Libra 2019

Some of you may have been feeling, sensing, perceiving another significant increase in activities in the higher dimensions throughout the first-half of September 2019. I’ve felt this many times over these ascension years, periods where it becomes unusually active and busy with plenty of hurried changes taking place in the higher realms. This always indicates we’re close to having another extra big and very important energy change shift manifest in the physical dimension related to the Ascension Process. I’ve felt this happening again throughout the first-half of September and I’m sure many of you have felt it too. It’s exciting when upstairs becomes so much more active than it usually is with this Universal Ascension. We know these increases in activity in the higher realms means really big NEW energies, and therefore changes, are right around the cosmic corner down here.

At first all I was aware of was the escalation of energies and other preparatory activities in the higher realms this month and didn’t push much to figure out exactly what was coming. 2019 has been, well, something else to say the least, so I wasn’t in a hurry to pop my head in “upstairs” to see what the excitement and big rush job is all about this time. However, the other day I finally perceived what this is, or at least a big part of what it is, and as I would very simple put it, a whole lot MORE Divine Mommy is about to return to Earth, humanity and reality here. Happy Libra Equinox everyone. How’s that for more much needed real balance?

We’ve been experiencing a little bit of Divine Mommy, aka Divine Mother, Divine Feminine, the Mother of God etc. returning to humanity and human consciousness over the past couple of years. Like everything else in the evolutionary Ascension Process, this too has been happening incrementally, energy stair-step by energy stair-step, giving everyone the linear time to as gently as possible all patriarchal things considered, acclimate to the return of the Divine Mother in ALL ways. But it’s happening in this NEW higher way which makes it even more exciting than just having sanity and heart return to humanity finally.

Earth has been patriarchal for thousands of years and this profound planetary and global human species imbalance has recently ended and the return of what was intentionally suppressed, removed, reduced and greatly distorted has been in the Process of returning, slowly at first because this is one heck of a change shift for mass humanity. Divine Mother, Divine Feminine has been slowly re-entering the picture because it’s finally time for this to happen.

What I perceived recently about the first-half of September 2019 being so active in the higher realms was how Divine Mother, the Divine Feminine is about to make a MUCH larger insertion into human consciousness, physical lives, life and reality on Earth and everywhere else. This September Equinox and the rest of 2019 phase is larger than what we’ve experienced so far and will impact everything more quickly and completely than what little has happened so far with HER return.

The Me Too movement began in October 2017. The Time’s Up movement began in January 2019. I sense the September 23, 2019 Libra Equinox is bringing in a tremendously larger aspect of Divine Mother than anything we’ve experienced so far so it will be interesting to see what movement starts next because of this increase.

In addition, from New Year’s Day 2020, the reentry of more and more of Divine Mother will greatheartedly increase and expand balance, heart, HighHeart, empathy and real compassion to humanity, human consciousness, life and reality on ascending Earth. Many will not cope with this well at all as has already been observed over the past couple of years. Old dense, tenacious, altogether negative elitist consciousness patriarchal heads will continue exploding and lashing out violently every time there’s additional Divine Mother energies arriving and manifesting in greater numbers of humans from here on out. 2020 is going to be both wonderful and freeing and horrible and repulsive but evolution is rarely fluffy, pretty, quiet and peaceful. Ever know anyone or anything negative that was happy to give up its global control, money and power over an entire planet and its inhabitants?

When I say Divine Mommy or Divine Mother or Divine Feminine, I’m not talking about the old 3D lower human consciousness aspects like the “goddess” or the “virgin” or any other limited or distorted aspect of the Divine Mother. I’m talking about something so much larger and more powerful. I’m talking about the panoramic, energetic high-def cosmic version of the entire undiluted Divine Mother, not some splintered, disempowered, profoundly distorted aspect of HER/IT. Most of us cannot comprehend Divine Mother at our current level of development. If you can just partially comprehend the backdrop of everything, that would be a decent starting point to comprehending Divine Mother/Mommy/Feminine.

