The Initiatic Evolutionary Journey: Stair-steps To Freedom

Wild times lately huh? Wild, enlightening and wonderful, and the higher level overview is always so much more impressive, simplified and clear than the previous level we were in. The higher we ascend, the more we see, feel and understand as we continue our evolutionary induced ascent. Climb baby climb!

I knew more Higher Awareness was just around the cosmic corner because we’d reached a more elevated NEW landing on these Ascension Embodiment Process stair-steps with entry into 2018. Some of what’s been expanding for me so far this year has been a higher overview and more detailed understanding about the different Initiatic Ascension Process (AP) energy stair-steps and higher landing levels for people coming up behind the Forerunner Pathpavers etc. As a Forerunner of the Forerunners I believed that the extreme Initiations I went through that started on the physical and biological levels 1998–1999, were more dangerous, negative, bloody and difficult because no one had cleared the energetic Ascension Path way back then. I was a point man, one of a very small First Wave Forerunner of the Forerunners group far out front with machetes hacking away for two decades at the internal and external, personal and collective dense negative overgrown 3D jungle foliage to clear an Ascension pathway for not only myself, ourselves, but for all who would be coming along—Ascending—behind this small but hearty first Pathpaving group.

When You Start “Waking Up”, You Do So In The Old DARK

One of the first realizations that hits people when they start to “wake up” from being activated by the evolutionary AP, is that almost immediately they’re under attack by pretty much everything and everyone. People and lifestyles, old lower level consciousness, habits and expectations etc. suddenly aren’t satisfying or fulfilling once one is in the “waking up” phase of the AP. Your family, friends, neighbors, partners, mates, husband or wife quickly become dense unaware jerks, or worse, from your newly activated ascending perspective. And usually they don’t want you to change and some greatly resent you for changing and no longer conforming to the family tribe and human collective herd. There’s also your old pre-Ascension friends and buddies that you find you have outgrown almost overnight. You’re suddenly faced with the painful fact that old lower frequency, density and consciousness relationships of all types (and everything else for that matter) no longer work for you because you’ve changed in positive and sudden maverick-like ways that they’re not anywhere near ready to deal with or understand. Because of this and hundreds of other things, you have to continue on the AP path, and as you do your once heavily populated life quickly becomes a lone solo journey into the great and seemingly endless unknown, and typically while under varying degrees of negative physical and psychic, etheric and Astral attacks.

The unaware and heartless people still existing in the DARK don’t take kindly to you “waking up” and rocking the old negative 3D patriarchal boat with your newfound beginner amount of LIGHT so, you come under repeated attacks by them because of it. Way freaking harsh treatment for simply being activated by the natural evolutionary Ascension Process but this is how it’s been for most of us. My point is that during the early phase of the AP, we all are repeatedly attacked by low consciousness people, some of them profoundly worse than others, who are frequency matching conduits with and portals for negative aliens, beings, entities, demons etc. or Team Dark as I call them all. As harsh as this all is, what’s worse is that most people who’ve been activated by the AP Light energies to quickly evolve don’t even understand why they’re being attacked by negative humans and nonhuman beings. This beginning period of the AP for most of us is so hard and confusing, not to mention terribly dangerous and painful in multiple ways, while we slowly realize what’s going on and why. It’s like a baby bird getting pushed out of the nest and having to figure out how to not get eaten by predators and quickly master flying at the same time. The learning curve at this stage is very intense, steep and usually one big blur of physical, psychic, etheric, emotional and mental pain and confusion while trying to not get murdered or mutilated beyond repair by Team Dark (TD) human psychopaths and/or nonphysical aliens, demons and whatnot. This is not at all exaggerated information but greatly and intentionally diluted information.

My only child, my adult son, is dangerously deep in this phase of physical negative old world human psychopaths trying to kill him, kill those close to him, mutilate him, poison him, break him in a number of ways and/or scare him away from their perceived physical territory. What I didn’t realize until I was physically with him Tuesday of this week after not seeing or talking with him for a few years (for AP reasons for myself at my stair-step and him at his), is just how archetypal these early Ascension Process Initiatory stair-step phases are. His personal experiences are slightly different from the ones I experienced from 1999 on—and included much of in A Lightworker’s Mission: The Journey Through Polarity Resolution (2010)—but they are archetypal in that Dark is Dark and Light is Light and all that’s got to be resolved as my book title indicates, and personally integrated, Alchemically transmuted and unified and finally transcended into something much higher in frequency by each of us individually. Resolving personal internal and external Duality, polarity, separation etc. to ascend beyond it and exist in a higher frequency and state of being and reality. Simultaneously, human psychopaths fighting and killing others over old negative 3D beliefs, territories and expectations that are all going extinct anyway, or simply because someone is ascending and Embodies Light in their territorial darkness. Time is short kids, “wake up” quickly and get your Inner Work done and physically move if needed and move on up energetically to the next higher Initiatic flight of AP stair-steps. Learn to fly and not get eaten by lowly insane predators; the evolutionary Light has your back, your heart and is the energetic force under your NEW wings so “fly” like everything depends on you getting more elevation quickly.

The other aspect of this with my son was, after he shared what he’s been going through with all this, not that he was consciously aware it was the AP, was what if anything should I do or not do about these dangerous Initiatic situations he’s in now. As I do with all things, I step way back to get a higher and larger overview of what’s all going on at that moment. Once I’ve expanded my awareness and perspective, I know what to do and/or not do, and in this case I wanted to discern who the people are that are trying to kill my son and where they live physically in relation to where he now lives. Once I’d done that and understood why they’re doing all they have for a very long time to anyone who takes up residence and employment in what they believe is their territory, I intentionally anchored layers and layers of higher frequency Light into that entire physical land area. I’ve been doing this all week and after that I called upon one archangel to help protect my son and his wife so they can continue their “waking up” phase of the AP long enough to realize they need to physically relocate asap, like it or not, ready or not, can afford it or not and they cannot. How many times have each of us HAD to move for similar reasons throughout our AP Initiations? Initiatic stair-steps.

The first day of my intentionally Working more Light into that land area I clairvoyantly Saw increased dark etheric activity inside my house which is fairly common still. After three days and nights of me Consciously Creating a Light saturated safe space for him and his wife to continue their AP, plus flooding hundreds of miles of land in the local area and state he lives in with higher frequency Light, I had an old familiar archetypal nightmare. I’ve had these victimizer/victim nightmares all my life up until the point I ascended out of frequency range of the old lower TD Earth world and negative Astral a few years ago. It was glorious to finally evolve myself out of range of these frequencies, beings, energies, emotions and consciousness. However, my extended focusing on negative TD humans and aliens (aliens because they’re involved with all this) for three days and nights was all it took to experience another of these horrific murder-spree type nightmares where human psychopaths hunt, capture and murder innocent humans, usually females but certainly not limited to. This is another reason it’s best to not look back but continue moving forward with your AP/EP. Unless you’ve got abundant personal Forerunner Light, knowledge and training under your own Divine belt and know how to deal with negative repercussions caused by your actions, just keep expanding and Embodying and take a pass for the time-being on evicting the Dark negativity. This is how some Forerunner Pathpavers Wayshowers learn; we push, we test, we intentionally drive the AP and EP higher and higher because we excel at this and more, and when TD retaliates, we learn from that too and continue on ever more empowered.

