December 2017: A Long Time Coming

[What I’m going to say first won’t make much sense immediately but hopefully will as you continue reading, connecting the dots and fully realizing where we’re at now.]

When I was a young teen in the early 1960s, I understood the bare-bones basics of retirement at 65. Way back then the retirement age was 65, unlike how it is now for different age groups. I’ve never forgotten how the minute I understood what “retirement at 65” was all those decades ago, I instantly knew it wouldn’t exist for me when I turned 65, or 66 for full retirement benefits for my age group. I was a kid and knew that the retirement system would not exist for me when I reached the required age to receive my full retirement benefits. And, I was pissed about that knowing that I’ve consciously carried with me since that time. I’ve consciously carried many awareness’s like this from early childhood and also my teens and that in itself has oftentimes been a burden for me, but, I preferred knowing certain things as opposed to not knowing them. My choice and I’ve dealt with those awareness’s all my life.

My birthday is December 23rd and I turned 65 in 2016, December 2017 I’ll turn 66. At some point in 2018, I plan on applying for my S.S. retirement benefits even though they’re not nearly enough to live off of month to month. Even that statement is coded with other information. Feel into all this because I’m talking about and from both the old lower 3D Earth world and the NEW ascended 5D Earth world frequencies and consciousness. Multidimensionality; Forerunners have been living it for decades.

Some people, but certainly not enough in my opinion, honestly understand what December 2017 is, what it means within the Ascension Process (AP) and ongoing Embodiment Process (EP). Most do not and that’s unfortunate for us all. December 2017 is that point within the AP and EP where the Forerunners/Wayshowers/Embodiers are finally capable of physically existing continuously within the NEW ascended 5D Earth world and crystalline/Christ/Unity frequency and carrying IT with them wherever they go because they’ve Embodied enough of IT at this point.

I’ve often shared my struggles with and education from my repeatedly going back and forth between the higher and lower NEW and old Earth worlds and timelines since December 21, 22 & 23, 2012. I’ve done that because I wholeheartedly believe that by honestly sharing certain things I’ve been going through via the AP and EP, that it helps others better understand what they’ve been going through too. No one benefits if the Forerunners aren’t honest about what they’ve been living and learning from. Our sharing about the good, bad and the ugly of it all is a positive for everyone, even those people who aren’t ready for that information when we write about it. Eventually they will be and it’s archived for them.

I know it’s oftentimes hard and/or confusing to feel like you’ve satisfactorily sunk your teeth into the complex concepts of being a functioning multidimensional incarnate physical human during the AP and EP. Those words are fancy and impressive but for most people are not much more than that — fancy and impressive. However, if you’ve been living this yourself Forerunner then you know that it’s been much like being a teenager learning how to drive a stick shift car for the first time; you repeatedly pop the clutch, stall the engine, over break, drive too slow, drive too fast, panic when you have to stop on an incline and then release the clutch and not roll backwards or stall the engine and so on. It’s not an easy or fast learning process and takes time and practice to master how to drive a stick shift vehicle… well. The same has been true of being a Forerunner learning how to repeatedly enter and exist, exist and enter the old lower 3D patriarchal Earth world we all incarnated into, and the NEW ascended 5D Earth world with its corresponding frequencies.

Doing this multidimensional tango back and forth between the old lower and NEW higher Earth worlds hasn’t been about physically traveling, great distances, or jumping timelines but about different frequencies. Lower and higher frequencies mean lower and Higher consciousness, energies, awareness, abilities, experiences, realities, thoughts, emotions, feelings and on and on. Since the AP started (for me biologically at the start of 1999) I’ve existed within a higher frequency and space, as have all Forerunners/Pathpavers/Embodiers etc. When I needed to leave my higher frequency physical house, space and property and reenter the old lower Earth world to grocery shop and take care of other old lower 3D world responsibilities I’d do exactly that; reenter the old lower Earth world and do my best to survive the tremendous physical and emotional pressures and pains of reentry into density, negativity and patriarchal Duality consciousness. Doing so was literally like being nearly crushed to death from having to drop back down vibrationally and physically function within heavy density and the matching consciousness and humans that have and still exists there. I’d barely make it back to my higher frequency house after shopping I was in so much physical pain from having reentered that lower level of density and darkness, and it took days to recover physically and psychologically (every time) from my having gone back down in frequency again to buy groceries, cat litter, shampoo and laundry soap! Only those who’ve lived this themselves knows how hard, painful, frustrating in many cases and also dangerous just our doing this has been.

I shared that lovely stroll down Ascension Memory Lane fellow Forerunners because December 2017 is, for us, the end of this since it began all those many long and difficult years ago. 😯 Really? Yes. You ready? Really? Good because here it finally comes; the ability to move between the old lower and NEW higher Earth worlds and NOT have doing so nearly crush us and damage us so deeply that we can’t do anything for a week or a month! Remember how I’ve always talked about those energy Stair-steps we’ve been climbing up slowly all these ascension years? Well, in December 2017, we reach that blessed level finally where we’re Embodied enough in our physical bodies to have the NEW higher Earth world frequencies be our permanent NEW “clothes” so to speak all the time no matter where we go or when we reenter the old lower frequency Earth world density. The torture is over with this aspect finally. I can’t honestly feel this fact fully yet because I’ve adapted to having the old lower Earth world density kick my everything’s ass nearly every time I’ve had to reenter that place and space since 1999. I will however, as will each of us, quickly readjust to this NEW and greatly improved situation that December 2017 brings us weary Forerunners.

Just in case there’s any lingering confusion over this particular aspect, know that we Forerunners have reached that hard-earned Stair-step where you’ve Embodied enough of the NEW within yourself and your physical body that IT will now constantly buffer you from the lower frequency density, negativity, chaos, imbalances, distortions, egos and other inhabitants of that frequency Earth world. Am I saying it’s full-time Party Time for the Forerunners? Not hardly, just that our Work got a whole lot easier for us to do because it won’t hurt like it always has.

