Getting Familiar With The 2018 Next-Level Energies

“We know why the December 21, 2017 Solstice through March 20, 2018 Equinox quarter was extra difficult and isolating for many of us; we’re about to get energetically blasted like never before, so an intense preparation period was required beforehand to be able to Embody and seed what’s coming. We (specifically the Forerunners of the Forerunners, the Forerunners, the First Ascenders, First Embodiers etc.) have completed another flight of Ascension / Embodiment Process energy Stair-steps and reached a totally NEW higher frequency Landing and are about to start ascending a NEW flight of Stairs. Because of this, most of us have found ourselves confined over these winter months (in the Northern Hemisphere, summer in the Southern) forcing us to deal with whatever issues each of us needed to be consciously aware of, see, feel, resolve, release.

I’ve never felt any previous winter quarter keep me as isolated and housebound as this one has, and not because of bad winter weather, but because I had some more things, issues, old 3D focus and emotions to go through before they were released. This mandatory personal inner focus time finally released for me at the end of the second week of March. It still amazes me every time I find more stuff and junk I have remaining in those tiny unlit blind corners of my inner self after three-plus decades of continuous serious Inner Work! Packed to the Crown chakra we’ve all been with stupid dense unaware tidbits, old 3D habits, beliefs and limited expectations that cannot go one more step with us on our Embodiment Process. Every time we reach another higher Landing, we’re confronted with whatever remaining stuff and junk is in us that has to be acknowledged, transmuted and released so we can ascend to higher frequency ground minus any remaining old dense 3D travel souvenirs we were still hauling along with us…”

This quote is from my March 14, 2018 article, NEW Embodiment Level Incoming Now. I’m linking to it here because it feels like it was written ten lifetimes ago when it’s actually only been three months ago! Linear time and consciousness continues disappearing and being replaced by Now Moment quantum consciousness. Just roll with it and be glad you’re functioning from each Now Moment. We’re all re-learning this one now too, along with all the other new NEW stuff, abilities, AP and EP side effects and profoundly higher frequency next-level energies.

Remember how Saturn was hit by seven solar flares in April 2017? Remember how I repeatedly mentioned it (still am) and how excited I was about it having happened? I knew at the time that everyone didn’t understand what I was saying in relation to Saturn being freed from old Team Dark encodments via seven solar flares and why I was so excited about it. Point is that you’re feeling it, living it, dealing with it and Embodying it throughout 2018 and beyond but at these next-level, higher frequency, energetic Stair-step level(s). The old reality codes and magnetic glue that assisted in holding it all in place within old 3D Earth physicality is no more, and the Forerunners, First Embodiers, Pathpavers etc. have been feeling all this in new-to-us ways ever since. This is us heading up a totally NEW and much higher flight of energy Stair-steps and it’s why most of us have experienced some super amplified AP and EP symptoms or side effects.

The more habituated I become to existing within Now Moment quantum consciousness, the more difficult it is for me to locate myself within linear time and space etc. The old familiar AP side effect commonly called ‘brain fog’ was mandatory to help us, help humanity expand beyond the limitations and narrow consciousness blinders of old lower frequency 3D physicality on Earth. All those old constraints to our consciousness, perceptions, linear thinking, awareness and sole egoic self focus and consciousness had to be incrementally undone to free us from the old lower codes and templates, grids and magnetic glue, hardcore linear left-brain patriarchal consciousness and more. Was it fun or pleasant not knowing which end was up due to your old wiring being Rewired to embody tremendously higher frequency Light energies and NEW codes? Of course not, but it was necessary, just like all the other AP side effects were and continue to be today.

All of the now familiar Ascension Process (AP) symptoms or side effects happened to us, in us and through many of us at much lower frequency Stair-step levels of the AP. This is important to keep in heartmind now because you/me/we are not existing at, functioning from, Working within or Consciously creation from the same level or levels that we have since 1998–1999. What I’m saying is that experiencing ‘brain fog’ today is nothing like it was a decade or more ago. Neither is experiencing another bout of inner Kundalini heat in 2018, or dreams and dreaming, empathically feeling and effected by humanity’s fears and/or anger over just about everything now, and living through other AP and Embodiment Process (EP) side effects.

When my AP started on the physical level with the start of 1999, not only did I have severe brain fog much of the time but I also suddenly couldn’t accurately interpret some of the physical objects I’d see. A piece of black plastic trash-bag hooked to a barbed-wire fence looked and felt to me like a dead rhinoceros on the side of the road. “Reality” was suddenly not clearly discernible and glued and locked in place for me when the AP started back then. It was and continues today to be an ongoing incremental process of dismantling the old and all our tools of perception etc. that went with it, while simultaneously Embodying more and more NEW levels and layers of New Earth and all the NEW tools of perception etc. that go with it. On the best of days that is an absolute mind blower!

Unless I make a notation on my calendar about when I experienced something, it’s become really difficult for me to remember when it or much of anything happened. For this reason I’m going to say that it was sometime during the first half of 2018 that this old familiar ‘brain fog’ side effect returned for me, but, it did so at this vastly higher frequency level and space of being we’re in now. How brain fog affected me nearly twenty years ago is nothing like it is today, which is the case with most all other AP and EP symptoms or side effects, including the also recently returned inner Kundalini heat I’m feeling in the bottoms of my feet again. I recognize these old AP symptoms yet they’re very different now because I’m very different now due to having lived and Embodied since 1999. Pull way back and up for better perspective when in doubt.

A couple of months ago or so the old ‘brain fog’ thing returned, but it’s been a very different experience from what it was a decade or two ago. Now it encompasses both a continued dismantling and freeing of Denise self and familiar identity with ongoing Embodiment of greater and higher Self/Selves, some consciously known and remembered and many not. In 2018, ‘brain fog’ is happening on a vastly larger scale and with far more players involved than previously consciously known or capable of. What’s scrambled now is our own sense of self and Self and SELF as they continue merging and melding one into another like a grand spiritual Family Reunion. It’s glorious, it’s disturbing, it’s indescribable, plus I know there’s much more to all this coming. Brain fog used to be not being able to remember the correct word or name for things; now it’s not being able to clearly define one’s current sense of Self and Selves “identity” while the NEW continues being created and the old continues being un-created. Is it any wonder…

Another normal side effect of our 2018 next-level AP and EP processes is one I think many need to be reminded of now, and, with ZERO guilt or shaming or insulting or anything else like that over it. It is the business of one being in an evolutionary Ascension phase, Process and Stair-step level where one cannot get one’s backside extricated from where one is at that time no matter how hard one tries. Said another way, I can suddenly find myself once again in an unpleasant place emotionally, psychologically etc. and be very consciously aware of this fact and yet I’m not able to lift, push, insult, threaten or hug myself out of it. I’ve learned, repeatedly over these many long hard evolutionary years that when one is in the muck, whatever the muck is for each of us, that it is profoundly important and each of us needs to utilize our being in the muck once again to… Master the muck. Yes, this is about each of us Mastering our personal muck, and also Mastering most of humanities muck too, which is in my opinion the highest thing anyone could do to help themselves and All others as well. It just is what it is, which in this case is the AP.

