How Does This Work?


“I would love to get your opinion on this Transition…. I have followed you and Sandra Walter and Lisa Renee since my awakening in 2012.

I am very aware of the recurring encouragements to be in our mastery, to look within for answers, to trust our instincts, etc. and I GET IT! I’m not a victim, I’m awake but what I cannot yet wrap my head around is this:

I’ve read from multiple sources we’ve accomplished this evolution faster than any other attempt (i.e. One generation). I have certainly felt the commensurate amount of negativity to process. However, how on earth does a corresponding change happen in the physical? Especially since the planet is like a physical body full of the remnants of cancerous growth (TD) in the form of every social structure that exists, and the majority completely unaware?

Btw, lately I have identified more and more with your account of the demonic dudes at the gas station. I.e. When I have to venture out there it feels even more bizarre than ever.

Thank you SO MUCH for any insight you can provide.”




Thanks for your November 2017 question Heather, and thank you for allowing me to share it in an article in hopes of helping more people who wonder how this is can happen in the physical. ❤

  I’m using my favorite drawing again here to help express this massive concept of evolving from a lower frequency level, world and dimension (3D in this case) up enough to enter a higher dimension (5D in this case) and frequency and all else that goes with such a dramatic evolutionary leap as what’s already happened. The angel hauling Earth up the Stair-steps in my drawing represents all the Forerunners/Starseeds/Grid/Gatekeepers/Wayshowers/Pathpavers that volunteered to incarnate into 3D physicality during the end of the old Evolutionary Cycles and assist All by Embodying and anchoring the NEW higher codes and Light energies of the NEW higher Evolutionary Cycle.

I’ve often said that Divine Source has thrown out NEW “balls” and because of this there needed to be plenty of gifted “catchers” strategically positioned across the “outfield” (the entire physical Earth) to catch (Embody and anchor) all those balls (the NEW Source-created evolutionary codes, Light, LOVE) that were mandatory for the NEW Evolutionary Cycle. The higher dimensional Earth Angels, Starseeds, Forerunners, Wayshowers etc. are the Volunteers who incarnated on old 3D Earth to do exactly that; “catch” NEW Source created “balls” soon to be thrown out and help energetically ascend Earth, therefore giving humanity and future humans a NEW higher frequency Earth world in a higher dimension to step into. This we’ve done and more, so much more.

I’ve also used the term Expired over the years to try to help people understand that the old Evolutionary Cycle was, as they all are, designed with natural and automatic Expiration Dates built in. December 21, 2012 was the Expiration Date of the past Evolutionary Cycle. Each grade in school only lasts for so long and then it expires and the children “graduate” to the next higher grade in school and continue on from there for another period of time. These grand Universal Evolutionary Cycles are the same; they each have their intended codes or “curriculum’s” but they also have Source created builtin Expiration Dates because nothing remains the same forever.

These are some of the ways to who, how and why the old negative infested 3D patriarchal Earth world reaches its Expiration Date (12-21-2012), but life continues on through some rough transitional periods for the masses, but continues on as it unknowingly transitions through a grand multidimensional evolutionary Ascension Process, astrological Age change, and entire dimensional shift from 3D Duality up to 5D Unity and isn’t even consciously aware that all this is really what’s been unfolding around them for decades!

Remember that great line in the 1989 movie Field of Dreams — “If you build it they will come”? The Forerunners/Starseeds/Earth Angles/Wayshowers have “caught the balls” and “built it” and in 2017 more humans have woken up and decided they’re no longer content with being used and abused by the horrible global élite humans. They may eventually come to learn about the nonphysical nonhuman “élite” negative aliens and other beings that have controlled the élite humans on Earth, but for now it’s enough that they’re drawn to the higher energies of the NEW ascended Earth worlds. We Forerunners have “built it” and humanity is steadily making their ways to the NEW higher frequency, higher dimensional ascended Earth world. We’ve built it and they are and will continue to come to it. Next we’ll Wayshow for them more of the NEW higher ways of life, reality, consciousness, being, Consciously Creating on the NEW Earth and so much more.

Once the Expiration Date is reached all the old codes, blueprints and energetic support for that entire Evolutionary Cycle and all the worlds, systems, structures and timelines in it/them literally runs out of energetic fuel and dead-ends. It reaches its “End Times” and goes extinct in all timelines and disappears.

While that phase was taking place, Volunteers had intentionally incarnated decades before to “catch”—Embody—the NEW higher codes, NEW higher blueprints, NEW higher energetic supports for the NEW ascended Earth worlds and timeline from within the physical system itself when it was time for that phase to begin. The Forerunners deliberately infiltrated the old lower 3D Earth world of Duality density in disguise as humans to do both our personal and group Ascension Work from within that density and negativity and help break it down and intentionally dead-end many negative Team Dark timeline offshoots during its “End Times” via Embodying and anchoring into Earth the NEW higher Light codes and frequencies. By our doing this from within the old lower frequency physical Earth world, we Forerunners/Starseeds/Pathpavers literally Worked the Light as Multidimensional Beings from within the third dimension (3D) to help energetically ascend it up to the fifth dimension (5D) and frequency and from outside of it in higher dimensions also. 

