2018 Astrological Energy Stair-step Changes

     Saturn entered Capricorn December 19, 2017.

  • December 19, 2017 Saturn entered Capricorn
  • March 21, 2020 Saturn enters Aquarius
  • July 1, 2020 Saturn retrogrades back into Capricorn
  • December 17, 2020 Saturn enters Aquarius


     Galactic Center is 27° Sagittarius 06.1  on January 1, 2018.


     Chiron in Aries

  • Chiron enters Aries April 19, 2018.
  • Chiron retrogrades back into Pisces on September 26, 2018 where it remains for the rest of 2018.
  • March 1, 2019 Chiron reenters Aries and remains there until July 1, 2026.


    Uranus in Taurus

  • Uranus enters Taurus May 15, 2018.
  • Uranus retrogrades back into Aries November 7, 2018 where it remains for the rest of 2018.
  • Uranus reenters Taurus on March 6, 2019 and remains there until July 7, 2025.


   PLUTO in Capricorn crosses the Ecliptic in 2018

“The Line of Nodes is the intersection between the orbital plane of Pluto (purple) and that of Earth (white). Because Pluto’s orbit is significantly inclined relative to the ecliptic plane, node crossings are rare, and because Pluto’s orbit is eccentric, they occur in 87- and 161-year intervals. Credit: Anne Verbiscer”

Pluto Crosses the Ecliptic

“Approximately 01:13 GMT October 31, 2018 (July 2018 according to NASA), Pluto crosses the ecliptic from north to south. Pluto last crossed the ecliptic traveling south to north on September 4, 1930 (NASA says it occurred in 1931), the time of the Great Depression.

The last time Pluto crossed the ecliptic north to south, like it is in 2018, was July 2nd, 1770…”


Those last two sentences in that quote says it all, except that we’re in the Ascension Process (AP) now—compressed evolution—which dramatically changes the influences of this and all other astrological energies and transits. No fear however, just ongoing ascension-related planetary, consciousness, internal and external physical reality changes due to the evolutionary AP. Trust the ongoing changes, even the potentially terrifying ones, which are and will continue to produce profoundly improved higher frequency 5D results in comparison to the old negative 3D global patriarchal ones. With your 5D HighHeart Pathpaving the way to your personal, and humanities NEW 5D lives and external realities, wholeheartedly and with zero hesitation, doubt or second-guessing walk away from the familiar 3D patriarchal ways and consciousness and boldly exist in and from the NEW evolved 5D Earth world and your life in it. Don’t intellectually think this but do it from your 5D HighHeart Self and don’t look back. Trust your personal ongoing Embodiment Process and related expanding conscious creating abilities Pathpaving, Embodying Forerunners.

Know that the old patriarchal everything is collapsing because it cannot and will not be ascending into the NEW higher frequencies. That time and 3D level of dense global negative patriarchal consciousness, greed and control has completed and all that remains of it is its quickening demise around us all. Let it die and pass away from sight, habit, expectation and memory. The long dark insane nightmare is finally over.

Saturn in Capricorn

Briefly because I’ve already talked about the major energetic ascension-related change — the freeing of Saturn from Team Dark control — in other articles. Keep in HighHeart awareness that what 3D Saturn was is not remotely what 5D Saturn is now. The planets are ascending too right along with you, me, and all of humanity honestly desirous of positive global change individually and collectively. In the case of Saturn, much intentional energetic interference had to be purged and energetically overwritten to free Saturn from negative distortions and restrictions deliberately inserted by Team Dark (TD) long ago to make it easier for them control, steer, contain and maintain 3D physical reality and global humanity at a very low-level of consciousness, life and external reality. This and more was accomplished throughout 2017 to Saturn and we now have a cleared and free NEW 5D frequency Saturn because of it.

Because Saturn is traveling deeper into increasingly higher frequency layers of 7D Photonic Light, even greater transformations, cellular-scrubbing and across-the-board karmic clearing for everyone and everything continues taking place. Of course Saturn isn’t the only planet going through this, the Sun and entire solar system, Earth and humanity is as well, which means all previous Evolutionary Cycle Codes and old negative TD interference and distortions continue being Photonically scrubbed clear at ever deepening levels within us all due to our ongoing journey through the cosmic cleansing 7D Photonic Light. More higher Light in, more old Dark everything out.