When I find myself deep in the muck yet again in 2018 mind you, and cannot get myself out of it, it’s an important situation for each of us experiencing it now. There’s so much more going on than what we might think at first, like is this my muck or is it someone else’s or is it mass humanities muck that’s currently flying all over the place due to the accelerated dismantling of the old everything? Does it even matter at this point whose muck it actually is? That question was directed to the Forerunners. My answer is yes and no; yes if it’s my muck because I can learn more from it, and no if it’s humanities muck because I’ve been clearing their mass muck across time on Earth and the Astral and higher since 1999. This too just is what it is which is part of the Great Cosmic Janitorial Work that some of us excel at.  😉

The point to this is that it’s one hell of a place to find oneself in, this squeezed out of the old lower patriarchal world with its escalating insanity and collapse, and simultaneously not yet fully anchored into the NEW ascended 5D Earth world and matching reality. Not pleasant at all in fact being in this transitional weirdness of not all there and not all here yet either. After almost twenty years I’ve gotten used to lingering in this transitional place and state of evolutionary shift and have made myself a temporary “home” in this not-here not-there ascension zone. What pisses me off however is when the old lower patriarchal world demands that I jump through some more of their corrupt, dysfunctional failing hoops and pay top dollar for it. For me the gap between myself and them has become so great that it’s physically painful and profoundly insulting to me and I do not want to ever have to jump through patriarchal hoops for any reason whatsoever anymore. I’m so, so done with it and them.

How do I and you reading this that can honestly relate change all this? We Embody more, we Work more, we evolve more, we dive in fully into these much higher frequency next-level energies of the AP and EP processes because there is nothing else for us to do but this. Yes it all feels slightly different from what we’ve already been through but at least you’ve got that to use as a comparison. Most people don’t have a clue about what’s going on now and why and continue to drink deeply from the patriarchal Orange Kool-Aid being pushed at them constantly. So the bottoms of our feet are on fire again, it’s because we’re building the Pathway to NEW ascended Earth! 🙂 So our perceptions occasionally get scrambled and we can’t extricate ourselves from another Shit Pit layer for a short period. It’s because we’re Divine transmuters clearing out more lowly crap that has to be removed from ourselves if that’s the case, and/or from the negative leftovers created by mass humanity. It’s AP and EP business as usual in other words, just at this MUCH higher, much more complex, higher frequency next-level than what we’ve become used to. Just do it and don’t judge self or others for anything. We are renowned throughout the Universe for being Mighty Muck Masters so don’t beat yourself up—or let anyone else do so to you—for having this much-needed higher ability.

Briefly because I’m tired, since June 24, 2018 the physical pain level of these different next-level AP and EP things have been record-breaking for me and many of you. And then yesterday, July 2nd happened, which was an epic culmination pain-wise since June 24th. Yesterday, all day and even after the sun set, was one of those lay there and don’t move or think days and just open and do your best to survive what’s happening energetically inside and through your body and being. But as is always the case, when I/we get through one of these next-level levels, we instantly gain more, know more, are more and Create more. And repeat as usual too. Thank you for your ongoing Higher Services. ❤

Denise Le Fay

July 3, 2018


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57 thoughts on “Getting Familiar With The 2018 Next-Level Energies

  • ohw , here we go again, can you feel it, no no ..wrong question, i mean, can you get through it?, i did’t sleep for the past 2 days . happy eclips …

    • Ben, definitely feel it; don’t know for sure but I think I can get through it. Very weak. Pluto opposite the eclipsed Sun is challenging!

      • Barb K.,

        I’m glad you mentioned that the July 12th Solar eclipse was at 20 degrees Cancer and Pluto is at 20 degrees Capricorn, an exact Opposition. The time between the 12th and the next Solar eclipse on August 11th at 18 degrees Leo, should be very intense for the remaining patriarchal people and systems etc. The dismantling and Descension continue.

        And Ben, it continues to vibe higher and higher for sure. Yesterday, July 14th was something else for me and spent the entire day Embodying these energies and adjusting. It switches from our being hyper and not sleeping, to needing to not move at all and sleep as much as possible to embody/Embody the NEW energies coming in constantly.

    • So grateful someone else said it! Thank you. Last night was better but the night before was a sudden blast, didn’t sleep all night, tossed and turn like a pancake on fire with nausea and I don’t even know what else.

  • Thanks, Denise, for the explanation of the geo shapes and colors. The first couple of times it happened was right after a huge RAGE, great big anger fest. And it was scary because I couldn’t SEE!! , at least not anything in 3D. The more it happens, the cooler it gets!!!😃😃
    Much love❤️❤️❤️
    Tammy R.

  • So, July 2 hit and I thought, “once we can actually sit up, we MUST check what Denise wrote…” July 2/3rd, I wanted to pick up an emergency imaginary 5D psychic telephone and call ALL women all at once going through this and say, “Are you getting this?! Is this kicking your ass, too?!” There was a several minute moment yesterday or day before, hard to remember “when” nowadays (a moment I am normally asleep for) that felt like it could have killed me. I felt like dough, being squashed by vast darkness, pushed down and flattened, all through my body. I have woken up in the morning with pain and heavy hang overs past couple months, knowing serious shit did go down while asleep. It was really hard to be awake for one of those moments! I cannot describe how it made me feel, like a horrible existential crisis mopped through my whole body as it compressed like dough. HOW KIND that they do so much work while we sleep. How could we (I) make it otherwise?!?!

  • Thank you Denise and other fellow Light Tribers for your insights. Many of your shared experiences could be plucked right from the pages of my journal (if I actually journaled 😉). One point that Denise touched on and which resonated strongly with my own experience is coming to the conclusion that there are periods of intense purging of Collective/Personal Muck where nothing can be done but ride it out. For years I have questioned the “what’s and whys” of these periods of deep angst and depression. Am I under attack? Is this just my Empathy? Do I need to protect myself more? Am I not praying/meditating/visualizing enough? Do I really have this much Astral Goo still bubbling up from inside after all this time? Have I not done the inner work that I thought I have? Am I really creating this Reality again? Surely, there must be something inherently wrong with me if the proverbial pendulum of emotion and thought can swing so abruptly and seemingly without much outer trigger. Couple this with a complete dismantling and absence of Identity and I too find myself crying out from time to time for “Home”. Lately, I have for the most part stopped questioning or really caring what it is or why it is. I just know it’s dense, yucky fear based energy that is flooding into my consciousness for whatever reason and despite my best efforts to mitigate its effects it eventually seems to pass without much doing on my part.

    In closing I’ll share a dream I had about a year ago that I think other Starseed, Empaths, Forerunners can relate to and at the time was confirmation for me of this idea of being a “Muck Master”. In the dream it is night time and I night flight down full of courage and a sense of purpose to the outskirts of a foreign village. As I walk through the streets the villagers look at me with curiosity and apprehension knowing that I am an outsider. I ramble around for a while starting to feel more and more lost and out of place. Eventually a kind person comes up on my left (protection) and leads me with a smiling face to an open air latrine. There is a cinder block wall with holes cut out of it. I do not see who is on the other side of this wall but through these openings is flowing human excrement. I know without my guide telling me that it is my job to clean this up.