The September Equinox is when the Sun enters the sign of Libra, the sign of balance and equilibrium. It’s a sort of brief physical-level zero point energy and moment. The 2019 Libran balance is something that’s not happened before, because it couldn’t, but this year everything will feel this amplified and larger next-level return phase of IT/HER and be permanently shifted by IT/HER and reality will be permanently evolved because of the return of IT/HER. This is the start of real Balance in male and female humans and global human consciousness and Earth. The time of global patriarchal rule, control, negativity, consciousness and external reality is permanently over. Divine Mother is back anew with plenty of NEW wisdom under HER belt and we’re all about to be shifted and transformed like nothing we’ve experienced with this so far. Thank freakin’ Source because most of us cannot endure another minute of psychopathic patriarchal egos, escalating insanity, negativity, heartlessness, bottomless greed and corruption, endless violence, hatred in general but hatred of females especially, impossible living situations, lack of monthly money to simply live and pay all those mandatory bills, blatant disregard for Mother Earth, Mother Nature and everything and one else.

The majority of this will take place in your HighHeart first, then in more and more of humanity and their developing and growing HighHearts and on and on. The dark time of not feeling anything is over. The time of heartlessness is over. The time of not feeling your own emotions and feelings is over. The time of not feeling other people and their emotions and feelings is over. The time of ego and total self-involvement in lowly ways is over. Welcome to compressed evolution human boys and girls, please meet Divine Mommy.

The boys, males, have been having a difficult time with what tiny bit of the Divine Mother that’s returned so far, so this next cosmic sized increase of Divine Mother/Feminine into the physical will have many of them totally losing their patriarchal shit. Most of the males on Earth have lived for eons with a sense of elitism, of entitlement, of superiority, of power over female humans, Mother Earth, Mother Nature, over all things feminine and everything else too. The reasons for this can be traced back to the negative aliens that hate and fear Divine Mother/Feminine. I’m not getting into that in this article but I will add that the majority of females have learned during their lives how to suck-up to males—in a variety of ways—to gain safety, security, money, fame, power, prestige, or at it’s worst mere food and shelter. Life in a patriarchal world for thousands of years has made both males and females into distorted, nasty, heartless twisted things humans are not naturally. How many females do you know who blatantly treat males far better than females? How many mothers have you seen display this severe favoritism and elitism to their male children over their female children? Not the way to create strong, honest and balanced males! What were we talking about? Oh yeah, the return of Divine Mother/Feminine and 2019 Libra Equinox real and true BALANCE.

Real BALANCE must happen first internally in each of us so that each of us has embodied both Divine Mother/Feminine and Divine Father/Masculine and returned ourselves back to an individually unified state. Each person has to integrate both Divine Mother/Feminine and Divine Father/Masculine energies  regardless of which sex body they have. Unity is unity is unity and real Unity begins with humanity integrating what’s long been separated and dualized in each of themselves. Once that’s been accomplished energetically, which the Ascension Process has been pushing every human to do since it started,  each individual is integrated, unified within themselves and their bodies, hearts and minds. With that bare-bones basic first step accomplished, we’re then dealing with a human whose both Male and Female, Female and Male, both Masculine and Feminine etc. within themselves. They are no longer separated but unified individually. Guess how much that will improve all of your, my, our relationships! 😉

Let me be very clear about this. I’m NOT talking about sex or sexuality, homosexuality, lesbianism, bi-sexuality, upside down or inside out sexuality or anything sexual whatsoever. Unfortunately that is exactly how much of the population has been and still is interpreting these evolutionary energies pushing and pulling around inside their bodies, rearranging their inner furniture to make more room for them to embody the incoming Divine. They’re so used to being profoundly separated energetically internally that when they feel Divine Mother Feminine and/or Divine Father Masculine energies manifesting and Unifying within themselves and their body, their first thought or belief is that their external sex body is “the wrong sex” and they want to change it to the opposite sex and/or they believe themselves to be gay or lesbian or bi-greedy or whatever. That’s how confused many adults and children are now about what it feels like to be whole and unified energetically in their own bodies, consciousness and indentities. How sad is that? Deep breath and please hold off on the sex-change operations or hormonal treatments or whatever and let evolution do what it is to help put individual humans back together again. You’ve just misinterpreted what’s happening inside you and/or your child and why.

I’m talking about evolution and humans each re-integrating and balancing both Divine Mommy and Divine Daddy energies in themselves. Sounds so hokey but it’s mandatory for this phase of the evolutionary Ascension Process. Integrate and unify internally neophyte or you don’t get to pass “GO” and move on to the next level of the Ascension Process. First steps first. In many ways this 2019 September Equinox energies and codes and much larger next phase of the returning of Divine Mother/Feminine will be the first of this Process for most of humanity. Wow… stand back and watch evolution at work in growing numbers of global humanity.