This means that all structures within NEW 5D physicality will be radically improved compared to what humanity has suffered for eons; all structures, including internal ones such as our skeletal structure (Saturn) that hold our physical bodies in place and support us to live in physicality. Wonder why your bones, joints, spine and skull have hurt, ached, felt broken at times or so painful you couldn’t put your body weight on your feet, ankles or other structural parts and joints lately? Saturn holds physical structures in place in physicality so we can live, experience, learn and create within it, but like everything and everyone else, Saturn has received higher more complex NEW 5D frequency Codes too which many have felt inside their physical bodies, bones, joints, spine, skull and/or entire skeletal structure since mid-2017, and more intensely in 2018 so far. Expect some NEW aches, pains, pressures and ongoing changes to your inner Saturn 5D structural system due to these constant deeper level old clearings and ongoing higher frequency Embodiment advancements.

Another level of this is how both Saturn and Pluto transiting through Capricorn—last of the earth signs and the I USE energy of the zodiac—are rapidly exposing, dismantling and dis-empowering all negative 3D global patriarchal structures and people (males and females) who support and try to perpetuate them. This transitional phase won’t last forever but it is a wild ride for sure, much like being on a high ascension tightrope walk while the global patriarchy & Co. goes under for the last time directly below you. Don’t loose your focus, Heart or higher level footing fellow First Embodying Forerunners. Pathpaving requires your and all of our full focus and intentions. Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn in 5D frequencies are fast-tracking this transitional phase out of old 3D patriarchal Team Dark negativity and into ascended NEW 5D internal and external realities. As we continue up NEW higher energy Stair-steps, the old ones below us simultaneously disintegrate and disappear. Don’t look back.

Chiron enters Aries April 19, 2018

This sign change and subsequent transit is huge too, just like the freeing of Saturn, just like Uranus entering Taurus, but all from a 5D frequency, not an old 3D one. This is key so keep it in HighHeart mind as things change dramatically.

Chiron in Aries will profoundly aid humanity with their ongoing individual Ascension Process (AP). Chiron in Aries at a 5D Earth level and collective frequency —on top of our continuous immersion within 7D Photon Light— will in rapid succession push humanity to become conscious of and feel, deal with, heal and transcend their personal wounds and distortions of all types on all levels. Chiron in Aries during the Ascension and Embodiment Processes is like the physician, heal thyself’ endeavor and every individual will be feeling and perceiving things they’ve not wanted to or even been consciously aware existed within themselves before. As scary as that may sound happening to the global masses, the great news is that Aries—the I AM of the zodiac—is all about individually getting things done and quickly, so even though this transit at first glance may look like it could be painful and difficult for most, it’s greatly elevated due to the AP and our existence within 5D frequency. I know it doesn’t externally look like we’re in a fifth dimensional world yet but we are, and every one of these 2018 transits are and will be rapidly evolving global humanity into 5D consciousness, which is HighHeart — individually integrated, individually unified, higher being, consciousness and external reality.

Because the Pathpaving, Forerunning First Embodiers have done so much personal Inner Work since the AP began fully in the physical dimension around 1998–1999, this transit and others will play out a bit differently for them because they’ve transmuted and transcended so much personally already. What they’ll experience will be deeper leveled personally and more universal overall. For those ascending on energy Stair-steps below the Pathpaving Forerunners, it will manifest more quickly and easily for them which is a positive for everyone. They won’t have nearly as much transformational Inner Work to do as we did and it will be more of a situation of them being quickly energetically cleared and re-Coded by the NEW 5D Light and deeper immersion into more rarefied levels of 7D Photon band of Light. Many of them won’t even be consciously aware of what’s happening to them and why; many positive evolutionary changes in them will be more perceivable to the Forerunners than to themselves. None of that matters really, only that it happens.

Uranus enters Taurus May 15, 2018

Continuing these astrological interpretations from a fifth dimensional frequency and perspective, next up is Uranus in Taurus. This transit has been on people’s minds for years already but mostly from an old lower 3D level based in survival, fear, greed, power and control type consciousness and expectations over how this transit will impact money, banking systems and stocks etc. around the world. As Aries is the I AM energy of the zodiac, Taurus is the I HAVE energy of the zodiac. In the old negative 3D patriarchal world this was entirely about getting as much money and “valuables” as one possibly could no matter what. The more money, valuables and perceived value one had, the more power they had, so this particular transit is going to severely ‘shock and awe’ most people and in ways they don’t as yet even know exist.

In both the ancient and current dying dark old days, what humanity believed to be valuable, of value (Taurus) where things like gold, silver, precious gems, money, stocks, land, homes, vehicles, ownership of other people (workers, employees) such as most jobs and careers are today, females, positions of power, power over others and so on. However, what is of value and valuable from the NEW fifth dimensional ascending HighHeart level of consciousness and reality are things like global equality in all ways, honesty, integrity, respect, equal sharing of everything with every person, compassion for every human, animal and life-form on Earth and Earth and Nature as well. What’s been considered valuable to global 3D patriarchal humans is obscene, repulsive, evil and insane to evolved 5D humans of Light and Heart, which means the end of money and money systems and other things considered of high value and power won’t be in existence much longer.

