Building & Crossing Evolutionary Bridges

I’ve tried to write this particular article since late August 2018. I’m still living what I’m attempting to write about, plus the head pains and pressures and more have been, to say the least, pretty extreme since this started. With certain extra big and potent Ascension Process bodily changes and all that goes with each of them, some time is often needed to live it, embody it, deal with it and acclimate to the ongoing changes it causes before one can adequately discuss it. Such has been the case with this particular side effect for me. It has been physically painful, but after nearly twenty years of Ascension Process pains, what’s a little more from having some NEW multidimensional DNA activated?

I’m including book snippets of an old experience I had and wrote about in A Lightworker’s Mission because it’s directly connected to the ‘Crystalline Rainbow Bridge DNA’ connections and activation many of us are Embodying in 2018. This event happened in late 1982 through 1983. I wrote about it in 2009 in A Lightworker’s Mission and that book went on the market January 2010. Thirty-six years later many of us are individually living and Embodying this in 2018. The partial quotes below are from pages 60–65 of A Lightworker’s Mission: The Journey Through Polarity Resolution.

“One of the first things I remember happening at this new upstairs apartment was the beginning of a series of unusual lucid dream meetings with a male who I called my crazy twin brother. He didn’t look like me at all as he had rich brown skin and I’m Caucasian. My very first impression of him was that he was a Mayan. I didn’t know anything about the Mayans or the Mayan calendar at that time in early 1982 however…

“…My etheric Mayan crazy twin brother told me in this first dream that he desperately needed my help. He claimed he needed me to help him build a bridge. He said he would work building it from his side but that he needed me to help build the other end of it here from my side. In other words, he asked me to help him build an energy bridge that would connect his higher dimensional world with the physical third dimension and timeline I was living in.

For some reason his dream request sounded to me like the most normal thing I had heard in a long time. The proposed nonphysical bridge building project made perfect sense to me the second the words fell from his lips in this first dream meeting. I somehow instantly knew exactly what he meant and why this energy bridge was so vitally important at that time in late 1982. I knew and yet I did not know all the complex reasons for it.

I told him I did not know what I could do here in physicality, but that I would happily do whatever I could to help build his interdimensional energy bridge from my side of the Veil. He was ecstatic. He was so happy, so relieved, so excited that I had instantly agreed to help him build this bridge that he started running in circles, jumping, and howling like a crazy person…”

“…Three or four months later came the second lucid dream encounter with my Mayan crazy twin brother. In this second dream he was overflowing with higher energy, joy, excitement and pure enthusiasm. He didn’t seem to need to be doing anything to be this way either. He was running a lot of much higher energy through himself it seemed…

He informed me that the energy bridge building was coming along better and faster than he ever thought it could. He was giddy with excitement and joy over what he and I were doing and how easily we both were building this nonphysical, interdimensional bridge from our respective dimensions. I told him I honestly did not feel I was doing much at all from my physical side of the Veil. He instantly informed me that I was very wrong and each of us was indeed constructing the energy bridge from both of our dimensional sides. He was profoundly happy and grateful I had done all I had here in 3D physicality as that was making the entire bridge building happen so much faster…

“…The next dream arrived a few months later and he did a lot of running around, jumping, twirling and singing like a crazy fool—and I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it. In this dream meeting he was wearing numerous brightly colored tropical bird feathers in his long black hair. He wore a scant leather loincloth, but it was his red, blue, yellow, purple and teal colored feathers that had him wild with joy it seemed. I remember just watching the show and loving my crazy twin brother more than I even did before. He yelped, jumped, danced, flipped and howled with total abandon and I relished every delightful gesture he made and happy emotion he radiated. He seemed to be celebrating something special for us both. There wasn’t much dialogue between us in this dream meeting, just this Mayan celebration party or whatever it was. He frolicked, I watched, and fell in love with him totally…

“…As I watched him I slowly realized that our interdimensional bridge building project must be very close to being finished. That realization was terribly bittersweet. I was extremely happy we had completed our interdimensional project, but I was also deeply saddened to have my beloved Mayan crazy twin brother leave me on Earth alone again. I sensed that once this bridge building project was finished, we would not see each other in dreamtime meetings like this ever again…

“…This was the last dream meeting I had with him in late 1983, which told me our invisible multidimensional energy bridge had indeed been completed. I was very happy and proud about that, but I did miss him terribly for quite a while. I wondered if some of his actions in those last two dreams were his way of trying to make our upcoming disconnection a bit easier for me emotionally and physically. I believe that was the case at any rate.”

What’s really interesting about these types of multidimensional Ascension Process missions and jobs over my lifetime have been that I thought I knew what all was happening at the times I had these different ascension related experiences. Yes let’s all have a good, honest belly laugh over that one! Just about the time you think you understand some aspect of something about the Ascension and Embodiment Processes, you reach a higher Stair-step and with that perspective are suddenly able to know more than you did previously. Such has been the case with this 36 year-old multidimensional etheric bridge building project with my Mayan crazy twin brother. Although he presented himself to me in these lucid dreams as looking like he was from ancient physical “Mayaland” on Earth, he was actually from Maya, one of the Seven Sisters of the Pleiadian star system.

