Last Three Months of 2019

When I write the words embody or embodiment in lower case I mean one thing. When I write Embody,  Embodiment and Embodiment Process capitalized I mean something different.

Lower case embody is what all individuals repeatedly experience that are living the Ascension Process and automatically embodying the evolutionary Light energies, NEW codes and more NEW DNA continually at higher and higher levels and larger and larger amounts over the weeks, months and years in their physical body during the Ascension Process.

When I capitalize the words Embody and Embodiment Process I do so to indicate the people that have been living the Ascension Process and embodying, but who’ve also chosen to Embody their Higher Self/Selves/Soul into their current physical body and self during the Ascension Process as well.

Because there’s some confusion over the Embodiment Process, I’m going to explain more about it from my perspective. I will do so as I do with everything I write about, from my personal experiences, memories and Higher Awareness to date.

It’s taken the First Everythingers these past two decades of linear time to incrementally embody (lower case) the incrementally delivered NEW Light, energies, codes and so on. The Ascension Process has HAD to unfold slowly like this otherwise it would have destroyed our physical bodies, minds and psyches if too much higher frequency Light had been delivered all at once. Because of this the Ascension Process had been an ongoing set of energy stair-steps we’ve been incrementally embodying for two decades and counting.

The Embodiment Process (capitalized) has basically been the same thing for the very same reasons. We’ve never been soul-less in these lives nor have we been Higher Self-less either, but, how much of our individual Souls and Higher Self/Selves we could safely cope with from having a direct and conscious line to while in our present physical bodies is another story.

The more Light and NEW energies etc. we’ve embodied over these ascension decades, the more of our Higher Self/Selves and Soul we’ve been incrementally capable of coping with an incrementally increasing way through what’s being called the Embodiment Process. Said very simply, one side effect of embodying more and more and higher and higher Light etc. into your ascending physical body means you are increasingly aligning vibrationally, energetically with your Soul/Higher Self/Selves. The more you and your physical body physically and energetically evolve and “ascend”, the greater and greater this energetic alignment between physical incarnate you becomes with your Soul and Higher Self/Selves in this direct and conscious way.

We’ve always had a very small amount of our Soul and Higher Self/Selves connected to us, us to them in these current physical bodies because life in physicality could not be sustained otherwise. We’d die physically without that mandatory tiny organic lifeline to our Soul and Higher Self. In old lower frequency 3D life and reality that was all anyone had and it was the “norm”.  Not so however with the current evolution.

Due to the Ascension Process we’re living in these lifetimes, the option exists for those who want to go that extra mile so to speak and Embody greater and higher frequency Light energies. Doing that incrementally over the past two decades increases and raises ones energetic tolerance and expands their frequency range in their physical ascending bodies to such a degree that the Soul and Higher Self energy line to the physical body and incarnate self becomes entirely undiminished and maximal. That is what the Embodiment Process is and what it produces in those willing to go that extra mile.

Before the Ascension and Embodiment Process you were living with and barely surviving on the equivalent of say, only one spark plug to run your body vehicle, and only one little bar to phone and talk to HOME with. Once your Embodiment Process reaches a certain level—which is exactly what’s happening to many of us during these last three months of 2019—you’ll be running on unlimited spark plugs and unlimited bars! You will have evolved, expanded and dramatically increased your vibrational capacity to co-exist in your physical body in this direct, conscious, undiminished way with your Soul and Higher Self/Selves and not drop dead from! Now there’s something to write HOME about! 😉 HOME is well-aware of what you, me, we are up to with our individual Embodiment Processes and there’s excited preparations unfolding because of the profound improvements this will further cause everywhere.

The Volunteer First Everythingers or the First Wave group as they’ve been called, the Second Wave group, the Third Wave group and so on have been embodying since the start of their physical level Ascension Process. Not all of them however have chosen to also go through the Embodiment Process and currently reach full energetic, vibrational alignment range with their Higher Self/Selves/Soul and their current physical body and self at this time. The Embodiment Process option exists for everyone but not all have, have yet, or will take it on in this lifetime of ascension. This is a Higher Self/Selves/Soul pre-incarnational choice.

The Last 3 Months of 2019

The last three months of every one of these ascension years is extra important because they’re not only completing an entire year’s energies, levels and phases, but they’re the final three (triality, trinity) months where we’re more intensely pressured energetically to step-up, to rise up to the higher frequency energies we’ll enter on January of the New Year. The last three months of every ascension year are more intense because we’re completing a year’s worth of specific ascension energies, embodiment, Embodiment Process, energy Work and Missions and preparing for the powerful year-end trinity stair-step shifts to a higher frequency platform and phase of the upcoming New Year.

These last three months of grueling 2019 are different from all previous ones however. These last three months of 2019, including the day-specific 10-10 energies of October 10th, 11-11 energies of November 11th, and the 12-12 energies of December 12th are the last ones we’ll experience. We no longer need these specific last three October 10-10, November 11-11 and December 12-12 energy gateways because 2019 is depositing us in a very different NEW higher frequency and level of the Ascension Process. The rest of this will be fully activated physically January 2020 for mass humanity, which is why the entire year of 2019 was so difficult and still is for most First Everythingers. As we always do, we energetically Pathpave and Bridge with and through our bodies, the way for humanity coming up behind us.

There’s so much completion during these last three months of 2019. We’re currently at the energetic threshold between where we have been within the Ascension Process since 1998–1999, and where we’re about to start anew with it in January 2020.

The First Everythingers will feel this change in very different ways than how the unaware humans who’ll be energetically activated in October–December 2019 to BEGIN their Ascension Process. Think of this as the first group of unaware humans to start the Ascension Process. They are not Volunteers, they are the first group of unaware humans to start the Ascension Process and this will unfold for more and more unaware people throughout 2020. What we Volunteer First Everythingers energetically embodied, Pathpaved and anchored into ourselves, our bodies and Earth is only now STARTING to be used by this small first group of unaware humans. Not complaining here, just pointing this long-awaited event out.  This is an obviously very big deal for each of them, but it’s also a huge change for each of us as well. Because of this we’re currently being freed-up from what we have been doing so we can now BEGIN our next higher levels of experiences, growth, Service, Work and so on.

