Accelerated Incoming Higher Energies

We’ve Worked, watched and waited a very long time to finally be where we are now experiencing completely NEW energies and codes entering and overriding everything from the previous Evolutionary Cycle. I’ve expected to be out of my mind crazy happy about our reaching this point finally after the darkness and brutality of getting here, but I guess I’m too frazzled at the moment to give this the appropriate fanfare it deserves. Please ignore my current monotone state about this cosmic spiritual energetic milestone we’ve reached and do all the celebrating you want. At the moment I feel like an ancient god whose weary from the Great Work, ancient battles, chaos and endless personal transformations I’ve had to go through to get to this point within the Ascension and Embodiment Processes both personally and collectively. Since June of 2018, it’s been mega intense and shockingly positive and progressive, and of course there’s more coming.

There was a Full Moon on Wednesday, October 24, 2018 that was part of a Grand Fixed Square I was just informed. Whatever all has been unfolding this week, intensely so since the day of the Full Moon, it’s been profound and has caused further physical body energy changes every day. Wednesday morning I’d planned to go grocery shopping but after getting ready I suddenly got hit energetically and knew I wasn’t going anywhere that day other than to sleep almost immediately! I felt that familiar sensation pushing me to go to sleep (this was around 10:00 AM) quickly and get out of my physical body because more evolutionary upgrades were about to begin again. So I put my comfy grubby cloths back on and promptly passed out that morning with zero effort.

This sudden mandatory late morning get out-of-body nap was the most comfortable, nurturing, uplifted, silent, high frequency suspended state I’ve ever felt while napping during the daytime. It was blissful in its quietude, elevated isolation, peace and restful soul-deep comfort. It was energetically delicious and could not have been more opposite from what I usually feel, see, hear and experience during those sleep times when I’m suddenly energetically pushed out of my physical body during the late morning hours.

For many years this has been about suddenly being shoved out-of-body, primarily in the morning(s) but not always, energetically because more Embodying is about to begin. I’ve learned the hard way to not fight this process when I’ve made plans to do other things like go grocery shopping, mop the kitchen floor, blow the leaves out of my yard and so on. The Divine Ascension and Embodiment Process doesn’t give a hoot about my little earthly plans and chores; when it’s time to Embody something like more NEW DNA or more Crystalline/Christ frequency into your HighHeart, you are laid out flat in seconds to do so. End of story, end of puny human plans. More Embodiment, or get the car washed? Guess what wins every time and isn’t it good that it does.

Full Moon Wednesday, October 24th  I’m suddenly feeling this coming on again and head for my recliner chair to pass out and do some more Embodying. For many years this has gotten increasingly intense, audibly louder and almost violent at times while being lucid when asleep and witnessing my Light body and Physical body inch closer and closer energetically to full alignment and merge. The closer this Process has brought me to this alignment, the more loud and intense the inner body vibrations and sometimes violent shaking has grown while I was out-of-body and could experience and perceive it from that vantage point. From our lower Selves perspective this lengthy alignment Process inching its way to full merge has looked, felt and sounded like we’re in the center of a raging tornado. From a higher Self perspective it’s more like lining up two radically different energy frequencies close enough so that eventually they fully align, merge and unify in the physical body.

After experiencing this lengthy alignment Embodiment Process for many years, to suddenly experience the total opposite of it Wednesday and just float in quiet peaceful silence told me that some very important NEW level has been reached by me. And if I’m experiencing this now it means some others are too and more will soon follow.

When I woke up from this lovely mandatory nap on Wednesday, I sat there with a smile thinking how great that was and how it just kicked the poo outta going grocery shopping! While basking in this peaceful state and mood I noticed I was seeing patches of pale pastel colors on the white ceiling. Didn’t think much of it at first but as the minutes ticked on I realized my seeing these patches of pale pastel colors on the ceiling and elsewhere is a NEW side effect and clue about how we’re changing again. There’s no iridescence to them but with what’s coming in November 2018, I expect many more things, including each of us, will be changing greatly and getting increasingly iridescent.