Callback to being a young teen (around 1960-’61) and knowing that, far in the future when I turned 66 on December 23, 2017 and could file for my full S. S. retirement benefits that they wouldn’t exist for me…

Most of my life has felt like I’m living it backwards, which is more true than most would guess actually. I incarnated with conscious memory of what 5D and higher was/is and functioned in the old lower 3D patriarchal Earth world with that and other conscious awareness’s. Like I said before, I insisted upon this in this ascension lifetime, but it came with a price of certain difficulties, dangers, responsibilities and isolation. If you enter a physical incarnation with intentional conscious awareness of higher dimensions with their different higher frequencies, then you basically are walking backwards vibrationally down into greater density, in this case 3D Earth density from the so-called “future”, which really is just a higher frequency bandwidth. Going forward or backward in linear time is about either increasing or decreasing one’s frequency. Slow it down and you go back in time to lower frequency worlds etc.; speed it up and you go forward in time which means you enter/reenter a higher frequency and space or dimension. Most “Volunteers” walked backwards into their current ascension Forerunner lives and physical bodies from much higher frequencies and dimensions etc. So from our perspectives it often feels like we’ve walked backwards down into the physical Earth world density from nonphysical higher frequency levels. Minor sidetrack there.

So why would I instantly know in 1960-1961 as a young teen that in December 2017 when I’d turn 66 S.S. retirement wouldn’t exist for me? What was the point to my knowing that and carrying that worrisome burden around with me all these decades, and not being very happy about the fact that I wasn’t going to have what the generation before me had and so much of (the WWII generation)? So I could sit here today, two weeks before my 66th birthday and tell you that the old 3D dense patriarchal Earth world is going extinct as we speak and that it will now be so much easier for me and all Forerunners/Embodiers/Wayshowers to have our NEW higher ascended Earth world frequencies in and around us constantly no matter where we go or what we do. I’ll get some S.S. retirement benefits I’ve paid into in 2018, but for the most part I will be, as will all of us Forerunners, Consciously Creating our own NEW ways of living, creating and existing in the NEW higher levels of our being and realities. Out with the old lower and in with the NEW higher.

My birthday being on December 23rd, and my turning 66 in 2017 isn’t some weird coincidence but a brilliantly crafted lifelong trek through the AP and EP processes to have everything unfold in the physical level Earth worlds—primary and secondary—at exactly this time for multiple reasons. It boggles the mind and reverberates in the HighHeart to understand how perfectly all of this has been laid out by OURSELVES at higher levels. Sounds like a great note to end this on.

One more thing first however for the non-Forerunners.

It’s freaking December 2017 and physical reality is about to crack apart, permanently separate, end, begin, change and change a whole lot more every minute of this month and all of 2018 and beyond so I strongly suggest you get your priorities figured out immediately and dedicate yourself to what’s happening and what’s coming for everyone worldwide in a matter of weeks. You can piss around and play negative bullshit games with yourself and others if you want to waste THE most valuable incarnation you’ve EVER had on lowly negative things, actions and/or delusional or self-delusional stuff all based in lower frequencies and limited ego-centered issues and whatnot. The decision is yours, but the point has finally arrived where the time to fool around has run out meaning you just may find yourself somewhere you’d rather not be and all because you were focused on using and abusing other people and old corrupt systems and calling yourselves lofty sounding spiritual ascension names while actually doing the complete opposite. There is zero game playing in the Light, period. Ticktock, ticktock. The ultimate Expiration Date falls on my birthday this year and it is the best birthday gift I have ever received.

December 10, 2017

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58 thoughts on “December 2017: A Long Time Coming

  • So as in most days, I go outside to eat my lunch while standing in the strongest sunlight. During these shortest days, I so need the sun and time away from a busy elementary school environment!

    I live in Northern California-about 35 inland from the ocean. As I was eating, I noticed something buried in the dirt near the parking lot. Only part of it was visible and I looked closer and realized it was a sand dollar! As I dug it out, I was amazed to find it completely intact! I could hardly believe my eyes!

    I looked up the symbolism of a sand dollar and found this:

    I’m still in awe of finding and feeling so grateful for this physical manifestation! I know it’s only the beginning! Wish I could share a pic of it!

    Thank you Denise, and everyone, for hanging in there and sharing your stories! 💜💜💜

  • Just one year behind you, Denise (turning 65 on December 22nd, 2017) and I too am feeling the need to rejoice. There is a feeling of having turned the corner (though TD people still pop up and do their thing – they’re so predictable). In December especially I am experiencing more encounters with like-minded others – deep conversations with strangers at unexpected moments. More people are opening their hearts and saying what they feel. Just when it looked like nothing in the old world was going to change, it’s happening from the inside out.

    Yes, this has been a LONG time coming!

    Much love to you on your birthday … I will celebrate the day before & think of you. Many thanks for being such a source of insight for so many of us in this amazing time.

  • Hi Denise & all!
    I know I cant b the only one here who doesnt have the awareness and experiences, or the knowing and remembering who I am as so many of you express and experience. Nothing.

    I have come to believe there is ALWAYS A WAY no matter what stair step we stand on or whether we seem to remain not knowing or seeing. My prayers to be shown the way that will work for me at the level of my current understanding have indeed materialized over and over again.

    With u Denise and all, I often feel I’m sitting in on a class level way over my head. And sometimes I have a “what about me?!!!” reaction. Or “How come I never have this type or level of awareness??” 😣😞😔

    But I then pull up my big girl panties and do what I know to do and keep pushing forward. Im trusting there is a Higher Purpose for walking thru such intense ignorance and fears from young child hood. And no matter how terrified, i kept on though those early experiences made a part of me want Nothing To Do with Spirit, my extremely limited concept of Spirit / God. But HERE I AM! no matter to what lengths Team Dark sabotaged me and threw up road blocks!

    Im glad I found you Denise. I know seeds are planted for their own timing. You are part of my personal mosaic of information that helps formulate / trigger that bigger picture. 😇😍😘😄

    • Well said, even those who remember those hazy Days of the 60’s when we were the new kids on the block, can learn from your big girl panties pull up push, which I will stamp on my old lethargic thinking right now, so thanks Emily!

