Separation of Worlds & Life in 11 Energies

I intended to get this particular article written sooner but I’m not done living it myself, so as usual with the Ascension and Embodiment Processes (AP, EP), I Work with and through what I’m experiencing from moment to moment, day-to-day. And what moments they’ve been throughout 2017, escalating like crazy the entire second-half of the year. Here we are today, the last day of 2017, about to transition into 2018 ready or not and all that it brings for all. Fear not because we’ve Worked very long and hard to finally reach this grand cosmic crossroads.

First however, some year-end AP and EP side effects that have been rather severe throughout November and December.

Weird dreams — Lots of dreaming about all sorts of things, people, situations and most of it not making much sense. It’s like your subconscious is in rapid purge mode because the time-limit for these old lower world issues has reached their “end times”.

Freezing inner cold — Increased periods of intense inner cold. This inner physical body freezing cold has to do with you quickly dropping more density which means you’re automatically moving, ascending some more energetically, vibrationally and Embodying more NEW Light energies physically. I’ll take inner freezing cold any day over inner hot flashes heat!

Spinnies aka Vertigo — Increases periods of inner head spinning. Your fine so long as you don’t physically turn too quickly or repeatedly. Turn slowly when you’ve got this AP side effect or you’ll end up face-first in a wall or on the floor!

Excessive…dumping — I’ve never had the courage to publicly share this charming AP transmuting side effect, but thanks to Lisa Renee being brave and doing so in her December 2017 Energetic Parasites article, which is so appropriate for 2017, I am emboldened.

“All energy workers may notice how much more content that is processed when you eliminate, realizing that the waste content is not all coming from what you are consuming. Many of us naturally process obsolete or negative energy which is eliminated through the bowel, and this is the reality for many gridworkers.”

Bless you Lisa Renee for your bravery in openly sharing this, this, this transmutational talent many of us have, myself included. Someone emailed me recently saying she wished she’d bought stock in toilet paper years ago. No kidding! I’ve had some humorous email conversations with a few people about this particular ability of excessive pooping far more (daily) than what one has physically ingested for the reasons Lisa mentioned. And many of you didn’t fully believe that the process of transmuting negativity and density is actually done in and through our own physical bodies.

HighHeart expansions — More intense thumps, bumps, thuds and expansion activities in your entire upper HighHeart (Thymus) chest area. This is often but not always followed with a few days of being overly weepy over the most simple of things. HighHeart expansions is a common side effect of having Embodied some more of your Higher Self/Selves/Divine Source as Self etc. No fear, this is often what it feels like making space inside your physical body for the NEW to take up residence.

Increased Head pains & pressures — Ongoing intensity inside your head/skull every time you Embody some more NEW higher frequency Light energies. I See this as more NEW higher energies pouring in through the top of our heads and then down into the HighHeart upper chest area which also often causes pressures in certain areas of the spine in these locations and/or other organs nearby. Relax into it, release and open to Embody more. Rinse and repeat, again and again and again.

Increased Visions — Seeing (clairvoyantly, with Higher Vision etc.) more movements from other beings, energies, entities and such. There’s much movement and shifting taking place and has been for a while now, but because the physical Separation of Worlds has taken place in December 2017, it’s natural to See and see increased movements and other related “anomalies”. Again, no fear, just massive changes taking place that will continue into and throughout 2018.

Inner Ear Ringing — This one has become almost commonplace at this point. When you hear that constant inner ear ringing, it indicates you’re in more NEW energies again and are being altered, evolved in multiple ways because of them.

There are other side effects besides these of course but these have been some of the most prevalent during the second half of 2017.

As most of you already know, 2018 numerically is an eleven year (11). Just ponder that for a moment from your HighHearts please. The Separation of Worlds has happened on the physical level and the next thing up for humanity is to pass through the 2018 New Year 11 pillars which in this case are the two ascending Earth worlds; the NEW primary ascending Earth world and the secondary ascending Earth world. Now that’s some big and important 11 pillars so to speak.

Unfortunately I can barely remember November so I’ll stick to just December 2017 before I forget it too. Throughout December I kept repeatedly perceiving how deeply important it was, is and will continue to be for me (and all of you reading this) to put my entire moment to moment daily focus, intentions, consciousness, HighHeart and creativity on and within the NEW primary ascending Earth world and NOT in the old lower one. If one does back-slide and re-focus on the old familiar negative Earth world we incarnated into decades ago, one risks immediately being affected by the energies, consciousness and reality etc. of that world and what it and its inhabitants are experiencing from moment to moment.


It sounds so ease to just stop thinking about or focusing on the old lower Earth world with its ways, laws, legal demands, expectations, money, finances, banks, medical and drug so-called “health” systems, systems, structures, governments and so on but have you tried actually doing it for an extended period? Not so easy is it to suddenly redirect your entire focus from minute to minute day in and day out on the NEW primary ascended/ascending Earth world. But, this is exactly what we must do now and keep doing it to stay in that frequency and space. This is comparable to say quitting smoking and simultaneously learning how to do something totally NEW to you that you’ve never done or even seen before. Needing to completely release the old everything and simultaneously focus on the NEW everything, even though you’re not exactly sure what or how or where etc. etc. etc. Your head doesn’t know how to do this but your HighHeart does so start there, and re-start there every time you need to get back there again.

The Separation of Worlds happened all the way down into the physical level finally this month and almost immediately we’re stepping into 2018’s 11 Master number energies. January 2018 is full of multiple 11 energies so we’re all going to be dealing with these NEW changes from the very start of the NEW Year. Now feel into this from the primary ascended/ascending Earth world and from the secondary ascending Earth world. One’s going to be really amazing and the other is going to be amazing but in very different ways and for very different reasons. Which one, which world, which level of being and reality do you want to exist within now? Then focus your entire being on and in that Earth world and not on the other one. This is going to take some practice and very real Work on our parts to teach ourselves how to live within and from the NEW primary ascended/ascending Earth world constantly and not fall back down into the lower frequency secondary Earth world we’re all so much more familiar with only because we’ve spent our entire current lives in it. This is going to take some big releasing of the old and constant dedication to the NEW to maintain ourselves within.

