned with HIM or with HER (duality), but instead, seeking to bring Truth to Light. This usually happens when they have made wrong assumptions about me or my perspective, which pisses me off! I get so distracted that I end up forgetting my intent to meditate…again! However, I am not expecting the Truth to come from anyone outside myself. I am just looking for resonance, but end up getting sidetracked. I think we all should speak our Truth, whether it is well-received or not. Hopefully we can find a way to express it that can actually be heard.

    Sometimes it is my own compulsion to “conspiracy binge” on twitter and/or FB, or getting sucked down the QAnon rabbit hole that sucks my time and my focus, because I end up doing that and wondering where the time went, instead of doing the meditation, yoga, inner work, a physical trek in nature, or working on my business that I had intended to do. Sometimes it’s fun, but it can easily become a HUGE DISTRACTION, especially when anger is triggered. Thank you for spurring some deep reassessing of where I invest my life force energy. A real Wake Up Call!

    • PS on just submited comment…., the remembrance circle, itself, was wonderful, such love, fondness, for a lovely being, joy, humour, and everyone knew he had just left a painfilled body, to go to the light. He attended himself. People in 3d, doing a good job on the whole.. so the entitys didnt marr it for the group..,

    • I thought of 2 phrases that can help us to be mindful of these lessons….

      “Energy Goes Where Attention Flows,”


      “Light Work is an Inside Job,”

      • Powerful phrases and easy to remember. Very helpful to all of us in the community.
        Thank you for sharing.

        • Well I didn’t originate them, but they came to mind. Glad they were helpful. Denise is awesome. She calls hurt anyone and anything on their shit, while maintaining her sense of humor. Quite the inspiration.

          (p.s.) My first name is Lynn. Phoenix is a 2nd middle name that I acquired later in life.

    • “TD usually gets to me in the form of a troll or flippant comment or attack on me for expressing myself in outspoken ways. Then I feel compelled to respond…”


      Hi and good to see you here. ❤

      I loved what you so honestly shared and I could totally relate to it all. Over these many online years I too have HAD to Master the fine art of hitting the Comment delete button with total Neutrality and grace! 😆 So easy to say but such a difficult thing to learn and master. As I'm sure you've discovered, most of this sort of thing with the unaware is just like trying to have an honest, sane and open conversation with someone whose drunk, high, emotionally ill and/or simply Portal People. It's impossible and not worth the effort after a certain point in our own personal energetic and spiritual educations.

      Did you read my Comment about TD's click bait tactics? That’s what you’re experiencing; being emotionally baited to distract and derail you from your own AP. Not a dull moment I tell you! 😆 Someone please create a big online sign that says — Do you know where your consciousness is? 😉 The “war over consciousness” has always been horribly real and it’s more important now than ever before to be conscious of our consciousness because it’s so easy to slide off into some mindless shit with negative electronic transmissions in it/them to further alter our brains, minds and consciousness. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • You are so wise, Denise. And I find your no holds bar exam form of expression refreshing. Yes I’m guilty of being a clickbait addict along with my penchant for cider and fine wine and other distractions, like sweet young men, 15 years younger. Lol… I was really struck by your response because I keep posting my own meme on Facebook that says “There is a war for your Consciousness” with a hashtag #WakeUp
        So now comes the part where I have to walk my own talk, right?

  • Dear Denise,

    It’s appalling how much deception and dis-info surrounds us, and your message to “energetically discern for ourselves” is spot on! Also spot on is your warning not to let the drama & chaos of the external world become our focus … because HOW we resonate is crucial right now. We must avoid the fear and anger that’s being stirred up to keep the masses in a lower vibration and stay centered in peace, harmony and love.

    Good point about Team Dark taking credit for Gaia’s purging before a more physical shift (volcanoes, floods, earthquakes). Of course all this is presented by the media in the most dramatic way to trigger anxiety and a feeling of helplessness.

    In a dream, I saw myself detach from a metallic-looking dark grid (looked like latticework) and climb down to get off. This may symbolize disengaging from the old matrix with all its programs and codes at all levels of my being – something we’re increasingly doing, as you mention, at the same time as we embody new codes.

