Individual Initiations Into NEW Embodiment Levels

How many were rather surprised by how unusual, different and at times obnoxiously invasive much of the November 11, 2017 11-11 low energetic responses were this year? It’s always an interesting and potent day no matter the year, but 2017, it was very different as should have been expected. Nothing has been remotely similar to what Forerunners/Wayshowers/Pathpavers have experienced prior to this amazing and consistently demanding year however. It was easily felt early morning of 11-11, that more big shifting changes were taking place and because of that more old lower frequency stuff, people and consciousness was doing its best to at least distract. Rebellious resistance to the NEW higher everything from the old lower everything. It’s pointless of course but happens nonetheless.

The last three (trinity) months of every ascension year are potent as they condense, quicken, amplify and push whatever is on our and the spiritual, energetic, ascension and embodiment plates that year, and 2017 is reflecting this to Forerunners in a variety of more advanced and complex ways. This has to happen so we’re energetically prepared to enter the next year at an even higher level of Light. Saying that, I can barely remember October, so from the primary ascending Earth that exists continually in the Now Moment and is not in linear frequency whatsoever, all this can at times get really tricky, strange, stressful on the body and nervous system and requires ongoing determination that stretches Forerunners to the near breaking point… which is the point in many cases. From the secondary ascending Earth world, which I’m in when not in the primary one, things are more difficult to deal with, cope with, not be unseated by and so on but even this is a big aspect of Forerunners learning Mastery with being consciously able to exist in and Work from within multiple locations, dimensions, timelines and so on. This is Forerunners becoming multidimensional Beings of Light and increasingly LOVE (creativity) while simultaneously Embodying more of their Higher Selves and Source into their physical bodies. Is is any wonder why many of us typically feel like we’re falling apart at least once every month?! Honestly, even feeling that is part of the Ascension Process and Embodiment Process. Recognize it for what it really is and just keep going. You aren’t doing anything “wrong” nor are you “failing” at this, this is just how all of it plays out. Out-breath and In-breath of God and all that.

This has been a very hard month for me as I’m sure has been the case for many Forerunners, but it’s also had as is normal, periods of indescribable personal inner peace, empowerment, LOVE, unity, perfection and greater Embodiment or what I’d simply call HOME. What’s HOME? What most call “heaven” but in this ascension case it’s heaven in a physical body on a physical Earth and more. As my personal HOME bliss grows inside me and my physical body, so too does what’s left of my old lower world issues because the Separation of Worlds or bifurcation is taking place within every Forerunner/Wayshower/Pathpaver, not only externally.

Most of my old lower stuff has reached levels of unbearable-ness in 2017, because it cannot go much further into the NEW and I cannot support or continue it, so the weight and drag from it all is oftentimes too much for me. Twenty minutes later I’m good-to-go again and from an even higher level of being, but this has been the way I’ve gone through all this for the past few years because my Higher Selves push me/us to use all the Ascension and Embodiment energies to as high a level as I’m capable of from linear physical moment to moment. However, the time is coming for each Forerunner when we have to put it down, let it go, release all of it in and around each of us so we can continue Forerunning/Wayshowing/Pathpaving fully from the NEW higher and highest levels.

Increasingly throughout 2017, I’ve personally discovered that even the highest of awareness’ I’ve had and/or do have in this moment today are not large enough or of a high enough frequency to actually work within what I and other Forerunners are evolving into from hour to hour. Said another way, the highest of my abilities to perceive and be in the highest levels are being quickly outgrown by myself and many of you reading this, and on an hour to hour basis. The mind cannot deal with this because it’s not designed to do so, and at times the HighHeart has been, for me, insufficient as well which was a big surprise when that happened. It’s not that the HighHeart wasn’t big enough to handle the NEW job, it’s that my current awareness of the HighHeart and more is quickly being expanded to greater and higher levels. And, this will only continue with everything so be ready Forerunners to continue outgrowing even your highest, most expansive and elevated perceptions, beliefs, expectations and awareness’. That’s a very positive thing Forerunners even though it may not feel much like it when you’re experiencing another one of these very NEW and very high levels within this ongoing Process. Forerunners are on NEW ground at NEW-to-them levels and this will only continue so the let go of business has reached completely NEW and much higher levels for each of us. Just release and continue doing so until you know it’s not necessary any longer, and you will know.

