Saturn in Capricorn & Uranus in Taurus: Major Physical Changes Coming

This article is a continuation of my previous one about the primary ascending Earth world, the secondary ascending Earth world, and the Descending Earth world; aka the Separation of Worlds & Timelines. It’s important that you keep the primary and secondary ascending Earth worlds in your awareness as you read this article because I’m going to discus how each of them will most likely be experiencing some of the huge global changes coming due to Saturn entering Capricorn in December 2017 and then Uranus entering Taurus in May 2018.


Remember how Saturn got pummeled by seven Solar flares back in April 2017? I’ve mentioned this event multiple times since then because I know it indicated that Saturn’s energies had been dramatically altered via those seven Solar flares intentionally aimed at it. Saturn was energetically freed from ancient Team Dark (TD) programs they deliberately overlaid on Saturn to make it easier for them to control the very structure of 3D physical reality on Earth, and humanity, in not only one (Descending) but multiple old lower inorganic TD offshoot timelines.

You can’t forget that when some Solar or deep space or Galactic energies directly impact certain planets, Suns, Moons, stars etc., it’s because that planet is going through the Ascension Process (AP) too and is being evolved and re-coded with NEW Light codes, greatly expanded, upgraded, or in the case of Saturn, freed energetically from both old Cycle codes and from extensive negative distortions intentionally done by Team Dark beings long ago in that old Cycle to better control and direct physical Earth reality and humanity. It’s not just humans and human bodies, DNA, consciousness and everything else that’s been going through the Ascension Process but our entire Solar system, our Sun, the Milky Way galaxy and all/ALL else too.

In the old Evolutionary Cycle that Expired 12-21-2012, Saturn’s energies held physical reality in physical form for incarnation into the physical third dimension on Earth. In old 3D level astrology, Saturn ruled the human skeletal structure, teeth, knees and skin. On a planetary Earth level Saturn was the “skeletal structure” of 3D physical matter form and external physical reality, so for Saturn to have those old negative alien Team Dark created restrictions, distortions, controls and limitations removed in April 2017, indicates that massive positive evolutionary changes are taking place that are and will continue to manifest in the secondary ascending Earth world very clearly, but also in the primary ascending Earth world as well. More about this in a moment.

If you’re wondering what the negatives did to Saturn energetically to better control and direct Earth and humanity in the past, David Icke has lectured about this extensively in years past, which you could find in old YouTube videos if interested. My graphic image here says it all however.

Saturn was blasted seven times earlier this year by Solar flare energies to free it from TD limitations, distortions, fear, darkness, negativity and downright evil. People are so used to this that they’ve believed that that is what Saturn was organically and nothing could be further from the truth! With Saturn freed from these inorganic Team Dark distortions and restrictions, the scant few remaining inorganic negative alien hijacked timelines have been rendered Satan-free zones said very simply. It’s like stealing the battery from a car; the car is still there but it doesn’t work. This old Capricorn goat is grinning from ear to ear over this Source generated rescue mission and reversal hijack if you will. The levels of this one are jaw dropping but so clever and deserved. Great move Divine and take that TD.

Moving right along. Next month, December 19, 2017, at 8:48 PM PT transiting Saturn enters its home sign of Capricorn, the last and highest frequency of the earth signs. Saturn transits each zodiacal sign for 2.5–3 years. Saturn retrogrades while in Capricorn but doesn’t go back far enough to re-enter Sagittarius so, from December forward, Saturn will be in Capricorn until December 18, 2020. Ooo baby-baby, physical ascending realities are gonna get a brand NEW Source-decreed, Light-filled, 5D and higher glorious Photonic makeover plus all NEW codes for the NEW Cycle!

Will this phase and process be barrels of fun and fabulousness? Not for most people who exist in the secondary ascending Earth world most likely, but this is the evolutionary Ascension Process after all and growing pains are growing pains for us all. Also, let’s not forget that transiting Pluto entered Capricorn November 2008. Remember the nationwide housing market crash and Great Recession that happened then in the USA? With Saturn in Capricorn, along with Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, shit’s about to get real’ as they say. Why? Because it has to, because it’s time for this level of the Ascension Process to fully and completely reach the old negative patriarchal Team Dark physical world and rip it to shreds and throw it in the trash. The Forerunners/Pathpavers/Embodiers/Transmuters/Lightworkers etc. have worked very long and hard for this to finally happen in the secondary ascending Earth world and permanently free them and remove everything that the negative aliens & Co. has done for thousands of years. The shortened version of all this is, the death of the old global patriarchy which was always Team Dark directed. What’s entailed in the global patriarchy? Everything that has been on Earth for all humans.


The next massive player in the complete dismantling of the old negative global patriarchal structures is transiting Uranus entering Taurus May 15, 2018. Deep calming breaths readers, exhale and repeat until your heart and visions of the old patriarchal financial systems and structures being wholly torn asunder ease enough for you to reach Neutrality again. It will be okay, but it will be exciting at times too because that’s just where we’re at in 2018 with the Ascension Process for both the primary and secondary ascending Earth worlds with their populations.

Transiting Uranus takes seven years or so to move through one zodiacal sign. Uranus in Taurus does go retrograde in November 2018, and briefly re-enters Aries, but by March 2019, transiting Uranus is in Taurus and remains there for the full seven year transit. Now, I’m going to briefly throw out some old 3D world, old school astrology keywords for these planets and signs so we know what we’re talking about and facing. But, and this is so important, there’s so much more going on than only these old 3D levels of astrological energies, beliefs and interpretations so please keep that in your HighHeart awareness as you read this.

URANUS has to do with sudden and unexpected changes. Those so-called “accidents” that people don’t sense coming because big change needs to happen but if one resists-a-plenty, then Uranus does what it does so very well and literally blasts everything out of the water and up into the air and has it all land in totally NEW, different and improved placements and positions etc. Uranus also has to do with Higher Awareness and other things that you can read much more in-depth about from any number of excellent astrologers. My job in this article is to discuss the Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn (last earth sign) and Uranus in Taurus (first earth sign) transits and how they’ll affect the primary and secondary ascending Earth worlds and inhabitants and why from NEW levels of awareness.

TAURUS has to do with money, finances, taxes, banks, banking, and what humans hold valuable, what they value. Now it doesn’t take much to put two-and-two together to see that transiting Uranus in Taurus, staring in May 2018, is to completely undo all the past patriarchal monetary, banking, money and financial systems and structures globally. Because this is a seven-year transit, and because it does go retrograde briefly in late 2018, all this won’t happen fully, completely and instantly starting in May of next year. Things in the secondary ascending Earth world (I’m not wasting time or energy talking about the Descending Earth world and its population), will show increased instability financially from May 2018 onward with some things seemingly getting a little better during the brief retrograde period back into Aries. However, by the time Uranus re-enters Taurus in March 2019, expect the entire money thing to have Uranus sitting firmly and with great determination smack on its greedy little patriarchal financial face, suffocating it all to death!

