Pathpaving & The Separation Of Worlds

I’m going to start this article by sharing an awake daytime experience I had in the mid-1980s. It happened after spending some time at my mom’s house talking with her and my sister about other things. It happened in front of them not that either of them fully understood what I had just seen, remembered and relived in those profoundly intense few moments they witnesses. For perspective, Harmonic Convergence happened in August 1987; this experience was four years or so before that.

This experience was unusually intense because in the 1980s, the pre-ascension Earth existed in full Darkness and negative control so for me, or anyone else, to suddenly be consciously expanded all the way back up to where this event originated was extreme and incredibly intense on my physical body at that time. In the few seconds this vision and memory and direct re-connection happened, it caused my physical body to sweat profusely and tremble slightly as I stood there reliving this and reconnecting with it consciously as incarnate Denise in this physical timeline of Ascension. Said another way, bridging this great gap between mid-1980’s pre-ascension Earth and where the I AM aspects of ME existed in a very high dimension of Light LOVE was severe. Many of us do this today with no side effects whatsoever because of the ongoing Embodiment Process, but back in the mid-1980s, doing so was another story altogether.

I was suddenly transported and consciously reconnected with my I AM aspects, my Soul Group aspects which consisted of 5–7 individuals. We all were Lightbeings that existed at a very high level. Three more of these same level of Lightbeings presented before the 5–7 of us to inform us—and all others across the Universe—that a ‘Call has been issued from Source for Volunteers to go and assist.’ Details about this weren’t needed for any of us because everyone instantly knew exactly what this was, what it meant, why it was happening and what was required of any aspects that Volunteered for this Divine Mission. I raised my hand and said, ‘We’ll go’. I did not say I’ll go but we’ll go which meant I Volunteered all aspects of my I AM self, all aspects of my Soul Group for this Source inspired Universal Mission.

To describe this I have to talk in linear terms so it makes easier sense but keep in Higher Awareness that this event was and still is quantum, multidimensional and interconnected.

It was a call from Divine Source for Volunteers to drop enough Light to be able to incarnate into the physical dimension in physical bodies on Earth across time for the single purpose of preparing for the coming Universal Ascension Process. My I AM Volunteered aspects all incarnated simultaneously into different time periods and locations on physical Earth many thousands of years apart, all to gain unique earthly experiences such as different Initiations and teachings across time in multiple countries and cultures so the aspect that incarnated into this timeline as Denise Le Fay would have all she needed to be capable of individually reuniting her aspects and more, Embodying, seeding and anchoring the NEW higher evolutionary Light energies and codes into physical Earth for mass humanity. That is what we ‘Volunteers’ volunteered to do and the majority of this Mission Work had to do with us first dismantling, transmuting, clearing and removing tremendous amounts of Dark negative energies created by Team Dark—negative aliens, beings, demons, devils and an assortment of other negative hierarchical entities. In very simplified terms, Phase One of this was a multidimensional cosmic cleanup Mission that would not be easy or safe but a certain percentage of negativity had to first be transmuted and removed and we Volunteered in vast numbers to do exactly that and much more. Phase Two has been more about our intentionally Embodying, unifying, shifting, lifting ourselves, our bodies and Earth and energetically Pathpaving the way for humanity that would be coming up behind us.

Because all this has been and still is quantum, I’ve been as have many of you reading this, consciously aware FROM BIRTH that I intentionally incarnated on physical Earth while it was totally owned and operated by the most negative, human hating, nearly incomprehensible female hating, evil and vile negative aliens and other beings including totally negative humans. My mother used to tell me that I was such a good baby. She could put me on a blanket on the floor and I wouldn’t leave it. What she didn’t know was that my not leaving the blanket had to do with the fact that I was consciously aware of where I was and that it wasn’t good or positive but completely Dark and negative.

So with that as my personal foundation for everything in my life, lives, reality and realities, let’s get to the reasons for this particular article. What I’m going to say next is not because I hate or don’t like or disbelieve the people I’m going to mention. That is not the case at all. What it is a case of is individually different levels, different Ascension related Mission Work and focus, and different Earth worlds. The Separation of Worlds is rapidly becoming something that more and more individuals are clearly seeing, feeling and sensing for themselves and this article is about that.

As some of you know Lisa Renee and her husband Tomas wrote a blog article at their site on November 5, 2018 entitled ‘Disclosure, If You Want It’. I discovered it a few days ago then one of my readers wrote a Comment under my previous article mentioning it and had some wise and insightful things to say about it. I also received an email from another reader a few days ago about it and how she was both surprised and angry over some of the things said in it and about how negative the energies in the movie trailer and its participants felt to her. After this I finally read the entire article by Lisa and Tomas and lastly clicked on the link in it and watched the documentary trailer of the movie ‘Above Majestic’ with David Wilcock, Cory Goode, Jordan Sather and I don’t know who else. I don’t need to watch the entire movie because I’ve energetically known the situation with them and the entire “conspiracy theory” topics in general.

As most of you know I’ve often mentioned Lisa Renee and also have quoted some of her monthly articles and/or blog posts over the years because I personally felt about her writing about Team Dark—the negative aliens and their agendas—much like she stated she felt about David Wilcock & Co. and this documentary movie. I have appreciated Lisa Renee writing about, in detail like no one else, these negative aliens and all the hierarchical Dark others because it meant I wasn’t the only person writing about them and my lifelong experiences with some of them. Team Dark as I call all negative beings is a very hard and unpleasant topic in general so to find anyone else writing about them was a gift for me personally.

Having said that I must be honest and add that by 2012, I was occasionally experiencing repeated moments of growing frustrations with Lisa Renee because, and this is very important, she was not writing about the positive side of the Ascension Process much at all. Out of say 24 articles maybe, maybe one would have a few sentences or a couple of paragraphs about how much positive progress was happening simultaneously to the ongoing negative stunts and tactics by the negative aliens in one of her articles. Since 2013, I repeatedly found myself getting frustrated at Lisa for going on and on and on about the Dark and not talking much at all about the positive progress that’s been happening too. I finally got over this in myself as an issue because it was MINE and not Lisa Renee’s and continued doing and being what I’ve done and been all along. Her path and focus is hers and hers alone same as is the case with David Wilcock, Cory Goode and everyone else, including myself.

We all would like other people to be at our sides and vice versa and honestly understand and do some of the Great Work too but, eventually the First Everythingers fully realize that this isn’t how it works beyond certain levels and that it is all about me doing it myself, and you doing it yourself etc. as empowered higher frequency Individuals which slowly creates a higher frequency Group of matching frequency Individuals. The ‘High Vibe Tribe’ as Sandra Walter has called it, called us; Team Light as I’ve called it, called us.

I’ve always been able to instantly feel, sense, discern and read energies and energies in people, groups and locations etc. so it’s been easy for me to look at people, photos, videos and movies like the one we’re talking about here and instantly know what’s what and whose who and where they’re currently existing energetically within the Separation of Worlds. What’s happening more and more every day now, nearly twenty years since the Ascension Process started on the physical level for the First Everythingers (Forerunners, Wayshowers, Pathpavers, Lightworkers, Lightwarriors etc.) in 1998–1999, is more people are able to instantly sense, read, discern, feel, see and know where other Ascension writers and teachers and other people are within the Ascension Process, the Embodiment Process if they are or aren’t living that and which Earth world they exist on now. This is a very important distinction that explains a lot.

Some of what was said in Lisa and Tomas’ blog article by them both, AND the dank in-your-face negative lower frequency energies that are extremely obvious to Team Light in the ‘Above Majestic’ trailer clip (I have not seen this movie in its entirety and won’t because I don’t need to) are instantly felt, seen, recognized and known now by more people than ever before.