And If You’re A Sensitive, Empath…

If you’re able to emotionally, etherically, energetically and physically FEEL other people’s energies and emotions because you’re a Sensitive / Empath, then you don’t need me to tell you that growing numbers of unaware people are currently spewing profuse amounts of fear, anger, hatred, confusion, shock, disbelief, panic, distrust, hopelessness and being all done with the old patriarchal everything, not that they even know that’s what it is. As miserable as it is for them to feel this way about current reality, and, how miserable it is for we Sensitives and Empaths to feel them and what they’re feeling now, having some of them finally reach the all done with level is a huge positive because it means they’re ready to evolve, “ascend”, “shift” up into a NEW higher way, not that they’re conscious of this either. Doesn’t matter, only that more and more unaware humans are ready to try something NEW and different. Because of this, more and more of the unaware humans are and will be triggered to BEGIN the Ascension Process now which is how they’re going to gain NEW higher ways of living on Earth and existing in their bodies and evolving consciousness.

On the other hand—sorry, it’s still present for the time being—are those people who continue to be entrenched in the old negative inorganic patriarchal everything, and the majority of them aren’t aware of this either. They just are where they are, believe what they believe, feel what they feel and don’t see or feel any reason to change anything at all.

I Know You’re Battle Weary But…

I know we’re all battle weary and the last thing we want to have to contend with now are Portal People, those mostly but not all unaware people who exist in old lower matching frequencies and range with nonphysical Team Dark aliens and entities etc. Because of the accelerated Separation of Worlds & Timelines shifts happening all year, and, because many of us are currently completing the last stages of our Embodiment Process during the last three months of 2019, more Portal People are been used, manipulated and directed to interfere and do harm in any ways possible to those of the Light.

Also, some Portal People are now being used to, in any way possible, get whoever they can from those first main three ascension Groups (which is about 98% of you reading this) to physically move, physically relocate, to go elsewhere for whatever the reasons. In many cases, not all but many, the Portal People are being directed and used by the negative unseen beings to get us to change timelines by trying to get us to physically move to another place, house, apartment, city, state, country, job and so on. This one is a new Team Dark tactic to me but it’s been happening to more of us this year and even more so right now.

Be aware, discern, pay attention everyone because humanity is under attack because so much is ending, changing and disappearing permanently right now and much more so throughout 2020. Because of all this Team Dark is stockpiling food and fuel supplies for themselves, which unfortunately still is energy producing humans, both aware humans and unaware humans. This is the final battle and Team Dark is frantic and are using some new tactics to preserve themselves. Do not be duped by anyone or anything now and that includes ascension teachers, spiritual teachers, spiritual people etc. Some have made abrupt 90 degree turns recently which indicates they’ve changed timelines for better or worse. That’s their business but pay attention people, be smart, wise, strong, sovereign and discerning at all times no matter how exhausted you are.

Did any of you honestly think or expect that Team Dark would just accept the Ascension Process and Lightworkers etc. transmuting, embodying and Embodying and Pathpaving and that there would be zero push-back or repercussions from them because of all this? I know how much I no longer want to deal with any of this ancient negativity, and we’re closer now than ever before with it being so. But, until we’re there, the negative unseen ones have been and will continue manipulating and using unaware low frequency, low consciousness people—Portal People—to attack, interfere with, derail, sidetrack, harass, confuse and exhaust  those of the Light and Working with the Light. 2019 has been one after another after another of these intentional negative attacks through low frequency, low consciousness human Portal People to harm those of us doing our parts with the Ascension Process at this critical shifting point. The split is happening and the increase of Portal People attacks on us, nightmares for everyone, etheric attacks, etheric manifestations in the physical etc. in 2019 are part of it all so always be aware of the larger picture. Things have been and will continue to change dramatically from here on out, and because of this, Team Dark is doing whatever they can to continue existing as they have no matter who or what they have to use and/or destroy to do so.

The Embodiment Process Is Profoundly Personal & Indescribable

On a Lighter note. For many of the past ascension years I was concerned about how I’d handle what I’d feel coming from the human masses once we reached the point we have now within the Ascension Process. I have to say that it’s nothing like what I thought it would be ten, fifteen years ago. The Embodiment Process is the cause of that within myself, and as it continues to vibrationally expand, increase, uplift and align more and more of ME with Denise me and vice versa depending on ones perspective, it’s obviously changing everything both internally and externally.

The old ways and consciousness do not work in these NEW higher Light energies, NEW codes, NEW DNA, Embodiment and so on. We all find ourselves with some of our habitual old expectations that we’ve projected on to the ascended NEW both internally and externally, both personally and collectively. That’s just us growing and learning more, evolving and Embodying more. Over time one discovers that things are very different from what you had previously thought, believed or expected. With some more wisdom gained you continue surrendering, heartily finally, to your sacred personal Embodiment Process because you know IT knows exactly what IT’s doing. All you need do is clean out your basement some more to make more room for IT to move in permanently.

Every time we experience a change in Earth’s magnetic field, and within our bodies, I’m often affected by that emotionally and get weepy over simple things and sometimes things that normally would never cause me to tear-up. But when the magnetics are all over the place, human emotions usuallu are too.

Over the past few years of my Embodiment Process I’ve repeatedly experienced this unusual series of events within my physical body and my being. At first I couldn’t tell if it was these old familiar magnetic changes but the more I experienced this I became increasingly conscious that there was a clear Process happening within me that often would cause me to tear-up and weep gently without any emotions causing this whatsoever. In other words, I’ve often discovered my body “crying tears” and it was like I’d been left out of what caused it. It’s a rather strange sensation to find ones body weeping gently like a reaction to something and not because of any emotion.

Throughout much of incredible, monumental, please Divine Source never again 2019, I’ve become consciously aware of the unique Process of more NEW Light energies, codes and DNA being embodied and activated in my physical body and how that in turn would cause this second “phenomena” to happen simultaneously. That second “phenomena” being the Embodiment Process and another incremental part of my Higher Self/Selves/Soul connecting with Denise and her physical body.

Every time the Embodiment Process has happened incrementally throughout 2019, I’ve been able to better observe this Process while it was taking place in my physical body, consciousness and self. Needless to say, it’s a strange sensation and nothing like what I, and I suspect most of us expected the Embodiment Process to look and feel like.

Most recently during another of the now nearly constant Light energies coming in, I experienced what’s become fairly common for my physical body every time more Diamond Light energies arrive. They make my head, skull and sometimes eyes hurt and Pituitary (behind our eyes) expand with pains in my head and on my skull that move around during the days these energies are pouring in. I can See them enter the area above my physical head, then enter my head, and usually but not always further evolve my Pineal gland. This often causes more visions, usually of some of these NEW codes and other Light energies and/or blurred physical vision.