Much more to talk about with this and we’ll do so in the Comment section so check them out too if interested in a more intimate conversation and sharing. Have a lofty and intentional September 2019 Equinox everyone and hold the highest space and intentions in your HighHeart Creator Self. ❤


September 21, 2019

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44 thoughts on “Libra 2019

  • Yeah kt1111 the laxative and stool softener manufacturers would go out of business if they depended on us but toilet paper Kleenex and paper towel are booming. I have another cleansing issue thru eyes and sinus. So much drainage from both especially my right side ear is so sore deep inside

    • Same here Richard, I forgot about that fun symptom – every morning I have to blow my nose about 40 times before I go to work, then it eases off. I call it being all snarfely for some reason. And then at work I yawn so much I’m crying all day, guess I’d better drink some more water!! 🙂 Feel better soon everyone … well we probably won’t, but we can still wish for it!

  • Hi Denise, I just had the chance (read, felt well enough) to read your 911 comments and I got chills all over my body when reading it. I also had a really strange dream just before I woke up the other day – maybe Monday? In my dream I got up before dawn to let my dog out, and looked up at the stars as I would normally do awake, and they were extremely big and bright – and then they all just started pulsing, it was like the whole sky was filled with strobe lights! It went on for about a minute like constant lightning lighting up the front yard. I thought in my dream, is this it? and then I woke up! After that it’s been a week from hell – I’ve felt awful, purging constantly, and then my dog was, and then I even saw one of my feral cats outside with the runs! Sorry to be gross but between cleaning up after my dog and my own issues, and then knowing even outdoor animals are being affected, something really really big had to have happened. Thank you so much for clarity as always!!! BTW today my digestive stuff has calmed down but my whole body feels clenched and squished like I’m too big for my body or something, ugh.

    • “Sorry to be gross but between cleaning up after my dog and my own issues, and then knowing even outdoor animals are being affected, something really really big had to have happened.”

      Don’t apologize kt1111 for what most of us have and continue going through! You’re right about something “really really big” has and is happening. I started out this morning to work on a post September 23, 2019 Equinox article because I know MANY of us have been hit really hard and in different ways from that day on. The dream I had that day (early AM hours) has so much to do with what’s happening. But fairly quickly I bloated up severely again, got nauseous, started purging again, my head’s hurting again blah, blah, blah, and I had to lay down so not much writing got done today. I want to get it done before we shift over into the first of October and will do my best to get it done asap.

      Your dream of the stars lighting up and pulsing is another great clue about how much change is taking place now, thanks for sharing it with us. ❤

      • Hi Denise,
        My dog was up all night Tuesday. I had to hold him all night while he endured a distressed stomach. I felt exceptionally tired right b4 his stomach began speaking. I was so fatigued I could have cried. Also I knew I was being prevented from sleeping as a safety measure. I felt or sensed the sleep attacks weren’t over. The funny thing was after getting out of bed at 5:30 AM and sucking it up, my dog lay on the couch and relaxed. RELAXED! REALLY? I was so glad he felt better, but! Last night I made up for it🙄

  • Hi Denise.
    Glad to hear someone is linking the human heart & consciousness together at last.
    Consciousness has been fusing it’s self too my human heart for some time now.
    I am not talking about the higher heart here.
    It’s the next level in this process as I understand it.
    Once it is done, I will start too return too what I once was.
    As this is happening, consciousness can then go into the DNA as well,
    & the real history of who we really are can come out.

    Love the way you put it all together in words for us Denise, thanks Vincent

  • Happy upcoming birthday Kara and to your daughter! 🧁🌈🌟 I’m also a Libra, my birthday is coming up early October. 🍂

    Denise, reading about the much needed real balance and much more of Divine feminine energies about to return to Earth, reality, and humanity as you shared was exciting. It’s about time!

    On the night of the equinox, I felt drowsy a few hours before actually getting into bed. Denise, I experienced something similar, I also had a strange dream. But for me it happened last night rather than the actual night of the equinox as you and several others experienced. At 5:55 am (EST) I was suddenly woken up from my dream with an urgent need to pee. I also woke up a bit sweaty. I saw what looked like asteroids on fire hitting the planet and the energies effecting everyone negatively like a rippling wave outwards upon impact. The energies also effected us right away but in a positive way though. I/we got activated and lit up in light and instantly we knew internally that wherever we were, we had to leave for a mission and that it was finally time. I saw myself/us rising upwards and we knew we were part of a group. And as this was happening, I saw us connecting like a network all over as we formed a pattern after lighting up. It’s like pieces of a puzzle locking into position when it’s time and the pieces (us) visually lighting up as a light bulb and we knew we had to let go of whatever instantly. It was an instant shift, from that moment we started floating/rising upwards in a powerful way and we were able to see each other once higher in the sky from a distance. Then I saw some asteroid with a fire tail coming near me, and I was saying a line in the dream to myself about that energy and it having to do with Saturn. Then I suddenly awoke, couldn’t remember the sentence other than the word Saturn as I uttered it several times right before fully waking up. If this was literal, how cool would that be to be introduced to each other in that way? 😄