A few years ago I had some readers sharing information with me about NESARA and how all money around the world was soon to be divvied out equally to every individual alive on Earth now. The ancient global elite pyramid scheme finally being toppled and all the world’s vast riches would be doled out to every person worldwide so monitory equality would at long-last be achieved. That’s the extent of my knowledge about NESARA (and I do not want to know more about it) because I’ve always known that 5D worlds don’t need money or anything like it because they are evolved far beyond that level. Like I’ve repeatedly said over these ascension years, has anyone ever seen an ET or Angel, Lightbeing or Ascended Master carrying a wallet, purse, money or credit card? Because they haven’t needed those things, neither will 5D frequency humanity and Earth.

Because of those ever-present and necessary energy Stair-steps (or energy Waves if you prefer) this is a strong possibility—I repeat, possibility—that may manifest on Earth once Uranus is fully settled in Taurus for the seven yearlong transit haul. At some point during this transit money may be equally spread out to everyone globally which would be one way for this major evolutionary transition to play out and create less panic and fear over the eventual global end of money and money systems altogether. If it does happen, it will do so as one of the energy Stair-steps for unaware global humanity so they do not freak out and go on mass murder sprees or kill themselves because what’s coming with money and all old 3D “valuables” will seem so much worse than the 1929 Great Depression! The unaware will not understand what’s happening and why when money and other valuables and what’s always been seen and believed as having great monetary value (old 3D level Taurus) suddenly and unexpectedly (Uranus) go belly up and all old 3D monetary systems and structures topple one after another. To prevent fear, panic and violence over these upcoming worldwide monetary changes, humanity will be quickly (Uranus) ushered up more NEW ascension energy Stair-steps (energy Waves) to expand their consciousness, open their HighHearts and finally be provided for in NEW 5D ways. The goal is not to continue perpetrating old 3D control systems such as what money and banking etc. were but to evolve beyond them into NEW 5D consciousness and external reality.

As I mentioned, Taurus has to do with money, valuables and what humans individually and collectively believe to be of value. In the old lower 3D world what was valued was having as much physical property, money, stuff and the power or perception of power by other people as possible. Heart, respect, compassion, awareness beyond just ones 3D ego self, equality, and having empathy for anyone or anything else has been nonexistent for the most part. However, in the ascending and ascended 5D Earth world, the transit of Uranus in Taurus from the fifth dimensional level will be about NEW higher values and openly and freely sharing all with all across the planet.

Pluto in Capricorn Crosses the Ecliptic

According to the brief message I quoted above about this, at some point in 2018 around July or October, Pluto will cross the Ecliptic which is a rare event all on its own. However, add to that the fact it’s happening this time during the Ascension Process and with Earth already existing within 5D frequency while transiting within the massive 7D Photon Band of super high transformational Light, this Ecliptic crossing by Pluto will not resemble any previous ones.

I can imagine the Plutonian Underworld—both individually and species wide—being entirely exorcised by 7D Photon Light, while on the Earth’s surface the 5D frequency Capricorn influences will accelerate the total transformation of Earth life and reality for humanity. Don’t even try to compare this crossing with previous ones because it’s incomparable to them all for the reasons mentioned. Aim higher, dream bigger, expect much more.

And Lastly

Those who cannot or will not make these evolutionary changes provided in energetic and astrological Stair-step fashion will not be energetically and physically prepared for what comes after these 2018 astrological sign changes. “The Event” has many absolutely necessary energetic Stair-steps (or energy Waves) that must be lived through and embodied beforehand so people can even physically survive the NEW full force energies and Codes that “The Event” will manifest.

I know lots of people are doing nothing but waiting for The Event” to happen which they believe will magically lift them up into paradise and a glorious life, world and reality with zero work or participation on their parts. Nice fantasy unaware people as these lines of deluded thoughts and hopes always are. The fact that so many believe that they and their physical bodies could survive such a profound and sudden evolutionary change Shift as what “The Event” will do on the physical level with no preparatory Inner Work on their parts is amazing. Good luck with that.

