NEW Embodiment Level Incoming Now

  We know why the December 21, 2017 Solstice through March 20, 2018 Equinox quarter was extra difficult and isolating for many of us; we’re about to get energetically blasted like never before, so an intense preparation period was required beforehand to be able to Embody and seed what’s coming. We (specifically the Forerunners of the Forerunners, the Forerunners, the First Ascenders, First Embodiers etc.) have completed another flight of Ascension / Embodiment Process energy Stair-steps and reached a totally NEW higher frequency Landing and are about to start ascending a NEW flight of Stairs. Because of this, most of us have found ourselves confined over these winter months (in the Northern Hemisphere, summer in the Southern) forcing us to deal with whatever issues each of us needed to be consciously aware of, see, feel, resolve, release.

I’ve never felt any previous winter quarter keep me as isolated and housebound as this one has, and not because of bad winter weather, but because I had some more things, issues, old 3D focus and emotions to go through before they were released. This mandatory personal inner focus time finally released for me at the end of the second week of March. It still amazes me every time I find more stuff and junk I have remaining in those tiny unlit blind corners of my inner self after three-plus decades of continuous serious Inner Work! Packed to the Crown chakra we’ve all been with stupid dense unaware tidbits, old 3D habits, beliefs and limited expectations that cannot go one more step with us on our Embodiment Process. Every time we reach another higher Landing, we’re confronted with whatever remaining stuff and junk is in us that has to be acknowledged, transmuted and released so we can ascend to higher frequency ground minus any remaining old dense 3D travel souvenirs we were still hauling along with us.

  For a while I’ve Seen visual images representing the impact of what’s starting around mid-March 2018 for the Forerunners, First Embodiers, Seeders of the NEW upon our physical bodies and Selves. I often perceive information in the form of mind’s eye visual image knowings because more information can be instantly received that way than a stream of linear telepathed words describing complex events.

These latest Embodiment related images start out with one person (representing ALL Forerunners, First Embodiers etc.) walking up the last step on a lower flight of stairs then stepping up to a new higher landing. As this person turns on this NEW landing to fully face the next flight of stairs, she/he is hit by an intense blast of higher frequency energies in a way that’s never happened or been experienced before. The impact of these constant energies hitting this person facing them hits them externally and immediately enters their physical and energy bodies. In other words, this single representative of all the Forerunners is pummeled from head to toe inside and out by this NEW force of vastly higher frequency Light and other energies.

That scene changes into the next one which is a closeup of these intense energies hitting this person directly and traveling through them. The billions of tiny but incredibly potent energies look somewhat like crystalline snowflakes, each one different and incredibly beautiful but razor-sharp on every edge and angle. They’re not “snowflakes” of course but were a clever way of depicting NEW higher frequency complex geometric energies and codes, each slightly different in their unique patterns and shapes. These numerous crystalline cutting edged geometric snowflakes hit the persons outer physical body and skin and continued deeper into the body and affected absolutely every inch of it. Cells, bones, blood, nerves, heart, lungs, brain, organs, everything had these tiny beautiful transparent crystal “snowflake” geometries cutting into and through them, instantly changing our internal energetic landscapes to help us continue the Embodiment Process at this NEW level (this NEW landing and flight of NEW energy stairs). 

I have to say that I was mildly taken aback by these images, only because they looked rather brutal, like we’re about to get sliced n’ diced by a huge NEW unrelenting blast of evolutionary Embodiment force all the way down into our DNA. I don’t think it will hurt much differently from the other big Landing changes the Forerunners have repeatedly gone through over these ascension years, but I’m also not going to lie because the sheer force of this particular NEW higher frequency Embodiment impact will be felt by every one of us. How could it not when this energetic phase resembles billions of beautiful different shaped razor-sharp crystal snowflakes carrying NEW Embodiment codes cutting their way into every cell and fiber of our physical bodies, HighHearts and consciousness? However, on the other side of this profound evolutionary upgrade, we’ll resonate from every cell, blood drop, nerve and HighHeart beat with the NEW higher everything in ways we never have before when in the physical.

I’ve also Seen that accompanying this particular NEW Embodiment transition are a lot of overseeing Angelic Lightbeings watching us closely as we live through this big change. I mention this because you may suddenly be sensing them near you, hovering invisibly, or not possibly, and feeling them and their LOVE and deep compassion for what we’re about to begin here in our physical bodies on ascending Earth.