Throughout December, longer actually but terribly amplified all of December 2017, I’ve Worked on letting go of all the things I don’t like, don’t want, don’t ever want to have to live or deal with ever again. It’s strange how attached we become to the very things we dislike so much. Attachments are exactly that, attachments, and this is a great place to remind us all about maintaining Neutrality (which is Unity frequency and consciousness far above old lower Duality frequency and consciousness) with these issues. Talk about a New Year’s resolution! Never allowing yourself to fall off the wagon and slide back down into the old lower frequency Earth world and matching consciousness. Wow. But the 11 energies and much more will help us with this and related issues we’re about to begin experiencing individually and as the NEW ascended/ascending 5D Collective in a few short hours from now. This is a Work in progress of course, just like all the other levels, stages and phases of the Ascension Process and Embodiment Processes have been since the start.

Nothing will teach and inspire us like a few brief stumbles back down into the lower secondary ascending Earth world to get us to dedicate our focal points on and in the NEW entirely. I had one of these “educations” a few days ago which I’ll share for your entertainment primarily but also to help make this point. It was part of my December 2017 lessons about you get what you focus on.

I’ve wanted to get my hair trimmed for nearly two months but for different reasons was having a hard time making it happen. I went out earlier this month to a salon I had it cut at a few months ago but they’d gone out of business. Now I need to find another salon where I can get my hair trimmed every couple of months. Did I mention that salons are not my favorite places? (Clue #1 there; something I don’t like.) A week or so after this the 72-year-old woman that lives across the street from me met me outside while retrieving my mail at the curb and happened to mention that, years ago she owned a hair salon. Whaddaya freakin’ know! I asked her if she knew how to cut hair and she said yes so I asked her if I could pay her to trim my hair. She said she’d do it for free (but I paid her for it to guarantee disconnection) and she continued talking about other things. Now, I’ve known this woman was an “airhead” since I bought this house but I really wanted my hair trimmed so, despite my better judgement, I set up a day/time with her to trim my hair last week. I put calling her about this off and put it off because it did NOT feel right and I knew it wouldn’t be terribly pleasant but it was Christmas week and I didn’t know where else to go quickly. Excuses, excuses.

Long story short, she mutilated my hair by cutting it four inches shorter than I repeatedly told her I wanted (only 1 and a half inches trimmed off). And as if that weren’t enough, she cut one side a bit shorter than the other side and got unhappy with me when I pointed that fact out to her. Thankfully my hair grows fast and I’ll get a repair trim elsewhere in a couple of months, but it was how this all played out that I found very interesting actually. It was dream-like to me. It had that same feel that some weird old 4D Astral level dreams do; surreal, fluid, fake, imbalanced, untrustworthy, manipulative, deceptive, parasitic and so on.

I sat there in her house (#2 clue this) watching her chop away at my hair while she motor-mouthed constantly about things and people and crap that barely made sense. From my perspective she is horribly mentally and emotionally imbalanced. So many people are however. Anyway, I watched her recklessly chop away at my hair while she chattered on and on without drawing breath (the reason I’ve never liked salons my entire life) like a horrified fixated bystander at a fatal car crash. I could not look away and could feel the negative energies and little entities attached to her trying to get at/in me any way they could. [One tried very hard to get in on the left side of my head during the hair mutilation and the next day I had a painful lump/pimple/cyst type thing manifest near my earlobe/jaw from it biting away at me the day before.] But what was interesting about all this to me was that I knew the possibility for this all to happen existed before I even asked her if she knew how to cut hair. I knew but went there anyway because, evidently, this was a big firsthand education for me about willfully reentering the lower secondary ascending crazy Earth world at this point. Pay attention so you don’t have to grow out a bad haircut or much worse!

I was awake and aware in her Astral level life of endless chaos, imbalance, noise, barking dogs, constant talking about meaningless crap, mental and emotional illness and lifelong unresolved personal pains and the issues that caused those emotional wounds. It felt and looked to me like I’d willingly walked into a mental “facility” where they allow the patients to have scissors, and actually cut other people’s hair. 🙄 It was a hot mess but I did well all things considered. After all the insanity with her and mutilating my hair, as I was making my escape out her back door she came in for a hug and a kiss as well. Some people are so seriously wounded. I made my escape back to my house that exists within the primary ascended/ascending Earth world only a few yards away across the street and spent time going over what all had happened and been learned, realized and experienced firsthand by myself. Serious motivation to re-learn how to live within the higher frequency NEW constantly no matter where I go physically and who or what I encounter in other locations. This is primarily what the Forerunners/Wayshowers/First Embodiers will be learning to master throughout 2018 and beyond. Never leave HOME without HOME in you and surrounding you and you being HOME constantly no matter where you are.

Thanks so much for all your kind birthday wishes everyone, now let’s enter 2018 with its NEW 11 energies with the highest Creativity we have in this moment. ❤ ❤ ❤  Pray for my hair. Kidding. 😉

HighHeart Group Gratitude Hug,


December 31, 2017

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54 thoughts on “Separation of Worlds & Life in 11 Energies

  • I’m commenting here for the first time since following Denise beginning 2012. Denise, I’m so grateful for all that you write about and do through this platform. It is a grounded space of clarity and candidness with none of the spiritual pretension I sometimes sense when looking online for information in this area. Though you are an elder and I am in my late twenties I feel that what you write about and experience personally helps so many of us who feel very weary in body as well despite looking quite young. I feel so old and done with the world as is, holding space being where I need to be geographically, feeling increasingly like you said separated from what I had known even two years back now. Most friends have diverted into other paths and simply do not resonate to the slightest, what I thought would be a path into the academic world fell away as if telling me “no not that way, the door has closed”.

