Growing Instability From Greater Higher Light Energies

I’ve hesitated writing about this latest side effect unpleasantness now while such positive November 2018 triple 11 energies and incoming NEW Angelic level codes are upon us all, and to be Embodied by those able to do so. However, these positive energies will further push other people into greater mental, emotional and physical instability if they’re not prepared to cope with these latest NEW energies. For those who are living the Embodiment Process now, these energies are just another layer and aspect of it all, but as we Embody these November 2018 and beyond NEW codes, that too will further push some people into greater instability.

So, as we continue the Embodiment Process and go through more evolutionary changes in our selves and physical bodies, consciousness and all else, so too will mass humanity be forced to evolve more and quickly as these NEW codes and Light energies arrive in this dimension and ascending Earth worlds. And as if that weren’t enough, November 2018 is the mid-term elections here and that too will add to the upheavals, chaos, hatred, negativity and dying of the old negative patriarchy and global patriarchal consciousness. The Separation of Worlds escalates greatly this month. Hold the higher in yourself and be the higher that you are and continue becoming by Embodying more and more of it each month, each year, each decade.

Over the past six months or so of 2018, I’ve witnessed more and more people around me getting increasingly unstable in different ways. A few times I’ve watched my mailman stop at my mailbox and put up the red flag (informing him that there’s outgoing mail he needs to collect from my mailbox) and quickly drive away. He didn’t even open my mailbox to get my outgoing mail, nor did he deliver any mail, he just put the red flag up and quickly drove away. Different mailmen have delivered the wrong mail to me and other people and other such mess ups this year. Different UPS and Fed-Ex drivers have delivered certain large boxed packages to me, that I’ve paid plenty for in shipping costs, only to have them throw them and/or flip them from edge to edge to edge instead of picking them up and carrying them. I’ve stood there watching these guys abuse my packages, some of which were broken, dented, shattered or scraped when I unpacked them and I had to repack and return them myself. I paid hefty Shipping costs for this?! Typical lower frequency crap and I’m so done with it and that level of consciousness.

The people doing my paychecks have gotten them wrong lately. Some handymen have just messed up jobs like they weren’t paying any attention at all. Some cashiers have made mistakes with money exchanges this year. Some phone refund people have also made mistakes with returns/refunds and removing the charge from my credit card and on and on. Mercury hasn’t been retrograde recently, people are just having a harder time living, working and functioning in these increasingly intense higher frequency Light energies and more Embodiers Embodying them which further accelerates the entire Ascension Process on Earth and beyond. This has been very noticeable this year in more people. Those of us who’ve been through changes like this years and decades before know very well how hard it is to suddenly find your mind not capable of focusing and remaining focused on something, anything, and how difficult physical earthly life can be because of it. We know but they do not, and as November 2018 (11-11-11 energies and Angelic codes) arrive, we’re going to see more of them not coping so well with these latest NEW energies and related changes in this and other countries.

Just do what you’ve done all along which is live the Ascension Process and your personal ongoing Embodiment Process, embody the NEW Light and codes, Consciously Create the NEW Earth, hold these higher frequency energies and continue being changed yourself which automatically further changes the external world(s). Yes, the chaos will increase but it’s doing so because you and I have been and continue Embodying and the Separation of Worlds accelerates greatly. Many believe that LOVE (in caps I mean) is warm and fuzzy when in fact it’s often so intense it seems brutal and heartless to the unaware. LOVE (in caps I mean) is Divine creativity, Divine creation and we’re very much in this now. Walk through the triple 11-11-11 energies of November 2018; Embody the November NEW Angelic codes; let the mid-term elections and post dramas and BS unfold and continue holding higher all along. Be the Light, radiate the Light, Wayshow with your constantly expanding NEW Light and let the rest fall where it may.

Denise Le Fay
November 2, 2018


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35 thoughts on “Growing Instability From Greater Higher Light Energies

  • Denise and Troy

    Great depth in your recent comments.

    We should be working with loyalty and integrity with our Higher Selves and the body (which is the vehicle to even be able to do all of this).

    My body endured acute exhaustion just protecting me from many things. We get hooked into the separation stuff (good and evil). The body had little energy for the real work.

    Finally got it a while back and no longer interested. Talk about making it harder than it needs to be. Just part of the journey to evolve beyond this level.

    Thank you for your many years of patience and tolerance Denise.