    The last and only other time I had these strange type of dreams, let’s call it natural disaster, was back in May of 2018. I had multiple dreams that time where I kept seeing so many tornadoes and huge fireballs hitting, there was destruction everywhere and everyone around was severely effected/gone in a negative manner. The crazy thing is in those dreams I was the only one who did not get effected at all, I walked around in observer mode as I went to see the aftermath. Every single house around me was fully destroyed except for the one I was in, it was the only one left fully standing, nor did I have not even one bruise or cut. In fact I was not even aware all this took place till I came out of the house and saw this had occurred all around me. Those dreams were a powerful message for me at the time and they made sure I realized that as I had them repetitively that no matter what happens around me/you/us, we will be fine.

    The strange similarity of last night’s dream and those several dreams I had in spring of 2018 are these fireballs/asteroids on fire.

    • Thanks, Prabhi, and same to you! 💓💓 I don’t remember dreams from these last couple nights, which always makes me wonder what I was up to. It’s incredible to hear so many of your and others’ Dreamtime experiences in real time. Thanks to everyone for sharing.

  • So interesting. I just could not fall asleep the Equinox night. Kept playing guided meditations but the energy felt so strange. Finally fell asleep at 3.30 am (Amsterdam time). Next day I woke up like I’d been through a grinder. Took hours to really get back/comfy in my body. I was nautious, bloated and there was cotton in my brain. Don’t remember a dream, just the heavy feeling. Also took real effort not to get lured into fear ( I provide for the main income, am selfemployed and have been sooo tired and needing to rest and not working is no income).
    Thanx for sharing everyone

  • I have dealt with and effectively controlled chronic Candida for a couple of years. For the last four days it become horrible. This time it is mostly affecting my mouth with painful swelling and sores. At one time, I sensed I was being told that I was transmuting something. (?) At almost the exact time of th equinox, the worst of it vanished. But, it has not gone away. Sorry for sharing all this but, I don’t know what is going on. My husband thinks I should see a doctor Huh! No way! Really, sorry.

  • Hi Denise. I want to toss in my 2 cents😊. I’m feeling more and more happy go lucky. Your articles here and the most recent from Lisa E S have been helpful. But the topper for me is finding myself full circle. Also the sudden attacks in my dreams confirm I’m going higher. In one night I kept running into a demon girl (maybe even a piece of me) kept brutally killing cats in front of me till I finally woke up. And later a flying spider and I had a battle. I won. Afterwards I had high happy dreams some like u all describe being part of a happy group. The thing that preceded all this was encountering aspects from The Seth Material. I had read several of the books in my teens and my journey began. So now 40 years later I encountered triggers in a serendipitous manner, triggered self realization that caused me to DUMP and clear left overs and certain realizations came together. I physically experience all sorts of head stuff and body stuff. For me the triggers came from discovering and reading the published formerly private deleted sessions. Parts of me came together and let go. I even have had pooper dreams, gee I feel part of the group! Thanks to all. I’m glad I’ve joined the party!

  • I’m curious if anyone else experienced a rather unusual Equinox night last night? The Sun entered Libra at 51 minutes past midnight PDT. From the moment I went to bed last night I was aware of a “wave” of Higher Awareness people — aka the ‘high vibe tribe’ — and their energies traveling across the USA, and from the earlier countries on the planet in an energetic celebration. For a couple of hours before the Sun entered Libra here where I live, it was so energetically and visually active with white Light flashes zooming around. I can’t remember any Equinox or Solstice being this active and visual.

    And then my digestive track did what it often does when NEW comes in and old is removed. I spent the next three hours or so trying to not “purge” all over! I’d felt fine when I went to bed and then spent a few hours feeling very not fine.

    Later in the night I had a really strange dream about physical reality being torn apart. Mountains cut in half horizontally and levitated, towns and people being impacted by a massive and deliberate unseen force and on and on it went. Really unusual night in almost all ways so I was curious if anyone else experienced a weird night last night too?

