End Times Are Shift Times

∼ This is another article where I seemingly jump from one unrelated topic to another and another. They are all connected however and increasingly revealing our individual Multidimensional, non-linear Selves and expanding consciousness both in and beyond familiar realities.

As more Forerunners are discovering in 2017, wherever one of us still has some separation or fragmented aspects of ourselves, our awareness, beliefs etc., we immediately feel that lack of unity within ourselves. Like other related topics, this isn’t necessarily pleasant and yet it’s a very important aspect of what many have been and are becoming more aware of to a greater degree than ever before, plus resolving that separation within themselves immediately. This is mandatory for Forerunners living the Embodiment Process (EP). And no, not everyone is or will experience the EP in this lifetime and time of Universal Ascension.

When I say lack of unity, I mean anything small and seemingly insignificant all the way up to those larger, more obvious issues and situations. Keep in mind however that with this high frequency Light here in 2017, every minuscule scrap of everything and everyone that’s got much less to very little to zero Light within them or it, stands out like a giant highlighted “sore thumb” to more and more people finally. In the Light all things are revealed in each of us, in all people, all systems, beliefs, religions and so on. Old lower frequency dreams and expectations about life and reality are evaporating moment by moment in this higher Light. Even to those few who’ve known more about the evolutionary AP than most, our own current Embodiment Process continues altering everything, including ourselves, sometimes hour by hour.

Because humanity has existed for so very long within Duality consciousness, it’s to be expected that most would continue to think in that old familiar Duality consciousness way, even with the evolutionary AP and related topics. We’ve all been guilty of thinking, believing and expecting that we would go from one state of being, consciousness, awareness, energy, life and reality to a much higher one instantly. However, if you’ve lived the AP for a couple of decades already (because you’re a Forerunner, Pathpaver, Wayshower, Gridworker, Gatekeeper etc.) you know that this is and always has been a Process we go through step-by-step, layer-by-layer, energy wave-by-energy wave so we and our physical bodies survive it intact. There is no instant Hollywood movie-like special effects type shift from a lower frequency and state of being to a vastly higher one. Without a physical body sure, doing so is much easier, but with one, not so much. Doing so takes linear time to do what we’ve done and continue doing, it’s just that now we’re capable of doing much more, much faster and all of it simultaneously and Forerunners have been increasingly doing so from the non-linear “Now Moment” using Spherical consciousness.

Egos Unaware of Their Lack of Awareness

One of the things that’s profoundly different and vastly more difficult about being a spiritual Teacher now during the global, cosmic, universal evolutionary AP is the existence of PC’s and the Internet. On the one hand it’s a huge blessing because spiritual Ascension Teachers are able to get their spiritual, energetic AP information out across the globe by merely depressing the Publish button from the privacy of our homes. Never has it been so fast and easy for spiritual Teachers anywhere on the planet to get their physical messages, teachings, updates and ongoing Higher Awareness information out to more people worldwide thanks to PC’s and the Internet. We’re not sitting in some Monastery, Temple, Pyramid or ancient Sacred School where important information is carved into stone or clay tablets or painstakingly written on sheets of papyrus. No, we’re sitting in our own homes, alone and unseen for the most part, typing our fingers off as quickly as we’re capable while living the Ascension and Embodiment Processes ourselves every second of every day and night for decades now regardless of how that makes us feel.

The negative side of PCs and the Internet and unaware ego-based humans is the ability to write, say, express anything about anyone or anything online and remain unseen and protected. Through PCs and the Internet people can be extremely destructive, lie, distort, spread distortions and disinformation intentionally and unintentionally, express negativity and disrespect and hatred at anyone over anything, preach, shame, blame, guilt, project, attack, disrespect people, and specifically attack and disrespect spiritual Ascension Teachers and their works—which in many cases has been free and by donation only online—and on and on by simply clicking a button on their computer screen.