“If you build it they will come.” Well, we did build it, and they, most of humanity is indeed coming to exist in the NEW Evolutionary Cycle’s great creative game on the NEW ascended Earth. The old lower negative Earth world that Expired fully on December 21, 22, and 23, 2012—five years ago this month—is no longer energetically supported and is for a very short time nothing more than a Walking Dead Zombie-esk world with matching inhabitants. All that’s left of the old are the people who are still unaware and/or polarized towards the Descending Earth world. There is no more influence of the old lower negative over the NEW higher Earth world in any way or ways. The Separation of Worlds & Timelines has happened, and if you’re reading this, then you are within frequency range of either the primary or secondary (more inhabitants to date) ascending Earth worlds.

Even some of the Forerunners/Starseeds/Wayshowers etc. occasionally get confused about their own multidimensional natures, Selves and simultaneous Ascension Process Works on multiple dimensions and timelines. It helps Forerunners to consciously remember that you did indeed raise your hand and Volunteer to come down into 3D physicality and incarnate as a human to Work the Ascension Process from within the global negativity of the old lower world. Working the “outfield”, catching NEW balls and building the NEW ascended Earth world so “they will come”. If you can remember that, then it’s easier to comprehend just how much ascension progress has actually happened already and how much more is coming for greater numbers of humanity throughout 2018.

As usual there’s much more to say about all of this but I’ll leave further questions and explanations to the Comments section about Heather’s question and my answer to it. Well built and done Forerunners, now put your NEW Crown on and prepare for the next level of your Embodiment Process and the Ascension Processes of more of humanity throughout 2018. It’s going to be an amazing year, even more so than 2017 was! ❤


December 5, 2017

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40 thoughts on “How Does This Work?

  • Hi Denise
    I have not read the article or any comments yet all I needed to see was the drawing. My internal conservations with you since you wrote of the shoulder pains has been about just this. Since the equinox we have been hauling a much heaver weight up those steps. Mine is on the left side right where that chain is on it. Feels kind of like its because of all the men getting called out as well as passing through a cosmic gateway.
    Love you lots and thank you 🙂

  • heather denton

    “Even some of the Forerunners/Star seeds/Way showers etc. occasionally get confused about their own multidimensional natures, Selves and simultaneous Ascension Process Works on multiple dimensions and timelines. “

    i totally identify with this. occasionally i do examine myself and say i get confused at times about my multidimensional nature, because speaking for myself ” in human” we have been programed by TD to “think-see” a one dimensional system. seemingly simultaneous processes of ascension etc on multi dimensional timelines can at times be daunting seem surreal. then i receive clear vision once again and know it’s exactly what it is. the confusion is transmitted into the knowing and the grounding of my thoughts.

    thank u heather and thank u denise.

    a side note: i am reading your book and love it denise,


  • I have a rather mundane comment in respect to the subject at hand, of real physical reactions to the current state of affairs. I have found it very difficult to wear my “old “clothes, especially in social situations, without becoming a target for team dark. It feels that the “vibe” in clothes worn before 2017 makes me a target for very negative attacks from those still influenced by team dark, as if they have my “number” from times when I was at a different frequency. Not sure what to make of this, but I’ve been getting new outfits from inside out and it seems to help in social situations.
    I am in NorCal and the smoke has even gotten up here on the coast, sending light your way. Thanks for all you do!

    • Georgia,

      I know exactly what you’re talking about and not only with old clothing but other things too. A couple of weeks ago I got in my car to do some shopping and the second I got in it I could energetically feel and clairvoyantly See that the outside roof had an energetic “mark” on it; Team Dark etheric graffiti marking and targeting of certain people.

      It’s not only our own past lower vibes and consciousness with this situation, but it’s also that many carrying a lot of NEW Light in themselves are targeted, marked, tagged etc. by negative beings for attack and/or used energetically (parasites and parasitic behavior through other people etc.). It’s best to keep things CLEAN on all levels constantly to help with whatever negativity that’s trying to attach itself to us to feed/use.

      It’s been such a wild intense year but didn’t many areas in Northern Cal burn earlier this year Georgia? I remember watching the News reports about huge areas in NorCal burning and now it’s happening in SoCal. Zero to single digit humidity with Santa Ana winds with gusts up to 50-70 MPH and nothing but positive ions making you feel like a nervous breakdown for a week is all way too much. And all the people and their homes, vehicles and all the animals and wildlife, many burning to death in all this. At times it’s hard to not get pulled down by all that’s ending so quickly.