Thursday, October 25th there were more careless, hair-brained screw ups by other people which tests me if I’d let myself be emotionally affected by them or not. I’ll talk a bit more about experiencing more and more unaware people not coping well with every NEW Light energy and NEW code that comes in and is Embodied by those of us Embodying in another article because it deserves its own space and attention.

Friday morning October 26th I rushed to the grocery store because it was needed and after I’d gotten home and put things away I suddenly got hit again energetically and got to my chair just in time to fall asleep and get out-of-body. I sensed this was coming and was grateful to get grocery shopping done before this week’s ongoing Embodiment business started again. I was quickly exited from my physical body late Friday morning and proceeded to spend an hour and a half in a lucid state while asleep witnessing and feeling my heart pound so hard it felt like my teeth were rattling and my body was moved slightly by each hard-hitting heartbeat. I’ve experienced this many times over the Ascension years as it’s a common side effect of our physical hearts and energy HighHearts evolving and expanding to Embody greater and higher frequency Light energies and/or Crystalline/Christ frequencies. But like everything else, this too has increased in intensity to the point that if one didn’t know what was happening with this intense heart pounding while at complete rest, one would think they were possibly having a “heart attack”. One is not having a “heart attack”; one is experiencing their heart and HighHeart expanding and elevating into greater Crystalline Christ frequency alignment Embodiment yet again.

Sounds so exciting and intriguing, and it is until you wake up from the latest cosmic spiritual Embodiment “alignment treatment” to find your physical body utterly exhausted, weak, sore from the inside out and in need of days of self-care, rest and recovery time after such profound energy expansions and Embodiment activities in one’s heart HighHeart. And that’s just been since Wednesday and there’s more coming as usual.

  • Pluto is/has crossed the ecliptic recently which is why I re-posted my April 2018 astrological article mentioning it. I’d forgotten all about it just like many of you.
  • November 2018 is the mid-term elections here in collapsing USA. Don’t fear the changes.
  • More unaware humans becoming noticeably imbalanced by these higher frequency energies being Embodied by many of us now.
  • Increased weather changes and Earth changes for the same reasons.

The 11 energies of November have always been important energy threshold crossover points within the ongoing Ascension Process. However, given how amplified 2018 (2+0+1+8 = 11) has been, this years November energies certainly will not disappoint.

Since June 2018, I’ve perceived a cluster of massive, never before experienced Energy Waves coming from the Angelics and Angelic realm and arriving in November 2018. That June awareness made me perk up and wonder what in the multidimensional cosmos was coming from the Angelics in November of this year?! I’ve had interactions with a few Angelic Lightbeings over these ascension years, but this is different and will be vastly more intense both personally and collectively, and consciousness, life and reality-changing for each of us and everyone else too.

Almost immediately after I had this June 2018 Angelic insight about November 2018, the typically painful but necessary energetic prep Work for this coming event began. Like many of you reading this, we’ve been constantly going through layer upon layer of inner expansions and rapid evolution within our heads, brains and brain endocrine glands—Pineal, Pituitary, Hypothalamus—skull, spines, eyes, hearts and more and it has hurt-a-plenty at times. The last week of August and much of September I thought my head was going to “explode” from these particular Light expansions taking place in there. I’ve experienced these types of intense head, brain, brain glands, skull, eyes and so on evolutionary Light onslaughts before too but this Mastery 11 year energies have definitely been next-level. [My previous article talked about some of them.] To wear a Light Crown/Crown of Light requires a lot of personal prep Work. Have you clairvoyantly Seen and/or dreamed of seeing an ornate Crown or triple Crowns recently? I have, and it (a single Crown) was the most ornate brilliant white diamonds and pearls creation I’ve ever seen. No wonder our heads have hurt so severely this year! It’s now time to put on our NEW Light Crown(s) and Consciously Create accordingly.