Being stoned to death by groups of people now takes the form of online stoning through online written attacks, online verbal bludgeoning, unbelievable disrespect, lack of compassion, empathy, general human kindness to others, and a huge lack of any Higher Awareness. Free-reign in other words to do your intentional worst upon other living human beings online, in front of the world and seemingly get away with it, or so the human ego smugly believes. This behavior and consciousness is the antithesis of 5D HighHeart consciousness and being, not to mention that while they’re stoning you publicly online through their written words, they honestly believe themselves to be spiritually advanced and all-knowing. That and so much more is what spiritual Ascension Teachers have dealt with at our online sites from the moment we started doing this spiritual energy Ascension Process Work for those ready to evolve.

I heard someone talking recently in a video about unity, and based on what he said in it, unity meant getting together with other people. He was unifying with other people to spread the word about what’s happening on Earth. I won’t assume to know what he/they think is happening on Earth because if he/they believe “Unity” means getting together with other people, he/they’re in for a big surprise. It was momentarily frustrating to me to hear these two males (sorry but there’s a patriarchal clue with this like it or not) so preoccupied with their left brains and external reality and unaware of or just ignoring their right brains and HighHearts and how all this has to happen internally. Those who can do, but they do so from their current energetic level or Stair-step. Just stay in your own lane boys and don’t assume to know what Elder Forerunners and Forerunners are doing at higher levels because you do not. Each person has to do the Work themselves internally to gain that knowledge, that Light.

The other day I read a male (extricating oneself from negative patriarchal shackles is not easy and most males have a harder time doing so) stating at his website that if you eat more ‘blue foods’ and ‘cut out alcohol and sugar’ the painful Ascension and Kundalini side effects will go away. Who knew that all I’ve needed to do for the past twenty years was eat more blue foods and all the suffering I went through wouldn’t have happened! Oh, if only that were true, but it isn’t and here’s some reasons why.

Because I’m an Elder Forerunner, Blue Ray and Volunteer, I’m energetically built differently, as most Forerunners/Blue Rays/Starseeds/Lightbeings/Volunteers are. We had to be wired and built a bit differently to do what we Volunteered to put on physical human body spacesuits and drop a lot of Light just to get ourselves into the dense old lower 3D negative patriarchal, Team Dark run physical Earth system. Without as many higher abilities and tools as we could safely cope with in such density and negativity as Earth has been, our AP Missions would fail horribly. Because failure was not an option, we packed on as many higher frequency abilities,tools and equipment—Higher Awareness, Light, LOVE, multidimensional connections, multiple backup plans, constant help from Higher Home Family and Beings etc.—as we could carry in such a negative dense place. We came in prepared to get the job done in other words, and, we came in greater numbers than was needed too. That was done because we all knew before we dropped Light and took on density and entered this physical world that many of us would fall by the wayside once we were immersed in such profound negativity. Zero judgement in this. We all knew before we left Higher Home what the risks where, and to help us with that, we came in built differently and with tools to help us and constant guidance from Home.

Trying to use and project old lower frequency, lower consciousness 3D beliefs and tools on to people who are literally built with higher frequency tools and abilities from birth is pointless, unaware and insulting. We understand why most people think and believe this way and why you project your limited beliefs on to us and others but they don’t and will not work for us for the reasons mentioned above. In addition, they aren’t going to work for you either because we’ve succeeded in our Missions; we’ve opened the global cattle-pen gates so humans can more easily and quickly evolve beyond old negative belief systems.

Lisa Renee just wrote an important blog article about being an Empath and how empaths use their physical bodies differently than non-empatic people. Thank You for it Lisa Renee. ❤  (See link below.)

Because I’ve been an Empath since birth I often don’t even think of certain things like this because it’s normal to me. It’s normal to me to read energies from my 360° gut/belly/core area. It’s normal for me to read certain other energies from higher locations in my physical and energy body/bodies. Read energies means to perceive, feel, see, hear, know, sense, discern other levels and frequencies of energy, of energies in people, groups, places, animals, Earth, Nature, physical and nonphysical beings and objects, structures, belief systems, the Collective and more. People don’t play the piano with their knees, they use their fingers and hands. The same is true with Higher Awareness and higher abilities; we use different physical body areas and organs, different energy centers, hormones/chemicals, areas of the brain, the etheric body, and of course now our HighHearts.