Now, deep breaths again, exhale and inhale freeing NEW breaths of higher Light life because that is really what’s happening. Oh it will very much look and try to feel like the end of the world because as we all know, freaking MONEY has been one of the primary ways Team Dark has run and controlled old 3D Earth and the global patriarchy for a very long time. But, don’t forget that Source sent seven Solar flare exorcisms directly to Saturn earlier this year so it, Saturn, wouldn’t be affected by those old Team Dark negative overlays and distortions. So when Saturn enters Capricorn December 19, 2017, Saturn will be manifesting all NEW higher ascended and TD free energies that will help quickly dismantle and purge ALL old lower TD patriarchal structures and systems. One big one of those is money, banks, banking systems, finance, financial structures of all types etc. and Uranus excels at changing big things in a split second, like a lightning strike from On High!

Remember how certain people were talking years ago about how the global monies were going to be completely redistributed to everyone on the planet, making things more equal and beneficial for everyone everywhere? That may, if only partially and briefly possibly happen during the retrograde Uranus period, be something that’s either openly talked about by the panicked patriarchy or possible, I repeat possibly something that could happen in the secondary ascending Earth world for a while. I sense this could be, if necessary, a temporary energetic Stair-step for mass humanity to ease them from the harsh old negative 3D patriarchal money systems we’ve all lived in and with our entire lives, up into higher ascending Light consciousness about survival, money, banks/banking, finances, taxes, investments, Wall Street and so on. In other words, if it’s needed as a way to help ease humanity up and out of the old global money consciousness and systems, monies may be released to everyone to help them through this big and difficult for most to even comprehend evolutionary change from constant work just to eat and sleep, to the 5D HighHeart consciousness and ways of existence closer to the primary ascending Earth world. Or… those of us in the primary ascending Earth world will just go for the gold ring and Work hard for one huge evolutionary leap by the secondary ascending Earth world population to shift/evolve/ascend out of that level altogether and into the 5D HighHeart ways of everything is free and freely created, shared and given to All from All for All. ❤

On the secondary ascending Earth world(s) there’s a whole lotta big, sweeping changes coming to globe money systems, banks, finances and all related systems and structures including our personal, individual money, which is a blessing everyone, even though it’s not going to look or feel like it for a while to many. This is going to be truly frightening for most people because Team Dark had made the world humanity has existed in one where each person HAD to pay for everything simply for being alive on Earth. So very unnatural and evil and this is the end of all that and everything that went with it. It won’t happen overnight, although it could on the secondary ascending Earth worlds, and know that those Forerunners/Wayshowers/Embodiers etc. existing in the primary higher ascending Earth world for years already have been, are and will continue to do all we can to make this absolutely necessary change (of money, monies, banks etc.) as gentle as possible. Most of us in the primary ascending Earth world have lived for decades with next to no money at all anyway because we’ve been living the Ascension Process and Embodiment Processes plus we’ve learned much about this and other issues. We’ll all get through these huge changes.

SATURN has to do with structures and holding those physical structures in place within the physical dimension. It also has had rulership over people in positions of power, people at the top, business, corporations, governments, leaders etc. In the old 3D patriarchal world this has been the entire human global patriarchy that’s been owned and operated by Team Dark aliens and entities for many thousands of earth years.

PLUTO has to do with the Underworld, the subconscious, death, destruction, rebirth etc. and Pluto excels at transforming everything that needs transformation, which in this case is everything in the physical dimension. Pluto demolishes what needs to go so NEW, more advanced higher frequency things can replace them all.

The primary highest ascending Earth world population is, to a great degree, intentionally steering the secondary ascending Earth world(s) to help them make this great evolutionary transition as easily, comfortably, safely and sanely as possible for them, for us and for All everywhere. I mentioned that Taurus rules not only money but values and what humanity and individuals value. What individuals value in the primary ascending Earth world is very different from what the majority in the secondary ascending Earth world values. Because Uranus entering Taurus in 2018 is going to activate a wide range of influences, awareness, feelings, fears, anger, hopes and dreams and much more from both these ascending Earth worlds current populations, we have to consider them both and from their very different levels and perspectives.

What I value today is total 5D freedom and equality, Higher Awareness and continued spiritual growth, greater Conscious Creativity, greater Embodiment for myself, complete safety and peace for everyone. For everyone. That is what’s valuable to me now from the primary ascending Earth world I exist within. For most people on the secondary ascending Earth world survival is still paramount, as is having enough money to survive and maybe even survive semi-comfortably. For those people it’s still about making enough money each week or month to pay their monthly bills, buy food for themselves and/or their families, pay mandatory insurances, mandatory taxes, mandatory mortgages, rent, bank loans, credit card bills and on and on and on. Mandatory payments for everything endlessly for life for everyone. I want much better for myself and you and everyone in the secondary ascending Earth worlds; I want your, our total and complete freedom from this old negativity of global slave labor just to be able to eat and sleep. That is not life but lifelong slave labor and it’s ending now. Because it’s so common and accepted globally as the norm by humanity, these coming evolutionary changes are going to seem to many people like dangerous things they’re going to be afraid of and greatly resist. Others will realize that the door to real freedom is opening and it’s up to each one of them to choose to walk through that EXIT door to much higher ways, lives, realities and all else. And there are others like myself Working to Embody more LOVE (Creativity) and Light (Knowledge) to aid all to evolve even further than what was originally planned. Actually we surpassed that point years ago, but get us rolling again and just watch how high we’ll take all this.


To wrap this up I want to briefly add transiting JUPITER recently entered SCORPIO. This happened around the same time that first big Hollywood predatory male got outed for being a sexual predator of females finally. Now everyone is all dazed and amazed by this, which blows my mind because I’ve been a female all this life, and the world I incarnated into has been a patriarchal one, meaning all it took to experience being sexually abused, raped, harassed, attacked, mistreated, demeaned, used and abused and all the rest of it was being in a female body in a global patriarchal world. Females know of what I speak. Males need to.