    Many blessings,

    • Michael,

      Beautifully said. ❤

      Yes, there's simply patches of collective muck that we just have to move through no matter what. Since 2012, I’ve often thought the same things you mentioned and questioned myself about how this level of “muck” could be mine after all the Inner Work I’ve done continually (for me) since 1991. The majority of the time now these muck patches are not mine at all but massive areas where the ENTIRE multidimensional and earthly human lower residual gunk is in the process of being broken apart by Photonic Light and Source generated wave pulses etc. for ALL to evolve now. There’s nothing to do for we of the Light Tribe other than move ourselves through it, with the Higher Awareness knowing that all that old lower muck is dissolving and disappearing even though it certainly doesn’t feel like it when we’re moving through it!

      Thanks for sharing your old dream about this topic Michael. Years ago there were a lot of my readers writing Comments at TRANSITIONS about recurring dreams they were having about having to go into public bathrooms overflowing with human excrement, blood, guts and general lowly human filth. Like I said, we are Mighty Muck Masters which is why we and our abilities were/are so needed on Earth during the AP; we’re capable of transmuting what would kill others or drive them mad. We just get in there and transmute lowly human and Team Dark creations and actions from the entire old Evolutionary Cycle, and then take a nap because we’re transmuting ourselves body and soul too at the same time! Amazing actually… and I thank each of you for your ongoing Service and Mission Work for All. ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Brain fog, copious piles of muck, pain… yeah sounds like June… yikes that was intense!! I felt like I was literally thrown DOWN that flight of stairs. Buttttttt as usual *worth it* Some huge culmination point seems close as does the event! Here we glow!!!

  • Denise,

    Apologies for going off topic, but I’m admiring your latest background site design with the mutlicolored waves. The colors feel VERY New Earthy and magical to me, especially with the sparkles (like twinkling stars) added to the mix that give it a cosmic feel as well. I don’t know how you did it, but it’s AWESOME!!! xo

    • Thanks Thelma, I like this one too — Waves and Particles — which feels right for where we are now. ❤

    • Thelma, I agree!! Thought the same thing about the background image. I keep buying iridescent things in color. Feel it all around. So inspired…

  • Yes to the brain fog! And also the teeth/gums sensitivity the other reader’s have mentioned when the energies are high.
    Denise, I too feel a sense of connection in the form of a community just like you and other fellow reader’s commenting have mentioned. It has helped me tremendously on my journey reading not only what you share but also others as it allows me to relate to others and gives that sense of “I’m not the only one experiencing this”! I always look forward to reading what you share and what others are experiencing ❤️, thank you so much Denise!! ❤️😃
    You mentioning the plastic bag rhino reminds of a funny incidence I had not too long ago where a wooden post looked like a dog/coyote!
    Denise, since mid June I’ve been experiencing very low appetite/hunger where my body doesn’t seem to want more than one meal (that too something light). I have had phases of eating light foods before over the years (mostly fruits and vegetables); and even phases where I could not eat at all due to being nauseous or going through the heartburn from hell phase as you did. But this is very new/different to me as it has to do with quantity/not much desire to eat, are you or any other reader’s also experiencing this?
    Thank you so so much! Love to everyone ❤️

    • Prabhi,

      Yes it’s helpful and comforting for us all to read about how other readers are experiencing the Ascension Process and the Embodiment Process. We are the First NEW Earth population so it’s really great to be able to connect with each other, even if it’s only online through Comments like this for now. ❤

      I too have had my body require far less food daily recently, and when I do eat it has to be a very small amount of something light because the body just cannot cope with digesting food right now on top of all the other AP related changes and DNA upgrades etc.

      It's normal to go through periods of needing to eat more food, and eat more protein-rich foods, and it's also normal to go through periods of ingesting much less food or only a small amount of something light. And there's also periods where eating anything is almost impossible because the stomach and digestive tract just have too much AP stuff on their hands to deal with so eating is put on hold for a short while. Many of us are there right now (again) because July and August 2018 is next-level with all these AP and EP processes and energies.

      Thanks for sharing about seeing and interpreting your wooden post dog/coyote experience. This sort of thing is very common during those more intense phases of our old lower 3D brain and cognition patterns and wiring being Rewired for 5D and higher and so much more. “Reality” suddenly isn’t interpreted by us in the old familiar ways when we’re in big evolutionary phases and having NEW DNA coming online! Makes for some wild experiences sometimes. ❤

  • Thanks so. I needed to hear I am not alone in the aloneness and feeling people think and seeing the “animals in a trash bag,” which makes for great cloud skying but can be so disconcerting in regular life, the mostly burning up or less frequently the brief chill. Ack!

  • Hi Denise,

    Long time follower who appreciates who you are and what you do.

    I can’t remember how long it has been since I have had these symptoms, as I’ve been on my spiritual path since I was 18 and just turned 65 a few days ago. But I can definitely say they have gotten much more intense over the past few months. Six months ago, I wouldn’t have thought that this was possible! It was almost completely debilitating then.

    A few years ago, I went through a period where I couldn’t sleep more than an hour or two for weeks on end. I finally got some relief after buying a device called “Total Shield” (you can find it at Amazon). But after recent tests turning it on and off, something has shifted, as it is not helping to improve symptoms any more. I tried a biogeometry pendant a few months ago, and that seems to have helped some, but we’re talking only minimal improvement. I just recently tested the Blushield Tesla Gold Plug-in, but it seems to make the symptoms worse, so I returned it.

    I am trying these devices because the symptoms can be debilitating. I am a very willful and strong person, but these symptoms are off the charts. I have had Wi-Fi turned off for quite some time, but I live in a condo complex with Wi-Fi and other EMF signals all around me. Hell, the whole damn planet feels toxic at times, thanks to the deep state messing with things.

    I live in northern Vermont, where the winters can be long and restricting. It limits my ability to exercise, as I just can’t summon the will power to fight the symptoms and get on some kind of exercise device on any regular basis. But now that the good weather is here, I am able to engage in my favorite sport of golf, which involves walking fairly hilly courses and basically exhausting my body as part of having fun. Believe me when I say that it has been very difficult to walk even nine holes, given these symptoms. But I push myself to do it, as it always feels good after I am done.

    Now, here is my reason for sharing all of this. In my house, the symptoms are extremely acute. By the time I have walked a few holes on the course, I feel considerably better. I’m not saying I feel great, just better. I take a careful assessment of how I feel by the time I am done.

    In addition to considerable brain fog, I would describe the worst of my usual symptoms as feeling like my body is moving through molasses. I can feel off-balance at times, and basically just dragging my body around. Eyesight has been getting worse. The “kundalini heat energies” can be crazy.