While I’m suffering these head, skull, eye pains and pressures (and other pains like body aches, severe belly and diaphragm bloat etc.), I’ll become aware that my body is gently weeping and tears are rolling down my face. When this happens I’m usually mildly surprised because I wasn’t feeling anything emotional that would cause me to tear-up. When I pull back a bit to figure out why my body, not me but my body, was reacting to these energies by gently weeping, each time I discover another incremental  connection, alignment and more direct reunification with my Higher Self/Selves/Soul has taken place and that Embodiment Process often causes my physical body to gently weep tears of expansion and complete surrender. I’m not doing this weeping, my physical body is, and that’s been a strange discovery for me. We’re still very much in the midst of our personal evolutionary game of musical chairs!

It’s like some kind of Divine LOVE-making just happened within my physical body and “I’m” late to that party! Doesn’t matter, only that this Embodiment Process continues, accelerates and expands constantly. Lay back, open your HighHeart wider, deeper and farther and observe what’s happening to, in and through you and You and YOU now and all the improvements that’s producing. It’s amazing and it’s accelerated tremendously because we’ve reached the last three months of 2019 where some complete their personal Embodiment Process and get shifted into the next NEW higher level and creativity. Think of this shift as the completion of and graduation from the past twenty ascension years up into the next higher level for each of us in the NEW of 2020.


October 22, 2019

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59 thoughts on “Last Three Months of 2019

  • Hey Karina!…I’m late to the party! Here’s a big fuzzy bear hug right back atcha, sweet lady (although I’m personally neither big nor bearish, LOL!). Hope you’re smiling at the Halloween festivities wherever you live…The question is: Are you wearing any masks tonight, tee hee??!! Good gawd, we’ve all worked so hard NOT TO…but if you are, play with it/them, and we now know for sure that no masks are real! With love enroute your way…

    • Hey Raymond! It’s funny – I see/sense you neither as big or bearish – neither am I. 🙂 I wanted to say Thank you for your presence here. Your comments are so full of HighHeart Wisdom and Truth. You have such a way with communicating through words – poetry and music – to my soul (as does Denise and many others here). YOU get it! You all really get it!

      October really was a “Holy Shit” month. I feel cleansed in a way and absolutely ready for November. More strength and courage with the crowns we have all earned. I woke up this morning with this song playing over and over in my head. Thought it appropriate. 🙂 * parenthesis are mine

      We Are Family – Sister Sledge

      We are family
      I got all my sisters (and brothers) with me
      We are family
      Get up everybody and sing

      We are family
      I got all my sisters (and brothers) with me
      We are family
      Get up everybody and sing

      Everyone can see we’re together
      As we walk on by
      (And) and we fly just like birds of a feather
      I won’t tell no lie
      all of the people around us they say

      Can they be that close
      Just let me state for the record
      We’re giving love in a family dose

      We are family
      I got all my sisters (and brothers) with me
      We are family
      Get up everybody and sing (sing it to me)

      We are family
      I got all my sisters (and brothers) with me
      We are family
      Get up everybody and sing

      Living life is fun and we’ve just begun
      To get our share of this world’s delights
      (High) high (Heart) hopes we have for the future
      And our goal’s in sight

      Much Love, Karina ❤

      • Karina! Hope very much that you read this…been wanting to say hi to you for days, but life/Life/LIFE really got in the way!…AND, just to confirm that today was the day to write, I was just at the supermarket and “We are Family” by Sister Sledge was playin’ in the background! You’ll enjoy the fact that this song was a principal anthem for me when it was released in 1979 and, without exaggeration, was then and is today a primary theme song for the Life that I/we are living right now…I played it and danced to it SO OFTEN back then…All the music and lyrics from that era resonate with me now as moments of absolute innocence, as sensed in hindsight…I don’t think we’ve lost that ability to reside in innocence, energetically speaking…it just needs to be remembered and retrieved, like you’ve done here! So many thanks for this, Karina…and I send much Love right back atcha, dear lady! Hi Denise!

        • Hi Raymond! I’ve actually been SENSING you for several days so I have heard you indeed. How Cool! I LOVE this and thank you kindly for sharing. I have the same feel about music that you share in your words. Sing and dance on dear Raymond. Much love and kinship. 🙂

  • Denise, You’re an amazing gem, as always. I’ve only been able to take your article in today (couldn’t manage to read or concentrate much the past few days!) and it’s wonderful as usual. An empowering boost. I needed the reminder that there is STILL work to do this year ~ I tend to start feeling the LIGHT and the “all is well” vibe and think that I’m all done and I’ll never have to feel like shit again. The End.

    Not so! I’m definitely having the manipulative nightmares and the middle-of-the-night wake up calls from non-benevolent energies. And I AM so battle-weary, as you say. But nothing to do but just keep on keepin’ on. Loving myself through the dark distortions until they pass, knowing that I personally am doing nothing “wrong.” In fact, the more ridiculous it gets the more I know I must be REALLY onto something GOOD. And as always, once the darkness passes there is always expanded LIGHT on the other side. Thanks for the reminder.

    I especially love what you said to Beautiful JarmaJarma here (and it begs to be repeated!): “This next bit is the most important thing about all this. You were not ever needed to ‘walk the streets’ to raise the energies, the frequencies on Earth jarmajarma, your physical presence here was, has and continues doing the job, the Great Work we Volunteers volunteered to do here now. None of us have ever been needed to “do” things like wander among the Earth natives and spread the LIGHT and the NEW. None of us have ever been needed to protest, to resist, to go to rallies and so on because our presence here physically incarnate on physical Earth with all of the pre-installed codes, energies, LIGHT, tools and direct lines back to our higher HOME bases and Higher Selves/Souls etc. was and still is more than enough to get the job done here!”

    Damn straight. The amount of work I’ve done from my bed is simply amazing. 😉
    Thank you, Sister. With SUCH HUGE LOVE,

    • “The amount of work I’ve done from my bed is simply amazing. 😉 ”

      😆 And the toilet, and the couch, and the floor, and clutching the toilet, and the recliner chair.

      Thanks for that perfect, accurate and humorous fact Kate S. that only others who’ve lived and Worked it from and through their own physical bodies would know. ❤ ⭐ ❤

      • It took me years to figure out what we were doing by just being and embodying was all that was necessary. I used to think when I spread the “good news”of what a select few were doing and the wonderful new world that was being built would be welcome news to especially those with spiritual inclinations. Those who were always talking about the law of one, the secret and manifesting. How wrong I was and its still that way. They all prefer the way it is no matter how bad. All is explained as aging normal course etc.. Nothing special about me nothing special about my work my sacrifices etc. Just delusional. But they can’t know they can only experience and they haven’t yet. Still do sound asleep really an induced coma. Induced by this dreary world. So solitary we continue on the toilet in our beds but not for much longer. Not much longer.