    I also want to express gratitude for all you (and others) have done to help transmute the darkness through many many years — at great sacrifice to your own life and personal happiness — for the good of all. If not for your relentless dedication, courage and strength, I don’t think we would be at this point where the Light has entered and is changing everything.

    I feel we have turned a corner, as more & more people become aware of the distortions in this density and want something different for themselves.

    We all have roles to play but yours has been exceptionally difficult and mostly unacknowledged. Denise, I feel many of us here are trying to express this in our own way so you can know everything you’ve done (and continue to do) IS appreciated.

    I hope you will take the time to acknowledge that “mission impossible” has indeed been attained, and the tide has turned. What lies ahead is nothing like what lies behind us … WE DID IT!

    Blessings to you & all here.

    • “I also want to express gratitude for all you (and others) have done to help transmute the darkness through many many years — at great sacrifice to your own life and personal happiness — for the good of all. If not for your relentless dedication, courage and strength, I don’t think we would be at this point where the Light has entered and is changing everything.”

      Thank you for saying that Thelma, and more importantly for knowing it. ❤

      This is a big reason why the "Fluffy" people pissed me off in the early days of the AP, because I and everyone else who were pretty damned great at being Lightwarriors and going toe-to-toe with Team Dark aliens, devils, demons and their lesser cohorts — and let us not forget the negative humans/Portal People! — all to break through the planetary Darkness energetically and start anchoring in the NEW Light for mass humanity. After taking life and at times soul threatening attacks constantly for decades, to have some "airy fairy twitless wonder" believe and perpetuate that negativity didn't even exist on Earth was too much. But this is how TD works and how lack of higher awareness shows up in a lot of humans.

      “We all have roles to play but yours has been exceptionally difficult and mostly unacknowledged. Denise, I feel many of us here are trying to express this in our own way so you can know everything you’ve done (and continue to do) IS appreciated.”

      Again, thank you for saying this too Thelma. ❤ I've always known that I've been “mostly unacknowledged” but much of that has been my own intention all along. I’ve declined every online interview offer I’ve gotten from different people since 2007. I’ve also intentionally not put a current photo of myself up on either TRANSITIONS or HighHeartLife for multiple reasons, the main one being I didn’t want or need to make my life and AP Workload any more difficult than it already was and providing a “target” of myself in the form of a photo would have done that for a lot of people. I may eventually include a current photo of myself so everyone knows I’m really real. 😀 It’s getting close to the time for me to do that because the worst of the worst is over for us elder Lightwarriors and Keepers of the NEW Light.

      I have always felt and been aware of my readers who are HighHeart and I’ve always deeply appreciated their presence, their Work, their love and LOVE, and their hanging in here with me for the long ascension haul. I’ve needed all of you too to get through all this. ❤ ❤ ❤

      “I hope you will take the time to acknowledge that “mission impossible” has indeed been attained, and the tide has turned. What lies ahead is nothing like what lies behind us … WE DID IT!”

      We very much have finally reached that “turning point” in 2018 and the positive results of that are coming soon which will make everything easier for us and eventually for everyone else too. Damned straight we did it! There was never any doubt that we’d be successful in our reasons for “Volunteering” to come here now and do what we have and continue to do. ⭐ 🙂 ❤

      • Thanks so much for sharing this exchange with the rest of us, Denise and Thelma. These last weeks have been astonishingly challenging and intense for me. It’s taken me by surprise. I think I subconsciously thought it wasn’t really possible for this breakneck pace of inner work (being triggered, going within, releasing/healing/transmuting, integrating) to escalate even more!! Holy smokes. Feels like so many of the lessons and shifts I’ve adopted are circling back, which at first makes it easy to think I failed the first time, but it feels more like I’m being asked to apply them at higher and higher stakes and in more open/public ways. Especially as relates to personal discernment and accountability.

        I really needed the reminder that the tide has turned and it will get easier. I mean, I want to always be climbing stair steps and learning, of course! But the thought of doing the bottom-of-the-barrel conversion forever is awful. And I know I haven’t been doing it nearly as long or as intensely as either of you. So, thank you!!!