    Here is my point. Many of the symptoms will have largely dissipated by the time I am done playing golf. They are not gone, just less intense. But they come back with full intensity within five minutes of entering my house. I have tested this over and over again. This same scenario occurs even if I just go out into town for a few hours. So what is going on here? My conclusion is that, in my house, I am experiencing the extra consequences of being targeted by the deep state. Yes, I have regular EP and AP symptoms, but they are made considerably worse through targeting. Why would I be targeted? Because my very existence, representing who I am, is seen as a threat to the matrix. I don’t see myself as their enemy, but they see me as that.

    What are your thoughts on this?

    Much love to you and all of my brothers and sisters,

    • “I have had Wi-Fi turned off for quite some time, but I live in a condo complex with Wi-Fi and other EMF signals all around me. Hell, the whole damn planet feels toxic at times, thanks to the deep state messing with things.”

      I’m working on an article about this very thing now Richard.

      Since the start of the AP around 1998-1999 on the physical level, I’ve experienced the opposite of what you mentioned. I’d feel much worse the moment I physically left my property and went out into the world to shop etc. The reasons for this were because wherever I’ve lived I’ve intentionally increased and anchored as much higher frequency Light energies within house and property to help me survive the lower frequency energies and people everywhere else. Based on what you shared Richard, it’s time for you to use different “tools” and “aids” to help you and your physical body with everything — positive and negative! External tools and aids such as what you mentioned only work for a short while, if even that, and then one is back to having to live with the ascending and descending energies. You’ve got to go internal instead of external with your tools and aids etc.

      The electronic pollution is intentional, massive, super invasive and profoundly negative to human bodies and consciousness by TD. Because of this, to not be hindered, negativitly mutated and mind and body controlled by these intentional negative energies you mentioned, each of us must energetically evolve above and beyond them. All of this business is about different layers and levels of frequencies — intentionally manufactured lower electronic and electromagnetic energies and energy waves etc. that keep human minds and bodies controlled within invisible lower frequency energy wave cages so they cannot and will not naturally evolve via the present Ascension energies. Very simply, in the Piscean Age they controlled humanity through their Emotional Bodies with things like wars and religions etc.; in the Aquarian Age they’re using those energies in very lowly ways to control and herd humanity through their Mental Bodies and their consciousness, thinking, thoughts, mental focus etc. Same negative shit just updated to match the current astrological energies that are present now.

      “My conclusion is that, in my house, I am experiencing the extra consequences of being targeted by the deep state. Yes, I have regular EP and AP symptoms, but they are made considerably worse through targeting. Why would I be targeted? Because my very existence, representing who I am, is seen as a threat to the matrix. I don’t see myself as their enemy, but they see me as that.”

      That’s it exactly Richard and everyone. TD has ALWAYS been able to instantly know when a human starts to evolve and escape their old energy cages. They see and feel this just like we can read Energy Signatures in other people, places, objects and so on. So when a human starts radiating a different Energy Signature because they’ve started to “wake up” and evolve via the Ascension Process, they are automatically and instantly targeted by nonphysical, nonhuman TD (Team Dark aliens, beings and living humans too — aka Portal People) in an attempt to either scare them enough to stop them from further evolving, beat them down into exhaustion, attack them repeatedly from the Astral and the Physical (and more) directly and through Portal People too.

      I’ve had etheric TD monitoring devices attached to me for many years that these negative alien beings use to check in on me from the Astral and other locations outside of that. They watch me and others very closely to see what we’re doing and/or not doing, how much we continue to evolve and so on. I can clairvoyantly See this and other etheric devices TD uses on me and others because this entire business has always been multidimensional.

      To wrap this up I strongly suggest that you start building the Light energies and your higher intent within your physical home. Think of this as Energy Work and you are the creator and builder of it. Every day and night visualize energy Light building in intensity and frequency around your entire property lines and the walls of your house. See this, feel this, build this so intently and so strongly that you will actually increase the vibratory frequency in and around wherever you live. Be aware too however that TD will see and feel this and will go on the attack because of what you’re doing and building to protect yourself and literally rise beyond their lower level frequency range. It just is what it is until you’re able to get out of their range. Ascension… 😉 do it. ❤ Light is the enemy to these Dark beings and they are fighting those who bring the Light, Embody the Light, seed and anchor the Light for the rest of humanity. I cannot even express the extent of their extreme hatred of those of us of the Light. Why should be obvious. Evolution… 😉 do it. ❤

      • Dear Denise & All,

        I think we all need to become more aware of which areas feel “good” to us and which do not and to protect ourselves with Light when we have no choice but to spend time in the latter.

        I would love an article on “electronic pollution” and how to rise above it.

        Many of us are surrounded by WiFi, cell phone towers, and now “smart” meters connected to our homes whether we liked it or not. We also have signals emanating from our devices and TVs. I’m sure this keeps the masses in a low frequency along with a constant “fear and chaos” feed from the media. With all the condos going up everywhere, I wonder if part of the reason was just what Richard described … an opportunity to surround residents with a barrage of electronic pollution.

    • Experienced the exact same thing. I remember the first time I pushed myself to exercise during intense energies in 2017, due to being so tired of being tired. I went to a hot yoga class, and all energies resolved. I was amazed and thrilled; I felt great. I got home, whoosh, the pain was back. Tried this a few times, in different ways, same results. I thought, maybe my helpers needed me to lay down for the work? Perhaps they pause the work when I’m out? As soon as I am back, they are back at it… Maybe true, but I felt “heaviness” in my space, the energy of the “space” holding me, holding me IN. Negative thinking bombarded me, etc. I just got back from Colorado last week, high as a kite (not from plants from light) and exploded with energy and I thought I would sky rocket right out my door into my future with all sorts of action, immediately! I was so excited. A day after I arrived home, before July 2, I was inoculated and infuriated. I thought “energies,” but I felt something else. Frankly, even now I feel something “else”. Something messed with my keyboard and something stung my face just now. Seriously. Boy, I’m grateful to you and Denise (for her response).

      I’m cleaning up space NOW. I’ve been getting messages to do so. I used to pray (sing psalms) inside. That helped my former space. But something awful heavy attempts to keep me in. I light up when I’m out. I know where to go, what to do, when I have no idea beforehand. I belong out there, outside. 🙂 Like I think Denise and others need good shelter for their work, I need to be sort of “homeless” for mine. I am SO GRATEFUL you wrote all you did and mentioned and asked. I needed to hear that and the responses!

      • “A day after I arrived home, before July 2, I was inoculated and infuriated. I thought “energies,” but I felt something else. Frankly, even now I feel something “else”. Something messed with my keyboard and something stung my face just now. Seriously.”