      So yes, buy new clothes and throw the old ones away that you sense are holding old lower vibes and/or have been energetically targeted by the negative. Hold the NEW Light. ❤

      • Thanks, Denise for your reply. I went through my chest of drawers today, next my closet. I feel ‘lighter’ already!
        Yes, there were some real blowtorch fires here too, in Napa and Santa Rosa and north in the Garberville area, caused by the same intense winds in October. It was really Smokey here in Hollister where I live, south of San Jose.
        I just read your newest article and I breathed a sigh of relief and said a quiet ‘Hallelujah ‘. It’s been so long, so much hiding my light to survive, emotional and physical difficulties for all light carriers to know that we are here, now, at last brings tears of cathartic joy.
        I’ve felt the truth of what you wrote and received that message as well.
        Have a joyous and well earned Happy Birthday,

  • It’s so interesting to read the varied responses to this post; to me it shows how highly individualized this journey has become for most.

    I would like to offer to all what to me has become the bit of knowledge I needed to hear from Denise, although she didn’t say it in so many words:

    Forget everything you ever thought you knew. Forget what you have been living for soooooooo long (suffering, transmuting, growing, evolving, ad nauseum)

    Everything we thought we knew, in this and other lifetimes, was distorted and served to us by others as the “truth” or “reality”.

    None of that applies in the new energy. The rules have yet to be written, and the reason for that is because WE would never impose any on others. This is the time of creation! The biggest takeaway: this is NEW! Good bye limitations! Peace out interference! Create as though no limits exist! ( because in Reality they don’t) 😉


  • To let you know that my reply to “Revital” is not showing up. This high frequency message of Light apparently went missing, after being abducted by some old world 3D moderation process. It disappeared into the Darkness.

    There is something very wrong/distorted with this website. It is not functioning properly.

    Good luck with what you have created

    • “To let you know that my reply to “Revital” is not showing up. This high frequency message of Light apparently went missing, after being abducted by some old world 3D moderation process. It disappeared into the Darkness.

      There is something very wrong/distorted with this website. It is not functioning properly.

      Good luck with what you have created”

      New Earth Resident,

      There isn’t anything wrong with my website. Your Comment didn’t get published by me (until this Comment arrived), Denise LeFay owner/author of HighHeartLife website, because of how amazingly disrespectful and downright rude YOU were to me and my Works here.

      I’m very familiar with how people like you excel at being disrespectful, heartless and parasitic to certain others while you try to use them and their websites to promote other people’s writings and beliefs. Then when your plan doesn’t go the way you’d intended you get mad and lash out and further insult the person — me in this case — who didn’t play along and take your insults, disrespect and blatant parasitic behavior to promote other people — how did you put it? the “top of the rung people’s” information. If they are so “top of the rung” as you say New Earth Resident, why are you here at such a lowly, horrible, lacking in all that is great n’ wonderful website such as mine must be to you? If you’ve found the best of the best and the “top of the rung” information and people etc., then why are you here at my website? I already know the answer but am calling you out on what you said.

      There are ways to share information and the way you tried to use me and HHL while simultaneously insulting me doesn’t play here. So you see, there’s nothing wrong with my website nor is there anything wrong with “…what I have created…”, but there sure is something wrong with you and how you treat certain Ascension teachers/writers and their Work. Needless to say, I will not publish any Comment from you again New Earth Resident and good luck with what you have created. News Flash: This type of behavior and consciousness is the complete opposite of what the real NEW Earth is.

  • Thanks Denise. Kara.

    My comment was on the very thing in Denise’s response. How in no teaching ive been drawn to since the 70s has a basic foundational well rounded teaching been presented. Team Dark did its work well. People dont know or believe the unexplained they perceive. Never mind who we are. I remember ESP being controversial as to whether or not its real. I remember a strange tv series about the end times. There were these old guy demons having coffee in a donut shop. They were bummed and discouraged because men no longer recognized them when confronted. And How men run from truth to pills when faced by something they dont understand but instinctively fear. It was well done and funny.

    Sometimes it seems so called teachers are ignorant. They have a piece. (Im not talking about deliberate misleading teaching). After all if we have been led to believe there is no spiritual darkness, and worse we think we are finite physical beings at the mercy of life….. Just plop a circle of light over u and call it good.

    I am appalled over my ignorance and the harm its caused me because i didnt know. Im so grateful i ignored my fear and the “guidance” that u shouldn’t look at team dark. Im sure there is good reason for the caution, plus the seeker’s intent and purpose.

    Also its rather overwhelming at first….this important aspect of self and how it works and uses us. Bit by bit I’ve been digesting this deeper truth.

    My inner mantra for years now is, WHAT IS THE TRUTH? IS THERE “A TRUTH”? I need to know?

