Simultaneous Transmuting & Embodying & More NEW Lights

  [Last week I started clairvoyantly Seeing more NEW Lights and colors, many in huge Wave forms swirling about in different areas. These latest NEW and much higher frequency Lights are different from anything I’ve Seen or felt leading up to this point and their energies feel like what I’ve always consciously remembered high dimensional levels and other states of being to feel like. Amazing to have that level here in the physical dimension finally, just like “heaven on Earth”.

Because I was Seeing and feeling these latest NEW Lights, colors and Waves I changed the background image on HighHeartLife a few days ago to indicate and share this as best I could. Of course there are no images that do these NEW Lights/colors/Waves justice but we try nevertheless.

I started writing this article yesterday, November 24th and got half finished when I needed to apply another layer of paint on something. Second coat today! Later that evening (yesterday) I checked my email and there was a notification from Sandra Walter with her latest information about these NEW Lights and colors. This is great because it shows how many more people are Seeing and feeling these latest NEW Lights and energies that are very high frequency and of course visually beautiful beyond description.]


For all of 2017 I’ve been clairvoyantly Seeing a large etheric equal-armed cross or plus sign superimposed over my body. The top of this cross/plus sign is near the top of the head, the bottom of it is around the old lower heart, the right side of it is in my right shoulder and the left side in my left shoulder.

For all of 2017, one or the other or both of my shoulder joints have hurt like holy hell. I mean abnormally so. I’ve had pain in my left shoulder joint since my early teens, but what’s been hurting this year has been and continues to be somewhat different. The left side of the body should be a clue about this or any other old 3D pains, implants, distortions, restrictions, tracking devices, thefts etc. by Team Dark (TD). I’ve known for decades that the left side of my body and head have been peppered with holes from invasive actions and alien devices by TD. I’m not unique with these etheric assaults and implants as just about every human alive has had or still have these too.

When the pain in my left shoulder joint jumped for the first time in my life to the right shoulder at the start of 2017, my first thought was that I’d slept wrong or needed new pillows or am just getting older so just deal with the pains. All of those things are true enough, but because I’ve been Seeing this etheric cross or plus sign all year, I realized that more was in-play than I’m just getting older and my joints are aching because of it. This pain has been super sever and sudden and then magically is completely gone, then returns a few days later and back and forth all yearlong.

When I questioned what this etheric cross was at the start of 2017, I perceived it was something TD had placed on/in/over humanity to restrict them, to crucify them energetically within a specific lower frequency range which means a matching consciousness range as well. I noticed that the center of this cross was near the old lower 3D Throat chakra and understood that these old negative overlays by TD on humanity have not only kept them and their consciousness within a very low range of frequency, but they’ve kept humanity silent over these atrocities too, especially human females. Worldwide females voices have been silenced since the start of the patriarchy many thousands of years ago, as male hearts were intentionally blocked from feeling much of anything. Males haven’t been able to feel, empathize, have compassion or higher love etc., and females haven’t been able or allowed to say anything, speak their truths, give voice to or object to anything created by the global patriarchy no matter how dark and evil it was.

However, as is increasingly obvious on a daily basis in 2017, all this and more has been naturally overwritten by the NEW Light(s) and NEW matching codes for the NEW Earth and NEW Evolutionary Cycle within a NEW higher Universe. Because of all these old and NEW things and changes, many Forerunners/Transmutors/Embodiers/Pathpavers/Wayshowers have been doing what we’ve always done in the Ascension Process (AP); we transmute both the old lower negativity and simultaneously Embody greater amounts and higher levels of the NEW Light(s) and NEW codes.