  • I have been thinking the same thing Kara. Denise and All in California, I hope you are all safe and protected. You are ALL in my heart.

  • Denise (and anyone else in California!), are you OK? I’ve been seeing reports of the fires and power outages. I hope none of you are in danger or getting evacuated from your home sanctuaries!!

    • Hi Kara,

      Thanks for your concern. I live in the Bay Area and both my home and work (in Berkeley and Marin respectively) have had power out since Saturday and until Wednesday probably. Also smoke fills the air from the fires.

      Luckily for me I came down on Saturday to my Mom’s house in San Jose that still has power and relatively little smoke at the moment. I will stay until power returns for good.

      Feels like the 2020 timelines are really taking over and accelerating now. Feeling gratitude for all the little things and All-That-Is.

      Blessings and Love and Peace to you Kara, all in California and All Beings!

    • Kara & Nancy,

      The wind storms in all of California now happen throughout the year when in the past they usually only happened in the Fall months. But, the AP is changing everything everywhere so we’ve all got to be prepared for anything.

      I want to elaborate on what Nancy said about her power being out now for those of you who may not have heard about this (searching for a non curse word to use here) tactic the electric co. has taken when the wind storms arrive.

      Last year I think it was, Northern California had severe wind storms which caused some electrical lines to break, fall down or whatever happened, and that started fires. The electric co. got sued A LOT because of this, so to not get sued again, they now turn the electricity off in any area in Northern California that’s experiencing wind storms. Southern California instantly adopted this same new tactic of turning off electricity in areas having wind storms.

      Fires start anyway (for lots of different, non-electrical reasons) but now it’s fires, winds in all of CA. up to and over category 1 hurricane level which begin at 72 or 75 MPH, and now no electricity for however long the electricity co. deems necessary. I suspect this, on top of skyrocketing prices on everything in California, will cause a lot more people to move out of CA.

      Here in SoCal where I live Kara, the wind storms and fires haven’t been bad so far. Small ones all around me as usual, but not as large as last year and the year before. I’ve got all the high drama happening right inside my physical body thanks to the EP so I refuse to experience any other types of intensity like big fires, wind damage, earthquake damage etc. etc. Like I said, all that is happening inside my body anyway so I refuse to experience it externally too. It would be too much in the condition I’ve been in this year, and very much so all of October 2019. All is well even though it doesn’t look or feel like it currently. 😉 ❤ Everyone be well, safe and wise. ❤

      • Denise and all Californians, I’m so concerned for your safety and well being. My friend in No. Cal, is using bags of frozen veggies to keep her produce and dairy cool in the fridge because of the lack of electricity. I told her this recurring experience for her was a heads up for the rest of the US because of the total solar eclipse (called the Great American Eclipse) that took place in 2017 at 29+ degrees of Leo. At the time of that eclipse transiting Ceres (Mother Earth) was opposite transiting Pluto (death/rebirth), and eclipses can remain active (potent) for years as you know.

        Transiting Ceres will also be in the same degree as transiting Saturn and Pluto when they make their only conjunction on January 12th, 2020, so I figure there will be much more weather-related crises and power shutdowns all over the world. I realize that this too is part of our AP experience Denise; all the more reason we need your reassuring words that “all is well”.

        • Thanks Barbk. ❤

          It's supposed to start getting intense where I live in SoCal tonight and all of tomorrow with offshore sustained winds around 50 with gusts up to 85 MPH. They’re saying that this is going to be the worst of the wind storms to date, so let’s all consciously create that these winds don’t go over 45 MPH no matter what, and, that NO fires will be started by them or anything or anyone else. These energies HAVE to happen and they usually start on the west coast and then work their way eastward across the country in a variety of forms. Let them happen but intend them to do no harm or as little as possible. Believe it or not, some people need these extreme experiences to activate them and their hearts.

          Be safe everyone and HOLD the higher. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • I’m glad you’re both all right, Denise and Nancy!!

        And thanks for this reminder to choose, Denise. 💜

        “I’ve got all the high drama happening right inside my physical body thanks to the EP so I refuse to experience any other types of intensity like big fires, wind damage, earthquake damage etc. etc.”

        • I want to echo Kara’s and others’ concern that Denise and all Californians remain safe and well and vigilant as appropriate during these powerful wildfires…and to acknowledge in solidarity with all here the “inner wildfires” that have broken out throughout October for me and for so many of us at every level of life. Sometimes I attempt to hose them down, at other times I “wait and see” if they burn themselves out without my intervention. But this October, it has taken a lot of vigilance on my part so as not to respond to life as if life itself were an emergency…

          On a final note, I wanted to give great thanks to Barbara, jarmajarma, Rose Elaine, Richard and everyone else I may have forgotten here…and for Denise’s heartfelt and compassionate responses…for the dignity with which they’ve all verbalized the great challenges of being truly First Everythingers and the isolation they’ve endured as Pathpavers. I am greatly humbled by their resilience and tenacity, and I want for all of us whatever “fortitude” each of us may require as we all move onward on our individual evolutionary journeys…with my sincerest HighHeart Love.

          Thank you, Denise, for allowing me to express my gratitude for all of the authentic sharing that appears in this forum….Sending a big hug to all here…

        • A great big fuzzy bear hug to YOU Raymond! I concur with your heartfelt words. My love and appreciation to ALL who share here. I would love to share more, but sometimes I have difficulty putting my heartfelt-ness into words. I’m a First Everythinger also. I had a beautiful gift these past few days of SEEING who truly is my family. I’ve always known this but I realized it is NOT the family I came into this world with. All you lovely souls here (Denise and ALL) of LIGHT ARE! I also had a deepening with the I AM that I AM (my soul, higher selves, divine consciousness and even physical body) of more expansion of LOVE. Purging and burning within like Denise said. Many of your comments and insights have helped me greatly over the past few days (as this space always does). Thank you from my High Heart dearest Denise and All. Much Love!! ❤

      • Denise, I just wanted to say that your remarks about consciously creating that the winds do no harm was timely indeed. I live in No. California and just this morning read that the winds predicted in NorCal overnight were not as extreme as anticipated so the firefighters were able to hold their defensive lines. We can and do consciously create even by just being in the physical. Lets continue!

        Denise, your remarks about just our physical presence being enough has resonated with me in ways that are difficult to express.