I’ll write more about “The Event” subject in another article soon but for now, understand that these 2018 astrological sign changes and transits along with every other energy related happening we’re experiencing are all preparatory energy events to aid humanity and Earth and beyond for the inevitable “Event”, which is just the start of the NEW totally and completely. Stair-step people, always have been and always will be. ❤


April 2, 2018

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36 thoughts on “2018 Astrological Energy Stair-step Changes

  • Hello ❤
    It’s funny because I finished reading this entire article thinking it was new, till I got to the comments and read several mentioning it being from April. I had no idea at first what they were talking about until I scrolled up and looked at the date and realized it in fact was from April! Same way you Denise had forgotten you wrote this article, I forgot I read it! I can’t even remember what I did or ate yesterday unless I did something totally out of the ordinary then I may remember it for several days. I’m forgetting/mixing words when speaking to others all the time and can’t seem to remember anything. Even if I look at the date or day, a lot of times an hour after it’s gone. This includes your articles, if I end up reading one and decide I want to comment but if I don’t do it right away I don’t even remember what you wrote about. This has happened to me a few times where I had to go back to re-read what you wrote as I was commenting few days after reading the article. The following day your article is gone, I only remember the gist that you wrote something really amazing (like always) but that’s about it! Haha 🙂 It even happens (endless times) where 1 second afterwards where I am about to look up something, by the time I grab a pen or open up a tab to start typing I have no idea what I was even going to look up!!! I know this is ascension related so I just laugh it off most times, but when dealing with others it can get a little embarrassing at times or even frustrating when you’re trying to work/study. For example a while back someone asked me casually what I did yesterday and for the longest pause ever I told her I could not remember, she thought I was crazy. I didnt lie either nor thought about making something up, just confirmed that I could not remember, she made a face. I know that our memories are being erased so we can be in the now moment, but Denise is this just a phase we are going through and will eventually be able to think like before (but better) again or will we reach a point where everything is completely and eventually gone?

    And I totally agree with your comment about not getting into any big legal financial contacts from now onwards. I am so happy ❤ to know you achieved your goal of owning a property with no mortgage!! I didn’t even know this till you mentioned it now so I went back and read an article from that time period since I discovered you early 2016 and you moved before that. I am actually looking forward to see how this all unravels (ascension), but what about those of us just starting off who don’t even have a home? Or savings (opposite to what someone commented below)!

    • “For example a while back someone asked me casually what I did yesterday and for the longest pause ever I told her I could not remember, she thought I was crazy. I didnt lie either nor thought about making something up, just confirmed that I could not remember, she made a face. I know that our memories are being erased so we can be in the now moment, but Denise is this just a phase we are going through and will eventually be able to think like before (but better) again or will we reach a point where everything is completely and eventually gone?”

      Prabhi K & All,

      I’ve lived like this for so long now and for the most part I too just tell MY truth when an unaware person asks me something like this. The main question we all get is ‘Hi, how are you?’ Depending on the situation, people involved, and how I feel at that moment depends on how I reply. More and more I answer with MY truth which is something like, ‘I hurt from top to bottom and am so tired and exhausted.’ It’s interesting how more people perk up when you share your truth instead of just respond with the “pre-recorded “auto-pilot bullshit answer(s). Oftentimes after hearing me confess to pain and exhaustion they respond that they too are so exhausted and can’t sleep well and feel crappy but aren’t “sick” and so on. I know they’re talking about Ascension side effects but they don’t.

      It’s not that our memories are being erased but that they’re disappearing because they came from the old lower world and our consciousness, lives and realities etc. that went with it for the most part. That plus we’re rapidly now going nonlinear and our consciousness is becoming increasingly both multidimensional AND quantum or nonlinear.

      When one exists entirely within linear frequency and consciousness, it’s fairly easy to keep mental track of things because that’s all that exists for us in that lower frequency/consciousness range. As we continue evolving and expanding, which is happening so quickly now, we’re literally not existing within linear space, time, consciousness and reality any more and because of this we’re oftentimes struggling to keep everything in the old familiar neat and tidy smaller linear tracks that we’re used to. Problem with all that is that we’re not existing in that old lower frequency and consciousness anymore but continue to evolve and expand in every way which allows us to perceive and function within MULTIPLE levels, layers, worlds, dimensions, timelines and our own Selves too. And, this is just the beginning of our going nonlinear, quantum and with what I’ve called Spherical Consciousness in nonlinear Earth worlds and other dimensions as well. Much more of this to come. ❤

      • I just re-read this post and am in the process of reading all of the latest comments. Thank you for your comment Prabhi K and your reply, Denise. Prabhi K, you’re describing what I’ve been feeling for some time and tried to describe in a response to yesterday’s post. Denise, thank you for your response. The “Hi, how are you?” question has been bugging me for some time. My usual response, until recently, has been “Good, how are you?” It has felt so fake, so my answer to most people now is: “Feeling grateful for another day, and you?” (Even though I may be feeling lower than a snake’s belly at that moment, I do feel gratitude every day for being on the planet at this time, anticipating what’s coming next.) I’ve had some interesting reactions from some, almost all ending up with a big smile.