  1. Alcyone
  2. Merope
  3. Maya
  4. Electra
  5. Tygeta
  6. Coele
  7. Atlas

Around mid-September 2018, after reading something Sandra Walter had written about the ‘Crystalline Rainbow Bridge DNA’ codons and what they looked like to her, it dawned on me to take a look within and See for myself. What I saw at that time looked somewhat like bright jewel tone colored feathers. Ruby red, emerald green, sapphire blue, purple amethyst, brilliant teal and radiant gold. As I internally viewed this I was slightly confused over why these NEW DNA codons slightly resembled bright-colored crystalline-like feathers. Then the memory of the 1982–1983 series of lucid dreams with my Mayan crazy twin brother and he and I Working to build and connect a multidimensional energy bridge popped into my consciousness. In that instant all his seemingly “crazy” actions and weird behaviors made much more sense. His deliberately presenting himself once against a black background wearing nothing but a body colored loincloth to draw attention to his brightly colored feathers he’d placed in his long black hair so I’d see and remember them suddenly made higher sense. This is often how we’re communicated with by our other-dimensional Selves, cosmic Family, other Masters and such. Learn to read and feel between the multidimensional lines because multiple higher messages are usually coded, symbolic of multiple things, and meticulously time coded for we Volunteers existing in the physical and Working from this side of things.

In September 2018, I suddenly understood much more about what this 36-year-old multidimensional bridge building project was actually about. It was multidimensionally Worked upon by that fifth dimensional Mayan and myself in the third dimension—and most likely some of you reading this too—so we could cross that bridge decades later during our 2018 physical Ascension and Embodiment Process Now. The brightly colored somewhat feathery looking DNA codons I Saw last month are higher frequency multidimensional energy bridges that more and more Pathpavers/Forerunners/First Everythingers are Embodying in 2018. They are NEW DNA “bridges” that are being connected in some of us, and as we continue Embodying them, we’re automatically crossing those bridges which is increasingly getting us closer to NEW ascended Earth plus greatly accelerating the Separation of Worlds.

In 2018, there are multiple evolutionary events taking place simultaneously that are accelerating the Ascension Process, the Embodiment Process, NEW DNA being activated, the Separation of Worlds, the “end times” of not only the global patriarchy and nonhuman Team Dark aliens/beings/entities etc., but of everything from the past Evolutionary Cycle. You can feel it, global history from the past Cycle disintegrating under your feet, in your cells, heart and consciousness. In early 2009, I perceived that I needed to quickly write another book, one that covered much of my supernatural and multidimensional life, because “I would soon begin loosing my memories of past events.” That sentence and what it indicates is huge and another sign that we are evolving beyond everything from the and our pasts.

Because this particular DNA bridge crossing has caused some very intense head pain and pressures and other side effects, I’m going to list the main ones I’ve had at this NEW more intense level. Again, your mileage may vary so use this list as a guide only. All these side effects are caused by the current NEW DNA connections and activation so we each may experience them slightly differently.

Severe Head Pains & Pressures — I’ve had this as have you off and on throughout these Ascension years, but the last week of August 2018, it began at a higher and much more intense level than anything I’ve previously experienced. The last week of August my head suddenly began hurting, not with a “headache”, but from embodying much higher frequency Light energies and in this case it’s been NEW DNA. Our heads, brains, Pineal, Pituitary, Hypothalamus brain glands, skulls and more have gone through a MUCH higher level of Rewiring due to these latest NEW DNA bridge crossing connections and activation. It often feels like vertical tubes of Light are literally boring holes into my head and skull and pouring more higher frequency Light energies into my head and farther down into my whole upper body. These pains are severe and precise and you can tell exactly where they’re entering in through the top of your head and skull. And they move slightly each time to a different place on your head and brain to energetically Work on another part of your head and brain. This is like Divine cosmic evolutionary Light energy surgeries!

Head, Skull & Facial Bone Pains & Pressures — Periods of highly amplified pain and pressure in facial bones, bridge of nose, eyebrow bone pains, jaw hinge pains, sinus area pressures and sometimes pushing all the way down into some teeth. This is sometimes followed by a pleasant sensation of the surface of your face going numb.

Dry Eyes, Blurry Vision, Eyes Feeling Bruised & Sore — Periods of painful sore eyes from all the higher Light pressures of NEW DNA, dry eyes, and not being able to see clearly.

Severe Detoxing — Repeated severe Hot Flash-like sweating because you’re detoxing epic portions of old residual negative stuff across Earth time and Galactic time and more. The ongoing casting-off of everything from the past Cycle happens simultaneously with our Embodying more NEW DNA at higher levels. There are Ascension related “Hot Flashes” and there are super severe, feels like you’re going into shock, sticky Astral and extradimensional type purging detox sweating. There’s been lots of this while we’ve been crossing rainbow DNA bridges this entire year. It’s intense, massive in scope and exhausting which is why we need to do extra Self-Care while Embodying this NEW DNA and it being connected. Plenty of multidimensional transformative activity is happening in and around each of us because we’re Embodying this NEW “bridge” DNA.

Physically & Clairvoyantly Seeing Flashing, Moving Lights — Since about this time last year I started seeing and Seeing Lights flashing, strobing, pulsing and constantly moving when my eyes are open and when they’re closed. These flashing, moving Lights I’m seeing are coming from me, not externally from the Sun or anywhere else. I and the Sun are One, as are you, and us embodying more NEW higher multidimensional DNA only increases this energetic frequency match with the changes taking place in the Sun too.