  • Hi Denise, This is in response to rema and others… I’m glad this topic came up because it was big on my radar. My conclusion for me, not necessarily anyone else, is that the people you mentioned, DW, CG, ES, and for me personally LR is included in this category… whenever I read/watch them my vibration gets lowered so I don’t anymore. I’m aware that we all have our parts to play so I don’t judge anyone but I know beyond a shadow of a doubt what my part is in this… it’s to participate in a paradigm shift, to take advantage of a quantum leap opportunity and I assist all by allowing it to occur in me, through me and by me. I allow my higher self to navigate and my human self allows the ride.

    To me a paradigm shift includes moving out of duality, NOT ‘let’s expand duality out into the universe and continue blaming and wars’. Also for me disclosure isn’t synonymous with ET’s, cabal etc. It’s a very personal process of my higher self/god/whatever disclosing the bigger picture of my past and allowing me to find inner resolution and hence raise my vibration and the vibration of humanity and Gaia.

    I personally don’t believe the 3rd dimension is going away. God is infinite and all of it will always be there, here, whatever. As a metaphor I believe there’s a graduation going on and what vibration you can acclimate to is the one you live in and also will be living in. The people mentioned are going to stay in the vibration where there is duality, it’s what they see and it’s what they’re choosing. They like being the good guy and fighting the bad guy. I’m done with that. Have you noticed everyone thinks they’re the good guy, even the illuminati, that’s the hitch. I don’t see it as a team dark, I see it as that’s just as high as they can acclimate to at this time. As far as hidden technologies, technology is a form of A.I. and I’m not choosing that.

    Those people mentioned are keeping people focusing at a level lower. Be sovereign, think for yourself. We have the opportunity during this quantum leap to move out of the third dimension, which most of us have done…we’re enroute, and that means letting go of duality. Which, oddly enough, only requires us to do our inner work and resolve the issues of the old paradigm within ourselves. Outer conforms to the inner.

    Unity consciousness begins at home, in us, resolving our inner conflicts. It’s not trying to get everyone else to think/act like us. Unity consciousness allows individuality.

    There is definitely a bifurcation going on and perhaps the people we’ve mentioned are helping those in a way I don’t understand. I don’t know, it’s not my place to judge or know all.

    As a metaphor, in barbershop music there’s four part harmony, my job would be to keep to my harmony and not spend the song telling the others they’re doing it wrong, or that my part is better or worse than theirs. Believe me, just knowing my harmony and not getting pulled into anyone else’s is enough work for me. Because the bifurcation is moving so fast now it’s important to be sovereign and follow the guidance of our inner selves/higher selves. There’s no right or wrong, just who are you and who are you choosing to be.

    There’s a old joke: If you’re on a dog sled team and if you’re not the lead dog the scenery never changes.

  • Dear Denise
    Got up yesterday feeling very unwell, sick headache and feeling fragile only to be hit by massive force of energy last night. Body irradiated from head to foot. Feeling “frazzled” this morning.

    On a different note on looking back in my diary at May this year I had a dream about two alien races Thunder beings and Dragon beings. One race being peaceful and benign and the other being treacherous and not to be trusted. A bit like on the earth plane. Told in this dream work almost done, coming to an end. Feel with the intense energies we are working with completion is in the ‘air’ or should I say Divine timing. Maureen

  • Hi Denise! Wow, the brain is NOT operating so great at present. I am making associations that are not logically thought through (where I would realize they were incorrect) and a second later I realize the nonsensical statement I made. Like I’m 94 on meds. Words, simple words, I cannot remember sometimes now. My mental “space” feels clearer than EVER. I see my thoughts and boy those suckers get corrected, dropped or looked at like square in the eye and called out, but then I cannot remember the word “sprinkler” for two DAYS!! Ugh! I’m so happy to lose my brain and I’m so scared to lose my brain! To be rewired and be Alzheimer-y…for good?!! (Another thought that needs to go.) A lot of father figures have recently passed and I’m also feeling a load of grief for the past truly dying and departing…from earth. It’s like it’s on a boat waving goodbye and the ship is moving, as the new is right here taking it’s place. It is SO dismantling, this life, this lifetime. I’m so scared and overwhelmed this week, energies, but I am whirling, vibrating, rising and embodying – no fail this time. Sat in a river on Sunday near the Sequoia National Forrest and sang and sang and sang!!! So loud so much energy. Gonna do it again end of this week and during. WE GOT THIS. 😉 So help me God.:)

    • “Sat in a river on Sunday near the Sequoia National Forrest and sang and sang and sang!!! So loud so much energy. Gonna do it again end of this week and during. WE GOT THIS.”

