No Energies Left in the Old Codes

Some readers were talking in Comments under another article, about how “dead” most everything of the old lower patriarchal Earth world feels to them. The reason for this is because those Source created old Cycle energy codes fully expired December 21, 2012, and along with them all the Team Dark (TD negative aliens and different entities and negative humans) hijacked distortions and overlays of those old codes. So between both the original Source created past Evolutionary codes, and the hijacking and horrendous distortions of those codes by TD to more easily control humanity, Earth and life and reality on Earth, everything is very much dead in that old Earth world and timeline(s). It’s all disappearing like the dinosaurs and more and more people are very aware of and feeling the passing of the old Evolutionary Cycle and its codes.

  Because there is no more energetic life, fuel and support in or for the old expired codes from Source, and also from nonphysical TD and their distortions of those old hijacked codes, all the TD humans that have lived their lives, generation after generation, being gleefully supported by nonhuman TD aliens and entities are wondering why things aren’t working as they always have. They’re used to getting away with bloody murder and worse across the entire Earth playing field, but increasingly their old familiar energetic juice, energies, unseen support and supplies and eons-old backup just isn’t there any longer. These humans continue however to go through the only motions/life/reality/consciousness they know, which is constant lying to just about everyone about everything, endless thefts, predatory behaviors, using others for self gain, manipulating, bottomless greed, violence, warring addiction and the insane need to rule the planet and beyond. All those negative patriarchal things that ruled and ran the old Earth world we all incarnated into.

To more and more people, not just those who are consciously aware of and have been living the Ascension and Embodiment Processes for many years or decades, are increasingly feeling this dead, lifeless, empty, non-vibrant, grotesque and energetically flat landscape that used to be planet Earth; the negative anti-life and anti-human global patriarchal reality run by nonhuman aliens and entities at the unimaginable expense of mass humanity, Earth and beyond for thousands of years.

  The farther within the NEW Light and NEW codes we evolve into, the less all the old codes—original Source created and the TD hijacked distortions of them—the more quickly this whole AP is manifesting. The first week of November Gateway was really rough for me on the physical body level. Sunday, November 5th was severe pain coming in from above my head and pushing down as is fairly normal with these intense higher Light energies being Embodied. However, this time it was severe to the point that it felt like a borderline migraine which causes nausea and super sensitivities to everything. This wasn’t a migraine but an extra rough, for me, energy Embodying process. Monday November 6th was less painfully intense but Tuesday the 7th was even worse than Sunday the 5th and I knew then that something else was happening. Luckily I was able to clairvoyantly See this large etheric thing that I believe was an old TD etheric implant placed in my head. It looked to me like it was metal but was etheric, nonphysical, was large and the upper third of it stuck out of the top of my head, while the bottom 2/3 of it resided in the left side of my head.

I spent most of Tuesday laying down with no sounds in the house at all because the pain was that severe. Once this vision of this etheric thing inside my head became visible to me, I could See and feel how this Gateway’s energies were literally impacting this thing, like a Divine hammer repeatedly pounding on an old negative implanted anvil, and the pain from all this was extreme. With closed eyes I watched this vision of my head being Worked on energetically and asked what this large metal looking thing was and what was happening. The immediate answer I got was, and I quote because this was really interesting to me, “It’s just like what happened to Saturn recently and why.”

I’ve repeatedly mentioned about what happened to Saturn in April 2017, which was that it was intentionally blasted by seven Solar flares to energetically free it from the TD distortions (inverted) they’d placed over Saturn and its organic energies to better control 3D physicality, reality, humanity and life on Earth. Because I’d been very aware of what and why these seven Solar flares happened to Saturn earlier this year, the image I Saw on November 7, 2017 of some etheric thing, device, impediment, implant etc. inside my head made instant sense as to why it was hurting so severely due to these latest Gateway energies. It felt like this immovable thing would cause my jaw to break under the repeated blows from these energies. My spine reverberated from them and all I could think of was how profoundly handicapped humanity has been thanks to Team Dark’s actions.

After hours and hours of this reaching a breaking point late Tuesday, it finally did happen, the breaking point! Amidst the severe head, jaw and upper spine pains and growing pressure from the NEW Light hammering repeatedly on my head and this etheric thing there on the left half of it, I heard a tiny single sound like a pop in or near my Pineal and Pituitary glands and instantly the etheric thing vanished and all the immense physical pain stopped. It was done. Block, distortion, implant or whatever it was was gone thanks to the latest Gateway NEW Light and NEW codes being literally hammered into me through the entrance point above the top of my physical head. My inner ears are still ringing but thank gawd the severe pain is gone and I can feel these latest NEW Lights and codes flowing unimpeded into and through me and my HighHeart and physical body. Oh Saturn, I can so relate to what you went through this year and why. ❤

I shared this story because many Forerunners forget that we’re simultaneously releasing, transmuting and clearing old codes when and where needed but also negative energies, implants and other TD created parasitic distortions while Embodying larger and higher amounts of NEW Light and NEW codes. All this is often felt as one big painful process and we forget or don’t realize that much more is taking place than only Embodying more NEW Light within our physical bodies.