    • Yes, indeed. I woke up at exactly 12:50 a.m. PDT. I was advised that it was important to get up and welcome Divine Mommy and Divine Daddy, that they were going to be doing some ‘heavy lifting’ for us and to give permission for same. I did, and that was it for any more real sleep. Digestive track exploded… still is. I have this morning seen white flashes in my apartment zooming around and the purge continues, along with CNS twitching, shaking and snapping. My little Burmese cat is wired, too! Love, B.

      • Thanks for sharing Barbara. ❤ It's been unusually intense, busy, full of energies on the move both in and out, NEW Lights being seen moving rapidly inside my house, and yep, digestive pains, bloating, purging, heartburn, acid re-flux, sore abdomen, nausea, and this morning a general weakness that's telling me to spend most of today inwardly in my Inner Temple.

        That dream I had last night — early AM hours of today, September 23, 2019 — was unlike any dream I’ve ever had. It seemed to be about an entire timeline being blown apart by a huge unseen force. Yep, into my Inner Temple today for sure! Happy September Libra Equinox everyone. Rest if needed. ❤

    • Hi Denise! Yes and YES! Went to bed early last night (9:30) and woke around 12:45 (EST) sweaty, needing to pee – just how it is. 🙂 When I got back in bed, I kept seeing lights in my peripheral sight (above me) in the room. Just went with it. Quickly fell back to sleep and had active, interesting dreams similar to yours – dismantling and breaking down of so much.

      This morning I felt the urge to go outside in the sun and clean out a flower bed (real small section). I was in slow mode – no hurry to do it – enjoying the cleaning process. 15 minutes in, I felt whammered. Finished up, took a shower and then had to lay down. My higher self told me to REST and RELAX today. Much going on, coming in. That slight band across/around the head headache is present again. My eyes hurt. LOW energy in the physical body. Yet I FEEL that an amazing super HIGH energy is present.

      I look at the clock and it’s 1:11. 🙂 Just popped in to see what was going on and here is this comment from you, Denise. Thank you LOVE! Ok, off for another lay down and rest. ❤ ❤ ❤

    • Yes ma’am … right there with ya. 😮 Woke up close to 1 am … and very disturbing dreams after that … don’t remember the details, but the emotion (terror) is still there … and this morning … great purge … can’t get off the toilet. Everything feels weird, off, changing. Oh well … onward.

    • Yes! My dream last night was a huge building that just fell apart – it was the size of a mountain – the entire front of the building slid off, like the building had a facade. The crash was so powerful that many died just from the pressure and sound waves.
      In the dream, me and my nurse/spiritual friends were looking for injured survivors to aid.

      • Thanks for sharing Diana. ❤ Your September 2019 Equinox dream sounds very similar to mine. In mine huge things like parts of mountains were smashed, exploded apart and hit and killed lots of people. It was like an invisible energy repeatedly kept blasting away at humanity in that world and was causing all sorts of destruction, death, chaos and fear. No one knew what was happening and how it kept moving around the country just obliterating things left and right. A destruction would happen a mile away and the physical fallout from that would be launched at people in their cars on freeways etc., much like your mountain-sized building falling apart in your dream. It was an amazing dream and I sense is symbolic of what's coming in 2020 on multiple levels. I bet many people had dreams much like this on the September 2019 Equinox.

        • Hi Denise, I don’t know what it was except I knew it was the Fall Equinox. I was expecting some wave of awesome energy, instead it was really really awful and heavy. I knew it wasn’t mine and I tried to ride it out, clearing as much as I could but to no avail. It absolutely flooded me and I cried and cried. Endless tears fell, waves of hopelessness engulfed me and carried me to sleep only to wake up in the middle of the night with an urgent need to empty my bowels and bladder.
          No dreams that I can remember except woke up this morning feeling a vague sense of gloom that slowly dissipated as the day progressed.
          I am entirely unsure of everything right now, just aware that I need to be gentle with myself and others, especially at this time.
          Thank you for this article and your input, helps that we’re all in this together.

    • Hi Denise and All,

      Yes it was strange. I came up to Mount Shasta to celebrate the equinox and discovered when I arrived yesterday afternoon that I left most of my clothes at home (never happened before). Then I tried to get some sleep before the exact time of the equinox and couldn’t due to intestinal problems. I did manage to get half way up the mountain and meditate for about 45 minutes around the time of the equinox. It was pitch black with many stars in the sky and I saw quite a lot of flashing lights out of the corner of my eyes! Also I watched the crescent moon rise and it was so bright I thought it might be a ship. Seems like there is something going on with the moon energetically transmitting more/different information. Then I came home and passed out but could only sleep a few hours.

