March 2018 Embodiment Process Side Effects

  These February and March 2018 energies are so much higher in frequency, amount, are now direct plus are more never encountered Photonic Light. Because of this, many Forerunners, Pathpavers, First Embodiers, First Everything-ers have experienced some extra unusual side effects they’ve never had before throughout the entire Ascension Process (AP) and Embodiment Process (EP) to date.

When we move, travel, ascend and evolve deeper into more NEW energetic Light territory, we’re naturally further activated by those energies and suddenly find ourselves having some very new-to-us side effects in just about every way imaginable; physical, emotional, mental, etheric, psychic, Higher Awareness and so on. These symptoms and side effects of the AP and EP are much more than only having certain physical body and/or head aches, pains, pressures and related anomalies. As many of you already know, this also includes profound and ongoing evolutionary changes to our DNA, our psyche, our current level of consciousness, our sense of ego self and ascending Self and Higher Selves, multidimensional experiences, our personal lives and realities, and our physical and energetic interactions with the external Earth world and far beyond.

Right before these February and March 2018 NEW energies arrived, I found myself doing something I rarely ever do which was reach out to a couple of people online. I’ve always been able to retain discernment and honestly question myself and my actions, even when eyeball-deep in some seriously strange, confusing and intense AP and EP stuff. While doing this I was simultaneously aware that some part of myself knew that some unusual big self evolving energies and experiences where coming soon and an aspect of the old human part of me wanted to maintain some lower level of familiarity with other humans. I cannot tell you how utterly unusual this was coming from me, and I’m being honest about it to show how we can consciously know we’re evolving quickly beyond what we’ve been our entire physical 3D incarnations in these lives yet at times within this EP just want to be “normal” and have a like-minded “buddy” in our lives again… after 27 years of not having any.

Because this was an old lower self want on my part, the reaching out failed as it should have because of those reasons. After all, I am not here on Earth now to have plenty of lower self-soothing “buddies” to chitchat with. I’m here now—as are every one of you reading this—to evolve, to ascend to a higher level of being and consciousness, to Pathpave The Way for the rest of humanity, and to build NEW worlds for all to further create within and on and on and on. At some point the chit-chatting may happen, but for now there’s so much more important things to get done by and through each of us. When you have a momentary longing for old “normalcy”, not that I know what that is, just remind yourself that you Volunteered to incarnate on Earth now to be a direct part of the AP and EP for All everywhere.

Short List of March Side Effects

Inner Body Vibrations — These have reached very NEW levels of intensity so far in early 2018, and we’re just getting started! Expect more, much more, and much higher in frequency and intensity. Don’t get rattled over being rattled internally to a degree you’ve not experienced before. All of March it often feels to me like I’m having violent inner earthquakes in my physical body. I’ve consciously monitored the Inner Body Vibrations within my physical body since I first felt them around 2001, and every time I’ve thought they wouldn’t get any larger or more intense they did and continue doing so. This month they’ve been record-breaking and I know there’s more coming. No fear, just us getting more up to even higher Light speed.

Seeing Light Flashing Inside Your Physical Body — I’ve seen the Sun flash repeatedly strobe-like in the sky a few times so far, and I’ve also seen it blast out huge pulses of Light with minutes in between each pulse. What I’ve seen so far in March 2018, is this same solar Light flashing repeatedly in that strobe-like fashion but from within my own physical and energetic bodies. I and the Sun are ONE; we are in sync and are living, circulating aspects of each other. What the Sun does and transmits energetically now is the same thing and process that’s taking place with many of us living the Embodiment Process. Don’t think it to death, just FEEL it and recognize the truth of it and make whatever adjustments you may need to with your priorities. There’s what’s important and then there’s what’s important.

Extra Busy & Unusual Dreams Again — We go through periods where we dream some rather strange dreams every night for weeks and this is another clue that you/me/we have ascended, traveled, evolved into yet another NEW-to-us energetic area. We Work on and with all these changes constantly while awake and asleep, while conscious in-body and while out of it. There is no down-time anymore with the AP and EP, there is just IT and us living and being IT in and through our evolving and merging, unifying many selves and Selves and Greater Selves. Dream away and don’t think this to death either as much of it is just passing old stuff that does NOT need your attention to fix or repair or integrate any of it.

Greatly Increased Inner Ear Ringing — This has been going on for a while now but those inner ear high-pitched constant ringing sounds have recently not only gotten MUCH louder but higher in frequency as well. Oftentimes from my perspective, this latest cacophony of inner noise has been too much. We’ve experienced these increases in inner ear sounds, ringing, buzzing racket over the ascension years, just like we’ve experienced different levels and layers of smelling nonphysical scents and/or hearing nonphysical sounds and seeing nonphysical lights and other such things, patterns, geometries in code form like this.

At times this latest NEW level of inner ear noise that’s so big it’s both  inside and outside of your head by two or three feet, has been so loud and high-pitched that it’s causing me to also hear other strange nonphysical sounds, voices, noises and such in that typical clairaudient way. It’s like we’re hearing some of the sounds of the Universe moving and slowly grinding through cycles throughout the cosmos. It’s both interesting and annoying at times, but this is just another of many NEW situations and levels of our ongoing Embodying so again, no fear and don’t think things to death. Pay attention yes, but don’t linger too long on any one NEW side effect because so much more is happening, and coming.

Bones or Joints Suddenly Hurting — I’ve experienced this since the Total Solar eclipse of August 2017. Certain joints suddenly go from fine and have never hurt to hurt like all hell and can’t move them then suddenly back to feeling fine again. Last year this happened in my right elbow and shoulder joints; this year it’s one heel bone and now up into the arch of my foot to the point it’s hard to walk. When body parts suddenly hurt seriously for extended periods, one occasionally considers the unthinkable — actually going to a doctor! No, anything but that!  When in doubt go within and discern for yourself. If you don’t trust yourself with this ability yet and believe that a doctor visit will solve the situation then go to a doctor. But know they most likely won’t find anything “wrong” or worse they’ll put you on some drug you don’t need. Discernment.

Saturn, which has to do with structures such as our physical skeletal structure, bones, joints etc., went into Capricorn, its ruler in December 2017, but it did so as a 5D free and clear entity no longer housing old Team Dark distortions forced upon it. Because of this and plenty of other related and ongoing AP and EP energies and changes, it doesn’t surprise me at all that our physical skeletal structures are going through more NEW-to-us DNA upgrades and other related improvements. Know that the pains in certain joints and vertebra etc. is hitting hard and highly focused now but will not last forever so self-care and don’t go into fear over these and other AP and EP related changes.

Difficulty Expelling Urine — This is another of those certain Ascension Process side effects that most of us aren’t in a big hurry to share with the world. I’ve had this one since about 2000 and at first thought it, along with sudden and repeated bladder spasms, were due to menopause until a young woman in her early 30’s with two young children mentioned that she and her kids (a boy and girl) were all having difficulty pushing all the urine out when they went to the bathroom. That’s when I knew this lovely symptom was ascension related and not strictly about changing hormones from menopause.

Typically this one is more pronounced throughout the night (but I have experienced it a few times during the daytime too) and one has to repeatedly push and push and push out the urine to empty ones bladder. This side effect has to do with many AP related things such as hormone changes, DNA changes, repeatedly purging old 3D patriarchal created toxins over the years, density changes both externally and internally and so on. But again, discern this and all other symptoms and side effects to decide what you feel is right at the time for you and your body or your children’s bodies.