      I wanna live where you live Marcy! I need a long sit in a river amidst the ancient Sequoias. And yes, we do got this, always have. ❤

      “Ugh! I’m so happy to lose my brain and I’m so scared to lose my brain!”

      It is weird isn’t it? We’ve been saying goodbye to everything since this Ascension Process started but since 2015 it’s expanded and continues to each year ever since. It’s like we’re having another Life Review and release of our lives before the AP started. So, so much to release…

      • Thanks for that! It was the Kern river! Btw, I’ve mentioned this before but, oh my, the ENERGY in the Parks areas!… Sierras and Sequoias … unreal. You are a different person in hours. It’s bionic. Resolving whatever so fast. I was so reinvigorated, so completely un-tired. I knew I was entering back into a week of intense energy, but it was such a wonderful healthy start! Mammoth Lakes, just outside Yosemite, called me to it last fall, too. Also helped. I went 3/4 times. Rainbow clouds everywhere like they were normal. Energy you can see without trying. I wanted to MOVE there and stay!! Goodness, cannot wait for next phase. I highly recommend a trip, if you can stand it, to those NATURAL areas. 😉

      • Hi Denise,
        I read the new blog article on Lisa Renee’s site “Disclosure if you want it” yesterday. Its helped me gain some perspective with its good dose of reality, so I just thought I’d share for anyone who may not have seen it. Its really helped me zoom out which I badly needed because I’ve been feeling so pressured & triggered & intense lately.

        I also found this acronym which is helping when my mind goes into its swirl of madness “don’t JADE – don’t Justify, Argue, Defend, or Explain” apparently its from the Al-anon group. Since I learned it Ive realised how much of my mental goings on are me being ‘jaded’ … then in other moments its like what Marcy said about being ’94 and on meds for Alzheimers’. Feels like crazytown. And then in others I can tune into the birds & the flowers (spring here at the moment) & the trees and feel peace. And its an Ahhh and I remember, as Marcy also said “we got this”.

        I meant to also say … YES to the Life Review, in so many ways thats exactly what its like. So many obscure little vignettes of my life are popping up and you’ve just reminded me not to try and make too much of it, thankyou for that, so, so much to release!

        Much love to you & everyone, Rema

        • “I read the new blog article on Lisa Renee’s site “Disclosure if you want it” yesterday.”

          I’m putting this request here rema because you mentioned Lisa Renee’s latest blog post. This isn’t directed at you rema, but at a male whose name I didn’t even see long enough to catch it who wrote a fairly long Comment that I believe was related to this topic about Lisa’s latest blog post. I was about to publish it when it disappeared along with some spam when I deleted it. This has never happened before and I’m writing this to that male who wrote that Comment to ask him to, if you would, please copy/paste or re-write it so I can read it and publish it. I’m very sorry this happened but the internet has been glitchy for me the past two days, like there’s some interference happening again. More to say about all this but I’ll wait and see if this male person finds this and re-writes his Comment. If so we’ll go from there. Thanks everyone. ❤

        • Hi Denise,
          Rema referenced Lisa Renee’s recent article and I felt moved to share my feelings about it as well. The article seemed to endorse a new movie and the main presenters in the movie. Some of the main presenters being David Wilcock and Cory Goode. I don’t have anything against the presenters as I have watched plenty of DW and CG episodes on Gaiatv. I believe those episodes were beneficial to me in my awakening process and it was all new and intriguing info. But as I continued searching for more ascension information and reading Denise’s and Sandra Walter’s blogs in particular, it slowly but surely became clear to me that the ascension path that they describe has a higher vibration or frequency than the one that DW and GG describe. Over this past year in particular I have come to believe that DW, CG, ES and that group are being used as pawns by TD in trying to co-opt a part of the ascension movement. They say some nice enlightening things but the vast majority of what they are pushing is that TD exists and that we the sheeple have been kept in the dark about our reality and need to have disclosure in order to be set free and ascend. The way I see it is that these insiders like CG and ES have spent their careers working for TD in the secret military industrial complex programs and the so called Alliance is also current or former employees of the same. DW and the gang act like disclosure will free the people just by the act of announcing that we have been manipulated and lied to by the cabal, illuminati, Hollywood, big pharma and the media but strangely they hardly mention the other main aspects of TD and the cabal and that is our military, intelligence agencies, military industrial complex and corporations which in my opinion have much more influence and control over our lives. It seems to me that TD is trying to manipulate our next timeline by getting us to think that disclosure will wipe the slate clean and we will be free of manipulation because we can blame Hollywood and the media and we will greatly enhance our lives with all of this suppressed technology. It feels to me like the cool technology that they keep dangling in front of us is sourced by TD and artificial intelligence. I believe they are presenting a false choice to us. I think TD would rather we the sheeple choose that option rather than the ones that Denise and Sandra envision and that is my caution to others in getting too focused on disclosure being in the best interest of all. I feel like Denise and Sandra’s vision is of a much higher vibration and I don’t see it meshing with the frequency of what I think DW and gang’s vision is. At All. Thank you Denise for raising my awareness and helping me in my ascension process. Much love to you!!