You know how a ceiling fan with lights on it makes the light look like it’s chopped or strobing due to the fan blades rotating? Seeing the Light you now contain and radiate sort of looks like that, except it’s not precise and mechanical like a ceiling fan but organic and moving constantly. I see flashing, moving lights many feet above my head and out around me in all directions. It’s amazing to see the Light we’ve Embodied so far radiating out into the physical environment all around each of us. This too will only increase and expand the more Light we Embody so know that you are and will increasingly influence everything and everyone NEW human Lightbeing.

Periods of Intense Vertigo — This is one Ascension Process side effect I don’t have very often thank goodness, but since late August 2018, sudden waves of vertigo have hit and can literally spin your physical body around 180° or more and send you into furniture or the floor if not careful. Many of these NEW DNA side effects have been slowly reducing over the past few months but are still present.

Severe Stomach & Digestive Problems — This is another Ascension side effect most of us have had off and on over all these years but this year it’s been next-level for sure! Can’t eat much of anything. Stomach acid all over the place. Purging diarrhea. Acid reflux and heartburn from hell. All of this and more has been common for much of this year. Like everything else however, this too shall pass.

Daytime Sleeping Is Very Different Now — I can’t remember exactly when this one started for me but it’s increased all of 2018. When I fall asleep during the daytime now, what I experience is so much more intense, lucid, direct and connected??? than when I sleep at night, and I was pretty good at that! I sense that this difference is because sleeping when the Sun is out during the daytime is very different energetically from when we sleep at night with no Sunlight shining directly on us.

When I nap during the daytime now I’m lucid the entire time and in other dimensions doing other things with other people and beings. On the other hand I often fall asleep during the daytime and am lucid and remain in my physical body in my physical house and perceive from that vantage point instead of going off somewhere else. I’m asleep but intentionally stay in my physical body to observe my Light energies and other things. None of this is consciously planned by me and it all seems very natural and easy. I AM wherever I AM now, and so are you so pay attention and discern what you’re doing, observing, intending, discovering, creating, working on, and who you’re working with. It’s all fascinating and very different from last year.

The Really Strange Side Effects — These are the most difficult to talk about only because they’re so personal and unique to each of us and how we perceive today. Since 2015 I’ve been increasingly dealing with “reality” turning into something very NEW and different, which we’ve all known goes along with the Ascension and Embodiment Processes, the dimensional Shift, and the Separation of Worlds. But again, knowing something isn’t anything like actually living it minute-by-minute and in the quantum Now Moment.

I see and See things, hear things, feel things, know things and sense things that are almost impossible for me to convey. I think the best and most correct way to describe all of this is just to say that we’ve always been multidimensional Beings but we’ve become increasingly CONSCIOUS of this fact. And as should be expected with becoming increasingly consciously aware of one’s own multidimensional Self, Selves and many, many Others too in multiple locations, it changes you in every way imaginable. And we’ve just gotten started with this! With more NEW DNA being Embodied and activated within more and more of us, these so-called anomalies and phenomena should be expected as our NEW “normal”. Included with all this is new and unusual weather changes and more Earth changes everywhere. The old Earth world and reality, the old Galactic reality, the old Universal reality including each of us is in profound transformational change this year, with more to come. Rest and self-care because what we’re going through within our physical bodies and psyches is almost more than even we can comprehend at the moment.


October 6, 2018

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50 thoughts on “Building & Crossing Evolutionary Bridges

  • I just found you! Wow! I mean…WOW! I have had the sharp head pains before. Sometimes lasting for up to 7 days (which, by that point….I’m just mush basically). I recently went through a 2 day stint (just “finished” 10 hours ago… hopefully they are gone now. Or maybe I’m just getting a sweet little break as a birthday present since today is my birthday? 😉

    Anyway, they feel exactly like you describe them! And I cannot tell you what it feels like to read your words describing them AFTER I’ve journaled those exact words (over 3 years ago) about how they feel. My journal entry from three years ago literally says: “They aren’t ‘headaches’! They are severe sharp stabby pains that move around the head. They are so sharp and so painful nothing can be done except to suck in my breath and hold still until they pass. I can’t talk, I can’t function. I can only suck in my breath. They look like and feel like vertical light shards stabbing into my brain”.

    What a confirmation! I was awake with them last night going through what I would definitely describe as one of those “dark nights of the soul” and I kept saying to my “Team” (my spirit guides) “I wish I wasn’t alone in this. It would maybe feel better (at least more comforting) to know that SOMEONE out there has experienced these” (NO ONE that I have talked to about them has experienced anything like them and of course no Doctors have been able to help me (of course I stopped trying to go to Dr’s after the first few times)…and doctors have actually made me feel like I’m crazy for describing these pains. Anyway, and then *BAM!* I run into your website today and I see this article. I found it in a very synchronistic way. It’s a long story…but I’m CERTAIN I was led here.

    Thank you for sharing this! I feel so relieved right now! There are NO words for my relief! I honestly wonder EVERY TIME I get these at some point if I’m crazy or if I should go to the hospital (even though my intuition and my guides tell me it’s ascension-related). I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    • “Anyway, and then *BAM!* I run into your website today and I see this article. I found it in a very synchronistic way. It’s a long story…but I’m CERTAIN I was led here.”

      Of course you were Catherine G., and welcome, glad you found your way here. ❤

      I've been writing about the evolutionary Ascension Process (AP) online since 2007 so there's a lot of archived material at my older site TRANSITIONS and here as well. I hope you’ll read through some of my older articles.