Because many Forerunners always have both these things happening within them and their physical and energetic bodies simultaneously, it’s often easy to not fully realize to what extent these Processes have actually taken place within you, your body, physical reality and multiple timelines and dimensions as well. Lower old Duality consciousness thinks in polarized either/or where quantum Spherical Unified consciousness perceives multiple things, levels, dimensions, worlds and timelines etc. simultaneously and isn’t unhinged by any of it. Multi-tasking at its best! But, because we Forerunners have lived in the old world and distortions while evolving into the NEW and doing energetic Work both in and through ourselves and our physical bodies, it takes some of us some time for the dust to settle before we clearly realize just how much progress we’ve actually accomplished during the latest round of evolutionary changes. Such has been the case repeatedly throughout 2017 I feel. So much positive change and progress has happened and continues to this year but it’s sometimes hard to see/See when some severe physical body pain has you in a stranglehold at the same time. I view with lower awareness and it’s severe physical pain; I view with Higher Awareness and it’s transformation and total elimination of old lower negative blocks, distortions and inorganic interference’s. I view with both and it all makes a lot more sense plus gives me more determination to continue doing this and more. The Forerunners creed: Ascend it All, now!


Last week or so I clairvoyantly Saw some NEW higher levels of Divine Daddy/Father/Masculine and Divine Mommy/Mother/Feminine energy Waves come in. These NEW higher Light Waves swirled around slowly and glistened as bright and pure as Diamond Lights. It’s how they feel that’s more beautiful than what they look like however. They are of such a high frequency that you can easily feel the LOVE in them/that they are, and as you blissfully bath in these NEW higher Light Wave energies, you are Embodying them too.

It’s often hard to express the profound highs/lows of the NEW energies contrasted against the old low negative everything. This is another reason why I try to find visual images to go with most of my articles because imagery says it all so beautifully and purely. You can easily see and feel how different the energies are between the first image of different colored equal-armed crosses or plus signs and the three other Wave images. The first image is restrictive and immovable feeling while the other three feel open, expansive, flexible and full of peacefulness. When all that and more is literally being run through your physical body, your consciousness, your life and multiple realities, it’s sometimes a bit too much of an extreme contrast. Naps help tremendously with this however. 😉

Back to my on again/off again right shoulder pains that some days shift over to the left side briefly. The hip joints are included in this as is parts of the spine/vertebra and muscle groups and so on. All year I’ve been dealing with this severe physical pain followed by days or hours of feeling the molecules and atoms in my face (mostly but elsewhere too) expand out beyond the Milky Way galaxy and I AM something else, something NEW and greatly improved. Then later I do the dishes, some laundry, take my mom to the bathroom, feed her etc. etc. etc. We wouldn’t have believed any of this had we been told prior how schizophrenic-like this AP/EP would actually feel down the line and be living it in and through our bodies and selves!

  Because my old lower superimposed etheric limitations, as partially represented by the image of multiple different colored equal-arm crosses or plus signs, are simultaneously bathed in the three (there’s more than just these three NEW Lights) latest NEW higher frequency levels of Lights, those old crosses have been exploding like this last image. Painful, blissful, painful again, blissful again and unending as we evolve and Embody more, higher, and farther.

I can See and sense something very big and very wonderful is coming via the December 2017 energies. Firstly, transiting Saturn enters Capricorn on December 19th, and because my natal Sun is 1° Capricorn, this is going to be another major Embodiment Process milestone for me personally.

Secondly, every time transiting Saturn has been in either Capricorn or the opposite sign Cancer over the past thirty-plus years, huge Team Dark activities took place in my life in very up-close unpleasant ways. I am NOT saying that this is going to happen again when Saturn enters Capricorn in about three weeks from today, NOT to me or to you. I am saying that this was how reality and life went in the past at lower levels when Saturn transited both Capricorn and Cancer. I didn’t even consciously catch this when it first happened to me over thirty years ago, but I certainly noticed when, fifteen years later (halfway through one Saturn transit around the 12 signs) the same negative themes suddenly activated again in my life, my house, my neighborhood etc.

But remember Saturn was intentionally blasted back in April 2017, by seven Solar flares that energetically freed it, ascended it, evolved it out of the inorganic implants and reversal distortions done intentionally to it by TD long ago. So, just like all those old etheric energetic implants in the shape of equal-arm crosses or plus signs are being exploded into oblivion in many of our physical bodies now, the same has been and continues happening to and within the planets in our entire Solar System and beyond that needs to be freed from negative TD distortions created by them during the past great cycle. This means, and this is super important on multiple levels, that when Saturn enters Capricorn on December 19, 2017, it will do so for the first time free of all Team Dark negative implants, distortions, interference and reversals patterns! Physical reality is going to improve so dramatically and more quickly than most believe because of this (and much more too). This is a huge and totally NEW deal and a not yet recognized ascended freedom by most people. 2018 will reflect these positive evolutionary changes to Saturn like nobodies business. Add to this Saturn being in Capricorn, along with transiting Pluto, 😀 and patriarchal heads are gonna role one after another after another after another publicly until there are no more patriarchal heads that need to roll. Evolutionary trash removal.

