The INTERNAL Separation of Worlds

The “Shift” or “Event” as some call it and expect it to happen, has been happening continually inch by painful and difficult inch for the past thirty physical linear years on Earth. Intensely so in the physical dimension since 1998–1999. I’ve referred to this constant “Shift” “Event” process energetic Stair-steps that the First Everything-ers, Foreunners, Pathpavers, Embodiers, Wayshowers have been traversing for the past 20–30 or more years in this life. However, many people believe and expect some instant special-effects type of external singular “Event” and/or “Shift” to happen all at once that will shift them and their physical bodies into a much higher state and reality. If it happened that way, no one alive on Earth would physically survive it because the frequency range difference between what has been and what we’re evolving into is too extreme for anyone in a physical body to survive in-tact in a single “Shift” or “Event”. Mass humanity is nowhere near evolved enough to be able to make a single evolutionary leap “Shift” or “Event” and ascend to a higher level of being. No, this “Shift”/”Event” has been unfolding quite differently for decades already.

2018 Triple Crowns Process

First Everything-ers and Forerunners, do you remember Embodying increasing amounts of Crystalline Christ frequency during 2017 and 2018? Do you remember Embodying the Triple Crowns process in 2018? If you weren’t conscious of that particular phase it doesn’t matter, only that you went through it and were further Rewired by it. The Triple Crowns process was, as has always been the case with the Ascension Process, very compressed the last three months (Trinity, Triality instead of lower frequency Duality) of 2018. Three stages of Embodying the first, second and third “Crowns” that year so you’d be able to move up a few more Stair-steps and Embody more NEW in the near future in a NEW way with very NEW results. That future is 2019, and as usual, a different multiple stage process continues this year. Such has been the entire Ascension Process; steadily laboring our ways up higher frequency stair-steps transmuting all that needed to be, releasing more lower old, while each higher step caused and continues to cause us to embody and Embody increasingly higher frequency Light energies, more NEW codes (templates) and NEW DNA and then run them through our bodies in these NEW ways.

What I suspected last year but wasn’t absolutely positive about the 2018 Triple Crowns process was that each of those “Crowns” had to do with three important brain glands; the Pineal Crown gland, the Pituitary Brow gland, and the Hypothalamus gland which works with the other two forming a higher NEW energetic Trinity system in our brains. Those three brain glands were a big part of the Triple Crowns and evolutionary Rewiring they went through last year all to prepare them, us to Embody and run the 2019 (and beyond) higher NEW codes and energies in NEW ways at NEW levels. Stair-steps, always stair-steps as we constantly build upon, expand, evolve and survive the entire Ascension Process physically and in all other ways as well.

Many times over the years I’ve shared how this and related energy processes feel in my body and head. Typically whenever NEW energy Waves and/or solar transmissions—CME’s, solar storms, flares, winds—are present I feel them enter through the etheric area above the top of my physical head. From that level they descend into my physical head and swirl and ping around in there for a while causing different transformational head pains, pressures and those very distinct energy headaches while they evolve certain endocrine brain glands (and chakras) being energetically worked on at the time. While this further head, brain and brain glands Rewiring is happening, those energies typically flow down from my head into my entire HighHeart area and Thymus gland. [The physical Thymus gland is located in the center of your upper chest well above the physical heart.] The farthest below my HighHeart I feel these energies is around my diaphragm, which causes it to instantly bloat again. It’s been an ongoing Process in the First Everythingers, Forerunners, Embodiers having these Trinity group of brain glands Rewired, not just one and done but multiple times over the past twenty years and counting. Stair-steps, multiple layers, continuously higher frequencies, expanding abilities, higher awareness and so on. Never a one and done thing but an ongoing expansion and uplifting Ascension Process to higher and more complex completely NEW levels with NEW codes and DNA and matching NEW awareness and abilities.

All of April and most of May 2019 have been unusually energetically intense, physically and emotionally painful and psychologically trying for me at times, and then the complete opposite at other times. This is certainly not the first time these extremes have been experienced during my personal Ascension and Embodiment Processes, but it is the first time for me at this level. The same is true for many of you reading this. You, me, we have never been were we are now and we’ve never experienced these NEW higher level energies functioning within us in these very NEW ways. It’s wonderful, shocking, disturbing, intense and can be traumatic for a bit as you make these profound evolutionary transitions into a higher way of being and functioning due to the NEW codes and DNA and other NEW energy Waves we’ve been embodying and Embodying recently.

It was in December 2018 when the rain started (here in California) after so many long horrible ascension years of extreme heat and drought. And it’s cold and raining here today, May 26, 2019 as I write this. Because I’ve always loved the rain this was a special treat for me anyway, but once the rain started last December, I knew it was going to continue and was happening because the water was going to help embed and hold these latest NEW Triality-based codes which are the NEW energy templates for ascending humanity, Earth, reality and beyond.

We’ve had a constant increase over the past few years of greater Crystalline (Christ frequency) energies present and being Embodied by the First Everythingers and our internal grid systems, and into Earth and Earth’s grid system. Once the needed levels of this were reached we automatically moved up another energy Stair-step and began the next level of this ongoing process. In this case it was the 2018 Triple Crowns transformations; the triple brain glands being greatly evolved up to a Trinity frequency and state that’s Crystalline going into Diamond. After that it’s been the super compressed, intense and at times downright extreme April and May 2019 stair-step phase of our three NEW Trinity frequency brain glands connecting and operating with our HighHearts and Thymus gland.

How many of you noticed during April and May 2019 that most every time your head hurt from embodying these NEW Trinity codes (many have been Seeing them everywhere since the rains, and flooding, began last December as pastel colored triangles and/or darker gemstone colored triangles and also other energy 6D template patterns too), your HighHeart area began pounding hard and nearly rattling your teeth!? I exaggerate only slightly about this because this May round has been like no other in this regard. (1) Severe head energy headaches and head pressures that move around your head and skull and (2) that energy then moves down into your entire HighHeart area which causes your heart to pound very hard for longer than you think it can survive. The head business hurts and the HighHeart expansions make you feel exhausted, weak and very close to God… in a good way. 😀

It’s not an easy or painless task getting the NEW Trinity Crystalline Diamond codes into our physical heads, our brain glands, then our HighHearts where they’re now activated to run and are now running our bodies, consciousness, lives and reality and Embody them all so they’re anchored and available for mass humanity to evolve into when they are able to do so. Every time the First Everythingers (I know it’s a ridiculous term and I’ll replace it the moment I think of something better, promise) Embody more NEW Trinity, integrated, unified, evolved beyond old lower frequency Duality codes and energies, our ongoing Embodiment actions assist in another timeline Shift into higher Divine organic reality with NEW matching codes—6D geometric, morphogenic energy templates for humans and all else that are evolving, ascending now.