The other aspect of this that I’ve been fascinated by has been how, from my personal perspective and experiences, the Inner Body Vibrations have steadily evolved over the years. All these things are connected of course, but as usual there’s often sections, aspects and certain energy Embodiment events that are, for a multitude of reasons, kept from us/me. Oftentimes the end punchline to these yearlong and decades-long evolutionary Ascension Embodiment Processes are intentionally kept from us so we’re not swayed or focused, fearful, worried or distracted by what’s coming instead of living and Embodying in the current moment(s) so we’re capable of Embodying each layer that’s coming down the cosmic evolutionary road. In my case a whole lot of physical pains and pressures in my head, heart and/or certain body parts does the trick with this for me. These 2018 head pains and pressures—on top of everything else happening in the world and our personal lives—has kept me focused on not much other than what I’ve dealt with. For a few pain-filled months I never even thought about or remembered the Angelics incoming Energy Waves arriving in November because I’ve been soul-deep in what’s been happening in and through my physical body, consciousness, life and personal reality in preparation for that. Most of you reading this have been. NEW Angel energies and codes arriving in November 2018, wonderful, but until then I’ve got to go through what’s happening in my head, heart, body, HighHeart and Self/Selves. One evolutionary energy Stair-step at a time even though we’re bounding up them now faster than ever.

When the Inner Body Vibrations started in me around 2001, they went on for many years as slow but steady electrical-like inner vibrations inside my physical body. I’ve paid close attention to this Ascension Process side effect both while awake and while out-of-body since they started and they’ve steadily expanded in my body, and lastly my head, to become a constant full-bodied faster inner vibration. This inner body vibration has increased tremendously in speed, size and intensity over the years, going from a mild inner vibration in the beginning to intense and extreme almost violent inner shaking by 2017. That greatly amplified inner body vibration and eventual shaking evolved in late 2017 into flashing inner Lights which have amplified throughout 2018. [I’ve written about this in another recent article if interested.]

I’ve felt, heard and watched this inner vibration expand and speed up since 2001, so much that it recently morphed from an inner body vibration frequency to inner Lights that constantly flash, move and pulse inside my and our Embodying bodies and Selves. Said another way, our Light bodies and our Physical bodies have finally aligned, synced up and vibrationally merged and greatly expanded throughout 2018. This is manifesting as us literally seeing ourselves as physical Light beings who continue to Embody higher, higher and higher frequency Light Energies and NEW Codes. The coming November 2018 Angelic Energy Waves about to start being Embodied by those capable of doing so now are another very big and important layer of these ongoing evolutionary Ascension Processes and related external changes they automatically trigger.

A Dream Vision From The mid 1990s


Around the mid 1990s I had a dream that I knew then was highly significant but also didn’t fully understand what all it was revealing to me at that time. In this dream I saw a stunningly beautiful conscious energy thing come down from above and slowly and gently fold back and forth on itself like warm taffy or soft folded ribbon candy. It moved and flowed like thick liquid Light and folded gently on itself in a way that felt as meaningful as its overall appearance. It was shimmering iridescent pastel colors of pale pink, baby blue, mint green, lavender and pale yellow liquid Light. It felt profoundly loving and feminine but was beyond lower frequency masculine/feminine duality. It was a slow-moving, gentle liquid Light Energy Wave that was conscious and deeply beautiful in every way. In this old dream it was mainly just making a first conscious connection with me by revealing itself in this way and giving me plenty of time to view and feel it. It was many years later into my physical level Ascension Process that I began to understand it was an energy aspect from the Angelic realm. Many of the dreams and other dimensional experiences you and I have had throughout our current lifetimes have been about the Universal Ascension Process. Working in linear time space and simultaneously beyond it does, at times, get a little weird and mystically wonderful! Such is the evolutionary business at hand.

Greater Embodiment Produces Greater Old Negative World Collapse

I’ve tried many times to convey the difficult concept of having positive evolutionary changes happening simultaneously to increasing negative old patriarchal world “end times” events. This is hard to wrap one’s awareness around until you remember that lower and higher frequencies cannot co-exist in the same space. Then this bit of different frequency, consciousness and reality weirdness makes perfect sense.