The December Solstice, and then my B-Day 😀 are gonna be extra special energetically this year too. More will be Crowned, more will leave, more will arrive in our Forerunner awareness and bodies, and many more humans will suddenly be living, perceiving and functioning without any of the old TD implants and interference’s which mean their HighHearts will continue coming increasingly online every day. This is where all this Ascension business gets much easier for pretty much everyone no matter which Stair-step they’re on now. ❤


November 25, 2017

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21 thoughts on “Simultaneous Transmuting & Embodying & More NEW Lights

  • hi denise arrival for your book is today, “a light workers mission” looking forward to reading it, thank u for all u share love cindy!!
    u put our heart and soul into it. i believe u do it with much love and intention

  • Yes! Hallelujah! Looking forward to next year. I too have had ongoing R) hip pain on and off for mths now. And L) foot and shin pain. So much fun this ascension process. Been doing it since August 1999 and although it is getting easier, it is still reassuring to read these posts and know my physical problems are usually ascension symptoms. Thank you Denise for your blog and words of comfort in these amazing times.

  • Hello all. Thank you Denise for your ongoing insights, always amazing! Speaking of transmuting and embodying and DNA changes, is anyone else experiencing instant self-healing? This happened twice to me in two days a few weeks ago and the experiences seem relevant to this topic as a RESULT of what could be happening.

    I was in Denver at my niece’s wedding. So much happiness and excitement everywhere and I was in the bridal suite waiting for the girls to get ready. I noticed a curling iron off-balance on a counter and grabbed it, not thinking. It was red-hot. I let go immediately but the damage was done. My fingers and thumb turned dark red and starting welting. No-one saw what happened. I sat away from the others, surprising calm, and I started thinking NO GO AWAY, THIS IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. I was not going to cause any distress to my beautiful niece who was marrying the love of her life, cause I knew she’d worry. Within about 15 minutes, the red welts subsided and the burn pain faded. There were white marks on the tips of my fingers from the burn but even they faded. Before the wedding started about an hour later, the burns and the pain were completely gone.

    The next instance happened the next day. I was out with my other niece and her husband, doing some Christmas ornament shopping and we stopped for lunch. As we were sitting down, I suddenly had an out-of-the-blue IBS attack which, if some don’t know, is massive abdominal pain and a need to get to a bathroom. With me when it happens, it can last 24 hour or longer and in some cases I’ve ended up in hospital. But once again, I was determined not to cause worry (we were having so much fun!) and again I said to myself NO GO AWAY, THIS IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Then I sat down and did the unthinkable during an IBS attack, I started eating my lunch. And this time it happened in seconds. The pain stopped, everything stopped. Just like that. And it didn’t come back, it was just gone.

    I have an extremely strong connection with my nieces. My sister (their mom) passed very suddenly ten years ago and I have been a surrogate mom to them, getting down to the States as often as I could. But I am connected to my sister through them and the love we share is very, very deep. My feeling is that LOVE somehow was the catalyst that allowed my changing DNA to transmute and thereby heal my physical self. I haven’t tried it again, I’m still processing it all, but I will and I know WITHOUT QUESTION that we are turning a pretty amazing corner.

    Much love to all,

    • Deb & All,

      Thanks so much for sharing your latest experiences with something all Forerunners have been and currently are to greater and greater degrees RE-discovering — how to be Conscious Creators. ❤ 🙂 ❤

      It's through personal experiences just like what you've described Deb that more and more Forerunners/Pathpavers/Wayshowers etc. learn that each of us are now capable of instantly changing whatever it is we intentionally place our LOVELight HighHeart focus on. Remember everyone, LOVE (not old ego-based 3D reality love) is Creativity and Light is Higher Awareness/higher consciousness/information/knowledge etc.