There Are No Coinky Dinks

 On Saturday April 14, 2018, Sandra Walter will be in Sedona Arizona with others to have a ‘Light Tribe Gathering’. See her website for information if interested. I mention this because everything I’ve discussed about my son and what he’s been going through for years already but is currently highly amplified has been happening only a few physical miles south of Sedona. Everyone please read between the 5D lines here again. The ‘Light Tribe’ intentionally Works the Light in all sorts of creative and beneficial ways both known and unknown for people—family and strangers alike—in different places on and off Earth and at different times but always for the AP and EP processes of everyone at every stair-step. The timing of these individual Initiations, struggles and difficulties, ongoing evolutionary shifts for more of humanity, intentional ‘Light Tribe Gathering’, my personal and collective Working of the Light in this particular physical location this week in highly amplified ways is no coincidence. It’s another intentional higher-level directing of the AP and EP Light energies by the Pathpaving Forerunners of the Forerunners and Forerunners etc. for everyone everywhere. There will be more NEW positive repercussions from this week’s Light Work by myself from my level(s), home and space, by my son from his level and space, from tomorrows ‘Light Tribe Gathering’ in Sedona, and by other Forerunners unseen but also highly focused on Working the Light from the privacy of their physical homes and properties plus multidimensional levels of being and awareness as well. ❤ ❤ ❤


April 13, 2018

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43 thoughts on “The Initiatic Evolutionary Journey: Stair-steps To Freedom

  • I just want to say in regards to the report and migrating to the desert for the weekend (which I was SO happy to hear about) that I also exited the city for Mammoth Lakes/Yosemite area. A CLEAR push to get out after a dramatic and boisterous week. The light in that location is tremendous. I don’t understand it even! I was so grateful and again grateful after I read about the whole thing in Sedona! It seems like we have to really ACT now. Get out, GO, move, connect, relocate, push, test, rest, stop, go, repeat, ZERO hesitation, NO thinking (that possibly is note to self, as I received a weekend intensive on NOT thinking – at all – the entire weekend.) I know I don’t need to say this to you, but it gets daaark in Arizona. I don’t know what/why/who, but boy do I notice it when I drive through the state. Strips of it. It feels like hell there. Just a feeling. I don’t know what. I don’t want to know what. I feel it when I get there. I know your son will rise and renew from this. I am sorry for his suffering. He has much support, doesn’t he? I remember well beginning…in the dark. Boy does my heart go out to that.

    In regards to the New Sky….LA is a mess, a BRIGHT BEAUTIFUL MESS. It’s like the BAD bag, since everything is all fresh and clean and upgraded and so clear and ready for shifts now, has been OPENED and ALL shit is FLYING in the sky, like millions of little nasty fiery bugs. And I am not liking it. I sure wasn’t expecting it. (Haha. Like did I ever expect that actually panned out!!!) But it is scaring me, just the same. I know that staying here or at the old mission job or whatever has to shift NOW. Like,RIGHT now. That’s part of what’s scaring me. And that I’m in a super toxic partial lake that just got Unzipped….use imagination. Or what the heck, how about facts! The internet slammed down in the ENTIRE school district for the whole city for days. Street lights out across LA , no wind, just out. Heating systems shut down at our school last week, just broke, stopped. Darkness up in folks eyes like liquid pools. And that is the VERY little I know about. Like I don’t know how long I can last under the NEW Sky….here, ya know? So if you don’t mind my saying, thank you and ALL who went out to the desert and prayed out there, directing light, whatever you did! Something was achieved. Action. I’m getting quickly used to immediate ACTION. I’m strong and brave now, but it’s scary still, this new environment. This New Sky… Thank God I finally have FAITH. Fear, thank God, no longer debilitates.

  • Hi Denise! Happy to say I TOTALLY RELATE to the subjects in these replies, minus ascension super powers or tough symptoms. 😉😇😋 (my dog is the one with endless digestion issues. Many many nights I don’t get sleep)

    These issues with people have been life long so I no longer think anything of it unless it’s severe. And I view all encounters (speaking only about ME) as steps for testing and growth. (Attacks included). (Lisa Renee’s latest news letter is MIND BENDING!!!!)

    I work in an extreme 3D patriarchal environment. Aggressive, competitive, and brutal. (The world of car repair and auto parts).

    My boss is a tough guy and unskilled in leadership, and believe me they,( all levels of management), have zero interest in embracing enlightened ways tho our corporate offers and teaches these ways, on the ground level it’s ALL IGNORED. Right now Im offering assistance to a young married newly pregnant coworker being psychologically abused by her store manager… And HE is proudly a Christian!….and the other higher up “men” are ganging up on her verbally and making it a hostile work environment. So im sharing my experience and knowledge. She broke down and cried in my arms. Women and men are too afraid and don’t know how to handle these situations. Id rather share the Inner Way with her but u have to begin somewhere.

    Yesterday I received the strangest compliment from my boss, an ego driven demanding old school guy, said to me yesterday that he couldn’t understand why when he works with me (the least skilled, need more help then he wants to give!), he told me he experiences CALM when its just me and him. And this confuses him. He said he doesn’t understand how it can be so. 💗 (and i know this is one result from all my inner work and my higher self gaining ground anchoring in deeper.).

    On the home front I had a neighbor dump dog poop in front of my door and a hate note in my mailbox because she KNOWS its MY DOG. Well Im visible when i walk my dog and I pick up after him too. And circumstantially and timing…I see the evidence but never the moment or dogs in question! ….The note was anonymous but I approached the home where I’d seen the big evidence on her lawn. (Way too big for my guy!) Anyhow she didnt want to believe me. And my walking with a dog poop bag in my hand was just for effect, so I realized she wasn’t open to truth at all because she needed me to Be The Cause. (Plus she had a huge birthday party out front and dog poop is nasty for yard work). So I told her (she owns 2 dogs and a cat…yet thought it odd that i let my dog walk, sniff, and pee….because in her experience no one does that!). So i told her i promise not to walk my dog near her yard or on her little street, a dead end road adjoined to my dead end road. I watched her instantly release all her pent up anger. As for me I confess I hope to be vindicated at some point😳

    And that’s my view from my stair step this day. 😇😍😘

    • “These issues with people have been life long so I no longer think anything of it unless it’s severe. And I view all encounters (speaking only about ME) as steps for testing and growth. (Attacks included). (Lisa Renee’s latest news letter is MIND BENDING!!!!)”

      I’m glad you mentioned Lisa Renee’s latest Edith because it is very important in my opinion. The sections in it about Blue Rays is deeply meaningful to me personally. Anyway, here’s a link to it for any interested in the bigger AP pictures.

