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It’s always been fun to go through the Search terms at my sites because the best, most telling and oftentimes hilarious, honest questions are always there and make me smile or burst into laughter, and always make my HighHeart swell with joy and excitement over the Ascension Process (AP). Here’s some I’ve found over the years that led people to my sites, which is also kind of funny when you think about it. For your entertainment and everyone’s ongoing edification. If we can’t laugh at ourselves and feel empathy and gratitude for others living with evolutionary AP symptoms, we’re in trouble. Keep your HighHeart open and be very glad that more and more people worldwide are experiencing them, even though they’re usually not very pleasant, because it means humanity is evolving and quickly now.

  • Why am I smelling shit everywhere?
  • Why is my asshole vibrating?
  • Are Starseeds evil?
  • Why does my left leg shake when I exhale?
  • What are Lightworkers?
  • Belly bloated
  • Logical explanation of …
  • Why are Lightworkers so afraid to die?
  • Tickle heart chakra
  • Ears ringing more and more
  • Kundalini burning palms feet
  • When I orgasm my lower leg vibrates
  • Hair falling out ascension?
  • Why am I vibrating inside?
  • Why do people get “Buddha Belly”?
  • Pelvic tightness and Twin Flame
  • Much vibration waves come my back head reason
  • What disease causes shaking inside the body coupled with fatigue?

I have to admit that I my all-time favorite is, “Why does my asshole vibrate?”  It’s a gem of a question isn’t it? Just wait until your whole body vibrates constantly questioner, which is what eventually happens as these higher frequency Light Energies moves through your entire physical and energy bodies triggering more and more highly compressed evolution to Rewire all aspects of you. Why? So you can exist within greater, higher frequency Light and a matching world and reality and not have it destroy you or your physical body.

Of all the search terms I’ve seen over the years the most often asked question has been about the mysterious AP side effect of inner body vibrations. 

It’s been interesting for me as an Elder Forerunner — Forerunner of the Forerunners, to see how more and more people have and are being activated by the AP over the years. It was easy to see on any stats page that shows search terms that direct people to your site for answers or insights about what they’re experiencing and why. Every year for over a decade more and more search terms about inner body vibrations have consistently shown up, revealing that greater numbers of people around the world have been and are being activated by the now very high frequency evolutionary AP Light Energies.

I’ve written about all these search terms and much more and they’re archived here at TRANSITIONS for anyone searching for information about the AP side effects. Just click on whatever topic heading you’re interested in under CATEGORIES in the sidebar area and all of the articles I’ve written under that topic will appear.

Now that we’re in 2017, greater numbers of people are and will be suddenly experiencing different AP symptoms/side effects. That’s why I’ve kept TRANSITIONS going over the past ten years; I knew that further down the AP road more people would suddenly need to know what’s happening to them and their consciousness, lives, body, mind, emotions, dreamlife, DNA and so on. It’s highly compressed natural evolution, and my friends, it has a tendency to make one’s asshole vibrate for a while. 😉 Happy reading or re-reading.

Denise Le Fay

June 6, 2017

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5 thoughts on “Make You Smile Search Terms

    • It is a jewel isn’t it cespringer?! I’ve LOL too many times when viewing the days search terms on my admin page at TRANSITIONS. They’re funny but telling which is why I just had to share some of them with my readers. ❤

  • Omg. LMAO! These are great! Definitely the top 2! I have to say though, my asshole hasn’t ever vibrated by the inside of my vagina has many times!! LoL.
    Denise, I’m SO glad you kept your blog up all these years. It’s one of the best and I’m very grateful for your stuff, I can relate to everything. Without your forerunners, I’d be locked up probably medicated up the asshole by now! 😉

  • All I can say is, if your asshole starts vibrating, better stay close to the bathroom for awhile! Thanks for the Buddha belly laugh Denise!!!! :0

  • Hahahaa!!! The top two on the list are hilarious!! Still giggling..although in all seriousness the time my “asshole vibrations” (or root chakra activation!) began around ten years ago now, were the start of a full blown kundalini rising, and something I’ll not forget in a hurry! It’s great that people can get all the information & support they need from Transitions & similar places on the net, because it can seem like you’re going crazy.

    All I can say to anyone experiencing this for the first time is, you get used to feeling like you’ve got a you’re own internal hive full of bees buzzing around your insides – honestly 😉

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