      This NEW ability the Forerunners have and are currently discovering it in these NEW higher ways in the NEW world minus all the old lower 3D negativity, interference’s, limitations etc., is something the Forerunners will teach the masses about; that THEY are the ones in control of THEIR bodies, lives, consciousness, health/healing and reality. We do first, always have, and this NEW ability will go a long way in RE-teaching humanity that THEY don’t need any “middleman” anymore to do things for them, heal them, tell them what to do, define reality for them, take responsibility for them and so on. The NEW is all about individual empowerment — aka individual Sovereignty — , NOT about being dis-empowered and handing all of your power(s) over to someone else or a group or government or religion or leader(s) etc.

      I’ve been experimenting with Consciously Creating throughout the Ascension Process (AP), and over those years I’ve slowly experienced my own growing ability to intentionally change certain things within myself, my body, my environment, my life and external reality and so on. Like everything else within the AP, it’s been about Stair-steps and evolving slowly but steadily into higher and higher frequencies, consciousness and therefore external realities over all of these ascension years. But, and this is the really great news, all of the old lower 3D patriarchal energies, negativity, consciousness, old codes and distortions of those codes are now completely GONE. They’ve all Expired and are empty and totally energetically unsupported because the Forerunners have Embodied enough, Consciously Created enough, held the HighHeart crystalline/Christ frequency long enough etc. that the NEW everything is now in place. We no longer have to fight against the old lower 3D energetic codes/distortions/restrictions etc. to Consciously Create over them and/or to override them and so on. They’re GONE which now means that it’s so much easier and faster for Forerunners to intentionally Consciously Create (intend) and actually see almost instantaneous results in the external physical world reality!

      The secret behind this and ALL other Higher Abilities is that the individual is truly worthy of them through and through every cell and fiber of their very being. In other words, ONLY when each individual has evolved to a certain higher level of awareness and being are they capable of Consciously Creating. This is a natural safeguard against someone gaining higher abilities before their old lower ego self and corresponding consciousness, desires and focus has been fully transcended. One has to BE higher frequencies themselves first and when they reach that level of development, then the corresponding abilities and consciousness is discovered. This is where many of us Forerunners are right now; consciously remembering how to BE Conscious Creator Beings in the NEW Earth and beyond.

      Thanks Deb and big congratulations to your NEW discoveries and abilities. Expect many more. ❤ ❤ ❤

  • These current energies are quite the whopper! Denise, any insight into what may have been going on the last day or two, last night? Sleep/dreams were SO intense last night and I’m still shaky and reeling from whatever I was experiencing. I’m having physical/energetic sensations and experiences that I cannot even begin to describe! These are the days I find it so hard to go and teach 2nd and 3rd graders all day when I just want to stay home and integrate. So grateful to have this community to share our stories!

    • You’re a Lightwarrior Amy and those 2nd and 3rd grade kids literally bask in your Ascension Process energies every day too and that’s a positive for All. ❤ But I certainly hear you too!

      There's been more Solar winds and if I remember correctly a CME the other day so we're getting those energies now too besides all the others. Honestly Amy & All, none of this is ever going to slow down, stop, reduce in intensity, ease up etc. EVER. This is the NEW normal, plus we're now in the last big push of energies for the whole year of 2017, driving our ascending selves up more huge energy Stair-steps. I wouldn't have it any other way but we're in it now like never before and these year-end energies are prep for even higher levels of energies and all that goes with them PLUS the accelerated collapsing of the old throughout 2018 to a degree never capable of prior.

      From Sandra Walter — Sandra Walter Light Intel

      “Tuesday, November 21 – November 25: the initiation of the Sacred seven-week passage.”

      We’ve entered this SEVEN-WEEK-long sacred passage which takes us through the entire month of December and into January 2018. What we’re in now is a “shift” unto itself so everyone expect this entire period to be extra intense, even more different, full of bliss followed by some bullshit, lower consciousness people increasingly being jerks and/or dangerous and imbalanced etc. by all these NEW higher energies, periods of super weird dreams, greater anomalies in general but increasingly so with linear time/quantum awareness, sudden expansions of your awareness (I had one of these the other day and it was a doozy about Divine Mommy and me), insights and Higher Awareness etc.