Because we’re on NEW evolutionary Embodiment ground in 2018, this phase may at times feel a bit overwhelming to some of us, or like one long-awaited celebration to others, but most likely both. Either way, make sure to spend time every day and night consciously open to this huge Embodiment change in every way. Open to it and let it do what it’s designed to do. YOU are what’s important now so self-care when needed, privacy when needed, quite time when needed along with periods of not moving physically also. Here’s to becoming resonate Crystalline Christ Unified Embodied beings in the physical. ❤


March 14, 2018

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44 thoughts on “NEW Embodiment Level Incoming Now

  • Denise, aside from everything you wrote here I resonate with (and we had a huge, beautiful snowfall 3 days ago, over 6″ on my balcony rail), today I was moved to re-read your Saturn in Capricorn, Uranus in Taurus piece today. That lead me to look at the astrological chart for the 2018 US midterm election which has Uranus at 0 Taurus 0 and making a T-square to the North Node (0 Leo 02) and South Node (0 Aquarius 02) which means (to me) a crossroad decision is to be made between the “high road” (North Node) or the “low road” (South Node). The Moon goes into Scorpio early that day and opposes Uranus. Moon in this chart symbolizes the US people.

    I saw this as a decision for the voters to decide whether to descend (stay with old patriarchal descending world) or ascend (one of the ascending worlds). A chart for 2 days later, when a quincunx (meaning a need for adjustment) between transiting Jupiter in the last degree of Scorpio and transiting Uranus (retrograde back into the last degree of Aries) made me suddenly realize this could be the 1st signs of what you were writing about in the Saturn in Cap/Uranus in Taurus piece.

    There are several other planets or points in these two charts that support this possibility, one being that Mercury (communicate, as in voting) will oppose the US natal chart’s Uranus, and the fact that the nodes slide out of one sign into another just as Uranus does the same thing, speaks about transition of a sudden and unexpected nature. Just wanted you to be aware of this if you weren’t already. Many thanks for keeping me from sliding off the stair steps just as it’s getting really exciting!

    • Barb Koehler,

      It’s interesting that you wrote this now about astrological transits because I’ve been working on, and struggling with, an article the past few days about the big obvious sign changes coming in April (Chiron into Aries) and May 2018 (Uranus into Taurus) and some other related changes. I say struggling with because I’m trying to express nonlinear external astrological energies and transit events BUT from a 5D level of consciousness as opposed to the old lower and more familiar 3D one. Easy to lay out in a sentence like I just did there, but incredibly more difficult for me at this time of tremendous personal ongoing Embodiment changes. I’ll try to explain about this from both my own personal level at this moment and also from the larger, more complex quantum multiple Ascension related levels such as what you’re sensing, perceiving and FEELING. ❤

      • Well Denise, if anyone can do it (in 5D speak) it will be you. Barbara Hand Clow writes that Chiron is the bridge between Saturn and Uranus in her book Chiron: Rainbow Bridge Between the Inner and Outer Planets, which you are probably familiar with. In it she says “Once we have learned to use the outer planet energies, then we are capable of working with mastery [which Chiron is the key to]. Mastery is the conscious evolution of self with magical forces.”

        The last few days I have been punishing myself over old 3D “rules” that I’ve not kept up with. This is what you (and your commenters) have made me realize is the kind of thinking that needs to be released. If Chiron causes pain it is to make us aware so I’m guessing this kind of painful thinking (guilty feelings) is a way to cross the bridge of Saturn’s old rules (before its recent solar blasts) and over to Uranus new thinking. I look forward to your mastery over this particular struggle regarding the new sign changes in the near future. Nothing worth while comes easy does it?