          Seriously, thank you Troy for writing this because it so needed to first be said by someone other than me. Now that that’s happened I’ll say some things about this blog article Lisa Renee and her husband Tomas wrote about this topic and DW and CG & Co. But first I’ve got morning things to do so I’ll get back to this very important topic asap. Thanks again Troy for your honesty, bravery and ability to sense and ascend above this lower frequency stuff. ❤ ❤ ❤

        • Troy & Denise, some clarification please regarding this comment by Troy:

          “year in particular I have come to believe that DW, CG, ES and that group are being used as pawns by TD in trying to co-opt a part of the ascension movement. “

          By ES do you mean Lisa Renee /Energetic Synthesis are TD pawns?


        • I’ll let Troy clarify who exactly he meant in his Comment Edith.

          However DW is David Wilcock and CG is Cory Goode and TD is Team Dark. 😉 Some humor is needed for what’s coming with all this information everyone. Deep breath and open HighHearts as we expand some more now. 🙂 I suspect that ES is Emery Smith Edith, not that I’m familiar with him at all.

          Also, here’s a link to Lisa Renee’s and her husband Tomas’ November 5, 2018 blog article, along with a link in it to this documentary trailer.

        • Edith,
          When I used ES in my previous comment, I was referring to Emery Smith.

          I love you too, for multiple reasons!!!!!!!! Thank you for your nice reply. It is humbling. I am really looking forward to hearing your more extensive thoughts on this topic!

        • Troy, thank you! I’m not drawn to that movie. I’m not familiar with those people. I became slightly curious per Lisa Renee ‘s comments. Not enough to pay for the privilege! Again thank you for clarifying. And I’m looking forward to Denise’s next article!

  • Hi Denise and all

    Keep calling out the low level in ourselves and others. Just recognize the games being played and always play to win. Don’t accept second place as it just means we fell for it again and another version of the same type of scenario will come at us again, and when we least expect it until we no longer fall for the same nonsense.

    I think of it as making a movie. How many shoots of a scene is it going to take to get it right? Best to think of it as a budget production and we therefore do not have the resources to muck around. Get that ego disciplined and other peoples with integrity. Make it clear to ourselves and others that we are not here to be dumped on or play the victim.
    Once we truly get it we see the humor in it all and we assist others with there growth.

    We are all at different stages. The loss of close relationships, health, property, employment, money etc are all part of our dismantling and necessary to rebuild us into the higher vibrating light beings that we truly are. All the unexpected betrayals, wow they really rock our world. Not easy to lift our heads up and pull ourselves out of the quagmire. But every moment we lift them up and have appreciation for the process our vibration rises. The more we do it the stronger we get. Circumstances start to change a little. A little help comes our way to assist but not weaken us. Baby steps.

    Reminding ourselves we are not victims, we are “mighty warrior”s taking on the greatest battle of all time and we will win, as ultimately the battle is just with ourselves.

    Happy cleanup days everyone.

  • Thanks Denise … always appreciate your insights. But what if I am the one wearing the “unstable name tag”?? My ego is still too strong and often I find myself in a fear-based place of mental, emotional and physical negativity, doubt, hopelessness. Trying to find light and love then is difficult if not impossible. Any suggestions? But I do appreciate you being there … you give me hope.

    • Kathy,

      I so appreciate your honesty. ❤ We've all been there, repeatedly with this ascension issue.

      Know that it's not that we need to "find light and love" outside ourselves or anything like that, that's easy and a distraction from the greater, higher truth of this situation. No, the harder but real answer is to lift, "ascend" yourself up vibrationally to a higher level and range of energetic frequency which also means consciousness, life and personal reality. So freakin' easy to say and so freakin' hard to actually do and keep doing until one can Hold that Higher Frequency constantly.