Nonetheless, the more Divine Mommy/Mother/Feminine I, you, we all Embody (this includes you males reading this of course), the more Divine balance, sanity, unity, LOVE and Creativity is returned to all worlds and all individuals. So with constantly increasing amounts of Divine Mommy being Embodied by each of us, the more these longstanding atrocities against all females, all things feminine will be easily seen, felt, known and recognized by the previously unaware and/or blind, deaf, dumb to these profound planet-wide imbalances, hatred, inequality, prejudice and suppressed female/feminine/Mother energies in all of us in both sexed bodies. Jupiter in Scorpion during the Separation of Worlds or “bifurcation” as it’s called by some, is going to repeatedly reveal these types of sexual Team Dark distortions and abuses to not only females but to all as well. Taurus and Scorpio are opposite signs so there’s going to be a lot unfolding in both these signs and their energies in humanity, consciousness and reality from here on out.

Pay attention, become more consciously aware, continue being willing to let go of old lower ways, beliefs, habits, consciousness etc. or expect things to get a lot more painfully pressurized. This is not the time to resist change or drag one’s feet or debate the situations until hell freezes over. These energies won’t put up with that crap and will simply run right over you if you try to remain in the old lower frequencies and consciousness. Bend, flex, grow, expand, release and release repeatedly and know that it’s going to be wild for a while but never forget the underlying reasons WHY all this seeming chaos and sweeping world change is happening in the first place. It’s to evolve, ascend up and out of that old lower gunk and into the NEW higher Light and LOVE. Deep breath, fill your HighHeart up with more Divine Mommy/Mother/Feminine, Self as Source, NEW Light, NEW codes and dive in with crystalline joy over the coming global freedom for those ready and desirous of it.

Denise Le Fay

November 4, 2017

Copyright © Denise Le Fay & HighHeartLife, 2017. All Rights Reserved. 

49 thoughts on “Saturn in Capricorn & Uranus in Taurus: Major Physical Changes Coming

  • nov. 25, 2017 saturday evening,

    hi denise, have been reading much of your amazing writings.
    what u said with such understanding and insight. wonderful!!
    about saturn

    and u say:

    “You can’t forget that when some Solar or deep space or Galactic energies directly impact certain planets, Suns, Moons, stars etc., it’s because that planet is going through the Ascension Process (AP) too and is being evolved and re-coded with NEW Light codes, greatly expanded, upgraded, or in the case of Saturn, freed energetically from both old Cycle codes and from extensive negative distortions intentionally done by Team Dark beings long ago in that old Cycle to better control and direct physical Earth reality and humanity. It’s not just humans and human bodies, DNA, consciousness and everything else that’s been going through the AP but our entire Solar system, our Sun, the Milky Way galaxy and all/ALL else too.

    In the old Evolutionary Cycle that Expired 12-21-2012, Saturn’s energies held physical reality in physical form for incarnation into the physical third dimension on Earth. In old 3D level astrology, Saturn ruled the human skeletal structure, teeth, knees and skin. On a planetary Earth level Saturn was the “skeletal structure” of 3D physical matter form and external physical reality, so for Saturn to have those old negative TD created restrictions, distortions, controls and limitations removed in April 2017, indicates that massive positive evolutionary changes are taking place that are and will continue to manifest in the secondary ascending Earth world very clearly, but also in the primary ascending Earth world as well. More about this in a moment”

    denise, i remember seeing bringers of the dawn on youtube BARBARA MARCINIAK’S (1992) amazing understanding through the help of the Pleidians.

    which reminded me of what u said denise TD. and the energies of saturn being cleared

    thank u for all u offer and give denise, i see your light and your heart

    with much love and gratitude,


  • i have the sense that “team dark” is made up of the dark/wounded/ abandoned parts of us. and that the way to “defeat team dark” is for each of us to reclaim our wounded/abandoned parts thereby weakening “team dark”

    • “i have the sense that “team dark” is made up of the dark/wounded/ abandoned parts of us. and that the way to “defeat team dark” is for each of us to reclaim our wounded/abandoned parts thereby weakening “team dark””

      Sharon R. & All,

      It would be so, so great if it were that simple and uncomplicated but unfortunately it is not and never has been. In fact it’s at its worst right now due to the AP and Separation of Worlds.

      I’m very well aware that most people do not want to even have to contemplate the possible existence of beings outside of themselves that are so profoundly negative and hateful of all aspects of the Light no matter how small. I get that, I always have, but it does not change the fact that these Dark beings–negative aliens, devils, demons and a hierarchy of lesser negative entities–have existed for a very long time and have intentionally interfered with humanity, humanities natural DNA, their consciousness, life, reality and all else as a way to use humanity for themselves. This is the biggest, most painful and difficult education that humanity has coming in my opinion; “Disclosure” about ETs and all nonhuman beings and entities etc. and that the majority of it has been profoundly negative to humanity and Earth and beyond than most can even comprehend. “Disclosure” about ETs entails so much more than most people are even aware of and none of it will be pleasant for humans but, it is necessary for them to consciously come to know how deep the evil actually has been and continues to be during this incredibly important time of evolutionary Ascension.

      I’m going to share a link here to Lisa Renee’s November 2017 article because it’s a perfect expansion to this topic. This particular article by her is, in my opinion, and based on my own ongoing experiences to date, super important now for all the obvious reasons which are all ascension related. In my last article I briefly talked about my recently clairvoyantly Seeing an etheric vertical implant in the left half of my head, was me giving everyone a big clue about these issues that most Ascension teachers/writers do not talk about. I know how desperately I want, you want, we all want this hellish nightmare called old lower Earth life and reality to be over, and it’s happening but no one can be so careless and naive to think or believe that very big, very developed, very serious negative aliens and beings are not doing their best to prevent humans from naturally evolving/ascending now because they are and will unto their demise. I may write an article about this soon and include this article by Lisa Renee in it only because I’ve been feeling these beings I call Team Dark (TD) increasing the ways they get at and interfere with humans and human consciousness etc. since 2014, with each year since then amplified just like the positive Light side is amplifying constantly too.

      Lisa Renee November 2017 article

      Take a deep breath and read this entire article everyone, please, because this is another aspect of what the Forerunners have been dealing with and the secondary ascending Earth “timeline looping” procrastination’s that Sandra Walter has only briefly spoken about or hinted at. Knowing more is what the AP is all about and this includes knowing about TD and how they have and continue to prevent so many humans from naturally evolving now and why. Light is information. ❤ ❤ ❤

    • So, TD! LOL, is what I am about now. I don’t meant that ignorantly I mean that with courage and fortitude: I’m DONE and done being undone.