    • What i would like to share with people here, reading this comment here about where Uranus is sited at the moment, is that we should not fall into the trap laid for us with the Tropical Zodiac. This zodiac is incorrect, we should be using the data of where the planets ACTUALLY ARE! To do this you can either use siderial charts or go on to Stellarium where you can see for yourself where the planets are ACTUALLY positioned. It is like everything else that has been polluted by dark forces here on earth : the bible and the teachings within have been distorted the same way our astrology that has been handed down has been distorted to make us believe we can follow calculations that are based on where the planets had been 2000 yrs ago as the powers that be would like us to not find the correct planetary allignments that affect us. In this way i have discovered why i never truly resonnated with my horoscope … it was because my sun’s position as given in the Tropical astrology is out by at least 24 degrees. I am in fact a libra asc Leo, when all the time i tried to fit into the Scorpio/ asc Virgo mould that never fitted my temperament or character. So yes beware of this 🙂 it does not make sense to use data points that were fixed by people who had ill intend, as if the wheel was locked in space and time 2000 yrs ago. Hope this makes sense to people.

  • When I found this article on Mewe, I was so happy…. I too have been going through exactly all of these symptoms. I also have found it difficult to ‘express’ what im going through, havent been able to find the words to ‘explain’ it to anyone, then I just gave up trying to!!!! Yes, I felt it is so personal…. but when I read this and could relate to its entirely, it gave me the hope and will to continue!!! Thankyou all for sharing, it does help to know others are out there!!! lol…. The air thing has been huge for me….. feeling like I was going to run out of air, couldnt stand the ‘lack’ of air flow!!!! Was so relieved when spirit sent me a huge strong southerly air flow!!!! Relief….. I have been feeling an Ascended Master with me, Iv been longing to connect, then suddenly the truth dawned on me, I have already connected!!!! way back at the beginning of December, prior to this process beginning!!!! Yes, I too wish they would have sent us with an instruction booklet!!! Much love to all of you participating in this process…. may God bless and keep you xxxx

    Greetings from Australia xxxx

  • Re: “forcing us to deal with whatever issues each of us needed to be consciously aware of, see, feel, resolve, release.”

    Last week I had a surge of emotional energy intensely “dark”. I felt like Luke resisting the call of Darth Vader. It was near over powering, and I don’t know if I could have resisted without the help of a friend telling me to BREATHE.

    I did some conscious releasing, and it was gone as though it was never there.

    After the fact, I was a bit amazed at how relatively quick and easy the release was, especially with the intensity of the emotion.

    Thank you Denise for all your insights.

  • Thanks Denise, as usual sounds scary, ha when isn’t it, and I sometimes struggle to understand it all, but I certainly understand the isolation of it. Four months in hospital, isolated much of the time, lonely like I can’t describe, but thankfully you all were always in the background….. I do feel my emotional body revving up a gear. I’m just taking one step at a time, literally. I moved onto a river that’s right on the Atlantic, so I’m staggering along the waterfront, which starts right outside of my house, stopping from bench to bench as I learn to walk and eat again.

    Thanks for always being there, will send a donation when my money starts flowing in again, love you 💙💜🎠

  • Spot on. Unusually i have been forced out , due to teeth, dentist did a right bad number on them, and had to have 4 pulled. I did wonder if it team dark, using her, but lots peeps having body pain. I like to think it throat chakra work. Did feel like an entity in mouth with the pain…. re snowflakes, as light energy definite. Guides showed me when we had, beast from east, UK. The snow holding the light in snowflake geometry, and holding the light to melt to earth. Feel it really changing the body, going right into the cells. As the 5 element, e w a f, and ether, space it like need to allow more space into body, to help clear, on deep level, i thank and ask for that elements blessing. Started feel the new codes last nite, fab, mothers day download of divine feminine christ energy… and a helper arrived, to help me cleanse house. Aint it wonderful. Thanks Denise, for share, and to link others

  • Thank you very much for this important and absolutely up-to-date article! Yesterday, I was a very good mood, I’d say the best mood I have had since 2015. I was overwhelmed by these intense energies of love not allowing any fear or sorrow to survive. In some moments, I felt it was even too much of the good since I hadn’t experienced this positive intensity for such a long time. In the evening, there was a severe cut of this energy from one to the other moment.
    Suddenly, I felt totally tired and drained. This tiredness could not be overcome. It forced me to absolute silence. So I lay down and slept at least 10 hours. In these 10 hours, I woke up for the first time after 4 hours, totally energized, especially noticeable in the head area. However, it was not kind of energy that would have make me begin the new day. So I tried to go to sleep, which worked after half an hour. Every hour, I woke up and felt strong pain in the coccyx. I very much hoped that this pain did not last beyond sleep, which luckily did not happen. I feel that there have been very intense targeted downloads this night. Right now I feel dizzy and kind of drained. My system has to process the downloads first. I’m curious what will happen next…
    I feel very blessed to part of this process.

