Thieves in the Temple & 2023 Eclipses

As a universal ascension Volunteer, I also had a pre-incarnational Denise Soul Contract to write online about this current Ascension Process. That Soul Contract was to help other ascension Volunteers consciously remember they were ‘Volunteers’ and that was the reason they were experiencing both incredibly severe density transmutation and embodying pains, struggles, attacks and related multidimensional difficulties and phenomena beginning around 1998–2000.

I was Soul Contracted to write online primarily to more quickly (than writing and self-publishing physical paperback books) get ascension information to other incarnate Volunteers as I could while living the process and much more myself. Twenty-five years in, we know the Internet is anything but safe, honest, respectful or trustworthy because it draws a lot of corrupt negative egos looking to make money and/or become well-known worldwide with the click of a key on their PCs or Smart phones.

I did not Soul Contract to write online to unaware people’s negative egos that were not and still aren’t today anywhere near ready to be reading advanced information intended for ascension Volunteers, First Everythingers, Blue Rays, and Starseeds. This is one of many difficulties I’ve had to constantly contend with because I write online about the Ascension Process and related topics.

There have always been online thieves in the Sacred Temple(s), reading, stealing, using, rewording, and repurposing advanced ascension information never intended for them that they don’t understand but believe they do. Negative human egos and advanced evolutionary spiritual energy information—Light—and the Internet and Team Dark using human Portal People’s negative egos to attack Volunteer writers to interfere with their personal and the collective Ascension Process has been an ongoing problem.

There are battles in heaven and they play out down here in physicality too. Take the romantic and sexual overtones out of Prince’s great song, Thieves In The Temple, and read those lyrics as if written by an Angelic talking about this current Ascension Process and start of the Age of Aquarius/Leo and the song plays very differently.

“Love come quick

Love come in a hurry

There’s thieves in the temple tonight…”

There are no buttons on PC keyboards and Smart phones that read, Initiation level #1, #2, #3 that the neophyte must go through first before they’re remotely ready for higher levels of more complex, difficult and dangerous Scared Temple Mystery School information. None of that has existed with the current Ascension Process, just some of us Volunteers winging it solo online, openly sharing advanced high level, complex multidimensional information while doing our best with all the human and nonhuman negativity that that has caused many of us while living and embodying the Ascension Process.

In ancient times protective etheric Guardians were put in place to keep unaware and unprepared people and thieves out of Sacred sites, off Sacred lands, out of Mystery Schools, out of Sacred Temples. None of that has existed during this current evolutionary Universal Ascension Process of having the Sacred Temples and Mystery Schools be certain online web and blog sites!

One of the things that’s made this problem worse all these years has been people that create their own online web or blog sites to only quote many of the ascension authors writings to use to create a readership of their own. For the most part they don’t write themselves but use other ascension authors online Intellectual Property writings to have material for their web or blog sites. Try as you might to convince people that this is something else, it’s parasitism.

My personal pre-incarnational Soul Contract to write about this Universal evolutionary Ascension Process was to get as much accurate high-level information (Light) out as quickly as I was capable of about the Ascension Process while living it myself as a First Everythinger Volunteer. That was my Phase 1 Ascension Process Soul Contract which I fulfilled years ago. I’ve continued writing about the Ascension Process and related topics with the start of Phase 2 of it in January 2020, because physical reality made a sharp Divine Cease & Desist Order turn then, and it’s continued and escalated dramatically ever since. This will continue for the rest of our lives.

Because my personal Soul Contract to write about Phase 1 of the Ascension Process was fulfilled in December 2019, it then was time for me to change my Copyright Notice on my articles, close comments on HighHeartLife in early 2021, and finally, delete my first 2007 online ascension site TRANSITIONS in March 2023.

Open online Copyright sharing of Intellectual Property is over in Phase 2. Quoting, stealing, using, making money off from, and general parasitism of ascension authors writings is over. In Phase 2 of the Ascension Process, it’s time for each individual to internally live it instead of collect certain authors writings to fill their online sites with and only read about or debate over the evolutionary Ascension Process. Phase 2 is each individual living it now.

