How To Achieve Transparency


How does humanity achieve global transparency? This one is easy; live the current Ascension Process internally which, among many other things, naturally develops your personal ability to discern and read energies in all things and all people all of the time.

That’s it, end of article. 🙂

People want, desire and expect corrupt people and corrupt systems and governments etc. to tell them the truth, to reveal what’s intentionally been long hidden from humanity. It’s not going to happen, not ever. Deal with it people, now get with the current evolution so YOU can learn to discern energies, people, animals, Beings from other levels of other realities, plans, ideas, words, information, systems, governments and such all on your own and not ever need anyone else to define reality to or for you.

The Ascension Process is about doing exactly this now; humans naturally evolving so they become empowered individually. The old and highly negative way is and always has been corrupt through-and-through, and for anyone to believe and expect that corrupt liars and so much worse are suddenly going to tell everyone the truth is wildly self-deluded. Again, it’s not ever going to happen because they’re not capable of telling the truth. End of conversation. End of pointless and endless waiting for something that’s not ever going to happen. End of you not taking personal responsibility for your own consciousness and reality.

Since I got my first computer and went online in 2003, I’ve wanted to share information about people, systems, spiritual and Ascension related information and people who I’ve always known were wrong, intentionally distorted, unintentionally distorted but distorted nonetheless, deluded, self-deluded, were Team Dark puppets knowingly and unknowingly and so on. I’ve wanted to write an in-your-face list of people and openly name names online in other words. But, as we all know that’s not always the way higher things and Light needs to unfold, and so, I’ve refrained from naming names in an article like this one. (I know certain other spiritual Ascension teachers have done the same for the same reasons over the AP decades.) I still want to reveal certain information/Light to help people, but if you can discern and have Higher Awareness to any degree, then you know that sometimes people need to reach higher levels of consciousness through other means than having someone else extend a helping hand to them in a way(s) that you might like to do. If you’re a parent you know what I’m talking about; the need in many cases to give the child the time and space to screw up, then hopefully realize they have, then hopefully push on through to finally reach some degree of greater awareness and understanding about that issue(s). Said another way, helping isn’t always helpful, and because of this, many spiritual Ascension Process teachers have kept quiet about certain things, people, systems, Beings and such for a very long time for these reasons.

In 2017, a lot of individual revelations are going to be had by greater numbers of people about many other people, teachers, channels and channelers, and groups that have been in the so-called “New Age” fields and/or the ET communities, Conspiracy communities, Ascension communities, spiritual communities etc. Because I’ve always been able to discern and read energies, people, information, systems etc., I’ve always known who was and wasn’t of the Light, who was and wasn’t Working for the Light but pretending to being doing so (the False Light people and groups), and who believed they were but were actually spreading disinformation both intentionally and unintentionally. Much of what a few with Higher Awareness and the ability to discern have always known, Seen, felt, sensed and perceived about these people and topics are being discovered in 2017 by more and more people. And, as one would expect, this is going to cause even more chaos, pain, anger, confusion, frustration, disappointments etc. in more people who, over the years and decades honestly believed these people they’re currently discovering have and still do bat for the other team — Team Dark. This won’t be easy for these people as they awaken more throughout 2017, so give them the time and space to do this, live through it and be changed, evolved by it. ❤

Like we’ve said here at HighHeartLife many times over the years, waking up is hard to do! But, do it we must and continue doing it no matter which Stair-step level each of us is currently residing on. Evolve, know more so that you know more and can discern for yourself whose who and what’s what and you don’t need anyone else to define reality for you or tell you who the “bad guys” are and aren’t. I want you to know for yourself and to be able to always instantly know whose who and what’s what. Why? Because that means you’re empowered, safe, can’t be lied to or deceived which means you’re vibrating within a 5D or higher frequency range where lower negative people, consciousness, and Beings literally cannot exist within higher frequency levels, worlds and realities. This is the Separation of Worlds.

This is and always has been about different levels and layers of frequency and whichever one you’re existing within now because you’re a match to it is the “reality” and “world” you’re experiencing primarily. If you don’t like it, what’s required to leave it and enter another higher one is for YOU to increase YOUR frequency rate enough to enter one that is a frequency match to you in this moment. This is how and why many of us jump or shift or switch timelines multiple times a day and night.