  • I love reading all of the comments/experiences here~thank you to everyone for sharing so we can at least feel we have others to share in the intense ride!

    Denise, and/or others, I have a question. More and more I’ve been having some intense physical/energetic sensations. I feel myself outside my body, observing myself. I know all about the ‘observer’~so I’m sure it’s along those lines. But it feels even more than that~very hard to explain in the language we have available to us. Anyone having these experiences?

    It’s just such a challenge to continue operating in this old system. I have a job where I am around old human dysfunction~and lots of it! I too just go home and try and recover everyday. I take long hikes on the weekend to try and recover what I feel I lose during the week. I don’t know how much more I can take!

    • Amy,

      Most of all this AP and EP business is hard to express and we’ve been having to create NEW words and terms just to communicate what we’ve been going through and still are!

      What you’ve described is common for many “altered states” and/or OOB–Out-of-Body states. However, most of that old information and explanations isn’t enough, isn’t large enough to cover and explain the AP and EP processes. Increasingly I’ve felt like my location inside of Denise — my lifelong home base so to speak — has been expanding, which makes perfect sense when you consider the AP and EP. We are, literally, expanding and this also changes not only our old familiar sense of “self” and “where” it has resided, but our very self/Self/SELF too. Said another way, the ‘observer’ and its location and ours etc. is all changing due to this Ascension Process and Embodiment Process.

      This is coming anyway but I’d suggest to everyone whose still having to work to live (makes me mad just writing that old negative truth!), to try to find and/or create a NEW ways to generate enough money to live off of each month. Reduce, simplify, release, and create NEW ways to exist outside the old patriarchal systems that are crashing and burning now anyway. This is coming no matter what for everyone so I’d suggest we all try our best to become self-sufficient in our own creative ways and to hell with the old negativity that’s been the norm. Know that the time of the Light suffering the Dark, the ignorant, the negative, the insane, the greedy etc. etc. has Expired and the shoe is on the other foot now. It’s now time for the lower to evolve and change and acclimate to the Light, not the other way around as it’s been for us for eons. Said with LOVE. 😀

      • Thank you so much Denise-for the fast turnaround! I’m at work now and really working to put on my teacher face. Ugh! I so appreciate the explanation about the OBE-I have read so much about them and I really resonate with the discussion around our sense of self. It IS changing so fast and is all over the place!

        And YES~we need to find ways to subsist ‘financially’ outside of the old system. If it weren’t for a mortgage and property taxes, I could do it easily. I in no way am married to this old system and am ready! I appreciate the advice on ways to start living month-to-month! This is why I was considering cashing out a fund in order to make it many more months until the system is truly non-functioning. I will ruminate on this more. MUCH gratitude!

      • Dear Denise,

        I must admit, I have moments where I’m waffling (trust that I’m going to be ok vs how the heck am I going to “pay” for the basics like utilities). I just recently started the process of looking for a house. To my surprise, not only did I qualify (for a smaller loan because my SS is very limited) I found a place last week. It needs a lot of work (most of which may be fixed for and without cost to me), but it’s within a comfortable range of something I can afford… if I knew I had the income to afford a long term loan. From the moment I saw the picture of the house, driving up to it, entering it, on the ride back to my apt., I felt “calm”. I did say to the realtor on the ride back from seeing the house that I was just focused on the next step (what needs to be fixed, who will fix it, how much, etc) and am not jumping the gun in visualizing where I’m going to put all my furniture in it, colors I want to paint the rooms, carpet vs easy clean flooring and so forth. I then looked out the car window and saw the time on one of those store signs “3:33” it said. I looked to the left “3:33” it said on the car clock, and then a moment later he said (reading off the highway info sign) that “3” lanes were closed ahead because of an accident (which we didn’t have to deal with because we were just at my exit off the highway). That moment felt big to me, like it was a Higher reassurance. Yet now when I’m faced with all these meetings and papers and questions (this would be the first house I ever got myself at 44 years), faced with the old systems collapsing (many that I’ve relied on as I’ve done the inner work all these years), there’s a bit of concern creeping in that makes me question the choice of locking myself into this house, or any house. And yet I still am not feeling a “no” around it at all, I “feel” possibilities of this home being my own safe haven at last. And maybe THAT much trust and faith is a bit scary for me at this moment. Part of me feels like I want to find another fellow Light Ascender who needs and craves quiet but doesn’t have much either… and then I go back to how I need to Consciously Create my Own Space for myself. And maybe I’m not giving myself enough credit to realize that I have been Consciously Creating some things yet not recognizing them. I hope it’s ok (and on topic) that I shared this. Doing my best not to give into this thought that if I do this I’m making a stupid mistake and will end up homeless (which it dumb because people I know wouldn’t let that happen). Need to break through this fear barrier when it pops up. Thank you for listening.

        Much High Heart Love/Embrace,

  • I can’t thank you enough for this site. I was headed down a rabbit trail this morning and found your website today! You’ve explained SO much of what I’ve been feeling. I thought I was losing my mind, getting agoraphobia, or depressed. I have slowing been becoming a hermit. I go to work, meditation group and home. Home is where I feel the best, away from crowds and people. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of the explanations on freakish shoulder pain, anxiety, heart flutters, etc. It was the boost I needed to continue on! Many blessings to all! ❤

  • Thank you, Denise, and to all the commenters too. It’s been a rough go here too as I got triggered to bring new (old?) layers of despair/confusion/powerlessness to the surface for release. I even literally fell down the stairs, which is kind of comical now I think about the timing and how it prompted me to slow down. I’ve been such a hermit this year, especially since the eclipse, after being outgoing my whole life. I’ve felt the change in relationships with dear friends. I miss them and still love them but haven’t felt able to authentically connect on many levels. It gives me a lot of hope to think that it will be easier to stay in my own frequency more easily no matter where I go or with whom I interact. Thank you again!!