        • Kara,

          I’m chattering a plenty now because it’s time right before the June Solstice for us all to quickly better understand what all has been happening in and through each of us Embodiers. The first half of every year since 2013 has increasingly been seriously intense and oftentimes downright painful and difficult. This amplified in the first half of 2018 like never before but, even though it’s hurt and been rough and confusing etc., it’s always a clue that we’re about to reach another NEW higher level of being, consciousness, awareness, abilities, Embodiment and so on. Just like the TD amplifications of late, it’s because there’s a whole bunch more evolutionary ascending about to happen to, in and through those who are ready and able this year to Embody greater Conscious Creator abilities and the responsibilities that automatically go with that. I sense the second half of 2018 is going to surprise the best of us which is really exciting! ❤

          Yes the inner excavating down into every freakin' cell and fiber of our beings and bodies has been excruciating this year but it's burning through very quickly thank goodness. Again this is an indicator of things aligning to come in and be Embodied by all capable of doing so at this higher, larger, more potent level. Re-cap: More pain, more Inner Work, more transformations in us and our physical bodies, AND the global nut-jobs shifting into expedited descension are all indicating the same thing believe it or not and that is that BIG positive improvements within us is lining up to be Embodied. This is why we’ve been scrubbing the floors of every cell in us all year; to prep for what’s coming in now that we’ve cleaned and cleared for it. ❤

  • Good day~ I personally have always been ..just off to the side of the ‘normal’ path folks take..I have been kind of ‘bush-wacking’ thru the forest of life..making my way..graceful and ungraceful ,but keeping it real..never been a ‘kum bah ya ‘follower…had many teachers,but I don’t linger. I am glad to have had the last 11 years alone as it certainly allows a fine tuning of radar..of the energies at play. I grew up with a very dark entity~brother~ so, I was aware early on of that side of life..unfortunate for a childhood,but it was the beginning of observance of those kind of energies and the knowing of trusting my ‘get’ on those . I have learned to walk away..sometimes physically ,but also in just not going to feed them.
    Never been a ‘follower’..everyone,but everyone is a ‘teacher’…you just have to be humble enough to realize you still learn and you still teach yourself.

    I am amazed at how folks just get sucked in to the ‘pack mentality’..the latest headline..This week it is the immigrants/migrants ..and the children…last week N. Korea..and volcano and the evil people that have taken us down..and on and on and on..its always something.

    I only know I am in charge of how I respond to such things..fear is not it..anger is not it..frustration yes….as the biggest disappointment is that as humanity we have lost some of our ability (if some ever had it) to be civil.
    All I can say is …. I only have so many heart beats left..and hardly any ‘give a fooks”…I will continue to go in my garden and be filled with what love really is..pure…giving…beauty ..kindness…sharing space…new growth…but I am not taking any shite off folks trying to rile folks up..and worst of all gain viewers…or followers ..I am untamed and unashamed.
    But I do love to dance and laugh and enjoy and create beauty…I really don’t think too much will change in our world drastically..all we have is baby steps and alot of friggin hope..but at the end of the day…we must never give up !!!! and we must think with our heart!!! not the mind….the heart is the only way…even if it is just for begins there..and keep imagining the world you want…Peace to one and all..even for a moment…

    (oh, and never forget..Mother Nature bats last…she dumped huge hail in my town of Colorado yesterday…and now I have a big gaping hole in my sky light…I mean I am for more light..but come on!!!!!!!!!!! see even too much of a good thing..can be out of balance..the middle path. I strive to stay on the middle path….)

  • Dearest Denise,

    I was editing my reply to you on the previous post since yesterday (English is not my native tongue) and now I just read this great post. I’ll comment it all here if it’s ok, thank you.

    I am not a First Everything-er and know that if anything was easier or my generation had more light coming in it was because of you guys.

    Wow, I never heard this before anywhere and internalized this but now that you said it I’ve been feeling like I’m reaching the end as well. I was also an energy transmuter (or janitor :)) and battled the dark head on. Could it be those are the types that could go home if they wished or a window of opportunity has opened? I had many near-death experiences and I’ve been feeling the same I felt before they happened.