    The changes in body were very brutal especially when trial and error wasn’t working out and what was needed diametrically opposed the conventional “sense” and structures of society. Turns out what was needed was a lightening in diet in a way that was revealed to me only by my connected the dots in the crevices of finding wisdom from the life experiences of a few exceptional living examples of their processes toward eating nearly not much at all out of necessity (e.g. feeling sick after eating) and not ego (of attaining this or that and being better than). So there is information out there and the joy is being receptive to the signposts and nudges…I guess yes that is the best way of learning by being guided only just so that we find it and do it for ourselves even if tripping and sometimes nearly dying in the process. Thank you for that article on eating, truly.

    Being younger, it would seem that it would be easier to mesh in with the dominant culture of loudness, materialism, busyness, competition, etc. but no I’ve just about become a hermit over the years and “allergic” to crowds, most people, the news – studying the social sciences was my saving grace over the early years of the process but even that I feel was only a stepping block to now. It’s like the only safe space is in my heart and in my room physically. Well, there are many of us scattered here and there and reading this blog feels like coming home in a sense to home so thank you. ❤

    • “It’s like the only safe space is in my heart and in my room physically.”

      Blue Cliffs,

      I have, as most all of us Forerunners have, needed to live exactly like this to survive what we’ve done energetically, transformationally both individually and for the human collective, Earth and all else. We’ve literally been living our lives from our physical houses/home bases because they were the only physical location(s) where there was much higher frequency Light energies that we were a match to at those times. And, because of this, every time we’ve needed to leave our physical houses and go out there in the world to shop or take care of other things that had to be dealt with, we’d feel tremendous pressure on our physical bodies, nervous systems, consciousness etc. from our having re-entered lower frequency DENSITY just to go grocery shopping or whatever! I’ve lived this way since the start of 1999, and witnessed the slow increase of Light — and all the negative reactions and attacks to that and to those of us Embodying and anchoring the NEW Light — but it’s been amazing to watch this evolutionary Process taking place over the years and decades.

      2018 is bringing in tremendous, and I mean tremendous amplifications of the NEW Light and in NEW ways and much of which is in the form of the return of Divine Mommy/Mother/Feminine back into humanity, human consciousness, HighHearts and this physical Earth world, reality and planetary Collective. (I’m working on an article about this and more now and hope to have it published soon.) This alone is a massive game changer but there’s more than this return of Divine Mommy happening. From here on out it’s going to be and feel MUCH easier for those of us who are aware of the AP and EP and have Embodied and anchored so much of the NEW Light energies already. We won’t feel so isolated, so “sequestered” away like we’ve been for nearly 20 years now. The entire Earth is now becoming the 5DSacred Temple instead of it being only our own individual homes, houses, rooms within those houses and properties etc. Imagine that… ⭐ ❤

      • Your words…so affirming and thank you so much for them – and the Divine Feminine already returning you know and I can’t even begin to express the gratitude for that ❤

    • Hi brave one! I remember being twenty something and different, in the 1990’s. It was weird then because ones like me were truly “hiding”. You are brave to be young, walking this and aware. (And we were brave to muck out paths here early, scared though we were and I was!!) Thank you for your comment on foods. And the “nudges” we get to listen to, as you put it, and probably Denise did too! I have been nudged a lot past weeks. My intuition is incredible now, but it’s not the same as this new nudging. The nudging seems to be a redirection process or a new way of operating or listening to fast guidance in this now. 💛. I wound up in a light filled portion of Yosemite this past weekend, Mammoth lakes, with just a little nudge a day or two before. Boy, it made me feel better. Killed my climbing cold. Shifted my whole body and my feelings. Nature hugely helps and the quality of light that is now in certain places is INCREDIBLE, and triple helps! When you need alone time…alone in nature is love, I am finding🌟🌲✌️ Peace to you, Blue!

      • I cannot imagine what the early forerunners went through but they did and am I ever appreciative of them. Nature has always been one of the most important things to me here; I could not imagine a sane life without the natural world, plants, and animals and tear up thinking about the extreme density of the cities. We need balance. Peace to you and yours also, Marcy Murray! 🌲

        • Blue Cliffs, I’m glad you shared your story. I think it’s awesome you’re honoring your path and so aware. I wish I’d abandoned certain beliefs and mindsets myself in my 20s, although I can see how my whole path led me to where I am today at 37. Would you mind linking to the article on eating? My relationship with food and my body has been through dramatic swings in the last seven years through three challenging pregnancies and nursing my babies, and it’s a been a major source of triggers for my current healing. I haven’t been following Denise as long as you, so I wonder if I just missed it. Thank you! I wish the best for you and all here.

          As an aside, I really relate to being a hermit too. However, in the last few days I’ve noticed a shift in being in public spaces, though. Usually I just want to go back home, feel “crazy” or spacey and can’t focus or think clearly. But this weekend in a bookstore I had a moment of intense compassion for all the people inside and had the idea to imagine beaming love light in every direction around me. It made me happy! And tonight I almost felt like crying at the beauty of the energy of a store employee I interacted with. It was like I was only seeing the best parts of her for that split second. Anyway, I’ve actually wanted to leave my house some and enjoyed being out more than I have in ages. So I am encouraged this is a sign of the shift Denise has been writing about and the idea that we can more easily stay in our chosen frequency in other environments. I’m so grateful to Denise and everyone here for adding to my understanding!

        • “It was like I was only seeing the best parts of her for that split second.”


          I incarnated with this natural 5D and higher ability which got me into trouble more times than once, plus plenty of painful “reality checks” when I’d discover that that person, those people were not anywhere near being what I was perceiving, feeling in them. Mind you this was many decades ago when Earth was in total Darkness, much positive change has happened since then however so we’re all starting to see/See and feel/Feel higher frequencies and consciousness in more and more of the population. Throughout 2018 this will amplify like crazy around the world so it’s going to be a very interesting year for everyone on their different energetic Stair-steps.