This is Very Personal — No, not personal physically but personal psychologically, emotionally, psychically, spiritually and energetically. This side effect is from the ongoing Embodiment Process and has to do with one’s repeatedly changing sense of old self incrementally unifying with one’s Greater, Higher Selves. It also has to do with our also ongoing 5D unifying with the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within ourselves and our bodies and consciousness. Didn’t that sentence sound so easy-breezy fluffy and nice? Well, if you’ve been and are living this down into every cell and fiber of your being and physical body, then you know it’s anything but easy-breezy fluffy and nice! It’s freaking hard Work that usually hurts a good bit physically, emotionally and psychologically. Little self, open up and make room for incoming Bigger Self, Higher Selves, Divine Mommy, Divine Daddy and much more, and stop freaking out and running around like your hair is on fire because it all!  Again, it all looks so great and easy on paper but is a very different situation when happening to and in you! Breath, there’s more than enough stretchy pants room for in here for a great big God upgrade right inside you and your physical body.

I joke only because this is some serious shit taking place now for many of us. Glorious, divine, rare beyond belief, magical but so real physically it often hurts in multiple ways. Everyone desirous of and willing to do the Work to Embody 5D and higher Unity frequencies within themselves and their physical bodies knows how profound and how profoundly personal this phase and level of the Embodiment Process is to each of us. We’re all doing the same thing, Embodying, but it is a highly unique, sacred and individual process. You are changing; I am changing; we are and will continue to change dramatically and in ways so wonderful it’s hard for me to even think about without it causing me to tear up. Please, carry on. ❤

Time Is & Is Not — The linear time business and the quantum no time business and our getting re-familiarized with living in the eternal Now Moment business is both fun, entertaining, exciting, creative, confusing, exhausting, frustrating and weirdly wonderful. Over the past few years, learning how to work both within and outside of linear time has been interesting to say the least. But in 2017, and much more so in 2018, this has evolved into us being much more comfortable with our existence and lives lived in the Now Moment from moment to moment. This has become the NEW normal for many First Embodiers already and we’re getting more aware of how to bend, hold, push, stretch, compress or just float in the timeless quantum Now Moment. It’s easier than one would believe to live and move about your day or night and not have linear time eating you and your energies up minute by minute. This is not an intellectual thing, but an intentional and conscious creation thing that takes place in and from one’s HighHeart. If you want time to speed up then make it so. If you want it to slow or go away for you, then make it so. Some of the NEW crayon colors showing up in our NEW crayon boxes are really exciting First Everything-ers! Much more to come too.

Sleep When Needed & Forget About Time of Day or Night — For years I had to step out of body during the daytime via naps to assimilate the latest incoming NEW Light energies. This has never been something I’ve intentionally done but something that happens to me suddenly, informing me that I’m about to Embody some more NEW-to-me Light energies and it’s so much easier to do so when one is out of their physical body.

Another new side effect this year for me has been the sudden inability to sleep at night. There are nights now where I just don’t want to go to bed and sleep which is unheard of for me! Night and bed and sleep has always been a sacred space and time for me so to have this lifelong habit suddenly do a 180° turn has been strange. Nonetheless, this is just another NEW change that many are finding themselves dealing with, and it also shows us where we still have old familiar beliefs about certain things such as it’s nighttime so that means it’s bed time and sleep time. Not so anymore, just like eating and foods and other old 3D habits we all have. This sleep business is connected to the time and no time business so give yourself permission to sleep and catnap whenever you, your body and CNS (Central Nervous System) needs to because of the EP and ongoing Light energy increases. Release the old habits and beliefs and expand into the NEW in more and more ways. We’re great at adapting.

There’s more of these current NEW-to-us side effects from March but this these are some of the most pronounced ones I could think of now. As usual after I hit the publish button I’ll think of three more important ones I forgot but if so we’ll cover them in Comments under this article. Hang in there Trailblazers as all this won’t be ending in our lifetimes so deep breath, wide open HighHeart, smile at Source for everything and please, carry on. ❤ ❤ ❤


March 25, 2018

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64 thoughts on “March 2018 Embodiment Process Side Effects

  • Inner Body Vibration…thank you for addressing this. I distinctly felt these “earthquakes” in my heart and solar plexus earlier this year. I tried to get more info but couldn’t. What glorious 2018 so far!

  • Dearest Denise,

    How true what you say that this (process) is very personal, “highly unique, sacred and individual ….”

    I recognize this truth the more I work on what I call in half-jest and half seriousness, my case study on “Me and (this) Transformation.” I have tried like many others I’m sure to document my personal AP/EP/integration-related journey from far back in the early 90s to the present. What’s quite interesting is that I see myself approaching my “case study” development like how I would do some research work before. Except this time, I devise ways so that meanings, interpretations and analyses of basically ephemeral, fleeting, ever changing, and evolving individual phenomena, identities, and consciousness, are not calcified as I write them down. So there I am: subject and researcher both. Primary data: my own experiences, sensations, insights. When intense waves and surges hit, I am the conscious experiencer-subject and observer – feeling the pains and aches, soaring the heights and depths of flights, seeing feeling hearing sights and sounds, watching me the experiencer and the thoughts and insights that fleet by. When I feel inspired and am able, I record the “primary data” noting down other things like contexts, stimuli, or triggers related to a specific moment. I am careful to capture additional and other insights I glean from the data at the time of recording. When I am moved by Spirit I do the cross-checking, cross-referencing, and relating of recent ‘primary data,” with earlier ones. Again I note at this stage any new or deepening insight and perspective that come by. A number of times I would be magnetized to certain sites like HighHeart or have certain materials appear right before my eyes, not knowing why, and I would realize later that I was to find similar, affirming, or expansive perspectives and information from those ‘secondary sources.’ There is no outline nor a list of sections to write or fill in, and writings I have now I have tacitly marked “for one’s eyes only.” So why bother to do the “case study” as some ask? Before, I would say: for my own greater clarity, for the joy it gives me, or for the detraction of focus it provides when intense symptoms linger. These are still true. But I feel I know better the deeper reason now. My “Me and (this) Transformation case study project ” will be an honoring, a paying of homage to a sacred process so uniquely so intimately personal only One in its this specific form could define and make sense of, Now, before It (One in this form) fades out of focus – like a raindrop back in the ocean – and awaits the next creationary impulse.

    Thank you Denise. I guess I had to read your “this is very personal” note to nudge myself to this point of reflection and realization. Love and Namaste

  • Hi Denise… the other thing ive noticed with these energy shifts is that my high heart (thymus gland) has become very active but its made me feel like im going to life out of my head… does this make sense? my ethric body wants to separate from my physical body..

  • Denise, thank you once again for such a great article. This “loneliness” piece and the appearing “normal” are issues i’ve wrestled with my entire life and you and I are about the same age. I LOVE the fact that we can have some really insightful and mature discussion here and share this part of the journey most of us forerunners ( and others) here are going through. We finally reached some stability that allows reflection as we continue to expand into more light. I can’t emphasize enough how your own honesty to talk about these every day issues that make life so difficult in this nut house down on Earth, help us all. i mean, There are days I feel can barely handle the loneliness and the lack of reflection in the physical world…..I mean there is a limit. So, my sincere gratitude for your willingness to provide an opportunity to talk about our shared reality. It’s a live saver for me right now. Love, Julie

  • Denise & All,

    Thanks so much for this post and to those who commented. The energies have been so intense lately that they literally knock me out. Fortunately it doesn’t matter if I fall dead asleep at five o’clock in the afternoon! I am one of the older Forerunners and by now I’m just worn out and exhausted by the whole process.

    My heart goes out to those younger (as a few commented) who had to deal with careers being derailed and lives disrupted in mid-life. It does help if you’re closer to retirement and can at least hope to get some pension before too long.

    For me, the hardest thing has been the isolation, as there’s no one around me that can relate to any of this. I have one online friend who’s going through the same process and is supportive. Denise, bravo to you for reaching out even if it wasn’t the right time. (I believe we will soon be able to connect in the physical with others of like-mind. Hope so!)

    Love to you & all here.