      Rock your bosses DNA socks right off his Old Boys Club consciousness Edith! ❤ ⭐ ❤ 😆 Too funny, too wonderful; the Light calms the "savage beasts" of old and makes them question WTF is really going on anyway?!? 😆 Love it! Keep up the Great Work Edith. ❤

  • Thanks for yr clarity. I am 72yrs young, on ascension path, basically bedridden due ascension symptoms. I have lost most my freinds, due to holding light, (not from lecturing re ascension). They got aggressive, and i or they left .My neighbor who uses drugs, when i said it not my way…same…But worse, was a chropractic healer i had seen for years, attacked. Also dentist. What is so weird, is they like negative aliens, none of there conciousness there, just sets of machinery, social conditioning, mental and emotional loops, none of their beingness, guess they are aliens. When i in contact with higher heart, feel compassion, when out in 3d just it feel dangerous. Is that 3d fear, or wisdoms discernment???? Lovely hear others comments. I just hold the light. Luckily my daughter, has managed to put it in a mental box labelled. Mum got a good imagination so love still flows. I do long to find other humans, to communicate with, the wonder, and joy of the path of ascension, that has been graced to us. Lin

    • Lin, that was so beautiful what you wrote! I was so moved by the beauty of your writing! I’m just reading the responses to Denise’s article now. I pray you go on into more love and light and trust trust yourself. Peace ! 🌸💗 Marcy

    • Linda, I totally have had the same thing with all friends that I had, and those relationships evaporated long ago, but just this week, my dentist. It was so strange, he was very abrupt and he kept his back to me while talking and I felt removed from the scene and I elevated to watch energy and I felt something very dense there.
      This has never happened with this dentist. I have been seeing him for over 5 years.
      And yes it does feel very dangerous out in 3d and 4d world.
      I use my tools and shield as well, but these energetics are more than what was before. So …I believe we are also witnessing the higher elevations of team darkness.
      Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for sharing your story a bit. I am 63 and have been doing this since 1997-1998..
      I too am very solitary. I crave to share the amazing and amazingly weird with those of like journey. Bless you..

      • “I use my tools and shield as well, but these energetics are more than what was before. So …I believe we are also witnessing the higher elevations of team darkness.”

        High Born Girl & All,

        I’m working on an article about this, about the acceleration of both the Descending and the Ascending Worlds and people in each of them. That sentence sounded way to Dualized with no “gray” in between which there is. Anyway, I’ll try to get it done soon because most are feeling these accelerations in both (Separation of Worlds) and it’s difficult to say the least!

  • Good Morning, and unfortunately it is 4 am and I have not slept at all. I am writing as to hope to see if anyone else is having these experience in this last few hours. Today is
    april 17..and whoa…it started at sunset yesterday..altho there was no sun as it was overcast. I was in my bedroom and was seeing lights in the room that looks as if the sun was shining on something outside ..if there were a sun…maybe a windchime or something brass and shiny ..something the shafts of light that were in the room I was in were gold..and wide.and coming in the room at all angles.and sun out..
    I have been up..allllllllll night vibrating to beat the band..over the top..I went to bed at ten and here I am..its a little unnerving..I want sleep ..I need sleep and yet this vibrating.
    I don’t know what kundalini feels like..I don’t, anyway..I just went down and had some apple sauce and wound up sitting on the floor in the kitchen in a meditative pose ..and my legs just started going up and, I went with it..did that for I am back in bed..writing this..its just so intense..and never had this before ..the vibrating feels prickly and maybe like is all over ..even feel like my hair is as well.
    So, I don’t feel tired ….even that is not sleep at all..yes, I have had restless nights..two hours sleep awake..sleep…but not this..its so intense.
    So, I know there is some astro stuff going..but there is so much on so many layers..just would like to see what your fellow high hearters were up too in these last few hours..I have no idea how no sleep will play out in this seems futile to try and sleep, I am writing to you ..I do hope everyone else had a beautiful and restful sleep…peace.

    • catherine & All,

      Yep it’s been and currently is VERY intense with more NEW higher frequency Light energies arriving now from the Milky Way galactic center (GC), beyond the Milky Way, the Sun, and the Earth being further activated by all this and more, exactly like we are.

      Here’s the deal with this everyone: Every time there’s another energy Wave or Pulse or whatever you want to call these continuous incoming higher and higher Light energies– aka NEW codes etc. –it indicates that another deeper and higher alignment has occurred with multiple energetic “Gateways” which causes more NEW Light energies and activations etc. to occur. This is much like adjusting the antenna to pull in better reception on a TV and/or radio, except it’s happening on a cosmic level, a galactic level, a solar level, an earth level and a human level. Visualize and feel with your HighHeart the cosmos, galaxies, suns and other levels and dimensions ALL currently being aligned by Divine Source (“God”) to cause massive, rapid evolution in everything and everyone everywhere. Think Divine Source intentionally adjusting the antenna so NEW evolutionary energies will be transmitted and received causing rapid evolution to All. Is it any wonder we’re feeling so horrible and wonderful and exhausted and fried alive? 😉

      The other day I saw my entire bedroom light up with brilliant white-gold Light for a few seconds. I have 2 layers of black-out drapes on my bedroom windows so nothing from outside can shine into that room. I’ve also seen these higher frequency Lights manifest (manifest really means we and Earth are now so deeply within these NEW Lights — Photonic and otherwise — that more people are physically and clairavoyantly seeing/Seeing them both in the space around us AND coming from within each of us too) in different ways, some like what you described catherine.

      All these Light energies naturally cause us to more easily feel those Inner Body Vibrations and the Rewiring I’ve talked about for over a decade. They also make us feel ‘wired n’ tired’, exhausted but literally RACING on the inside both energetically and mentally oftentimes too. They also cause one’s heart and HighHeart area to suddenly pound hard like you’d been running but you’ve been resting quietly. They also make your head and the area above it feel larger than normal and receiving tremendous higher Light energies down through the top of your head into your brain endocrine glands and down further into your HighHeart area and Thymus endocrine gland. Ears ring louder again for days or weeks or month from these higher Light energies making contact with our physical and energetic bodies and DNA and on and on it all goes.

      Sleep when you can day or night as those old rules and beliefs about when and how long to sleep no longer apply. There are more nights where I don’t sleep than do anymore so I nap during the day when needed. Sometimes we need to be in our bodies during these extra intense energy Light blasts and other times we have to be out of them for them to be more easily and quickly Embodied by each of us. This is much like a deliberate “reboot” of ourselves and bodies so sleep/nap whenever.