  • A financial reset freaks me out. I hear a lot of people in ascension social media groups talking about it. My concern is how will I pay my mortgage? My retirement? College for my kids? What about the money I’ve saved. All my expenses? And all the sweat and tears I’ve put into my career while experiencing ascension symptoms. I often hear people who aren’t working or struggling financially say it’s going to happen soon. As much as I like to help others, I can’t do that if I can’t take care of my needs first. I’m glad you mentioned that this ideal is 3D because it seems in 5D we are evolving into a moneyless society.

    • Elizabeth,

      I’ve said a few times over these ascension years — How many Angels, Lightbeings, ETs, Masters and such have you seen carrying a wallet or a purse, cash or credit cards? 😉 We’re evolving beyond money, money consciousness, money-based societies, governments, realities and life.

  • Marcy I could relate to your comment about people bumping into you. I had the same experience on Thursday this week when I went into town. Everywhere I went I seemed to be bumping into people or they me. Surreal to say the least.

    Denise yesterday I glanced at the sun and a curtain/veil of light covered it. It had vertical lines running down it. It wasn’t rainbow coloured but crystalline, platinum, diamond light but when I looked away from the sun the sky changed into all these ultra violet, pink, gold, blue colours. Also these energy waves you mention are certainly challenging physically. Much head/heart chakra activations going on. The divine mind coming online now too. Maureen

  • This is really weird … checking blog for new posting and/or comments (been weeks) but a posting from last April keeps coming up first. Is this on purpose? I can see where some of the info is relevant to now but it is still weird. Actually 3D life in general is weird right now. 😕

    • Kathy & All,

      No kidding life in general is weird now! The energies this week have literally knocked me out almost every morning (10:30AM-1:30PM-ish). Super intense and it’s obvious that many of us need to be out-of-body while more Embodiment is taking place at these NEW levels.

      I wrote this astrological article back in April 2018 and I totally forgot about Pluto crossing the ecliptic at some point this year. Someone else mentioned in an email about this and that’s what triggered my memory of having written about it months ago. I sense it’s started very recently which is the reason I RE-posted this April article. As the weeks and months unfold, this will become increasingly evident in the world.

      I have a new article almost done that I hope to publish in the next couple of days about November 11 energies and much more. ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Hello Denise!
    I decided to click on your site today to see if you had written a new article beyond October 6 and surprised that your April 6, 2018 article is on top of posted articles.. I don’t know whether you reposted it or not or if it just me, however it sure hit the spot.. It has been money, banking or some other type of finance all week starting with Tuesday’s email from my bank to call and verify my address for the new debit cards being sent out for 2019, then yesterday an article was posted on Private Group site I participate with from website Zero Hedge, article 10/24/18 entitled ‘The Financial System Has Just Hit the Perfect Storm’… Last night at the grocery I talked with couple I met a few months ago and they talked about trying to buy a house and something happens each time to prevent them from buying, from house sold as soon as they saw it to house would not pass inspection… As they talked about things happening to derail their buying I said “I believe you are being given a clear message to hold up on this… She said interest rates going up and more down payment is being required, says they put down $2000 and had a change of mind about the house so they called the realtor and asked if they could get their money back and realtor asked had seller of house/ their realtor reached out to them? She told him no one had contacted them even though they had put down money and so they got their money back.. Mind you their are plenty houses on the market here so there are NO home shortages…I said again to them that this message is surely telling them to hold off of this for now!

    Now, the first thing I heard when I got of out bed this morning was ‘Credit Cards’ and I wondered why I was getting this message and as I read this article I see you mention Credit Cards, so no coincidence to me, something is really going on heavy with money, financials….

    As I said I don’t know whether you intended to repost this article but it sure was a message for me!

    What do you Think ? Are you getting financial, money messages?

    • Avian Gray,

      Like I mentioned to Kathy, I’d forgotten that I’d written this astrological article back in April 2018, and primarily about Pluto crossing the ecliptic at some time this year. Based on what I’ve felt this week, I believe that it — Pluto crossing the ecliptic — has now begun, and because of that we’re going to increasingly see all of the old patriarchal systems deteriorating at record speeds. And, more importantly than that, all of them NOT being “fixed” and put back into “business” for humanity. We’re evolving past all this old negativity.

      I worked my backside and heart off throughout the decade of the 2000s (and beyond) to earn enough money to buy my own home on its own property in cash so I’d not have a mortgage or monthly rent for the simple reason that I cannot afford either and don’t want either. I pulled this off in early 2015, worked cleaning and repairing/replacing on that house until the old one sold and I moved us in January 2016. I did waaaaay too much and my body took all of 2017 to recover but I did it. Huge sigh of relief.