      The most important part with all this is to continue releasing the old lower whatever it may be within yourself, consciousness and life while simultaneously Embodying more higher NEW Light and codes as you anchor–aka Embody–in MORE of the NEW for NEW Earth and All else everywhere. [Right at the moment my head is swirling again and I feel my HighHeart expanding some more because of it and I know more is coming, much more.] This is yet another big and very important prep period for all the Forerunners/Wayshowers/Embodiers etc. before all that’s coming throughout 2018 arrives. We’ve been holding higher space for a long time already but with all the big changes coming throughout 2018 for all of humanity (especially here in the USA), we’re going to be holding higher space like we never have before. Don’t worry it will be easier for us to do this finally but it still requires our full attention, focus, HighHeart dedication to the Universal Ascension Process and so on. 2018 is when the rest of humanity will really begin to realize that the old is going and the NEW ways are replacing them all. Transitions on a scale such as this are magnificent and scary as hell but we’re old pros at this and much more. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • I totally agree with you on all counts Denise! I have felt so quite awhile now that everyone I come into contact with, I am affecting. If I have to spend time with lots of people, kids are always my first choice! But of course, there are plenty of unconscious adults at this school as well! One big challenge I face everyday is this strong knowing that the need to change our systems is getting stronger and stronger and many days I cannot bring myself to teach the 3 Rs. And I teach at a progressive school!

        I also agree with and revel in the fact that these energies will not let up! I’ve been saying, “Bring it on!” for so long! Often I do wonder what I’m supposed to DO, not just what I’m supposed to be. I read a lot of other ascension teachers who write about taking action at this time, and I am often unsure of what action is needed. I’ve gotten very good at BEing!

        Oh, and my birthday is the 10th as well! December is always a big month for me! So looking forward to what the year-end and 2018 bring! Thank you!!!

        • Yes gals, I’ve gotten walloped too in the last few days. Body is finally not buzzing like a live wire tonight and the toxic stuff in my back has stopped its releasing for now.

          I had this BIG, VIVID, IMPORTANT dream a few years ago that showed Prince Harry hugging from behind in joyful ecstasy both his brother and sister-in-law, who were also locked in their own ecstatic embrace. They were all standing in this little, narrow river of water flowing from behind a palace. Santa Claus’s face popped into view behind Harry following Harry’s ecstatic embrace of William and Kate. I sensed this dream was saying WATCH, LOOK FOR THIS event as VERY BIG, IMPORTANT GRAND things will happen when these events manifest in physical reality. Lots of royal imagery in that dream symbolizing the Kingdom of Heaven Within as the dream was all very beautiful and grand. Harry hugging William and Kate from behind symbolized Harry finding for himself what his brother and sister in law have. Santa’s face appearing behind him after the embrace gave the timeline marker of December following the engagement announcement. The dream was saying major shifts into the grand, magical, NEW Christ Conscious-Kingsom of Heaven/Home Within will happen at the time of these events in the dream occurring in the physical realm. My/Our Higher Self is giving me clear communications that I/We Forerunners at this level are moving NOW into a more CONSTANT-PERMANENT state of the Kingdom of Heaven/Home Within. I have been on and off increasingly feeling it since September, and then it has ebbed off so the body can integrate and balance the powerful Light. Of course, the stair-steps will continue, but they will continue in that First Ascending World/Kingdom of Heaven Within/Higher Dimensional Reality state of much greater lightness, ease, joy, levity, beauty, peace, contentedness, softness, faster manifestation, and love than in the unbalanced, lower 3rd dimension. Heaven/Home on Earth, yes, that is what we all so want for ourselves and EVERYONE here on this planet!

          So yes, Denise I’m SO GLAD to hear you encourage us to not worry, and you sense that it will get easier soon as we are heading into higher light and space. That’s EXACTLY what my/our Higher Self has been communicating to me in dreams, and with the other communications I get about the time we are in right NOW. We are moving into some seriously more permanent higher, Lighter states of being NOW! We are ready for it!