Speaking of old-world TD parasitism…

I’m finally going to mention this because it’s time. It’s been going on for many years but it’s time to shine the Light on this parasitic aspect too. It should be blatantly obvious to everyone but it sadly isn’t, not yet. I’m talking about those people who teach/preach Ascension information that believe themselves to be and/or claim themselves to be of the NEW Light when in fact their very actions and words prove they are not. Their actions and/or words prove them to be either false light—a nice little padded sounding term for inorganic Team Dark negativity presenting itself as organic Source created NEW Light when its anything but, or these people are unaware and/or don’t understand certain things, or they’re delusional, have negative egos, or all the above. In any case, it’s very unpleasant for the people who are aware and Embodying more and more NEW Light and NEW codes.

There are some people and websites who will remain nameless by me but are well-known by most in the Ascension communities that are, based on my awareness, of the false light and are highly parasitic. There’s one person that has repeatedly quoted some of my articles on his/her website, which in the past I allowed in my Copyright Notice under my articles (BUT NO LONGER ALLOW) but this person places a large donation button IN my article under its title and above my article. The way this person places THEIR donation button IN my articles makes it look to their readers like it’s my donation button but it’s the donation button of the person whose quoted my article on their site. Parasitism within the Ascension community at its absolute lowest.

To the readers of other people’s websites that quote not only some of my articles but other Ascension writers as well, I ask you to honestly consider how authentic someone is that deliberately tries to make money in the form of donations off of other Ascension writers/teachers articles and material actually is. Are these the actions of someone whose honestly living the Ascension Process and evolving themselves? Or are these negative parasitic actions done by some to try to make money from other people such as myself in this particular case? When the actions and/or words of someone claiming to be of the Light aren’t at all, then it’s very ease to see this and instantly know that you, the readers of their websites are being manipulated and used by people who utilize this negative tactic against the people whose articles they’ve quoted on their websites.

On an only slightly less offensive level, there are certain people who don’t have websites but have YouTube accounts where they take other Ascension writers/teachers articles or materials and use a disgusting robotic sounding reading device to read my articles (and other Ascension teachers) in the hopes of making some money from some YouTube advertisements. Again, these are terrible parasitic actions done by certain people, but what’s worse to me as the author of stolen for profit articles is that it sounds like my very words are being spoken by an AI voice that removes all the organic life and higher frequency Light and energies out of my words and articles… and then tries to make money off them.

The silence right there is my being saddened, angry, frustrated and disappointed by the unaware people living in such fear still that they do their utmost to steel and suck the life and Light out of other people’s Ascension articles. There’s much more, so much more, but enough of these people and their TD parasitic tactics. Readers beware, be wise, be honest with yourselves and discern these and other related actions and words by those people and/or supposed Ascension “teachers” who should know better IF they were indeed really living the Ascension Process themselves. Just like all the sexual predators being publicly outed now, ALL predators doing all sorts of negative parasitic actions to other people for gain of whatever type—money, sex, fame, leadership/guru type delusions, negative ego —will from here on out be outed publicly. It’s time for this to happen across the board and there is nothing that can or will stop it or hide it, deflect it or derail it. Be the NEW Light, Embody the NEW Light, live by the NEW Light and NEW codes or be exposed for what you really are to everyone in the Light. This is not my personal war-cry or decree but Source’s. Try to fuck with that and see what happens to you and your life and very quickly now. No one is exempt from this, no one anywhere.

Now that I’ve gotten that off my HighHeart chest let’s have ice cream and cookies or something. Man, this is no walk in the park kids, and as the old organic and inorganic energies and codes for that old now expired Cycle completely run out of footing, fuel and fumes of that old fuel, these parasitic people and all their parasitic actions and words will become increasingly obvious and repulsive to more people because their food and fuel supply is going, going, gone. No more head in the sand people. No more turning the other cheek. No more polite silence. No more enabling by any of us who do know better and have always been very aware of these people and their parasitism. See it, acknowledge it, call it what it really is and soon it won’t be able to exist at all in the NEW Light and NEW codes and ascending Earth world(s).

Denise Le Fay

November 9, 2017


Copyright © Denise Le Fay & HighHeartLife, 2017. All Rights Reserved. 