When people cannot honestly tell the difference between Light and Dark, Dark and Light, but calm they know all sorts of things, people, beings, aliens, situations, religious beliefs and reality, they cannot energetically discern their backsides from holes in the ground! They think they know what’s going on but they don’t overall and they believe the rest of us don’t know either but we do and many of us always have. Also I have to say that anyone who believes that wannabe dictator narcissist psychopath Orange Menace Trump is an improvement over previous red and blue political psychopaths is in for some huge revelations. Screaming ‘fake news’ endlessly does not justify a lifetime of corruption, negativity and mental and emotional instability. Corrupt and unstable is corrupt and unstable whether coming from a politician, real estate investor, con man or any other patriarchal profession.

Definition of bifurcation

1a : the point or area at which something divides into two branches or parts : the point at which bifurcating occurs

The Separation of Worlds is not and never has been about only two ascending Earth worlds; one going one way and the other going another way. The Separation of Worlds has always been, from what I’ve seen and known to date, about multiple Earth worlds all separating off of the old lower primary 3D patriarchal Team Dark controlled Earth world and all of them going in different directions. The reasons for these multiple ascending Earth worlds, not only two of them, has been and continues to be because, like everything else in the Ascension and Embodiment Processes, there needs to be many different energetic Stair-steps to the overall Process. Why? Because all currently incarnate living almost 8 billion humans on Earth are not and never have been existing at the same identical level of development, consciousness, awareness, Soul growth and focus and so on. I wrote multiple articles many years ago at TRANSITIONS about this topic and about what we called at that time to help with this concept, Earth or Planet A, Planet B, and Planet A/B. These different titles were used to help people understand that multiple ascending Earth worlds, and one primary descending Earth world was manifesting because more options, more energetic Stair-steps were needed due to the profoundly different levels of consciousness and development in humanity.

In really simplified terms it goes something like this. Earth or Planet A represents the highest of the ascending Earth worlds. Earth B represents the lowest and even Darker more negative descending Earth world for all the individuals who still want to kill others, fight, war, mutilate, exist in extreme chaos and negativity, not take any responsibility for themselves, their actions, thoughts, emotions, lives and so on. And Earth A/B is for the majority of humans currently living the Ascension Process but don’t know it and still are experiencing some duality in themselves and others and the world around them. This is all a Great evolutionary Work in progress and there are multiple Stair-step Earth worlds for humanity as we all continue going through these different Ascension Process levels, phases and layers.

This is why some of us feel the ways we do about what certain other ascension writers, teachers and conspiracy writers and teachers say and claim. It’s also why some of us feel the ways we do about videos and movies and people in them like this conspiracy documentary. It’s NOT because we don’t believe them or don’t believe in aliens, negative aliens, negative alien agendas and so on because many of us always have, and in some cases we’ve known and remember these things for more years or decades than the people, writers, teachers, lecturers and people in these types of documentaries have been alive. It’s not about the topic or topics; it’s about which Earth world and energetic level and level of consciousness, focus and awareness each person is in now. David Wilcock and I don’t even exist on the same Earth world and he would probably find me as energetically “irritating” as I find him and others of a similar lower energetic frequency. This is just what it is and can’t be taken personally at those old lower 3D egoic levels. This is about evolution and awareness and which Earth world you are existing on at the moment.

My sole job in this incarnation has always been to Embody as much and as high as I’m capable of every minute so that I’m able to Embody more NEW evolutionary Light, Codes, DNA and all the rest of it for myself, my Selves, and for all other humans that desire to evolve and exist at much higher levels of being, consciousness, HighHeart and external reality. My job has and never will be about fighting it out with government officials or anyone else over aliens, ETs, UFOs, secrets both on and off planet, black ops and all the rest of it. I’ve lived that stuff and more all my life and not because I was interested in any of it but because I needed a quick refresher course about Team Dark in general on and off Earth when I Volunteered to incarnate as Denise to Embody and anchor the Universal Ascension Process. Throughout the 1970s and 1980s—my twenties and thirties—my Higher Selves would suddenly plunk my etheric Denise self into some of the worse places while in a lucid sleep state so I’d see and experience for myself that Team Dark negative aliens, devils and demons and such exist on Earth, in the Astral, underground in the Moon, underground in the Earth, on and in other planets in this solar system and have controlled Earth and humanity for thousands of years and much more. These things happened to me so I’d consciously know for myself because I’ve personally seen it, lived it, witnesses it, participated in it years and decades before most of these types of things were even thought of by “conspiracy theorist” people.

Okay, enough of this. Find it interesting that Lisa’s blog post and positive mention of this particular documentary movie were both presented a few days before tomorrows November 2018 11-11-11 and other incoming extremely positive incoming Angelic November energies? As with all things Team Dark, you learn to consciously realize it exists, realize they exist and have big plans for themselves to continue existing in any way they can at lower levels but you continue carrying on as a First Everythinger Pathpaveing the NEW no matter what. Yes they exist and yes they’ve done all that many are claiming and far, far more but that doesn’t change anything about why I’m incarnate on Earth now to Embody, seed and anchor the NEW higher energies for anyone else whose honestly desirous of being free of these lowly negative aliens and humans. Same for you reading this. Business as usual in other words fellow Forerunner Pathpavers. Keep Embodying which helps All everywhere to continue evolving even higher themselves. Tomorrow is November 11, 2018 and things are about to begin expanding and improving again at much higher levels and all this needs to be Embodied. Acknowledge but continue doing what you always have. ❤


November 10, 2018

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69 thoughts on “Pathpaving & The Separation Of Worlds

  • You are my safe house. I visit when I find no friend. You answered me when I needed a friend in about 2013.
    With every piss poor problem I live through, when I need to I come here,
    I read your thoughts and find your strength increased. That itself lifts me from the darkness.
    I have never discovered my family. It is not those genetically connected to me as they have brought most harm.
    I am me and my dog without friend or family.
    What you say about wilcock is true. I’ve never told that story and I won’t.
    Thank you Denise. I have visited and learned things everywhere I’ve been, but you and your words have always been my friend.

  • Hi Denise,

    I don’t see the contraction of continuing to be a positive conscious new level embodier and what is spoken about in the Above Majestic trailer? My personal experience of the work of the people you mention has been to help motivate me to wake up even more to my surrounding environment and to hold the light and New energy with even more strength and diligence.

    Whether or not one believes or disbelieves, that Trump with all his horrific demonstrated imperfections personally, is or is not being used by a higher force, as the hard head jack hammer drill that he is, to unbeknownst to him, take down the deep state or dissipate the darkness – … I don’t see how knowing about and getting the word out about team dark in the way Above Majestic does is in conflict with living the beauty that the end of your article describes. I’m sorry, I’m missing something here somewhere. Would appreciate your response, Denise, if it’s in your flow. Thanks 🙂

    I came across this article recently – I sense you may view this as false deception? Infiltration of team dark disguised as team light? I am asking honestly and sincerely.

    Warmly, Taylor Jane

    PS – I guess what I’m asking Denise is, do you mean in your article to imply that you believe conspiracy theorists are of a combative nature and hence of a lower dimensional vibration? And that there is no way that the phenomenon of Trump is anything but evil? Totally cool if that is your perspective, I’m just seeking clarity on your stand. Thanks.

    • Appreciating The Difficult / Taylor Jane,

      Two topics here, 1) Trump and 2) Conspiracy stuff including aliens both negative and positive and more. The problem with these two things is that a lot of people believe they’re one and the same thing and they’re not. Also, I’ve been working on another article about patriarchal Trump and red/blue duality politics and consciousness so I’m not going to go into much detail here but will cover these issues — and there’s a shitstorm of them coming throughout 2019 and 2020 — in that article.

      “I’m sorry, I’m missing something here somewhere.”

      I know and that’s okay. I hope you’re open enough to consider more, and higher levels, about both these topics and not just having an ego-based knee-jerk reaction to what I’ve said in this article. I know that if you’d been reading my articles since I’ve been writing online about the Ascension Process and related topics, you would have known what I was talking about.