      Here’s a link to Sandra Walter’s latest about these energies and alignments etc. if interested. Her info is correct and when she talks about another Gateway or Gateways etc. coming, it means the Sun will, in only a few days, follow with another blast of Solar winds and/or flares/CME’s etc. And notice the dates she mentions in this article; April 17-19th. 😉 ❤

      • Denise, thank you for your lengthy ear ringing is off the charts ..I feel like its in my brain too..the ringing. My brain feels a dried leaf..there is so much pressure at the base of my skull..and the matter how much water I drink it it does not quench the dryness..and the racing heart just laying still..I live in Colorado and the winds just picked up so high this afternoon..that is always many limbs fall..electricity goes patio looks like a tornado went thru..tables knocked over etc..rock and rolllllll!!! like many of us I am alone. I have lived in this town 11 yrs and still have not found any kind of connections..that’s fine..I do okay alone, but some of you lovely people on this would be wonderful to have you over for a chat..a bowl of gumbo..your beverage of choice..and enjoy the companionship of these amazing times…too bad the physical body is so takes away some of the ‘magic’..and its kind of a distraction, but what are ya gonna do? Talley ho..and happy trails..and may one and all have a safe and restful sleep..ZZZZZZZZZZZZ
        Let’s all give a hand to Denise for providing us with this forum to chat and not feel like we are loooooosing our the world gone mad..turns out we are the ‘normal’ ones..hahahahahaha

    • Catherine, you poor thing, I feel for you. I’m lookjng at responses this morning and read yours. Last week was like this for me. I just thought I’d say this so you find some support! A few nights of 2/3 AM wide awake with pain. I have not endured the vibrating thing. Sometimes I have wondered if the vibrating thing happens to older AP people due to earlier arrival in denser energy, so the affect on the constitution absorbing higher and higher light is “bumpier” ?!? Like if you took an airplane post WWII for a spin way up high and very fast vs a jet from the 80’s. The turbulence in the denser aircraft would be greater due to the material. Kids and teens I notice absorb light quietly, far more so than my age range.

      I’m in California. It was so tumultuous last week I took Monday off this week, was guided to the desert this weekend near Yosemite. I needed to remove myself from the city, as I don’t know what is up anymore, but it is “unzipped” – lower energy released. And it is a long time VERY unwell psychic environment. So there are now many adults who have no involvement in AP and are super sleep disturbed here. I pray you find some rest. I followed Denise’s advice actually, just getting simple medication out of the medicine cabinet! LOL ibuprofen or Tylenol PM or a glass of wine!.. something to relax the body. And lay down! Peace to you wherever you are.🙏💗 Marcy

      • Marcy, yep..that’s me.. an old battle worn clunky aircraft..but I am still flyin’ 🙂 ..I don’t see how you manage California energy..I am sure there is good with the bad..but Cali doesn’t in later years seem to be the paradise it once was..Nature is always the right call..that’s the gift of my garden..and I can see some foothills in the back of my property.So, here’s to a good night sleep ..that is if the ringing in my ears doesn’t keep me awake..peace

      • “I have not endured the vibrating thing. Sometimes I have wondered if the vibrating thing happens to older AP people due to earlier arrival in denser energy, so the affect on the constitution absorbing higher and higher light is “bumpier” ?!? Like if you took an airplane post WWII for a spin way up high and very fast vs a jet from the 80’s. The turbulence in the denser aircraft would be greater due to the material. Kids and teens I notice absorb light quietly, far more so than my age range.”

        Marcy M.,

        Because you honestly seem to have intellectualized this topic and come up with this belief about us Elders and the inner body vibrating AP/EP business, that’s funny and incorrect by the way, I have to reply. 🙂

        The short and simplified version of this is that anyone of any age whose been living the Ascension Process and been constantly Embodying increasing amounts of higher frequency Light energies since around 1998-1999, literally have MORE Light within themselves, their physical bodies, their consciousness, their lives and reality today. Makes sense right? Embody more NEW Light energies for much longer than other people means you’re literally vibrating faster and at a higher level inside your entire physical and energetic bodies than all other people who’ve not been at the Ascension and Embodiment Process for as long or have only recently begun living it, and most unknowingly!

        The inner body vibrations and Rewiring process are related in that we first needed to be Rewired throughout our bodies and CNS etc. so we’d even be capable of Embodying the NEW higher Light energies and not have them destroy our bodies and fry our consciousness. Those of us who’ve been living this since the AP started for the First Wavers/First Ascenders/First Embodiers/Pathpavers/Wayshowers etc. around 1998-1999 have been Rewired and simultaneously Embodying greater and higher levels of NEW Light energies ever since. Because of this fact we vibrate inside at much higher and faster rates today than everyone else on Earth. Again, this is all about different levels and layers of energy frequencies. You’ve got 4 spark plugs or you’ve got 6 or 8 or 12 etc. Different frequencies means different performance and abilities and many of us Elders who’ve been living the AP/EP for 25 years or longer are running today with far more “spark plugs” than the rest of humanity. They will continue to increase their inner rates of Light frequency too however, just like we have. So you see this isn’t about us old folks rattling due to age, as funny as that thought is, but it’s about us vibrating at much higher and faster rates of Light within our Lightbodies that have been slowly merging with our physical bodies. We vibrate because we have more Light within us, not because our bodies are old and beat up. We feel that way because it’s extra hard Work Pathpaving the Way for humanity evolving/ascending up behind us.

        • Oh, I hope I didn’t hurt your feelings! or anyone’s! It was an idea! I make imaginative guesses when I don’t know something, but am attempting to figure it out, but I do not accept anything as true just as possibility…I daydream or play at it. For the record, I can’t see you or anyone here as old ever. (No, seriously, I cannot, way too alive) For the record, I’m no kid either! I’ve just been wondering about the “vibrating” thing for months and the kids absorb so differently, I thought maybe it’s energetic based on “arrival” conditions…but that makes sense now, what you said. The flesh and DNA are malleable. So flying was a good metaphor! Since it’s influenced by rate! Lol. (please laugh with me;) I couldn’t figure it out, but so wanted to.

          I began my spiritual turnaround in 1999/2000. And ALL you’ve said in this article was a part of that crazy turnaround (like a U turn in rush hour traffic on the freeway) especially the backlash. TD stuff and their influence on relatives. It was scaaaary. And I was already scared and struggling. They overtly amped up their game. They were like, “nooooo, not darling, we don’t want this version, we don’t like this new idea of yourssss…” Egh!! what a dark and terrifying time it was. And yet TOTAL SUPPORT was there. Like with your son, RIGHT ON TIME, on cue. If it’s real, support is there. That’s what I experienced. That support only seemed to increase, too. But that might be imagination again! Lol! Who knows how many or how much help is and was fully ALWAYS there!! I am sure I don’t know now. I hope I do someday :))

          I’m glad to understand the vibrating thing. I feel terrible for miswriting! I see you as a General, but I cannot see you old! Bionic possibly, but not old. Thanks for explaining, Denise, taking the time to do that!

  • 😀 😀
    I was just going to say: ‘I never seem to have that problem.’ I just ask them politely to move, stare at them, and they move. If they didn’t, I’d just ignore them and get to the cakes, they had their chance to move, too bad if they get trodden on! 😀
    Part of waking up is that you stop expending vast amounts of energy on trying to please people, because your inner happiness no longer depends on whether x or y likes you or not; and that includes strangers in the supermarket too. Not that you’re stomping around being rude, but if you are polite and courteous and they want to be negative, that is their free choice; it doesn’t even impinge upon you or affect you anymore.