Because Empaths can read energies in people, places, things and more by using their core/gut/belly/stomach area, we have a tendency to blow up like balloons in and around the mid-section, especially so since the start of the Ascension Process and for more reasons than being Empaths. Believe me when I tell you that I’d love to eat some blue foods (blueberries, yum) to magically override the Buddha Belly and certain Empath side effects but it simply does not work like that for us.

Whenever something or someone startles me, my gut/belly area instantly bloats. If I have a fearful and/or angry thought for just a moment, my gut/belly area instantly bloats. This is about energy and how different people at different levels of development, ability and awareness deal with, interact with, respond to, are effected by, perceive, feel, transmute and move energy/energies. We are multidimensional beings and because of this we have and use our multidimensional, multiple body tools and abilities. Like it or not, you’re evolving beyond everything being only about eating “blue foods” or not eating certain other foods or standing on your head facing East for hours every day or whatever. This is evolution and I strongly suggest that you get with the Higher Program and cast-off your limiting belief shackles people. You cannot treat, fix, heal, solve, resolve higher frequency situations, side effects and energies with old 3D lower frequency, lower consciousness beliefs and tools.

I Just Wanna Have A Life Again

Many people have felt like they just want to go have fun or at least some peace somewhere, somehow, because all this AP intensity is through the roof in 2017. I can relate and over the past couple of months I’ve focused more on me than I have in nearly thirty years. I’ve had to. I’ve wanted to do my best to find some level of happiness and comfort where I am/where I AM now in 2017, energetically and physically. I think many Elder Forerunners and Forerunners have felt this way this year and there’s multiple reasons why.

Many times I’ve felt I’ve been in some strange state of mourning the loss of my old familiar 3D life, reality, self etc. I’m the last person I would have believed would ever feel this way but at times I have. Humans are so beat down by eons of negativity that they’ve adapted to and accepted all the horrors, abuse, negativity, limitations and atrocities done against humanity by human and nonhuman Team Dark (TD). Humans excel at adapting, which is a positive attribute unless it’s to continue clinging to those negative atrocities out of sheer habit, lack of awareness and/or Emotional Body addictions. But because the Shift (almost every time I type that word I write shit, which I find funny and telling) is happening now, many more people aware of the AP and the EP have felt a growing desire and need to relax and be happy for a change.

We need to do exactly that, relax and be happy. Nonetheless we also need to keep on keepin’ on because the job isn’t done yet, it won’t ever be “done”, but how we’ve done it is ending, changing, evolving into NEW jobs, NEW Missions, NEW Work, NEW us. Said another way, what used to make you “happy” has changed because you’ve changed. Before you get bummed over this you need to admit to yourself that there’s now so many more NEW, never-been-used crayons in your personal crayon box! You, me, we all can and need to use them to create NEW images for ourselves and our NEW lives as NEW beings.

Humans like to dig in and feel secure, and the AP and EP are extreme opposites to digging in and feeling secure, which is why Forerunners have felt and feel being both human and Divine Other, Higher and Lower, physical and nonphysical, old and NEW while in our physical human Earth bodies. I want to sit, relax and feel secure, AND I want to get this Ascension and Embodiment Process done quickly and as elevated as possible for myself and for everyone and everything else. Give yourself the time to evolve into your NEW everything where this exhausting sense of duality and constantly shifting, jumping, juggling between your old lower and NEW Higher Self and those severely different realities. This change is happening now, in 2017, so release some more as we all discover that this isn’t and doesn’t need to be two separated things, worlds, levels of being, awareness and reality anymore. They are becoming ONE because we are becoming more Unified within ourselves.

Last Week While Driving To The Store…

May 25th I was driving to Wal-Mart when suddenly my right wrist felt like there was a crucifixion nail through it. The physical pain was incredible, but much more importantly was that I instantly knew what it was and began talking loudly and intensely (borderline yelling) while driving at Team Dark that their bullshit negative Piscean Age ‘Crucifixion Implants’ to use another Lisa Renee term, are being permanently removed now. This pain triggered my anger over this old, carefully designed negativity and how much pain and suffering it has caused global humanity throughout the Age of Pisces (and still is today), that when this TD crucifixion pain erupted (again) in my wrist, I instantly blasted it and them back to Source. I knew some people in the cars around me could hear me yelling like an exorcist in my car but I didn’t care. I used that sudden physical crucifixion implant pain to get even larger energetically and help remove some of this ancient negativity.