Another very important aspect of these latest 2019 changes was when the Embodiers reached the Shift Event changeover from the old lower everything is focused EXTERNALLY to a much higher and organic level of everything is now focused INTERNALLY which causes individuals to become increasingly more energetically sovereign, self-empowered, self-aware and so on. The old lower 3D patriarchal ways of humanity being constantly focused on all things external and therefore perpetually disempowered themselves meant everyone was parasitic in what’s been a totally parasitic world. That however is another hugely important evolutionary Shift Event that’s happened recently which will force humanity back into a Divine organic state of being, living, reality and consciousness. Humanity will individually rediscover that they themselves are Self-as-Source and that all they need and want to know about etc. can be accessed right inside of themselves. This was another really big and potent Shift Event to finally happen on Earth this year.

I know and you know that all this is far more complex, beautiful and cosmically jaw-dropping than what I’ve very simply described here. This is the best I can do at the moment because, as always, I’m still living and embodying and Embodying all this and more myself just as most of you reading this are. The main reason I’ve wanted to get something written about April and May 2019 is because of what we’ve lived and Embodied we have made a really important and significant Shift Event. We have Embodied more NEW Trinity codes and energies etc. in our Trinity brain glands that are directly connected to our HighHearts making them and the rest of our bodies capable of Embodying and running, housing, containing, maintaining and circulating the NEW Crystalline Diamond Trinity (three not the old lower two of Duality) HighHeart organic systems that are must-haves for life on NEW ascended Earth. We just did one massive Shift Event, again, but this one dwarfs all previous ones because we’ve finally crossed an invisible Ascension line because we’re carrying all NEW now and we’re doing it in NEW ways and at NEW levels we’ve never be able to reach until now.

Also wanted to mention about awful April 2019 as I call it because the entire month the physical pains I’d had off and on for over a year before this were amplified so severely I could hardly walk most of April. The bone and joint structures in our physical bodies have been going through massive Shifts and Events for a few years now because each time we Embody more NEW codes and DNA etc., so too does Earth and the grids in and around Earth. It’s not just our inner structures undergoing tremendous evolutionary transformations but Earth and her grid systems and structures too. That’s your Saturn Pluto Capricorn conjunction energies hard at Work for you and All. If you’re sensitive to Earth and/or ‘Earth Changes’ and the constant Ascension Process stair-step upgrading of Earth’s grid structures, then you are more likely to feel those energies and changes taking place within your physical bones and skeletal structure. How many of you have had it feel like the bones and joints in your feet and ankles, the bones in your whole body from the waist down for that matter, were literally broken or breaking lately? NEW codes, NEW DNA, NEW grids. This will settle down and hurt less as we and Earth and everything else adjusts to having Embodied this latest round of NEW Trinity codes and other big energy Waves and solar transmissions.

The Separation of Worlds Is Happening Inside You & Your Physical Body

At some point during these bigger than usual April and May 2019 evolutionary Shift Events, I became conscious that the Separation of Worlds is taking place inside of me and my body and inside all Embodiers. It was one of those furrowed brow moments where you cringe slightly over the truth of the unpleasant matter but simultaneously realize it’s why you’ve felt so terrible and struggled so with certain things, situations, people and on and on. Macro micro business again. I and the Creator are one and I and the evolutionary shitstorm of extreme constant Shifting changes are one too. How is this any different from Embodying the NEW? It isn’t really. It’s just another perspective of what’s been unfolding all along. Deep breath, stop feeling unworthy or like you’ve done “something wrong” and keep doing what you’ve been doing this entire time because it’s working really well.

Yes it’s been brutal lately but, and this is super important and we all need to remember this when the next layer arrives, and it most certainly will, we have Embodied and are now running, circulating and radiating enough of the NEW Crystalline Diamond Triality triangular shaped codes, templates and energies in our physical bodies, HighHearts and heads that we’ve Shifted up another few energy stair-steps and reached a higher organic ascension timeline in May 2019. Does this mean we’re “there” and we’re “done” with all this now? Not hardly but it does mean that once we recuperate from what we’ve just gone through in April and May 2019, things are going to increasingly become better, easier, safer, more pleasant, more creative and so on. Despite all the severe physical, emotional and sometimes psychological pains we go through embodying and Embodying first, I’ve been very aware of big positive improvements happening simultaneously. It’s not all pain and misery, nor is it all constant bliss and perfection. It’s a transitional little bit of both which is normal for what’s happening. The pain and misery will now dissipate much more quickly for us because of these latest Shifts and Embodiment Processes. Hang in there First Everythingers, Embodiers and Forerunners because we’re steering this thing from our ever expanding, ever more radiant HighHearts. The rest will follow and unfold just as it has been. Thank you All for your Great and ongoing Works. ❤ ❤ ❤ More discussions about this in Comments.


May 26, 2019

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82 thoughts on “The INTERNAL Separation of Worlds

  • Hi Denise, Im back on track🤗 Today my head is pounding in various areas….since morning, great fatigue hit me at work, my eyes just gushed out sinus tears, . felt a bit dizzy and nausea at times…glad Im home now! And just now I read Lisa Renee about a thalamus upgrade. Also another writer talked about energy entering solar plexus earlier today, and Im surprised bcuz I noted this while driving. It felt like intestinal contents were shifting (but not exactly) my clothes suddenly felt too tight. I thought it was gas!😄 The weekend found me ANGRY over any ridiculous little thing. I hope u and all here arent hurting! What is your update about this? And its HOT here😔 central Ca.

    Ps. Well how dumb can I feel! I just reread your article about the hypothalamus! It wasn’t real to me until today if thats what’s happening. I read articles and then over time forget if its not a part of my conscious experience.

  • Denise,

    I just wanted to share this link from Sandra Walter’s recent podcast, as mentioned in her June Newsletter:

    I’ve been doing Sandra’s Unity Meditations since the beginning, and this podcast shed so much light on many of my experiences, especially those since 1999. I hope it’s as helpful to all of your readers as it has been for me.

    Much Love to all!

    • Everyone,

      In case there’s any confusion as to why I allowed this particular link, it’s because I know Sandra Walter’s information is undistorted, plus her dates, times for energy changes are usually dead-on correct for the majority of us. I’m going to try to listen to it today.

        • 10tinybluebirds,

          Not sure why you can’t listen to the podcast (I can never remember that weird term) but here’s a link to Sandra Walter’s site just in case.

          If that doesn’t help you I’ll add that Sandra gave a nice recap of what she’s already written this year and some from last year. I’d suggest, if interested, you read through all of her articles starting January 2019 (or further back if you want) and read them in sequence from the start of this year up to now. Read them one after the other and the overview becomes much more easy to see and feel. I’ve done this with my own articles and it’s like reading different chapters in a book. Plus if you’re very sensitive, doing this instead of listening to this guy’s interview of Sandra will spare you his super hyper, all-in-his-head energies and vocal energy which were extremely uncomfortable to me. I simply couldn’t listen to him — he’s like exploding Mercury in flames on meth!

          There’s a few other things Sandra said that are about where she’s at now which I could not relate to so as always with ALL people/teachers/situations etc., you benefit from what you can at the time and bypass the rest. 🙂

        • ‘There’s NOTHING enjoyable for most of us First Everythingers, Forerunners listening or watching someone whose nowhere near the level of the Ascension educator they’re interviewing trying to “interview” them. It makes one squirm, cringe and feel uncomfortable, at least it does me.’