    Hugs to all!

    • “How in no teaching ive been drawn to since the 70s has a basic foundational well rounded teaching been presented.”

      Exactly. 😐

      “I remember a strange tv series about the end times. There were these old guy demons having coffee in a donut shop. They were bummed and discouraged because men no longer recognized them when confronted. And How men run from truth to pills when faced by something they dont understand but instinctively fear. It was well done and funny.”

      Oh that was one of my favorite TV shows way back when. Lance Henriksen was the lead in Millennium. The episode you’re talking about was so funny I taped it back then. Here’s a link I just found of it.

      “I am appalled over my ignorance and the harm its caused me because i didnt know.

      Only someone very wise and honest would say this. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Thanks Denise! I could NOT remember the name of that show! And back then I only “knew” about demons in a very limited way. Like a rare creepy circumstance Hollywood style or maybe alluded to in books. Something to horrify u. Not educate us.

        Im going to look up that show! Thanks again!!## 😇😍😘😄

      • I liked that tv series too, thanks for reminding me about it.
        This week it feels like there’s always something pulling me away from the state of peace and good vibe I’m trying to keep. When I’m in a good mood, someone interfers, especially if I’m physically tired. Nothing so serious, but it leaves me wondering what I’m doing wrong, and it takes time to get over it.
        I think I’m trying my best, my best for now, ’cause my imagination can’t fly high at the moment, so I just live in the moment trying to bring harmony.
        Without larger horizons, little mess from portal people or similar seems to hit me harder. Maybe that’s what’s wrong. Or I was just trying to avoid confrontation with plain reality, if there’s anything like a plain reality. I still don’t know…
        Anyway, thanks for your posts Denise, and for other lovely people comments. Hugs

  • Denise can you help me reconcile something? A major lesson for me since 2016 has been to stop judging myself when negative emotions surface or hide them behind a happy face. It’s been transformative for self-love and helped me clear a lot of false programming from my exposure to organized religion. Lisa Renee’s latest blog on demons was empowering about setting clear boundaries in interactions, and I’ve always liked her focus on consent. But here’s what’s confusing me. When I get triggered by something, I’ve been giving myself free reign to feel the anger, despair, grief or whatever with an eye to (at least eventually) “ok, what old junk is ready to release to make room for the new light?” And even though it’s hard and feels *real* when I’m in it, I invariably feel better after and like a layer of illusion disslved. But am I opening myself to or impliedly consenting to influence from TD by doing so? That’s never been my intent. I haven’t been worried about that until now, which shows me another fear pocket must be ready to clear. Isn’t this process part of the healing/transmuting/changing the story? Like, drop into the muck to transform it and then climb up yet higher? Is there more I should do to protect myself than setting shields/boundaries, asking for spiritual help and doing whatever I can to be in my high heart through it? I guess another way of coming at my perplexity is whether the so-called negative emotions we process always originate from TD. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts.

    • Kara,

      Excellent question and very important too. After I read Lisa Renee’s Wrestling With Demons December 2017 blog article, I knew I needed to write an article about all this based on what I’ve been experiencing with these issues POST 2012. It’s been a crazy, exhausting, scary week here in SoCal due to the wind storms that just don’t stop and all the damage they’ve caused plus the multiple fires. These Santa Ana winds aren’t called Devil Winds for nothing! It’s been a very rough time and they’re still blowing (gusts up to 60 MPH here) but I’m going to start working on this article over the weekend, hopefully.

      This topic is another of those super complex Ascension related ones that most Ascension teachers/writers never talk about because, like everything else, the happy, light, fun, playful stuff “sells better” to the readers than information about how old Team Dark negativity and energies are doing their best to continue surviving during the Separation of Worlds as I call it or ‘bifurcation’ as Lisa Renee and Sandra Walter call it. There are a whole lot of people living the AP and EP that still don’t want to admit that this old negativity even exists, let alone deal with it during its “End Times” within the Ascension Process. Talking about the fun stuff is something more people want to have fed to them; not having to take more responsibilities over ones ongoing evolution and growing awareness of being a Multidimensional Being now!

      Anywho… this is some of what I want to write about based on my own personal experiences POST December 2012 with the negatives and my own ongoing Embodiment Process (EP). ❤

      • Denise, that sounds intense and I hope you stay safe there!! I really appreciate that you’re going to address this whenever you have time. I’ve learned fear or disempowerment is a clue that there MUST be some kind of block or interference, but it’s hard to understand this one. If it complements your next article, would you also address the whole law of attraction thing? I’ve witnessed authentic growth in loved ones who adhere to it, and good for them, but I also feel like it’s been co-opted to the degree it suggests that if I’m feeling “bad” or experiencing “bad,” it must be because I drew it to me (somehow I’m also “bad” or I failed or should have just been more positive). Maybe I’m misunderstanding something? I’m 100% on board with the power of intentionally focusing my consciousness on creating the reality I want and also with free will, especially that I chose before this lifetime what I’d be willing to go through to play my part and learn the lessons my higher self wanted. I know that I must own my own stuff and my choices. But what if I raised my hand and volunteered to go through some “bad” to heal it? Being told to just have more positive thoughts isn’t exactly helpful when you’re right in the thick of it. Anyway, that feels bound up in my confusion about where the “bad” originates and how to protect myself. THANK YOU for all the time and energy you devote to this blog. Reading your articles and the comments give me a lot to think about.