        Thanks to you, Denise, and to everyone here. I will try to hold onto the ‘conscious creator’ part of this lesson 😉

        • Janice & All,

          Same down here in SoCal where I live. Yesterday they’d predicted ‘the worst’ wind speeds ever recorded down here for last night and today yet NOTHING has happened. ZERO winds here. I may eat these words in a few hours but I sense that if the winds do arrive here specifically, they won’t be anything more than what we usually get. This is a big reminder for us all about how potent and powerful we are Individually, but how much more so even we are as the NEW Group collective. We are Conscious Creators and this is all of us reflecting that to each other. Thanks for your Services everyone, I appreciate that I was able to sleep last night and not worry all night about my roof blowing off or someone else’s or fires and so on. ❤ ❤ ❤

        • Wow, Janice and Denise! That’s a cool validation, so glad to hear it. I tried to understand on the news articles this morning about the impact last night but don’t know the geography there well enough to tell. I consciously intended the “do no harm” per Denise’s request, and it did feel real. Then it was an especially restless night for me and my two year old who joined me partway through. Big emotions and disturbances, but in my sleepy haze as I held firm, I felt the energy in my body rising and expanding the more I used my conscious creation power. ❤️ I’m grateful for the reminders about how powerful we all are, especially together.

  • Physical death might come as a rude shock to many firstwavers , pathpavers et al those who have been eagerly and gleefully waiting to be relieved from their decades long AP and EP generated sufferings in January 2020. I mean who would be ready to take own death as a form of relief/reward for the memoth work of transmuting darkness, establishing new codes, raising the vibrations of planet, battling valiantly against TD and PP etc.? I doubt not many honestly.

    • How old are you revital71?

      Have you ever happily quit a really difficult, terrible job and was glad to finally be free of it?

      How relieved where you when you graduated from school? Any school and were free to leave it finally?

  • Thank you, Jarmajarma, and Denise in reply. My individual story is not necessary other than to say I am coming out of 7 years of being psychically “knocked out” by TD (after a harsh 69-yr lifetime). I’ve spent those years feeling, at first, utterly defeated, not remebering long periods of physical time. This year has improved things, though. During a period of self-doubt last spring, when I just wanted to be allowed to go Home, and not “fight” any more, I gently but unmistakably got that same message Denise mentions about not needing to DO anything, really. That just by BEING, Existing in Embodiment, I am holding the Light in defeating TD. That “defeated” feeling was, I think now, just another attack by TD! I don’t need to be anywhere elase; I don’t need to be involved in “influencing” anything or anyone. I already did all that. My place is here, at home, resting and shining for anybody who can SEE me. The Great Spirit fills us all.

  • If it helps those of us who would like to go Home, I am an Elderly Starseed and some time ago I was stressed for the same reasons as Rose mentions… if this continues, how will I possibly look after myself, and I do not want anyone taking control of my body especially for medical reasons. As I pondered this, I was overcome with a feeling of Deep Love and Gratitude from my Arcturian friends, who then expressed to me words to the effect that when my time comes to leave Planet Earth, they will be with me, they will not let me suffer and I will be aware of my return Home and KNOWING that my Mission is complete. Whew! Love You All, Denise’s articles and the comments keep me keeping on. B.

  • Thank you so much Denise. It has certainly been a very grueling 2019 year. I am also one of the forerunners, path pavers, keep the faith-ers, obviously 🙄
    I look forward so much to reading your blog. I have only ever commented once before to thank you but today I want to comment further.

    Apart from all the physical symptoms that you talk about and the emotional symptoms and the crying and the spiritual pain I got to the point of wondering if this battle was worth it. I started wondering if the pain and the aloneness and the struggle was worth it on behalf of humanity.

    This came to a head today after a neighbor sold his house and the new neighbor nonchalantly told me that he was going to bulldoze the property of all the beautiful trees and plants that I have grown up with for the past 54 years. Last year the neighbor on the other side sold her house and the property was completely bulldozed and we now live next-door to a gray Monstrous fortress that has blocked out the light, that has blocked out our view of the sky, and the land that I can feel weeping from being so devastatingly tortured.

    It came to ahead for me today because when the new neighbor so brutallly said that he was going to cut down all the magical trees that are our guardians I wanted to give up the fight.

    I sobbed, my physical body cramped and I cried out to the heavens to resign. I cried out to the higher ones to protect the land from the humans that just want to cut down the life.

    I was called to this particular location in Australia to walk the streets and raise the frequency through my being. I must be honest, I have not done a good job. I did not walk the streets. I felt paralyzed. I felt attacked. I did not raise the frequency . I went into fetal position and just survived whilst raising my family and continuing my work as a kinesiologist that is aware of the ascension and the embodiment process.

    And then I read this post! Thank you so much. Now I realize I have been affected by the portal people that have almost inundated my beautiful safe quiet suburb. They were being used to try and get me out. To try and get me to move. My husband had said – that’s it we are moving. I realised I don’t want to. Even though we have lost the sun coming into our house and we have lost the trees. I don’t want to move!!!!

    I will now do what I was supposed to do 10 years ago. I will walk The streets and raise the frequency. But first I must get out of my pity party!

    I cannot begin to tell you how much your companionship and wisdom has helped me over the last 15 years. You will never meet Me in the physical but you are one of my best friends.

    Thank you. I am still sad and exhausted, I still buzz like an electrical circuit, I still wake up quivering every morning (10years now!- since I was called to this location ) but more understanding from you has calmed me down.

    Maybe just maybe if I had done what I was called to do and just walk the streets, maybe it wouldn’t feel so bad. Maybe if I had realized that I was being stopped by TD Maybe you would have been easier. Aaahhhh! There is that poor me pity party going on again.

    I will just add one more thing. Maybe it will help someone else as well. Even though I have been consciously aware of the ascension and embodiment process for 20 years there has been a part of me that has not really wanted to believe in the dark attacks. And sometimes I feel guilty because I have had so much guidance and so much validation over the years and still didn’t want to believe.

    Anyway, all my love to you my dear companion Denise for all that you have endured, and all the help that you have given to others who have and are enduring the same.

    Love to everyone and big huge love to you Denise❤️❤️ From Jo. In Melbourne, Australia. Maybe there is another reader out there in my neck of the world??

    • “You will never meet Me in the physical but you are one of my best friends.”

