Multiple Current Convergent Points

Throughout the decade of the 2000’s, I remember feeling the incredible recurring sensations every time another large Energy Wave was approaching from far off, and to catch it and ride it all the way I would, we would suddenly have to paddle really fast and hard to get our speed up enough to catch that Energy Wave like surfers do and ride it for as long as it lasted. Many of us felt that sensation again very powerfully on Sunday, December 10, 2017, and we paddled hard, caught it and rode that Energy Wave all the way through the 11th and the 12-12 of December 12, 2017, where it has deposited us in yet another NEW higher level, space and location both internally and externally, personally and collectively.

I also mentioned recently about how it’s always felt to me like I’ve been walking backwards down into this life from a higher frequency. This whole article is about how many of you reading this are doing that now and some of the reasons why. Don’t get too heady with the information in this article because it won’t work for you like FEELING it from your HighHeart and beyond that will. Left brain cannot ever paddle hard or fast enough to catch these Waves so don’t waste energy or time trying. Release, expand and FEEL with everything other than your intellect.

As of December 1, 2017 the Milky Way Galactic Center (GC) was, from our current perspective, at 27° Sagittarius 06.0′.  Tomorrow, Sunday December 17, 2017 is the New Moon and it’s happening at 26° Sagittarius 31′, which is a conjunction to the GC. More things end and start tomorrow because of this and multiple other related things.

I wrote an article at TRANSITIONS on December 29, 2012 about the Three Days Life Review all of humanity went through at some point from December 21, 22, 23, 2012 whether it was consciously remembered or not. I was able to consciously remember parts of my personal Life Review that took place for me on December 22, 2012 while asleep and out-of-body during the night. Other things took place the day before and the day after the 22nd, but it was the experiences that happened on 12-22-2012 while I was asleep that were profound and informative. This was a quantum event when it happened in December 2012, and it still is now as we near the five-year mark after it. It, this Life Review everyone went through during those Three Days is directly related to and connected to our “now” in December 2017. As is typical with these types of extra important multiple points within the Ascension Process (AP) and Embodiment Process (EP), I understood/understand when they happen, but not fully because I haven’t lived it all yet. Here’s a link to this old article at TRANSITIONS.

This December 21–23, 2012 Life Review every human alive on Earth at that time experienced is something that’s usually experienced after we exit our physical bodies at death. Because we had reached the great Expiration Date of 12-21-2012 within the time of the AP, everyone was given this Life Review while alive to help each of us review, reassess and make whatever course corrections or other adjustments we and the Divine felt would best assist us in our ongoing AP and EP processes in these current lives. I remember having a face-to-face with some aspect of the Divine about my personal Path as one who Volunteered to come to Earth now to Embody and anchor the NEW higher Light and codes etc. to help humanity and All else on December 22, 2012. I remember discussing some of the things within my Denise Self that I still wanted to Work more on which would automatically aid my other AP related Work as well. It was a quantum discussion with the Divine about what would both help me and my own ongoing spiritual and energetic growth and my Work as a Forerunner/First Waver/First Embodier etc. The two things were/are really only one thing, and due to this Life Review five years ago this month, certain extensions were given to me and all of you reading this to get done whatever it was each of us needed more linear time to do for the benefit of ALL everywhere via this Ascension Process.

The past five years since December 21, 22 & 23, 2012 up to December 2017 has been that extension period for all of us. Now here comes the physical results in the physical dimension and ascending Earth worlds due to the Life Review and five-year extension. I’m saying this because it’s one of many important quantum connection points within the AP and EP processes we’ve Worked on constantly whether consciously remembered or realized or not. You can however FEEL this truth deep in your HighHeart as a growing excitement and determination to see this thing through on multiple dimensions. Congratulations on fulfilling your personal Contract with the Divine during your Life Review five years ago this month. ❤

The next item on my list of things I wanted to mention in this article is about how different, strange, unfamiliar, weird, expanded, isolated, sometimes cold and vast much of 2017 has felt for many Forerunners/First Embodiers/Wayshowers etc. Nothing I’ve experienced this year, or the last five for that matter, have been anything like what I had expected or anticipated they’d be like at this point within the AP and EP. Nothing, and I’m saying this with some conscious memory of my face-to-face with the Divine five years ago about what I wanted to further Work on within myself to better get this AP business accomplished. You can know certain things about something and still not know about it until you live it heartbeat by heartbeat, tear by tear, frustration by frustration, and ongoing expanding joy and freedom like you’ve never experienced before in-body. This is the Alchemical AP and EP down into each and every cell, nerve and fiber of your physical Self and being and it transforms you repeatedly at each Stair-step.