      Thank you Denise for the amazing article and sharing your information. I really appreciate it!

      Divine ❤️ 💕 💝 to you and All. Nancy

      I forgot to mention as I was driving back from buying clothes today, I saw Mt. Shasta in the distance. It had horizontal cloud cutting it in half and it really looked like it was levitating. I even said this out loud. So your comment describing your dream that included “Mountains cut in half horizontally and levitated” was so right on it was stunning!

      Thanks again! 🙏🌈❤️❤️❤️Nancy

    • This Comment really should be an article. In fact it’s book quality information but there’s not time or energy for that now so I’m sharing all this here in these Comments under my Libra 2019 article. This is important and some of you have played a direct role in it, which is another reason why you’ve felt extra horrible, sad, sick and like you were fighting great evil recently in dreams and/or while awake or both. This one’s been coming on for the past few months and I wasn’t able to put all these pieces together until this morning, September 24, 2019.

      ‘Later in the night I had a really strange dream about physical reality being torn apart. Mountains cut in half horizontally and levitated, towns and people being impacted by a massive and deliberate unseen force and on and on it went. Really unusual night in almost all ways so I was curious if anyone else experienced a weird night last night too?’

      I’m quoting myself from two of my Comments yesterday because many of us are still feeling the effects of all this today, a day after the September 23, 2019 Equinox. After yesterday’s sickness, vomiting, digestive track pains, intense bowel purging, vertigo, crying over nothing crying, feeling real evilness being altered in very big, sweeping ways, and after the very unusual dream I had in the early AM hours of yesterday, Equinox day, I today better understand what some of us have gone through over the past 24-48 hours approximately and why.

      ‘That dream I had last night — early AM hours of today, September 23, 2019 — was unlike any dream I’ve ever had. It seemed to be about an entire timeline being blown apart by a huge unseen force.’

      The so-called writing was all over many of our September 23, 2019 dream walls, but it often takes some linear time and actual physical living these multidimensional, multiple timeline happenings before we start to put more and more of the pieces together to get a higher understanding of what actually has happened, why, and how much of it did so right through us, our physical bodies and hearts.

      Since I’ve been writing online (2007 at TRANSITIONS), I’ve always known that I and others like me were monitored, and more. Because of that I’ve tried to NOT use certain words in my articles and Comments because they’re red flag words to those who do the monitoring. I’ve had my hands (and bowels!) full with everything else I’ve been physically and energetically dealing with since 1999, so I wasn’t going to make things more difficult and dangerous for me than they already were by using some of those words online. I need to use some of them now however to convey what information I’ve perceived over these past 24-48 hours of this September 2019 Equinox.

      I said in my Comments from yesterday that the very unusual dream I had in the early AM hours of September Equinox day seemed and felt to me like a timeline had been energetically destroyed, obliterated by some huge unseen Force. Then some other things happened yesterday that helped me put more of all this 2019 Equinox strangeness and intensity into place. I’ll just cut to the chase as they say and tell you that some of us have been assisting with, carrying out, etherically and physically living and Working on the destruction and permanent removal of what’s known as the 9/11 timeline. 9/11 has been one of those online red flag words.

      The strange dreams some of us had Equinox night were about this. Witnessing buildings suddenly falling apart and everything I experienced in my dream. Entire cities across the USA (red flag word) were destroyed, along with great numbers of people by a massive unseen Force sweeping through the entire country. Usually, but not always, when I’ve Worked energetically on these ascension related clearing Missions, it was from outside of the event itself. That was not the case this time as my dream yesterday had me in that timeline experiencing and witnessing what was happening from within it. In my dream both my dead sister and mother were with me which informed me (in the dream) that it was another timeline and not an indicator of something I would experience in this life and timeline that I’m talking to you from.

      Whenever I’ve psychically perceived a seriously unpleasant upcoming physical event, it’s always between three weeks to three months BEFORE the physical event actually happens physically. That’s just how it’s always been for me perceiving these types of big negative happenings.