I feel myself sliding slightly off topic into a related one. The point of this particular article is to give those who may need a heads up over the avalanche of growing awareness (due to greater higher frequency Light Energies entering the physical throughout 2017) about whose really who and what’s really what and whose actually been spreading spiritual, ET, conspiracy and Ascension disinformation and/or outright lies within all the different communities mentioned earlier. Many of these people/teachers/writers/lectures are well-known worldwide so this—like everything else unfolding globally in 2017—won’t be easy for many people who’ve followed, believed and loved these people for years or decades. Hold the Highest Light LOVE Forerunners like you always have because more people are and will be getting on-board at higher Stair-step levels this year. ❤ ❤ ❤


June 5, 2017

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28 thoughts on “How To Achieve Transparency

  • Thank you, Denise, for this article and to all who have commented. I can only hope that the intentional and unintentional disinformation is helping us all, individually and collectively, to wake up and climb one more stair step. For the moment, I’m attempting to stay in Neutral Observer mode, while at the same time further wake up my discernment abilities…. tricky balancing act. Oh, for telepathy, when everyone’s thoughts are clear and transparent and for the good of All That Is. Geez, that makes me want to sing… “There’s a new day coming”…. or “There’s a new Sun rising”…. etc. Can’t remember the words….melody sounds appropriate! Love, B.

  • “The corruption exists through a zillion layers and if people realized how much they have disempowered themselves by believing all manner of false “authority,” they would be shocked.”

    Shocked and horrified, sickened and repulsed. A zillion layers indeed. Thanks for your wise and correct Comment Thelma. ❤

  • Denise, a P.S.

    Whats new for my inner discernment is realizing and reading incoming energy signatures. For instance, when u had been silent for quite a while, well one day I experienced a “strong Denise feeling”. I wondered about it. Next thing I know U sent out an article. Another one with a friend. I suddenly thought of her and a piece of information she corrected me about mentally. I checked it out physically and learned i was correct. The other areas that still baffle me but are growing distinct in detail are my chakra areas. I feel something happening like an opening and closing. Intensities. Variations. But dont yet Know what it means. Im learning to recognize my coworkers energies, but have a way to go here in discerning me/them. Im also discerning House of EGO per Lisa Renee. Ive lived my entire life bombarded by outer energies but not knowing it. Another is learning to recognize the difference between giving my energy away …..well first to even understand I do that, what it feels like, how i become changed by it, and then i realize it. And recognizing Ive Taken on someone elses energies. And I’ve learned what or how to remedy this in either circumstance. Plus all that is happening on the planet! And each new level of awareness brings me back to deeper understanding about cleaning up the House of EGO. It’s a cycle.

    I think this is part of taking an inverted system, way of life, the backwards TD way of life, and those of us not awake, or who lost remembrance upon being born, have to do our part to walk it out and discover our Self and create the corrected giving/receiving flow .

    Im so grateful ive trusted myself enough that the Something/ Source inside is clear enough to recognize your teachings and a few others as well.

    My concept of what it means to Discern is so changed, deeper, and vaster than my first life chapter in my 20s and 30s! And 40s!!!!

    Im super grateful for All u bring out that i tuck away for later. Lisa Renee too.

    I dont understand the “teachers” integrity in perpetuating incomplete information that targets Having and Getting. People are so desparate for inner peace, and provision. And the common misleading “hook” is “creating your life to have what u want.” My opinion. I do think its a sneaky form of Satanism. ….as I understand the term per Lisa Renee.

    Thank u for letting me share. 😚

    • “Whats new for my inner discernment is realizing and reading incoming energy signatures. For instance, when u had been silent for quite a while, well one day I experienced a “strong Denise feeling”. I wondered about it. Next thing I know U sent out an article.”

      Edith & All,

      This is exactly how it “feels” to read energies and it’s a normal, common ability and way for life and reality in 5D and higher. We perceive by FEELING but this level of feeling is nothing like the old lower frequency 3D ego-based “feeling” of things. It takes multiple times of FEELING in this NEW higher 5D HighHeart way before one starts to become consciously aware of it, and eventually trust it as a NEW legitimate way of sensing and perceiving other people, other people’s energy transmissions (what you felt from me recently), and so much more. This type of perception is super fast, oftentimes subtle, unemotional, and yet you know that what you just FELT and sensed and perceived in this higher way was correct and real. ❤

      You're doing a great job Edith, keep it up and give yourself more ❤ Hugs every day.

  • Very well stated, Denise! Lately I’ve been feeling that a Great Shift has occurred. Many people, unhappy with the presidential election, continue to remain in 3D as if that is “where the action is.” The view from “up here” is so much more enjoyable.