      I agree, some of my cleanup is psychic energy and ownership of me just light is needed. Some is entity messing, making me less happy. ANYTHING to dim light. And it’s super super bright inside and it makes sense that that is what they would try ( as my will is entwined with God’s and heart/mind/soul are in Love, so no more attempts to knock on those fronts)

      It was said before by angels and heaven, over and over, fear not!! FEAR NOT. (Most repeated phrase in bible).

      In Christ, in the word, in crystalline consciousness, in wisdom of God…no fear necessary.

      Yesterday for first time, I just knocked away negative thoughts. I didn’t buy in at all. I have all I need to not allow it. Whether they were imposed upon me or they were my own issue. The scales have tipped. Neither is in power anymore. THE HEART IS.

      TD and entities have been awful past week around my room like grand central station. Still all of above STAYS the CASE.

      I’m almost shocked by my own stability and rock strong strong soul and body. God be praised, at the victory that abounds!!

    • i find this article by FINDTHELIGHTCOUK related and enlightening ….

      ” I started to wrap the two beings up in my energy but something odd happened, they disappeared! I then realised they were not real entities, it was fake. It was a hologram! The hologram dismantled and the exit became clear, the souls were free to go. However, with freedom there to be taken they were too frightened to leave the cave. ”

      • Sharon R.,

        Certain Lightworkers/Wayshowers/Forerunners etc. have been doing this type of multidimensional Work for a very long time now. I’ve done it many times since 1999 and have written about it in articles and my book. Lisa Renee has written extensively about this particular type of thing and how many of us have helped all sorts of human souls, beings both positive and negative, aliens, entities etc. to escape different timelines, huge astral (4D) nets and other horrible etheric devices (in 2D and 3D also) that Team Dark created and used to trap humans both dead and alive and on and on and on. I’ve done this type of Lightwork etc. on or rather IN the Moon long ago (horrible negativity and TD beings have lived for a very long time inside the Moon and so many other places and locations in 3D, 4D, below ground in the elemental realms of 2D and so on. The Ascension Process is multidimensional and nothing and no one anywhere can escape this evolutionary process.

        I remember back around 2004ish I received an email from another Lightworker who lived in Australia at that time and she shared a horrific out-of-body Mission Work she’d done recently. She had to go back in time to the Dark Ages in Europe and go down into dungeons where people were being tortured, mutilated and eventually killed by other people. All I could think of at that time was how glad I was that I didn’t have to do that job!!! I’ve done plenty of others just as dark and horrible however in other timelines from long ago to a couple of decades ago in other countries and in the USA. This has been what most Lightworkers/Forerunners/Pathpavers etc. did, repeatedly, from the start of the Ascension Process. We’ve worked on every level, dimension, timeline(s), planet(s), moons, stars, forward and backward in linear Earth time and outside of it too. This Work continues but the worst of the worst of it has already been accomplished by the Forerunners/Lightworkers.

        • it was the bit about the entities being fake and a hologram created by fear carried by the trapped souls that intrigued me.

  • BIG QUESTION – I just read an article that 41% of kids in US suffer from anxiety. It’s way beyond former rates. I’m wondering what is affecting kids other than all the obvious worldly things. It’s too high a percentage. They are filling with fear. I’m very very concerned. Watching stranger things on Netflix didn’t help much either. And there was just so much of the symbolic in that show. Denise, do you or does anyone have any sense of what percentage their suffering has to do with the supernatural and dark energies manipulating them?
    I want to help…

    • I suspect that there’s more than 41% of kids and much more adults that feel amplified anxiety over pretty much everything that’s going on in the global scape now. To the unaware it’s got to look, sound, feel and act like the world is going mad and falling apart, which it is at one level, but at another level it’s evolving and quickly. The old must collapse and be removed so that the NEW higher can replace everything.

      Instead of being concerned about kids filling with fear, embody as much NEW Light Energies as you can constantly and radiate that out so they have that as an energetic antidote to all of the insanity, greed, fear, corruption and egoic madness of the old dying world. The NEW Light and LOVE is what’s replacing the old negativity and the more of IT that you and I and all of us can Embody within ourselves, the more easily and quickly other people young and old can “shift” into that frequency and out of the old fears. This is what Wayshowers and Forerunners are and some of what we do for All everywhere. ❤

      • THANK YOU!! So much…. Anxiety has “seized” a lot of kids. It has not come the usual way. It is definitely not ALL theirs. Most of it isn’t!!! 😦

        On the bright side, or just the side-by-side… 🙂 I cannot express to you HOW different kids are now!! PHYSICALLY different, too. I cannot tell boy or girl! So beautiful, refined, soft, smaller, or super tall, odd, amazing…. Unlike former generations. I’ve watched THEIR energy CHANGE a school. An energetically messed up school. In an energetically messed up major city. Miracle. THIS energy now dominates. Took over last year. I remember the day I saw, it stopped me in my tracks. As of last year, “old” energy amongst these 2,500 teens is now under 30%. It used to control/dominate by over 90% back in 2004. It’s the MINORITY now. {the new minority :} The “old” energy in other kids complies with new energy. Unconsciously, they conform!

        Adults notice and say it’s so “nice” here now. It shifted over course of 3 years, then…POW!!!

        People have NO IDEA HOW GOOOOOD it is NOW! Every day!!! every frickin’ day!!!! I have loads of reasons i could be miserable, and i’ve sunk into them and hurt during these weeks, but we ARE in CandyLand now, so how can I cry reaally???!?! At least not for long!!

        I discover that I have major behavior correction to do NOW. You and others have said this. A big MUST for the moment. And I’m hearing you and others and me, loud and clear! It’s hit me. We’ve got to get busy!!!! Shining!!!!!! :))) It’s LIGHT UP THE Sky time.

        What used to be terrifying ISN’T …and i’m scared shitless… but it doesn’t feel bad… though I’m really scared!!! lol 😛

  • Denise & All,

    Excellent summary of what’s to come on the physical side in the global dismantling process & how this is supported by planetary alignments. Yay! I can’t help but rejoice that the darkness that has shrouded this planet for so long will finally go & humanity will be freed from most of its shackles.

    So glad you mentioned “values.” Since these are driven by our beliefs and are where we put our energy and focus, it makes sense that those in the secondary ascension timeline will still have a more materialistic outlook.

    The other day, a moving truck drove past me with the words “Just in Time” Transport. I always knew this moment would come in Divine timing. And yesterday, the 45th mayor of Montreal was elected – the FIRST woman ever to take on the role. Sign of the times!

    I imagine the Forerunners of the Forerunners will not experience as much upheaval personally because they’ve already been through it and released much density from their fields as well as attachment to the 3D world. I too have experienced loss of income (left my job in 2002 & lived off savings for 10 years), perceived loss of identity, etc. as my world turned upside down. Felt brutal at the time but now I see it was necessary to empty me out so I could absorb more Light.