      Three months BEFORE it happened physically, I had a clairvoyant and clairaudient vision of a high-ranking Team Dark alien I’d never Seen before — in other words not a Reptilian, not a Draconian, not an Inscetiod etc. — telling others like him about an upcoming physical event that would cause certain humans on Earth to pay dearly. The hatred he and all of them had, have for humanity is hard to express because it’s so evil, utterly severe and complete. Three months after I had this vision 9/11 happened. There’s so much more I could say about this and related things but at this moment the bigger message seems to be that some of us have, within the past 24-48 hours, participated in slightly different ways in the energetic and physical clearing of the intentionally Team Dark created Earth 9/11 timeline. They knew the Ascension Process was happening and the upcoming Separtation of Worlds was rapidly approaching so they created this particular Earth timeline (and others long before it) as another way to intentionally herd unaware humans into it for their future food and fuel supplies. Evidently, many of us have personally done more energetic Work on destroying this TD created timeline THIS September 2019.

      18 years ago (1+8= 9 energies numerically and you know what 9 means), the intentional TD created 9/11 event happened physically. 18 (9 energy of completion) years later we’re now in September 2019 Equinox energies and the Separation of Worlds & Timelines and the incrementally unfolding Shift Process. Just when you thought all the heavy lifting was over! Whatever, a little weird dream Work here, a little more body pains, vomiting and diarrhea there… Anyway, just sharing the latest from my perspective about this one. It’s a biggie and it’s also another strong indicator of how far we actually are within the Shift Process to date. More clearing prep Work for the NEW arriving fully in 2020.

      I need a nap 😆 Thanks for wading through all this with me both linearly and non-linearly, and thanks for your Higher Light Service. ❤ ❤ ❤
      Denise Le Fay, September 24, 2019,

      • Wow! My HighHeart just did a soaring hallelujah leap from that huge (yes, book-level) information you just shared!
        Thank you Denise!
        We are making progress….. 💚

      • Omg Denise, this is sooo HUGE!

        You have some balls of steel for sharing with us -from my feel- THE most important piece of news, despite red flag words that ‘they’ don’t want you to use and in fact will try to ‘punish’ you for. Thank you brave woman for essentially saying Fuck You TD.

        Love you!

        • ❤ ❤ ❤ Jain Lee. It's been so energetically busy, intense and felt SO different these past few days that, after the dream I had on the Equinox, I knew I had to share more about these things quickly. And then today the decision was finally made about doing something about "Agent Orange". More red flag words. Anyway, he and now is also a part of the 9/11 timeline so things will be getting really strange from now through 2020 no doubt.

        • My past self is sad, my present self is discombobulated BUT my future self KNOWS exactly what has happened and what will happen. The ‘knot’ in our timeline has been untied and we’re back on track to where we’re supposed to be and should be going; that is the Ascension or the Event.
          I have no words to describe just how much I am grateful to you. You are priceless and precious! Thank you Denise!

          P.S: I hope this playing out in the physical realm doesn’t take too long, it is literally a freaky horror shit show all day, everyday. Despite not giving the news my attention, I still FEEL just how insane it is just by glancing in the general direction of the news.

        • Dear Denise,

          Sorry for spamming but this just came to me and I know you like The Lord Of The Rings (but I’m gonna refer to it’s prequel The Hobbit franchise)

          Thorin and Gandalf bring a map to Elrond, who tells them that it can only be read under the exact same crescent moon under which it was written from a hundred years ago, and then proceeds to tell them their great luck as that same night, the moon is the same crescent from the same season.

          Then Elrond does Thorin and Gandalf the honor of reading the map.

          Anyhow, it struck me that you are our Elrond. But of course much more than Elrond as he doesn’t really engage in the journey as Gandalf does. So you’re more like a combo of Elrond and Gandalf, a Ganrond or Eldalf, if you will.

      • Thank You Denise, I knew something was going on big time. From the 22nd to the 24th I have been miserable physically and with dreams. I can’t even find the words to express the weirdness of it all. Today I feel relief after 10 hours of sleep. Sitting in my backyard with a white butterfly constantly circling around me. Thank you again for all that you do. I would be lost without your explanations. I love you, Linda