        I’m working on an article about this sort of thing now Marcy and will try to get it done asap because I know more people are experiencing these types of attacks/implants/interference etc. Not a popular topic I know but necessary nonetheless. Hang in there and Energetically Clean yourself and your home and car and anything else you sense needs to be hosed down with Light now. ❤

        • You’re so wonderful, Denise. 🙏 Thank you. I’m seriously motivated. I’m also grateful I am able, willing to take “responsibility.“

  • Thought I would add my bit too as in a few ways I’m not getting exactly the same. Also, because I sense a bit of fear, for those coming up ‘behind’, of all that may be coming for them. I have been at this since 1990 (when I had a spiritual experience) and am in my mid-60s.
    Firstly, I wonder if anyone really knows what others that follow will experience. I thought our work, was partly to make it easier for those that follow … or was that another theory???
    I don’t think I am ‘clearing muck’ by now. It went beyond personal lifetime stuff a while back anyway, and it’s possible that it moved to stuff that was deeper and more ‘cosmic’ in theme (just a theory) to clear.
    I was one who has got emotional reactions rather than physical symptoms when something hit me. Whereas I had a girlfriend who used to get the reverse. The only strong emotion that I have had in the last month were to do with my dog companion suddenly exiting, and an intense longing for Home in waves. Judgements about planet craziness can come up but I tend to get an insight following rather than need an emotional clearing.
    My meditation time has often been too foggy for my liking but I do feel different in some intangible expanded way even then. To have my mind ‘go blank’ is a delight- as it is for my kindred spirit daughter. ‘I’ am still there after all or I wouldn’t have noticed the blankness! I haven’t had a meditation ‘practice’ for a very long time. Very early it moved to more a ‘feeling for’ and dropping into ‘it’.
    I feel energy shifts come through strongly and have to sit or lie down and be in them until they integrate into the body. These periods are much shorter than earlier. My digestion usually has been more affected my these as digestion seemed to stop as my body integrated. I eat a very small range of fresh foods that the body can manage if one hits, and became vegetarian through this.
    I haven’t had the feet symptoms Denise has – though had a battle with feet heat stuff a few years back. Currently it is neck and shoulders with some discernible activity in crown chakra and third eye areas. Breathing has been hit a bit too so I have had to cut a walk short several times for lack of breath – only to be fine again later for another walk. Low stamina has been there some years now yet I am actually very healthy. Feeling very hot at times lately – and I had no hot flushes at all at menopause!
    Like many of us, I have had so much stripped away that I live a life in an isolation bubble with little social contact. However, I have no fantasies of ‘wouldn’t it be nice if I get a partner or more friends ‘after ascension’. I’ve lost interest in these and am used to this life now.
    Overall, it’s getting better: that’s the message

  • Hi Denise, thanks. I don’t see the strange things some of you do, but I’m used to talking rubbish when I can’t recognise something. But as a fully qualified muck master l do have to find clarity 💜 in what l’m clearing as l am running a review in the background, which is somehow closing a door to the old world.
    Love you girl, thanks for marching on, Linda 💜💚

  • Hi Denise. As the scales fall from blocking my awareness, it’s been so difficult not to be horrified by my old behaviors. The need to make amends where I can, and also to accept inner forgiveness. I’m suddenly aware of “messages” aimed at me such as “shut the fuck up” and “silence” which jumped out at me in passing while scrolling thru fb. Meaning I’m learning discernment about when not to speak impulsively, and not to crap out neg opinions. Basically I’m in boot camp to become aware of thought, word, and deed. I believe I’m at a turning point in decision and choice making. Also I’m not aware of brain fog, except lately I seem to trip over finding the words I need to speak and feel like a confused idiot. I’m more aware that I’m more aware about some of the differing energy from telepathic, empathic, and personality fears and beliefs. ….. Many years ago in a book by disciples of DK called, if i remember correctly, The Rainbow Bridge, about higher self bridge to personality self. Inside were drawings showing what some of the disciples looked like completely engulfed in thought forms. I found it fascinating in a shocking gruesome kind of reaction. The “beliefs” presented as a deep black tar like substance that wrapped and engulfed the bodies of the people with a vast amount rising over the head while feet often looked like they were bound by vines and mud blocks. The purpose for the book is a form of inner work with your higher self to transmute all that muck via DK’s teaching about the Rainbow Bridge. …..I had exposure to All That Teaching, but it was useless because I couldn’t see myself, or all the TD interference I had no knowledge about. So now its all coming together and the responsibility seems daunting. One step at a time now. 😔

    • “Basically I’m in boot camp to become aware of thought, word, and deed. I believe I’m at a turning point in decision and choice making.”

      You are Edith and that is very great. The more conscious we become of ourselves and our thoughts, emotions, actions and reactions, beliefs, expectations etc., we’re in an ongoing state of intentionally expanding our selves and awareness into greater Higher Awareness. This is an ongoing Process for us all so just keep going with it in yourself. ❤

      “Many years ago in a book by disciples of DK called, if i remember correctly, The Rainbow Bridge, about higher self bridge to personality self. Inside were drawings showing what some of the disciples looked like completely engulfed in thought forms. I found it fascinating in a shocking gruesome kind of reaction.”

      Yes, negative thought-forms and other etheric parasites create and/or excrete a super dense black goo substance. Lisa Renee has written about this atrocious TD byproduct too. I can feel it from miles away and this substance is what people sense that’s gotten all over them when they’ve had a negative interaction with someone or been in a location that’s negative and so on. It exists and can be felt like another layer of heavy negativity and density on you and your body.

      Know that we’re all trapped in the shit, whatever it may be at the time, until we start to become more consciously aware that it even exists in the first place! Once that “awakening” begins for each of us, both the real Inner Work and also real honest freedom and extra responsibilities begins, but it’s all so worth the effort. Also Edith, don’t be in a rush to apologize. In most cases it’s a situation of ‘pearls before swine’ and they’ll only hate you more if they’re unaware themselves. Again discernment with even being kind and honest with everyone; not everyone is ready for kindness and honesty or being apologized to so wait a bit unless you KNOW it would be a positive for them and you to do so, otherwise wait a bit with that until you’re feeling more empowered and Sovereign yourself. You’re doing great however and it only gets better from here on out. ❤

  • As we are all enduring these energies, I also have the usual sleepless nights or sleepy days. Body aches are a daily thing. My question is about how or where some of these energies occur to an individual. My example is this: I have a molar that my dentist and I have been babying for awhile. Occasionally it flairs and affects my sinuses. I need antibiotics to settle it. Sure enough July 2 it was more than 3 Advils would help to calm the sinus pains. Do these vulnerabilities become an easy target as the new energies take up residence within a person?

    • “Do these vulnerabilities become an easy target as the new energies take up residence within a person?


      Absolutely Jerry and great question.

      Any density whatsoever that we have within us — physical, emotional, mental, etheric — be that a bad tooth, an old physical injury, unresolved emotion(s) and/or emotional wounds and fears, negative thinking/thoughts, negative ego etc. all have old density in them. When higher frequency Light energies come into contact with them — which is a constant situation for humanity now — that old “density” in whatever form it exists in is amplified, pressurized and unrelentingly squeezed by the higher frequency energies. It becomes a constant situation of transmute or resist evolution and be in growing pain constantly. This is why so many are dying now.