      LOTS of people do not understand what’s really happening and why and have totally misinterpreted what they think, believe and hope Trump — the Orange Menace — is and why he’s the president of the USA currently. These people are wrong about him being a “savior” or someone whose going to reveal the “swamp”, political swamps, alien swamps and all the other patriarchal “swamps” that have existed for thousands of years on Earth. Trump is the worst of the worst bottom of the negative barrel of the patriarchy himself and has been his entire corrupt life, and he’s not capable of changing himself in this lifetime. No, he’s in the position he is now to be the “end times” of the global patriarchy by uncontrollably and repeatedly revealing to everyone whose honestly capable of seeing and hearing how corrupt, emotionally sick, misogynistic and untrustworthy he actually is.

      This next sentence is super important so feel into it.

      The 2016 presidential election was NOT going to allow ANYONE to win who was of the red Republican camp or the blue Democrat camp because it would have simply continued the old lower frequency negativity, corruption, lies and endless Duality and illusions that the people had a real choice with their votes. They haven’t had any choice for a very long time but a great illusion of choice has always been presented to the people. If that old lower 3D patriarchal Team Dark energy was allowed to continue, the Caucasian female would have won because it would have presented to the masses that there was some “progression” happening; first African American male president followed by first Caucasian female president and so on. In other words, more bullshit and con jobs within the old lower negative patriarchal systems. But for a lot of complex reasons a “Wild Card” white male narcissist idiot was needed to win the 2016 election who was NOT a politician and who didn’t care at all about politics in general, red blue or anything else, only what he could change to make more money for himself and a handful of global others and how much more power over people he could gain by being the president/dictator. But what’s really funny about all this is that Trump with his mega ego has been and continues being used by higher positive energies to force the masses wake to corruption and negativity, greed and the global patriarchy in general. Trump wasn’t red or blue, he’s greed colored and that is exactly the type of person needed to, at this time within the Ascension Process, break down the old Duality consciousness and related bullshit within our government, politics and corporations and more. Trump is a pawn, but a pawn of Source to force “we the people” of Earth to wake up and evolve beyond the old lower frequency negativity and energies and consciousness that was Duality on Earth.

      I quoted a November 19, 2016 channeled message by Kryon called Wild Cards on TRANSITIONS on January 18, 2017. Here’s a link to it and I strongly suggest that you read every word of it to help you better understand what Trump really is, not that he’s aware of any of this and his role in it. He wants to be the dictator of the USA for a variety of reasons, none of which are good or positive whatsoever. Please read this Kryon message.

      “I guess what I’m asking Denise is, do you mean in your article to imply that you believe conspiracy theorists are of a combative nature and hence of a lower dimensional vibration?”

      Most people that are at this early level of awakening to the fact that much more is and always has been going on with Earth and humanity across time for thousands of years etc., are NOT capable of discerning energies so they’d KNOW for themselves if someone is lying or presenting distorted information or presenting partial truths mixed in with intentional distortions or if those humans are puppets for Team Dark negative aliens knowingly or unknowingly. They simply cannot tell which means they’re super easy targets for further manipulations by negative aliens, negative humans, honestly unaware humans, and negative AI devices and much more. I’ve written about the many different energy Stair-steps we all have to go up within the evolutionary Ascension Process and this entire business of learning how to read energies, discern energies and people and channelers and channeled information and everyone else is MANDATORY in navigating the profound and abundant negativity and misinformation AND learning how to tell whose who and whose lying and who is telling a higher truth and so on.

      What I and many of my readers where talking about in Comments about this was how the Above Majestic movie trailer made us — including myself — feel instantly when we viewed it. If you’re able to read and discern higher and lower frequency energies, aliens, beings and humans, then you can instantly see, hear, feel, smell, sense and know when something or someone or a group of someones are existing within a much lower frequency range and state of being, life and individual awareness. In my case I’ve had conscious contact and many lifelong interactions with negative aliens (and positive ones too and other beings that are far more evolved than ETs) so I am intimately familiar with the energetic feel and frequency that negative aliens, humans and groups etc. automatically give off. It is distinct and unmistakable. The Light and Team Light is the same and is distinct and unmistakable, which means we all instantly FEEL and recognize the other frequency energy in people and aliens, beings, entities etc. Once one evolves to a certain level, they can instantly sense, feel and know higher and lower energies because they can “read” them. This means for all people who’ve reached this level of Higher Awareness, no one human or alien can lie to them or hide their real intent from them and so on. Many of the Forerunners have reached this level of personal evolutionary Ascension Process development so, like it or not, we KNOW whose who and what’s true and what isn’t. I honestly hope that you will reach this level soon yourself so that you too can and will instantly be capable of recognizing different levels of energies and the beings and humans that exist and work within them.

    • Hello Denise and All!
      Today is Tuesday November 27, 2018 which I got the urge to drop back to this article to see if any new comments were here. Wow! you hit the mother load with your reply to this.. I have been stating this (your words below) from the start of this (Trump, etc.) to anyone who brought it up. It is so crazy that most do not get that this has a bearing on them as to where they stand as to what is coming from inside them, that this is a self examination, individually, nationwide and worldwide. So many think it is all about Trump and how horrible he is, however cannot see that it is a moratorium on their individual moral integrity and values. Hopefully more will wake up and take the dive and look into themselves to see what in truly in their hearts!
      Thank you most gratefully for these words as today was a day I really needed to hear them as, sometimes you just need a boost of confirmation!

      “But what’s really funny about all this is that Trump with his mega ego has been and continues being used by higher positive energies to force the masses wake to corruption and negativity, greed and the global patriarchy in general. Trump wasn’t red or blue, he’s greed colored and that is exactly the type of person needed to, at this time within the Ascension Process, break down the old Duality consciousness and related bullshit within our government, politics and corporations and more. Trump is a pawn, but a pawn of Source to force “we the people” of Earth to wake up and evolve beyond the old lower frequency negativity and energies and consciousness that was Duality on Earth”.

  • Denise so so pleased you have received your triple crown reward and humbling for me to have the privilege of even knowing.

    Many others that I have gratitude towards also that have made my journey the wonder that it has been. All opportunities placed along my path for me to explore and find the true truth. It’s been a magical as well as a difficult journey and all to ground me firmly and see the simplicity of it all.

    To think what we have managed to do as a team. The crumbling of the old in so many ways. To see the wobbly stock market at the present time to bring about the collapse of the financial system and the rising of the new.

    We just need to obvious our elimination systems at the present moment to really get what we have and are still shifting. Love these bodies. They seem flimsy but they truly are not. They are actually amazing and I express gratitude for min every morning.

    So looking forward to your next article. Exciting times now.

  • Hello Denise and All!
    What a wonderful topic and so many truly great comments, feels so uplifting in just tuning in today! Yes! the energy has shifted I am about dancing!

    Denise I was so thrilled to read the experience you wrote about in the 80’s because I too had the call in the 80’s around about 1981 when I heard this very loud voice say “I have a work for you to do” and then it was gone. I remember too with clarity as if it was today an experience I had when I was just eight years old of being lifted up as into the clouds, didn’t understand what it was back then, it was just so surreal.

    I am waiting on pins and needles on your article concerning the midterm elections as it pulled me so deeply into the energy! I have never been into politics either except the one time in 2004 when Howard Dean ran for President and gave my first ever money contribution. I could feel the truth coming from him which he I’m sure thought or wanted to carry out, however the light was not in here enough for that yet, more had to be done in dark cleansing.