39 thoughts on “No Energies Left in the Old Codes

    • Hello Denise!
      As you suggested I add my voice here. I too am experiencing some things that everyone I am around or not, for that matter, that are “different” and I think I am going to die! I am still here. I greet all those who read the comments and read Denise’s brave articles. May we all BE THOU BLESSED!
      Catherine Ravendeer Aarset

  • Denise,
    Ooh, I can relate. I’ve had similar things happen to me with plagiarism. If you say something about it, people think, ‘Oh, you’re annoyed because your ego wants to be acknowledged?’ No, that’s not it at all! I am always happy to see spiritual knowledge shared, and I wouldn’t mind at all if someone said: ‘What you wrote about that was really interesting, do you mind if I share it with some other people?’ I don’t need my name on it, they could just say, ‘Someone I know told me this.’ It’s the deception and disrespect that are so repellent.

    I had one case where someone was emailing me, who seemed very interested in things like the ascension process. I gladly answered all his questions. Then I found he was putting all my emails on his website, chopping my name off, and presenting it as ‘his’ information! We’re not talking adaptation here, he literally just cut + pasted it all.
    (He ran into a bit of trouble when readers asked him questions; because he’d just copied it all and didn’t really understand it, he wasn’t able to answer them).
    This was just wrong on many levels. He was lying; he’d never asked my permission, and also if I had known I were writing for the mass public, I would have written many things differently, to avoid any misunderstandings.

    In another case, someone I’d known personally as a friend for years, took what I told him and created newsletters from it, charging people an astronomical fee for the subscription!
    He had to terminate the newsletters when I stopped telling him anything, as he suddenly had nothing to write about. 🙂
    (Interestingly, both those ‘spiritual teachers’ came to a bad end. One committed suicide, and the other went crazy. I’ve noticed before, that if you harm or cheat anyone, you incur negative karma for it. If you harm a spiritual person, you get *really* bad karma).
    Those were just two of many cases. It never ceases to amaze me, the depths to which people will sink, just so that they can feel important or make some money. A lot of people out there posing as spiritual teachers have no integrity at all, period.

    • teleile,

      Thanks for sharing how you’ve been used and abused by certain lower consciousness types. This isn’t bashing people in my opinion, it’s letting others know to what length some people will go to steal, use, abuse, pirate, hijack etc. something you created/wrote so they can, as you said, try to make money off of it and/or convince other people of what they’re claiming they know, but absolutely do not! The karmic turnaround time now is instantaneous because we’re existing within the Light, not the Dark anymore. Oh… something else for these folks to learn. 😀

      We’ve all learned or continue learning that the Ascension Process/Embodiment Process is something that HAS TO BE LIVED directly, not read about, not told about, not bullshitted about etc. It HAS to be lived because doing so automatically alters the people living it on a cellular, neurological, energetic, DNA, consciousness and emotional etc. levels; bullshitting, lying and coning other people about it is blatantly obvious to everyone whose been living the AP and EP for years; it’s like adults listening to children lying about things. It’s so obvious to those who’ve been Alchemically ascending/evolved into something NEW and improved and it’s completely invisible and unrecognizable to people who haven’t. This gap of awareness is getting so huge now that I’ve been observing more and more of the awakened folks that don’t even know about the AP but whose HighHearts are activating not being willing to enable or tolerate other people’s negative actions anymore. 😀 This is evolution among the general masses at this point; they’re awakening without really consciously knowing about all this AP information but they’re just all done with the lies, corruption, greedy actions of people and so on. 2018 is going to amplify and speed this up in the world masses like crazy thank goodness.

      “A lot of people out there posing as spiritual teachers have no integrity at all, period.”

      Yep and this is why discernment or simply existing from one’s HighHeart is 5D mandatory from here on out. ❤

  • Thanks for this Denise… WOW, WOW, WOW… almost verbatum, I have been going through with my head, except for a couple of weeks now, it’s still present. How do we get rid of these etheric implants? Mine hasn’t gone, or if it goes, it’s back the same day or next for weeks now. Interestingly, I had the same vision but mine was a sense. I sense its a negative etheric implant, a metal plate and i can feel exactly where it is in my head, left side as well. It feels like it’s moved over the weeks, now it feels more to the left but the top of my head now, piercing pain… Also the brain stem (top of neck) has something in it. not muscle pain, something in it… when I bend over or strain, I get a rush of brain freeze pain enveloping my head starting from the brain stem back of neck, up the back and over top of my head… I can’t seem to clear this… lots of nausea too, also itchy skin like crazy on legs, under breast and top of head.. what I find interesting is that my head issues (not this specific one) started in April 2017… and REALLY floaty, dizzy, trippy feelings…I am not as intuitive as most of you and I still usually have a foot in 3D (I’m only a few years into this process but have only known about ascension for less than a year) so I am not familiar with a lot that is being talked about but I sense A LOT, feel A LOT and just have a knowing…still trying to understand all of this and also still trying to purge my old thinking/habits etc..
    I came across one of your AI sounding recorded articles a couple of weeks ago, I knew it was your stuff … I was surprised!!