I’m certain I’m not expressing this topic adequately. Not many could.

Some of these 2017 Embodiment Processes have to be experienced personally to even be recognized as something within the AP and EP because they evolve and change one so dramatically instantly. It’s amazing to continually discover that another and another and another of ones highest perceptions and awareness were only applicable at lower levels of the AP and EP processes! Yippee but holy cow and get out of your own way Forerunners! What an astonishing process all of this has been and continues to be. As Source draws in Its Divine In-breath, all the accumulations we projected aspects (fractals of Divine Source) have collected throughout the lengthy Divine Out-Breath phase is delivered to Source and we experience repeated removals and letting go of processes layer after layer after layer causing us to increasingly become “naked” while increasing amounts of Divine LOVE Light Source as our NEW Selves emerge with no past accumulations from our lengthy sojourns through universes, galaxies, suns, stars, planets and worlds, dimensions and ALL else. Source is Creating NEW Sources and we are becoming that. ❤

Can you sense and feel the NEW elevated potentials that exist, that await more and more Forerunners in the December 2017 energies? Do yourself and everyone else a huge favor and get out of your own way mentally and emotionally with this phase of the EP because it’s not going to look, act, feel or be what any of us thought or expected it to be at this point within the process. It’s going to be so much more and isn’t that the best news ever? ❤


November 18, 2017

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26 thoughts on “Individual Initiations Into NEW Embodiment Levels

  • I know exactly what you mean Denise, and you actually expressed that very well! It’s as if we’re outgrowing our own selves, isn’t it? Weird and fascinating to experience; like, we had a Cessna, and most people can’t even fly at all, but we got used to doing it and pretty good at it. Then we got given jets; and the planes keep getting bigger. But it’s not like: ‘WHAT? I can’t fly this thing!!’, it’s like, ‘Ah, yes, of course ….. I remember …..’ Every month, heck, every week, the last-month version of me seems charmingly kindergarten-like.
    And yes, the 11th was quite ‘challenging’! 🙂
    At this rate of yanking-upwards, I can’t wait to see how we are after the solstice.

  • Hi Denise😄
    Well! All my shit hit the fan during the past 5 days. From another neighbor deciding we NEED a New Fence NOW (What is it with people enforcing huge expenses during the holidays? Can anyone explain it to me? 😲). And crazy people/customers that won’t take no for an answer: Me: We have NEVER carried that name brand. Ever. U need to go to XYZ it’s their brand.
    Customer: No. I got it here. U gave it to me. ….and the man continued to argue. Even another customer walking by yelled “XYZ!!” to the guy.

    We also have Professional customers. They have what are known as commercial accounts/ they operate a car repair business. We deliver the parts to these places. When a part is delivered the customer signs to show they received the parts. Well because there was an error on the paperwork this man didn’t want to sign. He was thinking it meant he was agreeing to the mistake i think. But b4 i could explain tnis 6ft+ tall guy began YELLING that he refused to sign and on and on. He grew larger like he was expanding. He was punching the air. Also this is a long time customer. Their building shares a wall with us! He knows we always adjust any errors and he’s got nothing to b concerned about. I had said i cant leave the parts with him if he didnt sign for them. He began Screaming at me to drop those parts! And when i didnt he screamed for my bosses number. My boss is home on Sundays. My boss calls all upset and i can tell he’s been fed lies. Long story short i began suffering an anxiety attack. Couldnt eat. Felt scared. Couldn’t relax. I felt deeply threatened. I felt so burdened by the growing pile of financial needs happening up to and including obamacare that causes extreme vigilence for people with low income fluctuating income. I mean u cant relax. But I was miserable. I couldnt find peace or balance. I realized deep issues were coming up to release. I felt continuous deep energy work within me but i couldnt shift out of the fear. After a lot of inner work i lay in bed and as i relaxed an image of that commercial customer came to mind. I batted it aside but it came back. And then a cascade of realization hit me and i realized that what i had thought was fear when he was yelling at me was actually the moment his attack energetically penetrated me! And so i set to work sending it back to him and cleaning myself up. And Lo I am back to feeling like myself again! And so the testing goes! 😜 Oh! I had begun that Sunday by aligning with Sandra Walters meditation energy!
    Happy Thanksgiving! 😂