I’ve aged more during 2017 than I have the past entire decade, or at least it’s felt like that to me. I’ve physically hurt like crazy off and on this year with this increasing wildly throughout the second half of 2017. There’s been times when I’ve been literally crippled to the point I couldn’t stand up or walk, lift my arm or turn my head. There’s been times this year where I’ve honestly wondered if I was going to stay in this Denise body much longer because it’s often felt like I couldn’t Embody any more Light into it and survive that process on the physical. Again, that’s what it’s often felt like to me at those moments when it all gets a bit too much. In the next moment however, the severe physical pain(s) I’d been struggling with for days, weeks or months would magically disappear. There’s also been periods this year (since 2015 actually) that have felt to me to be so huge, so expansive, freeing and yet dark and cold and so vast and empty it could make you weep. Divine Mommy/Mother/Feminine is not warm and fuzzy but huge and vast, dark and brilliant, more powerful, daring, empty and profoundly creative than most would ever suspect. Needless to say it hasn’t been easy Embodying layer after layer of that increasingly these past five years.

Another thing I want to touch on is how I’ve often felt more isolated this year, not more connected with other people. On one level I have but on another level I’ve felt more alone and seemingly because it’s “normal” for this phase of the EP. I mention this only because it’s another of those weird contradictions of feeling more Unity and connection than ever before while simultaneously feeling more alone and Sovereign on your personal trans-mutational EP journey. Lower self, meet Higher; Higher Self, meet Lower, now merge and dance like no one’s watching! There’s plenty of NEW that needs to be done and created once you two have that Divine Reunion.

I also wanted to mention that I’ve had some of the darkest, lowliest, most EUW type thoughts and feelings this year to the point I’ve repulsed myself. Had I not known better I would have had more lowly thoughts about my having had lowly thoughts! And round and round we go, contemplating circling the drain while the AP and EP pushes ever onward. I’m sharing all these seemingly less than lofty, less than radiant Forerunner type experiences because I know that plenty of others have had them too this year and more. All of us have expected the AP, and especially the EP, do look and feel much different from what we’ve experienced much of the time. Other times it’s lived up to all of our wildest dreams and highest expectations and then is promptly followed by periods of shocking dark thoughts and visions, isolation, confusion and greatly amplified physical pains. Say it with me when you need to; Higher, meet Lower, Lower meet Higher. It helps me to think of these types of things when the extreme contrast between these two levels of being, consciousness, life and reality get so close to each other they cause momentary friction and discomfort from our current perspectives.

Connect all this back to the final December 21–23, 2012 Expiration Date and Life Review we all had then and these last five years read a bit differently. Give yourself credit for all you’ve been through, changed, released, realized, anchored and Embodied since then. We’ve done all that was individually discussed back then which means things are going to be changing dramatically on the physical level from here on out. You can FEEL the Sun changing again right now in greater NEW ways and that’s taking place within each of us as well. There are no instructions to what we’re going through at this point within the EP First Embodiers, so don’t feel bad when things aren’t all shiny and glittery like you might wish they were. They will be again and in NEW and different ways than what you’ve already experienced so just let it all happen and don’t limit yourself with old lower awareness and expectations about the indescribable. We’re all in NEW territory now going through NEW experiences and amplifications.

December 23, 2017 is a ‘Cosmic Trigger’ point to use Sandra Walter’s term and it’s going to be different from all previous ones we’ve been through up to this point due to all the additional Work we’ve done these five years post December 2012. Continue the EP First Embodiers and don’t beat yourself up when things aren’t all lofty and glorious; they’ll return to that when you’re done doing whatever it is that you needed to get done or seen or realized etc. in those un-lofty and un-glorious levels. 😉 Utilize this very special next week (and beyond) and don’t worry about how it looks or feels or doesn’t look or feel. ❤


December 16, 2017

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Copyright © Denise Le Fay & HighHeartLife, 2017. All rights reserved. You may copy and distribute this article so long as you don’t alter it in any way, the content remains complete, credit is given to the author and this URL and Copyright Notice is included.