          Wow, Dear Denise.
          I haven’t listened to a podcast for more than a year maybe, only this latest from Sandra. There is less and less to read, do or work towards. I’m living a hermit life and have very little to enjoy ‘out there’ but my meditation or when trying to help people. Sometimes, the work we are doing in ‘dream’ time is more interesting. The aches, drain and isolation – and the purging of lower emotions – proves that we are very strong but maybe a little bit insane to have volunteered for this 🙂

          When I was 8, I was suddenly aware I wasn’t coping with the trauma and abuse at all and said ‘I can’t do this, I thought I could but I can’t.’ For a moment I remembered I chose to be here and wanted to help my very low-frequency bloodline but couldn’t. It helped a bit but they are free to continue to choose drama, ego and all that.
          Not easy at all and we were attacked a lot in the past but you share the Truth openly and that is so healing for us. Thank you so much for telling like it is.

          ‘In my opinion there’s way too much “old crap” — the old formats, structures, sale’s pitches, ego-based consciousness and heavy intellect etc. — involved with so many of these types of spiritual/ascension/ets interviews and meetings and so on.’

          The ‘sale’s pitches’ are extremely uncomfortable indeed, narcissistic and very clear to see. Spirituality became a business and rarely there is some Heart or Spirit behind.
          It was prophecized these would be confusing times and those who haven’t gone within must be very lost nowadays.

          You are The Example of how I remember true Leaders being in the Higher Dimensions.

          This world is better because You are here.

          I Love and Honor You.
          Infinite gratitude for this space and your persistent work for HUmanity.

        • Marta,

          Thank you for your insights, higher knowing, bravery and determination — your Service, and your kind words to me. ❤

          We teach by living it, we aid others by living it, we energetically pathpave for humanity (and All else) by living it. There is no other way in the physical dimension at this time other than this. We of Service do it in the Higher Dimensions and simultaneously we do it in the lower and lowest dimension and Earth world(s) too. I Love and Honor You too. ❤ ❤ ❤

        • Tears of Gratitude and Love.

          Thank you for doing so much and even going beyond, encouraging those who haven’t reached where You are yet, Denise. This high vibrational space you have here feels like Home and our Utopic Worlds. A Creator of Worlds indeed 🙂

          I feel so honored, witnessed and understood for the first time, I feel.

          I am praying and wishing for the highest outcome for You and your home situation.

          I’m sorry if it’s off topic but I can’t remember where it was (please erase or edit as you wish) but sharing it could help others or could be a puzzle piece, but so much water was spilled, things fell and broke recently that it felt like the old 3D crumbling and I hope it stops soon.

          Sorry for the leak and if I lived nearby and if you wanted, I surely would help with the tasks 🙂 Turns out I live across the ocean 😊

          I am so grateful for You, Transitions, High heart life and The Lightworker’s Mission book. I was figuring out I was some sort of everything-er (I always smile at this word, it’s perfect) like I was going through so much but ahead of most people. Then I got stuck in insecurity and the mind-slides and doubted my Knowing and gifts, mistaking humility with denial. Your writings are encoded with so much Love and you pulled me up from that, validating what I suspected but couldn’t piece together. I didn’t have to connect those dots as You had already done that and I have no words to thank you.

          So much love and reverence for you.

      • Thanks Denise! The why begins with your sentence “Plus if you’re very sensitive…” no judgement as I myself have been this expression and who knows, may be again some time? But I just could not. So thank you for reminding me that the beauty of the process is we are all attuned to different things and that’s okay! 🙂

        • Denise, I absolutely agree with you re: the EPIC interviewer! The contrast between his energy/voice and Sandra’s, was, to say the least, off-putting, and to say the most, downright painful. There are a couple of other interviewers whose energy gets in the way of my receiving what the interviewee has to offer. Plus, when they start the push for subscribers, signups, classes, programs, and assorted marketing ploys, I simply move on to something that brings me greater joy and alignment.

        • The only thing that would be interesting to me is to have two or three of the best of the best Ascension teachers/writers together sharing with each other about the really deep, special, otherworldly, difficult, HighHeart things they experience and record the whole thing for everyone to listen to. There’s NOTHING enjoyable for most of us First Everythingers, Forerunners listening or watching someone whose nowhere near the level of the Ascension educator they’re interviewing trying to “interview” them. It makes one squirm, cringe and feel uncomfortable, at least it does me.

          In my opinion there’s way too much “old crap” — the old formats, structures, sale’s pitches, ego-based consciousness and heavy intellect etc. — involved with so many of these types of spiritual/ascension/ets interviews and meetings and so on. Throughout the 2000’s I was asked a few times by different people to be on their online “shows” to be interviewed by them and I always declined for these and other related reasons.

          Right now many of us — after April and May 2019! — are HAVING to as you so correctly said Rachel, move on to something that brings me/us greater joy and alignment. I cannot linger in these old ways because they simply don’t “help” me but in most cases do just the opposite now. This is part of the massive code shift from all focus is external to all focus is now internal. ❤

      • Thank you Denise for saying so eloquently what I feel in my heart and entire being about these types of interviews and was unable to express! Being with certain types of energies is less and less possible as the energy accelerates higher and higher. ❤❤❤❤❤❤Nancy

        • Amen! Yes to what love and peace 111 said. Zactly! Also love the pick of your dog. 🐶🌺

  • Dear Denise,
    I have re-read your article a few times, and it has helped me reach a deeper level of understanding and a Knowing!
    The last few days have been over the top…I sensed or felt a vice like object around my head, tingling and odd pressures.
    Many other brief symptoms…nausea, burping and not being hungry…yesterday…falling asleep every few hours.
    Each moment, seems to bring around new symptoms and new experiences.
    My cat came back to herself today…I had a long talk with her and told her she didn’t have to take on my aches and pains…she understood and started purring and she loves it when I tell her we will walk out together when the job is done.

    Thank you for your patience Denise…you have chosen a difficult job.
    PS the achey feet, legs and such have subsided…just the lower back now…..

  • “At some point during these bigger than usual April and May 2019 evolutionary Shift Events, I became conscious that the Separation of Worlds is taking place inside of me and my body and inside all Embodiers. It was one of those furrowed brow moments where you cringe slightly over the truth of the unpleasant matter but simultaneously realize it’s why you’ve felt so terrible and struggled so with certain things, situations, people and on and on.”

    Oh dear hearts, if I get anymore separated internally, I’ll be two… two in a fragmented one. I keep thinking, “Is your cup half full or half empty?” and I get no answer. Where I live, which is a very small town in Western Canada, the NOISE has become unbelievable. It’s almost like anyone/anything that can make NOISE is doing just that. “Look at me, look at me,” all this NOISE seems to be saying and I’m so woofed and hurting from the whole process it’s a wonder I can even look at all. Not complaining, just explaining as best I can. Thank you, Denise, for this post. Though I don’t feel like anything near a Three-Crowned person, I have to believe that for now, my fragmented Two Crowns will pass. Love, B.