    Thank you so much for having the guts to talk about so many truths that no one touches upon. You help me heal so much, especially your book A LIGHTWORKER’S MISSION: The Journey Through Polarity Resolution and I read all your blogs before I ever commented because we owe this to a rare and true spiritual teacher.
    Never before I’ve seen someone writing so openly about the real out-of-this-world and painful experiences that I went through as well. I had to stop the book many times as tears of healing and gratitude fell. Maybe you felt my hug on those days 🙂

    I don’t know if we are part of the same ray, star family or mission but our lives were very similar.
    I’m sorry for your indigo cat’s loss. I lost a very special and unique indigo dog just a few days later in December 2016; just to mention one experience.
    I realized Animals were evolving too when I read a lioness refused meat in 2012, but you bring these things forth from our subconscious with your down to earth explanations and Indigo Animal couldn’t describe them better.

    Now, about this post, it seems society is brainwashed into joining cults. Most of us are too wounded to even contemplate being alone, going within, healing and stop being parasitic. The dark really messed things up, it seems the goal of more than 6000 years of domination was to have Humanity as traumatized, weak and scared as they are now at these end times.
    The last time I joined any resemblance of a ‘spiritual’ community was in 2008 and got attacked by zombified people and entities. They acted passively aggressive, faking love and light but creating drama and all that. Then I went into hermit mode.
    I can’t watch mainstream media or check news anymore.

    I have no words to describe how your energy, example, courage, and writing has helped me. In the Unity Meditations (that I also found through you) I send you the best wishes always, as I do in mine non-religious prayers.
    I can’t believe the attacks you go through and completely understand if you retired from all this. But for every new post, day and minute that you continue, I thank you for going beyond where most would have given up already. You are a true Angelic Guide in incarnated form. Only those bringing Truth are attacked.

    Love you and thank you for inspiring us. For showing the way.
    Tears are threatening again, so I’ll stop here. You are so rare.
    Thank you for being born.

    • Marta,

      Thank you, thank you, thank you for your love and LOVE and kindness. Know that it’s because of people like you that I continue writing when oftentimes I don’t want to anymore. ❤ ❤ ❤

      “Only those bringing Truth are attacked.”

      True but this too will die away and be no more, and we’re closer to it now than ever before. Gratitude ❤ hugs Marta.

      • Dearest Denise,

        The June Solstice’ Energies are already doing things to me, and now this. Thank you so much, you made my day.

        💗 All the blessings to you always 🙏

  • Dear Denise,
    Wonderful article and so clearly written, thanks. The *hit hitting the fan and seemingly hitting me from all directions from team dark through those near me is so heavy now that I find I have to clear all my bodies three or more times a day at this point. My health is returning slowly. I’m looking forward to the solstice that hopefully will change my status to a more sacrosanct one. There is little that resonates or connects me to 3-D Land out there anymore; it all seems so false and untrue and of no interest. Like Dorothy, I’ve seen the man behind the curtain.
    Love and Light to you Denise and to all,

    • Yes. And similar things have long been done. A good sign that so many rise up and say no more!

  • Finally someone explained clearly some of the sugar coated crap being spewed is actually more lies. When I try to address these things people tell me I’m just being negative, I should only focus on the positive. Working on lower energies within me has been my constant work to clear, however I too can see when so called lightworkers are using woo woo language to get a group lulled into believing they hold the highest and ultimate truth. Denise, I absolutely resonated to the various points you covered and how we must DO OUR INNER WORK as well as DISCERN what we are exposing ourselves to.

    Recently, I sent an email out to ask attendees of my groups to share their experiences. One response was a fair critique until this person mentioned my question to her about her spiritual practice. It seems she did not understand the question and defenses went up as she believed I was judging her. She took my humor as me telling her she is useless. It took me over a week to respond in a very brief light non directed way. I just did not know how to respond. It’s as if she heard someone speaking in another language. We know each other and have had great conversations before she attended my group. I love and respect this woman.

    It seems we can avoid all negativity by simply pretending it’s not there or we can project that we received negativity when there was none there at all. Ask me why I like to stay home alone.

  • I totally agree with not getting stuck in the new age or conspiracy theory arenas. They appeal to the powerful emotional hooks, happiness in the former, anger in the latter. I will say though that discovering what many of these groups and people are saying can act as a waypoint for the next step forward. I woke up to the conspiracy theory arena *first* before much else because I could see how it related so much to the culture and surrounding society I lived in.