    I got the call to hold the light in 2008 for the Presidential election, this time no involvement but simply to hold the light in an area I was shown to move to from Georgia where I was then living to area in North Carolina mountains.. I made the move and after eighteen months I got the call in 2009 to move again. Of all places the move was to Florida, back to where I was born and raised and left at age twenty in 1970. I am still here in Florida since 2009 and what a trial it has been to cleanse and hold the light, not only for Florida but Georgia as well as I left Georgia in 2007. I mentioned above that my energy got really pulled into the midterms, felt like I was hyped up on speed or something which started about a month before the elections, not withstanding that on October 10th we were hit hard here by hurricane Michael.
    I was in a quandary as to why I was being pulled back into the political energy as I thought I was through with all that. Of course if the election results of Florida and Georgia has flashed on your screen lately you see the turmoil continues on. I have given tremendous amounts of energy and cleansing to this, thankful that it was all behind the scene as out front I believe it would have taken me out.

    I know politics/political is not the long term solution however I feel it is a starting, point, every situation has to have a starting point. We all have our individual paths as I learned so this one calls me when and where I am needed. For any old timers here you may remember the TV Western, “Have Gun Will Travel’, that is me, though hoping it has ended. I pulled back my energy on Saturday November 10th to get some sanity back in my life and to get some sleep.. Slept almost 18 hours yesterday!

    Rachel I truly empathize with you being an elected official as that has to be very difficult to be out front and to have been alone and in the closet, much! much! love to you!

    Much Love to us All!

    On November 8, Jupiter, planet of growth, good will and abundance entered Sagittarius, possibilities are endless, so look for and expect big things to happen! I sure am as my 69th birthday will be on December 10, a Sagittarius girl I am! Here’s to Jupiter! Here’s to Sagittarius!

  • Denise, what a gateway. Not surprised to see so many posts! Whether folks know what they are going through or not, they ARE going through something now, right?! Two days preceding the 11th…I felt I finally needed to go to a hospital. Pain like soup moved all through the body, acid reflex in quick succession, to bed crazy early nearly fainting. Fire in LA shook me Friday. I left for Mammoth, which was planned. More singing in the car, announcements of what is coming and crying for JOY!!! It comes unstoppable now!! Last night back in LA, outside looking up, I was AMAZED. There is a giant vacated energy space on the west side, wide open, nothing in it. Old energy there is removed. And it was bad, bad, bad, according to guidance. (This is NOT to make light of any suffering in those hills. I feel those suffering there, the most ever, so powerful is the fire!!) But it’s like the magic that’s been growing here in LA all this time, that I have secretly enjoyed, is now the new owner of ALL this new spaaaace!!! HOW WELL this will make so many !!! OhMyGosh!!! This city is not the city it was 4 days ago!! I know that has to do with so many things, so much light, so many different forms of light, but I also had no idea that FIRE had this kind of power. To move or remove so much! It’s astounding. I’m still astounded, as I write. The ESCALATION of GOOD coming through is THROUGH THE ROOF!!! I have no idea what I’m talking about, but, ha, I do know! WHO can talk of bad right now?!? Right now?!? Maybe some because they’re witnessing things I’m not present to. I remember other moments of escalation circa 2014 and the “dark side” was so pissed and they let me know it!! But that was what “then” was about. But NOW?!? It’s raining Light, Magic, more Light, and many, many more good things I don’t know or understand!!! Source even added to the mix with higher gold light in IT’s bounty and mercy! Praise God! So great is THIS TIME!!! Geez! I still don’t know what I do know!!! LOL! OH my Joy! Denise thank you for keeping so much and so many on their most focused best path.

    P.S. Minor falseness, negativity, lower whatever, now see through it faster than ever. I can see them almost straight away without them speaking. Weird! Ahh! Movies are like cardboard, unless film is simple/honest or metaphor for now.

    • Yes, yes and more yes Marcy. I knew November would rock the world(s) and it has and more NEW Light etc. continues pouring through. This isn’t going to stop… ❤ It is amazing to see such massive amounts of old lowly energies burned away in hours. Fire and Water transform in moments. (I've been Seeing the NEW higher gold too, stunning.)

  • I did comment earlier and would like to add more after reading the comments from the rest of the family – and we are family aren’t we? Although we do not physically see one another, we are forging ever strengthening bonds at deeper and deeper levels. Denise you are our focal hub in this and we, in this forum, offer enormous gratitude for being that beacon of light that has drawn us together. In the physical mental emotional and for some spiritual aloneness it is essential to have the companionship, comradeship and loving support within our community of pathpavers. As more are drawn to the light of these pages it becomes clear that discernment grows within each of us.
    I have, very occasionally, read Lisa Renee. I find the work scholarly, erudite and overly verbose to the point of incomprehension. It’s almost akin to a thesis written for professorial perusal (I almost expect to find glossary and references listed at the end). Written for the congnoscenti not for those confused and seeking answers written in simple clarity and that does not mean dumbing down. I agree with Denise that the work is given more to a negative aspect. Again not what those unsure need or want as that uncertainty can create fear. Fear is TD fodder.
    I stepped into the AP in 1993 after listening to ascension audio tapes by Eric Klein. I also watched and listened to and read work by the likes of David Wilcock and so many others who were busy channeling all sorts of ascended masters etc. None of it sat comfortably with me, but I was seeking answers and looking outside myself for them as I had no concept of what I was exploring. Unknown territory and I was looking for guides. Not a brilliant idea. It was a time of dial-up computer connection (snail mail) with little information available apart from books and some audio tapes. So many people enthusing, so many gurus/channellers. As it got tougher and dirtier some gave up, some were seduced by TD and some have stayed the course. Very like the seeds cast upon the ground. Those of us here today are the hardy stock that have stayed the course, often through physical, mental, emotional and spiritual hardship. I respect, admire and love Denise for who she is and what she does for us and the AP/EP. She is a strong feminine force and has not succumbed to the hubris that has seduced so many. The glamour of being in such positions of power (and information dissemination is powerful) massages their egos and renders them ineffectual in progressing the Divine AP/EP. Those in a state of flux, unsure of what is happening in this momentous undertaking look for guidance and if they reference information from these subverted sources, can become more confused, more fearful. Again TD dines well.
    Many of us don’t have visions, don’t recall dreams prophetic or not. It’s hard to do a job without direct guidance (and you might not trust it anyway) so a trusted seer is a Godsend. Step up Denise!!!
    In my human suit (Ann) Truth, Humility (definitely not the kind that says walk all over me) and Self Awareness will I trust lead me to unconditional love. I am not there yet. I feel alien among most of humanity and find them both individually and collectively difficult to love unconditionally. The occasions I have felt the incredible expansion and uplifting high heart I think come close to unconditional love but I am not sure and so far they have been few. To live in that state of expansion and love WOW – yes pleeeeeese.
    Denise, everyone, I have rabbited enough.
    I feel a kinship with you all
    Love to each and every ONE
    PS Denise when you get nasty emails please remember you are totally appreciated by us. 😻

    • Beautiful Comment Ann and so wise and honest. ❤

      I could totally relate to what you said about Lisa Renee and how she expresses the information she gets. Thanks for sharing that in exactly the way you did.

      As much as I DEEPLY love/LOVE and appreciate all of these recent Comments from everyone, and I do not want to stop this magnificent energy flow we’ve got going here, I want to publish another article about the November 11, 2018 11-11-11 energies, which are why these conversations and intensifying Unity is happening to all of us and with all of us as a Group. Please don’t let my publishing this new article disrupt this glorious Unity energy for anyone or this entire Light Group. ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Just have to add my two cents here as well, thank you once again, Denise, right on! Every time I look at Lisa’s writings I just zone out and wonder what good it does to tell you of all these horrible things if you don’t offer hope and solutions to it?! Sandra Walters writings make me zone out too, because the way she words things just doesn’t make sense to me, yet I get the feeling of higher vibes and light from her at least. At the end of the day, all that matters is how I feel and I’ve been feeling like that song “Something tells me I’m into something good”! Can’t wait for what’s coming! 🙂

  • Dear Denise and everyone here, I also want to thank everyone here for their comments and the feel of community here. For me the most difficult aspect of this journey is the isolation and aloneness. Knowing my journey and merging with my higher self(s) feels real and right, I don’t doubt it but to be a human in a body and not be touched for so many years, no hugs, no I love yous, no one in a body near me to share the unusual day to day journey with can sometimes make me wonder if I’m real. In the Amish community they know the cruelest thing to do to a person is shun them, make them invisable to the community; in prison it’s solitary confinement. It’s an improvement over being attacked but still difficult. I have such a different vibration from anyone I see that it’s a surreal experience to be alive here. I want to thank you Denise for exposing yourself and your journey so pubicly, it’s kept me sane. Bless you.