33 thoughts on “Multiple Current Convergent Points

  • Happy Solar Return on 23rd Denise, hope you have a wonderful day. Blue sun, I remember this information in a book (can’t remember who’s book tho) many years ago, It went something like this – the sun had changed colour and was now a blue sun, but there was a hologram around the earth that made everything look ‘normal’ (yellow sun). A few days ago someone in uk took a daytime photo of a blue planet, (could have been a sphere),

    here is the link :-

    the close up photo shows this clearly – although it is not the sun, as seen in the wide angle photo – sun on left, rainbow object in middle, blue orb /spere /planet on right.

    I would love an electric blue sun, three pastel shade moons (seen them in a dream) and a pristine earth ……….

    • Thanks Hope for the B-Day wishes and that link with those amazing photos too. There’s going to be a constant increase in “phenomena” like these photos showed, and much more too, so everyone expect the unexpected from here on out, and I don’t mean only in the sky but everywhere else too.

      Everyone remember the talk a decade or more ago about the Blue Star was supposed to be showing up soon? Some said it was another Sun/Star in the Sirius system if memory serves me here. But because we — Earth, the Sun and our entire Solar system — has been moving constantly to another location in space all these years, the sky is going to be revealing this physical and energy related move/ascension via NEW stars and other items in our skies.

      The vision I had the other night was of our Sun turning bright blue suddenly, like it doing so is just another step, another level of what’s its been going through over the past 25-plus years already. Remember everyone that every time the GC (Milky Way Galactic Center) radiates out another NEW energy, that NEW energy is instantly transmitted throughout the rest of the Milky Way (and beyond) and our Sun receives these transmissions and in turn radiates them, transmits them on to Earth and humanity. So every time the Sun changes again, that means Forerunners are changing yet again too via their Embodying those NEW energies and anchoring them into Earth for the rest of humanity and all life on the NEW ascending Earth world. So no, what I saw in my vision yesterday was of our Sun changing into this intense blue color and radiating that specific energy (like Blue Ray if you will) out to humanity and Earth. It doesn’t really matter if it does this only from an energetic level and not a physical one that everyone could actually see with their own eyes, the NEW energies are transmitted and received and that’s all that matters. But wouldn’t it be exciting if the Sun turned blue? 😆

      • follow up ……. I was telling my sister about the above photo (blue planet), she surprised me by saying she saw a blue coloured moon during the day recently, she described it as “ghostly” with a halo around it, and no she didn’t take a photo …… shame. I don’t recall ever having seen a blue coloured moon …… anyone ?

  • oo Dec 10 is my birthday, and Dec 12 my sister’s. Dec 17 I had a good old talk out to make plans for the near future, perfect timing. I have more direction now that I have had since 2012, I keep catching waves, and a new one has just arrived. Oh and before I go, ages ago I had a message about developing a photonic superhighway along the spine

  • Dear Denise, I wish you a very joyful birthday and thank you for all your hard work, sharing and guidance.

    As we step forward and merge further into our 5D experience, I can’t help wondering if the same physical problems will exist for us and our world, as in radiation from Fukushima, depleted uranium particles all over the planet, food crops genetically altered and poisoned with pesticides, enforced toxic vaccines and all the other massive challenges visited on us by the controllers. I imagine a brand new, pristine environment inhabited by purified, conscious people and animals, living in harmony with the Earth Mother, and I pray that it is so, but I still have a semblance of logical, practical mind that ponders so many scenarios.

    Do you think it is a mind-set, a change in perception that will happen ‘in the twinkling of an eye’ that will make us aware and fully living in the new world, after all these years of walking the bridge between worlds?

    • Elle,

      Hi you! Thanks for the great question as it rarely dawns on me to write about such things. 🙄

      The Photonic Light that we’re in and have been in for many years, automatically energetically transmutes everything. It’s like a huge automatic cleans area out in space and when a solar system travels into it — one of the many Photon Bands or Belts — everything goes through that 7D Light Energy and is automatically transmuted, cleansed etc. to clear away all of the old lower energies and codes etc. from the previous evolutionary cycle. How our Sun has changed colors slowly since I first noticed it back in the mid 1990s from old 3D yellow-gold to a higher frequency and color that was more silvery, to what it is today which is brilliant silver-white crystalline color is just one sign of this.