Over the years I’ve experienced this same sudden piercing blast of severe crucifixion nail pains through my wrists and feet. I’m not and never have been religious because I incarnated with conscious higher awareness of what the two main world religions really were. Many Forerunners/Starseeds/Volunteers etc. incarnated in these Ascension lifetimes with either full or partial conscious higher awareness about what the primary world religions actually were. In addition, I have Pisces ASC, Pisces Rising natally, and I’ve always known I’m extra receptive to and aware of the intentional negative TD Piscean Age created religious negativity and distortions they created to use on and against humanity. This is another specific higher tool I came in with to help me in dismantling this TD negativity on the physical dimension.

A couple of days after this crucifixion pain experience in my car and my instant angry removal of it, I discovered a recent blog article Lisa Renee had written, ‘Earth Element is Transforming’. (Link below.) Beside my Piscean ASC, my Sun is in Capricorn, last of the Earth element zodiacal signs. I’m talking higher tools here and in my case, and any Forerunner with heavy Earth and Water planets and/or angles etc. in their natal charts, 2017 feels very personal, different and extremely important.

Saturn & Physical Reality Structures, Earth Element, Gaia & You

Thanks to my Earth element Capricorn Sun and other connected things, I’ve always felt Earth/Gaia and much of the energies and beings that exist on and under the surface of physical Earth. Most Earth sign people, and opposite sign people—Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer—have this greater developed sense of and connection with Earth/Gaia because that element is highlighted in their physical bodies and consciousness. They also are usually Empaths, plus let us not forget that Cancer rules the stomach, the gut/bloat/belly. Put all the pieces together and things make a lot more natural sense. No blue foods needed. 😉 Because we’ve reached the point we’re at finally which is the Shift, which is the Separation of Worlds & Timelines, what we’ve been familiar with in regards to the Earth element, and Saturn, is changing dramatically in 2017.

As you may remember back in super-potent, ass-kicking, how did we survive another April?! April 2017, there were seven M-class Solar flares all aimed at planet Saturn, Lord of the 3D physical realm and structures in physicality. When I heard this I knew that TD was taking another intervention beating from Divine Source, and what they’ve intentionally used Saturn’s energies for to control physical Earth structures and realities for eons was being ended, cutoff and permanently dismantled. Change Saturn and you change physical reality. Change the Earth element and you change physical reality. Disconnect the old TD human and non-human monsters from stealing and distorting anything anymore and physical reality changes, as do humans and their consciousness and everything else. All this and much more is happening in 2017. Don’t any of us project old lower world expectations on to the NEW higher world, yourself and your NEW life and realities. Use your NEW, never-been-used before crayons please, for the sake of all everywhere. ❤

Vast Areas of Beautiful Rock Candy Space

Last week while I was out and about, I clarivoyantly Saw what looked to me like HUGE, MASSIVE vertical columns of pale pink crystal rock candy up out in higher dimensional space. It was beautiful beyond words as most of these types of sights are. I was a speck next to one of them as “I” slowly floated up further and higher next to it, them. It was like a crystalline Rock Candy field of energies that glistened with Light and radiated tremendous energies that felt very 6D geometric-like to me.

Razor shape crystalline geometric snowflake-like shapes floating through the air/space on our physical Earth world, touching each other lightly, creating glass wind-chime-like sounds more beautiful than you can imagine. Massive pillars of pastel colored crystalline Rock Candy looking structures out in the deep space fields radiating NEW Light Codes far and wide. Ever looked into a kaleidoscope? It’s looking more and more like that now when you venture out into the NEW expanding fields of Light Codes. I don’t know what else to call them but they’re more colorful, complex, geometric and dazzling than playing with a kaleidoscope.