    • And you Holly and everyone else has kept my sane and going too. ❤ ❤ ❤

      This 11-11-11 has done so much in that it lifted everyone up much higher in frequency and helped us connect even more strongly than we were before November 11, 208. It’s so, so wonderful to see and feel. Next up, December 2018!

    • Right there with you, Holly! And right along with the isolation is that freakin’ 3D money thing. So many naturally gifted, talented, wise, brilliant, radiant, loving and giving first-everythingers who literally scrape along while offering so much to so many. (Yeah, I’m including myself here, of course!) This last couple of weeks felt as though I had to call in the Army Corps of Engineers (Again!?!?!) to excavate to deeper and deeper levels within myself. At the same time, I felt I was in hand-to-hand combat at least part of every day with all manner of adversaries bringing it on to shut me down. (Still!?!?!!??) Goddess Bless that I don’t have a “job” I need to show up for on a regulated basis! Cast that concept aside long ago — along with all the blessings and curses that go along with it. And even though I, too, yearn for some basic (OK, Divine!) human companionship, I can scarcely imagine what it would be like to have two or more people under the same roof going through these phenomenally intense times. Since I’m a public elected official in a teeny-tiny, red, rural Southwestern US community, I have generally kept the truth of who I am and why I’m here in the closet. Last few days I’ve ripped the door right off the hinges (in between mandatory naps, of course). Cascading blessings to Denise and others of you for opening the gates wide for us all to drop our protective armor into the sea. I only wish I was more able to gift Denise and others with generous abundance. It’s coming, though: In the meantime, I finally grokked that lots and lots of crumbs can join together to make a sweet, rich, delicious, and most delectable cake! Love to All…

      • “Since I’m a public elected official in a teeny-tiny, red, rural Southwestern US community, I have generally kept the truth of who I am and why I’m here in the closet.”

        Great Comment Rachel and thanks for it. And know that you just did “gift” me. ❤

        I'm working on a short article about what I sensed on midterm election night about this and will have it published after my 11-11-11 article.

        • Denise, I know you moderate all comments, and if this is not sufficiently “article-related”, I understand and honor your decision not to print it. I would like to open my home to someone who feels a need to take a break from fires in California or hurricanes in the Southeast. I believe that if someone clicks on my picture they will be taken to my WP site, from which they can contact me. I don’t do social media so I am not sure how to reach out in a way that feels safe and vibrationally appropriate. However, the energy being birthed and amplified right here, right Now, is exactly what I and so many others have been waiting for. As I write this, I am moved to tears, yet more importantly, I am moved to action!

  • Hi, I have genuine questions and I am feeling lost.

    How is someone who gives tons of free or cheap healing methods negative? An hour with sandra walter is 200 dollars!!
    How is talking about the spirits of christ negative?
    Her husband is clearly on a lower vibration, her mistake was to let him write. She is keeping tons of files online out of her own pocket. Lisa really cares and is one of the few who talks about the real demonic stuff, and it helped so much. How is she wrong? Shouldn’t the light support her? Isn’t she teaching to a certain level of people? Don’t we need teachers on each level?
    And I am not into conspiracies or savior aliens at all.
    Lisa is a hard worker, she is honest and is the only one helping consistently. I don’t get it, sorry.I am asking myself if is there anything I should be aware of because I really don’t understand the necessity of this. And some disturbed people here are attacking her in the comments, they should be taken down. Any help or explanation, thank you.

    • Lana,

      Please re-read my article.

      “An hour with sandra walter is 200 dollars!!”

      And I’ve always been Donations only. It doesn’t cost anyone anything to read my articles and these Comments by everyone. No memberships no nothing but free and by Donations only. It costs me annually to have this blog and make it look the way I want it to and keep those damned advertisements off of it for everyone. Every year over a hundred dollars to keep my blog looking the way it does. And I buy all of the images, photos, vector images etc. too so there’s more cost for me. What was your point about money? 😉

      No one was attacking anyone but talking about our differences and the different Earth worlds created by the Separation of Worlds and Team Dark. I say again, please re-read my article.

    • Hi Lana. I know its tough and confusing. The good news is ….in my opinion…is that you are ready to discover a new deeper or higher expansion of your awareness or consciousness. You are in reality ASKING YOURSELF these questions. This I have learned from ALL the times I find myself in similar muddles.

  • As I read through the comments, I’m smiling as Denise emerges as the honored and brilliant Leader of Light she’s always been, after Years of being accused of bringing the light community down and being disrespected for changing the game right before our eyes!! lol 🤣 😂
    Give the woman her crown 👑 and let me be the first to say “thank gawd”!!!
    I’m sorry, for those that haven’t been reading Denise over the past decade, she’s been harassed, truly harassed for dealing with the dark and diseased in her standard bearing, truthful way. Very often it came from those that felt they were “en(titled)lightened” enough to take pot shots. She created this space to share her vision and those of us that were willing to do the work were invited to stay, and stay we did!
    To see so many comments filled with insight and wisdom emerging in one place does my soul good and made me realize she’s doing it! She’s moving a large and growing group of Lightworkers forward. I have chills. No picture necessary Denise, we see you 😍
    Those of us that were conscious and living in the pit for most of our lives, will always hold Denise in our hearts for all of the explanations, hand holding, and ass kicking she’d give us whenever we’d lose our minds and swim in the low frequency end of the pond. Thelma you rock and I always love reading your comments. Stonespeaker, your comment is perfection! I read Every comment and felt such a sense of gratitude for this unusual community and that HighHeartLife exists.
    Thank you Denise, I actually skipped the 11-11 meditations for the first time in oh, 25 years, because it all feels so icky.
    As to the craziness we’re seeing everywhere, I’ll share my current mantra. You have to keep taking deep breaths, stick your fingers in your ears, close your eyes and chant
    🐘 Not my circus, not my monkeys🐒
    🐘Not my circus, not my monkeys🐒
    🐘Not my circus, not my monkeys 🐒


    • oldsoul2017 / sz,

      Thank you, thank you, thank you for that sz. ❤ ❤ ❤ It has been a very hard haul for me for sure and my heart was broken repeatedly by human egos but it came with this Job and I’ve grown much because of it. And thank you for recognizing that I have not ever “played the game” like others have but stayed true to my Path and my Mission Work. That means a lot to me.

      Speaking of crowns, 😀 I received my second one on November 11, 2018 which I’m writing an article about now. The title will have the words Triple Crown in it so keep this in heartmind everyone when you read it in a few days. 😉 Stunning, amazing, brilliant how this is unfolding. ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

      Thank you again sz and I’m printing your Comment to read whenever I feel down from unaware people needing to bash me. Giant gratitude hug.

    • Beautiful post, oldsoul2017. Thank you!

      Absolutely love this:

      🐘 Not my circus, not my monkeys🐒
      🐘Not my circus, not my monkeys🐒
      🐘Not my circus, not my monkeys 🐒

      It goes along with something I recently came across in a folder of miscellaneous sayings, poems, etc. I’ve collected across the years:

      “God grant me the serenity to accept the people I cannot change …
      The courage to change the one I can ….
      And the wisdom to know it’s ME!”

      It is now in a place where I—and others who walk past my door—see it every day, and I’m already singing the mantra you’ve shared. 🙏🏼

      Much LoveLight ♥️✨ to all!