  • Hi Denise
    All the way from New Zealand….I’ll be 51 on the 1st of January (another Capricorn!) and have been at this process now for 15 years. It’s been beyond tough and this year has been super challenging. I also feel a massive shift coming rapidly. Two weeks ago I dreamed I died and I knew a large part of me was leaving forever. Several blissful days followed and then (of course) some unwelcome challenges. I have always known that I have never retired from this work in any liftetime (due to the low numbers of people holding the light in previous times) and a year ago started exploring the idea of retiring/stepping back, intuitively knowing that this time was coming in Dec 2017; and this set off a string of challenges in its own right. My old way of life is rapidly closing now – financially, where I live etc – and my human part is wobbling as it cannot perceive yet how things will be; but change there will be 🙂 . So I also resonate with the concepts of rapid change and retirement that are being discussed.
    Kia Kaha (stay strong in Maori)

  • As always, love your writings and insights! Boy can i ever relate to the part about feeling crushed to death every time I need to enter the lower 3D world for errands… takes days to recover every single time… I wasn’t always like this (actually the opposite) until a few years ago when I really began my AP… I woke up like an atomic bomb went off over night, late 2011/early 2012 but had no clue what was wrong with me until about 1.5 years ago. For the first few years I thought I was dying and or going crazy every minute of the day! I’ve come so far in just one year already… thanks to you and a few others! I will always appreciate the path you are paving for us behind you 🙂 xx

  • Dearest Denise,

    Wow! Sounds as though we are walking along together as Forerunners. My 68th birthday is two weeks after yours, Happy Birthday to us Capricorns! I recall hearing years ago that Capricorns get “younger” as they grow older. Maybe that’s been my way of understanding of “walking backwards” into the AP/EP.

    Thanks for your comments on “retirement” / retirement income. I’m still working at a relatively demanding job for 40 hours a week plus commuting. Have not applied to draw SS benefits, because the amount will be very small. Strangely enough I’m still believing the internal message I’ve consistently received since about 1990 (and earlier?) — “The Universe will take care of you! Don’t worry about having money for retirement.”

    Feeling encouraged lately after struggling through release of old family “shadow” material last week during the “amplification” wave of 12/3 to 12/7. The rate of transformation in the EP has definitely sped up and I’ve gotten the message that the rate of change will accelerate markedly in the next couple of weeks. Yeah, bring on the 12/19 shift. In addition to the acceleration of physical “healing”, yesterday brought the inner guidance “You are now moving into a whole new way of BEING!” I’m guessing that this is the multi-dimensionality you’ve spoken about. Again, yahoo! bring it on. Thanks for saying that once we shift into a more steady state of multiple dimensions, able to operate in higher frequencies at all (or mostly all) times, we will not have such a hard time moving around in the world (i.e. without suffering so much as a consequence) — did that make sense? At present I go to work, grocery shop, pick up my meds at the pharmacy and then scurry like mad to get home where I feel safe and can shift easily into the higher frequencies. Finally understanding why Mondays feel so difficult at work — I have just spent two weekend days cocooned in my safe, higher frequency space and then have to go back to the “other, outer world” and deal with lots of lower frequencies. I’m looking forward to a smoother path.

    Thinking of you and your Mom with all the fires in So-Cal. Praying for your safety. … VERY MUCH LOVE AND BIG APPRECIATION!! Kristin

    • “Thanks for saying that once we shift into a more steady state of multiple dimensions, able to operate in higher frequencies at all (or mostly all) times, we will not have such a hard time moving around in the world (i.e. without suffering so much as a consequence) — did that make sense? At present I go to work, grocery shop, pick up my meds at the pharmacy and then scurry like mad to get home where I feel safe and can shift easily into the higher frequencies.”

      Kristin & All,

      I can relate 200%. Been doing exactly this too since 1999.

      I want to stress this aspect again in case I didn’t express it thoroughly enough in this article only because it’s super important. The First Wavers, the Forerunners of the Forerunners etc. are also the First Embodiers for the simple reason that we DO IT FIRST cause that’s our “job” as Volunteers/Wayshowers/Pathpavers etc. Because we’re the First Embodiers, and because there’s finally enough of us with enough Embodiment (there’s much more coming however) in our physical bodies and Selves at the end of 2017, this next big Embodiment and Shift amplification (the first thing helps with the second thing never forget) phase for us is December 17 through and into January 2018 in my sensing. Here’s some quotes from Sandra Walter’s latest great recap of 2017 article to help explain this.

      “October 2017: Becoming the Presence: Building New Landscapes — The direction was clear to Wayshowers: Achieve Embodiment of the Christed/Crystalline/Unity state, and it will trigger massive acceleration for those choosing Ascension.”

      I got the same information around the start of 2017, but in the ways I often do, which isn’t anything as elegant and sophisticated as the launguage Sandra so beautifully uses. The way this same information was perceived by me earlier this year was as a sort of joke or cartoon. My Higher/Highest Self knows me well and knows to make the higher complex info simple, funny and straight to the point. If I could have drawn this imagery I would have. It was: How many Forerunners does it take to screw in a NEW “light-bulb” which creates the NEW ascended Earth world? Answer, As many as it takes, which is only a handful.

      😐 Now I ask you all, clever cute God jokes or beautiful complex explanations such as Sandra Walter’s and certain others? Answer, both and more. 😉

      Remember my article from a few months back where I talked about having Seen a huge curtain or Veil-like thing suspended far out in space and that we First Embodiers were crossing that Cosmic Divide first? Here’s another quote from Sandra about this.

      “Location, location, location. The gentle glide of our Solar system into this consciousness-shifting area of the galaxy hits a trigger point as we enter the Solstice Gateway (December 21-25). The entire Solar system will drop/lock into its destination by the first week of January. It will initiate a series of shifts in solar plasma, and electro-magnetic shifts in the SUN, Gaia, and the hearts of first Embodiers of the Solar Cosmic Christ.”

      And lastly from Sandra in this same article which I’ll include a link to:

      “The energetic shifts anticipated over the next few weeks are expected to change our heart centers and reflect the changes in the SUN and Gaia. Your Solar heart is your key. This new Light will be felt on a deeply personal level, according to your intentions and trajectory for your Ascension.”

      “Saturday December 23, 2017: Cosmic Trigger; connect the SUN and stargate of the heart.”