  • Thank you, Denise, for a super clear and detailed description of the fuller arrival of Divine Mommy and the introduction of Divine Daddy to humanity. If it helps others, here’s a brief summary of what I’ve been experiencing as the patriarchal bullies/controllers thrash about and lash out in their extinction. This is a micro of the macro and many other Pathpavers may be experiencing something similar. Living below me in my apartment building are three people, a male in his 40’s, his mother, and his girlfriend. The male and his girlfriend are both bullies, the mother is submissive, and all three fight and scream at all hours of the day and night. In July they were served with an eviction notice. They are fighting that eviction and refusing to move. In the meantime, my apartment is my sanctuary and I do not want to leave it, and I also KNOW that part of my mission is to bring in and anchor both Divine Mommy and Divine Daddy, and their acting out as they do is their response to the sovereignty and LIGHT/LOVE that I hold. This is in no fucking way fluffy! This is a battle on behalf of Divine Mommy and Divine Daddy for the Macro and I am determined to do my bit, though I confess to a weariness because of a lack of sleep while at the same time the ascension symptoms continue. Wow, what a job we are doing… welcome Divine Mommy and Divine Daddy… united at long last. Onwards and Upwards, Love, B.

  • This was a high-reaching, hard-hitting, loving blog, with so many “goodies” in it for us all to sort through. Thank you again for helping us with perspective, and for restraint, and for fore-knowledge! We’re going to carry this. I feel it in my HighHeart.

  • Denise, I am so ready for Libra season! That’s my Sun sign (same for my oldest of 3 girls). This article was especially fascinating because I had a super intense and beautiful dream the other night about a higher aspect of myself who appeared as a Phoenix and felt very masculine. It struck me how usually I connect with or perceive the feminine energy of my higher self. So, for me, thinking about balance these last couple days has been thinking about how I’m healing or anchoring more of the masculine. It was really wonderful to read more about Divine Mommy, and I can’t wait. Thank you!!! ❤️❤️❤️

    • Happy upcoming Libra birthday to you Kara and your oldest daughter.

      Doesn’t it FEEL so wonderful being increasingly balanced energetically? You feel your masculine and feminine strengths both and you are them combined and so much more. Your dream was wonderful and we’re all going to be dealing with higher Divine Father/Masculine energies in 2020 too because that’s also been profoundly distorted and limited for a very long time.

      Again, Happy Libra birthday. ❤

      • Thank you, Denise!! My daughter and I are both at the very end of Libra season on Oct. 19 and 21. I’m turning 39, and I keep meaning to go back and reread what you said in a comment once about the significance of that (Uranus opposition, if I remember right). I’ve been feeling a build-up all year to a big shift!!

        Thought I’d share a little more about my dream in case it’s useful to anyone. I’d specifically intended and asked my higher self before falling asleep that I wanted to know/see/hear more. In my dream, I was lost after attending a speaker who I thought would have the answers for me (I knew even in the dream that it was supposed to show me I needed to look within myself). I was outside, still lost, then terrified of a dog-like creature that was off in the distance. I ran for the only available shelter— it was an abandoned outhouse or old chicken coop. Very flimsy and rundown. I got inside and scrabbled to shut the door— a simple wooden frame with chicken wire or the like across it. I latched it right as the not-dog arrived and tried to claw through at me. I backed up and onto something that I could climb on and put my head out in the open. I screamed for help and yelled for a guy in the distance to come get his not-dog. That’s when the Phoenix came! All fear dissolved as I watched him flying majestically across the sky. He was HUGE, periwinkle blue and deep royal blue. I was mesmerized by his tail, which ended in a triangle shape. Then his entire outline glowed golden and alive!! I couldn’t believe I could See it. He disappeared and then the golden light morphed into a cartoon-like big cat. I knew it was showing me it had the power of shapeshifting. Then the golden light flew straight at me. I knew it was a gift that would be part of me. I woke before impact, sweaty and awestruck! It took reflecting on this with a couple people to understand that the creature was a Phoenix (or at least that’s the closest word we know) and that he was my higher self. I believe the not-dog represented my fears and the old outhouse or chicken coop represented old ideas that I thought would protect me or save me and old Earthly physical structures in which I used to (and sometimes still do) rely for security.

        I wrote this poem about it. 💙💙

        with undulating tail
        feather soft and serpent strong
        wavy intervals
        weaving integration
        normalizing the up and down
        of flying further, farther afield
        the Phoenix
        is intimate
        with the safety
        and shifting of shape
        found in death
        and rebirth
        as it sings its song
        of peace

  • Thank you Denise…Balance within….and without….after all if you DO go within, then you won’t go without….Sending you some Angel hugs and blessings, Barbara from Sydney xxxxx

  • “Thank freakin Source”
    Love you Denise. You’re the best. I don’t have anything to say except it’s all freakin awesome. I can’t quite believe it 🍾
    Love and light xxxx

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