      There’s a thousand things that could be said about how to do this but because you’re already aware about this, which is a major step never forget Kathy, then I’ll just say that every time you discover yourself feeling, thinking, reacting etc. from a lower frequency level of consciousness, stop yourself in mid-lower level fuck up and tell yourself with total honesty and determination, ‘Enough of this now! and immediately REDIRECT yourself, your focus, your thoughts, emotions etc. to where you do want them to be. This is no different than when we physically work out or exercise; we FORCE ourselves to stop doing other things and start exercising. We RETRAIN ourselves and our mental and emotional focus (literally build NEW neural connections in our brains plus greatly elevate our energies) and reprimand our lower ego self just like a parent HAS to do with a child, every time our child ego self acts like an entitled little asshole. Sorry for being so blunt but it’s needed with egos, all of them! 😉

      I cannot tell you how often I still have to consciously and intentionally REDIRECT my stupid, negative, habitual, mental pre-recorded inner chatter bullshit. HighHeart is HighHeart and doesn’t work at all like lower ego and matching consciousness. Lower ego is lower mind and lower emotions reached through thinking and thinking and thinking. We’ve all got to Master that lower level trap and Work and intentionally exercise our ways out of it and “ascend” into higher frequency levels where this stuff doesn’t exist. It’s doable with Inner Work and dedication to your Self in this Ascension Process. ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Hi Denise…again😁 The past several days have felt so strange inside me. And I’ve been mentally scattered and absent minded. I know deep inner stuff is happening or cycling thru via the type of distressing dreams I had this morning. I have coincidentally felt different following a meditation a few days ago mentioned in Lisa Renee’s blog about kidney depletion. But yesterday on the heels of fatigue after shopping, I got home and couldn’t find my phone! It was an OMG kind of moment as I have the 1 device/phone. I felt I HAD the phone but was at a loss about it. I went to my provider and bought another phone but didn’t cancel the lost phone. I got in my car and called my missing cell. It was in the car! And get this….I could hear it but couldn’t locate it!! I was so relieved my lost cell wasn’t floating around somewhere but I could Not Find It. I had to get a friend with a built in radar for finding lost things to locate it and he did! On the floor behind the passanger seat, maybe kind of between the seats! (And yes I have too much junk in there). I never would have found it without being able to call it! But the thing is that I don’t know how I did it. And for a week I’ve been losing and misplacing things being unfocused. It’s exhausting😁 AND I’ve been extra aware! But not enough! Also we had a swarm of quakes. I know the sun is also busy per your articles, and the astrology. My bff almost died. And I feel lost and like something is wrong I need to fix but don’t know what. I’m grateful your articles help, and I can reach out, and of course read your readers thoughts too. So not being focused can be fatal in some instances, and Expensive in others! And it takes a toll. Hugs, Grace, and Mercy loving kindness to All💗💗💗💗

  • Thanks to you again Denise for your honesty and ” down to earth telling it like it is”. So much happening on a personal physical level as well as all around us it’s easy to get distracted or triggered by someone else’s nastiness if you lose focus even for a minute. I think plenty of rest, good food and a sense of humour is the best way to meet these ever increasing energies and the challenges they present to us. As well as avoiding people who are out to cause trouble and mischief. Hugs and best wishes to you all and “hang in there” from Megan 🙂

  • I thought you’d mention this! I’ve had so many people mess me around just in the past week that I feel dazed by it; like a figurative punchbag, as if I’ve been on the receiving end of every random person’s unkind or bizarre behaviour, to the point I would just like to get off the planet, leave them all to their low-vibe antics. I thought: “Denise will be onto this”, and you are! 😀

    • Podvig,

      I’ve experienced periods where this sort of thing in unaware people seems like it’s primarily directed at me, at The Light, which it is and have like you, wanted to just be free of them all.

      In these cases I remember something Lisa Renee’s higher team told her and it went something like this — ‘They kill the Christ on Earth’. This continues to be true today in that “they”–lower consciousness people with their lower consciousness egos– always attack anyone with higher frequency Light and/or Crystalline Christ frequency in them. I had it happen again just yesterday by some woman and I too ‘wanted to leave her/them all to their low-vide’ reality.