When you have certain sites continuing to quote your Phase 2 ascension writings, conveniently ignoring every Copyright Notice I’ve put on my articles, you then have some of those websites’ readers reading my articles that they are nowhere ready to be reading. You see how the first negative action of ignoring my Copyright Notices creates further negativity by placing my article(s) at websites where they shouldn’t be? (I’m being more polite and kind here than you could imagine.) This action has caused some of those unaware, unprepared, not ready for primetime website readers to go to the trouble of tracking down my public email address and writing me hate filled rants and insults about how badly I write, that I’ve misspelled a word, that I’m wrong, that I’m not fluffy, and on and on and fucking on. All this additional negativity because there’s not only thieves in the temple, but they and their readers aren’t ready to be reading what was stolen from my temple. I want people to find my writings if and when THEY are naturally drawn to them, not because someone stole them and put them on their lower frequency and consciousness sites. This is about energy and different levels and frequencies of it, which the temple thieves would know if they were what they claim themselves to be.

In March and April 2023, more massive and extremely important positive progress was made with the additional removal of huge portions of negative distortions and interferences. This March and April 2023 removal took place on multiple levels and locations in higher dimensions and in the physical. Some of us who’ve done ascension energy clearing Work throughout Phase 1, have been doing this latest Phase 2 level and stage of continuing removal of ancient and current negativity, distortions, interferences, parasitism, and blockages. I energetically participated in the March and April 2023 removing of more of these things from the physical level and some locations in higher dimensions.

As I mentioned in a previous article, Eclipses are times when some people decide to die and exit physical life and reality. Eclipses are times when more of the ancient and current negative distortions, actions, thefts, parasitism, interferences and general ascension energy drag garbage can be quickly removed and instantly replaced with NEW higher frequencies, Light energies, additional NEW template layers, additional NEW codes and so forth. Eclipses are times when certain energies are momentarily blocked, making it easier and faster to remove more negativity very quickly. These first half 2023 eclipses were utilized by some of us to do exactly that and resulted in removing tremendous amounts of old and current negativity and replacing it with more Triality-based NEW template layers. Much was permanently ended and removed in April 2023, and more will be throughout the rest of this year.

Those are just words until everyone actually has to embody it all, live it all, be it all in this latest NEW higher ascending NEW Human, NEW Earth level. We’ll do that and more between today’s May 5, 2023 Lunar eclipse at 14° Scorpio square Uranus at 18° Taurus and the final two 2023 eclipses in October. Know that the March and April 2023 difficulties, pains, confrontations, multidimensional battles, struggles, and expanding consciousness and being are more intense and complex Phase 2 levels of the Ascension Process. Also, of the ongoing ending and removal of negative lower frequency things and implementation of more NEW higher frequency things. We’ll surpass ourselves by the October eclipses, and then whatever November and December 2023 bring.

Use this and every year wisely, even when life and reality seem to go pear shaped for a while. Those moments are when really big, progressive changes are happening but seems to some of us in physicality like we’ve lost the thread. We haven’t, we’re just becoming more conscious of our personal multidimensionality, and of our becoming MUCH more integrated, Embodied you/You/YOU Divine incarnate physical body Self. More old lower out, more NEW higher in means you and your body, consciousness, life and reality will continue to change quickly and dramatically. You are becoming increasingly consciously aware that you are much more than only physical incarnate you, but also Higher Self You and Soul YOU. Those past separated layers of you existing and Working in different dimensions and forms are now increasingly and more consciously Working, functioning and existing together as ONE in physical incarnate you because separation time is also over. Learn to recognize when more of You and YOU is becoming present in physical incarnate you. Recognize the times, energies, experiences, feelings, sensations and awareness’s as expanding NEW Human Divine you/You/YOU Self is learning how to function in Phase 2 of the Ascension Process as this NEW being.