    Needing to help my mother, who had Alzheimer’s, also opened my heart wide. So what I first perceived as a calamity turned out to be one of my most healing & loving experiences ever. Looking back, I have no regrets, only gratitude for the years we had together. (Can relate to what you have gone through with your Mom, Denise. Hope the situation has eased somewhat for you.)

    I think that as the new timelines more completely align, we will more easily be able to shape our own worlds through conscious creating. Much LOVE to you & all here.

    • Dear Thelma
      It’s Meadow here. I had to reply to your post below about feeling a “deadness” to your reality, and a “doneness”. Me too! I can’t get motivated to do anything. In the last 2 weeks my short term memory loss has been off the charts. So unusually chronic. I forget something I just did. I find myself wondering did I tell someone something, or did i just think it and not verbalise. Its almost as if I’m operating on the premise that everyone is telepathic. I find myself daydreaming so much when I’m driving. Getting disorientated. Like I’m in some cloudy void. Its so different and more powerful than anything I’ve ever experienced before. It’s ovbious to me its definately part of the AP, but I wonder what is the purpose of seriously becoming a space cadet! Love to you. X

      • “It’s ovbious to me its definately part of the AP, but I wonder what is the purpose of seriously becoming a space cadet!”

        Meadow & All,

        All of these side effects are indeed AP caused and when you think about what’s actually happening (and been happening), what our bodies, central nervous systems, everything are going through, and that in many ways we’ve been dying while remaining alive and ascending, and if that wasn’t enough we’ve been evolving beyond our old 3D Duality ego centers/selves/consciousness and reality up into 5D and higher Unity HighHeart multidimensional and also quantum or Spherical Consciousness, is it any wonder we’re dazed and amazed and can’t find our feet most of the time?! 😉 😆 And there’s much more coming.

      • Hi Meadow – good to see you here again! Glad I’m not the only one experiencing this. We must be in another vibrational space, though we’re still rooted in density. The memory loss can be embarrassing sometimes. Stay safe while driving. Love to you too.

        p.s. – Noelle – thanks for chiming in on the “deadness.” I’m getting the internal message to spend more time in stillness and/or Nature.

      • Meadow, I am so glad you wrote that. And grateful for the responses. Memory awfulness has been going on (in different ways at different times) for me for a looong time. The problem is it is hard to resist thinking, “oh I’m older now and can’t think and i’ve been doing this crazy thing with my life for so long now i MUST have harmed my intelligence, and i’m looking up the spelling of words?!?! i should KNOW! and if i do NOT write stuff down, it is GONE! Gone baby gone, in 3-2-1!!” Ahhh!!! Lol! It upsets me, to say the least. But then I read all of you and I’m like, wow, this isn’t just me losing it cause I’m the crazy one who’s followed the heart blind folded and is out of practice with world, but it appears I’m part of something and there is a change that has happened and is happening that is unfathomable.

        And in truth, it is abrupt after sometimes, after energies, and I think rationally, not victim-ly for a minute, and I say, “come on, you have major unprecedented ultra heaven light coming into pouring in your mind and mind. IT isn’t processable in minutes or months. It is more more more in light.

        Perhaps I can help my brain by reading more, now. Was impossible to read extensively for months. And I love love reading.

        Want to share for you, about the deadness. I’m so there or have been for several weeks….I made a joke about it referring to the new Netflix show “I’m Dying Up Here” at meditation class. That was when I was noticing it beginning. That THAT’S IT. IT’S OVER. And OUT. We are DONE. As we knew it. It is so upsetting to die. A week ago one evening I was just crushed by it. Like fruit, over ripe fruit. No help no last resort no escape, just devastation. Last week, despair. I’ve blown it, I’ve lost, kind of despair.

        Mystic Saints in the Christian tradition, 14-16th century, write about the pain of this psychological state and WHERE the soul is at in it’s upward spiral when this state is truly happening….it is super hard for all, through the ages…:) . They are close to our language in writing, unlike the ancients who spoke metaphor as literal, a lot. These mystics really begin modern day psychological analysis in their work! Trying to help higher souls not give up and not go to the wrong priest for advice at the end of a major ascending cycle. I highly recommend reading the works of former lovers of God that came full circle in the circle game;) Whatever you are drawn to. But mostly, dying is just plain LOSING. We can only surrender to it, it seems. Pure failing.

        My faith is all that carries me now, TRUST. I love God with all my heart all my mind and all my Self. What else can I do, but Go… Die. :}

  • Starting on November 24th Saturn is activating the Galactic Center, downloading codes direct from Source and the Noosphere ,meaning that the epochal 2020 Saturn/Pluto merger -right on a doozy of an eclipse-is kicked off as soon as Saturn enters Capricorn in late December this year just as the USA’s own karmic Pluto Return-the first since the Declaration of Independence- brings in the bulldozers to dismantle its political and control system. Since the USA -as the self-appointed policeman of the world-has troops in 172 (!) countries and is entangled a web of corruption over global oil and mineral supplies, this will be akin to the end of the dinosaurs.

    • Couldn’t agree more lorna. It’s the Downfall of Atlantis Part Two, finally and permanently. The global patriarchy are going the way of the dinosaurs and fast now.

      • This CNN article highlights more old dinosaurs crashing and burning. It’s unraveling so quickly now all over the planet! It’s on the website titled:

        A resignation, detentions and missiles: 24 hours that shook the Middle East

  • Denise, thank you for this heads up! I can believe how the secondary Earth may have to go through a difficult time for awhile of having their dependence on money and financial security ripped out from under them. In my own AP around 2011-2014, this dynamic manifested in my experience, and it was massively pivotal in pretty much forcing me to free fall trusting in my connection to Spirit while healing and dissolving my old fear-based need to control, manipulate, or force things to happen in the physical realm. House totally depreciated, savings was wiped out, ex could no longer pay child support, debt accrued due to decreased income, and a business failed wiping out a $40k investment all from 2011-2014. The shit hit the fan, and on the surface, it was a total mess. My husband had to leave and take a job for two years across country because there was nothing in our area for him. I sold the house at a total, huge loss and then finally joined him.