  • Hey Denise 🙋🏼‍♀️! Wowza are we ever getting ⚡️⚡️blasted ⚡️⚡️ this (these) day(s) .. sheesh 😳.. that separation of worlds thing is truly playing itself out in my physical reality .. there’s a HUGE purge of lower frequencies in all my material ‘stuff’ .. (thankfully I have a ‘TEAM’ who says either , “KEEP” or “LET GO” because it’s happening soooo quickly.. as if a cosmic clock is ticking ⏰ ) … mostly anything plastic/man made (like sweat shop kinds of items) are in the “LET GO” pile and the “KEEP” items which are all mostly organic.. like stone, glass, crystal etc, are neatly arranged in another pile.. it’s very ceremonial.. thanking all the ‘let go’ items for their service and ‘freeing’ all the souls associated with their production.. I KNOW that I am moving into a ‘new’ home yet, in the same physical location and EVERY item has to pass thru a TSA check point..

    It’s so freakin TRUE, this bifurcation event.. and my human is ‘working’ on sooooo many levels in sooooo many timelines in sooooo many dimensions all at ONCE… I can actually tune in and see that A LOT of US are doing this right NOW .. basically cleaning up all the blow back from the 12/21/2012 expiration .. I see US swooping (quantum jumping) into various timelines and dimensions to clear & neutralize ALL the lower frequencies from all the shit (literally 😆) that we created during those patriarchal years.. ‘They’ (my Teams) constantly remind me, when I somewhat unexpectedly find myself in old old dark timelines, to remember that I am looking BACKWARDS only to clear, close and release any stuck energy in those star gates (portals) .. * sidenote! This human, called ‘Anne’ , rarely visits those old astral sites.. I much prefer the 🌈🦄🧚🏽‍♀️ world lol) HOWEVER on a recent trip to Tulum Mexico with another very tuned in female friend, we participated (without much advance notice and absolutely no ‘planning on our human’s parts .. well, you know what I’m sayin) in a ‘LIBERATION” of Divine Feminine energy that was linked to the Notre Dame Fire.. let me connect some dots.. during the Notre Dame Fire I received this information: ALL PRAYERS ARE ANSWERED .. during the Tulum experience I was very clearly shown that we were part of a very LARGE Team and We were there answering EVERY PRAYER (fractal soul retrieval) of Divine Feminine energy that has been hijacked, held captive, etc. etc (you know all that td garbage) for EONS thru THAT particular portal .. it was like a Star Wars, Indiana Jones, sci-fi with dark entities (which I NEVER watch) movie.. my human was like, wtf😳? ..are we in some crazy ass ghost buster movie or WHAT?? ..?We were actively participating in shutting down a lower frequency parasitic power station that had been using the water in the cenotes (springs) and manipulating its energy for eons .. this ‘mission of service’ (🤷🏼‍♀️) looks from my perspective TODAY like we did some kind of re-con mission with light sabers 😎⚡️ .. The portal was permanently closed (with ☮️💜& Light) {because we no longer bomb our way to peace, duh 😂} and all of the Divine Feminine Energy was returned thru ALL timelines, dimensions etc to SOURCE .. .. this ‘mission’ lasted almost exactly 12 hours .. 6pm-6am .. during which we STAYED AWAKE (sometimes with difficulty due to the shear force of td’s will to continue using that portal) .. at exactly 6:19 a.m we were told, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. HOMEOSTASIS ACHIEVED. We were then thanked by The Sisterhood of the Shield for our Service .. (I was not familiar with this Team.. before Tulum, lol) after cleaning up the shitstorm of debris inside the house (annnd outside) we left a day sooner than ‘planned’ … booked rooms several miles away at the Diamond de Mer (??) retreat and lolled around in the sun and CLEAN water before returning to the States last Friday.. I’d like to THANK YOU for every article you’ve written.. during all that closing the gate, liberation of energy etc … I had the CLEAREST mental clarity I’ve EVER had.. every thing, and I mean EVERYTHING, that had happened in my life up until those 12 hours was part of the many processes occurring simultaneously .. Whatever information I NEEDED at EVERY given moment I had complete and easy access to, like I didn’t even have a second to think, “hmm, what should I do now?”.. in every moment I was shown EXACTLY what to DO.. and much of the info from your posts of how td operated showed up at EXACTLY the right moment.. I could HEAR you giving me instructions …kinda like Huston to the astronauts.. 🗣👩🏽‍🚀… and lemme tell ya Sista, I AM GRATEFUL … you have NO IDEA how far reaching your LIGHT is shining.. just sayin’ ..

    btw, this ‘micro/macro’ event took place one Wednesday 5/22/2019 6pm-6am CST.. In case you were {{feeling}} some weird ass wobbles in your immediate energy fields .. 🌪🌪🌪

    Love & Gratitude Anne

  • Thank you for this article, Denise. Greater clarity and deep validation for me. The part where you stated, “Deep breath, stop feeling unworthy or like you’ve done “something wrong” and keep doing what you’ve been doing this entire time because it’s working really well.” was very meaningful for me as well.
    I have spent many years doubting my role, my contribution if any. I don’t have a very clear knowing just a longstanding vague intuitive (and often reluctant) sense that all of this does apply to me. Reading your articles and resonating with many of the experiences shared by those who comment here has been life-affirming.
    I know it couldn’t have been easy for you putting this article together with everything going on. To you and to everyone here, thank you for your service. xoxo

  • Thanks for all your comments. I often feel alone. I don’t have friends who can understand what is going on.

    This morning (May 28) I woke up and felt extremely happy. It lasted all morning. I could not remember a dream. I feel something major has happened. Like we crossed another barrier. During meditation I fell asleep and dreamed I freed a group of butterflies from a container. So I am looking forward for good things.



  • I have a few additional pounds on me that happened past few weeks. It feels needed for AP or related to it though I could say it’s diet and age, but with so much bloating and acid reflex…reading this report i’m thinking it’s not entirely my fault for consuming too many carbs. My self confidence hurts from it right now. I really hope for summer to be physical! It’s looking like it but ….ya never know! I know you and many understand this. I’m super sensing new abilities coming on and whoa, a lot of new ability!!! No idea but maybe I’ll become a great cook now lol finally, never mind learning to use my brain as a satellite communication center of some kind, goodness knows what on earth I’m talking about, but it sure is feeling like one!!! Bless us all chubby or not ❤️new level ho! onward we go!

  • As you talked about pain in our joints I can believe the energy I have experienced has caused four joint replacements (2 hips, 2 knees) and 2 shoulder rotator cuffs due to recuperation from knee surgeries. Four of those surgeries was in 2018!!! However my hip replacements started in 2001.