          About the food thing. The most important thing to remember with it is that it will continue changing from month to month, sometimes day to day and all because you/me/we all continue evolving rapidly at this point. The more NEW Light energies we Embody, the more everything changes in each of us and that of course includes what we’re able to eat and drink and do and think and feel and where we can go and things we can do and on and on and on… 😉 So expect your food and drink diet to repeatedly change over the days or months due to the inner evolutionary changes you and your body continue going through. What I could comfortably eat yesterday does NOT mean I’ll be able to eat it today or tomorrow so we’re all having to discern the heck out of what we’re able to ingest each day because we’re changing, evolving this quickly. Also forget about other people’s belief systems about foods and drinks etc. because we’re talking about YOUR body and what it’s doing exactly today is something other people’s bodies may not be doing. Everyone is having to learn to discern for themselves now at these much higher levels because nothing is like it used to be and never will be again. ❤

        • Kara,

          Wanted to share that that is my experience now, too. In public spaces I’m now half the time inspired, filled with love, for people. I love them. Conversely, I am braver at confronting them, too. It’s my time, like many, for coming out. I’m so excited about it. My whole life was shelved for this. For me, it’s coming alive out of prison. I was moved around into dark spots in a toxic city. It seemed it changed all those places I was in. Now, done. So, I wanted to affirm your stepping out too. Is t it wonderful…? To step out…in LOVE. And Blue Cliffs reminds me of the younger ones with special light from very, very high places. It’s hard for them all over the world. In a way, they are their own kind of pioneers. To bring utterly new light here is glorious and being here must be terror for them at times and deeply saddening. Yet they are blasting it all over! That lovely high, high light! I’m so grateful. They make me glad I did this…

          I realized last night, emotionally, looking at shots of rainbow clouds, (there have been so many of them past two years) that heaven is here now. Just the beauty of the light visible in the clouds cause me to face it. Heaven. Here. On earth. It has begun. And it killed me. Like, it made my whole life 100 thousand times worth more than I can imagine, worth all of my suffering. This great fortuitous moment in earth history this CHANGE….

          I just cannot believe it helped…us, my being here our being here. And it DID. It flipping mattered. Out of the house we go now!!!!! Hallelujah!!!!!💫🌟⚡️

        • That’s Earth we Forerunner Angelic Starseeded Volunteers have been dragging up those many energy Stair-steps all these years, decades, lifetimes. And it’s finally showing in greater and greater ways everywhere. ❤ 😉

          Wow, sorry I don’t know how to make the image smaller everyone.

        • Thanks, Denise! Amen to the food switch-up and discernment. That resonates strongly. I find myself changing frequently from cutting meat for awhile to only wanting rich comfort foods or then craving only salads or veggies. And then there’s the days nothing but chocolate or cookies will satisfy. I gained a lot of weight postpartum last year which was really out of character for me because I’ve always been naturally slender. I can see now it’s part of my soul’s design to encourage/prompt me to heal deeper wounds. I would like to feel more comfortable in my clothes, but whenever I consider a more conventional diet or exercise program it doesn’t ever feel right/necessary/helpful. I’ve been taking it day by day and appreciate your encouragement to keep doing that!

        • Kara, bless you on your journey with your children and it’s wonderful that you are able to have them alongside what is already a challenging process of bodily changes and more associated with ascension. Wow. Also, I agree with Denise on the food thing in that it is individual and varies day to day, month to month. Trial and error is something close to what it seems to be like. Do what is working for you and the article Denise linked along with everybody’s comments I think is really helpful. I deeply value moments when I can truly connect to someone or better yet find “soul family” now maybe more than before – it’s something that I long for so I understand the joy of that. Being out and about and having a good time from time to time is also another one. Thanks ❤

      • Thank you, Denise! Have you noticed this aspect improving with the new energies of last year into this one yet, with the expiration of the five year extension from December 2012 that you’ve mentioned? I really feel for you doing this for decades. ❤️ Thank you so much for what you’ve done / are doing.

        Sure seems like the physical is the last to integrate. I cleared a massive amount of fear and programming in between my second and third pregnancies in order to be brave enough to do it again because I felt the pull of my babies’ soul so strongly. And even though I felt much better spiritually/energetically, I still got incredibly sick physically (months of vomiting, dehydration, weight loss, IVs). It was one of my first true experiences confronting the idea that I hadn’t “failed” in all of that inner work just because the physical wasn’t able to reflect it yet.

      • Denise, thank you for linking this post regarding AP eating/digesting difficulties. I spent some of my morning reading through the 82 comments and validated/confirmed so much I was already FEELING individually. The past month, I have been “hearing” – “simplicity” and “keep it simple sunshine”.
        Thank you Kara and Blue Cliffs for bringing this topic back up.
        I also understand why I feel so soulfully nourished by being in nature with plants, birds, animals, sunshine, etc. – it FEEDS my everything. I was enjoying some rare time outside this morning (cold winter – but above normal temps the past few mornings) and thinking about how “outside time” especially in the mornings alone nourishes me so much. I just bundle up and go sit by the creek or wherever I am lead to on the property.
        I love and appreciate all the comments and conversations here – it is the nourishment that I crave also that I can’t get elsewhere.
        Thank you ALL!

  • Denise I had the same experience. A haircut. It was an energetic mess, my hair was a mess and lopsided. I was shocked at how dramatic it was. I tried to get two more people to fix it. It got worse. So three haircuts later…. This year has taught me there are no shortcuts anymore. No “SHORT CUTS” at all. 😉 Lol! Or you PAY. Short cuts were laziness in the past for me – my fear. Don’t know who will cut my hair next but I started to cut it myself. I watched videos online. (If you take your hair wet, place it in a ponytail along your neck and just trim the ends, it forms a rather nice blunt cut A line, slightly longer the front. In case you’re feeling creative.)