Denise Le Fay

May 5, 2023

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Additional NEW Template Layer Added

Copyright © Denise Le Fay & HighHeartLife, 2023. All Rights Reserved. DMCA protected and enforced. My Copyright Intellectual Property I write for is NOT created for parasitic people to quote on their sites to attract readers and make donation money off my work. I’m talking to you not so Golden Age of Gaia site owner & site crew and anyone else continuing to do this in 2023. 

In October 2022, I began clairvoyantly Seeing another layer of the NEW Divine Mother Feminine energy template for ascending NEW Earth and NEW Humans rapidly heading towards us. The way I perceived this second energy template layer late last year, was Seeing it far away and approaching us very fast. It came from On High, not from far out in physical space. It looks like a massive, deep BLUE energy layer that’s the latest addition to the NEW Divine Mother Feminine reality template.

In October 2022 I found myself dealing with some new physical body purging difficulties I wrote about (link below) and again in December 2022. This hasn’t stopped for me since 2022 and I know some of you have been going through this constantly too since late last year.

2022 Purge Work of Ancient Negative Divine Mother Distortions

The late 2022 approaching deep BLUE Divine Mother Feminine next template layer was first felt by some of us as another stage of multidimensional negativity distortions being cleared, transmuted, neutralized and replaced by this NEW template layer. Out with more of the old negativity and simultaneous embodiment and anchoring of another layer of NEW Humans NEW Earth energy template.

This is now a single energy happening, not a long drawn-out 1 – 2 Duality punch process as it often felt to many during Phase 1 of the evolutionary Ascension Process. We’re in Triality frequency now, and one of the many aspects of it for First Everythinger Volunteers is things present to and in us now as a single ONE event/happening/experience/process. One big hit-you-hard-at-first event that becomes easier the more we embody and/or Embody. Even my saying that in this linear, one word following another word form isn’t altogether correct.

(1) You know how you can feel things getting better inside you, your consciousness and your physical body? (2) You know how you feel things feeling worse inside you, your consciousness and your physical body? (3) You know how they now feel like ONE and the same thing while the transmuting, clearing, purging shift process is taking place? That fellow ascension co-workers is you functioning in and feeling Triality frequency instead of lower everything-is separated-from-everything-else Duality frequency, consciousness and reality. Don’t forget this because everything is going to increasingly be and feel like this—no longer separated and linear—but a single more complex Triality-based experience, life, reality and consciousness.

Have you seen the 2023 Oscar Best Picture movie Everything Everywhere All At Once, yet? When I saw it, my first surprised thought was how like my ascension Volunteer life reality it was in that SO MUCH was happening ALL AT ONCE from different dimensions, different timelines, alternate lives, past lives, worlds, consciousnesses and probabilities and this Denise version is the one doing the Pathpaving for it/them all. Can you relate ascension Volunteers, Starseeds, Lightworking, Embodying Energy Transmuters? We should all place a single plastic adhesive googly eye over our Pituitary Third Eye Seer foreheads!

I was surprised a complex movie like it was even made, however, when physical linear time has been continuously speeding up the past twenty-five years and global humanity has been living that, plus NEW world reality energy templates and additional layers are being added to ascending NEW Earth for NEW Humans, some individuals are going to sense these things at deep inner levels and attempt to creatively externalize them. There are important reasons why this particular movie won the 2023 Oscar Best Picture. Humanity needs to become conscious of the fact that they’re multidimensional beings and “reality” is far more complex, malleable, and creative than previously believed.

I’ve mentioned this before but it needs repeating. The NEW Divine Mother Feminine Triality-based energy template of ascending NEW Earth for NEW Humans will continue having additional NEW template layers added to it. The NEW Divine Mother Feminine energy template blueprint didn’t come in completely finished right from the start. The first massive energy foundation framework of it arrived in the physical in 2022. And as has always been the case with this compressed evolutionary Ascension Process, it unfolds bit-by-bit, layer-by-layer, embodiment chunk-by-embodiment chunk.