I’m Here, There, Everywhere All At Once

Because so much is changing internally and externally in me, my personal reality and life etc., and because I know there’s so much more to come with all this EP business, I’m needing more time to myself to let it happen in and through me/Me/ME while me/Me/ME continue becoming increasingly unified in this physical Denise form which naturally causes it to be evolved into something NEW and different. Things make more sense to me now than ever before, and simultaneously I’m oftentimes dumbfounded by this Embodiment Process. What a miracle. What a confusion. What a pain. What a reunion for all aspects. What intensity. What soft, gentle perfectness. What a Process. What profound improvements. What LOVE. What Light. What else…?

I am a Forerunner, always have been, but I know I’m on totally NEW ground/space/place/level now in early 2017, and that this is only going to grow from here on out. I am Denise but I AM more and these two aspects are functioning increasingly from the same space and Now Moment and it’s amazing, dreamlike, easy, familiar, perfect in its strangeness and ever-present desire for greater and greater Creativity. There’s also those times, those days and weeks where it’s anything but perfect, easy and amazing and is just painful to the extreme, confusing and deeply frustrating. Lower and Higher merging, it’s all to be expected and much more I suppose. We’re doing it so give yourself the LOVE all aspects of you/You/YOU deserve and be sure to use all of your NEW crayon colors. ❤ ❤ ❤


May 31, 2017

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Copyright © Denise Le Fay & HighHeartLife, 2017. All rights reserved. You may copy and distribute this article so long as you don’t alter it in any way, the content remains complete, credit is given to the author(s) and this URL https://highheartlife.wordpress.com and Copyright Notice is included.



23 thoughts on “End Times Are Shift Times

  • Denise, I have to laugh– while I was nursing my baby and reading your post today (4/25/18), she bumped my phone, accidentally taking me to this article. Well, it answers some questions I’ve been having. I shouldn’t be surprised by this synchronicity since she’s bursting with wisdom and desperate to communicate. 😂 Thank you for a tremendous library of resources!

  • Aloha! Thankyou for this one! What a lovely mix. I had to chuckle about the comparison of “stoning” people to the bashing we have in media….not that it is funny, but that people may not think it is the same thing! It is am image that sticks in my mind! Very very creative! Thank you!!!

  • Oh LOL Shift/shit reminded me of a dream years ago. There was a round track and we contestants had to eat an assigned amount of food then go around the track to see who could shit it out the fastest……..my oh my and the dream time goes on and on.
    I told someone last week we are living the rapture, not sure why that came out of my head but feels right. I always blamed my wrist pain on corporal tunnel as I worked sewing machines for many years but did not make sense how it came in went without any seeming reason so thanks I will prepare to assault as you did the next time it happens. 🙂 I went through the being saved, “dunked” and study with Christians to remember it was false.
    Onward and upward we go, sometimes sideways backwards and inside out but still we continue. Love and Hugs sister of my Higheart and love all the comments.

  • Thank you for your messages. There is so much helpful clarification and support in your words for anyone who is willing to hear, and for anyone who is experiencing the very PHYSICAL aspects of AP but not recognising them as such. Get the Light in there!

    Buddha Belly, yep, love it!

  • This is so “on point” I can’t even…! ❤️❤️❤️
    Thank you so much, Denise, for all these years of putting into words of what’s going on.

    With much love,
    She of the Blue Ray Forerunners with a Bloated Belly (so it wasn’t just the avocados I was eating, lol)
    Karin / Calliope the Muse

  • Dear Denise,

    Thanks so much for all that you do and have done on behalf of humanity on this long AP road. There’s so much “disinformation” out there, much of it not intentional, and it’s always refreshing to get your perspective. I am feeling much more integrated (higher/lower levels) and feel a lightness in the energies especially this year. It’s so exciting to read about the “pale pink crystal rock candy” you saw radiating the new Light Codes. I’m relieved it’s finally here and doing its job. I had to smile at your mentioning coloring crayons, because I have been literally coloring mandalas and other patterns with felt markers in the last few months!