    The reason I went to get my haircut by a crazy lady is because I doubted doing it myself. Another lesson of 2017 for me is that the habit of doubting is over too. Or else. Lol!

    • Marcy M.,

      Yep, that’s the bottom line with all these things; fear, no matter how small, it comes right around and hits us immediately to show us we cannot go down there anymore. Not without immediate consequences that is! I regret very little in my life but these lessons about my going into fear, worry, doubt even just a tiny little bit over anything has made me regret one or two things I’ve done that were fear-based in really small ways but fear-based nonetheless. This is how we learn what’s still in us that we need to see and deal with and super fast now at this high level.

      After my hair mutilation by imbalanced neighbor woman, I’m Consciously Creating (intending, visualizing, manifesting) a professional hair person with heart and the ability to listen to what I want done to my hair, and in a couple of months I’ll walk right into wherever she works and have her trim my hair. This is how we Consciously Create what we want/need/desire now, not the old hurried, confused or fear-based way. ❤

  • Denise, what u say makes me think and ponder. I’ve created employment in a very 3D environment. Auto parts are particularly patriarchal. Since I am there I practice being conscious and aware as much as possible. I always invoke Grace, peace, Good will etc and i say it outloud. I verbally bless my co worker relationships. I bless me and my boss. The customers. I bless the insane dangerous behavior in our strip mall parking lot! I notice that as soon as I am out there I tap into anger and aggression. I mean its a work out! But i do enjoy the guys. They are natural mimics and commedians. One young man causes me to laugh so hard I cry! I observe their hearts, their beliefs, their prejudices. I listen. There is not much i can say. The men are so playful, but watch your back! I observe the lack of leadership because they don’t know what leadership looks like. They are so lost that they hold deeply onto whatever is their personal truths. And Im never sure if what I think and feel is me, them, or a blend. I enjoy saying hi to most everyone. I enjoy serving and helping. I suppose my high self uses these encounters to teach me about myself and becoming ever more self aware. In this environment i practice Everything I know. On Sundays i gave up attempting to attune Because Im Not A Morning Person! Im not all present at 8 AM Sundays and so dont have the consciousness to care😜 At least not till im FULLY AWAKE! I practice my intention to release and let go the belief I need to be in control in order to believe Im safe. The more I am able to let go and trust there is a part of me that does know, the more I relax, trust, and am able to enjoy my life a bit. Im a work in progress.

    These 2 almost 3 years since I’ve been ascending from being suicidal and was suffering extreme anxiety / fears and ptsd, well Ive come so very far in changing my self sabotaging behaviors and like a kaleidoscope with a constantly changing snowflake design inside, its like im constantly causing that design to rearrange into ever more free expansive expression. Now I feel anger a lot. And again I utilize All the guidance thats pointed my way to anchor and live truth. From Joyce Meyer to Lisa Renee for specific How To apply and Implement change during every day life, to u Denise for an honest gruff bigger pic, and to Lisa TBrown and Sandra Walker. Its like u 3 represent what’s coming once I learn to fully stand and walk no matter what. Im still learning to recognize and take out the trash per JM and LR.

    Happy New Year Blessings and JOY. Peace and the Will to Good!

  • Thank you so much for this article and the responses to it. I didn’t know I was having “symptoms” though I knew something was up. I have been telling clients, anyone who would listen, about my nightly travels to very interesting places with interesting people. I had been going to bed a bit excited to find out “where I’m going tonight!” And while in 4D I feel like I know at the time that I’m dreaming, as if an observer. But I have been feeling like an “observer” for a very long time. I’ve made that comment to friends and clients in the hope that someone else might be experiencing the same thing.

    The “elimination” portion is spot on too. I remember thinking “WTH?” lol I also just ended a 14 year friendship. It’s very strange how things just fall away or you suddenly wonder how you remained friends so long in the first place. I can’t say I’m sad about the loss except for seeing how upset the other person is. It just feels like our time is done, that’s it, no fanfare, just completion. (Observer)

    So “Thank you” and 2018 5D blessings to all. I appreciate you! ❤

  • Hi Denise. I had a new to me experience a couple days ago. I work in retail. I worked 8-5 Sunday & Monday. (No staying up for me!). I’ve since learned that what I experienced was based in cultural differences. I had picked up a couple oof things at a small grocery after work on Sunday. There is not much space for a line to form waiting for the cashier.3 people and u block shoppers. So i did what i call The Curve. I got in line but a bit off to the side so the line would form off to the side and would then not block other shoppers. I was So Tired. I was minding my own business and staring off into space. Suddenly somehow my attention was drawn to a strange situation. What im about to describe is apparently normal for certain other foreign cultures. I Looked and noticed 2 shoppers now in line but attempting to bypass me. They were almost plastered up against the gal that i was also “behind” but sort of to the side. In that Moment I Knew that these people knew what they were doing and that it wasnt the way its done here, BUT they were going to give it their best try!😜 Denise, Im not nice or good or even kind when I’m that tired. I responded to their intent to TAKE. I was not seeking to turn the other cheek! (I want to add that so many of us women are recovering doormats. My programming was to always be polite. Courtesy. Manners. Keep quiet. Obey. Always follow the rules. Dont make a fuss. Etc…. All mixed up with the spiritual teaching. Just let Other people do what They Want.) So my inner Aries became aware of TAKERS😄 . I LOOKED and the young one actually retreated an inch. I looked at the mom. She kept her eyes rigidly focused ahead. I admit that everything inside of me Wanted a confrontation. Right when I opened my mouth another cashier popped out to take the next in line at her station. We made eye contact. I took one step when the young one made like a bullet and zipped around me to get their first. Aries eyes narrowed to slits. Ha! Im going to Say Something! Then the mom barked out something in her language and the other one stopped like she ir he was literally on a chain. Kind of creepy. Then he/she returned to mom’s side. Aries was deeply disappointed! So i did the next mature thing, I LOUDLY discussed my experience with the cashier wanting them to hear of course.