        • If it complements your next article, would you also address the whole law of attraction thing? I’ve witnessed authentic growth in loved ones who adhere to it, and good for them, but I also feel like it’s been co-opted to the degree it suggests that if I’m feeling “bad” or experiencing “bad,” it must be because I drew it to me (somehow I’m also “bad” or I failed or should have just been more positive). Maybe I’m misunderstanding something?”


          I’ve never studied or read anything about the ‘law of attraction’ because I’ve never felt it was of a very high frequency. It sounds like another of many old pre-ascension “New Age” Duality consciousness belief systems intended to keep people at that old lower level of consciousness, guilt, “sin” type of consciousness etc. and dis-empowerment. I was raised with a belief in karma based on Theosophy that my father was deeply involved with. I get the guilt/karma/attracting stuff to us type of old Dualistic consciousness, however we’ve evolved beyond that and are learning and/or re-learning Unity consciousness. From this ascension level we’re in now, and Lisa Renee’s blog article about dealing with Demons (link in another Comment if interested) talked about this too, the way all this works now is based on the individual frequency of each person equals the matching frequency external reality they exist within. I’m going to cover this in my next article and do my best to explain this in combination with our becoming CONSCIOUSLY aware of our being MULTIDIMENSIONAL beings.

          “But what if I raised my hand and volunteered to go through some “bad” to heal it?”

          There ya go! 😉 Very well done you!

          Why would millions of advanced Beings of Light and Angelics and Starseeds etc. “Volunteer” to drop Light and incarnate into 3D Duality density Earth if nothing negative or bad or evil or distorted etc. etc. was there? Most of us Volunteers came here because we’re very good at transmuting negative energies in all their different forms across time and space. We’ve been doing BOTH transmuting old negative residual energies created by other humans and nonhuman aliens/entities and we’ve been Embodying more and more NEW Light (codes etc.) at the same time. There’s so much plane bullshit and also distorted (spiritual, Ascension related, ETs, conspiracy info etc.) information out there designed to further confuse, distort, slow down and/or fully derail people from the actual organic Ascension Process. Everyone continue discerning everything and everyone to the best of your ability each day. ❤

  • I have experienced examples of both small and large co-creation and manifesting into physical experience – and all seemingly without trying. Yesterday, it was the turn of a simple desire for a lemon slice, such a thing I have not eaten for years, and probably never will again. But it came my way within an hour of the thought, and got devoured! I think I was given this tiny treasure to be able to remember to trust that all my needs will be and are being met… even when lack seems to be knocking at the door. Somehow, although my experience is now 3 years unemployed, I continue getting what I need to survive, and survive well. The conscious co-creating is done without demand, and it is done with a lot of trust – in the multidimensional selves and all the manifestation of the loving Universe around. I just need to take that intimidating ball of fear that things will never be enough and hold it high and kick it out of the ballpark! I love your work, Denise, and the very accessible way you let us see the pieces falling into place.

  • You know I did not know how out of sync I would become. I live in Southern California and seeing prices go up on everything here is terrifying. I am one of the ball catchers, even seemingly, way way out there. Money has disappeared from my field and don’t know how that happened. What keeps me from participating in this society is the fragrance issue. When I was young you only wore perfume on a special occassion. Now it’s everywhere, on everyone at every time, at least here. The headaches are terrible. I am still catching those balls, for I came here to just be. So money where have you gone? I ask that you partner me, to be that ball catcher and plant and hold what needs to be held and planted.

    I don’t mind being out of sync, just want to be able to do it, it safety.

    Catherine Ravendeer

  • Hi Denise. I admit that from my stair step i can’t relate.

    I have been engaged in an ongoing intensified inner Battle Field of The Mind. I’ve been shown the deep levels of fear/aggresion that remain. Most threatening is as a mind realizing it really doesnt have any control.

    Been feeling and acting hostile. Conflicts. I had an absurd reaction while observing people around me. I had this loud thought that They APPEAR Innocent but They Are Nasty Inside and Will attack and Claw you at first opportunity!

    My own stuff has been So magnifide! So loud that i hurt and ache all over from the strain of it. Ive had to work hard to swim with this riptide becuz i keep becoming one with the inner insanity from my own crap.