Even doing it in this safer incremental fashion, we still get hammered by nearly every energy addition, whether it comes from On High, from the Milky Way galactic center (GC), through our Sun, other Stars, galaxies, Angelic beings and so on. Because evolving rapidly as we are while remaining in our physical bodies is a very big and difficult deal, the Ascension Process HAS to unfold a little at a time, so we and our physical bodies survive it and Earth isn’t ripped apart by it either. And so, layer after layer after layer of more energy template layers will continue being added to the NEW Divine Mother Feminine energy template. So far, it’s been one a year, but I sense this will quicken if those of us Embodying and embodying first can cope with internal and external energies and realities changing even faster than they have been. We can and will because we’re functioning from, living within, existing and Working from Triality frequency. That was my version of a big hearts up about these NEW template layer additions this year. It may be only this deep BLUE one, but I keep sensing the strong possibility for another layer arriving at some point after July 2023. While I typed that I perceived, there may be two smaller template layers arriving in the months after July 2023. 

Some of the side effects from this deep BLUE template layer addition I’m experiencing have been a greater inner calm and fixedness, greater energy strength, greater energy empowerment, greater self-confidence because I’m more Embodied Soul ME now than I was prior. This latest early 2023 greater Embodiment unification is undeniable. If you’re living it yourself, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. As I’ve said over the years, this ongoing Embodiment Process some of us have chosen to undertake during this evolutionary Ascension Process not only dramatically changes us, but it quickens the Ascension Process as well. The less separation between physical you/Higher Self You/Soul YOU there is, the greater your personal unity Triality becomes and that profoundly changes and improves everything everywhere all at once. 

This latest deep BLUE template layer has also made it easier to embody, circulate, and consciously direct the NEW Light energies and codes within our physical and energy bodies, HighHearts and consciousness much faster. It’s astonishing to experience in and through my physical body and HighHeart Self, the building and physical level manifesting of ascending NEW Humans and NEW Earth.

I’ve always known that the more Team Dark negativity and distortions that’s removed during this Universal evolutionary Ascension Process, the easier and faster it would be having the next higher level of Divine Source energy templates automatically put in place throughout the dimensions and worlds. In other words, remove the past Evolutionary Cycle’s Duality monsters and we’re automatically evolved, ascended to the next higher Cycle. This is what’s happening in very accelerated ways since Phase 2 of the Ascension Process began in January 2020, and it will continue accelerating from here on out. Each additional NEW template layer added to the Divine Mother Feminine NEW energy template for ascending NEW Humans, NEW Earth accelerates both the end of the old lower everything and the implementation and manifestation of ascending NEW Earth.

Denise Le Fay

April 2, 2023

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No Energies Left in the Old Codes

Some readers were talking in Comments under another article, about how “dead” most everything of the old lower patriarchal Earth world feels to them. The reason for this is because those Source created old Cycle energy codes fully expired December 21, 2012, and along with them all the Team Dark (TD negative aliens and different entities and negative humans) hijacked distortions and overlays of those old codes. So between both the original Source created past Evolutionary codes, and the hijacking and horrendous distortions of those codes by TD to more easily control humanity, Earth and life and reality on Earth, everything is very much dead in that old Earth world and timeline(s). It’s all disappearing like the dinosaurs and more and more people are very aware of and feeling the passing of the old Evolutionary Cycle and its codes.

  Because there is no more energetic life, fuel and support in or for the old expired codes from Source, and also from nonphysical TD and their distortions of those old hijacked codes, all the TD humans that have lived their lives, generation after generation, being gleefully supported by nonhuman TD aliens and entities are wondering why things aren’t working as they always have. They’re used to getting away with bloody murder and worse across the entire Earth playing field, but increasingly their old familiar energetic juice, energies, unseen support and supplies and eons-old backup just isn’t there any longer. These humans continue however to go through the only motions/life/reality/consciousness they know, which is constant lying to just about everyone about everything, endless thefts, predatory behaviors, using others for self gain, manipulating, bottomless greed, violence, warring addiction and the insane need to rule the planet and beyond. All those negative patriarchal things that ruled and ran the old Earth world we all incarnated into.