    • Me too with isolation, Thelma. I can’t believe I’ve actually survived as long as I have feeling like a total outsider and alien here. It has been horribly lonely so very very much of the time, and I bawled my eyes out on and off for about a month this summer when I got a glimpse of my soul family. I immediately sensed their beautiful, pure, evolved love and unity and felt so incredibly homesick and grief-filled being here on Earth. I cried buckets releasing deep sorrow for being in such a lesser evolved primitive place here compared to the higher consciousness of the other side and other realities/worlds, and deeply missed them. It was gut wrenching. It’s like being on Mars day in and day out just doing the work here with tiny scraps to keep us going. Yet, somehow we all subsist off those scraps in this seemingly desolate place and have kept going. Denise, I have had the MOST POWERFUL energy coming through over the last few weeks which feels INCREDIBLY diamond-crystally. My outer reality is matching up to this and outer reality things are hugely and rapidly upgrading and shifting.

      • “Denise, I have had the MOST POWERFUL energy coming through over the last few weeks which feels INCREDIBLY diamond-crystally. My outer reality is matching up to this and outer reality things are hugely and rapidly upgrading and shifting.”

        This is that NEW Stair-step Landing I was talking about us all reaching recently and now us heading up another higher flight of crystalline/Christ frequency/Unified/Unity Stair-steps. This is also why things are and will continue to rapidly get better, easier, faster and much more gentle for the Forerunners/First Embodiers. ❤

        Many of us Forerunners/First Embodiers are still isolated physically because we're needed to hold NEW energies and space where we live; we've all been living Gridworkers and Energy Holders in this way by Embodying, seeding and anchoring the NEW higher frequency energies through ourselves in the physical locations where we live. I can however completely relate to what you say and how you've felt about all this. As a child I'd mourn every sunset for higher Home, and all these decades later we've Pathpaved the way and assisted Earth to ascend to a familiar Home frequency we've all longed for all our lives. We've risen ourselves and Earth to Home so no more tears for any of us. ❤ ❤ ❤ ⭐

      • Colleen,

        Thanks for sharing your remembrance of Soul Family. It makes me realize that maybe it’s more painful to sense them when we feel so isolated here. I have ALWAYS felt like I didn’t belong in this reality.

        I’m with Denise on recognizing our role as placeholders/anchors for the Light coming in, purposefully spread out across the planetary grid. My intuition has also told me that for me to raise my frequencies too quickly would be counter productive to my mission – because I’m creating a “bridge” for others and there’s Divine timing involved.

        It’s been very frustrating feeling “stuck” in a demented world for so long but all that’s changing. I loved reading about your “diamond energies.” Hang in there, the best is yet to come!

      • Colleen, I hope this comment directly replies to your comment. If not, sorry Denise!! I was reading what you and Thelma wrote about loneliness last month and your share regarding your spiritual family. I was so moved by it. Your vision of your family. How wonderful to get to see them!! And how that would grip your heart! I understand the loneliness very well. Mine once sang a song to me in a dream and said that I didn’t come in this time with friends. I’m so grateful for my “spiritual family” helping me through the really hard years and visiting me. I think my birth mother is one of them. I know she is, but I have yet to meet her. It’s been tough being alone, hasn’t it?
        So I just decided this week after reading another blog that I’m going to start reaching out and connecting, to those like us. I don’t care what it looks like! If you are ever in Los Angeles, please feel free to reach out and I will gladly respond. I will gladly enjoy a glass or cup of anything with you! 🙂 And we’ll just laugh at life! We are NOT alone. Not Anymore.

  • Same- chitchat and looking for friends/relationships is absolute fail for me. God seems to be in charge of everything!! Gotta submit. Good job that everyone on earth is now ascending and being energized by source (shrugs).

  • Thank you so much for writing this .. I hear you 🙏 the work issue is so very very tricky … especially while processing symptoms and then processing other’s 3D stuff during day … majorly tough. You really said it all. 😊 really appreciating everyone’s comments and thanks Denise I am going through all you have described. Feb and March have been like nothing before… the purging and integration is just extreme… thinking of you all .

  • Oh Denise I just wanted to say I love you!! It’s so funny and odd to have a member of my parents generation be militant but in a completely otherworldly high way!! Lol!! And I feel so much love for your stoic contribution and kind caring help. 💕💗❤️😊✌️🤞✌️I couldn’t help sharing that love..! And whoa dude side effects!!! Whaaat?!? Why am I seeing all these weird dots?!?? As drew Barrymore once said, “What is happening ?!?!”
    I love you and I thank you I hope I can say that…✨⚡️🌟 🙂

    • ❤ ❤ ❤ Thanks for the LOVE Marcy.

      Yep, today is rockin' powerful energies again. I had to go out this morning and I saw more clearly visible signs in many "normal" folk out there, dragin' around looking all beat to hell, sick, and the cashier commented about having a severe headache and wished she could leave work and go home. It's sooo great to finally see the AP symptoms/side effect signs in the "normal" folks instead of it only being the Forerunners like it's been for so long. 😀

  • Thanks Denise. I too have tried reconnecting with others only to have it fall flat. I think there is a deep need for true family and Divine connection that feels missing in the void we have been in. However it isnt satisfied by bodies connecting in this world but only by something a lot deeper.
    It is probably why occasionally I am drawn to comment here as a way of connecting with my brothers who are consious of deeper connections.
    I did have the same reaction as Diana. The idea of a neverending expansion made my heart sink. This isnt what I thought I was choosing but rather a return to what I really am as Spirit and in full rememberance of my true connections with my brothers in constant communication.
    Tod may have trodden some of the paths I have as I learned to meditate with Buddhists and was heavily pulled to non dualism where such a view would be compatible (though I never committed to one of their paths as such).
    I thought at the very least, if I was apparently here for a while. At least I thought we may end up like the sages and ‘enlightened ones’ who often had the sort of invisibility Tod mentions- but now remembering Truth fully as they did so. We may be ‘In the world and not of it’ as Jeshua referred to, or being a ‘sage in the long grass’ as the Taoists talk about where your energy and consiousness affects others even though you arent ‘seen’. In each case though you have complete recognition that all the worlds exist within you rather than us travelling through series of them. This is a ‘background/foreground shift’ mentioned in another channelling in recent years.
    I personally doubt the essence of these understandings is ‘old’ but rather is a timeless comprehension.
    It still raises for me the question of whether there are differences in where some of us are headed. Are those like me headed in the way I describe as it has been a soul passion for me right through the long journey? Have others chosen a path of further evolution/exploration/transformation of worlds etc for other reasons?

    • Sometimes i think we need to look at things differently… we get to feel.. feel everything… there are many people out there that cannot feel .. are lost and are suppressed. we get to experience all and everything which to me is a blessing too. This hard path comes with beautiful gifts and yes we take the bad with the good too. lots of people have nothing and i truly have compassion for them. its so painful to be so numb even if they don’t realise it.. but we do.

  • Difficulty Expelling Urine – Stinging nettle is such a wonderful friend for the AP process. From my experience she will have the system flushed out and flowing like Niagara falls in no time. Easy to obtain dried nettle online and it’s very inexpensive and goes a long way. 2 heaped teaspoons in a strainer to 350ml hot water. Let steep for 2-3 minutes and drink. Two or three times a day initially to shift the problem then at least once a day thereafter. A little peppermint can be added to improve the flavour. Nettle is known as Mothers Milk from our planet – full of nutrients and also helps the heart function smoother. Another benefit I have seen is women’s hair growing back on their heads with it’s use. Check out Susan Weed on YouTube for more info.
    For those experiencing a lot of heat and perspiration you can also have kidney stone issues. Nettle will break these down so they can pass out of the system.
    I have used nettle everyday for the past 10.5 years and have been relieved of many of the AP systems.
    We are building new bodies and need the right nutrition. Other herbs are very beneficial also but the nettle is easy for those not familiar with herbs. It is the go to herb for herbalists when they do not know what else to use.
    Oh the difficulties of building a light body.
    This 2018 process is proving to be more difficult than I thought.