      My physical HighHeart area has been, once again, thumping, bounding, fluttering and hurting a bit from the latest NEW higher Light energies coming in from and through our Sun. It’s been a back and forth lately between my HighHeart area feeling the NEW incoming being Embodied by me and also up in my head that feels the counterclockwise rotation with the Milky Way galaxy. It’s another level of our syncing up with everything from our physical bodies and incarnate Selves Embodying more and more and more. How many Forerunners does it take to…? That number has been reached because WE, ME/YOU/US have Embodied enough to activate this next huge phase for ourselves but also for every human with a desire to live and be in a much higher way than what has been on old lower Earth. As an old Pleiadean friend and Co-worker told me a long time ago, “The Key is in the Heart.” Indeed it is. ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Did something recently shift to scramble the cosmic messages?

    My soul sister (DeeInNz on WordPress) and I both had situations recently where cosmic messages and predictive astrology were both wrong for the first time… and I am talking about a LANDSLIDE of messages we each received that a certain outcome would come from manifestation seeds we planted.

    Did you write an article a while back about this? We vaguely remember seeing an article about astrology no longer being correct for prediction but cannot find the article. (And astrology is only one of the predictive/cosmic messaging tools either of us used; in both cases we had an overwhelming amount of information pointing to a result, and yet the messages were ALL wrong.)

    Did someone or something grab the cosmic microphone and start sending us bogus messages? If so, is there any way to get back what we had before (a new line of communication?)? 😦

    • The VacillatingPath,

      Sorry but you’re going to have to be super specific with me as I’m not certain about what you’re saying.

      The only thing I remember writing about astrologically was Saturn getting hit by seven Solar flares back in April 2017. And also about Saturn entering Capricorn December 19, 2017 and Uranus entering Taurus May 2018. Other than that I can’t remember getting into “predictions” via astrology recently.

      “We vaguely remember seeing an article about astrology no longer being correct for prediction but cannot find the article.”

      If I did write something about this or something similar — which I have thought about doing — it could have been at TRANSITIONS a good while ago. Briefly, if you consider that we’re evolving/ascending rapidly, and that the Separation of Worlds has been happening the entire time POST 12-21-2012, it makes a lot of sense that “Astrology” as we’ve known it and used it is and will change because we are! Mars energies expressed themselves in the old patriarchal Earth world and humanity in the only ways humans were able of perceiving Mars energies and so on with all the planets. But, Mars energies expressed in the NEW ascended Earth world and humans will be something vastly higher in nature, energy, expression etc. as will ALL of the planets. Because of this evolutionary factor in-play now, we’ve all got to consider the planets and Sun from an also “ascended” level because the entire Solar system and Sun and Gaia and everything else has been living the AP too. ⭐

      If you’re talking about something very different than this please try again and be specific so I know exactly what you’re talking about. Thanks. ❤

        • Astrology is using mirrors that are now turning into Windows, so what you are seeing is veil thru and not a lighthouse to ping your location

    Most “Volunteers” walked backwards into their current ascension Forerunner lives and physical bodies from much higher frequencies and dimensions etc. So from our perspectives it often feels like we’ve walked backwards down into the physical Earth world density from nonphysical higher frequency levels”.
    Had to come back today and tell this story: Yesterday I got dressed to go out to do some food shopping with my 37 year old daughter. I got dressed in jeans and low black boots. Well just before we leave home I go to zip my boots as I had them on for sometime but had not zipped them. I thought they had felt funny/odd on my feet but I couldn’t think as to why as I have worn them quite a few times before. So now I look at the toes and they seemed to be pointed in wrong directions so I step over to my daughter and say my shoes seem to be on the wrong foot what do you think? She says I don’t know, then as we look together she says aren’t the zippers supposed to be on the inside; Holy Moly! I have my shoes on Backwards, the left shoe on right foot and the right foot shoe on left foot. Hilarious! I didn’t even know there was enough room in the shoes that I could even put them on backwards! Well I said to her this is a serious message that is coming through when on the day a woman turns 68 and puts her shoes on backwards. Hadn’t done that since a child. Needless to say I had to secure a promise from her not to tell it at her coffee shop! LOL!

    • 😆 Beautiful, hilarious and deep Forerunner symbolism tobispirit. Thanks for sharing the spiritual She Who Walks Backwards giggles with us all. Happy B-Day to you. ❤

  • Hee hee…. Denise (High Five) and Ay-Men to everything you say. Your story reads so like mine… and I am so grateful for your sharing all of it. The ups and the downs and every other which ways of it all… I am reminded of and old song by Spike Milligan that makes me giggle to this day, ‘I’m walking backwards for Christmas, across the Irish Sea’… reminds me of my life, also lived back to front. As the brilliant multi-dimensional being, Mary Poppins wisely counsels about life and the world, ‘Turn it on its head and pirouette it… for anything can happen, IF YOU LET IT’!

    Life is anything but linear and has been that way for a number of years for me, too. I am deeply excited beyond anything else as I feel and sense the change that I have had to become in order for change to take place. This last month has been a killer and a saviour all in the same divine breath, and as 12/12 through 21/12 approaches, the finishing line is in sight. Now, I also know that Infinity has no ‘finishing line’… but you get the drift…

    At present, where I live in Llangollen, North Wales, UK is under a thick, dense blanket of cleansing, healing, transmuting diamond energy called SNOW. I awoke to Winter Wonderland with a sense of wonder, renewal, light and fractalised diamonds in my world. My latest task has been to transmute the last vestiges of reptilian energy in my own being, into pure divine crystalline love and light. That was a fight I can tell you. But I did it. I choose Love over Fear every time. And that is the New World in which I live. In that loving light, all is provided, as and when I declare and decree it. Claiming my crown and my sovereignty has been the most empowering energetic of all so far…


    With so much love, Jay xxxxxxx

  • Bless you Denise. Thank you for the heads up and the pep talk. Every time I feel like I have moved on its like wham I am back in isolation. Apart from work , where I literally speak to any number of people a day, my life is pretty slim on other individuals. I have never felt so alone. I put on my clothes, that no longer seem comfortable, and like a costume , and leave my house every day. The only time I feel OK is at home. I fit nowhere “out there”, so to hear this is going to be more comfortable is amazing. I just want to find my niche. A lot of ascension stuff on the web talks about doing what you love. In the end maybe a lot of us have been doing that by transmuting and changing ourselves to bring in more light. Maybe that is why we feel so out of step because although this is still needed maybe we will get a little bit of breathing space.
    Love and light to you and birthday greetings for later in the month. Hope you can make sense of what I have been trying to say. …

  • Hey Denise,

    I love that you wrote on here about how things are going to get easier and easier and I actually also
    am seeing a change in being a walking 5D light being and no longer as of January 2018 in having to
    spend most of my time walking around the 3D world(s.) I started sensing it in October and fully knew
    it by the beginning of November.