      *** Speaking of the Sun… Last night (early AM hours of December 19, 2017) I had visions of the Sun changing color again soon from the crystalline silver-white it is now to a deep rich blue color. I don’t know if this is going to happen physically, it felt like it was a strong possibility, or if this was an indicator of an energy change only. Because of this vision I put up a NASA photo image of the Sun in the sidebar area that just so happens to be the exact shade of blue it was in my vision. How convenient! 😀

      The NEW ascended Earth world has been and continues traveling within a huge Photon Band of much higher frequency Light, and because of this, it has been under tremendous cleansing transformations for the past 25 years or so which is why the sky is more pristine than it’s been since I was a kid. This is happening automatically to all of Earth and all on and in it so yes, this is already happening to the ascending Earth world.

      And, believe it or not, this same Photonic process has been and still is affecting people too of course and it’s making it easier for them to release all limitations, limiting consciousness, beliefs, habits etc. so they can continue existing within a matching higher frequency ascended/ascending Earth world. Has everyone noticed how over the past few years males now hug each other openly?! How males now tear up and cry openly? How males now feel fine expressing their feminine energies and consciousness? Aah, blessed individual Unity! ❤ This is just one of many side effects of our being within the Photonic Light and the deeper into it we go, the more these positive evolutionary improvements will happen — quickly — to humans worldwide. Nothing can stop or prevent or derail this. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Beautiful, thank you! Bring it on, baby! That blue sun – yes please, and I see the sky sparkling with huge colourful diamonds at night, and little sparklies gently raining down on us like snowflakes. The bird tribe is here, I’ve found three feathers in the most unlikely places in the last week or so. Big hugs! xoxoxo

  • Back in 1983 my mother Cherrie, received messages from the I AM THAT I AM, for years years she received these, this message was for this ascension process we are now going through, it is to serve as a guide post, I remember her very first message say’s take up thy pen and write….( I have sparks just writing that ) It say’s – – My people are more precious than fine Gold, you are greatly Loved, you are asked to Let go of all strings to All things. The I am u’s shall die the death to self (MEANING THE EGO,) They shall be perplexed– they shall cry out in great labor pains, What was shall be no more, and What is to be Has never Been before, this is the last Generation, My people Shall be ready, My people are few, Look up, Look up, (meaning stay Positive) the time is at hand….Sal ah, I Am that I Am

  • Yowsa, Denise! You have exactly described my own experience for this last 5 years. I have had to (at the ripe age of 78) grow up in order to move from being a somewhat scattered & spacey person never able to make any commitment other than to utter spontaneity, into a more grounded and stable human being. Had all the physical and mental/emotional symptoms you describe, of course, and I really felt I’d never get to a point where I could financially support myself, because my energy was so completely unreliable.

    Speaking of Higher meets lower, I’ve also learned that I have the capacity to be a cold hearted bitch when it will serve as a tool for integration and transformation. What a shock that was. Ugh! Shadow work can be so unpleasant! Lol.
    Quite frankly, had I not read, seen and heard so much from those like you who were already ‘showing up’ for the lot of us with channeled info and personal ascension experiences, I’d have been sure I had some dread disease or was just plain nuts.

    Unlike all of you, I couldn’t seem to follow through on any of my guidance or ideas about sharing the experiences and channeled information. What I did get was continued confirmation of things I had been told on the inner years before I saw it given credence by one of the channels I respected. When I asked about my ongoing inability to accomplish tasks I’d been given, I was told that my only real work for that time was to learn to accept myself without judgment and to love that person deeply, as deeply as I have loved others. Even though I hadn’t managed to get out there to write or speak about that, the message started to show up for everyone as one of the most crucial learnings for humanity right now.

    Thank you so much, Denise, for being one of those explorers who have had the courage and determination to speak for all of us as we lay out the ground work for manifesting these New realities we are co-creating.

    Blessings and love,

    • “I was told that my only real work for that time was to learn to accept myself without judgment and to love that person deeply, as deeply as I have loved others. Even though I hadn’t managed to get out there to write or speak about that, the message started to show up for everyone as one of the most crucial learnings for humanity right now.”


