September Equinox & the Last Three Months of 2019

This is another one of those articles that covers a lot of multidimensional ground, multiple years and a lot of seemingly different topics and no matter how well I express this it won’t do it the justice it deserves. I’ll do my best but this is complex and covers many ascension and Embodiment years for many of the First Everthingers. You must do more than just read this material, you need to FEEL into it and do so from your HighHeart. And, this is another one of those articles that isn’t for or about everyone that may read it. Discernment, respect, space and allowance of more than you’re currently aware of.

So, 2019 Has Been Heaping Tons of Fun Hasn’t It?

Yes I’m being snarky. 2019 has been absolutely herculean on multiple levels for most of us and it’s not over yet. It’s the not over yet part, the what I call 10, 11 & 12 months of every year—October, November and December—that this article is about although the September 23, 2019 Equinox was the energetic humdinger that’s funneled us up to the threshold of the last three months of extraordinary 2019.

The other day while thinking about the intensity and strangeness of the September 2019 Equinox and my very unusual dream in the early AM hours of that day, one of those friendly Ascended Master voices from on high said with amusement, “You’re going to need to use each of those Triple Crowns to get through these last three months!”

Upon clairaudiently hearing and feeling that statement I didn’t have an immediate smart-ass comeback because I knew it was an important clue, and suggestion, about what’s coming for some of the Embodiers with these last three (triality, trinity) months of 2019. It took me a good thirty seconds to comeback with that Russel Crow Gladiator line where he yells up to the audience watching the bloody mayhem, ‘ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!’ There wasn’t any verbal reply from on high, just more amusement emanated from him. It’s all about perspectives.

After this recent exchange with on high, I had to go back in my articles to find what I’d written about my personal Triple Crowns experiences and when that all happened because I honestly couldn’t remember. A re-read of both of these may help with our now and the last three months of 2019.

The INTERNAL Separation of Worlds

Next up I want to share my very unusual September 23, 2019 early AM hours Equinox dream. Many of us had a really strange and different Equinox dream or dreams, and based on what some readers shared in Comments about this, many were very similar and presented to us on this Equinox.

In my Equinox dream huge things like the top halves of mountains were suddenly exploded apart and blasted outward hitting buildings and other structures and killed some people. An invisible energy force kept repeatedly blasting away in that world and was causing strange destruction and death and plenty of chaos and confusion, and it was deliberate. No one knew what was happening and how and why it kept moving around the country obliterating certain things left and right. A destruction would happen a mile away from where I was in this dream and the physical fallout from that would be launched outward in all directions and hit other things and some people miles away.

I did what I always do whether in dream events or physical world ones; I discern as fast and hard as I can to figure out what’s really going on and why. I did this in this dream repeatedly. I gazed out towards different directions I knew the next energy force blast was coming from and did my best to discern what it was. In this dream I finally understood that, despite the destruction of sections of cities, buildings, homes and some people, it was a positive happening. This unseen force was literally energetically and physically clearing away large sections of stubborn, resistant hanger-on Team Dark aliens, entities and their remaining residual negativity on that physical Earth world. Once I reached this insight about why these carefully aimed destructive energy blasts where happening I woke myself up.

Some seriously furrowed brow moments after this dream however.

I thought about the Saturn Pluto Capricorn conjunction happening throughout this year as it works its way towards its one and only exact degree conjunction on January 12, 2020. This September 23, 2019 Equinox dream felt like what this transit is causing on Earth and in humanity now and into 2020 energetically, etherically and physically.

I thought about the ongoing removal of Team Dark. I thought about the destruction of the Team Dark intentionally created 9/11 timeline. I thought about the times I’ve participated in these negative removal Missions and negative timeline shutdown Missions over these ascension years in different ways and in multiple dimensions. I thought about the Embodiment Process and those of us living it. I thought about how those of us who’ve chosen to go through the Embodiment Process first are now in the final phase of it in late 2019 and into 2020. I thought about how these two things, these two different energy frequencies cannot co-exist in the same place and space and how the more the Embodiers Embody, the more that very act has and continues pushing lower frequency Team Dark beings and their energies and distortions out.

I thought about the Separation of Worlds & Timelines and how it has been unfolding at the speed of LOVELight throughout this wildly difficult year of 2019. I thought about how much of this necessary destruction I witnessed in this 2019 Equinox dream would or would not happen in this physical reality I’m writing this from. I thought about how much I really don’t care either way at this point.

I thought about how strong we Embodiers are and how we can both remove the old lower and Embody, hold and maintain the NEW higher simultaneously despite our exhaustion, physical pains and momentary heartbreaks, disappointments and frustrations. I thought about what the Ascended Master from on high said about my, about our Triple Crowns we’ve Worked so hard to gain step-by-step over the past three years. I thought about how we’re now going to have use each of them in some way during October, November and December 2019 for whatever presents. I thought about how thinking isn’t needed with this because I have and you have already Embodied it.

I thought about how the NEW codes and energies will be the only ones present for mass humanity come January 2020. I thought about how that will impact humanity that’s ascending and the humanity that’s descending. I thought about how tired I am and I know you are but how close we are now to this entire thing instantly being the NEW in new ways we’ve not experienced yet. And now I let you consider all of these things and more for yourself.

As Above in the Macro, So Below in the Micro

You already know this but I’m going to repeat it because many of us have had this Macro/Micro business be a very big and obvious part of our personal lives throughout 2019. I went through this this year with my mom’s end of life and death. I continue going through this with strangers and neighbors and so on because we, our bodies, hearts and lives are where all of this Universal Ascension Process is taking place. The “war in heaven” is the same as those taking place in your, my, our personal individual lives, bodies and realities. Multiple on high Ascended Masters just smiled silently over that sentence.

The miserable stuff you’re experiencing—whatever it may be at the moment—with some person(s) or stranger(s) physically isn’t much different than the cosmic disagreements, struggles, battles, massive changes, massive removals and overall compressed evolution the entire Universe is currently going through. We’re going through it here, there and everywhere because we’re here, there and everywhere. More smiles from on high. You get what I’m saying and I hope you get why. We’re really close now so rest, take extra care of yourself in all ways, deal with whatever presents but discern it first of course and never ever forget how incredibly valuable you really are in all this. It doesn’t matter if you know you’ve got your Triple Crowns or not or if you consciously know what exactly to do with them. They have become more of the NEW higher you and all will come naturally when needed.

Denise Le Fay

September 27, 2019


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130 thoughts on “September Equinox & the Last Three Months of 2019

  • Just sharing! My LUNGS are different. Went on hike at altitude. AMAZING. Out of shape, just finished large fried sunday dinner, overweight, indulged in smoking on and off during AP and I was MARCHING up hill, at 8,000 feet circa!!! Lungs felt expanded, longer, bigger, broader, with more..arteries?? VERY real change. I had MORE oxygen to breathe.
    SO excited about this!! My lungs/chest have suffered all year in AP energies. Also, energy resolves and things get even BETTER again, and I am clueless yet about it, the morning or two after I will see nasty faces, hear nasty things etc. But this time, this morning, I thought, “Well…I guess it’s getting even better, again!!” LOL So happy about it! They wouldn’t be pissed if another level hadn’t been reached. Thank God/Love for that!!! 🙂 Stuff shows up super fast now, freaky manifestation. If I THINK it, even something stupid like pimples on a specific part of my face, there they are next day or two! Same with big things… This means commitment, creatively. This means a lot of responsibility. I must be careful with thoughts. I am a recovering fool when it comes to thoughts. I am believing I can do what I’ve never done before, now, though. 🙂 I hope you are well, recovering. peace and love to you!!! and All!!! :)))

  • “I thought about how the NEW codes and energies will be the only ones present for mass humanity come January 2020. I thought about how that will impact humanity that’s ascending and the humanity that’s descending.”

    Yes. Really really curious myself as well as for people like Jud Fud.

    I find myself re-reading this passage over and over, wondering but careful not to have any expectations to HOW it’ll unfold. Just as I type these words a bird almost slammed into my window, didn’t hurt itself, flew off.

    A message for me to not join in on feeling glee at the expense of a descending person?


    Felt it only very briefly, like a whisper of a wicked joy then gone, like a failed yawn.

    Hope you’re doing well Denise and everyone. Hang in there!

  • Thank you for your reply, Denise. I clearly do not have your knowledge nor you ability to communicate. I should keep my fingers off the keyboard. My overall point was to keep out of 3D as much as possible. I did not intend that we should love THEM in 3d. I was thinking of the kind of love one feels while moving a “higher” a frequency. I feel that this type of love combined with non-judgment works to further separate us from 3D. Maybe I’m wrong and maybe I just don’t have the words for what I feel. It is difficult. You are very talented at conveying this very complex subject. I think I shall leave it to you.

    • Gerry why do you invalidate your SELF, and choose instead, to give your divine power away? You have as much to contribute as anyone else on the path of assisting Earth Mother and all life to evolve. Denise is not the be all and end all authority – it only looks that way on her blog because she carefully excludes valid information that does not fit her experience or interpretation.

      • As always, right on Team Dark Portal People cue Jud Fud.

        For as much as you dislike me and disagree with everything I say on my website, you’re sure here a lot and for years now. And yes, any other comments you write I will not publish. No big secret about that. Have a great day down under.

      • This comment by J.F. is a confirmation and a reminder that TD controlled hosts and portal people read sites like this and do their best to comment and affect/effect all who follow here. Not just here, of course. But I have seen and felt J.F., and all of it’s aliases, post here and other sites for years. TD seems to have unlimited patience and persistence even when they have been called out publicly. It truly feels like a battle, because it is.

      • Denise,
        This comment will probably generate hate comments to me and perhaps I will be banned but I have to ask. What exactly did you not like about judfud comment. I have always believed that that you are a gifted teacher writer and you like all of us have sacrificed during this process. But why would you think that those that might disagree or have a differing opinion be a dark portal person? I know you dont believe you are infallible and have all the answers at any one time. Please elaborate if or not. I can assure you either way that I greatly admire and respect you but look mainly to my HS for guidance just as you do.

        • Richard,

          Jud Fud has written comments at HHL for the past three years or so, the majority of them never seen by anyone other than Jud Fud and me. Why don’t I published her comments? Because she has repeatedly quoted lengthy quotes from some people, book, website (from decades ago) that she totally believes in and like those annoying Jehovah Witness people that come to your door to sell you their personal religious belief system, Jud Fud has for three years pushed her beliefs on me and on HighHeartLife website that are based on channeled messages one woman gave to one man (her husband?) back in, I believe, the 1980s.

          I found the website of this information and went through some of it myself and, based on what I read by them there, I do not agree with any of their materials, channeled or whatever form. I just do not agree with that material and because of this I won’t and never will publish and promote anyone’s information, materials, articles, channelings etc. that I perceive as incorrect or distorted. I pay annually for this website and I also Work very hard to keep it within a higher level of frequency, accuracy, consciousness and emotions and to maintain that I HAVE to keep certain people and websites etc. off of HHL.

          I’ve emailed Jud Fud a few times trying different methods of getting her/him/them to understand why I delete her comments and why I won’t publish any others etc. Nothing I’ve tired with Jud Fud has worked Richard, nothing in three fucking years, and I’m all done with her/him/them. If Jud Fud is so hot for the people she’s always trying to get quoted in her comments here at HHL, then why doesn’t she create her own website or free blog and quote every word they’ve ever written? No, that would be too easy and none of this is really about all that anyway. It’s the cover story, and if you’re familiar with Team Dark and Portal People then you’re well trained in these types of energies, consciousness and tactics.

          Now, Richard, I’ve been writing for the past six hours straight this morning/afternoon and my body/back needs to get horizontal for a bit, but I’m taking the time and energy to carefully explain my reasons and words to you about Jud Fud and I. I repeat, this shit has been going on with Jud Fud for the past three years now and nothing I’ve tried, done, said or explained to her has caused her to stop doing what she continues doing. Edith got cut this morning because she could not keep herself from attacking me and blaming me for not defending her here against Troy blah, blah, blah. And Jud Fud chimes in because she/he/them are predators and EVERY time there’s a massive energy increase Jud Fud writes comments informing me about how wrong I am and how the information, knowledge she has is correct. She needs to create her own website where she can unleash all that correct wisdom she’s desperate to push off on me at HHL. But she doesn’t do it because, as I said, it’s really not what’s going on. Tread carefully here Richard, please.

    • “My overall point was to keep out of 3D as much as possible.”

      Understood and I agree, but as you and everyone else can see, it/they often push into our lives anyway. 2019 has been full of this for us all but it’s gone next-level since mid-year and it will escalate throughout these last three months of it.

      There’s nothing wrong or lacking whatsoever in how you express. ❤

      • Thank you so much for answering Denise. And sorry to put you thru such lengthy description. I understand and I also have to overcome my tendency to rush to everyone’s defense when I think they are being attacked or hurt without sometimes knowing all the facts. I am going to lay my armour down and rest in knowing all is unfolding as it should and I no longer need to defend anyone because none can be hurt unless they allow it anyway.
        We will get there all of us and how glorious it will be and then we will see the part all of us played. In this wonderful yet frightening journey. Rest well Denise

        • Richard,

          A lengthy description was the only thing that would help in this case. You needed to know what, why, when, how long etc. this bullshit has been going on with Jud Fud toward me.

          No one sees what I see from my HHL ‘admin page’ which means no one sees all of the comments, the endless nasty spam and other related crap and negativity that comes here and does its best to get all the way in. I see it because I’m the ‘admin” of HHL, but no one else sees or knows how long the different negative stuff happens from different people. Because of this I completely understand why I sound, why I come across the way I do in some of the comments I write to certain people — no one knows the lengthy histories and backstories to these people and their comments (and sometimes emails to me.) Throw in a heaping pile of ego and nothing other than ego-based consciousness and the entire situation becomes impossible for me and for the other person/people. It’s sad, frustrating for all but that’s the truth of it.