          Love to you, Denise, and all you other beautiful fellow Lightworker Beings! ❤️❤️❤️ We are in this together!

          PS…Amy, I have no clue what to do either right now. Part of my me wants to shout all this from the housetops, but the other part feels that would be futile. My sense is just to keep letting the changes happen to us/me and see what keeps unfolding individually and collectively.

  • Dear Denise, I live at the most southern part of Africa. We have had the most spectacular cloud/light formations this year. We have never had this before……… I have put a few images on my blog

  • Hi Denise. I dont know what anything means or symbolizes in my life. I’ve noticed sudden throbbing in old impingment injury left shoulder/arm. On my right more intense discomfort in my ribs from shoulder misalignment. And just ongoing challenges that bring up fear. In my work place following attack on me by a commercial customer my boss said he stood by me but would i be open to transferring to another store! I like my boss but he doesnt like or want to actually lead or manage. He’d rather yell, blame, and bulley. With me he must man up. He said i create too much work for him….after telling me im not good enough to work in his store. So i said yes for my own reasons.

    I’m facing all kinds of beliefs/attachment s. I got scared stupid faced with a sudden car repair. All my control and huge fears rose because i knew nothing! Fear of being alone and a hundred What Ifs! All neg What ifs. I was paralized by fear on Thanksgiving so didnt go out. I knew i had to let my ptsd run its course. And finally i could pull myself together and i knew all was well. Whats weird for me is i can know all is well in one part of me while there remains the threatened scared part. And just like i knew all would b well i had a card for a come to u repair service. New alternator! Employee discount! Charged me only 50.00 labor!

    Its ALL these issues happening all in the same time frame. And again yelling at a mom with a child that kept jostling and kicking a booth where i was finally able to eat! Im not happy i yelled. I yelled for ALL THE TIMES we sit thru a dinner or movie with children who have no self control or parents who dont care. When i confronted the mom she said she wasnt going to apologize for him. I know now i was incensed at her self defense so i reacted like a total bitch. I attacked her defense. I sunk to a new low. Forgiving myself… I have not been able to yet. So after this reply i need to get in my inner space.

    Ive had several nights of nightmares. Poisoning…..i spread poison dog food outside and “hoped” My animals wouldnt eat it! Dreamed i was a killer. And last night watched a mom slice off her baby’s head!!!!

    So back to the basement for realignment and inner repairs.

  • Hi Denise,
    This was great article and thank you for sharing I enjoy each of your activates they give me clarification and insight on things I go through as well and knowing Im not the only one having these symptoms helps me along my path. Reading this acticle the following song started playing in my head and im not sure what type of music you are into but song lyrics have a lot of meaning for me and i thought i would sure this one with you maybe this will give you some clarification.
    Play the Judas Priest Quiz

    “Some Heads Are Gonna Roll”

    You can look to the left and look to the right
    But you will live in danger tonight
    When the enemy comes he will never be heard
    He’ll blow your mind and not say a word
    Blinding lights-flashing colors
    Sleepless nights
    If the man with the power
    Can’t keep it under control
    Some heads are gonna roll
    Some heads are gonna roll
    The power-mad freaks who are
    Ruling the earth
    Will show little they think you’re worth
    With animal lust they’ll devour your life
    And slice your word to bits like a knife
    One last day burning hell fire
    You’re blown away
    If the man with the power
    Can’t keep it under control
    Some heads are gonna roll
    Some heads are gonna roll
    Know what it’s like
    When you’re taken for granted
    there goes your life
    It’s so underhanded
    If the man with the power
    Can’t keep it under control
    Some heads are gonna roll
    Some heads are gonna rol

    With much love and gratitude,

  • Oh wow, Denise, I’ve also been receiving the symbol of a cross or plus sign for quite some time now as well. Prior to my summer of very intense clearing and healing, my Higher Self kept strongly communicating the cross sign to me, and that I would be completing the last far right side segments of the horizontal line of it this summer which happened. In fact, my Higher Self gave me this symbol like a roadmap to understand where exactly I was with the process over and over and over again all summer. This helped keep me sane and calm, and rest in and trust that what was happening was apart of an elegant, well designed process, and where I was sequentially with it at all times. I was told there would be two big energetic things or big leaps to undergo to complete the horizontal part of the cross, and that’s exactly what happened this summer. In September, my Higher Self emphasized that I would be working with the upper half of the vertical line of the cross above where the vertical and horizontal lines meet, and that this would occur in increasingly intense increments which it has from September on. I am going through one of these incremental big healing-clearing-integrations now at the top half of the vertical line.