      OMG jarmajarma / Jo, that made me tear-up. ❤ I have been, in the physical, alone since 1991 and still am today and it has been hard at times. We all want vibrational like-others around us in the physical, especially now after the ascension related beatings we’ve all suffered getting the AP physically lived, anchored and energetically seeded on Earth and within our physical bodies and this physical dimension for humanity. That’s what we Volunteered for, it’s just that most Volunteers had no conscious awareness or memory of Team Dark when they incarnated in these ascension lives, which was done by our Higher Self/Selves/Soul to protect us down here for as long as possible. But, eventually most Volutneers have HAD to consciously “wake up” to the fact that Team Dark aliens, devils, demons etc. and human Portal People have indeed existed for a very long time and that they’ve done negative things that are nearly impossible to comprehend for those of the LIGHT. That’s an aspect of our “waking up” to the bigger picture/pictures while incarnate during these ascension lives.

      We have been directly abused, attacked, derailed and beat-up in every way imaginable and many we didn’t even know were possible physically and astrally by Team Dark (TD) aliens and entities etc., and we’ve been indirectly attacked and abused etc. by living human Portal People, such as your neighbor(s) and no doubt others. TD has used Portal People (PP) to cause us harm. They know what we love so they’ve attacked our pets, our homes, our workplaces, our loved ones and on and on and all because they’ve wanted to kill, harm, destroy, cause physical, financial, emotional, mental, etheric/psychic pain to those who carry within themselves LIGHT, which as been us. And, if one is conscious that they are embodied with LIGHT, then these TD and PP attacks and interference etc. have been far more severe and diverse. To them, we are “invaders” threatening their existence, food and fuel and changing everything so they attack us in and through whatever ways and people they can. I am sorry everyone but this has been a huge aspect of the Ascension Process and more and more of it all is and will be coming to light in larger and faster ways than they have these past three years. 2020 is the start of the AP for the rest of humanity and everyone consciously discovering (over time) how corrupt, evil, greedy, violent, self-absorbed etc. EVERYTHING on Earth has really been.

      “I must be honest, I have not done a good job. I did not walk the streets. I felt paralyzed. I felt attacked. I did not raise the frequency.”

      Are you so certain dearest friend and Ascension co-Worker? You wouldn’t have felt so terrible, you wouldn’t have been attacked, wouldn’t have felt crushed by the density and negativity that everyone believes is “normal” on Earth and in society, if you weren’t causing massive energetic improvements. Team Dark attacks those of the LIGHT, it uses the unaware.

      This next bit is the most important thing about all this. You were not ever needed to ‘walk the streets’ to raise the energies, the frequencies on Earth jarmajarma, your physical presence here was, has and continues doing the job, the Great Work we Volunteers volunteered to do here now. None of us have ever been needed to “do” things like wander among the Earth natives and spread the LIGHT and the NEW. None of us have ever been needed to protest, to resist, to go to rallies and so on because our presence here physically incarnate on physical Earth with all of the pre-installed codes, energies, LIGHT, tools and direct lines back to our higher HOME bases and Higher Selves/Souls etc. was and still is more than enough to get the job done here!

      We’ve done what we Volunteered to do, and much more, by living and embodying the AP and EP. It isn’t required that we go out into the world and “do” much of anything actually. The Indigos and others coming in behind them will do that level of Work creating NEW 5D Earth systems and structures globally etc. That has never been we First Everythingers job or Mission Work. Living and embodying and Embodying the NEW while we simultaneously transmuted the density and negativity and anchoring in the higher Light energies and NEW codes etc. has been our Work and, for the most part, we’ve been unseen by humanity the entire time we’ve done this, but TD has seen and felt every one of us First Everythings from the very first moment we arrived on Earth! That is why they come to us, including PP like your neighbor(s) that are manipulated to move right in next door to many of we First Everythingers to cause misery in whatever ways they can.

      Walk the streets only if you want to, only if it gives you joy and a HighHeart feeling of empowerment, but understand that you also can sit in your house or yard under your much-loved trees and plants and radiate the LIGHT and the NEW just as well too. ❤ ❤ ❤ The more and more each of us embodies and certainly Embodies, the more LIGHT and NEW we automatically radiate out into the world, the environment, the human population, the animal population etc. The more we Embody our Higher Self/Selves/Soul and expand our natural connection to them, Source and higher dimensions in the Now Moment of our physical lives, the more we continue to raise the entire planet and humanity and the human potential today and into the future. Once we enter 2020, our ascension jobs and Mission Work will shift to the next level so we're all at the threshold of the next level of the and our personal Ascension Processes.

      Do your best to be neutral about your neighbor(s) and what he said about removing the life on his property. Remove all of your energy from him, the situation, what he's said he's going to do etc. Don't give him/them any of your emotional fuel. And if this situation gets worse, it may be time for you to consider moving. I'm in the same situation now too (have been since 2000 no matter where I’m living) but with the huge energies and changes coming in 2020, it may be wise to hang in there and Consciously Create along with the NEW that's coming. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Aaahhhhh! Denise!! You write so well. You “ get” it so well.
        The TD started with me. I could cope with that. Then went onto my husband, then my son and now my beautiful little dog – Happey. That’s harder. I don’t know why it was the trees that broke me.
        So many times I’ve thought to stop Kinesiology because it was affecting my family. So many times I just wanted to go back to sleep.
        You are right – I don’t want to walk the streets but I know for now I need to be in this suburb. Even if it’s in fetal position in front of Netflix. Gee I hope that counts cos it’s all I can manage. 😫🤪

        I will go into neutral. Thanks for the reminder. I say it to my clients all the time. I’m getting many new people coming to me that are just waking up. And I’m doing my best to assist and support but feeling very overwhelmed with this whilst doing a battle every night.

        It has been a wonderful feeling being heard and supported by you and rachel and Elle. Thank you again my friends.
        I’ll have the courage to reach out on this forum again.

        Denise – I sincerely hope you know just how special you are to so many of us that would be quite alone without you.

        TO MY FOREVER FRIEND!❤️❤️❤️
        See you on the other side. I’ll look for you when I’ve finished here. 😇🙏😇😍

        Oceans of love – Jo.

      • Denise, thank you so much for this post. I find it very accurate for myself. I am a first Everythinger, born in 1944. I have known that the end goal was for me to embody the Presence of God, or become the New Humanity, a Divine Human Being. I wrote a book about this process to help others. I didn’t want them to go in blindfolded, like I was. My book is called THE HANDBOOK FOR THE NEW HUMANITY. I know full well attacks from the DT. They managed to block my book from getting out. They have attacked me unmercifully all my life.
        My friend, I need to tell you that I am very weary and my body is worn out and I really don’t like old age. I’m so very alone. I know most of us are alone. I keep company with the Heavenly Masters and Angels. But it is very hard for me to be alone now. I have no one to carry the groceries upstairs, stuff like that. My body hurts a lot and I continue on, but I must say, I’m coming to the end of my rope.
        I know in 2020 I might be called out of hiding, to share some gifts with others in new ways. You know, I really don’t want that. As you said, I can sit right here in my room and radiate my light to the whole world.
        In 2020 I am hoping to be let go into Heavenly Retirement. I really hope I’ve done enough and I can go Home. I’m all used up!
        I have a wonderful life, mostly stress free and easy going. I have everything I need. I live in a beautiful place. But I’m worn out and I just want to go Home now. Do you understand? I have pleaded with Heaven and I hope I get my wish.
        Much Love, Rose

        • “I have a wonderful life, mostly stress free and easy going. I have everything I need. I live in a beautiful place. But I’m worn out and I just want to go Home now. Do you understand?”