          Yes, it’s time for those of us who are, right now, being hammered by Source & Co. so we’re energetically capable of existing in the next higher level of NEW that’s coming with the New, make that the NEW New Year, to put down all of our old lower tools, habits, methods, beliefs etc. etc. etc. All of October has been pounding me over the head (and lower back! 😉 ) to make this point right now. So much more releasing and letting go of is mandatory now for ALL OF US. ❤ ❤ ❤

  • We are here to raise the frequency of earth and her inhabitants out of 3D and into the higher dimensions. We don’t do that by tangling with the 3D chaos but, by staying separate and neutral and at all times loving and non-judgmental. Of course it’s painful. Like childbirth: It hurts! Make it stop! – It ain’t gonna stop so just keep pushing. None of us is alone — we’re doing this together. We are gods, we are sovereign, we are free. Love you all desperately.

    • “We are here to raise the frequency of earth and her inhabitants out of 3D and into the higher dimensions.”

      Ummm, not completely correct Gerry. We build, we Pathpave, we Wayshow, we literally have created an Exit Door out of the old lower, and in so many ways we’re also the Bridges to the NEW ascended Earth world for the rest of humanity. What we don’t do is force anyone to do anything because we know better, we remember Free Will even with the Ascension Process.

      “We don’t do that by tangling with the 3D chaos but, by staying separate and neutral and at all times loving and non-judgmental.”

      I get what you’re saying and for the most part it’s correct, we shouldn’t “tangle with the 3D chaos” for a lot of different reasons. It’s the part you said about staying “loving all the time” that I don’t agree with. This belief has also gotten horribly distorted and misunderstood by many over these ascension years. It has never been my job to “love” or “LOVE” lower frequency stuff and people and Team Dark etc. What has been my job is to create higher frequency options for humans to use instead — aka Pathpave the NEW higher. I don’t need to love or LOVE them and my trying to do so only distracts and slows me down from doing what I know I am supposed to be doing. (I am gently and subtly trying to get a really difficult but important point across to everyone reading this. It’s another of many things that haven’t been touched upon within the Ascension Community I believe.)

      What I have had to learn to do and master is being and remaining emotionally neutral over it, them and everything. And yes, that is very hard to do at first. But love them? No, not necessary just like not hating them either is. Neutrality is just that and it gives one the ability to walk away and feel nothing while having Higher Awareness about what’s going on and why.

  • I agree with much of what Troy has said. Edith however is doing nothing wrong by feeling the way she does and acknowledging feeling that way. Our little day to day lifes whether we pay 30 dollars for a tax or not have nothing to do with the great work we are doing. The system is broken corrupt irredeemable. Okay acknowledge. It but It does matter. Emdody the truth of our being. We are way beyond caring about fairness it this system. Dont you know you are gods

  • Hi Denise. Everyone. Here in California there is great outrage towards the current govenor and a recall effort. My biggest most difficult challenge as an empath, as well as waking up to all the abuse of power and taxes (and forms of willing slavery here now) is the RAGE. Is it soley MY rage? Example: i finally let go of my old analog tv for an affordable flat screen. I noticed a 6.00 charge for a recycle fee. I looked up this fee and learned that back in the day this fee/service was necessary. Today its not and it remains on the books and california continues to rake it in. The rage i tune into is huge. And I have to talk to myself about true change that comes from within and the anger serves no purpose unless perhaps using that energy to create something new and better.

    I also notice its an effort to keep the little things in place and memory. “Where did i put it?! is my cry! I mean i have to focus with EFFORT on what I do, and whats worse, bcuz im so conscious of this, its still defeats me! I mean WHERE did I place that oh so necessary role of dog poop bags to my Property Tax bill! I heard similar stories from others. One man left his keys in the ignition at home.

    Last night it was like a treat to feel comfortable and cozy, ready for bed. Feeling all was well with my inner world. (I thought “Ha! For the moment!”) I couldn’t keep awake. I pushed it till 8. I felt filled and enfolded by something.

    We WILL walk thru these storms (especially the decsending personal shock and trauma from injuries, accidents, breakdowns, happening all around), we will walk thru these storms to the other side by the inner Grace and Source Power we ARE!

    • Edith,
      You are not the only one who has, is, or will experience rage at political, societal, or whatever types of structures, institutions, ideologies, beliefs, customs, programming, etc. What does seem to be most prevalent with you is your repeated postings about an awful lot of 3D issues in the comment section of every article that Denise writes. It seems most people who comment here have thoughtful, measured, relevant comments about the particular subject matter that Denise has just written about. In my opinion, your comments seem to be reactionary to how you feel when you wake up on that day and the subject matter is irrelevant. When I read your comments, more often than not, what comes across to me is you are not looking inward, you are wanting to blame everyone and everything around you. I get that. I used to do the same thing. But over the past few years of believing in this AP/EP, I now have the understanding that we have to do some inner work ourselves or risk not moving up enough stair steps to reap the benefits of the AP. With that inner work comes revelations, clarity and discernment. At some point, you may begin to think that posting so much negativity is counter productive to your inner work and that it might also be counter productive to other followers of Denise’s wonderful site. I, for one, have contemplated responding to so many of your comments for well over a year now but chose not to. I am risking it now because I am being deterred from reading the comments here primarily due to yours. The vast majority of comments that are published here are relevant or inspiring or educational. I rarely feel lower frequencies when I read comments here, except for 90% of your comments Edith. I wish I didn’t feel so moved to write this but I do. Denise, I fully understand if you do not publish this or choose to sanction me for doing so. You may also point out flaws in my opinions of this situation. I welcome that as I know I still have blindspots and am willing to keep working to minimize them.

    • I’m just not physically up to a big explanation Edith and Troy and All at this moment but when I am I certainly will. We’re still in 2019 and every inch of me feels it! (Been working on an article about all this but because I’m living it (many of us are now) while trying to write about it it’s taking me more time than usual. Sorry everyone, doing my best at the moment. ❤ )

      Here's a link Edith to something I wrote about RAGE and the AP in — and this is important — August 2009. A decade ago.

      Also, no fighting anyone because none of us have extra energy to waste on it at the moment. These last three months of 2019 are *^&#*% unbelievable and the only thing that’s really important for each of us, for ALL of us. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Denise (and Edith and Troy),
        I feel compelled to admit that I have felt like all three of you over this AP/EP especially these last few months. I have felt rage at the whole process, and I’ve felt the uselessness of the rage response.
        However, today I had an epiphany: I have been having a lot of physical pain, and been very angry about not being able to do a damn thing about it like Denise says. It is very frustrating because I’ve always been able to heal myself my whole life. Now I’m debilitated by this pain. So, ok, today, the epiphany – I realized/remembered that team dark, negative aliens, artificial intelligence, non-organic beings get FED by anger and pain and emotional upset!!! So… I said to myself, “Self, it is time to breathe and learn to embody the energy of the pain and not feed those bastards anymore!” And my Self breathed a giant sigh of relief that I finally understood. And my pain has kinda eased off too as a bonus.

      • Denise,
        Thanks for the link to that 2009 article. I just read it again and feel compelled to share a bit more. Reading that article again just confirms so much why I have your website on a pedestal all alone above all other websites / AP Teachers. You seem to be ahead of the curve rather than only explaining things after the fact. Your experiences, interpretations, articles and teachings resonate so clear and true to me. It’s real. I don’t feel any distortion or camouflage when I read your articles or either of your books. I just said I don’t feel any distortion or camouflage which I never would have said such a thing before my AP/EP and I believe I owe it to you writing about how each of us have an energy signature and how you can feel what rings true and accurate when you read or see or hear other “teachers”. On the flip side, I believe you said you can also feel what doesn’t ring true, like ego, distortion, lies, intentional diversions, etc. This feeling of energy is real and I have been relying on it for at least a year now consciously. In hind sight, I have had it for as long as I can remember but I wasn’t conscious of it and didn’t have the awareness that it is the reason why, a few years back, I consciously stopped engaging with a few friends that I have had for years. I didn’t like the feeling I got in my body when I read their emails, texts or talking on the phone. So I finally just blocked their numbers and email from arriving to me so I didn’t have to even read their words. I waffled for a while in my head with guilt and “being a coward” for not just telling them why I ghosted them. But that lessened over time and my confidence in taking that action grew over time as I was no longer allowing their “low frequency” into my personal space. I made an active choice to not allow that bad feeling into my being even if I wasn’t educated at that time as to the AP/EP. I didn’t have either the right balance within me or know of any way to prevent their energy from affecting me at that time so I stopped reading their messages. I don’t know if that is because I’m an empath or what but I do know that I am in the same boat today. I also believe that low frequency entities and attachments (TD) are very good at making their hosts say or do things or just manipulate situations that might keep their host from achieving a higher frequency. Or prevent others who watch, read or listen to their hosts, from reaching a higher frequency. About a year ago I stopped reading David W. and his gang because that feeling of distortion or camouflage kept increasing with every article or show. I always got that uneasy feeling when I read Lisa R. articles so I stopped reading her a year ago. I even commented to one of your articles that I was leary of those “teachers” because I feel like TD is using those teachers to either hijack or “detour” a segment of AP seekers by blurring a little bit of positive AP knowledge with a lot of their low frequency focus of aliens, cover-ups, conspiracy theories, government bashing, cool technologies, etc. It’s that little bit of truth but a lot of distortion theory that would keep people following them and keeping them at that level of stair steps. I just had to stop reading their material because it lowered my vibration each time and it is very hard to scrub things out of my mind after I read it or watched it. Their writings were not worth the effort it took for me to get over the bad feeling I got reading it. So I stopped and ended that “relationship” I had as a follower of them. Just like I did a few years back with some friends. I am very confident and comfortable with the choice I made. No more bad feelings being intentionally let into my space by me. I feel like my AP quickened faster after that, or at least to a point. This is a long winded comment to share why I commented earlier today about one particular person’s comment. I have had the same feeling reading that person’s comments from the very first time I read a comment by them some 3 years ago. And I have done my best to reflect, ponder, show patience but I am no longer willing to risk reading her comments if her comments are part of a larger effort to slow or stymie me or other AP seekers trying to raise their frequency by following Denise’s site. I didn’t intend for this to be this long or to frame it as some kind of ultimatum. I certainly don’t want to be a disruption to this community but I also don’t want to continue feeling bad and potentially “manipulated” by one and only one person’s comments. Denise, again I will understand completely if you don’t post this or feel like I am the one that doesn’t belong here. I think I have only commented 3 or 4 times in the past 3 years so I feel very vulnerable right now. This is a heartfelt comment though and I feel it is worth the risk sending it in. I realize some relationships have to end for the good of one or both parties. (That is in reference to the other person and me, not you Denise).

        • “You seem to be ahead of the curve rather than only explaining things after the fact.”

          Thank you for recognizing that Troy, it means a lot to me. ❤ It's also been a difficult thing my whole life, not just these past 20-30 ascension years. At the pre-incarnational soul level, I insisted that whatever I taught was from personal experience, not from having ETs transmitting info to me and/or not from channeling etc. I insisted on NOT being a "middleman" but someone who directly passed along higher knowledge gained completely from my own experiences in this and other lives and dimensions etc. It was and still is very important that this aspect is represented too and not just channelers or Starseeds being given info from higher dimensional ETs and others. The further along in the NEW ascended Earth we all go, the better this will be understood by all.

          “I didn’t like the feeling I got in my body when I read their emails, texts or talking on the phone.”

          And that, the FEELINGS you got and still get in your body are so profoundly important in being able to “read energies” in people, places, objects, systems, teachings, teachers and on and on. It’s glorious that you listened to it, to that aspect of yourself, your own Body Consciousness and took it seriously and paid attention to it. Well done you!

          This year in particular has caused many of us to release old ascension teachers, channelers, writers, video creaters etc. that we used to gain some level of benefit from in years past. This year the scant few ascension teachers that I enjoyed I too am no longer resonating with. It’s a case of they went that way and I went this way and it’s all okay. We’ve all been having to release everything including ascension teachers that are no longer an energetic match to each of us and vise versa. The great Separation continues as our Individuality grows stronger and stronger within the NEW ascended/ascending higher Group.

          “Their writings were not worth the effort it took for me to get over the bad feeling I got reading it. So I stopped and ended that “relationship” I had as a follower of them. Just like I did a few years back with some friends.”

          I have HAD to do this repeatedly with aspects of myself! Parts of my old self that continued doing stupid, pointless, limiting things that slowed ME down from my AP and EP. Now there’s some honesty! 😆 I do this whenever that old mental part of me gets all mentally engrossed and obsesses over and over about something that I first needed to be very consciously aware of but then let the damned thing go for gawd sake! Whenever I find I’ve done this again now, I literally stop myself in mid internal mental sentence and “walk away” from it all. I simply drop the thought, the focus, the emotions coming from that thought(s) the moment I become aware that it’s happening again and I can intentionally shift myself out of it entirely. For me, and many people, learning how to do that is super important. Just another of many old lower frequency things and traps we’ve discovered and taught ourselves how to break free of it, them.

        • Troy and Denise
          I so agree with you both about feeling one’s way through the minefield of falseness that we encounter. I too have given up reading or listening to the output of ‘AP teachers’. Some seem to be ‘portalised’ or the Light reveals who they truly are. To be told if one is in pain then one is doing it wrong. Also can you ‘buy’ DNA upgrades? Seems there are those of us who shovel and those who surf. I shovel, tired, in pain and feeling my way through all this. October has been an almost unbearable level of pressure on all levels. Each month since April has, for me, seen an increase in that pressure.

          I treasure this site. Denise, for me, has integrity and honesty, telling it like it is. I do not trust channeled information as it is affected by whoever is channeling and human ego is easily seduced. Those of us who form this community of commenters come to the site to express how we feel, what hurts and to ask advice. To those who would come and try to disrupt and contaminate us just two words… piss off. Denise thank you for your unstinting help for us all. 💖

        • High ❤ gratitude hugs Annj, thanks. ❤ ❤ ❤

          “Also can you ‘buy’ DNA upgrades?”