      • Lane,
        Last night as I sat in a group meeting the topic of responsibility and projection came up. I whipped out my phone and recited your mantra! It was wonderful, a serenity prayer that gets to the heart of the work we came to do. The group I was with aren’t “light workers”, but more and more I’m finding people that seem to want to evolve into someone better. Thank you for sharing it with all of us! I’ll be writing it on my bathroom mirror!👸

  • Hi Denise. How are you “feeling” today and the past few? I feel like a heavy load of blah. I am needing to insist on Truth from me and not sink into whatever this is. I’m an unaware empath (meaning I always think what I’m feeling and experiencing is all me. Just me.) and as I live right between the California fires….well it’s been tough since the elections before and after. I can tell by the quality of some dreams that negative influences abound. I’d gratefully appreciate a word from you and others right now….if u would. It’s like…it feels like my sense of aloneness and isolation has tightened to suffocating proportions…..and this next one….life is a burden of “to do” and need to “face and get done”. I’m not clear on my next step yet but it’s clear I need and want to shift up and out but have not bumped up against the right shift switch🤔💙

    • Dear Edith

      So much cleansing in your part of the world and unfortunately necessary, as it has been all around the globe.

      We are spiritual warriors and our presents is needed. We just get jaded from time to time and need to remember who we are. The more we remember and gain more of ourselves the easier it gets. Stillness, peace and just being are are weapons. I watch my mind and when I find myself slipping into fear I confront the mind – it’s just a pathetic bully anyway. I actually say to the fearful thoughts “Oh what complete and utter rubbish – get out of here” and the thoughts go instantly. These moments are actually great opportunities presenting for more self mastery.

      The following were given to me in recent days and I hope you find the power in them as I did. They touched me deeply on first reading:

      “I am my body. I accept that I create my body down to the last cell. I perceive that my free will and Divine will coincide and serve one goal”.

      “I am peace, within me is stillness, I am myself. Within me vibrates a delicate energy that touches my heart and feeds my life energy. I am peace”.


      • Hi Edith! You are not alone! I feel a shift happening now. It’s not been easy for most of us. Hang in there. The false sense of isolation is tough at times. It would be very cool if we too could see, hear, and know inter-dimensionally like most of the folks here but it is what is. We need to keep doing what we know to keep doing. Life is good Edith! Life IS Good. Have a blessed day. Hugs. 💓💓💓

        And thank u Lyn. I also say I’m walking thru the shadows and illusions with divine grace and ease. I just felt stuck in the muck…it was all I could feel. However my sense of humor and fun attitude is regaining altitude. 🤗🤗🙃

  • Great article but wow, what a wonderful bunch of comments! So many ah hah moments, clarification. I love you Denise and this community! ❤❤

  • WONDERFUL to read comments here as well as the article! In case this is helpful to anyone, would like to share a little more of my perspective:

    When we’re “new” to the truth about our 3D reality, it’s natural to be drawn to material that tells us more. We need to understand the energetic workings of the society we grew up in (including its supposed “pillars” – education/academia, religion, government, big business, finance, etc.) in order to break down our belief systems.

    Many people are at this stage of starting to see the bigger picture and how corrupt and distorted their projected world really is. I didn’t want to accept that mass pedophilia/child abduction and torture/Satanic rituals, etc. could be part of the workings of the 3D world. It’s hard to face. Then I learned more about the parasitic field and how it feeds on fear and similar emotions we emit. Observing it in my own experiences and what I saw around me allowed me to detach from everything I had been taught. It’s a stage in our awakening process, though it seems a lot of people are getting stuck there.

    As we embody more of our Higher Selves, we find ourselves moving away from certain groups/relationships/reading material because they no longer resonate. This is as it should be. Our inner knowing grows stronger and our focus changes from “learning about the distorted energies” to clearing them from our fields and embodying more Light. Forerunners create a new path as they go and while it can be heart-wrenching and isolating at times, we sense the significance of what we’re doing.

    Much Gratitude & Blessings to ALL for being here now.

    • Well said Thelma. ❤

      “It’s a stage in our awakening process, though it seems a lot of people are getting stuck there.”

      Yes, many have been “stuck” at this newly discovered “conspiracy” level and phase for 20-30 years and haven’t moved on from there. Many others have gotten hijacked, derailed, obsessed and totally distracted by it which keeps them at that very low, and getting much lower now, frequency level of being and consciousness where the negative aliens, beings and energies are. From Team Dark’s perspective their happy because those trapped, sidetracked, obsessed and fixated people are NOT living and embodying (lower case e) the Ascension Process which was TD’s goal all along. Team Dark continues replenishing their food supply with unaware and obsessed, fixated humans. It’s always amazed me how much one can know about these types of things and yet be trapped by them at the same time. Talk about a ‘Smash & Grab’!

      • Denise, def a “Smash & Grab,” though I didn’t realize some people have been stuck in their obsession with Dark-side manoeveurs for 20-30 years! It’s ALL about frequency, and we need to get into Divine neutrality to get past the trap. I just hope more of them realize this before they get sucked down too deep. (I think human egos may ALSO have something to do with it – this “esoteric knowledge” gets them to think they know more than others and can profit from that, or it makes them feel superior in some way. Different levels of traps.)

        I admit that I was obsessed with finding out more for a few years though I never stopped what I was learning about clearing my fields and consciousness and applying it. The two go hand in hand, in my opinion.

  • Denise I just wanted to start off this comment by saying I love you ❤ as I don’t think I’ve said this to you directly as of yet 🙂 Seriously, thank you so much Denise!! And everyone else too who commented (and comments here, love you all)! ❤ ❤

    I remember first hearing about Corey G and David W back in 2016. After hearing about them consistently I finally decided to look up a video with them to see what all the amazingness was about that others seemed to be raving. Within a few minutes I turned the video off and never bothered to look them up again as I felt I did not resonate. Exactly as you described it, I felt energetically irritated from the energies I was picking up on. This trailer was the only other material I watched with them other than those few mins since 2016; and that too I noticed myself wanting to close the trailer multiple times along with zoning out. So I watched it, yet I didn’t watch it!! Haha! Not only them but ever since I first discovered Lisa R back in 2016 as well, she seemed to be energetically off in a negative way the moment I clicked her link/opened up her website. I have skimmed through several of her articles, but that’s about it as I felt it did not resonate with me. Like you mentioned, it has nothing to do with me hating on anyone, but just what my intuition picked up right away to help me discern, and the differences being due to the bifurcation and multiple Earth timelines. Personally I resonate with only 3-4 wayshowers who share in regards to the AP/EP process, and you Denise and Sandra Walter is 2 of them. I too feel I am here to embody as much light as I am capable of and go as high as I can in this journey, same as I and others here have diligently been working on for years/decades!

    Denise, about a year ago I remember you sharing how everything you touched was shocking you due to the high amounts of energies. I was also experiencing that at that time intensely, which continued on and off even the past several months but to a lesser degree. I’ve noticed this symptom increasing again the past week (energies amping up for 11.11.11) to the point the kitchen lights went out, then yesterday I blew a light bulb when I turned the bathroom light on, and day before that I blew a fuse on the entire electrical circuit for a bedroom in the ceiling fan plus lights when I touched the switch to turn it on! Are you experiencing this too?

    You mentioned summer of 1987 was the convergence (I wasn’t born yet), was the 1998-1999 physical ascension process that began in the summer as well? When I was a child, in the summer of 1998 (July or most likely August if I had to guess) I felt a sudden wave that hit me out of nowhere that made me feel different from that point ever since compared to the feeling “normal” years prior in terms of health. It was completely different and not the feel better after going through an infection for example. A feeling that lasted. I remember describing it as “feeling dirty/nasty” as a kid. I did not know at that time that was the beginning of AP symptoms I experienced. Before me awakening I thought I had been “ill” my whole life with the immense amount of various symptoms I was always going through. I remember it was the summer months (July or August 1998), I was outside playing and suddenly ran inside the house as in an instant I felt a wave of “sickness”. This was 20 years ago so trying my best to remember the symptoms at that time which were a headache, dizziness, blurry vision, nausea, etc. Although these went away afterwards, that feeling of being “ill” didn’t. It was a turning point. Denise, did you experience something similar? And did the physical ascension process start in the summer?