    • Livia,

      I shared this link already but I’m doing it again here for you to read if interested. I ONLY share links to teachers that I know are correct and distortion-free and full of HighHeart integrity.

      Lisa Renee’s November 2017 Implanted Thoughts

      I published my article about my Seeing a vertical metal looking etheric thing/implant on November 9th and on the 12th Lisa Renee published this (link) article. There’s more going on multidimensionally concerning this topic which I’ve been experiencing since the 9th that I may write another article about soon. Until then take a deep breath and read Lisa’s very helpful article with much info about negative etheric implants. It only helps us all to know about these things and why so many other layers of them have recently been coming to the surface so to speak.

      Thanks for mentioning that you heard one of my articles mutilated by someone with a YouTube account and an AI reading device. Didn’t it sound horrible? Gawd… onward we go no matter what. 🙂 ❤

      • Thank you Denise. I really like Lisa’s writings. I missed this recent one and I will go read it right away!! I feel better knowing that collectively there is something going on with etheric implanting … it is not scaring me, more of an annoyance. I think I’m not afraid ( this time) because on a deeper level I know something is leaving me… I’ve been clearing SO many old programs / beliefs left in 3D … I can actually FEEL the DNA changing etc in my brain.. it hurts but makes me feel happy 😊
        P.S. I don’t like those robotic sounding YouTube videos/ recordings. I think many have things plagiarized on that.
        Thanks again for all you do! I LOVE your writings and always look forward to more xx

      • Thank you for this link Denise.

        Also, need I mention that as soon as I clicked on the link I started reading and saw flashes of light pop out at me
        from Lisa site. I’ve always read some of her articles because she fascinates me – but I never saw these lights pop
        out before. Talk about source and higher information.

        Love her.

    • Denise – In response to Livia, Eric Raines describes a visualization technique using golden energy/pulling the ball out of your etheric field which worked for me (6 months ago, I sensed an etheric implant at the base of my skull & successfully removed it). Info is under “how to remove implants and entities from your system” in the article The Virus of Consciousness published jointly with Vera Ingeborg in April 2017. Link:

      • Thanks Thelma but I just get peeved that I’ve been intentionally infected and distorted by TD and so both amplify my Light and also when needed, ask my Higher Team to assist me in permanently removing the implant(s) and other tracking devices etc. I’ve never been one to be able to go through a bunch of steps to get something like this done and just blast my way into and through it… but that’s just me and how I’ve usually done these types of things — fast n’ furious! 😆

        • Denise, I figured you would have your own POWERFUL methods for clearing yourself (with help from your Higher Team)… but thanks for posting the link in case it’s helpful to some readers.

          On another topic, I wonder what you think about AI & how people are so addicted to their smartphones & other devices now? … I think it’s another way for TD to distract people from awakening and make it harder for them to focus or listen to their inner guidance. I see this everywhere, and although it’s considered “normal,” I know that people are becoming dangerously dependent on external technology. Especially at this time of Shift.

        • “I wonder what you think about AI & how people are so addicted to their smartphones & other devices now? … I think it’s another way for TD to distract people from awakening and make it harder for them to focus or listen to their inner guidance.”

          Thelma & All,

          That’s it exactly Thelma. Another carefully planned, timed and globally distributed product intentionally designed to have the masses fixated on and within their latest “high tech” phone device and not living, not paying attention, not thinking for themselves, not feeling for themselves etc. and that’s just at the surface, most obvious level. There’s all of the unseen and deliberate transmissions being broadcast from cell phone towers camouflaged as trees and such. Lisa’s article goes into a lot of detail about these types of TD negative light and sound waves that carry other materials in the form of consciousness interference and intentional herding and “brain washing” etc. People have been so obsessed over chemtrails in the sky for decades but they didn’t pay much attention to cell phones, smart phones etc. and other small handheld devices that go everywhere with their owners. Most people are never more than a foot or two away from their phones day and night. You think that wasn’t intended by TD & Co.? Mass humanities implants are physical devices for the most part now; the people who are aware about all this have implants that are etheric, but everyone has been and is targeted constantly via multiple dimensions or layers of energetic reality and existence.