      Thank you for sharing that and the line I quoted is so deeply true for us ALL. ❤ ❤ ❤ Well done you! ⭐

    • Dearest Gemma,

      Thank you for what you shared. I truly appreciate it. I’ve been struggling with energy levels dwindling these past 5 years (that, as you wrote, only seem to perk up in those “utter spontaneity” times). The bare minimum that I had seemed to be balancing well has been pushed off-center, it seems to little me anyway. I feel stretched and pushed to the brink, and yet I seem to be accomplishing more than I (little me) really realize. And now focusing on getting a house the first time in my current life (and all the numbers and questions and work) from which I haven’t felt a ‘no’ about, how on earth am I (little me) going to do this myself without having a nervous breakdown? Just yesterday I felt/realized that it’s not really about the house, and the amount of money/work and “will I get it/will it be a money pit/will I be homeless (even though my body is my home)”. It’s about what I felt is coming After the house… it felt like a Huge mantle for me which left me breathless… leaving little me again to wonder “will I have the balance/energy for this?” (or will I rise to the task?). So when I read what you wrote, it was (as you may feel) as if you were writing about me! Little me needs to give itself a break and learn and learn again how to Be still and Love and Trust and Know. Not an easy task, and yet I know it’s not impossible either. So I thank you for speaking to this piece for me.

      Dearest Denise,

      Much Heart Gratitude for this line:

      “Congratulations on fulfilling your personal Contract with the Divine during your Life Review five years ago this month. ❤”

      As I read it, tears immediately streamed from my eyes. Even though I am not (yet) conscious of the OOB work that I participate in, I felt it on a very deep level that I do… and it is tough work. Lately I’ve had moments where it’s hard to breathe as if a Huge weight were squeezing my ability to expand my chest; and head pains for sure; I’ve been doing my best to view it from a Higher view, that it’s not just the physical, that the physical is just a symptom of the deeper changes happening for me and us all. Dang though, challenge to be kind to the cat when my head feels like it’s housing a migraine and the cat is yelling at me from the other room to lift the blanket on the bed for her so she can crawl in under it!

      Much Love to you and all the ones who show up to read and comment here,

      • Chrysalis, I went through the experience of moving to a new location a few months ago, I spent many restless hours wondering how on earth I would accomplish that enormous feat – packing up, recycling unwanted stuff, the actual move, unpacking and setting up a new home – all with very limited energy and strength and very little help available. However, I made many requests to my higher self, and visualised that the whole move would happen with ease, grace and joy. Eventually when the most benevolent home became available to me, the move happened very swifly, needless to say my requests to HS were heard and acted upon. I am still in awe that my physical body survived intact, It was my own personal miracle.

        I needed to be in a new location for this exact time, – move done, everything sorted, and here come the symptoms right on cue 😦

        …….fatigue, breathlessness, heavy chest, pains, just dragging my poor old body around trying to feed it, keep it clean etc., It feels like all these many years of lifting feet onto new and higher stair steps was leading to here, now, this very moment in ‘time’. I am so very grateful to Denise and all for sharing their experiences with such honesty, humour and love.

        Wishing you all a joyful Solstice 💖

  • Denise,
    I too have been feeling what you have described. Everything that I was is gone. Everyone I knew in the past are not around. I feel invisible, unheard. My body is tired, my sleep so whacked out I feel dull in the morning. I feel out of alignment with everything. I was slammed back into my mother’s house, where so much abuse went on, somehow finding my legs under me, to stand up for myself. Where did money go? Some of my thoughts have been as you describe and I feel terrible about it.
    Everyone who knew my past is gone. It’s as if it never existed but it still does in me. I remember it all. I feel the immense pressure right now. I see a sort of demarcation point, it is all white light, it harsh light, unpleasant to be in. Then on the other side of this very defined line, there is night, with lovely lights that are warm, Christmasy feeling to them. I am no clairvoyant or anything like that, but I see it somehow. The other side of this line is warmer, welcoming and calming. If you do not post again, I wish all who read these posts a Merry Solstice! January 1st has a full moon that day, a very powerful moment I think, with all the astrology that is going on.
    Sometimes I am so tired, just wanting something to flow for me, to feel something go well instead of always trying to figure out how to even buy shoes that work for me or bed linens that help my body sleep in some comfort. I am so thankful I am not the only one who feels these things and that reading these comments lets me know there are others. I live in southern california too!

    Merry Meet and Merry Christmas, Happy Solstice Everyone!
    Catherine Ravedeer

    • Catherine,

      The demarcation zone you are talking about is the eyewall of the storm. It’s like standing in front of the wave before it collapses onto you.


      • Seroh Crest!
        That is very scary! What does Denise think? I do not think I can get out of the way it is pretty much everywhere. Where would I go? I do see myself as the day pass it getting closer and closer. How do you perceive it!
        Thanks for your reply!