      Because I’ve always been clarivoyant I’ve often Seen two or more fine lines of Light (like laser lights) coming into my head from different angles and directions and intersecting precisely at some point inside my brain, usually but not always in either the Pineal or Pituitary glands. This visually looks like Divine cosmic laser surgery that instantly evolves our brains and brain glands using higher frequency Light energy. And yes, it can be profoundly painful physically sometimes. I still get this in certain bones and joints and the pain is so sudden and intense I can’t breath or move or do anything. Thank god it only lasts a few seconds. Never a dull moment!

      Again, welcome and don’t forget that you told your guides that you wanted to connect with someone who could relate. There’s plenty of us here. 🙂 ❤

  • Hi Denise! Long time. Many distractions since last I communicated. Thank you for still being here. This list of symptoms hit at the right time for me. Last night as I left a lecture, I felt like the statue of Atlas with the entire weight of the Earth sitting between my shoulders. For weeks now I’ve felt the should pain and the sharp spears of headaches. Along with it what seems to be an increased volume of my ever-present tinnitus.

    Something that jumps out at me in this article: DNA. Now I know you’ve talked about DNA upgrades before, but the thought “Why are THEY so active in promoting DNA testing in the past few years?” THEY actually make you sign away your rights to your and your family’s DNA when you literally pay them to take it from you.

    Are THEY looking at/for the upgrades? Sorry… Lizard Brain coming up to play a game of conspiracy theory! This was an interesting article and reminded me of a lucid dream I had a few years ago where I was a tall slender young man with long black hair. Perhaps we’ve all had a Maya experience?

    Still out here…
    (Profile photo was taken back in the “Yellow Sun” years of the early 1990s)

    • Hi Debora, great to see you again. ❤

      Yeah the last couple of years the big push has been on by certain companies to get your ‘DNA history’ for such and such amount of money and won’t that be great and helpful etc.? Because Team Dark — nonhuman and human — has always HAD to invert/flip things because they can’t create on their own, they “sell” things and ideas like this to the human masses when the real truth is very dark and negative and the complete opposite. They are pushing people to give their DNA because they — Team Dark — are using it to build clones. The why of this is what’s disturbing. I’ve spoken about this before but only briefly for different reasons. Here’s the situation in a nutshell everyone.

      Team Dark, negative aliens and some of their AI creations, and also certain other negative beings/entities etc. have been working very hard to enter into physical human bodies for a long time now. With the Ascension Process humanity is evolving which means their physical bodies and DNA are too and because of this we’re evolving, “ascending” to a matching higher frequency Earth world(s). While we’re doing this leaving the old lower Earth world and 3D frequencies, Team Dark aliens have been working like crazy to GET IN to both living humans that aren’t evolving/ascending now plus also build, in any ways they can, other ways to GET IN TO physical human bodies both organic and inorganic.

      I would suspect in some cases these negative DNA/medical etc. companies and people who know about the current evolutionary process happening are curious about how our DNA is evolving, but for the most part this whole issue has been, for the negative aliens, all about them GETTING IN simultaneously as those of us evolving/ascending are GETTING OUT of the old 3D Earth world and frequencies.

    • E-K Daufin,

      This is why many of the Ascension side effects are often worse because the temps are so damned hot the majority of the year (here). I can cope much better when the temps outside are below 80 degrees and there’s some humidity instead of months and months and months on-end of 100-plus degree heat with zero clouds. It’s full-on 7D Photon Light constantly blasting us which can get hard to deal with at times.

      Speaking of the weather… I saw yesterday that there’s an El Nino predicted (80-90% certainty) and could start in November 2018 and go through spring of 2019. This feels correct to me due to what I’ve been sensing and Seeing that’s going to begin in these 2018 ‘next-level’ ways in November. (I want to get something written about this soon.)

  • Dear Denise With your permission

    Over the years the quest for knowledge dropped away. Followed by the need to walk a spiritual path, you become the path. Then your will drops away with divine will guiding you. This is about being not doing.We are now at a point where the light of our own being is taking us over both internally and externally Bringing up what needs clearing in ourselves and serving those around us. We become the light, love and will of our own true nature. With it comes such peace and harmony. Your website has been a great help in confirming what I was experiencing both energetically and physically. Also your intuitive grasp of how events are playing out has also been of tremendous help. Love to you and all lightworkers working for the earth and humanity. One glorified body, one victorious body for the earth and humanity. Maureen

  • I have had almost all of these side effects (except seeing things) since the end of 2012. I add to that 3 years of feeling like I was walking on ice instead of solid ground. Sometimes I literally had to put my hands out in order to balance. That was the craziest! The interesting thing is I have had very few symptoms the last two years. I seem to have gone through this process a bit early! Thank you for sharing and putting it all into one neat list!

  • Denise and all
    We are really moving some very heavy muck indeed at the present time.
    Left shoulder and arm pain, neck and right shoulder in a lesser way. General aches throughout the body as normal.
    The overwhelming fatigue ugh! Feels like I am trying to walk through thick mud up a very steep hill that never ends.
    Even my eyeballs hurt.