    I’m in Canada – and as of Jan 1st the minimum wage is going up. I’m able to work one less day which
    will give me time to embody more and shine more. So I see those changes coming for me and it’ll be
    so much easier for me. Astrologically Dec 19 – Saturn in Capricorn is very important for me. I was born
    with this placement back in 90 – and a return back to this sign will usher a huge release for me. I feel a
    great death will happen for me … heck at this point it could be my great death. But an end of a cycle and
    the start of a new role and something new for me within the Ascension Process. Despite the “constant
    testing” which I’ve had to climb back up from the bottom of the barrel again. This is a magical, powerful
    and awesome time to be existing. Everything has felt so different and NEW and I guess that’s how its
    meant to be right now and I love it.

    As for the retirement – I’ll never ever see this and be a part of this process in this lifetime. It’ll be extinct at
    that point. If not extinct non attainable unless people are 85 and older. They’ll always get “us” someway.

    Thanks for this – such hope and I do hope.

    • “Astrologically Dec 19 – Saturn in Capricorn is very important for me. I was born
      with this placement back in 90 – and a return back to this sign will usher a huge release for me.”


      Congrats on reaching your first Saturn Return. The first Saturn Return starts at age 29 and lasts about 2.5 years for everyone. It signals, energetically and in every other way, that you have entered another VERY different phase of your life — the decade of your thirties. It’s not even comparable to the decade of our twenties so have fun, learn a lot, and be willing to take more responsibilities at this new and NEW level and phase of your life and expanding Self. ❤

  • Happy upcoming birthday Denise! Fascinating about your teen knowings and pension age.

    Thank you for your words of wisdom once again. I really want to believe this is going to happen! I am weary beyond weary as I know many of us are.

    Over the weekend I experienced overwhelming feelings of grief and sadness. I actually said aloud over and over ‘Nothing matters. Nothing I’ve done means anything. I just want to die.’ It came out of left field and was mega intense. At first I thought I’d taken on something from someone or was being psychically attacked. Checked in and cleared off, yet it remained.

    I kept getting it was linked to the December energies. Had the strangest feeling of tears rolling down my face which were mine but not, simultaneously, as if I was observing the death of a significant part of me yet also experiencing it. After reading your post I am wondering if it is the death of my 3D persona? Any insight you have would be appreciated. It seems to be out of my reach, understanding what this means. Thank you so much. No worries if you can’t go there.

    Thank you again for being a beacon of light for me for many, many years! Many blessings Kathryn xoxox

    • “I kept getting it was linked to the December energies. Had the strangest feeling of tears rolling down my face which were mine but not, simultaneously, as if I was observing the death of a significant part of me yet also experiencing it. After reading your post I am wondering if it is the death of my 3D persona?”


      So many beautiful, open, honest, deep HighHeart Comments from so many of you — THANK YOU ALL for them because I need to hear things like this too. 🙂 ❤

      I've experienced this event/sensation many times too over the years and it's a strange feeling of me but not me at the same time. The very first time I had this experience was while driving to work so this was around 1989 or 1990. While driving I suddenly became aware of something on my face and touched it thinking it was my hair, but it was tears! Tears were rolling down my cheeks and there was a profound feeling of sadness and relief mixed together and I didn't know what was going on because I, this version of me/Denise felt fine. So I checked in to See and Feel what had happened. Keep in mind this was back in 1989-90.

      What I found was that in another probable reality in another timeline another version of Denise committed suicide and this "me" version here was reacting at a very deep level about that. Why? Because I had, since my teens, pondered about killing myself many different times. I'd always come back to a Higher Knowing that I had something important to accomplish in this lifetime so I'd push the thoughts of suicide off the table. But when this other version of "me" in another timeline whose job was NOT connected to the Ascension Process etc. did commit suicide, I was so relieved because that probable reality was now gone for this version of "me" too. What she did freed me from wanting to do it myself here in this timeline and life. So, this was my first experience with feeling a deep connection with losing another aspect of me in another timeline and reality.

      Now include the AP into this and it expands into us living the AP and EP often feeling a very strong sense of loss and/or death(s) and/or completion and/or pointlessness to ourselves and our old lower 3D lives etc. (Can you imagine how the unaware human masses are going to feel when they actually realize — at different points throughout 2018 — that everything they've focused on, loved, worshiped, believed in, worked for/towards etc. is suddenly seen and felt with a little bit of Higher Awareness as pointless and "wrong"?!)