      Lower and Higher cannot co-exist in the same space and when they try, more correctly, when we try to make them, we feel physical and/or emotional and/or mental, psychological pains and growing discomfort. You may have to have that tooth extracted. I’ve pampered many a tooth along for too long only to have to get it extracted in the end. Now I’m testing my growing Creator skills and intending to grow new teeth. Anything’s possible now. 😀

      • Oh, Denise! Me too with the teeth!! I can’t wait till we manifest our brand new ones🤗👏
        I know a lot of people my age, 57, and a little older with the same issues— loosing teeth right and left (ha!) Do you think it might be Implants that we’ve carried, to keep some energy contained until the time it’s neutralized enough that it falls out?? We have some strange theories, me and my friends!
        I would like to know if you or anyone else have these episodes of seeing only geometric shapes and colors—- ONLY the shapes and colors—- but still able to walk around without crashing into things,etc? This is by far my most bizarre symptom. The first time it happened was 1996 when my AP process started in hyperdrive, and I thought I was having a stroke!! I think we all deserve a fantastic vacation! Thank you for you, Denise!!
        You really have saved my sanity SO many times!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
        Tammy R.

        • Hi Denise, Jerry and Tammy,
          So interesting- I’m also dealing with teeth now after going over many other AP symptoms. My crown came off numerous times over these couple of years and just a few days ago, one tooth totally disintegrated and now need to be pulled. I feel teeth are connected to the upgrade of new energy. I also trip over things easily and my extremities are injury prone lately.

        • “I feel teeth are connected to the upgrade of new energy.”

          Most definitely Katie, and with Saturn in Capricorn now, (Saturn “rules” bones, teeth, skin, knees) there’s energy focused on all structural (Saturn) things now both internally and externally. Teeth, bones, joints, earthquakes, volcanoes erupting, lava flowing then cooling and creating NEW land structures etc., are all the same thing happening. ❤

        • Teeth … now there is a topic that makes my teeth hurt! 😕 I am almost 70 and still have most of them but dental anxiety has been with me my whole life. I can always tell the energy is challenging when my teeth hurt…. plus ego (monkey mind) knows one sure way to put me into fear is to mess with my teeth! I would love to manifest a new mouth full and 20-30 years off the body. 😁 Keep the faith … breathe.

        • “I would like to know if you or anyone else have these episodes of seeing only geometric shapes and colors—- ONLY the shapes and colors—- but still able to walk around without crashing into things,etc? This is by far my most bizarre symptom. The first time it happened was 1996 when my AP process started in hyperdrive, and I thought I was having a stroke!!”

          Tammy R.,

          I had intended to respond to you but life got busy and I forgot until this morning. Sorry about that.

          I haven’t experienced this in exactly the same way you have Tammy, but I’ve been to and seen some of the massive energy fields of 6D — sixth dimensional morphogenic geometric energy patterns for different things and objects etc. At the 6D level, solid objects in the physical dimension look like often transparent geometric shapes and clusters of shapes in amazing and complex different patterns and so on. At least that’s what they’ve looked like to me to date but I suspect that, like everything else, they will look differently to me as I continue evolving and expanding.

          In other words, in this area of the sixth dimension things exist in geometric energy patterns. It looks sort of like a 6D warehouse for what are PHYSICAL objects in the physical earthly dimension. In 7D these 6D morphogenic geometric energy patterns exist in even more rarefied states as Light patterns and Sound patterns. The 7D Photonic Light we’re in now is this dimension and state is another reason why we’re all experiencing NEW to us pains and pressures, anomalies and phenomena etc. because we’re integrating, Embodying 7D Photon Light directly. Next up for the Forerunners/First Embodiers is the integration and Embodying process of 9D. My face just went numb at the thought of that. No, not really, it’ll be fun and exciting! 😀

          Anyway it sounds like you had a fully conscious connection with the sixth dimension while in your physical body in this physical fifth dimension. These types of multidimensional experiences and visions etc. are us becoming increasingly conscious of the fact that we are indeed Multidimensional Beings. ❤

  • Denise,
    You have been my life saver for years now. I am a Mighty Muck Master too. And boy has the muck been thick and high these days! And I am sooooooo tired of it all. Your posts give me the strength to keep going but I don’t know how much more of this I am willing to endure. I have been at it since May of 1998 when I completely abandonned every aspect of my life at that time. There has to be a limit to how much of this muck we have to work through. It is especially challenging when all those around you haven’t got a clue about what is really going on. Blessings to you for having the guts to tell it like it is. I have paid a big price for being one of those types all my life. You are a real kindred spirit!!

    • Adrienne M. Birecree,

      ❤ Hugs of Gratitude and kinship fellow Light co-worker and Pathpaver of the NEW. I'm so glad that you've Commented as it's time for us all to connect better in the physical.

      Absolutely, it's hard enough doing all we have and continue doing but sometimes it's really a great "test" when the unaware (see how polite I can be sometimes people? 😀 ) is so nasty to us. Every time I experience this I hear and sense my old beloved spiritual Teachers smiling in my direction as a way to remind me about different levels of consciousness and so on. Stair-steps…

      Thanks again and I'm glad you decided to write a Comment. ❤

  • David Ward and Step
    Ironic/not this is just the synchronicity/thought I too had after a harrowing emotional downer on Monday July 2. I keep getting the thought of I must choose to walk away personally to end it, which I am allowing that thought to come forth to see where it goes… Much Love to All…

  • Denise, your article comes at good time. Last night I woke up feeling there was something very essential that I should be doing. I couldn’t remember what it was. The harder I tried the further away it went. Not only could I not remember that mystery mission but, my mind was completely empty. It was frightening — I seriously considered that I might have had a stroke. (This was accompanied by a huge, weird headache). Is this the sort of thing we are to look forward to? I was hoping for something more pleasant.


    • Gerry,

      Those old lower frequency tools and perceptions we’re all used to, like thinking, 🙄 just aren’t sufficient anymore especially the deeper and higher we evolve into these next-level NEW energies/Light/DNA/codes etc. This is part of why I shared my experience with not being able to correctly look at something and tell what it actually was, such as seeing the plastic trash-bag on the fence but seeing a dead rhino on the side of the road! Big freaking difference there so why is the question. It has to do with our entire Rewiring process, which very much includes reUNIFYING the two brain halves (right and left, masculine and feminine, linear and quantum, Divine and Physical etc.) back into one unified brain. Then that unified brain is connected to the NEW HighHeart which changes everything!

      This means there’s been a long-running AP related disconnection process happening within us and the old 3D blueprints (‘brain fog’ and everything else) while NEW higher, more complex “wiring” is built (embodied) and comes online over time within each of us (evolution or ascension). This Rewiring of our separated brain halves includes building incomprehensible amounts of NEW neural net connections between them until they’re unified into one whole brain. This Rewiring also includes our entire CNS (central nervous system) being dramatically expanded and upgraded too so that we’re not fried or turned into drooling, mumbling idiots by embodying so much intense higher frequency Light and Energies etc.