  • My journey in the past few months have been quite ‘remarkable’, ‘ life changing’, ‘unknown’, ‘ confusing’ and ‘uplifting’. It begins with me being a visual person and ‘seeing’ my cup that I fill myself up with, shatter into millions of pieces! Knowing that at that moment, everything I AM, changes moving forward! My first memory was, ‘Wtf’ then, I’m all alone, then FEAR! Then my life changes and because fear becomes my primary emotion, next thing I know, I’m so very sick, get diagnosed with severe colitis and think/believe my life is over! So off I go to Drs who prescribe me medications that my body immediately rejects! I attempt Chinese meds which help somewhat. This was January, February and fast forward to this past weekend and I feel a shift in the air! Today I sat out in nature and asked my ‘spiritual team’ to assist me removing the shards of glass and as it’s happening I ‘see’ grey and black and feel pain and pulling in my intestines! I continue ‘cleaning up’ and once complete, a beautiful crystal bowl is presented. Nothing like I’ve ever seen! It was placed in my stomach area and I could feel the healing taking place. Today is my first day in months I haven’t needed a nap and I feel energy, which hasn’t occurred in months either! I look forward now to my newness blossoming and healing to occur! May this one day help someone who may go thru the same experience one day! 🙏🏻😇

  • Dear Denise and all, ❤ ❤ ❤
    Yes to everything you have shared in your article. Be it April and May being intense, the non-stop head pains/pressures, joint/bone pain along with waist down as you mentioned (on and off for me), and our individual weak areas.

    What struck me the most about this article was the fact you shared regarding the separation of worlds happening inside of us and our physical bodies. I had this exactttttt important realization over April and May. I was actually going to mention/ask that Denise I feel as if this separation is happening more so inside of us (including our bodies) first as it feels I am being ripped apart both in my personal life and physical body down to the molecular/DNA level (and then externally as well, as that will follow) but I forgot to add this to one of my previous comments! Thank you so much for sharing this!

    Denise you commented: "I’m so glad you got off of the drug(s) your doctor(s) put you on because they’re designed for the old lower human body and those frequencies and NOT for these much higher ones. The old tools do not work on evolving bodies that are literally of a higher frequency and composition than what they were before the AP started. I very much feel it’s a dangerous matter to put old lower reality patriarchal drugs into our bodies because they’re evolving, ascending but each person has to make this decision for themselves."

    Thank you so so much for addressing this Denise. It was something I had been wanting to know your personal views on and yes your right, everyone has to use their own discernment and make that decision for themselves. Back in spring of 2013 I had made that decision for myself and went through 100's of symptoms since then without using drugs. I stayed clear then in spring of 2017 I ended up in the hospital twice and due to circumstances I took a medication which I decided to stop after a week's use. I also took extra strength tylenol for an additional 2-3 weeks due to intense pain. The entire year of 2017 was the most physically painful year of my life. I remember crying before ingesting the very first pill after that 4 year period due to fear it would interfere with my lightbody/AP/EP process as I was being forced to take it. Taking drugs for almost a month caused me side effects afterwards, as the toxins were being released through my skin which broke out for months. Then I stayed clear again since for 2 years till this April 2019 where the first week I took 1 pill (just once though) to help me get to sleep (an extra strength tylenol) for the earache I had commented about. Both times I experienced massive amounts of guilt afterwards that surfaced as it felt I was going against a decision I had made for myself. But sometimes you just get a symptom in such a sensitive area that the pain goes way beyond your tolerable threshold. But if they interfere with the process as you mentioned they are not for our evolving bodies, which I am very aware of, then I am willing to scream through something if I have to!!!

    • Hi Prabhi, I high 5 you, I too feel that way. I think this actually makes us stronger both mentally and physically. We make take longer to heal but we will be stronger with out all that toxic damage. Since i had a full kundalini activation my body tells me what it likes and what it doesn’t. If I don’t listen there are repercussions. even with diet. But we are all pushing through the pain . god Bless xo

  • Hello Dear Sonia
    I looked up…at your suggestion autonomic neuropathy…I am sorry, but I can’t go there…just brings on anxiety..I don’t visit Drs any more. For me it seems a closed door….a lot of fear and nothing they can do. The eye specialist told me it was because I didn’t take Vit D and smoked. I do take Vit D have for years and don’t smoke…He lost me there AND that they can’t do anything. I know they can help alot of people…but not me anymore. I have never really had a relationship to allopathic medicine.
    Thank you for reaching out…I know it was done with concern and love.
    Warm regards

    • Hi Penny, God Bless. I totally understand. I don’t have too much faith in doctors either other than they are happy to provide you drugs. I can’t do drugs. Its mostly that I research everything myself and learn and learn. but definitely no drugs. I truly believe we can master our own bodies, I always tell people that you have to be in charge of your own body because doctors don’t live within you. The drugs they want to hand out are atrocious but I certainly understand the anxiety. I just found Potent Vitamin B the best and a nice clean diet. I hope you didn’t get offended I didn’t mean to give you any anxiety so my apologies if I did. Love Sonia xo

      • “I hope you didn’t get offended I didn’t mean to give you any anxiety so my apologies if I did.”


        Offended? Anxiety? Really? That was kinda shit Sonia. Lyn just got ushered out of here by me a couple days ago after years of my enduring her persistent Comments about her beliefs that all bodily fixes and healing etc. — meds, devices, gadgets, herbs, tinctures, other people etc. — exist outside of herself, are entirely EXTERNAL.

        HighHeartLife is not and never has been about EXTERNAL “fixes” for natural evolution.

        I understand this is another big touchy subject and strong belief for many people but again, if that’s anyone’s thing, addiction, hardcore belief system then absolutely HighHeartLife is NOT for them. This subject is now closed.

        • Excuse Me??? I do not need to be spoken to like that in any way what ever your reasons are. Please remove me from your site. Thank you for giving me more insight.

        • Denise, I read your blog often. *************************
          *************************all deleted by Denise

        • Rover,

          Because you feel the way you do about me based on everything I deleted from YOUR Comment, even though you clearly didn’t understand what I said and why I said it and chose to conveniently overlook or ignore what certain other people in this case ACTUALLY said in their Comments about this, please just stop reading everything I write. God Bless You, Namaste, good-bye, Peace be with you and Happy Trails. 🙂

  • Yes, yes, and yessss! Too energetically fatigued to say more. You are a trooper for forging ahead, Denise, to help us remember that all is well in the midst of this crazy. Huge gratitude.

  • Dear Denise, links to Lisa Renee’s site have worked in the past. This one requires a login that I tried but didn’t work. 😦

    • E-K Daufin,

      Try it this way instead. Here’s a link to her website’s main page, then click on Latest Newsletter which will take you to this May 2019 article. Cyber things have been glitchy again, I’ve noticed WordPress and MSN have made some improvements recently which may be causing some of the cyber “disturbances”.

      • Just wanted to thank you so much Dear Denise for giving me another strategy for getting that info. I couldn’t get to the written blog but was able to listen to her reading part of it until it cut me off. Alas! I trust I got what I needed. Just wanted to thank you for trying again for me and to let you know some of the glitches are still blocking. But with so much in flux, maybe next time it will be clear sailing! Love and support.