Another aspect of my June Angelic insights about November’s 11 energies had to do with this simultaneous “better and worse” Separation of Worlds business. The November 11 energies have always felt to me like spiritual energetic thresholds we cross through in that month. November 2018’s 11 threshold we’ll pass through, no matter which world or Stair-step each person is currently on, will produce the largest collective shift for all groups and levels. If this confuses you, think back to last week or last month or four or five months ago and remember what all you and your body have gone through at this much higher amplified and quickened level. There have been important reasons for all those physical head and body pains, pressures, deeper Work on Self, and greater Crystalline Christ frequency Embodiment plus NEW DNA activations so that you’re capable of crossing this 2018 November threshold and Embody these NEW Angelic Light Codes. December 2018 should see some of us Embodiers going more Light than we’ve been able to before, plus more Light Crowns manifesting for more of us as well. But first we’ve got to live and Embody through the November 2018 Angelic Code arrivals.

  • Inner Body vibrations have increased and expanded to inner Flashing Lights.
  • Inner Flashing Lights are living Sun/solar connections between us and it, it and us. We have become Unified.
  • Inner Flashing Lights have triggered NEW Crystalline Rainbow DNA activation and Embodiment in some of us this year.
  • Crystalline Rainbow DNA activation and Embodiment has prepared some of us to be able to Embody NEW Angelic realm Codes in November 2018.
  • NEW Angelic Codes Embodied will further the Embodiment and activation of Crowns of Light/Light Crowns in December 2018 and 2019.

It’s astonishing how much progress has happened throughout 2018, and by reviewing what the Embodiers have and continue to achieve individually and collectively it’s clear that accelerated change is the norm. Get ready for more throughout November and December 2018 as you, me, we continue to evolve and Embody more and more. It shouldn’t be a surprise at all that 2019 is going to be extraordinary as well. Well done everyone, now get ready to Embody November Angel energies. ❤


October 28, 2018

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30 thoughts on “Accelerated Incoming Higher Energies

  • Dear Denise, Thank you so much. This has been the hardest energetic shift I’ve had to date. It’s easy to slip into ‘I have mental illness, this isn’t real’, so when you share your journey it’s a breath of fresh air….this is real and others are experiencing the same challenges as well. My embodiment integration lasted about 2 weeks ending with food poisoning. Approximately 2 weeks ago I was walking out my back door about 7:30 p.m. and a fireball meteor came zooming right over my head, it was so close that the screeching sound it made pierced my ears and the smell is still in my head, kind of an acrid smell. I ran to the front expecting to see it crash but it didn’t. It was like having five migraines and frozen in trauma, nausea, dehydration, my body is not handling this too well. A perfect metaphor… I lit a seven day candle last week and prayed to be taken care of because I wasn’t coping well. After 3 1/2 days I was woken in the middle of the night with what sounded like the whole house exploded, the candle had exploded and went out, glass and melted wax everywhere; a perfect metaphor for my little old body taking in more light than it seems to want. Again, thank you and bless you!
    After thought: Since planets and moons affect us humans so much, as in astrology too, your sun sign or rising sign, I think that fireball meteor did a number on me. It was so synchronistic, why did I walk out the door at that exact moment and you rarely see a fireball so low to the ground. I don’t know if it was from my higher self or team dark.

    • Thanks for sharing this Holly and I hope you’re feeling better. Just in time for it to start at a higher and NEW (Angelic) level! We’ll all be just fine no matter what even though it may not feel like it from time to time. November 1st I started having sudden really painful sensations in parts of my hands and fingers, feet and ankles like a small but long needle is stabbing me to the bone. Almost electrical like pin points of sudden intense pain like old forms are being broken apart so more Light can enter.