    • The Nettle tea has been helping me through this phase. It helps with the joint pain. I’ve been serving this tea to my family; they comment on feeling better. I do not mention Ascension Symptoms.
      The ringing in my ears has been so loud it has almost rendered me deaf. Having my ears coned twice a year has worked in the past. Not this time. Taking homeopathic cures has helped in the past. Not this time. Putting CASTOR OIL IN MY EARS HAS HELPED THIS TIME. I put a q-tip in the bottle of castor oil and put that in my ear and sometimes the ringing STOPS! Alleluia. But not every day. Darn.
      I’ve used dozens of herbs throughout my life, but I never used Nettle and Castor Oil before. Maybe its the combo that helps with the pee. But I thought it was the Castor Oil because when my ears stop ringing, I pee better; it flows easier, especially through the night.

      • susan macadams & All,

        The inner ear ringing is caused by higher frequency Light energies. Some have written about the Vega Nerve in relation to us hearing inner ear and/or expanded to out around one’s head too. It picks up these higher frequency energies and vibrations etc. and just like hitting a bell to make it ring, the same sort of thing is happening to our bodies. Higher Light arrives (like it’s doing today, March 26th) and we’re suddenly IN it and having all sorts of physical reactions to the higher Light energies, and one of them is this high-pitched inner ear ringing constantly. It doesn’t surprise me that for the most part, nothing will continually “fix” this ascension related side effect. We adjust to the latest higher energies and our ears don’t ring anymore — until the next even higher frequency blast arrives that is! Stair-steps. 😉

      • Susan
        If your able to, regular acupuncture or the Quantum Physics Biofeedback machine SCIO helps immensely with all AP systems. We need much more than herbs and homeopathics with this intense process. Female acupuncturist with many years experience are the best if available.
        In my opinion the AP needed to come with a healthy bank balance so the healthcare that actually works to alleviate the difficulties can be accessed.

        • Sweet Lyn, I wish you could see why we all hurt so much. I wish you could observe it in stead of trying to fix it. There is a godgiving reason for all of our pain, so please let us have our own pain so we can grow out of it without being slaves of others to rescue us.

    • Lyn & All,

      I’m sure people appreciate your obvious knowledge about different herbal remedies and other external tools such as what you mentioned to Susan — biofeedback machine, SCIO (I don’t even know what that is) and acupuncture — and whatever else you use to help you with the AP side effects.

      If anyone’s been paying attention to what I write about my own AP and EP aches and pains, you know that my external tools have been and still are drinking plenty of filtered water each day and when needed taking over-the-counter Tylenol Arthritis, plus some chocolate candies occasionally to keep me from killing anyone. 🙂

      My point is that I know it hurts alchemically transmuting 3D Lead to 5D Gold in and through a physical human body… while living and working in it… and then opening up enough so Higher Self & Co. can take up residence in there too. It hurts a lot, it hurts a little, it’s blissful oftentimes, it’s amazing, magical and a hard-earned privilege for the First Embodiers to do all this. And my first thought with this Process has never been what external tools, devices, herbs, gemstones and other people etc. etc. can I use to make all this not hurt so badly. I’ve never thought that and never will because I know what’s going on with this Process and I know that looking outside of myself and this Process is not what it’s all about.

      When the aches and pains get too much for me, I take 2 Tylenol (because they’re the only thing I can take that doesn’t tear up my stomach) and then get horizontal for a while and either go within and open myself so more of this Process can do what it’s going to do anyway, and/or I get out of my physical body via a nap. When I wake up I always feel a little or a lot better because I assisted this Process and didn’t interfere with it or further exhaust myself by getting in my car and driving to someone else or a store to help me with it. I’m just sayin’. We each have our personal ways and tools, beliefs and expectations about the AP and EP (and everything else) and how to deal with it all and so on. The main point I want to make is that this is something taking place between you and You and YOU and Divine Source’s intent. Don’t focus entirely on the external with the AP and EP side effects, but on the internal because THAT’S where the real action is and always has been and the punchline to that fact is incredibly important. 😉 ❤

      • yes Denise about lots of water…. as my nervous system was vibrating so much it brought out Inflammation in my body for healing… my C-Reactive Protein was so high.. I changed my live style to accommodate my body so I went on anti-inflammatory diet… no sugar for a year, no gluten, less dairy, and a supplement of Turmeric, Ginger and Black Pepper.. I took no drugs, they wanted to give me Prednisone long term and some others were taking Methodextrate (a chemo drug) I was like NO WAY… now i have healed this inflammation. Doctors just want to drug you, its not for me.

      • Hi Denise
        I appreciate everything your saying, but for me there has always been more. Believe me I am still broken down and dismantled as must occur (with a long long way to go) but I agree with you that healing yourself is the best option for those that are developed enough to do so and perhaps it is there unique contribution at this special time. What I am suggesting is that there is a lot more going on and we have different rolls.
        I was born with a knowing and always looked at the weeds and the plants around me and would say to myself – I know many of you are great healers and I need to know about you. I may need your assistance in the future. This coupled with one of my grandmothers taking me into the fields in spring to harvest the weeds when I was very young gave me the grounding for what has been occurring for me in the last 10.5 years.
        There are many of us in my part of the world going through these processes together and we all support one another. We are not alone and it would seem from the comments from others that this is unusual. We are together for a reason and with the added help of technology we can now see what is occurring. In recent months we have all developed an 8th chakra (a cluster chakra) and they are different colours – they are not fully open yet. Mine is lemon and perhaps this means I am just clawing my way up to another level and I know one of the others in our group has a gold one which would mean she is really moving along.
        I for one cannot take over the counter pain killers, drugs or supplements as they make me very ill and do harm. There vibration does not fit with mine. But hey I can do chocolate! We are all different and can only go with what our bodies tolerate. I know some amongst us are presently doing huge clearings for others and they could not do this work without the supports I have mentioned.
        I also worked for chiropractors for 10 years which I consider part of my training to awaken to energy healing benefits. I was so skeptical when I began. Again I consider this as part of my training for this time.
        The last 7 years I had to spend time at an employment position which to say the least had team dark all over it – horrendous to say the least and I had to endure much where others could not. I was the light in the dark and needed to remain strong. There is no way I could have done that job and the ascension process without assistance. It’s only now that I will have to retire as I physically cannot work any longer to make my way further with these processes and heal. Needing to make my way through the pension maze first to receive financial assistance as we are not believed that we are ill. Perhaps my journey with this is to bring attention to the bureaucracy here that we have the technology available to see how ill we are. Already they are willing to accept reports from my Naturopath and the Homeopath which usually they only accept from general medicine (which is pretty much hopeless). If I can achieve this it will make it easier for others that will enter the processes or those caught up in it already.
        Surely there has to be evolution with this process to assist the masses? I would appreciate your comments and guidance with this please Denise.

        • The point Denise made is clear, it is within that all is happening. The outside is the mirror from within. I can only see it like Denise because I do not lean on any other thing than a lot of water. Thanks to Denise many of us are becoming much more aware of all of who we are in the depths of our being. It is in this place (in me while I’m doing stuff) that my answers are, allways. I will never ever go to another being for my own health, that is my responsibility and that I know since I was a small child. I saw to much awful things happening with my grandmother that I decided there that my way (with source in me) is the only way for me. I’m 55 years and I’m still doing it.

        • Terry thank you so much for taking the time to share this important information with me. It was well explained and what I needed to comprehend at a deeper level. It has given me greater awareness, understanding and most importantly respect for what we can achieve ourselves during this journey of all journeys.

  • “I cannot tell you how utterly unusual this was coming from me, and I’m being honest about it to show how we can consciously know we’re evolving quickly beyond what we’ve been our entire physical 3D incarnations in these lives yet at times within this EP just want to be “normal” and have a like-minded “buddy” in our lives again… after 27 years of not having any.”