    Ive also made new inner connections about how i relate in the world. Seeing the fear based approach and false hopes and expectation i put upon others and myself. And the big one: Control. Im seeing how deeply i desired to Control others in retaliation for them wanting to control me! And there is a twist…. This point of view is something im believing / ASSUMING!. Its not even real! And lastly its all tied up in not being Safe. Needing to be safe. And then i realized one cant create and operate from a fear based need to b safe and hidden.

    I think, Denise, that my basement is being excavated to deeper levels. And releasing and finding and Believing and KNOWING TRUTH once more has been like seeking The Holy Grail!

    Yesterday afternoon the inner intensity loosed up a lot enabling me to at least find my Center and peace in bits. And to release my obsessive constant negative mind chatter.

    P.S. I seem to b in tune with Lisa Renees’s new blog!: Wrestling With Demons. Just opened it right now!

    • Edith & All,

      I haven’t read Lisa Renee’s latest blog article yet but will. Here’s a paragraph I just glanced over in it and can related. Having an elderly person whose both physically and mentally disabled (Dementia, stroke, elderly and on pharmaceuticals etc. etc.) in your home is often like having a door wide open and other unpleasant stuff oftentimes steps in and does it’s best to push my buttons. This has been going on for over a decade already with my mom because of her Dementia, but it’s gotten worse since her stroke in 2015. I actually had to do some more protections and directing, escorting out of some negativity two days ago after some ridiculous back n’ forth between my mom (not all my mom but some of these lesser negative energies/beings) and myself. It’s astonishing to watch my mom’s eyes go flat and not be her but something else and then have THAT give me attitude and fight me and argue with me. It’s been one hell of a learning curve for me with this level since the start of 2015. So much more going on always with all this AP and EP and Separation of Worlds business.

      “…There will be times that we are wrestling with the demons in the world, and most of the time, many awakening people and lightworkers have not recognized that they are wrestling with a demonic force, because they are only viewing the superficial level of interaction between people or things. If we only see the human identity in the material force body as ‘so and so’, and we cannot recognize the quality of forces being expressed by the choices that person is making, seeing the consequence of actions as a result of those decisions, then we are left impaired with our personal decision making process where we leave our flank unprotected. Demonic forces use covert manipulation to take advantage of others, and if you do not know how to defend and deflect these forces, you will experience sensations of being trampled over, like a stampede of assault that runs you over in order to gain control over you, in order to gain access into your body and to influence your decision making. This is why it’s critical to know yourself, know your weaknesses and strengths, and to gain control over yourself and your thoughts, emotions and actions, so that you can be strengthened to the point that demonic forces cannot use you as a doormat, dark portal puppet or as a parasitic host to siphon energy that fuels their personal whims and desires…”

      Every time another increase in the NEW Light energies happens, we go through this Process of HAVING to deal with, transmute and finally fully release whatever old lower frequency stuff it is that we’ve still got within ourselves. Both the old lower frequencies/emotions/consciousness etc. CANNOT co-exist in the same space with the NEW higher frequencies, Light energies, higher consciousness, HighHeart and so on. And, because this is an ongoing Stair-step process, we get hit over and over and over again because we’re going higher vibrationally and simultaneously offloading both our own and the human collectives (much of it) old lower frequency stuff. We all sensed that December 2017 was going to kick ass and take names and that’s exactly what’s been happening at an extreme and amplified level it’s really been shocking at certain levels!

      But… this is the big push at the end of 2017 to assist us, prepare us for MORE of the NEW higher arriving January 2018. It’s always like this, it’s just that all of humanity and Earth is fully involved with this Process now and not ONLY the Forerunners/Wayshowers/Starseeds etc.

      Don’t get to caught up in all the mental gymnastics with what you’re going through now Edith. You’re doing great Seeing it, admitting it, Feeling it and looking for how to change it all within yourself. That’s the bottom line with all this sort of stuff; what do I need to do within myself with all this crap n’ misery? It’s not about “the other person or people” etc. but about each of us individually. Work on you and the rest automatically unfolds from there. ❤ ❤ ❤

  • About a year ago, I dreamt I was in a baseball field, catching EVERY ball being thrown. The balls seemed to come from all directions, and I caught every one. I never understood this dream until I read this post (“catching” new Codes coming in and anchoring them into the lower dimension). Thanks, Denise!

    • 🙂 And great job catching all those NEW energy “balls” thrown out by Source Thelma and Embodying them and then anchoring all of them here. ❤

  • Hi Denise
    Do you have any idea when EP and AP would complete for all Forerunners/Starseeds/Pathpavers/firstwavers or at least for some according to their position on stair-steps as it seems to be long-stretching, never ending painful arduous process going on and on, stretching years after year without any visible relief as I have observed with myself and many others here in this forum and several other online plateforms?