          I know! I know!, can you freaking believe this and that it’s still being presented in late 2019 and 2020? This shit has bothered me since forever and I have an article about it in the works because, well, enough already. 🙄

  • Ps. Actually I realize Im feeling to a lesser degree the intensity I felt on those earlier days the 10th etc. (Was it the 10th?). I feel so rattled. There is a sense of fear and or anger. Also the few folks that are my friends are going thru huge unsettling issues and burdened by injuries and challenges. I have to journal to feel like I’m talking to someone. Plus you Denise and all those here. I mean not even CHOCOLATE will help! 😔

    • Edith,

      Are you sure chocolate wouldn’t help. Trader Joe’s has some great chocolate and they cover everything with it fruits nuts etc.

  • Hi All. I need to vent that im freaked. Ever since those 2 days, was it the 10th? Ive been intensely EMOTIONAL. Over reacting. Feeling stressed. Wanting to cry. Is it menopausal? Along with my abrupt about face with food, I cant seem to balance. Im about to leave my dog park becuz one person, just one, is an emotional nut case and wanna be socialist on top of it. Her emotions are so all over that her extra large German Shepherd pup of 8 months has no control, and I observe the dog get worse when she is stirred up over something. And its my own fault for getting in discussions aka debating, and its fruitless! I find i feel ill. Today. Got ill. Its too crazy. And at work too. I need to get centered like ive never been centered b4. And during those 2 key days I felt exhausted and like my body was vibrating in a way. And anger was the key emotion. Not sure vibrate is the correct description. It seems like every Time we have these big shifts 3 things are always in play. Im working longer hours. The dog has stomach issues that keep me up all night. Or i simply toss and turn all night. And foot/leg cramps when im dead tired need to sleep and I feel it start, a twinge in an ankle. Ive learned the excruciating hardway I better sit up or stand up immediately becuz the agony is far worse while lying down. So instead of drifting into deep sleep I jerked up and sat up in time but was stuck screaming till it was over and hoping neighbors can’t hear me! So from the foot and the entire leg, both legs to my hips all the muscles twisting and knowing that my helpful magnesium is out on the kitchen counter and i can’t stand up never mind walk! And ive forgotten any stride or realization Ive made. Feel lost within the illusion of separation and ignorant of any knowing or truth. And lastly, and this is so crazy, is there normal? I keep bumping into seriously messed up individuals. This makes me believe I MUST be in some mass illusion. Well, this is my October, so far😳

    • My October 2019 hasn’t been much better Edith.

      I know we’re seriously in it throughout October, November and December this year. Why? Because of the total changes in energies that the January 12, 2020 Saturn Pluto will start. The 10, 11 and 12 energies before that are unlike ANYTHING we’ve experienced before… and it’s showing already and we’re just halfway through October!

      I did some painting work on October 3rd (in a bent way over and twisted position, and I know better!) and pulled some vertebra out of place in my lower back and because of this haven’t been able to stand up straight or sometimes hardly walk. What’s bothering me at this point is that nothing I’m doing has worked so far to help this and I need to get to the grocery store soon. It’s like I’ve been imprisoned all of October so far and can’t leave the house or do much of anything and at times it’s frustrating.

      Another of our HHL Group had her computer crash two days ago so in her way she’s been “taken out” and seemingly “removed” too. It’s looking like we all need to be prepared for anything, and I mean anything from here on out as we go through the rest of 2019 with each month’s different NEW energies being directed at us, Earth, humanity etc.

      And then there’s what’s happening here in the USA, the UK, and everywhere else and it’s gotten very obvious that Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn conjuncting are doing exactly what they’re supposed to on this side of the exact 1-12-2020 conjunction. If WE’RE feeling like we are this month and we know what’s going on and why, and we’ve been living the AP for one or two decades already, imagine how the unaware people must be feeling now with many of them (not all but many) having their physical bodies, selves, consciousness, lives and reality suddenly activated to BEGIN the AP in the midst of the world falling apart! Eye of the storm people, eye of the storm, and it’s looking like having some of your needed supplies — whatever they are for each of us — stockpiled and nearby (like the bedside table each night Edith) is just a smart thing to do now (she says and can’t get herself to the grocery store!). 🙄 Hang in there everyone. ❤

      • Idea for you Denise😊 I have a friend with serious physical issues, both her and her husband, and sometimes things get so tough she cant get out, like for groceries. Well she is now participating in one of those new delivery programs, including your shopping list. Extremely affordable when u find the right group of stores and drivers. She said literally a few dollars. So you might check it out. Im glad to learn about this bcuz I too am alone and sometimes we can become temporarily house bound. Now she lives down in Laguna Hills CA. It may be a more organized thing then in smaller areas. If u want specifics let me know and I’ll ask. I should have taken notes!💙💙💙☕

        • I need to educate myself about some of these new shopping options. I’ve seen TV commercials for them at Target and Walmart. Thanks Edith, they are probably really helpful for many people. ❤

      • Holey moley indeed … a chaotic roller coaster, quantum wave. Denise I can literally feel your back pain … been there done that 😦 heating pad only thing that helps me when my back goes out. Blessedly, it is behaving right now. It is the sinus stuff, ear ringing, ear stuff (my hubby’s so stuffed he could barely hear for a few days … slowly improving)., headache, and a very angry, annoyed fear that is my challenge right now and all October so far. And hooo boy, it is indeed a challenge most days … with occasional bliss moments of contentment & gratitude thrown in (don’t last long). Oh well … onward … thanks for being there Denise and community❣ 😚💜

  • Yesterday was HARD, many days have been hard embodying past month. I did realize something upon waking today, that I was grateful it was “hardest” on Sunday, least busy day. I wished I had thought so the day before. I am in transition to new work/life, not in it, transitioning into it. It’s been quite a challenge keeping up my own morale. I looked up articles on practical ideas for SELF-CARE regarding transitions remembering to prioritize self-care especially after reading this article. Thank you for emphasizing it, Denise. Being a “new” person as of September, more old relationships spun out, more new dynamics instated, so much fun walking through. I’m tired and a bit pissed at this point, this is a lot of work damnit. Make me 25 I’ll shut up. It’s been an energetically, interpersonally, practically challenging 5-6 weeks: more no-more-victim lessons, unexpected “tennis” lessons batting bullshit back to the irresponsible, a new no-responsibility for “your crap, any of it” policy in place, test after test, and don’t forget! EMBODY while you are at all this AND start a NEW LIFE!!! I feel like a fucking brat right now. I’m more aligned with this process and Heaven and God NOW than ever before. I would run myself to the ground for it. And not as a victim. And yet look at that fucking list!!! Goddamnit how am I DOING this?? My soul is a beast! Jesus! Light is SO powerful!! Never before have I EVER been so aware that LIGHT, beings of LIGHT, is all that does ALL this.. My mortality is shit. It could never handle this. I should be on the floor crushed suicidal calling my family by now. Thank you.. Just really really really tired and feeling a little alone. So grateful to be on THIS side of WOW, though. All of it, all these feelings at the same time.

  • Denise, thank you for all of this! I’m sorry to hear about your back on top of everything else! I’m SO foggy right now, but I wanted you to know I really appreciate the time you took and the insights you offered. I’m going to keep thinking it all over as I’m clearer. And I will reread that Celia Fenn article, too!

    Gerry, I’m watching for better “weather” tomorrow as you say! And Richard, my heart went out to you reading about what you’ve been through with your wife and are going through right now. Sending love to everyone. ❤️❤️

    • Dearest, I didn’t forget that it was you who sent me the link to Celia’s channeling. I was just suggesting to re-read it a few days later because we’ll often see, sense, understand something we didn’t the first time around. Sorry I wasn’t more clear about this. Some of me fog! 😆

      • Denise, that’s how I took it, no worries. ❤️❤️I’m going to be traveling tomorrow and look forward to rereading a lot of things! I may just have to revisit Master Hotei and Jade One to keep me company in the craziness of the airport. Love to all!

  • Kara,
    I agree that yesterday was difficult. I felt very down and discouraged. Everything seemed impossible. I woke up this morning feel happy. Everything that seemed impossible yesterday seems easy today. If you don’t like the weather, wait awhile. Kara, I hope your morning is the same. AND, Denise you’ve mentioned several times about hearing machinery. I’ve heard this also for a long time. It is suddenly much louder more persistant. What is it?

    • “AND, Denise you’ve mentioned several times about hearing machinery. I’ve heard this also for a long time. It is suddenly much louder more persistant. What is it?”


      I’ve heard it increase too this year, right along with everything else. O_o

      There’s been times over the past 6 months where I’ve heard what to me sounds to be completely physical sounds up in the air above like strange planes or jets or god knows what they are flying overhead. I’ve even gone outside and looked in the sky for anything while I’m hearing the sounds of multiple “things” up there and I’ve never physically seen anything every time I’ve done this.

      I sense that some of them have to do with these NEW higher frequency Light energies coming in. I’ve also perceived some of these strange physical sounding sounds up in the air and all around us being a result of Earth’s movement deeper and deeper into the Photon Light energies. Like a huge ship in a turbulent ocean of 7D Photon Light, our Earth ship is creaking and groaning and making strange sounds because she’s sailing in NEW higher frequency waters, as is the atmosphere around Earth, the magnets etc. and of course all life on Earth.

      Besides hearing these unusual sounds up in the air and space around us, all year I’ve clairaudiently Heard an increase in etheric, non-physical voices, talking and other strange sounds. I’ll take clairvoyantly Seeing things any day over clairaudiently Hearing strange, unrecognizable non-physical sounds and voices and chatter talking all the damned time! It’s busy everywhere now and it’s constant on all levels and dimension. I just wanna sleep in silence for a change. ^^’

  • Hi Denise and everyone at HHL, just wanted to check in too! I have read every post and all of the wonderful comments that everyone has been sharing but have not shared any comments of my own for a few months now. To say that the past 10 months have been very physically exhausting and challenging would be an understatement, but I know that you all know that and are living that as well. I have reduced my day to day activities to doing only the very basics and letting go of the rest for now, that way I can cope much better. Denise every post that you have written resonates with me 100%, thanks and gratitude to you and to all of the souls to come share their thoughts and feelings so deeply. Sending much love to you all as onwards and upwards we go! Hugs from Megan x 🙂

  • I have to ask, did anyone feel especially walloped today? I was so tired, and then angry/discouraged this evening. I’ve moved through the most intense wave, I think— but they’re SO close together now, hardly any time to integrate. Part of what’s hanging over me is my job (part-time attorney, which I mostly do while staying home with my girls). I don’t know how I can keep doing it but don’t see the alternative yet. I’ve felt a shift on the horizon for a long time.

    I love everything you’ve all been saying about disengaging from financial stress/worry. I’ve come a long way, but I don’t feel like I can jump off the cliff (as in, quit) yet. I can’t figure out if that’s because it’s just not time in terms of everything that’s coming up globally / separation of worlds— OR if it’s me holding myself back and not being brave. All of my creative spiritual projects are calling me and it’s hard to find time/energy for them most days lately. I’m rambling, and I appreciate a safe place to do that. I know I’m not alone in this in-between, and that knowledge helps. If any of you have insights, I’d sure appreciate it.

    Denise, maybe I will suddenly have clarity when my Uranus opposition starts? 🤪

    • “I have to ask, did anyone feel especially walloped today? I was so tired, and then angry/discouraged this evening. I’ve moved through the most intense wave, I think— but they’re SO close together now, hardly any time to integrate.”

      Kara & All,

      That’s a very big yes. Yesterday, Saturday October 12, 2019, was for me more of what began very intensely on the 10-10 and hasn’t stopped yet. Like you said Kara, it’s gotten much harder to tell because one energy wave, pulse, outpouring etc. bleeds into the next and the next and the next one. I’ve noticed in 2019, that if we’re lucky, we get maybe 12-24 hours sometimes between these energy pulses or waves. I doubt this will change anytime soon. We’re now in the Big Push energetically to get us and unaware humanity prepared energetically for the Saturn Pluto Capricorn conjunction January 12, 2020. Re-read Celia Fenn’s channeling because it clearly explains how each month –10, 11, & 12 — have different higher dimensional Groups of Beings directing specific energies at us each month up to 1-12-2020. This period is going to be extreme for all of us and totally next level NEW. I’m so trashed and crippled up right now it’s ridiculous! (Besides these energies, I threw my lower back out a week ago trying to problem solve some Portal Person (PP) BS next door to me. Some of us are experiencing an increase of this PP type crap lately too which makes sense because of the coming permanent changes on Earth and in us.)

      Only you can know what to do/not do about your pay the bills job now. With what’s coming in this country, I’d hang in there as long as you can with it and save and prepare for when you do quiet that job. It’s hard to say because we’re in such profound collapse of the old and the NEW codes have just begun pouring in in these next level, we’ve got more help from On High to help us and prepare everyone for what January 12, 2020 will produce. And Kara, on top of all that, your once in a lifetime Uranus Opposition is about to begin which will cause all sorts of changes in you and your life anyway. Make the money for now but you already know that big changes are coming personally and for everyone else too.

      You might try giving yourself a day that’s ONLY for you and your creative spiritual projects. Inform your family about that day and why you need it etc. and hope for the best. 🙂 Just a suggestion however as I know it’s hard to just turn the creativity on and off, but maybe that’s changing too for all of us. ❤

      • My husband and I had two rows, one on friday and one on saturday (usually we are not the regular fighting type). Thought it was interesting what happened and how it felt; within an hour we were so fed up with eachother that we almost divorced on saturday, my husband almost drove away out of frustration to stay with his brother 2 hrs down the road and for us that is huge and never done before (25 yrs together).

        Well shit happens, but what was different was that I’d been down in bed with a bad cold, totally out of energy. We both have been hermits for a long time, but I was really looking forward to a (dance)party of dear friends (we haven’t been to a party in a year because we didn’t feel we wanted to be around other people but these are dear friends with a great group of people surrounding them). Kids had just left the house to stay with my mom so we could go out.