    It was a total free fall into complete financial loss starting over from zero after years of work, and I made the choice to completely surrender, trust, live in the Now, and ignore-not react to what was happening in outer reality. It was tough at first. Very tough. I could have reacted in fear and done the logical thing of getting a full time job to recoup the losses. That’s a slave mentality. Instead, I took a low key part time job and trusted. This chain of events was a huge pivotal time in my AP because I shifted from the old way of primarily making things happen fueled by lower chakra fear, survival, and lack and dependence on money to allowing things to manifest and create through me. Trust. Live in the Now only. Co-create. Manifest. My finances now have bounced back and money has flowed rather easily without much effort at all on my part into my experience. I’ve been able to comfortably allow the AP to unfold because I don’t work much and can often rest as needed. As quickly as it all unraveled in 3 years was as quickly as the pieces came flying back together in the next 3 years putting us in a MUCH MUCH better position than we were in before. It was like puzzle pieces that came flying in one after the other fitting together perfectly to recreate our lives.

    So lots of people, as you say, may need to go through this initiation with shaking up their reliance on money as the source of their security. Money is not their security. Their connection to Source is their security. They very well may need to free fall for a bit to help bring the old lower chakra fear-survival based energies up for clearing, balancing, and upgrading by living through the fear of having it all taken away. Brilliant, helpful post as always, Denise! Thank you.

    Onward into the New!

    • “They very well may need to free fall for a bit to help bring the old lower chakra fear-survival based energies up for clearing, balancing, and upgrading by living through the fear of having it all taken away.”

      That’s it exactly Colleen & All. What many of us Forerunners/Wayshowers/Pathpavers have been going through and living since 1999ish, many in the secondary ascending Earth world are and will be going through these total dismantling processes in mere hours — many have been experiencing this via severe weather, fires, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes etc. already — but now the financial/money/savings/banks/loans etc. aspects of the old negative 3D reality will be super highlighted to quickly free people from the old lower stuff and systems they’ve adapted to over a lifetime. Bye-bye bottom three chakras and matching reality and welcome to NEW higher ones at a NEW higher level(s). ❤

  • Hi Denise,

    Excellent articles ty for sharing…!! One of the best explanations concerning multiple Earths realities that I’ve read so far. I can so attest to that this year has been full of work ‘releasing’ old fears.. it seems to come in chunks.. last time was in October. For sometime I was so feed up with all the global ‘theater’ and thought why can’t we just get on with it and give everyone the choices to be free from the alleged control system with money at the helm of it.

    I know everyone has their missions but it is really tiresome to see the charades and tantrums displayed by the TD’s. Yes they only do what they know which is rather evident. They and part of us only have that one playbook. The playbook does not work anymore though thus all the outings which is not even the tip of the iceberg. Check out Donna Braziles soft disclosure concerning Hillarys election rigging and you know what I mean. Everything is connected…

    Hugs and Love from Sweden

  • Hi Denise,
    I came across your writings a few years ago, but this is the first time I’m writing. I wanted to express my deep gratitude to you for the guidance, focus and courage that your messages and postings have provided me these past 7+ years. I live in midtown Manhattan/New York City, and this is where I have undergone/am undergoing a very conscious AP/EP…and only my soul may really know why “I” am choosing to undergo the process here…at least for now! Under the old 3D astrology, Pluto has just crossed my Capricorn ascendant in September while kicking my butt all along the way (and BTW, natal Chiron conjuncts my ascendant also), and with Saturn entering Cap soon, there sure are more fireworks to come for me! I am grateful to you for being on the planet at this time and for serving as a “tough love” touchstone for all of us on a definite Planet A timeline. I do have one question for you, and I hope it is not too personal…Could you speak a little as to how your mother’s condition impacts and influences your life and the awarenesses and understandings that come to you, if at all? I ask this because there are a number of very close people to me who find themselves in a similar situation and will probably never gravitate to even the possibility of a Planet B…I apologize for going on, but I thank you kindly for everything from my highest of HighHearts!

    • raymondlboeri,

      I’ve meant to respond to you sooner Raymond but I’ve been super busy with much lately.

      Some of us “Volunteers” intentionally live in physical locations that are much more dense, hold more old density, negativity, unconsciousness etc. than other places. The reasons why we do this are both personal and because we’re capable of living in, surviving and transmuting super dense lower energies. Those who live in cities, especially such as where you are, have been transmuting not only yourself and your body/bodies but by doing this you’re (we’re) also seeding, planting, anchoring the NEW Light and NEW evolutionary energy codes in that very dense and unaware physical location. Takes guts and plenty of ability to do this and not get beat down, lost, sidetracked etc. while in such a vulnerable condition yourself/ourselves and not “fall” down into that old dank muck. But… prior to these Volunteer incarnations, we knew we could accomplish it and not be broken by the negativity/density/lack of awareness in other people. Not easy at all but more important than most of us realize. And the flip side of this is that the “locals”, the unaware people living in such lower energetic and consciousness don’t take kindly to people of the Light like us that bring in all that damned LIGHT and mess up their old familiar world! Because of this, some people will attack us because at some level they know we’re not like them and they lash out at us. Like all this wasn’t hard enough to begin with!

      “Could you speak a little as to how your mother’s condition impacts and influences your life and the awarenesses and understandings that come to you, if at all?”

      For me this situation with my mom is both a pre-incarnational or Soul Contract situation and another test for me to further Work on certain issues I still have. At higher levels we deliberately push ourselves in so many different ways, but down here in all of it, it’s not much fun at all of course but it usually gets us where we individually need to go. 😉 In this case it’s some old fears, money concerns, patience, protections for us both because she’s not in her body much of the time and other things try to get in, not letting myself get pulled down by her mental deterioration and so on. I so want this to be over and it will soon now but much of this is up to me to get my issues Mastered. Never a dull moment in the Ascension and Embodiment Processes. ❤

      • Hi Denise,
        I’m so gratified to read your very generous response to my message and the specific query I posed regarding the “ties that bind” you and your mom this go-round. The themes and words you used to describe the soul-contract intertwining between you both I know only too well, and closely mirror (if not in their details) the involvement I find myself in with my long-time companion, who is psychiatrically disabled (according to the Western model, to which he adheres strongly) while experiencing other physical maladies ongoingly…AND for all of which he is significantly medicated. Yet and all, he has unwittingly been my greatest teacher, as I have undergone the entirety of my AP/EP so far in his presence, and this has caused me to have to go very, very deeply into my issues as I move towards understanding my Self as Source..As I “felt between the lines” of your explanation, I know and empathize with the heavy challenges that you have gone through and continue to experience, and your last two lines of your response say more to me than you could ever suspect. Thank you for your encouragement and for your take-no-prisoners approach to the entire AP/EP experience…as only a true Capricorn elder like you could undertake! I look forward to learning more from you in the times ahead. Infinite blessings to you, Denise!