    The other situation brought to my attention is a change has overcome my fence neighbors. They are in our age range. They have taken to partying heavily quite often. Music so loud I dont know how they stand it. It spills out so i can hear it but not from inside my house. Our front doors face each other separated by the fence and maybe 10ft. The other night the same night as line taker night i realized my bedroom wall was vibrating. Long story short neighbors partying. 2 times, 2 different sessions i peeled their doorbell maybe 20 times. (approx 11 pm) During the 2nd attempt the guy came out and shuffled up to the gate and Denise this image was exactly like in the movies. This man’s face was fking scary. Distorted. Old. Aged. Eyes huge and dark. Just bloated and distorted. He no longer was the fairly good looking guy that sued me a year ago. He spoke and his voice was oddly accommodating and soft. For some reason that freaked me out more. My point is i was shown what is now living next door! His wife looks almost as bad. As soon as I prayed and set up extra protection i immediately felt restful and could sleep…. Since i had to b at work by 8.

    These were my lessons on New Year’s Eve.

    Happy New Year! 😳😜😇

    • Yep, big changes have already taken place and it’s showing quickly on the low frequency people. Many will be dying this year because they cannot, for whatever their reasons, stay in their current bodies and transmute and ascend them, so out they’ll go and fast now that the Separation of Worlds has happened on the physical level.

      It was a whole different story when TD “ruled” the planet and it was the Light, Team Light hiding, dodging, trying to survive and not get caught up in the negativity. But the shoe is now on the other foot so to speak and the Light “runs” the planet now and the unaware, the negative, the Portal People and other puppets etc. are having to learn a NEW way of being, living, interacting with others and everything else. It’s going to be a very wild and weird and at times really messy year because everyone else is now having to deal with this change/shift.

    • Hi Edith. I know exactly the dark blank look you’re talking about. I was in the grocery store just before Christmas getting something from the dairy case, the ones with doors. After getting my item I turned around to find this craggy, dark eyed woman had me pinned in the case. I looked at her like “are you going to back up so I can get out of your way.” She just stared blankly, as if in warning. I had to suck it in and squeeze around her, all the time she’s glaring at me. It still creeps me out. I immediately got a sense that it was a warning of some sort – I’ve been awakening at an alarming rate and can “feel” these strange beings (I don’t know what else to call them).

      • Renae,

        Oh how well I know these people pulling their ‘I HATE you Light-filled person’ negativity and disrespect! There’s a sense of entitlement from them too due to their having gotten away with such negativity for thousands of years on Earth, but all that’s changed now due to the Ascension Process. And, they’re not much pleased about any of it as you’re discovering. Some of these low frequency, low consciousness people are also matching energy (frequency) portals for larger nonphysical negative beings to work through; I call these humans Portal People.

        In a very real sense you were “attacked” by this dark, hateful woman in the grocery store. She may not have even consciously known why she hated you so much and was energetically trying to intimidate you but that doesn’t change anything. It sounds like it was a mild attack but it was a deliberate directed intimidation and hate-filled attack nonetheless. Expand, get large and blast out your higher frequency Light out constantly no matter what or who or where and these creatures and humans will continue retreating away from it, or, they’ll join the evolutionary party and choose the Light instead of the Dark. ❤

        • I’m learning so much from these comments so thank you _everyone_ commenting! The term portal people is something that has been popping up lately and now I got an explanation for it 💯 And how to deal with them/it.
          Looking forward to the follow-up article 🤓💕 Denise, you’re an angel writing your experiences! 💕

  • Happy 2018 and belated post-birthday greetings, Denise…from an avid and devoted AP/EP “fellow traveler” in New York City…for whom your posts throughout the years have been so grounding, centering and illustrative of the ongoing individual and collective energy shifts! Now, if I could only understand why some of our current world leaders continue to show up in my dream world! Perhaps they are symbolic of energies that I at some point, may have embodied, but no longer do…but I prefer to think of these and similar imprints with something I heard long ago: “One can never get rid of anything, but one CAN transform everything!”…Perhaps all the memories and dreams of the events and situations in our lives can be re-contextualized, and thus the relationships we have with our pasts can become more self-compassionate, forgiving and guilt-free…Many blessings to you always, Denise…for your willingness to share yourself with us all!

  • Thelma,
    Yes, I am feeling that physical separation of worlds this year that Denise mentioned, already, on New Year’s Day, just experienced and understood today that a friendship of over ten years is over!
    I know that from now on, we can no longer compromise, go ‘down’ at all into lower-vibrating places, connecting with lower-vibe people.
    It’s very lonely, this path. I’m not bitching, I understand why this is so (I remember the Great Lightworkers Strike of Sept. 2009), and I am used to having no-one – those of you who have partners are very lucky, some of us are all alone).
    I already, like Denise, had to accept the loss of family and friends. What I’m noticing now is that ANY links to the old, downwards-spiral world are being politely but firmly ….. was going to say ‘rejected’, but that’s not exactly the right word. Although not a pleasant analogy, it’s a bit like eating something toxic: your body moves to immediately get rid of it, *even if you didn’t know* that you just consumed poison. My high Self appears to be doing just that, it’s remarkable to watch.

    • teleile,

      This has been a solitary path for MOST of us, I believe, and is certainly not easy. I find my thinking is now so far removed from the “mainstream” that making small talk is not only uncomfortable, it’s impossible. I would have to pretend to be interested in the superficial, and also zip my lip when it comes to what’s important to me. Either feels awful or a complete waste of time.

      I am sorry to hear about your ten-year friendship coming to an end. This is often inevitable at this juncture (happened to me about a year ago) and it can be a sudden rupture that feels like your heart has been ripped out. We must be absolutely AUTHENTIC to ourselves, which means bowing out, or speaking out if we need to instead of letting ourselves be pulled into a lower vibration.