      Whatever anyone does from here on out with your credit cards or buying/selling your house or making any large purchase, seriously and honestly think the whole thing over really well first. If you can make the purchase, whatever it is in cash then do so, otherwise I personally would not commit myself to ANY long-term financial situations now or for the next few years because of the collapse of the old patriarchal world and its monetary systems etc. etc. This will get worse in 2019 when Uranus re-enters Taurus for the remainder of its transit through that sign. If you can afford to buy something you honestly want and/or need, then do so but I don’t suggest anyone gets themselves locked into any legal financial contracts while the old world is unraveling.

  • Hi Denise. As per usual re the last few blogs, im not able to relate very much. In this one, per discussion about aggression when driving and being in public, I can relate to that! I’ve been feeling mass anger and aggression almost every time I use the work truck. I mean there are days when its like I have to fight to maintain reason. I get in the truck all normal and then feel flooded like a possession or something with every mean angry impatient agressive get out of my way or else feeling! My job is located in a strip mall. A very small strip mall but because a take out place draws amazing business too much for the layout, people are as the other person wrote. Anyhow Im so challenged becuz I at times feel like im going down or being pulled and the desire to teach someone a lesson overwhelms me—- which would be stupid. I recognize this selfish angry desire from when I was descending towards suicide and all my considerable blame and anger, my selfish demands and expectations(CONTROL) were projected outwards. When this old stuff rises I have become aware I had become inflexible! Example😄: The smallest changes in my neighborhood were pissing me off becuz I needed to adapt and wasn’t recognizing it! I have to talk to myself now about how im talking to myself! And it’s hard because for some insane reason I need to be right and have things My Way. Always. And I now recognize this as I need to be in control and my routine needs to remain fixed! Another oldie. This need to adapt and embrace change on ALL fronts no matter how “small” is imperative. I mean I’ve been resenting my dog’s digestion problems and all I do for him (becuz my sleep is disrupted and he runs from his farts and tramples my head. All 25 freaking lbs of him! 😜😋😳 U can tell I’ve never been a parent!). I’ve resented all the younger new people with cars and children being out at all hours! I kid u not that in order for me to see what was happening to me was a group event! I live or HAD lived in a quiet culdesac. I was used to taking my dog out and walking the little circle. His digestion and routine demanded this. Lately no matter WHEN, and I MEAN NO MATTER WHEN…it could be afternoon, it could be literally any time 8pm, 9, midnight, 11pm, 2 in the morning….as soon as i stepped foot out my gate with dog, a neighbor with His Dogs would come out too so Id have to turn back. I’d go out AGAIN later, Cars would suddenly zip up and groups of people would erupt spilling out and milling about with adults and kids! I was so fking angry. I mean HOW could this be happening every damn time???? I felt constricted and trapped. I felt hatred. It got to be that I was prepared for this strangeness and Yes: open gate and cars or people or dogs or SOMETHING INTERFERING would happen too. I hope this sounds as crazy as it was. 😉😋😳😀 It took a long long long time for the lesson to sink in about adapting, adjusting, tolerating the New in my once mostly older quiet people culdesac! Its now full of friendly creative families. I had to make myself smile at them, chit chat with them and ask myself how did I become one of those grumpy disapproving old people?!! This is a work in progress! I can feel that it is the old 3d neg energy when it arises. In retrospect its funny and creative of me, this lesson!

    • Gosh, I’m hat was a wonderful response Edith!! And it was so funny and it helped me understand better what is happening around me. Thank you!! So enjoyed reading your powerful honest reflection! I mean that🤟✨🌟✌️ Marcy

  • One question forgot to ask! Do you think “our” energy is influencing the crazy effect?.. There is so much light swirling around me! I intuitively felt (at the store and on the road) that my energies are really “attrac-tive.” Like I’m a giant buffer balloon any hateful kid would want to hit.

  • Denise, this is the 5D effect I’m witnessing in LA, CA, city-wide now. Your report is no shit. It’s HEADS UP time. Bad got worse. I’m witnessing (and dodging)…collisions! People want to HIT people! I watched cars last week…ramming into intersections, turns, the freeway, as if they WANT to hit and do not care if they GET hit. This has happened in the past, wild behavior, during “escalating” weeks or turning points over the past 2-5 years. All easily visible en masse in a city. But now, it’s like LOOK OUT! And people are slamming themselves into people! At the store, a guy on a bike was stopped (probably by my guides) from running me over. Immediately, a woman slams big bags into me. In the store, another woman randomly makes fun of me behind my back, like a high school kid. Wtf? People drove themselves through the store the same way the cars did on the road. Slamming, no observation, no seeing others, just DRIVE! It’s like duck and cover time. Or get hit. I’m learning from it all, too, as recovered victim. It feels like POISONOUS everything is up to the surface. Best not be within spitting range, literally/metaphorically. Please be careful in traffic!