  • Much resonance with this article, ALL of these have been received by my body too, along with some strong/deep/heavy E-motional clearings going on, all coming to the surface to be cleared. Head pains receding, yet still mild ones coming thru, and definitely felt that one with pressure coming into teeth…definitely had to let go of all fear-based beliefs. I am grateful to have found that this is all not just my imagination and the more receptive and NON-resistant I become to all these shifts, the more I find other beings who share much valuable information for our growth and ascension (which is what I’ve been seeking lately). Finding comfort in my discomforts and not running away, being Present, and expanding with all.
    Much light and love,

  • Denise, just wanted to share (I’ve been too leveled past week or two to reach the computer). It’s been a doozy. It’s overwhelming physically and simultaneously amazing worldly. I’m so amazed and changed. I don’t understand what I feel. Thrilled and overwhelmed, but after time I think “it’s okay, I’m okay, we are fine, we know this, it’s warm, familiar, look we are adjusting, we will be okay..!” I’m overwhelmed too, as I’m about to engage the world. And the sky is sOooo aMAZing, what a CONSOLATION to look up! Better than Willy Wonka! It’s magic soothes me and its color. Despite ridiculous acid reflex for days, throwing up, foot pain, muscle pain, emotional distress purging low worth, despite my strong desire to connect to things outside me, and despite being so fried from head to toe like lemon butter chicken in a pan for three days, despite ALL of it…I realize I have to fully immerse myself in my heart. I have to go home now, like I know what I’m saying, but I know what I don’t know. I’ve delayed. I’ve worried I was late. Everything deep internal is falling. Things are quiet and new partly because the old is not there anymore. I want to grieve and jump and shout at the same time. I’m lost, but I know it is safe. It feels like agreeing to die before death.
    I guess that’s how it is felt through the ages too. It’s just weird not to be what I was. Than God. I’m totally alone, but I’ve never felt more un-alone. On Sunday, I woke being sung to. I can’t remember the verses, they were so great. The last line, “Papa calls you his purple flower.” That morning felt like the best day in the world! I went to the spa to dive into water. But the day was like a new christmas, fourth of july, first day of summer all in one. It’s all UP now, they told me. I cannot imagine what it looks like, what I look like. For the first time it dawned on me, I don’t need thought! I was praying outside and I felt/knew it. I can let my spirit rise all the way up and not think. I don’t have to “think.”

    • Dear Marcy
      Thank you so very much for sharing your precious beautiful experience and the freedom from thinking.
      For me it certainly has reduced considerably but still a way to go. I will be left on my own in an isolated place in the coming months and will need to be in the present moment to remain centered for further growth. Keep it simple and keep connected.

      • Lyn, I so appreciate what you said, too! And I’m going to hopefully live by your wonderful words too… “keep it simple and keep connected” thank you, I pray you have lots of nature around you wherever you go and a lot of heaven around you, too! And you will 🙂

    • I wanted to respond to you yesterday Marcy but I felt terrible and thankfully was able to sleep much of the afternoon.

      I so understand the ways you’re feeling and why as most reading these Comments can too. I especially liked this line. ❤

      “I’m lost, but I know it is safe.”

      And we’re getting used to feeling and living this way, this feeling lost but it being okay and continuing through the Separation of Worlds. We’re NEW pioneers for sure.

      “For the first time it dawned on me, I don’t need thought!”

      That’s right and years and decades of the good old Ascension Process brain fog has helped us evolve to this NEW higher level where KNOWING and FEELING from the HighHeart has replaced old 3D linear egoic left-brained thinking. We’re not the same species and we’re not done with this evolving either. Can you imagine…? ⭐ ❤

      • I love that Denise, “we’re not the same species . .”; our brains (or some higher level of heart and mind) has circumvented the old way of “knowing” what something means, or how to respond to situations. We’re a better species than before Ascension (“and we’re not done with this evolving either.”)

  • Bless you Denise💖 **** is like a plague and I’m sorry to say like my birth family today on my birthday..I wish them well and blessings on their journey..there’s no picnics or bar bq’s though😄 We still have that forgiving treading on accepting love light and peaceful heart though..thank you for being the light during this process🌟💕💖🌞

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    Judith Fudge’s Comments are and always will be DELETED by me, Denise Le Fay.

    This is exactly what everyone of your Comments will look like Judith Fudge, DELETED. I will delete everything you continue to write at HighHeartLife despite over a year of my not publishing any of them plus my emailing you privately asking you to stop harassing me with your personal belief systems. You can believe anyone and anything you want to Judith, but you do NOT have the right to repeatedly force your personal beliefs on me or any of my readers.

    I Googled your obsession writer/channeler people to read, feel and discover for myself who these two people are that you continue pushing on me through Comments and sorry, but they’re nowhere near what you believe them and the information they’ve sold people. But you believe them if that’s what you want however, know this Judith Fudge or whatever your name is, not one fucking word of any of it will EVER be published by me at my website(s). Denise Le Fay

    • 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏😂😂😂😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
      Love you, Denise!!!!

  • Hi Denise,

    Although I haven’t commented in a while, I remain a devoted reader and “student” of your extraordinary insights and experiences, and your work has been a strong and guiding light throughout my (ever ongoing!) AP and EP evolutionary path. Because I live and serve as a “caregiver” for disabled adult and dear companion (but not a parent) in midtown Manhattan/New York City…and must undertake this with public financial assistance.. undergoing the AP/EP is quite challenging. I would never have thought, however, that having to face/endure the incredibly wide gap between the consciousness of my friend and mine, has most probably contributed to an ACCELERATION of my AP/EP and eliminated any remaining complacency about not living out this process “full throttle.” Your “Rainbow Bridge” revelations thus hold a unique place in my heart as I walk about this city and feel the vibe of those who are just beginning to awaken to the SUN and the information contained within the light spectrum. Thank you for being there for so many of us, and thank you to the many commenters herein for your enhancing viewpoints. Infinite blessings to you and all, Denise…and I apologize for my long-winded-ness!