      This phase will ease up for you personally but learn all you can about it and yourself every time it happens. That’s what I do because it instantly makes us see where any of our own lower issues still are, and how well or not we’re now able to rise above these people and energies. Never a dull ascension moment. ❤

  • Thank you Denise; I’m glad you mentioned (on last thread) the hands and fingers pain – as well as feet and ankle pain, since the finger pain is something brand new for me. The rest has been going on for a while, but wow, the fingers are getting the brunt of the incoming energies this past week.

    I can also sympathize with your mail and package delivery hassles; just one more institution (mail delivery) that can’t be depended on to function as it used to, thanks to the ongoing patriarchy collapse. We must anticipate this from now on; learn to not just expect workers (mailmen, etc.) to do their jobs in the way we have come to expect. I saw a mail delivery person drop a big (laundry basket size) container of stamped mail and it scattered everywhere. It was raining and she picked up what she saw and left. I found some under my car and took it to the post office myself. Now I don’t leave mail in a box to be picked up later, instead I take it to the post office myself and pray it gets to its destination.

    We are all so grateful to you Denise, for keeping our spirits up through these processes. I’m also grateful for those who share their experiences here, and I feel sad for those people who don’t have a clue (yet) as to what is happening to them. Their doctors can run tests and prescribe drugs, maybe even find a disease that matches their symptoms close enough to make them think what’s happening is treatable the old way. You are right of course, “the chaos will increase” as the AP and EP and the Separation of Worlds continue to move toward completion. “Be the Light”, Amen.

  • Thank you! Perfect and well said. Reminding me of this is just perfect right now. Been in a pity pot lately. I had forgotton how a person who is holding light can trigger others by doing nothing, just being in the room. The cold mean spirited ways I got shunned by every family member. They won’t accept a phone call from me and didn’t tell me my mother was sick and dying. My sister left a voice message the day after saying ‘mother died yesterday.’ My exhusband got very abusive and cruel, I had to leave. I’ve questioned myself if I could have handled trying to upgrade my then relationships better but I really don’t think so. They had only survived because I was the only one metaphorically ‘rowing the boat’. When I started setting healthier boundaries the relationships didn’t last. Or maybe I just had some karmic balancing to make. I’m handling the loss of my old life much better now since seeing the bigger picture. Denise, thank you for your honesty, this is certainly not a fluffy time and it’s healthy to be forewarned.

    • Holly, I know what family shunning is like, and having people turn against you when you did not one offensive thing, and I winced in sympathy when I read your post, that people could be that cruel, I am so sorry.

      I believe a lot of us do not have genuine longlasting soul affinities with many of our blood relatives, just very heavy karma from the past, now liquidated. It hurts, but my attitude now is: if people don’t treat me with warmth, kindness and respect, then I wouldn’t want them around anyway! They are just green fruits, not ripe, they couldn’t behave any differently. I know you know all this, I just wanted to say you are far, far from the only one who’s not in the same train car as the others who were in your life, and they’re all throwing rocks at you from their car!

      The ascension path has often made me think of the start of that Rossetti poem:

      ‘Does the road wind uphill all the way?

      Yes, to the very end.

      Will the day’s journey take the whole long day?

      From morn to night, my friend.’

      • Holly and Podvig, I too have experienced this pain from blood relatives. And have (finally) reached the same conclusion/attitude as Podvig. It’s nice to know I’m not alone. Thanks to everyone here and many many thanks to Denise for her honesty and insights.

      • Thank you Podvig, I really appreciate your message. Funny story: decades ago I was in therapy for 2 years and was gently explained about being the family scapegoat and how it plays out…being shunned if you start to refuse the role. I remember thinking back then, oh, no, my family wouldn’t do that, they really love me inside, they just treat me like crap. Oops.

        • Holly, thank you, this made me laugh: ‘oh, no,
          my family wouldn’t do
          that, they really love me inside,
          they just treat me like crap.

          I kept telling myself the same thing! ‘They love me deep down, I know this, they can’t help treating me like something the dog sicked up, it’s not their fault, I should just accept and tolerate it smilingly.’ 😀
          As Tyche1 says, takes a pretty long time to change old attitudes, it’s like trying to turn a supertanker round! I now have too much compassion for myself to just sit there dutifully and accept it if people are going to be horrible and unkind.

  • Hi Denise. Have u noticed the increase in fatal car accidents involving children and bus stops? I admit I wonder if people are being used when our minds wonder. I’ve noticed that when my mind wanders
    while driving that Im really Gone and must aggressively choose to be present and focus. I’m praying for those that killed children….and folks have no mercy!

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