      These two things and much more have been happening since 1998-1999 but now in 2018, it’s at an entirely NEW-to-us next-level that most everyone is now (2018) being deeply affected by these much higher and more intense and CONSTANT Light Energies and incremental but ongoing DNA embodiment processes. We’re not only in between Earth worlds and realities we’re in between bodies and consciousness and everything else too! All of this is very dramatic, intense, confusing for the most part, difficult oftentimes to make the ongoing constant evolutionary upgrades in us and our bodies and consciousness and hearts. We all want the Alchemical AP to quickly go from Lead to Gold but doing this in-body, in the physical and not dying is a biggie and it takes more linear time than most of us actually living it and anchoring it in for the rest of humanity would like. And even at that it’s happening faster and higher and larger than was first “planned”. 😉 ❤

  • Dear Denise,

    I have no doubt you are still transmuting some of the Mass Muck out there as it increasingly flies around, probably in addition to your personal Muck Pit. Perfect way to describe this. I thought your role as a mass transmuter of density was basically over?

    I know many of us have reached the stage where we let go of our earlier roles in service to humanity, because there’s more Light rushing in (thanks to all the clearing work) & it’s time for people to make responsible choices as they become more aware.

    Is it different for “crap transmuters”? Though I imagine there’s less shit to deal with on each ascending stair step.
    Please take good care of yourself and know that WE LOVE YOU!

    p.s. – my “brain fog” is at an all-time high and body often seems to burn up in spite of efforts to cool it down.

    • Thelma,

      The holidays always have been and still are super dense energy sucking negative things utilized by lower people, beings, companies etc. to manipulate mass humanity. Because of this I and all other Empaths and Sensitives etc. have to really Hold the Higher Frequencies within ourselves and not be affected by the holiday and the related events around it and also block out most humans mindlessly being manipulated through another damned holiday. So on top of everything else there’s the Church n’ State holidays, which I’m working very hard to go the way of the dinosaurs; override, override, override the old lower everything with the NEW higher everything.

      “I know many of us have reached the stage where we let go of our earlier roles in service to humanity, because there’s more Light rushing in (thanks to all the clearing work) & it’s time for people to make responsible choices as they become more aware.

      Is it different for “crap transmuters”? Though I imagine there’s less shit to deal with on each ascending stair step.”

      I considered going into more detail about this in this article but chose not to and here’s one big reason why. I’m going to utilize your questions Thelma to explain this to my readers so thanks for providing this for me. ❤

      I've mentioned at TRANSITIONS years ago that I had a Soul Contract to write about the Ascension Process — with and without bouts of brain fog! — which I did as often and as best I could at that time living the AP myself as a First Everything-er. Since around 2015, I’ve increasingly been aware that I’ve fulfilled that particular Soul Contract and that this aspect of my personal ascension related Service Work has completed at that level and in that old form. When I created TRANSITIONS I just wrote and wrote and wrote and talked to myself and that was perfect for that time. Eventually readers found TRANSITIONS and me and it grew from there. Since the start of 2017, it’s become more difficult and less fun for me to write articles cold like I’m talking to myself because we’ve reached that point where like needs to join with like to create much more powerful Groups of Forerunners etc. with growing Creator Consciousness. In other words, the teacher/student and/or writer/reader online format needs to evolve into this next-level of the AP and EP too just like everything and everyone else. For me this has slowly been morphing over the past year and a half into more direct interactions with readers and them with me through Comments under my articles. I need the energetic interactions with like others to be interested enough to communicate online now. (I’d like to get back into informal physical lecturing and group Q&A sessions with people but until my mom exits I can’t do that.) Because of this change I’m grateful to have readers write Comments where this type of exchange of energies and communications and Q&A sessions can happen.

      To your second question about is it different for “crap transmuters”. Yes it is. I too thought my personal time as a Cosmic Janitor was over but obviously it isn’t yet. Those who can do I suppose, especially when it’s needed to more quickly free up others both living and dead in this and other dimensions and timelines etc. I discern the heck out of this for myself because of the whole Free Will thing, but when I know and/or sense my expertise in transmuting density/negativity is needed then I just do it. Another aspect of just this also has to do with this next-level level of the AP and EP. I keep stressing and repeating the term next-level to drive this fact into everyone’s consciousness better; we all need to realize that the AP and EP is now happening in totally NEW higher ways for us all.

      Because of this next-level shift, my Cosmic Janitorial abilities have also expanded to incorporate more things, people, beings, systems, levels and so on. None of this was a conscious decision on my part, it just happened recently and I’m learning the NEW next-level territory just like everyone else is having to too. I’ve never seen or believed or felt that the demolition phase of evolution was icky or repulsive; messy and sometimes shocking when something is discovered under those dark rocks but that’s part of “the job”. New cannot be built unless the old is torn down and removed first and in the case of the AP and EP, both of these things are happening simultaneously… which is also a mind blower for the old linear consciousness!

      Thanks Thelma and know that I too LOVE you all. I hope everyone is also enjoying and benefiting from these Comment Q&A’s and sharing of information and experiences. I have been and I thank you all for this growing outlet and connection. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Dear Denise,

        Thanks for your response – who would have thought that your “cosmic janitorial” role would EXPAND??? I just wish you had more help and some kind of BREAK after everything you’ve been through (and are still going through). Your courage, perseverance and unflagging humor are inspiring! Like most of your readers, I am enjoying the interactivity here and sense of community. There’s the sense that we’re all in this together, doing our best to stay in a High vibration as we emerge like a phoenix from the ashes of the old. xo

  • ‘Mighty Muck Masters’ – You are so funny!

    I love your Lightwarrior spirit.

    I grew up thinking I was mentally challenged because I had these brain fogs more than normal people seem to have. Sometimes people were right beside talking to me and I couldn’t hear them and they got really pissed or weirded out about it but realized later I just wasn’t in my body. Finding out about Ascension really helped me stop judging this. The infusions of light are so constant now it’s difficult to function sometimes. I think there were longer periods of calmness for me until 2016 or 2015, but I’m not sure because I’m really lost in time.

    Thank you so much for explaining another level of what the brain fog is for, that’s really helpful. If we cannot think we cannot stop the embodiment or get in the way.

    What you write is always helpful, I am so grateful for your existence, that there are people with your integrity and courage in this world.

    Much, much love to you 🙏🌷🌈🍉💗🍓🌠💕🍀

  • Hello Denise,
    first of all, thank you for sharing your AP and EP experiences. Personally, it makes me feel that I am ‘normal’ after all.
    I would like to share a particular ongoing experience of mine.
    Most of the time in the past year or so I have felt like I am two people. At times I look, as though from slightly above me, at what this body is doing and think “who the heck are you?” I usually have to make an effort to return to “base”. This experience is not totally new to me though. When I was very young, especially when I was sewing something for my doll, I would exit my body and see myself from a higher distance than I do now. Growing up this sensation disappeared. It has now returned and I must say I like it because it makes me question what I am doing.

    So, question: have you, or any of your readers, experienced this?

    Thank you for any time you may want to take to answer this question.
    with love, light, and blessings.

    • “So, question: have you, or any of your readers, experienced this?”