        • Wow E-K, the online stuff has been unusually glitchy lately, here at HHL and emails not getting through and other websites and links to them and so on. I’m glad you got some of her May 2019 info because it’s very much connected to what I talked about in this article. ❤

  • Wow what an article Denise, 100% YAS to all you have said above! To share my personal experience, I have been having this mysterious middle back pain which keeps moving for around 2 years. Then on end of April 2019, the pain shifted to my Higher Heart area which was extremely painful! This excruciating pain lasted a few days, and the next thing really shocked me. All my pain for those 2 years and the higher heart pain just disappeared just like that.

    Internal Separation of the World indeed.

    Thank you for the lovely article 🙂

    • Sanjjiv Kumar,

      It sounds like you just had a big blockage removed from your heart and into the spine in that same area, which allowed these NEW energies into your HighHeart and activate and expand it. Congrats, that is a very big Shift you just experienced. You’ll most likely feel many more pressures and poundings etc. in your entire chest area as the HighHeart continues to embody more, expand more, and fully activate. It won’t be as severe as what you’ve just gone through but I’m saying this because I want you to be prepared to experience more energetic activities in your HighHeart chest area. It’s what I’ve experienced off and on since 1999.

      I think you’d benefit from reading Lisa Renee’s May 2019 article Sacred Crystal Heart. In it she mentions this unblocking process many are going through now. Here’s a link to it if interested.

      • Thanks for your reply Denise! Means the world 🙂

        Great words of confirmation from you, I am ready to embody more photonic light within. I’m just so grateful that my body is almost pain-free now, which is something I could have never say a few years back.

        Also feeling much more happier these days, went through multiple DNOTS, which was difficult but each one felt like an upgrade.

        Higher and Higher we go, where we go 1, we go all

        Thank you Denise, once again for your lovely updates 🙂

  • I’m 60 years young, I’m tired of sitting around the house like an old hag moaning and groaning. Even my 30 year old kids are moaning and groaning like old men. All my sisters are moaning and groaning. I’m really getting pissed off with all this pain , so if I’m gonna hurt it gonna be for some thing fun. I just moved in with my sister she has a huge house. Lots of room for everyone. My sisters and I are coming back together for our golden years. Since I am a vegan I wanted to grow so organic foods. So Listen to what I did. I really did. If I could I would add a picture. I’m so proud of my self.
    I dug hole in the grass and kept on going and going and going and going, going and going I now have 6 Plots of land where I dug out the dirt a foot or two down in CLAY and amended the soil. IM talking heavy lifting and wheel barrow of dirt with lifting and hanging and digging . 40 pound bags of dirt and manure and mixing and long times of bending over. I’m 60 and hurt like a mother. But when I am in the dirt I feel like I’m 20 years old. I feel invincible when I’m playing in dirt. And I don’t know when to stop. Its just so healing. Until I’m done for the day, well then I may as well be dead I hurt so much. Same thing happened in the winter, I love to shovel snow, It feels good and I don’t know when to quit. Till I do and I’m dead.
    When I moved here I thought nothing of digging up the lawn and planting gardens, I’m creative and had to do something except sit or cry around the house but I never thought I could take on a project like this . But I was in the Zone and just kept going. It aint over. Theres flowers to be planted too.
    It seems over the Ascension years for me when ever I was in a creative zone, sewing painting crafting or gardening, I felt like superwoman. Till I stop and I know I’m gonna be in trouble later. But I don’t care, If IM gonna hurt I want to make it worth it.

    • “It seems over the Ascension years for me when ever I was in a creative zone, sewing painting crafting or gardening, I felt like superwoman.”

      Laura P.,

      Light is information, LOVE is creativity. Source is LOVE and because we’re aspects of Source we too need to be creating as well.

      We effortless slide out of linear frequency and consciousness and enter higher quantum timeless NOW when we’re being creative. One of the many big NEW things we’re re-learning now due to the AP and EP is how to be Conscious Creators. This goes with these latest NEW Shift changes mentioned in this article.

      I could totally relate to what you said in your Comment Laura, because I started something similar in the late 1990s and into the start of my physical biological Ascension Process (1999). At that time I was living with my mom at her house on a quarter acre here in SoCal. Because of my life with Master Hotei and learning about his Outer Temple — the entire Garden area — I’m pretty good at landscaping and intentionally creating physical-level sacred spaces with the Earth. It’s like clearing negativity, I don’t even have to think about it because it’s so natural to me. This is the case with the majority of we Volunteer First Everythingers.

      Long story short I completely re-landscaped her quarter acre over a few years, all by myself, with nothing more than a garden cart (I wasn’t strong or tall enough to maneuver a wheelbarrow full of dirt and/or gravel so I did all that and more with a garden cart) and some shovels and a dolly to move boulders. Yes, I can move boulders by myself with nothing but sheer determination and desire and a small dolly. I did it again last month here but it was more difficult than it was a couple decades ago. 😐

      I transformed her property into a sacred garden and strangers who entered our property would literally gasp because it was invisible from the other side of the fencing. No one even knew we existed there but when they crossed that energetic barrier between the world out there through our gate into my higher frequency little patch of land, the difference would cause males even to stand and stare in shock and surprise. So… I can completely relate to your earthy mission of intentional Conscious Creation on the new land you’re living on now. Physically working out butts off out in Nature, the Sunlight, the wind and the wildlife is so healing for us and for Earth and the animals and plants etc. I would suggest that you Consciously Intend to increasingly Embody more and more and be healed by that and NOT be physically injured or depleted in any way while outside working/Working in the dirt, the elements, the NEW codes, the Sunlight, the wildlife and Elementals etc. Make it beautiful and beneficial for everyone including yourself on all levels. Thanks for sharing about your 60-year-old Creativity and determination. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • omg, Denise, I loooooooooooooooooved reading about the sacred garden you created ~ and that the knowledge from your lifetime with the delightful, wonderful, effervescent Master Hotei carried over so beautifully into this one. (Oh! How I LOVED your book and it helped carry me to a new place, so THANK YOU!!!!)

        I started gardening the same year my “conscious” spiritual journey began, and my garden has long been my example of “as within, so without.” It is teaching me a lot this spring about surrendering, letting go, and owning my darkness. In fact, my garden played a major part in getting me into the next stair step this weekend. It was horrendous, terrible and liberating!

        This article is so on point and SO relevant in every way of what I am experiencing. Thank you, as always.
        And again, I’m just SO delighted to hear of your sacred garden ~ it’s what I’ve always wanted to create in all my years of gardening but have never, ever been able to. Perhaps soon….

        Much LOVE to you!

  • Hi Denise!
    Haven’t read the entire article yet but just wanted to say that it was good to see an article from you. With the energies as intense as they have been and given your sensitivity I was concerned that you had been hit really hard. I am aware of how much it takes for you to write so thank you for posting this. Your articles are extremely helpful to me. Lots of signs of 5d emerging in my world…..visible fairies both day and night along with ships all over the skies and interesting white flashing light. I can really FEEL it here. We are indeed creating the New Earth!!!! Thank you so much for all you do.
    Much Love, Light and Peace,

  • Hello Denise and All,
    Yes’ all over the place. Been seeing those pastel and also the crystal colored triangles for maybe about 2 months? (time really is hard to remember now). The pressure and head pain, absolutely. Bones from stomach down, yes big time. The steps or the upward concrete ‘hill’. Yeppers. All that and more. So many changes for us All.
    Expansion is amazing! All the extra sensory skills have gone up a few levels, huge improvements.
    We are doing it! Keep going All! We are Really doing it! Lotsa Love xxxxx

  • 💙🔥💙 Thank You, Denise. Hoping things will ease up for us and suck less really soon. Some days I just can’t take any more. Myself being a Twin Flame, it feels like overwhelming double duty. Sending Love to everyone here.