  • Your quote here..“Many times I’ve felt I’ve been in some strange state of mourning the loss of my old familiar 3D life, reality, self etc. I’m the last person I would have believed would ever feel this way but at times I have”…spot on for me as well..
    It was in May when seemingly out of the blue..I felt a surge of energy to HAVE FUN…be in carefree adventure mind and allow myself to participate in things I used to enjoy…I even sat with mySelf and asked…What do you wish to enjoy now?..and I felt the energy of summer or just simple pleasure…
    Denise..to be quite honest..I do not know how to do this…..Thank you sincerely for all you share…each day is a timeless joy and a timeless adventure indeed…Much Love and Abundant Blessings always

  • Hi Denise, yes crystal and crayon adventures here too and a need to check all systems, physical, biological and emotional (self trust in my case and acceptance too) I just couldn’t believe that I had agreed to do this to myself. Think we call it denial.
    Enjoy your Denise time, and feel our hugs while you’re in there honey, god knows we are grateful to you girl.
    Love and hugs Linda xx

  • Denise, Another wonderful blog post, thank you, Sister. So many synchronicities for me in your words and images ~ the images you used, I had to laugh. I took my boys to a gem and crystal shop today (your first image) where we also bought rock crystal lollipops (your second image). I’d also written in my journal recently about my “new box of crayons with bright, vivid new colors.” Feeling you. Also feeling that 2017 feels big and important and VERY personal.
    Thank you and sending LOVE as you take care of you. ♡

  • Thank you Denise for this as always IN- sightful sharing. The old energy showing up SO IMMENSELY ..such clarity..its an immense Embodiment activation indeed…Blessings in Joy and Love eternal…

  • Thank you, Denise, for this right-on and inspiring take on the AP for the 2017 times we’re in. When I read your comment below, in context with much of your article and relating same to my own particular situation as a Forerunner:

    “…..multiple backup plans…..”

    ….I confess I smiled and am still smiling. Like a cat with nine lives, I do believe I’ve used up a few of my ‘backup plans’ because I know I keep misplacing my crayon box, fall back to the familiar/do not work 3D responses, sigh, and climb back up the stairs. Thing is, I’m noticing that when I fall down the stairs, it doesn’t take near as long to climb back up. Now, if only I could keep that crayon box from sailing off into space just as I reach out to grab it on my downward and upward spiraling flights! Core gut sea sick? Oh, yes. Love, B.

  • OH WOW… Denise, I totally get and agree with ALL OF THE ABOVE!

    Those words of ‘wisdom’ that I sometimes call Wiz-dom (there are a lot of pseudo Wizards of Oz out there!) that fly so freely from the keyboards and fingers of the unseens… Sacred words that are ‘twisted by Knaves to make a trap for Fools’ (thank you Rudyard Kipling) have been the bane of my life for so long.

    But… one thing is very evident to those on the Path of Purity and Divinity! You cannot fake Vibration and Frequency. When you have truly done the work – on top of which you are an empath – you absolutely know within a heartbeat, those who are faking it. No judgement here either, but so many are plagiarising the work of others before them, it’s not true!

    I can tell pretty much instantly if someone is ‘spouting’ someone else’s work. I can also feel authenticity. I know many of us feel this way too. But if someone takes MY words, my authentic personal experience, and makes it theirs without acknowledging where it originated, I GET MAD! Why in the hell would I let someone else plough a dirty, weed-ridden field and then claim it as my own work??? but they do…

    Everything we do, be and say is our personal, divine responsibility – so keep it clean. Keep it pure. Be authentic. If you have to borrow the work of others, at least give them credit… because as my mother used to say, ‘Breeding will out, dear’… in other words, ‘by their colours shall we know them’ and in time, the truth will always come to the fore.

    Unless it’s my personal experience I question EVERYTHING… only when I Know, personally, will I authenticate it in words – because for so long, the old 3D system was simply repetition of what went before. Schools, religions, governments – all simply repeating the pattern set out by others. Not on my Watch!!!

    Thank you so much for voicing what I consider to be the ultimate truth about the AP and all other related issues!

    Love love love you… Jay (North Wales, UK)

  • Hello, glad to see you’re still updating the blog Denise.