    Denise is right, people somehow get this idea that Jesus was some milk toast sap. He was not. He offended people left, right and centre, just by telling it like it was. “How long do I have to put up with you?”
    “You brood of vipers! You belong to your father the devil”, etc etc. He wasn’t a people-pleaser. 🙂

    • Jesus (Yeshua) also said “Do not think that I have come to bring peace to the earth; I have not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I have come to set a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother, and daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law; and one’s foes will be members of one’s own household.” Seems to be happening. He also famously said that the kingdom of God is within. Sure finding that out big time!

    • Jesus wasn’t a people pleaser…..that’s great! I’m not either..feel more related to him than ever..would love to manifest like he know ..loaves into fishes..water into wine..I could have turned that ..annoying rude fat man/boy at the grocery store line the other day into a little piglet ..right on the spot..actions speak louder than words..hahaha

  • Denise, I understand that; my adult daughter became so much the prey of TD, and to help her always means they try to retaliate in rage at having their buffet lunch threatened. It’s a hard thing. :/

  • Denise, I’m in your frontlines team. I’m 74 yrs old and I feel all used up. I’m exhausted. I get rare moments of happiness. I’m glad we did it for the others, but I just don’t have any energy to go on. I could use some support. Much Love, Rose

    • “Denise, I’m in your frontlines team. I’m 74 yrs old and I feel all used up. I’m exhausted. I get rare moments of happiness. I’m glad we did it for the others, but I just don’t have any energy to go on. I could use some support.”

      Rose Elaine,

      It must be terribly amplified and in the air at the moment because I’ve felt this way myself the past few days. I keep deleting everything I write here because I have very little to say at the moment that’s nice. 😡 😦 😥 After everything the older Forerunners of the Forerunners have gone through to get us all here, there’s times at this point where I do not ever again want to have to deal with the unaware. It’s painful in every way at times and at others it’s nothing at all.

      Because I’ve been through this 9 million times already, as have some of you reading this, I know that this amplified frustration of still having the old lower crap, consciousness and beliefs etc. in so many people feel like it’s/they’re ripping your skin off your already exhausted body is the indicator that another big NEW block of energies, codes, evolutionary movement forward/upward is only hours away from arriving and being Embodied by us.

      For days I’ve been Seeing a massive NEW cosmic white Light coming (not from the Sun) towards the outer edges of the Milky Way galaxy where our solar system is. When it arrives I’m not sure but it’s closer than it’s ever been before. Many of us who’ve been at this since minute-one acutely feel the profound contrasts between old lower and NEW higher, to the point that it’s almost unbearable to still be feeling any old lower in any form or person whatsoever.

      TODAY, Sunday April 15th, is the one and only 2018 New Moon in Aries — at 26 degrees Aries 2 minutes at 6:57 PM PT. I mention this only because its the Aries New Moon meaning that it’s the NEW beginning for each individual no matter what your Sun sign is this year. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and because this year is about Mastery (2018 is 2+0+1+8 = 11), many of us are extra sensitive to these NEW Aries New Moon energies activating today at this much higher level of individual Mastery. And in five days on April 19th, Chiron the maverick and wounded healer enters ARIES so this coupled with the Aries New Moon, many of us are already feeling profound changes coming and affecting us already. It’s time to heal our old wounds, whatever they still are at this late date within the AP and EP and both of these astrological energies are assisting every person to do exactly that and more.

      Know you are Loved and LOVED and more valuable than you can comprehend Rose Elaine and anyone else that needs to be reminded of this fact at this moment. ❤ Open to greater change and freedom from the old lower everything and everyone and Embody more Higher YOU with Lower You to create something totally NEW on all levels. ❤ ⭐

      • *Sniff* Thank you for you response to Rose, Denise. I’m a forerunner as well – my AP hit me back in 1998-99. Needless to say, this past month has been a beast. There was
        Saturn/Mars conjunction that nearly did me in. I don’t even have the energy to describe what’s been going on. “Ripping your skin off your already exhausted body”. Yes,yes,yes – a perfect analogy. Bring on the new light codes.

  • Hi Denise,

    I just wanted to thank you for your posts and website….. I just found it a few weeks ago and stayed up for hours reading old posts

    You write beautifully and succinctly and I can Completely Relate I am also a forerunner path paver ( born in ‘55 ) and have felt the isolation and feeling of emotional and physical and mental and etheric for about 30 years myself although it didn’t become clear until 2005

    Anyway 9/15 my husband or 37 years my only sister and my cleaning help of 18 years ( who was closer to me than my sister ) All Walked out with in 3 weeks of each other!!

    For various reasons ( all much Narcissistic tendencies) which I Allowed of them but finally said to each Love and Respect for each other? The answer was no answer just walked away

    Been alone for 2 1/2 years and so difficult with it not just a divorce or abandonment of people you thought loved you But sickness ( AP and EP ) plus never fully recovered from 2 cancers and chemo But also Just trying to process as an HSP and High Sensitive Empath So I recently learned of the high heart chakra and found your site through google I love that you talk about the bad sites out there I have seen many and that you love Waters ( I think she is very real )! Well as real as this form is ….lol

    Anyway Thank You !

    P.S. I have now fully got my Claircognizance Funny spell check doesn’t even recognize the word 🙄 Had it all my life but very aware of it now

    Anyway sorry for the long note I don’t have anyone to speak to

    No children No Friends No Family No Sibling

    But you are right with each stair step the view is wonderful and I know it will only get better Ego wants the suffering to be over so we can go with the wonder of a child again which is my true nature even at 63 this September


    • Sharon M.,

      I’m glad you’ve discovered HighHeartLife, and I’m glad you were interested enough to read through older articles here too. Thank you for that. ❤ My original site, TRANSITIONS, was created in 2007 so there’s much more (older) Ascension related information there too if interested.

      I keep Comments open only because I know how much it helps most of my readers (and myself to connect) to read about what other people living the Ascension and Embodiment Process are going through, struggling with, learning from, being greatly changed and advanced by etc. Knowing what others are experiencing via the AP and EP helps each of us deal with what we’re living through better. We relax into it more easily and quickly when we know it’s normal within the AP and EP processes. Being alone in all this is made easier reading about others feeling isolated and alone while living all this too. We’ve been scattered about the country and countries, the entire planet for energetic reasons of global (NEW Grid and otherwise) balance for All. That necessity has been accomplished, so from 2018 forward, we’re now able to much more easily connect physically and in all ways with like-others because that’s what’s needed now; Group creativity because it becomes so profoundly amplified now on all levels.

      And Happy Birthday now in April for it coming in September. ❤ It's going to be a special last quarter this year no doubt! So early Happy Birthday Sharon. 🙂

    • Sharon M, I feel you, and can completely relate; I have lost, in weird ways, through death, possession, insanity and simple ‘different paths’, everyone I’ve known.
      But we have the internet, and know that you aren’t the only one physically alone!