  • Amen!! All of it! The vibes are incredibly different in these various groups. Their dimensional thinking differences are very reflected in their tone and emotional energies and focus. I had been noticing the same thing vividly myself, have gotten much choosier in what I expose myself to. Especially the Qanonsense.

    How can anybody get deluded enough to think this racist, self-absorbed, lying con man in our Oval Office is working secretly to be America’s white knight? It boggles my mind. The man grabbing women in their genitals, the married man having unprotected sex with porn stars, the man being sued by hundreds of businessmen for nonpayment. Some folks in our community have gravely lost touch with reality. The man can’t even keep up with his own lies, changing them every 20 minutes and thinking nobody will notice. Bill Maher updated the “dictator checklist” this week, and Trump meets even more criteria now. It’s worth watching.

    Yet I’ve had “lightworkers” assure me Trump’s secretly good, this is all a ruse, he’s gonna save us all. Um, no. No, he’s not. Narcissists don’t think that way, and there’s a reason this wounded boy in a man’s body is being used as a textbook example of narcissism in university classrooms across the country.

    So many people now seem to lack critical thinking skills and even basic discernment. I have to wonder, are people lost in some wish-fulfillment dream? They must be, with ALL actual evidence to the contrary. Donnie is secretly a wonderful guy? He’s just pretending to be a lying, petty, hostile, oligarchical, racist, patriarchal, dictator wannabe? And a military coup would be a good thing, because coups always end so well? Again, no. They don’t. Military leaders, it turns out, enjoy power. They decide not to give it up after the fact, no matter what they said beforehand. Such countries wind up with military dictators for decades, complete with death squads and suppression of the press. This happens 99.99% of the time and is demonstrably not a good thing.

    I even see people now confusing the Ascension with Qanon stuff AND with the Corey Goode/David Wilcock stuff AND with the “secret history of earth, revealed” stuff. That’s really boggling.

    Thank you for broaching this topic, it needed to be addressed.

    • Every word is true stonespeaker. What I ask everyone that’s consciously aware of these things we’re all talking about is what I was trying to point out in my article, which is there’s multiple Earth worlds now due to the Separation of Worlds and we’re not all on the same one… even though it often looks and sounds like it from what the unaware say!

      I don’t like politics and never have which is why I haven’t written about it and the latest attempted coups and so on. (I enjoy Bill Maher too but the poor guy’s clueless about the higher aspects of all this so he’s not been coping well lately. I suspect his pot usage has greatly increased because of the Orange Menace! 😆 )

      Anyway, I’m going to write a brief something about what I’ve sensed recently about this due to the midterm elections and energies that manifested. It’s a very positive shift but many won’t see it that way. Whatever… override, override, override and uplift, uplift, uplift.

    • “I even see people now confusing the Ascension with Qanon stuff AND with the Corey Goode/David Wilcock stuff AND with the “secret history of earth, revealed” stuff. That’s really boggling.

      I’ve briefly mentioned a few times about the False Light and what it looks like and how it’s inorganic Team Dark created to trick people etc. And there’s a False Ascension too which A LOT of people have bought into. It’s frustrating to see people so easily be tricked, fooled, lied to and led astray into the False Ascension with its False Light by the negatives — nonhuman AND human. One of many reasons why the ability to discern energies is so important for individuals.

  • Denise
    Your sharings always cause me to ponder, reflect and self examine; to feel my way through the vibrational nature of what has been stirred up. The comments from those sharing your sharings also have potential to stir thoughts and feelings. This is such treasure – a gift – as it helps me navigate my journey from self to Self.
    In the early 90’s I was avidly seeking information, knowledge, like minded people etc about this new phenomenon ‘Ascension’. I explored so many avenues that became dead ends that it felt like a maze. As the years have passed and my discernment has deepened I no longer bother to read, watch or listen to much of what is out there. You and Sandra Walters are the only web sites I now subscribe to.
    Simply, I have come to the point where I am here, on Earth, to be the clearest conduit for Divine Source that I can. To live life through my high heart (although I do confess to falling flat on my ass at times!!). I am not here to save or heal anyone else or to judge them either (again I slip up on this banana skin at times). This is their journey just as mine is mine.
    Like all of you the high octane incoming cosmic energies have me flat on my back thinking how much more of this can I take, and the 11.11.11 surge has been intense. Then it passes and just like the rest of you I get up and move. Thank you all for who you are – Divine Light
    Love you Denise

  • Many thanks, Denise for this post and your frankness. I completely agree with this: “Since 2013, I repeatedly found myself getting frustrated at Lisa for going on and on and on about the Dark and not talking much at all about the positive progress that’s been happening too.” EXACTLY!

    For years, I’ve been taking in the info in LR’s articles, feeling bombarded and overwhelmed by all the terminology and details of Dark-side tactics, always HOPING for light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe this is her role, to expose readers to the truth about what has been going on so that they can more easily detach from the 3D world. And there’s certainly a place for it.

    But the story doesn’t end there. There are all kinds of Light Beings as well as the Volunteers who came here to help, working on the other side. Transmuting the density and embodying more and more Light. And I believe we’ve succeeded. Things are breaking down at the lower levels and we helped to build an energetic “bridge” to offer other options for those who want it. In my dreams, I have seen many crossing that bridge as I stand at the other end, waiting for them to come through.

    I have always appreciated your balanced approach, telling it “like it is,” yet encouraging us to stay focused in the Light. We need to pay attention to what we “feel” at all times and discern what is bringing up our frequency or bringing it down and that includes what we read or listen to.

    Love to you & all here.

    • Yes! Paying attention to our feelings, all of which are valid, is a fail-proof way to tell us where we are on the frequency range and when we need to turn it up. It’s something we all can do individually but sometimes forget. Thank you, Thelma. ♥️

  • Yes, and having observed the run up to 11, 11, 2011 (it was unbelievable!), I was watching to see what negative stuff would be put out there this time just before, because the dark ALWAYS do this! It’s one way of identifying who people work for, and I do *not* mean they’re evil, as you know Denise they generally have no clue why they’re unconsciously propelled to do or say this or that; at other times they may be pleasant and talk a lot of sense.
    I’m not angry at people who do this, they’re unaware, just see and identify it for what it is.

  • Dear Denise,

    I totally empathize and agree with you. I too was targeted for most my life not only by dark invisible energy but anyone around me that wasn’t awake would get ‘influenced’ to do something to harm me. But I’m at the same place you are now. I focus on what I want, not on what I don’t want. The ‘spiritual’ wars seem to be a continuation of 3d, just new names and new teams; but same energy. Consciousness creates, our focus creates. I won’t let others pull me off what I’m here to do, to catch the light, like you, and try my best to anchor it in the world around me. It’s easy to go to war, it’s more difficult to find a way to transmute and dissolve the muck, especially when we have to make up how to do it.

    I’m excited by the current energies and can feel that I can finally manifest my new earth reality. I left my past life about 9 years ago assuming I’d walk right into a new better one. Wrong. Drool/scream/transmute/repeat…9 years. But it’s different now, I can feel it. I don’t know where this is going but the ‘ceiling’ on me has been lifted. I’m spending today Nov. 11 writing down all that I’m completed with. On Nov. 22 I’m doing ceremony on my personal new earth reality.

    Thank you so much for sharing your journey and insight.

    • “It’s easy to go to war, it’s more difficult to find a way to transmute and dissolve the muck, especially when we have to make up how to do it.”