          I most certainly do understand Rose, I’ve felt this too and have at times felt how easy it would be to slip on out of this body for good at this stage of the AP.

          There will be a releasing of some of the elder First Everythingers once the NEW energies from the Saturn Pluto Capricorn conjunction happens January 2020 on the physical level. Some of them were Volunteers Soul Contracted to Work this first and most difficult and dangerous phase of the Ascension Process — from around the 1980s to 2020 — and not beyond it. Some of them will exit their physical bodies in 2020 because they’ve done what they Volunteered to do with and for the evolutionary AP. They’re not contracted to do any more beyond this 2020 shift point in their current physical bodies so we’ll see some elder First Everythingers dying in 2020-2022. ⭐ ❤

        • Dear Rose
          Your words really touched me. I too have walked a long and painful path. Been beat down many times by TD.
          I wanted to send you a massive hug. And tell you, you are loved. I know u know that but just wanted to say it. And to thank you for being your light in this world

        • I can also Rose. I am only a lfew years younger than you but in good health despite all the ascension side effects it would seem easier to just slip away as soon as our mission is done in traditional physical desth. But I am a bit confused Denise. Wasn’t one of the objectives of all these upgrades to take our body with us into 5D. Or perhaps to bring 5D into our physical body rather than physical death?

        • “But I am a bit confused Denise. Wasn’t one of the objectives of all these upgrades to take our body with us into 5D. Or perhaps to bring 5D into our physical body rather than physical death?”

          Yes that’s correct Richard. The majority of Volunteers have soul contracted to remain in their current physical body and evolve, ascend, dramatically increase its frequency from 3D density and Duality all the way up to 5D Light Triality.

          Having said that, there are some Volunteers who incarnated early — late 1930s and early 1940s — who were Volunteers, Bluerays, Starseeds etc. and were energetically capable of incarnating that early for the Ascension Process. Never forget everyone, the longer one of us has lived in the PRE-ascension earth patriarchy negativity, density, insanity etc., the harder the AP has been for anyone carrying Light in them in what was a totally Dark world. That is so very hard to do and hard on the physical body, especially when there’s not many others doing it too at the same time.

          Some of these Volunteers that incarnated slightly before WWII ended (still “Baby Boomers” – aka the Pluto in Leo “hippy” generation), were contracted to do that and Work the AP up until the 2020 Shift arrived in the physical thanks to Saturn Pluto Capricorn conjunction on 1-12-2020. Some of them won’t remain in their current physical bodies because they’ve already been through so much because of the things already mentioned. Their contracted Mission Work had been completed and they have opted to exit their elderly physical bodies, have one hell of a huge earned rest period, and then reincarnate in the future if they want to. It’s not mandatory but optional, and many of them will because they want to reap the rewards of their incredibly hard Work done as Elder Volunteers in brand NEW physical bodies in the NEW ascended Earth world once all this current ending, beginning and shifting business has completed. ❤

    • Dear Jo, I’m in Queensland and I feel you. I know the pain of seeing the beautiful trees come down, beloved plants ripped out of the ground by the unfeeling ones, being surrounded by ‘dead’ people who exist alongside us and invade our peace. I’m coping better lately by focussing on the inner me, eternal me, and learning to love myself at last. Those beautiful trees will still exist in your heart forever and that’s where your power is growing and thriving, despite what you see around you. We will hold our divine space Jo. You will make it through this and so will I. We all will. Much love to you.

      • yes, I too live in QLD too and an entire supposedly protected green area in Brisbane’s South has been ripped apart to give way to more than 3000 new houses…it was very difficult to drive past every day…but like Elle said, those trees will be forever in my heart!

        • Gabriella and Elle, I am in Qld as well…. was so excited that other like minded people are so close by!!! Have been feeling so alone and isolated for so long. It would be wonderful if we could all catch up, at some point, when we all feel it!!! So glad you are all-out there. Kind regards Lyndal

    • Hello down under JarmaJarma – I totally understand what you’re going through! When I first found my little house (in central NYS) 20 yrs ago, it was surrounded by trees – I felt so lucky to find such a magical property so close to stores etc., but hidden. Then one day I came home from work about 10 yrs ago and the whole woods along the west side of my property was gone, just like that. I felt like an arm had been cut off. Then they built a house there, the people got a big sad dog and put him outside forever with no attention, barely shelter, rarely food or water. I tried to get him help but was turned back at every try. If it weren’t for the hole in the fence where I could sneak him food, I doubt he would’ve lasted as long as he did, that just about crushed my spirit I’m such an animal lover. So when the woods behind me and across from me came up for sale at a tax auction, I bought them cheap, thinking I’d saved my little area, whew, right? So on the east side of my property was the empty lot attached to the house on that side so I had lots of sunshine in the morning and great views of the sky. But they moved away and sold it, and the new owners decided to add a garage. HA! A few months ago I came home and the “garage addition” starting to be built turned out to be a 30 ft. high wall “new house addition” 15 ft. from my house. I now wake up to a dark kitchen which used to be sunny and bright, and the workers are nasty and rude as can be (and I do not instigate any interaction with them). I also use the word “monstrous” when I speak of it (great minds!), it was like a punch to the gut.
      But I am getting used to it, as I know in my heart this is all temporary at this point. Meantime I planted lots of vines for the summer for some privacy, and next spring if needed? Will it matter in 2020? If so I can plant more taller poles and more vines, and I will block them out. And when my little house is a 5D house, I won’t have them next door at all. And all your trees will be right where they should be. We just have to remember what we’re building here, new earth, whatever WE want earth, that’s GOOD and WHOLE and nurturing, not destructive. So hang in there, I feel your pain, but I think this is just the last push before they can’t take anything else away from us! You have no idea how good it is to know that there are likeminded souls out there who love trees and animals and nature like Denise’s gang does! 🙂
      Thanks Denise for your great article, and stay safe you and everyone out west!!!