    Dear Denise, thank you for those words. I am still struggling to reconcile how diametrically opposite this ascension process is with life that is expected or the norm that is “as is” for the majority of people/society. I have a Capricorn stellium in my birth chart and for most of my life, I have been going going doing doing, achieving – in the years prior to 2012 I almost felt though I didn’t know at the time that I had only a limited time frame to “do everything” or set the base so to speak for coming years and little did I know that I would spend just these subsequent years “being” much much more than I would have ever been comfortable with. When I tried to push myself through an already compressed graduate program, I nearly died in the thick of the confusion/debilitation/isolation of this process plus suffering through the density of getting all the work done every week just to go on. The gears that make the “world” run and what most people in it hold dear to is so contrary/different from what this ascension process is about so much so that it isn’t surprising all that many of us having difficult functioning, making ends meet, etc.

    This process has really been a decade long (and for some of you elders here many years more) process of dying – of dying to having friends, socially applaudable career, old sustaining habits that made life work but doesn’t anymore. “Shouldn’t I be doing more, working at a truer/better job, “becoming” this or that to “really” do what I came here to do” is something that I still struggle with. It seems more socially acceptable to “be” or undergo this alchemical process in its trials/confusion/debilitation/isolation later in life than as someone who isn’t near retirement age. I can’t speak for all, but from my experience, it is really hard or I feel a rift anyway being younger and needing to discern/assimilate/ avoid in social/work situations I find or choose not to find myself in – it is like the places energetically compatible or “available” are as a needle in a haystack the further and further this goes on… though sometimes rare but pivotal invitations to finding them come. As of now, I still feel like I’m in some sort of quarantine.

    • Blue Cliffs,.
      Thanks for your perspective too. While I am a lomg timer and retired now, I have a daughter close ot 40 now who is experiencing what you are.
      I just can’t imagine how she can function at work at all. I got to the stage at the end of my work life where I was closing the door and having lunchtime naps in a chair and severely limiting the number of people I could see in my counselling.
      However she shares an office and doesnt have that choice. She is very energy sensitive and bombarded with stimulation all the time. She has no life outside necessary work (which is far from her passion) as she spends the rest of the time with no friends, in recovery from work and handling her fatiigue with it all. Not easy for any of us.
      Hang in there. We are all in this together wherever we are in the greater wave.

      • Lyn… I live in a violent area.. it never use to be but the last 25 years has seen a lot of change.. it is not by any means poor its just that it has attracted terrorism, shootings and violence to suppressed women. I don’t like to go to the shops in peek hours as I don’t like the energy being poured out in our community. When i do.. i hold my head up and i get on with my business. The other week i heard this father say to his 6 year old.. that if she misbehaved again he was going to “Smash her face in” I was so devastated that I cried and i called the police. they confirmed that things have gotten real bad and the domestic violence is horrendous. i asked the universe “how did i get here” but I anchor and channel a lot of energy here as a grid worker. We have to do this work that is part of our mission. I am so sorry that we really have to see all that we see. I’ve shut down to the outside world a lot. I’m teaching my light worker son everything i can to equip him for the future.

      • ❤ Yes, we are all one energetic support family wherever we are even as we may not know one another in day to day life. Thanks for your experience in this, it's wonderful reading all the comments as well.

    • Hi Blue Cliffs, the thought you expressed here also crossed my mind regularly. ‘It would have been much easier if I would have been around my retirement age instead of the middle of my career/best years of my life when this started!’ When these ascension effects really started to influence my life/nervous system badly I was 37 and now 10 years have past in which I had my career stopted (also a newly started one more in line with my passion) into the past 5 years of total inertia and not knowing or able to do something in the outside working world. Of course this broke down my finances, my social circle and also my independence, forcing me to move in with my parents again already for 5 years (oh my God!). I have been living like a hermit for so long now and I hate it. Of course family & friends don’t believe my explanation and see my life as wasted.
      Have no idea how but still have hope and optimism combined with evolving intuition that in the next 2 years things will finally turn around for the better. Also based on my astrology transits and the big Chiron and Uranus shift coming up.
      So why did we have to go through this at the middle of our lives?? In my intuitive point of view and also backed up by many personal esoteric life insights (astrology, numerology, tarot & handreading) I have another phase waiting for me after this, after I have reached high enough in our consciousness/ascension to be out in the world again to share my experiences and help the bigger wave of people that is going to experience these symptoms, spiritual awakening from this year onwards. And I’m sure this will be the case for you also! A lot of more ‘down to earth’ people will be needed to explain to this new group of ascension what the hell is going on with them. They need people who have been out there in the career & thinking world and understand what they are going through. They won’t understand all these weird, spiritual, embodiment and light talks as easy as we do with our metaphysical insights.

      So hang in there (what else can we) and trust that you will get to a stage when things get lighter, less painful and a new phase will open up for us to share our light and find happiness again! X

      ps. Denise, thanks again for this great post and letting us share our common experiences. Yep, immense inner body vibrations for me too, started last autumn. Shivers and spasms through my body especially at night. Ear ringing (left especially) extreme since a few weeks as also waking up with ears feeling ‘closed/deaf’. Intense dreaming, waking up completely shaking. And much muscle aches, stiffness, lower (left) back burning and buzzing head. etc….
      Trying to keep on top of the waves.

      Love to all from NL,

      • Dear Annemiek, thank you so much for your insight. Means a lot, I relate to everything you speak of and others reading likely feel the same. The bizarre midday dreaming and sleeping much later at night are two changes I’ve noticed and never really had before recently. I guess we’ll all just keeping on keeping on with the waves. ❤

    • “…I have a Capricorn stellium in my birth chart and for most of my life, I have been going going doing doing, achieving – in the years prior to 2012 I almost felt though I didn’t know at the time that I had only a limited time frame to “do everything”…”

      Blue Cliffs,

      I’ve intended to respond to you and some other people but the past few days have been physically painful beyond belief with more unaware people stuff thrown in. 😐

      I always knew that I had up until I turned 39-40 to live my life before it changed radically into something new-to-me. I knew I had those first 39 years of my life (up to the Uranus Opposition transit that began for me with the start of 1991) to deal with the remaining big important karma I had with others, to have and raise my only child, to experience romantic/sexual relationships, to create, teach and lecture, and to perform publicly as a Dancer for 20 years right up to 1991 age 39 cutoff point. I did all that and more in those first 39 years of this life and then, once Uranus Opposition transit activated me, I instantly re-entered the Monastery — the Ascension Process Monastery I mean — and I’ve been there ever since and it will be this way for the rest of my life. I was profoundly grateful that I had those first 39 years to pretend, learn and play at being a human because once my karmic slate was cleared, it was instantly back to Ascension Process preparation Work for this Volunteer!

      Because I did know that I only had the first 39 years of this life to get certain things experienced, done, karmically completely, my life has always very much been about some super important timeline with zero wiggle room in it. That important timeline was and still is this Universal AP, and most of us were pre-coded or had Soul Contracts to be “activated” at very specific ages (that typically corresponded with some important astrological transit). I certainly have been aware of how many of the younger people living the AP have had different things to deal with than I and my age group did, in relation to the AP. Many of these people I would suspect feel they’ve missed out on “life” on Earth in many ways but that “life” was in 3D and was totally patriarchal and not very pleasant or easy if we’re all honest about all this! And at this point it’s obvious to more and more people that the old way of “life” on Earth doesn’t exist for anyone anymore so lots of people are uncertain about what to do with themselves and their lives and “careers” etc. etc.