    • “Your report is no shit…”

      Thanks Marcy for understanding. ❤

      Things have been really intense and they're about to go to a whole NEW level and the unaware, underdeveloped and unprepared will find all the energy expansions into even higher frequencies throughout 2018 way too much. There are so, so many who have zero respect or tolerance for anyone or anything. And you’re right about people driving like maniacs into people walking, other vehicles, buildings, houses, and lately ROOFS of buildings and/or houses!!! It’s unbelievable, they’re driving so fast that they get airborne and crash on to rooftops. Cars, airborne! It’s like people are hellbent on getting somewhere as fast as possible and they don’t care if they or anyone else gets hurt or killed in the process. Kamikaze drivers!

  • How do you do it Denise, so much information, much over my head, astrologically, but such a lot of help and so many, many words, you must be shot to bits (tired out) UK style. So much resonates here, thanks and much love 💙💜💚

  • This is fascinating Denise; especially gratifying is the perspective you provide of Chiron in Aries. It is so good to get a better grasp on what the transit of Uranus in Taurus will mean too. I’ve felt transiting Chiron and Uranus have been working together for many years now, always about 30 degrees or so apart, the healing and the “awakening”, providing our planet and its inhabitants a kind of transition from the old ways into a new way of living and Being. I was unaware of the Pluto crossing of the ecliptic, so that information is invaluable. All together this article has provided encouragement and a sense of purpose to the stresses we are enduring; a glimpse of how the future might be and a fueling of our imaginations to bring it into reality. I hope you are feeling better now and presume that solar activity contributed to the physical discomfort so many of us experienced in recent days/weeks. It’s so fortunate you are here to keep us focused and on the path. Bless you for that.

    • Barb,

      I’m glad this Astro info helped with all this Ascension Process business. It’s all connected of course.

      I’d intended to go into more detail about Chiron and the Ascension Process (AP) in this article, but because it was so long I didn’t. I’ll do so briefly here because I still feel this is important information for everyone. If you have a prominent natal Chiron like I do, you too have felt this archetypal Chiron dilemma most of your life.

      For anyone reading this that’s not familiar with Chiron and his “myth” — Chiron was a Master, a Teacher to the gods offspring, an Immortal and a centaur. He accidentally became wounded by a poisoned arrow made for Hercules. The main Chiron dilemma has to do with the fact that he’s an Immortal that becomes mortally wounded. Because of his Immortality, he suffers great and endless physical pain from this accidental injury. He lives in pain constantly because he cannot die.

      If we take this primary Chiron dilemma of being Immortal ourselves, which we are, but discover that we too have one or more “mortal wounds”, then this makes a lot of sense when combined with the current Ascension Process (AP)! In our own ways, global humanity is “mortally wounded” and due to the evolutionary AP happening in our lives and time now, we’re all HAVING to deal with our own Immortal mortal wounds that cause us endless pain, physical or otherwise. The AP is each of us having to resolve our individual Chiron dilemma, our deep, toxic, fatal wound that we don’t outright die from because we’re both Immortal AND we’re supposed to solve, resolve this archetypal Chiron dilemma within ourselves. We’ve been Working on it and much more via our individual AP over the years and decades. Transiting Chiron through Pisces these past years has been helping us go deep within and through all our past lives (Pisces) and the collective “wounds” and deal with them. Now however with Chiron entering Aries — I AM — resolving the Chiron dilemma becomes front and center for us all and in NEW, more obvious ways. To resolve this toxic wound we cannot die to be free of it; we must transmute and transcend it and that we’re doing with the help of the Ascension Process. Amazing when you honestly and deeply look into this ancient archetype and see that we’re living and resolving the old “gods” problems, wounds, limitations and dilemmas. ❤ ❤ ❤ Clear the Astral, bring on the NEW! 🙂

      • That is remarkable insight into the meaning of Chiron Denise. In my natal chart Chiron is conjunct my Sun so yes, it DOES make a lot of sense in light of the Ascension Process. Grateful to you for sharing this.

        • Thanks Barb. ❤ I also have Sun conjunct Chiron. It's a strong part of our sense of self so all this is important.

      • Denise, thank you so much for these fascinating insights on Chiron. You really helped me understand an issue I’m working through right now. My natal Chiron is retrograde (Taurus, 7th house). Would love to hear your take on what the retrograde aspect suggests here, if you have time. Thanks!!

      • How beautifully you explain this, Denise. Really appreciate it.