    • “Because I live and serve as a “caregiver” for disabled adult and dear companion (but not a parent) in midtown Manhattan/New York City…and must undertake this with public financial assistance.. undergoing the AP/EP is quite challenging…”


      It’s good to see your name here again. ❤

      I totally agree about how extraordinarily difficult it is being a Caregiver for anyone while living the AP and/or EP. The very work of doing this helps keep you/me/anyone that's a caregiver connected to the old lower world and systems of it that deal with the ‘disabled, elderly, low-income, blind’ and in some cases like mine are my primary income because my mom’s eligible for “caregiver assistance” because she’s disabled and on SSI. It helps but it traps too which is something I’ve been dealing with in myself since her triple bypass and stroke in 2014. Her dementia just takes all this misery to another level entirely. I’ll get this Mastered too however, within myself I mean.

      The glaring and constant CONTRAST between you/me/any of us caring for another person is a reminder of who we are and what we’re really here to do which is live and Embody the AP which Pathpaves for everyone else with the heart and desire to live free and knowingly with Source/God in them. Some of us living the AP and EP temporarily need these types of extreme CONTRASTS for any number of personal reasons. It sounds like you’ve needed to very directly see and live closely involved with this contrast so that you would make the very discovery about yourself that you have. Very well done. We all need to become conscious of who we are and what powerful Conscious Creators we actually are. 😉

      I also want to share with you and everyone reading this, that if you’re not familiar with Sandra Walter and especially her latest focus on writing about ‘Embodiment’, you should read her latest Three Part articles about this. She is in my opinion the ONLY person that has correct, accurate and actually helpful personal knowledge about the Embodiment Process and is writing about it in ways that help instead of confuse. Here’s a link to her, and Thank You Sandra Walter for them. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • **************************

        All Comments written by Judith Fudge will be DELETED by Denise Le Fay. 🙂

      • Hi Denise,

        Thanks for your gracious reply, full of the generosity of your wisdom. I totally empathize with the personal/”karmic” financial Catch-22 that you’re currently living out with your mom. I find myself in a quite similar situation, and probably differ with your predicament on only some of the day-to-day details. Indeed, the only way to mastery within is going THROUGH the muck…Your discussion causes me to feel that I’ve been “seen” and recognized, and I’m grateful to you for that.

        Thanks also for mentioning Sandra Walter. I’ve read Part 3 of her “Embodiment” series and she feels like the real deal. Both you and she are previewing for us the inevitable transformation of all 3D timelines that are not in sync with the incoming, en masse evolutionary wave of the AP/EP process.

        I (and many others) appreciate your grittiness and “I-don’t-take-no-crap-from-no-one” attitude. That in itself commands my HighHeart applause, hugs, love and great respect. Onward to you, Denise, and to all of us here….

        • High ❤ hug raymondlboeri.

          “I (and many others) appreciate your grittiness and “I-don’t-take-no-crap-from-no-one” attitude.”

          Decades lived in a world run by Team Dark aliens and humans who’ve sold out to them have made me that way. Plus I “volunteered” to come here to transmute and remove them and their distortions so we All can evolve on to the next higher Evolutionary Cycle. Thanks again. ❤

      • Thank you so much for this Denise!!! I am in accord with 95% of what Sandra Walker says in these links. Perhaps the Divine Order outcome of having to deal with the person you mention is to post these links for us all in time for the October 13 through 16. Shift. Perfect timing for me. A cornea reinjury and infection despite all my efforts had forced me to rest and hydrate. The EXTRA loud ringing of the ears. Headache when I usually don’t have any. Thank you because your post makes me feel right on time Denise vs. defeated. Forced uber solitude. For the cause. For the Mission. Thank you.

  • Hi Denise,
    I feel what you wrote about in this article. How awesome to retain the memory of the missions that you have participated in, in other spaces for lack of a better way of phrasing it. I have been reading your posts for a long time and they always provide some insight to this very interesting life that we are all living. The moments of intense sharp clarity in the midst of the escalating weirdness are very welcome and I really wish that the clarity could be permanent.
    The intense brain fog that follows is less than pleasant and sometimes it feels as if it is going to drive me around the bend.
    I am not entirely sure why I am commenting, but would like to express my gratitude for sharing your experiences and knowledge that you have acquired during your life. it is becoming more and more difficult to express myself in words as words seem so flat and inadequate. It has become abundantly clear that we are in a co creative process and waiting for a sign or for some kind of guidance on how, where, what to do and live is giving away your power. At times I can sense and sometimes see things that are inexplicable but have yet to grow to the stage where this readily accessible. The incoming energy blasts, attention grabbing tactics of TD, living in this convoluted world systems and being surrounded by less awake people all serve to detract from doing the inner work and require a level of determination that I am not always sure I have inside of me.
    Thanks again for all that you do in service to humanity.

  • Hi Denise, right on with the symptoms once again. I’m sitting here at work praying no one asks me to do anything because I feel like my head is in a trash compactor right now… I was so proud of myself for actually vacuuming the house yesterday finally in spite of how awful I felt – that is as good as it gets accomplishment-wise lately. Thanks for the update and keeping us on this side of sanity for now! 🙂

    • I can totally relate kt1111. Getting the smallest of things done some days are HUGE accomplishments.

      I feel terrible today so it’s back to resting for me.