      Gads this should be an article. I need a nap. I’m gonna wrap this sorry thing up now. My apologies everyone, these late March 2018 energies are so intense…

      The short version of this is that each of us, no matter what our physical age, got activated to begin the AP when it was the best time for not only each of us individually, but also for all the other Volunteers living it too before and after us! We’re all profoundly important Volunteers within the entire AP in these Stair-step ways and this means that each of us has sacrificed aspects of old 3D “life” to do the AP for Self and ALL. Even that is unique to each of us and something else each of our Soul’s wanted to experience too. Very complex and perfect all this is actually, except sometimes to the human part of ourselves here living and struggling and Working constantly on the AP and so on. ❤

      • “I was profoundly grateful that I had those first 39 years to pretend, learn and play at being a human because once my karmic slate was cleared, it was instantly back to Ascension Process preparation Work for this Volunteer!” Heartfelt heartfelt thanks for your reply – it brings so much deep clarity and comfort to me. They say a picture’s worth a thousand words and I would say someone’s example and life experience can be such a light in the dark. Your shared experience of the limited time-frame to “do” and the okayness of not missing out on a predominantly 3D life is so very healing to me – and I’ve always known what you have expressed to be true yet not having anyone in real life to relate that to was never easy in terms of having fuller regard for myself. I’m thinking of Krishnamurti’s quote on there being no measure of health to be well adjusted in an insane world…feeling immensely grateful for your and all the comments here thank you. ❤ ❤ ❤

        • ❤ hugs and I'm so, so glad we've both freed you and possibly others who've felt like they've "missed out on" having a full 3D life in the old patriarchal world that was indeed profoundly "insane"!

          I just emailed you and I hope it's okay I came in uninvited but I had a message to give you from someone else. Aha, positive connections are so wonderful. ❤ 🙂

    • Dearest Blue Cliffs,

      I thought about responding to your comment briefly earlier, was really tired/out of it. Once Denise responded, and as the day went on today and am well rested the first time in what feels like forever, I felt compelled to respond to you.

      My “age” this year will be 45, to give you a frame of reference. I did 1 year of college, left to earn more money (I had saved enough to pay off my 1 year), and found myself on this strange track. I didn’t think too much about my choices; the choice to leave college, to move across the country by myself to work for over a year, to cut off contact with the family that raised me, to move in with my biological mom, etc. I felt driven. Shortly after I moved in with her (at 19), on some level I felt “safe” to persue what I felt needed to my undivided attention. My life fell apart. I had major anxiety, nightmares/terrors, I couldn’t focus, insomnia, etc. PTSD really bad; was hospitalized, and actually qualified for Disability income fairly quickly. So the next 20 years of my life’s focus became that, working on that inner fear and crap that needed healing. I lived by myself in a college town so people assumed I was a student. Later, people would ask the stupid inane questions: “What do you do?” “Are you married?” “Do you have kids?” and then it was followed by, “Why are you on Disability… you look normal to me.” Over and over these questions helped me come to terms with my own fears, embarrassment, shame, and finally acceptance of who I am and how my existence is very much different than that of my peers of 3D. I had to over come severe spiritual abuse and splintering within me (which is why it took me 20 years). However on the other side of that, I’ve come to a place where all that crap doesn’t matter to me anymore. I don’t care about 9-5. I want to be free to be able to do/be what I am called to when the timing is right, so I no longer have the energy or desire for children (although I commend all those who are raising children in the midst of their own challenging energetic ascension process). Nor do I have the energy to give to a relationship beyond those of my parents and my best friend. I’ve become quite content with my own space. It does have its drawbacks as there is no one to rely on to cut the housework in half. The upside is I get to decide what I let in my space.

      I just wanted to share all this with you because it sounded so much like the place I was in around age 19. Definitely stands the test of time, at least in the similarity in feelings and thoughts and struggles. You will be ok, I have no doubts about that. I find that it’s that personal struggle that helps us find who we truly are inside. Although these days, it’s more (for me) about opening up, sharing my story/myself freely when I feel called to do so, opening up to the energies, love, Truth, the Universe. The good part is, that for you and many others who are on the path now, it won’t be as hard (from what I’m finding for myself). If you are open within yourself to the process, whether it’s clearing out old 3D crap and/or allowing in new energies to your being, it won’t be as long and as difficult as it was for me. I know that it was a lot harder for Denise and all those who came before me, as they’ve done the intensely, insanely challenging work for us all. As hard as it was for me, as alone as I was (no one believed me, kept to myself, if I did share I was more worried about traumatizing the other person which was highly possible, therapists didn’t quite know how to help me if they did believe in the early years), I was still able to not only survive it all… not only break through the other side of PTSD which I never believed possible… now I’m way beyond that, learning what I can about more of my Be-ing and how to Be even beyond that.

      Denise, I apologize if this is totally and completely off topic from your article. However, I felt compelled to respond to people in Blue’s age range/where they are in their lives. If you feel it doesn’t belong on your site, please forward (if you can) to Blue Cliffs.

      With Much Love and Appreciation,

      • “I just wanted to share all this with you because it sounded so much like the place I was in around age 19.”

        Wow. 😐 How do you know the ‘age range’ of Blue Cliffs Chrysalis? Ever consider you may be wrong about it? I ask because you are and by a lot.

      • Dear Chrysalis,

        I am at a loss for words reading your experience. First of all, thank you for writing about it and reading your words sets me in a very grounded place of knowing that there is truly much much more than meets the eye, that complies with social graces, that is of value to existence and our earth here. It is only such that society as is in the west and more and more in other parts of the world hold dear the caustic energy of striving/surviving and expected/accepted social roles, norms, and milestones that living in any other way even in tune with nature, our inner selves, and the feminine is accorded as beneath consideration, laughable, “not enough”.

        To lighten what you said, I sometimes joke to myself that in addition to grad school PTSD, I was also privileged enough to experience ascension PTSD alongside it. What a wonderful not wonderful ride. The upside of it was that I learned through the process and still am learning, have grown more capable of dealing with crap, and overall found some gems in my suffering that stay with me still and could benefit others who may go through the same.

        Also, your comment is probably on topic with what Denise wrote here:
        “Didn’t that sentence sound so easy-breezy fluffy and nice? Well, if you’ve been and are living this down int;o every cell and fiber of your being and physical body, then you know it’s anything but easy-breezy fluffy and nice!” 🙂

        “I want to be free to be able to do/be what I am called to when the timing is right, so I no longer have the energy or desire for children (although I commend all those who are raising children in the midst of their own challenging energetic ascension process). Nor do I have the energy to give to a relationship beyond those of my parents and my best friend.”

        I feel that this is the way I am going. Although many people may either call this self-determination or frown upon it, I have never felt a desire to get married and have children though like you, I respect those who do – I just don’t think that I’m someone who would (or could). In terms of having a romantic relationship, I understand my longing for such in terms of being with my twin flame and/or primary soul mate but am truly going the monastery way as of now 🙂 and it feels just as whole and fulfilling. I’ve also tired, a bit apathetic at it all and it is completely alright, it doesn’t mean I love either of them any less, I am just not physically with them or may never be and that is okay.

    • “This process has really been a decade long (and for some of you elders here many years more) process of dying …”

      Hi B.C. 🙂 I’m Marcy. I loved that quote. I have been dying for over 15 years. I just loved your phrasing; it was so strong and true. I feel you, totally. I’m a little younger, too. I wish I had known what you knew subconsciously! I sat around before 2001 like Peter the Rabbit, waiting for a tortoise to pass. I had been through a lot. I would have loved to have enjoyed a career, created a life before this. I have traveled all over the world, attended school in three countries. I did enjoy special things leading up to…

      I know it’s hard to find energetically good places to be in. I live in an energetically sick city. It’s super tough. But I found something worked… I found if I ONLY followed intuition…it leads me right to the spot. That sounds lovely and in general is always the guide, but I’m talking about an almost stealth like CIA specialized task force kind of following your intuition. Check this out. If I follow what seems like a good “idea,” a very, very good idea…it does not go well now, even if it would have 2-3-5 years ago. There is something ready to foul things up now, quick. Quick! For no reason. And energies are TOO strong, too much, too hard to be amidst them if they’re off the mark. Sometimes my idea seems better, spiritually, about a place I can go to and my intuitive notion seems to me like…”what?! No, we can’t go there, we don’t like there, it’s bad, don’t you remember, what? how can you forget that was awful once…” If I GO with intuition, shock, surprise and awe. I’m good. All is well. Even in the “bad” places. If I go with good or great IDEAS… baaaaahm! My seat disappears and I am back in the water.