          For over a decade I’ve intended to write an article about how TD & Co. has been changing their physical devices to energetically utilize the changing astrological Age energies. From Water Pisces/Neptune to Air Aquarius/Uranus. Everything now is about the AIR energies — mind, consciousness, awareness, thinking etc. — and how TD can both interfere with it in humans but also redirect it, herd it, diminish it, distort it to the point that it just doesn’t even work organically anymore for humans. And all for the magnificent, so-called “high tech” ability to text (type people, type!!!) some lame crap to someone.

          I can feel certain energies coming out from, being broadcast from most TV shows and in big screen movies these light and sound wave IMPLANTS coming from the movies are targeted to certain groups of people (age, sex, beliefs etc.) to herd consciousness, implant specific emotions and beliefs and so on. Everyone reading this already knows all this but it’s just that at this late date within the AP and EP, these things have been so profoundly increased and amplified because time is running out via the Separation of Worlds and TD has always known this. Counteract with HighHeart constantly. ❤

      • Thank you, Thelma! I will look into this and see if it resonates also. Appreciate the comments on this … I strive to one day be fast and furious like Denise haha 😀

        Also, Thelma .. I just want to comment on the cellphone / smart phone thing you mentioned. As I sit here in a car dealership and watch ( including me) 5 adults all around all on their smartphones in the waiting room lol … I saw a YouTube video last week on Jim Carrey I think on one of those night shows. He totally made fun of the smartphone innuendo … that we are being mind controlled and the greatest distraction is the smartphone .. I can totally see it too

        • Denise, Livia & All:

          That’s so true, Denise, about TD changing their methods of attack from Water to Air energies. Who would have thought that parasites could be so clever? It’s so pervasive at this point (and yes, amplified), I wonder if anything will help to break the trance people are under. Most are caught in a virtual reality with social media. I make a point of going outdoors with no devices on me and connecting with Nature.

          Livia – yes, it’s what I see too. Ironically even when people get together, they’re constantly checking their devices and go into a panic without them.

          We must be very close to a tipping point with all the acceleration going on.

  • Denise,

    This is not a question. It is just a compliment. I want you to know how appreciated you are. For being the REAL thing. I once shied away from New Age anything. You were one whose support and message I trusted.

    I am a walking Lie Detector…and boy have I (sadly and fearfully) enabled some folks. I can expose a person, without a word. No clue why, yet.

    I remember the Los Angeles Consciousness Life Expo this past year. I found my presence caused alarm for a couple folks, leaders. They didn’t really know experientially what they were speaking of. Same thing happens at Church. This used to be uncomfortable, but I like being the boldness of honesty with love nowadays.

    YOU ARE ONE OF THE GOOD ONES 🙂 . My little itty bitty scared bird like self was so happy to find your support!!! Oh my goodness!! I don’t know what I would have done without ones like you, as I transitioned from a classical understanding of my spirituality into a current mode of awareness of Ascension Process and the vastness of heaven and being part of a collective historical experience. You are the one I think to myself, “I cannot wait until I can afford to donate again to this woman.”

    The sound of your voice is the sound of speech that is true. I am intuitively aware of your hardship. That also is in your voice ~ battles, change, decades of molding into a titan, your love, determination and strength in spirit. ALL present, as would be the case in a seasoned professional spiritual soldier. 😉

    For the record, I am so very sorry you were used.

    Lastly, if it matters, I was on a mental health website last week. I witnessed and experienced incredible destructive narcissistic behavior from leaders. Outrageous. I couldn’t believe my eyes. These people were abusing and controlling the weak and vulnerable while kicking out healthy individuals that could expose. I was shocked…… It’s TRUE, it’s out of the bag time, one and all. I KNOW it. They will get it, no way around it.


    I am on TWYH. I love the support, but I still am not a fan of anyone grabbing someone’s words, without acknowledgment. I was an English major in college. SITE your SOURCES!! 🙂

    • Marcy,

      Light recognizes Light. Light Warriors recognize other Light Warriors. HighHeart recognizes other HighHearts and ALL benefit from our individual experiences, both pleasant and unpleasant as you already know. Thank You for your continued Service to the NEW Light. ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Denise,

    I take heart from all you publish, and the resonating truths from the Comments section. The biggest thing for me is to remember (rinse, repeat) that I can, will and I AM doing this! Without knowing everything, but knowing what I need to know to turn my skin inside out and let anything hidden and trapped escape, which is basically fear personified, and to absorb all that is good to absorb. Getting beyond the need to know everything has been a walk of fifty years or more, and now that the speed of the spiral is so fast I realise why a heavy head full of knowledge would be an impediment and impossible to carry. Having been a good little body/mind enabling all kinds of parasites, it is now a pleasure not letting them have their way with me, and I notice their bites are feebler all the time. Your light is not at the front or back, but everywhere in the ether, Denise.