To more and more people, not just those who are consciously aware of and have been living the Ascension and Embodiment Processes for many years or decades, are increasingly feeling this dead, lifeless, empty, non-vibrant, grotesque and energetically flat landscape that used to be planet Earth; the negative anti-life and anti-human global patriarchal reality run by nonhuman aliens and entities at the unimaginable expense of mass humanity, Earth and beyond for thousands of years.

  The farther within the NEW Light and NEW codes we evolve into, the less all the old codes—original Source created and the TD hijacked distortions of them—the more quickly this whole AP is manifesting. The first week of November Gateway was really rough for me on the physical body level. Sunday, November 5th was severe pain coming in from above my head and pushing down as is fairly normal with these intense higher Light energies being Embodied. However, this time it was severe to the point that it felt like a borderline migraine which causes nausea and super sensitivities to everything. This wasn’t a migraine but an extra rough, for me, energy Embodying process. Monday November 6th was less painfully intense but Tuesday the 7th was even worse than Sunday the 5th and I knew then that something else was happening. Luckily I was able to clairvoyantly See this large etheric thing that I believe was an old TD etheric implant placed in my head. It looked to me like it was metal but was etheric, nonphysical, was large and the upper third of it stuck out of the top of my head, while the bottom 2/3 of it resided in the left side of my head.

I spent most of Tuesday laying down with no sounds in the house at all because the pain was that severe. Once this vision of this etheric thing inside my head became visible to me, I could See and feel how this Gateway’s energies were literally impacting this thing, like a Divine hammer repeatedly pounding on an old negative implanted anvil, and the pain from all this was extreme. With closed eyes I watched this vision of my head being Worked on energetically and asked what this large metal looking thing was and what was happening. The immediate answer I got was, and I quote because this was really interesting to me, “It’s just like what happened to Saturn recently and why.”

I’ve repeatedly mentioned about what happened to Saturn in April 2017, which was that it was intentionally blasted by seven Solar flares to energetically free it from the TD distortions (inverted) they’d placed over Saturn and its organic energies to better control 3D physicality, reality, humanity and life on Earth. Because I’d been very aware of what and why these seven Solar flares happened to Saturn earlier this year, the image I Saw on November 7, 2017 of some etheric thing, device, impediment, implant etc. inside my head made instant sense as to why it was hurting so severely due to these latest Gateway energies. It felt like this immovable thing would cause my jaw to break under the repeated blows from these energies. My spine reverberated from them and all I could think of was how profoundly handicapped humanity has been thanks to Team Dark’s actions.

After hours and hours of this reaching a breaking point late Tuesday, it finally did happen, the breaking point! Amidst the severe head, jaw and upper spine pains and growing pressure from the NEW Light hammering repeatedly on my head and this etheric thing there on the left half of it, I heard a tiny single sound like a pop in or near my Pineal and Pituitary glands and instantly the etheric thing vanished and all the immense physical pain stopped. It was done. Block, distortion, implant or whatever it was was gone thanks to the latest Gateway NEW Light and NEW codes being literally hammered into me through the entrance point above the top of my physical head. My inner ears are still ringing but thank gawd the severe pain is gone and I can feel these latest NEW Lights and codes flowing unimpeded into and through me and my HighHeart and physical body. Oh Saturn, I can so relate to what you went through this year and why. ❤

I shared this story because many Forerunners forget that we’re simultaneously releasing, transmuting and clearing old codes when and where needed but also negative energies, implants and other TD created parasitic distortions while Embodying larger and higher amounts of NEW Light and NEW codes. All this is often felt as one big painful process and we forget or don’t realize that much more is taking place than only Embodying more NEW Light within our physical bodies.