      There are no halfway measures — we must be impeccable in this energy stream. I like your analogy of eating something “toxic” when we engage with people in a lower vibe – very appropriate!

      I’m looking forward to Denise’s article on “how to discern” and get the hell out of a negative energy space before it sucks us in. I find if I “feel” into a situation BEFORE agreeing to participate, I can opt out more easily. We are habituated to going along with other people’s agendas in social situations but NOW must ask ourselves beforehand how it feels energetically. Keeping a high vibration takes priority.

      My best to you & all here.

      • So, so very true Thelma, and many of us Volunteers — Starseeds and others from higher dimensions of Light and/or Angelic levels etc. — have lived our entire current physical incarnations feeling this way from birth. I’m one of these and I learned very early in life that I just couldn’t stomach faking and/or “small talk” etc. with other people on Earth. It was too much and I wasn’t good at it so I’ve kept myself away from them and this type of communications with the unaware. Add to this the AP, and also the EP for those of us doing that now too, and it’s gotten way too much to even try to pretend we’re interested in lower frequency stuff just to accommodate someone’s ego and lack of awareness. May sound harsh but this is where we’re at now and this is only going to increase dramatically for everyone evolving/ascending in 2018.

        “Keeping a high vibration takes priority.”

        Absolutely, and this has never been more important than it is now and we’re all going to be learning Mastery with this in ourselves this year.

        I’ll try to get that follow-up article done as soon as I can. Gotta mop my kitchen floor however as I can’t stand how it feels for another day!

  • That hair story! (I had an almost identical experience to yours 17 years ago, and like you, I *knew* it wasn’t gonna go well, but I just sat there paralysed as the woman sheared me, while offloading all her crap, so I can relate). 🙂
    What an incredible encapsulated lesson for the coming year! Hair represents ‘life’, and she left it “unbalanced”. I see a profound lesson here for all of us (I’m just sorry you had to sacrifice some hair to do it!) 😀
    We do encounter low-vibe people, and the lower dark world always does extend out a hook or two to see if it can attach to us, doesn’t it? (your chance meeting with her, when she just happened to mention that she cut hair). But only if we *go down into their ‘space’* (her house) can they metaphorically take their scissors to us. I mean, what could you have done, at that point? Leapt out of the chair and run, making a local enemy forever? :/
    But she caused no serious or long-term damage, because you, like us, ‘grow fast’, learning any lesson then moving on, so it was just an irritating, unpleasant experience. Thank you for sharing it, I’m going to remember that all year anytime I am tempted to go into the old, dying world’s ‘space’.

    • Teleile, you explaining the symbolism of the hair-experience helped me to see the structure of this kind of lower world trap much better! From a higher viewpoint. Thank you!

      • And right after writing the comment above I put myself into a situation where I compromised my better judgement 🙈 Instead of just saying hi to an old acquaintance who sat at a cafe table near me, I asked her how she was doing when I had to go past her when leaving the cafe. Well that was a mistake, I still feel a bit dirty. I really need to let go of any remaining needs to be understood by secondary ascending world people, and the old world ways where it’s cold/rude/weird to not to be engage. It’s so cool how the lessons and learnings are so instantaneous in the NEW 💕

        • This is exactly what I was talking about in this article; the ongoing difficulties of us having to not only discern but at this stage not fall back into the old behaviors and consciousness etc. that was “normal” in that old lower world. It’s going to take us all some practice to fully and constantly “shift” ourselves in these ways too. There’s a follow-up or expanded, deeper multidimensional explanation to this article I should write quickly because I didn’t fully cover this aspect in it. Like I said, I’m living it myself too which means I’m learning about it step by step as well. 🙂

  • First of all, a VERY Happy 2018 to you & All here!

    I definitely have the feeling of having stepped into “new” energies. There’s a much bigger gap now with others caught in the descending spiral or even secondary ascension timeline. When they try to speak to me on the phone, either I can’t hear them at ALL or the line often cuts off for no reason. And they get static on the other end.

    About symptoms, I usually feel a wave of suffocating warmth right AFTER the “intense inner cold,” and I just turned 65. I read somewhere that fluctuations in body temperature can indicate changes being made at the DNA level.

    Denise, thanks for sharing your harrowing “hair” story. It IS funny but is probably a lesson for you in respecting your intuition as you increasingly FELT uncomfortable going to see this woman. I think her unbalanced energy was shown to you in the unbalanced haircut (cut much too short, with one side longer than the other). I’m sure it will be great once it’s fixed. May it grow back quickly!

    In my own recent experience, I almost took on a new editing project for the $$$ but felt increasingly ill at ease with the idea of working with this person. I had to withdraw my offer to provide service but wish I had cued in a little earlier. I find that I can NO LONGER work with others on a much lower timeline so I need to be aware of what energies I am dealing with.

    I am learning that MONEY cannot be the first consideration for anything we do. We need to be in sync with the energy FIRST.

    You’re so right about having to pay attention to what we’re FOCUSED on, as this can put us in another frequency. It’s time to let the old world go and focus on staying in our Highest vibration as that is what’s most beneficial not only for us but for the planet.

    Best wishes to all. xo

  • Thank you Denise ❤ I read this on the first hour of 2018 and then went to sleep, so going to read this a second time later today 🙂 The hair-story was both creepy and extremely clarifying for me, so thank you for sharing.
    I also wish to tell what just happened at the grocery store. I went to buy some spring water and ice cream and the total sum was 4,44€. Ahhh, 444 and 1.1. on a 11-year 😀 This is going to be an amazing year ❤ For me that was a confirmation that I am on the right track on the Service To Others -path ❤ And to clarify, I haven't gotten triple synchronities on receipts before, even though messages are often conveyed via them (usually e.g. 24,24, 8,08, or the likes, and sometimes 24,25, 18,19… which is a bit annoying LOL).
    Happy New Year everyone! ❤ ❤ ❤

    • “I am fortunate to be a member of a tribe who does not poop, so I can’t vibe with you on that one, but everything else – nailed it!”