  • dear Denise, replying to my own comment as it’s the first time the system is letting me in. Denise, you are unique in your multi-dimensional role. Thank you about bone-pain, especially feet. And shifts in energy and awareness – happening all by itself, with incredible synchronicity from the universe. Sixteen-year relationship dissolving like salt in warm water. Deep Knowings owned. New directions in art – thank you commentator on Triple Crown as creative inspiration. Relationships edited. So much simple clarity now, seven decades in the making. Appreciation and love to all commentators. What a gift – thank you thank you!

  • Yes yes and yes! Everyone can say what I can’t seem to say. Holding on and letting go when it seems my high heart guides me to do. All I can do. I too had doubts I was doing something wrong but trusted that I was doing the best I could. I then felt better for it. So many times I wanted to post and ask you to please help me..,through especially rough times but I would reread your posts and the comments and make it through the roughest times. Thank You Denise and others who comment. Your help is greatly appreciated. Linda

  • First Everythingers really works for me, pls keep using it! All of the above, Denise you really nailed it!
    The Trinary DNA codes are beautiful, i am thinking of making art with them…

    Much Love to all First Everythingers!
    (and much tylenol for the searing headaches) 🕉💜

  • “…stop feeling unworthy or like you’ve done “something wrong” and keep doing what you’ve been doing this entire time because it’s working really well!” Thank you Denise. Also the stuff about thugs becoming easier, more pleasant and creative – yes, I feel this in many small ways!

  • Thank you. And for those who can afford/get a pair, I was lead to get a pair of Kenkoh sandals. Once one is used to them they can be so healing for the whole body and for me eliminate the foots pains some are speaking of. Hold on and hang in everyone. 💖

  • “Deep breath, stop feeling unworthy or like you’ve done “something wrong” and keep doing what you’ve been doing this entire time because it’s working really well.”

    Of all the lines in this article that resonated, this is the one that has tears streaming down my cheeks. To be honest, I don’t really know what stair step I’m on or what group I belong to, in terms of what you described. While April and May have been really intense for me emotionally and with lots of triggering portals in my external reality that I had to go inside and transmute/clear, I haven’t experienced all the extreme physical pains you described. So that had part of me wondering if I’m behind somehow or if it’s going to get insanely worse before it gets better. But this line helped me feel clearer again and connect with my deepest truest high heart desire/commitment/longing/determination to keep going No Matter What. And to be newly grateful to all of you who are doing the very challenging pathpaving on these physical fronts. Thanks as always, Denise. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • I AM laughing and crying at the same time Denise. You always explain every thing that is going on within and without. But honestly, I hurt ALL over but I AM keeping my heart ❤open to ” thy will be done”.. Brightest blessings to you and All…e*

  • Thank you Denise. For me it’s been my feet and knees. But the real pain has been in the joints of my arms and shoulders. Am trying to learn to write with my left hand as I feel it may help in the future. But more than that I feel it integrates both sides of my brain in a way I had not previously thought.
    It has been a real long dark teatime of the soul moment for the last 6 weeks. Some of it has been recognising the sheer loneliness of this spiritual life path. And knowing that to walk in front is to be first and last because there is no one with u.
    As always thank you for your support. So many times I go to email you, but then I think what would I say. It is almost beyond words.
    Love and light to you, and all of us who chose many lifetimes ago to walk in the light

    • “It has been a real long dark teatime of the soul moment for the last 6 weeks. Some of it has been recognising the sheer loneliness of this spiritual life path. And knowing that to walk in front is to be first and last because there is no one with u.”

      Yep Magda and that’s why I so appreciate this Comments space for many of us to be able to access each other in the physical and talk. ❤

      The bones in my feet, one knee, one shoulder, one elbow and both hip joints have been my main weak points evidently because I've had such severe pain in them in such amplified ways since 2017. These AP side effects are general, such as our entire skeletal structures being dramatically upgraded due to all these NEW energies and codes etc., but besides that we each have our individual weak points and/or damaged areas and/or spots that feel these changes much more than all other areas. And like you said some of these pains reflect the deeper level unifying energetic Work going on within the left and right sides of our bodies to bring those old Dualized systems and structures (and cells and DNA and all else) way up into unified Triality frequency which exists far above the old lower Duality level of frequency. There's so, so much going on within each of us and everywhere else too that it's easy to become overwhelmed from time to time within all these evolutionary processes.

      “So many times I go to email you, but then I think what would I say. It is almost beyond words.”

      I often feel this same way about trying to write articles or books about the AP and EP. Somehow we’re all doing so well with it that that too is astonishing! ❤

      • I so understand what you are saying.. my poor feet, hands and my right arm. Ive been hobbling on my feet. But i think the nervous system has taken a flogging.. im still vibrating at times. Love & Light

        • Sonia & Penny,

          Here’s an old article about the inner body vibrations from TRANSITIONS.

          The more Light and NEW codes and DNA etc. we embody, the faster and higher we literally vibrate which is what we’re feeling inside our bodies. I wrote about this multiple times many years ago at TRANSITIONS and shared what I’ve experienced with it over the years. I first felt it around 2001 or 2002 and it’s never stopped since then. It’s gotten MUCH stronger and faster and has to do with our Rewiring Process, our ongoing embodying higher and higher Light energies etc., and it also has to do with us and our physical bodies embodying more and more higher frequencies/Light so the physical body and Lightbody align and function together and in this ascension case, through our physical bodies.

        • Hi Denise, yes Ive had the vibrations since 2009, but it has affected my nervous system to the point that Ive got Peripheral and Autonomic Neuropathy. This high energies have been full on. i get regular massages and i take potent vitamin B to assist. Where one of the other ladies talks about Edema of the left eye. i have Edema of the right eye which is from the Autonomic Neuropathy so I’m thinking with the nervous system becoming so sensitive and then the glands (the Hypothalamus gland is attached to the nervous system) its creating total potent transformation. Its so strong and I’m trying to cope with this. That other lady with the Edema of the left eye may not realise that its from Autonomic Neuropathy from the transformation of the nervous system? This is very critical information for us all to understand. Ive researched and researched , I just feel i need to be on top of these things all the time. Thank you So much for sharing this crucial information.

      • Bless u for your words. Your comments is really the only time most of us feel some way understood and able to express ourselves. Huge hug to u. I am glad you still find the words and the courage to write 💝💝💝
        I know what you mean about the weak spots in our bodies. Mine is my hands. I have over flexible joints and they pain me a lot. I am certain it’s from them being broken in some past lives for the things I made. Things that celebrated spirit.