        Anyways; it was such a weird situation for us; no energy, having a bad cold, standing/fighting for what was real Truth for me (and he for his), realizing there was all kinds of deeper stuff going on than we could put our finger on, strongly feeling we would not divorce now, feeling inner peace while firmly and full of fire (and I’m a watertype) standing for what I needed , while listening to what he needed and was fed up with, ready to divorce if necessary and still wanting to go to the party (a very unusual combo for me/us).

        So within 2 hrs we did all that, really talked it through, got ready for the party, drove 1,5 hr to get there, had a ball. I danced and chatted with great people and we both had so much fun. My voice was almost gone when we drove back as I’d been singing along while dancing and trying to talk to others in loud music. But the atmosphere was great and loving and we both had a great time, slept well and took it easy on the sunday and today (monday) my voice is back and my cold is almost gone. Even though I barely slept last night with that full moon energy (incl noises).

        Within 24 hrs such extremes and so many things that are unusual for me/us..for me it’s quite illustrating how weird/interesting life has gotten lately.

        • “Within 24 hrs such extremes and so many things that are unusual for me/us..for me it’s quite illustrating how weird/interesting life has gotten lately.”

          Thanks for sharing that Katja as it does very clearly show how all over the place we can be emotionally and physically too in a very compressed period of time. We’ve all experienced these extreme, sudden and short-lived WAY up periods and then WAY down periods. And while in this very high/low, low/high bi-polar-like state, there doesn’t seem to be anything we can do to mellow out what we’re feeling and going through. It’s a matter of having to go through it to get to the other side of it and sometimes this old Duality business we’ve all been going through is very extreme.

          The little glyph at the top is of the sign Aquarius and it’s two Waves going way up then way down, and that there’s two of these lines in this glyph have always made me focus in on the seemingly empty space between the two lines of energy Waves. Could that be the NEW Neutrality? Just thinking out loud. 🙂

          Anyway I’m glad the two of you got through that WAY up/down phase and didn’t end it with making appointments with a divorce attorney! It sounded like the most important part of all this was that you both realized that it was other things not dealt with yet that was the cause behind the fight. You both did great and should be proud of yourselves for navigating that emotional landscape as well as you both did. ❤

        • Thank you Denise.
          Life has just thrown another curveball (leakage bathroom/bedroom wall, bathroom made by a friend), so I’m sure practising ‘bipolar’ to neutrality (and back unfortunately)…

    • Kara,
      My situation is similar. I am an accountant mostly working on line most of time. Many or most times I can barely keep my head up.most days. My fear is I will pass out while on an online virtual meeting on camers.hit the keyboard and crash to the floor. I also see no way out as I got in heavy debt during my wife’s illness and death. As for 4 years I was a caretaker. Each year for ten years I have thought it would be my last to do this work any work but still it goes on and on
      But this year as all before it I am thinking if I can make it through the year a shift will occur for me and all others in similar situations.The accounting and legal business even when done with integrity dont seem new earth but what work does? And yes I was hit very hard yesterday today but what’s new

    • For Kara and everyone, as Denise said taking a day for yourself, or even just part of a day regularly is so important for the creative spirit. I have been working through a book (The Artist’s Way) I bought decades ago, but never got very far into. One major thing it suggests is a weekly ‘artist date’! So helpful on every level. Also experienced a purging in the wee hours of the 12th unlike any I’ve experienced in years. I learned a lot, which in the end was cool, but wow. I felt fairly detoxed before….the lightness now, so upgraded.

    • Kara, Oh Yes, to yesterday. I got up, had to sit immediately, then sat outside (glorious right now), then in bed, then napping, stopping, lasted all day, no letting up. I attempted a walk last night, it was still hard. Regarding work, I have taken a leap. I am relocated, starting new work, knew it was coming since March, mine was mission work, it was over. I knew I would be “out” come July, didn’t know how. I was surprised by a loving (and not-so-loving) kick that month. I will mention I started preparing for this (packing/donating old goods, etc.) in March. So my time to switch arrived on schedule. I hope yours does, too. 😉 I hear you on the “how will we” get things done feeling walloped so often. How have we done any of this past several years?! And yet we have! Denise addresses this a lot. Right now, I am irritable, too. I wonder… “co-creating/creating” new lives, service. How can we “create” (a huge endeavor unlike maintaining/surviving) when getting dressed and bathing is hard many days a month? I’ve been pissed off for approximately 48 hours about this, mad, seriously. Lol, but I’m not really laughing. I will say that I had windows of easy days during July and much unseen support for all the heavy lifting of physical changes even with unexpecteds showing up. It seems it opens when we need it to. We are being paid SO MUCH ATTENTION to now, so much multidimentional support, so much Love from source/God, it is super sonic triple the benefits in this super infused light. So quantum this new life! I pray your shift reveals itself while you seek it and arrives perfectly time! :)) Knowledge of how, when and what don’t seem to be part of the 5D equation. I’m humbly learning to live this new “math” 😉 and grateful things show up on cue in the new! Peace to you, Kara!!

      • Marcy, thanks so much! I was thinking the other day that I hadn’t seen an update from you in awhile. Sounds like you’ve been living this crazy journey in all the compressed rollercoaster insanity, too. I’ve been in an absolute whirlwind the last two days. You’re right—there’s no way I’d be even remotely OK if it wasn’t for all the help and all the Work already done. It’s wonderful to hear how you’ve walked through your big shift and you’re on the other side now. Congratulations to you for DOING IT!

        Also hi to 10tinBluebirds— Yes, I regularly sacrifice sleep to create once the kids are in bed because it fuels me just as much if not more! I love what you and Denise have suggested about carving out specific time. When I’m in the middle of a huge push to publish something, I do, but otherwise it’s in the in-between. I hope to create that shift soon. I’m glad you’re on the other side of your great purge! ❤️

        • Haha, Kara, I think of it more in waves as today I am again down under, tho not so deep as Saturday. Still treating my free time today like I am on vacation!! 🙂 If you start with once a week, it will get easier and easier to make time, I promise. Good luck!!

        • Kara, that was so kind of you to say! Hope you are well now (energies a little more chill today and yesterday) and perhaps indulging in your creativity. I read all reports, but was in non-stop motion plus non-stop events plus energies, so didn’t write. I was back east and the travel allowed me to let go more. It afforded me the wonderful feeling of knowing I was where I was supposed to be when I arrived back here. More changes happening and manifestation is practically whiplash fast. 5 D feels super fast, seems we are not being allowed to go FAST though. We all seem to be slowed down by one thing or another. I am rereading recent shares (Denise, hope your back is healing!) and wondering…maybe fast is dangerous for the moment (nevermind not possible for many reasons)?! No idea! I decided my body needs exercise starting now, or I might hurt myself, but I will go into that carefully in the new high speed 5 D!

        • Hi Denise and All,
          Thanks for this great discussion Denise and I hope you are doing well, Light to you!
          I felt a pause and slowdown as well, and thought perhaps it was a break, but it was sluggish, like the brakes on a speeding train, not a natural pause. Then yesterday my Guides and Guardian were jumping with joy saying “It’s back on! “. TD with the same old argument: if we slow down we’ll get more people aboard the train. Seems Source batted that one out of the park!
          Love and Light,

  • Hi Denise and Everyone,

    I’m still here also!…even though the last 6 weeks have been a real slog. I’m still functioning as the full-time caregiver for my long-time companion (for eight years at full capacity), but with the Freedom Codes that have kicked in, I have to admit that I’m finding all of it a real nuisance and an intrusion into my ongoing AP/EP journey. I feel guilty admitting this. Because my companion continues to face numerous psychiatric and physical maladies that are being “medicated” by conventional medicine, it does not appear that he will be moving into the next levels of DNA and every-other-thing activation between now and 2020…but I say this while observing how presumptuous I sound in making such a statement…How could I possibly know what could happen for him and what will be in his future? I could share much more detail here, but today I’m particularly grateful to the conversations between you and Diana (I hear you loud and clear, Diana) and you and Jain Lee (hi Jain Lee). Every conversation accompanying this post, however, has been like a balm to my soul…so thank you so much, everyone.

    You may recall that the Saturn/Pluto conjunction of January 12, 2020 will happen within four degrees after having crossed my Ascendant, so it will be happening just into my First House…but I’ve certainly been feeling the effects for at least six months now. Although I don’t know how the details of all this will play out, it feels like it’s taking a lot of fortitude to maintain my composure amidst all of the medical details. I want to feel free! I’ve chosen to make my life as simple as possible, and I’ve removed everything I can that feels extraneous to in-the-moment living…no past, no future, just what is happening NOW. Complexity is highly-overrated.

    Thank you to everyone here who is sharing of themselves in such open, honest and authentic ways…and thank you always, Denise, for making this forum and the wisdom of your experiences available to all who are drawn to encounter them…

    • “I feel guilty admitting this.”

      Do not Raymond B., do NOT. ❤

      I know very well why you feel this way with your personal evolution and the help you provide to humanity because of it, being restricted somewhat by your having to care-take another person. I said many months ago to Barbara that I felt like I was at times failing my Ascension and Embodiment Process because of my having to deal with my mom. I knew I wasn't giving it 1000% like I wanted to because I had to continue dealing with her. We both were stuck in a miserable place of her not moving ahead and me lingering behind because of her and not giving my entire being to my AP and EP processes.

      Honestly Sugar Bear, I can't see how your life situation will remain as it has been while Saturn Pluto in Capricorn conjunct and physically deliver the NEW codes for mass humanity — and all that happening conjunct your ASC just into the 1st.

      This next info is about everyone Raymond.

      This Saturn Pluto Capricorn exact conjunction on January 12, 2020, is the starting point where all the NEW codes for mass humanity are set in place physically — they already are in higher frequencies and dimensions — which is going to cause a lot more people to suddenly die because they cannot remain, for whatever their personal reasons, in these NEW very high frequencies, Light energies and NEW codes. Like December 21, 2012 was the Expiration Date of the past cycle, I very strongly feel that January 12, 2020 is another Expiration Date, it’s one for the START of the NEW cycle.

      Because of this there’s a strong possibility that your past companion will exit his body as my mom did. There’s other possibilities too where you’ll be able to exit this situation and he’ll be cared for by others. We both know however that how it has been cannot and will not continue under these epic transformations and evolutionary energies. You both risk being crushed by them if you don’t change because of them, and I know your Higher Self has other plans for you than restricting your AP and EP.

      Thank you for being so honest with us because we ALL benefit from our honesty, our transparency, our sharing our soul desires and contracts to continue our evolution in these lives. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Dear Raymond B,

        Hi! Having watched my mother be the sole caregiver to my dad who was slowly dying from effects of a second stroke, I know just how desperate the endless days can feel. I helped as much as I could the last 3 years of his life and comforted her as she broke down crying from the exhaustion.

        The hardest part was how much my heart felt like it was being choked and squeezed watching the two people I love suffer in their own ways. The scariest part was the moments of indifference and something bordering on cruelty rising up in me at the most heart wrenching parts.

        Idk the reasons behind why we must suffer (choice, soul contract, karma, take your pick), but my takeaway from that experience is that it’s important to bear witness. To the suffering, the love, the frustration, the heartaches, the helplessness, the guilt, the blame and the care (of urine, excrement, vomit, tears and hugs). All of these human conditions must be witnessed, digested, processed and then let go of in love and forgiveness for all parties involved.

        Idk why I’m sharing this with you or if it’ll even help you, I suspect you’re helping me process my own father’s death, even now, 3 years later. I tell myself that he’s forgiven me and loved me but have I forgiven and loved myself (enough)?

        Anyway, I FEEL you Raymond B, and I send you so much love and appreciation for what you’re experiencing now.

        • Hi Jain Lee,

          Greetings! Thank you for sharing your caring thoughts, feelings and concern for me. Your words captured the deep emotional vulnerabilities and conflicts I’ve confronted daily in my caregiving, and despite the many difficulties and challenges I, your mom, you, Denise and many others have encountered daily in looking after the well-being of another, I’m still surprised at the resilience and emotional/spiritual generosity that is accessible when we most need it.

          I am not a believer in any person, healthy or not, needing to endure any pain or suffering, EVERRR again! This is so yesterday’s Age of Pisces, LOL! However, in my opinion, this is one of the legacies of that age that we are helping to transmute and embody as Conscious Ascenders and Creators, and even though my companion may never arrive at even remotely investigating this possibility, there is still something intensely beautiful as he continues with the ongoing-ness of his life (is that a word?).

          Although I am not a Biblical scholar or a devotee, Jesus was purported to have said (and I paraphrase the verse from Isaiah 65:24): “Even before you ask, I will have answered…” So, as you move to self-forgive once and for all and “put that baby to bed,” I share my understanding of this with you…that, because EVERYTHING has ALREADY been forgiven before you may have even asked, there remains nothing to forgive…because it’s all been taken care of…in advance, tee hee! When I came to understand this for myself, it has helped me greatly in my own work when self-compassion and self-forgiveness have not come easily…like in my comment to Denise about feeling guilty for finding this caregiving business a nuisance and a distraction from my AP/EP. (and to which you responded). I hope I did not cross any boundaries in sharing my insight with you and I apologize if I have…and I trust you will let me know.

          Much love to you, dear Jain Lee…BTW, i think I recall that we may be neighbors…I live in NYC…and if it is indeed you that lives in NJ, I’m waving to you from across the GWB!