    Greetings from Germany


    • “I’m curious what will happen next…”


      A massive ongoing blast of these higher frequency NEW energies for the rest of March and far beyond that!

      And it’s normal to suddenly fall asleep during these types of EXTRA big, potent and NEW to us incoming energies arrive because it’s so much easier and faster to Embody them when we’re asleep and out of our physical bodies. They come in and anchor in us on the physical much better, faster, easier and with less pains and pressures this way so sleep all you need. 🙂

      • Dear Denise,

        thank you so much for your reply!

        There is something I really need to mention. Maybe you do have an answer due to respective experience. Since October 2016, I have felt pressure in my chest (not always in the same intensity), it is like a feeling of vaccum while breathing. After several check ups, I was told that everything was fine with my lungs and heart. Whenever my nervous system is burdened this horrible vaccum feeling becomes worse. I tried to manage it by breathing techniques which help a lot (focusing on exhaling has helped me so far), nevertheless, it is still there. Especially when I carry weight, it normally gets worse.

        Do you have an answer to this?

        Thank you so much!

        Warm regards,


        • “Since October 2016, I have felt pressure in my chest (not always in the same intensity), it is like a feeling of vaccum while breathing. After several check ups, I was told that everything was fine with my lungs and heart. Whenever my nervous system is burdened this horrible vaccum feeling becomes worse. I tried to manage it by breathing techniques…”


          What you’re feeling is NOT your lungs and breathing but the ongoing expansions — and occasional restrictions caused when we have old lower emotions — in your HighHeart. The HighHeart (and Thymus gland) is located in the upper center of our chests well above the physical heart and old 3D heart chakra. The HighHeart is the primary seat of humanities NEW focus, sense of ascended Self, matching 5D abilities, consciousness and so forth. The bottom three chakras were the main seat of humanities old 3D patriarchal focus, ego self, awareness, survival and tribal consciousness and so on. But because of the Ascension Process, humanity is ascending, evolving from those old bottom third dimensional Duality chakra lens and frequencies on reality and the old 3D ego self, UP into the fifth dimension (and higher multidimensional consciousness) HighHeart which is unified (evolved beyond old 3D Duality frequency, consciousness and external reality) and (increasingly) carrying (Embodied) Crystalline Christ Unity frequency within every human individually.

          Because of this monumental ongoing evolutionary Shift UP into the 5D HighHeart unified Christ Crystalline Unity frequency internally and externally, all of us very much feel whenever we’re having more expansions, changes, further Embodiment of more NEW higher Light Energies etc. into our NEW HighHearts. We also very much feel when we drop back down into old lower frequency consciousness and emotions like fear, worry, doubt, anger, guilt, greed, judgement etc. as some type of restriction in our chest area and/or the heart, the lungs, the rib cage and/or the spine area and vertebra behind the HighHeart. In other words, ANY old lower emotion(s) and that level of frequency instantly feels to us like some type of contraction, restriction, squeezing in the entire HighHeart area and also in organs in that area. Old lower cannot run through NEW higher anything without it causing a person to instantly feel highly uncomfortable physically and psychologically. The farther along The Path ones goes, the narrower it becomes. 😉 This is how we learn and eventually Master these NEW 5D ascended/ascending levels and existing within them.

          So, instead of focusing on your lungs and breathing, I’d suggest you focus on further opening your HighHeart so more NEW Light Energies can be Embodied by you. This is happening again right now very strongly because it’s March 2018 and so many more evolutionary changes to our Lightbodies and physical bodies are and will continue to take place via the ongoing Embodiment Process. ❤

        • Dear Denise

          thank you so much for the detailed explanation giving me so much more awareness. Of course I knew that we are continuously evolving to our higher selves but I couldn’t clearly understand the complex connections within our whole system. I think, our new High Hearts will not even allow us to stay at places with low energy or spending time with negative people, even if it is only for a short time. I have experienced very bad physical conditions only by worrying or having fear. Somehow, this forces us to evolve more consciousness in order to embody as much unconditional love as possible.

          Will you allow me to share your explanation with German people who are on this path and suffer from conditions explained above? Of course, I will refer to you as origin.