  • The physical adjustments have been so difficult since the end of 2013 … mainly digestive, a common theme for lightworkers, after decades of optimum health … to find myself at the mercy off apple cider vinegar, baking soda, etc … I am so ready for the physical upgrades.
    I know the vagus nerve plays a ginormous role as it affects all the chakra areas…. and being the solar plexus is our digestive chakra .. it rules “feelings” and emotions … and what a ride its been these last few years … so I am hopeful these physical changes will align our body temples!!

    • Hang in there. Beginning in September, my digestion had completely changed and upgraded with the exception of a week in October with some acid reflux. Other than that, digestion feels completely different now, and my insides and digestive processes feel like silk or water flowing over glass. Belching, passing bodily waste, swallowing almost feel sensationless now…very very smooth. Very light, floaty, effortless and easy and crystalline feeling as the body has upgraded and shed loads of density. ❤️

      • Colleen, I have to agree with you on the specifics of your post! Very easy and ….silky. Thank you for the clarification as I had noticed but paid no real attention. What a ride!

      • Thank you Colleen for sharing! YAY!
        I was diagnosed with gallstones shortly after digestive pangs began … and refuse GB removal surgery … I have modified my diet to deal with it and that seems to work.
        The energies are so incredible … the creativity, the intuition, the connections … MAGnetICs ~ I do believe this is where the word MAGIC was created!! magnified magnetics! 💖
        So grateful I volunteered for this …. like all of US here ~💜~ and these messages validate our dedication to Mother Earth A!

  • Thank you for this powerful message Denise! I have always felt that the money I have in reserve will get me ‘through’ until things will shift-even when people really pressure me to save for ‘retirement’. I’ve always known I don’t have to think about that! But you can’t tell people that-they think you’re crazy!
    I do have questions about why I’m feeling kind of lost right now?! I’m having such a hard time ‘locating’ anything! I feel very much in a void-still! Is this typical right now?
    I keep getting messages about how we/I need to move into the ‘new’, to take steps to manifest what I want. But I see very little that I can make a move on! What gives?

    • Amy,

      Yep, I’m feeling these things again now too. I’m having trouble writing clearly, speaking even sometimes, getting lost if I leave the house, forgetting what I went to a store for even though I ALWAYS make myself as clear shopping lists as I’m capable of because I already know that I’ll most likely have some degree of difficulty making my way through all the noise, people, traffic, BS and general unawareness out there. And you’re right about how we Forerunners in the primary ascending Earth world need to re-learn how to be Conscious Creator beings again because this is another aspect of our becoming more and more Sovereign that this NEW level etc. Like you I’ve always known that my “retirement” monies probably won’t exist or won’t be enough for me to live off of each month so it’s always been up to me to get myself up and out of the old collapsing patriarchal system and Consciously Create what I want and need etc. Many of us are having to learn this aspect now and it’s only going to increase in 2018 and beyond as the Uranus in Taurus and Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn business escalates.

      One thing we’re all having to learn is to UN-learn our linear habits and how to “make things happen” in those old lower 3D ways. We don’t exist there anymore and we’re different Beings at this point so for us to continue trying to “create” what we want and/or need in those old lower ways just won’t work. We’re having to learn how to Create from our HighHearts, not from hard physical labor over linear time.

      • Excellent-thank you Denise! I so hear you about being ‘out there’ and interacting with the unaware! I’m home in Illinois (I live in Bay Area, CA) to help my mom move out of our childhood home. She lived there 57 years! My 4 older brothers and I all came together to help her move to a new home. Talk about a HUGE ending/shift for us all! And everyone in my family is definitely unaware of the EP/AP! I feel even more disoriented here than in CA. No surprise that this big move happened right now!

        Thank you for the reminder about not ‘making it happen’. Duh! So need those reminders right now! Good thing my teaching partner back home (we teach a 2/3 grade class) is very focused on getting stuff done, because I seem to float about the room all day! Lol! I’m ready to learn to create from my HighHeart more and more! And I need to remind myself that this is exciting 🙂

      • Dear Denise,

        I’ve wanted to comment since you wrote this article, however I’ve made a choice to wait. This past week has been really strange. It’s like I “lost” a week. Since around my 20s, I’ve been able to “sense” a week before my cycle starts. Well, it started this past week… went to the bathroom and literally thought I’d check my calendar to see when it’s due and voila 😛 And then the next day (the 2nd) I got up and all of a sudden realized I hadn’t paid the rent! In all the years I’ve lived alone, I’ve never been late with my rent; if anything I’ve paid it early the past 5 years. So that whole thing was odd. The other thing about this past week (besides stumbling with words, and it being so hard to focus on words and reading) is it’s almost like I have this slight soft white tinge to everything I see, like I’m seeing through a white fuzzy filter or something. Not sure what to make of that and if it’s connected to this loss of a week for me.

        I also wanted to thank you for helping to kick myself into High Heart action. I’ve been musing over “Creating Consciously”. What does that feel like to me; How do I do that for myself? These are questions I’ve been asking myself. So I’ve buckled down and began focusing on Consciously Creating something for myself. I will do that until it comes into my life; not as if expecting it or hoping for it, more like “it’s going to happen, let’s see how quickly it happens or from what avenue it shows up or how it unfolds”.

        I really find the old way(s) draining lately. Any little extra or new project, paperwork or logistics or day in day out stuff, and my chest tightens a bit and my nervous system is like “heck no I can’t deal with that!”. Some of it I am still pushing myself through; now though in writing this I realize I need to go back into my center and deal with things from my High Heart.

        Thank you so much, Denise, for the great detail you went into on this topic, of how things can (possibly in many ways) unfold for the Secondary timeline(s). I’d worked through that myself for years (even the last of it earlier this year) to do with money; now I’m focusing on how to Consciously Create in my life and what that feels like. Thank you for that nudge, it is greatly appreciated.