  • Hello Denise and thank you for your helpful posts. I live in the U.K. and have had many experiences of rudeness in our supermarkets. This week I was looking for a birthday cake for my Grandson’s 6th. birthday and finding the shelves where they were stacked, I encountered a group of young women who were standing in front of the cakes. One woman had a child’s buggy also, so I couldn’t get near to view the cakes. They were all just chatting away with no thought for anyone else,so I politely said excuse me please I would like to get to the cakes. I was then looked at by two of them like I was something they would scrape off there shoe and totally ignored whilst they continued to talk. I tried to look at the cakes for a moment but gave up and walked away in disgust. I wanted to say so much but could tell that it wouldn’t have made any difference. I know they all would have ganged up on me as animals do in a pack. I knew it was a test of my self control but I am still so annoyed with myself for not finding the right words to make them realise what they were doing. How will these people change if we don’t show them the way? Thank you again for your insight.

    • “I tried to look at the cakes for a moment but gave up and walked away in disgust. I wanted to say so much but could tell that it wouldn’t have made any difference. I know they all would have ganged up on me as animals do in a pack.

      You’re totally right Linda P., you were way outnumbered by the self-absorbed, egoic, unaware herd and it probably would have gotten even more ugly and painful for you if you’d said anything to them. Everyone, please remember that oftentimes actions speak louder than words with people like this. Words with them just become a fight and nothing positive comes of it all. Discernment in every moment with crap situations and people like this.

      Because I’ve experienced everything all of you have shared about your struggles with the unaware and heartless, I want to suggest a couple of things I’ve done and still do but only when I’ve sensed and discerned first in a split-second.

      1) I keep my mouth shut and act as rude as the person or group are doing to me. It’s simply “reflection”. In your situation Linda where they were physically blocking you from getting close enough to see the cakes, I would have stood there for a bit to see if any of them became aware that I was waiting on them. After that not working I would have said “Excuse me ladies” or something like that and again waited to see if that worked. And when it didn’t I would then either walk away as you did or, after discerning them and the situation I would have radiated out my energies to literally push them all away like an invisible snowplow. If that didn’t work then it’s silently pushing yourself through them and getting your body up to the case and acting like THEY are not there. “Reflection” tactic back at them. And if you get any verbal shit from them about your behavior, then speak to them that you tried and waited and waited for them to move over a bit etc. etc. etc. Sometimes this works and other times the people are so self-absorbed and egoic that nothing and I mean nothing will work with or on them.

      Moral of this and all of these Comment experiences; Ascension Process evolution and the Separation of Worlds. It’s no easy job living through evolution among huge masses that aren’t! I love you all that are. ❤ ❤ ❤

  • If we send love to the bullies who push in front of us at the grocery store, do you think that might make a difference? Their lack of common courtesy might mean that they need more love, more attention, more SOMETHING that is lacking in themselves. Being loving and courteous to those who are mean bullies may or may not work. I always ask myself, “What would Jesus do in this situation?” Would he let it go to keep the peace, or would he protest and stand his ground? If we could see what is actually going on in other people’s lives, perhaps we would be less likely to retaliate. Obviously someone’s depth of boorishness is dependent upon their own lack of evolvement, and it says everything we need to know about them. TD wants us to get upset and to create a scene and get angry. Some of us are going to be tested every day as to how much self control we have. This test is not about other people, it is about how we react to all the annoying, rude people. In my line of work I have been taught that no matter what happens, I have to remain courteous and calm with others, no matter what the circumstances are. Self control is the ultimate goal. You cannot control other people’s lack of courtesy, but you can react in a manner that defuses the situation rather than ignites it.

    • Betty, in my particular grocery store situation it was shock and awe. I am not interested in wasting my heart beats on trying to figure out what is ‘lacking’ in a person to make them act the way they do. I kept the peace by moving to the next cashier over and not holding my ground. I treat all people with respect until otherwise shown they don’t respect me..I act accordingly. I am not contrived in how I respond to any given situation..every day is different. I am not going to cater to a bully. WE all have a story as to how/why we are being in our life. I wonder if you did not have a job where you have been “Taught” to be calm and courteous ..NO MATTER WHAT happens..well, I just don’t confer with that. It is rather robotic in a way. If you had to be taught to be calm and courteous it says it was not in your true nature to be that way. WE are human we have emotions. Like I said..I treat all with respect when I leave my house.Now that I have had this experience of a sudden burst of darkness..shock..I will be more prepared and maybe next time I will hold my ground and not move. Mean people suck and I am not going to cater to them anymore I have dealt with them all of my life. Do you know what Jesus would do? He was human don’t forget.

      • “Mean people suck and I am not going to cater to them anymore I have dealt with them all of my life. Do you know what Jesus would do? He was human don’t forget.”

        Yes catherine, and Betty needs to remember the story about Jesus doing everything but ‘send love to the bullies’ when he got angry and violent in the “market place” on the “money changers”. Turn the other cheek time is long over Betty because, oh fuck it, never mind, you’re not ready or able to understand these situations and why they’re happening yet Betty.

  • Denise & High Hearters –

    I had an awakening back in 2007 at which point I realized that I was an awakened being and wondered if there were any others on the planet. I knew nothing about the process other than what I experienced myself. I thought at the time part of my role and mission was to help others rise up and awaken along with me – family & friends mostly. I ended up realizing that I woke up alone in an indescribably dark place. I also knew that others (around me) could not see, perceive or believe the real darkness underneath the false overlay of society. I decided that I could not integrate my new reality with the people I had to leave behind. I ended up falling asleep again – not really sure if by choice or to be better prepared to wake up again when the time is right (Now – it feels like).

    To your point in the article about being attacked or noticed upon waking up in the dark I’ve encountered the following in my own journey:

    1) Police. The main reason for my divorce was due to me choosing to exit the darkness that existed in my Ex’s belief system and life. Four cops came to my home in 2011 for a “wellness check” called by my ex. Calling my ex Satan was just what I thought at the time and part of nasty things that go along with divorce. I told the cops they did not have my permission to enter my home and that it was also private property. Without yelling anything to them they responded by shooting me twice point blank with a taser once over the heart and the second time over the stomach. The whole experience at the time felt energetic and carried out as an attack to kill me. Hard to explain – but I KNEW it was true and didn’t need to think anything. High heart KNOWING. I also KNEW that when they failed to kill me the next step was for them to incarcerate me permanently or send me to an institution for not being able to “live in society”. I had divine guidance to get out of jail and eventually leave the State. I was charged with a Gross Misdemeanor for “interfering with official police business”. The message was to do what the police tell you without question and you HAVE NO RIGHT TO QUESTION AUTHORITY.

    2) Police. I resigned from work back in 2015 without notice. My company called the police for a “wellness check”. I did answer the door and one of the 2 cops asked me if I wanted to hurt myself or hurt anyone else. Really? I KNEW at the time that they were energetically alerted to my awakening and that I was deviating from the “controlled plan” of doing what is expected, etc. I also knew at the time that I didn’t have anywhere else to go and my “new space” was not yet ready. I will note the police did not have the power or energy that they did back in 2011.