      I need to go OUT. I was sequestered just like you. A decade plus. I am DIRECTED to get back out there.
      It’s time. They/guides/angels give a LOT of help. Guidance and opportunity ready at hand. I have an entourage I’m guessing or headquarters has me on radar. Lol! Sometimes I’m told to get out of town, directed to a spiritually outstandingly healthy location, geographically, that I had no idea was until I arrive… I check out some music online and KNOW that I’m supposed to go to hear THAT, not any other. If I follow it…and wow…all sorts of good juju and good everyone in the place, more of my juju and others LIKE me show up, too!! Shocked when it happened first. Had my FIRST really good time in over 17 years that night. It has repeated. AND…any variation on the theme NOT intuitive…look out! I’m going to KEEP practicing. No more IDEAS. Just …where to next/now? Higher self, here we go. Together forever or pay! Semper Fi!!! All the way!

      I hope I’m not overwhelming with too much. I have more energy every month! It’s good to be your age. Fear nothing. 😛

  • Thank you Denise for your honest sharing. I truly appreciate you and so look forward to your blog in my inbox – which I cannot say for any other email.

    Your last sentence, “Hang in there Trailblazers as all this won’t be ending in our lifetimes so deep breath, wide open HighHeart” was just crushing! I was so looking forward to a breakthrough, a sunny horizon, a pain-free day, a peaceful and loving world. I want to be “born again” into 5D while I’m still embodied and get to actually experience the joy of the “what’s after” all the labor. Is that another expectation of my ego that I need to “sell on LetGo”?
    Are you saying you don’t see that happening any time soon?

    Thank you so much for your work!

    • Diana,

      No that’s not what I meant. I so want the same NEW things too but it’s going to take a bit more time for the rest of humanity to make these changes. Now, I just said that and now I’m going to say something that may sound like a contradiction. This is another seeming problem or difficulty with these transitional years of the AP. It’s taking linear time, much more so than most of us Forerunners/Pathpavers/First Embodiers etc. would like, but this is how it’s been and even at that we’re doing all this so freaking fast it’s amazing everyone else observing us doing it! We’ve been pushing the ascension envelop like crazy for years now, which is why it hurts some times but who cares in all honesty if it’s going to FREE us all sooner rather than later!

      Never forget the fact that every hour of every day we are creating, living, embodying and seeding ascension ‘breakthroughs’ here on Earth. The rest of the world reflects this, even if it’s chaos and collapse for the moment, it won’t always be. With every step forward each of us takes, makes and embodies we are changed again and again. Have you noticed, amidst the pain and crap, that it’s gotten very easy and fast to consciously create and intend certain things you want, need, desire for both yourself and the world? Have you noticed too that you’re not directly experiencing the chaos that’s taking place in the ascending Earth world? Have you noticed that you are more powerful today than you’ve ever been in this life? We are way ahead of the rest of humanity with all these NEW things and abilities because we are the Forerunners/Pathpavers/First Embodiers etc. and because of this we’ve been living within a 5D frequency for many, many years already. This may have been only in our homes and properties but this too expands farther out into society, the country and the world every minute of every day now.

      The pain won’t last for the rest of our Forerunner lives nor will the other lower things from the old 3D world because we are and will continue to exist far ahead of it. The more you/me/we each progress with our individual EP, the more quickly we’re gaining more expanded abilities, consciousness, Higher Awareness etc. which means we’re increasingly capable of existing within higher and higher levels of being and reality. Life is getting better for us (and faster now) every day even though all these other things are happening simultaneously. The pains will ease because we’re evolved by them into NEW beings with NEW consciousness and NEW much higher, greater abilities. This has been happening to the Forerunners all along and since we reached 2017, it’s unfolding faster and more easily for us than ever before. ❤ ❤ ❤

        What a relief!
        And your comments about noticing that what’s happening “out there” is not actually happening to me is so true.
        Thank you for your response. I most assuredly deeply appreciate you!

        • Intel, aka EventJulie aka Cas aka Sac aka Posh aka Psyche aka Kari and counting,

          It’s people like you that always go extra unbalanaced before every incoming energy increase. I’ve observed this negative reaction online for over a decade; one or more readers suddenly writes Comments like you’ve been trying to do for months nutSac, attacking me in one while creating other usernames you think I don’t notice is you and all to spread some incorrect information or channel or message by another person(s). 2018 and Blossom!? Seriously? You people didn’t learn what you needed to with that years ago obviously.

          How about YOU just try to live the Ascension Process yourself and let all this other ridiculous stuff, distractions and BS tactics go. No? Too difficult for you? You’re right, just sit on your ass and continue waiting for some external special effects something to happen and then realize too late that you still have to live The Process anyway.

  • Oh Denise… you are so spot on…. my body is all over the place… my pineal I feel has expanded my gifts are much stronger and faster…. there is days I’m holding a friends arm as i am spinning and reeling with these energies. Yes deeps sleeps all over the place, dreaming all the time…. but I’m feeling so light headed and at the same time all odd pains. Last night my mother had heart chakra pain from and back.. of course she didn’t believe me so I asked her “here and here” ” yes” she says .. heart chakra opening I placed me hands front and back, just a minute doing a prayer and i could feel her pain releasing instantly.. she was like “oh… thats better” I’m trying to tell her that since she had a kundalini experience that her heart is opening… I knew that it was going to happen it was just when… I am enjoying this transition though it can be anxiety provoking too.. I’m just trying to stay calm… my son has had some unusual sensations too.. he is only 13 …thank you you so much for this post. Namaste

  • good afternoon, well, of course you are spot on. I had my first sun pulsing/strobe experience just the day before yesterday. I kept closing my eyes and opening to ‘see’ if it was actually doing it. Sure nuf. I thought of you speaking of that experience so, it was not unfamiliar totally.
    I was vibrating so much the last couple of weeks..the other day I was trying to have a conversation with the vitamin guy at the natural grocers..and I wondered if he noticed. I looked at my hands while talking to him and it looked to me like someone with hand tremors on warp speed. I wondered if I was going to shape shift right in front of that guy.The vibrating is kind of exhausting ..I do wish it burned more calories..I could stand to loose some belly fat.
    The inner you listen to music or something it is not as noticeable.
    Oh, my aching here is something really weird..two years ago..yes two yrs ago..I had a tooth extracted and it seems like either remnants of the root or coming thru my gum line above the extraction. Don’t know what to make of that. I told my body…”go on I dare ya ..grow me another tooth’ wouldn’t that be something..Should I call the National Enquirer?..69 yr old woman is becoming a baby again. and growing teeth.
    Oh, if only I were a starfish.
    The dream state is like I have a whole different life..just wacky..and usually some kind of phrase or situation in it that is impact right before I wake up..the other day..some voice said..’the battery on your phone is dead need a new one and we are going to send you one’ phone battery the next day would not hold a charge..unfortunate ‘they’ did not send me a new one ..because I had to pay 40 bucks for a new one..but come on..that was odd.
    So, I thank you for your personal thoughts and always good to hear I am not the only the lonely in my adventure here..but jeez..this dance is not for the ‘weak’ takes alot to maintain.
    The time issue ..since I don’t do a nine to five life..well, there are days I wake and have no clue what day or date is..thankful I have a computer to find out..or check my phone..oh, the technology of it all.
    So, Nature works best for me..this time of year..there is lots of yard work for me…so, I get out there with my Grandmother..she is the sun ..I have always called the sun Grandmother..She is my love..I wallow in her light..drink in in every cell..and project for only the healing rays to enter me.
    So, there ya have it..and again thank you for sharing of yourself.