      What an incredible thing to experience, and so close and directly overhead. It does feel like it was highlighting for you the fact that certain things are dying, burning out and disappearing. November and December 2018 and January 2019 are going to change us all far more than anything we’ve experienced so far in our Ascension and Embodiment Processes. I keep Seeing each of these months symbolized as a single Crown and once we’re through January 2019 many of us will have Triple Crowns. What all that means at these NEW levels with these incoming NEW Angelic level codes will be revealed over time no doubt.

      Rest and recover Holly because we’re not done with this at all. ❤

      • Thank you so much Denise. I can’t even begin to tell you how helpful you are to me and obviously everyone here. You’re def a Godsend.

  • Glad to have found that I am not the only one experiencing changes. I was a bit concerned but you articulated in a way I can see that it is all happening for a reason. I can see I am not the only one and this helps a lot to shake awayy my concerns about my recent feelings and events in my life. Thanks for sharing.

  • First of all, thank you for all your responses, to me and to others. I’ve been too beat to say thank you enough… 🙏💛✌️ Much love and gratitude for your unending generosity. So…so many crowns and so many 11’s right now!! I’ve not shared this ever, always felt too personal for me. Since 2014, I see light flickering out above my eyes for periods. I first thought it must be eyeshadow. Then I would remember I wasn’t wearing makeup. It happens on and off, unpredictably. It would give me private joy to see sometimes. I could truly hope I was doing something right for a minute, while everything was just a great glorious mess and I looked like hell in a hand basket, but it was heaven in a hand basket, through all the doubt. But there’s nothing crazy about light coming out of your forehead and flickering over your eyes. It’s just quiet and simple and real. The major reason I’m sharing with you is because yesterday the light that was coming out changed for the first time. It was so weird! And the light coming off the body has changed, too. It’s like Day-Glo! It’s phosphorescent, like this solid neon light from some cool 1985 music video! Lol. It used to come off I need white gold flickers. But it looks like a ball of Glo now. So wild.
    I was praying before bed two nights ago and it was the first time they ever mentioned to me an 11:11 date or any date for that matter. Denise, it is so major!! It is super major; or they wouldn’t have said! When I read what you wrote, it rattled me (can’t say I was surprised you wrote about it at all). This week was spent realizing that I need to take this particular new month very seriously (for multiple reasons) and that what is above my head is real and a gift and has just dramatically changed, more evolution. What’s been hard for weeks is trying to get myself to sit and be still and pray and really be with it. It’s so hard to face that fear. It’s hard to do it amidst energies. It’s just hard to finish the race, go the complete distance, take the final step…to toss the ring in the fire after the journey, ya know? Why do we hesitate? Why hesitate to throw in the towel when one had finished? And why the temptation to quit at the end? To lose your whole life for eternal life is no complacent action, of course… I’m not gonna fucking quit. I’m not losing that way anymore. I’m done failing, God help me. Thanks for writing amidst what had to be pretty tremendous pain and fatigue.⚡️💛👍💚⚡️

    • Marcy, Just want to thank you for sharing. I could have written your comment and it so helps to not feel alone in this. The divine merge has become so REAL, if that makes since. My skin doesn’t sparkle, yet, but sounds nice, I look forward to it.

    • Love you too Calliope the Muse and I totally understand. ❤

      There's two coronal holes and one is facing Earth now with the second one soon to follow. Translated that means we're going to have two weeks and more of Solar Winds hitting Earth and us and if you're super sensitive to Solar energies as I am, then from now leading up to Novemeber 11-11-11 are as usual Prep Energies for the 11-11-11 incoming NEW Angelic energies and codes. Rest up and open up everyone. Group HighHeart Hugs to All as this one’s big and important. ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Dear Denise,

    So much truth in what you say. I hate to think that I experienced MOST of my Embodiment Process passed out! But I’m grateful to be living alone when my body stops whatever it’s doing and goes into a deep sleep.

    I too have def felt “emotionally tested” recently to see if I can remain neutral in stressful situations. Seems to be at a very physical level – survival instinct kicks in and wants me to go into fear, but then I do my best to transcend the reaction and pull in more LOVE.