  • All the special experiences here and there preparing us for the new norm.

    They are usually unexpected although sometimes not. Rewards that have been well earned and to be cherished.

    Thank you for sharing everyone and may there be many more blessings.

    I discuss mine with most around me, as they too have these special moments and we all have more awareness through sharing. I have for years also mentioned them to some of my family. It’s preparing them and they are gradually awakening and are more comfortable and accepting with such matters. I am no longer the crazy person in the family. I am normalizing and they are evolving at a gentle pace.

  • Hi Denise, how you doing? Hope you’re well, I wish you well. This article made me chuckle cuz I’m sensing the timelines collapsing and it’s GO time. Everyone around me is coming to me for something like spiritual advice, haha, I’m just trying my best to hold love and light, and I’m thinking ‘what do I know’, ya know?
    So I tell em, listen just remain calm and imagine all the timelines where you’re ill, poor, unhappy, miserable, lonely, crotchety and imagine them disappearing where only the happy, healthy, wealthy YOU exist and stay away from negative people. Cuz that’s what I’m doing. I don’t know if they’ll listen, but I hope for the best.
    Of course, my journey’s easier cuz of your hard work, I’ll never forget that. I love you Denise ❤️! Let’s go to the new beautiful Gaia!

    P.S: when I visualize negative timelines collapsing for myself and family, guess what, my daughter comes down with a cold. Like, really? Anyway, bless you beautiful soul~

  • Hi Denise. I’m ever mindful you share hints and breadcrumbs that are beyond ME. 😄. I’m hoping you will explain your highlighting or including the word “crazy” in all the bolding. This article is pretty much over my head but I absorb what I can. Have a blessed day!

  • Denise, I completely understand this… I can’t share the details with you because I am unique, as we all are, but I can indeed say Thank You for sharing yours, knowing when I find the courage and balance you have and I seek, I’ve yet to tell mine…. ❤️🌹🎼🌿☘️💚

  • Dear Denise,
    Thanks for the last two posts: both have been incredibly helpful to me.
    The previous post helped define for me, our common adversaries. It is wise to know all I can about those whom I have been “dealing” with (fighting, hiding, offloading) since I was an itty-bitty lightworker. I can remember blasting them with light when I got seriously 😡. Probably not the best idea at the time!
    This post explained the whys and wherefores of symptoms I’m currently experiencing; head feels like a balloon, and a pretty floaty one at that, digestive symptoms, foods I can no longer eat, and the most embarrassing one, poopy pants. Haven’t had that problem since I can’t remember when! Really embarrassing! But when that blast of love hits, it’s all wonderful.
    Thanks again for keeping the ship upright and on course,
    Love 💕 and Light to you and all,

  • Hi Denise, Just read your post. Great stuff. I wonder if you can tell me what I experienced last month. I was on the phone to a friend standing beside and looking out of my back sliding door which has a security grill on the outside. The whole sliding door went three d into the yard like one of those pictures you stare at with hidden images until it jumps out at you in three d. Now this was no big deal for me because this sort of thing has been going on for quite a while now. But what startled me utterly was when I noticed a flake of dirt on the window and decided to pick it off. As I stretched out my finger to connect with the window, I became aware that the glass was much further away than I thought. I thought how odd is that? Then my finger and hand went literally through the grill and broke up the grill pattern, as if everything was liquid, even though the grill is on the other side of the glass! In other words I connect with the grill before I hit the glass! Unreal! My hand went in and out of this crazy liquid–best way to describe it– and whenever it did it broke up the pattern of the grill where my hand penetrated, but not the whole window grill, mind you. The rest was shimmering in large 3 d way out in the yard. I stood there in shock, and tried to tell my friend on the phone what just happened. He just laughed it off, or perhaps he doesn’t believe me–who would. Can you tell me what I experienced? I’ve tried to make it happened again, but alas. However I do get great 3 d images whenever I look out that sliding back door of mine. To me it’s a bit of a novelty–entertainment. I don’t tell anyone about it though. Perhaps your readers have experienced similar. I hope so. It makes me feel like a freak.

    • michael d.,

      I’ve experienced things like this too, and for a moment or two it blows one’s mind and then it’s like no big deal. Amazing isn’t it how quickly we’re adapting to physical reality not functioning like it always has! Or one could say that these things are happening because we are evolving, growing, expanding etc., but the truth is both and more is what’s happened.

      I think what you experienced is all three of these things and more. We literally are not in the third dimension anymore, we’re in the fifth dimension. But, because it’s still Earth and us and all the rest of it, we often forget that physical Earth world reality now exists, with us in it obviously, in a MUCH higher frequency and dimension. And because we’re still on the move with this dimensional Shift so to speak, everything including us and our physical bodies (which this article was about with the current NEW multidimensional DNA being embodied by many of us now) are still in a state of great flux, shift, evolution and ongoing inner/outer changes.