    • “Getting beyond the need to know everything has been a walk of fifty years or more, and now that the speed of the spiral is so fast I realise why a heavy head full of knowledge would be an impediment and impossible to carry.”

      And the HighHeart is light in comparison and always expanding. ❤

  • they do love symbolism in the higher realms. i live near Ieper were the big battles took place of WW1 exactly 100 years ago, there are a lot of memorials going on today . today is a national holiday, bud i work weekend-shifts , so i work today. i work in a place called passiondale, where the most bloodiest battle took place of world war one . today one of my tasks as a technician is draining of a lot of waste water at this plant i work. and a few days ago my colleges ask if they could turn my working table 180° . guess the tables are turned now … short story short: enough negativity energy is gone, and from this point on people of the light shall live there lives the fullest now.

  • Hi Denise! My human self “wants to know” who those jerks are! 😲

    Im experiencing lots of aggression/anger. Remember I work with the public in retail. I notice I’ve grown more sensitive/aware of the play if energies. Have learned to question/observe but still new at it. I have experienced being pushed and aggressively shoved by 2 customers in order to insist/demand what they want and how they want it AFTER telling them NO we dont do that. Maybe im better at protection because i perceived it as shoving as opposed to internal. I also observed that I caved in to this form of demand! I see I caved rather than taking a stand, but because its the work place I hand it over to the person in charge. Next Im working with a man and he’s a senior like me. Learned he was raised in catholic orphanage and possibly his religion. This man is rigid and Must Obey and Follow Rules….he can’t even think for himself about certain choices UNTIL he needs to Cover His Ass and then stand back for underhanded and deceptive behavior! And his anger is big. I notice lately when im working stock and have to stop to help customers im overcome with rage to “have to them. I dont want them! Go the fk away!!!” And angry thoughts like that. This is Not Me Denise! I like helping people. It’s like his energy remains bcuz i feel this when he’s not there. And he loves loves stocking and making the store look good and that kind of thing. He’s also in a position of responsibility. So its interesting. What bothers me is how easily im acting/feeling aggressive towards customers. And then there is my own stuff as i keep walking away from “good girl doormat/be nice so no one will hurt u”. Learning to speak up. And lastly and this seems common in retail: angry little power plays amongst employees. So my challenge IS to remember who I AM and not the reactive Not Self identity. And eating drinking silver violet light! Oh! I even had to ask for inner assistance because i couldn’t release and be at peace. I received incoming Light which helped a lot.

    Hugs to all!!! 💜💚❤💓💙💛

  • Hi Denise
    Thank you and thank you again for telling it like it is. I have been having a wild old time of it. All is not as it seems and yet I am ok. Every time I dip my toe into darkness I feel so bad I back off a bit and experience a clear out. The latest was with my nan who at 101 is in a really bad place. She has always been in darkness and let it use her. I really struggle to interact with her, but still find there are things I must do for her. But the fall out afterwards from the falseness of it all is not pleasant.
    I found an implant in my eye a few weeks ago. It was like a camera lens. Horrible. I am still experiencing pain but it feels like my body is my own again.
    There is so much I want to say but can’t get it out. It’s like all the “knowing ” I had inside me for years is all I can rely on to steer me. And mostly it tells me to leave things alone and keep on moving. I feel like a human dish cloth that has done so much cleaning I don’t resemble the original cloth. Can’t wait for my upgrade to be over. Maybe I will be promoted to a scourer !
    Love and light to you and everyone. Xxxx

  • Thank you Denise! Your release work and embodiment to assist me/us/the collective = GRATITUDE. Thank you for clearing the way and shedding LIGHT with sharing, highlighting, guiding and reminding me/us to remain in our HIGH HEART. And, thank you for the informative post on Saturn and Uranus. Big love!

    Word flow past couple of days/weeks = (dis)information, web aka Internet = (entanglement), discernment wrt information floating on the (web) = parasites feeding off the reader/s.

    Immense Gratitude and Love for ALL that you do. Thank you!

  • Denise you have done it again!!!! I think I have to move near you and be your neighbor. The last 3 weeks of my latest design remodel I did something I never do. I was so crazed, anxiety ridden and high strung by the end of the job, I hired a guy that was totally dark!!!! I felt it when I first met him, but since I needed this last piece of the puzzle done, I went with him. I got physically sick during the time interacting with him. I had paid him in full, I know, I know, crazy. I was so out of character, I thought someone possessed me. So, I looked him up on the internet and found an old police record, mug shot, various complaints of theft against customers. Then I got sicker!!!! I wrote an email to a local news station, like a “shame on you,” department that he had been “CALLED OUT” on last year. Yes, just as you said, people will be called out and put into the light of day to be seen, persecuted and stopped. I sent a copy of the email to the guy and he work was done in 3 days!!!!!! After delaying with excuses for four weeks!!!! I definitely felt tested to take a stand, be the another one to call him out and actually take action rather than walking away, losing the money and simply keeping quiet. Denise, when I read this article I felt you had been spying in on my and saw everything I had gotten myself into and said, “oh Salvatore is finally getting what’s going on and being part of the solution to stop TD forces and people.” Thanks for your continued on point writings. I truly feel our souls/higher selves are conversing behind my back.