    Thanks for letting us know about possible “heart pounding” so we won’t freak out. A dream 3 nights ago told me that my heart needs to “burst open” and I’m getting help from Higher levels so it doesn’t shock me (some kind of numbing effect). Really happy to hear about the incoming Angelic Waves! Love to you & all here.

    • Ditto Thelma, the slightest exposure to the world of ordinary people (like in the grocery store) will take me out for at least 3 days, most of which I’m sound asleep. Thankful I live alone so “when my body stops . . .” and when I wake at 3 AM and fix supper nobody ever knows!

      I understand too Calliope, and I thank you too Denise for this article and esp. for the incoming Solar Winds heads up. Thanks to all who share their experiences re: ascension here; you just might have saved my sanity. Love to all.

  • Right on on so many accounts. The crazy amounts of rest, having to stop planning, even the daily errands like food shopping, wanting to stay home away from people, going out only when necessary, the body aches, head pressure, vision flunctuations, heart beating and feeling like a heart attack. Ugh. Jesus told me that 2018 was the year of the group when I asked back in December 2017. I did not realize how literal he meant it. All I have done this year is lead groups and do some readings. That’s it. Hardly any physical manifestations and no design remodel jobs. Hours and sometimes multiple days in a row staying at home. Not reading or doing anything necessarily, except spirit inspired writing from many sources or beings. Other times just sitting in an unfocused state, killing time, looking at stuff on the internet, watching Netflix. I only have one or two people in my circle who relate to this level of strange. Even the most spiritual ones are not going through most of this stuff. If it wasn’t so ridiculous, I’d cry. Instead I choose to observe, try and laugh, and chalk it up to “crazy times.” To be fair the spiritual experiences, communication, visions, profound writings and group experiences have been profound. I do have gratitude for that part of life that is truly amazing. I’ll skip sharing about the frustration over money or seemingly lack of. I will boast however that I have managed to manifest a lot for free, including many taking me out to eat or neighbors giving me food they want me to try. At least that makes be laugh.

    • “I only have one or two people in my circle who relate to this level of strange. Even the most spiritual ones are not going through most of this stuff.”

      Absolutely true Salvatore C. And know everyone that each of YOU are my “circle” and always have been. Gratitude for that. ❤

    • Salvatore,
      I loved how you expressed yourself, regarding killing time and Netflix! The guilt I’ve felt and still fight for so much time underachieving and under “doing!” I was raised around over-doers, so… Peace to you this incredible, incredible month…

  • I find it interesting that we’re experiencing the sleeping during the day at similar times! For you Denise it’s late mornings (after 10am) and me the afternoons. We have a 3 hour time gap as I’m in the Eastern time zone. Thank you for sharing!! 🙂 ❤ ❤

  • Thank you, Denise. On this day in October 1999, at the age of 54, I had an ‘opportunity’ to exit or stay. (I don’t know why I remember this date when I don’t even remember what I had for breakfast yesterday, but every year I have privately celebrated it as my ‘real’ birthday.) Many times over the past 19 years I’ve wondered why I made the choice to stay, especially when I felt like a newborn baby in an adult body, a stranger in a foreign land, even though I had been steadfastly on a spiritual path since the early 80’s. After reading this article and, quite honestly, struggling with trying to comprehend some of it, one of the related articles—which I hardly ever notice—seemed to flash at me so I clicked on your July 3, 2018 post: Getting Familiar With The 2018 Next-Level Energies. Rereading the entire article was very helpful, and this part in particular stood out to me this morning:

    “The more habituated I become to existing within Now Moment quantum consciousness, the more difficult it is for me to locate myself within linear time and space etc. The old familiar AP side effect commonly called ‘brain fog’ was mandatory to help us, help humanity expand beyond the limitations and narrow consciousness blinders of old lower frequency 3D physicality on Earth. All those old constraints to our consciousness, perceptions, linear thinking, awareness and sole egoic self focus and consciousness had to be incrementally undone to free us from the old lower codes and templates, grids and magnetic glue, hardcore linear left-brain patriarchal consciousness and more. Was it fun or pleasant not knowing which end was up due to your old wiring being Rewired to embody tremendously higher frequency Light energies and NEW codes? Of course not, but it was necessary, just like all the other AP side effects were and continue to be today.