          Thank you very much in advance!

          PS: We are so many in Germany and become many more each day. Becoming conscious is anything but a holiday trip. Together, we will succeed ❤



  • Hi Denise
    Spot on as always. This winter has been so dark. Literally. I have felt so shut away. At last the days are stretching out. But the light is very different. Clearer somehow. For me I have kept wondering how the hell I can move on as I was in a situation I had pulled back from, but still had much responsibility. But then last week (8/3) my 101 year old portal person Nan died. Within less than 24 hours of being told by the dr she was on end of life care. I would like to say she went peacefully, but it did not seem that way. I had to clear her room (she was in a nursing home) very quickly. On dealing with her stuff, bagging it and boxing it all I could feel was heavy rubbishy energy. By the time I got home and started unpacking it all, some vile black thing tried to brush past me. I think it was either from the energy of her dying. Or worse the mean thing that had been in her and was perhaps seeking a new home. Me. All I could do was remember to assert myself. I called on the Angels and told it where to go. And put on all my lights. The residue from the encounter lasted a few days.
    My point to all this is. That in Nan dying I have got myself back energetically. She is not pulling on me. She is not being unpleasant. I am not at war in myself with things that were not from me in the first place.
    So hello new stairs, I might need to use the handrail for a bit, but I am going to make it, one tiny step at a time
    Love and light to you xxxx

    • Magda,

      This winter quarter has been extra isolating, intentionally keeping most Forerunners etc. locked up at home unable to run around and “do” things when what we really needed to be doing was whatever Inner Work on ourselves was needed BEFORE this super high frequency NEW energies and codes started arriving — which they are now.

      I’m so happy for your NEW freedom from Nan and her condition and related negative etheric parasite attachments Magda. I know I’ll experience similar things when my mom dies. Everyone needs to be where they are an energy match with now so much more of this changing dimensions and realities dying business is going to be happening due to these NEW energies arriving now (mid-March 2018 and beyond). A lot of necessary shuffling of people (animals and other things) will be increased from here on out due to these NEW energies of the NEW Landing and Stair-steps.

      I started sharing some related personal experiences I’ve had over my life in this Comment Magda, but realized it should be an article instead. Just know that what you experienced is common, all things considered, but most people aren’t aware of these negative etheric parasite attachments that you clairvoyantly Saw. And yes, they’ll instantly try to attach to someone else when a human host dies and isn’t producing life-force energy fuel food for them to steal anymore. I suggest you stay vigilant for a while so this negative entity or any others doesn’t try to return and attach to you or camp out at your physical home etc. Daily and nightly envision Light protection around you and your entire home/property to end this. A few years ago this would be 100% more difficult and dangerous than it is now in 2018 because there’s so much Light here now that these lowly entities cannot survive in it.

      Anyway, rest and self-care, rejuvenate yourself after this lengthy experience with Nan and her attachments and know that you are vibrating so much higher than these beings that they cannot be in your vicinity for long at all. This is about you having gone “down” into a lower energy reality and world where some still do exist and NOT about them being “up” where you exist all the time now. ❤

      • Denise
        Thank you so much. Your words mean a lot. I will heed your advice, because that was my gut feeling about staying vigilant. It’s really hard sometimes to be in this world when you know most people don’t know about parasites and horrible things. So thank you for letting me speak. One amusing moment I had whilst cleaning my Nan’s stuff out was standing there and saying out loud to myself ” why am I always the ****ing cleaner”. Cleaning on every level has definitely been my role.
        Look after yourself. And thank you.
        Hugs and love to you xxx

  • March 14th – experienced the sun shining in all it’s glory AND large crystalline snowflakes floating down like feathers in a sparse pattern from above. Magical. I knew it was a sign.

  • Have definitely been experiencing the isolation (an unusually harsh winter here in Scotland has helped by keeping me housebound for several weeks) but just last night I had a major sense of completion, as if something significant had been achieved and I was allowed to switch off and be still for a few precious hours. The timing of your message, Denise is perfect as always. With gratitude xx

  • Feels absolutely correct. This winter has felt like razor sharp edges inside already breaking me open into deepest traumas. February was nearly entirely isolated as intensity was off the charts. The angelic and spirit guide bumps have been all throughout the day constantly lately and I get just enough reminders to hang in there and keep positive as levels become activated. Feel the acceleration as this sense of hanging on tight as everything hits warp speed. Physically I experience a lot as energy surges through and I’ve been in intense pain with an understanding that restructuring is occurring to prepare for the next stage. Thank you for your share.