    3) Religion – in my case Jesus Christ. I grew up Catholic and married a Christian. Upon awakening I found that if I sought outside “help” I would be led back to the church to give my heart to Jesus. I figure Hannibal Lector might want someone’s heart but why would Jesus I thought? I KNEW at the time it was an attempt to get me to once again turn over my power to someone/something else. I recall there being an element of guilt about “not accepting Jesus” when in fact there was really nothing to accept or reject to begin with. So – I got over it.

    4) Confidence. This element was MISSING in the previous examples (and many others). But NOW – I have confidence to do and say anything that comes from within. I am ready and eager to accept the consequences of ALL actions and choices which will propel me FORWARD.

    5) Yesterday – April 12, 2018. I got promoted at work to a position I haven’t held in about 8 years due to the AP. I also got the largest raise in my entire life. BUT – I still feel like I could say or do anything at any time and walk away or be fired. Either way I would move FORWARD. To you point in the article about moving to a safe space and/or new place I would leave all of this behind if I got guidance to do so in a moment’s notice. It would feel empowering to resign from a dark place in order to follow the inner heart’s calling to “do whatever is next”. Oh and my lease is up at the end of May next month. So cool!


  • Something similar happened to me, and although I was able to speak my mind honestly the time, I have found, (as my brother pointed out to me when I relayed the story to him), that there was something in my energy that attracted this gentleman’s aggressiveness. When I told my brother that it was most likely an attack, he pointed out that like attracts only like, and that the residual anger/indignation I felt was proof that there was something in the interaction which I could learn and benefit from.
    Upon reflecting on my brother’s advice, I realized that even if it was an attack, what better way to gain a victory over TD than to take the encounter, learn from it and take another step up the “ascention stairs”!
    So I spent the next few days not thinking about what this young man had done and said, rather I focused on what I had done and said, how I had responded to him. I also objectively considered where I had been spiritually/emotionally in the minutes before the encounter, what I had been thinking about/where my mind had been, (and being brutally honest with myself, without equivocation was HARD!) I also considered the attitude I had, the way I thought about, and the words I chose to use regarding this person and the encounter.
    My honest assessment of myself about myself and all of this? There was a lack of love in my heart, and it was probably very easy for my brother to see it, which is why he offered me such loving and sage advice.
    I hope this is helpful. One thing I know for sure: thanks to a very gifted brother, today I have a greater understanding of, and capacity for loving my fellow man, (and therefore myself)! 😊

    In Lakesh

    … entities along with the “normal” nasties of TD.
    I hope that you might be able to expand on this some for those who are still in the thick of it. Personally, I have been fortunate enough to have found someone a while ago who helped me immensely and have come through the worst of it.
    Also, I happen to live not far from Sedona, AS and will spend some time tomorrow doing what I can/know to help elevate the light energy of the area from Jerome to Prescott Valley.
    Thank you for letting us know of the need. (I know that physical proximity is not a vital factor, but I know we’ll take any Light Work assistance we are offered.)
    Thanks again for all of the work you are putting in on behalf of our community, and humanity as a whole.

    In Lak’esh

    This is an excellent cautionary report, and I am grateful you have put this information out for anyone who needs it, (and you know universe will direct those who are in need here to find it)!
    From personal experience I have foung that those of us who have had to deal with addiction(s), (whether it was a long time ago, or if we have had to do it as part of the AP), have to deal with attachments to some very difficult aentities

    • Darren,

      I combined all of your Comments into one to make it easier for others to read what you said.

      “When I told my brother that it was most likely an attack, he pointed out that like attracts only like, and that the residual anger/indignation I felt was proof that there was something in the interaction which I could learn and benefit from.”

      In this article I deliberately went into a good bit of detail explaining why most people experience both human and nonhuman attacks once they’re triggered by the Ascension Process Light energies. That fact has nothing to do with what your brother was talking about ‘like attracts only like’. When dealing with living the AP and evolving from a lower level of frequency and reality (3D dense Duality) up to a higher level of frequency and reality etc., those carrying more Light within themselves literally irritate and threaten those who do not and because of this we’re typically attacked by them. I just want to point out that there’s MUCH more going on than what your brother was expressing to you in his desire to help you.

      And yes, the “wild west” still is very wild” in many states in the USA with all sorts of addictions and negative behaviors and violence etc. That’s not to say the same isn’t true in most every city across this and every other country too however. But at lower old levels, the Separation of Worlds is so intense now and many are having to physically move to live somewhere that’s a better energy match to the higher level they are evolving to. Said another way, it’s really chaotic out there now because much more is currently happening than the things I’ve talked about in this and other recent articles.

  • Hello, well, I was ‘attacked’ the other day at the grocery. Some would not call it an ‘attack’ per se, but I have not had this experience before.
    I was in line. There was a woman in front of me. The candy magazine rack to the right of me. This tall fat boy/man..wiggled his way between! the candy rack and me..and stood in front of me..I thought he was with the woman in front of him..did not think anything of it..
    but then!!! he turned sideways to talk to someone behind me…it was his wife or whatever..and was motioning her to come on..WHAT!! they were gonna belly up..and I mean they had the wonder their shopping cart was full of sugary cereal , cookies etc..I digress.
    So, I say to are being RUDE..he would not even look at me..he only turned his head to the side and said..I had cut him off..and butted in front of him..listen..that is not my nature to do that..and I never saw the guy before he and his fat ass was right in front of! I stepped over to the next he could have done if he were not such a Fing bully..and to me using his fat tall body to impose himself..that is bullying.
    I energetically was sending him anything but love..and the truth is really pissed me off that I gave in. I am 69 years old and not a fighter..oh, I do have a salty vocabulary..but these the guy gonna pull out a gun..does he have a knife..I mean just his stature alone could have done me in..and I was in my grocery..
    This pissed me off for days..and it still does…but I will say..I got it…I had been out all morning doing my errands..had had three lovely interactions with lovely people in that process..was light and happy and open to that..and this Blackholeasshole…My lightness pissed him off!!!!!!!! really pissed him off and he was gonna deliberately do anything he put a stench on that light…bastard!
    I was taken off guard by this..I have never had anything like this before..and the fact that he lied..about me cutting him
    It still has some residue with, all I can say the darkness is pissed off..on small and large scale at this time..and now I will have more awareness..I usually leave my house and put a protective kind of energy around my car..crazy drivers out there too..but now..I will concentrate on myself..don’t want to bring it in any more ..the darkness that is..but it is so subversive.
    I hope that fat ass and his fat wife..get diabetes with their sugar over load..oh, peace and love and all of that..I am pissed at myself that I did not take more of a stand and stood my ground..I mean what is he gonna do if I don’t move so his fat wife can push her way in with her cart..remember this guy did not even have a, how could I have cut him off?

    As you can see..its disturbing to be trying so hard to stay on the bright and light..but now I am not gonna take it anymore..if something happens like this again..I will be more prepared..
    Thanks for your sharing of your experience..yes indeedy folks..the dark is alive..not well..but here!!!