    • Hi Catherine, I can really relate to you when it comes to time and what date it is… also have you found that your speech at times can be all over the place? my son is asking “why cant you speak mum?” I just cant i have to stop for a bit before i talk as I know i am going to mix all my words up. LOL 🙂

      • Sonia,

        I’m glad you mentioned the communicating difficulty many of us have sometimes. I’ve struggled with this AP side effect off and on over the years but the further into the EP I go, I’m finding it getting a bit worse sometimes. The other day I had to make a phone call but didn’t remember to get my awareness pulled in to why I was making the call! Every time I forget to pull myself in and focus intensely on something specific like talking to someone about something!!! — the first sentence out of my mouth is a total disaster and I must sound brain damaged to the person I’m trying to communicate with.

        In old 3D Earth reality singular focus was normal but, with our ongoing expansions within 5D frequency and matching consciousness, that need for such tight, singular focus is gone and we’ve been going further and further into both nonlinear or quantum consciousness and becoming increasingly consciously aware of our own multidimensionality. We’re Working really hard to evolve into this NEW larger level of consciousness and reality so to suddenly have to shut that down so you can communicate to one person about one specific thing is harder than any of us guessed it would be! Expand, contract, expand again, contract again! If the unaware only knew what all we’re going through with absolutely everything it would blow their linear minds! 😉 This is however us learning to Master being multidimensional…

        • Yes I totally agree with you Denise, it can even be a bit embarrassing in 3D company.. I knew it had to do with the shift in the body and the mind rewiring itself.. Ive even split words up like half of two words in each word spoken .. I hope you understand me here.. My son asking why I can’t speak.. I have to work hard to think of what I am trying to say.. and it can be very hard to .. even looking at things knowing what they are but not being able to say them.. but my mind is ok because inwardly I see everything .. if that makes sense too .. LOL

    • Don’t diss your belly fat or evolving body. Many of us Buddha belly havers are AP and EP forerunners.

      • Speaking of Buddha… one of the side effects of an expanded consciousness and the so-called rainbow body (EP) is “invisibility”, i.e., you become less visible to those of lower or 3D consciousness. In essence, they ignore the ‘truth’ that you naturally light up in their awareness inducing them to identify with the negative emotions attached to that ‘truth’ or more accurately, mis-truth. This is why it is a natural phase separation process in Ascension. It is simply due to your higher embodiment of the REAL truth! You magnetically (emotionally) repel those that grasp on to what ‘lies’ within. 😉

        • yes I agree…. I know i repel people too I use to think it was because something was wrong with me but its because I bring the truth and people are scared of that.. the dark run and hide.. I understand this much better now. I realised i could bring the truth out without even speaking…

        • Tod & All,

          Many of the Forerunners of the Forerunners have had to deal with this from the start of the Ascension Process in the physical level from 1998-1999. I’m one of them that began experiencing this suddenly seemingly being “invisible” to unaware people. I’ll never forget when this started for me in 1999, and escalated through the entire decade of the 2000’s. Those of us who’ve lived with this for years used to bitch n’ complain about it in Comments at TRANSITIONS a decade ago and about how unaware and rude people were to us. It took us a while to realize that lower consciousness people weren’t even seeing us and that’s why they’d literally walk into us, push their shopping carts into our bodies or our shopping carts, walk directly in front of us in stores and then stand there blocking our view of what we were looking at BEFORE them, and almost drive their cars into our cars and on and on. And all while having the worst of the worst AP symptoms and “brain fog” too.

          During this time there were other side effects in the physical that I experienced due to my living the AP/EP as a First Waver/First Embodier back then. For your entertainment –

          When one’s energy frequency does not match the dimension and society that one is living in, a whole bunch of electronic devices do NOT work for you because of it. During the decade of the 2000’s, those electronic motion activated sensors that turn the water on in public bathroom sinks and flush the toilets, did not work for me. I was also “invisible” to them. I was also “invisible” to all motion sensor doors like at grocery stores and most shopping stores etc. I’d move around in front of them, jump, move right/left, curse out loud and the doors would NOT open for me. I’d have to wait outside for a “normal” person to come along and activate it and then rush in behind them. There’s plenty of other examples but you should get a sense of what a pain in the ass this was back then while going through super intense AP symptoms. The bad old days… 😡

          So this is really about frequency rates and not “truths” necessarily. I get what you’re saying about this but it’s more about different levels of energetic frequency, and of course the consciousness and awareness etc. that goes with all of them. More dense doesn’t see or perceive less dense, exactly like it’s always been with our nonphysical Guides, the ETs, the Angelics, the Lightbeings and so on. One begins to perceive and see them when one evolves to a point that’s a close enough frequency range to them.

        • yes Denise… totally in 1994 I had a major NDE my body was going through hell. But this NDE left me with an activated pineal gland. I was then guided by my angels how to heal both physically and mentally. I had to learn self love and they told me and showed me. i remember once that someone in my job asked me “How are you Sonia” I told the truth “I am sick as a dog” they looked at me or should i say though me because i was supposed to respond “I’m good thank you” and smile. When i told her the truth her face just dropped .. I went silent, then a channeled voice came through me and said to her “Don’t ask a question that you don’t want to know the answer to”.. she never came near me again and we worked in the same job. I’ve watched people in so much ignorance its unbelievable. Same here always moving for others. my mum is sired of son is 13 and came shopping with me a couple of weeks ago.. He was gobbed smacked at how people behave.. He saw for himself that people don’t care if they walk into you bang you with their trolley, smoke in front of you outside the doctors room. And don’t let me start on the driving part. I have had to still myself and be detached from the emotions of it all. Do you know how many children i have seen fall head first out of trolleys, and no matter how many children have dies in heated cars and yet people still keep doing it.. I have to close off to the news .. I don’t want to see anymore. I mean there is that saying by Jesus “forgive them father for they know not what they do” but hey more than 2000 years later and we still don’t get it??? This all has to change. sorry i get on my pedestal.. I’m so passionate.

        • Hope I’m responding in the correct place here 😀

          Thank you so much Denise, for expanding on the “dense people” (insert pun here!!) not seeing the “light people”. On Friday I was really dragging/tired yet I still needed to go out for errands. Before my last errand, I was at a major street light/intersection. Two cars ahead of me were turning right, and I was going to go straight ahead through the intersection. I was almost halfway through the first part of the intersection when a guy was already in front of me turning left (when I had the right of way!!). I saw him and stopped, annoyed and frustrated at his audacity. I started again to make my way through the rest of the intersection when a lady was starting to make a right hand turn to pull out in front of me in my lane however she stopped short. That REALLY got to me and I exclaimed outloud, “What the heck!! Am I invisible or something??!! I’m right here!!” Guess I was more correct than I realized; didn’t dwell on it much more than that. Will have to start putting big huge universal flashing lights on my car from now on 😀

          Love to you and all,

        • Chrysalis

          I’ve been driving 35 years and never ever have I detested driving like I do now, and to date I’ve never had a fine or lost points on my license, yet you speak to young people and they think it hilarious to behave so badly and lose their points like they are so funny. doesn’t matter the danger they cause., I mean last week i was taking my very ill mother in her 70’s to an appointment and we were going across a crossing in a car park and this young girl didn’t want to stop but I was already on the crossing. I placed my hand up to stop in which she decided to drive even faster then when i held my mums hand to cross she opened her window and told me “I wished I’d run you over” now thats a young girl. I was speechless.. I thought about her poor mother…

      • Yes again with the Budda belly, I do have a flat tummy but… when it fills with the energies it expands and becomes very sensitive to touch as the energies just go swishing all over and it can be overwhelming emotionally. This makes me very aware why intimacy is very sacred because your body (energy center’s) becomes like a total surrender of soul. I realised why the Masters/God of the universe will send the soul mate to you … this is not for a 3D male to take advantage of. No offense to anybody meant.

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