Speaking of old-world TD parasitism…

I’m finally going to mention this because it’s time. It’s been going on for many years but it’s time to shine the Light on this parasitic aspect too. It should be blatantly obvious to everyone but it sadly isn’t, not yet. I’m talking about those people who teach/preach Ascension information that believe themselves to be and/or claim themselves to be of the NEW Light when in fact their very actions and words prove they are not. Their actions and/or words prove them to be either false light—a nice little padded sounding term for inorganic Team Dark negativity presenting itself as organic Source created NEW Light when its anything but, or these people are unaware and/or don’t understand certain things, or they’re delusional, have negative egos, or all the above. In any case, it’s very unpleasant for the people who are aware and Embodying more and more NEW Light and NEW codes.

There are some people and websites who will remain nameless by me but are well-known by most in the Ascension communities that are, based on my awareness, of the false light and are highly parasitic. There’s one person that has repeatedly quoted some of my articles on his/her website, which in the past I allowed in my Copyright Notice under my articles (BUT NO LONGER ALLOW) but this person places a large donation button IN my article under its title and above my article. The way this person places THEIR donation button IN my articles makes it look to their readers like it’s my donation button but it’s the donation button of the person whose quoted my article on their site. Parasitism within the Ascension community at its absolute lowest.

To the readers of other people’s websites that quote not only some of my articles but other Ascension writers as well, I ask you to honestly consider how authentic someone is that deliberately tries to make money in the form of donations off of other Ascension writers/teachers articles and material actually is. Are these the actions of someone whose honestly living the Ascension Process and evolving themselves? Or are these negative parasitic actions done by some to try to make money from other people such as myself in this particular case? When the actions and/or words of someone claiming to be of the Light aren’t at all, then it’s very ease to see this and instantly know that you, the readers of their websites are being manipulated and used by people who utilize this negative tactic against the people whose articles they’ve quoted on their websites.

On an only slightly less offensive level, there are certain people who don’t have websites but have YouTube accounts where they take other Ascension writers/teachers articles or materials and use a disgusting robotic sounding reading device to read my articles (and other Ascension teachers) in the hopes of making some money from some YouTube advertisements. Again, these are terrible parasitic actions done by certain people, but what’s worse to me as the author of stolen for profit articles is that it sounds like my very words are being spoken by an AI voice that removes all the organic life and higher frequency Light and energies out of my words and articles… and then tries to make money off them.

The silence right there is my being saddened, angry, frustrated and disappointed by the unaware people living in such fear still that they do their utmost to steel and suck the life and Light out of other people’s Ascension articles. There’s much more, so much more, but enough of these people and their TD parasitic tactics. Readers beware, be wise, be honest with yourselves and discern these and other related actions and words by those people and/or supposed Ascension “teachers” who should know better IF they were indeed really living the Ascension Process themselves. Just like all the sexual predators being publicly outed now, ALL predators doing all sorts of negative parasitic actions to other people for gain of whatever type—money, sex, fame, leadership/guru type delusions, negative ego —will from here on out be outed publicly. It’s time for this to happen across the board and there is nothing that can or will stop it or hide it, deflect it or derail it. Be the NEW Light, Embody the NEW Light, live by the NEW Light and NEW codes or be exposed for what you really are to everyone in the Light. This is not my personal war-cry or decree but Source’s. Try to fuck with that and see what happens to you and your life and very quickly now. No one is exempt from this, no one anywhere.

Now that I’ve gotten that off my HighHeart chest let’s have ice cream and cookies or something. Man, this is no walk in the park kids, and as the old organic and inorganic energies and codes for that old now expired Cycle completely run out of footing, fuel and fumes of that old fuel, these parasitic people and all their parasitic actions and words will become increasingly obvious and repulsive to more people because their food and fuel supply is going, going, gone. No more head in the sand people. No more turning the other cheek. No more polite silence. No more enabling by any of us who do know better and have always been very aware of these people and their parasitism. See it, acknowledge it, call it what it really is and soon it won’t be able to exist at all in the NEW Light and NEW codes and ascending Earth world(s).

Denise Le Fay

November 9, 2017


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