    • Salvatore,

      I’m so glad you got out of that potential mess unscathed. You did good! ⭐

      And I was thinking of you before this article and wanted to Thank You for sharing links to HighHeartLife elsewhere. You felt me and I felt you and there’s 5D Group consciousness just as easy and natural as can be. 🙂 Thanks again and well done you! ❤ ❤ ❤

    • “I definitely felt tested to take a stand, be the [another] one to call him out and actually take action rather than walking away, losing the money and simply keeping quiet.”

      Hi, Salvatore – I’ve been having a difficult experience with my brother this week over the settlement of my late-mother’s estate. As I had been her carer and managed all her affairs (he lives in NZ, I’m in Scotland) he said we would split any profit from the sale of the house 50/50. He now wants to back out of that so when I read your words above, which is exactly what I feel I need to do in my own situation, I took heart that I’m doing the right thing. It’s not a huge amount but I believe I have earned my share!
      Well done on getting your own situation sorted, and if it’s any consolation, your example is helping at least one other person to take a stand as well. With thanks, Susie x

  • Denise, the pain you describe so resonated with me, but mine was emotional pain! Such severe emotional pain Monday into Tuesday, then there was a huge relief at some point on Tuesday! The pain was so deep that I cried until my face hurt! Those feelings of worthlessness came so hard and fast that I could not keep up with processing it all. All I could do was sob and wonder WTF was going on! Why these feelings, again?? I’m assuming this was the same energy you were dealing with in your head?

    I’m still having the eyesight weirdness-off and on blurriness. Some ear pressure and popping and clearing through the nose. I’m glad to hear there was a clear reason for it-as there usually is. Again, so much appreciation for your updates Denise, and for all the commenters here-we’re all in this together!

    • Amy & All,

      I know that A LOT of what we felt and transmuted were old energetic blocks within the secondary ascending Earth world, not necessarily within us and/or created by us etc. When we suddenly feel a lot of old lower stuff being energetically beat on, pounded, hammered on such as what I felt in my head with that block, it’s not always ours necessarily but are or were old lingering “time loops” as Sandra Walter called them recently in the secondary ascending Earth world. There’s been all this drag, this hanging on forever and ever to the old patriarchal ways, beliefs, structures and systems etc. from so many people in that ascending Earth world that’s just dragging on and on the inevitable; ascension up and out of that now dead collective belief system and structures.

      If we left this up to those people in the secondary ascending Earth world, this misery would drag on and on and we of the primary ascending Earth world are literally overriding that old lower energy (fears, uncertainty, anger etc.) and helping those people in that world ascend beyond it, quickly. Sandra Walter said that there’s another one of these old time loops in the secondary ascending Earth world that those of us in the primary ascending one will intentionally clear for them and it’s going to happen from November 21st through the 25th. So, heads and HighHearts up again Forerunners because we will be clearing, removing, transmuting, releasing some more of this type of old world patriarchal gunk those people are still fixated on and/or addicted to and/or simply cannot think outside of those old lower global boxes. I don’t sense today that this second of three clearing we’re doing to and for that world and its population will be quite as brutal for us emotionally and/or physically. These three major clearing of old restrictions, energies and ridiculous greed and fear based time looping crap in that world in the secondary ascending world should get easier and faster with each one we do, live, clear out. The third one will most likely happen in the first week of December 2017. But my fellow density and negativity busters, this is what we do and who we are and it’s just us taking out old trash for people who aren’t capable of doing so for themselves at this point. So, be prepared for two more rounds of this Forerunners/Wayshowers/Pathpavers — one more in November and one in December as this is the big push to help get everyone in all ascending worlds ready for 2018! 😯

      Thank You everyone for your primary ascending Earth world Works for All everywhere. Where all this is taking us and all else is so worth a few days of pains, tears, aches and such. It won’t last forever and it’s getting so many freed from the old negativity. ❤

      • Thanks, Denise, for spelling out what these gateways mean for us in terms of “taking out the trash.” Also love your phrase: “fellow density and negativity busters” because that’s SO what we are doing.

        It’s important to keep our eye on the big picture, i.e. freedom for more Souls with trapped aspects. One day we will all look back and see the difference we have made … we must be very close now to a clearing timeline. I hope!!!