      • Denise, thank you for the love/Love/LOVE and caring I feel from you in your reply. From time to time, I say to myself, “What a loss it would be to this world if it did not get to experience all the LOVE that I am.” So onward I go, connecting more and more deeply to this LOVE with everyone and everything, that is evidently such an integral part of each of our individual AP/EP journeys. How much of this LOVE will I permit myself to embody? Let’s see. With love/Love/LOVE to you tenfold, Denise…so grateful to you. xoxo

  • Dear Denise,
    I’m really in the trenches here with the incoming energies: everytime I put my head up to make contact, the information disappears into the space between my ears or another unique blast hits me! Caught the Equinox sniffles.
    Food changes have become a way of life for me. I’ve been changing out my wardrobe one more time on my Guides advice. They would like me to wear linen, silk, wool and domesticated leather (Ever met a Biker you’d care to mess with?!) which I haven’t worn for years. Keeps me distracted, I guess. Otherwise, I’m watching old Charlie Chaplin movies, very amusing.
    Lots of personal revelations, however. 5-D seems to require the truth.

    Maybe later I’ll remember more to write!
    Love and Light,

  • Hi Denise!
    I’m still here, too🥴 Really was hanging on by less than a thread there for the last month. I woke up this morning with a booming voice saying “We made it!!”
    Thank you for being there always, Denise.💜💜💜💜
    Much love to all💕💕
    Tammy R.

  • Denise, I’m also a VERY regular reader of yours but haven’t had the wherewithall to respond lately even when I’ve WANTED to. I’ve been SO impressed with your ability to put articles together in such a coherent way when I haven’t even been able to comment…especially that one article recently that wouldn’t have made ANY sense to anyone except a “first everythinger” to whom it made EXCEPTIONAL sense…I wish I could remember exactly which one it was because it was A MASTERPIECE. I had a comment formulated to you then in my head but it never made the page. In any case, I think it’s TRUE TESTAMENT to not only you and your brilliance, but to the energies that are now bringing your tried and true tribe back out of the woodwork (or the bed). Perhaps we really are READY to come out of hibernation again. Sending SO much love and GRATITUDE your way. (Someone sent me a donation today and I just gave you half of it. I see it being more for ALL of us very, very soon.)

  • Checking in… still standing… those two words have become my ‘meme’, and I’m old enough to wonder if ‘meme’ is even a word and too tired to look it up! Thanks, Denise, and everyone for the good, strong and together comments. I enjoyed Celia’s article and though I have no idea what the NEW timeline will hold, it is great to know that the OLD timeline is definitely ending. Celia suggests we ‘slow down’. That won’t be difficult as I’m barely moving already! Much LOVE to ALL HERE. B.

  • Denise,
    I have a question, hoping you can provide perspective.
    While driving I noticed the brand new concrete planters built beside the brand new road that looks so beautiful except that the planters are just growing weeds. And I realize that feels like my life!
    I can feel the NEW energy and it feels wonderful- but my body is literally so broken that I cannot “weed” the planters and “plant” flowers. I can’t even walk and six months ago I was athletic.
    Am I missing something? I feel like Moses, getting to witness the “promised land” but not participate in it.
    The NEW energy is making some of my family members insane, but they believe they are enlightened. And my job – the patients are totally gone with dementia but won’t/can’t “leave” their bodies. I have a lot of compassion for others and my own difficulties but I am totally out of patience!
    Is it ok to be angry and disappointed and grateful all at the same time?! I’m so tired of being “nice” to insane people that are screaming at me about something totally meaningless to me.
    The NEW is right there, but when I touch it, it’s just fog.
    Please tell me that good stuff coming SOON is really soon – like five minutes 😃!

    • “Is it ok to be angry and disappointed and grateful all at the same time?! I’m so tired of being “nice” to insane people that are screaming at me about something totally meaningless to me.”

      Oh Diana, of course it is. I’ve felt that way for most of these ascension years, and marveled over how I could be so angry, so sad, so full of Light and increasingly LOVE now too all at the same time. (I’m working on a short article about this.) Evolution and living in two radically different levels of consciousness and reality.

      “And my job – the patients are totally gone with dementia but won’t/can’t “leave” their bodies.”

      I experienced this with my mom’s dementia and it just getting worse and worse every year, then every month up to her death in June. These mental diseases caused by I don’t care what, are so horrible for everyone and you’re right, they’re in this state of advancing mental deterioration but they’re not aware of it and they hang on and on. I don’t want to go off on a rant about TD and the old patriarchy and how so much of these diseases were amplified by things they’ve done. It’s dying and I wish you had a different job my friend. Is there anyway you could do that?

      To your question. Yes, we’ve been in this genuinely horrible and lengthy state of not all here and not all there yet since the AP started! What I got from Celia Fenn’s Archangel Michael October 2019 channeling (see link below) is that this is, as of today — October 10, the 10-10 of 2019 — the start of the massive next level of the AP. Then the 11-11 and then the 12-12 and then the 12-21 Solstice of 2019 and then… grab your socks everyone… the last piece to all this is the 1-12-2020 Saturn Pluto Capricorn conjunction.

      The very fact that a whole big bunch of other people around the world are being activated by the 2019 10-10 energies today to START the AP is going to change everything for the rest of us who’ve been at this since it started! Seriously, this activation of more people to START the Ascension Process now will reduce so much of the things we’ve been dealing with since 1998-1999. In other words, having more people be activated to START the AP now will shift things for us and them in very positive ways. I’m not saying all this will be comfortable or easy but it won’t be like what we’ve been living and doing and holding by ourselves since the AP started on the physical level back around 1998-1999.

      This is what these last three months of 2019 into the January 2020 Saturn Pluto conjunction are doing to many more humans — activating the START of their AP which will naturally change what we First Everythingers have been doing, living, being, holding and creating all along. This is a monumental step up a couple flights of energy stair-steps for us which will greatly help us to not feel this horrible not all here and not all there yet sensation we’ve had since 1998. It won’t be instant perfection but it will be a HUGE improvement for us in so many ways because we’ve got help now through these other “regular” people who are STARTING their AP processes and following the energy Paths we’ve build and blazed through the density and darkness for them, for humanity. I’m so excited about this NEW phase of the AP, and of our final phase of our EP and how amazingly all these pieces fit together. Just like we knew what we were doing all along! 😉 WE have!

      I hope I got close enough to answering your question Diana. If not please try again. Just know that it’s all “shifting” yet again but this time — the last three months of 2019 and in to the Saturn Pluto conjunction — the Ascension Process is being changed in very big and wonderful ways that are going to help us, and of course further change us too and not just these new people being activated to begin their AP now. ❤

      • Thank you so much Denise and this whole HHL tribe for your loving support!
        While I was reading your comments I got a vision of a pyramid the cheerleaders build with the strong, hearty ones on the bottom, usually on their knees supporting the whole bunch on their backs, and the little one on top getting to do all the flying acrobatics. Well, I think once the NEW energies kick in for reals(!) WE Firsters may get to be the flying around having fun ones for a change. 💚

    • yes it is more than okay feel exactly the way that you do Diana. And don’t deny how you feel because that is a part of the whole crazy process we call ascension that you are consciously feeling.and integrating.

  • I’m still here too Denise. Sort of stuck in my own little world where it feels more comfortable more than ever. The energies were really blasting me hard Today finally feeling better. You are the rock in the storm that I find myself turning to constantly. Love Linda

    • Thanks Linda C. for letting me and everyone else too know that we’re all still here even when it doesn’t look or feel like it. ❤ Gratitude hugs to everyone.

      My head has felt like the top of it's been opened wider so more NEW Light energies and codes etc. can enter to be embodied lately. Just last night my left eye suddenly was seeing some anomaly for about an hour. I went to bed and this morning it's gone but my ears have been squealing again for weeks and my body just aches and is unusually stiff and my head is dealing with more NEW incoming but all to be expected. Rest, embody, adjust and be ready to do it all again and again at higher and higher levels. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Denise, I feel some kind of excitement and anticipation. Like something isn’t around the corner but has passed the corner and is right there ready to touch me. Things are clearer and getting me ready…but for what? I much say I do feel excited over it and not fear. As if” Yes! I’m ready… bring it on!” Excitement excitement excitement! Usually that would give me fear and hibernation… but I feel ready for the next…I want to say “elevation “ I cannot say the words, I can only feel it. Love sent your way beautiful light of a being that you are!

  • @all,
    yesterday i lost a molar during my nap…🤔And now i was singing in the vineyard…thank you denise, celia and all high trieb with love.💖👑

  • So grateful to Denise and everyone else for the insightful and comforting exchanges about food and also about evolving NEW beyond ancient, advanced societies. It has been really intense here with my little girls being sick and continuing to work through my own stuff. My relationship with food has changed so many times over the last few decades. It’s challenging to navigate with my kids as I’m still undoing old programming, so I especially appreciated you sharing your approach, Kate Street! I love your food mission!

    • “It has been really intense here with my little girls being sick and continuing to work through my own stuff.”

      Thanks for sharing that Kara because I’ve felt everyone GONE, not here a HHL for a while now and wondered if it was due to how intense 2019 has in general been or if I said something (again) that sent readers fleeing?

      Kids back to school must mean there’s autumn illnesses everywhere for many of you with young children. It’s got to be so difficult, it certainly was for me taking care of my elderly sick mom. And yes, our own personal and continued Work on ourselves has been epic this year to say the least, and so very, very intense and all while dealing with AP symptoms that continually increase in intensity too. Just the past few days have been very difficult both physically and emotionally and of course energetically.

      Years ago I wrote an article at TRANSITIONS about food and digesting difficulties related to the AP. The comments that article got back then were so severe, so unaware and totally old 3D patriarchal programmed beliefs about what’s “good” to eat and what wasn’t. The “Food Police” people wrote numerous comments under that article that were so incorrect and had absolutely nothing to due with the AP and what those of us living it back then were experiencing that I had to close comments on it to stop the abuse, insults, egoic attacks by them on the rest of us experiencing ascension related food, eating and digestion difficulties. They just didn’t get it which is okay and understandable, but attacking those who were and still are experiencing different ascension related things than they were or are is definitely not.

      Anyway, hugs all around Kara and discern foods and drinks and bypass the old lower programming because it’s incorrect and unaware. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Hi, not gone but definitely in ‘hibernation mode’ or ‘computer safe mode’ due to how intense it has been/is…..doing only the stuff that has a deadline/ needs immediate attention like sick kids, and annoyances like a dead laptop, broken phone and hardly working internet.
        Being more than doing and the doing is mostly inner work (healthier boundaries). Feels like a long intense phase, this one… lots of pains, hormones are going haywire too.
        Glad I somehow keep feeling and trusting we’re about to enter another stairstep/floor (but also realizing it will then start all over again in a different way).
        Glad Denise’s blog is here and the tribe which gives and/or reads comments.

        • High ❤ Gratitude hug Katja. Thank you for your comment as it has been something else all year.

          Speaking of that, I'm going to add a link here under my article, September Equinox & the Last Three Months of 2019, from Celia Fenn channeling Archangel Michael entitled, Awakening & Illumination: October 2019 to January 2020. Thanks Kara. ❤

          It's great and goes into detail about the 10, 11, and 12 — October, November and December months with their 10-10, 11-11 and 12-12 energies plus the December 21, 2019 Solstice AND how and why all of this is prepping us for what the January 12, 2020 one and only Saturn Pluto conjunction in Capricorn is going to instantly activate across Earth and in much of humanity. After reading it I better understood the amused statement I heard/perceived from an Ascended Master from "On High" recently (which I mentioned in my article) about how I am, how we are going to need each of our Triple Crowns to help us get through these last three months of 2019! Indeed. Here comes the really good stuff finally everyone. ❤ ❤ ❤

        • Denise, I’ve been here, just not commenting while deeply in it. I’m really grateful that my mom is another HHL fan (Hi, Mom!) and just a phone call away. Parenting little ones through the AP is SO HARD sometimes, and I want my mom, too. Currently sitting in my car crying at what you said about the really good stuff and just all of it. Let’s go. 💓

        • Thank you Katja for all you said here . . .doing stuff that has a deadline/needs immediate attention, and so glad Denise’s blog is here . . and the tribe too. BarbK

      • Hi Denise. I am still here too and have been loving this conversation regarding food and more. Thank you Kate Street for your beautiful insights. I have also been in Being/Hibernation mode. Lots of inner work, reprogramming, restructuring (literally feels like my bones and skeletal structure making changes) and more. Just hunkering down and going into it deeply – really surrendering and letting go to the Divine/Higher Selves.

        Just wanted to say HI and I love you All!

        • Thanks Karina and everyone for letting me know you’re all still here. ❤ I know you all can feel when I'm "gone" because I'm deep in it, and I can feel when all of you are gone too so thanks everyone for joining in now because it has been so extreme for so long.

          After reading Celia Fenn's October 2019 channeling it's clearly going to get a lot more intense and exciting… just like we've known it would for the last three months of such a potent year. And then the Saturn Pluto conjunction.

          Did you all know that TOMORROW!!! is 10-10? How did that sneak up on us so quickly? Wow, here we go GO!

          Group Gratitude Hugs to ALL.

      • Hi Denise,

        I’m just checking in to let you know I’m still here (in my high heart), I check the comment section daily and *smile* and send love to all. But most days I feel like I’ve gone to another space. Lots of wooziness, ear ringing and feeling like I’m being split apart in all directions.

        Just last week I was suddenly so dizzy and nauseous I had to drop everything and go straight to sleep, at 9pm. Felt like an emergency massive download that I HAD to upload right then and there.

        Otherwise, everything is fine. Upside down and high strangeness seem to be the new normal, not gonna question it, just going along and high heart smiling through it all the nausea, crying and body aching. Near instant purge poop have stopped.

        Thanks for bringing up the food issue, I eat whatever my body wants and that’s all there is to it. Whether that’s ice cream 3x a day to nothing but salad the next, only to just gorge on potato chips the next.

        Much like money problems, I no longer can be bothered by the constant bills, debt and anxiety. One day it all stopped, I no longer “think” about worrying about these things, I’ll buy what I need to and let the universe take care of how it’s going to be paid.

        Idk, this is just where I’ve arrived, may seem cavalier and careless to some, but it’s just money and food. I figure there’s an endless amount of it out there and I don’t have to worry about any of that.

        I love you all and hope you all laugh easily and often!