      • “These AP side effects are general, such as our entire skeletal structures being dramatically upgraded due to all these NEW energies and codes etc., but besides that we each have our individual weak points and/or damaged areas and/or spots that feel these changes much more than all other areas.”

        I was feeling that, too – that our weak points were being highlighted and old wounds/injuries coming up and out. Can relate so much to the April into May physical/joint issues. Sudden health crisis on May 16 – dizzyness, muscle fatigue and weakness. Ended up in hospital with high blood pressure and high blood sugar. Not sure if this is the triple-gland activation. Still trying to sort out what is needed. Taking meds but hoping to be able to get off them eventually. And, yes, feeling like a failure in many ways to be in this position. But also, sometimes, recognizing that the process intensifies to get us to where we need to be for 2020. Thanks so much Denise, for this article and all the helpful information, and encouragement, and to everyone here for sharing. Love to all…

  • Hi Denise

    You have made a very interesting point I hope maybe you could elaborate a bit more. The last 8 months for me have been horrendous. I have been fainting my hypothalamus gland has pulsed causing me profusions of sweats and heat. the water I have had to drink has been unbelievable. racing heart, anxiety, Buddha belly. I have been to a heart specialist and my heart is good. I’ve been to a neurologist there has been changes in my white matter. The heart specialist put me on night time blood pressure medication because the hypothalamus has increased my blood pressure he also put me on a STAT not that my cholesterol is high and my body totally rejected this medication. my body became a fire I went completely red. It was totally horrible. I came off all of it. things have gone back to normal and now my hypothalamus gland is back to normal. Its been nothing like I have experienced before. The effects of an active hypothalamus gland is absolutely confronting. The one thing I have noticed in the last week or two is not only is my heart chakra been active but I can feel them all spinning Top to bottom. If you could elaborate more on your experiences with the hypothalamus gland it would be very valuable for all.

    thank you Sonia

    • Sonia,

      What you shared about the things you’ve been going through due to the AP related changes in your Hypothalamus (and no doubt the other two brain glands also because they’ve been connecting in these NEW ways with vastly higher frequency energy and DNA etc.) was helpful to me.

      It’s gotten so hard to keep linear time straight and, linear anymore but with the start of 2019 I too suddenly started experiencing some new to me changes in my body that were similar to what you’ve described. I didn’t know they were caused by the Hypothalamus gland but it makes sense at this point. I suddenly started having hot flashes again after not having them for years so I wondered what was up with that. I also went through sudden onsets of having that inner freezing cold while at the same time burning up, which I didn’t even know was possible! I’ve had so many years of hot flashes and some time feeling that intense inner cold but I’ve never experienced them both at the same time until the start of 2019. It wasn’t until I read your Comment that I realized it was probably my Hypothalamus starting these changes into Trinity frequency along with the Pineal and Pituary all connecting together in this NEW higher and more complex way.

      That inner cold and inner heat happening at the same time was an unpleasant sensation and I spent the first few months of 2019 putting on more layers of clothing only to suddenly need to rip them all off of me again and back and forth for months. My hair also got lifeless and dull again too during this time and probably other things I wasn’t aware where all part of this huge Triple Crowns business. My skin also felt more sensitive due to the inner heat and cold and those red dots on my skin got worse for a while.

      I’m so glad you got off of the drug(s) your doctor(s) put you on because they’re designed for the old lower human body and those frequencies and NOT for these much higher ones. The old tools do not work on evolving bodies that are literally of a higher frequency and composition than what they were before the AP started. I very much feel it’s a dangerous matter to put old lower reality patriarchal drugs into our bodies because they’re evolving, ascending but each person has to make this decision for themselves.

      I jokingly said recently in a Comment that I’ve had this funny image in my awareness of two hands holding two huge faceted diamonds striking them together repeatedly like they were trying to spark a fire!… in my head! This head/brain Triple Crowns business and our Embodying these NEW Trinity codes and DNA into our bodies and HighHeart etc. is no doubt why some of us have been dealing with these strange new bodily side effects. Trust the weirdness 🙂 of compressed evolution and I’m glad you’re feeling better. The other side of this should be very positive. ❤

      • Thank you so much Denise, I thought it was the end for me as never have I ever experienced such changes in my head. my chest got so tight some days and lots of fluttering, this gave me some anxiety. Yet there is nothing wrong with my heart. but it makes sense now. In April I collapsed at work and fainted, they got me an ambulance the pains in my head were the worst. I was CT’d for a bleed but all was okay. I would pop my ears to try and get some relief. I only realised it was the hypothalamus gland because when it started I could feel the middle of my brain pulsing then I would want to faint and a sweat would happen. It was like this gland just activated out of no where and I could feel everything. Its been very scary. I appreciate your response. Love & Light

  • yes. many thanks for all your works..and explanations…It has been a long journey that I have been on for years. I resonate with all or most body symptoms, except the extreme headaches…but I do know that I am a forerunner. Years ago I felt a large gun go of in the back of my head and years later an extremely loud internal bang in the head. I do get occipital migraines ( no pain) regularly and have had edema on the left eye. my pain seems to hop all over…years ago the high heart and now the lower part of the body…and everything seems to revisit! and always the ringing of the ears…I see the colours, the geometrics and visions…I am grateful for not having the headaches….perhaps more to come…but I am hoping not the headaches….
    warm regards to you Denise and all that visit..

  • Does this internal separation of world’s mean there will now not be an external separation of world’s.

    • Angie,

      I tried three times to email you a Thank You note last month or so and it never got through so, Thank You for your donation. ❤

      “Does this internal separation of world’s mean there will now not be an external separation of world’s.”

      No they both are happening at the same time. The Embodiers and Forerunners etc. are and have been experiencing the Separation of Worlds internally within their bodies and beings at the same time that it’s been happening externally. To mass humanity who are not Embodiers or Forerunners etc., all this is happening only in the external world globally, not that they’re aware of any of this. They see the world falling apart, which the old lower one(s) is but they don’t know that all this is due to compressed evolution.

      Thanks again Angie. ❤

  • Literally broke my left big toe on April 30th. Gratitude with Love SiStar for ALLways sharing the Forerunner’s process with clarity. ❤

  • Yes, April was awful. May a bit better. Feeling it all . Could barely walk at times. Wierd head pressures. Feet hurting too.. much rest is mandatory. Weather s bipolar here in New Mexico making all this even more uncomfortable .
    Hanging in there ,but sometimes only by a thread. Schumann resonance been spiking at 70 ha for the past 72 hours.

    Thank you. Denise.

    • Denise, you nailed it 100%, YES to all you have said above! This is huge, everything is happening so fast it literally is making our heads spin! Much love and thanks to you Denise for this amazing blog and much love to all of the amazing souls who are part of this wonderful community.

        • Hi Denise,
          I just checked Inelia Benz’ site and she posted an article at the end of May titled “Is This About You?”

          For me, at least, I think it ties in with what you’ve discussed here in this article & so many others. No need to post this if you don’t agree, though. My progress is baby steps, for you & others here, it’s leaps and bounds.

          I’m still going to check in here every day, no matter what 😉


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