    • catherine,

      Oh god I’ve experienced what you described MANY times over these ascension years by both male and females. It’s unbelievable isn’t it, how in-your-face these people are now. And if you’re older like you/me/many of us are during these AP years, we’re seen by some as easy targets to be manipulated, intimidated, insulted and bullied etc. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve encountered these same types of BS tactics by negative humans out in public.

      Because this was your first experience with this common tactic, don’t beat yourself up over it but USE IT to learn from, both about yourself but about lower level humans that will try anything to pull things over on other people. I hope you read that sentence Darren. 😉

      When I experience this and other related negativity from the unaware assholes & idiots out there, the first thing I do in a hot second is discern what I should do or not do, say or not say and so on. If some unbalanced jerk that’s so far gone as to pull out a knife or gun or whatever if I confronted him/her for pulling some stunt on my like what we’re talking about, I’ll let it go at the physical level. Having said that I’ll quickly add that I intend to NEVER experience something so severe and dangerous in the first place so don’t forget to Consciously Create what you are and are not willing to experience and encounter while out there in the world.

      If they push and try to manipulate me or whatever, I’ll call them on it in front of everyone else close enough to hear our conversation. Some woman at the checkout in Walmart pushed me repeatedly last year to the point I unloaded on her. I told her in front of everyone watching us that no matter what guilt trip manipulative tactics she tried to use on me I was not going to let her cut in front of me because I was still unloading my purchases. It quickly became clear that she was used to manipulating people to get what she wanted and it was also clear that she was NOT used to that tactic not working for her! Now I hate having to do things like this, especially with an audience, but it was a test for me at my level and for her at hers, and for all who witnessed what went down between us both.

      What I do EVERY time I walk out my back door to get in my car and go anywhere is be consciously aware that ANYTHING may happen out there so be aware and ready to instantly discern what to do or not do etc. and then be ready to hold the Light and push back when lower consciousness people try to push us around. I’m not saying pick a fight, not at all, but I am saying to be ready to blast your Light and LightSelf way out anywhere when needed to Hold Higher Space. 🙂 ❤

      • Thank you Denise.In retrospect I should have not moved..I should have held my ground..I think it was a flash back of childhood. I was adopted into a less than healthy home and my adopted brother was a tall person..and a psychopath..I was tortured by him on many levels..he used his size and mental imbalance to hurt me daily..the nights as we got older were worse..I woke to him molesting me with his hand over my mouth numerous, the fear of speaking up ..has been a theme..its funny I feel I can express and communicate quite well,but when I feel threatened by stature and bullying..I become that little girl again..(no one ever believed me when I told them..or they were afraid of him too..he eventually took his crazy into the neighborhood..the town ..and was incarcerated many times..when he died..I was relieved..not one tear shed)
        I will not ..let someone do that to me again..I will become vocal in the store..I do wished someone in line would have seen this and come to my defense,but alas…no one really wants to get involved..we are walking around wondering what the hell is gonna happen next..people are down right loosing their minds..and I don’t have an answer..I always think of things to say after the fact…the only one that came to mind was..”by all means you prick..assholes before BEAUTY…come on in..looks like you are jonesin’ for a sugar fix by the look of whats in your cart”
        I am tired of being taken advantage of because of my age or being a woman.
        It will not happen again..thank you again for your support in this.It has been a week I have dealt with this in my head..I feel so unsettled..
        May all beings be free from harm ..may there be peace on this earth.

        • You did the best you could under the circumstances, Catherine. Realistically, as a much smaller, older person who was blindsided by a fat troglodyte, there’s precious little you could have done. Give yourself a break. You’ve outlived the bullying swine who terrorised your early years, and you’ll outlive the slob in the supermarket too. I love your colourful language, nothing wimpy about you Lady. LOL xxx

        • Catherine,

          It is very upsetting when anyone behaves this way towards us and it is very hurtful too. I have had quite a few of these experiences as well over the years and was left feeling exactly the same as you have described. It is not only an attack on our person but also on our personal space that someone thought it was ok to enter without our permission and violate. Anger is a healthy and natural reaction to such behaviour! The fact that you didn’t retaliate and moved away from the situation took strength and control on your part and I congratulate you on that. You didn’t give in to their bullying at all, you disempowered them because you didn’t react and feed their ego or give them any opportunity to be abusive to you any further. You didn’t fall for the ruse, most people would have lost it and had a complete showdown to vent their indignation which is the reaction they wanted but they didn’t get it did they! Losing it with them would maybe have made you feel better in the short term, but maybe have provoked you to do or say something you would later, on reflection regret and with a feeling that you let yourself and your guard down.

          Just another take on events to add to the mix!

        • Catherine, I was moved by this. And I’m so sorry… I was adopted, too. Into an unhealthy family, narcissists and borderlines. Let go of by biological mom who I know is part of my spiritual family, I was the escape goat. From six onward, many made it their mission to attack or diminish my light. Family were some of the worst. I was bullied my whole life on and off. I was grateful for the downtime I had.

          Your share has given me some courage! I too keep getting tested in little ways and situations. I feel like it’s my response system that’s being tested…or prepped. In sports, they have a thing called pushback. Like what Denise said. I find that over the years, God was trying to get me to push back, as I wouldn’t push any human back. I had a priest in a confession point it out to me actually. He told me LOVE was trying to get me to push IT back, since I wouldn’t push back people. I was afraid of hurting anybody and I was afraid of bullies and false accusations. Now – It feels like it’s practice time for this kind of stuff. I’m bold and I just push and forgive myself if I do it wrong. I had to start in very small little ways, as it was too scary at first. I have to forgive myself if I don’t do it. I am learning that anger leaves you feeling bad afterwards, so I’m leaving it out as best as possible. I also learned that it is beneficial to push back and valuable to everyone. I’m learning that I can actually push love and light at people, like stand and do nothing and NOT back down and wait and see. Just refuse to apologize or give up power. I noticed that every time I practice pushback, I get stronger and it’s easier to do the next time. Like a muscle. I find it’s good and not really powerless, like I feared it would be, to not let emotions dictate, but let true power inside dictate action instead.. I wanted to share that because I very much empathize/sympathize with how you feel. I see and know how hard it is to do these things in life after so much has happened.

          And It’s possible now!! Truly!! Peace and best of luck to you.

  • What a gift you are! I and others in My Tribe have been sitting with sadness and betrayal and attacks and today I was just so over it! Then you’re beautiful Divine gift came in my email today…thank you thank you thank you! I’m going to go meditate, shift, anchor my light and keep raising it higher and higher… Peace

    • Sonya,

      High ❤ Hug.

      I've been through the same thing so many times now I can't remember, but I know that every time we feel utterly beat-down, defeated, discouraged, disgusted, all worn out by it all — it’s always a sign that you/me/we are on another edge of ascending higher. And in that split-second it happens and we ascend up a few more of the AP/EP energy stair-steps and continue on from that latest NEW level.

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