      Not to freak anyone out but at some point many of us First Everythingers/Forerunners/Pathpavers etc. will be able to bi-locate, dematerialize and many other things all because of these evolutionary changes in us, our DNA and consciousness. Becoming Conscious Creators means exactly that! 😉

      I’m also going to add that the grill pattern on your sliding glass door may be helping you to more easily break through old habits you have about 3D reality. Example: over a decade ago I could easily See Photon Light raining down everywhere but only when I looked out a window that had mini blinds on them. For me at that time, there was something about the horizontal mini blinds breaking up my vision so I could See Photon Light that looked like white rain drops falling constantly. When I looked out any window without mini blinds on them I couldn’t See this at all. Eventually it got to where I could See it everywhere but at first it seemed to help me to have this pattern between me and what I was Seeing. You and the security grill on your sliding door may be doing this same thing for you now. Heck, I’ve fallen through the floors, seen other Beings in my house and in shopping stores etc. and much more so I expect “reality” to continue getting increasingly different because I am and you are and everything else is too. Enjoy the wild ride and thanks for sharing. ❤

      • Denise,
        I’ve been able to see the Photon Light you described for the past 10 years. Back then I used to describe it as seeing vibrating white dots similar to the ones we may see on that blank black tv screen. Then over the years I started calling them light particles once I learned that’s what I was seeing. This past year what you have mentioned about it looking like rain drops falling constantly, has happened to me countless times! I look out of the window and it looks as if it is raining heavily, only to get up and go closer to look outside to realize the roads are dry and I was seeing light particles! 🙂 ❤

        • Wow Denise, yes it sure is! Very cool and exciting! ❤ Thank you for sharing a link to one of your previous articles on Transitions I had not read before. I’ve only seen the Photon Light vertically, very dense together to the point it makes you 100% certain it is raining heavily only to see everything is completely dry. Awesome to read about your experience of initially experiencing it diagonally and more separated raindrops. 🙂

  • 💙 Thanks to everyone for your very helpful comments. I have experienced all of these at one time or another the worst being heat-related cramps. This past summer was “too hot” with the previous winter having been too cold and it just got to me. Along side ascension symptoms this was really hard for me. 😦

  • Hi Denise, this is very interesting. as 25 years ago i was critically ill and had a major NDE and as i was dying I had lots of OBE’s too Yes i was told to come back and promised everything would be alright. Because I was ill for so long I had a man from the spiritual reams loving me and holding me trying to help me recover. He was with me so much. Obviously for my mission I had to get better, but 9 years ago I met my twin flame and received Kundalini activation. I had no idea what a twin was but he recognized me first. After I activated kundalini I saw him from when we were together in Sumerian times. i didn’t even know what a Sumerian was but we are energetically now fully connected. So I guess that is the same as you with your twin. I do lots of grid work lots of down loads. My energy system is completely saved for my twin and for the masters to go through me to work the energies with the grid. i live on a Ley Line. This is very important work. I found your disclosure very important. Thank you for sharing

    • “So I guess that is the same as you with your twin.”

      Nope, not at all. This situation was something else and NOT “twin flame” stuff at all.

  • Dear Denise loved what you wrote so true. I feel our divine nature is integrating into our physical bodies. The light is taking us over. We are completing a major part of our contract for this lifetime. Completion is the word I keep getting. Hope your not too physically shattered because that is what it feels like at times. Love to all lightworkers who are working for the earth and humanity. Maureen

    • That was awesome to read Maureen. I’m coming to terms with admitting that. I don’t feel “worldly” anymore, as of this week. My eyes look so different again and I feel weird and wonderful. Everything is SO wonderful around me, if I don’t mess with it. On October 2, I felt my second life start. I was lifted out of a bad work situation, put into an energetically clear work space. Completion is real. I was flabbergasted. A big fat beautiful exhausted slightly disheveled wild bird sat on top of a car outside my classroom that day, let me pet it, and reminded me how far I have come and who I am now. I don’t know what I will see next or what will have a conversation with me next or what on earth my dreams mean anymore, but I’m in the future it seems, like Marty. 😉 And anything can manifest so I better focus! Thank heavens for Denise and everyone. I appreciated reading your remark!

  • Hi Denise, I too have been getting intense symptoms, at times it has felt like fibromyalgia…The last week of August I was so sick with it. Its been relatively mild since then… a few odd days of pressure in the head…until Friday 6th October. I was flattened by a sudden and intense ‘ flu’ on Friday. Started with me having a deeply purging week and also being busy with physical life stuff, and getting stressed that there were so much to try to handle, and then not eating or feeling like food on Thursday 4th. By Friday I had was so sick and had pains crashing in and around my head and body on Friday. Today even I am still a bit wobbley and fragile. It was like an ambush.

    Ps. I love what you wrote about the feathers, speaking of which, here is a link that you might like. The Symbology of the Feather (DNA Activation) by Magenta Pixie. (Sorry if it isn’t the sort of link you like, sending only with the highest intention). X

  • Thanks Denise… much of this made sense (finally) to me in regard to ‘symptoms’ that I have been experiencing! I am most grateful for the explanations! Much is happening indeed! Sending you loving hugs, Barbara xxxxxx

  • Hi Denise, thank you so much for sharing this post and going deep into the multi dimensional changes and symptoms we are each experiencing each moment in real time. I can tick all of the boxes so far, sleeping (12 hrs or more a day) and various eating and digestive issues are a biggie manifesting on a day to day basis for me. I still have a lot of lower back hip and leg pain but for me the head and face pains and pressures only just started this week and have been excruciating at times. I agree that this year has been very intense and difficult to cope with at times especially when working and going about day to day activities. Sometimes I’ve had to just let go of chores because I’m just in to much pain or to exhausted to do them. I just remind myself that “things” are NOT important but this transition IS and is the most important thing that each of us can attend to. Bless you Denise for helping us to understand these changes on a deeper level, it really does help to make them more bearable. Much love and hugs to you and all who visit you blog from Megan x 🙂

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