        • Jain Lee,

          Thanks so much for connecting here and letting me know the Group is indeed nearby always, just sometimes needing more downtime to further embody and Embody.

          Everything you said about food and what you do with it is what I’ve done too. I don’t believe in their old 3D food rules and beliefs, plus they haven’t been living the AP like we First Everythingers have since 1998-1999 every minute of every day. I know when the best time for me is to eat something that’s a bit heavier and I know when not to and what my body will do if I choose to ignore what I’ve learned over these past 20 ascension years. And like you, if I want to eat something that others would lose their minds over (the Pluto in Virgo generation is SO much more touchy about foods/eating etc.) then I eat it. Our bodies are our bodies and no one else knows them like we do.

          The money thing, and it’s only a thing like food, has taken me some serious Work since June when I became unemployed because of mom exiting. I admit I freaked out going from a reliable income to zero in a day and then not having anything coming in for nearly four months until my retirement benefits got started. That old money “survival” thing was front and center for me in spades since June 2019, but things have finally settled down in ME over the $$$ stuff. I want to be FREE in all ways from all the old lowly 3D patriarchal systems and my beliefs about them and my resentment of them. These last three months of 2019 and the January 12, 2020 event (Saturn Pluto conjunction) will do the trick. ❤ ❤ ❤

        • “I want to be FREE in all ways from all the old lowly 3D patriarchal systems”

          You said it sister!
          Soon, very soon.

          Giving you and everyone a big high heart bear hug!

        • “Idk, this is just where I’ve arrived, may seem cavalier and careless to some, but it’s just money and food. I figure there’s an endless amount of it out there and I don’t have to worry about any of that.”

          Jain Lee, I think this is EVERYTHING. I’ve been at that point with both these issues on and off over the ascension years but I do believe I FINALLY anchored it….YESTERDAY. lol. It doesn’t seem careless at all, it seems ENLIGHTENED. We are not meant to worry about such mundane things. We have better things to do! Amen to you, Sister!

          Denise, I’ve been having money freak outs this year too. Like the monstrous food freak outs, these inner tantrums have SO huge and SO irrational that I just have KNOWN that it’s the FINAL unshackling. SO glad to hear it’s settled for you. Me too! (As of yesterday, lol.) What a freakin’ burden! (Man, I’m feeling the ENERGY pouring from this tribe in your comments section, Sister! It’s almost like a bliss bath. Thank you!)

        • Dear Jain Lee and Denise,

          Jain Lee: Thank you so much for what you shared about the food and money issue. I totally agree and been told by my Higher Levels this exact thing. If they ask me to buy something or travel to do Light Work I tell them they will have to find the money for it as I am too tired to worry about it anymore.

          I think that may be one purpose of being so tired…I can’t worry about the minutia anymore.

          Denise: I am still here and take great solace in all the comments and articles. It has been a week of chaos and massive shifts in the physical and nonphysical. I had a cold all last weekend and then the dog got sick and the power was turned off in many areas around the Bay Area where I live=chaos extravaganza. So I was busy with all that but I AM still here. Thank you for being here!

          Also Denise thank you for posting Celia Fenn’s link. The day before you posted it I felt that an article was coming and I went to her site looking for it but did not find it. Then you posted the link and I was so happy and relieved (not sure why I just wrote relieved but it seems true).

          I also have to admit that I am getting tired of taking care of my elderly dog. I love her and it feels like an energy suck to be in and out of the Vets office etc. I am ready for a change in this relationship.

          Big Hugs and Love to you All Brave and Lightfilled Souls!🙏❤️❤️❤️👼

        • “Also Denise thank you for posting Celia Fenn’s link. The day before you posted it I felt that an article was coming and I went to her site looking for it but did not find it.”

          I was impulsed to do the same thing Nancy and didn’t find any new message or channeling by Celia. It was Kara who emailed me a link to Celia’s latest channeling a couple of days later which I shared a link to here because it’s so important. I totally understand why you feel ‘relieved’ because that’s what her message gave me, relief about the next level of the AP.

          And thank you for being so honest and admitting to being tired of being the caregiver to your elderly dog. I increasingly felt that way about my beloved elder cat after he’d had two strokes and I told him that I was okay with him leaving if he was ready to do so. He started doing so the day Agent Orange was elected. My fur buddy wasn’t about to stick around and go through all that on top of all he already had just living with me and the AP!

          Take good care of yourself and replenish your inner energies. ❤

        • Dear Kate Street and lovepeace1111,

          Oh Kate and Nancy, that was a tough one to finally get over, right?

          I think you, Nancy, got it right on the nail, I think we’re all too exhausted to care about money problems. That shit was exhausting and as a defense mechanism my heart just steered my brain away from that being the focal point of my thoughts.

          And you know what? That freed up a lot of mental and heart space for other things, like hobbies and passions and things that make me happy. It was as if I now “allow” myself to venture into the elusive happy zone that always seemed to be reserved for ‘later’ or ‘when I have the time’ or some other excuse.

          I personally love sewing and diy skincare and I’m so much happier now for regularly indulging in my hobbies. 😁

        • Thank you Jain Lee, Denise, and All for your Awesome High Hearts and Support!!! Such a Beautiful Oasis of Bad Ass Love Beings Here! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Nancy

    • omg, Kara, I hear you ~ unprogramming ourselves while doing our best NOT to program our kiddos is such a major challenge!

      I’ve found myself repeatedly through the years having to STOP and backtrack from old “shoulds.” Something “simple” like telling my kids to wear clothes/jackets so they’re not “too cold,” is something I STILL have to bite my tongue about. Like not needing food to sustain us, I also believe (KNOW) that our bodies can self-regulate temperature. My 11 year old son, who’s got sensory sensitivity to clothing, has taught me that he is a MASTER at doing this. He goes outside every day, rain or shine or snow, and only wears his one outfit of a long sleeved t-shirt and pants and is FINE.

      Even though I feel like I’m teaching them sometimes, in reality THEY are the ones teaching ME. I have a sign on my wall that I made during my “soul-merger initiation” that says “Trust Children. Allow them to be the MASTERS they are.” I know it was meant to be a reminder to me to just get the hell outta their way. These new kids have newer biology than us and I just have to TRUST it. They all have WAY more amazing bladders than me or my husband (we call them “super-natural bladders”) and they’ve shown how quickly their bodies can heal. Case in point, one of my sons had a tooth infection ~ together we made a “potion” complete with a programmed crystal, edible herbs and flowers and intention-infused water. I told him it would heal him and he BELIEVED it, so it did. The dentist was confounded. She’d never seen anything like it before. She was prepared to pull his tooth but didn’t have to. That was the LAST time we went to the dentist. I constantly affirm that their bodes can heal anything and quickly and that’s all they need to hear to just run with it.

      They also, above anyone else, have taught me what it’s like to love unconditionally. These new kids = such a gift.

      Denise, thanks for the community to talk about such things. And YES, I will be getting on that Bacon Plant ASAP!

      • Kate S., thank you for the link— loved it. I’ve been watching your videos and feeling relieved (silly but true) at all the TV and iPad time my kids have had this week while sick. 😂 I have often felt alone in parenting small children during this pressure cooker of an evolutionary upgrade. I soaked up your emphasis on NO JUDGMENT of our kids’ activities/choices/diet/interests and relinquishing them to their own divinity because they bring their higher vibration to whatever they choose to do/experience/be. I’m going to be more conscious in honoring this!

        All of this fits so beautifully with the active discussions here these last few days (which I’ve loved) about not judging our adult selves related to food, money, feelings of guilt/anger, etc.

        Thank you to you and Denise and all the commenters here for helping me integrate on a deeper level how CRITICAL it is to stop judging anything about my own experience or my perception of others.

        I’m so grateful for this community and hope to meet you in person someday for a huge party. Sending everyone love!!!

        • I’m so grateful for this Ascension Community too Kara and all.

          I want to thank each of you for the HighHeart place and space we all reached and shared from yesterday. I needed it very much after this powerful and difficult year so Thank You all for everything. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Oh Kara, The TV/ipad thing was a difficult one for me to get over too. I would beat myself up SO much for just letting them do what they wanted to do (oy, what a mind-fuck!). Then something really cool happened that just allowed me to let it go: We were having a small party at our house (this was YEARS ago, I soooo don’t do parties now!) and my second son, who was not quite 2 years old at the time, didn’t want to play with the other kids or do anything with anyone else. He just wanted to sit and watch his little DVD player. I ended up taking a picture of him sitting solo and zoning out to his DVD player and when I looked at the digital photo there was a HUGE orb sitting right between him and the little DVD player. To me it felt so strongly like that orb was Divine Protection, letting only the good things through, and filtering out everything else. From then on, I just believed that they were always being Divinely Guided and Protected, in all their endeavors including tv, ipads, and video games. ALSO, knowing that in the past children were chastised for READING too much really helped me understand that GUILT is just programmed into parenting period! It takes different forms but it’s all just bullshit. lol. I’m going off on a tangent. But THANK YOU, Kara, for this discussion. It’s been PERFECTLY TIMED for me. I’ve had another book in my head since I finished my first one three years ago. This book will be about my own experiences of parenting the NEW children in an awakening world. I wrote an outline awhile ago but haven’t had the motivation/inspiration/energy to pursue it. The timing of me freeing up some HUGE old energetic anchors this week is now also freeing in me some creative juices that I haven’t felt in awhile. I am now READY to write that book. THANK YOU (and Denise and this whole community) for helping me get there!
        So much LOVE!

        • So, so excellent Kate S. Does everyone see and feel how much movement into our individual and Group NEW had been happening just these past couple of days? The 10-10 energies starting the AP for people who don’t have a clue about any of this, and us who’ve been at this since day-one. We’re all leaping up many stair-steps right now and this will only continue and expand for these last three months of 2019.

          Thank you again everyone, we’ve all needed to feel better, have Group hugs all around, and be catapulted into the next level NEW. ❤

      • Kate S., I can’t wait to read it! This is important, and it will help so many (myself included). ❤️

        Everything NEW and the uplifting of this space helped me enormously new challenges last night of my three girls navigating this current sickness. I can tell my personal shifts are easing them, too. And amidst all the exhaustion and crazy, I felt a creative burst this afternoon for some of my projects, too. What a gift, what a joy, what gratitude! I know I keep saying it, but thanks and love to all. ❤️

  • I just found out that the astrological calendars I’ve bought for decades — Jim Maynard’s Celestial Influences — won’t be made anymore unless he can find a buyer for his business. So, no 2020 Celestial Influences astrological calendars. Big bummer because they were so great and done in both Eastern and Pacific times. Sigh…

  • This is a great discussion concerning food. I think what is important to remember is we are not doing anything wrong concerning food at this time no matter what we eat or not. We are not in Kansas anymore. Energy is flooding in and our bodies are doing their job of clearing density for ourselves and the collective
    Whatever our body requires to do that is okay even better than okay. On a lighter note remember chocolate is one of the major food groups.

    • “On a lighter note remember chocolate is one of the major food groups.”

      Don’t I know that! ❤ Richard, we all need some giggles about now (again).

  • Hello Denise and all! It’s been fairly smooth, tho on Monday experienced massive anxiety caused by every “what if” fear thought known to man 2 glasses of red wine at dinner helped immensely 😊 For the most part not sleeping restfully, tho I had one really good night enjoying the now cool nights. I abruptly did a 180 regarding my food. I had been stuffing myself with foods I’m sensitive and allergic. I had been resisting or maybe resenting some natural change causing me to no longer want (or get sick immediately if I indulge) all my former goodies. It was down to pasta and breads. A few days ago I realized I was feeling poorly, my ears itching and scabby from scratching. My throat feeling borderline sore. Tired. There was no denying my bucket was full and overflowing. I’ve kept coffee! But I dropped the pasta and breads and donuts. It’s amazing how fast I’m feeling better. I know there is deep dream work happening. I released envy along the way. I simply asked and it was removed. My dog is ok again. And in the microcosm of the dog park where we have a majority of big dogs and minority of smaller more fearful dogs, (mine is one of the wimps) I observe as curiosity and “play” takes on an aggressive spin once the Husky senses fear. Now in the park the morning regulars like to sit and talk and they don’t watch. So when something happens among the dogs it’s dismissed as rough play. I’ve had to step forward and point out (kindly) the difference. My point being is that people don’t want to be fully present and on point at all times, and want to not see or acknowledge what’s literally occuring and stay safe by labeling what’s happening without having observed a thing. Of course these are owners of the big dogs. And I observed the owner of a scared dog I watched being overwhelmed and got hurt ALSO dismiss it tho her back was turned the entire time. Life in the sandbox. I don’t pretend to understand.

    • It’s great you know to change what you eat Edith because you, me, we are changing constantly due to the AP and EP processes.

      What I can and cannot eat literally changes daily so I have to discern what I’m considering eating BEFORE I eat it or else I run the risk of making myself sick and miserable for most of the day. I was just saying to someone about how hard it is to go through the grocery store anymore because it’s full of things I can’t eat or drink anymore. I wander around in food stores looking at things and can now instantly feel that I can’t eat that, can’t eat that, can’t eat that either and on and on. Finding anything I sense I can eat is getting harder because the list has shrunk to very little of anything. So how come I’m not skinny? 😆

      “My point being is that people don’t want to be fully present and on point at all times, and want to not see or acknowledge what’s literally occuring and stay safe by labeling what’s happening without having observed a thing.”

      Exactly right Edith, people — the unaware, the asleep, the unconscious, the walking dead etc. — do not want to be awake and aware because it’s hard freaking Work being awake and aware and it requires instant and constant personal responsibility for more and more and for the individual that’s embodying more and more, higher and higher frequency Light. The majority of people around the world just don’t want to be aware and responsible. Period. Things are soon going to change with all this however and people will HAVE to “wake up and deal”. Those who refuse to do so at this time will go elsewhere — the Separation of Worlds. These NEW codes will help them all with this however as will the massive global NEW codes, consciousness and reality that the Saturn Pluto Capricorn conjunction (exact one) of January 12, 2020 will bring. It’s all going, it already is, going to happen far more quickly than would be expected.