    “All of the now familiar Ascension Process (AP) symptoms or side effects happened to us, in us and through many of us at much lower frequency Stair-step levels of the AP. This is important to keep in heartmind now because you/me/we are not existing at, functioning from, Working within or Consciously creating from the same level or levels that we have since 1998–1999. What I’m saying is that experiencing ‘brain fog’ today is nothing like it was a decade or more ago. Neither is experiencing another bout of inner Kundalini heat in 2018, or dreams and dreaming, empathically feeling and effected by humanity’s fears and/or anger over just about everything now, and living through other AP and Embodiment Process (EP) side effects.”

    Lately—the last several months in particular—I have felt that my brain was like a sieve and it has been difficult to put two sensible sentences together. I write emails which seem to make sense at the time, only to go back later and wonder what I was trying to say. At this moment, with a spinning head and ringing ears, I have an understanding of why I am here, and it’s not so much to DO as to BE. There’s a lot of muck yet to be cleared. Enough said, except to thank you again, Denise, and everyone who posts here.

  • Hey Denise,

    I love your input on what’s happening and delighted to get this update! I have a daughter-in-law who is due with her 2nd child Dec. 17, a little boy. My daughter is due with twins April 28 due to IVF, a boy & a girl. My question is, with all these super upgrades we have been having, does being conceived during these times have any influence on the unborn child? Both of the mothers-to-be are not spiritual, but just curious what your input would be on this.

    Thanks for your attention to this question.

    Love & Light, Willie Jean

    • “My question is, with all these super upgrades we have been having, does being conceived during these times have any influence on the unborn child? Both of the mothers-to-be are not spiritual, but just curious what your input would be on this.”


      This is complex because not everyone incarnate now is existing within the same identical level of energies, personal development, consciousness/awareness, progress and position within the ongoing Ascension Process and so on. Because of this the soon to incarnate babies could, I repeat COULD come in with any degree of NEW higher frequencies and codes etc. Because you said ‘both mothers-to-be are not spiritual’, in some cases, I repeat SOME CASES the incoming soul(s) will have more spiritual awareness and/or abilities to assist their physical parents, siblings and extended family members to open their minds and hearts to more of “reality” by simply being a member of the unaware or “not spiritual” family. In other words, the family members that aren’t conscious of greater realities and consciousness etc. will sometimes have a loved one who very much is and this situation is an education for everyone involved. Souls will often do these types of things (Soul Contracts agreed upon by all prior to everyone incarnating at different decades) as a way to help or push or force the others to quickly grow themselves.

      Going back to the issue of everything everywhere is going through the Ascension Process now, I suspect that these incoming souls–the unborn babies–will have some of the NEW energies, consciousness and NEW codes in them at birth. If this is the case then it sounds like these babies/children will create a fast forced expansion and education in the parents and extended family members. ❤

  • Denise appreciate the article and your great efforts during this physically demanding time.

    I am doing major brain and brain stem rewiring plus more of cause. No normal activities for me as yet as unable to stay on my feet for long but the body tells me rewiring will be completed mid January 2019 so yeah for that. The end of the odd movements at the back of the brain, the end of the feeling of cold liquid steel moving around my brain, down my back and arms. I can feel it at the base of my spine now also which shows progress I guess. Oh for a normal life of home duties, shopping, driving etc. Will so cherish these things again.