  • Well I certainly have not done this round of stair steps with grace and dignity. Thought I was strong enough to be out in 3rd and retain my great new employment position. I felt fantastic otherwise I would not have done what I did. I tried to travel by bus and train and a short walk in the city as a test run to see that I would be okay to commence work again. What a huge mistake as the body simply could not cope with the outside world and being on my feet for too long. My brain coped an absolute hammering. Can be seen on a biofeedback machine as major brain trauma. Equal to a bad concussion. Considerable problem with brain inflammation and brain tremors (beyond ascension symptoms – or could have been fast tracking the process – who knows but very very dangerous). Some outside assistance certainly helped to keep me in my physical body and then healing myself going forward. It’s amazing what at few ball bearings on a hand massage gently rolled all around the top of the head several times a day will do. It has released the inflammation held in the brain to flow down my throat and out of my body. A happier brain and tremors have stopped. No complacency though still much to do with the massage technique, herbs, minerals etc.

    My symptoms for this round began last August. The body was slowing up and my liver function dropped to a low level. But it was not until November that I started having obvious ascension symptoms.
    I would really appreciate an instruction book going forward. LOL.

    I need to build my strength for the next round as very weak.

    Please all take great care of yourselves and I hopefully the sharing of my story is a reminder of its importance particularly for the next blast.

    • (I would really appreciate an instruction book going forward. LOL.)

      oh yes, and the rest …… we landed on this planet without a map or compass, no instruction book, no packed lunch 😅 ……. and no fecking clue as to what we just signed up for, and here we are many years down the path – we navigated, steered, swerved, reversed a few times, and now finally we are ready to take flight.
      Wishing you all a magnificent journey through these magical days as WE write the instruction book 💖

  • Yes, I’v been feeling since September this diamondy-crystally sensation when the new energies come in. It feels much like you describe. I would almost describe it as crackly, tiny fine crystals in the body as if I had that candy from the eighties that pops and sizzles around in your mouth. Can’t recall the name of that stuff. Candy rocks? Oi vey! It’s so hard to put into words. I’m so glad you get these clear images Denise, and then pass them on to us to help better define or frame with words all of this NEW that is happening. I was totally blasted this past weekend with VERY VERY high, powerful energies. My gosh, it always goes straight for the throat area with healing, clearing, upgrading. I was a buzzing live wire last night with this energy and this is how it will be probably for a few more days at least until it settles in. I seem to always get this intense primal fear and terror for about 30 minutes around 1-2 am for a few nights following a big new light embodiment. Just like you Denise, I’m amazed at the old stuff lurking in my nooks and crannies, and apparently that’s a good bit of fear and terror in me, that must go out with the new light coming in! I’m thinking things are manifesting faster for me as well. It’s to the point that I really need to be conscious and aware of what I think. Need more time to observe this, but I think this is happening with much faster manifestation.

    Thank you Denise for another wonderful message helping us all. ❤️

    • Dear Colleen,
      The candy you are remembering are “Pop Rocks”!! And yes, I had an intense time with this phenomenon on Saturday. Full body shakes and then what felt like millions upon millions of tiny “pop rocks” bursting and popping and fizzing throughout my entire body. It lasted for about fourteen hours. Again on Monday but not as intense for about six hours. Now they are continuing, but not in a “stopped in your tracks” kinda way. Just popping and fizzing, releasing density and gases throughout the day. A bit annoying when trying to sleep but getting much better. Beyond bizarre!! Take good care of yourself!! 💛

      • This would be those NEW higher frequency crystal “snowflake” like geometric energy forms I was talking about. I’m so glad that people are feeling them more as this type of “Pop Rocks” fizz and bubbling that you’ve mentioned karmaofparm, instead of a cold hard slicing n’ dicing windstorm! These energies have felt, so far, super fast and hyper-like in that it’s hard to relax, sleep, mellow out etc. I suspect however that we’ll be experiencing a variety of phases with these particular NEW Embodiment energies this month, next and beyond that as well.