      • True! My attachment to eating and emotional satisfaction has taken a loss😁 but I fought it because it’s a lifelong habit. And! I resented that eating consciously was so damn difficult and expensive and limited. And my resistance to cooking! And the hardest issue is about meat. I’d give anything to not need meat. But whatever my decision won’t change how animals and fowl are treated enmass at this time. So I demand my higher self make a way for me to change. I’d eat only pasta in a heartbeat or grains if I stayed healthy. I know I was born vegetarian. I do envision and imagine a New creation wherein the creations don’t eat each other! I’m trusting there Is A Way. I feel sickened to think that in this, eating animals, I’m just like “them”. TD. Denise do you have thoughts about this?

        • “I do envision and imagine a New creation wherein the creations don’t eat each other! I’m trusting there Is A Way.”

          Yes there are higher ways with this Edith and we’re getting there and rather quickly at this point within the AP.

          As more and more NEW DNA continues being activated in humanity now, what we eat and drink will continue to change dramatically because it has to. We are evolving but that is a very hard fact for most to comprehend.

          For starters, getting the past Piscean Age Big Pharma Neptunian chemicals out of global human food and stopping the use of all chemicals and DNA alteration of seeds and foods etc. humans and animals eat will profoundly improve everything. So first on all fronts is remove all Piscean Age patriarchal systems — Big Pharma, Big Oil, big greedy assholes, big negative everything. The return of Divine Mother, and also Divine Father because there has been NOTHING in the past patriarchal world that had any Divine Father, Divine Masculine in it, will evolve everything and everyone. So, get the old negative out and the organic Divine back in and everything will change very quickly, and the ongoing AP has and is doing exactly that and more.

          That was just the physical aspect of this and because we’re evolving and having NEW DNA connected and activated now, we’re evolving in non-physical and multidimensional ways too of course. We are already evolving into being capable of “eating and drinking” Light energies and have them “nourish” our energy bodies and our physical bodies. The Embodiment Process — the connection, the merging of our Higher Self/Selves and Soul with us and our physical bodies now — is further altering us in every way imaginable.

          I just remembered a small section in The Temple of Master Hotei where he tried to teach these things to Ivory One (my past life self then) during a meal of seasoned rice between the Master and Student. ❤

          Anyway, has anyone ever gotten so deeply engrossed in some CREATIVE project that you not only slipped out of linear time but also didn't need to eat physical food to nourish your physical body? Creativity, which is LOVE (higher Divine, non-emotional, non-ego based, all caps type LOVE I mean) can be considered a “food” if you will. Creativity “feeds” us in multiple ways and we’ve been seeing the return of, the acceptance of both males and females being allowed to even be CREATIVE.

          How about being “in love” but in this case I mean being “in LOVE”, which can simply be Embodying more and more into yourself and your physical body. We are not only evolving into Crystalline beings of Light but evolved beings that are Embodying greater amounts of Divine LOVE energy. This is and will continue changing what we eat, how we eat, if we even need to eat any physical foods and so on. During the AP we’ve needed to eat different foods as we’ve gone through all these evolutionary energy stair-steps because we’re ascending with our physical bodies and they’ve needed a lot of different foods to help us. However, once certain levels of NEW DNA and Embodiment have happened, some people will be able to be truly Sovereign and be self-sustaining through their abilities to use Divine energies as food and fuel for their physical bodies.

          I’m lost in this Comment… I need to eat! 😆 In the wonderful and wise words of Master Hotei, ‘Let your bowl of rice be anything you want it to be Little One!” ❤ ❤ ❤

        • Hi, my comment is twofolded. Firs of all thanks Edith for bringing up this mundane food issue up again and Denise for commenting on it with experiences from Master Hotei. Ok so I’ve been losing the ability for some time probably over the last ten years and accelerating these past three years for being able to swallow/eat without feeling excruciatingly heavy and nauseous and overall plain old sick hours later anything with a definite amount of fiber in it – actually anything that people would call “healthy” in terms of “whole- insert food” this or that. I haven’t truly been able to eat I would say 98% of live fruits and vegetables though interestingly it seems that if you process them to the point where they are very dried and dehydrated think trail mix and even soup bases my body says they’re fine. This is offbeat because it makes me a vegan who can’t eat the so called applauded vegan diet deemed so healthy full of leaves and colours and shit. Sorry excuse my language. So my diet is very somewhat bland except spices and herbs for flavouring const-ituting mostly of beans/rice or peanut butter and a starch staple/basis. If I didn’t have peanut butter over these last years I probably would have just died. This is funny except that it’s also true.

          The second part of my comment has something to do with what Denise quoted from Edith on wanting to live in a creation with things and beings didn’t need to eat each other just to exist/survive. Years ago during the earlier part of what I’ve understood to be an AP process I happened on the writings/work of Karen Danrich otherwise known as Mila/Lilliya. There is some controversy over her material at but the nature articles and her love and explanation of Native American and Polynesian including other indigenous ways of lifemaking (living in relation on earth, spiritual law in terms of balanced giving and receiving…an understanding of oneness in hunting for subsistence in which the animal’s soul departs knowing he/she is supporting humans in becoming meat…the humans honouring the life of that animal in part too by not letting any of it go to waste in making use of almost all of it including the dung) truly changed my life and opened a door for my communion and deep respect with and for all of life on earth and Mother Earth. It’s the first time I was introduced to what the Divine Feminine looked like and filled a void in living a life where strength was defined sometimes as radical feminism wherein women had power only because they emulated men’s positions and power (aka became men). Ok so to make things short, has anyone derived any understanding from Karen Danrich’s materials in this nature regard? And Denise and/or others, how distorted or undistorted would you think her information is if you have known of her or if you haven’t just by skimming some of it as google or the waybackmachine would let you. Thanks all. ❤

        • Pat & All,

          Oh yes, peanut butter and the Ascension Process! It’s been a life-saver for many of us over these past twenty-some years. Just a couple teaspoons of it when one was too beat to hell to cook or eat much of anything anyway. There were periods for me during the decade of the 2000’s where I ate more peanut butter out of the jar (couldn’t cope with bread) and the occasional packaged pot roast. Two things I’ve rarely ever eaten in my life and yet my body needed some heavy-duty protein during that first ascension decade because of all the Work it was doing energetically and physically.

          I also ate a lot of veggies over the past six years or so but this year I haven’t been able to eat them without my body clearly letting me know they’re not what I need right now. The bottom line with eating anything during ones AP is to pay attention to what you sense about ANY food you’re considering putting into your body. I say this not based on what’s “right or wrong” about foods but because we’re changing constantly now and because of that many of us HAVE to slow down for a moment and seriously go into “Neutral Observer” mode when we’re considering eating anything. I love rice but that doesn’t mean I can eat it any time I want. One day my eating rice is fine and another day, another week, another month it will make me sicker than a dying dog for hours. Same with ANYTHING so I’ve had to be Neutral about foods and all the BS and incorrect stuff we’ve all been told about it and what’s good and what’s bad to eat etc. I also have to be present and aware when I eat and not just throw something in while I’m multi-tasking like I’ve always done. Old stuff doesn’t work anymore and oftentimes even makes us sick so… discernment.

          Secondly, I’ve never heard of the woman you mentioned Pat so I can’t speak about any of that. What I do know is that the old pre-ascension 3D ways, even the ones that we’d considered positive such as what you mentioned, are NOT anywhere near the same as now due to the evolutionary AP of humans, human DNA, human consciousness, the Earth, the solar system, the Sun and on and on and on. I’ve said this many times and I’ll say it many more I’m sure — what’s worked in the past won’t any longer due to the Ascension Process and our evolving far beyond them all. This covers everything, not just foods but everything. I know that a lot of people are currently going about growing foods and animals etc. in much better environments, free of toxins, free of abuse etc. but they’re just doing what was done long ago on old 3D Earth. We are evolving far beyond the very best of the old 3D ways. Trust this compressed AP evolution. Trust that the return of Divine Mother/Feminine, AND the return of Divine Father/Masculine because of this AP and shift will improve us and everything else in ways we cannot comprehend today. We’re evolving well beyond the best and highest of the past cycle such as Lemuria Divine Mother and other ancients after it.

          I’ve had conscious memory of one past life as a female Shoshone long ago so I remember and respect how many Star races respected Mother Earth, animals, Nature etc. but we’ve already evolved so far beyond that and much older ancient cultures, people’s and levels of consciousness. Please be open to being more, higher, greater than the very best and highest of the past 3D ancient cultures and peoples around the Earth that existed in another level of reality and learning than what we are now and next month, next year and so on. We’re ascending, evolving and that does NOT mean we’re just going to bring back and use what some ancient positive cultures and people did hundreds and thousands of years ago on a matching frequency Earth way back then. We have already gone far beyond the best of the ancient past (like Lemuria) and we’re not done yet. 😉 Every energy stair-step we go through, and we’re in another one now, is another indicator of how much and how far we’re evolving beyond the past lower frequency, lower consciousness 3D everything.

          And I didn’t even mention about how we are becoming Conscious Creators now. 😀 ❤

        • I was forever changed in my view of meat eating culture by a comment from a scientist doing a PhD on the gut biome. He said he thinks the stress hormones of the animals are held in the meat. Daily dose of extreme fear hormones for those who decide it’s too hard to move away from the eating of very stressed animal flesh. Try hard Edith and you may find the change in diet makes you feel a great deal better and happier to have slipped from the idea that you need meat.
          I treat it as part of stair steps across all aspects of our lives. More effort, more consciousness of our part in the big picture in all small actions.

        • Oh Denise you are SUCH a gem! This: “Trust that the return of Divine Mother/Feminine, AND the return of Divine Father/Masculine because of this AP and shift will improve us and everything else in ways we cannot comprehend today.” And this: “Please be open to being more, higher, greater than the very best and highest of the past 3D ancient cultures and peoples around the Earth that existed in another level of reality and learning than what we are now and next month, next year and so on. We’re ascending, evolving and that does NOT mean we’re just going to bring back and use what some ancient positive cultures and people did hundreds and thousands of years ago on a matching frequency Earth way back then. We have already gone far beyond the best of the ancient past (like Lemuria) and we’re not done yet.” I have felt this SO CLEARLY in my own inner wisdom and I LOVE that you articulated it so well. THANK YOU. I’ve never seen anyone spell this out so clearly. There really is NO “going back” and it’s amazing and liberating (even if a bit scary) to understand we really DON’T know what it will look like because we’ve NEVER been there before. I have to constantly remind myself of this when I find myself trying to use old tools to solve old problems. It just WON’T and NEVER WILL work again that way.

          I also appreciate this conversation about food (thank you, Edith, for starting it). I’ve had to change what I eat frequently through the years. There was a time where I couldn’t eat fruit or veggies for YEARS. Now I can eat them and often crave them. Last June of 2018 I prayed (begged) to my inner Divine Mama to “restore” my body as I just couldn’t live with it how it was one second longer (since 2013 I’d gained 30 pounds, and had bouts of chronic fatigue and other things that are really just ascension symptoms). The next day, the information I needed fell in my lap and I went on a 28 day cleanse of only fruits and veggies. I lost 20 pounds in that month and then 20 more after adding in other foods. Even more than losing 40 pounds (which I won’t lie, is fucking AWESOME), that month of cleansing also served as a reset and aided me in tapping “into the mainframe” (which is what my inner guidance called tapping into Divine Sustenance). I’ve been able to go three days without food or water and now need much less food than before (except for these last few days that is, where honestly FOOD was the only way I could ground the HUGE, INTENSE energy that was electrocuting me). It’s still a constant discernment but thankfully my body speaks loudly and clearly to me. A couple of weeks ago it tell me “nothing this week but salads and smoothies,” other times it screams “I NEED PIZZA AND A LOT OF IT!” It does change moment to moment. I also have to give a HELL YEAH to peanut butter! I eat it right out of the jar too. Thank GOD for it.

          I know our eating will naturally, organically change as we evolve and as you say, Denise, we have to listen to that inner wisdom and NOTHING ELSE. When we don’t need meat anymore, our bodies WON’T WANT IT. It’s just that simple. I go most days without eating meat, not because I’m trying to avoid it for any health or moral reasons, but because I don’t need it, so I don’t want it. I do still eat it a once or twice a week and I’ll continue to until I don’t need it (though honestly, I would LOVE to see a “bacon plant” in the 5D world ’cause you know…bacon!).

          Also, I want to mention that back in November of 2011 I went through a three week “soul merger” ~ kind of a test run of how it will feel when my Divine and Human are fully merged. When I was in that state, there was no fear and also NO survival instincts in my body. I didn’t NEED food at all and rarely thought about it. OH! What a FREEDOM that was! It was like how you describe the creative process feeding us ~ exactly like that. I was being fed by my own inner LIGHT, so I didn’t need sustenance from anything outside of myself. I would still eat when I thought of it because it was enjoyable and felt like a celebration (and I came up with new, interesting recipes during that time too because the creative juices were just THERE all the time) but it was nothing I needed or thought of or was afraid of. Just that alone was simply amazing and so liberating.

          It may sound silly, but I know that one of my own major roles of this ascension process is eliminating the fear of food (for myself personally but really for the collective at large). With my own three children I’ve been very careful to not teach them to judge food ~ I don’t want them to look at certain foods as being “healthy” and others “unhealthy.” I want them to feel free to listen to their bodies wisdom and their own desires and to ENJOY what they eat without guilt, shame, or judgment. I share with them how our bodies are evolving beyond the need for food and if they don’t want a meal, they don’t have to have it. (They KNOW all this stuff internally of course, I just want to make sure I preserve it, which is not easy when we’re bombarded in every direction about food dogma.) As a culture we treat our food like it’s a predator to us ~ if we eat it, it will harm us in some way. I KNOW IT’S NOT SUPPOSED TO BE LIKE THIS. I tell my children constantly (and anyone else who’ll listen), “It’s NOT the food that affects us, it’s what we THINK about the food.” And I also say “Food matters, until it doesn’t.” I know I/we are coming to a point of liberation about all this, because it’s been such a huge inner battle in my own consciousness as of late ~ SO HUGE that I KNOW it’s not mine. SO absurd that it’s obvious that the full unshackling is upon us! And that’s why I was so happy to see this discussion here. It’s just not talked about and yet it’s something that we have to face every day, multiple times a day. Thank you Denise and all for TALKING about this! Love you all.