    • ronstarman60 & All,

      The elections/major changes both here and in the UK recently are obvious signs that 1) the evolutionary Ascension Process is indeed real and 2) that everything is indeed changing ready or not! 😉 The old patriarchal systems are literally dying now and quickly falling apart and won’t be “fixed” because that world is descending into greater density and negativity, and eventual nonexistence. The rest are ascending. The way I just said that makes this Process sound like old Duality, like there’s only TWO worlds with TWO groups of people on them when that’s not the case at all. There’s ascending and descending groups and worlds yes, but there’s multiple ascending Earth worlds for people at different levels of development etc.

      There has been and will continue to be more and more, what to call them???, mini Great Shifts or Stair-step Shifts. We’re in another one now and there’s a big one coming with the August 2017 Lunar/Solar Eclipses (the whole month actually), and then from September through the end of December 2017, it’s going to be HUGE (from what I’m perceiving currently) Shifts constantly. Let me clarify that what I mean when I say Shift and/or mini Shifts etc., I mean Greater Separation of Worlds & Timelines. That is what and why we’re “Shifting”, or as my fingers often want to type it, “Shiting”! 😆 I’ll end this on that positive note. 😀 ❤

  • Thank you Denise!!!! Amazing words, we have to be the ones to change our world and environment! LOVE, positivity, care, and perspective change… it!!!!

  • Couldn’t agree more, a desperately painful experience, but you can’t understand discernment until you’ve been through it, thanks Denise love and gratitude as ever Linda xx

  • Hi Denise
    Thank you! It has been really funny over the last few years as my life narrowed financially and physically to such an extent I was not able to get any external physical teaching. It was like the universe was saying sit down and deal with learning from what is already there – in me – outside of me but not from others. I thought I had gone wrong to begin with. I couldn’t find any spiritual books to read, nothing , no external tools. Then one day I went onto Google and found ascension as a term. I knew then that is what was happening. But I trusted that as a process because I had already been living it.

    bless you and thank you as always xxxxx

  • Thank you, Denise. I love all your posts, this one in particular. For someone who loves voicing everything through words, I am coming to a space where words are not enough, and many of them fall short. What I love about your posts is that you hit the nail on the head, and then you come around and hit it again a few more times in slightly different ways and something pops. Anyhow, keep up the good work.

    • ma pantha,

      Thank you for saying that, it means a lot to me. ❤

      It's always frustrated me that when it's THE most important time to write about THE most important event in human and cosmic history–the evolutionary AP–I have “brain fog”, head pains and pressures, access to nouns disappear in my head (the brain fog), I’m in major physical pain most of the time blah, blah, blah and all the rest of it but I need to write about the AP and EP and related topics! The most important event to talk about and we’re all profoundly affected by it to the point that we sometimes can’t even write about it! And I’m dyslexic, plus didn’t know how to spell before all this anyway! 😆

      This is why it’s so meaningful to me that I’m able to express anything sometimes during this AP and EP and have it come out decent enough that it’s readable and helpful. Thanks again.

  • Whoa! All SO very TRUE, I have followed many, just as yourself, and I am blessed to have the GIFT of DECERNMENT, I could, and still do FEEL all information, that I have been recieving since 1900……lol
    I have met my SOUL TRIBE, through SO many PEOPLE, just as MYSELF!
    Gosh, I Love YOU, and all that you have brought to LIGHT on my JOURNEY, much gratitude Miss Denise ❤️

  • Denise! You hit it out of the ballpark with this very timely post! Many thanks and much appreciation. I have “felt” my way around several of these people in the last several years. Often, it is in their voice or the way they stand. When I hear them saying that their life may be on the line for saying this or that….my discernment kicks in. I am going to be amused as 3D continues to implode. What beautiful love warriors we are and getting more online with our true selves each day. Again, thank you for this post. A big hug!

    • barbara n & All,

      Has everyone noticed how the False Light Ascension gurus/teachers/egos etc. have been increasingly descending over the past five years (since 2012 especially) into greater and greater self-delusions and negativity and continue writing and spreading their versions of the AP? Again, I won’t and cannot name names but in many of these people’s cases it’s so obvious now that they’re working for TD both knowingly and unknowingly. They’re going deeper into insanity and negativity and are completely within the descending Earth world, and yet they believe that they are the highest of the high Light and so on. It’s hard to watch but we’ve known this was going to happen to many, many so-called (False Light) Ascension teachers/writers/gurus.