      Every time each of us Forerunners Embodies another chunk of our Higher/Highest Self/Selves into these physical bodies and personalities, we very much FEEL this like a “little death” of our old lower self and the life it lived and worked on and for etc. I’ve experienced periods of sadness and a sense of wasted time and effort (which is totally incorrect but we still often feel this) and sheer stupidity from the old lower level of life. This is just how we oftentimes deal with and interpret the latest Embodiment Process (EP). I’ve learned over these 5 post December 2012 years however that when I feel MORE of the Higher ME stepping in, merging, melding with the lower me to totally surrender to it and open myself and my HighHeart to the EP as much as I can in that moment. The rest of December 2017 and into January 2018 is going to be A LOT of this for most Forerunners because we’ve reached another NEW phase this month where more EP is and will continue happening to and within each of us. The EP is a Stair-step process too. This is more important than I can express, for ourselves yes, but also for everyone and everything else too. The more we Embody, the more the external everything is immediately capable of changing and stepping into the NEW higher Earth world and realities. So, no pressure fellow Forerunners but lets get to this Embodying like we haven’t done up to this point! ❤ ❤ ❤ And Thank You all very much for your excellent Service to All. 😀

      • Thank you!!!!! I think I finally get why I was born into the family I was and lived up until 1999 totally unaware except for a brief “church” experience. With out all the painful crap in my life I would never been able to do my ascension job. 47 years of training hahaha. The roller coaster of the me, Me & ME most surely is not possible to explain in words. Sometimes I feel like the operating system is on auto pilot and I am just OOB working someplace else then I am all here. In and out up and down round and round and back again
        Me too wrestling with the whole money making job thing but feel I am needed here at the DV shelter. Will be 66 in August and will receive my “retarded” benefits and plan to cut back some, not sure what that will look like but more time in my sacred space for sure.
        love all the comments

      • Thank you so much Denise. I completely and absolutely resonate with what you’ve written and relate…especially to the comments about suicide. You seem to go where others dare not and say what needs to be brought into the light and I am forever grateful for that. As I write that I have some knowing of our souls crossing paths through lifetimes and you always doing this for me, for us: stating truth, even that which is unpopular or unfashionable, even that which pushes buttons, precisely because it pushes buttons, I suspect. Thank you for being a renegade, a forerunner, a guide and a light for so many. I honour your strength and sheer resilience and tenacity. Thank you.

        As I read your reply I am reminded how from a 3D perspective I see things as an either/or. Perhaps I am feeling this thing because I am suicidal or maybe another aspect of me is? I see this as one or the other, that it can’t be both. Yet from a multi dimensional perspective it can be so many things, so many possibilities for why we experience what we do. The more multi dimensional it is the more multi layered, and I suspect the more complex and overwhelming it can feel. Yet it is magical in its synchronicity, the layers and levels arranged most effectively for our peak learning experience and evolution. Perhaps tomorrow I will one again feel crap and overwhelmed with the energy, but right now I can marvel in the brilliance of creation and my part in it! Thank you Denise for holding this space to remind us of what really matters.

        • “Thank you so much Denise. I completely and absolutely resonate with what you’ve written and relate…especially to the comments about suicide. You seem to go where others dare not and say what needs to be brought into the light and I am forever grateful for that. As I write that I have some knowing of our souls crossing paths through lifetimes and you always doing this for me, for us: stating truth, even that which is unpopular or unfashionable, even that which pushes buttons, precisely because it pushes buttons, I suspect. Thank you for being a renegade, a forerunner, a guide and a light for so many. I honour your strength and sheer resilience and tenacity. Thank you.”


          Thank you deeply for saying that. Somebody has to be fully honest about all of these things that most everyone feels but doesn’t dig down into to help others. Lisa Renee is another that dares to go where angels fear to tread 😉 and I respect her tremendously because of that. It’s not fun for us to write/talk/focus on such darkness and negativity and yet it’s been a bigger half of old Duality than the Light has been! Anyhoo… Thank you very much for your HighHeart insight and kind words as they were a real gift to me. ❤ ❤ ❤

          And ride the ups and downs with the higher knowing that they’re increasingly becoming more and more only “ups” with less and less “downs”. 🙂

  • “because December 2017 is, for us, the end of this since it began all those many long and difficult years ago. Really? Yes. You ready? Really? Good because here it finally comes; the ability to move between the old lower and NEW higher Earth worlds and NOT have doing so nearly crush us and damage us so deeply that we can’t do anything for a week or a month”!

    Today December 10 is my Birthday and 68 years in this incarnation! My mom left the physical world on this date of December 10 in the wee morning hours . I often wondered what was the message she was giving to me by leaving on my birthday and HERE you have given it to me in these words.

    As for SS I started drawing mine at 62 as I had no other income after being in long marriage and stay at home mom for the majority of it and I could not go back out into the dark to work. I did receive more in benefit money as I could draw from my ex which gave me half of what his entitlement is, just getting by but doing it. I got my Yearly SS statement out of the mailbox today and the raise that was mentioned in the news is no raise as it was all applied to Medicare increase and you can’t opt out of Medicare.

    YES! It has been a LONNNNNNG time in coming but thank goodness it is finally Here!

    Happy UPCOMING birthday Denise and I Trust this one will be most JOYFUL!

    Much Love and Happiness

    • Avian,

      Happy Birthday Sag and I hope it was/is a very special transition for you. ❤

      I was married (a hundred years ago now it feels) for long enough to get married, get pregnant, give birth and realize I had to get divorced and soon! I was only married for three years when the divorce became finalized and I've never remarried because I'm not the "marrying type". 😉 So I don't even have my ex-husbands SS to draw from. This has always been about me and learning how to do if for myself. So, let's all Consciously Create our own NEW lives where money isn't even needed. It's coming even for the secondary ascending Earth world.

  • Karen Bishop was my first teacher also I have all her books. When did she pass on? Did some one tell us and I just don’t remember? I looked her up on google but there are too many Karen Bishops. Obituary?

    Yes I too was very sick for ten years ( two hours shopping two days in the bed.) and I can feel it lifting. I feel surprisingly healthy lately, but BAMM when I have to go down for a nap I go HARD. I never napped in my life before all this. A little money has come my way also, not much but enough to sustain life so I don’t have to go beg for it. That’s a good sign. I am grateful for everything I have had thru out this time. If THE Universe ( or my plan ) had given us just a little more money than I really had , Most of us wouldn’t have had to worry about daily life. and I could have helped out more, had learned more and more time in group meditations and projects and unity consciousness activities, instead of worrying where my next meal was coming from and will I have a roof over my head next week. ( note to higher self for next time)

  • Same here, they keep pushing the pension age up, used to be 60 (UK) for women, is now 67, and they want to hike it to 75. (Words fail me. So at 74, an ER nurse will still be expected to keep working?)
    I am 57, and like you, *knew* as a child that retirement funds weren’t going to be on my agenda (in fact I know I won’t be around by then), but it’s still bloody unjust.