  • Thank you Denise! I’m hanging in there! Damn it… but I am. Things are crazy and chaotic but as always I know or have the knowing that I am. Love to you! I wish I could write better posts as the others do here but am doing the best I can in communicating. I know my posts are simple but at this time it’s all I can do to acknowledge you get me through this.

      • Anna, I so appreciate your message. No matter how beat up I feel at times so far the love I do have in my heart hasn’t been taken from me. It has gotten me through the toughest times. Sometimes it is the only thing that I can feel and it strengthens me. It calms me. Linda

  • Your mention of home in the this article reminded me of the song from ET movie “TURN ON YOUR HEARTLIGHT”. Everybody needs a place and home is the most excellent place of all. Everyday I feel more like a stranger in a strange land and how I long for home.

  • Thank you Denise…very timely….and Yes, we do need to be aware. I personally have begun to HONOUR MY INNER ODD (a saying that my friend Guiseppina Miller told me once and it stuck in my head!)….that which is truly ME….and keep that connection ever strong. I have also felt more creative at this time, and have been painting some wonderful pictures of animals. I believe the path to happiness is to find and do what we love, and connect to our JOY….no matter what is happening around us. Thanks again, Love and hugs, Barbara from Sydney xoxoxo


      What a great and perfect line spirited13, thanks for sharing it. ❤

      Our "inner odd" is that unique individuality that each of us has and is needed to build the NEW we’re moving into. We’re all a NEW Group, a NEW collective etc. and yet it is so very important that each of us are our unique selves, our “inner odd” because it’s a piece that no one else has which makes it valuable energeticlly, spiritually and creatively. This is the high expression of 5D Aquarius — the NEW ascended Group, and 5D Leo — the NEW ascended Individual. Thanks again for sharing. ❤

      • “Honour my inner odd” has been helping me all day! Thanks spirited13/Barbara. ❤️ And for this article, Denise. ❤️

  • Wow Denise, thank you for yet another timely update. I’ve also been feeling the tears from time to time which also surprised me. The guidance was just to let it flow…
    Sending your way hugs & love ❤️

  • “Once your Embodiment Process reaches a certain level—which is exactly what’s happening to many of us during these last three months of 2019—you’ll be running on unlimited spark plugs and unlimited bars! You will have evolved, expanded and dramatically increased your vibrational capacity to co-exist in your physical body in this direct, conscious, undiminished way with your Soul and Higher Self/Selves and not drop dead from! Now there’s something to write HOME about! 😉 HOME is well-aware of what you, me, we are up to with our individual Embodiment Processes and there’s excited preparations unfolding because of the profound improvements this will further cause everywhere.”

    Denise, OMG!!!! YES to all of it! Deep gratitude to you!!! I AM completely ready for unlimited spark plugs and unlimited bars!!! When I read you words I felt immediate relief and my body relaxed…my sign of experiencing Truth. ❤ ❤ ❤

    Thank you Thank you Thank you! ❤ ❤ ❤
    Love and Blessings to you and All! Nancy

  • “Throughout much of incredible, monumental, please Divine Source never again 2019, I’ve become consciously aware of the unique Process of more NEW Light energies, codes and DNA being embodied and activated in my physical body and how that in turn would cause this second “phenomena” to happen simultaneously. That second “phenomena” being the Embodiment Process and another incremental part of my Higher Self/Selves/Soul connecting with Denise and her physical body.”

    Denise, THANK YOU! I could not for ages ‘get’ the difference between embodiment and Embodiment, while at the same time I sensed that one was so related to the other that there was no difference. Yet I felt I was missing something because I also thought that the AP was the AP and the EP was the EP, and never the twain shall meet. But of course they meet, they are meant to meet, the soul of me and THE SOUL of ME, and all else in between via the AP. This is a wonderful article, full of Light/Information, Love/Creativity, and oh, yes, the PP’s are coming out of the woodwork, and I am learning to be aware of those who come with their unexpected offers and gifts that hold at their base, control, manipulation and a drag that wants to take me/ME away to their ‘down under’. Thank you/YOU again for pulling together so eloquently what will help so many. Love, B.

  • Yes me too with the body crying tears without emotion, its kind of touching!
    Thank you Denise, you truly help validate the ascension embodiment Embodiment experience by sharing this way! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo💜☄💜☄🌈🕉🌈🕉

  • Denise-Yikes! I just had a “talk” with “my team” and I told them I want off the ride. I was torn to shreds, never cried so much and felt completely unsafe in September. And this month (my birthday month) I have been questioning if this journey has hurt me more than helped. I need encouraged in order to abate the discourage. I hope this is a phase but these fleeting moments of joy are an understatement. Sorry for the ramble but sometimes us journeyers need a hand.

    ❤️ Lindsey

  • Hi Denise
    Your article had me tearing up big time. I have been feeling like I am walking alone in one massive tea time of the soul. And everywhere I look, if I look closely, is the darkness. But. But somehow I am fighting back. I am still here. Despite it all. Twenty years is a long time on earth!! And there is light. Cracks of it everywhere. Beautiful streaming sunlight that seems clearer than ever.
    I have been encountering lots of portal people via my job. And instead of taking their shit I make it clear it is not welcome. That’s been an eye opener to me. I nearly quit my job for something more manual but luckily realised it was the wrong thing. Things at work were really getting me down. Instead I have got an extra couple of hours cleaning on a Saturday. But most importantly I realised it was time to launch my art. So next year I will be going “live”. That has been an immense moment energetically. Even if I sell nothing the sheer act of putting it out there may be enough.

    I want to shout out a lot of the time “wake up we’re in a war. The war is for you and your soul. Look just look and don’t take another moment.”

    My daughter has had two of the type of dreams mentioned in your last comments. End of the world type scenarios. But I am not in them. I have either gone ahead or am just a voice. Very random. I have tried to talk to her about them. But it’s like she can’t understand it yet.

    I have the feeling I am going on alone. That I have started to go thru a door that others haven’t seen.
    Sorry if this all random waffling (again). It’s as if a massive silence has enveloped me. I don’t like it, but it speaks, and it’s necessary. I have been having that horrible uncomfortable nighttime fear again. Roll on 2020. Unbelievable. To be here, now. With you and all the community who post. Rock on !

    Love and light to you


  • i was taking care of my mom in the midwest until she died in the spring.. i just now moved back near an area i had previously been exploring..and feel good about it.. anyhow experiencing a lot of change and feeling stressed out and vulnerable. i feel i made the right move but am starting to doubt myself after reading the paragraph about portal people. i will keep my wits about me. thank you, as always, denise.

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