      I experienced this many times years ago, not so much anymore and I’ll explain why.

      Years ago when I would be talking to someone or a group of people about spiritual/energetic topics, the more I focused and expressed this slight shift in my own perception would happen. It would always look and sound to me like I’d separated from being totally anchored in my physical body to about two or three feet above it. That was the place where I was viewing reality, which made the floor look farther away from “me” and also made my voice sound slightly different too and a bit farther away. This is really about a slight shift in our focal point, energy level and Energy Signature, and up until a point, this is very normal.

      I haven’t experienced this slight shift of my perception to a few feet above my the top of my head in years now and this is because, as the Embodiment Process continues, or more accurately as we continue living it and being altered by it, I’m more “integrated” or more Embodied now and because of this the types of shifts in perception are also slightly different. Now this phenomena is more integrated or UNIFIED within myself, plus there’s the quantum Now Moment level of awareness and/or point of focus if you will. As the AP and EP processes continue, everyone will continue to have their points of perception both in and beyond linear time and space keep evolving into something NEW and different. Expect ongoing changes like this and others with your consciousness, how it works, how you perceive things, and where “you”, your sense of Self currently is within everything. We’re just starting all of these types of evolutionary changes to our consciousness, Higher Awareness, increasing Embodiment of all the aspects and Divine energies that we’ve been separated from for a very long time. The return trip back to higher Home means we’re constantly re-unifying with all sorts of other aspects of our selves/Selves/SELVES and other Divine aspects like Divine Mother, Divine Father, Divine Child, individually connected with Source as our own Selves and so on. ❤

  • Denise, – this is the best article I have ever read during the last 10 years that I have been Aware. – Being 60 years of age and burned beyond recognition by living in this weird world, – this article is just what was needed to be able to continue living in this weird world. – Best personal regards from yet another Mighty Muck Master.

  • Dear Denise, not only do I get a sense of relief when I read your posts (and comments to others) but I always get a laugh from some remark you make (intended to get a laugh) and this time it was the “Shit Pit layer” that caught me off guard. The pain and the anxiety (wondering is this just AP/EP or something seriously trying to kill me) always dissipates in one, two or three days and I’ve learned to work around it. However, a big AMEN to the “old lower patriarchal world demands” that can still arouse rancor, but that too is dissipating. Goodbye old timelines!

    I would like to re-read your article on the limited amounts of energy we are getting (like a 1/4 tank full or something similar) but I can’t find it. Sometimes I wonder if I can get through a grocery (small) with everything on my (short) list without collapsing into a deep sleep. I’d appreciate a link to it. Love and light Denise.

  • Sometimes, in the midst of the ongoingness of all of this, I find it inescapble to be asking……..will it ever be enough?

    • David Ward,

      I feel you, I really do, because I’ve thought the same thing and felt the same way since around 2007. In a word, yes, we will reach the point where everything is fully in the NEW energies/codes/templates/Forerunner Embodiment etc. Even though it doesn’t look like it at this moment, we — I mean the Forerunners/First Everything-ers/Pathpavers etc. — are so very close right now to this. 2018 is an 11 and many of us First Everything-ers/Forerunners have, are, will individually be reaching that invisible “tipping point” where we Embody just enough. Seriously, this is happening already but the rest of the world is not reflecting it yet and won’t be for a while. Stair-steps are still needed for those people far, far below us on the energetic AP ladder.

      No pressure David and everyone reading this but the more we Forerunners Embody, the faster this whole shift, transition, “migration” etc. to the NEW everything unfolds and manifests in the physical world. We are the Conscious Creators now, not the old negativity. The second part or main aspect of this is that of maintain, Holding Higher Frequencies within ourselves, our consciousness and our physical bodies, which is exactly what the Embodiment Process is. Once enough individuals reach this point individually and can Hold the NEW higher within themselves continuously, the entire thing shifts in an instant for All. And, we are very close to this point now and I sense that the second half of 2018 (11 Mastery energies) will see a lot more Forerunners reaching and Holding the NEW higher energies. ❤ ⭐ ❤

  • Well Miss Denise thank you for this…yes indeedy…brain fog it is. I was also relieved to read of your plastic garbage sack on fence episode. I can’t tell you how many times in the last year I have had these kinds of hallucinations…I actually thought ..being a child of the 60’s…that I was having some of those ‘acid flashbacks’ folks spoke of..and it would be fun if I was sharing it with someone and we could laugh at the plastic bag swan I just saw in the road…well, let’s face it as I say…”it’s just a Hollywood Set’…next visual.
    I am certainly a ‘master -mucker”..and sometimes I can tell when it’s mine and sometimes not…it sure does not matter as the feeling is the same. The only comfort I have is that nothing lasts…nothing.
    Some times I look in the mirror ..and I have no friggin’ clue who is looking back…I can’t remember stuff or names..but I stick with it or look it up until I find the keeps me busy..but less confused..and I am confused..I have no clue where the last 11 years have gone in this new life that happened then after being married for 27 years..and then alone at 58…for the first many lifetimes in one life..and yet today..I felt like I had several life times..and it’s not even over.
    I wonder if children are sensing these things..I have two teenage grandchildren..and they seemed so wrapped up in their lives…and not the world at all..and don’t seem to be physically hampered ..well, my granddaughter is a big sleeper..but that is kinda normal teenage stuff..she is quite busy with school and sports and, not like she is in her room.
    Yesterday as well for me was like being pushed down by some force…it was so odd..a nice day out altho warm..and I am an outside person..and yet I was on my bed..with a blanket..I was chilled..and it is in the 90’s..and I was chilled..and my feet even now they have been for weeks it seems …are on fire..the only relief is when I water my garden and keep spraying them..they feel sunburned.

    So, My dear woman..thank you for sharing and expending the energy I know it must take to write and is hugely appreciated..and I thank you personally..Catherine

    • Catherine,

      I’ve heard a lot of people who’ve been having the inner freezing cold thing lately too. I’ve had the opposite and it’s felt to me like my inner thermometer has been slightly off again. Speaking of this, a few hours ago the UPS guy delivered a package and it’s 100 degrees outside and he had a jacket on, a cap, gloves and sunglasses. He looked really strange considering how hot it is here now, but who knows, maybe he’s feeling inner cold too. 🙂

      For many of those early AP years I saw physical things like the plastic bags and such and my brain instantly interpreted what I saw as something else, usually animals. Then that particular AP related symptom/side effect stopped so when it returned a few weeks ago it was just another of many clues that we’re digging even deeper into levels via the AP and EP. I’ve been seeing all sorts of things when I leave my house that are just normal things and/or bits of trash etc. but they instantly look like living animals to me. Kinda weird but interesting with so much disintegrating and wafting about like energetic trash.

      I can always feel when people are needing to be reminded that the super strange and often difficult bodily and DNA changes etc. are normal for what we’re currently going through, so I’m very glad that people still benefit in any way by my continued writing. ❤ Rest and self-care everyone as this Lion's Gate period is going to be equally different from all previous ones because we've NEVER been here before!

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