    About a week ago, I too began having this random, intense, deep throbbing pain in my right back shoulder rotator and the entire backside of my right arm. I knew this random, out of the blue, very sharp pain was AP and not an actual health or muscular problem. For 2-3 days, the pain would start around 3 pm and last for a few hours. After a few days of releasing whatever this was with the physical, deep pain, the energy field of it versus the actual muscle pain then came up beginning around 10 pm-3 am for the next few nights. This energy was very intense and deep primal terror. It was a feeling of being captured or trapped and going insane. After reading your post, it makes sense that it probably was related to deeply oppressed, silenced Feminine energies and all the oppressed crap that has gone along with that for eons. I’m getting better at letting this stuff move through me without getting pulled into its energy field and merging with it in panic or terror. My body has been buzzing and wired with energy for the last 48 hours or so while releasing the emotional energy of this shoulder related stuff out through my legs and feet. Sleep has been minimal for the last three days and dreams very vivid.

    For months now, I keep dreaming of little female babies. For many years, I’ve dreamed of neglected, sickly, weak baby girls and since October the baby girls in my dreams are finally healthy, nurtured, fed, and cared for. Also, since around August, I’ve had on and off achy flu-like throbbing mild pain releasing out of my entire back. I honestly have no idea what this specifically is, but it has taken months now for it to slowly come up bit by bit for healing and release. My daughter and husband have both confirmed within the last few months that the back side of my body is much curvier and more feminine looking, and the overall shape of my back has markedly changed. So this stagnating crap in my back has released and now the feminine is visibly manifesting there.

    One of the hardest clearings that took place this summer was one night in late July around 3 am when I experienced this horrifying, awful, ugly sexual abuse energy with feeling-experiencing both the awful emotions AND physical pain that would be apart of that experience. That has NOT at all happened to me in my lifetime, but it flowed through me for clearing, purging, and healing. After all that has happened in the collective with that dark, foul energy coming up for exposure and healing beginning in October starting with that one Hollywood male, I now understand it came through me this summer as a forerunner to help process, clear, and heal it. That was just so awful to go through at the time. My derrière for a few days actually felt the physical pain of being violently violated there, and it was difficult to sit comfortably for a few days. That was just really nasty, awful energy coming through me for processing and clearing, and the 3am experience of it that one night at its energetic peak was horrible at the time.

    Oi vey. It’s been real, hasn’t it. I’m hoping the latest influx, healings, clearings, and upgrades settle and integrate tonight so I can get some good sleep! Thank you Denise for another helpful post to help us stay calm and navigate the waters. It’s clear that we AP forerunners are in sync with each other as the energies flow through all of us so similarly, often times. My goodness, it’s like we can in some ways take what’s happening to us and then predict-get a sense of what’s coming down the pike soon for the collective. That seems to be how it’s working!


  • Schizo, yup, that’s exactly the word I have been using on occasion, ha! May I say how happy I AM that you have the same right arm pain. I literally had to lift my right arm with my left hand for a couple of weeks in October. I received the most BEautiful Golden with sparkly Diamond Lights and had almost forgotten until you and Sandra brought it up. Much Love SiStar, Yeehah!

  • OMG! The Equal Arm Crosses have been coming at me, too, Denise. Thank you for clarifying why! AND I’m seeing things you’re seeing too. My, is this energetic time a biggie or wot? hahaha… love and more love, Jay xxx

  • My birthday is Dec 1……and have been feeling much of what you’re discussing. With Pluto which has been transiting my ascendant since 12/12, its been an “interesting” ride. MORE love to ALL of us !!

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