        • Oh yes, Denise!!! That hyper, almost manic-like energy is finally winding down for me after a week. I was so happy to have a treadmill in my house!!!!! I ran so many miles!!!

      • Ah yes, pop rocks! Thank you! That is exactly what this crystalline-diamond like energy feels like to me energetically. Not so much physically, but more as an energetic sensation throughout the body and especially in the throat, at times.

        • I enjoyed reading all your descriptions of the “pop rocks”! When I was going to sleep last night I asked if I could see the new light codes coming in, and I felt this ethereal violet tunnel open above me. Looking up I could see all these beautiful rainbow sparkle lights coming down, and then they did fizz just like pop rocks! So cool! Seeing colors in my third eye and not just light flashes is new for me and very exciting. Thanks everyone for sharing and inspiring me to open up to this. I had an experience a few weeks ago where I felt the energy of a couple of specific stones working on my body, and I did see a pop rock blue fizzy sparkle then too. Now I understand better what that was. As always, grateful to Denise and all here. ❤️

  • Today, I had a Turkey Vulture very deliberately come down and light in a tree about 50-60 feet above my head. We had a nice chat, but I was left puzzled by the experience – my animal speak isn’t very verbal at this point, just heart based.

    This article is helping me to ground and grounding is everything to me right now.

    I am running through the ascension symptoms like they were playing musical chairs. Nausea, then cold, then ache, then nothing, then dizzy and so on.

    I’m not claire-anything at this point, but the strangeness of so many things in daily life is impossible to ignore.

    Much much love and gratitude to our wonderful hostess.

    • Oh My! The very same thing happened to my partner and myself while having coffee outside, day before yesterday! He landed on the roof right in front of where we were sitting! I didn’t have the time to talk to him (after seeing that he was ‘seen’, he flew away) but my medicine books talk about how the Vultures are the recycle-rs for the planet. Hopefully just taking away some of the personal garbage we’re releasing! Love and gratitude to all doing this very important work and especially to you Denise, for sharing your knowledge. We all benefit from your teachings and the validation!

      • I bet you have the same Ted Andrews books that I have. There were (I’m pretty sure) also 2-3 black vultures up in the sky above this one. Very obvious spirit animal. I read the article about the Vultures and felt each point acutely. I am definitely in the business of eating (what for others is) poison and turning it into light which seems to be a theme here at the moment 🙂 …

  • Thanks, Denise.

    I can DEFINITELY say I’ve never been as isolated/housebound as I have these past months. Since mid-December actually. Highly unusual for me not to want to go out AT ALL, for days, weeks and months on end. I’m now on a first-name basis with all my houseplants (no cats). I figured it related to cleansing/purifying in preparation for a Higher level of energies coming in. Hope I’m ready to be “blasted.” I read somewhere that drinking lots of water may help. Am also being prompted to “move my body” more (whether walking/yoga/tai chi, etc.).

    Yes, let’s DO this. I’m sure we will be here sharing some very interesting experiences with these Light blasts.

    LOVE to you & all here.

  • Denise, you have described it accurately. When I get this Energy it is razor sharp. It’s very painful. Sometimes blissful. I feel it cutting into every fiber of my body. As you said, I’ve been able to feel the Spirit Team closer than ever before. That is comforting. Thank God for your explanations. Love, Rose Messenger

  • Crystalline Geometric Snowflakes, exactly what I wrote in my dream vision journal. I also had a vision of the night sky flashing bursts of tiny Lights. High Heart Hugs in these AMazing days! So much Love!

  • Amen to all of that have been feeling it for weeks. Feeling a sense of joy of something I remember, coming in, in spite of the physical discomfort that has increased. There is also a lot of heat with this energy…..At times I feel as if I am ready to blast out of the physical body into light.

    ps. I have had extreme, pressure in head..brain feels bruised and bones hurt where its impossible to lay head down. I heard someone tell me this morning that I was almost done and I saw circuits being turned on in brain. Could it be for telepathic communication? At times its almost as if I am adjusting a radio station in my head.

    • Hey Nancy! I also feel this pressure in my head, by far not for the first time! First telepathic message I received somehow happened over my right ear. First time it happened, it sounded like a computer voice, however, in the course of time, this telepathic channel kept evolving, thus, whenever I perceive a voice, it sounds natural..

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