    • “After a lot of inner work i lay in bed and as i relaxed an image of that commercial customer came to mind. I batted it aside but it came back. And then a cascade of realization hit me and i realized that what i had thought was fear when he was yelling at me was actually the moment his attack energetically penetrated me!”

      Very well done Edith. ❤

      You WORKED at and in deeper layers beyond your surface fears and discovered that this obviously very patriarchal male whose not coping well with the NEW higher Light AND Divine Mommy returned energies, and realized that he actually attacked you. He didn’t physically touch you but he sure as hell attacked you in every other way and anyone can feel that, especially Sensitives.

      1) the global patriarchal consciousness people, especially males, have never ever had to deal with these types of NEW Light and Divine Mommy energies and they’re not dealing well with them and 2) this is a common response by both male and female patriarchal consciousness people ; puff up with rage and attack because they’re not getting what they want. Childish bullies in adult bodies and it’s repulsive through and through.

      This is exactly what I mean when I say to us all that we cannot be enablers any longer to the old lower consciousness and people and males especially who are totally used to getting their ways no matter what or who gets battered and abused in the process. The current (and ongoing) public sexual predator, sexual assaults, inappropriate sexual behaviors etc. of males on females primarily revelations is only ONE ASPECT of tons of old patriarchal consciousness and behaviors that are and will continue to be revealed to everyone worldwide. Divine Mommy is back and She ain’t havin’ anymore of this or any other patriarchal negativity.

      There’s A LOT of old Darkness that is currently being outed by the Light worldwide and much of it will be hard, shocking, revolting and embarrassing for humanity to have to see, feel and finally acknowledge to themselves and each other. But, this is the phase of the AP for mass humanity where they now HAVE to “wake up” to the real horrors and evil that’s been accepted as normal for many thousands of years on Earth. There’s been nothing whatsoever that was “normal” about brutalizing over half of the worlds population etc. etc. etc. This is humanities Dark Night of the Soul and those of us who’ve helped them reach this evolutionary point need to let them feel every speck of it all. We know what’s replacing all these old Dark things so let the humans go through this very important phase of the AP. Do no harm but take no shit either. It’s grow up time for everyone everywhere.