    I sometimes think, it’s a good thing I didn’t know, back in 1999, just how long this was all going to take, or I’d have probably shot myself! 😀

  • Years ago I remember reading that wizards live their lives backwards in time. Stuie Wilde? Probably. Last night while waiting for sleep, I suddenly remembered back around 1993/4, finding a plain white envelope in the mailbox with the words “To the family”. Inside was a slip of paper saying “The Light has arrived in the world. Take it into your heart and let it shine”. Not one of our neighbours received the same message, nor anyone at work that I asked.

    Around this time, there was a huge billboard advertising Seaworld beside a major highway I travelled on from time to time. One night, driving home on that stretch, that same billboard was completely changed, with almost exactly those same words – The Light has arrived on Earth. I asked many people about it, but no-one else noticed it except one of my sons. Since then, life has been intense and challenging right to the core and is only lately starting to ease up, with periods of peace and solitude. Thank God, because this little black duck is just about completely worn out and used up.

    Thank you so much Denise for this wonderful message today, and many blessings to you, Stu (now passed over), Karen Bishop, Dolores Cannon (also passed) and one or two others who have given selflessly over these many years to help us through. Le puff, le pant and so much love to you. xxx

      • Debbie & Larua P,

        “Karen Bishop was my first teacher also I have all her books. When did she pass on? Did some one tell us and I just don’t remember? I looked her up on google but there are too many Karen Bishops. Obituary?” Laura P.

        I find it interesting that some of us, myself included, have recently thought of Karen Bishop. The ‘High Vibe Tribe’ to use Sandra Walter’s get term FEELS each other and increasingly so every year now. We are a 5D Group and Group consciousness that easily FEELS all others within this energy Group and growing Collective.

        Now I do not know Karen Bishop and I’ve never met her in the physical, just as I’ve never physically met any of the other Ascension Teachers/Writers either, but I know them and I FEEL them as I know they know and FEEL me and all the others of the High Vibe Tribe. But I know Karen Bishop because I’ve always FELT her. I FEEL that she has not died but because some of us have all recently thought of her and/or FELT something about her, we’re probably picking up something from her and/or about her at a higher level of awareness.

        Most Ascension Forerunner Teachers/Writers were not here to extensively deal with, write about, learn about or Master being Light in a totally Dark negative Team Dark (TD) hijacked Earth world. Most didn’t even remember this severe negativity and ancient issue within the past Cycle of Duality. I’ve always understood that completely, but at times years earlier in the AP, felt a bit left out because I have consciously remembered TD from childhood in this ascension life. And TD easily recognized my Volunteer Light stench down here in the old patriarchal 3D Earth world and came at me long and hard.

        Without going into a lot of detail, most Forerunner Teachers/Writers were not Lightwarriors but Lightworkers etc., meaning they weren’t consciously familiar with TD (in these AP lives) and their tactics and how they worked through like-frequency, like-consciousness humans to get at them and so on. There is zero blame here, just that sometimes we all need to retreat to lick and heal our battle wounds no matter who, human or nonhuman, caused them. I’ve HAD to do this repeatedly over these ascension years. At this point you get what I’m suggesting without my going into more of what I’ve known Karen went through many years ago while it was happening. Like the AP isn’t hard enough… there’s been TD and Portal People to contend with simultaneously. That however is rapidly also ending now and is part of this article that I didn’t go into detail about.

        You know that old saying about keep your friends close but your enemies closer? This was forced on me a long time ago out of necessity concerning TD in relation to my being a Team Light member and Volunteer Forerunner. I HAD to remember that they existed and were THE primary obstacle down here and a huge aspect of my personal AP Work on multiple levels. This has not been the case for all of us however. Enough said. I hope now that TD’s time has Expired and the Separation of Worlds is well under way that everyone of the High Vibe Tribe will be free to Create anew for All. ❤

  • Denise-I cannot tell you how timely this post is for me-and I’m sure for many! Today is my 48th birthday and there has already been so much ‘magic’ surrounding this day, and this month! On my hike with my only Forerunner friend, I told her that I’m seriously thinking of cashing out one of my retirement funds I received after my divorce. I’m done participating in the lower, 3D bullshit games at work and know that it gets harder everyday to stay in that environment and keep my vibration high. As a teacher, I want to make it until June and then move on. As much as I love those kids, the adult behavior is completely dysfunctional. I know that I will have the resources to sustain my life for myself and my kids. I agree with you, I’ve always known that this system would not sustain us through these coming years. I’m not sure what that looks like, but I know we are supported! Thank you so much for your continued messages/service. This is getting beyond exciting!

  • Dear Wonderful Denise,
    I so do want all of what you have written here to be so! I am so tired. I am so frustrated. I just passed my second solar return at Summer Solstice this year. Neptune’s transit through Pisces has passed the peak this year. In 2025 Neptune will enter Aries. A new explosion in Neptune’s realm.
    I so do want this all to be so. I see something too.
    Thank You,

    • And So It Is, It Is So. 🙂 ❤

      Yep the astrological transits throughout the entire AP and EP collectively and for each of us individually are too complex and astonishing to hold in my consciousness for longer than three seconds! From higher levels we intentionally timed all of this with the transits so help us, push us and keep us on track throughout the/our AP and EP processes.

      I have 40 degrees in my first House — all 30 of Pisces plus 10.5 degrees of Aries — so it's been unrelenting for years and years and years from my perspective. Uranus' transit through Pisces went on and on for me and at times I didn't think I'd make it but I've had that stupid thought many times over many stupid things! 😆 We're not here now to not make it. Anything but. And remember, If you build it they will come. That we’ve done and they’re coming in greater numbers every hour which also means our situations are changing now too. Don’t hope for it, know it is from your Light HighHeart. ❤

  • This month marks ten years since I started following you, Karen Bishop, and the other scant teachers as social media and blogging were not at all what they were to become. It’s amazing how far we have come. These are sweet words, Denise. So mote it be.

    With love,
    Calliope the Muse / Karin

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