        • Chrysalis & All,

          The old linear time thing and matching consciousness is getting increasingly difficult for the Forerunners to reduce themselves and their growing quantum, Spherical consciousness down into just to pay a bill or go to the store etc. This one is escalating like crazy each week now and I strongly suspect that when enough of the Forerunners “shift” completely into quantum Now Moment time and consciousness 24/7 (even that term doesn’t work anymore!), the Sun will do whatever it’s going to do and things will “shift” dramatically instantly. All this is directly connected to how much NEW Light and HighHeart consciousness and LOVE being-ness every Forerunner is able to Embody now; no pressure Forerunners. 🙂

          Every week Wednesday late afternoon or early evening we put the trash containers out at the curb for pick up on Thursday. Last Wednesday I put them out around 4PM. By 6PM of the same day I went out to bring them back in because I thought it was 24 hours later… when in fact only two linear hours had passed, but from my quantum Now Moment perspective, a whole lotta time had passed! Strange stuff this time business, and sometimes embarrassing too when having to talk with, interact with someone whose consciousness is functioning ONLY in lower frequency linear time. I’d better be able to de-materialize and quickly re-materialize soon just so these people stop thinking I’m the one whose nuts! 😆

          While I’m at it here I want to mention too about how POTENT the past two days have been energetically, again. Sunday November 5th and Monday the 6th these current Gateway energies are so much higher in frequency that they’ve literally knocked me out off and on for two days. When the energies are higher than what I’ve experienced before, the easiest way for my physical body to cope with them is to have me fall asleep, go off line, get out of body for a few hours and then back in to take care of things that need to be dealt with and then right back asleep for a couple more hours — and all this sleeping/napping is during the daytime! But, I have to say that as someone else mentioned here recently, things are feeling much better, more easy, more comfortable, smooth as silk etc. All I can say about that is it’s about time! December will be even higher frequencies than this months so just dive in everyone and keep Embodying for Self and All. ❤

        • Denise-this really struck me:

          “The old linear time thing and matching consciousness is getting increasingly difficult for the Forerunners to reduce themselves and their growing quantum, Spherical consciousness down into just to pay a bill or go to the store etc”!

          I am having intense and emotionally intense experiences with someone in other dimensions, and yet when I see her in this dimension, it is so awkward! It’s obvious that she is also aware we are connecting, yet when we see each other at work, we seem to fumble and often she just stares at me from across the way. It’s driving me bananas because I KNOW, and she’s close to knowing! I’m so only operating spherically and it’s one thing to deal with people who are pretty much operating in world B, and even A/B, but with someone who is on the verge of being right there with me, but just missing it, it’s enough to make me insane! And I can’t fall sleep while teaching-but sure wish I could in order to integrate and deal with it all!
          Thanks again for putting into words what we’re all dealing with! These last two days have kicked my rear!

        • Denise, Crysalis & All – I’m noticing a new “deadness” to my reality now. I only feel alive when I connect inwardly, with Nature or thru a heart-to-heart connection with a human being. There’s a strong feeling of “doneness,” like I’ve lived 100,000 lives and there’s nothing more to experience here. Also experiencing a ridiculous amount of short-term memory loss – I do something and forget about it 2 seconds later, even when I tell myself to remember. Or do bizarre things like putting the coffee pot in the fridge instead of on the stove. Could be the greater part of my BEing knows we’re close to a physical shift and I just can’t attach to anything in this world anymore.

        • Thelma, You said what I’ve been unable to articulate myself! A certain “deadness” unless I go within. I spend ALOT of time in my bedroom with my meditations. Out there is like a distant shore.

        • Dear Denise, Thelma, All,

          Oh yes, that linear memory thing is definitely slipping away. More noticeable these past couple days. I “remember” two or three things that I have to write down before I forget. I then get up from where I am, or I go to another room, and within a split second it’s completely out of my awareness…. until I remember all over again and firmly try to keep it in my mind long enough to write it down. But even if I write it down, will I remember where I wrote it down or that I need to remember to look at it? 😀

          Denise: when that happens (and you’re able to de- and re-materialize), do it with a bit of flare, right before say to the nutty people, “Beam me up, Scotty” 😀

          Best way to flow through all this is not to take myself as seriously 🙂

          My Love to you all…

  • Wow! You really put together one helluva posting, Denise! My only concern is, do we have to wait that long? Even 30 years ago during Harmonic Convergence, I was telling people that the world will change. It has been so excruciatingly slow, however.

    • ronstarman60,

      By wait that long do you mean seven years? I’m guessing that’s what you mean but if I’m wrong let me know. Whether it’s that seven-yearlong Uranus transit or anything else, the answer is NO, we do NOT have to wait any longer for any of this AP business. A few weeks ago Sandra Walter talked about the secondary ascending Earth worlds continually being caught up in old TD/patriarchal time loops and she was letting everyone know that those of us in the primary ascending Earth worlds had more NEW energetic assistance to help the secondary ascending Earth to finally move out of that. There’s still interference so sometimes we’ve got to push/pull the lower frequency ascending Earth worlds and inhabitants up faster and in a shorter time frame because as I mentioned elsewhere, this puts an energetic drag on the AP for the primary ascending Earth world and inhabitants and like you said, we’re going on 30-plus years now with all this and we Elder Forerunners are more than ready to bring this business HOME so to speak. 😉 This is close now Ron, very close, you can feel it all around you like things are ready to pop fully into the NEW.


      My lord I’ve been making typos and dyslexic mistakes and leaving words and letters out of words like crazy today. Sorry everyone but this is another clue that big energy changes are at work on us all again. Me no can talk write right. 😀

  • Denise, I bet you’re knackered after this mammoth effort. I’m in the Swiss Alps praying for the ability to absorb food, that’s all, if I’ve got to walk another mile in my own shoes any longer I just want some physical stamina……my body is so tired but I know we’ll make it as one concerted show of strength, thanks again and I love you honey x

    • linda p.,

      You’re in the Swiss Alps? Is is beautiful? Is it beautiful despite how you currently feel? I wish I was there with you because I have this (probably incorrect) image in my mind about what it may look like there. Sigh… Anyway, feel better and enjoy the location. ❤

  • OHMYGODDESS… bring it on … 😍
    I have to share… my higher self has such an awemazing sense of humor … as “we” listen, watch, share and perceive ~ “they” (my soul selves) always sharing with me “front row seat, to the movie of the YOUniverse ~~~ we couldn’t write or script this any more dramatic, comedic, thrilling, fearful, etc ~~~ than what we are witnessing … moment by moment on a global scale … pass the popcorn, please”!! 🍿
    Precisely the reason we strive for balance, living in each moment … doing what we do best… BEing that blessed beacon of light … shining and sharing what beckons our frequency within that uno momento!
    Thank you so much Denise for your offerings and inspirations!!!
    Happiest 💜Heart💜 Hugs!!
    lovelight aka courtland
    Ooh and don’t forget the jelly bellys!! 😘

  • WOW. On the mark, Denise! I am staying out of fear and staying in L O V E. My birthday is December 26th. We are also considering a relocation OUT of California in March 2019 when my husband retires. WHEW! I remain high in my high heart and ready to be of service. It is going to be some show out there in Shakespeare’s theater! Thank you for a beautiful article that explains it so well.

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