      So proud of you Edith. ❤

      • I have also had to take a look at my own behavior because i verbally jumped down my neighbor’s throat when she dropped by out of the blue with her announcement she intended to go after building a new fence immediately. All my trauma from my former experience with my other neighbors …because they forced me into a corner and later sued me….and i was paralyzed by my fears back then and had no clue as to …well i had no power and i was in the downward spiral phase….ive grown up in every area since then and my other neighbor knew……and she means no harm! But I attacked her. I was angry. I can even “prove” i was justified or make excuses i was triggered. But i have no idea what my attack did to her. I had a split experience. I was caught up in my rage and at the same time my heart expanded as i observed her body language of self defeat. Misery. She was coping the best she could. But I’d like to know what i did to her energetically. So after my realization about my being attacked bt that man made me think of “Mary”. Now i had already apologized to her and made it clear that in future i need a forwarning for big deal stuff. No more spontaneously ringing my bell to impart sudden unexpected serious financial bombshells. I told her i didnt want to explode on her again. I wanted to protect her. That i need time to come to grips and find my balance! We now have a powerful more positive relationship. 2 older single ladies learning to partner. We realize we each have that programming “to be in charge and i alone have to get this done. It’s my burden alone…” But Denise i still dont know what damage i initially caused her. I have done all i know of for forgiveness and calling my energy back and so forth. I do observe this was also a big lesson for both of us and we now are both happy and excited for our new fence tho she has 2 other neighbors to handle….she needs to sell her home asap….so this experience and the attack from the guy were like back to back…his attack on me woke me up to the deeper ramifications and realizations about my behavior. Lastly during my focusing on certain energies i call in such as peace, wisdom, truth and such…when i focus on good will or the “will to good” i feel a strange scared feeling beneath my ribs on the left! So that’s the rest of the story! 💙💜💚❤

        • Edith & All,

          We’ve all done this many times throughout our lives. We explode all over someone that didn’t deserve that level of high drama all because WE didn’t do it to the person/people that DID deserve it AT THAT TIME. In other words, leftover wounds in us that still have residual fears, hurts, distrust etc. caused by someone else, usually from many years or decades ago. This is how this crap goes on and on until we individually stop it within ourselves. This you did Edith and it’s so wonderful and positive that you expressed your truths to this woman so she knows why you responded the way you did. LIGHT is information.

          By the sounds of it you've done all you should have with her over your panic about having someone else demand you pay for half the costs of installing a fence. I remember you going through this with crazy neighbors earlier so all this is coming full circle for you and you're doing a great job ending it all within yourself and therefore external reality too. Again, well done you! ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Denise, thanks for the post and especially the heads-up on changing levels of awareness/perception as we embody more Light. I am getting deeper insights into everything (all I do is ask my Higher Self). Things may get a little bizarre as our manifestation abilities increase and we shift into a more fluid reality. It’s so important to honor our bodies. Lately I’ve been experiencing waves of warmth that come and go (and I’m way past menopause) and of course the sporadic need to sleep for a ridiculous amount of time. Love to you & all here.

  • I was not sure I wanted to share this because of the personal nature. A week or so ago in dream time, mom was behind me, I think we were sitting. She reached her arms around my neck and I realized we were naked, it seemed as if we merged together or that I was being taken back inside of her.
    With the “time” strangeness it seems like she has been gone a very long time or just a minute. Her presence in the house left about 2 weeks ago.
    Thank-you Denise for again putting into words this roller coaster of energies. Love 🙂

  • While non-physical issues have been easily remedied via dreams and meditations through the past 25 years, physical conflicts have challenged. This year has been mild, yes. However, some developments have re-appeared. This is the second time in my life when I’ve had severe allergies to pollen. My experience has been nasal irritation, headache, excessive heat, elevated BP, and a sluggish metabolism, for most of the year! (I’m hoping for Winter relief!) The benefits to this last gateway and rising of energies is an acute intuitive awareness. I’m already an intuitive, and now feel as if I were a computer, I have been upgraded in speed with intuitiveness. Many choices/thoughts are now filled with synchronistic-ness; and for that, this year’s physical challenges to purify my Spiritual Self is well worth the effort. Thank you, Denise for your posts. Your contributions to making sense of it all helps a great deal.

    • “This is the second time in my life when I’ve had severe allergies to pollen. My experience has been nasal irritation, headache, excessive heat, elevated BP, and a sluggish metabolism, for most of the year! (I’m hoping for Winter relief!)”