      • Thank you Denise! I must remember when these waves come on so strongly that I must just allow it and know it is not mine. I read all of Sandra Walter’s messages as well, and her most recent mentioned releasing-to cry and purge as needed. And oh boy-is that what I seemed to be doing earlier this week!

        I noticed yesterday that when I was talking to my only friend who is also in the primary world, that my words felt/sounded differently coming from myself-than they feel when say I’m at work. I am a teacher in a private elementary school and it’s been so challenging to keep up with my job and continue to play this old game. I spend nearly all of my time at school. I literally have one friend with whom I can talk about this AP/EP business and the quality of my being seems so different when we’re together. I don’t feel a block like I do with so many others. I know I am affecting everyone at work, or anywhere for that matter. I know my being during this process is important beyond words-but right now I’m really feeling hungry for something new and inspiring in my personal life. I feel like there is some huge block for some reason. Is it all these clearings that need to happen? Is just seems all work and no joy right now. I’m tired!

        Thanks for the heads-up about the upcoming rounds as well! I know we can ‘get through’ them, as we did this powerful one earlier in the week. Much gratitude!

      • There are literally BILLIONS of different parallel versions of primary/secondary ascending/descending Earths to choose from, continuously. To match our frequencies to.

        Upgrade your knowledge. Stop parasiting off the same ol’ Lightworkers like Sandra Walter, Lisa Renee, Lisa T. Brown, etc….

        You little energetically-blocked-up-to-the-gills, ego-maniacal Negative Parasite, you. 😉

        • “There are literally BILLIONS of different parallel versions of primary/secondary ascending/descending Earths to choose from, continuously. To match our frequencies to.

          Upgrade your knowledge. Stop parasiting off the same ol’ Lightworkers like Sandra Walter, Lisa Renee, Lisa T. Brown, etc….

          You little energetically-blocked-up-to-the-gills, ego-maniacal Negative Parasite, you. 😉 ”

          Spoken like your real “Higher Self” there acefrank.

          I have my reasons for not going into lots of complex details about certain things such as this particular topic and you don’t know anything about why I do that or don’t do that or do it now and don’t do it in other articles. If you don’t like what I write about just don’t read it. Or, you could write about whatever you want to at your own site and then you’ll have unaware jerks such as yourself writing comments/email to you about how wrong you are. winky smilie face.

  • Dear Denise, I am aware of etheric implants and am glad you were able to get rid of “that thing” that was giving you such pain. Hopefully this will happen for others, too, as they open to Higher frequencies. I also hope that all the manipulation, deceit & outright lying still going on will be more and more visible now, so people can discern for themselves. Sorry to hear about the person(s) using your material for their own agenda (and distorting it as well)… yucky! Something like this is so off-putting, and obviously the efforts of TD to derail you…. but you are made of much sterner stuff. I am so glad you were able to hang in there in spite of everything – I’m sure your articles are reaching a bigger audience now at this critical time.

    About the “deadness,” I guess we just need to accept it while part of us is still anchored in this density. I know I agreed to act as a bridge of consciousness, as many of the Forerunners have, but I will be relieved when there is more of a physical shift and I can feel more of the “new” world. Am so DONE with the old one. Love to you & all here.

  • OMG ..thanks so much, Denise! I went through VERBATIM physical, but not your messages. Mine also included grinding teeth, and ‘allegery grossness/goopy,thick stuck together eyelashes..Needed to go grocery shopping/right across street (small town,small store and ‘mini’ shopping stores/ coffee shop’..but couldn’t get outside the door (also due to cold snap, clouds and an inch of snow/turned frozen street Xing and/uphill for drainage, entrance to store..I KNEW it was another ‘biggie’..TMJ just starting to let up..Made myself drink water ACV, little side of honey and a tequilla, back of hand,’salt lick;! lol..back to couch, pass out/ jpurnye or sleep modes? Same , left side of head, and down side of neck, shoulder, etc.. Alos candiada type rash under breasts .. Toxic cleansing from liver and stomach? I live at 9,000 ft.. so high and low pressure is really felt..ESP w/ the recent days of Solar wind. ANYWAY, thanks as always.. I’m 60, been ‘at this’ since 1982… And like you, can feel/ spot the phones a mile away..or is it, smell them? Am so sickened when I see your material used and abused!

  • Denise,

    Boy do I know exactly how you feel about the parasites and parasitism attacks – as you already know I’m
    currently being attacked repeatedly myself. Seriously, a slam dunk with this one. Thank you very much –
    because it really has helped me see what I need to continue doing as I move forward.

    With Love for all that you do.

    Michael C Murdock

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