        A thought: But dilemmas like that of Chiron’s and other paradoxes , will these continue to exist in the loftier realms of consciousness that we already inhabit/embody or are swiftly moving into — those realms where most likely separatedness/dualities are none?

        I remember the paradox of consistency and constancy that my “higher’ aspects threw at me to ponder upon some ten years ago, I think. “We come, because we never left,” “they” said. ( I was then very much the unremembering “baby” me who, like many here perhaps, was deeply enmeshed and believing in my quixotic human rights causes that I thought would change the world) But I get this more now. How could there be coming or leaving of higher aspects/fragments of Self, when there is only All there Is, there is only One, there are NO higher, NO lower parts of One?.

        Wont a perspective as this hold also for the Chiron’s dilemma? That is, the immortal-mortal dichotomy disappears, as we come out as full (if this is ever possible) embodiment, personification, and revelation of the Divine (or Christed) Humans, the Immortal God Expressions in form that we are. Consistently, constantly Be-ing, in and as our Essence, where we are, here, now-here,.

        Isnt it is amazing to be witness to all the unravellings of Truths, within and around us? The Hide-and-Seek games We play!

        Many thanks yet again, Denise- for all your deep insights and for the often-new info – to me at least- that you share with us. That’s one High, Big Heart the Lady got in there! (smile). Love you.

        • “How could there be coming or leaving of higher aspects/fragments of Self, when there is only All there Is, there is only One, there are NO higher, NO lower parts of One?.”


          Divine Source/God/All There Is, creates “landscapes”, “realities”, “worlds” etc. and then deliberately inserts many small aspects of Itself into what IT creates. We, and everyone else, are those very aspects. Source/God/All There Is, wants to experience creating and experiencing from within Its creations — those landscapes, worlds, realities, dimensions etc.

          “Wont a perspective as this hold also for the Chiron’s dilemma? That is, the immortal-mortal dichotomy disappears, as we come out as full (if this is ever possible) embodiment, personification, and revelation of the Divine (or Christed) Humans, the Immortal God Expressions in form that we are.”

          Yes, that’s what I tried to express in this article; the fact that many are evolving, ascending from a lower frequency state of greater duality into a higher frequency state of greater individual integration and unification. Those who are currently living the Embodiment Process are transcending the old lower frequencies of greater separation and duality into greater personal inner integration and unification. We’re also healing, transmuting and transforming those old “wounds” of being mortally wounded while being Immortal beings ourselves. When two things (aka duality) are integrated and unified, a third higher thing and state of being (and more) is naturally born of that merge. Many of us are in that stage of this ongoing Embodiment Process now.

  • Interesting Denise, yes, I await Uranus in Taurus, should be intriguing. I’m an astrologer, and I remember everyone saying Uranus in Aries would bring WW3. 🙂

  • Whoa! This is SO in line with my Energy, and I’m not even slightly adept Astrologically!,
    Wow….Thank YOU! ❤️
    Speaking of astrology…..this was my big 101….✨💖💫

  • I came across The Venus Project, also known as Resource Based Economy, and it looks like a very interesting way of living. Thank you so much Denise for this post!

    • The Venus project is a wonderful vision, my son showed me this some years ago….and thank you Denise for a very enlightening article, relate to it deeply , will re read and note down these transitional times/dates 😊❤ 👍

    • would be not a surprise seeing this uranus in taurus issue related to a deeper implementation, experimentation and discussion of resource-based economy, and seeing it very positively affecting the whole humankind, it would be really amazing!!!

      • nitrofurano,

        That’s exactly what’s happening and going to continue to happen from here on out with everything, not just Uranus in Taurus now or Saturn in Capricorn or any other transits. This is Universal evolution which means everything and everyone is changing dramatically for the better.

  • Thank you for addressing this insane following of the money and currency revaluations by the lightworker community. I mean buying up foreign currency to make a “profit” off the poorer systems in impoverished countries in order to do lightworks really????

    Even global distribution of material wealth or possessions will never cure the lack we feel deep within. We will just create the next thing we “need” to be happy. The same as looking for some “event” or galactic light ships coming to finally save us. Just shows the misunderstanding and incomprehension of the true abundance that lies within as even in the awakened we can still only conceive the old ways of defining and doing things. This is an inside job. This is why we are all here now to go through the process. I think we will find we are the galactics (it’s all in our dna!!). I know we will find we are are our own saviors!!

    However, I will say no matter where we are in the process I feel all of our hearts are in the right place and that is the light within we hold and anchor here.

    It is amazing to see all these things here in 3d revealing and changing as wonderful markers that the energy construct has changed because this small but mighty group have done the work to find the keys to the kingdom of heaven within!!

    Onward we go family with love!!

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