      Really? You and your tribe mates don’t evacuate your bowels daily? Amazing. 😀

  • Happy New Year Denise and all fellow lightworkers!
    I am so happy to be in the energies of 2018. I am grateful for the lessons and experiences of 2017, but man it was so harsh on so many levels. The 11 energy of 2018 feels so clear and different, and I see so much electric blue in it. I find it so refreshing and supportive.
    Your post resonates with me on many levels. I have been having wacky unusual dreams, intestinal disturbances and nausea on and off. I have been processing pockets of higher energy quickly. The thing that has concerned me the most tho is the return of my short term memory loss. It’s scary! The rise in vibration thru my system is really working on my brain in a taxing way – it is so subtle that the changes can only be registered by my conscious mind by showing up as short term memory loss. I look forward to having full access to my brain soon I hope! 😅Sometimes I can’t think and speak at the same time!
    I did feel an attack on my energy on the 30th of December from td. I noticed it the minute it started and called in the two Angels I have been working with for protection and told td to get lost firmly by blasting them with light and I am statements. Worked a treat! They attacked me so many times in 2017 I knew the minute their energy started working on me. For once I didn’t end up in a hell pit because I was blindsided by their shenanigans.
    Wishing you and all the beautiful souls holding and expanding the light so many blessings.
    Love Meadow from Oz

    • Meadow, good for you on protecting yourself with LIGHT. We should be getting out of range for TD but still need to pay attention to any way our energies are being dragged down. Hopefully the short term memory loss will be less intense as we move forward. Much love to you!

      • Thank you Thelma! So lovely to connect with you here. Most of the time td seem far off, but sometimes they are able to get thru. It is annoying but we have the tools to blast them back where they came from. I just try and go with the flow and deal with interference as honestly and as fiercely as I can in the moment. lots of love ❤️ to you.

  • Oh yes, me too with off the charts dreams. Every night for weeks now, I am reliving people, memories, and events in these very strange, surreal, vivid dreams. Disoriented during the day after reliving all the stuff in the dreams. Releasing, releasing, releasing…..will it ever end!?!? Left hip and left hand released stuff too for several days which meant disrupted sleep because the healings-clearings go from 4pm-2am when they are taking place. This month has been a total blur and time has seemed to go by very quickly. Lots of inner space/opening sensations in heart-chest, and breathing feels very very good, spacious, FAR more efficient, and upgraded.

    Happy New Year 2018 Denise 💇🏼 and All! ❤️🎉❤️

  • Abundant blessings for the New Year and the New Earth, Denise. I can so relate to the toilet evacuations and not thru overeating. So hear you on everything else too.
    We are Blessed to be Awake.
    Libby from Oz.

  • Full moon 1-1-11 and another full moon on the 31st.
    I think Lisa TB spoke in one of recent messages about the memory and how it is no longer needed as it keep us holding on to old stories, hell it may have been Magenta Pixie. Any way this dimension jumping thing got scary for me Thursday. I could not find my dog, seems I left her in the car. WTH 😦
    Here in VA we are having extreme cold weather for this time of year, I think coldest New Year day in a century.
    thank-you Denise and looking forward to new and exciting times
    Light love/ Love light.

  • As you so beautifully explain the anecdote, I see and understand that every waking experience allows us to awake and evolve, if we are open to the intent and purpose of these lessons. One thing I’ve been noticing (and relating to whether I’m embodying the primary or secondary level of ascending Earth at the moment it happens) are traffic light patterns. There is one near me, that has always been set so that right turning traffic goes at a different time to straight through traffic. in the last few weeks, this has flipped to both going together (green light and green light arrow for right turners). Short of ringing Main Roads, I thought I would just observe. Sure enough, if flipped back for a few days (and there were some other chaotic elements in my life just then). Yesterday, resumed the green light for go… for everyone.

  • The 4d that you described as surreal and fluid has happened to me Friday and Saturday this week at work. I feel I cannot stand to work there after loving it for the 10 years I have been there. I felt as if I was under water at times with my ears ringing loudly and even feeling like they were in a pressure vacuum. Thank goodness for your posts. I’m not crazy! My heart tells me to stay calm and that it will pass. I feel so much better at home! Since I’m to be 62 in March, I still need to work awhile. Yikes!

  • Thanks for your efforts in keeping us informed Denise and I hope you have a nice hat to wear 😉
    A Really Happy 2018 to everyone!
    In this bit of Australia it is off to a peaceful and promising start. Birds are singing, fresh peaches for breakfast and the weather is kind. Simple things set the scene. 🙂
    Love to us All!

  • OMG, Denise! Bless you and your hair, dear lady… that would be my worst nightmare come true! You did extremely well not to drop kick her into the Abyss! hee hee…. praying for your hair to grow back swiftly. All other points you mention, I most definitely resonate with all of that. Dreams are off the scale, purging, clearing, finishing up old stuff like you wouldn’t believe and meeting with people I’d forgotten I ever knew in dream-state. Loads of connections with galactics and the like, and also staying as much in Zero Zone / Divine Neutrality as possible. Exhausting, but worthwhile.

    Thank you for all you do, and I am wishing you all the love in the Multiverses, now and always.

    With all my love and gratitude, Jay xxx

  • Thank you. ❤ Interesting, as I just happened on a movie this am called Another Earth. Also, what is going on here, I haven't eaten near enough for this? 😉 Not to mention a text I sent last night that said, "I have absolutely no idea what happened for an entire year". The recipient thought this was humorous, but I felt/meant every word. Here's to Home. 🙂

  • Happy 2018 all. Thank you Denise, for sharing your information with such courage and dedication. May we all find our new expressions as we make the trip into the next phase with the solutions and clarity that accompany us as our true self, and the find the joyful and most authentic route on next phase of this journey, with love and gratitude, Linda xx

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