        Warmly and Still Here!

        • “Seroh Crest!
          That is very scary! What does Denise think?”


          I don’t know enough about what Seroh Crest was talking about exactly to respond. I suspect he/she was referring to where we’re at right NOW this week of December 2017. I’ve written about Seeing this “demarcation line”, this Veil or curtain out in space and how we and ascending Earth passed through it a couple months ago. But, I don’t know if that’s what Seroh was referring to or not.

  • Wow, Denise, thank you for this timely and insightful post. With few exceptions, the last five years have brought my highest highs and lowest lows. My middle daughter was born on the Winter Solstice in 2013 in an incredibly powerful and magical birth that was one of the most transformative experiences of my life. While I don’t consciously remember my 2012 life review, it wouldn’t surprise me that she and I planned it that way as a gateway for even more. It’s beautiful to look back and appreciate the wonderful parts of this time period. Thank you for acknowledging the shadow side too. I’ve repulsed myself many times, especially this year, and I always appreciate the reminder not to judge or shame myself. I keep having the image of unzipping my exterior from the crown of my head to my toes and then walking out of it. Every time it happens I glimpse my most alive self (usually I’m bright fuschia!) and get excited that I’ve gotten to the bottom of something. Only to begin again soon after! Ha! I’m grateful for your posts and everyone’s comments and the encouragement to keep shedding and climbing stair steps.

  • I so relate to all you have shared here… i layed in bed last night, and as i was reading your experiences , it was as if you wrote the story of where i am right now… thank you for such honest sharing.

  • Dearest Denise
    It’s always during the last years that the one or two days before your post comes to my mailbox I know telepathic that you are wrintng!
    Anyway what you discrebe is absolut true in many ways. The extremes are there and myself/all have to keep on balance thise energies! Not alwyas plasant fore the human self! Personal I also experience in june 2016 a “break” between the boy/mind/old world and the Higher Self/ energie body in the Hara centrum. I went true extreme pains fore some times. This year was/is much more pains in the deeper layers in the body (head, shoulders ect.). It feels if the body is less light and becomes by times heavy. But it, de body, is trying its best to keep up!!

    I have the same body age as you and yes it will grow older by time, but I refuse to make a indentification with “old age”. Inside I feel more and more free and light than most people arround me!! I have giving up that anyone in my surronding wil ever understand my inner state. Isolation yes from human point, sadly by times ,But most of the time when I’m alone I feels more better. December is very intense for the last 5 years but with a huge tranformations!

    Wish you a good new birthing energie 66 year!!
    with Love Diviana (NL)
    Sorry Fore my Englisch grammer, hope you can read it.

  • so I am given to understand that 2018 things are going to smooth out some?
    in between dream and waking I saw 5 stages, us from the beginning to now, light language not able to be put into words and very unusual for me to have this type of experience
    Magenta Pixie had an interesting perspective on this month and how all will be having a light shown on their shadow side and how we forerunners etc. have to help them along with our energy fields but still making sure to keep our “high vibe” as Sandra calls it up……….bigger shoes to fill huh?
    Love and Blessings

    • “so I am given to understand that 2018 things are going to smooth out some?”

      Yes and no Sunny. 😐 Yes the more each of us Embodies and no for the simple fact that 2018 ushers in mega change (deeper collapse of the negative global patriarchy and its systems etc.) on the physical level. Saturn along with Pluto in Capricorn, and Uranus in Taurus will get the job done and rather quickly so get as much energetic elevation as everyone can and HOLD that higher space/frequency/vibration/NEW reality/NEW Earth world etc. etc. while the old lower comes undone.

      And yes, Pathpavers/Wayshowers/First Embodiers/Forerunners etc. always go first and HOLD that higher NEW space for the rest of the people coming up those many energetic Stair-steps behind us. This is what we do for Self and ALL. ❤

  • Well… how can anyone follow that? hee hee… Denise, once again, I salute you! So, so much resonance and all of the above. Bless you and thank you for expressing it and even though words do no justice to any of this process, you do a remarkable job, dear lady…

    love you, Jay xxx

    • That is a high complement! Thank you very much for that as it’s not easy writing about quantum non-linearity consciousness and reality. I can sit in silence with it quite well but exit it to write about it is a whole different story. I sense we’re all going to be getting much better at it however. 😉 Thanks again jayatkinson. ❤ ❤ ❤

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