    Still dealing with institutional medical system and the fact that I don’t have what they can class as regular chronic fatigue symptoms. I have more the the recommended model so functioning is more difficult. I cannot be on my feet for long then I must have mental health issues not a physical problem. Making my way through the maze with a loving heart and gently changing “closed like steal trap minds” and dealing with super egos is part of the journey. Certainly others are doing the same world wide and not accepting the suppression.

    All in another day’s work and makes for an interesting life!

    So much great work done by so many now.

    All the best with those stair steps everyone.

    • Lyn Treasure, you don’t know how much I appreciate your being on this plane and going through this process in the most courageous manner. Unknown to me in this life, you are known to me however by being one of the bearers of great change.

      • MaPantha
        Thank you so much for your kind words.
        How blessed we are to know what is going on and be so awake and aware.

  • Dear Denise,
    Again thank you for your timely and wonderful article…
    I call it the head bobbing, drooling, sleepies…I had one today again around noon and I seem to be out cold!
    I have also seen the crown in visions…it was beautiful…small gold , with
    sparkling jewels, with cascading stars falling down. It was on another person…. that I noticed it (probably around 2010) and yes the vibrations are constant for me.
    much love to you,

    • Denise and Penny

      These crown experiences are coming forward now. Would like to share mine as they are so encouraging and best shared for the benefit of all.
      It would have been 2008/2009 and I was doing rewiring work them also and out of normal functioning.
      An acquaintance with gifts of visions told me what she was seeing when she visited one day.
      She saw me as a child at the beach playing in the sand. I was not playing with the other children and prefer my own company. I moved closer to the waters edge and would not respond to calls from an adult to come back further up the beach for safety. A door floated up to me and I climbed on and drifted to an island. I arrived as a woman and stepped off the door. The door stood up and I opened the door and walked through. There were many children to greet me in this paradise where the colors of everything were far more unique and vivid. They called me mother and walked with me and I was taken to meet a Jesus like figure. I was asked to kneel and a gold crown as light as a feather so not to burden me was placed on my head. I was asked to stand and then a purple cloak was placed around my shoulders and I was then taken to a beautiful meadow. I was told that all of this was mine.

      A special experience and no doubt given to remind and encourage me to complete this special journey.

  • Denise, you help me tremendously with your posts. Thank you so much. You make it so much easier to make sense of these energies. Last night I felt a vibration in my chest to my sacral spine area. It woke me up and continued for about what seemed like five minutes. It ended with a feeling like something snapping gently together. It was so peaceful. Like something was completed. But I know that there is much more ahead! Love sent your way! Linda

  • Wonderful article, Denise! I did a little interior happy dance while reading it. After sleeping 12 hours last night I’m still exhausted, so that’s about all I could manage. On the Full Moon my Angels and Guides announced that I was finished with Karma, and since then I’ve experienced my past as if looking at a range of mountains: I know every trail and stream and detail of them, but emotionally it is as distant as the mountain range viewed from across the valley, like a story completed. They also showed me an image to explain where I am in my process and what is coming with these new energies. I grew up in the Sierras, so again it was a mountain range image. Imagine the east side of the Sierras, around Lone Pine. I’ve been trudging up the playa towards Mt. Whitney, going through the Alabama Hills at the base of the ⛰ mountains, when I am confronted with the sheer granite wall of the Sierras, which seems almost perpendicular from my vantage point, but accessible, and definitely where I will be going. Time to get those hiking boots on!
    Thanks again Denise, and Happy climbing to all!
    Love and Light to you and all,

  • Thank you so much Denise for helping me to feel as if we are progressing when so much rest is required and as you said we sometimes have to literally leave the cupboard bare to “get out of body.” In the busy all the time/work all the time culture it is a great discipline to not be able to do more in the 3D world and reject the shame that comes our way within and without. Thank you.

  • Thank you Denise, frazzled is definitely the right word, along with energetically and physically stuffed and saturated….. You are a star to get this out on top of everything you’re going through. Deeply grateful for the validation. I’m off to the Netherlands with my 11.11 group which has already separated itself this year. Thanks again, Denise ☘️🍇🌿💜💚

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