    It’s like stepping stones. Waking up to the reality of 9/11, for example, can be a huge stepping stone. It was for me and several others I know personally. Getting hung up on 9/11? After awhile, it’s time to move past one aspect of the “problem” towards a/the solution, which is what I think you’re pointing at. And the solution is ultimately to be found within. But getting to that probably doesn’t happen in one fell swoop unless that’s one’s path. That would be one hell of a wake up experience. Plus it never really ends. “Waking up” seems to keep going, especially acting on it afterwards. Great article. Cut through to the core.

    • David W.,

      I agree completely in that for most people the Ascension Process is and needs to be, for safety’s and sanity’s sake, done in those incremental Stair-steps I’m always mentioning. It’s an ongoing process of “waking up” a bit more and a bit more until one is able to begin perceiving, feeling, sensing and discerning from within themselves.

      I think people like David Icke have been profoundly helpful to vast numbers of a certain level of humanity. He lays information out in ways that make it faster and easier for them to see and understand what’s been hidden and why and by who, both human and nonhuman. We Ascension teachers/writers/lectures etc. are each unique in our own ways and there are enough of us with our different abilities and ways in which we communicate about the AP and EP that most everyone is covered. This was intentional on our parts when we first Volunteered to come here and do what we are.

      “And the solution is ultimately to be found within.”


      • Dear Denise and community
        A friend suggested I read this after a week that crushed and blew me away and the after shocks have been tremendous. And I am digging deep to not lose faith in this process of absorbing and holding more light . And every year I think ok this has to get easier and then it doesn’t . On and on. So I read this and I am grateful to know I am not alone . But good heavens . Are we supposed to be obliterated to make sure we can step up some more? And is it the ones able to hold most light that suffer the most ? I rely on cheesecake for now to keep me relatively sane. And music and general staring into the distance. I don’t know how one picks yourself up every time you feel heart broken and smashed only to be blown away again by the next bomb. I’m disillusioned and this is alone . Damn alone . Thank you for your love and insights always

        • emmamentel,

          I thank your friend for suggesting you read the article and Comments here. It always helps hearing what other people are currently experiencing with the Ascension Process (AP) and Embodiment Process (EP).

          “Are we supposed to be obliterated to make sure we can step up some more?”

          Basically yes. All of this is a two-fold Process of simultaneously being “obliterated” or torn down (the old ego and sense of reality and self etc.) while embodying higher and higher and greater amounts of NEW Light and Light codes/DNA and everything else. Out with the old and in with the NEW in other words and yes, it is a trying and painful Process of living evolutionary Alchemical Ascension.

          “And is it the ones able to hold most light that suffer the most?”

          In a word, yes. However, every time we embody/Embody more NEW Light into our physical bodies, consciousness, selves, heart etc., we acclimate to that new level and amount and it doesn’t hurt anymore. So, the Process continues, each time higher in frequency and larger in quantity which is why this ongoing business hurts at just about every energy Stair-step.

          “I rely on cheesecake for now to keep me relatively sane. And music and general staring into the distance.”

          😆 I so loved this great and honest line, thanks for it. ❤ I've used chocolate candy and abundant time spent staring at the ceiling and through it.

          The sense of being so alone in all this is typical for those who go first and Pathpave The Way for the rest of humanity to use later. It just is what it is and we all feel it. I’ve spent this entire lifetime (and I’m 66 now) feeling totally alone on this planet. I have other dimensionals nearby always just as we all do but earthly humans? Not at all. It won’t be like this forever either but for now it’s been important and needed that all of us Forerunners or as I call us, First Everything-ers, are scattered about the Earth so as to help balance it as we all go through these evolutionary energy changes. If we were all bunched together — like we would prefer — it would be nice and fun for us but it would cause greater imbalances worldwide so each of us have been intentionally “stationed” where we each are physically, like a living “Grid System” within itself.

          Deep breath and know that you really aren’t alone even though we all feel that way much of the time. The fact that we’re all having this and related conversations through Comments here is a blessing for us all. ❤ ❤ ❤

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