    What if some Forerunners/Starseeds/Pathpavers/firstwavers die naturally or unnaturally (suicide I mean…. knowing or without even knowing their agonies are because of they are ascending/evolving because the latter are not aware that they are Forerunners/Starseeds/Pathpavers/ etc. as I am sure many people actually don’t know these that they are the select few to accomplish this task of being Forerunners/Starseeds/Pathpavers/ ) during this EP and AP without seeing the much promised light at the end of the tunnel or after a long dark night of soul?

    Have you or anyone else come across any Senior most Forerunners/Starseeds/Pathpavers/firstwavers or the one who is on the topmost rung of ascension ladder who can guarantee or give confirmation that All is great on the top and this painful journey of AP & EP is worth?

    These thoughts keep coming in my mind very often. Your thoughts on this is much appreciated.

    • Hello Revital71
      I read your comment and certainly agree with you. May share with you, Denise and all who read this. At least 4 to 5 years ago my Spirit gave me this image. A huge, white icky, many tentacled being. I immediately knew that this was my representation of the planet wide consciousness. At that time, it’s very tips were getting black. My Spirit told me that the black part was dead. This being did not know it was dying but it was. Over the years I have seen it’s death progress. My Spirit told me that as the death became bigger it would start to thrash and fight. As I look right now, death is reaching into it’s main body. I know that Neptune is washing our sub conscious and that soon this will be reborn when Neptune enters Aries. This seems to be important at least for me, and I share this with Denise and all who read this.

      So I see all that is occuring. I wish this was this was over. I just keep breathing and focusing on being here in the moment. I feel at times so alone, I cannot stand it, but then I hear “Breathe, breathe” I hold on and call for my Spirit to fill me. I try to not hold on the feelings that are passing through me. I try to listen to Spirit in a way I have not listened before and am grateful for a blog like this that tell me that there is something to all I am experiencing. I know I am expanding into the unknown of myself, I feel it in my solar plexus. I step out into the void and create my footing. Goddess me I am The Fool in the tarot.

      I hope this helps you.
      Warmest Winter Solstice Blessing,
      Catherine Ravendeer

    • Revital,

      The “top of the rung” people you are looking for are found here, at ******…these are the most advanced Lightworkers from *********

      Here you’ll find the very latest ascension-community-gathered AND channelled ascension Intel from these “Seekers”. You’ll find the answers to your questions there…

      Much love to you

      • New Earth Resident,

        I removed the link and name and website that New Earth Resident included in his/her Comment. I’ll explain why I did this in response to your second insulting Comment New Earth Resident.

    • “Have you or anyone else come across any Senior most Forerunners/Starseeds/Pathpavers/firstwavers or the one who is on the topmost rung of ascension ladder who can guarantee or give confirmation that All is great on the top and this painful journey of AP & EP is worth?”


      I’m turning 66 this month and I’ve been consciously aware of why I incarnated on Earth at this time of Universal Ascension all of my life. That and more, including I’m one of the “First Wavers” who are now some of the “First Embodiers”. If you need higher than that you’ll have to go elsewhere, and good luck with that.

      “Do you have any idea when EP and AP would complete for all Forerunners/Starseeds/Pathpavers/firstwavers or at least for some according to their position on stair-steps as it seems to be long-stretching, never ending painful arduous process going on and on, stretching years after year without any visible relief as I have observed with myself and many others here in this forum and several other online plateforms?”

      In short it won’t end but continue doing what it’s done all along, which is evolve into higher and higher states, levels and phases. As this happens it does become less painful in all ways for those individuals however but the process of evolution — spiritual, energetic, physical, consciousness etc. — NEVER ends for anyone/anything including Divine Source.

      And if you think that what’s happened so far due to the Ascension Process has been difficult, what’s coming in 2018 and beyond is nearly incomprehensible because it’s the total dismantling of everything that’s been considered “normal” and acceptable by global humanity. Humans don’t do well with change and the change(s) that will manifest in 2018 will make everything that’s happened up to this point look and feel like child’s play. I’m not saying this to terrify you or anyone reading this but to let everyone know that the Separation of Worlds and all that goes with it will have periods that will test every one of us on every level, every energetic Stair-step each of us are on now. Many of the First Embodiers have been increasingly going through this since 2013, with each year expanding into more that we’ve had to contend with, learn from, and eventually Master personally, individually.

      What you want is someone to tell you, to give you absolute external proof about certain belief systems you still have at this point about the AP. The Ascension Process itself gives each who lives it themselves all the answers. And it does so because YOU LIVED IT YOURSELF AND BECAUSE OF THIS ARE ALTERED, “ASCENDED” BECAUSE OF IT. That is what every person should desire and strive for, not finding someone more wise, older/oldest, higher/highest etc. that can give you proof and/or comfort and/or reassurance that the pain will stop. It will as I said earlier but we each have to do the Inner Work within ourselves to get there. All of this is and always has been about individual frequency and that cannot be gained from or through anyone else.