        • You’re a gem Kate S. ❤ You're also in charge of Consciously Creating the NEW ‘bacon plant’ for 5D humanity. 🙂

          With our DNA evolving (and it being multidimensional), it’s hard for most of us to imagine what we’re becoming right now and what we’ll be able to do and create etc.

          This next bit may sound hokey to some but it’s true too. We can “feed” ourselves through things like 5D and higher LOVE, Light, joy, gratitude, creativity etc. They’re higher frequencies and they do “feed” us even now but they’ll become far more “nourishing” to humans the more our DNA evolves. I’m “fed” when I watch animals play. I’m, “fed” when babies laugh. I’m “fed” when it rains, when the Sun turns a bit more white-Light, when I know I AM, when I know we all are. This is the beginnings of 5D HighHeart consciousness and reality and it’s just going to continue expanding in each of us and therefore the reality we live in. ❤ ❤ ❤

        • Thank you Denise and Kate and all others in this thread!

          It is so helpful to come here and read what I know is true…my own body will tell me what to eat and when. No outside source is needed or even helpful.

          Also thank you Denise for talking about being fed by 5D+ Love, Light, etc. I have experienced that many times and it really feels so natural, familiar and amazing. I am looking forward to living like that all the time as eating for me during this entire lifetime seems like such an unnecessarily laborious way to have to sustain physical form. For me, eating feels like it is meant to be an occasional celebratory activity to shared in community and the rest of the time we live on Light, Love, Peace, etc.

          Big Hugs, Blessings and Love to All! Nancy

        • Thanks everyone for chiming in on this food topic which might seem tangential to all that is going on with our bodies and this world/cosmos but so much a humdrum and mundane oft-visited part of daily life for most of us that just talking about it and the anomalies+difficulties that go along with it really eases some of my unconscious bias and tensions toward this topic given how since young I’ve been obliged to believe I needed a range of fruits, vegetables, grains, meat, etc. etc. just to survive and thrive.

          “There were periods for me during the decade of the 2000’s where I ate more peanut butter out of the jar (couldn’t cope with bread) and the occasional packaged pot roast.”

          Thank you Denise, you are one of the few people who might “get” peanut butter the way I do – apart from how funny this might seem and ridiculous talking about peanut butter this is, it’s one of the top high protein sources I’ve been able to live on and appreciate nutrient-wise and taste-wise that has not made me sick on the whole which has felt like a Godsend in a jar for so long.

          Secondly, I’ve never heard of the woman you mentioned Pat so I can’t speak about any of that. What I do know is that the old pre-ascension 3D ways, even the ones that we’d considered positive such as what you mentioned, are NOT anywhere near the same as now due to the evolutionary AP of humans, human DNA, human consciousness, the Earth, the solar system, the Sun and on and on and on.”
          Thanks for speaking on this even though you couldn’t on the part about the woman I mentioned. I had to take a deep breath reading this and the following quote on evolving and being able to evolve beyond that ancient level of completeness – that just blows my mind. Thank you and everyone doing this ad resonating with it from the heart wow. Always have appreciated Native American cultures especially for holding spiritual law in living in relationship with earth as a living being and universe as sentient. Have always both admired them and felt deeply that I embodied some of that deeply either from past lives lived in those cultures or from living in some kind of semblance off planet elsewhere. Feels like a longing and journeying back home like it’s been a long haul and memory lapse back to a time when we didn’t have to dig for that kind of knowledge like we do now even though thank god for the internet and people remembering these old ways of doing and being. I really appreciate that you’ve had a life/lives as a Shoshone and that name just rings a bell in my cellular being for some reason. Anyhow I’ve thus far just come upon some Lakota teachings from Pearl Means and other Native American teachings from Faith Spotted Eagle and Pat McCabe. Very glad we have them with us.

          “I’ve had conscious memory of one past life as a female Shoshone long ago so I remember and respect how many Star races respected Mother Earth, animals, Nature etc. but we’ve already evolved so far beyond that and much older ancient cultures, people’s and levels of consciousness. Please be open to being more, higher, greater than the very best and highest of the past 3D ancient cultures and peoples around the Earth that existed in another level of reality and learning than what we are now and next month, next year and so on. We’re ascending, evolving and that does NOT mean we’re just going to bring back and use what some ancient positive cultures and people did hundreds and thousands of years ago on a matching frequency Earth way back then. We have already gone far beyond the best of the ancient past (like Lemuria) and we’re not done yet. 😉 Every energy stair-step we go through, and we’re in another one now, is another indicator of how much and how far we’re evolving beyond the past lower frequency, lower consciousness 3D everything.”

          I had to reread this last passage of your comment too. Can I just say a deep thank you for this. It’s something I needed to hear today along with knowing I and we all have an innate ability to co-create for the highest good.

        • “I had to reread this last passage of your comment too. Can I just say a deep thank you for this. It’s something I needed to hear today along with knowing I and we all have an innate ability to co-create for the highest good.”

          Pat & All,

          It’s difficult to honestly, accurately and fully comprehend that we — First Everythingers, Pathpavers etc. — have been transmuting the old lower frequency residual everything that we could while simultaneously embodying the NEW higher frequencies, codes, consciousness and all else that’s mandatory for us and humanity to exist within the next higher spiral and dimension of this next great Evolutionary Cycle.

          We all have had a tendency to view our own current evolution from the past. People dress our human Earth past up with better old 3D things like if we just clean up the oceans, the food, the air and recycle things will be much better, when the truth is that we’ve already evolved well beyond the highest levels of the super ancient peoples like Lumerians, Atlantians, very ancient Egyptians and so on, and I’m NOT talking about tech stuff but individual integration of energies etc. etc.

          We have been Consciously Creating our NEW 5D and higher, multidimensional Earth that’s an appropriate energy match to us/us to it and it and us won’t be anything like even the most advanced of our 3D past with its matching frequency Earth. Every time each of us feels LOVE further expanding our HighHearts and more Light lighting us up even more, that’s US creating the NEW Earth and increasing our inner Light frequencies so we’re an energetic match to what we’ve already created for ourselves and all of humanity. It’s 7:30 AM and I’ve been awake since 2AM so I hope I expressed this adequately. O_o

        • Beautifully adequately Denise, thanks for speaking more on it. Sometimes I feel like we see the past in q grass is greener kind of way and this again reminds me to give more credit and thought to how far we’ve come and how much we’re evolving ourselves in addition to that. Yes not talking about technology or social manifestations of this on a visible global level I do see how much work and stuff many of us have had to plough through and alchemize (hope that’s a word?) to just be alive now in spite of nothing obviously glamorous.

  • Massive emotional upheavals followed by massive clearising and releasing thru bowels,kidneys and sinuses. Desth and rebirth
    . Allow allow allow

  • “It doesn’t matter if you know you’ve got your Triple Crowns or not or if you consciously know what exactly to do with them. They have become more of the NEW higher you and all will come naturally when needed.”

    Today, for the first day in what seems like forever, I’m being gifted a “Time Out”. Thank you, Denise, for the above quoted lines, and especially, “… all will come naturally when needed.” Such stress we have endured in so many ways, and yet here we are, SHIFTING gears for October and… Love, B.

    • Can’t happen fast enough for me Barbara as I’ve been having another “Deep In It” phase lately. Feels like many of us have been recently. Onward…

  • I had one of the strangest nights that I have ever had. Went to bed early and early for me means 7 pm with abdominal bloating and intestinal distress that continually got worse. Woke about 10 to the sound of heavy machinery outside. Looked out nothing there. The machinery sound slowly drifted away. My cat who lately has slept very close to me was comatose on the floor. Then I went into a partial sleep comatose state with weird dreams. At times there felt like many beings in bed with me. At times it felt like my body was huge about ten times its size all the time with severe intestinal distress. Then finally went into deep sleep for about an hour. When I woke my cat was beside me and I felt “normal”. This morning usual exhausted self but with severe diarrhea but otherwise no worse for wear. That was a hell of a new moon. In an earlier post Denise and others mentioned weight gain. I have always been athletic and fit even now. But in the last month my weight scales say I have gained 10 pounds. I wear the same clothes no big stomach but the only difference is my muscles are bigge almostr like they were twenty years ago.

    • Richard & All,

      I’ve felt the getting much larger sensation many times and it has to do with us embodying more higher frequency Light energies. Sometimes it takes place more in our Solar Plexus gut, belly and diaphragm area which causes the Buddha Belly side effect. I can clairvoyantly See these NEW etheric organs??? in my body in this area. They’re NEW ascension caused and rather weird looking. They’re white colored Light and shaped somewhat like those physical touch or tap lights you can buy. They’re convex white Light dome-shaped etheric organs — I don’t know what else to call them — in our upper abdomen and diaphragm area and they help us embody and store these NEW higher frequency Light energies. Over time we embody, adsorb and energetically and physically adjust to every NEW influx of Light energy we take in which is why the Buddha Belly bloat eventually decreases. Of course it bloats right back up again every time we embody another round of incoming higher frequency Light.

      Since the September 23, 2019 Equinox the destruction of the lowest negative Earth timelines has begun fully and many of us have been witnessing parts of this in our dreams lately, and other really strange surreal periods where what we’re experiencing is like nothing we have before. I know 2020 will be more of these types of surreal awareness’s and visions and dream observances so everyone be prepared for “reality” to, at times, get very strange on multiple levels. Some of this is bleed through from these other Earth timelines that we’re perceiving in dreams and/or while awake. I’ve heard the sounds of heavy machinery too, usually in the middle of the night so it’s not physical. I’ve also been hearing an increase in strange sounds up in the sky that I can’t tell what they are either. I think it’s all related to the Separation of Worlds and current destruction of old lower negative Earth world/timeline(s).

      This weekend — Saturday and Sunday September 28-29th — is another what I call energy stair-step we’re experiencing inching our ways UP to the higher/highest NEW Earth. We’re once again transitioning from one lower state and world up to the next higher level/stair-step which is why many of us are feeling more body aches, pains and pressures, weird dreams and other anomalies. There’s really only about 12-24 hours now between us getting hammered energetically. Use those hours wisely everyone because it’s all happening faster than it ever could before. ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Denise, you are the Best it girl…we take it! First everythinhers, gridworker, doorkeeper AT all…we Rock it!! Love you 😘

  • Thank you for this update, Denise. You always come through for me, and everyone else, on those days where it feels like being maxed out with “all” the 3D nonsense. Your honesty, your great sense of humor, and your awesome way of teaching is a breath of fresh air, for which I am so Very Grateful for.
    May we all have the Strength to make it through the last three months of this doozy of a year! 💜

  • I have been angry for no reason to the point I have to hide from family. this goes on for days at a time thru out the year. Sometime I feel like I have to cry but it doesn’t come. Then the depression sets in. I am irritated all the time and my Animals are so needy. I just moved into a new house my sister bought and I live in a beautiful finished basement. Even though I don’t like it cause I never see the outside or the sun come up, I know its cause I need a place to hide during these irritating days. All of 2019 . Sometimes I don’t come upstairs all day. I wake up in the morning hurting worse than I went to bed.. My sister is a control freak who forgot she was retired. Shes very hard to get along with. I feel like I’m doing all the lovin and shes just a bitch. So I hide. and hurt and try to stay in the moment. and keep my sanity. I thought about you today Denise , and here you are for a quick moment to hug me and tell me everything will be ok. Thank you.

  • Last night I had a dream that people were being trapped in burning buildings and there was nothing I could do to save them. Just a note: I have been trying to save family members all my life with little effect! I was on a bicycle and my mother (who passed on in 2005) was on the back of the bike. I just kept pedaling and said, “We have to get out of here Mom.” The dream was very graphic and people were suffering and it has always been difficult for me not to be able to help others who are in pain.

  • Grateful for this sharing SISTAR. I AM so embroiled embodying that I dont even feel to speak anymore. Incoming solar wind Now with great potential for seemingly magical timeline shifts as WE Go Quantum. Yeehah! LOVE to ALL with Deep Respect! 💜

  • Wow, I really needed to hear this. Thank you! Happily I just got one or two crowns in a meditation last week! My dream on the 23rd was me cleaning up the big mess on the floor from my grandniece baking! So much transformation and I’ll never give up but I really appreciated the pep talk and seeing the similarities with other like you!! Blessings!!💖🙏💖

  • Thank you Denise. your article was very timely. It has taken me a long time to begin to understand the splitting of the worlds. I can feel it but I cannot fully comprehend it. I just know somehow I am walking in a different place to everyone I know. And it is very lonely. Every so often I think I have taken a wrong turn. But I haven’t. My life just keeps emptying out. I now have no car and other bits and pieces that are part of most people’s lives. Everything is so expensive a lot of things are now beyond my reach. I don’t understand it. But then I pick up my pen and pencils and it does make sense. It’s as if new patterns are literally coming out of me. The other day I saw them in front of me on the floor. I am guessing this is my reality.
    The only thing that really bothers me. Is my asthma. It’s been bad again. And no matter how much light I let in, it does not go. I tried no inhalers after last years amazingly dry summer but was pretty poorly this summer due to very low peak flow. I have had to go back on them. No matter what I do my body flakes out on me!!
    I think it’s amazing that all these new energies will be here for 2020 and no dark. NO dark. It’s wonderful
    Love and light to you and everyone here xx

  • Not much longer……we are so worn thin. Yes, we hang on and show up each day to be all that we are. Thank you for the triple crown reminders. I am going to visualize wearing mine when it all feels like too much.

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