      The Sage Lady,

      It’s interesting you mentioned this as I got hit unusually hard with the same things you listed, with November 16th so uncomfortable due to excessive inner heat buildup (again) and the swelling it causes. The whole thing felt different somehow to me and like something else was actually happening than just allergies on the physical level. I’m not saying allergens aren’t bad now because my body’s telling me they are, it’s just that I sense there’s another aspect to this. For many weeks I’ve felt something big approaching energetically, either from the Sun and/or deep space or both, and it’s going to propel those already living the Embodiment Process much further into it. This may be a precursor to this next Embodiment shift that’s starting now throughout December. ❤

  • your sharing denise, thank u for all of your insightfulness,

    i personally don’t practice religion. as early as 5 i was likened to believe we are all one. i know many do partake in religion if that gives them peace , i respect that. as long as it doesn’t create more hostility on planet or levels of separateness.

    i’ve been experiencing is more likened to a christmas morning. i.e not a religious thing. just happy to be here and living my new life. sometimes it bounces back in duality.
    steadily it becomes more and more in that feeling of love and higher vibrational levels. it’s all happening as the higher diminutional self is expanding and transmuting to a higher level of awareness.

    thanks again denise!!

  • Oh YES! All of the above, Denise 💖 Thank you again for validating the experiences of the many, who may not be able to express their stuff quite as eloquently! xxx

    I’ve been having to deal with my neighbours, who I am sure are TD, (fully-paid-up members of). I live halfway up a beautiful mountain in a little cottage adjoining one other cottage, with no other neighbours for a mile or so. These people have tested me to the nth degree on all levels, and I’m Still Standing! The other night, after not having spoken to these people for some time due to their obnoxiousness, the woman came round to ask if she could ‘borrow’ some bicarbonate of soda. She presents the face of an angel, but her energy speaks volumes as my solar plexus was screaming at me, leaving me shaking and feeling extremely nauseous. As I’m always baking, I assumed it was for that reason she wanted it. Only when my daughter joked to me that ‘they could be cutting cocaine with it, Mum’… did I reel in recognition. They go out at strange hours of the night, and the distress caused by their animal farm (several chickens, a noisy cockerel, an ageing dog, two cats and various reptiles in tanks) is just too much to take. I’ve surrounded myself in all kinds of light and manage to maintain my Zero Zone most of the time, but when the woman came round to ask me if she could borrow a few pounds (my friends don’t even do that!) my innate went off the Richter Scale. I could clearly feel the dark energy surrounding her (them). This woman has actually stolen money from my mail box before now, and I absolutely have had enough. I love my home and the beautiful land around it, but these people need to go now. I pray to all that is Love that they are removed, soon!

    November indeed (especially 11:11) was a trial so far unprecedented, but I felt the shift viscerally, and continue to do so, ploughing on relentlessly, ever-more determined to stay in Zero Zone and in my heart. NOTHING will prevent me from spreading the love and the light. NOTHING – so TD if you’re listening, you’d better be really afraid because my Lion Heart is roaring with intent…

    Love you Denise… blessings and grateful appreciation xxx 💞 💞 💞

    • jayandthemother,

      If you’ve read A Lightworker’s Mission then you know what I/we went through at that house from 2000 through 2004 when I forced the issue to sell that house and get out of that impossible situation. My mom owned that house and had for decades whereas the next door neighbors where drug addicted and sex addicted demonically controlled brothers renting that place. It was a war on every level and all while I was going through the absolute worst of the worst of the early Ascension Process. That’s what was sent to stop me from doing it and it almost broke me and took us selling that house to get physically away from it all. “It” showed up at the house we bought in 2004, but “it” wasn’t as severe ONLY because the human neighbors were not as severely damaged themselves. Your situation with those human neighbors sounds very much like what I experienced from 2000-2004 because those Portal People (the brothers and their friends and family) were all controlled by this demonic being. This has been more common than most people would ever believe possible.

      Anyway, point is that it’s time for you to not be an “enabler” anymore and call every authority you can think of to deal with every law those neighbors are breaking. And if they don’t own that cottage/property, then go to the owner and work on them to evict those renters or deal with the legal fallout themselves. Or, you could move as I’ve had to do twice since 2000 only because of very low-life type Portal People neighbors from hell. That phase is over for me finally but it nearly killed me and did kill one of my young cats.