    So I was thinking and I’ve come to the conclusion that God gives us all slightly different abilities and missions. There are a number of people doing what you’re doing, right? It specifically relates to transmuting old earth energies and downloading and grounding higher energies.

    I’ve noticed some people are given more public roles to uplift the masses (or rather, awakening…) But this is only really basic stuff.

    Plenty of hiding people in the background doing other jobs I bet.

    Since it’s typical for all glowy people to get attacked by darkness, we all get under psychic attack.

    I’m noticing my energy starts to kick all the dark spirits or entities out of people if they have to sit too near to me ( or even in the same room). Literally it’s angel army going out to obliterate all nearby darkness.

    This doesn’t make me too popular, lol…

    I suppose the main job is a channel to ignite huge change. Catalyst and light warrior, or just plain big old God channel.

    Things feel odd, surreal and I feel like a total inability to attach to anyone or anything.

    People just enter and leave my life at top speed!

    It’s like I’m floating in space with no gravity… Just a ball of samadhi energy lol.

    No complaints it’s pretty cool. The only thing is I’m simply unable to communicate with anyone…

    It’s like, I see everyone as a bit mad, or into irrelevant stuff.

    What’s the point in voting for politics when the more important issue is if they’re light or not?

    What’s the point if dark guys are in charge of them?

    I’m not far right, left or middle.

    I just want the darkness to go away.

    Everyone else is just playing victim, predator games… It never ends until the ego merged into God. Everything​ else is pointless.

    Yet I’m not even respected by people.

    But they don’t understand me.

    Even other k active people aren’t really.

    Oh well. Paradoxically alone, yet merged so deep in God, not alone.

    I just want my angel army to trash everyone’s​ darkness so I can go !!! So you do get me? God is best, right? Everyone can be a winner. Eternal happiness and infinite energy!

    My star signs are ascendent virgo, sun taurus. So I’m heavy earth. I don’t know if it means anything.

    I assume all of us are channelling God into earth through the antahkarana bridge flowing up and down… The added gushing out of light angels which seem to saturate walls, objects and nearby people!

    I literally walk into my bedroom and feel the high vibes filling the room.

    It looks like God is doing a heavy purge on the astral around earth… Should have Titanic effects on earth given time.

    Anyway, that’s all I can come up with for now. My energy is Max 24/7 unless I’m around ppl too much, they drain me and I suck up their blocks like a big Hoover.

    The last bits of my ego seemed to clear out last week… But since then lots of implants came up for clearing.

    I’ve never had crucifixion implants but they sound fucking horrible…

    I’ve had nasty implants in my stomach, digestive tract, which hurt a lot.

    I’ve got them showing up in my spine, tail bone…I had lots of little implants all over my arms and elbow once.

    Anyway, God seems serious about a total global overhaul. Whole patriarchy falling to bits.

    I don’t know who those guys were talking about blue foods, but I hope you wouldn’t put me in that category.

    What I’ve found is that nothing inherently helps except to go through it.

    The k process is brutal and how long or hard it is is largely based on past lives and personal karma.

    One thing I noticed was that by reading or listening to voice of someone who has a lot of angels, you literally absorb copies of their angel profile.

    For example, I’ve listened to Bob proctor, and a lot of my angels emit his quality of light – purely from listening to audio talks.

    I’ve found the extra light helped me burn darkness quicker.

    I’ve found types of food or drug to have little effect on the blockages, you either let k burn through them or download more energy/angels to burn everything faster.

    I really do wonder what the future holds for me. I’ve become introverted.

    I don’t really talk to anyone about how I feel. Can’t really.

    Pretty sure I’ll feel more comfortable after my physical death.

    But being embodied down here, must be a pretty good reason for it…so here I am!

    Jobs don’t want me, I got no close relationship or friends (one friend, online)…

    Karmic timeline now feels totally clear. No magnetism between me and others.

    … unfortunately the egos of people are very loud, crude and they all talk over the quiet whisper of my heart…

    The people don’t seem interested in ascension… So I usually only small talk when I have to.

    Otherwise it’s a quick check on a few blogs like yours to see how things are on your end.

    Does help to feel less isolated.



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