      See it, understand it, and continue doing what you have all along. ❤

  • Hi Denise 😍
    In my journey i became fed up with always reading various articles for clues and truth. About 9 years ago my high self created a lack of money which stopped me in my tracks from my habitual need for personal appointments of one sort or another. I didnt realize the necessity for this of course nor all the hands on experiencing and learning to walk. Alone! The very real hardship and suffering really were and are blessings that opened and continue to open my higher awareness a step each time. Also undoing all the incomplete “teachings and misinformation ” Sifting the inner wheat from the chaff as it were. And learning what my responsibilities to self/life are. Also I ran across a piece of teaching that was true to my experience, and this is that when one is living out of balance i.e. mostly mental / spiritual….This Will Create a most painful physical reality because one is not paying attention or living it. Physically. Also, this same bit of teaching included something that explained a mystery to me. This was that the same thing happens in a different way to people who overly embrace all things physical and sensual…. The Spiritual will make a profound impact upon their awareness i.e. say, like a miraculous healing or like an angel appearing. I want to say that i am attempting to put this in my own words and hope im not disrespecting the point it spoke to me. The point im referring to affected me and many other seekers. The fact that we seekers in our journey mostly encounter the experiences and books by people from the overly physical camp. We would often despair crying Why Do Those people have such awakenings and we do not? Why why why. So not until i happened to pick up the lesson describing differing states of imbalance and how differing types are apt to be affected…… well it was a big relief to finally understand. It was a big relief to understand that I and many of us didnt know our health, our mental and spiritual health depend upon embracing ALL areas and creating balance. Its a Challenge for me to climb down from my mind, and “spiritual ” pursuits and take care of business. Oh there is so much i am learning now! And its not easy to do when also experiencing physical health issues, emotional fear and anxiety NOT necessarily from ascension but that same imbalance! So whats my point? On my stair step i am required to accept and embrace all physical life. As i do, i become stronger. Its been 2 years walking , well learning to walk, waking up to this level. My first response is life long habits such as reading, sleeping, nowadays overly in my cellphone, and eating. Resisting. Getting distracted and carried away by the first thought that scares me.

    When i look back at my life, I see the lack of any basic teachings. No Foundational inner stability, responsibility teaching. Im simply saying i never came across down to earth teaching. Im sure they’ve always been here. I didnt begin until i sat down one day and prayed. Prayed: why isnt my life working if i have so much truth and knowledge? Later, years and years later came to understand that my inner resonating and an inner recognition for certain truths alone were not enough. I didnt know how to LIVE them. Oh, and after that prayer i was led, already had been led to a teacher whom for me was and is an example of What life looks like bringing it down to earth. And its been the hardest and most rewarding inner work….

    We have a lost humanity grasping for “The Law of Attraction ” without ALL the other laws to balance it, Taught by people with money, a wealthy and healthy image we want. Its all Outer. Or formula. Keeps folks identified with their minds. They’ll really freak out when they begin to understand GIVING. TRUE LOVE AND GIVING.

    Anyways Denise, as i sit here on my day off rebelliously avoiding cleaning my very messy kitchen, and doing all my mental escapism, I am slowly arriving, sometimes by my higher self pulling me by the ear And kicking me in the ass to get with the program! To trust. To wash dishes!

    Whats the point of ascending if there is no inner home for the incoming? And I want my truth and knowing to come from within.

    Learning about TD and whats being played out is important to have in my consideration tho I acknowledge im learning to recognize energy slowly. I think inner stability and maturity is necessary and important. So i simply observe at this stage. I very much appreciate the bigger pic u bring to the table. Right now i find Lisa Renee’s offerings are to big for me to chew 🤔

  • I loved this post Denise.. and so timely….Discernment is the way and we can’t find this out of our own heart space…I find if it doesn’t feel right, I set it aside without judgement and move on,
    Thank you
    warm regards,

    • Penny & All,

      The keyword here is, as you said Penny, FEEL, not think. This is HighHeart Consciousness which is more about perceiving from FEELING in all ways and not just the left brained intellect of the old lower world and reality. ❤

  • So timely! This was my experience after signing up on Friday to do a program with a healer that I “thought” was amazing. After listening to some of the guided meditations over the weekend, I felt uneasy and some of what was presented as “truth” felt manipulative and invasive. I pulled out this morning before it actually got started and was fortunate to get a refund. A little disappointed in my lapse of discernment, but feeling very grateful for the narrow escape. Thanks, Denise.

    • lori,

      Good job being honest with yourself and getting out and away from it/him/her/them.

      One primary AP and EP lesson more people are having to deal with much more deeply in 2017, is that all the power, all the answers, all the abilities and Higher Knowing etc. exists within each of us. This is us re-learning this fact and having to Embody it with full consciousness and use it. This is another aspect of the AP and EP and Separation of Worlds happening this year. ❤

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