      So true Holly. ❤

      And yes, today's triple 11-11-11 energies are NEW and different from the previous triple 11s we went through on November 11, 2011, and even the less potent one on November 11, 2009. A long "Stairway to heaven". 😉

  • I very much resonate with your post Denise and am thankful for the gift of discernment.
    I was born in England at the end of World War 11 and from an early age knew that I had to be”good” in this strange family to survive..While my mother was in labour I realized that my mom was all about her (chronological age of 2) and my father loved her very much…so not much room for me…I didn’t start speaking till I was entering grade 1…it never felt safe. As a child…before sleep…a round kalideoscope of prime colours appeared in the upper right hand side of the room and I would go ..I assumed it was for teachings. AND when no one was around I remembered that I could lift…maybe only a few feet off the ground..
    And a wonderful gift of a deep blue music box given to me at x-mas ,it was covered by silver stars and I knew this was home.

    A few years back…

    I listened to David and Corey Goode they were discussingThe blue Avians and the blue spheres. I sensed that the info was not right…because the blue spheres are part of me…and not outside…There seems to be so much to decipher…but I was told a few years ago “not to worship any Gods” and finally realize that it is about Trust and what we need to know or be will come to us when we are ready.
    I appreciate the gift of you and the others.

    • Penny,

      Thanks for sharing a bit of your young experiences; it all felt very familiar to me and you expressed these things like a true Starseed Baby Boomer. ❤ ⭐ 🙂

  • Lisa Renee is there for all the folks that have yet to realize or heal or face what she brings out in the open. She is a Step along The Way for those of us who don’t remember who we are or how we came to be here. We don’t have to put her down….in fact I’m suspicious of such statements. Similar to Denise, Lisa Renee is doing her own work

    And for those of us born into a game of blind man’s bluff set in a maze, I’m here to state that I’m grateful to realize heart felt yearning and intention leads us to Truth bit by painful bit. I HAVE to BELIEVE there is a Higher Divine Design Christed Source Light Plan and Purpose. I am called to create from a bewildering darkness and TRUST I am in fact inner light while all I SEE is the false Not Self.

  • i tried to read lisa and her husband blog – I always give it a go just to see what she is saying next – so many words …….. does my head in – this process should never be so complicated – it isn’t meant to be – we all know our roles either consciously or sub consciously – basically we are just meant to get on and do them – I am so fed up with reading so many peoples ideas of what is going to occur – there is no way that the whole population of this world will ascend to the same place – we may as well stay put – no one seems capable of discerning the truth from what they’re told – I don’t want to be bombarded with millions of terms and names for stuff – I just need/want to get on and get the job done ¬¬ denise is right – such a lot of negativity – I read the money is stuff of the dark lot – we don’t want it or to be used by it – then a bit later I read that we have to conform with the corrupt money system !!!!! money isn’t the issue – there isn’t one issue – the fact is that the world is split between the dark and the light – its just a war – there may be aliens running the world – there may be conspiracy theories – there may be idiot presidents and leaders of countries being manipulated and so on – that’s the point isn’t it – our job is to win the war – whichever war you want to subscribe to – its really only one – good versus bad – light versus dark – I have never been totally sure why this is happening or the purpose beyond it – what we do next when we win the war – its like the universe – totally incomprehensible to us atm – but we all know deep down inside what we signed up for and the end result required etc etc ….. anyone who is light enough and high enough on the energy ladder can feel instinctively there are enormous changes going on atm – and if you cant feel these then read the blogs – believe what youre told by every Tom, Dick, Harry and even Donald !!! because if you aren’t feeling it and knowing it then youre not at that point when you will make much difference to the overall outcome !! and if you are feeling it then just get on with whatever role you were assigned to do – whether it is a conscious role or you just do it – follow your gut or your instinct – feel whether the truth resonates within you -if you are meant to know it you just will !!!!

  • Thank you once again. A few months ago, i asked why my guides were not so close for a while. You said it about the soverenty of being. I am just grasping this. At mo, they are letting me see, what i have much of me still in duality. Guess what, i was afraid???? Thinking i got kill off ego. Now see what a polarized position. I thought i had resoved it… so they just checking. I incarnated conciously this life. 1946 born. When in womb, i felt the atom bomb, at japan n knew i was coming to a dense planet. I came straight in, after being a small gypsy child, pu to gas chambers with mum, n my extended familly. Knew i had work to do. Then mum tried abort me using same chemicals……
    Joined the drop out generation seeing things” not right”, here as you say, continue my spiritual path. Loving femine goddess. Woke as starseed n ascension light work. Anchoring light in. Thank you for sharing yr path. So at 11.11 joined with others.while armistice celebrations on tv. Bilocating.light flowing that we no longer need war to evolve. Just ascension help light, love. Earth cant tolerate the blood density of lifting….. imagine animals wont need to predate food. Christ say, lion will lye down with lamb. Guess all life will just express creators creativity n play, work, in joy… that my 11.11.
    I give thanks for our ascension, and thanks for article put it into clear perspective

  • Thank you, Denise, especially for this:

    “I finally got over this in myself as an issue because it was MINE and not Lisa Renee’s and continued doing and being what I’ve done and been all along. Her path and focus is hers and hers alone same as is the case with David Wilcock, Cory Goods and everyone else, including myself.

    We all would like other people to be at our sides and vice versa and honestly understand and do some of the Great Work too but, eventually the First Everythingers fully realize that this isn’t how it works beyond certain levels and that it is all about me doing it myself, and you doing it yourself etc. as empowered higher frequency Individuals which slowly creates a higher frequency Group of matching frequency Individuals. The ‘High Vibe Tribe’ as Sandra Walter has called it, called us; Team Light as I’ve called it, called us.”


  • Denise, thank You for this article. When I read this I remember another article,that I read few days ago.It is article from Sandra Walter,who is Lightworker and Gatekeeper.She mention another date,that is approaching.She say,thai is comming a date 21-25 of November,that is gateawy and collective timeline shift.
    Keep doing good work.This planet need You and Souls similar to You, that are ready to help

  • Thank you Denise. You summed up the problem I have had with Lisa’s material in a nutshell. I just thought I was missing something. It has just felt dense and dark. So I have stopped reading it. I stumbled across David Wilcock a while back. But it was like I could not look at him. It was not him I saw. So I stopped reading him. The reason I continue to read you is you see what is going on, but you write about hope. The hope that we will all get there. You don’t sugar coat it. But you don’t dwell on the dark so that it brings your work down.
    You’re right about discernment. It is very hard to master. If something is really dark I feel physically sick and can’t look at it. and there are many shades of that in between. So at times it is like sifting wheat from chaff.
    Hope ur safe and not affected by the fires
    Love and light
    Magda 💝💝

  • Gratitude, Denise, for your share. Because of the grounded experience of negativity in my childhood life, without the direct knowledge or experience of team dark, I found Wilcocks work to be eye opening and consciousness expanding.

    That said, I find less and less interest and resonance with his belief system. While curiosity gets me from time to time to invest in his latest update, I resonate with feeling I am on a different planet or wave of experience. I guess we all want validation of our shared experience, but sometimes, we don’t share it 🙂

    I find more and more, we each have our own unique paths to walk. And while I am in awe of some of the “extra”terrestrial experiences of others, I am also quite content (joyful) to embody love, healing, compassion, forgiveness and mercy in my grounded family life, creating new from my dark childhood contrast. Shazam! I transmuted that shit 🙂

  • I’m with you 100% on this. Thank you for confirmation on my own feelings! It’s easy to feel lost as a spiritual person aware of multi-dimensions and dark beings/agendas, when you connect with certain information like “wow, they’re talking about it!” – only to feel it go to a dark place that you want nothing to do with (militant takeovers, patriarchal “strong men” (jerk) saviors, etc.). Makes you question everything, and wonder what “timeline” they’re pulling others into. Feels so dark, but I guess we all make a choice. That realization helped me find peace rather than fester in my anger. Always grateful for your messages, that stay good and “sane” even within such an “out there” subject matter. They are such a relief and always clarify and confirm what I need at the right time. So, thanks again!

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