      Yes 11-11 felt and sounded like all hell broke out at a lower level in the unaware people but at the same time it was easy to feel and sense the Separation of Worlds breaking apart even further than before. Things are going to change very quickly from here on out and 2018 will reveal this and more to the world.

      Take no shit from the unaware lower everything and everyone. Learn whatever it is about this that you need for yourself etc. and keep Embodying the NEW Light. It will improve but it requires Work on OUR parts. This is who we are and what we do for Self and ALL. ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Dearest Denise,
    Thank you for your post. Lisa Renee’s words come to mind = I Am God Sovereign Free. Namasté. (((🌷💖🌷)))

  • Hi Denise, I am increasingly finding that being here is very lonely and painful, but then there are times that I feel wonderment. When I venture out to obtain what my body needs, I come home very tired. With the Solstice approaching I look forward to the new energies, rebirth something new. Alot of what you write here I can understand, this beingness in two realities is obvious to me. I have become aware of certain old emotional structures within me that are “in my way!” so my Spirit has given me a process to lovingly send them into my bigger self. When I was shown this I had such hope, but now that I have commenced this next step I feel separated from Spirit again. But I breathe and keep going. As I keep going, a small smidgen of calm comes in and hope, even in micro smidgens steals into my beingness. I go back and forth. I feel that nakedness, and sense the layers you write about. Oh Great Goddess Divine!

  • Thank you Denise, heaven and hell on a big carousel, back from my travels and hurting like 😀, but we’re nearly there so I’ll not despair, one day at a time I’ll crawl up a stair, until this is done and I’m truly aware I can only say thanks for the courage you share….
    I love you 💕 Linda xxx

    • I thought I was the only one who crawled up the stairs. Now I see I’m not the only one. So are we all hurting this bad? If I wasn’t so exhausted all the time I could really be a greater help to the collective and my own life. I want to do more but I just can’t. Blessings and hugs to all who are crawling up the stairs once in a while.

  • Hi Denise
    Thank you. You have put into words much of how I have been feeling. The main situation I have been left with is my 101 year old portal person grandma. She keeps on popping at me and all around her with her dark energy. I know I am going to have to carry on walking without her. I can’t help her. I can’t do anything except move myself onwards with this ascension process. Everyday I get up and it’s almost funny how every fear etc is crawling out of the woodwork to stand literally in front of me to deal with. It is like being on a very high roller coaster, making you feel sick and excited at the same time. I don’t recognise myself from even last week. On a light note my tropical fish have had babies. Every time I see those surviving fry it reminds me how precious and special life is. They keep me going.
    Hugs to you
    Magda 🎶

    • “I don’t recognise myself from even last week.”

      Exactly and well done all of us pushing on despite everything else we’re dealing with. It is getting easier. ❤

  • Hi Denise. I could feel this message coming through while I was hiking this morning, and there it was in my inbox! Together with Sandra Walter’s message from last night, I feel so supported again-able to move forward. Like we have any choice! But it truly does allow me to pull back and re-trust in the process, if that’s a word!

    I’ve had some truly bizarre experiences/sensations lately, and intense doesn’t begin to describe it! I loved this from Sandra’s message:

    “If we are to become beings who can go into distorted realities and transform them back to pure Light, we must experience Mastery of that function here. When all is veiled, clarity and guidance are stripped away, we discover our True Self. Mastery dispels doubt from our core to reveal our faith in ourselves, the unconditional power of Love, and the omniscient Presence of Source. This is a unique experiment in consciousness, and all will be tried and tested on behalf of other systems and realities.”

    And as you say, the lightening speed of the shifts upwards are mind-blowing! I know we are ‘getting there’, but damn it’s been beyond words to describe! Thank you for saying it for us all.
    With much love and gratitude

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