      • Dear Denise,

        Bless you for this Re-minder for me. Those pesky “old” beliefs that I’m still blind to and need to move beyond.

        What you said reminded me of my beginning transition/understanding of the Ascension process and what it is. Just before that point in my life, I had been existing with a certain level of PTSD. It had a lot bigger grip on me before that. However, at THAT point in my life, my BELIEF was that that was the level of PTSD that I would be resigned to living with for the rest of my life…. Until in one moment, I broke through the last vestiges of it in late 2012. Once I broke through and found I no longer had anymore “old” triggers (even though my physical body would still respond by sweating or shaking… 20+ years of reacting), I embraced these new understandings and pushed my mind and self beyond those understandings.

        In the 20+ linear years of working through the PTSD I experienced, I would get to these “plateaus”. I felt like I couldn’t go any further…. until something new got me triggered, which brought out new things I needed to work through internally, and so I’d be climbing the mountain again. Point is, this is what your comment about how it doesn’t end, how there isn’t an “end point”… because there’s always room to grow, learn, re-learn at different layers and levels, a variety of ways to experience all these things… which is why there are so many of us beings here learning in our own unique ways (that just came out of a higher place as I hadn’t planned on typing it!). So I thank you for this re-minder, and for bringing my attention to another place I need to work through (expectations, beliefs) about different markers or finish lines.

        Much High Heart Love To You

  • for me it seems like my old self is wanting to shout how crazy this all is… too often.
    Now just yesterday, I noticed I am no longer a tall species here. I am 5’7″ and used to be considered tall, now I look around and feel like I am just another marker for the coming generations. At the turn of century, people were still quit short. Now I am looking at many people about 6’4″ and higher. Now at one point in this journey I heard people would be taller in the higher dimension…… What do you think Denise?

    • Carolyn,

      In the old lower 3D world system we all incarnated into, this getting taller and bigger seemed to be the norm. However, with human DNA evolving now and a dimensional shift and Earth literally existing in a NEW location in space and all the rest of it… I sense that we haven’t even begun to see and feel the many changes, improvements that are and will continue happening to currently incarnate humans and more so with those incarnating into the NEW ascended Earth worlds. They’re incarnating with the NEW DNA and other energies etc. in them, not transmuting and transcending from a lower dimension with old DNA (distortions, limitations etc.) such as what the rest of us have dealt with. Because of all this I expect that there’s going to be a lot of changes to the human body, consciousness, higher abilities and all else. Things like empathy and telepathy and instantly reading energies from other people, animals, locations, the Earth and so on will become the norm in the NEW ascended humans.

      I deliberately haven’t talked much about this because we’ve got to get through what we’ve been dealing with, and 2018 is going to accelerate all this and more for everyone on every level (Stair-step). So far December 2017 is kickin’ my butt, heart and physical body all over the place! :/ Deep breath as we transition into 2018. Most of the changes, improvements so far are within us, such as what Deb Green was talking about in her Comment about her being able to stop physical body wounds/damage and Consciously Create (intend, direct etc.) what she DID want instead and it worked, instantly. That’s one hell of an “upgrade” and will eventually make the old lower medical machine and big pharma go extinct too. There’s much more coming for humanity like these things and I suspect increasing exterior body changes too of course. Some of us have been having our skulls change shape slightly over these ascension years and have bumps and such manifest. I expect human eyes to change too due to the NEW Light and DNA etc. Lots of things will change both externally and internally, physically and energetically because we’re evolving and dramatically at this point. ❤

  • In hospital physically releasing this image, at last but it really looks and feels like my deathbed…..thank you for saving this till now xx

    • linda,

      I’m not in the hospital but it does feel, in certain ways, like something of the past old lower world and myself is currently “dying” and specific areas of my body just hurt like they never have before.

      Be well and know that we’re with you as is your Higher AP/EP Team. ❤ ⭐

      • One more collapse just too far……. I just couldnt get up again this time but my compassion, respect and gratitude is just as much in awe of you and others sharing this experience, with sooooo much love, Linda xxx

  • Thank you Denise! ❤️ You hit the nail on the head with this post, particularly this section:

    “Even some of the Forerunners/Starseeds/Wayshowers etc. occasionally get confused about their own multidimensional natures, Selves and simultaneous Ascension Process Works on multiple dimensions and timelines. “

    *Raises hand. 🙋 It reminded me of a previous post of yours where you described us as gigantic beings of light crying like big babies over the difficulties of this world and how absurd it is when you think of it this way (to paraphrase). 😂

    Thank you again! I have more respect for you and our other fellow front runners/wayshowers than ever. 🙏🙌❤️

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